Prepositions before Nouns

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as, in, of, to or for part?

  • Fresh approach As part of skysports.
  • In parts of China, starvation occurred.
  • A list of participants is appended.
  • Welcome to Part 2 of this feature.
  • For Part 1, you can click here.
  • But ' he was from part socialist, part Chinese tradition of economic management '.
  • To divide into parts after disassembling.
  • Yeah, it's a little tricky on parts of.
  • Is compensation payable under the Public Works Act? Compensation is payable under Part 5 of the Public Works Act.
  • Talk of being with part with Pakistan or not is later.

"of person" or "in person"?

  • That's the sort of person I am.
  • We've spoken about it in person.
  • Admission costs C$2 per person.
  • It varies from person to person.
  • Something along find Jobs for persons of which you already do.
  • Search of place entered by person sought to be arrested 47.
  • It varies from person to person.
  • Discrimination against persons with disabilities was a problem.
  • She can tell the difference between person and zombie before the person even knows they're becoming a zombie.
  • Placement of child with persons in another health board area.

in, of, into, to or from place?

  • Apparently not in places like PWC.
  • There is plenty of places to park.
  • This blade clamped into place quickly.
  • All four were moved from place to place.
  • All four were moved from place to place.
  • Love for place of birth is natural.
  • At places little or no work is being done.
  • While you were on places, Sidharth Malhotra might have been an viewers.

"in point" or "of point"?

  • Case in point: lengthy call times.
  • The Court stressed a number of points.
  • It's not free - it's only free at point of use.
  • Y! You refuse to stay on point.
  • From point A, mark a point C, which is 55 ft.
  • So glad you were able to travel to Point Reyes.
  • However, I'll try to go point by point about what I have to say.
  • The best, Slalom, has you chaining coloured gates in sequence for points.
  • I suspect Prius c has the same shut off point.
  • Go in with points you want to get across and try and steer the interview.

"of power" or "in power"?

  • But Ahmed is no scribe of power.
  • When we have a lot bad/gungs in Power.
  • It also has sockets to power devices.
  • Tune in from 10am for Power Gurkdays.
  • Governments are vested with power.
  • Because he was elected into power.
  • Her enemies relied on power, open or veiled.
  • Many homes are still without power.
  • It is about gender stereotypes, it's also about power.
  • The air war in 1999 did not drive Milosevic from power.

of, to, with, for or on problem?

  • There are five sets of problems.
  • With this summary in mind, we return to problems.
  • Right from the beginning his reign was beset with problems.
  • Not very good for problem solving.
  • It is nice to share ideas on problems and solutions.
  • But the mission was not without problems.
  • Consequently suffering from problems due to extra weight.
  • My other brother and sister are in problem too.
  • I do agree that talking about problems helps.
  • We take facts and we make them into problems.

"of party" or "to party"?

  • Lots of parties so lots of noise.
  • Randle fightin ' for his right to party.
  • In the US, for example, districts are decided by parties and gerrymandered to hell.
  • We vote for parties during parliamentary elections.
  • Friends leave their buddies at parties for their homes everyday.
  • In Party Hard, teams must go to a bar in Tekek and party until morning.
  • He also held meetings with party office-holders.
  • A technology company can use the same model but it requires a level of trust between parties.
  • Gu came from party aristocracy.
  • It should cut across party loyalties.

"of process" or "in process"?

  • Postponement for issue of process 202.
  • We are still on the way, still in process.
  • Continental has cut drilling times by focusing on process efficiency.
  • Interactivity is about process.
  • Morley wins by process of elimination.
  • Pipes of quantifiable Resources resemble reservoir containers that hang between Processes.
  • Now consider charities? those guys really bear responsibility for processes in the society.
  • We are very hands on in our approach to the start up process.
  • Some creators get in over their heads dealing with processes that are new to them.
  • The changes must be applied to Processes that have not started yet.

"to post" or "of post"?

  • You must be logged in to post a.
  • Hey lovely, great couple of posts.
  • You can apply either in hard copy by post or online.
  • He's currently in post-production on G.
  • Thanks for post, this has helped my effort greatly.
  • Background and diagnosis of patients with post -- Lyme disease syndromes.
  • It would have kept him on posts for weeks.
  • This claim was successfully countered in that post and in its comments.
  • Ross: How far is it from Post 39 to the Windward barracks? Downey: It's a ways, sir.
  • I've put links like this into posts before on blogspot, but today I'd having trouble.

for, during, in, of or with period?

  • We might even have given up for periods of time.
  • Most abuses occurred during periods of remand.
  • Make sure they are quick and finish their work in period.
  • Last date of period was 27th May.
  • Looks like dry with periods of fog are the way to go.
  • A 14-day cooling off period is also required.
  • A composite ID is made up of pure IDs separated by periods.
  • Some nations were traditional enemies, and went through periods of war or peace.
  • The length of silence, the distance between periods of silence, and the magnitude of silence all make an effect on the listener.

"of policy", "For policy" or "in policy"?

  • This is the first rule of policy.
  • Horses for courses, simulator experts not for policies.
  • Those who dwell in policy are prepared.
  • The second theme focuses on policy integration.
  • Both sides were hostage to policy, often a matter that was beyond their control.
  • It has far more to do with policies.
  • Yes, but Tina is talking about policy.
  • The above is a point that is being sorely missed by policy planners in Washington.
  • However, further progress is needed to translate this evidence into policy and everyday practice.
  • It is important to understand that theBobbery has no control over policies and cookies or beacons placed by those networks.

"in position" or "of position"?

  • QLD gets in position to score and does.
  • If he's caught out of position, no fear.
  • Pass and move into position, creating triangles.
  • I had applied for positions in Sierra Online and a couple other game companies.
  • The OECD average ranks at position 28.
  • As to position players, I know some have been hurt, but the bench was surprisingly good.
  • Whether determined by the font or computed, a derived baseline-table is constructed with positions for each of the baselines below.
  • It specifically says not to bargain on positions.
  • The only time he is not equal is by position, never in nature.
  • One of the nice things about stocks (as opposed to owned real estate) is that even a man of modest means can diversify away from position risk.

"on page" or "of page"?

  • I'd on page with everyone here.
  • Jump to page: The most perfect formation is.
  • Graduation at Page High isn't until MONDAY JUNE 11.
  • It will keep you glued from page one.
  • It seems I've missed the point in page 87.
  • There is no search only for pages that have both A and B.
  • The images will appear in a random order per page load.
  • Especially your About page website.
  • I set about to do them all with pages and pages of to-do lists.

of, for, on, In or to project?

  • About Me I'd no fan of Project Ulster.
  • I use Asana for project management.
  • Some cover food and travel while on project business.
  • I have a BS and a shiny new MS in Project Management.
  • Any references to projects would be helpful.
  • Toots ' husband, Gary, is a carpenter who also helps with projects around the tavern.
  • I have worked the hourly side as well as projects.
  • Most prioritization approaches are subjective, biased, and influenced by project politics.
  • The meaning of the term seems to change from project to project.
  • Several studies find that cost reduction is the initial justification for incorporating SOA practices into projects.

"in price" or "of price"?

  • Gold is not increasing in price.
  • In comparason of prices CPA is E500 for the year.
  • We can not compete on price, but we.
  • They have great prices and offer what people need.
  • T, but with prices and products to suit all budgets.
  • As for prices, they tilt within what is expected.
  • He could kick to Price at the top of the key.
  • In market economies, the problem of scarcity is solved by prices.
  • Don't care about price, just looking for comfortable.
  • This past week I went rounds with 2 clients haggling over price.

"by phone" or "of phone"?

  • We now talk every day by phone.
  • As it will be deleted after resetting of phone.
  • People on phones while driving.
  • For phone in service you need Skype Credit US$.
  • But save your all your data that is in phone memory.
  • Reminding them beforehand, with phone calls, e-mails, etc.
  • And scraps over phone bills often led to punitive measures like phone locks.
  • And the truth is: There's nothing special about phones.
  • Now, toh even people reject it through phone only.
  • We could do this via phone or, preferably, video interview.

of, for, to, in or on product?

  • Other reason is the quality of product produced.
  • Use coupons for products that you would be buying anyway.
  • In addition to products, they also buy services ranging from IT to HVAC and construction.
  • Ibuprofen is found in products such as Advil or Motrin.
  • Falling short on product knowledge.
  • This is especially true when dealing with product category pages.
  • I am opposed to barrier to trade by product.
  • Most journalists don't care about products.
  • Use easy-to-understand names, such as Products, to refer to hard to understand ranges, such as Sales! C20:C30.
  • Superior health benefits are obtained from products containing Green Tea Concentrate.

"of property", "to property" or "in property"?

  • They were also of property and influence.
  • The damage to property was estimated at $30 million.
  • I am an investor who invests in property.
  • As for property, give me a break.
  • Garth, would love to see a blog on property assessments.
  • Those with property will join us.
  • I recently did a search of MERS by property address and 3 mortgages were listed as ACTIVE.
  • Assume higher prices if you choose from properties made by prime real estate developers.
  • Surely it is about time that property was taxed.
  • But, for a number of reasons, New Zealanders have tended to put their savings into property, term deposits and finance companies.

"of program", "in program" or "for program"?

  • A variety of programs associated.
  • Income inequality in program areas was reduced by 8.
  • For programmes delivered in Singapore,.
  • When it comes to programs like ZeekRewards.
  • With programs like Zeekrewards.
  • Most highly efficient charities are able to spend 75% or more on programs.
  • I do think that its a good thing to inform at-risk groups about programs that are available.
  • Help to make agendas as well as programs to maintain your self on the right track.
  • How to Make Money from Your Television Shows Advert Rate Advertising rates are determined by program popularity.
  • This role can be pursued through programmes on the rights of ethnic groups, dalits, women and disabled people.

"of performance" or "in performance"?

  • They all require a certain intensity of performance.
  • They are excellent in performance.
  • There are special rules about copying for performance.
  • DFP will manage your ads for you based on performance.
  • Edox's chronograph timepieces combine functional power with performance.
  • Say no to Performance Enhancing Drugs.
  • About performance: Boys played well today.
  • That leaves those who actively choose larger computers, with modders and enthusiasts picking towers and components for their aesthetic appeal as well as performance.
  • A Bigger Splash opens this week at the Tate Modern, looking at performance and painting since 1950.
  • Audiences come away from performances warmed, amused and inspired.

of, in, on, with or for population?

  • The claimed even exchange of population.
  • And the state is small not just in population.
  • In fact, those working on population issues have done so.
  • With populations, it takes generations for effects to be felt.
  • Describe the human impact This is often the hardest part for population health stories.
  • Overshoot, we know, is followed by population decline.
  • However, if the resources were distributed according to population, it may not have enough to cover its outgoings.
  • From over population I found out that.
  • Mouse -- good point about population.
  • You can't draw conclusions about demand shifts from population numbers alone.

"in practice", "to practice" or "of practice"?

  • Quite the opposite in practice.
  • Has anyone put this to practice.
  • Sequence of practice jibe on foot.
  • It was nice getting back into practice.
  • For practice naming chords, see Naming Triads and Beyond Triads.
  • It does get easier with practice.
  • Merchant spoke to the team after practice and seemed to remind them what it's all about.
  • Rap music at practice? Please, tell me no.
  • The only way you'll ever learn to do it is by practice.
  • The method of winning these riches is through practice of sadhana.

"of paper" or "on paper"?

  • Grab a pen and a piece of paper.
  • Suitable for my needs on paper.
  • The call for papers will be issued shortly.
  • In fact, it applies to paper money more so.
  • I've even tried it myself, in paper.
  • We're both really bad with paper.
  • Highlights from papers by Richard A.
  • It welcomes papers theorizing or framing the issue of scarcity as well as papers based on case-studies or research by art or design.
  • In the Philippines, all paper products, including paper bags and cartons are derived from recycled fiber.
  • Like paper bags, their transport causes more pollution and traffic congestion.

"of production" or "in production"?

  • Thanks for a good year of productions.
  • Its the main reason that we lack in production.
  • He's grown to have a very interesting ear for production.
  • Pilot Don't go running into production.
  • So it appears that I do hold the right to abode on production of my birth cert.
  • Now they're higher profile due to production.
  • Like working with production and communicating with people.
  • With Vagrant, operations engineers do not need a different local setup from production.
  • The second is a consumption function -- to bridge time in consumption as well as production.
  • For a multi-well pad, 5 acres of land is disturbed, and during production it is 3 acres.

"of plan", "to plan" or "with plan"?

  • Leave that Resultant Group of Plan eyeport.
  • I already have my seeds ready to plant.
  • Life in this case is inextricably linked with plans.
  • It is rectangular in plan with thick walls constructed of dry stone.
  • If ever there was a time for Plan B, this is it.
  • The public can give its thoughts and opinions on plans to rebuild the Interstate Hwy.
  • One of the reasons given by the protesters for their agitation was that the public was not informed about plans to remove the subsidy, prior to the announcement.
  • Beyond that he's got any number of projects in mind to take on next, from plans to direct an adaptation of As I Lay Dying.
  • Lagarde's remarks came after the leaders of Germany and France clashed on Saturday over plans to tighten the checks on Europe's banks.
  • And on top of all this, Chelsea are looking at plans to build a bigger, better stadium.

"of president" or "for president"?

  • The publication of President Benigno S.
  • Vote for Jill Stein for President.
  • He was defeated by President Obama on Nov.
  • We explained this to President Cowley.
  • He posed for pictures with President Bush.
  • It was done 18 times under President Reagan.
  • Gunther is a Vice President of Perseus.
  • Nigeria re-elected Obasanjo as President.
  • That is a line borrowed from President Bush.
  • This is an insult on President Babangida, it is an insult on me.

of, for, with, to or on player?

  • I think a lot of players deserve it.
  • For players who are earning more than $1.
  • Experimenting with players and formation 3.
  • Anyone pay attention to players well.
  • Look at how much Arsenal spend on players.
  • The Game is to be played by players who are on their feet.
  • Anyone who isn't in Players will go and have an amazing time.
  • Its not about players being scared to hit out.
  • Fans who like gazing at players with movie star good looks.
  • It involves everyone - from players and coaches to parents, games officials and organisers.

of, in, for, at or to peace?

  • Justice of peace--jurisdiction.
  • Rest in peace George Jefferson.
  • Xi Xia was forced to sue for peace.
  • At 34, Hatton says he is at peace.
  • Take the JVIS, and you'll be on your way to peace of mind?
  • With Peace and Blessings to all.
  • We reggae musicians talk about peace and love.
  • Their liturgy is based on Peace, Hope, and Agape.
  • If not, the journey towards peace would be a long, tenuous one.

"to piece" or "of piece"?

  • He literally tears the city to pieces.
  • You need to decide what kind of piece you would like.
  • My heart was severely broken into pieces.
  • The race was in pieces at that stage.
  • In other words, Labour is building an alternative narrative piece by piece.
  • At one point the drawers were filled with pieces of paper but are now shredded to confetti by miscellaneous rodents.
  • He filters out some he thinks he recognizes, such as pieces of the ubiquitous colored ear-swab shafts -- to check under the microscope.
  • They look for pieces, and defensive pieces help round out rotations.
  • Ceriyati used a rope strung together from pieces of cloth.

"for purpose", "of purpose" or "on purpose"?

  • It ’ s being sold, unfit for purpose.
  • They have a higher sense of purpose.
  • Its almost like its on purpose.
  • And to do so with purpose and consistency.
  • But these actions aren't without purpose.
  • Never divided in purpose or will.
  • CALAS/ACSAL will ensure that consent for personal information use is applied only to purposes agreed to initially by the individual.

"under pressure" or "of pressure"?

  • Wood had folded under pressure.
  • Yes, there was bit of pressure.
  • He responds to pressure by burying himself in detail.
  • Massage involves manipulating parts of the body with pressure.
  • The rise in pressure changes blood flow to the brain.
  • About pressure: I won't say anything.
  • The sediment gets turned into rock by being buried and compacted by pressure from the weight above it.
  • Jayewardene government despite pressure to the contrary by many national and international forces.
  • In other words, for any given set of values for pressure, temperature, density, composition, etc.
  • Head to toe treatments focus on pressure points throughout the face, neck, shoulders, hands and feet.

"of pain" or "in pain"?

  • I don't get a lot of pain at physio.
  • They were in pain just like me.
  • Long as the sunlit hours, Pleasures for pains.
  • This can be lessened with pain medication.
  • So he decided to pain killers, the Li Ying removed.
  • SNot drunk, sounds more like on pain meds or flexeril.
  • The piece is almost at pains to avoid it.
  • Although my tail its last has waved, From pain and suffering I have been saved.
  • Write about pain and loss - plenty this year.
  • I don't live without pain today.

"of picture", "in picture" or "with picture"?

  • Michael B A fascinating set of pictures.
  • Use of the display will be shown in picture and text format.
  • See the report with pictures (DOC, 2 MB).
  • He posed for pictures with President Bush.
  • Then you look at pictures of i.
  • But looking back on pictures, it did make a huge difference.
  • Sending a Picture over Bluetooth > Go to Pictures Menu.
  • One thing I didn't realize based from pictures and demos is just how TINY the thing is.
  • Lots of cool features like picture password, start screens, themes etc 11.
  • Record your journey through pictures; start on your way for the airport.

"In politics" or "of politics"?

  • Anarchy prevailing in politics.
  • Such is the nature of politics.
  • Let's say you have a blog about politics.
  • I have already decided to come to politics.
  • We shouldn't put religion into politics.
  • The effect on politics has been astounding.
  • Pratul retired from politics in 1947.
  • Same with politics and global warming.
  • The war policy is tainted by politics.
  • It's a rock concert for politics nerds.

"with partner" or "of partner"?

  • Share it! Put it to use with partners and a sustained engagement.
  • Mode of determining existence of partnership 6.
  • We are looking for partners, buyer or fund.
  • You hear the following statements from partners who are parasites in a relationship.
  • See on Revelation 1:9; and see on partners, Luke 5:10.
  • This signals to Partner that a Game contract should be on and asks him to specify his hand.
  • Personal profits earned by partners 16.
  • Mode of settlement of accounts between partners 48.
  • In Partner, she was Govinda's lady love.
  • Pets Without Partners came to the rescue, taking the entire extended family into foster care.

"of path" or "in path"?

  • It enables implicit resolution of paths based on the type of object being processed.
  • I will lead them in paths that they don't know.
  • The people, the industry, luck and so on can shift your Start-up good or bad on paths that could change everything.
  • Immunization topics: Resources related to specific immunization topic areas that are addressed by PATH's work and included in the VRL.
  • There are also cycle and mountain-bike trails as well as paths for horses.
  • No matter if your needs are big or small, find someone who can lead you to path of knowledge.
  • UNIX-based systems and Windows have different symbols for path expression -- / and respectively.
  • She reads about Path Goal theory.
  • Send down thy light and thy truth that they may lead us into paths of fellowship and peace.

"of presence" or "in presence"?

  • The ultimate state of presence is enlightenment.
  • Arrest by or in presence of Magistrate 65.
  • Something iconic, pure and with presence.
  • The mother was quite relaxed and the cub quickly habituated to presence of visiting cars.
  • There is power only in understanding the boundaries between knowledge and mystery, between presence and absence.
  • It's ok to travel in the night through Minneriya and Habarana despite presence of elephants.

"of protection" or "for protection"?

  • This offers an added value of protection.
  • Hedgehogs have spines for protection.
  • You have the right to protection and freedom from war.
  • Concept of Human Rights and the role of Police officers in Protection of Human Rights.
  • You don't want to drop the Kindle without protection as the screen will mostly likely break.
  • It is about protection and defence.
  • Besides, Tanzania is a signatory and a party to several multilateral and bilateral agreements on protection and promotion of investments.
  • Milwaukee County Supervisor John Weishan accused the Sheriff David Clarke of playing politics with protection services.
  • If the manufacturer profits by protection, he will make the farmer prosperous.
  • Aside of course from protection measures, we also need to rehabilitate denuded areas, particularly in NNNP and MKNP to increase the forest cover of the province.

"in progress" or "of progress"?

  • It's like a signing in progress.
  • There's been a lot of progress so.
  • The extreme right's platform for progress is filled with negatives.
  • But we can rely on progress to stop at nothing.
  • It's all about votes and power -- not about progress.
  • That is the way it is with most towns with progress comes crime.

"of play" or "into play"?

  • A goal against the run of play.
  • That left side comes into play.
  • They act in plays celebrating it.
  • I think racism could be at play here.
  • So my homework this week is to Play.
  • As for playing in shopping centres.
  • Jima is an act which happens during plays of love.
  • ST KEVIN 'S 1-09 AVONDALE 2-05 Avondale opened their account when Ryan Cahill sent over a beautiful point from play.
  • Kagawa looks a good link-up play maker but not a real driving force.
  • Do as I did and shop with Play.

"of payment" or "for payment"?

  • Offer extended terms of payment.
  • Please refer to Annex 5 for payment instructions.
  • See more information on payments.
  • The main payment instruments are cash, paper (e.
  • Determine a down payment price that is comfortable with you.
  • Click the ' Continue to payment options ' button.
  • He used to take about a year to come up with payment.
  • If you pay with cash or the landlord has a bad reputation it is a good idea to demand a receipt upon payment.
  • They worked for their masters without payment of any kind.
  • It is expected that a number of key factors including payment security, evacuation and grid availability among others will.

of, to, in, by or for press?

  • So please don't think that freedom of press is.
  • Walker was unavailable for comment prior to press time Friday.
  • His book The Things We Do and Why We Do Them is in press.
  • You can obtain it by press *#*#8255#*#* on your phone.
  • I left my home for Press Colony -- in Lalchowk -- for my daily routine work.
  • At press time, he had not been identified.
  • For more information on press conditions in Pakistan, visit the CPJ Web site at www.
  • Three months ago Naser became a reporter with Press TV, an Iranian-owned station loathed by the rebels for its pro-government position.
  • Today it's only about press releases.
  • After that opt for ' drive selections (sophisticated) ' as well as press ' Format ' together with ALL RIGHT.

"of photo" or "for photo"?

  • We took lots of photos as you can see.
  • As she posed for photos with Gov.
  • A magical, altruistic, dusty wonderland, in photos.
  • After one big round, I am back to drawing but this time with photos.
  • This culture depends on photo ID to function.
  • Apple's own apps, like Photos, Maps and iBooks, are just incredibly sharp and clear.
  • I may be a show pony when it comes to photo shoots and all, but I'd a work it comes to my 9 to 5.
  • I need a couple months of just looking at photos.
  • His work, including photo stories and research, is widely published.

"of platform" or "on platform"?

  • They defecated from one end of platform and took water from the other end.
  • He writes often on Platforms and Two-sided networks on Quora.
  • We were told to go to Platform 7 and go to cars 1 -- 3, which were the unreserved cars.
  • Founded in 1988, the Derby-based outfit has produced a long list of games across platforms from the NES to the Wii U, turning more to conversions and licences in recent years.
  • As a result of the wider gaps between platforms and trains, many passengers are stepping into or tripping over them.
  • Passengers were asked via the PA system to move from Platform 18 to Platform 1 for the next train only to be told, on arrival, to return to 18.
  • With Platform One on the left and Platform Two on the right.
  • You can even sort by platform if you're looking for desktop apps.

"in perspective" or "of perspective"?

  • It will keep things in perspective.
  • It's just a matter of perspective.
  • To put it into perspective at US$1.
  • It's all about perspective you see.
  • However, reading your blog really put things to perspective.
  • Thinking? Many ideas coming at you as well as perspectives.
  • For perspective, an increase in GVA of 50 billion represents about 0.
  • On Fridays this semester, I'd in a course on perspectives on the sociotechnical.
  • The standard 2010 difference gives you Manager along with Perspective.

"of poverty" or "in poverty"?

  • Reduction of poverty and wealth creation.
  • Van Gogh lived his whole life in poverty.
  • This is attributed to poverty and ignorance.
  • Her family fell into poverty and despair.
  • His focus was on poverty, unemployment, education, health care, social development.
  • From poverty to world fame Hits.
  • Sure India is filled with poverty but not in all places.
  • My own view is the Tories are nt too bothered about poverty, they see poverty as a result.
  • The fight continues, and in retirement, it will be against poverty.
  • He said he gained an appreciation for poverty while working in Baltimore.

"of park", "in park" or "to park"?

  • Corner of Park and Third Streets.
  • After putting the car in park, I popped the trunk.
  • This was subsequently cut back to Park Lawn.
  • Their total lack of disregard for park rules and their total lack of common sense was shocking.
  • To get to your house you tell me to turn right on Park Ave.
  • She and the Chicken had their own conflict, which made me fall in love with Park Min-woo even more.
  • They also contribute to the services and benefits we all enjoy from parks and reserves to health and education.
  • In Derry City 5 IRA men blew up a BBC transmitter at Park Avenue in Rosemount.
  • Take in an evening show by Parks Canada interpreters.
  • Garfield Delano Spence was born in Up Park Camp, St.

of, to, by, in or on prophet?

  • And the line of prophets is closed with me.
  • Is it true you tried smuggling him to Nigeria to Prophet T.
  • The very first construction of the kaaba was done by Prophet Adam (peace be upon him).
  • What The Sawab the women gets if she instead goes to mosque for congressional prayer of Juma? Did the women in Prophet (S.
  • Ibn az-Zubayr built the kaaba on Prophet Ibrahim's foundation.
  • Firawn was taken back but decided that they were just magicians and called all the greatest magicians in the land to contest with Prophet Musa (pbuh).
  • Any insult and ignorant remarks about Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and Islam brings mental torture to Muslims.
  • Our area of focus is spreading the love for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and discovering his role, contribution and presence in our lives.

of, with, to, about or for possibility?

  • There is a wealth of possibilities.
  • There are magnificent views throughout, with possibilities for wildlife viewing.
  • Let us open our hearts and minds to possibilities -- and miracles.
  • What would our story be?? The teacher said,? Our story would be about possibility and limits.
  • The vessels that were used by the alchemist become a springboard for possibilities of locating vessels in space.
  • A broader outlook on possibilities was too agonizing to be endured.
  • Depending on the structure of the lease, the risk of ownership such as possibility that the product will become obsolete can be transferred to the lessor.

"of past" or "for past"?

  • There are several findings about events of past in the book.
  • They were paying rental all along for past 1 year.
  • So it isn't the present which moves from past to future, but the events which go from future to past.
  • I have seldom seen such improvisation till date in past 20 years of cinema.
  • Please note that past results are not necessarily indicative of future performance.
  • So it isn't the present which moves from past to future, but the events which go from future to past.
  • For example, they were to practice in a way that was neither here, nor elsewhere; without past, without present, without future.
  • In the famous words of Minority Senate Leader Mitch McConnell the Republicans were out to defeat the Obama agenda even if it went against established Republican policies set by past precedent.
  • Kala is the time factor with past, present and future, and represents the supreme Lord in His unmanifested impersonal feature.

"of planet" or "on planet"?

  • Not very United Federation of Planets.
  • And that is right here on planet earth.
  • Caring for planet earth will always be under the domain of Aquarius.
  • As a result I haven't listened to much from Planet Asia since.
  • There could be deities of lifeforms indigenous to planets around the star Arcturus that we should consider, for example.
  • There a lots of stars with planets in all kinds of distances.
  • Nairobi Half Life is now showing at Planet Media Westgate everyday at 3:20 pm and 7:30 pm.
  • You were, like Planet Earth in the revised version of the Hitchhiker's Guide, mostly harmless.
  • The stresses between planets are building, they say.
  • Not the entire thing, of course, but some small detail, such as the scanner afer it broke in Planet of Giants.

"of parliament" or "in parliament"?

  • Another Member of Parliament, Mr.
  • He was in parliament from 1997-2002.
  • Armed rebels have been brought to parliament.
  • It was a mandate given to us by Parliament.
  • Only six weeks or less before Parliament rises.
  • The Court indicated that it was for Parliament to provide for it.
  • Rachael Kohn: Well, it helps to be just down from Parliament House too.
  • This is in contrast to LKY 20-30 years ago, when he debated Chiam ST on Parliament.
  • While the Bill for that was going through Parliament I was active in proposing amendments.
  • She first got into Parliament (= became an MP) in 2005.

of, for, to, with or by parent?

  • To act in the place of parents.
  • Chalo, peace of mind for parents.
  • It can be an important link to parents.
  • It starts with parents; I agree.
  • It was created by parents and nutritionists.
  • Written consent from parents if you are under the age of 18.
  • Witnessing the loss of love between parents is painful.
  • Less willing to rely on parents, roughly 5.
  • The same lecturer also made a comment about parents teaching their children.
  • It happens equally often in parents of all ages.

"in principle" or "of principle"?

  • In principle, therefore, XSL 1.
  • It is also a question of principle.
  • Hence, they object to the field trials on principle.
  • Again, I defer back to principle.
  • What sets him above is the patience honed by principle.
  • It is a technical phrase peculiar to prize courts, and depends upon principles of public policy as distinguished from the common law.
  • He was a kind, thoughtful and brave man who enriched public life with principle and integrity.
  • It's not about the effort it would take me to clean it; it's about principle.
  • Oz They are there for money, not for principle.
  • Spot-on, Jack: He's the hollow man: a man without principle or substance.

of, in, for, to or from plant?

  • Loss on disposal of plant 7,561? 10.
  • Business investment in plant and equipment advanced 1.
  • Different types of lights for plant growing Fluorescent grow lights.
  • Everything does this, from bacteria to plants to animals to humans.
  • They used many kinds of medicines from plants.
  • I wonder sometimes if the cats sit on plants there, and thus squash them.
  • A marsh has formed with plants like Horsetail, Common Reed and Bottle Sedge.
  • But contestants should note that the man is absolutely bats about plants.
  • He loved to wander in the fields, looking at plants and animals.
  • The invasion of the land by plants was one of the most far-reaching chapters in the history of the Earth.

"of profit" or "for profit"?

  • Locking in another $106 of profit.
  • The days of war for profit are over.
  • These benefits are $132 increase in profits.
  • Murabaha / Morabaha (Cost-Plus Financing) Lit: sale on profit.
  • It can be read with profit by a wide range of readers,.
  • They seem to be about profit not people.
  • What raising costs does is cut into profits, not raise costs for comsumers.
  • What raising costs does is cut into profits, not raise costs for comsumers.
  • Constructing a statement of projected income includes estimates of future sales and expenses, as well as profits.
  • However, growth in equity assets was capped by profit booking.

"of passion" or "with passion"?

  • I call this The Way of Passion.
  • You can not fight media with passion.
  • In this intimate moment I was overcome, though not by passion.
  • He spoke fluently and agreeably, without passion.
  • Partly this is about passion for providing quality links between worker and employer.
  • Getting Paid for Passion and Heart 1.
  • In order to succeed in business, Michelle believes in passion, creativity, a clear sense of direction and the ability to communicate clearly.
  • I have given up $$$ over passion and I am glad to say, satisfaction is at it's maximum! I love nails and everything to do with it.

"for permission", "without permission" or "with permission"?

  • For permission to reproduce or.
  • PS and may not be used without permission.
  • It is reproduced with permission.
  • He also held that the grant of permission was unlawful on domestic planning grounds.
  • Martin's Press in July, 2007 and used by permission.

"of public", "to public" or "for public"?

  • Here I can think of public domain examples.
  • Well done bringing this to public.
  • I also checked out the paper (free for public access so anyone can).
  • What we are experiencing at the moment is the shift from public to private government.
  • I had coaching on public speaking skills with Creative Shift, for example, before this event.
  • Instead, another story form which recounts the adventures of spirits is narrated at public and private sacrificial rituals.
  • The contrast between public and private behaviour may be stark.
  • We are in no doubt that the President was boxed into the corner by public opinion against the increases.
  • And it is in line with public opinion and the weight of submissions received by the Commission.
  • Is it because they are as concerned about public opinion as much as the Torys? We all know that certain northern towns have had immigration problem / riots in their history.

to, of, In, with or for pool?

  • I have free upgrade to Pool access, It really good.
  • See, I fear even the shallowest of pools.
  • Within seconds all three teenagers are lying in pools of blood.
  • Tuscany is warm shades of ochre, villas with pools and English voices.
  • Opie only stayed with her father for a short time, waiting for Pool to come pick him up after she recovered from back surgery.
  • Good/Bad/Lucky break - a good/bad/unlucky chance, opportunity The most likely origin seems to come from pool or snooker, though the source suggested for give one a break is also a possibility here.
  • We traipsed through pool and riffle in the subterranean creek.
  • I was trying to give information about pools, which they had asked for and I know and listed a few.
  • These mortgages were packaged into pools and certificates were sold to investors.

"of prayer" or "in prayer"?

  • This is the beginning of prayer.
  • Its in prayers and quiet times.
  • It is indeed a time for prayer.
  • Physical workouts tied to prayer.
  • One way of preparing for worship is by prayer.
  • But words on prayer should also share in a prayer.
  • Akuj is invoked through prayers &; chants and through animal sacrifices.
  • The service was opened with prayer by Mayhew.
  • It's also about prayer and helping others.
  • When I have khushu ' during prayer, I have clarity of mind after prayer.

"of proof" or "as proof"?

  • The burden of proof in this case is on you.
  • One serves as proof of the other.
  • Don't misconstrue your belief for proof.
  • But we won't accept words without proof anymore.
  • Sorry need to proof read better.
  • I am not just interested in your claims, can you back it up with proof we can refer? 3.
  • The rebels in Proof of Life most certainly count.
  • Unused local currency can be re-exchanged on proof of authorised exchange, and visitors are advised to retain all currency exchange receipts.
  • Admission to this body was conditional upon proof of competence or experience.

"in prison" or "to prison"?

  • In prison, everyone is innocent.
  • Then sail off to Prison Island.
  • He is the main character of Prison Break.
  • He is released from prison in 2000.
  • SR: Were you scared by prison? CB: My spirits weren't lowered too much.
  • Provides for prison terms for conviction ranging from 5 to 20 years or life.
  • He needs to be put into prison.
  • Indeed, the legal duty on prison authorities does not intend to altogether eliminate the risk of infection.

"of pleasure" or "for pleasure"?

  • The Captain let out a sigh of pleasure.
  • I write and take pictures for pleasure.
  • We also do not compromise work with pleasure.
  • And yet, Locke wasn't opposed to pleasure or feeling good.
  • The next fierce looking letter is ZH pronounced as in pleaSUre.
  • How to work on pleasure? Work is being done to expand possibilities for pleasure.
  • But talking about pleasure will not in itself challenge the status quo, cautioned Jaya Sharma of Nirantar, India.
  • The boats were allowed to drift along at pleasure.
  • Consumption is, of course, a matter of science as well as pleasure.
  • Above all, men are beguiled who are either bewitched by pleasure or terrified by fear.

"in percentage" or "of percentage"?

  • You can quantify some of your skills or achievements in percentages, others in a pie chart.
  • Panel c) Concordance plot of percentage change.
  • They work on percentage profit.
  • Such a definition of the allowed conversion for percentages is specified on the property definition.
  • Was the Minister referring to spending on public services as measured by percentage of GDP? I don't think so.
  • In 2005-06 the Islanders used close to fifty players, his second half save percentage on that team was 919.
  • The more I think about percentages the less clear I am.
  • At first, it was like a joke, but the conversation took a strange dimension when he was asked to convert into percentage the performance of his ministry in the current year.
  • But why leave it to percentages? Pick a far corner of the goal, left or right, doesn't matter.
  • Descendant elements with inherit the 2em and have line height relative to their font size? Kaashif: If you use em units for line-height, they will operate like percentage units.

"of privacy" or "to privacy"?

  • The disadvantage is the lack of privacy.
  • No celebrity has the right to privacy.
  • North facing with just enough bush for privacy.
  • Muslim females should request that they change in privacy.
  • For more information on privacy in the workplace, check out.
  • The phone-hacking saga tells us things about privacy, as well.
  • This can be used to cool your patio or even help with privacy.
  • This seems to be part of Google's battle with Facebook over privacy.
  • A 1999 study conducted by Privacy &; American Business, a privacy-oriented research journal, and its publisher, Alan F.

"for publication" or "of publication"?

  • Hoping it's ready for publication by Sept.
  • PDFs available after one year of publication.
  • It spoke to the US State Department prior to publication.
  • While longer manuscripts may be accepted, they may be subject to delay in publication.
  • Soon after publication, events conspired to make the US a hard sell.
  • Read Comments View reader comments Comment on this story These comments are not screened before publication.
  • They are sorted by Publication Date.
  • There must be integrity of motive - the intrusion must be justified in terms of the public good which would follow from publication.
  • She reaps from being put on publications like the DM.

of, in, on, For or with pattern?

  • Here? s the kind of pattern Valliant is talking about.
  • Gender differences exist in patterns of help seeking for psychological disorder.
  • What survives in historical memory depends as much on patterns of human.
  • You look for patterns and trends in their style.
  • Wrote the chatbot completely from scratch, with pattern template language I also coded and design on my own.
  • Thousands of serious interpersonal relational patterns of dysfunction, that litter local courts and marriage counselling sessions also reveal systemic addictions to patterns of behaviour.
  • Designs were chosen from pattern books for blankets and rugs.
  • Inhibitions need not be on anti-social acts, but are often to direct behavior into patterns normal in our society.
  • Why talk about patterns? The feedback of last output into the mathematics in vivo, (the relationships) is the cause of the next output and so on and so on.
  • A you are just what absolutely every single year, however converts a bit throughout materials, colours as well as patterns etc.

"of philosophy" or "in philosophy"?

  • He says we are in the realm of philosophy.
  • Louis, Hope earned a BA in Philosophy.
  • Whatever the dialecticians did hardly belongs to philosophy.
  • The problem of causality has raised questions that stress the need for philosophy.
  • Ward welcomes all comers into philosophy's world of clear definitions, sharp arguments, and diverse conclusions.
  • Bhagawan Nityananda is not big on philosophy.
  • Many of your personal questions about philosophy, religion and spiritual self actualisation will become clearer.
  • Indeed, it would be easy to take the comparison between philosophy and other skills too far.
  • Once we realize that an absolute trust in science has nothing to do with science itself, much of the force is taken away from philosophies such as scientism and naturalism.
  • These arts, therefore, if not conjoined with philosophy, will be injurious to every one.

of, to, for, with or in provision?

  • Application of provisions respecting arbitrator 87(2.
  • Libraries don't have to figure out the problems of how to provision books etc.
  • For provisions relative to the grand jury, see Art.
  • Also maintaining the human force with provision of satisfactory compensatory and other benefits is also vital.
  • People are falling through the gaps in provision due to a lack of integrated commissioning, funding and practice on the ground.
  • All of this will be subject to multiple challenges, provision by provision.
  • Provide for the establishment and financing by producers of systems for the recovery and treatment of WEEE, including provisions for placing financial guarantees on new products placed on the market.
  • Surely it is bad practice to force an update without provision to roll back if it doesn't work out.
  • The youngsters were arrested under provisions of the CrPC and released by a holiday court later in the day, police said.

"of pace" or "at pace"?

  • It'll be a nice change of pace.
  • This means running at higher than AT pace, i.
  • At the one-quarter pole, the Nationals were on pace to win 93 games.
  • Yadav has improved in pace and sustainability, but has a long way to go yet.
  • Beat him easily with pace and guile.
  • Cook's men had struggled against pace and spin.
  • But it was hard to understand the tyres and we seemed to struggle for pace in the middle of each stint.
  • My advice: TAKE IT SLOW!!!!! This is NOT about pace.
  • Strength through the middle of the forward line with free-scoring Kevin Gore and rangy Rhys Clarke is superbly complemented by pace on the wings.

"of panel", "by panel" or "for panel"?

  • We're familiar with the concept of panels with multiple voting from the Seanad.
  • Only 9 such patients have been diagnosed by panel members (G.
  • GUIDELINES FOR PROPOSALS FOR PANELS (a) Submission by e-mail attachment in MS Word is required.
  • Zoom in and out as you please, or tap to be guided from panel to panel.
  • The deal is being offered in partnership with panel manufacturer Canadian Solar and one of the East Coast's leading installers, Mercury Solar Systems.
  • They all were, especially the lefties on panel.
  • QS firms will operate as panel members for all consumer and business LegalZoom work following their.
  • Zoom in and out as you please, or tap to be guided from panel to panel.
  • The purse was under Panel 5, to the left of the hatch.

"of presentation" or "for presentation"?

  • Its a matter of presentation, you know.
  • We previewed, came back to climb a bit more and then went out for presentation and the finals.
  • And Kant's derivation of it is rather arcane in presentation.
  • Open microphone, moderated session based on presentations.
  • Anyway, let? s get back to presentations.
  • In an address to the nation, the President can control the inputs and could dazzle his audience with presentation.
  • Mentoring - Mentored countless developers, both individually and through presentations in Java, C++ and C#.
  • Good test design comes from skilled testers using a toolbox of test ideas drawn from presentations, articles, books, and hands-on experience with test design.

"In phase", "of phase" or "to phase"?

  • Their arrival took place in phases.
  • Phas2 is only for the left over students of Phase 1.
  • One is you have to phase out fossil fuels.
  • To do that means defining partway through Phase II what a product could be and then what the product should be.
  • Occupancy January 2013 for Phase 1;.
  • Using the new Capture 1 Pro 7 from Phase One is claimed by specialist ' to pull out about some 50% extra pixels from raw files, because of a total new raw-engine.
  • Work commenced on Phase I of the project in April 2007 and the Placenames Database of Ireland was launched at the beginning of October 2008.
  • Angel Investors: A business can also be funded during the start up phase by angel investors.
  • During phases of slow population growth and economic change, these tenure systems functioned well and showed a great adaptive capacity and flexibility.
  • It could be a final blow off phase, taking madness to the utter level, the 0 % boom.

"on plane", "by plane" or "of plane"?

  • Once on plane, the hull should run relatively flat in the water.
  • Or if they are they won't do so by plane.
  • The runways are able to handle a variety of planes.
  • Leave Moosburg for barn 4 kilos out to await turn for plane.
  • I wouldn't choose to fly in plane that the consensus of experts has declared unsafe even if some.
  • The first thing you notice is how easy the board is to plane.
  • From the palistinians that started with plane hijack, to osama bin ladin, to our own mutallab, pant sucide bomber, has shown to the whole world what they are.
  • On the way home from France to New Zealand we spent a couple of hours in the terminal between planes.
  • More laser attacks against planes.
  • You can get a lot of noise interruptions, like planes flying overhead.

of, with, in, about or on personality?

  • The force of personality critic.
  • The policies of the current government's announcement to build a digital Bangladesh with the Last of the media associated with personality and online editors.
  • Given the dramatic change in personality and policy this amounts to nothing.
  • You're right in that it's been 20 years and it's no longer about personalities.
  • Andrew Skodol, chairman of the DSM work group on personality disorders, in a news release.
  • Modern, well-organised studies do not support a role for personality in addiction.
  • Head lines needs to be all funds letters, and you can use more spots between personalities and add icons to your standard text message lines.
  • The essence of the teaching of Eutyches is the avoidance of distinguishing ' nature ' from personality.
  • Unfortunately the accusations are down to personalities and not on a flawed system.

of, on, in, about or to priority?

  • An indication of priorities, i.
  • Hospitals ration care based on priority of need.
  • On the other hand, in priority regime C is better than regime B.
  • To me it's more about priorities.
  • Only then should you move on to priority number two.
  • Perhaps the amount could be converted to the inflation-linked bond with priority of subscribing.
  • According to Ewura, the fuel scarcity has been occasioned by priority berthing at the Dar Port, Kurasini Oil Jet (KOJ).
  • Tax holidays are available in the form of deductions for priority sectors.
  • These are known as priority debts.
  • All elected officials should have the choice to direct transportation funds into priority projects.

of, in, with, for or on package?

  • While wattOS is based on Ubuntu, it does not contain it's full list of packages.
  • For example, The abstract class Point2D (in package java.
  • Installing VBox Additions brings my first brush with package management in Fedora since FC4.
  • But on the other hand, you can use the Multi-Order Shipping tool for packages bound for Puerto Rico.
  • Belts with a highly-textured surface can maintain a steady grip on packages, while those made from natural rubber are also effective in holding materials in place.
  • That's a big shift from package tours where all the Indians stuck together, ate only familiar foods, and gaped at foreign sights in the safe company of their own countrymen.
  • Then prepare pasta according to package directions.
  • Ask about packages whenever booking a hotel room in the area, and be sure to reserve your tee time in advance -- it's popular.

"of pregnancy" or "during pregnancy"?

  • The sperm is the seed of pregnancy.
  • They die like flies during pregnancy.
  • The latter can be very common in pregnancy.
  • The following are a few guidelines to help you prepare your body for pregnancy.
  • I have a paunch from pregnancy and a muffin top to match.
  • Men are very central to pregnancy in the first place.
  • During and after pregnancy your breasts changes dramatically.
  • You are protected against pregnancy from the first day of taking the pill.
  • Vitamin D supplementation is recommended by the government throughout pregnancy.
  • Attempt to stick with a consistent slumbering and waking up timetable to relieve the tiredness normal with pregnancy.

"of participation" or "for participation"?

  • Just an acknowledgement of participation.
  • This is compulsory for participation in the event.
  • He said the EC, by preventing the former First Lady from participation in the polls, had violated her fundamental human right, an obligation that the EC failed to comply with.
  • Through participation in the E-Verify program, Superior Energy Services, Inc.
  • However CCS providers may apply to the Department in writing for an exemption to participation in the ECCE programme.
  • We saw good growth in participation, interest, and community over those years.
  • It was synonymous with participation, transparency and good governance.
  • The latter was provided for as participation is not restricted to Muslims.
  • The course is extremely dependent on participation.

"of penalty" or "on penalty"?

  • A fixed maximum number of penalty points can be collected each trimester.
  • Verdict: Uruguay win on penalties.
  • Wichita incurred 16 minutes in penalty time with eight minors.
  • Soon, those incentives will change to penalties.
  • Freedom of religion will once again become silence under penalty on imprisonment or death.
  • Therefore, disallowance under section 14A also does not call for penalty.
  • This means that during the cooling off period you can change your mind and cancel the agreement without penalty.
  • The fundamental issue with penalties remains one of mental strength.
  • This game should not have been decided by penalties.
  • Simba coach Milovan Circovich said he is happy as long as his team did not lose the match and was worried after Yanga pulled the equaliser through penalty.

of, for, on, to or from pc?

  • My fear of PC gaming persisted.
  • Now on to end-user demand for PCs.
  • I have created a package with all the dlls and instlled on PC.
  • Skype Out: Free PC to PC calls.
  • I backed away from PC gaming again.
  • I keep mine in a savings account with PC Financial.
  • To say this show is going in PC territory is way too premature.
  • After the fix, the bard was recognized by PC.
  • Shahbaz Ahmed, 20, graduated with a degree in computer science from a local Kashmir University-affiliated college and now works at PC Planet.
  • Anyway, the A3000 displays WB just fine to my LCD TV via PC input, but when I load games, it goes dark.

of, in, to, on or for procedure?

  • It's also a failure of procedure.
  • But sometimes these unwritten rules need to be set in procedure.
  • Parties also continued work at COP 6 part II on procedures and mechanisms relating to compliance, based on the Bonn Agreements.
  • And that is why we have said that through procedure, we are checking them now because unlike those five features I have mentioned before, we no longer see that at the moment.
  • The debates were dull but practical -- concerned more with procedure than principle.
  • Much of law is about procedure, and that is where homeowners pro se usually slip up.

"in partnership" or "of partnership"?

  • They all had to evolve in partnership.
  • You don't even get that sense of partnership.
  • We have been called into partnership with God through the Holy Spirit.
  • Wrongful employment by partner-trustee of trust-property for partnership purposes 67.
  • In this area of rapid economic growth, international oil companies are increasingly trying to invest through partnerships.
  • Irrespective of the type of franchise agreement that is signed, be it area development, national master or individual franchise, success in franchising is about partnership.
  • Apart from partnership in terms of product distribution, alliances can also be formed for efficient premium collection purposes.
  • I would have put the accent much more on partnerships.
  • That would be Cnet or Znet owned by CBS-Viacom with partnership and of course download links to ALL of the big boys behind SOPA, PIPA &; the next incarnation of this rather nasty set-up.

"for proposal" or "of proposal"?

  • At the time of this experiment NASA had issued a call for proposals for satellite experiments.
  • Thus, Clay fashioned a series of proposals involving 1.
  • Sidney Gottlieb of the CIA Technical Services Division was asked to come up with proposals that would undermine Castro's popularity with the Cuban people.
  • The Committee will review and advise on proposals made by the Chief Executive Officer with regard to the Total Compensation of members of the Executive Team.
  • He hoped the study would add weight to proposals for further protected areas.
  • It is implicit in proposals for students to learn chunks out of class that current methods for teaching chunks in class are not outstandingly effective.
  • It suggests a shift in culture towards the locality, including proposals for public services -- such as parks, leisure centres and libraries -- to be run as mutuals and co-operatives.

"of plastic" or "in plastic"?

  • They're the raw materials of plastic production.
  • Everything was still wrapped in plastic.
  • Cover snuggly with plastic wrap.
  • And while I'd not exactly the poster girl for plastic surgery, I do admit to having a bit of work done.
  • She also seems to have an addiction to plastic surgery.
  • OLEDs are thin and can be put on flexible material such as plastic or metal foil.
  • Margarine is one molecule away from plastic No, this is an urban myth.
  • On these rare occasions, the body area was sprayed except for the head and neck (the ears being protected by plastic bags).
  • The plants should be stacked on plastic to catch the leaves.
  • I am not against plastic surgery.

of, to, for, with or between provider?

  • We refer work to the range of providers from the banks to the smallest of independent financiers.
  • From Patient to Provider My name is Diana Adhiambo Okungu.
  • Surely the upkeep is much cheaper for providers as well as customers.
  • But some of it also has to do with providers being more sensitive to costs because of reform, even though it hasn't gone into effect yet.
  • You can move between providers at cost.
  • Are the individuals really going to obtain more for their money? or are they going to be short changed because of fear from providers of penalties.
  • Online you will be able to find a great deal of information about providers of air conditioning Boynton Beach can count on for help making sure their home is as cool as possible when it needs to be.

"of pay" or "to pay"?

  • It is simply a case of pay or be impeded.
  • You sell yourself to whoever wants to pay.
  • Continue to write your passion and heart without pay.
  • He joined whatever team he could on a ' play for pay ' basis.
  • They refused to take a cut in pay.
  • Click on Pay at Worldpay to begin the payment transfer.
  • Beware of dropping in a capture with pay day loans.
  • It might be about pay, but it also might be about how poorly administrated the health care system is in Quebec.
  • It is commonly found with words such as pay, leave, absence and insurance.
  • The industrial action in Kenya's second-largest city spread after Kenya Ferry Services workers also went on strike over pay.

"of purchase" or "for purchase"?

  • Make use of purchase the a single.
  • For purchases, I tend to use an Earth card.
  • It is advised to secure the glass with the stem in purchase that the hand.
  • Eligibility to Purchase The purchase of products from katesylvester.
  • TIP! Provide free gifts to go along with purchases of your services and/or products to help customers feel respected.
  • The 2012 CBC Massey Lectures by Neil Turok is available for download by purchase from iTunes.
  • INSURANCE on purchases over $100 may be applied: $1 per $100.
  • We regret that tickets can not be exchanged or refunded after purchase.
  • Doing this research you can learn more about value of pictures that you look at purchase.
  • It should definitely be sampled before purchase though.

"of province" or "to province"?

  • The case of Province of Rizal vs.
  • Establish rule of law and completely devolve powers to provinces.
  • He served as the Minister Provincial for Province 2.
  • Oil and gas operations are already well established in provinces like Alberta, B.
  • I will also not talk about whether we should reduce or do away with provinces and build capacity in the municipalities Let's identify a few things as a country, and let's get them right.
  • Here is a guide to Canada's oil and gas activity, province by province: British Columbia B.
  • C, the procedures by which an application for authorization is made may vary from province to province and even within provinces.
  • C, the procedures by which an application for authorization is made may vary from province to province and even within provinces.
  • In addition, in 2009, the tax revenue per capita among cities was PhP 1481, more than twenty times that among provinces (PhP 71).

"for promotion" or "of promotion"?

  • I recently went (unsuccessfully) for promotion.
  • Maybe you have to fine-tune your methods of promotion in each website.
  • On promotion from Lieutenant, officers were appointed to a small ship eg.
  • After all, poker faces lead to promotions.
  • Another college teacher, Yasmeen Bukhari, said that due to delay in promotions anxiety was mounting among the teachers ' community.
  • Our public relations should be guided by the principle of attraction rather than promotion.
  • If you need help with promotion, tell them.
  • I look forward to further blogs you will be posting about promotions.
  • Largely because said clubs have been crippled by promotion and relegation in the past.
  • Its mission is to advance equality, promote equality of opportunity, encourage good relations and challenge discrimination through promotion, advice and enforcement.

of, in, to, about or on perception?

  • There is also a question of perception.
  • A shift in perception would be to consider it your friend.
  • And, as you may know as a Guardian writer, women are very sensitive to perceptions of male domination of any kind.
  • It is all about perception and value.
  • It was a comment on perception.
  • Potential tourists, it suggested, were alienated by perceptions of violence and criminal activity and have been searching for other locations where there was no threat to personal safety.
  • Perception According to the Sankhya and the Vedanta According to the Sankhya system the stimulus for perception is provided by the existence of a real object outside.
  • Since these are always oriented to future states, they take attention away from perception of immediate experience and turn it to following imagined states.
  • An accurate but self-evident observation turns a slayer into Perception Girl.
  • In fact, signals that the brain receives from the heart help us with perception and emotional understanding.

by, of, to, with or from professor?

  • All of Us is edited by Professor William L.
  • The excavation report of Professor F.
  • That gives us the clue to Prof Atta.
  • Couldn't agree more with Prof Leo.
  • West from Professor Day Drive to Simcoe Rd.
  • I hope all the racists, including professor Gates and BO, drop dead.
  • People like Prof Laksiri have seen the light after being supporters of Rajapaksa in the past.
  • During discussion here on Prof Rissel's article so far, most commenters; 1.
  • In conceiving the current Tour, the strategy team, of which I am a member, was well aware of the Media Tour organised in 2001 under Prof Jerry Gana.

of, to, with, in or between phrase?

  • And you are right about the reporter's turn of phrase.
  • Silence also adds colour to phrases by removing the clutter.
  • For many years, people have been playing Scrabble, wanting to participate one another with phrases.
  • It is usually the initial parts, the segments between phrases and the end parts of the captured signal.
  • The choice of 2011 could easily have been not one but several words of the year, (or, more accurately, lexical items, for phrases are on the shortlist too.
  • I'd not sure if they do it subconsciously because it's how their own language works or if they translate phrase by phrase then write it backwards.
  • But we only create 1 page per phrase.
  • He spent hours secretly combing through phrase books and dictionaries.

"of promise" or "with promise"?

  • Isaac is the miraculous son of promise.
  • The post-flood world was also a world with promise.
  • We can not live on promises alone.
  • Let us not be gullible to promises of politicians especially promises that don? t make sense whatsoever.
  • They can also tap its customer base of women borrowers and turn them into a serious vote bank by promises of loan reductions or write-offs.
  • Ask them why they haven't met or spoken with us about our legitimate concerns despite promises to do so in the seven years since they took over.
  • They were given the legal form that stated intent to receive the infant for promise of reward.
  • I love to hear him sing live for some popular songs like Promise &; Let Me Cry.
  • Always remember the under promise and over deliver theory.

"in print" or "of print"?

  • To advertise in print or online.
  • No two sets of prints are the same.
  • Sorry I do not to TFP (time for prints).
  • They were fired as the book went to print.
  • And yet not a whiff has made it into print (until now).
  • This is a really hard issue for people to understand when they move from print into the web.
  • My focus initially was on print making.
  • The APC Annual Report for 2011 is now available for download, with print to follow suit, shortly.
  • Hard Shell, like most electronic publishers, offers to authors higher royalty rates than those offered by print publishers.

"by profession" or "of profession"?

  • He was a saddler by profession.
  • In his kind of profession, alot of people would want to capitalise on his nature.
  • That's why, having the diploma in programming, you will have to continue studying to correspond to profession requirements.
  • After all, do we really want 30 per cent of entrants into professions such as medicine and teaching to be dependent on alcohol? Surely they.
  • The conflict between ' horizontal ' associations such as those based on professions, economic activities (business, agriculture) etc.

of, for, to, in or without punishment?

  • They deserve the severest of punishment.
  • My idea for punishment of the offender.
  • Schools have strict policies, and if a child breaks that policy, he is subject to punishment.
  • And Fear Allah; Verily Allah is severe in punishment.
  • On the one hand, they seem to imply that justice can often be achieved without punishment.
  • While Benedict Arnold escaped to British-occupied New York, where he was protected from punishment.
  • Within the fundie tribe, cohesion and conformity is maintained by shared mythology backed up by punishment of heretics and blashemers, and reinforced by in group out group dynamics.
  • If they themselves did not want to bother with punishment, they would summon the Kapo and order him to give us twenty-five lashes.

"of pride" or "with pride"?

  • Great article! I feel a sense of pride.
  • His voice is filled with pride.
  • After a while, the UU booth became a magnet for Pride attendees.
  • I am happy and lift my head in pride.
  • But there was a moment in the mid-1990s, and I daresay Flesh was at fault for this, that Pride was swamped by straight women.
  • I think youare severly blinded by pride and anger that you miserably rely on MAHERS theology tha is both bogus and laughable.
  • This is about pride; what it is and why it makes sense, or doesn't make sense, to have it.
  • But there's a WORLD of difference between PRIDE and VIOLENCE.
  • Our favourite films still end with a wedding, from When Harry Met Sally to Pride and Prejudice.

"of planning" or "in planning"?

  • It took almost a year of planning.
  • They require more than just coherence in planning.
  • They all have members caught taking bribes for planning.
  • I didn't say I had the answer to planning's blogging failings.
  • Yet again they are usually excluded from planning and decision making around the management of the community's natural resources.
  • In the summer of 1945, Prime Minister Attlee created a top-secret committee <GEN-75> on planning and construction of facilities for the production of atomic bombs.
  • Is this also not allowed? When running around the Philippines I have found the Girb programs very accurate and very helpful with planning.
  • By planning and hard work he was able to chart a course for his life that was successful.
  • As I said, my concern about planning blogs is the model they present.
  • Soak those goodies up while they're available, as well as planning and learning for the future.

"of pitch" or "in pitch"?

  • But not all pieces of music use the same set of pitches.
  • The Piccolo is one octave higher in pitch than the flute and is half the size.
  • Great fun for pitch after pitch, until some isolated old larch trees signal that it's time to traverse out to the Bernina Pass road.
  • We are starting to see it (anchoring) on pitch shots and chip shots.
  • Also there is a problem with pitches also.
  • The Distance Between Pitches The interval between two notes is the distance between the two pitches - in other words, how much higher or lower one note is than the other.
  • You can also find it in some different plating options, sizes, as well as pitches and.
  • Vegabond Alexis Marsh is back again Just when we thought we were going to have the decks clear and some room to move around down below up pitches Alexis with over ton of supplies.

"In preparation" or "of preparation"?

  • A Pastoral Code is in preparation (Mekouar 1997).
  • After days of preparation, trials were held.
  • Follow the directions on the packaging for preparation.
  • When deciding on preparation classes you might want to ask yourself: 1.
  • Because it's all about preparation.
  • Pay careful attention to preparation and clean-up areas.
  • The whole town was busy with preparations.
  • These are: The women do not talk with anyone during preparation.
  • What does stand out are the rather dazzling visual effects, many of which are bigger and bolder due to the shift from preparation to action.

"in port", "of port" or "to port"?

  • Gardner grew up in Port Hope, Ont.
  • Deputy Ministers of Port and Aviation Hon.
  • Go to Port Barton and stay at Elsa's.
  • A boat can pick you up from Port Barton and take you there.
  • Russell and representatives of the press, she arrived at the dock at Port Day.
  • Both leave for Port Barton at 7am in the morning.
  • You can initially check on port 443, but there are many ports on which certificates are commonly presented.
  • I will not deal with Port Orchard vets anymore.
  • One was in the Straight between Port Angeles, Vancouver and Whidbey Is.
  • For example, every boat that came into port was searched for books.

during, of, at, in or with peak?

  • They are mostly found on the roads during peak hours.
  • But now, in the age of peak oil, that power is quickly becoming absolute.
  • But trains do get fully booked at peak Thai holiday periods.
  • Two weeks in peak season is not cheap.
  • The path is not clear with Peak Oil.
  • You don't even need to buy off peak calls you won't ever make.
  • Imran said he has immense respect for Sunil Gavaskar because he left cricket when he was on peak.
  • Eric, most folks are living in a dreamworld when it comes to Peak Oil.
  • Just in time for peak oil and any economic recovery.
  • GDP is down by an almost unbelievable 20 per cent from peak.

"of proportion" or "in proportion"?

  • This is all being blown out of proportion.
  • Paul usually has everything in proportion.
  • The Perception of RELATIONSHIPS In this class you will learn about proportion and perspective using ' sighting '.
  • If, by proportion, I was in debt this much, I would be declaring Bankrupcy and yet Obama just keeps printing more.
  • It therefore goes without saying that the Galaxy S2's successor, the Galaxy S3 unveiled yesterday, was highly anticipated and even hyped to iPhone like proportions.
  • That said, I stand by the point that a tax cut on proportion of cut contributed would give bugger all to those very wealthy on 150K and less than bugger all to the rest of us.

of, for, with, by or in passage?

  • Now I consider it a rite of passage.
  • Bhuiyan said the drafts would be vetted by the Law Ministry before being placed in parliament for passage.
  • Or Luke deleted it from Q to make it consistent with passage in Mark he was deleting.
  • However, West Virginia's program was recently gutted due to changes in federal regulations prompted by passage of the Affordable Care Act.
  • I've courted girls in Blarney, in Kanturk and in Killarney In Passage and in Queenstown, that is the Cobh of Cork.
  • Apart from passages already quoted, he says (New Voyage ), ' The Inhabitants of this Country are the miserablest People in the world.
  • Legislation would be posted online for examination by citizens before passage.

"of pension" or "for pension"?

  • Scapula, we live in the era of pension fund socialism.
  • Is Nominee eligible for Pension as well? c.
  • I had been given this factoid in a GP seminar on pensions.
  • Always be nice to pension fund managers.
  • The Dutch government recently collapsed over a proposed cut in pensions.
  • What should happen with pensions is this.
  • As of now over 30% of new business premium for life insurers have come from pension plans, a large part of which has.
  • By last year, the disposable income savings rate had dropped to a measly 4%, according to figures provided by pension consultant Towers Watson.
  • Employers who need to know more should about Pension Reform should visit here.
  • Because of this economic development, banks find themselves faced with increased demand for mortgages, long term savings products (including pensions) and development finance.

"in paragraph" or "of paragraph"?

  • In paragraph 27 of Bastien Estate, Cromwell J.
  • The prescribed rate for the purposes of paragraph (b) is 0.
  • Coordinate its activities related to paragraph 11 (b) with the government of Lebanon and the government of Israel; d.
  • In such instances the procedures set out at paragraph 6 hereof should be complied with.
  • For example, -- The complainant is not required to state his or her address or occupation in court, except where leave is given under paragraph (c).
  • All references will be to paragraph this, subsection that which will of course disagree with paragraph that, subsection this.
  • The content of an affidavit should be divided into paragraphs that are numbered.
  • The same, strictly speaking, holds true for paragraph numbering: (1).
  • A may not afterwards be tried for voluntarily causing grievous hurt to B on the same facts, unless the case comes within paragraph 3 of the section.

"of poll", "to poll" or "in poll"?

  • I eagerly await the next week of polls.
  • So I have come here to poll the vote.
  • In polls for this Sunday's vote, he is favoured to win.
  • The race is, however, overshadowed by the Presidential election, with polls in the state hinting at a narrow Obama lead over Romney.
  • In the last 15 seconds, interviewer Becky Anderson tells Gilani about poll results that reveal that about a third of Pakistanis want to leave the country.
  • Poll after poll has shown the People still don't want it (never did, never have, never will).
  • Equally important is for the Election Commission to be ready for polls.
  • As part of the Dual Listed Company structure of the Group, the business conducted at the Annual General Meetings is determined by polls.

"of producer" or "with producer"?

  • We get profiles of producers, restaurants and regions.
  • I love working with producers and DJs though, it's all really exciting.
  • For producers, it's really about money.
  • It has moved them from being merely subsistence farmers to producers of a cash crop.
  • She was dumped and with good reason, by her boyfriend and by producers and directors.
  • Then it started -- a steady stream of email messages from producers telling me what to ask.
  • Regulatory policy and the development of science-based regulations can often be a complex give and take among producers and users, government regulators and the public.
  • The Dirty Dozen Robert Aldrich's late-60s classic is on producer Joel Silver's slate for a remake.
  • Being a finalist like producers are trying their best to do but not winning (like JLS, Olly, 1D, cher).
  • Producer after producer on news programmes called asking for pro- and anti-GM guests.

"of possession" or "in possession"?

  • He is rarely robbed of possession.
  • Tharpes were in possession in the year 1802.
  • The 1-ounce limit applies to possession anywhere outside the facility.
  • Our in-house legal process kicked in and we duly obtained an order for possession.
  • They had left their homes burdened with possessions.
  • It was a good thing for them, as Arsenal had a stranglehold on possession.
  • A landlord to her current dwelling place turned up two days after possession and prompted an immediate lease withdrawal process.
  • Later, this copy was taken into possession by guru's rivals who would not wish to share it freely with the mainstream Sikhs.
  • When the Tuatha De Danann arrive, warfare ensues over possession of the land.
  • In the last two games Cavani has dropped too deep, away from his comfort zone, when Uruguay are without possession.

"of plot" or "in plot"?

  • There is nothing at all of plot, or characterisation.
  • I found this novel to be full of cliches, both in plot and characters.
  • Thus the highest total biomass was produced on plots U and the lowest on plots P2.
  • Oftentimes, the book feels like it is a series of sex scenes with plot thrown in as lubricant, but don't be too hasty to judge.
  • Friends of HOCET decided to hire a house at Kinondoni- Studio in the same area of Hananasif at plot no.
  • Aside from the awful 5th season, it never looked to be casting around desperately for plot twists - which even BSG has been guilty of.
  • In order to do that, I need to have enough mental space to daydream, to work through plot points and character arcs, to read and to write and to edit.

of, by, for, behind or in phenomenon?

  • This kind of phenomenon never existed before the Gulf War.
  • Yet even with this considered, the best guess is that around 60 per cent of the decline over the satellite era is forced by phenomena outside the system - like anthropogenic emissions.
  • In these domains you must account for phenomena such as self-fulfilling or self-cancelling prophecies.
  • He wants to understand the universe; to get behind phenomena and operation and solve the logically prior riddles of being, knowledge, and value.
  • Scientists see patterns in phenomena as making the world understandable; engineers also see them as making the world manipulable.
  • We know that if we form attachments to phenomena, there really will be suffering.

"of photography" or "in photography"?

  • Also, I've been working on a lot of photography.
  • I had some insight in Photography.
  • She has a special gift for photography.
  • We talk about photography, cameras, travel, RVs,.
  • I was in the area to present a talk on photography.
  • It is only later that I became involved with photography.
  • Police sometimes object to photography without prior permission.
  • Totally into Photography and Astronomy.
  • When I started out, I had a fairly simple goal -- to make a living from photography.
  • Hence, the primary phenomenological differences between photography and cinema are temporality, sound, and movement.

"of plate" or "to plate"?

  • The Earth's crust consists of plates that are in constant motion.
  • From sea to plate in one day, you can't get any fresher than this.
  • Keep the jamoons aside on plate.
  • Just sitting there with plates on our knees eating chicken kievs.
  • It's become a favorite meal especially for the low price of $200JA per plate.
  • In this, the food to be frozen is placed directly on or between plates, within which the refrigerant circulates.
  • Description: We are ideally looking for someone with a certificate for plate and pipe welding.
  • Comments Look at plate 1 in Hansen's 88 paper, the model includes the oceans.
  • In the 14th century chain mail was replaced by plate armour.

"of productivity" or "in productivity"?

  • It's cost us thousands of hours of productivity.
  • The Labor Department also reported a greater increase in productivity to 1.
  • If indeed it is, then it has had no discernible impact on productivity.
  • The key to productivity is a positive state of mind.
  • Cheap energy will do more for productivity.
  • I've covered how well Android works with productivity software in the other posts in this series.
  • The neo-liberal in this country bang on about productivity.
  • But in the next few years, others may be at par or even beat the games category such as productivity tools.
  • What's gtd got to do with it? GTD (Getting Things Done) is an organizational method created by productivity consultant David Allen.
  • One of Deepak Chopra's Five Secrets to Happiness is enjoyment at work and that simple notion can have huge impacts upon productivity, well-being and profits.

"on par" or "at par"?

  • Kyle is not on par with Alan Jones.
  • What we have is TV, which is at par.
  • They make sure the salon is up to par as far as cleanliness.
  • India's pace department is below par.
  • They're now 42 under par, which is a new PGA record.
  • Thankfully contrast and brightness are slightly above par for a budget handset.
  • Today the importance of the acceptance phenomena as described in PARTheory and elsewhere has come to encompass all relationships across the lifespan.
  • He told me to always aim for pars and the birdies will happen in the process.
  • Even though he's currently 30 over par and 70 shots off the lead with only 6 holes left to play we'll be tracking him relentlessly and exclusively to see if he can mount a comeback.

"of protest" or "in protest"?

  • A wave of protest issued from Jakarta.
  • Ou recalled Taiwan's Tokyo representative in protest.
  • This year the attacks on public workers provided an additional push to unions to use May Day as a vehicle for protest.
  • The people of this country have resorted to protests to win their rights.
  • Protest after protest, they have managed to convince the Australian Govt.
  • Despite protests by the Austrian Green Party who argued that such an idea would cause air pollution, the live performance went ahead, and was aired on several TV channels.
  • The killing of at least 15 demonstrators by US troops during protests in Falluja this week illustrate how quickly the occupation can turn bloody.
  • The Olympics, of course, have a long and troubling history with protest and dissent.
  • The meeting was marked by protests outside and protest votes inside.
  • More than half the residents attend the meeting and resolve to put up posters on Republic Day expressing their dissent, as well as sit on protest on 27th January, 2012.

"in popularity" or "of popularity"?

  • They are growing in popularity.
  • Pandora Bracelet is created loads of popularity right now.
  • A has made many achievements that launched her name to popularity.
  • So, Tiran climbed his back for popularity.
  • Install a plug-in that ranks posts based on popularity, such as Popularity Content.
  • Tip: By default the items are ranked in Closeness to your target, followed by Popularity where there is a tie.
  • Install a plug-in that ranks posts based on popularity, such as Popularity Content.
  • Researchers from the University of Southern California (USC) and the University of Texas studied seven Southern California high schools and found a correlation between popularity and smoking.
  • Enterprise data simply isn't like web or consumer data -- it's characterised by rarity and unconnectedness rather than popularity and context.

"of passport" or "for passport"?

  • Nearly 5 percent reported the loss of passports.
  • Please consider this timeline when renewing or applying for passports.
  • Tax #s tend to follow with passport #s.
  • They will ask about passport information and keep it in their system to avoid possible misuse.
  • The evidence may include but need not be limited to passport entry/exit stamps and academic records.
  • While that includes things like passports, university ID cards, the state assumes most voters will rely on driver's licenses or nondriver identification cards for voting.
  • And as far as I know, embassies don't usually grant visas on passport that has less than 6 months of validity.
  • Their want is for Tanzania to level the global playground for them, through passports.
  • In my returned letter, they mentioned like below: Please note, we do not accept passports as proff of birth, therefore we are unable to accept details from passport.
  • Without passports, the Free State was a State devoid of citizens or at least devoid of citizens identified in an internationally legitimated way.

of, in, to, with or alongside pocket?

  • It also leaves you out of pocket.
  • Dave couldn't find his ticket anywhere, not in bags, not in pockets.
  • Their goal is to pocket as much cash as they can through whatever means they can.
  • I loved the answer with pockets.
  • Distrust of the police is growing alongside pockets of resistance from workers who feel isolated from the centre of power in the unions that are meant to represent them.
  • One by one, flags were presented to denote the home states of the recruits, eliciting cheers from pockets of supporters.
  • Cue digging into pockets and bags for a 5c coin.
  • It is claimed that vultures in the form of thieves could be seen going through pockets and removing jewellery from the dead bodies.
  • I gave account of every money (except pocket money) they spent on me.

of, in, about, to or for poetry?

  • Poetic meter is the measure of a line of poetry.
  • There's no crisis in poetry criticism.
  • Maybe it's just me, nit picking and trying to show I know something about poetry.
  • There was a time when Big Dams moved men to poetry.
  • That's especially true for poetry read by its own creator.
  • That's a gigantic influence, as well as Dylan's influence on poetry.
  • Then I would know where to start with poetry.
  • Alas, it seems that Poetry Foundation hates women.
  • This poem, in part, concerns the relationship between poetry and technology.
  • There is a chicken/egg problem with the logic of using criticism as an entree into poetry.

"of patient" or "for patient"?

  • A raised WBC was seen in 70% of patients.
  • Parking for patients and visitors available.
  • Oxidative stress in patients with multiple sclerosis.
  • It is tops when it comes to patient care.
  • The waiting room wasfilled with patients.
  • Among patients with infectious (smear positive) pulmonary disease, MDR TB was seen in 35.
  • A 2005 study included an inventory of the types of crimes committed by patients with schizophrenia.
  • Testing of ticks removed from patients for B.
  • This method of treatment had a very positive result on patients.
  • The median number of sets per patient was 10 (5).

of, to, in, for or with prospect?

  • That gets the attention of prospects who are not within my friends list.
  • As to prospects of disagreement and the taking of majority verdicts, see 8-050.
  • Neither was there any rise in prospects over the weekend.
  • Ditto for prospects of big-bang reforms.
  • Look for opportunities to talk with prospects and donors.
  • It seems like teams are placing higher value on prospects as well.
  • He was voted sixth in a 2005 global poll of the world's top 100 intellectuals by Prospect.
  • It felt a little like it had felt in the last year or two of my first marriage, when I could see nothing ahead of me and no way out, and only - what? alcoholism? a breakdown? as prospects.
  • The two Ambassadors spoke about prospects for U.

of, to, in, from or with privilege?

  • A mirror opposite of privilege.
  • One was the son of a London blacksmith, the other born to privilege, as minor Scottish gentry.
  • I guess it is often tied up in privilege.
  • You can choose from Privilege, Bio Privilege Rooms or Suites to ensure your full comfort.
  • But with privilege comes responsibility.
  • This isn't about merit; it's about privilege and payback -- that's the real racism.
  • I suspected everything had been coloured by privilege, materialism, expansion, and basically theft.
  • As for interest, think of it as a simple fee for privilege of borrowing money.
  • However, they were rejected in both countries on the premise that the UN Convention on Privileges and Immunities accords the UN and international aid agencies with diplomatic exemptions.
  • Much of it by people without privilege.

"of politician" or "by politician"?

  • A lot of politicians tried to interfere.
  • It's all cheap talk by politicians.
  • For politicians this potato is just too hot to touch.
  • It is not limited to politicians.
  • I suppose it is the bit of wind from politicians that has me upset.
  • We see it everywhere, with politicians, media, entertainmnent.
  • I don't depend on politicians to cure the ills of society.
  • Similarly their is no honour among politicians and their ilk.
  • I believe it says a lot about politicians when they feel the need to photocall juxtaposed to a **25;0;TOOLONG etc.
  • This unholy pact between politicians and certain segments of he media is one of the gravest threats to an open and transparent democracy we currently face.

of, in, for, with or on protein?

  • This is why bodybuilders eat a lot of protein.
  • Wild rice is extremely high in protein.
  • And you'll be stuck with eating tofu for protein.
  • When eating simple carbohydrates: Enjoy with protein.
  • When we eat protein rich food, many enzymes act on protein and hydrolyze it into amino acids.
  • That does not come from Protein Shakes.
  • This shows that the morphological outcomes of changes to protein sequence and gene expression must be interpreted in the context of the wider regulatory network.
  • Fat has twice as many calories as protein or carbohydrates.
  • Conditioners play the most important role in maintaining the delicate balance between protein and moisture in the hair.

"of physics" or "in physics"?

  • It follows the basic laws of physics.
  • She holds a doctorate in physics.
  • The Nobel Prize for Physics Dr S.
  • We've recently added some new material to PH100: Intro to Physics.
  • There was no significant relation between physics students ' internet usage and paternal educational background.
  • Additionally we sought particular skills ranging from Physics through IT to Bio.
  • And cats have had the market cornered on physics since Schrodinger.
  • Instead of starting with physics and the natural world, he started with this individual meditator.
  • Notice how she does not giving a flying buck about physics.
  • He therefore urged them to study science subjects like Physics, Geography, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology.

"of parking" or "for parking"?

  • In terms of parking, again, delivery trucks.
  • The machine will tell you cost-per-minute for parking.
  • French doors open onto sunny courtyard with parking at the door.
  • Vehicles parking on parking area must have a valid licence plate.
  • The two areas are very similar, they share the same issues as to parking, usage etc, they are both with the congestion zone and CAZ area.
  • That single point has gotten lost in the big discussion about parking in general.
  • Where is this? My experience is that there's rarely parking during business hours downtown at parking meters.
  • Furthermore, a visible security presence could add the extra layer of credibility to parking restrictions that stops individuals from parking wherever they wish.
  • I had a similar claim after parking in Staples car park in Nottingham when I was visiting my son in Uni Halls near there.
  • Out Patient Department and Minor Procedures Clinic Specialities available Car Parking Park only in parking spaces provided.

"of priest" or "by priest"?

  • So has the number of priests and religious.
  • It entered Malaysia only in the 1980s when it was brought in by priests who were trained in Taiwan.
  • The shewbread was for priests alone.
  • Must be something with priests.
  • Federal MPs have dismissed the response of NSW Liberal Premier Barry O'Farrell who has launched an inquiry into police handling of abuse claims against priests in the Hunter region.
  • I noted that this has been it's position in priest sex abuse cases.
  • In a priest-ridden country, the same rule didn't apply to priests.
  • My journey from priest to agnostic to atheist had several defining moments.

of, For, with, to or in propaganda?

  • I hate this kind of propaganda made out in media.
  • John Palmer is appointed as EU Commissioner for Propaganda.
  • The NDC is the only political Party with propaganda executives.
  • Any individuals and groups reporting truth as they find it as opposed to propaganda.
  • Kim Jong-il's mother, Kim Jong-suk, died in 1949 and was lauded as a hero in propaganda -- leaving little room for Kim Il-sung's second wife.
  • Glover's own attempts at propaganda disturbing.
  • Thus there is a great need for the K1? 11? a consciousness movement for the benefit of innocent people who are being carried away by propaganda of such demons.
  • Meanwhile, the citizenry, equally averse to issues relishes being fed on propaganda, non-issues and irrelevancies.
  • If you are interested in politics there is a section for that but this is truth vs propaganda, we want to project the truth here if you don't mind.

"of prize" or "in prize"?

  • In fact she is running one of her own with a super collection of prizes.
  • Out of 300$ million in prizes, 290$ million are food prizes.
  • Before or after the trick-or-treating has commenced, have a costume contest with prizes for kids and adults.
  • The claims for prizes can be lodged within two years after draw.
  • Somewhere else, the high winds whipped through the leaves of the trees, ripping some of them from their branches and loosening others for the next gust to carry away like prizes.
  • There are 5 runner up prizes of beach party goodie bags to be won too.
  • By encouraging patents here, it removes incentives for patent-free innovation such as prizes, which may fall more squarely within OIC values.
  • The organizer does not provide technical support and insurance considering the prize, and is not responsible for any problems concerning prize condition and its transportation.
  • Flaim says in his best years as an athlete, he might have earned $75,000 from prizes, honorarium and sponsorships.

"of patience" or "with patience"?

  • Success demands a lot of patience.
  • Benched along with patience and reason.
  • Once again, thanks for patience over the past few weeks.
  • May Allah (swt) increase you in patience and join you and your families in Jannatul firdous.
  • He has recourse to patience after much complaining and sorrowing.
  • Overall, finding a good electrician is really all about patience and knowing the right people.

of, in, on, by or with pass?

  • The flow of passes, jukes, and shots are precise.
  • He's also first in passing (297.
  • This class is expected to be heavy on pass rushers early.
  • Also, never by pass your health and fitness routine.
  • Those students comfortable with Bs and Cs will remain comfortable with Pass and Low Pass.
  • They both suspected she was visiting them not so much to be neighbourly as to pass on some scandal - for that was Mrs Tormey's favourite occupation.
  • While studying mosiac tobacco disease, he found that the agent causing the disease was small enough for pass though ceramic filter that are small enough to trap all bacteria.
  • Vukas chases long through pass, as he.

of, to, by, for or with pilot?

  • He was in the first group of pilots to convert to Hunters.
  • His main duty was to give detailed pre-flight briefings to pilots.
  • Janice was weird even by pilot standards.
  • For pilots, friends and family who are interested in staying pre, during or post event, please email **28;4138;TOOLONG who will be looking after all bookings for the WOK team at the hotel.
  • We were a mixed bunch, with pilots also from Poland, America, Canada and Australia.
  • Fate is the hunter and we as Pilots seek to maintain our situational awareness in a hostile environment.
  • The National Aeronautics and Space Administration collects reports from pilots of incidents related to electronic devices.
  • Now more than 40 per cent fly without pilots on board.

"of pot" or "in pot"?

  • The metal of pots and pans can easily scratch marble surfaces if not careful.
  • I have started a vegetable garden in pots as the earth is acid from a huge old pine tree in my yard.
  • Thanks! A couple times a month, friends and I get together for pot luck dinners.
  • These are both tough cuts of beef best used in recipes that call for longer, moister cooking, like pot roasts and stews.
  • It saves on pots and washing up and is a pretty foolproof tasty meal.
  • They also can not take your basic living equipment such as pots, pans, blankets, beds and refrigerators or anything you, or another household member, uses to earn a living (with some exceptions).
  • We had to split into groups of 3 per pot, luckily my friends are quite easy going and it was easy to decided on a flavour.
  • Then the Dastar-Khawn was arranged, filled with pots of black lentils, halwa, pickle, cheese, milk, honey, and bread.
  • At the moment my balcony garden is green and lush, a range of my most-loved herbs and salad greens sprouting from pots - some gifted, others found and collected.
  • There's been a long-standing debate among programmers as to whether recreational drugs, including pot and hallucinagens like LSD, can actually help programmers code.