oblige to, by, with, in or for?

  • Children are not obliged to fast.
  • Adam Oakes obliged with his usual calmly taken effort to level the scores.
  • I can understand that I am arrogant but I am obliged in this scientific world.
  • Transcription I am much obliged for the photograph of yourself and friend.

obscure by, for, from, in or to?

  • The tornado dropped quickly and became obscured by wrapping rain.
  • It is indeed a powerful piece of prose (the ' Jerry Lewis ' reference a little obscure for younger generations).
  • But sometimes point A and point B are so obscured from each other that you have to use a series of straight lines that navigate through all the crazy between the two points.
  • But enough has been said by way of apology for whatever may have seemed amiss or obscure in the character of the merchant; so nothing remains but to turn to our comedy, or, rather,.

observe in, by, on, with or for?

  • It was quite satisfying to observe in a way.
  • The Sunday following is so observed by many of our churches.
  • As Mr Wardell observed on 25 February: a.
  • This was what I observed with the room mirror in the taxi.

"obsess about" or "obsess over"?

  • Equipment - there is a tendency to obsess about equipment at intermediate level.
  • Food is fun in moderation but it shouldnt be obsessed over IMO.
  • Neither does he make science accessible to me, I can't concentrate on whatever is coming out of his mouth because my usually dormant sense of fashion keeps me obsessing on the fact that he 's.
  • I obsess with Nin and appreciate Woolf.

"obtain from" or "obtain by"?

  • This can be obtained from the Qur'an.
  • Similar results were obtained by D.
  • The total of the values obtained in Table 1.
  • At least two reviews are obtained for each work.

occupy by, with, in, for or at?

  • These are also occupied by one electron each.
  • I am in this article only occupied with Der Ring des Nibelungen.
  • The time occupied in passing over the rope was just 11 minutes.
  • Perhaps they know better than I of promises made by an occupying force.

occur in, to, at, on or during?

  • This occurred in 2008 and 2011.
  • It didn't occur to me it was you.
  • The accident occurred at 2:35 p.
  • This reason code occurs only on OS/390.

offend by, at, in, against or with?

  • Many are deeply offended by this.
  • Yeah, because I'd really really offended at the bad language.
  • No man could keep all 613 without offending in one point.
  • They offend against human dignity and violate our fundamental rights.

"offer by" or "offer to"?

  • Accept only what is offered by sacred love.
  • He offered to help to her, but.
  • Todd Gold Medal first offered in 1912.
  • One family room at Pilleiyan Rest was offered for Rs.

offset by, from, with, for or against?

  • Also these costs are usually offset by welfare (eg.
  • A key plank of the tax plan is to purchase carbon credit offsets from other countries.
  • However, all of these attributes can be offset with careful planning, design and patterning.
  • California doesn't plan to allow international offsets for its cap-and-trade program.

"omit from" or "omit by"?

  • It is almost always omitted from popular accounts.
  • But even this was not the end of the physical evidence omitted by NIST.
  • Footnotes omitted in English translation.
  • I'll go back to Luis Leon Sanchez as my fourth pick because he's just too classy a rider to omit for all the reasons I've backed him this year.

"open in" or "open to"?

  • Old George Mall opened in 1968.
  • Membership is free and open to all.
  • Then it will open with notepad.
  • Voting will open on 4th August.

operate in, by, on, at or from?

  • He was able to operate in hiding.
  • Both facilities are operated by Alcoa.
  • I operated on three continents.
  • Counselling can operate at many levels.

oppose to, by, in, for or on?

  • I'd not opposed to all wind farms.
  • The union is opposed by their neighbors.
  • I started enjoying life as in too much leisure (something I will oppose in joining back in high school years).
  • There is absolutely no basis for a rush to war, which I oppose and have opposed for two years.

oppress by, in, for, over or with?

  • They are oppressed by Pakistani males around them, as is.
  • That's not terribly likely to happen, is it? Men certainly aren't oppressed in this way.
  • Palestinians are persecuted and oppressed for their faith, ethnicity and presence.
  • I believe what we are all striving to be here is to be Equalists, any group that has been oppressed over the years will be emotional to some degree, because it effects them.

opt for, out, into, to or in?

  • He opted for a different course.
  • Can I opt out of the U-Pass BC program? No.
  • It offers 90 days free trial to people who opt into (filled in personal details) the system.
  • Work or money?! Of course most people will opt to due the work.

optimize for, in, by, within or on?

  • I'd talking about one that is optimized for search engines.
  • DOOM 3, Resurrection of Evil, and The Lost Mission have been optimized in 3D, featuring 5.
  • The result of this will be real working systems, optimized by the best available algorithms and tunings.
  • Again, these metrics create a narrow view of the system -- a silo -- that we then try to optimize within.

orchestrate by, from, in, against or at?

  • In democracy, public demonstrations are hardly orchestrated by governments; they are spontaneous.
  • Its main features are regulation and harmonisation orchestrated from above, and the birth of supranationalism.
  • But, the Catholic change is well orchestrated in terms of the past traditions.
  • Too much of overprotesting is being orchestrated against Ram Jethmalani for his alleged comments on Lord Ram, etc etc.

"ordain by", "ordain in" or "ordain for"?

  • Order is not ordained by god; Order is a created fiction by men.
  • Qada means what Allah has ordained for all the world.
  • He was ordained in China in 1880.
  • I suppose that I was ordained to this very office in that Grand Council.

"order by" or "order from"?

  • Charges must be administered or ordered by a physician.
  • I haven't ordered from them in years.
  • To order for it you can check this post HERE for more info.
  • I never received the Xmas presents I ordered in OCT 2011.

organize by, in, for, into or on?

  • This event was organized by the IGSA.
  • At Hendon, a dinner was organized in their honour.
  • Then we need to start getting organized for the future.
  • The book is organized into 14 chapters.

orient to, towards, toward, in or on?

  • It is oriented to a touch interface and will only run software that is specifically written for it.
  • Therefore it will probably be more oriented towards the tourism industry as opposed to other industries.
  • Vanni held the promise of progressive ideals for women in the society and of a government oriented toward the well being of the people.
  • These are oriented in trigonal planar geometry.

"originate from" or "originate in"?

  • The Pavanne originated in Italy.
  • The homeowner originated with Countrywide in April 2003.
  • Thomas and Friends originated as a British children's television show in the mid-1980s.
  • The plant begins to flower from laterals originating at the bottom of the main stem.

"oscillate between" or "oscillate at"?

  • However, experts opinion oscillated between two groups.
  • Ideally This coil will be oscillating at about 104khz, with an amplitude of about.

"oust from" or "oust by"?

  • Tiger guerrillas were ousted from here last year.
  • Carto was ousted by IHR's board of directors in September 1993 after the staff complained, among other things, of Mr.
  • Two Democratic former representatives who were ousted in 2010, Ann Kirkpatrick and Kyrsten Sinema, also clung to narrow leads Wednesday.
  • Mr Ben Ali was ousted on 14 January after weeks of popular protest and fled to Saudi Arabia.

outline in, by, for, at or on?

  • Follow all steps outlined in the post.
  • There are general and academic regulations as outlined by College.
  • Just follow the guidance I outlined for Julia -- you'll be good to go.
  • These rules operate in two distinct ways as outlined at (a) and (b) below.

outnumber by, at or in?

  • We are being significantly outnumbered by the opposition on calls and contacts via social media.
  • It may bother you now, but the simple truth of the matter is the awalkinthecity, oboes, Miriams etc are outnumbered at the polls by people who disagree with you.

outsource to, in, by, for or as?

  • A lot of the weaving is outsourced to weavers who work from home.
  • The study also provides a general overview of the current activities and issues related to ICT outsourcing in the country.
  • It's about a failure of outsourcing, in this case outsourcing by Newsnight to the Bureau.
  • They have consistently outsourced labor and used that outsourcing as leverage to cut workers ' healthcare and pay.

overcome by, in, for, through or with?

  • I felt overcome by the need to sleep.
  • The gap OKC came within a hairsbreadth of overcoming in Game 2.
  • The panelists also pointed out certain challenges overcome for hotel companies looking to enter Sri Lanka.
  • There are powerful stories of people who have overcome through the power of God.

overflow with, from, into, out or at?

  • Women's shelters are overflowing with ' battered ' wives.
  • Overflow from the outer cisterns would be directed to the central cistern.
  • Take for example this description of eighteenth century Paris: The whole neighborhood overflowed into the street from nearby houses, workshops, shops and taverns.
  • In fact I have so many thoughts on swag they overflowed out of this post onto another group blog I'd a part of - Book Pregnant.

"overlook by" or "overlook in"?

  • I'd sure it was just overlooked by the media.
  • They found Emma asleep in the embassy, where she had been overlooked in the rush.
  • That's why it was overlooked for so many years.
  • The Two Towers, quite frankly, shouldn't be overlooked as a movie.

overpower by, with, vs. or in?

  • I have to agree with ' overpowered by Chelsea in the 2nd half '.
  • Marrying a man whom you can overpower with one arm behind your back sends disturbing signals on a number of levels.

"overreact to", "overreact in" or "overreact by"?

  • Think before you speak and avoid over-reacting to flippant comments.
  • The article: Let's not overreact by India's chief economic advisor Kaushik Basu (available here: http: //bit.

"overrun by" or "overrun with"?

  • Your midfield was over-run by two beast in Essien and Ramires.
  • The track is rather overrun with weeds.
  • Reading surged into a four-goal lead, yet soon found themselves largely overrun for the best part of an hour.
  • But last season, we saw glimpses of him losing that spark; too often he was overrun in the centre of midfield, too often, he went missing.

oversee by, in, after, against or among?

  • So they have to be overseen by another committee.
  • These were overseen in four brothels on Maiden Lane, Sixth Avenue near 37th Street, East 50th Street and East 58th Street, authorities allege.
  • The Iranian hostage takers were replaying in macabre theatrical fashion the much worse conditions that American personnel had authored and overseen against thousands of Iranians.
  • Therefore we oversee among the neurotonic, the possibility of a re-education where that retrieving or regaining of the mastery of consciousness, decrease the functional perturbations.

overtake by, in, on, with or at?

  • I was overtaken by the majestic beauty and grandeur of Shiva.
  • It's difficult to manuever and overtake in Singapore's twisted route.
  • Just overtake on the left in that case.
  • After a duck, South would have overtaken with dummy's jack.

"overthrow by" or "overthrow in"?

  • Gaddafi was overthrown by the Libyan people.
  • Zelaya, whose pro-poor policies outraged the Honduran elite and US corporations, was overthrown in a June 28 military coup and exiled to Costa Rica.

"overturn by" or "overturn in"?

  • The Appeal Master's decisions will be binding on the Enrolment Committee, unless overturned by a Court decision.
  • McNamara, himself wounded, landed and picked up Rutherford, only to overturn in a gully.
  • Then Fox appealed, the verdict was overturned on a technicality, and Akre lost her award.
  • The landmark case marks the first time in 75 years that a sitting president's signature domestic achievement could be overturned at the height of his reelection campaign.

"overwhelm by" or "overwhelm with"?

  • I am totally overwhelmed by mess and chaos.
  • I just felt overwhelmed with fear.
  • Musa was overwhelmed at the experience.
  • The person who receives it and the the person who gives it, both feel sentimental and overwhelmed about it.

owe to, by, on, for or in?

  • What we owe to God is our very selves.
  • Most of that debt is owed by members of the middle class.
  • Other key findings include: -Irish consumers owe on average 1,100 on their credit card.
  • In the interim he paid what he owed for the water, lights and rates.