tack on, onto, to, across or as?

  • I'd like to tack on something to consider.
  • Because Wilson insisted on keeping Article Ten tacked onto to the Versailles Treaty, the US Senate rejected it by 55 votes to 39 in November 1919.
  • We then come out on the opposite tack and either begin our trip back upwind (point F ), or tack across the beach to set up for another downwind leg (point G).
  • Buggy pilots rarely use tack as a verb because we usually change direction by turning downwind, a maneuver known as a jibe (sometimes spelled gybe).

tackle by, in, for, with or on?

  • And like weed, it had to be tackled by the root.
  • Denver Broncos - Totaled two special teams tackles in a 36-14 loss.
  • They lead the country in sacks and tackles for loss.
  • I am especially a fan of the powerful Adusei who is built like a rock and tackles with great passion.

"tag with" or "tag in"?

  • The RCULS is tagged with a 5% coupon to it.
  • Rey tags in and nails 619 on Ricardo.
  • It was at this point that the supervisor noticed the luggage tags on my bag.
  • Tag to Rhodes and a double suplex connects.

tailor to, for, from, toward or towards?

  • Our aid is tailored to each family's unique situation.
  • My wonderful husband and I used to do comedy shows tailored for seniors.
  • Ahead of we commence, let's evaluation some recommendations I tailored from Alchemist custom: Rule #1: As it is over, so it is beneath.
  • I did a newspaper article a while back for a college that had an entire program tailored toward helping women with children achieve their degrees.

"taint by" or "taint with"?

  • The war policy is tainted by politics.
  • In legal parlance, their explanations are tainted with bias and/or self interest.
  • The roadmap is not inclusive in regarding barring the Somali intellectuals who are not tainted as well as the voiceless grassroots community to participate.
  • May be an isolated event put forth by some samsung team with lack of ethics, but still, the name of the comany is tainted for me.

"take into", "take in" or "take to"?

  • Take into consideration it this way.
  • I have taken to working in bed.
  • Sorry you got taken in at first.
  • Any information taken from this.

"talk about" or "talk to"?

  • Talk about all in a day's work.
  • Talk to her over your shoulder.
  • You are not fit to talk with me.
  • People are talking of his death.

tally with, in, for, up or at?

  • Bank Advice - details should tally with the check/s.
  • Les Ferdinand scored 29 goals during the season his best seasons tally in a Newcastle United shirt.
  • In the end he managed to finish third place to take his points tally for the season to 116 points - 48 behind Championship leader Fernando Alonso, who was taken out on the opening lap.
  • If you don't want to tally up to God's way of living and things and worship, you don't have to do it.

"tap into" or "tap on"?

  • Are you tapping into your intrinsic.
  • To do this double tap on either shift key.
  • The screen can be tapped at any location as an alternative.
  • S level which has limited the existing manpower that needs to be tapped for development.

target at, by, for, to or in?

  • This was targeted at not-Conservatives.
  • The report states that no journalists were targeted by the U.
  • The airport in Beirut was targeted for some reason.
  • This is not targeted to normal Proton buyers.

tarnish by, in, with, after or as?

  • Against such a backdrop Neelan's reputation will no longer remain tarnished in the eyes of certain segments of the Tamil people.
  • Mixed with some chain that I tarnished with boiled egg.
  • However, if you have pointed out that the actual copper ceiling tiles are starting so that you can tarnish after that will want to purchase a cleaner you can use to eliminate the tarnish.
  • I probably know who I'd choose if asked the question, but lets respect pure ability rather than tarnish on the basis of eccentricities.

"taste like", "taste of" or "taste in"?

  • They almost tasted like seaweed.
  • It's some of the best Thai food you'll taste in Britain.
  • It tastes of smokey bacon and ash.
  • We give out free tea tasting at your facility too.

"tax at" or "tax on"?

  • Royalties and lump sum payments are taxed at 20 to 30 percent.
  • You will also be taxed on gifts.
  • I don't support Capital Gains Tax in any shape or form.
  • The precedent is now set, you can be taxed for anything.

"teach in" or "teach at"?

  • I am currently teaching in China.
  • I mean, I teach now, I teach at NYU.
  • It's taught by wounded healers.
  • You have been taught to hate success and money.

tear between, from, by, into or to?

  • However I'd torn between the two.
  • He gave a cry as the scales tore from his back - then a cry of joy.
  • In 1092, Malik Shah died, and the Seljuk Empire became torn by civil war.
  • Many are tearing into Jackson and making fun of him.

teeter on, between, alongside, atop or by?

  • America was teetering on a Great Depression.
  • At first glance, it seems like an unusual design that teeters between innovative and ludicrous.
  • I was teetering by the time the third set reached a tie-breaker, and Murray actually won it.
  • It doesn't actually balance, it sort of teeters from one point to the other.

tell by, of, about, in or from?

  • It was as if told by Paz himself.
  • Pearson; &; also told of a letter Theo.
  • Amber needed a tale told about her.
  • Though it is told in an egyptian view.

"tempt by" or "tempt to"?

  • But oh my I've been tempted by the Chanel ones.
  • Personally, I'd tempted to (re) learn Ruby just to use RubyMotion.
  • When I was young, I was not tempted into extremist Christian theology in order to rebel.
  • It is so easy for us to be tempted in a variety of directions, and when we stray, we impact our entire ministry.

tend to, towards, toward, by or for?

  • Stephanie I tend to agree with you.
  • Almost no game devs code in Java, they tend towards C.
  • First, financial markets do not tend toward equilibrium.
  • Solar community grids, cisterns grey water recycling gardens tended by urban farmers, supportive business collaborative networks.

"terminate by", "terminate at" or "terminate in"?

  • Indefinite fasts terminated by temporary promises and permanent betrayals.
  • Each measured 75 feet by 25 feet; their south ends terminated in semicircular apses penetrated by three large round windows.
  • This terminates at Yangtai Mountain).
  • At least, it has not terminated for over 60 years.

terrify of, by, for, at or about?

  • Referees are terrified of issuing red cards.
  • Stags are terrified by people and motor vehicles during the hunt.
  • I'd terrified for my friend going into the air force.
  • The demons are all terrified at this ominous and frightening occurrence.

"test for" or "test in"?

  • We have 36 labs to test for MDR TB.
  • BCG was and is tested in animals.
  • It is easy to test on a localhost.
  • She would also be tested by the e-meter.

"testify to", "testify in" or "testify before"?

  • Even the apostles of Christ testify to this.
  • Advocates or later to testify before this court.
  • Even Oracle directors have had to testify in court.
  • A scheming wife testifies against her husband in a shocking murder trial.

tether to, for, in, with or at?

  • Boat tethered to tree in secluded part of broads.
  • The folks at ExtremeTech point out that AT &T; has already very quietly changed their plans to include tethering in the base price for new customers.
  • Standard tether with a larkshead only.
  • But for those who want to feel the exhilaration of not being tethered by a rope, a free flight is the way to go.

"thank for" or "thank to"?

  • Sonia, thanks for your insights.
  • And last but not least thanks to Mr.
  • Dee Ryall is thanked by Hattie from the Next Step for opening the new service location.
  • Therefore we understand we need the blog owner to thank because of that.

thirst for, in, after, at or like?

  • It may sound corny but I actually thirst for your kisses.
  • The villagers reported the dead animal to the forest staff, who took their time to reach the spot and declared that the animal had probably died of dehydration and thirst in search of water.
  • We all dream, hope and thirst after freedom and we savor every inch of freedom we are given.

"threaten by" or "threaten with"?

  • When they were threatened by George W.
  • Only 37 comments to get threatened with an attorney.
  • Cena goes on and flips out on Punk, threatening to chin check him.
  • Wildlife is threatened in Mongolia.

thrill with, by, at, to or about?

  • Z was thrilled with the big bed.
  • Not all black Americans were thrilled by the Garvey movement.
  • She genuinely thought I would be thrilled at the news.
  • You will thrill to their budding love and consummation of that love.

"thrive in" or "thrive on"?

  • Arvay has thrived in this combat zone.
  • HW classics thrived on this hope.
  • Doctors say it is the key to surviving and thriving with the potentially deadly disease.
  • He thrive at hatred He will answer for his deed.

"throw in", "throw at" or "throw into"?

  • I had to finally throw in the wetsuit.
  • Millions thrown into the 47% in 2008 want OUT.
  • We never once had any abuse thrown at as.
  • We were thrown out of our apartment.

"thrust into" or "thrust upon"?

  • She was thrust into it after the downfall of her husband.
  • Now UCI is having verification thrust upon it.
  • So I stayed at home and practiced straight thrusts in quarte and sixte to a fireside armchair.
  • As is usual with those things, the hope of an expectant British nation was thrust on her slender shoulders.

thwart by, in, at, due or with?

  • And for the second time, they were thwarted by some dogged batting.
  • Sodd's First Law: When a person attempts a task, he or she will be thwarted in that task by the unconscious intervention of some other presence (animate or inanimate).
  • This nonchalance was soon thwarted at the sight of thousands of families huddled in Buenos Aires ' central bus station, Retiro.
  • There can not be two views on the fact that such attempts must be thwarted with the full power of a state that is intent on protecting its democratic foundations.

tie to, with, for, into or in?

  • He is now cap-tied to Scotland.
  • With 22 points they are tied with RPI.
  • Luck is tied for 31st in passer rating (72.
  • This ties into question 1 addressed by RI.

tinker with, around, on, in or about?

  • A man tinkers with a small primus stove.
  • The only ideas they have are to tinker around the edges whilst we head for catastophe.
  • When he's not writing or tinkering on the latest gadget, he enjoys.
  • During the day it was smoggy, but Jakarta is really pretty at night when the lights come on, as the city tinkers like fairylights.

"tip for" or "tip on"?

  • This is a great SEO tips for all.
  • For advice and tips on how to handle communication.
  • It's like giving crime tips to a corrupt police department.
  • It also includes snippets of inspirational writings and innkeeper tips from Selena, as well as an action plan on making your own dream come true.

tire of, for, in, on or from?

  • Eisenhower never tires of a game of cards.
  • We can check the weather, book a vacation and shop for tires for our car.
  • You like to hear that at least rather than spin your tires in the mud, which has been going on for months.
  • Did I hear that you got a flat tire on the bike? Everyone's saying that.

"tolerate by" or "tolerate in"?

  • For, terror would not be tolerated by the State.
  • Such behavior would never be tolerated in our telephony market.
  • Imuran is generally tolerated without serious adverse effects.
  • The Bible doesn't ask us to be tolerate of sin.

torture by, in, to, for or with?

  • He's being burned and tortured by demons.
  • Torture in a public school is as much licensed as the knout in Russia.
  • He was tried, convicted, and tortured to death.
  • Hope helped kidnap, torture for 10 hrs, than burn alive, 12-yr-old Shanda Sharer.

toss in, into, out, with or around?

  • At this point, he's tossed in the towel.
  • I got a few smacks here and there, tossed into walls, etc.
  • But those cases are starting to be tossed out of court.
  • Our greens were a lightly flavored sweet potato leaf tossed with garlic.

"touch on" or "touch by"?

  • I'll touch on this in a second.
  • Everyone has been touched by it.
  • In this Paper, several proposals are touched upon.
  • Whatever you touch with it will burn.

"tow to" or "tow by"?

  • It's time professors stop cow towing to the powers that be.
  • See wild reindeer and meet the locals who make a living from their herds, ride on a sled towed by huskies and, perhaps best of all, see the Northern Lights.
  • Across Marsh, Tagish, and Bennett (seventy miles of lakes ), they flew so fast that the man whose turn it was to run towed behind the sled at the end of a rope.
  • The 188m Allegra is being towed at the end of a 400m cable by the French fishing vessel the Trvignon at a stately six knots an hour.

trace to, in, through, from or on?

  • King's paternal side that traces to Ireland.
  • Rowlands humorously traces in the book.
  • Down's syndrome can be traced through families in less than 1% of people with the condition.
  • Whatever curves there are look like they were traced from circle templates.

traffic in, for, to, into or across?

  • Dan Arnold was mentioned in reference to trafficking in narcotics and arms in the U.
  • A 15-year-old Somalian girl was rescued from a brothel after being trafficked to Ireland.
  • Mr Cunningham said women as young as 14 are being trafficked into Ireland.
  • In 2005, up to 800,000 women were reportedly trafficked across Indian borders.

"trail by" or "trail in"?

  • Even as late as November 5th, he trailed by 4.
  • He actually trailed in polling in North Carolina and Missouri.
  • Which still leaves us trailing behind city, united and Chelsea.
  • The victory marked just the third time the Irish have won under Kelly after trailing at halftime.

train in, for, by, at or with?

  • I trained in Kuching until 2007.
  • I want to train for a marathon/triathlon.
  • She was completely trained by 3 y.
  • We trained at Eden Park yesterday.

"trample on", "trample by" or "trample upon"?

  • Individual liberties and rights were trampled upon.
  • Gold-and-Purple was trampled by Blue-and-White.
  • He again was seen dropping it down and trampling over it.
  • Her reputation was trampled under the feet of all men.

transfer to, from, into, between or by?

  • Transfer to your hotel in town.
  • He had to transfer from Sevier Middle to Northwood Middle.
  • Seeing this, Das Ganu's pity was transferred into admiration.
  • You can transfer between funds.

"transform into", "transform by" or "transform from"?

  • The vampires can transform into bats at will.
  • It can only be transformed from one form to another, in this case from good to bad.
  • Then his face is transformed by a wide-mouthed grin.
  • I found that Konkani was not yet transformed in that way.

"translate into" or "translate to"?

  • Translate into English for your readers.
  • This translated to a waste of $1.
  • Translated by AbulQasim Publishing House, 1997.
  • Translated from Fulcanelli 1964: 312.

transmit to, through, by, from or in?

  • HIV can be transmitted to a virgin.
  • The virus is transmitted through contact with the blood or other body fluids of an infected person.
  • The whole process of the first conference was transmitted by the Rediffusion Television.
  • Disease can also be transmitted from mother to child during pregnancy or while giving birth.

"transpire in" or "transpire during"?

  • The last update on the Zubr deal transpired in April 2010 (here).
  • No announcement was subsequently made about what transpired during those sessions.
  • Our numbers may have been small but we roared and clapped for what transpired on screen.
  • I am not sure what transpired at home when we were at the mosque for nearly an hour after the breakfast.

trap in, by, between, under or inside?

  • I am trapped in a display case.
  • In this case, a Panda trapped by the keyboard.
  • I hope none of this moisture gets trapped between my keys.
  • Some of the occupants were trapped under the overturned raft.

travel to, with, in, from or on?

  • I owe my love of travel to him.
  • Will not travel with the stream.
  • They sometimes travel in family groups.
  • We shall travel from Timbucktu to Mopti.

"trawl through" or "trawl for"?

  • Trawling through the lists proved tedious but fruitful.
  • The MSM only ever trawl for the bad Catholic experiences to suit their own agenda.

"tread on" or "tread upon"?

  • The floors look like kids never trod on them.
  • I noticed indeed that our feet tread upon a solid surface, while our nostrils breath a.
  • If you come across any stones or treads in the flint, remove them.
  • Dimmesdale were really going to die, it was cause enough, that the world was not worthy to be any longer trodden by his feet.

treat with, as, like, to or in?

  • They are treated with antibiotics 3.
  • They all have to be treated as MURDERERS, PERIOD.
  • Was treated like a hypocondriac.
  • Housemates were treated to a Jamaican feast.

"trek to" or "trek through"?

  • From here, you can trek to little Meru and return to the saddle hut for o/n.
  • Happiest when trekking through South East Asia.
  • We trekked across very barren, dusty, dry land to approach the school.
  • One piece of advice, its best to trek in the morning, than in the afternoon.

tremble with, in, under, for or at?

  • The earth trembles with his thunder.
  • Incorrect: He was trembling in rage.
  • He raced through the vestry and back to his cottage, where he jumped into bed and stayed trembling under the covers till morning.
  • In future I need no longer tremble for the Ministry.

"trespass on" or "trespass in"?

  • These spirits react angrily whenever people trespass on their territory.
  • TNB won't trespass into the house unless allowed by the tenant.
  • BUT AO is giving free download of BTIKM now and has promised upgrades and exclusives if you order TRESPASSING from them.

"trick into" or "trick by"?

  • The fact that important people could vouch for him did not change error into truth, or change tricks into miracles.
  • Do not be tricked by fancy design features and brilliant colours.
  • Welles also pulls a subtle, but effective, trick on the audience by his choice of presenting the movie in non-linear flashbacks.
  • Tricks for The Perfect Outdoor **40;6379;TOOLONG.

triple in, from, to, by or since?

  • The oil price has more than tripled in the past decade.
  • University enrollement tripled from 135,000 in 2003 to 400,000 in 2008.
  • This tripled to 18 per cent in 2004.
  • Census Bureau estimates that the world's 65-and-older population is projected to triple by mid-century, from 516 million in 2009 to 1.

trust in, with, by, to or on?

  • I have also not much trust in FG.
  • Know who I trust with a secret kill list? No damn body.
  • No service starts well known and trusted by everybody.
  • But in acupuncture how we can trust to the acupuncturist to be qualified.

"try for", "try on" or "try in"?

  • Next year, we will try for that.
  • South Sudan is the newest country in the world.
  • Try on different points of view.
  • Frivolous Accusations in Cases tried by Magistrates.

"tuck into" or "tuck in"?

  • First, tuck in the top and bottom.
  • They can be stored rolled up and tucked under some bungee around your tank.
  • In Polynesian cultures such as Hawaii, a flower tucked behind the right ear means you're single (and ready to mingle).
  • Secure with a ribbon and hang on your door knobs or tuck inside your drawers.

"tug at" or "tug on"?

  • Her fingers tugged at the cord above her head.
  • Use your lips to tug on hers and slightly bite on her lips at the same time.
  • The following dialogue begins just after he has shared with me -- quite out of the blue -- that he once went to a rub and tug by accident.
  • The ship, which was first launched in 1797, is stationed in Charlestown, and periodically is tugged into the harbour for historical display.

tune into, for, to, in or at?

  • All that's left now is to tune into CNN.
  • Stay tuned for more on this event.
  • Tune in beginning at 6 am on Monday!! Do.
  • But capacitance controls which frequency the antenna is best tuned at.

"turn to" or "turn into"?

  • We turn to the periodical press.
  • And then what did it turn into?
  • Everyone turn in your final assignment.
  • Someone had turned off the muzak.

tweet about, from, to, at or in?

  • While in Germany I would have been Tweeting about it like crazy.
  • Karen McVeigh is tweeting from the court.
  • Question: Is it poor etiquette/best to publicly tweet to a follower when they voice a concern or issue in their status.
  • There is also a lot of overlap in the words they tweet at similar frequencies, which we would expect, given that they speak the same language and share a considerable overlap in vocabulary.

"twist into" or "twist in"?

  • Twist into a knot and secure with bobby pins.
  • This pain creates crookedness and twisting in the back.
  • He told us that his comments had been twisted by the media.
  • Do one set this way and then change to twisting to the other side.