Prepositions after Adjectives

Click an adjective to see what prepositions are usually used after it in English


"different from" or "different to"?

  • Different from each other, too.
  • Totally different to the boook.
  • Maybe be different in the bronx.
  • It is very different for women.
  • What's Different About betswot.
  • It is different with the other.
  • It has been different at night.
  • NOTHING different between these two.
  • The pass mark is different depending on the program.
  • It? s no different on your bike.

difficult for, to, in, of or with?

  • Difficult for herself, as well.
  • Enforcement is difficult in the US.
  • These are difficult to overcome.
  • It was very difficult at that time.
  • It was the most difficult of times.
  • What is so difficult with this.
  • It isn't as difficult as Alba, however.
  • Walking at night is difficult because of.
  • Made difficult by falling rocks, enemies, etc.
  • That becomes difficult due to the low number of transactions.
  • It's difficult on the Gold Coast.

dependent on, upon or for?

  • Dependent on BECOMING is Birth.
  • It is dependent upon the organization.
  • It all is dependent for the sort of.

dead in, on, by, at or of?

  • I have seen the dead in the mud.
  • Khan was shot dead on the spot.
  • So Jesus was dead by that time.
  • C is dead at the time of promise.
  • At dead of night they sing out.
  • He's BEEN dead for a long time.
  • So, once read it was dead to me.
  • Dead from avoidable heart failure.
  • I saw him drop dead with knife cuts.
  • Tron may not be dead after all.
  • Both dead as a dodo at present.
  • Am dead against JI and its kind.
  • Sixteen people are dead because of.
  • Paul was dead before that happened.
  • Myth #15: Play dead during an attack.
  • Every emotion appeared dead within him.
  • Scala is dead without Java and JVM.

"due in" or "due for"?

  • The film is due in August 2013.
  • That is due for a 2013 release.
  • Two hours before he was due on.
  • It is cold due to it's location.
  • Arsenal are due at OT next week.
  • Zakat is what is due from property.
  • Nominations are due by October 15.
  • Payment will be due under our regular payment terms (14 days).
  • She propagates in due with air.
  • Only if the baby is due after 29th Oct.
  • Explanations are due as to why.
  • Your policy may be due before settlement.
  • Murali for not paying up his due of Rs.
  • I am also due out the door by 7.
  • Payment is due upon course registration.
  • The balance was due within 60 days.

"dangerous for" or "dangerous to"?

  • This is very dangerous for the.
  • He is dangerous to the society.
  • They turn dangerous in a moment.
  • HIV is the most dangerous of all STI's.
  • We were also dangerous on the counter.
  • This is dangerous as well as unappetizing.
  • It's actually dangerous at times.
  • My mother was dangerous with her car.
  • There was something dangerous about it.
  • Our roads are not dangerous because of slow moving traffic.
  • American roads are dangerous by design.
  • People are dangerous due to their cultured slogging.
  • They are most dangerous from set-pieces,.

devoid of

  • Devoid of charm, wit or humour.

"disappointed with" or "disappointed in"?

  • So disappointed with the ending.
  • I am disappointed in this book.
  • I am disappointed by this blog.
  • I was disappointed at the mix-up.
  • Disappointed about my performance.
  • I was disappointed for Stephen.
  • I felt very disappointed after that loss.
  • I am deeply hurt and disappointed as an Indian.
  • Song is disappointed on sighing.

distinct from, in, to, as or for?

  • Distinct from those two pearl eyes.
  • Each note was distinct in his head.
  • The odor is very distinct to me.
  • Whence it follows that elements in the mixed body would be distinct as to situation.
  • It is distinct for its minty flavor and can be used with tea.

desperate for, in, to, about or at?

  • He felt desperate for the club.
  • Don't act desperate in their house.
  • She just seems desperate to me.
  • I am not one bit desperate about it.
  • I'd been desperate at the time.
  • People are getting desperate by the day.
  • James Jones How pathetic and desperate of Toure.
  • Now, Dennis, you're really getting desperate with your comments.

detrimental to, for or in?

  • That can be detrimental to the team.
  • It's detrimental for your growth.
  • This could be detrimental in two ways.

delighted with, at, by, for or about?

  • We're delighted with the results.
  • I think we should be delighted at.
  • I am delighted by your service.
  • I? m delighted for Artur and Szabi.
  • Delighted about Henry re-signing as well.
  • He delighted in God's redeeming love.

deserving of, for or in?

  • They were deserving of the one.
  • She's the only one left truly deserving for the win.
  • Dustin Brown ' s was not that deserving in this case.

dissatisfied with, by, about, at or in?

  • Dissatisfied with this turn of.
  • I am dissatisfied by your response.
  • Crew dissatisfied about something.
  • On the long run, you both will be dissatisfied at pleasing each other's needs.
  • Most women feel extremely dissatisfied in their marriages.

dominant in, over, for, at or on?

  • These are dominant in the feudal era.
  • The top is dominant over the bottom.
  • He was equally dominant at the prep level.
  • YA dominant for almost a decade now.
  • I notice which hand is dominant on everyone I see.
  • We had been so dominant with it in the first leg.
  • Stag red is the most dominant of the minpin colors.
  • Both A and B are dominant to O.
  • It remains dominant after weathering dozens of major price spikes over many decades.
  • If the first team can be as dominant against our west London neighbours on.
  • It's very dominant among colored people who reflect on these issues.
  • History this time is very different with Apple being also dominant as a fashion gadget.
  • Seems really FBS contest is dominant by the Indonesians lol.
  • The hip flexor muscles are dominant during the majority of the swing to the ball.
  • El Rey was dominant from start to finish.
  • The new arrivals later became dominant through conquest, occupation, settlement or other means.
  • Pros * Dominant throughout the entire game.
  • If this is the case, then they should be regarded as dominant within their market.

"dry in", "dry with" or "dry for"?

  • Rinse and dry in a salad spinner.
  • Keep the wound dry for 48 hours.
  • Pat your face dry with a towel.
  • They are bone dry on the economy.
  • It's dry at the side of the road.
  • Been eating it dry by the spoonfuls.
  • Rinse the board and pat dry before use.
  • Drained dry of scoff and chortle.
  • Step 3 Pat dry after the shower.
  • In a quandry as not sure what to do.
  • You have dry to normal skin type.
  • Your mouth can become dry during the day, too.
  • Jamaica is driest from December to March.
  • Let the soil become completely dry between watering.
  • The mouth may become dry due to high fever, vomiting or lack of fluid intake.
  • Burns and dry like hell but it WORKS.
  • Weather was dry over rest of the region.
  • Your eye becomes dry through the lack of blinking.
  • The district is hot and dry throughout most of the year.
  • It kept me dry under hairy rains for couple hours long.
  • It'll help dry up the blisters.
  • A little bit dry without any dressing.

"desirable for" or "desirable in"?

  • This is desirable for three reasons.
  • This was desirable in this wave image.
  • This is not always desirable to owners.
  • Both are considered desirable by some guitarists.
  • This is desirable as an induction agent.
  • This can be desirable from a security standpoint.
  • Smoking and drinking are not desirable of children.
  • It might even be desirable on the basis of equity as they earn more and have better pensions.
  • Rubies are desirable with color red.
  • I don't think I understand what would be desirable about that.
  • Hugs and kisses makes a woman feel desirable at all times.
  • This has come to be desirable because of its association with traditional denim.

distant from, in, to, with or past?

  • He seemed bored and distant from the game.
  • Not far distant in Aghaboe, St.
  • My family were very distant to me.
  • He is aloof and distant with very hurt feelings.
  • John's remained distant for some time.
  • From this he claims to be able to cover a distant of 60 kilometres an hour.
  • They had in the distant past a common origin.
  • However, in Brazil the hierarchy is more noticeable and subordinates tend to stay distant as a matter of respect.
  • Mr Varden the clue to all had seemed so distant at the door which.
  • The pair are 126 million light-years distant by redshift and 130 million light-years by Tully Fisher measurement.
  • TETRA masts by contrast were two kilometres distant on average.
  • Wife: Hannah Hoes - distant relative to his mother.
  • Mei Zhuang is cold and distant towards him while he's.

"disgusted with" or "disgusted by"?

  • I am disgusted with the matter.
  • I'd disgusted by these actions.
  • Honestly I'd disgusted at people.
  • I really felt disgusted about what I saw.
  • I have never been so disgusted in all my life.
  • Each day I feel more DISGUSTED of N.

"destructive to" or "destructive of"?

  • Cytotoxic Destructive to living cells.
  • Lying is destructive of society.
  • They are destructive in many ways.
  • Very sad and personally destructive for all participants.
  • Ego too is destructive as the practicing Buddhist knows.
  • Reasoning should override emotions which can be destructive at times.
  • This is explicitly destructive by design.
  • Rats and mice are particularly abundant and destructive on farms.
  • They can also cause harm wilfully, however, should they consider someone to be disrespectful or destructive towards their fount.
  • There is something gravely wrong and destructive with this type of mentality.

"decent in" or "decent for"?

  • That's pretty decent in our book.
  • Nigeria is too decent for this.
  • Be decent to the other parents.
  • Price is also pretty decent at US$ 49.
  • Old Miss is decent on offense as well.
  • But you were always decent with me.
  • Wallace Cleaver Jolly decent of Mr.
  • The final decent into El Nido is a treat.
  • He was pretty decent about the whole thing.
  • Food was pretty decent from what I remember.
  • Wooded decent after the first steep hill.
  • Tav looked decent against Braga.
  • Yes, he's looked decent as a #7 defender this year.
  • The speed offered is quite decent by international standards.
  • The Butterfly Effect was pretty decent considering its parts.
  • Until that red card, we were just decent down 0-1.
  • We're pretty decent like that at Sick Chirpse, see.
  • They played a decent out of conference game.
  • I ran decent over the 1600m, clocking 3.
  • Juan Mata waited few seconds to check his options and finally a decent through pass to Eden Hazard who made no mistake.
  • Morale was decent under him, because each battalion in the brigade was pretty much left alone.
  • Overall the chart suggests that a decent up move is likely.

"digital in", "digital for" or "digital by"?

  • Then we can go digital in training.
  • Too much reliance on ' digital by default '.
  • This isn't digital for digital's sake.
  • I bought them in digital at my expense.
  • The adaptor contains a DAC (digital to audio converter).
  • It's digital as opposed to digitised.
  • I also shoot digital on the on the D700's.
  • Learn how to go digital with iTunes.
  • Honestly i think the vita is kind of getting it right because everything was digital from day one.
  • These are like eruptions of the digital into the physical world.
  • The mobile device brings digital out of the home and office.
  • In summary, I don't see a digital versus physical argument in general.
  • Something digital about social media.
  • The music industry went digital before the image industry.
  • There have been a number of physical store locations going digital of late.
  • H &R; Block has been making steady progress in digital over the last two years, outperforming its rivals in this space.
  • The Kindle Fire HD has another first for a tablet: the next generation Dolby Digital Plus audio platform.
  • In travel it makes much more sense to have digital rather than traditional paper books.
  • Of course, he has a close relationship with Weta Digital through Avatar.
  • Digital vs linear arts TV Back at the BBC, Bell was upbeat about The Space -- the 2.
  • You can not have real creativity in digital without the understanding and working knowledge of the actual channels.

"disrespectful to" or "disrespectful of"?

  • That is just disrespectful to me.
  • R G Nurse How disrespectful of you.
  • Or for being disrespectful towards me.
  • This was disrespectful in the least.
  • And that's why I think it's disrespectful for women.
  • There's nothing disrespectful about it.
  • But she says, the 13-year-old was disrespectful at times.
  • We don't want to be disrespectful by wandering around as callous tourists.
  • Driver's are disrespectful on the roads.
  • Some are defiant and disrespectful toward their parents.
  • Equally disrespectful with those who there lived.

"defensive about" or "defensive in"?

  • Don't get so defensive about it.
  • No getting defensive in comments.
  • Maybe we're a little sensitive and defensive of our local hockey.
  • I got a little defensive for some.
  • Amis is defensive on this issue.
  • So, I don't why anyone would get defensive over it.
  • Bashir: That sounded positively defensive to me.
  • It is on the defensive against itself.
  • Do not be defensive at challenges.
  • Audiences are made defensive by their earnestness.
  • Put them on the defensive with more revelations.
  • Your M-16 is your all around defensive as well as offensive weapon which does just fine.
  • It is largely a defensive rather than offensive force.
  • It just appears that Loui is on the defensive after last night polling.
  • By 1999, the government found itself on the defensive because of the increasingly vocal public concerns.
  • It won't want it to be an election issue in 2011 because it doesn't want to be on the defensive during a campaign.
  • Obama was defensive from the beg.
  • From January 1943, the Japanese were on the defensive throughout their island empire.
  • He became defensive towards my needs.

dumb down, for, to, as or in?

  • Dumb down the defaults -- fine.
  • All this is too dumb for desktop.
  • Dumb asses through and through.
  • From the dumbest to the smartest.
  • But, don't look dumb in front of her.
  • I think he is getting dumber by the minute.
  • First that was rather dumb of them.
  • And Disney isn't dumb about their property either.
  • It's a dumb one, too, by the way.
  • They are dumb with a capital D.
  • You guys are beyond dumb at this point.
  • I will, I'd just dumb like that.
  • So, she is not that dumb after all.
  • I feel like I've gotten 10X dumber from reading your comments.

diverse in, with, from, as or for?

  • He is diverse in his experience.
  • She kept all the pieces as diverse from each other.
  • Golf in Perak is equally diverse with a number of.
  • The actions were as wide and diverse as the US itself.
  • My diet and habit has not diverse for years.
  • Africa is as diverse of a place there is.
  • Sociologically speaking fandom seems fractally diverse to me.
  • There is nothing diverse about naming local government wards after single racial groups.
  • Results were diverse across markets, as the UK posted growth (+4.
  • Indian cuisine is probably the most diverse among all of world's foods and most of the Indian stuff we find out here (US Europe) is just a pale imitation.
  • EMS will continue to be diverse at the local level.
  • Opinion is diverse by it's very nature.
  • Opinion was diverse on this point.
  • The merchandise of the Pittsburgh Steelers has become so diverse over the recent years.

"dissimilar to" or "dissimilar from"?

  • Band walks are extremely dissimilar to this.
  • It is not dissimilar from the U.
  • Matters are not dissimilar in Birmingham.
  • The concept of a metropolis is dissimilar with the concept of a state or a sub-state.

dismissive of, about, in, to or on?

  • Zerbib was dismissive of this accuser.
  • I think people can be quite dismissive about pop music.
  • It seems they complained that we were rude and dismissive in replies.
  • Also, I wouldn't be so dismissive to the Aquinos ' explanations.
  • I don't mean to sound dismissive on this particular issue.
  • McCain was dismissive towards Obama.
  • But by all means be trivial and dismissive with the laziest generalizations you can muster.

"disastrous for" or "disastrous to"?

  • Disastrous for Labour of course.
  • This is disastrous to their health.
  • It was disastrous in the first half, yes.
  • The market for strawberries can prove just as unpredictable and disastrous as the weather.
  • To say it was disastrous at the beginning of 2012 would be an understatement.
  • This is disastrous from a strategic standpoint.
  • Anyways, the Gunners got to the most disastrous of starts.
  • In fact it is disastrous on both counts.
  • Republicans are disastrous with the economy.

democratic in, for, about, of or to?

  • It's very democratic in that way.
  • Democratic for social issues and foreign policy.
  • There's nothing democratic about them.
  • Death is the most democratic of all happenings.
  • Doesn't sound very democratic to me.
  • Planning can be made democratic by measures such participatory budgeting.
  • It just wasn't so democratic as they'd hope.
  • Janet you are completely right that the process has to be democratic at some point.
  • My district is 85% Democratic with some indies and some greens.
  • Fortunately, other parties are more democratic on the issue of Europe.
  • It is democratic because of its foundations of popular consent and majority rule.
  • Now I'd reading articles telling me it's democratic despite the lack of elections.
  • We have been entirely less democratic from the very beginning of our Dominion.
  • Jan Lokpal definitely looks more democratic over governement's Lokpal bill.
  • That's if the game owners were interested in making stuff democratic rather than simply laying down the law themselves.
  • Conservative Populist -- generally a social/fiscal conservative, but more interested in making party/society more democratic through consultation, referendum, etc.
  • Tanzania is democratic under multiparty political system.
  • Good versus poor governance is far more important than democratic versus autocratic governance.
  • Obviously, much could be done to make the Election/Nominating Committee more democratic without suggesting anything as radical as one-person-one-vote primary elections to select CE candidates.

deficient in, of, by, as or to?

  • So you men are deficient in emotions.
  • Many individuals are deficient of this vitamin.
  • We are deficient by four kinds of faults.
  • They're just as backwards and culturally deficient as the Taliban.
  • We are working hard on the areas that we were deficient at.
  • He said ' Around 90 per cent of women are vitamin D deficient during the winter months which means pregnant women are especially at risk.
  • Our generals have been particularly deficient for a long, long while.
  • Indeed, Hadith memorizers and researchers believe that the Ahadith about the kissing of hand are weak and deficient from the viewpoint of authenticity.
  • The Oireachtas is deficient on three counts.
  • However, this narration is deficient to some degree.
  • Does, it is true, have no horns and yet are equally deficient with the males as regards the teeth.

drunk on, in, with, at or for?

  • And that Noah got drunk on wine.
  • We got very drunk in a big group.
  • I've got drunk with this album.
  • And he turns up drunk at a funeral.
  • Haymitch stays drunk for a reason.
  • Felt drunk from it so went to bed.
  • Don't come drunk to your tattoo appointment.
  • I started getting drunk as a toddler.
  • I was usually pretty drunk by that point.
  • I was 23 and drunk off Jack Daniels.
  • How do you get drunk after a hard fought late night game on a MONDAY.
  • Getting drunk around people you work with is a recipe for disaster.
  • Get drunk before showing up ha.
  • Lindsey: Get drunk during this movie? Bobby: That's a requirement.
  • They have the an effect on a drunk like kittens do to a young girl.
  • You drunk of that ice house and tamales.
  • Blind drunk out of a lock-in at the County.
  • Ignorance is a drunk without whiskey.

"demographic of" or "demographic in"?

  • The demographic of Reddit in the U.
  • They are no longer in the demographic in question.
  • Proton, please widen your demographic for buyers.
  • The fastest growing demographic on Facebook is women over.
  • CBS also led the adults 18-49 demographic with a 2.
  • I think that the only way to get this demographic to the polls is if there is a Hispanic candidate for president.
  • The problem was demographic at its base.
  • So, I can not use demographic as a criteria to evaluate my page's users: -) I sympathize with that Liming.
  • If they did, they would realize very quickly why we are losing this demographic by massive numbers.
  • People stuck in third-world hellholes are a different demographic from those able to pay for a passage to Australia.
  • He pointed out that more women are playing Facebook games, bringing a whole new demographic into play.
  • In a demographic like mine, I still need to print a few CDs.
  • In fact, every age demographic over the age of 55 shows a higher percentage of workforce participation between 2000 and 2010.
  • It is also another sign of the influence of the aging demographic within Cobourg.
  • For those that do date an attractive trait tends to be the ability to accept the dating patterns of the desired demographic without discontent.

"deaf to" or "deaf in"?

  • But she seemed deaf to her cries.
  • John's School for the Deaf in St.
  • Pride was deaf from birth due to the rubella virus.
  • She is now deaf as well as blind.
  • She became deaf at the age of 18 months.
  • I was deaf for a week afterwards.
  • That is considered deaf by clinical standards.
  • She essentially is deaf on one side.
  • Dave was deaf with cerebral palsy.
  • The world is deaf after all, and blind.
  • In the Marvel universe he was once 80% deaf due to an injury, but his hearing was restored.
  • CBM began its work in Madagascar in the late 1970s, and started supporting the School for the Deaf of the Malagasy Lutheran Church, Antsirabe, in 1981.
  • What do the deaf need: An employee can often communicate with individuals who are deaf through written materials and exchange of written notes.

desirous of, for, about or to?

  • You are yourself desirous of it.
  • Alternatives to DDT had been viewed as desirous for this reason for decades.
  • Unfortunately the health industry as of late is more desirous about profits as an alternative of health.
  • All victorious imams exported to Pakistan or Iran, or somewhere equally desirous to them, at their own cost, preferably.

depressed about, by, for, at or in?

  • I never felt so depressed about a guy.
  • I am depressed by individuals too.
  • I was depressed for over a year.
  • We are depressed at the moment.
  • I think I was depressed in town.
  • I was pretty depressed after 04.
  • I am so depressed because of this.
  • Many others are depressed with no family.
  • Feeling very depressed over it, still.
  • I went from feeling angry to depressed to hopeful.
  • I remember feeling depressed as a child.
  • My sister is depressed due to this.
  • Very depressed during those days.
  • You learn from certain losses and become depressed from other ones.
  • I've been depressed on &; off since the 6th grade.
  • Hastings is the most depressed of England's south-coast resorts.

"decisive in" or "decisive for"?

  • I am decisive in my own behalf.
  • The year 1617 was decisive for Vincent.
  • The slope is decisive on what lives where.
  • Something ominously decisive about this.
  • But they are not themselves decisive of liability.
  • A high turnout is decisive to a reformist victory.
  • This ought to be decisive against it.
  • This fact should be and is decisive as to the meaning in Rev.
  • He was clear, decisive with his intentions with me.
  • The reigning champions looked crisp and decisive at this stage with scores coming from a variety of sources.
  • The opinion given by the Court shall be accepted as decisive by the parties.
  • The Iranian war will be overwhelming and decisive from all sides.

"doubtful about" or "doubtful of"?

  • So I'd doubtful about your theory.
  • You become doubtful of yourself.
  • It was looking doubtful for a while.
  • I was doubtful as to whether he can actually defend.
  • They are doubtful in their very doubts.
  • Harvin is listed as doubtful on the injury report.
  • I agree with Arsene but his judgemet of Bendtner is doubtful to me.
  • Mikele Leigertwood is doubtful with a dead leg.
  • We can be both hopeful and doubtful at the same time.
  • The reality of God is made a little more doubtful by a lifestyle that God Himself had advised against.
  • Norwich goalkeeper John Ruddy (thigh) is doubtful after being taken off against Everton on Saturday, and could be replaced by Mark Bunn.
  • Cornerback Byron Maxwell is doubtful because of a hamstring injury.
  • He said that he'd been into it on a ladder, but I find this doubtful considering the depth.
  • Tim Bresnan is also doubtful due to an injury.
  • It is doubtful from the last few radio messages, that the planes decided to ditch together.
  • It makes it even harder when I think about all those times when I was in your shoes and acted doubtful over much trivial of issues.

deadly to, in, for, of or with?

  • And very deadly to the animals.
  • The guy is deadly in front of goal.
  • Sitting is more deadly for women.
  • Predator: Deadliest of the Species.
  • Deadly with a light saber aka mosquito zapper.
  • Maynooth were just as deadly on the counter attack.
  • It's the most deadly against U.
  • This is especially deadly at meetings.
  • He was clinical, classy and deadly as a striker.
  • Suarez is very deadly from the wide.
  • What is deadly about superbugs? They are deadly because they are resistant to antibiotics.
  • But bear in mind, keep in mind that really mean it could actually be very effective in a easy deadly among them your business.
  • They're just more deadly because of training.
  • The insurrection in the North is actually following the Somalian pattern; getting deadlier by the day.
  • Obama is smart like a fox and yet deadly like a cobra.

dramatic in, of, for, with or about?

  • Very dramatic in it's appearance.
  • The most dramatic of these is a 51.
  • August 2012 had been quite dramatic for me.
  • The shift is even more dramatic with silver.
  • She's not so dramatic about it now.
  • But I guess I was simply being rather dramatic as a woman.
  • Keep your flair for the dramatic to a minimum.
  • Either way, she does tend to get a little dramatic at times.
  • It's not dramatic by any set of rules.
  • The bunkers on the front right are among the most dramatic on the course, and deep.
  • Expect something equally dramatic from the stylish Ms.
  • It's fine if you want to be dramatic like that.
  • Still, it became a little over dramatic after a while.
  • In the United States, the declines have occurred among all age groups, but are most dramatic among young adults.
  • The difference is most dramatic between the U.
  • Changes in hormone levels are the most dramatic during this time.
  • The rate of growth is particularly dramatic over the twelve years to 2007.
  • Osmo Vnsk's direction of the orchestra is acutely well-timed and executed, dramatic without being overblown.

"delicious with" or "delicious in"?

  • Delicious with spiced apple juice.
  • Both delicious in their own ways.
  • The pieces of fruit are delicious for dessert, too.
  • Delicious on bread or crackers.
  • Your tears are delicious to me '.
  • Date juice is quite delicious as a drink.
  • They have been declared delicious by my son who chose them for.
  • This was crowned the most delicious of.
  • Life is pretty delicious at the moment.
  • No, this is Apple, and it was truly delicious from first bite.
  • Delicious without salt and only.
  • Backyard Gardens: There is something delicious about food that you have grown yourself.
  • So happy to learn they may not be delicious after all.
  • We ordered it for the first time quite recently and it's quite delicious despite looking like.
  • It is delicious like ceviche, jalea.
  • Ramsey provided a delicious through ball to Walcott but his first touch was too heavy, allowing Lloris to smother the ball.

"dubious about" or "dubious of"?

  • Many remain dubious about the 7.
  • I'd also dubious of the environmental benefits.
  • I find that dubious in the extreme.
  • This made it dubious as a theory of mind at all -- in the ordinary sense.
  • Frankly, this seems dubious to me.
  • This contention is dubious for several reasons.
  • Philip looked rather dubious at this sentence.
  • You can find absolutely anything credible or dubious on Google.
  • Initially I was daunted and dubious by this short-cut suggestion that Shane offered, but it ended up going without any hassles.
  • He was a bit dubious from the beginning but we thought we had persuaded him.
  • However I continue to remain a little dubious over the ' First ' element of it.
  • The principle is unclear if not entirely dubious with regard to reservations.

"diligent in" or "diligent about"?

  • Please be diligent in researching.
  • Be diligent about quality control.
  • I wished I had been more diligent with blogging about it.
  • And now they have been diligent at Edgbaston.
  • The most diligent of me was to wash my face at the end of each day.
  • We've still got to be more diligent on finding loose pucks.
  • Soon after the higher ordination, venerable Bhaaradvaaja withdrawn from the crowd, alone and secluded abode diligent for dispelling.
  • I am hardworking, committed and diligent to an assigned task.

"dormant for" or "dormant in"?

  • It can seem dormant for awhile.
  • Enzymes are dormant in the fridge.
  • Some animals remain dormant during rainless periods e.
  • They develop all the talents and capacities lying dormant within us.
  • Many lay dormant on the friends list for some time.
  • It was dormant after LTTE cadres assassinated Rajiv Gandhi in 1991.
  • The higher minds are practically dormant at the lower centres.
  • TGR: So, it has sat dormant since then? LM: It's been inactive.
  • His blog will go dormant as of today.
  • Offshore drilling is fast becoming dormant due to the fact that the risks outweigh its benefits.
  • We were dormant from April until September.
  • There are untapped talents lying dormant inside all of us.
  • As the rest of the plot will be dormant over the winter, I'd experimenting with some green manure.
  • The eggs produced are resistant to drying and lie dormant through dry conditions, hatching when the rainy season begins.
  • Those who think I was lying dormant throughout the year must see my acts executed by Shahbaz.
  • Type: Lightning History: Chesty? s prowess was silent for many years, as his magical ability lay dormant under his once introverted personality.
  • My stomach, dormant until now, has started to lurch again.
  • I've been dormant with this for awhile.
  • It remains dormant without anyone's understanding.

"direct to" or "direct from"?

  • It went direct to the broadcaster.
  • Buy direct from a fish market, 3.
  • Happy to deal direct with owner.
  • ATM were very direct in their attack.
  • Read a book direct on download.
  • You're so honest and direct about it all.
  • But don't try direct at http: //www.
  • She will sail direct for London.
  • Then suddenly I saw direct into my room.
  • However, the message was as short and direct as that.
  • The C for loop is pretty direct by contrast.
  • I'd too direct of a communicator.
  • Here's a quick overview of Direct PLUS Loans: The U.
  • The movies are then streamed direct through a PC/MAC, mobile and tablet.
  • You want to be confident and direct without intimation.

devoted to, for or in?

  • I am devoted to transformation.
  • The rest of the time will be devoted for DJ hosting.
  • Angela is also devoted in music education.

destitute of, in, by, on or after?


degenerate into, to, in, from or at?

  • I do not want to degenerate into that debate.
  • Once things degenerate to name-calling, it's time to stop.
  • These ducts initially form and then degenerate in the male.
  • Things tend to degenerate from that point.
  • What I degenerate at that is when you are targeting as a direction.
  • I will not let myself degenerate like so! PRODUCTIVITY.
  • P: So what I'd suggesting to you is that a mongrel is a degenerate of a species.
  • In an effort to identify to degenerate over time.
  • The sperm's tail and mitochondria degenerate with the formation of the male pronucleus.

dishonest in, about, with, to or of?

  • It's still dishonest in my book.
  • But I don't think he's dishonest about it.
  • They were dishonest with the American people.
  • Doing it this way is dishonest to me.
  • To say otherwise would be dishonest of me.
  • This effort is dishonest for two reasons.
  • This is thoroughly dishonest by the mandarins.
  • So Rod to suggest greed is the motive is more than a little dishonest on your part.
  • Evidently you're dishonest as well as oblivious.
  • That being said, I do find Tim's material to be dishonest at times.
  • Totally dishonest from the get-go.
  • He is often dishonest like this.
  • And if they have heard it and choose to believe otherwise then they're being intellectually dishonest rather than ignorant.

"dark in", "dark for" or "dark of"?

  • It gets very dark in the woods.
  • That's the darkest of the dark.
  • It is too dark for another line.
  • It was very dark with a bit of fog.
  • It was very very dark at night.
  • It was already dark by that time.
  • It's always darkest before dawn.
  • This makes the stone darker on top.
  • Many specimens are quite dark to black.
  • The bull was dark as the clouds.
  • Inside, it was dark like a black hole.
  • There is something very dark about that.
  • They get progressively darker after that.
  • Suddenly I slid from the wall and then all was dark around me, deep dark.
  • From a beautiful clear sky it was all dark because of fires and smoke.
  • The earth became totally dark due to this dark black deed of the king.
  • Ireland is totally dark during the winter.
  • As always the room was dark except for a single candle glowing on the table in the corner.
  • It's just a bit dark from the outside that's all.
  • It was really dark inside there.
  • The colour of this kind of timber gets darker over time.
  • I have dark under eye circles here.
  • Jamaica woulda be very dark without it, yuh nuh.

"disruptive to" or "disruptive in"?

  • They are too disruptive to her business.
  • Tendency to be disruptive in class.
  • Mr Reo Coker is too indisciplined and disruptive for my liking.
  • It is not too disruptive of normal routines.
  • This is known as flutter echo and it can be very disruptive at the listening position.
  • Civil unrest occurs when anger, frustration, or fear turn disruptive on a mass scale.
  • They may become disruptive as well as aggressive within that system.
  • This is seen as a practical issue as much as a moral one: sexual tensions could be profoundly disruptive during a long mission.
  • That applies to movies and rock concerts as well, but it isn't as disruptive with amplification.

"daunting for" or "daunting to"?

  • This can be daunting for SMB's.
  • This may seem daunting to the newbie.
  • It was pretty daunting at times.
  • It's exciting and daunting in equal measure.
  • The challenge is daunting as the project of.
  • But getting away from self is the most daunting of the tasks.
  • For UK users like myself things look a little more daunting on price.
  • It's less daunting with a partner.
  • We've compiled this article to introduce you some of the things that may seem daunting about the process.
  • It's all the same faces, so it's not daunting after taking time off.
  • Designing a room can seem daunting because of the many possible layouts.
  • Starting a non-academic job search can seem quite daunting by comparison.
  • Though it is daunting due to its length, the letters are big and the chapters are very short.
  • Cons: Outside - tower blocks can look daunting from the street.

damaging to, for, of, in or as?

  • It is very damaging to children.
  • So it was hugely damaging for tweeters.
  • It is the least damaging of the UV radiations.
  • It is very damaging in the long-term.
  • There is nothing more damaging as a CNG fuel tank explosion amid a possible car crash.

"disabled in" or "disabled for"?

  • I an disabled in that language.
  • Race control is disabled for first season.
  • Withings is disabled by default.
  • I got something anyone can get, and its left me disabled as a result.
  • Disabled at the age of 51 I wasn't happy.
  • Disabled from RA but still play when I can.
  • I am sick and disabled with no income.
  • Labour Standards now provide for those who become disabled on the job.
  • We are all disabled to varying disagrees.
  • This government needs to help the disabled of its country.
  • Disabled after this video was shot.
  • Like you I am in constant pain &; also registered disabled due to wide spread arthritis.
  • Force the poor and disabled into the streets to work.
  • Its of no use as its disabled through the software installed on our STB.
  • During his first week in office, he signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which protects women, minorities, and the disabled against unfair wage discrimination.
  • How we behave with the disabled among us tells us what kind of a people we are.
  • If you are ill or disabled because of an accident, you need to talk with ACC first.
  • Studies show that a 20-year-old worker has a 3 in 10 chance of becoming disabled before reaching full retirement age.
  • Interrupts must be disabled during this procedure.
  • Facilities for the disabled including ramps, hearing loops and dedicated wheelchair spaces are provided.
  • Disabled like meat to be poked, packed and despatched.
  • Sometimes respiratory or neurological functioning is so severely affected that an individual will satisfy the requirements to be considered disabled under the regulation.
  • But others are just the law according to Facebook and can lead to a personal page being removed or disabled without warning.

disturbing to, for, about, in or of?

  • This was very disturbing to me.
  • It was too disturbing for that.
  • There's nothing disturbing about it.
  • It's disturbing in several places.
  • Most disturbing of all is how the U.
  • Truly pathetic and disturbing at the same time.
  • Terrence, that is disturbing on so many levels.
  • Its really disturbing as a small blog owner.
  • This is made all the more disturbing by the lack of diegetic sound.
  • More disturbing from the point of attacking Iran with impunity is that the stealth drone was observed.
  • If spotting increases and becomes disturbing with pain and discomfort, consult a doctor for a proper check-up.

disproportionate to, in, with, as or at?

  • It is disproportionate to other sectors.
  • Some of the invective on the boards here is a little disproportionate in my view.
  • Yes, we'll have to agree to disagree -- the eviction was disproportionate with bells on.
  • A 2-a-month levy may not only reduce the quality of journalism but would also be disproportionate as the monthly subscription costs for broadband can fall well below 10-a-month.
  • It's time to level the accusation of disproportionate AT the BBC for its disproportionate coverage of this conflict.
  • But it seems disproportionate for a low key cyclo-cross race.
  • The text boxes, live displays and additions to the HUD seem jagged and disproportionate from the beautifully crafted environments, which are among the most elegantly designed I've seen on the 360.
  • Secondly, it is felt that the maximum fine of $6,000 imposed on persons involved in the illegal importation of workers are grossly disproportionate relative to the huge profits syndicates make.

distinguishable from, by, in, on or as?

  • It is hardly distinguishable from space.
  • All of these different strains are distinguishable by their DNA.
  • They were distinguishable in a special way.
  • And the order against which the insurgency is aimed is thereby only distinguishable as a hateful dictatorship.
  • Stephen Wassira case is distinguishable on the facts.
  • These groups are only distinguishable at flowering stage.
  • The observing principle, which is yourself, always stands outside the two things, which are distinguishable for some purpose.
  • What consists of parts is distinguishable into them, and what is distinguishable is separable.
  • Osama bin Laden was nothing more than a figure head, a face on a screen barely distinguishable through the static.
  • He was a young officer, and like them all, easily distinguishable to the German machine-gunners.
  • It was nice to watch how our works and workflows become distinguishable with the personal ways and styles.

"dense with" or "dense in"?

  • Air dense with smoke from #waldocanyonfire.
  • Since is connected, is dense in.
  • The last week has been extremely dense for me and it is hard to tell its story.
  • Keep punk explicit! Not dense at all Steve.
  • The element of this chakra is air, the least dense of our physical elements.
  • Dense as a bowling ball and half as sharp.
  • We made it long and dense on purpose.
  • The argument for nuclear is very tempting being that it is more energy dense by orders of magnitude.
  • The escarpment itself is covered by dense to closed woodlands.
  • I'd dense about them and can't evaluate them.
  • The texture was dense after baking.
  • It was the first permanent ries, this movement grew from a the new land was a vista of dense along the coast.
  • The trees were really dense around the area, and the school itself looked like it was engulfed in the forest.
  • But it was still a little dense from refrigeration.
  • The gratis correction data are not so dense like the paid ones.
  • However, the most spiritual among us tends to be fairly dense without an appeal to Scripture.

disinterested in, with, at, to or on?

  • He's disinterested in his children.
  • Carlos Vela had been guilty of missing the best chances, but his movement and work rate made him far better than Nik who looked lazy and disinterested at times.
  • At times he even appeared disinterested with the fight.
  • There are many things we do not like about Africa and yet we remain disinterested about the things that matter.
  • They looked completely disinterested after Robin Van Persie scored the opening goal.
  • Perhaps it is time Andrew Stauss's leadership was questioned, at times he seems quite disinterested as to whats going on around him.
  • They may be accused of being cold or disinterested by their partners.
  • It would definitely be a new challenge for a personality that has often looked jaded and nearly disinterested during recent years.
  • Disinterested for the nonce, when after reading the develop, I fantasy communicate those.
  • It was, by Flintoff's admission, a sluggish affair but he started the fight well, pawing out jabs while Dawson looked disinterested from the off.
  • His performance had been petulant and disinterested on the night.
  • And in no clip does the actor seem bored or disinterested to audiences.

divisible by, into, in, among or between?

  • It is divisible by both 3 and 5.
  • It is divisible into three main elements.
  • Yet physicists give the impression that they think the real ought to be divisible in the way the number line is.
  • The issue the Court was required to consider was whether the property was divisible amongst creditors of the bankrupt.
  • Pick your storage wisely The Web Sites service model offers you one gigabyte per subscription, divisible between 10 sites.

descriptive of, in, rather, to or about?

  • I think it's descriptive of humanity.
  • It's purely descriptive in my mind.
  • It is descriptive rather than prescriptive.
  • To maximise your blog's exposure online, your headlines should be more descriptive about the content of the post.
  • It's way too descriptive for me.
  • The shift is from the descriptive to the prescriptive.
  • Sorry, but I felt like I should be more descriptive with what's been happening to me.
  • This study adopts both a descriptive as well as a prescriptive approach.
  • For example, there are many words that were traditionally used to describe travellers which, although descriptive at the time of their activities, are now deemed offensive.
  • The new names are not descriptive like the old Martian ones.
  • The sticker should be more descriptive on this issue.
  • The ones that do are generally descriptive such as Nihahi (rocky) Ridge or are translations of their original names such as Devil's Head.
  • I like the way you write; vividly descriptive without being cluttered.

"deep in", "deep within" or "deep into"?

  • I, m deep in debth plz pray for me.
  • The revelation leads her deeper into.
  • A low snarl came from deep within his chest.
  • That's getting a bit deep for me.
  • So you must forgive them from deep inside yourselves.
  • Fill it about 8 cm deep with water.
  • Wish we were deeper at tight end.
  • I measure 37'x 56 ' by 2 ' deep on an angle.
  • I dug a trench about 16 inches deep by the width of my shovel.
  • I reckon there are some deep down survival instincts in us.
  • This was far too deep of a topic to be discussing before lunch.
  • I loved the time I escorted you from the deep to the shore.
  • The new design is 40 inches deep as opposed to the traditional 44 inches.
  • This is the largely hidden, unquantified cost of extracting mineral wealth from deep below the soils of South Africa.
  • The golden pumice therefore means that the magma rose very quickly from deep beneath the volcano.
  • Believe me it comes from deep from within our hearts.
  • McCullum looked promising before being caught by Chandimal in the deep off left-arm spinner Rangana Herath.
  • He's been deep undercover in Afghanistan for years.

disenchanted with, by, after, about or at?

  • I've grown disenchanted with the game.
  • Although, I am a bit disenchanted by pop-rock these days.
  • Many times I find myself disenchanted after the church service, it's time to look for another church.
  • I'd become disenchanted about religion long ago.
  • Ilias ultimately became natural leader of the student community disenchanted at Ovi's excesses.
  • At the time, Jimmy was getting a little bit disenchanted for whatever reason.
  • That is why my father got disenchanted in 1962, He flirted with CPI for some time, Realised that it was the B team of the COngress and then became a COngressman.

"daily for", "daily with" or "daily in"?

  • Second plan pays 80% daily for 2 days.
  • Day labor goes for $4 dollars daily in Kabul.
  • I also use the Note 1 daily with my Sony.
  • Splashpad is open daily from 9am to 7pm.
  • This ritual must be adhered to daily on a strict basis.
  • Five to seven hours daily of easy walks.
  • Emirates flies from daily to Rome from $2538.
  • A guided tour is available daily at 15.
  • Prepared fresh daily by Lugang Caf 's.
  • He is active daily as a village elder and councilman.
  • I would worry and obsess daily about how I felt.
  • Dad took his daily after dinner (lunchtime) nap there so we soon had to learn to be quiet OR ELSE.
  • Both she attends to daily before and after school.
  • The rates do not include dinner but there is a delicious children's buffet available daily between 5.
  • It transports 660,395 commuters daily during the week and 206.
  • Only a fearless daily like Dawn has the courage to question the pakistan government.
  • He continued this daily without caring for his farm.

"disappointing for", "disappointing in" or "disappointing to"?

  • This was disappointing for him.
  • Disappointing in performance or progress.
  • Disappointing to many, no doubt.
  • What's most disappointing about the Raptors ' start is the defense.
  • Really disappointing from Activision.
  • That's disappointing as the high-line 3.
  • We were so disappointing at that time.
  • Very disappointing on many levels.
  • Very disappointing with the food.
  • It was a bit disappointing after all the hype.
  • Disappointing considering how well he did last week.
  • I agree, Pilks ' performances have been disappointing of late.
  • This article is even more disappointing because of that fact.
  • What looked like an awesome feature is looking more disappointing by the day.

"distressing for" or "distressing to"?

  • Very distressing for both of them.
  • It is in fact distressing to me.
  • There are some moments that are pretty distressing in Prometheus.
  • And THAT ' S distressing as a development decision.
  • It's a worthwhile reality check, albeit distressing at times.
  • For me, that realization is the most distressing of all.
  • It can be very distressing on the family.
  • There is nothing particularly surprising or distressing about this.
  • That said, it is certainly true that there are many people here who find these displays genuinely distressing because of the cultural connotations.
  • This is very distressing from a climate change perspective.
  • Your tag is beautiful, I have not used that birdcage die for ages, don't know why, because it is fab, love the distressing with the new metallics too.

detailed in, about, for, on or with?

  • That's all detailed in our Privacy Policy.
  • Allama Sheikh Thabeehullah has written in detailed about him.
  • Your requirements are too detailed for the column.
  • Detailed on the cheap omnicef www.
  • Sometimes you really have to be very detailed with it.
  • Autism Speaks IRS990 Filings are some of the most detailed of any non-profit.
  • This kind of contact is very detailed by him, and very motive driven.
  • This is amazingly well done for an MMO and feels as rich and detailed as a single player game.
  • Tottenham vs Chelsea My review for this game can be seen in detailed at osesax.
  • That sounds rather detailed to me and not his to demand.
  • I didn't notice any particular lip-synch issues this time, and I would say that dialogue is crisper and more detailed across the board.
  • With Twilight it was already done for me, but I found that my mental images were all the more detailed because of it.
  • Be very detailed from the beginning of the date to the end.
  • Fares are metered and detailed inside the cabs.
  • I guess I could have been more detailed rather than the summary terms.

disobedient to, in, unto, at or for?

  • He was disobedient to his father.
  • I am not being willfully disobedient in my thoughts or these word.
  • Nobody was on Ritalin back then, nobody had ADHD, and few were disobedient at school.
  • Children are disobedient or seen to be disobedient for many reason.
  • Therefore, Allah has made the disobedient of wives equivalent to the commitment of major sins.
  • He sees many of us being disobedient towards them.

"dynamic in" or "dynamic between"?

  • Interrresting dynamic in play here.
  • It changes the dynamic between persons.
  • It's flexible and dynamic with no targeting.
  • I think that's the new dynamic for artists.
  • There is another dynamic at work too.
  • She's going to add so much dynamic to the show.
  • He is the most dynamic of all the living Yogis.
  • So president, s position is becoming dynamic as the days go by.
  • You can change this dynamic by developing a new habit.
  • He's a really good goalkeeper and is dynamic on his line.
  • No one can print quickly enough to prevent that dynamic from taking hold.
  • Needs to be dynamic because of font size change, screen rotation, and other on-the-fly formatting changes.
  • TDA can be dynamic behind the plate.
  • We wanted the AI to be intelligent and dynamic like a real soldier.
  • Services activity, which was particularly dynamic over the 2 nd quarter, grew by +24.
  • It makes the point that clouds are a dynamic rather than thermodynamic problem although.
  • It becomes real and dynamic through the guru's own spiritual vitality.
  • You're also not quite getting the dynamic within Ferrari.
  • What stands out the most about Lehtinen is how he was so incredibly dynamic without ever being flashy.

dying of, in, for, to or from?

  • Kim Tinkham is dying of cancer.
  • I felt again the pain of his dying in 2010.
  • Marvell's dying for the last news about the old homestead.
  • I am slowing dying from the inside.
  • Strengthen me to face the daily dying to myself.
  • Hence his dying by hanging enabled him to meet her again for the very last time.
  • And it's not civilized to have the poor dying on sidewalks outside of hospitals.
  • This dying out started in his life-time.
  • He accepted his dying with grace, dignity, pride, and our strength together.
  • No coverage of the sick and disabled dying after being found ' fit '.
  • He was discussing dying as a child.
  • That rural peasantry is stopping dying at 40 and living to 60, 70.
  • Patrice falls to his dying before Bond can discover his employer.
  • Now that employers are using the system to background check individuals everyone its dying off two fold.
  • In Washington last year, 103 people requested the prescription, with 70 using it and 19 dying without taking the drugs.

deepening of or in?

  • But it's a deepening of this crisis.

"disadvantaged in" or "disadvantaged by"?

  • I feel seriously disadvantaged by my gender.
  • Fiorentina were disadvantaged in Naples.
  • Message for? the poor? and disadvantaged of argieland.
  • I, for one, feel disadvantaged as a native English speaker.
  • They have failed to keep their eyes on the ball and are disadvantaged at this point.
  • Cis men are not oppressed or disadvantaged because of their gender.
  • We are significantly disadvantaged due to these constraints.
  • It is possible for any person to be disadvantaged for any reason in any community.
  • In realpolitik it has always been about protecting the most disadvantaged from the worst effects of capitalism.
  • Often this may create other problems where other members are disadvantaged through the change.
  • So that no team will be disadvantaged with the weather.
  • The emphasis on meritocracy does not mean we have to abandon our desire to help the disadvantaged among us.
  • Women and men with disabilities are severely disadvantaged on the Irish labour market.
  • A lesson learned, I hope, that the most religious would most likely yell to put the poor &; disadvantaged to death.
  • Brawn could be seriously disadvantaged under the budget cap vs.
  • Dickens ' novels contain vivid descriptions of life in 19th century England, often highlighting the poor and disadvantaged within society.
  • In my opinion the ordinary person is in danger of being disadvantaged without their knowing much about it.

"dirty with", "dirty on" or "dirty in"?

  • You get down and dirty with us.
  • Fight dirty in the pit when com.
  • He's done the dirty on many people.
  • I don't want to talk dirty to him.
  • I feel dirty for doubting your personality.
  • Fracking is the dirtiest of all.
  • The Colosseum is dirty from its history.
  • Feel dirty at the very thought.
  • He did the dirty by going inta no go security land and got pinched.
  • Nothing dirty about wanting to.
  • If the filter looks dirty after a month, change it.
  • Leave one thing dirty like the stove.
  • Is Romney actually capable of fighting hard and dirty against the Left? If so, he's never shown the skill.
  • Children will get dirtier as the day goes on.
  • Afterwards I feel guilty &; dirty because of my Christian beliefs.
  • I'd be afraid to get them dirty before getting.
  • His front tooth was dirty due to having tobacco and some other intoxicating materials.
  • Wearing lenses at night can lead to infection if the lenses have become dirty during the day.
  • Transmission fluid breaks down and gets dirty over time.
  • These lines read very dirty without the context.

dedicated to, of, in, for or among?

  • I am very dedicated to my fitness.
  • And hitting the gym alone seems to work for only the most dedicated of souls.
  • They are quite dedicated in what they do.
  • Please note that most vehicles DO NOT have UAS anchors dedicated for the centre seating position.
  • Wherever Muslims gain a sizable majority, the most dedicated among them begin pushing for local manifestations of Sharia law.
  • Yes I am very dedicated on this blog.
  • He was very dedicated towards his work and made sure he always attended his tuition and delivered the paper bags on the way.
  • As I said lift hard, try get some cardio in and stay dedicated with your diet.

distrustful of, in, about, at or for?

  • I am deeply distrustful of undue speed.
  • They are cheerful and distrustful in their trading.
  • CreditSights ' weekly funding report said the ECB had effectively become the central clearer for the region's banks as lenders are increasingly distrustful about funding one another.
  • O'Mara also said the couple was stressed, fearful and distrustful at the time.
  • Right from the start, our immigrants from the Russian Empire arrived mad at Moscow, distrustful for usually good reason and inclined to stay that way.
  • Although I don't think he would ordinarily be a bad candidate, I am distrustful toward his fellow conservatives.
  • I'd not surprised she feels distrustful towards her legs.

divine in, within, by, for or to?

  • Jesus Is Divine In Substance A.
  • You must seek the Divine within you.
  • Instead, he is held to be Divine by them.
  • The service was divine for the entire night.
  • He wanted to reduce the divine to the human.
  • They were divine with corned beef or ham!!!! Thankyou for the memory.
  • He was divine as well as human.
  • All I have to do is divine from what I know of you.
  • They seek union with the Divine on the lines of the Nirguna Bhaktas.
  • Many Unitarians feel a sense of the divine through nature.
  • There is nothing divine about the Bible.
  • All the very best for this most central and divine of human relationships/endeavours.
  • Four were declared divine at death by the Roman Senate.
  • Christ was divine because of who he was NOT his gender.
  • The Bible is not God, but is an anchor to something divine beyond my subjectivity.
  • This could be described as the descent of the divine into matter.
  • In order to believe in something divine like a God, we have to place a lot of faith in the religion that it is right.
  • We must learn to think in divine rather than human terms, if we hope ever to understand the deeper things of God.
  • In the words of Enns: When it comes to Scripture, there is no divine without the human, and there is no human without the divine.

"double in" or "double for"?

  • It will rise and at least double in size.
  • The same goes double for the U.
  • The $7 prizes ALWAYS double to $14.
  • In fact, it was double of what locals had to pay.
  • This is expected to more than double by 2036.
  • During playoff time, the parking is double from $25 to $50.
  • Social media spending is forecast to more than double over the next 5 years, to 18.
  • The cafe walls also double as a gallery.
  • Secondary school children required roughly double at 770 per child.
  • It expects Canadian oil sands production to nearly double between 2011 and 2025 to 3.
  • ALMOST double on the middle class at the end of this year.
  • This goes double with videos with Monckton.
  • Not to worry: the Spam Double Down T is here to make your spicy, meaty day.
  • Increased annual budget by more than double during my tenure as chief grand writer and fund raising staff liaison.
  • Swiss midfielder Siem de Jong's double inside the hour was enough to start the party in the Amsterdam Arena.
  • It may be noted that US ETFs have seen their assets more than double since 2008 to $1.
  • Hence it is often called God's double within the individual who in turn dedicates a shrine to him.

"devastating to" or "devastating for"?

  • It was totally devastating to me.
  • It was devastating for all of us.
  • War is devastating in anyone's language.
  • But it was not the most devastating of the mass extinctions.
  • He was pretty devastating on his own then.
  • TLJ's ending remains devastating after all these years.
  • Devastating against his unarmed M.
  • It's devastating as an artist, but I will never regret standing up for what was right.
  • Chelsea is devastating at counter attacking, we are clueless.
  • They are a little lackluster used solo, but devastating with a scout.

dear to, in, for, of or as?

  • You are dear to me too Wilfried.
  • Yours faithfully, My Dearest in heart.
  • We paid dear for any advance we made.
  • He was my cousin and the dearest of people to me.
  • The princess was grief-stricken at losing the flower, which she held very dear as a present from her charming prince.
  • This powder is dear at 45, but will last an age.
  • Petrol will cost now dearer by Rs.

disloyal to, for, in, by or towards?

  • Criticism of PAP = disloyal to SG.
  • No one thought of them as disloyal for wanting to better their lot.
  • He was disloyal in every sense of the word.
  • I am not being disloyal by giving this fact away, it is simply the way it is.
  • The children may feel disloyal towards the absent parents.
  • There's nothing inherently disloyal about running for office against someone.
  • You have already had a major disappointment with this guy, he has been terribly disloyal at a time when you need him most.
  • It would have been insensitive, wicked and disloyal of me to start saying it's better to hand over to Jonathan three weeks after the travel of my boss.

dependant on, upon or of?

  • But is very dependant on the work.
  • It's also dependant upon other features.
  • You are neither dependant of a software editor, nor of a reseller.

driven by, to, in, on or per?

  • And social is driven by people.
  • A third of the population died of hunger, some driven to cannibalism.
  • Possible tax for each mile driven in the Bay Area?
  • Do nt talk about airbags for a car meant to driven on the tracks.
  • You must keep records of kms driven for employment and personal kms driven.
  • Projects ' driven from the place '.
  • New vehicles can lose a substantial percentage of their original value as soon as they? re driven out of a showroom.
  • But table 4-4 says that annual miles driven per licensed driver was 14,769 miles.
  • The pulley is driven with a engine 21.
  • Hop on a bus, be driven around in comfort, do a whistle stop tour of Fraser Island and be home by dinner time 2.
  • Yesterday, I have bought Suzuki Mehran VXR EFi which was 20 KMs driven at the time of delivery.
  • This one of course being remembered all the way through the film, but most notable of course, for the end scene where the car gets driven into the Grand Canyon.
  • Heat, humidity, crowds, noise, traffic and air pollution all conspire to beat the most driven of photographers into submission.
  • Actually, calling Jericho a town would be too generous -- it has become more like a ghost town, since two warring gangs have ' driven off all the decent folk.
  • Personal Risk ratings are based on the total number of fatal and serious injury crashes per kilometre driven over the same section of road.
  • When I got there it was very driven towards pattern cutting skills.

deceased in, to, for, at or on?

  • I first met the deceased in November or December 2004.
  • The deceased to be laid right side facing the Qibla.
  • Their parents have been deceased for years.
  • I was called to the deceased at about 2.
  • We can not see the deceased on earth.
  • Sonia Burke worked for the deceased as a secretary.
  • Maramma, wife of the deceased by the forest department.
  • He strikes the deceased with a blow, which turns him into dust.
  • Consider having to remove a deceased from a hospital.
  • You can get this from the doctor who attended the deceased during his/her last illness.
  • It is possible that Avery Sr, Mulciber Sr, Rosier and Lestrange were deceased before the Second Wizarding War.
  • In the oil and gas lawyer event you perish with no are you going to is going to be Intestate (deceased without any will).
  • Burial It is necessary to bury the deceased after the salat.
  • He was guide to the dead and the one who weighted the souls of the deceased against the feather of Maat (truth and order).
  • The Coroner took blood alcohol levels from all of the deceased including children.
  • Brother) who is related to the deceased through another (i.
  • A testamentary trust comes into effect after assets have been transferred to it according to the will of the deceased upon completion of the probate process.
  • This leaves room for photos of the deceased within the five-photo limit on unsponsored memorials.

dutch in, for, to, from or on?

  • It was built by the Dutch in 1784.
  • It was as if the finish had been designed by the Dutch for him.
  • They refused to speak Dutch to me.
  • I met the Dutch at Steinrodsee Park near Frankfurt.
  • The English adapted Dutch from Frisian Duutsc.
  • Go Dutch on the decision to French.
  • The underdogs Danish outplayed the Dutch with a neat 1-0 victory.
  • Tamils have been used by the British and the Dutch as well as their proxies.
  • French translation of De Open-deure tot het Verborgen Heydendom, from the Dutch by T.
  • John's Fort Rebuilt by the Dutch during the third quarter of the 18th Century.
  • In 1665 it was named New Holland by the Dutch after sundry casual visits.
  • Corrie translated the Bible from Dutch into German, someone else translated the German into Polish, and so on.
  • Jan Jansz was born in Holland and began his career sailing for the Dutch against the Spanish.
  • Cheng set sail for the Penghu Islands, where he swiftly deposed the Dutch before moving on to Taiwan proper.
  • I doubt it, as I am Dutch like you.
  • Then after the war the Indons wanted you Dutch out of their country.
  • They sang in Dutch over original roots reggae riddims.
  • On 15 the February 1796, British took Colombo from the Dutch without resistance.

demeaning to, of, for, in or about?

  • It is so demeaning to the reader.
  • You see, i t is so demeaning of Ghana.
  • And it would be demeaning for Phong Mut.
  • It sounds demeaning in Pakistan.
  • But there's something that feels demeaning about that.
  • He had dysfunctional decision making and he was deeply demeaning towards other people '.

demanding of, in, for, on or about?

  • He is really demanding of your time.
  • College is more demanding in terms of work load.
  • It's very demanding for the body.
  • Were being very demanding on that.
  • They are very demanding about precision in your movements.
  • He can be quite demanding at times.
  • The CanAm International proved to be pretty demanding with 5 races over 4 days for me.
  • I've been playing in all three formats and it's very demanding as an allrounder to cope with that pressure and workload.
  • Managing your diabetes can be quite demanding during pregnancy while there is so much else going on.
  • This type of architecture also provides the most flexibility and scalability for servicing authentication requests while being less demanding from an administrative perspective.
  • The 17th plays to 415 Yards off the White Tee, reinforcing my suspicion that Portlethen would be pretty demanding off the back tees.

deprived of, in or by?

  • Deprived of her loving siblings.
  • The deprived in the society need to be helped.
  • No? It's a beautiful existence, not feeling deprived by someone else.

damn about, near, for, to or as?

  • But no one gives a damn about it.
  • This one is damn near Freudian.
  • Wow! They really don't a damn for it.
  • Just don't give a damn to anyone.
  • I do not give damn as to what you have to say.
  • My point is, I don't give a damn in what people believe.
  • So laid back, yet so damn on top of things.

disillusioned with, by, about, at or after?

  • He became very disillusioned with Labour.
  • The Republicans hate her as much as they hate Obama and the left is just as disillusioned by the Clintons as they are Obama.
  • I feel pretty disillusioned about the whole thing, to be honest.
  • I was very disillusioned at my grandfather's house, ' ' she said.
  • I'd part of this group -- I was pretty disillusioned after the whole Darvish business and that weird Beltran contract or no contract offer.
  • I spoke to zombie flashmob participant JMC, who feels disillusioned in the wake of the court's decision.
  • Bruce is standing up for us, the parts of us that have identified with Seeds, our fathers from Factory, and the disillusioned of us in Jack Of All Trades.
  • The Prime Minister is also believed to have lost support within his Luo tribal base as some of his tribesmen have become disillusioned for not doing enough to help them.
  • We've made profit instead and we look pretty disillusioned from the reality of the talent in our squad.

downstream of, from, in or on?

  • It may be upstream or downstream of the gene.
  • Most SMEs are well downstream from major economic triggers.
  • If you want to learn how to do it (or if you don't know what it is yet) we break down three different ways to keep you cruisin ' downstream in control.
  • The main producer of power is the Volta River Authority (VRA ), with six 127 MW turbine at Akosombo and a 160 MW turbine at Kpong on the downstream on the Volta Lake.

"depending upon" or "depending of"?

  • International depending upon location.
  • Depending of what you have done this can last either days or weeks.
  • Distances may very depending on location.
  • It could be acceptable depending in what context you mean.
  • Shuttle buses can be cheaper depending to the number of persons in your family or party.
  • Many Malaysian depending with P1 &; P2.

down to, on, for, about or in?

  • Fell back down to 3% on Feb 21st.
  • She sits down on the edge, looking away.
  • But I still am down for a few hours.
  • Regards, Al I'd very down about this one.
  • It OTT some of the stuff that comes down from the FA repect.
  • He's been pretty down in the dumps.
  • I'd more down with The Hard Facts.
  • A lot cheaper than down at the beach.
  • I felt very down after the Hague game and was struggling to shake it.
  • You may be depressed if you have been feeling very down during the past month and things you used to enjoy no longer give you pleasure.
  • I haven't churned out as many big four-day scores as I'd have liked to have down over the last year or so but am confident in my ability and that I will make the breakthrough.
  • These meditations have lifted the hearts of many down through the years.

disposed of, to or towards?

  • Ready to be cut down and disposed of.
  • Culturally, England is more disposed to a Lord Protector.
  • Firstly, Booth was actually very disposed towards general statements and loath to give many specific examples.