Prepositions before Nouns

Click a word to see what prepositions are usually used before it in English


"of life" or "in life"?

  • It's a matter of life and death.
  • Education is best gift in life.
  • The Right to Life must be upheld.
  • I am holding my silver for life.
  • He told us a lot about life in.
  • It is like trying to cheat on life.
  • Get over yourselves and get on with life.
  • In a nutshell, learn from life,.
  • All these come into life during the screensaver mode.
  • Whatever gets you through life.

"by lot" or "with lot"?

  • If you check your Bible, when land was to be divided, the winner was cast by lot.
  • I thought it might not run or may run with lot difficulty.
  • You can't co-ordinate the creation of lots of useful applications.
  • You seem to lot of lot of home work perhaps burning your midnight oil to bring such carefully gathered informations strengthened by bold facts and figures.
  • If you add the cost of the buildings they have demolished with the cost of occupation, at lot of money is being spent for possibly no good reason.
  • Although, it is been observed that hair falls in lot, it may not cause any visible baldness and the new hair may grow after that and will take very long while; possibly, one year.
  • This company share per lot 200/=.
  • The millions shouldn't ask possible procedure members for lot need and file settings.

"of law" or "by law"?

  • Katz, adjunct professor of law.
  • The Waratah is protected by law.
  • My father in law told me today.
  • Everything happens according to law.
  • Obama who signed into law on 12.
  • Latin, he explained for Law King.
  • You have no personal standing at law.
  • This can only be done in accordance with law.
  • So, we have to concentrate on law and order and make sure that everybody is secure.
  • Interestingly love is not a requirement under law.

"in line" or "on line"?

  • People chatted them up in line.
  • If not run the vb script on line 275.
  • They didn't let him get out of line.
  • Recall that inline boxes flow into line boxes.
  • The bond pairs can also be shown by lines.
  • With lines that try to recognize the lot and reveal its qualities.
  • Imagery of dice at line 380 stresses the chance nature of fate.
  • Negative values for line-height.
  • OffLine - The Device is off line and its condition is unknown.
  • In your case that would be the clean up line.

of, in, from, with or for list?

  • Unfortunately, there is no blacklist kind of lists in gmail.
  • T Lahore my university mention me in list of 1st phase, but H.
  • Please take the time to unsubscribe from lists that you no longer want to receive rather than marking them as ' unsafe ' or ' spam '.
  • They were going around with lists.
  • Instructions for list participation will be forewarded to you.
  • There is no evidence that individuals selected and placed on lists by the parties would be better.
  • You have not selected a service Please select a service from the drop down list.
  • To dig a little deeper, consider Table 2 which shows the node layouts typically used internally by list, set/multiset, and map/multimap.
  • One, categorize friends into lists -- like family, classmates, colleagues, etc.
  • It is how website owners get contacts of people visiting their websites (this is what is known as list building).

"in love" or "of love"?

  • Fall in love and get married 2.
  • It's 2 different kinds of love.
  • I was burning with love for her.
  • One hundred percent go for love.
  • It's taught me a lot about love.
  • Only by love and foregiveness can we hope to achieve peace.
  • Surrender is completely different from love.
  • They thrive on love and discipline.
  • Or freedom through love's security, if you will.
  • There wasn't a lot to love about last week.

of, at, to, in or for level?

  • This is problematic on a number of levels.
  • For those at level 4 (**27;1991;TOOLONG).
  • Rising from level one to level two: $1,500.
  • I advised the girls to be in level four.
  • SD cards have the level 2 of MMC and adds an encryption layer for level 3 SDMI rights management.
  • On level two and three there are now tables.
  • Go into a lvl 80 dungeon with level 40 gear, yeah.
  • Rising from level one to level two: $1,500.
  • The other nice thing is that unlike Alawar's past Minis, the cinematics between levels have not been removed.
  • Accessory slots Through level 29, you may have one or two accessories ii in your active setup at one time.

of, on, for, in or over land?

  • Canada is about 3% of land area.
  • Flags on land fly at half-staff.
  • Navy Seal boots are designed for US Navy SEALS for land and water OTB operations.
  • Changes in land tenure in the Butana.
  • They can glide over land and water.
  • Models successfully reproduce temperatures since 1900 globally, by land, in the air and the ocean.
  • The main factor causing the disappearance of wetlands is human activity, such as land reclamation.
  • And from Land Bank, it goes to ATM, to Globe.
  • Mangrove forests are important for coral reef ecosystems close to land.
  • And, with land being filled in for construction, it may well be that the.

of, in, with, for or to language?

  • The issue of language was broached.
  • Even though there is some differences in languages between.
  • I shall try to be more careful with language.
  • Not looking for language exchange.
  • There's not much flow to language.
  • Kohler, 2008 ), and Papers on Language Technology (ed.
  • Very touching thinking about language and words in a more abstract sense.
  • Mark's theme was the relationship between language, policy and politics.
  • Through language the Qur'an makes itself clear, alive and understood.
  • Without language our world would lack a sense of individualism.

"of loss" or "for loss"?

  • This was an intense experience of loss for me.
  • To slaveholders for loss of their property.
  • Due to loss of only 5% of total U.
  • Raja dipped the BSNL in loss by cancelling the tender for procuring mobile lines.
  • With losses running at the level they are it's a big risk.
  • It is quite rational for poor people to take a gamble, while rich people insure themselves against loss.
  • Premium bonds can be redeemed at cash value without loss.
  • Keep investing within your budget and do not be swayed by losses or big profits.
  • Despite being weak from loss of blood, McNamara guided the plane back to base.
  • The effects of fast weight loss is based on loss of muscular weight or liquids, once the main task must be loss of fat.

"for lack" or "of lack"?

  • Not for lack of trying, though.
  • Because of lack of discipline,.
  • Such a belief will not be shaken by lack of any other evidence.
  • Not thinking straight from lack of sleep.
  • He's using this as a way to talk about lack of cuts to education and the military.
  • I love the feeling of combining caffeine with lack of sleep.
  • Had to go without heating during the last year through lack of money 7.
  • Then there are women with infertility issues, such as lack of viable egg creation or miscarriage problems.
  • We have never been in lack since then.
  • Owing to lack of awareness within our civilization it ' evolves ' on mainly negative synchronicities.

"to look" or "of look"?

  • We should ask skeptics to looks at the evidence and look coldly.
  • I have the type of looks that is served best by not trying so hard.
  • He is an amazing ball player, and isn't too bad in looks either.
  • But the game doesn't try to get by on looks alone.
  • Also sprinkled paprika on top for looks.
  • We started from Look Out to Class House to Chapel Hill.
  • I am here to tell you that it has nothing to do with looks.
  • There is no logic in testing an ASPX HTML as it's more about look and feel.
  • I ruled every one of them out just by looks.
  • Somehow we ended up at Look Out Point.

"of leader" or "as leader"?

  • They weren't issues of leadership.
  • As leader of the opposition, he attended Ms.
  • There is such a thing as responsibility and authority for leaders.
  • He? s called upon by leaders from every walk of life.
  • Obama has already met with leaders of labor and liberal organizations as well as corporate.
  • He also offered posts in his government to leaders of the resistance.
  • It's two-way; we want healthy, regular feedback between leaders and team members.
  • Attendance at the annual conference gives the opportunity to speak to and learn from leaders in the field.
  • This results in leaders falling into the trap of cloning themselves by emulating their predecessor.
  • The Bhoys are currently ten points behind leaders Rangers following Hearts ' 2-0 win at Tynecastle on Sunday, a result that left Lennon urging his squad to find a level of consistency.

"of leadership", "in leadership" or "for leadership"?

  • The result -- lack of leadership.
  • Woodward specializes in Leadership and Communication.
  • So it does call for leadership from known personalities.
  • Think customers like that? 2) On leadership.
  • To aspire to leadership is an honourable ambition.
  • With leadership comes tremendous responsibility.
  • But it really is simple--it is about Leadership.
  • The commitment, leadership and drive must come from leadership since everything rises and falls on leadership.
  • MacInnis drew on these experiences while sharing his insights into leadership.
  • Britain, in effect, was asking the United States to take over leadership of the Western world.

"of letter", "by letter" or "in letter"?

  • Types of Letters of Credit not permitted.
  • Contact by letter with one of my friends in England.
  • Yeats, 5 October 1932, in Letters I, 325).
  • The CardWord deck consists of cards with letters on them instead of numbers.
  • The left brain is easily able to process symbols, such as letters, words, and mathematical notations.
  • Tim, you get my vote for letter of the year.
  • Procedure as to letters and telegrams 95.
  • In post-colonial Congo they routinely removed stamps from letters, and resold them to the next customer.
  • I prefer to write it on letters and cards.
  • If successful, it maybe worthwhile to create a support system through letters from patients to patients.

"of link" or "with link"?

  • It is not a FAIR usage of links.
  • There's a site with links to 100 PF blogs.
  • This company is an ideal candidate for link baiting.
  • He is wrong about links, however.
  • Click on Links to see a list of.
  • TAB will move you from link to link.
  • It is used in links (a tag) as well as content inclusion (such as the IMG tag).
  • My summary as well as links to my prior blogs about financial inclusion in Russia.
  • I don't know how to scale HARO (which has been the source of some great links for us).
  • Third party web sites that are accessed through links on our web sites have separate privacy and data collection practices, and security measures.

"of location" or "on location"?

  • Byarajale politics of location.
  • Fares vary depending on location and time.
  • There are multiple objectives you can complete in any order, some of which are randomized in location.
  • Check maps for locations and see which can be combined.
  • The temperature will vary according to location.
  • As with time, so with location.
  • Well that's all I can say of my first day at location.
  • Participation may vary by location.
  • If you choose to access this Site(s) from locations outside the U.
  • In many places the short distances between locations allow you to engage in a variety of fun outdoor activities within one day and return to the same hotel you left in the morning.

"in league" or "of league"?

  • The use of force is in league with injustice.
  • From the outset, the NHL argument was one of league stability.
  • Make schools directly accountable to their users, rather than to league tables.
  • The Flyers shut down the favourite for league MVP, R.
  • Worries over teams lagging in a table not playing with enough drive can be deflected by the ranking system, judged on league placing, that will determine the seeding for the following year.
  • He's been in formidable form all year with league surprise package San Jose and it was nice to see him getting his goal.
  • The 18-year-old forward has enjoyed a meteoric rise over the past 12 months, going from League One with Southampton to starting England's opening Euro 2012 match against France.
  • I think last year Dublin played 14 games and 11 of them were here, between league and championship.

"on loan" or "of loan"?

  • It's all based on loans and massive debt.
  • Renewal of Loans and overdrafts.
  • It has made big provisions in the accounts for loan defaults.
  • This extends even to loans and credit.
  • It had $95 billion in loans to individuals and corporate clients.
  • From loan I just altercate Television for computer extramarital liasons Misplaced.
  • I guess I can also show they have not been up font with loan modification.
  • This is really is big fright for the people who depnds on this income for various things such as loan, food, rent, etc.
  • We lost market credibility and this is why we have had to be bailed out by loans from our EU partners and the IMF.
  • Your PLUS loans can not be included.

of, in, With, on or for luck?

  • NO! A LOT OF LUCK was involved.
  • For the most part I don't really believe in luck.
  • With luck, your game is now playable.
  • Really, ability to get to Top 24 is based a lot on luck.
  • Let's grab a pint and throw darts for luck.
  • It is by choice and not by luck.
  • You can search for reasons but it basically came down to luck.
  • And our perception too affects our thoughts about luck.

of, in, by, for or on legislation?

  • There is much talk of legislation.
  • Business reputation in legislation.
  • Relationships can't work by legislation.
  • The same thing goes for legislation.
  • This is where every citizen of a country votes on legislation, no representatives.
  • It is a position endorsed through legislation in all Republican-run states.
  • In reality, Parliament largely reacts to legislation initiated by the Government.
  • But you can punish immorality with legislation.
  • Nicky-or rather-Lady Chapman of Reeds actively works against legislation in the United Kingdom that could pave the way to euthanasia.

"of light" or "to light"?

  • It means possessor of light, i.
  • And this is all coming to light now.
  • HALT: Slight increase in light at spot number one.
  • The same is the case with lights.
  • Use flashlights for light, not candles.
  • I am a child of light, for i am born by the light into light in order to walk the walk of light.
  • The edges are lit by light, bigger than our background and right behind it.
  • From light to dusk, then dusk to dark.
  • But, as I have a monopoly on light, I'd expecting good things to happen there.
  • Imagine trying to cook or read without light.

"in length" or "of length"?

  • Usually 10-20 seconds in length.
  • The problem was mainly a matter of length.
  • This transcript has been edited for length.
  • The stuff can be cut to length and comes in different widths.
  • Sorting CSS properties by length is obviously absurd.
  • A sorter's job is to separate goods into categories, such as length, color or fabric type.
  • Research by two British doctors in 2002 looks at lengths of fingers from their rotation points in almost 200 hands and again fails to find to find phi (the actual ratios found were 1:1 or 1:1.
  • The requirements for making an Overcall are: An overcall is a limit bid, showing 15 HCPs or less (16 pts including length).
  • It draws the picture with length visible but time not visible.

"of lead", "to lead" or "with lead"?

  • Instead, he continues to show a leadership style of lead from behind.
  • If the ' omelet ' goes from meringue to lead pancake, you've cooked it too long.
  • Most dogs brush along nicely with leads made from traditional leather or nylon.
  • The mosaics are actually outlined in lead.
  • By the age of 7 he was on lead guitar.
  • When a child dies from lead poisoning or blocked intestines a very sad story will be printed.
  • It's brought to you by lead writer Joe Palazzolo, with contributions from The Wall Street Journal staff.
  • He also played basketball for Lead HS and Mancato State Teachers College.
  • At its surface, it is hot enough to melt metals such as lead.
  • Things like lead, pesticides and moulds can get in the air, your food, your water and the places you play.

for, at, after, to or before lunch?

  • Go back to the hotel for lunch.
  • May I ask who's calling? - John is at lunch.
  • Afternoon gamedrive follows after lunch.
  • Some of my theories are out to lunch.
  • Take a big spoon of olive-oil one hour before lunch.
  • Making money from advertisers during lunch time in high school.
  • Over lunch the conversation and information exchange continued.
  • England, following on, were bowled out for 406 by lunch.
  • My choice of lunch: Chicken and Dumplings.
  • Then off to see the Car Stunt show with lunch in hand.

of, for, in, on or with labor?

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).
  • The carbon tax is toxic for Labor.
  • The result was something of a crisis in labour supply.
  • They don't WANT to have to spend anything on labor.
  • So with labor and fabric, the cost to make Mr.
  • There are few representatives from labour unions, at most a couple from USA.
  • First in the countries where people are either abducted or forced into labor.
  • Now though, they subscribe to Labour's **28;962;TOOLONG policy.
  • Cultivate: to promote or improve the growth of a plant or crop by labor and attention.
  • I had an IV during labor and an epidural with my first.

of, for, in, to or on learning?

  • Difficulty is a form of learning.
  • When the playing allows for learning.
  • And have no interst in learning.
  • This is more conducive to learning.
  • In fact, workers of all ages put a high priority on learning.
  • Students with learning difficulties are the exception, however,.
  • Of course life is all about learning.
  • The company has taken several actions to address the situation including: Stopped all sales of Furadan to Kenya immediately after learning of an incident in May 2008.
  • It's called What Prevents Christian Adults from Learning.
  • A few of them are probably worth learning.

"of lady" or "for lady"?

  • He reveals a dream he himself had of Lady Gregory, W.
  • The slouchy hat or beanie are made for ladies or men.
  • According to Lady X, it did happen more than once.
  • But it won't be the same as that wonderful day with Lady Di.
  • They are located close by and will provide transportation to and from Lady G'Diver.
  • All verions are beautiful in their own way but no one creates a mood like Lady Day.
  • Like everyone now is crazy about Lady Gaga.
  • A handshake should only be initiated by ladies.
  • In Ladies, the buttocks, shoulders thigh and stomach are least painful.

of, to, in, from or for library?

  • This award was given to me by Darcy of Library Lounge Lizard.
  • Questions applicable to libraries Where a mediated photocopying service (i.
  • Loss of second hand books, books in libraries, loss of libraries.
  • From Library and Archives Canada.
  • E-Learning Lab Located on the G/F of the Main Library, the E-Learning Lab is a multi-purpose mini-theatre designed for library instruction, conferences and seminars.
  • High-use buildings such as libraries and leisure centres are being given priority.
  • Findings -- Koha is a very simple but complete ILS, to be used by libraries of every dimension and kind of specialization.
  • Fire at library occurred one week later.
  • Student facilities, including library and computing Ulster students have access to high-class learning facilities.
  • Street parking will be available on Library Place.

"of literature" or "in literature"?

  • Yet we have a large body of literature out there.
  • Yet that is not found in literature.
  • His postmodern CV leaps from neuroscience at Columbia to literature at Oxford; he dresses like a Palo Alto geek.
  • He won the Nobel prize for literature in 1913.
  • My mind should be on literature.
  • Across the elite publications reviewing books and writing about literature, men outnumber women on editorial boards, as book reviewers and as authors of books reviewed.
  • Runoff ratio for different land use classes will be estimated from literature.
  • He is a contemporary figure, and his writing has been turned into literature textbooks in Malaysian schools.
  • Complementary approaches, such as literature search and benchmarking are also used to complement survey data.

"of lawyer" or "for lawyer"?

  • I personally like the uniform of lawyers.
  • Without it, the fact of timeliness and the amassing of dollars for lawyers mean nothing.
  • Dr Nyairo is responding to an article penned by lawyer Ahmednasir.
  • Who did you speak to? We spoke to lawyers, activists.
  • We have been in touch with lawyers.
  • It is not too different from lawyer language.
  • Where did you get the US $? You could spend that on Lawyers.
  • One charity counsellor states that his most difficult clients are people trained to work with their minds such as lawyers, journalists and teachers.
  • Often the 20% of the cost of the mergers can be in lawyers fees.
  • We chose to settle without lawyers.

"of lifestyle" or "in lifestyle"?

  • Of lifestyle, logo's and intentions.
  • Their youth are highly receptive to prevalent changes in lifestyle.
  • However, it's most likely tied to lifestyle rather than biology.
  • But the really striking differences are about lifestyle.
  • To assist you steer clear of life's tensions you ought to go out with those who have a positive perspective on lifestyle.
  • This is the root of your entire Social and Sexual Dynamic as well as lifestyle.
  • However, bowel cancer seems to be mostly caused by lifestyle, that is, poor diet and lack of exercise.
  • Conversely, the worst wealth-creation strategy ever, is to borrow against equity for lifestyle expenses.
  • Just make sure that if you do pay off the overdraft you don't build it up again through lifestyle spending.
  • Type 2 conditions may need this treatment, but they may be treatable just with lifestyle improvement.

"of leg" or "with leg"?

  • The long range forecast is for plenty of wind at the start of leg one.
  • Seeing client is not about seeing? a wallet with legs?
  • Hekia Parata - 0/10 The gift to the opposition that keeps giving, zero seems like too high a score for this crisis on legs.
  • We made smart use of time today and packed up the food bags in preparation for leg three where we will race from the safe haven port to Sanya.
  • Ashwin is bowling a very tight leg-side line to Cook, trying to get him to turn it to leg where they have two close-in fielders.
  • I beat the game on Co-op and single play 3 times in total! You have to take your time in leg.
  • If people like Oscar Pistorius can run relay races in the Olympics without legs, then who am I to say someone can not achieve sucess in any field that they truly wish to excel in.

"of lesson" or "for lesson"?

  • These incidents teach a number of lessons.
  • Surprisingly, I bothered to sign up for lessons in 2007.
  • So I'd just going to do a brain dump on lessons from yesterday.
  • Many of the sites can be used in conjunction with lessons in a number of curricular areas and at various grade levels.
  • Kids generally are always a little different every time they come to lessons.
  • The children can also use other QR Codes on their wall space if it has been use in lessons.
  • My child is also more comfortable in communicating the difficulties she encounters during lessons.
  • Drawing from lessons learned during the Aid ceasefire, China has just proposed an original solution.
  • If there was free time between lessons, out came the laptop to play.
  • Through lessons drawn from these, we shall consider the responsibilities of the Church and show how we can discharge this in our own cultural milieu.

of, in, with, by or to logic?

  • Oh there's plenty of logic to it.
  • This obviously has no basis in logic.
  • Our concern in this course is with logic.
  • Possible by logic simply means someone can imagine it, not that it is there.
  • Check out the bible of logic texts, Irving Copi's Introduction to Logic.
  • A long-term trader must act on logic and not on sentiments.
  • I can't see it winning any prizes for logic anytime soon.
  • This is about logic, and experience, and what works for you.
  • He makes no attempt at logic whatsoever.
  • Our natural tendency with such an emotive issue is to be swayed by feelings, rather than logic.

"off limit" or "without limit"?

  • All of that is still off limits.
  • Goodluck Make money without limit.
  • Aversion is a making of limits.
  • And very well indeed, within limits of course.
  • Countering critiques about limits of measurement of well-being and happiness, Chief Statistician from the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development, Ms.
  • We suggest that the rear end be adjusted as to limit the up and down movement.
  • Do whatever you want and wear what you want but with limits.
  • Indeed the mathematical background presented in the previous section is based on limits as?? 0, which can not be achieved in reality.
  • The situation had become simply intolerable to these army officials beyond limit.

"of landscape" or "in landscape"?

  • It boasts of the finest blend of landscapes, wildlife.
  • Study the different techniques in landscape design.
  • But for landscape and macro, you actually want more DoF.
  • Those themes are no less than a meditation on the traveler? s encounter with landscape in the late twentieth century.
  • The home screen won't rotate into landscape mode, even though many Android apps will.
  • The section of the inquiry on landscape and visual impact is now complete.
  • The work was intended to engage with debates about art in public places and offer new possibilities of looking at landscape.
  • The one thing that became clear is that to continue improving, I need to focus -- currently I flit between landscape, wildlife, and travel.

at, of, after, on or for launch?

  • PheonixBlayne81 Got the game at launch, came home and immediately loaded it up.
  • What I've got is a bad case of launch fatigue.
  • Allow 20 minutes after launch to proceed to the start.
  • Crossing my fingers hoping all this goes smoothly on launch day.
  • JP, who has been in Indonesia for around six years, unveils plans for launch.
  • From prototyping to launch, you'll have ownership over each step in the creative process.
  • Has anyone from EE even thought about how you planned to deliver the promises you've made before launch? Because it doesn't look like it to me.
  • I only help with launches of stuff that I like, and I am never, ever ever financially compensated for them.
  • Available from launch in either Coupe or Volante body styles, DB9 13MY clearly has a strong breadth of appeal.
  • For those LOTRO players who are also wider gamers, the change in launch date simply means more time to focus on Guild Wars 2.

"of liability", "from liability" or "to liability"?

  • Another kinds of Liability: - 1.
  • The warning is intended to serve as a protection from liability.
  • If the site played such a role, that could lead to liability as well.
  • In your view, people should be able to help others infringe without liability.
  • They offer many years of experience in liability underwriting and claims management for local, regional and global companies.
  • And both focus on Liabilities Reduction.
  • A reinsurance is presumed to be a contract of indemnity against liability, and not merely against damage.

"of lord" or "by lord"?

  • The gospel of Lord Mitt Romney.
  • What then happened was laid out last year in the investigation written by Lord Woolf.
  • Chandra prayed to Lord Ganesha thereby.
  • If it does, they may win at Lord's.
  • In the end how much money can any one person spend for Lord's sake.
  • So she reincarnated as Parvati and was reunited with Lord Shiva.
  • King Henry was rescued and met with his queen in Lord Clifford's tent.
  • Cameron quotes from Lord Turnbull, the former cabinet secretary.
  • Anyone else notice this? Sounds like Lord Bill.
  • Boys became pages and had to wait on lords and ladies.

of, for, to, on or like laptop?

  • The current Phase 2 is called as 3rd Round of Laptop Distribution.
  • Wireless connections for laptops is rare.
  • It seems its specific to laptops.
  • Easily navigate the entire interface and work quickly, even on laptops.
  • Water damage to mobile phones Mobile phones, like laptops and other electrical devices, are not resistant to water or any other liquid.
  • This laptop is in number 6 in Laptop brand rating.
  • These are handy if you have multiple devices, such as laptops and gaming consoles, connecting to a single line.
  • A growing number of schools already provide students with laptops for school purposes and it is highly likely this trend will grow.
  • Prizes are enticing too -- from laptops and iPhones to digital cameras and other goodies.
  • OK, they are definitely eating into laptops in some markets.

"of legacy", "for legacy" or "with legacy"?

  • My daughter would like to be an actress, she's got a whole bag of legacy! But whatever.
  • XPM is a last resort for legacy business applications in the Enterprise.
  • In addition, sometimes I had to work with legacy or third-party code that did not comply with our coding style.
  • We saw that in Legacy and other schemes.
  • Many businesses continue to rely on legacy systems or ' gut feeling ' to identify trends and make supply decisions.
  • As it evolved into a collaboration platform, the company realized the enormous opportunity in providing a simple, cloud-based alternative to legacy systems like Microsoft Sharepoint.
  • Firstly, Indian held Kashmir (about two thirds as one third was liberated in 1948 Kashmir War) is the left over legacy of 1947.

of, in, worth, for or about living?

  • They miss the essence of living.
  • It is forcing a cut in living standards.
  • The unexamined life is not worth living.
  • Choosing wallpaper for living room may be little bit challenging.
  • I think religion's interesting in that they create constructs and ways for people to live and feel a certain way about living.
  • Now to go on living was occupying space, somebody's place; that was ugly to him.
  • They show the way people on the islands were used to living.
  • Sensible approach ? My dream house is a three-bedroom, three-bath house with living, kitchen, and a veranda.

of, in, with, upon or For layer?

  • The Hotspot functionality makes use of layers.
  • Learn to dress in layers and keep dry.
  • And you have to work with layers, in order to accomplish this.
  • There are layers upon layers of ' above the law ' people.
  • For example, feed for layers should have at least 18 per cent crude protein.
  • Then I also covered them layer by layer with papermache strips.
  • It should then be put on layer diet.
  • The magma is forced into cracks or between layers of rock near the earth's surface.
  • Ribbon like layers are found in the rock, gneiss.
  • This traditional under layer would help absorb moisture from the ground and encourage longevity of the terra-cotta tiles.

of, under, for, with or in licence?

  • Who does this benefit? The owners of licence plates.
  • The University subscribes to gain access to them under licence.
  • I am in constant terror of arrest for licence fraud.
  • I have installed Snow Leopard on all our machines and there was no rubbish with licences and registration like you get with Microsoft.
  • At least two bars have these stalls set up mere metres from their terraces -- for which the Town Hall extracts a pretty penny in licence fees.
  • The availabilty of booze from liquor on licences until 4:00 am is a joke.
  • The database will be developed with open source software (software without licence costs).
  • There are many things which irritate me about licences but I don't think I need politicians to write laws to sort it out for me.
  • Exchange policies regarding exports cover all goods exported from Pakistan irrespective of whether they are subject to licence under the Export Trade Control Regulations or not.

of, under, Pre, for or in license?

  • Denial, Suspension, Revocation of License.
  • They do not set out to deliberately under license their software and the vast majority really try hard to their licensing accurate.
  • That's why it's important to keep the goal in mind when selecting your real estate Pre License course or school.
  • After 50 thousand rupees per year for license renewal.
  • Older kids can make phrases out of the letters in license plates.
  • Without license, you don't have the right to distribute the work.
  • Kavanagh 's, as well as in 330ml bottles in selected off licenses.

with, of, under, for or in load?

  • Takes some drives up hill with load to help seat the rings.
  • The very first thing we want to touch upon is the amount of loads of laundry that folks do every day.
  • Heat Strengthening does not reduce glass deflection under load.
  • Our mud bricks have undergone accelerated erosion testing and are certified for load bearing or post &; beam style homes.
  • Of course, a Google search usually results in loads of result links.
  • Cisco currently sits on loads of cash.
  • After going through loads of Book about Islam, I planned to start writing by myself, and for the first time I started writing publicly against Islam on August 2011.
  • I didn't go to loads, but the ones I did make it to were brilliant.
  • It seems like loads of you really enjoy verbally bashing your political opponents - but it's not really getting you anywhere.
  • So that means my other means of updating Free AVG ie by down loading on one PC and moving the down load to another PC difficult if I go direct to the AVG partner.

of, to, in, on or at lake?

  • People watch on the shore of Lake Louise.
  • After lunch proceed to Lake Nakuru in the south.
  • Night game drives are permitted in Lake Manyara.
  • Join a skating party on Lake Louise.
  • His 15-year-old is a student at Lake Forest High School.
  • Coral I am sorry to hear sad news from Lake Isabella.
  • In Kenya, the Luo reside in the regions around Lake Victoria.
  • Afternoon depart for Lake Manyara National Park.
  • Of all the aircraft that crashed into Lake Victoria only 1 Wirraway remains missing.
  • The mountain lies near Lake Manasarovar and Lake Rakshastal in Tibet.

of, with, in, on or about lens?

  • As with cameras I look at the weight of lenses as well as the spec.
  • Layers are usually thin, often with lens like layers of quartz between the mica layers.
  • Likewise a Welsh person on a retraining scheme in a post-industrial region has more in common with a French counterpart in the same situation in Lens than with a millionaire banker in the City.
  • Silicon is surely an oxygen permeable material, which is the reason lenses created from that permit the eye to get additional oxygen.
  • Of course I'd pretty picky about lenses so not quite an inexpensive proposition.
  • The optical science of life Multimedia speech can not do without light, such as lenses, optical transmission and so on.
  • Paul McGann: They're all looking at us through lenses.
  • The Pentax K-30 is the most affordable weatherproof DSLR on the market ($850 including lens).

of, on, with, to or for label?

  • Specific cases of label are strictly regulated.
  • Also keep track of carbohydrate and sugar counts on labels.
  • Dividers are placed inside with labels for all the types of household bills.
  • Nor is it enough to cover the licenses due to labels, publishers and other copyright holders.
  • CITIZEN CL-S521 Printer CL-S521 series is an economic and easy in use thermal printer for labels.
  • Christian bros - I don't expect much from labels until I see the content.
  • That said, where dies the inspired by label end and the blatant copy one start? I think a lot of it is to do with the earning potential.
  • Its perscribed off label to help regarding sleep, non habit forming and easy/kind in regards to side effects.
  • There is also the msot obvious censorship of discussion, often justified within labels of actions by ' moderators '.

on, for, of, to or without leave?

  • Like eddie Haskel on Leave it to beaver.
  • The first application is to apply for leave to apply for access.
  • Our hopes of leave were dashed when he said that we should now have to wait 12 weeks and then get 7 days.
  • I continued to look until I was the one to leave.
  • I was charged with being absent without leave.
  • Cross-examination on character can only be with leave: s 112 Evidence Act.
  • A writ of sequestration may not be issued except by leave of the court: r 40.
  • Royal Mail, try to deliver, if youre not in leave a card and you can collect from the local post office.

of, at, for, to or in liberty?

  • She understands the concept of liberty.
  • Righteous men walk at liberty, and walk in safety.
  • I for one will stand for liberty.
  • Some do not recognise the righ to liberty.
  • As in Liberty University Lynchburg, VA.
  • The LOGIN PIN was given to you when you were registering on liberty reserve.
  • The issue with Liberty seeking de facto control of the FCC licenses.
  • Ultimately, I'd about liberty and I think you have to defend it.
  • While down in London I picked up some ribbon from Liberties to make my dress a little more bridey.
  • It's the difference between liberty and lawlessness.