Prepositions after Verbs

Click a verb to see what prepositions are usually used after it in English


"wave at" or "wave to"?

  • She's waving at the person behind me.
  • The flag is still waving to this day.
  • Indeed, the ululations were a muted gesture of outstretched arms with splayed fingers waving in the air.
  • It has been a real boost having their support and seeing the New Zealand flag waving on the stages.
  • People lined the route and cheered and waved as the train went by at a slow pace.
  • Ricardo leads Chris down and then waves for me to begin my decent.
  • Maiduguri, located in Nigeria's northeastern region, is a Boko Haram flashpoint, where the Nigerian government had declared and lifted some curfews due to wave of attacks.
  • Davy looked instantly brighter, as though his friend's words were an unquestionable truth that absolved him, like a pardoning hand had just waved over him, protecting him.
  • We have the BBC paying out 200k to McAlpine, while the book written by Icke in 1998, carrying that libel in print, remains unchallenged and is waved from the internet like a red flag at a mad bull.
  • By and large they will have lots of battery power, as well as being able to be used almost anywhere without passers-by looking or waving into your shot and ruining your footage.
  • One is the threatened imminent decision to wave through the deal which would give Rupert Murdoch total control over the biggest commercial broadcaster as well as 40% of the national press.

"worship in" or "worship at"?

  • Ye worship in ignorance the same Deity I serve.
  • Guess I'll just have private worshipping at my home.
  • Still today, they grace posters and are worshipped by many.
  • I remember how much I used to love worshiping with them.
  • Rather they actually teach that this change took place at the time when Christians first started to worship on Sunday in 33 AD.
  • He was worshipped as a weather god, similar to Indra of Rig Veda.
  • The longest worshipping: Fasting is the longest worshipping of God.
  • There is no might nor power except with Allah, none has the right to be worshipped except Allah and we worship none except Him.
  • The deity in the temple has to be installed and worshipped according to the religious texts on the basis of which the idol has been installed.
  • It is not the idol that is worshipped but the symbol to God that is worshipped after? according to scriptural injunction.
  • This was the name by which JEHOVAH was worshiped among the Egyptians.
  • Now this thing became a sin, for the people went to worship before the one as far as Dan.
  • The highly popular monkey-god Hanuman known for his strength is worshipped for his unyielding devotion and selfless dedication to the Lord Rama.
  • Ishtar was worshipped from 2500 BC till 200 AD in the Middle East.
  • On the contrary: mosques were very well attended, and people felt free to worship without fear of any sectarian backlash.

wink at, across, from, into or to?

  • She seemed unconvinced by that, so he winked at her.
  • Amid the talk of wine and food were also plenty of warmth, humour and side winks from Nicolette and Kara, and other staff.
  • A large vision screen above the console winked into life revealing a wide starscape and a single very large sun dead ahead of them.
  • Sometimes I make quiet little nods and winks to people in my posts, but the general message or story is very anyone who stumbles upon me and wishes to read.
  • Code: Function = U1 Click Talk &; U2 has no option to wink without raise-hand like hello here i a let me Talk.

wriggle out, for, in, on or around?

  • I'd not wriggling out of anything, love.
  • It even stopped her wriggling for a few minutes.
  • The Justice Department can wriggle around the first amendment, but can not find any evidence of fraud on Wall St (including MK Global).
  • Like many outwardly respectable families, a maggot wriggled inside the apple.
  • All of which is just a way for you to wriggle off the hook.
  • Epic contemporary string sounds and amazing synth work that's sure to get any head bopping and butt wriggling to the beat, and to top it off these tracks have.

"wreck by", "wreck on" or "wreck in"?

  • Both the SA and the SSP were wrecked by the SP and SWP.
  • And I think for them there is a kind of morbid fascination with watching a train wreck in slow motion.
  • The survivors were shipwrecked on the Island for 18 months, until they were rescued by a passing Whaler.
  • The planet is being wrecked along with society and all you want to do is continue fiddling, albeit a slightly different tune.

"wade through" or "wade into"?

  • There is no way you can forget that if you have waded through it.
  • He gets out of the car and wades into the lake.
  • So wade in the water, little children.
  • The guards later determined that this is where Chen waded across the river.
  • He waded along the partially submerged jetty and crouched down into the water.
  • This performance is followed by a fire torch wade on Weymouth Beach with 2,012 community members carrying flaming torches.
  • I managed to wade to other parts of the estate where the water was even higher.

withhold from, by, in, on or for?

  • That? s why the members of such a community promise to withhold from sexual intercourse.
  • ABC wonders if Rob's $600 weekly wage was withheld by the cops that week.
  • However, the election has been withheld in the Jaffna district now.
  • I said ' I'd a self-employed author registering for compliance with withholding for Amazon.
  • Male gender was associated with both types of withholding among geneticists, but not among OLS.
  • Many self-publishers (like me) were so aghast at the laborious process that they put it off, knowing that they could apply for a refund of the taxes withheld at a future point.
  • Seventh, report all who opt for withholding under the European Union Savings Tax Directive as being suspected of tax evasion, now, because that must be true.
  • Food and fluids will be withheld after midnight, or on the day of surgery.
  • The most notable inclusion is Adam Webster of Portsmouth who was called up to the England U19 squad back in September but withheld due to first team club requirements.
  • The determination of the percentage withhold of player salary for purposes of funding the player salary escrow will be determined at four separate points during the season.
  • However, we can not explain why investigators with only negative experiences were less likely to withhold through publication than those with mixed outcomes.
  • Information was vague, questions weren't answered, and information was withheld throughout the ordeal.

"whisper to" or "whisper in"?

  • Nasra's friend whispered to her friend what is going on here.
  • He's whispering in that dude's ear.
  • No mullahs whispering about you to your father so that he gets worried and buys you a new, thicker, blacker headscarf.
  • Twice, I could have sworn there was a knocking and whispering at the outer door.
  • Ethan was whispering into Alexander's ear now that he was seated, glancing over every now and then towards me.
  • When humanity feels the call of evolution, it is the Founders whispering through the expanse of time and dimension.
  • When Sarah got a role in school play, the girls would whisper among themselves that she was chosen because teachers could not leave out the principal's daughter.
  • It was a shame he left, but the speed at which it happened, the manager's reluctance to talk about it and whispers from people around the club suggest his departure was not particularly mourned.

whine about, like, to, for or on?

  • At least I don't sit and whine about it.
  • Yeah lazer, most fans whine like anything, but won't pay the 3.
  • With all that cash they could developed some new, proprietary DRM format for all music record companies to use or something, instead of bitching and whining to the Supreme Court.
  • Buck simply smothered him by virtue of superior weight, and cut him up till he ceased snapping and began to whine for mercy.
  • But the mouse slid underneath the bedroom door, and the cat started whining on the other side.
  • You sound like you hate it, can't stand the people, can't not whine at others and then act like your job is so difficult that others can't do it.
  • I never heard children whining in public places.
  • The system simply isn't going to respond whining from a marginalised minority group.
  • Netanyahu can whine till doomsday.

wrestle with, in, from, into or out?

  • We've been wrestling with this.
  • It is always up in the air of which two will be wrestling in the squared circle in any match.
  • What've we lost now that it's been wrestled from his grasp? Nah-thing.
  • The first seed of Reid Damnit was planted when she popped into a Lower East Side fabric store and on a whim took home a parcel of leather which she wrestled into the form of a wallet.
  • It must take her some time to wrestle out of.
  • Instinctively wrestling against their tethers but helpless to escape them, the grooms had bellowed out some very un-churchlike phrases.
  • I would have take the problem back and wrestle between hope that I would get it but telling myself all the positive things about the interview and my skills.
  • Don't expect to see Flair ever wrestle for WWE again because of the retirement stipulation.
  • Right away, that makes him a bit more expensive than booking most guys whose stars have risen on the independent circuit without a chance to wrestle on a televised corporate show.
  • In an attempt to deal with his anger following Marisa's death, Ryan takes a job in a seedy bar where he becomes a barman by day and wrestles as a cage fighter by night.
  • It is packed with photographs and mementos including gold discs and posters from when he used to wrestle at halls around the country.

"weep for", "weep at" or "weep with"?

  • I weep for this country Nigeria.
  • I am grieving and weeping with you.
  • They can all laugh raucously and rudely, but also weep at injustice.
  • As a youth I used to weep in butcher's shops.
  • Francois called Buck to him, threw his arms around him, wept over him.
  • We (Bani Hashim) were profusely weeping after the event of Aashuraa.
  • He suspected foul play and went round asking for the whereabouts of Sita from birds and beasts, plants and trees, wailing and weeping like an ordinary man.
  • But why did he weep? He wept because of the deep concerns he has for the people of America.
  • The Philpotts were accused a fortnight after they wept during a press conference at which they begged for the public's help in nailing the arsonist.
  • Let me take you through the process so you can weep along with me and send me sympathy cards afterwards.
  • Ladies of the River weeping among bamboos, The White Girl mournful*** As Li Ping plays his harp In the centre of the Kingdom.
  • As a breast cancer survivor, too, I sat and wept through this post.
  • Poverty weeps within my doors forever As my spouse and my child.

"wield by" or "wield in"?

  • It's wielded by the elected representatives of an ostensibly free people.
  • The leaks are amusing but don't change the world or the way power is wielded in it.
  • Unfortunately, I doubt they will do so in time, largely because of the control Israel wields over the international monetary policies and central banks.
  • Spanish control, wielded through the force of arms and proselytization, eventually set in.
  • In the case of LBWs, DRS is, as I have tried to show, a blunt instrument, wielded with a heavy hand.

"weaken by", "weaken to" or "weaken of"?

  • It was badly weakened by the Hutton Report.
  • Before the appearance of these news, the technical factors will prevent further weakening of the Japanese.
  • While growth in China's economy is expected to weaken to 8.
  • Never allow me to weaken in the presence of temptation.
  • Replacing Bulbs Some bulbs, like tulips weaken after a few years and must be replaced.
  • Fair enough on the emotions; the friendship was weakened over time and tested throughout the day.
  • The unified currency more likely continue to weaken as a result of the absence of positive news from the Eurozone and of the expectations of good US economy results.
  • The trees are weakened from air pollution.
  • And of course all governments are being watched carefully by the NGOs to ensure that they do not weaken on some hard fought for legislation.
  • JPY Japanese currency is continuing to weaken against the dollar during the last session.
  • Sandy is expected to weaken through the day, but it will be a slow process.
  • My will to ignore it weakened with each beep and I reached for the phone.
  • Udinese have actually weakened during the summer.
  • The great Roman empire crumbled and weakened under this destructive behaviour.
  • The euro has made steady gains as a preferred trade currency but, despite weakening for a number of years, the dollar still dominates.
  • Severe Typhoon Bopha has weakened into a typhoon.
  • Iran would find itself significantly weakened without its traditional entry point into the Arab world.

wipe off, out, from, with or at?

  • They should be wiped off the face of the earth.
  • But the past 10 years also saw some animals wiped from existence.
  • Many criticized a great power like Britain for trying to wipe out the Boers.
  • Or pour water from a bucket with ladle and wipe with your hand.
  • The one just, man giving his casting vote to the equal votes of women, would wipe away from men the opprobrium of the meditated wrong.
  • Wipe down the sides, get the duster out, vacuum the floor and the skirting boards, vacuum the cupboards, and then move on to the real cleaning.
  • In this bag were many presents for my family that I had wiped upon the graves of my Imams, as well as my sisters laptop with the pictures and videos I had taken on the trip.
  • He told me that he worked for a Microsoft licensed company, that my computer had been attacked by a virus and everything would be wiped within 30 mins of me switching it on.

"wrap in" or "wrap around"?

  • His left thumb is wrapped in a bandage.
  • He only has a towel wrapped around his waist.
  • The seats are wrapped with Nappa leather.
  • It's a seven game series wrapped into 60 minutes.
  • Her ruby slippers have been traded in for clear stiletto heels and the only tin she's been seeing these days is a metal pole wrapped between her legs.
  • Getting our van wrapped by Adventure Branding was one of the best things we have done and I would highly recommend it to anyone setting up or looking to advertise their company.
  • I am doing the chicken wraps for starter and the cowboy pie for main.
  • Yongzheng sat in front of a table with a quilt wrapped over him.
  • Wrapped up it be in tissue paper like a mummy.

wander through, around, into, in or from?

  • Let's take a wee wander through its running order.
  • The salesperson wandering around the lot spotted my grandmother.
  • They wander into backyards, looking for food.
  • Zaphod wandered in frustration among the hulks.
  • I may be wandering from the point.
  • When the next year rolls around, I often find my thoughts wandering to the past year.
  • NB the pigs which wander about these parts turning up the earth and heaping up ashes etc.
  • TheMysteriousGirlPie wanders across a wide variety of networks, carrying scraps of ideas and perspectives with her.
  • She was upset as she realised one of the young boys had wandered away from his group when she was setting up a drill for the kids.
  • People wander for greatness, people steal greatness, yet people are unhappy -still greedy for more greatness.
  • Remember, I Jesus Christ, will never allow My Sacred Servants to wander off the Path of Truth.
  • He was a man who made unlikely connections: Among them brandy and milk, his medicine of choice as he wandered on his own daily Homeric odyssey.
  • So now you've wandered round the kitchen for lunch not eating anything, it's time to hit the gym.
  • Eventually he gave up and wandered up to the bridge.
  • Dinner at Bellagio Cafe Wednesday, April 26th More last minute shopping in the morning - we wandered along the small streets off HuaiHaiLu.
  • They will tend graves, hold services and wander among derelict former plantations, where some of the older ones once lived.
  • These dogs being PEOPLE 'S PETS who wander at night and form packs with the local wild population.
  • It is interesting to see how the mind wanders between the plate and the lip.
  • After my book signing I wandered down a lane by St.
  • I find my mind wandering during it, to the extent that I began to miss relevant plot details.
  • When I was young, thin, and blond I would chat up just about anything female that wandered near me.
  • Before breakfast, I wandered onto the highway to capture some scenery.
  • In all probability, he wanders out of the northern side of the park towards Balangoda and the Hambegamuwa region.
  • After the B-17 wandered over an enemy airfield, a German pilot named Franz Steigler was ordered to take off and shoot down the B-17.

"waste on" or "waste in"?

  • They throw bodily waste on you.
  • An hour wasted in a constraint is an hour.
  • There is no time or energy wasted by having to open or close hands.
  • Waste from the mining areas have damaged the surrounding environment along the rivers.
  • For a lady, The mean wasting with reference to 1,500 energy from fat morning, And males, In the region of 1,800, By simply your actual age and so task area.
  • Alonso is not wasted as a deep player because that is his position.
  • IT is not a free resource that end users can use and waste at will.
  • I felt cheated, my years of efforts wasted for all the wrong reasons.
  • If the Somali intellectuals don't get along then that is the true waste of energy.
  • All the resources put into this show continue to be wasted because of the, quite frankly, bad source material.
  • Nonetheless, the kids were complaining about waking them up too early, not to mention the extra hour wasted due to the alarm clock's mischief.
  • So far a lot of newsprint has been wasted to no avail.
  • I am saddened that if you are representative of our youth then the energies that youth represent will be wasted upon the rocks of life's practicalities.

withdraw from, in, to, after or by?

  • It has been withdrawn from sale.
  • The case was withdrawn in June 2012.
  • The Roman army withdrew to Hadrian's Wall.
  • The threat would be withdrawn after a hefty bribe was paid.
  • The CL proceeding was withdrawn by Natco.
  • Sometimes cases are withdrawn for payment of cash.
  • This offer can be withdrawn at time without prior notice.
  • Disgusted, Yusuf bin Tashfin, withdrew into Morocco.
  • Staff Suggestion Schemes The previous practice regarding such schemes is withdrawn with effect from 1 January 2004.
  • A total of 103 candidates have been nominated to contest for the 20 central executive committee (CEC) posts, but some may have already withdrawn as the deadline for doing so was 5pm yesterday.
  • A representation may be altered or withdrawn before the insurance is effected, but not afterwards.
  • Juan Ubaldo Cabrera, which was cancelled earlier today after Henry withdrew due to gallstones.
  • Perennials, on the other hand, may withdraw during the end of the growing season but do not die.
  • The woman's lawyer, Mr Jonathan Samukange, confirmed that the case had been withdrawn following a deal with Mr Tsvangirai's lawyers.
  • Shortly after in February of 1984 Regan ordered the withdraw of our troops from Lebanon.
  • It reported that Libyan security forces tried to defend the embassy building but withdrew under heavy fire.

"witness in", "witness to" or "witness by"?

  • A marked increase, at 11%, was witnessed in exports.
  • The trip was witnessed by several thousand people.
  • Witnessed to my Hand this 25th Day of April 1804.
  • Witness at any hazards for reducing the symptoms Payday Loans Online Payday Loans Online its denial the evidence submitted evidence.
  • He explained that the enthusiasm and tension that were witnessed during the congress was because it was PDP, stressing that PDP is the largest party with many interest groups.
  • This tends to be witnessed on each and every Rolex watch piece.
  • These struggles are what I've witnessed for years in places like Elkhart, Indiana; Galesburg, Illinois.
  • Reading the entrails of pigeons is high science compared to the internet embarrassment we've witnessed over the last several days.
  • Mara wants Lupe to witness against her only son - Gary so that finally he will be put to jail.
  • For my part, whatever rudeness I've witnessed from Australian tourists, is eclipsed by Chinese tourists.
  • Thank you for bringing us the joy that we have witnessed with you for the past two seasons.
  • It has witnessed as the second air filling all around the world.
  • When they were intervened to quit the demonstration, a scuffle was witnessed between the students and the faculty members.
  • Nonetheless, I found several scenes we witnessed throughout this campaign especially disturbing.

"warn of" or "warn against"?

  • Warn of serious action if people fail to comply.
  • And he warned against, as it were, becoming Darth Vader.
  • The players were warned about the danger Hull could create.
  • Look at her size!! I was warn by her doctor to watch her weight.
  • Edward Heath was also apparently warned on more than one occasion by the then Metropolitan Police Commissioner, to stop ' cottaging '.
  • Was your sideline warned at all before that penalty? Has your sideline been warned this year? COACH O'BRIEN: No.
  • The provincial agency issued a tsunami warning for the north coast and Haida Gwaii, as well as for central coast communities like Bella Coola, Bella Bella and Shearwater.
  • Who should use the Disavow Links Tool? As Matt mentioned in his video, the tool is mainly aimed at webmasters who received an unnatural links warning from Google in their webmaster tools.
  • Gods Warning to his people of England.

"weigh on", "weigh in" or "weigh against"?

  • Strong dollar overseas too weighed on the rupee.
  • The benefits of fossil fuels must be weighed against the costs of global warming.
  • I feel like weighing in myself.
  • He is five-foot-seven to five-foot-11 and weighs between 170 and 190 pounds.
  • I weighed about 200 lbs at the time.
  • Soybean prices have been under pressure since mid-September, weighed by seasonal harvest pressure and the expectation that rains in late August have led to a pickup in yields.
  • But those events continue to weigh upon the bank today.
  • It must have had an exceptionally rich food source and been weighed at its seasonal peak.
  • Yes today remuneration alone must not be the criteria and factors like job profile, job content, job satisfaction, amount of creativity etc need to be carefully weighed before joining the sector.
  • This would help them to compare the two internships and weigh for themselves which one made them a more aware person in terms of their capabilities.
  • Each one weighs from 20 to 30 kilograms so it was exhausting work.
  • Weigh into the debate when it comes to the detail of the scheme, don't try to destabilise the entire thing.
  • At the same time, the opinion or ruling determined by a scholar is not to be swallowed wholly unless after being carefully weighed with an academic scale.
  • Ms Adeboyejo further argued that the credibility of the prosecution witnesses could not be weighed during the confirmation hearings.
  • In fact, I weighed over 300 pounds! At first, I thought it was normal, since so many people around me were also overweight.
  • This theory says that a person has 4 good and 4 bad locations but did not give weigh to which good or bad location is more important ' as each are equally good or bad.
  • If you compare the loss difference between Palestinian and Israel then you would see the huge gap as loss is maximum weighed towards Palestine side in all ways.
  • One such instance was when we were trekking across its mountainous range and we engaged porters to carry our bags; each roughly weighing up to 20kgs.

"wash with", "wash in" or "wash over"?

  • James ' Park name does not wash with Lavery.
  • There was no way you could wash in there.
  • It let them wash over me, unconnected to the past.
  • There is a way to handle the involuntary windshield washes at the stoplight.
  • What are the laundry arrangements? In most cases, laundry will be washed by hand.
  • The F***king problem with Singapore Guys are being brain washed from don't know where.
  • It is important for everyone to be aware that stormwater drains empty into waterways and to be careful what we wash into them.
  • Washed on a board in a big tub.
  • So that money just sort of washed out the door.
  • It keeps forever, and can be washed off clothing, and I always have some around.
  • Many more raise money through anything from car washes to quizzes.
  • Hands must be washed after removing the gloves.
  • Police and rescue personnel are still searching for Connor and Brandon Moore, ages 2 and 4 who were washed away from their mothers arms when their suv was swept away into wetlands off of Fr.
  • Meanwhile wash before hand with just water NO SOAP.
  • With these consistent winds of course, I have noticed many of these organisms being washed onto the beach- more often then not at the same time.
  • How should the clothes of Ihraam be washed as all detergents used for clothes washing has a fragrance? A.
  • Everyone should up the hand washing during cold and flu season.
  • My daughter, she washes for Mr.
  • A superwash wool can be machine washed without shrinking or felting because the process used to treat the wool flattens out the wool's scales, keeping the wool from felting.

wake up, from, in, at or by?

  • Nice job and, oh yeah, wake up.
  • However, ' In the Air'is like waking from the dream to find you are still dreaming.
  • We woke in the morning and was really pleased with the room.
  • Climbers are woken at about 11pm.
  • I'd frequently woken by early morning planes and sometimes wear ear plugs to give myself respite.
  • Slowly, generation-ally, evolution-ally, we are waking to this concept.
  • Dean slept for days, waking for only fifteen or thirty minutes at a time.
  • Nothing much happened at this zoo, so Billy was surprised to be woken with a start by the telephone ringing.
  • I woke as the bus lurched to a halt.
  • I didn't dream it, but I woke before the sun one morning with a fully developed story in my head.
  • Yet Wiley winds up waking into just another level of his lucid dream, ending the movie.

welcome to, by, in, into or with?

  • Welcome to the New World Order.
  • The move has been welcomed by the National Farmers ' Union.
  • They are all welcome in our town.
  • We were welcomed into the B &B; and shown our cozy rooms immediately.
  • We were welcomed with tea with groundnuts and scones.
  • I felt welcomed at Rabbithole from the first visit.
  • The inn was dark and dirty, but welcoming for all of that, and warm.
  • Taliban are warmly welcome from Myanmar.

"wear by", "wear in" or "wear on"?

  • They were worn by Chinese Numgs(mercs).
  • It could not be worn on a military uniform.
  • It can easily be worn in minutes.
  • And it is really very nice to wear with.
  • Ideally, pads shouldn't be worn for more than 3 to 4 hours.
  • A great tie to wear to important meetings, or on first dates.
  • The police decide whether what you wear at a party is decent.
  • It can be worn during the day or during the night if you so wish.
  • We are in Australia which gives us the freedom to wear as we please.
  • Some really look like gusgusin when wearing like that while some are really hot! Depende sa nagdadala.
  • Here's a fashion round up of what the stars wore over the last few Diwalis.
  • If the headgear is thin then a thick scarf should be worn under it.
  • In a random twist, I found a pair of glasses I wore from the years 1987-1989.
  • In my opinion the wearing of any religious symbol should be banned, as dare I say should all religions.
  • Luckily once the painkillers wore off it stopped talking.
  • It's a very self-conscious attempt at abstraction, but it's very difficult to wear without looking ridiculous.

"win in" or "win by"?

  • This is why we win in November.
  • And in Middletown he WON by 2207.
  • After his May 5 win over Cotto, which sold 1.
  • If it does, they may win at Lord's.
  • Either way it's a no win for him.
  • Verdict: Uruguay win on penalties.
  • Bush's 2004 win with 62,000,000 votes.
  • You can't win against the tribesmen through use of force.
  • I want to be remembered as one who kept going and won after everyone else gave up.
  • Leftwich was looking for his first win as a starter since Oct.
  • Some keep on winning because of consistency in quality, no doubt in that.
  • The Lakers have been winning despite Kobe for years.
  • You see, the largest amount you can win from the program is ten million naira.
  • Wars are won through strategy, casualties are only one part of victory.
  • You don't like the GMs that brought winning to this franchise.
  • He didn't want to win without sweating.

walk into, in, to, through or on?

  • It was like walking into a lung.
  • The key is to walk in the sunlight.
  • I've walked through their villages.
  • Facing the road, walk to the right.
  • Then people started walking on them.
  • They walk with their legs apart.
  • I'd not walking away from this.
  • I walked out of that meeting MAD.
  • And we just walked around the school.
  • Walking down Regent Street at 8.
  • We couldn't walk up to her and ask.
  • Schoolchildren walk past the closed up.
  • Then they see Jesus, walking across the water.
  • I walked along the bus bay and it was not there.
  • I avoid walking by myself at night 3.
  • Poor Punchinella walked for miles.
  • About two and a half hours walk from St.
  • So I walked towards the kitchen.
  • Maybe start with walking at night.
  • If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it's a duck.
  • As we walked off the plane, I wished Dwayne well.
  • I walked over land guarded by the UPDF.
  • But they all walked toward the beach.

watch for, in, on, from or with?

  • We can watch for it to speed up.
  • This will be something to watch in the coming months and years.
  • I guess I'll just watch on television.
  • Joe was watching from the stands.
  • Israel is watching with some satisfaction.
  • I watched as the sun turned blood red and dip below the horizon.
  • Hilda Ogden's death was watched by 26.
  • Restrict what you watch at night.
  • It'll be like watching over weight kanto boys play.
  • I watched about 75-80% of Chelsea's games, tbh.
  • Teerasil Dangda is a man to watch after scoring a hat-trick in their 5-0 rout of Bangladesh.
  • Activities Guests can take nature walks or go bird watching around the flowered gardens.
  • After exciting many with the quality of its video, Joost doesn't seem to have signed up any shows worth watching during its months of development.
  • You won't even watch out of the window.
  • I think I'd going to watch To The Beautiful You next but I don't have high expectations for it.
  • Euphanie, normally fastidious about everything they ate, watched without protest.

wait for, in, on, at or till?

  • Don't wait for ideal situation.
  • Waited in next day; no delivery.
  • I was waiting on her to return.
  • The alleged victim waited at the door.
  • You wait till nature gives you.
  • I'd wait until you know she's ready.
  • Scores of the world's media had waited outside the court for Terry to arrive.
  • I thought I would wait to jump in for a while.
  • They wait with diminishing patience.

"wonder about" or "wonder at"?

  • I just wondered about his size.
  • I have to wonder at what drives his agenda.
  • Walking does wonders for wellness.
  • Anger does wonders in loosening the tongue of the person.
  • While Obama has been famously pragmatic, many wonder to what end.
  • I have always wondered as to what stops them from doing so.
  • I'd beginning to wonder of it was Victoria's publicist! I'd taking a break.
  • The Jabra Clipper works wonder on both devices.
  • Posted by: Joinamerica September 16, 2012, 3:17 pm 3:17 pm Who would ever wonder after viewing and listening to Ms.
  • These suspects were later identified as ' Al Qaeda operatives ' (one wonders by whom).
  • To his credit, Villas-Boas has also done wonders with Tottenham this season and is showing signs of the managerial ability that he showed at his time at Porto.

write about, by, in, to or for?

  • Write about each in a blog post.
  • Obituary written by Mike Crean,.
  • Carvin wrote in a recent brief.
  • CLIVE: I wrote to Jim Callaghan.
  • Joe Huizenga, writing for KTAR.
  • Writing on his blog rickygervais.
  • I am writing from the me-no-blog perspective.
  • Please write with any inquiries.
  • She uses writing as a method to tame her.
  • I can not write at all times of day.
  • It's all written into that music.
  • Junod also writes of a certain Dr.

work with, in, for, on or as?

  • She will work with Pfizer, Inc.
  • You will need to WORK IN A TEAM.
  • I'd sure that will work for me.
  • I want to work on Tina's quilt.
  • My wife works as a teacher too.
  • I work at a fiber mill as well.
  • Presumably, he works from home.
  • Justice only works against the people now.
  • I like to get down to work by 9.
  • It just doesn't work like that.
  • I'll just work through it slowly.
  • Flavours worked to well together.
  • Everyone must work towards this end.
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • We still have to work within them.

"wish for" or "wish to"?

  • Be careful for what you wish for.
  • I have no problem if you wish to kesha.
  • Which I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.
  • On the other hand, Windows 7 Sale, had been companies wish in migrating quickly.
  • I love freedom The power to do whatever you wish at your own pace, that's freedom at its best.
  • You can raise your hands and recite any du'aa ' you wish from the books of du'aa ', in one minute.
  • Does anyone want them? Do as you wish with them.
  • You may say all you wish about tea carts, but your logical framing remains fundamentally flawed.
  • Mirrors should be placed strategically, thought according to the light amount wished as well as which objects you wish it to reflect.
  • Several of search engines like yahoo at present has evolved quite enhanced strategy to offer material to aid you to already have specifics you wish by simply type in jest couple of search phrases.
  • Stardate Personal Star Greeting Cards - Ever wanted to wish upon a star, or to make that wish for a loved one.
  • We are both just free to leave if we so wish without any maintenance property or custody issues.

"want for", "want from" or "want in"?

  • Not a society I want for Canada.
  • Decision Decide what you want in life.
  • They got what they want from him.
  • I can do what I want with it in a way.
  • THIS is exactly wanted by CONGRESS party.
  • What else does God wants of us? +13.
  • All the qualities you want on a dog.
  • And I can pretty much do what I want at my show.
  • It's about what you want out of the experience.
  • Say whatever you want about me.
  • They can have everything they want without consequence.
  • Just what I've always wanted as a present.
  • It brings the things you want into closer range and most importantly creates some R.
  • Her certainly wants to bed her.