radiate from, into, around, to or with?

  • They will appear to radiate from the constellation Leo the Lion.
  • Once in the atmosphere most heat is radiated into deep space by CO2 and H2O.
  • By 12,000 years ago the Nostratic language super-family could be found radiating around this Caucasian homeland.
  • No-one may ignore typically the beauty radiating with Dean jerrod Louboutin Shoes or boots.

"raise in" or "raise by"?

  • I was born and raised in Dallas.
  • Taxes are raised by text messages.
  • More Slapstick raised to a high level.
  • I was raised on a council estate in Manchester.

rake in, through, across, at or over?

  • After setting a new record by raking in Rs.
  • It might be interesting to rake through what he says about it.
  • And no, I don't know what the little baby sinks are for, either! Amazing photos of the spray blowing back up the waterfall, and the sunlight raking across the moors.
  • The 40 year old is raking at a.

rally in, around, to, behind or on?

  • After the incident the police cancelled all political rallies in the country.
  • They did not rally around Bush during Katrina.
  • Platinum rallied to its most expensive in more than four months.
  • Undecided Democrats would see Obama as the one bound to win, and they'd rally behind him.

"rape by" or "rape in"?

  • The lady was raped by 3 men and worse one of them was just 21.
  • My daughter was gang raped in 2000 by the Skaf gang.
  • Women were also raped at gunpoint.
  • Girls were taken from an Approved School and raped on BBC property.

ratify by, in, on, according or as?

  • All payments shall be ratified by the local council.

ravage by, from, on, through or with?

  • Another country that has been ravaged by war is Chad4.
  • We were hungry for more, ravaging through the problem set trying to find something that was waiting for the bash.

rave about, at, from, to or before?

  • I have friends who rave about it.
  • Allie, isn't if funny to listen to people rant and rave at you attendants, and try to criticize you, when they can't even spell properly?!:) Its not mie prolum, its urs.
  • You hear Citizen Kane raves from your pompous film friend all the time.
  • Meanwhile, all these fans are ranting and raving in response to what Jill Scott said, did anyone notice Nicki Minaj or Lady Gaga responding their self? Lol no.

re-elect in, to, as, for or on?

  • President Kuffuor was reelected in 2004.
  • Over at the BMC, the Shiv Sena - BJP combine was re-elected to power earlier this year.
  • Stanley was re-elected for a second term in office and continued as RD up to June 1978.
  • He was first appointed a Director on 5 May 2008 and was last re-elected on 26 April 2012.

reach for, by, at, to or into?

  • Punk on the apron reaching for it.
  • They can be reached by calling 541.
  • I can be reached at **25;2456;TOOLONG.
  • You reach to it through no-mind, the mind drops.

react to, with, in, by or like?

  • I don't know how to react to this.
  • Some react with disbelief and denial.
  • Even the ego will react in dream.
  • Business owners reacted by cutting their costs.

read about, in, on, through or for?

  • I read about tricks to do that.
  • Everything's harder to read in italics.
  • Most Read on Forbes I have a B.
  • I read through this whole thread.

"realize in", "realize at" or "realize by"?

  • What was not realized by Columbus, however, was just how big a.
  • I didn't realize at the time that God was talking to me.
  • She realized on the first day of law school that things were different.
  • The actual benefits can be realized after using it.

reappear in, on, with, at or after?

  • When the bear reappeared in the spring, its leg was missing.
  • They are expected to re-appear on December 18, 2012.
  • Viv Corringham The ubiquitous Viv Corringham reappears with electronic Balalaika player Pete Cussack.
  • Fire reappeared at the modern Olympics in Amsterdam in 1928, when a flame was built into an Olympic stadium tower.

reapply for, to, in or without?

  • Gave the complaint and had reapplied for the passport, which is in progress.
  • I loved it and then reapplied to UIU to continue my degree and play Basketball.
  • These stickers are low-adhesive vinyl that can easily be removed and reapplied without leaving a sticky residue on your MacBook.

rebel against, In, at, on or Without?

  • Never did she rebel against the destiny decreed by Allah.
  • The closure of this border comes two months after a leaked UN report accused Uganda and Rwanda of aiding M23 rebels in the Eastern DRC.
  • It is not surprising that later the Al Shabaab wing rebelled on the Islamic Courts and their senior leaders such as Sheikh Shariif himself.
  • Rebelling for freedom It's no wonder Pastor's kids run dry and go wild.

rebuild in, by, after, from or as?

  • It was likely rebuilt in 1857 at the forks.
  • The city had the good fortune to be burnt to the ground in 1871 and to be rebuilt by geniuses.
  • It needed all its strength to rebuild after the war.
  • But you have to get it right from the very start or you have to rebuild from scratch.

recall in, from, with, to or at?

  • An important ms word to recall in any task within your bond is usually ' Respect '.
  • Parliament has been recalled from Monday, 3 rd September and we wait to see if Mr.
  • These events can be recalled with precise clarity, the reader will accept this.
  • We are not learning but remembering, recalling to our conscious awareness all that we are.

"receive from" or "receive by"?

  • Receive from him, give to them.
  • The remains were received by Rev.
  • CANCELLATIONS: All cancellations must be received in writing.
  • This book was received for the purpose of an honest review.

"recite in", "recite to" or "recite by"?

  • Four of these conditions are recited in the Securities Offences Bill.
  • The Arabic is recited by Shaykh Abdullah Basfar.
  • He also writes some truly unique poetry, which he likes to recite to camera.
  • Recite at night for one's children and in the daytime for one's parent(s).

reckon with, as, by, from or about?

  • Apparently their plan did not reckon with the Fed.
  • The period 2009- 2012 can be reckoned as years of utter regret for Father of the Party.
  • How? Well, British director Alex Chandon (Cradle Of Fear) reckons by mixing some dark humour into the mix.
  • Currently out of reckoning from the national side, the elder Pathan has been using the practise tournaments to get things in order.

"recognize by" or "recognize as"?

  • Brahma is recognised by his four heads.
  • PVD is recognized as a physical process.
  • You're recognised for your live shows.
  • Whatever he recognizes in himself he honours.

"recommend for", "recommend to" or "recommend by"?

  • Recommended for: Novice divers.
  • Any quick remedial action is recommended by you.
  • Really recommend to anyone who visits.
  • It is highly likely that DNA will be recommended in these cases.

"reconcile with" or "reconcile to"?

  • We need to be reconciled with God and one another.
  • He wants you to be reconciled to Him.
  • These statistics were not collected on a harmonised basis and have not been verified or reconciled by the Group.
  • My husband and I just reconciled after a 6 month separation.

reconnect with, to, at, around or as?

  • Reconnect with Mother Nature, ASAP.
  • Date and time are preserved (unless the iPod reset itself because it had no power and then was reconnected to power).
  • If the flux tubes reconnect at a relatively shallow depth the argument really doesn't change.
  • Nothing bad will happen and we can reconnect as a family.

"record in", "record on" or "record by"?

  • Each step is recorded in sequence.
  • Screencast was recorded by Screenium.
  • Measurements recorded on each day.
  • It shall be recorded at acquisition cost.

"recount in" or "recount of"?

  • This narrative is almost never recounted in the media or on the Internet.
  • It is recounted by locals that the priest used the base of the falls as an entertainment ground for his friends and himself.
  • Rice recounted on several Sunday talk shows.
  • It ties into a far more horrific thread: the account of a 19th-century murder, recounted via epigraph, in which a man burned his wife alive because he believed she was a fairy-possessed imposter.

recover from, in, by, after or before?

  • I would not recover from that loss.
  • She recovered in a couple of days.
  • But he too was recovered by a destroyer.
  • It takes some women longer to recover after giving birth than others especially after a C-section.

recruit from, by, for, into or to?

  • In the meantime they're recruiting from abroad.
  • The two lads she refers to in her example were more likely recruited by adults than their peers.
  • Recruitment agents know fk all about the roles they recruit for.
  • In the past 5 years only around 23% of Singaporeans were recruited into the universities.

redirect to, from, into, towards or at?

  • So both domains are redirecting to blogspot.
  • I like your idea that the energy you can reclaim from stopping the self-judgment can be redirected towards making change - but only after you accept yourself for WANTING things to change.
  • Tests can be turned on and off immediately; whilst customers can be redirected in real time towards the best performing content to gain further value.
  • The location of the file/directory you want redirected relative to the root of your site (**26;7914;TOOLONG = **38;7942;TOOLONG) The full URL of the location you want that request sent to.

"reduce to" or "reduce by"?

  • Four-sixths reduces to two-thirds.
  • This can be reduced by a medication.
  • Sheen was able to reduce in a plea bargain.
  • Local government expenditure reduced from 175.

reek of, with, in, on or to?

  • Malls reek of a fake life to me.
  • During this period, a trio of dances reeking with sexuality were impregnating dancehall - the infamous Dutty Wine, Hot Wuk and Drop Dead.
  • Inequality reeks in the land of equals.
  • John Mercado depicting the devastation reeked on the Kingston Post Office and Town Hall by the earthquake.

"reflect on" or "reflect in"?

  • Reflect on what you have achieved.
  • This is reflected in Figure 25.
  • I have nothing, but that vision to reflect upon.
  • Quality is not always reflected by the price of the product.

refuse to, by, on, for or due?

  • I refused to loan money to any of them.
  • He sent his officials and sons repeatedly to go out for sparing, but was refused by Hleg.
  • An application was then made to Her Majesty in Council for leave to appeal, but that too was refused on April 21,1955.
  • If the planner refuses for any reason, walk away.

"refute by" or "refute in"?

  • A number of other his key arguments have also been refuted by evidence.
  • This viewpoint, which is so elevated that it can not be refuted in terms of moral, is changing the world.
  • For scientists, a fact is something which is assumed to be true, at least for the purposes of whatever they are doing at the moment, but which might be refuted at some point.
  • It is a strong argument and something that feminism has yet to refute besides using reverse psychology, sexual manipulation, and ad hominim attacks.

"regard as" or "regard to"?

  • Qadianis are regarded as disbelievers.
  • Yves, in regards to the tiny tent.
  • Anthony was highly regarded by his British superiors.
  • Best regards For the european Court of Human Rights D.

"register with", "register in" or "register for"?

  • Your concern is registered with us.
  • A candidate registered for the Ph.
  • Our company is registered in Texas.
  • Please login or register as a new.

regulate by, in, through, under or like?

  • Notaries public are regulated by the Notaries Act.
  • The present state is obviously regulated in the interests of a minority.
  • Others still, so called recreational drugs, are regulated through the criminal process.
  • The market is regulated under the Regulation Governing Bonds Automated Trading Regulations.

reinforce by, with, in, at or for?

  • This is reinforced by populism in certain countries.
  • Employee confidence was reinforced with less than 20 percent of respondents having concerns that they might be laid off in 2012.
  • This is what Islam aims to instill and reinforce in the Islamic society.
  • The techniques are easy to learn and can therefore be reinforced at home between sessions with a professional.

"reinvest in" or "reinvest into"?

  • All the profits will be reinvested in the further development of the project.
  • Revenue raised by the business operation is reinvested into the charity or NPO to support the programs and operations of the organization.

reject by, in, for, from or on?

  • The motion was rejected by 242 votes to 157.
  • The project was rejected in Crete earlier this year.
  • This possibility must be rejected for two reasons.
  • When I got rejected from boarding school.

"rejoice in", "rejoice with" or "rejoice at"?

  • Rejoice in some real history for a change.
  • Mattie, I can see you rejoicing at the demise of the womanizers.
  • Serve the LORD with fear and rejoice with trembling.
  • I am rejoice for them!!! I love this Buddha statue.

relax in, on, for, with or at?

  • Visit our wildlife exhibition or relax in the caf.
  • Relax on your own balcony, watch Mt.
  • When I got back home I relaxed for the whole day.
  • Nice place to relax with a beer.

"relay to", "relay in" or "relay by"?

  • We want it to send the messages that we want to relay to the world.
  • I would treat anything relayed by Harry's Place with extreme caution.
  • Her mysticism is relayed in updated terms that otherwise might unsettle them.
  • As discussed earlier, electricity is a rare commodity in the village and so is the television Warnings were relayed through radio.

release in, on, by, from or to?

  • It is released in response to stress.
  • They were soon released on bail.
  • Another memo released by Al-Sae'ohoon i.
  • Yet will not release from contract.

relegate to, from, in, on or after?

  • Paul Martin was relegated to 15th place in our survey.
  • Bolton Wanderers are the most recent example of the impact of being relegated from the Premiership.
  • In Wagner, the detail is relegated in favour of psychological exploration -- he prunes back, shifting all stage-props aside, and leaves only what is emotionally charged and inwardly ablaze.
  • As Deportivo de la Corua were relegated on the last day of the season, fans stood and hurled abuse at the players.

"relieve of" or "relieve by"?

  • Terry was briefly relieved of the England captaincy.
  • These symptoms maybe relieved by rest.
  • The New Zealand Infantry Brigade was relieved at 2 p.
  • Men like Krishna should be relieved from the Cabinet to add lustre to the Government.

relocate to, from, in, into or with?

  • He invited me to relocate to England after that.
  • My husband and I relocated from Australia in April 2012.
  • It wasn't relocating in any direction.
  • The restrictive laws of AL, AZ, CO and other states have forced American agricultural firms to relocate into Mexico.

remain in, on, at, with or as?

  • He does not remain in his senses.
  • You remain on the straight path.
  • Freddy Hall could remain at No.
  • Jesus remains with us for ever.

"remand in" or "remand to"?

  • He has been remanded in custody.
  • The accused were remanded to five days ' police custody by a court.
  • The suspects were arrested and remanded until tomorrow.
  • The defendant was remanded on bail to Wexford District Court on September 3.

remark on, to, in, about or at?

  • He thought someone might remark on it.
  • When I remarked to one activist that the nation was poor, he reprimanded me.
  • One judge in CA remarked in a decision, in Ronald v.
  • People have remarked about my unusual ability to sit still as a young child and even now as an adult.

"remember for", "remember as" or "remember in"?

  • It was a debut I think I'll remember for a while.
  • I remember in 2007 and early 2008, during George W.
  • Carter will forever be remembered as the U.
  • Here is what I remember about the default settings of G27 in GT5.

remind of, about, by, at or in?

  • Something I need reminded of often.
  • She does not need to be reminded about it.
  • Again he managed to just get his hand out before being reminded by the Head.
  • But I'd sure we will be reminded at the end of the season what an achievment it is to finish fourth in the Premiership (and that's not a given this year).

reminisce about, of, on, with or among?

  • Now even Labor voters are reminiscing about Joh.
  • It's around this time of year that mothers everywhere reminisce of their children going to school and entering the world alone for the first time.
  • Reflecting on that infamous day in her life, a smiling Esther reminisces on how she narrowly escaped death.
  • Take the elevator to the second floor and start browsing in the book department or reminiscing among the golf and football equipment.

remove from, by, in, for or to?

  • He was later removed from office.
  • You can add / remove by drag-drop the column.
  • My wife breast cancer was removed in 2011.
  • Madagascar Firearms may be removed for the duration of the stay.

"render in", "render to" or "render by"?

  • The label graphics was impressive, and rendered in full detail.
  • The colors have been rendered by a simple tool called Conditional Formatting in MS-Excel.
  • If the service you are rendering to God now is counterfeit, He knows how to measure it.
  • Rendering unto Caesar, and all that.

"renew by", "renew in" or "renew for"?

  • Use the instructions to renew by mail.
  • I will tell them to renew for now.
  • I left the hospital renewed in my self-worth.
  • Each registration must be renewed after 4 years or once a new tenancy commences.

rent in, for, from, to or by?

  • Current information is available from the University's website.
  • It had been rented for the week.
  • He rented from owner then rent it out again.
  • We rented through a real estate agency and believe we rented to a Henry Blodget Sr.

"reopen in", "reopen to" or "reopen as"?

  • The Haunted Terrortories location reopened in the standard event space.
  • It is still not clear when the attraction will reopen to visitors.
  • School re-opens for us this week.
  • What should have happened is that all buildings should have been closed and only reopened AFTER considerable inspections had been made.

"repair to", "repair in" or "repair by"?

  • Within both repositories of PC victimhood, pomowankers fashionably repair to Foucault's power BS.
  • A It was subsequently repaired by the Govt.
  • Pipes freeze in the winter, and are more readily repaired in summer.
  • Power officials said the outages wouldn't be repaired for up to a week.

"repeal by" or "repeal in"?

  • Repealed by section 2 and Schedule of the Repealing Act, 1938 (Act No.
  • This section was repealed in 1984.
  • MHLs should be repealed for the adult population.
  • The death sentence has to be awarded in some cases otherwise, it would amount to repeal of the capital punishment by the judiciary, the apex court said.

repeat in, for, with, at or by?

  • This familiar pattern was repeated in November 2008.
  • I played it on repeat for weeks.
  • Repeat with the next two terms.
  • If we allow repeating at the current rate of 1.

"repent of" or "repent for"?

  • We must repent of our sins and be baptized.
  • Magdalana MARIYAMMA repented for her dishonorable past life.
  • I just pray that one day God will touch their hearts to repent from their evil ways.
  • Yes, you can repent in all cases.

"replace by" or "replace with"?

  • It was replaced by a pole barn.
  • And has been replaced with coffee.
  • They are replaced in case of resignation.
  • Break disks had to be replaced at 33,000.

"replicate in" or "replicate by"?

  • Dylans example is being replicated in various ways.
  • This problem has been reported and replicated by several iPhone users.
  • It's an experience that can not be replicated at home or on your iPod.
  • You'll see this approach to social media replicated across many luxury brands, in the fashion world especially.

reply to, with, in, by or on?

  • I will reply to Georgina separately.
  • They may reply with further questions.
  • She should not reply in vague terms, such as? It is me.
  • Bird replied by ' I'd not slamming Star Wars.

report on, in, to, by or from?

  • CBC's Susan Bonner reports on the U.
  • More changes to report in the House.
  • This was reported to the Prophet (Pbuh).
  • It has been reported by ' Abdullah b.

"represent by" or "represent in"?

  • The centre number can be represented by.
  • The opening represented in the cut No.
  • There are 35 federations represented at the IOC.
  • Mara is represented as an imposing personage, i.

"reprint in", "reprint with" or "reprint from"?

  • Sakaliuk was transcribed and reprinted in L.
  • Siddiqui Reprinted from Pakistanlink.
  • Reprinted with permission from 114.
  • Survive was recently reprinted by Stronghold Games.

reproduce in, with, by, from or at?

  • Reproduced in Filters and Freedoms 2.
  • It is reproduced with permission.
  • Reproduced by permission of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.
  • This is reproduced from the original 1736 version.

"request for" or "request by"?

  • I have requested for the transfer of my PF and not withdrawal.
  • The first performance is a song requested by Gregory.
  • The vast majority of the tests were requested in the emergency department.
  • However, an extension can be requested from the court.

"require for" or "require by"?

  • A passport and visa are required for U.
  • You want only what is required by law.
  • Specific training is required in its use.
  • It's not something required of me.

"rescue from" or "rescue by"?

  • Only 5 children could be rescued from 2 factories.
  • He resurfaced and we were rescued by a team of fishermen.
  • They were rescued in May 1945 by Gen.
  • One person had to be rescued after being trapped in one of the vehicles involved.

reserve for, to, in, at or by?

  • More on this, I may reserve for a future post.
  • All rights in and to such copyrights are reserved to their respective owners.
  • Car hire or airport transfer should be reserved in advance.
  • Hotels/lodges/camps where specifically named are given as an indication of the category, and rooms may be reserved at similar hotels/lodges/camps.

resettle in, on, from, as or due?

  • Ethnic Sinhalese and Muslims must be resettled in the north in large numbers.
  • The dwindling island community was resettled on the mainland and life on the Blaskets became a memory.
  • Increasing the number of people we resettle from Indonesia and Malaysia is the only way to stop people getting on boats.
  • But some as described above are re-displaced instead of being resettled due to Army occupation of their land.

reside in, at, on, with or outside?

  • Currently, Yousafzai resides in a U.
  • Walker, a physician residing at St.
  • The page where the PSA (424B) resides on the secinfo.
  • She was residing with her parents.

resign from, in, to, after or as?

  • He subsequently resigned from the organisation.
  • We resign in the summer of 1996.
  • We are resigned to losing Bellamy and have only signed ONE PLAYER.
  • The employee resigned after sixteen months of employment.

resist by, in, with, for or to?

  • Attempts to reclaim it had been resisted by Kenya.
  • This must also be actively resisted in an organised way across Europe.
  • I want no part of it and will resist with all my might.
  • Somaliland should not be lost to what they had been resisting for alone in two decades.

"resolve by" or "resolve in"?

  • The tension will only be resolved by an election.
  • Hope the power supply crisis resolves in Haryana.
  • None of the traces in the waterfall resolve to meaningful text.
  • They may also resolve with continuing treatment.

resonate with, in, for, through or throughout?

  • It didn't resonate with me in the same way.
  • The Windows Phone keynote resonated for me.
  • The idea is that everything that's happened within a space will resonate through the images.
  • The second thing that resonated throughout the book was that Obama most certainly possesses a generalist mindset.

respond to, with, by or in?

  • Respond to fun when it happens.
  • He responded with a weak smile.
  • Digicel responded by taking the OUR.
  • Republicans will respond in kind.

"rest on" or "rest in"?

  • But ALL of them rest on MARXISM.
  • Rest in peace George Jefferson.
  • It does not rest with the people.
  • Leave to rest for 15 minutes before serving.

restore to, in, by, from or for?

  • The kick was good and their lead was restored to 15 points.
  • Marriage equality will be restored in California.
  • The original Bible faith is to be restored by the Seventh Angel.
  • If you want to restore it, just choose restore from external.

"restrain by", "restrain from" or "restrain in"?

  • All were appropriately restrained by the fitted safety belts and wearing headsets.
  • He seemed modest, level-headed and restrained in his account of the Review Team's task.
  • Rights to restrain from use of firm name or firm property 53.
  • A journalist is seeking to contact anyone who can explain how another victim died while being restrained on a plane.

restrict to, by, in, from or as?

  • Not Restricted to Yoruba Movies.
  • Their movements were even restricted by their employers.
  • Furadan use is not restricted in East Africa.
  • You are not restricted from becoming a father or a mother.

result in, from, into or to?

  • It results in recruitment failure.
  • Meaning can only result from meaning.
  • Regards Maybe you have a 1 Gbit NAND which results into 128 MiB.
  • A is personally answerable for the loss resulting to B.

"resume in" or "resume on"?

  • Resumes in hand, comfortably attired.
  • Normal banking functions were resumed on March 13, subject to certain restrictions.
  • So the cycle resumes with step 1 above.
  • Well advanced when operations were halted for the night, this attack was resumed at dawn.

"retain by" or "retain in"?

  • The remaining two lots would be retained by the NDA.
  • Poyer's rising it was retained for some time afterwards.
  • It should be noted that a register of all files is retained on a database.
  • The blood must be retained within the bed, for according to Maasai tradition, it must not spill to the ground.

retaliate by, with, against, in or as?

  • They retaliated by cranking up the busy tone level to its max.
  • So BrewDog retaliated with Sink The Bismarck, at 41 per cent.
  • While this varies by culture (national and organizational ), the general tendency is for whistle blowers to be retaliated against.
  • The Gross Ventre assumed HBC had a hand in the slaughter and retaliated in June 1794.

"retire from", "retire to" or "retire in"?

  • White is retiring from the Senate.
  • He retired into near seclusion.
  • Leon senior has retired to Durban.
  • She retired at the end of 2009.

"retrieve from" or "retrieve by"?

  • AMQ9510 Messages can not be retrieved from a queue.
  • Kip's past is lovingly retrieved by Hana.
  • If the message was retrieved within a unit of work, the unit of work can be backed out and the message retrieved using the MQGET call.
  • It also means that fewer records are retrieved in one I/O, which is bad for sequential processing.

return to, from, by, in or with?

  • Return To Top feature included.
  • He has just returned from exile.
  • Applications must be returned by November 30 to be considered.
  • He and Amanda both return in episode 4.

reunite with, for, in, after or at?

  • To be reunited with my teammates again is great.
  • In 2007, Led Zeppelin reunited for the first time in 27 years to play at London's 02 Arena in tribute to Ahmet Ertegun.
  • Van Halen (with original singer David Lee Roth) reunited in 2007 for its most lucrative tour ever.
  • Dugard and her mother, Terry Probyn, were reunited after Jaycee was rescued in 2009.

"reveal to" or "reveal in"?

  • Let me reveal to you an undisclosed secret.
  • The Godhead is revealed in Jesus Christ.
  • This was revealed by JAMB Registrar, Prof.
  • The narrator said that the verse had been revealed about him Anas b.

"revere by", "revere as" or "revere in"?

  • And a temple has been set-up there, which is very holy and exceedingly revered by all Arabians.
  • Be someone who is revered in network marketing.
  • At Saatchi &; Saatchi, our inspirational dream is to be revered as the hothouse for world-changing creative ideas.
  • He is revered for his willingness to help those who come to him.

"reverse in" or "reverse by"?

  • There are two types of decisions that get reversed in the current DRS.
  • Punk going for the GTS, but Cena reverses into an AA.
  • It ’ s impossible to reverse at speed.
  • But that effort was decisively reversed on the floor of the House when funding was restored by an overwhelming bipartisan vote of 327-90.

"review from" or "review by"?

  • Definitely recommend it! Review from Lee A.
  • Reviewed by Peter Thomas Senese.
  • There are about a gazillion reviews in this book.
  • He's getting rave reviews for Cosmopolis.

revise in, for, by, to or with?

  • I can't be asked revising for English Language.
  • This Agreement supersedes all prior agreements and may be revised by Natural Strategies from time to time.
  • Subsequently, this number was revised to 420.
  • Please Note that Premier IDD &; IDD Buddy rates to the following destinations are revised with effect from 10-08-2011.

"revive by" or "revive in"?

  • Because the Modern Olympics were revived by Frenchman Pierre de Coubertin.
  • Maritzburg have now won three of the five Challenge Cup matches played between the two schools since it was revived in 2008.
  • The economy is reviving as the ships return.
  • There's nine of them! he told his congregation by revelation knowledge, but probably got the idea from Dake's Annotated Reference Bible, where this ancient heresy was revived on page 55.

rhyme with, in, like, for or to?

  • The contracted form, wo n't, is pronounced to rhyme with don't.
  • What rhymes in Lao loses a lot if you try to reproduce that rhyme in English, or Spanish, or German, or French or Korean.
  • His tongue-twisters are not only in line with current topics, but they're spoken in such fluent and pure Cantonese, even locals find it hard to rhyme like that.
  • They might be simple nursery rhymes for a start, it doe'snt matter, you'll be learinig about your instrument and getting breath control sorted and 1001 other useful things.

"ride on" or "ride in"?

  • Sensible people don't ride on roads.
  • I've ridden in Germany, for example.
  • Their government is ridden with corruption.
  • In theory it makes sense if I count riding to.

"ridicule by" or "ridicule for"?

  • We are been ridiculed by our leaders.
  • I'd simply ridiculed for pointing out that which is already going on and has been done just as you.
  • For those that ridicule in the media, it is prattle, not action.
  • Gary3 And he was roundly ridiculed as a loon.

ring in, for, at, with or from?

  • His sweet words are still ringing in my ears.
  • The taxi was 7 euros and I was told it would cost the same if the hotel rang for you.
  • This translates to a whopping 13 NBA rings at home.
  • The phones will stop ringing with pleas for exclusive interviews.

"rip off", "rip through" or "rip from"?

  • Sometimes, we rip off ourselves.
  • The shoes were ripped from his feet on his way down the cascade.
  • As they approach the colony, a loud familiar screech rips through the air.
  • So it is reasonable to fear that Rahul's sheep clothing might be ripped into ribbons by the time he reaches back home.

"rise to", "rise in" or "rise from"?

  • Marketing expenses rose to HK$1.
  • The one month LIBOR rose from 0.
  • Jupiter rises in the east about 12 a.
  • Manufacturing output rose by 5.

"roam around" or "roam in"?

  • I only hope one day as he roams around the hood, he finds Jesus.
  • In the autumn they let their pigs roam in the woods to eat acorns and beechnuts.
  • I have 300 beaked chickens that roam on 4 acres of pasture alongside ducks and geese.
  • His soul could never find peace in a public cemetery, forever roaming with strangers.

roar with, like, in, into or through?

  • Will the Lion roar with the 207?
  • As they approached, Babaji jumped out towards them, roaring like a lion.
  • It was on her third attempt that the 80,000 strong crowd roared in excitement as the former world champion stretched out to 6.
  • It's not clear what caused the Sukhoi Superjet-100 to roar into Mount Salak at 480 mph (800 kph) last week.

"rob of", "rob in" or "rob by"?

  • He is rarely robbed of possession.
  • Once again Liverpool was robbed by the officials, as so many times before.
  • The girl that I was supposed to meet in Nicaragua got robbed in Managua days before I left LA for Costa Rica.
  • We need to support new ideas and new business, not try to rob from it.

roll into, in, on, with or off?

  • The rest is rolled into the BK plan.
  • That's how they roll in Blackwater.
  • Oh well, roll on month end and payday.
  • You've got ta roll with the punches.

rot in, from, on, at or because?

  • Let these demons rot in jail when Pakatan Rakyat rules the country.
  • As Dukakis said in 1988, the fish rots from the head down.
  • We examined boils on the plaster, rot on the beams.
  • Many of the light poles revealed a lack of maintenance as they were rotting at the base.

"rub on" or "rub against"?

  • Just rub on temples and off you go Zzzzzz.
  • Rubbing against a hard surface such as rocks or even other whales is often seen.
  • They are then stretched upon frames, and rubbed with a kind of pumice stone until the surface becomes furzy.
  • Rub in the spice mixture all over the meaty side of the fish.

ruin by, in, for, after or with?

  • This is a beautiful park, and it will be ruined by a fence.
  • You will rule or ruin in all events.
  • This music is too wonderful to let a or sour pusses ruin for you.
  • My day was totally ruined after watching the video, and the guy who shouted thief should also be arrested as he should have come to stop or confess that they were not thiefs.

"rule by", "rule on" or "rule in"?

  • Their spiritual activities are ruled by reason.
  • Well, I thought pedestrians ruled in this city.
  • District Judge Michael Davis has not yet ruled on the prosecutors ' motions.
  • Musharraf alter all ruled for 9 years.

rummage through, in, for, among or around?

  • In the latter Django has to rummage through many, many paths and files to find the fixture.
  • However, shortly after arrival, rummaging in the box piqued my interest and my desire to give this a decent go grew rapidly.
  • Rummage for what you'll need in the pantry and cheap store for the gun If you can't get one, try a soda bottle, you can cut one down and use the top curvature as the butt end.
  • A Childhood of Their Own by Karen Grooms William Corsaro rummages among the books and papers on his desk until he finds a slick, colorful brochure advertising cruises to Tahiti.

run by, for, out, on or into?

  • Fake accounts run by computers.
  • Hillary will run for POTUS in 2016.
  • So we'd always run out of stuff.
  • Run on black coffee and leftovers.

rush to, into, for, through or out?

  • Stevens was rushed to hospital.
  • I do not rush into actual work.
  • After that you rush for bath and a hurried breakfast.
  • Rush through the crowd to the next gate-like area.