of, on, for, in or over land?

  • Canada is about 3% of land area.
  • Flags on land fly at half-staff.
  • Navy Seal boots are designed for US Navy SEALS for land and water OTB operations.
  • Changes in land tenure in the Butana.

of, in, with, for or to language?

  • The issue of language was broached.
  • Even though there is some differences in languages between.
  • I shall try to be more careful with language.
  • Not looking for language exchange.

"of law" or "by law"?

  • Katz, adjunct professor of law.
  • The Waratah is protected by law.
  • My father in law told me today.
  • Everything happens according to law.

of, at, to, in or for level?

  • This is problematic on a number of levels.
  • For those at level 4 (**27;1991;TOOLONG).
  • Rising from level one to level two: $1,500.
  • I advised the girls to be in level four.

"of life" or "in life"?

  • It's a matter of life and death.
  • Education is best gift in life.
  • The Right to Life must be upheld.
  • I am holding my silver for life.

"in line" or "on line"?

  • People chatted them up in line.
  • If not run the vb script on line 275.
  • They didn't let him get out of line.
  • Recall that inline boxes flow into line boxes.

of, in, from, with or for list?

  • Unfortunately, there is no blacklist kind of lists in gmail.
  • T Lahore my university mention me in list of 1st phase, but H.
  • They were going around with lists.
  • Instructions for list participation will be forewarded to you.

"by lot" or "with lot"?

  • If you check your Bible, when land was to be divided, the winner was cast by lot.
  • I thought it might not run or may run with lot difficulty.
  • You can't co-ordinate the creation of lots of useful applications.
  • You seem to lot of lot of home work perhaps burning your midnight oil to bring such carefully gathered informations strengthened by bold facts and figures.

"in love" or "of love"?

  • Fall in love and get married 2.
  • It's 2 different kinds of love.
  • I was burning with love for her.
  • One hundred percent go for love.