Prepositions before Nouns

Click a word to see what prepositions are usually used before it in English


"in question" or "of question"?

  • His leadership was in question.
  • Because I have a lot of questions.
  • This ties into question 1 addressed by RI.
  • Much of this trip is open to question.
  • Let us have some fun with questions.
  • Juan Mata: MOTM without question.
  • The floor is then opened up for questions.
  • Me, I am just passing on questions being asked.
  • His credibility is beyond question.
  • Use your algebraic rule from Question 1 to find the circle numbers.

"of quality", "for quality" or "in quality"?

  • They want something of quality.
  • The content is good in quality and are.
  • Look, there is no alternative to quality and it is true.
  • A great emphasis is placed on quality and freshness.
  • Begin with quality content writing.
  • People are going to care about quality wine.
  • If you are able to develop unique as well as quality articles then you? re all right with this particular update of Google.
  • Presentation every 2 weeks, impressed by quality and effort.
  • Moreover, the company could be preparing an attempt to remedy the access over quality paradigm by introducing high-fidelity music files to the iTunes store.

per, of, to, in or At quarter?

  • The number of sick days taken per quarter is about 1.
  • Fergusson Bell) and the second chairman of Quarter sessions (Mr.
  • Stop looking quarter to quarter.
  • Peel large yellow onion then cut in quarters.
  • Ingredients: 50ml rum 25ml gomme syrup or two tsp brown sugar Half a lime Four mint sprigs Soda water Crushed ice Cut a lime into quarters and place two of them in a glass.
  • Interestingly, fares to the Americas have increased 2% in the last quarter -- the first quarter on quarter increase in the last six months.
  • Diabetes Nearly 7 percent of New Zealanders have diabetes, and a new nutrition survey shows that over quarter of them don't yet know it.
  • That's not good enough for Wall Street, which wants Sun to grow sales and generate profits rather than flat line quarter after quarter.
  • It was a low-scoring affair as the Riders led 3-0, 6-1 and 6-1 by quarter on the way to the victory.

"of quote" or "in quote"?

  • Keep a list of quotes from that person in your packet.
  • What is the grammatical name given to the construction in quotes? Answer: An adverbial clause.
  • Quote Reply with quote is used when you want to make a reply to a certain post.
  • Find, compare and book instantly - no more waiting for quotes Low service fees.
  • If you're the sort of person who underlines quotable passages in books, bring an extra highlighter because there's a lot to quote from in this book.
  • The Requote and Change Order Quote variations are included within Quote.

"In quantity" or "of quantity"?