Prepositions after Adjectives

Click an adjective to see what prepositions are usually used after it in English


capable of or in?

  • Ambulatory - Capable of walking.
  • I feel capable in that capacity.

"concerned about" or "concerned with"?

  • And I am concerned about them.
  • Wilson was first concerned with the dog.
  • Concerned for you.
  • I was a bit concerned at that stage.
  • I'd still concerned by the price.
  • So far as the rich were concerned in c.
  • But I'd also concerned as a parent.
  • That's what I more concerned of.
  • As do men who are concerned over women's issues.

close to, by, in, with or on?

  • That was close To Zero as well.
  • At least the store is close by.
  • It was pretty close in the end.
  • He was close with all his kids.
  • The feds are close on his tail.
  • Luckily, Palm is close at hand.
  • So this is pretty close for me.
  • Click on the TV for a close up.

"common in" or "common for"?

  • Typhoid is not common in the U.
  • It is common for the southern parts of the.
  • It is a name common to all of us.
  • Gossip was common among the women.
  • I have a lot in common with it.
  • Glycine is very common on Earth.
  • It was quite common at the time.
  • The most common of these is the inanga.
  • This is common across most fields.
  • Suicide is common amongst them.
  • Don't regard Common as anything but a peer.
  • Common between Men &; Animal: 1.
  • Nosebleeds are common during pregnancy.
  • Meze is common throughout the Middle East.

"comfortable with" or "comfortable in"?

  • Get comfortable with discomfort.
  • It's comfortable in the static.
  • Do what is comfortable for you.
  • He looked comfortable on the ball.
  • I didn't feel comfortable about that.
  • She was not comfortable at rest.
  • So I'd comfortable around guys.
  • I feel very comfortable as a striker.
  • I felt very comfortable during my stay.
  • Take what is comfortable to you.

consistent with, in, across, at or for?

  • Consistent with this finding, B.
  • Be consistent in your formatting.
  • And be consistent across the web site.
  • I'd pretty consistent about that.
  • I'd like Sabi to be consistent at 1.
  • So that is consistent for all of them.
  • It's consistent from the start.
  • I have been consistent on this.
  • That has been consistent over the years.
  • This was consistent throughout the game.

clear to, from, in, of or about?

  • I made that clear to my OB-GYN.
  • Some were clear from the start.
  • All these are clear in the Bible.
  • Let's be clear about the facts.
  • I said I'd steered clear of it.
  • It is very clear on this point.
  • And my skin was clearer for it.
  • Things aren't as clear at Yahoo.
  • Roads expected to be clear by tomorrow.
  • Get clear with what you desire.
  • Everything seemed clearer after that.
  • It later became clear as to why.

"critical of" or "critical to"?

  • It was not being critical of anybody.
  • He was critical to each one of them.
  • Repair is critical for the environment.
  • This is critical in the integration.
  • I am super critical about bathrooms.
  • Distance is CRITICAL at this moment.

complete with, without, in, by or at?

  • Complete with a heart-shaped spot.
  • No top ten is complete without Van.
  • CXC/GCE O/L -- complete in 4yrs 2.
  • They are complete by themselves.
  • Our remedy was complete at Calvary.
  • Let assume it is complete for now.
  • It enables humans adore the absolute complete of music.
  • Work is complete on Malm and Freiberg.

careful about, with, of, in or on?

  • Careful about what you wish for.
  • Careful with allergies, though.
  • Be careful of the hole, though.
  • Be very careful in your research.
  • Be more careful on the way down.
  • You have to be careful around Dad.
  • I have to be careful as a scientist.
  • Be extra careful at crossroads.
  • Lady be careful before commenting.
  • Be careful for these two traps.
  • Just be careful to not over cook it.

"confident in", "confident about" or "confident of"?

  • Wear what you feel confident in.
  • She was so confident of the out-come.
  • He's confident about the wager.
  • I'd pretty confident with my putter.
  • He's really confident on the ice.
  • We felt 100% confident after that.
  • I am confident as a woman and with the way my body is.
  • I should be more confident at parties.
  • I am still very confident for the race.
  • Doesn't sound too confident to me.

"crucial to" or "crucial for"?

  • Crucial to the Kingdom Hearts series.
  • That is very crucial for the team.
  • Crucial in moving mankind forward.
  • His loose forwards combo is crucial as well as his No9 and 10.
  • The war was crucial at the time.
  • It was the most crucial of kicks.

central to, in, for, at or of?

  • It's central to the point in hand.
  • The house is very central in Dundalk.
  • AC3 has been bug central for me.
  • It will reach Mumbai Central at 00.
  • Looked just as composed when moved to the central of defence.
  • Wednesday at 7pm central on 102.
  • Top spot is Ipswich central with 13.

conscious of, about, in, at or for?

  • She was highly conscious of that.
  • Now, I'd more conscious about it.
  • I need to be conscious in knowing I am.
  • I was quite conscious at the time.
  • We were all much to conscious for that crap.
  • He regained conscious on the way to hospital.
  • You could say animals are conscious to a degree.
  • That's what I'd very conscious with in the digest.

compatible with, for, to, in or on?

  • It is compatible with the Fire.
  • Also compatible for Crossfire/SLI setup.
  • It is compatible to her as we observed.
  • I hope they look more compatible in action.
  • It is compatible on Mac and Linux.

comparable to, with, in, across or between?

  • Comparable to Johnny Appleseed.
  • This is comparable with the percentage seen.
  • It is comparable in size to Nigeria.
  • The Doing Business indicators are comparable across 183 economies.
  • There is nothing comparable between interest and trade.
  • Costs should be comparable for hemp straw.

"curious about" or "curious as"?

  • I was curious about the change.
  • Curious as to what others think.
  • That seems curious in and of itself.
  • Here is what I would be curious of.
  • I am curious on his background.
  • I was curious to study all these.
  • I was really curious at how things will run.
  • Human beings are curious by nature.
  • This is curious for two reasons.
  • Be very attentive and curious with them.

"certain of" or "certain about"?

  • I'd not 100% certain of the format.
  • But one thing I am certain about.
  • Nothing's certain in the world.
  • Make certain to medical doctor.
  • But I am certain as to the result.
  • A walk-over seemed certain for Mr.
  • Even I wasn't certain at that point.
  • Make certain by giving a little squeeze.
  • But one thing is certain from all this.
  • Still, he seemed certain on one matter.
  • One thing seems certain with all.

"crazy about" or "crazy for"?

  • There's nothing crazy about it.
  • All these films I go crazy for.
  • Then get crazy with the frosting.
  • Crazy in love with it actually.
  • Chubby teen going crazy on cam.
  • Boracay goes crazy over Easter.
  • It seems more than crazy to me.
  • It was a little crazy at times.
  • You aren't even crazy like a dog.
  • Still crazy after all these, er, months.
  • She was getting crazier by the year.
  • She was the craziest of us yet.
  • As we all know, he's crazy as a loon.
  • The crowd go crazy during the set.
  • We were boy crazy from a really young age.

correct in, about, for, on or at?

  • Perhaps I am incorrect in this.
  • You are correct about one thing.
  • Your opinion is only correct for you.
  • He is correct on BC's approach.
  • Figures correct at the time of writing.
  • Sounds perfectly correct to me.
  • Sanusi's point is correct by me.
  • You are very correct with the bolded.
  • This information is correct as of.
  • This is not correct according to Vastu.
  • I think it's correct after a bit of testing, but.
  • It would have been correct before the recent vote.
  • You are correct from your point of view.
  • How politically correct of him! This is progress.
  • You are correct regarding no interest.
  • This is correct without being true.

"competitive in" or "competitive with"?


conducive to, for or in?

  • Conducive to the exchange of folk artists.
  • The atmosphere is just not conducive for work.
  • These are definitely conducive in building ethnic amity.

"convenient for" or "convenient to"?

  • Not so convenient for the cast.
  • It just seems too convenient to me.
  • MRT is very convenient in Singapore.
  • Very convenient with all the shops around.
  • Convenient as well as for an all in one small charge.
  • Obama and Tammy say whatever is convenient at any cost.
  • It was really easy and convenient by the way.
  • How convenient of you to forget all that Mick.
  • While it is convenient on the part of those who dislike Mr.

"cautious about" or "cautious in"?

  • But they are cautious about it.
  • Be cautious in making a decision.
  • We have to be cautious of that.
  • Be cautious with online purchases.
  • I am cautious on gold right now.
  • People were very cautious around Moll De Grow.
  • We note that it is necessary to be cautious as to its contents.
  • You should be cautious at all times.
  • We must be cautious before celebrating.
  • It made me extra cautious for life.
  • Being cautious over security reasons is one thing, hawkish another.
  • Therefore you have to be cautious regarding the factors before choosing any service providers.
  • Sinead's driving was cautious to the point of skittish.

clean up, with, in, for or of?

  • Given the means, people clean up.
  • Clean with fine abrasive paper.
  • Keeping it clean for 10 + years.
  • It wasn't so clean in the past.
  • Keep your list clean of bounces.
  • EC must come out clean on this.
  • At least they came clean about it now.
  • Wiped clean by the wrath of God.
  • It only looks clean from the top.
  • He should be clean at home also.
  • Keep these areas clean after use.
  • This water should be clean as well as safe.
  • David's heart was clean before God's eyes.
  • Well my baby's clean out of sight.
  • My mailed hand seemed to go clean through him.
  • Absolutely the cleanest to date.
  • It was kept clean during our whole stay.
  • Aside from that, I'd clean like MR.
  • The impact took her clean off the ground.
  • It also helps keep the wood clean over time.
  • Simple, fast, and clean without clutter.

"creative in" or "creative with"?

  • Be very creative in your texts.
  • Get creative with your content.
  • Get creative about finding a mentor.
  • CP &B; handles creative for Old Navy.
  • Scary and creative at the same time.
  • How to be creative by Hugh MacLeod.
  • Be creative on how to protect it.
  • It is creative as well as responsive.
  • Philosophers are creative, but creative of dreams, fantasies.
  • Keep it tight and creative to your niche.
  • He's not the most creative from what I can see.
  • I wish more school's would be creative like this.
  • Forces you to be creative within a box.
  • Do it! Be creative without even playing the game.

"cheap in" or "cheap for"?

  • That is what is cheap in China.
  • Cheaper for me to sell it than.
  • He was cheap at half the price.
  • For me, I don't go cheap on bras.
  • The Games are not cheap to stage.
  • It's cheap by European standards.
  • Cheap with their money, well say.
  • I opted for the cheaper of the two.
  • It's cheap as well as delicious.
  • With Spirit Air you can fly very cheap from Ft.
  • And if it's still cheaper after that, then make sure you.
  • Mine is $500 cheaper because of that.
  • That's freaking cheap like dirt.
  • Talk is really cheap over VOIP.
  • Buy the big box it's cheaper per diaper.
  • And their stock is cheaper relative to growth.

current in, with, on, at or of?

  • The current in the East River, N.
  • I stay current with the dentist.
  • Stay current on industry trends.
  • Also current at rated conditions.
  • WHERE CURRENT OF <cursorName>.
  • The data is current through December 2011.
  • No technology remains current for 75 years.
  • Searches are current to February 2012.
  • It is current as of 15 June 2009.
  • They are current from the 18th November 2003.
  • I kept myself current by joining professional organizations.
  • This belief was also current among some polytheists.
  • Staff should also ensure their address is current before requesting a new card.
  • This confidence sets up an electric current between boys and superiors.
  • They should keep joint bills current during divorce negotiations.
  • Overcharge -- Forcing current into a fully charged battery.
  • Planning Two planning consents are current over the estate and are independent of each other.
  • A current under sea Picked his bones in whispers.
  • There is no organised left-wing current within the party.
  • Sylvi for the charger which help me maintaining the current without any matter now.

content with, in, on, for or to?

  • And you are not content with it.
  • And he's very content in his service.
  • All content on this blog is the.
  • It means content for various media.
  • Most studies have been content to.
  • You may have to be content at 170.
  • Hope to see more content from you.
  • DISCLAIMER: All content within CoinWeek.

cold in, for, at, on or with?

  • And it gets cold in the winter.
  • I've had a cold for a few days.
  • Also, have a cold at the moment.
  • Hope you stay cold on the ship.
  • It is served cold with a straw.
  • Her friend is cold to the bone.
  • The eggs would be cold by then.
  • It was really cold during winter.
  • The cans were still cold from the fridge.
  • Serve cold as a yummy side dish.
  • Coldest of the season 28 belo zero.
  • Nothing cold about science either.
  • Fourteen degrees wasn't so cold after all.
  • Make sure that your grill is completely cold before cleaning it.
  • It is cold due to it's location.
  • It was cold, cold like the truth.
  • Serve as hot tea or cold over ice.
  • I felt fairly cold towards her.
  • And it's tough and cold without them.

"compulsory for" or "compulsory in"?

  • English is compulsory for all students.
  • It is not compulsory in Hinduism.
  • Ghusl became compulsory at night.
  • Zakat is not compulsory on immature.
  • Transfer is compulsory by definition.
  • It is compulsory from 100 copies printed.
  • This is compulsory to the completion of the Diploma.
  • Only to make good the fast is compulsory upon him.
  • Now the time have come to sterlisation made compulsory after two child.
  • Warning triangle is compulsory as from July 1st 2008.
  • Contributions to SOCSO are compulsory under the Act for eligible employers and employees.
  • Make it compulsory up to PUC level.

commensurate with, to or in?

  • CONDITION Commensurate with age &; use.
  • The punishment is not commensurate to the crime.
  • To inspire the necessary support to tackle a problem of the scale of climate change will require a vision that is commensurate in scale.

"costly for", "costly to" or "costly in"?

  • It will be less costly for you.
  • Which are extremely costly in Ca.
  • It's costly to the taxpayer (ie.
  • Ipad is still way costly as a reading device alone.
  • They are very costly at this time.
  • Exorbitantly costly of both money and time.
  • Romney has been very costly on Russia.
  • But it'll be too costly with present technology.
  • Less egregious mistakes proved more costly against Connecticut.
  • Payday loans can be costly because of the high interest.
  • Vegetables became costlier by 13.
  • The delivered exergy is becoming more costly due to declining EROI.
  • These refresher courses can be costly from a time and monetary standpoint.
  • For causes that will be fairly obvious, easy is often more costly over a secured.
  • Kyara is additionally costlier per oz.

"clueless about" or "clueless as"?

  • I am clueless about the solution.
  • I am clueless as to what to do.
  • He also is clueless on history.
  • Webb is clueless in how to do so.
  • I was clueless to independent living.
  • He is clueless of his surroundings.
  • I'd just clueless at the moment.
  • Till this date, I am hopelessly clueless with art.
  • And was clueless after Riquelme left again, yeah sure he bought Graian but that didn't really help him much.
  • We were bamboozled by the pace and fury of Imran and Wasim Akram and were clueless against Abdul Qadir.
  • Most of the time, this bugger is clueless for his work.
  • This allows twice as much traffic and prevents the clueless from enter-ing the city.

clever in, with, at, about or for?

  • You are very clever in English.
  • DPM is quite clever with backups.
  • Ryan Air are very clever at this.
  • We have to be clever about this.
  • Gene, You're too clever for me.
  • My Opinion? Witty and clever by IE.
  • Anonymous How very clever of you.
  • Training Maori warriors were clever as well as very skilled.
  • Genius right? Yes I know, I'd clever like that.
  • I thought it was very clever on her part.
  • But Mark the f*cking beast Twitchell wasn't so clever after all.
  • In the 53rd minute a clever through ball from King teed up Waghorn for a curling effort beyond Henderson's reach.
  • That doesn't sound very clever to me.
  • I guess this is clever without all that pretentious wank.

competent in, at, for, with or to?

  • I am competent in the language.
  • Pick the niche you're competent at.
  • It would have been competent for Mr.
  • They'd feel more competent with less features, less clutter.
  • He or she is not competent to practice it.
  • He will put somebody competent on this.
  • Yoochun seems became more competent as an actor.
  • Such a person is said to be a person, who is made competent by intention.
  • You need to understand what you're competent of and feel proud of it.
  • They eventually move to the place of becoming unconsciously competent about mission.

"complex for" or "complex in"?

  • It's a bit more complex for me.
  • To examine something complex in detail.
  • Not getting too complex with the details.
  • Human vision is the most complex of all sensory systems.
  • It's as simple and complex as that.
  • All societies are complex by their very nature.
  • Life forms are complex at every level.
  • Life became more complex to us.
  • Traveller is a little more complex about this.
  • The piece is more complex because of the interplay of the two.
  • Practically, recovery is far more complex due to the unique nature of each attack.
  • It was quite rich and complex on its own.
  • The arc gets more complex from there.
  • The music isn't complex like it used to be.
  • This has become more complex over the last ten years.
  • Otherwise the business get's too complex without any sense of direction.

compliant with, to, in, by or for?

  • This is compliant with the JSR too.
  • I sent my compliant to TSA and.
  • We will not be compliant in our demise.
  • Ndemo, it is possible to be fully compliant by July 2012.
  • Arsenal fans have been compliant for far too long.
  • A There's no excuse for not making X6 64-bit compliant on a Macintosh.
  • They have become as corrupt and criminally compliant as the old Communist Soviet Union media.
  • Such stations will not be returned until made compliant at your expense.
  • Mauritius is fully compliant of global norms on financial reporting.

controversial in, for, of, to or about?

  • Every list is controversial in away.
  • It's controversial for a good reason.
  • They win the most controversial of decisions.
  • There's nothing controversial about it.
  • But it was controversial at the time.
  • Nothing controversial to this point.
  • He's as controversial among vampires as it can get.
  • Ferric Ferrocyanide- Controversial because of its suspected toxicity.
  • Not sure why it's use is so controversial with some people.
  • This topic has recently been made controversial by B.
  • Co-op City was controversial from the beginning.
  • He makes money by being controversial on TV.
  • Her views on Israel are quite controversial as well as.
  • Her life is very controversial due to some obstacles, but that doesn't mean that.
  • And it is highly controversial within Germany.
  • Her wins in Atlanta were controversial after the fact but.
  • The professional status of Thematic soldiers is still controversial amongst Byzantinists.
  • Many Palestinian civilians were killed in the operation, which was controversial inside Israel.

constant in, for, at, over or throughout?

  • I've been constant in doing this.
  • Be constant for ideal benefits.
  • Water levels remained constant at 0.
  • The constant over egging of the pudding.
  • The rain was heavy and constant throughout the night.
  • You are confunding solar constant with insolation.
  • This what we hold constant across twin-brains, i.
  • Verbal abuse rates remain constant from elementary to high school.
  • Much has remained constant during that time.
  • There is no constant on the LHS.
  • Each type remained constant through time.
  • He wanted a constant wife to be constant to.
  • There's nothing constant about them at all.
  • I also accept that I may be wrong and it may be found that in fact it is not constant after all.
  • However, methodological rigor has not always been a constant among scholars in the field.
  • If you'd like to lead him to fall in love, end up being constant as a steel.
  • The modulus is a constant between 0 and 1.
  • You can define a constant by using the define() function.
  • Also known as constant of gravitation.
  • And writing ability has been constant since 1979.
  • But the constant within the body is the soul, which is not subject to any of these changes.

"corrupt in" or "corrupt to"?

  • Not all deans are corrupt in Spain.
  • From the corrupt to the honest.
  • But he ended up as the most corrupt of all.
  • We are made corrupt by education.
  • Medicine is corrupt from head to toe.
  • Both parties are now corrupt with their avarice.
  • This is a gentleman who has never been corrupt as an office holder.
  • The administration was corrupt at every level.
  • They are ALL corrupt on some level.
  • The police is corrupt beyond thought.
  • The spore pm in not corrupt like those around spore.
  • There is nothing illegal or corrupt about it.
  • May be Modi is least corrupt among them all.
  • To put things into perspective, we are corrupt because of corruption.
  • And the earth was corrupt before G-d, and the earth was filled with violence.
  • We are all born corrupt through the sin of Adam.
  • A man who is corrupt under one system will also be corrupt under the next.
  • It would still be wild, wooly and corrupt without Anwar in the picture.

cruel to, of, in, for or on?

  • He was also cruel to the Irish.
  • Still, it was a little cruel of you.
  • Humiliation is cruel in any form.
  • SK death will also be cruel for JS.
  • You are forcing me to be cruel on you.
  • The Mantis is fierce as a tigress, cruel as an ogress.
  • Life can be so very cruel at times.
  • The police have been very cruel towards us.
  • History is cruel with exceptions.
  • Nothing cruel about this and so entertaining.
  • It was cruel beyond belief what happened.
  • They are cruel by nature, and very fond of gratifying their bellies and genitals.
  • Show business is cruel like that.

cynical about, of, in, for or among?

  • Yes, I'd cynical about that admission.
  • You're cynical of it - not skeptical.
  • But to be cynical in these times seems to me inappropriate.
  • The cynical among them may point to pure luck of timing.
  • Yea, so pardon me for being cynical for those reasons.
  • People do get cynical on here sometimes.
  • That seems coldly cynical to me.
  • I had grown very cynical with old age.
  • I became cynical after challenging preachers and others and doing my own homework.
  • The cynical amongst us will say that it will be political.
  • We tend to prefer to be cynical as a nation.
  • It was easy to be cynical at a time like this.
  • Any issue fought in the interests of public is seen as cynical by the critics.
  • Or bro from another ho if you're feeling cynical like me today.
  • Sure, you might be cynical regarding hiring one for your business.
  • Like yourself, I'd a bit cynical towards it also.

"conversant with" or "conversant in"?

  • Its the language most of as are conversant with.
  • She is conversant in basic French.
  • These companies are well conversant about web optimization.
  • In fact a number of ISPs are not even conversant on the issue.

"complicated for", "complicated by" or "complicated in"?

  • It is too complicated for them.
  • Things got complicated in the past.
  • Its all complicated by the fact that I have M.
  • This is less complicated with the EDW LTS.
  • She knows the lying gets even more complicated as the.
  • Ah life is so complicated at times.
  • It's just too complicated of an issue.
  • This all sounds very complicated to me.
  • Wrong things get complicated because of that.
  • The group is very complicated due to the current situation.
  • Much more complicated on NYC subway w/the long benches.
  • There's nothing too complicated about this.
  • Things got complicated after that.
  • Of course it gets complicated from there.
  • How did it become so complicated like now? And even now they can't tell me what it is.
  • The issue will become more complicated over time.
  • Can't get more complicated without writing a few textbooks.

"cute in", "cute for" or "cute with"?

  • She looked cute in the T-shirt.
  • SuperNezumi Sooo cute with the wig.
  • They are cute for all of one minute.
  • It looks really cute on her though.
  • He looks so cute as a bean taco.
  • You're a born geek, just feel cute about that.
  • I thought it was cute at the time.
  • Carter is the cutest of them all with Brennen.
  • They think it's really cute to.
  • Miss Muppet is getting cuter by the day.
  • You are cute like satan, especially that figure.
  • And, if you?? re lucky you may understand why your baby isn?? t actually that cute after all.
  • He was the older councilor and I thought he was so cute from the beginning.
  • I said it was Cute rather than scary.
  • You'll look cute without even trying.

"challenging for" or "challenging of"?

  • It was quite challenging for Mr.
  • The most challenging of these is slavery.
  • It's very challenging in that aspect.
  • This task may seem very challenging to most people.
  • But pretty challenging at the same time.
  • It may be more challenging on your part.
  • This section is very challenging with a lot of up hills and very hot weather.
  • Nothing too challenging about that.
  • That's not nearly so challenging as what it actually is.
  • You can make the game more challenging by trying to solve out the puzzles within less number of turns.
  • Of course, driving here is more challenging because of the narrow roads and numerous obstacles.
  • It was very challenging due to how steep the pebbly slopes were.
  • The songs composed are very challenging from every aspect -- musically and also lyrically.
  • Waking in the night with my son has been very challenging over the past year and a bit.

"customary for" or "customary in"?

  • Tipping is customary for good service.
  • As usual and customary in good F.
  • Paying for teaching was not customary at that time.
  • Head hunting was customary with them in the old days.
  • Such curses are customary among Indian s? dh? s and fakirs.
  • Just as it is customary to begin Shabbat with a cup.
  • Ah-ha He should have claimed it's customary of his non-Christian religion.
  • Costumes are customary on the Mexican Day of the Dead holiday.
  • It is customary amongst the Arabs that the farthest of relatives of one's tribe as called as nephews (sister's son).
  • It was customary during ancient times to offer human sacrifices to the river.

contradictory to, in, of, with or for?

  • This sounds contradictory to me.
  • But it also reads contradictory in places.
  • A(ca) is true contradictory of 3 Then 5.
  • Those numbers are also contradictory with each others.
  • Life is far too contradictory for that.
  • The article is also highly contradictory about price.
  • Vermouth's personality is contradictory at times.
  • Wright is a bit contradictory on this.
  • The views expressed by the panelists are as diverse and contradictory as the views expressed by the bar itself.
  • Even things that at first sight seem contradictory between John and the synoptics turn out in some cases to be complementary.
  • They also don't want to be seen as contradictory by their superiors.
  • Joseph Nye introduced and popularized the concept, and later it was adopted and applied in a myriad of settings that are often contradictory from the perspective of international law and morality.

convinced of, by, about, after or at?

  • And here's what I am convinced of.
  • I remain convinced by both of them.
  • I certainly am convinced about GW.
  • I was more convinced after hearing myself talk.
  • It was a wonderful experience to feel convinced at the visual level as well as the aural.
  • I am convinced beyond all doubt that there is a big harvest in Canada.
  • The founders became convinced from their reading of the Bible that baptism should be by trine immersion.
  • I am convinced in this system, it works fine for me and will work fine for you.
  • I am convinced with our diplomats, SLA, and SLN.

"conspicuous by" or "conspicuous in"?

  • Conspicuous by his absence is Rocky.
  • This is conspicuous in Roy's polemic.
  • COTS was conspicuous for its absence.
  • Conspicuous among them is the USA.
  • Jupiter, conspicuous at magnitude -2.
  • Your subscription options should be conspicuous to reader.
  • Consideration should also be given to clothing, as it may be undesirable to be conspicuous as an outsider.
  • The most conspicuous of these militia groups were: 1.
  • Coarse, black runner hyphae or conspicuous on roots.
  • The palace that he built inside the fort is conspicuous with designs that depict creepers and flowers).
  • Be really conspicuous about it.
  • A few traditional turbines and Jinnah caps were conspicuous amongst colorful head coverings.
  • Anger is, of course, more conspicuous because of its ferocious nature.

careless about, with, in, of or on?

  • He talks careless about your wife.
  • You must not be careless with them.
  • I was a bit careless in my wording.
  • Those in loss are careless of life.
  • So you become careless on the detail.
  • She blames herself for being careless as a mother.
  • The majority are just careless at the time &; then decide they don't want it.
  • Both were good hits but careless by the Bears ' players.
  • GEET:Sorry, I became careless for a moment.
  • This philospy made us lazy, careless to our envionment, people etc.

"considerate of" or "considerate to"?

  • Be considerate of other guests.
  • Be considerate to other water users.
  • The fan is very considerate in cinema modes.
  • Be considerate towards him and don't interfere.
  • They will be considerate about all your worries.
  • Be kind and considerate with them.
  • For the player you also have to be considerate for the injuries as well.
  • Not all Revenue officials may be as helpful and considerate as the one above.
  • You have been kind and considerate at all times and always kept me informed.
  • However, she tried to be considerate by finishing her nails up in the restroom.
  • Be considerate on their feelings.
  • Ultimately, MMA people need to be quite considerate toward their diet.

"commonplace in" or "commonplace for"?

  • It's commonplace in the workplace.
  • It is commonplace for bloggers.
  • Such traits are commonplace among Muslims living in the West.
  • And maybe they'll be commonplace on the street too.
  • Such actions are commonplace throughout the continent.
  • A It has also become much more commonplace with older users.
  • Pine trees are simply too commonplace at home.
  • He elevates the commonplace to the divine.
  • But, that is a commonplace within the commentariat.
  • This is a worrying trend that is becoming more commonplace across the country.
  • Haughty Habakkuk? Habakkuk witnessed great corruption and innumerable social injustices commonplace amongst God? s own people.
  • Overtime is very commonplace around the world.
  • And films have also become commonplace as a part of exhibitions.
  • I don't expect women racing with the men to become commonplace by any means.
  • Standing is allowed on the lower deck only and is commonplace during peak hours.

continuous with, in, for, throughout or from?

  • It is continuous with the brain.
  • The waveform is single-valued and continuous in pieces.
  • Time really is not continuous for her.
  • They are also continuous from the beginning to the end of the job.
  • Screening of patients was continuous throughout the study period of six months.
  • In winter the ice will be more continuous as the ice free areas freeze over.
  • But here in the rostral brain, you can see that the two are continuous at their bases.
  • Be sure you maintain your rate continuous on the eco-friendly.
  • Though Islam is continuous of Tawheed (monotheism ); it has taken a complete break from them.
  • The term ' chronic ' implies that the exposure is continuous over an extended period i.
  • It will be continuous rather than sequential.
  • It is one of the big ideas of the Bible - a central thread that runs continuous through the Old Testament and into the New Testament.
  • After diner the train continuous to Tiruchirapalli at around: 22:00 p.
  • There is an old row of apple trees along the road, continuous across current property lines.
  • For example, the storm tracks are more continuous around the Earth.
  • Established thinking on the arrangement of woody tissues in trees suggested they were continuous between the branch and trunk.
  • The flow does not have to be continuous during the menstruation period.
  • Best wishes, Adam The LearnEnglish Team We sometimes use the present continuous like this.
  • Potash production, however, has been continuous since 1962.
  • This tradition is continuous till date.
  • Such a continuous UP state made the synaptic weights too weak to maintain the persistent network activity (asterisks in the rightmost panels).
  • I have taken 60 on continuous without an issue.

christian in, for, with, by or to?

  • America is Christian in name only.
  • Thanks Christian for the assist.
  • Marx was a Christian by upbringing.
  • I am a Christian with a Muslim home.
  • Christian to many and party animal to others.
  • It can distract a Christian from God.
  • Moslems use the Arab Christian as a bridgehead.
  • Ellul became a Christian at age 22.
  • Darwin became a Christian on his death bed.
  • There is NOTHING CHRISTIAN about this.
  • She can not be fully Christian without the church.
  • Jahsh: he became a Christian after migrating to Abyssinia.
  • I am a christian like any other.
  • Pablo May 26, 2008 How Christian of them.
  • And this was Christian against Christian.
  • He had probably become a Christian because of Paul.
  • The mother is a Christian before God granted her favour.
  • In it, he attacks the Churchs view thatgood works can get a Christian into heaven.
  • He became a Christian through the reading of Scripture.
  • This should support the Christian under all his troubles.
  • The question isn't Christian vs.

"counterproductive to" or "counterproductive for"?

  • They are counter-productive to U.
  • It's really counterproductive for all of them.
  • It's actually counter-productive in W's forum.
  • No, I don't think it becomes counterproductive at some point.
  • Futile and counterproductive as well as further free publicity for the BNP.
  • He noted that the previous practice in which the government was building houses for the people was counterproductive because of inadequate resources.
  • This approach is dismissed as entirely counter-productive by many experts.
  • Plain packaging is therefore likely to be entirely counterproductive from a health standpoint.
  • Emotional outburst can be counter-productive on the job.
  • An audit report thus riven by dissent is bound to prove counter-productive with readers being at a loss as to who to believe, and what to believe.

conservative in, with, about, on or of?

  • It's fairly conservative in that way.
  • It was conservative with a small c.
  • There's nothing conservative about our game.
  • Hoover was a conservative on monetary policy.
  • We are too conservative for that.
  • Romney is the most conservative of the remaining nominees.
  • My style is conservative by day and casual by night.
  • As a bank we are very conservative at the moment.
  • But there's nothing quote so conservative as a bureaucracy when acting.
  • That would seem very conservative to me.
  • I do believe Congress (Senate) and the Presidency will be CONSERVATIVE after the election.
  • You will become more conservative over time.
  • As always, if you are unsure, be more conservative rather than less.
  • There is a way to be conservative without taking a knee.

chinese in, for, as, to or on?

  • So Taiwanese are Chinese in nature.
  • This is probably Chinese for you hahaha.
  • The Chinese as a people are: 1.
  • Olivia studied Chinese at Oxford University.
  • I seriously hate Chinese from China.
  • Chinese on the other hand is a race.
  • I made him speak Chinese to me, it was great.
  • Chinese with his transverse eyes.
  • Chinese by origin is monosyllabic.
  • They might even provoke the Chinese into making further intrusions.
  • You might like to ask the Chinese about that.
  • When the Brits beheaded the Chinese after drugging them with Opium, the Chinese got fed up too.
  • In Asia, they pit Filipinos and Chinese against each other.
  • He has now started accepting questions in Chinese during class.
  • Chinese Like yellow Gold Rolex.
  • PRC are Chinese of the same ancestral stock as all Chinese Singaporeans.
  • The Japanese quickly drove the Chinese out of Korea and captured Port Arthur.
  • Meanwhile, Spain was courting the Chinese through trade.

"compassionate to" or "compassionate towards"?

  • He is compassionate towards all.
  • He is compassionate towards all.
  • Be compassionate with your partner.
  • I am compassionate in the face of hatred.
  • I am very compassionate about many, many things.
  • I am compassionate toward myself.
  • They would have been compassionate for their job was near done.
  • We also seem to have the most compassionate of heart.
  • He was credible and compassionate among cronyism.
  • Muhammad is the messenger of Allah; and those who are with him are strong against Unbelievers, (but) compassionate amongst each other.
  • Who are compassionate as well as cruel.
  • One can be truthful and compassionate at the same time.
  • He got down from his beast, decided not to be compassionate by proxy.
  • He said that Linda directs him on how to be compassionate like women.
  • But, you don't have to stop being compassionate on a personal level.
  • When a partner struggles, we can learn to be compassionate rather than feeling victimized or cynical.
  • This wasn't a case of good vs evil, the compassionate vs the heartless, but pro-choice campaigners seemed to feel that they had a monopoly on human sympathy.
  • If you're compassionate without reason, ditto.

"consequent upon", "consequent on" or "consequent to"?

  • Consequent upon this, it made the rounds that Dr.
  • It added that the murder was consequent to this.
  • Married accommodation consequent on marriage.
  • NEP was implemented in 1971, as a consequent of the bloody racial riot of May 13, 1969.
  • The antecedent in the conclusion must be an antecedent in its premise, and so also the consequent of the conclusion must be a consequent in its premise.

complementary to, in, rather, of or with?

  • They are complementary to each other.
  • Complementary in pink and grey.
  • But the two reading capabilities are complementary rather than exclusive.
  • It was also decided that it will be complementary of the New.
  • This is complementary with what we are trying to achieve.
  • The church needs to note that two are complementary for the making of a dynamic church.
  • She, meanwhile, was absolutely complementary about the band's music.
  • For our personal efficiency, seeing and hearing are complementary as well as supplementary.
  • The direction parameter should always be complementary on either side of the connection, i.

"complacent about" or "complacent in"?

  • But don't be complacent about this bill.
  • You can't be complacent in hockey.
  • I'd going to get complacent with where I am.
  • We are not complacent after Galle.
  • People were becoming a bit too complacent on our end.
  • From complacent to feeling better to specific.
  • At the same time, you can never be complacent against Nepal and Maldives.
  • That's a very fine record, but we can't be complacent as a country.
  • I did not feel complacent at any point in time.
  • We can not be complacent because of old records.
  • This is where he makes me complacent by acting nice.
  • Our trainer on saying a sleepy faces as we complacent during Camp 2 asked us if we would like to spin behind to Camp 1.
  • Therefore, be complacent for what you get.
  • But it would be complacent of us to think that this is a one-time effort.
  • Never become complacent over your choice of tool.
  • However this is not the time to become complacent regarding your achievements in career.
  • When the government steps in and assumes responsibility for something the people largely become complacent towards it.

"complimentary to", "complimentary about" or "complimentary of"?

  • Very complimentary to card sorting.
  • She is complimentary of that staff.
  • They were both very complimentary about my work.
  • Both are complimentary for guests of the house.
  • Coffee, tea, and soft drinks are complimentary in Economy Class.
  • The taxi ride was complimentary on booking.
  • It was pretty complimentary towards the figure of Jesus.
  • Tours are complimentary with your Forum ID.
  • Perhaps the reviewer is right about one thing, ' The Roebuck in the Thicket ' and the ' Star Crossed Serpent ' are NOT complimentary after all.
  • The attention is excessive, but it is nice attention, people are complimentary as opposed to throwing tosser signs at me.
  • And he was still being considerably complimentary at the same time, where deserved.
  • As Stein explains, the founders ' strengths were complimentary from the beginning.
  • Dinner prepared by Chef host including complimentary pre dinner drinks and wine is $100 for.
  • Be complimentary rather than critical.

"culpable for" or "culpable in"?

  • We are culpable for our actions.
  • Both are culpable in this sorry state.
  • A worker found culpable of an offence may also be demoted.
  • We are all culpable to some degree.
  • He's equally culpable as the rest of them for this fiasco.
  • Others who know but do not partake are culpable by their silence.
  • Walsh was culpable on too many occasions of not doing the right thing in possession.
  • Palemar culpable under Section 67 of the IT Act.

"commercial for" or "commercial in"?

  • Pitt's first commercial for No.
  • I have a national commercial in Austria.
  • Now imagine that commercial with the word asterisk.
  • And he's ending the commercial on a downer.
  • Venter agreed, and saw commercial as well as medical gain.
  • Checkout American Express's commercial about last year's Small.
  • You can view the original Bridgestone commercial at GoNintendo.
  • This guy needs to be sued and stop commercial from TV.
  • I have moved on from commercial to residential.
  • Commercial after commercial on Question 7 flood the airwaves.
  • This commercial by Romney was genuine and honest and believable.
  • Manolo followed Gregory Michael Miller, E-Trades first baby in 2001, in his first E-Trade commercial during Super Bowl XLII.
  • For executive travelers, fly commercial instead of chartering your own plane.
  • Posted by: HEMI4U Nov 1, 2012 7:50:40 AM I'd love to see that in a commercial like the old Ford comm.
  • All of the other interests, be they commercial of professional could make up the lords.
  • Experience in/knowledge of Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) systems implementation and integration is essential.
  • On the lake itself you go through some narrows to enter Winam Gulf, so maybe fishing is the main source of food? But I am told fish stocks are very low due to commercial over fishing.
  • It is, however, more difficult to secure a commercial rather than a residential tenant.
  • Getting more commercial without jeopardising our brand or values 8.

"confusing for" or "confusing to"?

  • I made it to confusing for You.
  • All of this is confusing to me.
  • Everything is confusing at this age.
  • It can be confusing in the beginning.
  • It was all confusing with the questions.
  • I'd sorry if it's confusing as a result.
  • I see nothing confusing about this.
  • This is to avoid confusing on our end.
  • That's confusing by anyone's standards.
  • This can be pretty confusing due to barriers in communication.
  • I have little confusing of blog URL structure.
  • Some press release may be confusing without additional explanation.

comprehensive in, of, with, for or to?

  • Its quite comprehensive in its depth.
  • It was too comprehensive of a list to memorise.
  • I went to my local comprehensive with people from all backgrounds.
  • It is amazingly comprehensive for a single volume.
  • The following narrative is the most comprehensive on the issue: Ab? Sal? mah b.
  • Most comprehensive to the novice, and expert.
  • Comprehensive as the content is, the memoir is selective.
  • Couples counseling itself is comprehensive at Konak.
  • The write up is comprehensive by the guy and UK mail but he is adding cultural values which might not be applicable to that of UK.
  • Craig was rather comprehensive about responding to Dr.
  • The Programme's emphasis on benefits realisation is increasing but is not yet sufficiently comprehensive across the whole Programme.
  • The concept of power is highly comprehensive from the point of view of sociology.
  • Your research should attempt to be reasonably comprehensive within well-defined boundaries.
  • The worst place to be is to be small and comprehensive without much of a brand name to work with.

charming in, to, about, with or of?

  • He can be charming in conversation too.
  • But he is still charming to me.
  • There is something very charming about that.
  • They were both charming with very soft voices.
  • It is the charming of high heels shoes.
  • Sure, Kobe can be charming at times.
  • He's unbelievably charming on any number of topics.
  • Vicki Arundale is charming as the redoubtable Kathy.
  • It is the evidence that music has the charming for baby.
  • This helps make him charming rather than annoying.
  • Prince Paul wasn't so charming after all.
  • Rather, he was a man clearly uncomfortable and actually rather charming because of it.
  • But you can at least make its poor quality charming by buying CameraBag.
  • In fact, Dr Semaj cautions men from appearing too charming during job interviews, since it could backfire.
  • I should have discerned a prince charming from someone who was a villain.
  • Lead singer Lizzie Bougatsos was a vision in red, beating a drum and charming like a siren in her high-pitched trill.

"chargeable to", "chargeable with" or "chargeable on"?

  • A partnership as such is not chargeable to income tax.
  • In this case, the GST is chargeable on $300.
  • Instruments chargeable with duty 3.
  • Rent Reviews - 50 % of the fees chargeable under lettings 4.
  • The balance is chargeable at 30%.
  • Port-due not to be chargeable in certain cases 48.
  • The balance of the tuition fee chargeable for the semester will.
  • All matters relating to the auditing and adjustment of all accounts chargeable against the funds for the expenses and activities of the Senate.
  • Withholding tax chargeable by foreign banks on interests payable to strategic investors was also exempted.
  • GST is also not chargeable as the supplies are out-of-scope.
  • It is chargeable from the date the CAT fell due until the date it is paid.

"candid about" or "candid in"?

  • They are candid about this goal.
  • Men generally are not candid in sexual matters.
  • Read on as he gets candid with TSA.
  • Read on, SRK gets candid on the movie &; Yash Chopra.
  • And this is my favorite candid of me and my RecipeBoy.
  • Western countries are not candid to the people of the country.
  • Migrant accounts abound, but this one was written by a journalist of the time, so while it might not be as honest and candid as a personal diary, it should command the attention of the reader.
  • The band are surprisingly more relaxed and candid during this appearance.
  • It is interesting to hear a player say that, very honest and very candid from Frank.

chilling in, with, on, at or of?

  • Chilling in Steve's Arsenal tee// 3.
  • The water was chilling with cold.
  • Butterbean chilling on her cycle.
  • Chilling at home -- the highway A quick chai and greetings.
  • It is funny how the most chilling of images can also be the most beautiful.
  • The thought of an honest dialogue is truly chilling for us.
  • Seeds are damaged by chilling to temperatures below 3-6 deg.
  • Guard against chilling by the wind.
  • What I found most chilling about them was that they were in no way child centred.
  • I saw the whole crew there, including the ' stars ' just chilling after their show.
  • Actually it's the comment thread below the article that's as equally chilling as the article.
  • It's shocking and chilling like a hard slap.

courteous to, in, at, of or with?

  • She was courteous to her elders.
  • Always, always be courteous in every comment you make.
  • Other Tips: Be courteous at all times.
  • Respect the Venue Be courteous of your host and their business operation.
  • He was polite and courteous with Betty's mom.
  • Roy There is nothing courteous about Chicago Thugery Doc Back stabbing Chicago thug.
  • Other Answers (4) Tell your b/f he needs to learn to be courteous on the road, you are definitely in the right.
  • AMSA has never been anything other than reasoned and courteous towards us.
  • But be courteous for the person who you saw the source from.
  • Courteous as the examiner was in explaining why I did fail, I was shocked.
  • If you are staying in a hotel room, be aware of your neighbors, and be courteous by not being excessively loud.
  • Be courteous during the examination times.
  • You were extremely organized, professional, and courteous throughout the planning process and during the climb.
  • I'd saying we need to be more courteous toward them.

committed to, by, for, in or of?

  • I am very committed to staying.
  • Wot crime have i committed by that statement.
  • You will need to stay committed for finding the cheapest auto insurance.
  • Your country has been too committed in Iraq.
  • The best and most committed of the strikers will be fired gradually.
  • The team out there was very committed against a good side.
  • Having a workout partner can help remaining committed on your weight-loss plan easier.
  • She was very committed with all the work she participated in.

congruent with, to, in, by or on?

  • The pad should be congruent with the mouse.
  • We then say that M is congruent to a modulo n.
  • Be congruent in tone and words.
  • Two triangles with two equal sides and equal included angles are congruent by some theorem or another -- you look it up.
  • Therefore, the starting place for removing complications is to get congruent on the inside -- thus making peace on the outside.

"contemporary with" or "contemporary in"?

  • He was contemporary with Solomon.
  • Also I found nothing contemporary in the pictures.
  • He was one of the contemporary to Lord Chaitanya.
  • He was a senior contemporary of Buddhaghosa.
  • Bollywood pop art is contemporary as well as vintage.
  • Ranil was my contemporary at St.
  • It was contemporary for its time, yet this kind of equipment is now a collector's item.
  • The harshness of modernism is smoothed over in contemporary by embellishment.
  • There is something very contemporary about this story.
  • It is nice to see something so happily contemporary after all that oil on canvas.
  • Thompson Usiyan was our contemporary from Mid-West State.
  • Home had become a 6,000-square-foot contemporary on three acres or a gutted and rehabbed townhouse in a gentrified ghetto.
  • Assistance to accomplish the winters contemporary through presenting Moncler Women's Vest aural a bitter winter months selection.
  • The Modern Prairie fa ç ade is contemporary without being funky.

contemptuous of, to, towards, about or at?

  • It is demeaning and contemptuous of women.
  • Let self glorification be something contemptuous to you.
  • The whole tone of it is contemptuous towards the publishing industry in general and literature in particular.
  • Sad but well, serve me right for being so contemptuous about the distance.
  • I am a member of Generation Y myself, and I see the practical application of the practices she outlines, even if I feel slightly contemptuous at being called ' hard to please.
  • They care little for the former, and are notably contemptuous for the latter.
  • How can a government be so mean and contemptuous toward the intellectual elite of our society? It is a true horror to see that.

countless of, in, near, times or from?

  • I've done it countless of times.
  • Tracts are countless in number, and a large share of them are worthless.
  • This made for countless near misses.
  • We don't remember the countless times those without it are wrong.
  • The reason for against this is because of the employment together with other begin, you can of countless from the manufacturers all over the world.
  • You find countless on Gloob and Shellys Walls.
  • Car lust has called countless to the rocks of financial ruin.

"confused with" or "confused about"?

  • I am very confused with it all.
  • She feels confused about Jacob.
  • I'd very, very confused by this.
  • She was very confused as to what it was.
  • He looked confused for a moment.
  • The EC is pretty confused on the aviation side.
  • You seem very confused at the moment.
  • Psst! you hiss at it as it perches confused in the gravel.
  • Jim was the most confused of the lot.
  • I'd not sure why people are getting confused between: 2.
  • She never gets confused over her dates, and I always do.
  • Lindsay says she was very confused after the accident and would never deliberately lie to the cops.
  • They become very confused from not knowing what is morally correct.
  • Most of these discussions seem pretty confused to me.

concurrent with, to, in or for?

  • Section 15-Delivery Concurrent with Payment.
  • That sentence is concurrent to the sentence Leon imposed this morning.
  • Such as grand finales of a theme concurrent in the piece.
  • It became a too big concurrent for wood industry.

"catastrophic for" or "catastrophic to"?

  • It was catastrophic for the nation.
  • Those are the ones that are catastrophic to an organization.
  • Nor is sea level rise catastrophic in longer term records.
  • Both are wild gambling and failure is going to be CATASTROPHIC of impact.
  • Mitchell was thereafter catastrophic on dual attempted plunges.
  • The nation's fiscal condition will become catastrophic with trillion dollar deficits continuing for years to come.
  • There's nothing immediate nor catastrophic about climate change.
  • And I also believe it is catastrophic as a matter of theology.
  • It's looking very bad but not catastrophic at this point.
  • This is not only sad from human rights point of view; it is catastrophic from a public health perspective too.
  • In addition a lot in the party would like to cut her throat and if they can convince the back bench it will be less catastrophic without her.

"coy about" or "coy on"?

  • Others are coy about who they use.
  • ANNA HENDERSON: But he's remaining coy on the details.
  • Oh you two -- stop playing so coy with each other.
  • There's no point in being coy in times like these.
  • Kiffin also remained coy as to whether Lee would get any snaps at defensive back against UCLA.
  • I catch up to the runners doing the race and play coy for a bit.
  • This is where the brilliant coy of FYROMians come into play.
  • They've remained coy over their romance since they started dating on the set of X-Men nearly two years ago.
  • They are still so coy after all this, and it is thoroughly unnecessary.
  • Amerou Aww Anni, playing coy at your age.
  • The subplot about a banker's self-regarding wife who allows herself to be seduced by a Chinese-born butcher is too coy by half.
  • Part of No 1 Pl, under 2/Lt Burkitt, returned to page 212 Coy from detachment.
  • Now at 39 years of age, Slater holds the record of being the oldest ASP World Champion ever, but was characteristically coy regarding any talk of retirement.
  • I think if we want to develop a grammar of non-objectifying, non-sexist come-ons, it will have to cover all the bases from coy to gallant to direct.

"convincing in" or "convincing to"?

  • They are not convincing in any way.
  • Mary Anne sounds convincing to me.
  • Pitt is utterly convincing as the Mr.
  • It didn't take much convincing for me to agree.
  • Look there is no convincing of these people.
  • McGrath's reasoning is convincing on this.
  • Yet, he said nothing convincing about it.
  • He has already have a lot chances to show and still not convincing at all.
  • The fact he was even in uniform took some convincing by Tebow.
  • I think we def look more convincing with our 4 best defenders.
  • Had other stuff set up, but it only looked convincing from her angle.
  • Well it's a total but it didn't look too convincing against the Essex attack.
  • The historical setting is convincing without the details being overbearing.

"closed for", "closed in" or "closed to"?

  • Augustine's closed for lack of funding.
  • Its closed to Dhaka University.
  • It whispers closed in his wake.
  • The dollar closed on Friday at US65.
  • Last time they were ' let in ' I closed off so many people.
  • The Nifty closed at 5610, up 32.
  • The Non-Voting closed with a 1.
  • No wonder the factory closed down.
  • The R? hui covers the highest risk area within 1km of the crater and remains closed by DOC.
  • The museum remains closed during public holidays.
  • The temple remains closed from 1:00 p.
  • But Regal closed after a post-show grenade attack killed two people.
  • His thighs were more relaxed, so that his legs would stay open for a few hours before banging back closed as the spasm set in.
  • Only 16 stores remain closed due to water or wind damage.
  • There is proof for all but the most closed of minds that the prophecies contained therein were written in the time periods claimed therein.
  • Reaching out in the semi-darkness, his finger? s closed over Dreyfus? s tail.
  • Your cervix should stay closed throughout pregnancy until just before the birth.
  • Industrial people buy handome amount and there go you CNG will remain closed till tomorrow 7 o clock.
  • Both the white and ros will come closed under screw cap.
  • The food court will remain closed until Tuesday.
  • Some noisy and difficult to practise in closed up environment.

celtic in, for, on, at or to?

  • It was like Celtic in the 00/01 season.
  • I'd complimenting Celtic for their game and tactics.
  • Congratulations to Celtic on the win.
  • We offloaded centurions alongside LSD Empire Celtic at Port Said.
  • Stein also led Celtic to a further six Scottish Cups and four League Cup triumphs.
  • Celtic with it all to do again.
  • Sorry James I was just using Celtic as an example.
  • When he came to Celtic from Leicester it was ' walking over burning coals to get here '.
  • Celtic after discussion with HMRC paid the tax due.
  • His first goal for Celtic against Hearts last eeason.
  • The result sent Celtic through to the second round of the Champions League for the first time in their history.
  • Are there knob heads who support Celtic because they think its some sort of extension of the RA of course there are.
  • I'd buy up Rangers and Celtic before liquidating them.
  • Now manager, he heads to Inverness this afternoon with his side trailing SPL leaders Celtic by a massive margin.
  • Pique damaged his foot in September and returned to play the last few minutes of Barca's defeat to Celtic during the week.
  • Stuart Bell, I see you are another who is missing the point and bringing Celtic into the equation.
  • With the game deadlocked at 1-1 in Stoppage Time it looked like Rangers had mugged Celtic of an (undeserved) point.
  • It was a good win for Celtic over the weekend against Kilmarnock, but it didn't come without some controversy.
  • It's a Celtic rather than a Romance, Latin-based language, and far more similar to Welsh than to French.
  • Celtic vs MV at AAMI was a decent game last year.
  • Celtic without Rangers is like fish without chips.

crowded with, in, on, at or for?

  • The lake was crowded with canoes.
  • It was beyond crowded in there.
  • It may be very crowded on sunny days.
  • It got pretty crowded at times.
  • It all got too crowded for Abban.
  • It is so crowded during rush hour.
  • She felt crowded by anyone getting too close.
  • It's not to crowded around here.
  • At daybreak, scores more crowded into churches across the island to give thanks.
  • A rural idyll that never was -- nor will be in this most crowded of isles.
  • Breakfast buffet is great though it gets crowded after 9 am.
  • Maybe it is less crowded as the first one, and charming.
  • There are also resorts, but they felt very crowded from what I saw.
  • After soaking up the view on the west side we made our way over to the east side (through the much less crowded inside portion).
  • We didn't want it too crowded like America.
  • It is just they seem crowded out of this market by the clunky old beasts.
  • I've seen it go from good to crowded to a real nightmare that you avoid at all costs.
  • But John Bolton has the coolest moustache ever! Nukeman60 It sure is getting crowded under that ole bus.

comprehensible to, in, by, for or as?

  • I enjoy making science comprehensible to the general reader.
  • Much less does it know that the universe is comprehensible in this or that way.
  • There is in nature a subordination of genera and species comprehensible by us.
  • Nirvana is not comprehensible for those who have not attained it.
  • Like its predecessor, it is only comprehensible as a merchandising opportunity.
  • Shi'ite theology (kalam) would be incomprehensible without a knowledge of these sayings.
  • You can not deduce something comprehensible from something incomprehensible.
  • It will even be far more difficult to make it comprehensible with particular reference to the actual application and practice of meditation.
  • That is why, for all their superficial differences of language and custom, foreign cultures are still immediately comprehensible at the deeper level of motives, emotions and social habits.
  • Is there an explanation (comprehensible on the pencil and paper level) why it does n't?
  • Now and again, whiskery old cove Seth Armstrong would say something comprehensible over a pint to Amos Brearly or Henry Wilks at the Woolpack.
  • Lots of things do exist but are not comprehensible through our eyes.

chock-full of, with or by?

  • It is chock-full of great stuff.
  • The main road was chock-full with burnt vehicles and debris.
  • Kersey sassistance aftermoster the coniferst aboutt on a newborn employ, he chock-full by cornetist Park on Sundayperiod to burnge his radiophone pimprove at the barbecue apartment.

"connected with" or "connected to"?

  • Stay Connected With Colleagues.
  • Not connected to internet also.
  • Stay connected for more gadget.
  • All the wires a connected in order i.
  • I have no problems staying connected on g.
  • Keep connected without ever being cut off.

"cozy with", "cozy up" or "cozy in"?

  • She was very cozy with big oil.
  • So cozy in fact that it is hard to leave.
  • It's not our job to cozy up to power.
  • Quiet and cozy for a long night chat and drink with friends.
  • Then it's time to get cozy at home.
  • Cozy on up and escape the chill of fall's frigid breath on.
  • It's well-known because of its cozy as well as classy.
  • The ice on our own little round pond will be quite cozy by comparison.
  • Bringing fire to the room made everything cozy during the cool night.
  • So lets not be too cozy about our security.
  • Via standard for you to bash don, your Speak Nova scotia sneakers are incredibly cozy along with cool.
  • In the morning let the smells of freshly brewed coffee, wood smoke, and breakfast entice you from your cozy down comforter.
  • It was warm and cozy inside the boat.
  • You a will stay rose and cozy throughout the ugg boot.
  • The orange signs at the library and the blue carpet made it very cozy to me.
  • But sleep is important -- and not just because it's warm and cozy under your comforters.
  • This was my favourite way to keep my babies and I all warm and cozy without too much extra bulk.

crispy on, with, without, at or in?

  • It gets nice and crispy on both sides.
  • The phyllo was nice and crispy without being overly oily.
  • Roast them for 15-20 minutes until soft inside and crispy at the edges.
  • The phyllo was nice and crispy without being overly oily.
  • Nuggets should be slightly browned a crispy around the edges.
  • One batch is made thin and crispy for him and the other batch is made thick and chewy for me.
  • It was warm, gooey, and crispy in all the right places.
  • Crispy as a Benji out Diddy's pocket, when I'd on stage ain't no question.
  • The Greek salad was crispy from the fresh veggies, tangy from the feta (yes, real) and salty from the olives (not Kalamata, ordinary sliced black olives).
  • The way it goes all yummy and crispy like.
  • Should you be producing Von Miller Jersey french fries, you desire that crispy outside the house.
  • Cook till slightly crispy round the edges (any sooner and it won't flip!) and cook the other side.
  • The breading is light and crispy, and stayed very crispy through the life of the sandwich.
  • Crispy chicken is not a novel dish to Cantonese cuisine, but Tim's Kitchen gets it just right with a perfect amount of salt, tender meat and skin that is crispy to the last bite.

"cooperative in" or "cooperative with"?

  • She joined this cooperative in 2005.
  • Rogers was very co-operative with us.
  • But he has been cooperative for the first few days.
  • Both should be adopted for the cooperative to another.
  • She works very hard and thus was chosen to join our women's co-operative as of May 2011.
  • You need to be cooperative at home.
  • Fortunately, fans were very cooperative on that day.
  • Only in this way, he said, can employees become co-operative rather than defensive or aggressive Passivity **40;39820;TOOLONG.
  • Now Rebel isn't always the most cooperative about bathing and as he weighs in at 55kgs.
  • Marlborough News Online, in Wiltshire, was established as a workers ' co-operative by four journalists.
  • I found him very cooperative during the shooting.
  • Cuts of the cooperative from Paran are sold to distributors in the Arab countries.
  • In 2011, I was able to transform the cooperative into a business called Compost Liberia.
  • These include tendering for projects, running the cooperative like a business, applying for.
  • NASA is one of the more open and cooperative of all government agencies.
  • While students in other disciplines learn to be cooperative over college years, students majoring in economics learn the same fact much more slowly.
  • I have been assertive but co-operative throughout my time in Menie.
  • They are able to achieve because Singaporeans are naturally less confrontational and cooperative towards the government.

"circumspect in" or "circumspect about"?


"comforting to" or "comforting for"?

  • I used calm, comforting tone too.
  • That is very comforting for us all.
  • There's something comforting about it.
  • It's therapeutic and comforting in all respect.
  • I found this article quite comforting at the time.
  • Their comforting of the young fellow punished by Imelda is touching.
  • It is just as indulgent and comforting as the original, only far better for you.
  • They are so comforting on a cold night.
  • Yor words are very comforting after a very dissapointing election.
  • It felt comforting during a time of chaos and impatience in my life.
  • You can bring along something comforting from home for your trip.
  • It's more comforting like this.
  • In the case of democratic nations with legal protections for human rights I even find that comforting rather than creepy.
  • Your braised pork is lovely too, and so comforting with the mashed potato and gravy.

"cool with", "cool for" or "cool in"?

  • And I'd finally cool with that.
  • Snug in winter, cool in summer.
  • So don't be too cool for school.
  • Ain't nothing cool about thugs.
  • And VERY cool on AmEx Platinum.
  • A Let cool to room temperature.
  • It can get quite cool at night.
  • The hall of the house was cool as a vault.
  • The room should be cool by then.
  • The battery remains cool during charge.
  • Because Bo is just cool like that.
  • That's pretty gosh darn cool of them.
  • It felt cool under his fingers.
  • The Other Side would be a cool after dinner spot.
  • Remove and cool before serving.
  • Then do your cool down stretches.
  • Tre Cool from Green Day gave it to me.
  • Buyers will also have the option to waiver their cool off rights.
  • Maybe a spinoff would be cool without use found footage.

crushing of, in, on, at or by?

  • It meant a total crushing of vanity.
  • Also, I detected noise throughout the series and some annoying crushing in the black colors.
  • OK well, first, I guess this means I have to end my crushing on you LOL -- because that might be wrong.
  • I'd sure that the crowds are pretty crushing at that time of year.
  • Impact crusher is primarily engaged in crushing work in the process and producing crushing by making the materials along the joints level with the help of the impact.
  • The equipment can carry out muti-stage crushing for a large chunk of material.
  • That must be so crushing to people who think winemaking is glamorous.

"calm in", "calm for" or "calm about"?

  • Our dogs are calm in our house.
  • But I can't be calm about this.
  • It didn't seem very calm for the baby.
  • Nigerians should be calm with him.
  • First, you must be calm at all times.
  • I was actually quite calm on race morning.
  • My name is Calm After the Storm.
  • It was fab! He was even calmer during the day as well.
  • The dead calm of Alake's face kept her from asking any questions.
  • Neace had been working for a heel hook, but Sandro was calm under attack.
  • He is quite calm around people so.
  • He is so calm as an attacking midfielder.
  • Wait until he is calm before trying again.
  • Wallace was already calmer by then.
  • The city was calm despite the fires, with no panic reported.
  • So I'd calm from that point of view.
  • When there is calm like this there are no harmful consequences.
  • He has become calmer over the years and I think art has played an important role in his life.
  • The situation was calm through Monday.
  • My heart was racing, but I was calm to everyone else.
  • Then said they unto him, what shall we do unto thee, that the sea may be calm unto us? For the sea wrought, and was tempestuous.
  • The road was calm without much traffic.

characteristic of, for, in or to?

  • Character is what is characteristic of us.
  • Osteoclasts were not characteristic for Paget's disease of bone.
  • The animal characters look fab and are really characteristic in a cheeky kind of way.
  • Taste, flavor and fragrance of mango is very characteristic to the same.

consonant with, to or of?

  • For Methodists this is consonant with EDEV.
  • The Judicial Decisions of Courts of Justice, consonant to one another in the Series and Successions of Time.
  • It is the most consonant of the imperfect intervals.

"contingent on" or "contingent upon"?

  • Problem #2 is contingent on problem #1.
  • Mechanisms are contingent upon contexts.
  • A thing that is contingent in its nature establishes the fact of a non-contingent existence.
  • UKIP chances to elect MP's is assisted by the Lib Dem collapse The above table is contingent of 40% of Lib Dem voters defecting to Labour, which is a given in the current political environment.
  • An event which is contingent to us is certain to God by his ordination.

"chief of" or "chief among"?

  • Anlide, chief of Ceneoil Dobtha.
  • Peter, acknowledged as chief among the apostles.
  • O'Donnelly is cited anciently as a chief in Inishowen.
  • These three are chief amongst devas and humans: Illuminators, preaching Dhamma, Opening the door to the Deathless, They free many people from bondage.
  • Cierume ruled as chief for a long time.
  • If I may not remain a husbandman, let me be a chief over men, however humble they may be.
  • As an aside, being Chief to Albert is not unlike an addiction.

"conditional on" or "conditional upon"?

  • But it can not be conditional on fantasy.
  • Funding is conditional upon access approval.
  • Oh and the fact that his support and love is conditional to $ too.
  • No fast (Roza) is conditional for MUSTAHAB or NAFL I'tikaaf.
  • Our oppression seems to be conditional in this way.

clinging to, of, on, as or for?

  • And no more clinging to a teacher.
  • True or perfect panna is emptiness, absence of the foolish clinging of delusion.
  • It becomes a clinging on, white knuckles can I make it to 30 days affair.
  • We see this suffering, and we see our very clinging as the cause of that suffering.
  • Weak, malnourished and severely dehydrated, people have been arriving clinging for life.
  • Don't also harbour any clinging in the present.
  • The bar is constantly being raised to the point where your clinging onto your sofa for dear life! Words by Danny Mellows Keep up to date with all the latest music news, gossip, and give-aways from.

convicted of, for, by or in?

  • He was convicted of manslaughter.
  • He was convicted for all of them.
  • I was very convicted by the uncompromised generosity.
  • I know and I have seen-I'd not alone standing convicted in this court today.

cognizant of, about, for, to or with?

  • Be cognizant of their symptoms.
  • The problem is, many of the useful idiots who support them on the sidelines aren't fully cognizant about their intentions.
  • Many of them woke up and were cognizant for the first time in 40 years.
  • So again, Good Luck! I am cognizant to what you wrote and yes its quite obvious that Tao of Turtle island are the same beings.
  • I would be too if I weren't cognizant with the details of it all.

conflicting with, in, to, of or about?

  • S conflicting with the other Imam A.
  • As at TMI, information has been lacking or conflicting in Japan.
  • This does not appear conflicting to me.
  • I want my marriage to be annulled and the grounds are conflicting of personalities and emotionally abuse.
  • What would you like to know more about the Treaty? What is conflicting about the Treat y? Source of conflict between the two versions.
  • Murdoch's media empire owns newspapers that support different (conflicting at times) points of view, that attract different groups.
  • Moving on, this book was conflicting for me.
  • The science is NOT conflicting on that.
  • Church and para-church groups promote conflicting rather than uniform electoral messages.

caribbean in, for, with, to or on?

  • He moved back to the Caribbean in 2007.
  • Or the Caribbean for that matter.
  • Dozens of ships were affected, from the Caribbean to Quebec.
  • That's the goal we left the Caribbean with.
  • This applies to the Caribbean as a sub-region as well.
  • Thomas at the Caribbean on the beach.
  • CULTURE SHOCK: Baseball was brought to the Caribbean by U.
  • Cuba's HIV rate is the lowest in the Caribbean at under 0.
  • Cyclones/hurricanes run wild in the Caribbean during summer.
  • The plan is to offer flights to the Caribbean from many of Brazil's connecting routes.
  • The storm had already caused 69 deaths in the Caribbean before reaching the US.
  • It was like The Pirates of The Caribbean of those times.
  • What is striking now is how little high-level public comment there has been in the Caribbean about what is occurring in the global economy.
  • Jamaica has the third higher rates of infection in the Caribbean after Haiti and the Dominican Republic.
  • He declared the dispute, which pitted smallholder farmers in the Caribbean against large US multinational producers, is at an end.
  • Jamaica is one of the best places to go scuba diving in the Caribbean because of many reasons.
  • Indians were brought to the Caribbean between 1845 and 1917 to rebuild the agricultural sector after the emancipation of slavery.
  • However, they are less likely to call on smaller ports in the Caribbean due to their huge size.
  • There are other occupational groups in the Caribbean including tourism workers, taxi drivers and truckers that may be worthy of study.
  • Rouse put a lifetime of research and studies on the Indians of the Caribbean into one work.
  • APD hit the Caribbean like a tsunami.
  • Navy ships have deployed to the coast of Africa and the Caribbean over the past year.
  • She had met a lot of artists from the Eastern Caribbean such as dub poet Ras Mo, who were of both African and Carib ancestry and who publicly acknowledged this.
  • It is difficult to bring food into the Caribbean through customs.
  • I imagined board meetings in the Caribbean under palm trees.
  • The plant made its way to the Caribbean via the slave trade.
  • England had freed its slaves in the Caribbean without a war.

"contending with" or "contending for"?

  • It also meant contending with grainy images.
  • He'll be contending for championships for years.
  • Also contending in the Player of the Year race were Weber, the 2012 U.
  • Both acts will be contending against other big names such as EXILE, Jolin Tsai, and Yuna.