Prepositions before Nouns

Click a word to see what prepositions are usually used before it in English


of, for, to, with or in information?

  • Submit a freedom of information request.
  • Ask for information in writing.
  • They want to get to information fast.
  • Be open / generous with information.
  • This is a huge increase in information.
  • Stop running on information that you got in 2000.
  • The main airports have travel offices as well as information desks.
  • From information available to him, the business is no doubt very viable and rewarding.
  • It covers a variety of labelling, including information and warning messages and graphic images.

of, with, for, to or in idea?

  • We give them quite a lot of ideas.
  • You can disagree with idea rationally.
  • Scan this whole page for ideas.
  • He now seemed more relaxed and open to ideas.
  • Tired, lacking in ideas and any sign of quality.
  • Effortless unfoldments I act on ideas and inspiration.
  • John is frustrated that, in the fun everyone is having talking about ideas, the facts are being ignored.
  • International Nuke body makes recommendation for action from ideas on table.
  • Not because they were profligate but because they were consumed by ideas with no immediate return.

"of issue" or "on issue"?

  • I had no end of issues with the 2.
  • Thus, I do not delve on issues.
  • I have been critical of Jonathan's style and slow approach to issues.
  • C government with issues around government corruption.
  • It is his job to speak about issues like this.
  • At issue now are two questions.
  • Added costs associated with more detailed categories are discussed in Issue 6 below.
  • Lighthouse for Issue Tracking 4.
  • Facebook ran into issues using MapReduce, however.
  • The union which has since broken down completely over issues relating to infidelity has returned her to the status of single parent Nigerian celebrity.

of, in, with, on or to interest?

  • They are even more if the law in interest.
  • So everything is fine with interest payment.
  • In the early 1960s, recruitment was based on interest.
  • We already went to the bank and reduced to interest only.
  • If you look at interest rates, they have dropped from 2.
  • Libor is the world's most important benchmark for interest rates.
  • Maybe also from interest our research paper: http: **35;9316;TOOLONG.
  • And I promise you both to return all the money you have invested plus interest.
  • Only the premiums paid (with or without interest, depending on the company's policy) are refunded.

of, In, to, with or by industry?

  • Suitable for any kinds of industries.
  • A further 8 million work in industry, 2.
  • Turning to industry issues, Mr.
  • In line with industry practice, all taxback.
  • By industry standards that is excellent.
  • Cyril Mathew, Minister for Industries in the U.
  • The rules vary from industry to industry and are frequently changed.
  • It is not great at all and it is compounded by a government hellbent on industry.
  • Looking across industries reveals a very mixed picture.
  • The line between industry insider and individualistic outsider starts to blur.

of, in, on, for or to income?

  • It means a HUGE loss of income.
  • They will face a massive drop in income.
  • Cisco is paying a tax of 33% on income in the U.
  • It is time now to go for income tax reforms.
  • Trading activities also contribute to income.
  • We are left with income redistribution.
  • Consult the application form for more details about what to include as income.
  • Payment of the BTEA is not affected by income from any other source, e.
  • Exemption from income tax and customs duty 33.
  • No one likes talking about income.

"of internet", "for internet" or "to internet"?

  • The number of Internet users in China rose 10.
  • A problem just for Internet geeks? You wish.
  • This represents a real threat to internet freedoms.
  • I am SUCH an old (in internet years) dork.
  • Keep up to date on internet scams with our handy list.
  • So work with Internet Explorer does not seem simple.
  • The next way is about Internet.
  • YouTube Close to the affected only by Internet users, it's just not.
  • All of the information and photos are collected from internet.
  • I have participated through internet because I do not live in the US.

"of impact" or "to impact"?

  • This is the kind of impact we wanted to have.
  • High enough to impact everyone's daily life.
  • This is more likely to stretch on impact, rather than crack.
  • Ranked 2nd in impact factor (2.
  • There is differing needs for dealing with impact and physical stresses.
  • Not sure about impact on domestic politics.
  • As for impact crusher, the load torque falls into resistance torque and cogging torque.
  • Options like impact tab, short cuts and many others will be available for you.
  • The aircraft was travelling fast at impact.
  • This goes a lot less smoothly than expected because upon impact with his mac book, one of them bursts.

"of investment", "on investment" or "for investment"?

  • The fund sources of investment were still sufficient.
  • Thats a 65% return on investment.
  • Then, save the money for investment.
  • A big worry is the decline in investment.
  • The same applies to investment.
  • We have to find ways to link innovation with investment and enterprise.
  • Commissions, fees and other charges can reduce returns from investments.
  • If you are truely unfammiliar about investments FD may be the best for you.
  • Which translate directly into investment capital for these regions.
  • This can be accomplished through investments in Generation IV nuclear power.

of, With, on, for or in image?

  • The route to Gitesi was full of images.
  • It has nothing to do with images.
  • Click on image to enlarge and then return.
  • For images from the movie, click the first thumbnail below to start the slideshow.
  • Some programs use these APP markers to embed text information in images.
  • This may lead to image distortion.
  • Not a fan of squinting at images? Here's a plain text sample too.
  • Elections would be about image and charisma.
  • Actual colours slightly from images due to monitor calibration.
  • People, vaporized, turn into images on an X-ray film.

of, for, in, to or by insurance?

  • And, everyone need some kind of insurance.
  • Oklahoma will never go for insurance for everyone.
  • Not everyone does believe in insurance.
  • Pool to issue an Annual Report to insurance companies.
  • Water made it MILES to homes that will not BE covered by insurance.
  • BEside that i would say invest some on insurance saving.
  • Some risk we may handle easily (with insurance, for example).
  • Do not risk going without insurance even for a couple of days.
  • Yves, I have this theory about insurance.
  • There is no way to hide a bad record from insurance agencies.

"of interview", "for interview" or "In interview"?

  • Transcript of interview taped on November 6, 1981.
  • This is all I have to say for interviews so far.
  • And it's not just in interviews.
  • The findings were based on interviews with 240,000 children in Europe and North America aged 11 to 15.
  • I always looked forward to interviews with him after the games.
  • With interviews, I'd pretty stubborn.
  • In a software engineer's career and at interviews for similar positions.
  • Oh, and it's gon na be kind of hard to get rich from interviews while occupying a cell in Gitmo.
  • Where possible, tape recording will be used during interviews.
  • They may also be measured through interviews for promotion or employment.

"of importance" or "in importance"?

  • They are not listed in order of importance.
  • Bolton was already a leading cotton market, second only in importance to Manchester.
  • Sorry to disappoint you, but we get along on these levels according to importance: Personal Beliefs, sense of humor, intelligence.
  • Here are some of the truths about importance of domain name when you have planned to build your site.
  • Association between importance and quality of life Importance was compared with OPQOL sub-scale scores through rank correlations because the topics relate directly to the sub-scales.
  • A partial selection features: outdated create day data files unable upon importance, OFC transformation isn't going to total, etc.

"of islam" or "in islam"?

  • He was a bitter enemy of Islam.
  • There is NO COPYRIGHT in Islam.
  • Add that to Islam vs everyone else.
  • I knew about Islam through these Muslims though.
  • The society, as a whole did not accept the reformation started by Islam.
  • I never claim to be an expert on Islam.
  • Now: contrast both of these with Islam.
  • His propaganda machine against the House of Ali (AS ), in fact against Islam, began its work in earnest.
  • They are not in any way fighting for Islam.
  • My parents, especially my mother, tried for several months to distance me from Islam.

"of increase" or "to increase"?

  • The average annual rate of increase was 2.
  • Three Steps to Increase Your Engagement Premium 1.
  • Well, with increases in the state retirement age, part of that is being address.
  • And in each area there are tempting opportunities for increase.
  • This was driven by increases in transport equipment, other construction (eg roads and bridges ), and residential building.
  • The 10 Minute Cushion is a low-cost solution to enhance posture, improve athletic performance as well as increase productivity in the work place.
  • These adjustments are based on increases in the Consumer Price Index (CPI).
  • How about increase the musical performances at handy park, and just expand the east side of the street.
  • This, he said, has resulted in increase of electricity prices and inflation.

"of island", "on island" or "to island"?

  • What follows may be the death of island living as we know it.
  • Anyways, Malaysia's best beaches are located on Islands.
  • If you want to go to island you have to hire a boat.
  • She'll get taken prisoner by island scavengers.
  • From Island City Mall, we took a jeep to Panglao Island.
  • They live in islands of affluence and influence in seas of effluence.
  • We've been talking with Island (their record label) about when we'll put it out.
  • Over 30 designers showed collections aimed firmly at island life.
  • Honda bay is well known for island hopping and snorkeling activities.
  • I've hung out of light aircraft over islands in The Maldives - trusting strangers not to let go of my ankles.

to, of, from, at or in institute?


of, for, to, about or in identity?


"of infrastructure" or "in infrastructure"?

  • The maturity proceeds of infrastructure bonds are taxable.
  • We made historic investments in infrastructure.
  • The Minister for Infrastructure Dr.
  • President Hu's speech in APEC confirms the emphasis on infrastructure investment.
  • Intensification of natural disasters and damage to infrastructure.
  • We can not accomodate the entire valley with infrastructures unfortunately.
  • The other 70 percent comes from the adequate provision of public goods, from infrastructure through education to health and decent.
  • He has authored a number of technology white papers; and at present, he is involved in defining Cisco's various data center architectures, including infrastructure for cloud services.
  • Meanwhile, the capital markets authority also wants the harmonisation of the East Africa Capital markets approval framework to allow for facilities like infrastructure bonds to be issued easily.
  • We invested in the economy through infrastructure and economic stimulus programs.

"of investigation" or "under investigation"?

  • There is this constancy of investigation.
  • Jones was under investigation for fraud.
  • The rest were either awaiting trial or detained for investigation.
  • Diary of proceedings in investigation 172.
  • Again no evidence was found on investigation.
  • Either is open to investigation.
  • Question: Had you gone home of Roisuddin Posari during investigation.
  • With collaborative learning into the practicalities of medicine along with investigations into the basic sciences, the student is better suited to practice this medicine.
  • Release of lunatic pending investigation or trial 466.
  • Upon investigation, they discovered a Japanese aircraft carrier fleet, at the time 400 miles (640km) south of the island.

"of injury" or "to injury"?

  • There were reports of injuries.
  • Sadly, thats a lot down to injuries.
  • Batman had 5 or 6 months to recover from injuries.
  • Let's hope for some luck with injuries and go for it.
  • Sisko's team is plagued by injuries and inexperience.
  • E protocol for injury treatment.
  • This was the first Test in ages and Watson didn't play through injury.
  • Arouna Kone pulled one back for the hosts in injury time.
  • United is still blaming on injury.
  • Morgan escaped without injuries.

of, for, in, with or under influence?

  • We have spheres of influence functionally.
  • Wanjohi's is interesting, but like I said I was going for influence.
  • China's rise in influence across the Pacific has not gone unnoticed by the USA.
  • Carlin calls on ' those with influence ' to use it positively.
  • Being under influence of alcoholic beverages or drugs.
  • What is the best cut off level? Is your customer base sensitive to such an approach? Try, Fail, Learn and Try again! Bottom line about Influence You can not rely solely on these tools.
  • So they concentrate on wielding power in the way they know best -- through influence and money.
  • So sometimes customer goes to their home to influences them.
  • Living life on my own, alone with my own thoughts and without influence of familiar people, I managed to discover the potential I had to be someone better.

"of ice", "on ice" or "with ice"?

  • Her blouse was of ice-blue brocade.
  • Even binge eating on ice cream and chocolate.
  • They might cope with ice and snow.
  • Any rocks covered in ice were plucked away.
  • Off to Ice World, GO! Fine Dining dinner at Jade Dragon.
  • We told her if she could keep them dry all day we would take her for ice cream.
  • As well as Ice referencing his old band as a way of looking forward.
  • In the winter, the courtyard is covered by ice which serves as a favorite ice rink.
  • Clearly during ice age cycles the dominant driver is cyclic variations in insolation due to slow variations in the Earth's orbital properties.
  • She craved simple things, like ice cream and sunlight on the back porch steps.

"of info" or "for info"?

  • Another tidbit of info for you.
  • I have given feedback to the sender for info.
  • Could you send this back with info how to send it? Maybe he could ex- plain it to my sister.
  • Send us an email to info at OpenlyLocal dot com, including.
  • There's a reason infomercials are so prevalent.
  • If you know of others, feel free to send them to us at info (at) semanticuniverse.
  • Probably from info feeds to the press from the CIA/WH.
  • It is full of great information including info such as Access Kenya's problems and hard hitting synopsis of the Kenyan IT scene.
  • Great post! I with there was an honest review site (like Info Not Mercial) for info products.

of, in, with, for or on intelligence?

  • It ain't a lack of intelligence.
  • And there are huge differences in intelligence even within breeds.
  • Brainwashing has nothing to do with intelligence.
  • Murrett served as the Director for Intelligence, U.
  • Select Committee on Intelligence and overseas the CIA.
  • Despite being told by intelligence not to expect any flak we found ourselves being fired at heavily from the ground.
  • As for differentiating genetic and environmental inputs to intelligence.
  • Srinivasji is from Intelligence dept.
  • I have said nothing about intelligence in my preceding posts.
  • That is not the same as intelligence, by a long shot.

"of incident" or "without incident"?

  • A problem is an underlying cause of incidents.
  • That show went off without incident.
  • Maybe players should be given longer bans for incidents like the ones involving John Terry and Luis Suarez.
  • Be very careful with this information when writing about incidents involving crime.
  • However, you can still be at a high risk of facing lawsuits from incidents which take place on site or resulting from regulatory compliance issues.
  • It is filled with incident and side-tellings -- for example, why former Ulster king Fergus was on Maeve's side against Ulster.
  • You are apparently looking at head injury without considering limb and torso injuries, which are more prevalent in incidents with vehicles, especially HGVs, in urban situations.
  • Basing all decisions only on incidents in the past does not take into account new information and the trends that can dictate the buying patterns of the marketplace.
  • Such fees are typically $US 500 per incident but may be more depending on the nature of the incident.

of, for, on, with or in item?

  • Range of item numbers inputted.
  • Earnings adjusted for items were $1.
  • That is amount spent on items per month.
  • Get a cart and pile it high with items.
  • There was no appearance in Item No.
  • This will also affect the domain as per item 21.
  • The specific percentages vary from item to item.
  • Sale prices may vary between items in store and online.
  • Item by item you must seek your facts.
  • The specific percentages vary from item to item.

"for iphone" or "of iphone"?

  • Designed for iPhone and Android One.
  • It will work with older models of iPhone as well, of course.
  • Now, search results display one card (one app) at a time on iPhone.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android handsets.
  • I mean to me personally the build quility from iphone 3 to 4 was the biggest thing, which is the EXACT same case here.
  • A smartphone like iphone is not a necessity, its either a comfort or a luxury.
  • Apple iPhone 4S VS iPhone 5: Screen The most significant difference between the two phones is the size of the screen.
  • I feel similarly about iPhone and Blackberry users at this point.
  • Howzat! iPad is the leading driver of mobile commerce by a long-shot, followed by iPhone and then Android.
  • The fall in iPhone sales quarter-to-quarter indicates a couple of factors.

"of it", "in it" or "for it"?

  • The elasticity of IT is the key.
  • I started in IT as a mainframe programmer.
  • Currently seeking for IT placement.
  • Later I transcribed it to IT format and finalised it.
  • Various internet marketer's don't know jerk about I.T too!
  • I belong to the old generation and not fully conversant with IT.
  • The list of the services provided by IT consultants is very long.
  • Case in point, take a look at this new report from IT security consultant Mark Burnett.

of, in, to, by or for institution?


"of implementation" or "for implementation"?

  • He says people want agility - ie speed of implementation.
  • After that, the department would render a decision for implementation.
  • But the EU does proceed to implementation.
  • The focus on implementation continues, with the technical co-operation programme a key strand of IMO's work.
  • But, the measures will take time in implementation.
  • States parties may not suggest that equality is a matter that may be addressed after they have dealt generally with implementation of substantive rights.
  • However, there are drawbacks to consider, as well as things that need to be addressed before and during implementation.
  • The Treaty establishes an East African Court for resolution of disputes arising from implementation of the Treaty provisions.
  • However, telecom secretary was not sure when exactly in the next year this will come into implementation.
  • Also in 2006, he mediated a settlement of the dispute between Cameroon and Nigeria over the Bakassi peninsula through implementation of the judgement of the International Court of Justice.

"of independence" or "for independence"?

  • It's a statement of independence.
  • So much for independence and objectivity.
  • That was Africans mindset after independence.
  • But the road to independence was long and traumatic.
  • Unfortunately, we did not do it at independence.
  • Fly a kite on Independence Day.
  • The first of these came and went before independence.
  • Can only be a good thing as they lead themselves towards independence.
  • Past Big Pine, we arrived in Independence (pop.
  • He wants accountability to be balanced with independence.

"of ipad" or "for ipad"?

  • They fear a mass recall of iPad 3s.
  • Apple apps from the App Store are designed specifically for iPad.
  • It is only playable on iPad 2 or above, such is The Room's fidelity.
  • Right from the start, apps made for iPad also work with iPad mini.
  • Once we completed sending, we'll provide you a zip archive with screenshots of contact forms filled with the information about iPad application we've promoted for you.
  • Change the User Agent to iPad and presto the pages work fine.
  • So, for me, the only new feature that matters enough to justify the upgrade from iPad 2 is the retina display.
  • As usual, the game is sold separately in iPad version and iPhone version.
  • It means if you were reading a web page on your iPhone, you can continue your reading at iPad from the same point.
  • Get into iPad, which is an amazing example of finding the gap.

"for improvement" or "of improvement"?

  • The Stats leave room for improvement.
  • Failure is only lack of improvement.
  • Self insight and assesment is the way to improvement.
  • Nevertheless, this method associated with improvement is actually costly.
  • Taxes on improvements help to keep the building stock in disrepair.
  • The delay from onset of symptoms to treatment is a practical problem, and it could be reduced by improvements in the referral system.
  • But his encouragement to lay out fresh capital in improvements is by no means restored by his new bargain.
  • Gavaskar said Tendulkar's approach towards improvement was okay and soon he will bounce back.
  • Another benefit comes from improvement of water supply system in the village.

"of innovation" or "for innovation"?

  • Litigation instead of innovation.
  • So there is wide potential for innovation.
  • Finally, companies can become so market dominant that they defocus on innovation.
  • It would put the banks closer to innovation.
  • Besides that, they're extremely interested in innovations in the urban context or related subjects.
  • He advises a number of companies and government agencies on matters connected with innovation.
  • It's all about innovation and the pace of innovation.
  • He said that in the past, wealth was generated not by innovation and creativity, but by foreign investment, government contracts, and privatization.
  • He seems stuck, though, in a place he can not escape through innovation and scientific progress.
  • It's not the effort that companies put into innovation that decides success.

of, with, by, without or in intention?

  • Now I do this with best of intentions.
  • I fight for those who wear it WITH intention.
  • By intention, TagSoup is small and fast.
  • I've definitely said some things in my day, without intention of harm, and realized just how much damage I had actually caused.
  • If Samsung was ok with this, how can the blogger be blamed? I just think in this very dog-eats-dog world, one can never be too careful about intentions of the other party one is dealing with.
  • Trying to incorporate 9th century Arab customs to 20th century populations is often inappropriate despite intentions to have a pure society.
  • Conclusion: Health professionals should acknowledge parents ' concerns carefully; contrary to intentions, early reassurance may result in parents feeling that their concerns have not been heard.

"of illness" or "to illness"?

  • The second classic cause of illness is fear.
  • He has gone to Bangkok owing to illness after his deposition.
  • To be healthy one needs to deal with illness, injury, and emotional distress.
  • I have been employed in same company for eighteen years and this is first time i was ever sick and having to sign on with social welfare for illness benefit.
  • How to claim your life back from illness.
  • It was reported that more troops were killed by illness then by the hand of the enemy.
  • He will be hopeful of being able to call on the services of Mirko Vucinic after illness prevented the striker from taking to the pitch against Lazio.
  • Credits during illness Credits are awarded if you are getting Illness Benefit, Injury Benefit and Invalidity Pension.
  • In illnesses such as MG, the antibodies become overactive and start attacking the body's tissues.
  • He is now claiming Employment &; Support Allowance due to his inability to work through illness.

"of introduction", "for introduction" or "with introduction"?

  • The date of introduction is not known.
  • Suggestions are always appreciated too! What's a board without a place for introductions? Exactly.
  • Bruce, The Acts of the Apostles: The Greek Text With Introduction and Commentary, 3rd rev.
  • In 1976 this process was revolutionised by introduction of crystallographic data files, which made coordinates available to the scientific community.
  • These include everything from introduction sessions, to sessions on understanding measurement, to post-campaign debrief sessions.
  • The ' newbies ' (Rhode Island Reds) after introduction to the flock showed signs of ' runny ' beaks and coughing which has continued until last week.
  • Move 2: Establishing a niche In many ways, Move 2 is the key move in Introductions.
  • This capable young Geologist is proficient in English and has computer capabilities in Microsoft office applications and Georient as well as introduction level capability in Surpac and GIS.

of, for, with, on or from initiative?

  • This may also foster laziness, sloppiness and a lack of initiative.
  • To act as a platform for initiatives within the Olympic Movement.
  • E2TAC is involved with initiatives such as commercialization roadmaps for various energy technologies, including hydrogen and solar power.
  • The group was formed in 1954, on initiative of the Netherlands - and was named after the first conference- hotel, Bilderberg.
  • A number of countries have reached out to their diasporas through initiatives designed to encourage tourism and foster international connections.
  • Where ever possible we always try to hire from within and promote according to initiative and competence backed up by supplemental training.
  • When they started selecting based on emotional competencies such as initiative, self-confidence, and leadership, only 6% left in two years.
  • Such like initiatives are needed in our forlorn &; desolate areas which are not even connected by roads.

"of inflation" or "for inflation"?

  • It removes the danger of inflation.
  • Get ready for inflation thanks to Obama.
  • The debt goes up with inflation.
  • You'll also need to factor in inflation.
  • One, subsidies add to inflation.
  • I am with McWillaims on inflation.
  • During inflation workers do not recognize the decrease in the real wage caused by inflation.
  • That question about inflation was perfectly straight.
  • But this is not an argument against inflation targeting per se.
  • Meaning that the boom from 2003, actually deflated the last boom through inflation.

"of immigration" or "on immigration"?

  • Argentina has a long tradition of immigration.
  • I want a much tighter grip on immigration.
  • This demographic advantage is entirely due to immigration.
  • KDC eventually asked for immigration favours.
  • Apply online with Immigration New Zealand.
  • Anyone who has information about immigration crime should contact Crimestoppers.
  • Note: This does not apply if you are in immigration detention.
  • When Storm passed through immigration he was asked what he did for a living.
  • This can be renewed at immigration offices in the event that you wish to extend your stay.
  • Those who attempt to do so may be denied admission to the United States by immigration authorities at the port-of-entry.

"of inspiration" or "for inspiration"?

  • He's given me quite a bit of inspiration.
  • I turned to the books for inspiration.
  • Flirting with Inspiration and obeying it.
  • The greatest book that is greater than any human intellect is God's word, the scripture, because it is written by inspiration.
  • Where do you find the inspiration for your posts? Everywhere! That's the great thing about inspiration; it can strike at any time from any direction.
  • In 2011, he launched the Amongst Inspiration web film series, explore the idea of inspiration with Irish creatives.
  • Sometimes wisdom works just as well as inspiration.
  • For it is from inspiration that all of us get aspiration, and it is from aspiration that we get realisation.
  • Forget management - doing things right, forget leadership - doing the right things - the future will be won on inspiration.
  • She grew up on North Stradbroke Island, which became to inspiration for much of her poetry.

"of insight" or "with insight"?

  • Jeff writes at his blog, A Dash of Insight.
  • The paper, in partnership with Insight Cruises, has launched.
  • For introspection and for insight, we need to slow our busy minds.
  • There is the case where right view is assisted by virtue, assisted by learning, assisted by discussion, assisted by tranquility, assisted by insight.
  • Used properly, it can lead to insight.
  • Through insight we can understand by direct experience the momentary death, that is, the impermanence, of nama and rupa.
  • I still draw from insights obtained from the programme, and I'd still in touch with the other participants.

"of interpretation" or "to interpretation"?

  • Naturally, I feel compelled to offer a couple of interpretations.
  • His suspicions prior to his death are left up to interpretation.
  • Whether or not it's imperialistic is up for interpretation, I suppose.
  • We can respect our differences in interpretation on that issue.
  • But what really sets this museum apart from most fossil exhibitions I've visited is its focus on interpretation and public education.
  • But there is something to be said about interpretation of signals; yet, at the end of the day, there is an ultimate truth.
  • The jurisdiction of the court is outlined in Article 9 and Article 76 of the Revised Treaty and allows rulings on disputes between states over interpretations of the Revised Treaty.

"of involvement" or "for involvement"?

  • Values are in order of involvement from least to most active.
  • An atheist strives for involvement in life and not escape into death.
  • It seems that everyone can benefit from involvement in the case contest, he notes.
  • Ultimately, eight people were charged with involvement in the beating death of Brian Carson.
  • Build effective markets This requires a level playing field: access to capital, access to data, and a commitment to involvement, not exclusion.
  • Thus, according to CIETAC, cases can be handled in both cities without involvement of the sub-commissions.

of, for, at, after or to intervention?

  • The risks of intervention, however, are tremendous.
  • The coalition also accused the government of ignoring calls for intervention.
  • Such gamblers need as much, if not more, help at intervention.
  • The NES for multi-domain CogTr showed a significantly improved immediate effect after intervention, which is better than the single-domain CogTr performance.
  • Cognitive assessors were blinded to intervention assignment.
  • Franais: Indicateur de processus Promising program: Program designed to address known risk and protective factors in a specific at-risk population with interventions (e.
  • Almost all of the children have never been inside a classroom and would never have had the chance without intervention.
  • Through interventions like The Yes Men 's, those in power can be made to pay attention.
  • The exercise of this responsibility has however in some cases resulted in interventions that have curtailed rather than facilitated effective oversight by the local councils.
  • When it became clear the original strategic goal in Iraq was lost, Tony Blair fell back on the moral argument about intervention.

"of integrity" or "with integrity"?

  • A good woman is a woman of integrity.
  • At GSK, we conduct our business with integrity and honesty.
  • A leader who is centered in integrity will be more acceptable by followers.
  • Another takeaway was the emphasis on integrity and trust.
  • He contends that the bodies would have to demonstrate the powers they are using to check the candidates for integrity purposes, as this was not entrenched in the amended law.
  • All about integrity and being true to yourself.
  • Integrity At the end, I think it actually also comes down to integrity.
  • O ' Brien, apart from being an academic, stood for strong principles such as integrity, honesty with one's convictions among others.
  • Make clear what the board's expectations are around integrity, risk, quality, strategy and excellence to company leadership, management and even the public.

of, for, through, in or on interaction?

  • It's a continuum of interaction and it all matters.
  • This promotes another important skill, but it leaves little time for interaction in class.
  • Dialogic truth is that reached through interaction, and this truth precedes restorative truth.
  • It would appear that the Turkic rulers were much more statesmen-like and liberal in interaction with those whom they ruled.
  • It will still require further research on interactions to assess the differences.
  • This may be further modified by interactions between the various types of formatting objects.
  • Remember that these are not species that have evolved adaptations to interactions.
  • There is no attempt at interaction.
  • Since any extinctions resulting from interaction are in addition to those resulting from demographic stochasticity, the more realistic shape for the extinction curve is concave upwards.

"of infection" or "to infection"?

  • Use of Infection Control Representatives 5.
  • And you're very susceptible to infection.
  • However, the chance of dying from infection remains high.
  • Creating the Right Hospital Environment for Infection Control 5.
  • It is best recommended to abstain from sex when diagnosed with infection.
  • Blockages to the fallopian tubes may be caused by infection or another condition.
  • Salmonella bacteria can cause salmonellosis, with symptoms of diarrhea, fever and abdominal cramps developing 12 to 72 hours after infection.
  • This means that it safeguards against infection by HIV.
  • The risk of data loss as well as infections are minimized.
  • The Medical Officer of Health is a member of the Infection Control Team and is actively included in infection control policies and issues.

of, beyond, with, In or by imagination?

  • The War of Imagination is here.
  • The applause was beyond imagination.
  • It was jam-packed with imaginations and flashback of the present and past.
  • In particular, think of this as an exercise in imagination.
  • The abundance and the affiliation are represented and excavated by imagination.
  • I am continuously in this discomfort and would like to sue my dr and the other ones I saw that just chalked it all up to imagination and fat.
  • Defeat is a splendid tonic for imagination, taking the also-ran towards the realms of if, but and into that wide, wide world of the infinite alibi.
  • Around 2008/9 my interest was truly awoken and I discovered the work being done in schools and community groups by organisations like Imagination Gaming in the.
  • First the people struggled without enough for all to survive, and then the struggles left the people without imagination.

"of individual" or "for individual"?

  • They are not a team of individuals.
  • But it's not possible for individuals.
  • Temporary work offers many benefits to individuals.
  • Similar messages were sent by individuals.
  • Love doesn? t erase or trample these differences between individuals, but unites across them.
  • This creates a higher pressure on individuals.
  • They mainly survive on donations from individuals.
  • When working with individuals, psychologists have to be versatile.
  • Virtue in individuals then was seen as an important public matter.
  • It's true for countries as well as individuals, but too often neither one sees it until it's too late.

of, in, from, to or by ignorance?

  • I'd not surprised at your level of ignorance.
  • Ye worship in ignorance the same Deity I serve.
  • Moderator Response: DB Part of your problem is insisting on arguing from ignorance.
  • But in Dhamma language, sleeping refers to ignorance (avijja).
  • Some did it by mistake, some by ignorance, some by purpose All bad reasons, and IMHO they should be blamed for it.
  • Most of the negative reaction has been based on ignorance and misinformation but the basic message still stands.
  • I'd put my life at risk through ignorance of this simple but scarcely obvious piece of guidance.
  • You don't grasp them with ignorance.
  • Indeed, there can be no longer any reason for ignorance and mediocrity that have characterised the practice in the State.

of, for, to, In or On inquiry?

  • Resumption of inquiry or trial 467.
  • In my view there was a clear case for inquiry.
  • Curator Branch staff is available to respond to inquiries.
  • Singh said abnormally high distribution losses were detected in an industrial unit in Panipat and on inquiries the unit claimed the production was closed for about 20 days.
  • Some styles of CV do not include the details of referees, but instead state ' Referees can be provided upon inquiry.
  • From inquiries which I made some years ago, I ascertained that, in a single year, 2,866,084 were issued in the city of Dublin '.

of, to, with, about or for instrument?

  • An interesting class of instruments is options.
  • Watch Chad Hugo moving from instrument to instrument.
  • Curiosity is armed to the teeth with instruments and tools.
  • Explanation We use with to talk about instruments with which something is done.
  • Processing instructions for instruments can be derived from the XML formulation, and the results similarly returned, or passed to software for heuristic (rule based) interpretation or checking.
  • As they are mostly centered at the local level, they do not necessarily meet the needs of mobile herders and still have to be complemented by instruments to cover a broader regional level.
  • Watch Chad Hugo moving from instrument to instrument.
  • He makes by himself and without instrument water to penetrate in his digestive tube.

of, for, on, to or with integration?

  • The post-war process of integration was a voluntary process.
  • Minister for Integration, Conor Lenihan, has backed the ruling.
  • There's a lot of open questions on integration and process communication.
  • Scheduling your automation runs from your test management application is another significant benefit to integration.
  • For this ACCURA-TECH provides you with integration of SMS (Short Message Service) with your business.
  • It is a natural temptation for Germans to impose constraints, as they are reluctant to take the next step towards integration.
  • It leads the world in so many ways, in mutliculturalism, in integration, in creativity it's just a wonderful, wonderful city.
  • This is achieved through integration with Hunchworks and other big data sources that record user preferences.

"of input" or "for input"?

  • The Dark Fantasy album had alot of input from some great people, RZA etc.
  • Similar stages exist for input and output factors.
  • DFRC permits duty free import charges on inputs used in the export product.
  • Developed with input from physicians and nurses from across the U.
  • Tiny differences in input can generate very different output.
  • Parameters: fun -- a Python function that takes Theano variables as inputs, and returns a Theano variable.
  • ALL new TV 's, Plasma and LCD/LED, suffer from input lag when measured against an older CRT TV or optimized computer monitor.
  • I think companies that are more open to input from those other than the top of the chain, ie.
  • The Earth will meet its own destiny without input from us.

"of imam", "to imam" or "by imam"?

  • Still making taqlid of Imam Khomaini (R.
  • Uthman himself went to Imam Ali's.
  • This hadith is given by Imam Muslim.
  • As narrated from Imam-e-Zamana (a.
  • Misbah-ul-Muttahajjed, Pg 713 Mourning for Imam Husain (a.
  • In fact, they went to Karbala with Imam Husain and were martyred there.
  • These two sects are totally against Imam Husain.
  • K'ab's wife was on Imam Husain's side.
  • Now let us examine what Hafidhh Dhahabi, and Hafidhh Ibn Kathir wrote about Imam Abu Hanifah Rahmatullah alayh.
  • You should leave that evil man and come and join Imam Husain's group.

"of iron", "in iron" or "with iron"?

  • These men of iron came before the enemy.
  • There have been two major scientific experiments in iron fertilisation.
  • Well, trust me, with iron maiden its not serious.
  • Looking for iron or zinc deficiency.
  • The statue is known as Iron Man.
  • The suit feels like Iron Man mixed with Dark Knight Rises.
  • Cahill Wilson investigated human remains from iron age burial sites in Meath for her doctoral research at the University of Bristol.
  • This cyclic propagation of acid generation by iron takes place very rapidly and continues until the supply of ferric iron or pyrite is exhausted.
  • A large number of other elements are also enriched in the clays including iron, phosphorus and sulfur.
  • Basically, I go into more detail (but still not like a full date or anything) into Iron and Gilda's dating life, especially their breakup.

"of instance" or "in instance"?

  • I am sure you can think of instances of this actually happening.
  • In instances where such a style would be more expensive, i.
  • Just to give you some for instances.
  • Bishop Pennel correctly alluded to instances of Christian extremism with the example of arsons, firebombing etc of abortion clinics.
  • Section 9 38 of the Act deals with instances of change of address and removal of goods.
  • These datastores are used to store metadata for resources such as instances, volumes, and snapshots.
  • In my previous career, I came across instances where being a reservist did adversely -- wrongly -- affect someone's promotion opportunities.