"daily for", "daily with" or "daily in"?

  • Second plan pays 80% daily for 2 days.
  • Day labor goes for $4 dollars daily in Kabul.
  • I also use the Note 1 daily with my Sony.
  • Splashpad is open daily from 9am to 7pm.

damaging to, for, of, in or as?

  • It is very damaging to children.
  • So it was hugely damaging for tweeters.
  • It is the least damaging of the UV radiations.
  • It is very damaging in the long-term.

damn about, near, for, to or as?

  • But no one gives a damn about it.
  • This one is damn near Freudian.
  • Wow! They really don't a damn for it.
  • Just don't give a damn to anyone.

"dangerous for" or "dangerous to"?

  • This is very dangerous for the.
  • He is dangerous to the society.
  • They turn dangerous in a moment.
  • We were also dangerous on the counter.

"dark in", "dark for" or "dark of"?

  • It gets very dark in the woods.
  • That's the darkest of the dark.
  • It is too dark for another line.
  • It was very dark with a bit of fog.

"daunting for" or "daunting to"?

  • This can be daunting for SMB's.
  • This may seem daunting to the newbie.
  • It was pretty daunting at times.
  • It's exciting and daunting in equal measure.

dead in, on, by, at or of?

  • I have seen the dead in the mud.
  • Khan was shot dead on the spot.
  • So Jesus was dead by that time.
  • C is dead at the time of promise.

deadly to, in, for, of or with?

  • And very deadly to the animals.
  • The guy is deadly in front of goal.
  • Sitting is more deadly for women.
  • Predator: Deadliest of the Species.

"deaf to" or "deaf in"?

  • But she seemed deaf to her cries.
  • John's School for the Deaf in St.
  • Pride was deaf from birth due to the rubella virus.
  • She is now deaf as well as blind.

dear to, in, for, of or as?

  • You are dear to me too Wilfried.
  • Yours faithfully, My Dearest in heart.
  • We paid dear for any advance we made.
  • He was my cousin and the dearest of people to me.

deceased in, to, for, at or on?

  • I first met the deceased in November or December 2004.
  • The deceased to be laid right side facing the Qibla.
  • Their parents have been deceased for years.
  • I was called to the deceased at about 2.

"decent in" or "decent for"?

  • That's pretty decent in our book.
  • Nigeria is too decent for this.
  • Be decent to the other parents.
  • Price is also pretty decent at US$ 49.

"decisive in" or "decisive for"?

  • I am decisive in my own behalf.
  • The year 1617 was decisive for Vincent.
  • The slope is decisive on what lives where.
  • Something ominously decisive about this.

dedicated to, of, in, for or among?

  • I am very dedicated to my fitness.
  • And hitting the gym alone seems to work for only the most dedicated of souls.
  • They are quite dedicated in what they do.
  • Please note that most vehicles DO NOT have UAS anchors dedicated for the centre seating position.

"deep in", "deep within" or "deep into"?

  • I, m deep in debth plz pray for me.
  • The revelation leads her deeper into.
  • A low snarl came from deep within his chest.
  • That's getting a bit deep for me.

deepening of or in?

  • But it's a deepening of this crisis.

"defensive about" or "defensive in"?

  • Don't get so defensive about it.
  • No getting defensive in comments.
  • Maybe we're a little sensitive and defensive of our local hockey.
  • I got a little defensive for some.

deficient in, of, by, as or to?

  • So you men are deficient in emotions.
  • Many individuals are deficient of this vitamin.
  • We are deficient by four kinds of faults.
  • They're just as backwards and culturally deficient as the Taliban.

degenerate into, to, in, from or at?

  • I do not want to degenerate into that debate.
  • Once things degenerate to name-calling, it's time to stop.
  • These ducts initially form and then degenerate in the male.
  • Things tend to degenerate from that point.

"delicious with" or "delicious in"?

  • Delicious with spiced apple juice.
  • Both delicious in their own ways.
  • Your tears are delicious to me '.
  • Delicious on bread or crackers.

delighted with, at, by, for or about?

  • We're delighted with the results.
  • I think we should be delighted at.
  • I am delighted by your service.
  • I? m delighted for Artur and Szabi.

demanding of, in, for, on or about?

  • He is really demanding of your time.
  • College is more demanding in terms of work load.
  • It's very demanding for the body.
  • Were being very demanding on that.

demeaning to, of, for, in or about?

  • It is so demeaning to the reader.
  • You see, i t is so demeaning of Ghana.
  • And it would be demeaning for Phong Mut.
  • It sounds demeaning in Pakistan.

democratic in, for, about, of or to?

  • It's very democratic in that way.
  • Democratic for social issues and foreign policy.
  • There's nothing democratic about them.
  • Death is the most democratic of all happenings.

"demographic of" or "demographic in"?

  • The demographic of Reddit in the U.
  • They are no longer in the demographic in question.
  • Proton, please widen your demographic for buyers.
  • The fastest growing demographic on Facebook is women over.

"dense with" or "dense in"?

  • Air dense with smoke from #waldocanyonfire.
  • Since is connected, is dense in.
  • The last week has been extremely dense for me and it is hard to tell its story.
  • The element of this chakra is air, the least dense of our physical elements.

dependant on, upon or of?

  • But is very dependant on the work.
  • It's also dependant upon other features.
  • You are neither dependant of a software editor, nor of a reseller.

dependent on, upon or for?

  • Dependent on BECOMING is Birth.
  • It is dependent upon the organization.
  • It all is dependent for the sort of.

"depending upon" or "depending of"?

  • International depending upon location.
  • Depending of what you have done this can last either days or weeks.
  • Distances may very depending on location.
  • It could be acceptable depending in what context you mean.

depressed about, by, for, at or in?

  • I never felt so depressed about a guy.
  • I am depressed by individuals too.
  • I was depressed for over a year.
  • We are depressed at the moment.

deprived of, in or by?

  • Deprived of her loving siblings.
  • The deprived in the society need to be helped.
  • No? It's a beautiful existence, not feeling deprived by someone else.

descriptive of, in, rather, to or about?

  • I think it's descriptive of humanity.
  • It's purely descriptive in my mind.
  • It is descriptive rather than prescriptive.
  • The shift is from the descriptive to the prescriptive.

deserving of, for or in?

  • They were deserving of the one.
  • She's the only one left truly deserving for the win.
  • Dustin Brown ' s was not that deserving in this case.

"desirable for" or "desirable in"?

  • This is desirable for three reasons.
  • This was desirable in this wave image.
  • This is not always desirable to owners.
  • Both are considered desirable by some guitarists.

desirous of, for, about or to?

  • You are yourself desirous of it.
  • Alternatives to DDT had been viewed as desirous for this reason for decades.
  • Unfortunately the health industry as of late is more desirous about profits as an alternative of health.
  • All victorious imams exported to Pakistan or Iran, or somewhere equally desirous to them, at their own cost, preferably.

desperate for, in, to, about or at?

  • He felt desperate for the club.
  • Don't act desperate in their house.
  • She just seems desperate to me.
  • I am not one bit desperate about it.

"destructive to" or "destructive of"?

  • Cytotoxic Destructive to living cells.
  • Lying is destructive of society.
  • They are destructive in many ways.
  • Very sad and personally destructive for all participants.

detailed in, about, for, on or with?

  • That's all detailed in our Privacy Policy.
  • Allama Sheikh Thabeehullah has written in detailed about him.
  • Your requirements are too detailed for the column.
  • Detailed on the cheap omnicef www.

detrimental to, for or in?

  • That can be detrimental to the team.
  • It's detrimental for your growth.
  • This could be detrimental in two ways.

"devastating to" or "devastating for"?

  • TLJ's ending remains devastating after all these years.
  • Devastating against his unarmed M.
  • It's devastating as an artist, but I will never regret standing up for what was right.
  • Chelsea is devastating at counter attacking, we are clueless.

devoid of

  • Devoid of charm, wit or humour.

devoted to, for or in?

  • I am devoted to transformation.
  • The rest of the time will be devoted for DJ hosting.
  • Angela is also devoted in music education.

"different from" or "different to"?

  • Different from each other, too.
  • Totally different to the boook.
  • Maybe be different in the bronx.
  • It is very different for women.

difficult for, to, in, of or with?

  • Difficult for herself, as well.
  • These are difficult to overcome.
  • Enforcement is difficult in the US.
  • It was the most difficult of times.

"digital in", "digital for" or "digital by"?

  • Then we can go digital in training.
  • Too much reliance on ' digital by default '.
  • This isn't digital for digital's sake.
  • I bought them in digital at my expense.

"diligent in" or "diligent about"?

  • Please be diligent in researching.
  • Be diligent about quality control.
  • I wished I had been more diligent with blogging about it.
  • And now they have been diligent at Edgbaston.

"direct to" or "direct from"?

  • It went direct to the broadcaster.
  • Buy direct from a fish market, 3.
  • Happy to deal direct with owner.
  • ATM were very direct in their attack.

"dirty with", "dirty on" or "dirty in"?

  • You get down and dirty with us.
  • Fight dirty in the pit when com.
  • He's done the dirty on many people.
  • I don't want to talk dirty to him.

"disabled in" or "disabled for"?

  • I an disabled in that language.
  • Race control is disabled for first season.
  • Withings is disabled by default.
  • Disabled from RA but still play when I can.

"disadvantaged in" or "disadvantaged by"?

  • The emphasis on meritocracy does not mean we have to abandon our desire to help the disadvantaged among us.
  • I, for one, feel disadvantaged as a native English speaker.
  • They have failed to keep their eyes on the ball and are disadvantaged at this point.
  • Cis men are not oppressed or disadvantaged because of their gender.

"disappointed with" or "disappointed in"?

  • So disappointed with the ending.
  • I am disappointed in this book.
  • I am disappointed by this blog.
  • I was disappointed at the mix-up.

"disappointing for", "disappointing in" or "disappointing to"?

  • This was disappointing for him.
  • Disappointing to many, no doubt.
  • Disappointing in performance or progress.
  • Really disappointing from Activision.

"disastrous for" or "disastrous to"?

  • Disastrous for Labour of course.
  • This is disastrous to their health.
  • It was disastrous in the first half, yes.
  • The market for strawberries can prove just as unpredictable and disastrous as the weather.

disenchanted with, by, after, about or at?

  • I've grown disenchanted with the game.
  • Although, I am a bit disenchanted by pop-rock these days.
  • Many times I find myself disenchanted after the church service, it's time to look for another church.
  • I'd become disenchanted about religion long ago.

"disgusted with" or "disgusted by"?

  • I am disgusted with the matter.
  • I'd disgusted by these actions.
  • Honestly I'd disgusted at people.
  • I really felt disgusted about what I saw.

dishonest in, about, with, to or of?

  • It's still dishonest in my book.
  • But I don't think he's dishonest about it.
  • They were dishonest with the American people.
  • Doing it this way is dishonest to me.

disillusioned with, by, about, at or after?

  • He became very disillusioned with Labour.
  • The Republicans hate her as much as they hate Obama and the left is just as disillusioned by the Clintons as they are Obama.
  • I feel pretty disillusioned about the whole thing, to be honest.
  • I was very disillusioned at my grandfather's house, ' ' she said.

disinterested in, with, at, to or on?

  • He's disinterested in his children.
  • At times he even appeared disinterested with the fight.
  • Carlos Vela had been guilty of missing the best chances, but his movement and work rate made him far better than Nik who looked lazy and disinterested at times.
  • And in no clip does the actor seem bored or disinterested to audiences.

disloyal to, for, in, by or towards?

  • Criticism of PAP = disloyal to SG.
  • No one thought of them as disloyal for wanting to better their lot.
  • He was disloyal in every sense of the word.
  • I am not being disloyal by giving this fact away, it is simply the way it is.

dismissive of, about, in, to or on?

  • Zerbib was dismissive of this accuser.
  • I think people can be quite dismissive about pop music.
  • Also, I wouldn't be so dismissive to the Aquinos ' explanations.
  • I don't mean to sound dismissive on this particular issue.

disobedient to, in, unto, at or for?

  • He was disobedient to his father.
  • I am not being willfully disobedient in my thoughts or these word.
  • Nobody was on Ritalin back then, nobody had ADHD, and few were disobedient at school.
  • Children are disobedient or seen to be disobedient for many reason.

disposed of, to or towards?

  • Ready to be cut down and disposed of.
  • Culturally, England is more disposed to a Lord Protector.
  • Firstly, Booth was actually very disposed towards general statements and loath to give many specific examples.

disproportionate to, in, with, as or at?

  • It is disproportionate to other sectors.
  • Some of the invective on the boards here is a little disproportionate in my view.
  • Yes, we'll have to agree to disagree -- the eviction was disproportionate with bells on.
  • A 2-a-month levy may not only reduce the quality of journalism but would also be disproportionate as the monthly subscription costs for broadband can fall well below 10-a-month.

"disrespectful to" or "disrespectful of"?

  • That is just disrespectful to me.
  • R G Nurse How disrespectful of you.
  • Or for being disrespectful towards me.
  • This was disrespectful in the least.

"disruptive to" or "disruptive in"?

  • They are too disruptive to her business.
  • Tendency to be disruptive in class.
  • Mr Reo Coker is too indisciplined and disruptive for my liking.
  • It is not too disruptive of normal routines.

dissatisfied with, by, about, at or in?

  • Dissatisfied with this turn of.
  • I am dissatisfied by your response.
  • Crew dissatisfied about something.
  • On the long run, you both will be dissatisfied at pleasing each other's needs.

"dissimilar to" or "dissimilar from"?

  • Band walks are extremely dissimilar to this.
  • It is not dissimilar from the U.
  • Matters are not dissimilar in Birmingham.
  • The concept of a metropolis is dissimilar with the concept of a state or a sub-state.

distant from, in, to, with or past?

  • He seemed bored and distant from the game.
  • Not far distant in Aghaboe, St.
  • My family were very distant to me.
  • He is aloof and distant with very hurt feelings.

distinct from, in, to, as or for?

  • Distinct from those two pearl eyes.
  • Each note was distinct in his head.
  • The odor is very distinct to me.
  • Whence it follows that elements in the mixed body would be distinct as to situation.

distinguishable from, by, in, on or as?

  • It is hardly distinguishable from space.
  • All of these different strains are distinguishable by their DNA.
  • They were distinguishable in a special way.
  • Stephen Wassira case is distinguishable on the facts.

"distressing for" or "distressing to"?

  • Very distressing for both of them.
  • It is in fact distressing to me.
  • There are some moments that are pretty distressing in Prometheus.
  • And THAT ' S distressing as a development decision.

distrustful of, in, about, at or for?

  • I am deeply distrustful of undue speed.
  • They are cheerful and distrustful in their trading.
  • CreditSights ' weekly funding report said the ECB had effectively become the central clearer for the region's banks as lenders are increasingly distrustful about funding one another.
  • O'Mara also said the couple was stressed, fearful and distrustful at the time.

disturbing to, for, about, in or of?

  • This was very disturbing to me.
  • It was too disturbing for that.
  • There's nothing disturbing about it.
  • It's disturbing in several places.

diverse in, with, from, as or for?

  • He is diverse in his experience.
  • Golf in Perak is equally diverse with a number of.
  • She kept all the pieces as diverse from each other.
  • The actions were as wide and diverse as the US itself.

divine in, within, by, for or to?

  • Jesus Is Divine In Substance A.
  • You must seek the Divine within you.
  • Instead, he is held to be Divine by them.
  • The service was divine for the entire night.

divisible by, into, in, among or between?

  • It is divisible by both 3 and 5.
  • It is divisible into three main elements.
  • Yet physicists give the impression that they think the real ought to be divisible in the way the number line is.
  • The issue the Court was required to consider was whether the property was divisible amongst creditors of the bankrupt.

dominant in, over, for, at or on?

  • These are dominant in the feudal era.
  • The top is dominant over the bottom.
  • YA dominant for almost a decade now.
  • He was equally dominant at the prep level.

"dormant for" or "dormant in"?

  • It can seem dormant for awhile.
  • Enzymes are dormant in the fridge.
  • They develop all the talents and capacities lying dormant within us.
  • Some animals remain dormant during rainless periods e.

"double in" or "double for"?

  • It will rise and at least double in size.
  • The same goes double for the U.
  • The $7 prizes ALWAYS double to $14.
  • In fact, it was double of what locals had to pay.

"doubtful about" or "doubtful of"?

  • So I'd doubtful about your theory.
  • You become doubtful of yourself.
  • It was looking doubtful for a while.
  • They are doubtful in their very doubts.

down to, on, for, about or in?

  • Fell back down to 3% on Feb 21st.
  • She sits down on the edge, looking away.
  • But I still am down for a few hours.
  • Regards, Al I'd very down about this one.

downstream of, from, in or on?

  • It may be upstream or downstream of the gene.
  • Most SMEs are well downstream from major economic triggers.
  • If you want to learn how to do it (or if you don't know what it is yet) we break down three different ways to keep you cruisin ' downstream in control.
  • The main producer of power is the Volta River Authority (VRA ), with six 127 MW turbine at Akosombo and a 160 MW turbine at Kpong on the downstream on the Volta Lake.

dramatic in, of, for, with or about?

  • Very dramatic in it's appearance.
  • The most dramatic of these is a 51.
  • August 2012 had been quite dramatic for me.
  • The shift is even more dramatic with silver.

driven by, to, in, on or per?

  • And social is driven by people.
  • A third of the population died of hunger, some driven to cannibalism.
  • Possible tax for each mile driven in the Bay Area?
  • Do nt talk about airbags for a car meant to driven on the tracks.

drunk on, in, with, at or for?

  • And that Noah got drunk on wine.
  • We got very drunk in a big group.
  • I've got drunk with this album.
  • And he turns up drunk at a funeral.

"dry in", "dry with" or "dry for"?

  • Rinse and dry in a salad spinner.
  • Keep the wound dry for 48 hours.
  • Pat your face dry with a towel.
  • They are bone dry on the economy.

"dubious about" or "dubious of"?

  • Many remain dubious about the 7.
  • I'd also dubious of the environmental benefits.
  • I find that dubious in the extreme.
  • This made it dubious as a theory of mind at all -- in the ordinary sense.

"due in" or "due for"?

  • The film is due in August 2013.
  • That is due for a 2013 release.
  • Two hours before he was due on.
  • It is cold due to it's location.

dumb down, for, to, as or in?

  • Dumb down the defaults -- fine.
  • All this is too dumb for desktop.
  • From the dumbest to the smartest.
  • Dumb asses through and through.

dutch in, for, to, from or on?

  • It was built by the Dutch in 1784.
  • It was as if the finish had been designed by the Dutch for him.
  • They refused to speak Dutch to me.
  • The English adapted Dutch from Frisian Duutsc.

dying of, in, for, to or from?

  • Kim Tinkham is dying of cancer.
  • I felt again the pain of his dying in 2010.
  • Marvell's dying for the last news about the old homestead.
  • Strengthen me to face the daily dying to myself.

"dynamic in" or "dynamic between"?

  • Interrresting dynamic in play here.
  • It changes the dynamic between persons.
  • It's flexible and dynamic with no targeting.
  • I think that's the new dynamic for artists.