Prepositions before Nouns

Click a word to see what prepositions are usually used before it in English


"in office" or "of office"?

  • We don't NEED another LEECH in office.
  • Bush taking the oath of office.
  • He was later removed from office.
  • DUDUS needed to run for office then.
  • We voted him into office for two reasons.
  • V, 19 Members not appointed to office.
  • The performance is great even with Office applications not written for 8.
  • Check all areas that he did and did not do everyday after office hours.
  • Nothing else to do and entire day there is nothing to do at office.
  • Orders are handled during office hours.

of, for, with, to or on opportunity?

  • We are a nation of opportunities.
  • Our leaders share this support for opportunity.
  • Jersey Cares is coordinating volunteers with opportunities near them.
  • This is a tactical relation to opportunity.
  • And get me in on opportunities like these.
  • When I think about opportunity cost it is not just about finances.
  • Health-care purchasers should express decisions in opportunity cost terms; journalists should give fairer coverage to such arguments.
  • Many problems can be turned into opportunities.
  • It presents threats as well as opportunities.
  • Alamein) and was not able or willing to grasp at opportunities as they arose.

of, in, for, with or by opinion?

  • Offering a difference of opinion.
  • Nasscom, however, differed in opinion.
  • However, all of the above is my very own unpaid for opinion.
  • Still, many came, all with opinions.
  • Going by opinion polls over a many years, the number of progressives at least equals the right-wingers.
  • It requires liberation from opinions and concepts and ego to experience deep liking.
  • And many valuations will be based on opinions.
  • Over the past few days I have read and listened to opinions from everywhere.
  • I think its all about opinions.
  • Perhaps the difference between the two, Matt, is the difference between opinion and judgement.

"in order" or "of order"?

  • It is in order and clearly done.
  • Price depends on size of order 2.
  • Users will now be able to search emails by order of date, attachment size and other options.
  • The website also offers free shipping for orders over Rs.
  • You also get free shipping on orders over $50 or more.
  • Food and Drink Breakfast consists of a mixed buffet with orders taken for eggs, omelets, toast, etc.
  • Who can apply for a Barring Order? A spouse of the respondent.
  • Shipping fee is calculated per order, i.
  • Pre orders of the Smartphone are boosted up by another carrier of the UK.
  • Clearly S was under orders to politely say no to this.

"of oil", "in oil" or "for oil"?

  • Keep Skin Clean And Free Of Oil.
  • Saute garlic, ginger, and onion in oil.
  • Later for oil Iraq was attacked.
  • We ordered bread with oil and balsamic.
  • They say no to oil and gas exploration.
  • All was going well till Aaron came off on oil in Dublin port.
  • In 2011 50% of state income came from oil &; gas.
  • Wall street bankers don't care about oil spills, or covering them.
  • Our military is the largest group of anything in the world, and it is driven by oil.
  • So when you save, you give up consumption of real resources such as oil, labour, food, etc.

of, with, for, on or at option?

  • We are really running out of options.
  • With option 4, you will receive additional benefits.
  • I am all for Option B if you are up to it.
  • On the playground roll call: I'd with the others on Option B.
  • It simply means objectively looking at options to make us ' match fit ' for the long-term game.
  • That being said, Mars may be in option later.
  • Refer also to Option (d) (2) below.
  • The two versions look distinct in appearance as well as options available in the browser.
  • O Shomade after several trial, sentenced the accused to six months imprisonment without option of fine.

of, for, to, in or by organization?

  • The whole concept of organization is.
  • Maybe it's the potential for organization that does it.
  • Send your money to organisations sending medical help.
  • Informal communication always occurs in organizations.
  • If the applicant is capable of solving the kind of problems required by organization x, they might be hired.
  • Since 1995, Catherine has worked with organizations in the U.
  • Charges fluctuate greatly from organization to company, generally without a very clear reason.
  • This year will be the start of the demise of the PC within organisations across Asia.
  • Success Depends on Organization Much has been written over the years with advice to help you organize yourself.
  • YOUR EMAILS It's always handy to refer to email traffic between organisations.

of, for, with, to or by owner?

  • So, if you want to find out the name of owner of any Reliance number, you just need to make a recharge of Rs.
  • A Manhattan shelter takes in animals round the clock, hoping for owners to show up.
  • And social media teams scour the Internet for reports of lost pets, helping reunite them with owners.
  • And finally a special word to owners of small and growing businesses.
  • Who Owns our Debt? The pie chart below is a simple way of showing how our debt is broken down by owner.
  • He rented from owner then rent it out again.
  • The Animals Protection Act 1960 places obligations on owners and occupiers of land to prevent the commission and continuation of offences of cruelty on their land.
  • Thompson Motorsports is 10th in owner's points standings.
  • If you are going to be a live aboard owner, then you could well be keen to start the negotiations now.

"in opposition" or "of opposition"?

  • There's also an agreement in opposition to U.
  • Let's see what kind of opposition that would invoke.
  • Rapid industrialisation led to opposition.
  • Oh, yeah -- don't confuse apposition with opposition.
  • The Congress, on a sticky wicket, is not sure how to address the mood generated by opposition parties and student groups.
  • It will also provide ammunition for opposition fans to use against him.
  • Not unreasonably, Tony Abbott has been reluctant to take a lead on the problem from opposition.
  • He looks at opposition to the E.
  • He was good under the high ball but again every time he gets the ball he kicks straight into oppositions hands.
  • The government also routinely conducted surveillance on opposition politicians.

"of officer", "by officer" or "for officer"?

  • Powers of officers appointed 40.
  • All three were freed on police bail after being quizzed by officers.
  • There was no room for officers who didn't lead by example.
  • Beginning in the year 2366, a new uniform variation was introduced to officers serving in Starfleet.
  • Police said Ferrer refused to comply with Officer Dimbleby's commands to get out of the vehicle.
  • It said that officers have been arresting people linked to disorder in the area earlier in the week.
  • This is done through visits from officers from the Ministry of Agriculture.
  • Write down everything you remember, including officers ' badge and patrol car numbers, which agency the officers were from, and any other details.
  • That would make it 14 days after the last entry on officer Santiago's log.

"of operation" or "in operation"?

  • The hours of operation are 8 a.
  • The site is now no longer in operation.
  • That was the turning point for Operation Linda Nchi,? Lt Col Nyaga said.
  • These Rules shall come into operation on the 16 day of April 2009.
  • I have served on operations overseas three times including command of the Training Team in Timor.
  • He helped with operations and prepared medicines.
  • The crew has to use a welding tool to open the door to Operations.
  • Actuaries may have majors in areas such as operations research, physics, engineering, and even fine arts.
  • Rations are dished out as the men advance during operations.
  • Amongst the list were also thousands of British customers who were picked up and questioned by Operation Ore.

of, from, to, by or in organisation?

  • It was about the absence of organisation and spirit.
  • It facilitates planning, execution and evaluation of an intervention (Adapted from Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 2002).
  • With a liberally relaxed policy when it comes to organisation, you'll find Marxist histories of industrial labour sitting side by side with a 1996 travel guide to Slovakia.
  • It also allows the opportunity to search for partners under specific calls, with each heading listed, or more specifically by organisation type etc.
  • Though I took up HRM unit and some relevant units like Organisation Theory, Social Psychology and Sociology, I feel incompetent in the field of HR, lacking of sufficient knowledge to perform.
  • But without organisation, this power remains as just potential.
  • Civil unrest Environmental protests are growing in China, as is the use of social media as a tool for organisation and protest.
  • Uruguay-Ghana: defensive steel vs organisation and directness Uruguay go into the quarterfinal as slight favourites, even if the whole of Africa is backing the Black Stars.

"of outcome", "on outcome" or "in outcome"?

  • This kind of outcome was sadly expected.
  • There must be a systemic re-orientation to focus on outcomes instead of outputs.
  • But money and power has NO factor in outcome here.
  • Standards of competence tend to be specified in terms of performance criteria that relate to outcomes.
  • Funders like the United Way, private foundations, and the Community Foundation are following with outcomes from our task force.
  • The system makes the teachers accountable for outcomes.
  • They want to know about outcomes.
  • They have their ideologies and blindspots just as any professionals do - a stress upon rules rather than virtues, and on processes rather than outcomes.

"on offer", "of offer" or "to offer"?

  • Wide range of breakfast on offer.
  • It's not because of lack of offers.
  • Malaysia has got a lot to offer.
  • Acknowledge that your **27;1790;TOOLONG members are getting walloped with offers.
  • We can send them text messages about offers.
  • Action: Sketch out a few ideas for offers.
  • Not to mention all the paid features such as Offers and Promoted Posts.
  • Be careful not to get fooled by offers too tempting that might force you to pay far more expensive than starting.
  • Take special care in offer your answers.

of, with, to, for or in object?

  • Functions of objects are socially taught.
  • A woman needs to surround herself with objects that speak of her own worth.
  • Draw, play and relax, get up close to objects, follow activities.
  • An asset for researchers and academics, her work stemmed out of her fascination for objects of superlative degree.
  • Male and female infants are equally interested in objects.
  • A simple solution involves basically a local tariff on objects inputted that could be produced by local means.
  • They learn the same things about object mechanics at the same time.
  • Except in this case, the relational possibilities lie between objects rather than people.
  • Instead of looking at objects, you look at where the objects aren't.
  • But we are making a serious mistake: we believe that the happiness for which we crave comes from objects, which we can experience.

"On occasion" or "of occasion"?

  • Everyone gets angry on occasion.
  • Goh spoke on a number of occasions.
  • Women need to raise to occasion, not by being arrogant, unruly or pushy, but through, acquiring broad knowledge, dialogue and change of thinking.
  • The clothes in Thredz kurta shalwar collection 2012 for men are great for occasions when traditional attire is required.
  • And, far from lessening a soldier's courage in occasions of danger, they actually serve to fortify it.

of, to, with, in or on ownership?

  • However, there was no consensus on whether or not those rights amounted to ownership.
  • Also thanks to Carey as well for what he has given to me with ownership.
  • Since the change in ownership, the place has consistently improved.
  • Some commentators have argued that we should put limits on ownership by SOEs.
  • Mr Burgess disputes this and applied to the Land Registry for ownership of the land - infuriating the National Park.
  • They are taking it to the next evolution by taking over ownership.
  • This is a mandate from ownership.

"of ocean" or "in ocean"?

  • Looking out you could just get the first glimpse of ocean.
  • Guice and Walker both reside in Ocean Springs.
  • Well, people would still flock to Ocean City.
  • She dey swim for ocean now, she don lost patapata.
  • This storm surge is coming on oceans that are higher than a few decades ago, indeed more than a foot higher than a century ago.
  • It is constantly being formed and destroyed at ocean ridges and trenches.
  • Eggs are spread by ocean currents everywhere.
  • A solar-powered machine removes salt from ocean water so he can drink it, but only when the sun shines.
  • It also ignores the other adverse impacts of increasing CO2, like ocean acidification.
  • Let's start with Ocean, who has been in the lead for quite some time now.

of, in, about, at or to origin?

  • So the safe countries of origin, they are quite logical.
  • Some are biological in origin (i.
  • When you stop and take a closer look at origins of some of these alleged differences, they.
  • When I first went to CotC in 2008 I had been to Origins 2008 several months before.
  • The Petronas Twin Towers was designed by architect Cesar Pelli, who, although having American citizenship, is Argentinean by origin.
  • Here's a google search for origin Energy, mentioned as blaming solar for their woes.
  • Dear Freelance, Thank you for your order from Origin on November 24, 2012.
  • Sometimes that happens (not on Origin but other websites) but (luckily) nothing has ever happened.

"of offence" or "for offence"?

  • Trial of offences under Penal Code 5.
  • Prosecution for offences against the State 196.
  • That's why I would love to have an Arteta-esque player at Chelsea who so easily links up defense to offence without compromising on his defensive duties.
  • The unselfish ball movement really did help on offence.
  • Public to give information of certain offences 44.
  • Section 197 of the Industrial Relations Act 1996 deals with appeals against convictions or penalties in connection with offences against that Act.
  • Sessions Court - Criminal Cases The Sessions Court has the jurisdiction to try all offences other than offences punishable with death.

"of output" or "in output"?

  • There's plenty of output at 20Hz.
  • Industry leaders say the rise in output can be attributed to new high-yielding seeds.
  • Some people work on outputs instead of outcomes, but at the end of the day it is the outcome or.
  • An MQPUT call was issued to put a message on a queue, but the queue had not been opened for output.
  • Between 1978 and 1981 oil prices rose from $14 to $35 as output was substantially reduced with these two OPEC members at war.
  • The worst losses will not be visible in GDP statistics because much of the damage has come to wealth as opposed to output.
  • Weakness was reported across most sub-indices with output down 6.

of, with, to, in or after operating?

  • So far in the debate of operating system of smart phones, Google's Android is better than the iOS.
  • Microsoft windows 7 Restoration is known as a application this immediately works along with fixing specified strategy conditions that may perhaps stay away from Microsoft windows with operating.
  • Slightly more than $3 million of the revenue would have gone to operating and maintaining an $850 million light-rail line the U.
  • It still needs a lot of development, and in the end it may prove to be slow in operating, but it promises to be very capable.
  • Usually he washed his hands after operating, not necessarily before.
  • Heres why: The Ontario Liquor Licence Act prohibits you from operating or having care and control of a motor vehicle, a motorized snow vehicle or a boat while there is liquor in the vehicle.
  • You will however have to have the new Lion OS X operating system which you can get off the App Store for $30 dollars.
  • The figures are broken down by operating system.

of, under, without, with or by obligation?

  • An exchange of such gifts shall not create a sense of obligation.
  • They were under obligation to no one and enjoyed being their own masters.
  • Hopefuly this means that I can return to the lovely prospect of seeing theatre without obligation.
  • In addition, there are gender inequalities in obligations and reciprocities regarding labour.

of, for, by, from or on observation?

  • It is a recital of observation of effects.
  • They going to move her from CCU to regular room for observation.
  • Most of their learning is done by observation.
  • You can watch creatures in their natural habitat from observation centers.
  • You can't show that based on observation but claim that it is logically provable.
  • This is part one of the theory which also lines up with observations.
  • The dominant research approach in Astronomy is through observations.
  • Then, aged 12, I switched from transportation to observation and experimentation.
  • Similar short, uncoiled strings about 2cm long were laid by specimens kept under observation in finger-bowls.
  • The patterns derived bear a strong resemblance to those seen in observations (Parker et al.

"of opening", "for opening" or "in opening"?

  • The amount of opening is dependent on the current game level.
  • Applications for opening such letters of credit should be referred to the State Bank with full particulars.
  • Then success in opening depends on the glue.
  • An elaborate set was created by Peter Davidson, built prior to rehearsals, which included a water tank under the floorboards, a huge wall with openings resembling rooms and a gigantic cross.
  • Both Maschler and Rayner in their reviews after opening suggested that the Brass Rail in Selfridges did better salt beef sandwiches.
  • Their nutrient content is controlled by law and they are sterile before opening.
  • Sometimes just by opening or clicking nay link your computer my get hacked.
  • While the motor is running, water is drawn in through openings located at the base of the motor (see Figure 2.
  • Don't take your kids to openings.

of, For, in, from or under occupation?

  • I've given you the types of occupations I've had in the past.
  • The propety IS ready for occupation NOW.
  • She was certain that the Tigers had not been in occupation at the time, as the Indians claimed.
  • Progression from occupations in skill level B to occupations in skill level A is usually dependent on completion of additional formal education.
  • Today life in Greece has been likened to living under occupation during World War II.
  • ALEX THOMSON: By occupation, he means this, areas, just one militarized crossing from Gaza to Israel.
  • Progression from occupations in skill level B to occupations in skill level A is usually dependent on completion of additional formal education.
  • Research on occupational evolution, work skills and competencies is an ongoing process.
  • In the interwar years, there was a separate Maori census, which included information about occupations, but not about unemployment.