Prepositions before Nouns

Click a word to see what prepositions are usually used before it in English


"of value" or "in value"?

  • There is no safe store of value.
  • It is measured in values gained.
  • Yet we don't seem to value these qualities.
  • To reach payment you must click 10 000 ads with value $0.
  • Secure file share opens unlimited possibilities for value added services.
  • But, you talk about value adding.
  • By value, that figure would be even higher.
  • Inflation is a depreciation on value of money.
  • Your actual marketing important, consequently produce just about all at value.
  • We can therefore suggest there is a strong relationship between values, behaviours and results.

of, in, into, from or on view?

  • Try on different points of view.
  • Gerizim since it was directly in view.
  • Until at last the true goal comes into view.
  • The staging area was blocked from view, as was the screen.
  • If at all possible, leave nothing on view.
  • All cabins have a veranda with views of Mt.
  • They can control everything very easily: description, images, pay per view.
  • I could never get used to views like this.

"of video" or "for video"?

  • There are hundreds of video games.
  • Ed IS is extremely useful for video.
  • Their reunion, which was caught on video, shows.
  • A script that is read with video.
  • I have few questions and want to see that in video.
  • What do you think of this news about Video: Watch what may be the.
  • Tablets offer a wide array of added functionality, such as videos, music, email, internet, and apps.
  • Me doing the dishes I think of syfy things, things from video games and movies.
  • Why wasn't this talk broadcast on the web, why couldn't I participate through video etc.
  • Online entries -- from text to video -- explore the latest news events and how they are shaping our world.

of, to, in, down or for version?

  • Preparation and Release of Version 1.
  • Better performance compared to version 2.
  • Code Reorganizing In version 2.
  • The Cathedral is meant to be a scaled down version of the St.
  • My verdict this is as good as most popular paid for versions.
  • Traditional Chinese Support From version 1.
  • My first experience with Windows started with version 3.
  • Slender is currently at version 0.
  • I have used AVG Free for over 5 years, currently on Version 9.
  • The Facebook iPhone app has just ticked over into version 5.

of, to, for, in or on violence?

  • To offer it the show of violence.
  • Hair-trigger resort to violence.
  • They are already spoiling for violence.
  • That doesn't end up in violence.
  • END FGM has recorded a YouTube video question on violence against women.
  • Reacting with violence has made the.
  • Violence can never be ended by violence.
  • It is all about violence and hatred.
  • We have taken a very strong stand against terrorism and against violence.
  • They, like the youth all over Nigeria, are easily manipulated into violence.

of, for, With, by or in voice?

  • Not a robot kind of voice like some have experienced.
  • As for voice data entry, here it is also present.
  • I'd playing possibilities with voices.
  • It is ignored by voice of desire.
  • He is also a (NCTV) accredited radio presenter, specialising in voice over work.
  • Idea is offering up to 75 percent discount on voice and data services with iRoam.
  • The plausible phone number he gave went to Voice Mail.
  • Keyboards are rarely seen, all input is carried out either via voice or gestures.
  • Support for Time-Bounded Data Time-bounded data such as voice and video is supported in the 802.
  • Aside from fingerprints, other attributes like voice and, specifically, practices can also be made use of as part of the access control system.

of, in, with, on or for variety?

  • TV is full of variety type shows.
  • In variety shows, they make you laugh like hell.
  • He has been involved with Variety since 1996.
  • Revisiting the debate on varieties of capitalism.
  • Meat and fish can be added for variety.
  • Now she can be, thanks to Variety.
  • You should really be capable to push plus variety and away from one proceed.

"of vision" or "with vision"?

  • The angles of vision are skewed.
  • Our industry needs more people with vision and passion like you.
  • This is the temple seen by Ezekiel in vision and the one to which the Savior will come.
  • Now a good example of that in relation to vision is this.
  • Doesn't seem to be a person who's totally crazy about Vision.
  • Many studies have shown that the brains of blind people reorganise to adapt to their condition, and the areas used for vision take on new roles.
  • Also, copy cat behavior relies on vision, what people see others do.
  • There is a Web Accessibility Toolbar available from Vision Australia and the Paciello Group.
  • As you may have read, part of my role at Vision Africa is using social media (such as Facebook and Twitter) to raise awareness of our work.
  • It is suggested by vision therapists that students using a lap desk stabilize material at the appropriate working distance from their eyes.

of, for, to, in or with vehicle?

  • The number of vehicles affected was 1.
  • We would highly recommend Chris Dennison for vehicle locates.
  • This includes all minor damage to vehicles.
  • It is expected that Siri will be available in vehicle as well.
  • I have near-misses with vehicles all the time.
  • Iam just listing a few: - B) MURDER BY VEHICLE.
  • Theft from vehicles has been increasing markedly since September 2011.
  • Read Full Article Matte results in extraordinary outcome specially when applied on vehicles.
  • Burgess St would be transformed into a courtyard space with no separation between vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Proper vehicle/passenger ferries would have to be much larger than the current Western ships to accommodate the higher number of passengers.

"of village" or "in village"?

  • Thousands of villages were smashed.
  • Charkha Samitis were formed in villages.
  • He rushed from village to village.
  • He rushed from village to village.
  • Khusnun is a veteran of three elections for village chief, or geuchik.
  • Through villages and small towns, streets lined with flag waving crowds.
  • Around the dam site and the nearby villages, the number of cases of malaria has increased six-fold.
  • Some attacks on villages have taken place in daylight hours and close to population centres; even major towns like Yambio are vulnerable to attack.
  • To hear more about village life and why one of our.
  • We're good with juice and FiOS at Village View on First and 6th.

"of vote" or "for vote"?

  • Illegal Immigrants Accused of Vote Fraud.
  • They can do anything for votes.
  • That is, 93% of registered voters in Wisconsin voted.
  • Teenage Idiots to Vote? Argentina is poised to give 16-year-olds the right to vote and Scotland is proposing to do the same.
  • I ' like to know if she supported by vote a reduction in costs of security for our embassies.
  • The lower end of the county was plastered with vote for Levittowns Own mike fitzpatrick.
  • The alternative hypothesis based on votes cast is that.
  • It's all about votes and power -- not about progress.

"of victory" or "to victory"?

  • Sinema's margin of victory over Mr.
  • She cruised to victory in straight games -- 21-9, 21-4.
  • South Africans are desperate for victory.
  • Certainly his death in victory ensured his everlasting fame.
  • With victory in sight, the Allies met to hammer out the post-War economics of the world.
  • Already, he was moving forward from victory to the difficult times ahead.
  • Until he donned Lycra, he had no understanding of the difference between victory and conquest.
  • Therefore, in order to make the 2016 dream a reality, there inevitable comes a time when talk has to translate into performance on the pitch and performance into victories.
  • He never came back from any war without victory.

"of visit" or "to visit"?

  • The third type of visit was that of friendship.
  • There are some interesting places to visit around there.
  • Aquarium of the Bay is also a very interesting place for visit in San Francisco.
  • Continue with visits of the Kibera Slums Nursery School at Little Rock.
  • The cap on visits can also be set by a third party - in this case, the council.
  • Just then Linda appeared and announced to Emeka that she charges N50,000 per visit.
  • The time between visits is really the most important time.
  • It drew enthusiasm and morale boosts from visits of leading Indian personalities.
  • Overall, Flora Garden was ok during visit was considerably less impressive, in our view, than other garden attractions in Macau.
  • A number of upmarket camps have opened, and wildlife is being improved thanks to the increase in visits to the reserves.

"of victim" or "for victim"?

  • They can be so calculating at playing the role of victim themselves.
  • Compensation for victims was pennies.
  • Conferencing is similar in many respects to victim offender mediation.
  • Bankruptcy trustees can't overcome the hurdle it poses, and thus are stuck with clawing back money from victims.
  • There was no reform of the justice system, but they've done a bit of work on victim support.
  • It should be about victims, how they get a fair go.
  • Local police sources have said the men behind the attack wanted to marry the girl, but their advances had been turned down by victim's father.
  • Your job constantly brings you into contact with victims of trauma - and likely more severe trauma, for those being wheeled into your OR.
  • Certainly when when Roethlisberger when argued in victim was gon na buy.
  • Well, you can not generalize that all women are derelict or vulnerable like victims of trafficking who were ensnared by the vicious circle, because of lack.

"in volume" or "of volume"?

  • In my report of the debate in Volume VI, No.
  • It might not be sexy, but that's a lot of volume.
  • However, its use by volume has declined from 78 per cent.
  • This is a pro cutter for volume.
  • We'll get to frequency in a bit, but let's start with volume.
  • The costs are only taken whether they win and depend on volume of the transaction.
  • It's up to volume 8 in English at this point.
  • It allows the app to modify global audio settings such as volume and routing.
  • Beginning at volume twelve, the series occassionally flash-forwards several years into the future, giving the audience clues of what will happen during the present.
  • And, when considering the recent correlation between volume and the SP 500 (-0.

"of visa" or "for visa"?

  • I can not do any part-time jobs because of visa issues.
  • I'd yet to schedule the appointment for visa stamping.
  • You pay securely by Visa or MasterCard and print out your own ticket.
  • For up to date information on visas and immigration please visit: http: **35;1825;TOOLONG.
  • We also assist with visa for all countries.
  • Please do not undergo any medial/chest x-ray until your application has been submitted to Visa First.
  • I don't believe in visas and passports.
  • About Visa Wellington On a Plate New Zealand's largest and tastiest culinary festival, Visa Wellington On a Plate, is set to serve good times and great deals from August 10-26.
  • The sport is also a hit with sponsors such as Visa and Coca-Cola.
  • Over time, this can lead to processing times that vary from visa office to visa office in some immigration categories.

"of venue" or "at venue"?

  • The choice of venue depends on the value of your case, i.
  • The labs will take place in January 2013 at venues in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness.
  • Usually people in venues are professional enough to realize that their job is to help bands ' engineers, not hinder them.
  • These girls just wander around from venue to venue, often picking up guys on the street.
  • Jazz Services publishes Jazz UK, a free magazine with a print run of 30,000 that is distributed through venues, colleges, libraries and shops.
  • Adolph's time in the industry has also led him to close ties with venue organizers like Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centerand the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition center.
  • Policies set forth by our clients, such as venues, teams and theatres, prohibit us from issuing exchanges or refunds after a purchase has been made or for lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed tickets.
  • These girls just wander around from venue to venue, often picking up guys on the street.
  • Brian Brigoli, committee on venue vice chairman.
  • I find the Button Factory my personal favourite for a comfortable, easy to get around venue.

"on vacation", "for vacation" or "of vacation"?

  • I did it when I was on vacation here.
  • Patrick's Day arrived I was home again for vacation.
  • It sure brought back some memories of vacations down in the Bay Area.
  • When he returned from vacation before going home, she was already gone and he couldn't give her the souvenir.
  • They were already looking for- ward to vacations and the chance to visit us in Washington.
  • Action items and account information should be reviewed right before vacation time starts.
  • This is especially true during vacations or holidays.
  • I found that to be hilarious but at the same time, quite useful in case one should be in vacation and is in need of swim wear.
  • The dossier alleged a continuing probe on The President and the possibility of his being indicted upon vacation of office.

of, for, with, from or by virus?

  • Additionally, there is evidence of virus movement between India and Middle East.
  • Tip 2: Check your computer for viruses.
  • General files always give the link of trusted host which reduces the chances of getting a file with virus or any kind of malware.
  • Besides, most common household illnesses result from viruses, which are immune to antibacterial agents.
  • Colds are caused by viruses that can not be cured with drugs.
  • Asked him what he wanted mumbled something about viruses and wanted me to log on.
  • Antivirus Software package? any such software package assists you to shield your pc program versus malicious risks such as viruses and viruses.
  • Other similar projects on viruses and how they may cause disease are also available.
  • Took me through the ' locating errors due to virus's ' performance.
  • In 1798, the first vaccine against viruses was created by Edward Jenner against smallpox.

"in verse" or "of verse"?

  • What God began in verse 1 is now completed.
  • Both take the fragment of verse out of context.
  • The testimony of Jesus begins with verse number 9.
  • Stud y Ezekiel 37 carefully, verse by verse.
  • The shari'a, foundations of Islamic law, are derived from verses from the Quran.
  • According to verse 29, there are a lot of plants and trees producing food than what we now are using.
  • It breaks the continuity between verse 1 and verse 2 in the use of the term earth.
  • The text of the Bible is arranged into chapters which in turn are arranged into verses.

"by virtue" or "of virtue"?

  • COM by virtue of any such moral rights.
  • We do not warm to paragons of virtue.
  • He cunningly refutes the idea that computers can be conscious in virtue of being computers.
  • It is muscle building for virtues and the barometer of spirituality.
  • According to virtue ethics, a person is at her most virtuous when her emotions and desires are in line with what reason should calculate as good.
  • We need to get beyond the partisan BS and elect some leaders with virtue who are interested in truly serving the citizens of our country.
  • For Rousseau, a man could be just without virtue and good without effort.