"bad for" or "bad of"?

  • Yes, smoke is bad for the body.
  • And they are in how bad of shape.
  • Weather turns bad in the evening.
  • Don't feel bad about the Earth.

baffling to, for, in, as or of?

  • His question was baffling to me.
  • This behaviour is baffling for readers.
  • You're right, there's really no knowing at this point, which is baffling in itself.
  • I personally find it baffling as well as fascinating.

bankrupt in, by, for, as or with?

  • He was made a bankrupt in 2006.
  • It is expected to go bankrupt by 2017.
  • Europe? Been bankrupt for 20 years.
  • That is why athiesm is so bankrupt as a view of life.

"bare of", "bare with" or "bare in"?

  • Bare of self adornments and pretensions.
  • Please bare in mind I'd no expert - far from it.
  • Bare with me, it's a bit wordy.
  • The facts are laid bare for the reader.

"barefoot in" or "barefoot on"?

  • Being barefoot in warm weather.
  • Walking barefoot on cool grass.
  • I love running barefoot through the grass and digging in rich soil.
  • Otherwise, they may end up going barefoot for real.

"basic of" or "basic to"?

  • It was the most basic of events.
  • It is really basic to the debate.
  • All mathematics are basic in the model.
  • I created the basic for the track.

beautiful in, with, on, for or to?

  • It is beautiful in the feather.
  • It's beautiful with or without air.
  • The tankini top is beautiful on.
  • She is beautiful for being bed.

beholden to, for or on?

  • They're not beholden to the IMF and the ECB.
  • They're close-minded ideologues with bylines -- and beholden for traffic.
  • It is beholden on them to now get their act together and pull their heads out of their arses.

"beloved by", "beloved to" or "beloved of"?

  • Beloved by nature equal in age.
  • To be accepted and beloved of a ruler.
  • You must be very beloved to Allah.
  • Aicha Dear Beloved In one United God,.

"bemused by" or "bemused at"?

  • They looked bemused by my arrival.
  • I am a little bemused at the euro crisis.
  • He looked as baffled and bemused as the rest of us.
  • I don't understand what you're bemused about.

"beneficial to" or "beneficial for"?

  • But that pest is BENEFICIAL to CORN.
  • QE2 was far more beneficial for the U.
  • Hope this is beneficial in some way.
  • It is entirely beneficial as an alternative.

bereft of, at, by, in or without?

  • Bereft of life, it rests in peace.
  • I understand that the Palestinians are bereft at his loss - although I despised him.
  • Best Australian story Bereft by Chris Womersley $24.
  • The Jewish people are bereft in a way few faiths have ever been in history.

bewildered by, at, as, with or in?

  • He was totally bewildered by this.
  • I got a bewildered at some point, which.
  • So I am bewildered as to what fine they refer to.
  • Tom was absolutely bewildered with the whole situation.

"biased towards", "biased against" or "biased in"?

  • Your reviews are so biased towards Apple.
  • You are so biased in your posts.
  • It is biased against Hindu religion.
  • Your opinion seems biased to me.

big in, of, for, on or up?

  • That was big in the blow-up inning.
  • They aren't that big of a deal.
  • Think Big for a modern generation.
  • Thats the one thing i'd big on.

bitter about, at, in, for or with?

  • Johnny was not bitter about it.
  • It can be bitter at the moment.
  • Ditto the blonde best bitter in the U.
  • The end could be bitter for both.

"bizarre to", "bizarre for" or "bizarre in"?

  • Straight from bizarre to wierd.
  • But just to keep things bizarre in L.
  • It was bizarre for many reasons.
  • There's one more example of interfaith discrimination, possibly the most bizarre of all.

"black in", "black on" or "black with"?

  • Firstly, it was black in color.
  • Need to fight black with black.
  • Patches of black on the orange.
  • I had my hair black for 2 years.

"bleak for" or "bleak in"?

  • These are bleak for Mr Cameron.
  • The show is kind of bleak in this sense.
  • You brighten my bleakest of days.
  • It really is rather bleak at the moment, as far as I see it.

blind to, in, from, for or with?

  • We may be honestly blind to it.
  • He became blind in his old age.
  • Her eyes were blind from crying.
  • I've been that blind for 4 years.

"blue in", "blue with" or "blue for"?

  • Will it look blue in color? No.
  • The same with blue for up/down.
  • A soft blue with a hint of grey.
  • Blue on Blue - A friendly-fire kill.

bold in, with, for, on or of?

  • Nothing new or bold in his plan.
  • We must be bold with the truth.
  • Use your Ink Bold for 2X for gas.
  • Check out the bold on the judge.

"bored with" or "bored of"?

  • I'd bored after a couple of songs.
  • I get so bored at home on my own.
  • As for cricket, I'd bored by it.
  • I've never got bored during my classes.

"boring for", "boring in" or "boring to"?

  • Boring for a reason, of course.
  • They are ugly and boring to me.
  • It would be boring in the extreme.
  • Even that is boring after a time.

"bothered about" or "bothered by"?

  • They're too bothered about spending 1.
  • He seems rather bothered by it.
  • He did not seem bothered with anything anymore.
  • I don't think they'd be too bothered at 2GB.

bottom of, up, with, after or for?

  • Black women are bottom of the Pile.
  • This is sustainable -- we are bottom up growth model.
  • Spartak Moscow are bottom with three.
  • They are bottom after 2 games! Every once in a while, I get tired of my Ajax game and restart.

"brave of" or "brave in"?

  • I thought it was brave of them.
  • Be bold and brave in your love.
  • Please be brave for your child.
  • There's nothing brave about necessity.

"brief for" or "brief of"?

  • Brief for the United States, p.
  • Here comes a brief of each model.
  • After the symposium, a brief on the.
  • I'll try to be brief in my recap.

bright for, in, with, of or at?

  • Things are still bright for Kos.
  • It's real bright in that doorway.
  • His face is bright with respect.
  • The brightest of these is Procyon.

"brilliant in", "brilliant for" or "brilliant at"?

  • It was brilliant in its simplicity.
  • Mac is brilliant at this trick.
  • My sister is brilliant for Maths.
  • He was brilliant with his hands.

british in, for, to, at or during?

  • I tick White British in the boxes.
  • British for whose good fortune we pray?
  • British took the side of the Moors.
  • I consider myself very European and more British at heart.

broad in, of, for, to or with?

  • He isn't so broad in the flesh.
  • The audience was the broadest of groupings.
  • It seems too complex and very broad for me.
  • The brushwork is broad to the point of slapdash.

broken down, in, up, of or into?

  • A LOT of broken down motorbikes.
  • Wear comfortable broken in shoes.
  • For some reason, the words are broken up.
  • You see that God takes the most broken of us and restores us.

"brown with", "brown on" or "brown in"?

  • The ground was brown with no grass.
  • It is black or brown in colour.
  • Little brown on the part of the South et.
  • Stools are brown to khaki green in colour.

"bullish on" or "bullish about"?

  • More people are bullish on stocks.
  • Marino is very bullish about Africa.
  • Which is bullish for London property.
  • I'd very bullish in what we're doing.

bundled with, into, on, in or for?

  • It comes bundled with CodeIgniter.
  • It's a toxin filter in your mouth, and smoking is introducing toxins that are getting bundled into those nasty white bulbs.
  • Windows 7 Home Basic comes bundled on this Wi-Fi portable device.
  • Then one day while on maternity leave, she went to the hospital, her newborn bundled in her arms for a well-baby checkup.

burning of, in, at, by or for?

  • The burning of the missing limb.
  • We got word of the burning in Aniston.
  • The first burning at the stake took place on February 4 th 1555.
  • Also mentions burning by settlers on pages 80-85.

bustling with, in, at, of or to?

  • The rooms are bustling with activity.
  • Relaxation, peacefulness after escaping the bustling in town, we were well fed.
  • It is busy and bustling at night.
  • The over-eccentric noise and bustling of the over populated city life will greet you while the continuous blabbering of the touts may get on your nerves.

"busy with" or "busy in"?

  • SING MUCH, Get BUSY with things.
  • Keeping public busy in non-issues.
  • It was still busy at noon time.
  • It said: I'd too busy for this.