Prepositions before Nouns

Click a word to see what prepositions are usually used before it in English


"in area" or "of area"?

  • Gains in areas such as Internet (+7.
  • Bars abound though a couple of areas stand out.
  • Look to areas that have good health facilities.
  • Suggestions on areas that need.
  • He looks for areas of common ground.
  • The prosperity attracted immigrants from areas around the region.
  • The mother and her baby daughter were pronounced dead at area hospitals.
  • In fact history has revealed that the Jordanian forces had orders not to venture into areas the U.
  • Other branches of economics deal with areas like energy.
  • All unsolved crimes should be listed on the Internet, searchable by area.

of, in, under, to or with article?

  • D See reference list at end of article.
  • Further details are provided in Article 3 below.
  • But, a breach of Article 8 is not permitted by a law enacted under Article 149.
  • That said, pursuant to article 15 C.
  • Each type is listed in turn with articles to explain what they do.
  • The Order of Refutation is established by article 44 of the law.
  • I haven't been paid in a long time for articles.
  • This Article based on Article 22.
  • Contributed datasets from articles published in the Journal of the American Statistical Association.
  • Remain marketing through articles near articles by which careful then you if you can.

"of age" or "at age"?

  • Yellow tinges are a sign of age.
  • At that age, I started to wonder.
  • People have been doing it for ages.
  • They range in age from 19 to 48.
  • He is getting naughtier with age.
  • By age 13, he was playing off scratch.
  • Could the bed bug I found have been there from ages ago? 3.
  • Glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness in people over age 40.
  • Had sex with an under age girl.
  • And nearly 12 % chance of one making to age 100.

"to amount", "in amount" or "of amount"?

  • As to limitations as to amount, see ss 121, 122.
  • Full stops are often used in amounts of money: 10.
  • Recovery of amounts paid may be considered.
  • However, investments abroad in any form and paments under a guarantee for non-trade purposes require approval Form P is completed for amounts exceeding RM10,000 equivalent.
  • To forgive, to release old anger, allows the law of grace to intercede and dispense with amounts of karma an individual has stored in his or her akasha.
  • The Amount of monthly contribution to be waived does not depend on amount of ones contribution, its any amount that a winner contributes every month.

"of action" or "in action"?

  • There is not much of action here.
  • Thank you -- I agree in Action.
  • We'll go into action immediately.
  • Thank you for the call to action.
  • Protection for action taken under this Act, &c.
  • You'll especially appreciate the improvements with action movies and music discs.
  • Karl Markson Live by words not, but by actions.
  • Second, it seeks to pull in the United States to restrain India from action.
  • What gtd aspects are utilized? Deciding upfront on actions.
  • Verbally or through action disputes or shows contempt for an official's decision b.

of, for, with, to or in attention?

  • It's just not the Jones-ing kind of attention.
  • The Fight for Attention -- This is the big one.
  • Read this psalm with attention.
  • They clattered to a halt and banged to attention.
  • ASD is noted for idiosyncrasies in Attention.
  • Jones Madonna thrives on attention.

of, with, in, by or to ability?

  • A major factor is the evaluation and labelling of ability.
  • Dissimilar to these with Ability Office application, www.
  • Children with autism or PDD vary widely in abilities, intelligence, and behaviors.
  • Over half support selection by ability at 11.
  • These are inspected and graded according to ability.
  • Currently we ration health care based on ability to pay.
  • I recall all my past lives with a born-with ability to do so.
  • After you order louboutin outlet you acquire upon abilities of which accepts ages of needing served users.
  • He's utterly, irretrievably, willfully stupid -- Completely without ability to learn or develop.

"of access" or "with access"?

  • Another requirement is that of access.
  • Anyone with access to a terminal told you so.
  • But we are hungry for access and content.
  • This results in further restrictions on access and re-use.
  • Without access, there is no collaboration.
  • The Department of Natural Resources ' voluntary Walk In Access program, which is funded by the U.
  • There are incentives such as access to discounts and free quarterly magazines.
  • Poolers then had a discussion with VP staff about access.
  • It is vital no community is left out from access to high quality terminal care.
  • It is a huge disparity compared to access in urban areas of 65 to 88 percent of the population.

of, to, on, by or in air?

  • A wind, not of air, but of spirit.
  • ABC picked up Edge to air at four p.
  • You can not sustain a band on air.
  • This includes by air or by road.
  • Sound is faster in water than in air.
  • Gasping for air is not a good sign.
  • The H 2 S is partially oxidized with air.
  • These planes came from aircraft carriers.
  • The Act also addresses Sewage and Trade Effluent discharges as well as air emissions.
  • Porters ' uniforms have been redesigned to look like air hostesses.

"of advice" or "for advice"?

  • One should take heed of advice.
  • Consult your doctor for advice.
  • Very enthusiastic folk who are very helpful with advice.
  • The panel was set up to advice Mr.
  • Source(s): This is based on advice I've received from professionals about birth control.
  • If not, well, hey, the time will be well spent anyway, seeking the good in advice about software testing.
  • Patient education including advice for future attacks of AE is important.

"of application", "for application" or "on application"?

  • A call for applications for the.
  • Terms and conditions are available on application.
  • Filled in Application Forms - download 2.
  • When downloaded to Applications, www.
  • At first glance, with application.
  • To secure (a license, for example) by application to an authority.
  • The transcript will be issued upon application and the payment of a prescribed fee.
  • From Applications to Implications.
  • Only one call per application connection can be processed at a time.

into, of, to, in or on account?

  • Take this into account selecting shares.
  • Annual statement of accounts 177.
  • Why is the rest of our lying media not held to account.
  • I have been working since in Accounts Payable.
  • Consecutive Votes on Account have no precedent, and rightly so.
  • Alternately, you can press Ctrl+Shift+M to switch between accounts.
  • Duties and Responsibilities Responsible for account development for existing key clients.
  • Bonus funds, credited on trading account can be used in trading and can be withdrawn from account during 1 year.

of, In, for, to or about art?

  • Some don't see the value of art.
  • In art we call this inspiration.
  • She will also perform a number called Get Wet for Art.
  • Having said that, pursuant to art.
  • Attend discussions and read - about art.
  • Testimonials from Ex-students on Art Instructor Chua Wei Jian wrote.
  • The sculpture is created by art and advertising agency headed by Oliver Voss.
  • Apart from arts, I opened my own Gallery.
  • We organized the trek through Art Cafe.
  • Till this date, I am hopelessly clueless with art.

"of approach" or "in approach"?

  • We have to take the guess work out of approaches.
  • Extremely knowledgeable, responsive and innovative in approach.
  • Resurfacing on approach to the roundabout.
  • Where the top down approach fails is when the path is not well known.
  • I will contain to get my occasion in addition to approach rear 100% healthy.
  • They are young, eager, riddled with Approach Anxiety and just doing things wrong on so many levels it's actually quite embarrassing to witness.
  • Compute this using bottom up approach.

of, by, to, with or About author?

  • Worden in their list of authors.
  • Most specifically because of her Readers by Authors series.
  • He isnt the only one relishing the opportunity to author a different outcome.
  • He later shared the information with author William F.
  • Do you have what it takes to succeed? About Author For.
  • It could mean a reduction in advances for authors.
  • As reviewers, we tend to shy away from author self-pubs.
  • Click on author's photo for biography ' Peter Fallon's poetry has continued to flourish and deepen despite the extraordinary demands of his career as a publisher.
  • What makes our site special, you might say? Well for starters we as authors have been using technology since the day we were born (virtually).

"for answer" or "of answer"?

  • I don't believe it &; keep searching for answers.
  • Naturally, there's no shortage of answers.
  • Hong Kong's minimum wage policy has a lot to answer for.
  • The staff were quick to reply with answers to my questions.
  • In answer she raises her eyebrows.
  • The rally was sponsored by ANSWER.
  • Even major creationist orgganisations like Answers in Genesis says the 2nd law of thermodynaimcs should not be used as an argument against evolution.
  • It all comes down to questions without answers in a series that promised answers.

of, in, with, for or on activity?

  • Increase your level of activity.
  • All three were well rounded children in activities.
  • MARIO RITTER: Washington was filled with activity.
  • For activities in the area drop down the information menu above.
  • This is where information on activities and attractions can be found.
  • This is yet another blow to activity levels in the Union this year.
  • Their incomes are often pieced together from activities both inside and outside the fishery, and tend to be low overall.
  • It allows for notes about activities to be added.
  • The late 90's and early 2000's were defined by activity in the internet space.
  • Instructors will guide you through activities such as obstacle courses, parades and exercise programs.

"in act" or "of act"?

  • Thirdly, they differ in certain acts.
  • There's a lot of acts I'd like to work.
  • Employees must have freedom from consent to act, experiment to make good things happen.
  • The Police Depot, now National Police Training School (NPTS ), was established by Act of Colonial Office in January 1930.
  • Liability for acts of partners done after dissolution 45.
  • It is, in fact, often those protesting the safe and responsible production of natural gas who threaten EID-M staff with acts of violence.
  • So, feel wisely as well as act logically.
  • There is a distinction between acts that are illegal and acts that are immoral.
  • States have a duty to refrain from acts of reprisal involving the use of force.
  • See the notes on Acts 3:6, Acts 3:16.

"of analysis" or "for analysis"?


of, for, in, to or by argument?

  • This is a terrible set of arguments.
  • Leasing charges by Cowal were (rounded of for arguments sake) 0.
  • Civil in argument, relentlessly reasonable.
  • This makes them more vulnerable to arguments from lobbyists.
  • Evil is more effectively destroyed by ridicule than by argument.
  • Probably isn't worth getting into arguments in comments sections though.
  • You write as if you're completely unfamiliar with arguments that go back decades.
  • The priority in Buddhism is on properly trained people, not on arguments as to exterior forms.
  • I second that without argument.
  • The story may be true or false, but the conclusion is beyond argument.

of, for, with, to or from apple?

  • The latest version of Apple Inc.
  • The next iPhone will be easy for Apple.
  • You compare apples with apples dear.
  • Compare apples to apples, look it up.
  • I haven't heard back from Apple yet.
  • Great marketing campaign by apple.
  • I looked at Apple's promo video on YouTube.
  • John Keiffer I myself am kinda of dissappointed in apple.
  • May be there is a pressure on Apple site.
  • It certainly looks like Apple can do no wrong.

"of audience" or "to audience"?

  • Drums pound the chests of audience members.
  • Kim is best known to audiences for his portrayal of Jin on Lost.
  • Guinness and Cushing were critical for audience buy-in.
  • His energetic live performances are popular with audiences of all ages.
  • But when pressed for comment by audiences of a different kind, the T.
  • The secret plan story with elaborations drew applause from audiences.
  • The Australia Network scores pretty well in audience surveys, considering its paltry budgets.
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show Experience relies heavily on audience participation.
  • The audience is in awe! I'd itching here to talk about audiences.
  • That concern to build connections between audience and performer is also something that has been important throughout my work.

of, in, to, with or by authority?

  • Dwindling respect for figures of authority.
  • Also, we no longer believe in authority.
  • The point is that size is not related to authority.
  • I think figures with authority scare you.
  • He was detained by authorities there in May this year.
  • In other words, by believing that factoring is hard, you've fallen victim to yet another argument from authority.
  • There was discipline and respect for authority.
  • His set the standard for hashing and the failures of reliance on authority.
  • This was completely without authority of law.
  • It is not reported if this is an executive agreement, or one authorized under authority conferred by Congress.

"in agreement" or "of agreement"?

  • I think we're in agreement here.
  • Extension of term of agreement 87.
  • Other meetings will be by agreement.
  • This interaction may lead to economic exchange or to agreement on policy and rules.
  • See AgreementInfo for details on agreements.
  • In the first place, this is a matter for agreement between the employee and the employer.
  • To direct the Secretary of the Treasury to enter into agreements with the several Federal Reserve banks.
  • Such a right was granted through agreements.
  • No use or distribution of this content is permitted without agreement with The Sport Rack.

"of advantage" or "to advantage"?

  • There are plenty of advantages to assisting others.
  • In the Soviet Union government control of health was used to advantage by the Politburo.
  • Creating the *right* progeny is a Very Big Deal; and for *Elite* Americans, as for the Hapsburg and Rothschild Dynasties, marriage-with-children is for ADVANTAGE social and financial.
  • Its not really anything to do with advantages from that point of view I just want to keep the social housing option open.
  • A thought is recommended, thereby promote them in advantages.
  • Task 2: About advantages and disadvantages of working outside home Comment: Task 1: i was surprised when saw it such task, because i haven't prepared to this kind of task enough.
  • There are three basic Apple devices that advantage of the iOS 6 jailbreak release.
  • That's part of the package, however, and that downside is made up for by advantages elsewhere.
  • Obtain assistance from advantages or.

"of address" or "to address"?

  • I don't think a list of addresses is really anything like a map.
  • Please note that shipping is only to addresses within Australia.
  • The Post Office prefers no punctuation in addresses, the post town in capitals, and the post code on a separate line.
  • Gordon Bergin, with addresses listed at 26 Rathevan.
  • If you would like to know more about their climb or even offer a donation towards their cause, please visit their website at ADDRESS NO LONGER VALID.
  • Rule two -- don't give out your personal details (like address, phone number) on the site.
  • One thing to be clarified before address the issue.
  • Judges may be removed by address of both houses of the legislature with the.

"of attack" or "under attack"?

  • I have added other kinds of attack.
  • Then the Nepalese came under attack.
  • Arsenal are more dangerous in attack then we are.
  • Sorry but they where not bred to attack people but to work.
  • Local business people are targeted for attack along with tourists.
  • To be a world media outlet, and protect themselves from attack they need to appease Muslims.
  • Escalation by attacks on the West could backfire, badly.
  • Quaker non-violence prevented them from funding a militia to protect colonial settlers against attacks.
  • Lampard fought shoulder-to-shoulder with his teammates as Bayern mounted attack after attack.
  • The intervals between attacks can vary widely but, on average, occur every one to two years.

"of album", "on album" or "with album"?

  • Bands like Britain's Cradle of Filth sell hundreds of thousand of albums.
  • There will be some exciting news on album no.
  • No discography is created with albums one person alone owns.
  • Also can (More) A great AC/DC like album from Krokus.
  • Downhere was nominated in eight categories and walked away with trophies for Album of the Year (On The Altar Of Love ), Group Of The Year and Male Vocalist Of The Year (Marc Martel).
  • Her love for the blues comes striding forth in every project -- from albums Blue Horse and Chinatown (not the town of the movie or the famous location, but a small spot near Tanyaland).
  • I don't follow links to album sharing sites anymore.
  • As was his wont, Cohen spent years between albums, and in 1973 he seemed to take stock of himself as a performer by issuing Leonard Cohen: Live Songs.
  • I just counted that I wrote 1,000 articles in 5 years, and have more than 340,000 clicks including albums.
  • Cover Flow Using Cover Flow, you can flip through websites as easily as you flip through album art in iTunes.

"of administration" or "in administration"?

  • I have not sorted out the accommodation and Iam going to do Masters of Administration.
  • But with a change in administration, those bills went onto the backburner.
  • Team Bondi's entered into administration, according to a report this morning.
  • Finger pointing? Monterona said that he raised this concern to DFA undersecretary for Administration Rafael Seguis.
  • Stephen Muriithi Manegene, Chair of the working group on administration and budget (Kenya) Nicola Clarke (UK) announced.
  • Moves from customer services/creative sector to administration happen quite often.
  • Enforcing school rules and regulations that have been set by administration or fellow captains.
  • Reduction of the intraocular pressure in man starts about three to four hours after administration and maximum effect is reached after eight to twelve hours.

"of association" or "by association"?

  • Aggression and anxiety had the strongest degree of association.
  • Coolness by association is sooo trs nouveau chic.
  • This seems inconsistent with what I have just said about the decrease in association strength.
  • He advocates for association health plans and for allowing the purchase of insurance coverage across state lines.
  • Freeman follows this trail meticulously through associations, academic meetings, creation of an organization, and a journal.
  • They supply free medication to NGOs including Association of Fatima Jinnah Old Graduates (AFJOG ), where my mother works.
  • There are 20 plus associations represented by the umbrella organization of GHATOF (Ghana Tourism Federation).
  • He said that this area was intentionally deprived of modern facilities in British era due to association with khudai khidmatgar Tehrik.
  • Pure awareness is experiencing without associations to what is there.

of, for, from, to or in abuse?

  • It is also open to all forms of abuse.
  • The guy got so nasty he was reported for abuse, not by me.
  • We must work together towards protecting them from abuse and from harm.
  • Power is generally subject to abuse.
  • That has been submerged in abuse over a lack of trophies.
  • This is the way they get away with abuse.
  • Why blame culture when Aqsa's death was ultimately about abuse of male power, which affects women of all communities.
  • But again, it goes perfectly well with that against abuse notion.
  • I don't think they can sue Bank Negara for ' robbing ' them unless they have evidence on abuse of power.
  • People born in the 1980s are now, at most, 28 years old, and they exercise no real power to speak of, so the damage caused by abuses of power can not be their fault.

of, with, by, for or to agency?

  • A complex group of agencies belong to the U.
  • Neither of these people was ever paid with Agency money.
  • Instead, it straight-lined a roughly 8 percent across the board cut, agency by agency.
  • Creative evaluation and guidelines for agency motivation will be discussed.
  • The last few years, I figured I would apply to agencies such as the FBI, CIA, Secret Service, etc.
  • Disaster response comes from hands on deck, not from waiting for decisions from agencies paralysed by their bureaucracy.
  • In agency life, PR can feel like an isolated process rather than an integrated and integral part of the marketing process.
  • Member States should promote cooperation between agencies in order.
  • Notably, 36 percent are also requiring a wider range of services for the same monthly fee, placing even greater pressure on agency margins and efficiency.
  • Entries must not be sent through agencies or third parties.

of, by, with, in or for army?

  • Abdul quoted the Chief of Army Staff, COAS, Lt.
  • This was only in the territory attacked by Army Group Centre.
  • The nation stands with Army Zaid Hamid It was long over due.
  • My brother is in Army Intelligence.
  • East Carolina: Air Force's attractiveness took a hit with last week's loss to Army.
  • Ahmed feared a civil war resulting from army defections and the armed opposition.
  • In the Joint Chiefs of Staff it was the minority member: although there were differences aplenty between Army and Air Force, they were successfully plastered over.
  • You can only do experiments in hospitals under Army auspices.
  • All their years together had been lived on Army posts.

"of attitude" or "in attitude"?


"in attempt" or "of attempt"?

  • They merely test them in attempts to disprove them.
  • One of the earliest records of attempts at flight.
  • The doctrines, all of them, amount to attempts to control the behaviour of the masses.
  • Continuing the hell theme, fire seems to be often associated with attempts to depress an act's vote.
  • Companies have legal obligation to keep an eye out for attempts to steal customer and employee information and apply solutions to prevent such things from occurring.
  • That is, it is different from attempts to? know? what is beyond our potential ability to know.
  • I am not sure that this is helped by attempts to interpret all aspects of it as if it had a one unified underlying truth.
  • Can lessons from the past help leaders prevent genocides in the future? We look at attempts to avoid a humanitarian disaster in Sudan.
  • Brown's longstanding relationships with working class voters, of all races, endured despite attempts to paint him as a tax-and-spend Washington insider.
  • Also, in Serbia, the head of the central bank quit in August over attempts by the government to exercise greater control.

"of assistance" or "For assistance"?

  • Every member of the staff tried to be of assistance.
  • Please ask staff for assistance.
  • She researched the article with assistance from Seattle's 1680 AM Radio Luz.
  • A formal process of negotiation will commence that will lead to assistance.
  • Your windows program Landscape works with Glass windows 7 truthfulness are working program group 1 as well as assistance store a couple of.
  • Inside the venues disabled spectators can call on assistance from the free Games Mobility service, which provides help for people who aren't able to walk long distances.
  • She lives alone and struggles to get out of bed, get dressed, or cook, without assistance.
  • This was enough to help smaller countries but would have been stretched by assistance to Spain and Italy.
  • The project was underwritten by the Canterbury Business Recovery Trust and benefited from assistance from BNZ, NZTE and MSI and land donated by Christchurch City Council.
  • As of 2011, the Philippines has received more than US$12 billion in assistance from the ADB in such sectors as agriculture, energy, transport and water supply.

of, in, for, to or on animal?

  • I do like a bit of animal print.
  • BCG was and is tested in animals.
  • The rest provides a sanctuary for animals.
  • I got the reference to Animal Farm.
  • Likewise, you've done shows on animals and language.
  • When paired with animals, their.
  • Complain about how nobody cares about animals.
  • Unable to feed off humans, he survived by feeding from animals.
  • These boys were treated like animals.
  • Chemical fertilizers replaced by animal fertilizers.

of, by, for, to or with artist?

  • The best of artists know this well.
  • The interior, with works by artists such.
  • Notice there is a category there for artists.
  • It doesn't just apply to artists.
  • Speak with artists, curators and dealers.
  • Creativity and innovation comes from artists, writers, composers, programmers and other creators.
  • One of the first iPhone apps to launch was SpotOn Radio, a personalised radio app that creates playlists based on artists.
  • About Artist's Eye on Ireland In this feature, we highlight artists who use Ireland or their Irish heritage as inspiration.
  • It is not uncommon to find people -- mostly among artists themselves -- who feel that the visual art ecology should be quarantined from the vagaries of the market.
  • Until quite recently there has been very little interest in artist made books or folios in this state, the commercial galleries seemed reluctant to include them in exhibitions.

of, for, with, in or about awareness?

  • Some kind of awareness of DNSSEC.
  • The need for awareness NEVER ends.
  • In that context, sound management with awareness of these fundamentals is a must.
  • He gives the impression of being suave in nature and comprehensive in awareness.
  • This whole campaign is about awareness.
  • The main focus of EMPOWER PEOPLE lies on awareness raising and sensitization trainings for law enforcement agencies.
  • A self is a contributor to awareness, and is aware of all contributions.
  • By awareness I don't mean press mentions or plenty of talk in the media.

of, on, to, in or with aspect?

  • There are a number of aspects within this that are looked at more deeply.
  • Consulting the development team on aspects that could facilitate the localization process.
  • Various topics related to aspects of the prison affair, he had studied.
  • North county Dublin remained profoundly rural in aspect.
  • A cleverly designed walkway safely brings children into contact with aspects of the forest.
  • Having said that I can speak about aspects which do not betray that trust.
  • He encourages the parties to look at aspects or areas of potential agreement or compromise not previously considered.
  • Aspect: Security practices HR8 (Core) Percentage security personnel trained in the organisation's policies or procedures concerning aspects of human rights that are relevant to operations.

of, in, with, about or like atmosphere?

  • It comes with all mod cons and is comfortable and full of atmosphere.
  • The change in atmosphere then was electric.
  • The day itself was a huge success for the Camogie Association with a large crowd really making Nowlan Park come alive with atmosphere and noise.
  • This can provide a number of functions like atmosphere shift, safety and lightweight transfer in your own property.
  • Light-weight, heat, and being exposed to atmosphere can badly impact the caliber of the gourmet coffee.
  • We love the below fabrics from Atmosphere direct.
  • The trio played well and at a volume that did not intrude on atmosphere or concentration.

"of aid", "for aid" or "in aid"?

  • Duplication of aid was commonly reported.
  • That's what we need to be doing in Africa, instead of looking for aid.
  • There are to be no grants in aid from the state.
  • In 2011 China released its first ever White Paper on aid.
  • Many have alot of experience, but not with AID.
  • The planning and partnership has gone well but the scale of the situation faced by aid agencies in North Kivu is enormous.
  • From Aid Thoughts: How do they do it? Quite simple, really: mobile phones.
  • My intent is only to aid those whose inner being responds to the tablet's song.
  • Funding either is paid through the UN system or through aid groups working directly with the victims.
  • There is also an unprecedented amount of auxilliary information being released including off-budget information such as aid revenues, geo-data and data on contracts and companies.

"in appearance" or "of appearance"?

  • Oats should be bright in appearance.
  • Ranquin is willing to kill people at random for the sake of appearances.
  • Power to take bond for appearance 91.
  • Keeping up with appearances one of my nieces was at the airport in her fabulous vehicle, ready to be my chauffer.
  • People are not all about appearances but rather what is inside.
  • However, despite appearances, a Maroon named Johnson managed to lead a small group into St.
  • The majority of people relate growing older to appearance.
  • There was also a strong emphasis on appearance.
  • In the budget, the latter allocated $100,000 as appearance fee for their friendly opponents.
  • Yet there is a plan behind appearances that does not change.

"of agent" or "to agent"?

  • We set the number of agents to 30.
  • Talk to agents and coaches about how best to maximize your chances.
  • The penetration of such events by agent provocateurs is child's play but the damages are enormous.
  • Tie up with agents for dry waste recycling.
  • I am looking for agents in the following areas.
  • This move to pragmatism -- from looking at experiences inside the head to looking at habitual behaviour between agents -- can be illustrated by a rudimentary example.
  • We recommend 20 surveys per agent and month.
  • Rejections from agents were commonplace.
  • Mr Kiondo explained that the so-called aliens were operating through agents whom they pay to ensure they have a safe passage from the Horn of Africa to Southern Africa.

"of assessment" or "for assessment"?

  • Sixty-seven per cent of assessments were found to be wrong.
  • Collect this written piece for assessment.
  • Assessment Written examinations, course work and projects are all used in assessment.
  • From bariatric to help you products physical therapy los angeles with regard to assessment and examination, one must get wise in choosing what's right for practice.
  • Countries which have legislation in place focus primarily on assessment of risks for consumer health.
  • The pre assessments we did were math and english, they weren't hard but we had to do them to let the teachers know what we know.
  • Standards should provide enough information to help with assessment of student mastery.

"of agenda" or "with agenda"?

  • They've never heard of Agenda 21.
  • So progressive! This debacle we find ourselves in was caused by government with agendas instead of equality.
  • More interestingly, if you google for Agenda 21 these days, you're likely to find a whole bunch of nutball right-wing conspiracy theories about it being an agenda to destroy American freedom.
  • As a result, we have no hesitation in quashing and setting aside the impugned resolution to the extent it purports to deal with other matters- other than in Agenda No.
  • They seem to be spewing the crap they learned in school from agenda driven teachers (read anti capitalism) and they think that slogans will define the problem and solve it as well.

of, with, to, for or on alcohol?

  • The story of Alcohol Prohibition.
  • There won't be any problem if you mix it with alcohol.
  • But she was not opposed to alcohol ads on TV.
  • She favours a minimum price for alcohol.
  • At that time there was a national ban on alcohol.
  • As it happens I do not completely disagree with your remarks about alcohol and gambling.
  • Many families are affected each day by alcohol abuse.
  • Some spend time, as I did myself taking solace in alcohol.
  • This must be regulated like alcohol and cigarettes are.
  • Others, such as alcohol and tobacco, are legal but regulated through licensing and other laws.

at, of, in, to or from airport?

  • Try looking at airports in nearby cities, or alternate airports in the same city.
  • Tell your children what to expect out of airport security.
  • Larry Craig Toe-Tapping In Airport Bathroom Sen.
  • Light snow and minor fender-bender for taxi on way to airport to leave.
  • Total 60 minutes from airport to the door.
  • Experts suggest looking at fares for airports within a reasonable radius of your destination.
  • It takes about 45 minutes from the airport to the station by Airport Express Railway.
  • This wind has blown across airlines and swept through airports, bringing irreversible change.
  • His career background is predominantly in infrastructure businesses including airports, ports and electricity.
  • For longer journeys, such as airport and mountain transfers, these tend to be around USD 5- 10 to the driver.

"by accident" or "of accident"?

  • Then something happened by accident.
  • Stories of accidents and near misses abound.
  • But these riders end up in accidents too.
  • I also take care of many boomers who are crippled from accidents caused by alcohol or drugs.
  • Allstate says the lowest-risk time for accidents is 5 a.
  • See, the Police don't respond to accidents.
  • Mainland practices for dealing with accidents and disasters do not inspire confidence.
  • Admittedly, once perhaps (on accident ), but twice? Twice would be uncivilized.
  • They did not argue about Accidents and Essence.
  • Those who work in factory or operate machines have to exercise great caution against accidents.

"of advertising" or "in advertising"?

  • The age of advertising had begun.
  • I had never worked in advertising before.
  • Editors must have full responsibility for advertising policy.
  • This site depends for its income on advertising.
  • Not by advertising -- that didn't work.
  • They either make money from advertising or, for premium cable channels, from subscriptions.
  • The first method is through advertising.
  • However, it's mostly restricted mostly to advertising.
  • I didn't think I would like a retro 60's show about advertising.
  • In fact, this is not the case only with Advertising alone.

"of app", "in app" or "for app"?

  • It's the kinds of apps you'll find.
  • The apps felt like Web sites in app form.
  • You have the same option for apps and photos.
  • We don't want our users to have crappy experiences with apps.
  • Enhancements continue to be becoming designed to App Development Software mobile.
  • Notify on App close: If you enable this option, you will be notified when your timer reaches zero seconds.
  • Is that an iPad mini? Too funny the tech-heads who think its all about apps.
  • Alternatively, hold Alt on the keyboard and press Tab to switch between apps.
  • Choose from App Directory: Use a pre-defined image from the app directory.
  • I did buy the WiFi file explorer pro app.

"of award" or "for award"?

  • IFM: You've won a number of awards for your work.
  • Elite credit for award stays makes annual requalification even easier.
  • With award season buzz popping, they need a sleeper hit.
  • Many programmes lead to awards at more than one level.
  • This offer can not be availed when traveling on award tickets.
  • Some of them were decorated by awards, mentioned in despatches or just commended.
  • Not only did he not accept awards after awards, he quit the organization that made him famous to live with his mother, away from the world's attention.
  • Q: From award winning gospel artist, blogger, marketing communications expert to Nollywood actor -- let's begin with Tinsel.
  • Between 1999 and 2007, an estimated $16 billion was frittered away through award of dubious contracts to cronnies.

of, for, on, to or with android?

  • Taylor is the founder of Android and Me.
  • Of course, support for Android 4.
  • Yuga will be running on Android 4.
  • This especially applies to Android devices.
  • It is loaded with Android OS, v4.
  • Just a minimise is required and easy too in android.
  • Performance One of the things I found annoying about Android phones in the past was the lag.
  • We're hoping for minor improvements from Android 2.
  • It was the first to be powered by Android 4.
  • You can download apps like Android.

of, in, to, by or for absence?

  • Leave of absence may affect your visa.
  • Record of evidence in absence of accused 512.
  • He left her, resolved not again to trust so much to absence, but to visit - to watch her - every day.
  • Unless otherwise stated, all figures in this bulletin relate to employees on adult rates whose earnings for the survey pay period were not affected by absence.
  • Apologies for absence are received, minutes are approved and signed.
  • This underscores the cautionary warning embodied in that old adage about absence of proof.
  • If the private communication of a person identified in the authorization was not intercepted, for reasons such as absence, technical difficulties, etc.
  • Get to know all applicable legislation on employee misconducts including absence from duty, the organization's disciplinary rules and.
  • Applicable Laws on Absence from Duty Ensure that you familiarise yourself with all laws relating to absence from duty.

"of arm", "in arm" or "to arm"?

  • Recently, a cache of arms was seized in Punjab.
  • She took last breathe in arms of her husband.
  • Bold, brutal, unforgiving call to arms.
  • I agree with ARM on that point.
  • Bina married Jyotish Chandra Bhaumik, her comrade at arms and a college teacher.
  • The IRA's hunger for arms was an important dynamic in the escalation of conflict.
  • Windows on ARM PCs are still in development, but it is.
  • And if being born without arms and legs helps bring one more soul to heaven, then it's all worth it.
  • Like arm flapping and leg kicking.
  • France has 240,000 men under arms, while Britain has 180,000.

of, on, for, to or against abortion?

  • I wouldn't be in favour of abortion.
  • This is the numbers on abortion.
  • The fight for abortion rights in Ireland.
  • I'd not sure the relevance to Abortion, though.
  • I am an atheist and I am against abortion.
  • Nowhere does it say anything about abortion.
  • It's not much different with abortion.
  • For a start, the death toll alone from abortion far eclipses anything Hitler was able to achieve.
  • Republicans Move to the Right The source of the shift in abortion views is clear in the Gallup Values and Beliefs survey.
  • A view of the world which allows even the most vile of practices (like abortion) some breathing space.

"for approval" or "of approval"?

  • I typed it, printed it and gave it to him for approval.
  • Look for a seal of approval on it.
  • The mostly Democratic-leaning union members roared with approval.
  • You can not keep wildlife in captivity without approval from the Ministry of Natural Resources.
  • The visa is subject to approval.
  • Upon approval by the Commission of the reserve computation, any deficiency in the fund shall be covered by the pre-need company, in the manner as may be prescribed by the Commission.
  • The money will be credited to your bank account on the same day after approval.
  • She kept silent the entire time and only nodded in approval when asked by her employer if she was certain about quitting.
  • In fact, they have resulted in the so-called moratorium on approval of GM products to be placed on the market.

of, on, In, for or to appeal?

  • Summary dismissal of appeal 421.
  • Finality of orders on appeal 430.
  • Record in appealable cases 264.
  • November 2 retained attorney for appeal.
  • But no need of Committeee to Appeal the election that PDP and Jonathan Loyalists woefully failed.
  • Hartley The Past: Our cradle, not our prison; there is danger as well as appeal in its glamour.
  • No law or policy can be justified by appeal to such contested beliefs.
  • Liam Feeney (left) opens the scoring at The Den despite appeals for offside.
  • The total number of judgments under appeal during the first quarter of 2012 are valued at $380.
  • I found it bizarre however that you would think of TB as a person with appeal in that area.

"of appointment" or "for appointment"?

  • It comes into play only at the time of appointment as corps and army commanders.
  • Allow up to 2 hours for appointment.
  • Other trips can be arranged by appointment for groups.
  • Moreover, there is practically no political interference in appointments, posting, transfers and evaluation of teachers.
  • The Cabinet is composed of Secretaries who are appointed by the President with the consent of the Commission on Appointments.
  • It also applies to appointments of individuals as statutory bodies or to other advisory posts, including tribunals and lay members of courts.
  • The banker, who had flown in from Pakistan missed appointment after appointment till the meeting finally took place in a pub.
  • You may be given additional activities to carry out between appointments.
  • The positive way with appointment: That is he (s.

"On arrival" or "upon arrival"?

  • I knew they were dead on arrival.
  • The balance is due upon arrival at the hotel.
  • On arrival the day of arrival is usually Sunday.
  • Balance due 21 days prior to arrival.
  • Lymphoedema may develop within six months and elephantiasis as quickly as a year after arrival.
  • What do I need to pay before arrival? You will need to pay a 50 non-refundable application fee.
  • He tells the captain: ' For arrival on schedule in New York I will pay you $5,000 and for every hour ahead of schedule another $1,000.
  • ASEAN Travel Dramatic growth in arrival numbers from Malaysia and Singapore led the 31.

"of actor", "with actor" or "by actor"?

  • KStew isn't that kind of actor.
  • Park Shin Hye will appear as a guest on SBS ' Running Man ' along with actor Lee.
  • Maybe by actor, maybe by release year.
  • It's very difficult for actors from a low-income background or if there's no family support.
  • I live in New York, where people don't tend to go up to actors as much.
  • I've had letters from actors over the years, which is really.
  • Just 1 per cent went to secondary moderns, including actor Colin Firth and Olympic rower Sir Steve Redgrave.
  • Successful claim was for money spent on actors, script-writers, locations etc.

"of anxiety" or "with anxiety"?

  • The mental ailment comes first in the form of anxiety.
  • They will all help with anxiety.
  • For the person suffering from anxiety, the naming of a fear is a relief.
  • Its very common for anxiety during or post BCP.
  • You are using an infant and also you are beginning to anxiety.
  • We are talking about fear, manifesting in anxiety.
  • Also I agree that if you have insecurities such as anxiety issues then change is not good.
  • Psychological treatments are often the most helpful for people affected by anxiety disorders or depression.
  • He came to me inviting to sleep without anxieties and 15 minutes before my station he gently wake me up.
  • I did some research, and I saw something about anxiety.

"to availability" or "of availability"?

  • Early check in / late checks out is subject to availability of rooms.
  • Please note that the time of availability of.
  • During the course of a day, prices fluctuate depending on availability.
  • I've found a camp ground with availability who will allow a 3 night booking (minor miracle) and I've checked out the rates of the parks.
  • Q Asking about availability? Request a booking instead.
  • Kafka nodes can be clustered for availability and extra capacity, which we've done.
  • One possibility is that the increase in availability of dried plant matter during the dry season will mean that wildfire will be more intense and widespread than at the present day.
  • These were LIMITED upon availability and extremely rare.
  • People choose among availabilities; what is not available is not chosen.

of, for, on, to or in achievement?

  • Also, we are talking about extremes of achievement.
  • By doing so, it will be easy to measure your advancement and remain encouraged for achievement.
  • After a certain amount of homework the positive effect on achievement disappears, and might even turn negative.
  • Rousseau saw talent as naturally leading to achievement.
  • While there was some growth in achievement before the takeover, the growth since the takeover has been considerably higher.
  • A system of internal control provides a framework for all processes and activities designed to give reasonable assurance regarding achievement of objectives.
  • With achievement comes the right to praise and congratulate oneself.
  • I grew up in a family that was about achievement and aspirations.
  • That link between achievement and risk is always unhelpful.

"of accommodation" or "for accommodation"?

  • The selection of accommodation is all of a lovely standard.
  • Paying for accommodation cuts into travel budgets.
  • Nicely presented home with accommodation comprising:Entry Hall.
  • More Never stayed in accommodation before that was deftly silent, very strange.
  • Being able to put down a deposit on accommodation is also useful.
  • My approach to accommodation is the same.
  • A quick note about accommodation in the city.
  • Dinner and overnight at Accommodation of your choice Day 4: Depart for Mbale in the morning visiting the Bujagali falls and the source of the Nile en-route.
  • Daily budget of $25 in Poland? Including accommodation - yes.
  • They can also double as accommodation if you're travelling long distances.

of, in, with, on or for ad?

  • I think it's a great set of ads.
  • Now I'd kicking myself for not recording season 5 in advance.
  • Use chrome with adblock pro installed.
  • My? is who actually clicks on ads? I never do, ever.
  • By limiting the time for ads and campaigns only a certain amount of money will be able to be raised and spent.
  • I am also using the blog to advertise my new venture.
  • Extra money will be used to promote Ancient Chinese Series through ads.
  • Why do you think all of their software is free, the cost is covered by ad sells.
  • Affiliate programs generate no revenue without ads, yet every ad will degrade the reader's satisfaction a little.

of, in, for, between or by assembly?

  • This was the election into the Western Regional House of Assembly.
  • BJP should have have shown more guts and praised the film in assembly.
  • These Spitfires were crated for assembly on location but, after the Japanese surrendered, they weren't required.
  • Between Assemblies, the LWF is governed by its Council that meets annually, and by its Executive Committee.
  • The solutions presented above are used during assembly and control stages of RADWAG weighing instruments.
  • I came into assembly with my own understanding of scripture, but when I got there I started hearing other voice and I had to find a way to rejoin the conversation at a place where others were.
  • On assembly tasks on three dimensional apparatuses, at the top end of the scale, men outnumber women two to one.
  • Katy and Mike went to assembly.
  • The BJP has performed poorly in the elections and could manage only 47 seats -- four less than it secured in 2007 polls -- in the 403-member UP Assembly.

"of apartment" or "in apartment"?

  • There are a wide range of apartments available in the city.
  • Don't Trust The B----- in Apartment 23: Doing well.
  • Now, the gap is about $100,000 - and less for apartments.
  • A row of about 25 businesses, including a shoe repair store, burned with apartments above many of them.
  • They make a great choice for the elderly or disabled person, or those with limited space, such as apartment dwellers.
  • I located you from Apartment 34.
  • I especially liked the author's emphasis on storage solutions, which anyone on any budget can take advantage of (though this book tends to focus on apartments that were designed from scratch).

"of adventure" or "for adventure"?

  • Janssen of Adventures in Expat Land.
  • Day: Nazca - Arequipa It's a day for adventure.
  • Among companies specializing in adventure tourism, FreshTreks (www.
  • The Crack in Amelia's wall is her Call To Adventure.
  • Be willing to go out and play, or to go on adventures, or to get involved in the things the kids enjoy.
  • I was not serious about adventure sports.
  • While the boat allows you to sleep in total comfort, the river cruise is far from adventure light.
  • He has written books, including Adventure on Ararat and Ark on Ararat, and made a couple of trips to the mountain, is that correct? How many trips? Morris: I've been to Turkey on several occasions.
  • Kitts and Nevis, your itinerary can be filled with adventure and fun.
  • Getting our van wrapped by Adventure Branding was one of the best things we have done and I would highly recommend it to anyone setting up or looking to advertise their company.

"of asset" or "in asset"?

  • People sell all kinds of assets.
  • In your 500k in assets that grow to 1.
  • Denmark? s overall return on assets of 1.
  • They accounted for 91 percent of those with assets over 100 million, with assets totaling 2.
  • For asset allocation purposes, I feel I.
  • This kind of Wilayat is confined to assets and is obviously quite limited in scope.
  • The research is supported by Asset Skills.
  • RBI approval is required to remit funds from asset liquidation.
  • Regarding asset prices such as equities, commodities and property, my view is they will fall, despite the current spike in share prices.

"of agriculture" or "in agriculture"?

  • Department of Agriculture to States.
  • They laid more emphasis in agriculture.
  • So they laid much emphasis on Agriculture.
  • IVAN YATES, Minister for Agriculture, Food and Forestry.
  • A key question was the relation of industry to agriculture.
  • From agriculture to mining to tourism to energy, investment opportunities abound.
  • The Commission also misses a key point -- all land-based biofuels compete with agriculture for land.
  • The only time I have heard Chris Tufton speaking he has been talking about agriculture.
  • They also depend on the environment to earn incomes in sectors such as agriculture, fishing, forestry and tourism, both in formal and informal markets.
  • A key threat now is the over exploitation of ADE sites by agriculture and the lack of knowledge to maintain the fertility of the sites.

"of anger" or "in anger"?

  • Expressions of Anger and Sadness.
  • My earlier comment was written in anger.
  • That makes people incandescent with anger.
  • DESPAIR: Let us now turn from anger to its more ponderous twin - despair.
  • Then Lundqvist stood victorious over Damien Eloi and leveled for Angers.
  • Emotions are non-bodily feelings such as anger, happiness, fear.
  • It is hissed away by hate and extinguished by anger.
  • The musician was very instrumental in educating the populace on anger management mechanism and resource management to curb the poverty issue.
  • It is apparent that anger and despair are evoked as the individual applies his concept of truth to this illusion.
  • The years of pent up anger and hatred didn't manifest themselves in a war, it was a systematic destruction.

of, for, to, with or about acceptance?

  • Quite a few more to add to that tally of acceptances.
  • The Yes votes were higher and high enough in New South Wales for acceptance.
  • Developer reserves the right to withdraw from contract at any time prior to acceptance.
  • Well said -- with acceptance and love life becomes easy.
  • Empathy isn't about agreeing; it's about acceptance of what the customer is saying and feeling.
  • This offer creates a binding contract on acceptance by the EAST AFRICA CONNECTION.
  • If acceptance was agreed, the statute of limitation shall commence upon acceptance.
  • They sent us an approval for permanent modification, but it will go to a 40 year mortgage from acceptance.

on, above, below, of or goals-against average?

  • On average, employees spent 40.
  • Rain in totality will be above average.
  • Fox soccer have been below average.
  • Just the law of averages says Medlen is due for a stinker.
  • Both his playoff goals-against average (2.
  • The warm anomaly is in average +0.
  • Kendrick: I would say he was about average.

"of architecture" or "in architecture"?

  • I am no student of architecture.
  • In architecture I am a reactionary.
  • I like to say that the 1960s were the greatest decade ever for pop music, and the worst decade ever for architecture.
  • Anyway, I think you'll enjoy his writing on architecture.
  • Peter's unique approach to architecture considers the buildings and public spaces together as a complete design.
  • As I've learned more about architecture, Sullivan has become a favorite.
  • Ornate details, so pleasing to the eye, are all but gone from architecture.
  • The city is brimming with a rich cultural heritage brimming with architecture and amazing arts and crafts.
  • Cad technicians are in high demands in many industries including architecture, manufacturing and planning; with huge remuneration per annum.

"of accuracy" or "for accuracy"?

  • The price for this efficiency is, however, a loss of accuracy.
  • The feature examines statements made by Minnesota politicians and checks them for accuracy.
  • Yes, this has only to do with accuracy.
  • Quantum electrodynamics is a fifty-year-old theory of the interactions of electrons and photons that has made successful predictions to accuracies as great as twelve significant figures.
  • Better still, even someone like me, who's never fired a pistol before, could outshoot a marine in accuracy, and rival his grouping.
  • Like Salman Rushdie in Midnight's Children, he or she is willing to compromise on accuracy to get at the essence of things by giving that passage of events a recognisable face.
  • This process frequently involves a compromise between accuracy and stability.
  • The bickering over accuracy and bias eventually removed entire sections that could have provided some insight and background for those poor souls.

"for adoption", "of adoption" or "to adoption"?

  • Do get to me for adoption of baby.
  • PSA is specifically helping to build awareness of adoption of PCEHRs.
  • The Scripture makes the former antecedent to adoption.
  • But for the total market of DMPs, we're looking at a 20X increase a year in adoption.
  • Michael Rutter argues that this sheds new light on child development and raises questions about adoption policy.
  • This is in view of the existence of the potential coparcenary as any widow may, in future, induct a coparcener into the family by adoption.
  • Reputable rescue groups do not depend entirely on adoption fees.
  • Maybe we should feel bad for making fun of it: all proceeds go to a charity that helps at-risk animals through adoption, medical care and training.
  • With adoption rates rising from 30 per cent to 51 per cent in just 12 months, it's clear that businesses can't afford to.
  • In New Zealand it took many years of consultations with the people before adoption.

"of assault" or "for assault"?

  • Are they really that bad (understanding that the laws of assault still stand.
  • White complained to the police and Dorrington was arrested for assault.
  • Protesters camped in Zuccotti Park have been grappling with assault, rape and other criminal behaviors.
  • And that smallish role is going to get even smaller, because cash is under assault on multiple fronts.
  • He next traversed the rest of the country, winning over some towns and taking others by assault.
  • It is now common knowledge that people exposed to assaults, military combat, natural disasters and car accidents are at risk for lingering emotional distress.
  • Assault after assault would be made upon the English-speaking peoples? primacy, each of which would be beaten off successfully, albeit sometimes at huge and tragic cost.
  • In the approach channels the Transport and Tractor Groups were moving in, bearing the forces for the main assault.

"for admission" or "of admission"?

  • Hotel Guest Fee for admission is $20++.
  • Effect of admissions by a partner 23.
  • Conviction on admission of truth of accusation 243.
  • Good A-level grades can be a key to admission into all of the world's major Anglophone universities.
  • One week after admission, for him to do the brain examined Dr.
  • The notification shall state, where appropriate, that the recipient does not discriminate in admission or access to, or treatment or employment in, its program or activity.
  • Under 3 years 2 to 3 days before admission is ample preparation time.
  • I met with admissions officers, alumni, and students.
  • Race is one of many factors considered by admissions officers.
  • Business A will also attrach 75,000 people every two weeks (on average) for 9 months of the year, each individual will pay z per admission.

"of assumption" or "on assumption"?

  • Everyone starts from their own set of assumptions.
  • On assumption of office in 2009, the same Prof.
  • For those with a working knowledge of XPath, we highlight differences in assumptions to make the transition smoother.
  • But when a nun tore the hem of Maita's skirt because it showed half her knee, Maita didn't want to go back to Assumption.
  • I'll start with assumption that every deck was well enough shuffled that they were all independent.
  • For a similar lesson see the wonderful air traffic control story about assumptions.
  • At Assumption High in San Lorenzo, Maita had an average grade of 97-98.
  • When you nail it down to this detail, you get a better sense of the whole picture, there is less room for assumptions and surprises, you can make a better call.

of, by, in, to or for arrangement?

  • These protections would not be available under a scheme of arrangement.
  • Reproduced by arrangement with Ice Nine Publishing Company, Inc.
  • Custom windshield stickers and their use can do this while using this in arrangement of your own design.
  • Someone like a relative, social worker or your CPN can also help you to ensure that you stick to arrangements for repayment.
  • This decision was part of a broader COAG agreement on arrangements for a simpler and consistent national approach to the economic regulation of significant infrastructure.
  • They will help you with arrangements to collect your prize, advise about security, publicity and anything else you need to know.

of, for, to, on or by applicant?

  • INSKEEP: You interview a number of applicants.
  • There WILL be interviews for applicants who are short-listed.
  • EU Rate of Fees will be applied to applicants who meet ONE of the below criteria: 1.
  • Programme? There is no age limit imposed on applicants.
  • These are needed by applicants who require fast protection against an infringer.
  • Forms from applicants who do not meet the minimum entry qualifications will not be processed and the admission fee if paid will be forfeited.
  • But I will say this: it is far more likely that the children of the elite compete more with each other than they do with applicants from other diversity buckets (ethnic, geographic, extracurricular).
  • If you as applicant fulfill the requirements and accept the terms and condi-tions of an internship at the FES Tanzania Office, you should send.
  • In addition, applications must go through a rigorous screening and approval procedure before applicants are accepted.
  • This would take hours of work per applicant.

"of appreciation" or "in appreciation"?

  • It is a final token of appreciation.
  • In appreciation and money, both.
  • It also provides opportunity for appreciation, participation and creative experience in leisure, music, art, dance, drama crafts, novelty events service and cultural activities.
  • As the album progressed, I shifted between appreciation and slight disappointment.
  • It wasn't long before his apprehension turned into appreciation.