"wade through" or "wade into"?

  • There is no way you can forget that if you have waded through it.
  • He gets out of the car and wades into the lake.
  • So wade in the water, little children.
  • The guards later determined that this is where Chen waded across the river.

wait for, in, on, at or till?

  • Don't wait for ideal situation.
  • Waited in next day; no delivery.
  • I was waiting on her to return.
  • The alleged victim waited at the door.

wake up, from, in, at or by?

  • Nice job and, oh yeah, wake up.
  • However, ' In the Air'is like waking from the dream to find you are still dreaming.
  • We woke in the morning and was really pleased with the room.
  • Climbers are woken at about 11pm.

walk into, in, to, through or on?

  • It was like walking into a lung.
  • The key is to walk in the sunlight.
  • Facing the road, walk to the right.
  • I've walked through their villages.

wander through, around, into, in or from?

  • Let's take a wee wander through its running order.
  • The salesperson wandering around the lot spotted my grandmother.
  • They wander into backyards, looking for food.
  • Zaphod wandered in frustration among the hulks.

"want for", "want from" or "want in"?

  • Not a society I want for Canada.
  • Decision Decide what you want in life.
  • They got what they want from him.
  • I can do what I want with it in a way.

"warn of" or "warn against"?

  • Warn of serious action if people fail to comply.
  • The players were warned about the danger Hull could create.
  • Look at her size!! I was warn by her doctor to watch her weight.

"wash with", "wash in" or "wash over"?

  • James ' Park name does not wash with Lavery.
  • It let them wash over me, unconnected to the past.
  • There was no way you could wash in there.
  • There is a way to handle the involuntary windshield washes at the stoplight.

"waste on" or "waste in"?

  • They throw bodily waste on you.
  • An hour wasted in a constraint is an hour.
  • There is no time or energy wasted by having to open or close hands.
  • Waste from the mining areas have damaged the surrounding environment along the rivers.

watch for, in, on, from or with?

  • We can watch for it to speed up.
  • This will be something to watch in the coming months and years.
  • I guess I'll just watch on television.
  • Joe was watching from the stands.

"wave at" or "wave to"?

  • She's waving at the person behind me.
  • The flag is still waving to this day.
  • Indeed, the ululations were a muted gesture of outstretched arms with splayed fingers waving in the air.
  • It has been a real boost having their support and seeing the New Zealand flag waving on the stages.

"weaken by", "weaken to" or "weaken of"?

  • It was badly weakened by the Hutton Report.
  • Before the appearance of these news, the technical factors will prevent further weakening of the Japanese.
  • While growth in China's economy is expected to weaken to 8.
  • Never allow me to weaken in the presence of temptation.

"wear by", "wear in" or "wear on"?

  • They were worn by Chinese Numgs(mercs).
  • It could not be worn on a military uniform.
  • It can easily be worn in minutes.
  • And it is really very nice to wear with.

"weep for", "weep at" or "weep with"?

  • I weep for this country Nigeria.
  • I am grieving and weeping with you.
  • They can all laugh raucously and rudely, but also weep at injustice.
  • As a youth I used to weep in butcher's shops.

"weigh on", "weigh in" or "weigh against"?

  • Strong dollar overseas too weighed on the rupee.
  • The benefits of fossil fuels must be weighed against the costs of global warming.
  • I feel like weighing in myself.
  • He is five-foot-seven to five-foot-11 and weighs between 170 and 190 pounds.

welcome to, by, in, into or with?

  • Welcome to the New World Order.
  • The move has been welcomed by the National Farmers ' Union.
  • They are all welcome in our town.
  • We were welcomed into the B &B; and shown our cozy rooms immediately.

whine about, like, to, for or on?

  • At least I don't sit and whine about it.
  • Yeah lazer, most fans whine like anything, but won't pay the 3.
  • With all that cash they could developed some new, proprietary DRM format for all music record companies to use or something, instead of bitching and whining to the Supreme Court.
  • Buck simply smothered him by virtue of superior weight, and cut him up till he ceased snapping and began to whine for mercy.

"whisper to" or "whisper in"?

  • Nasra's friend whispered to her friend what is going on here.
  • He's whispering in that dude's ear.
  • No mullahs whispering about you to your father so that he gets worried and buys you a new, thicker, blacker headscarf.
  • Twice, I could have sworn there was a knocking and whispering at the outer door.

"wield by" or "wield in"?

  • It's wielded by the elected representatives of an ostensibly free people.
  • The leaks are amusing but don't change the world or the way power is wielded in it.
  • Unfortunately, I doubt they will do so in time, largely because of the control Israel wields over the international monetary policies and central banks.
  • Spanish control, wielded through the force of arms and proselytization, eventually set in.

"win in" or "win by"?

  • This is why we win in November.
  • And in Middletown he WON by 2207.
  • After his May 5 win over Cotto, which sold 1.
  • If it does, they may win at Lord's.

wink at, across, from, into or to?

  • She seemed unconvinced by that, so he winked at her.
  • Amid the talk of wine and food were also plenty of warmth, humour and side winks from Nicolette and Kara, and other staff.
  • A large vision screen above the console winked into life revealing a wide starscape and a single very large sun dead ahead of them.
  • Sometimes I make quiet little nods and winks to people in my posts, but the general message or story is very anyone who stumbles upon me and wishes to read.

wipe off, out, from, with or at?

  • They should be wiped off the face of the earth.
  • Many criticized a great power like Britain for trying to wipe out the Boers.
  • But the past 10 years also saw some animals wiped from existence.
  • Or pour water from a bucket with ladle and wipe with your hand.

"wish for" or "wish to"?

  • Be careful for what you wish for.
  • I have no problem if you wish to kesha.
  • Which I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.
  • On the other hand, Windows 7 Sale, had been companies wish in migrating quickly.

withdraw from, in, to, after or by?

  • It has been withdrawn from sale.
  • The case was withdrawn in June 2012.
  • The Roman army withdrew to Hadrian's Wall.
  • The threat would be withdrawn after a hefty bribe was paid.

withhold from, by, in, on or for?

  • That? s why the members of such a community promise to withhold from sexual intercourse.
  • ABC wonders if Rob's $600 weekly wage was withheld by the cops that week.
  • However, the election has been withheld in the Jaffna district now.
  • I said ' I'd a self-employed author registering for compliance with withholding for Amazon.

"witness in", "witness to" or "witness by"?

  • A marked increase, at 11%, was witnessed in exports.
  • The trip was witnessed by several thousand people.
  • Witnessed to my Hand this 25th Day of April 1804.
  • Witness at any hazards for reducing the symptoms Payday Loans Online Payday Loans Online its denial the evidence submitted evidence.

"wonder about" or "wonder at"?

  • I just wondered about his size.
  • I have to wonder at what drives his agenda.
  • Walking does wonders for wellness.
  • Anger does wonders in loosening the tongue of the person.

work with, in, for, on or as?

  • She will work with Pfizer, Inc.
  • You will need to WORK IN A TEAM.
  • I'd sure that will work for me.
  • I want to work on Tina's quilt.

"worship in" or "worship at"?

  • Ye worship in ignorance the same Deity I serve.
  • Guess I'll just have private worshipping at my home.
  • Still today, they grace posters and are worshipped by many.
  • I remember how much I used to love worshiping with them.

"wrap in" or "wrap around"?

  • His left thumb is wrapped in a bandage.
  • He only has a towel wrapped around his waist.
  • The seats are wrapped with Nappa leather.
  • It's a seven game series wrapped into 60 minutes.

"wreck by", "wreck on" or "wreck in"?

  • Both the SA and the SSP were wrecked by the SP and SWP.
  • And I think for them there is a kind of morbid fascination with watching a train wreck in slow motion.
  • The survivors were shipwrecked on the Island for 18 months, until they were rescued by a passing Whaler.
  • The planet is being wrecked along with society and all you want to do is continue fiddling, albeit a slightly different tune.

wrestle with, in, from, into or out?

  • We've been wrestling with this.
  • It is always up in the air of which two will be wrestling in the squared circle in any match.
  • What've we lost now that it's been wrestled from his grasp? Nah-thing.
  • The first seed of Reid Damnit was planted when she popped into a Lower East Side fabric store and on a whim took home a parcel of leather which she wrestled into the form of a wallet.

wriggle out, for, in, on or around?

  • I'd not wriggling out of anything, love.
  • It even stopped her wriggling for a few minutes.
  • The Justice Department can wriggle around the first amendment, but can not find any evidence of fraud on Wall St (including MK Global).
  • Like many outwardly respectable families, a maggot wriggled inside the apple.

write about, by, in, to or for?

  • Write about each in a blog post.
  • Obituary written by Mike Crean,.
  • Carvin wrote in a recent brief.
  • CLIVE: I wrote to Jim Callaghan.