Prepositions after Adjectives

Click an adjective to see what prepositions are usually used after it in English


"essential for" or "essential to"?

  • Essential for the homesearcher.
  • I t is essential to: Know the territory.
  • It's essential in the Zen room.
  • Sparkboard was essential as a guide.
  • Mutual respect is so essential at work.
  • That is the essential of a social network.

"effective in", "effective at" or "effective for"?

  • Effective in reducing air pollution.
  • Look's like SMT is effective for LBP.
  • The most effective at any time.
  • Not effective on class F fires.
  • Effective against blue shields.
  • Ivermectin is effective as a treatment.
  • Effective from 1 June 2011, Mr.
  • He was very effective with his legs.
  • Recruitment was most effective by letter.
  • It is the most effective of all Pranayama exercises.
  • Dairy is effective to the health.
  • Changes are effective upon posting on the website.
  • You'll be much more effective without them.

equal to, in, of, with or before?

  • With our dollar equal to the U.
  • Beloved by nature equal in age.
  • So they can claim to be equal of men.
  • Accomplish equal with your bed.
  • We're All Equal Before the Law.
  • All languages are equal for it.
  • Hispanics are Equal on this one.
  • All MUST BE equal under the law.

easy for, on, in, to or with?

  • It's easy for the bugs to go in.
  • It is simple, easy on the eyes.
  • It seemed so easy in my memory.
  • Friends never came easy to him.
  • He wasn? t easy with people and.
  • Writing never gets easy as such.
  • This is not as easy at it sounds.
  • It is not easy by any means but.
  • Everyone has too easy of access.

eligible for, to, in or under?

  • Am I eligible for the freeze? No.
  • You may be eligible to a reduced fee.
  • Which it will be eligible in July 2013.
  • This made all those eligible under U.

"evident in" or "evident from"?

  • As evident in the first table in 5.
  • This was very evident from the way Mr.
  • Its seriousness is evident to all.
  • It is very evident by the way it is designed.
  • This was evident at her cremation.
  • And that's evident on the ground.
  • That was evident during the debate.
  • Such is evident for three reasons.
  • This is evident with the research.
  • Signs of Spain's pain are evident across the country.
  • That was evident after the 8-2 last season.
  • This mentality is evident among program Alumni.
  • Migration defects are thus evident as early as E13.
  • And tonight was evident of that.
  • That has been more than evident over the years.
  • This is evident through the increase in microfinance schemes.
  • This is evident throughout the comments here.

equivalent to, in, for, of or at?

  • Equivalent to longitude on earth.
  • They're not equivalent in extent.
  • This is mac's equivalent for Visio.
  • That is equivalent of RM 740 million.
  • At least we sometimes get Fireball or the equivalent at uncommon.
  • Originally, she was Supergirl ' s equivalent from Earth-2.
  • These have no equivalent on earth.
  • They are equivalent with E=MC2 as the translating equation.

"expensive for" or "expensive in"?

  • Expensive for a tinted lip balm.
  • This is very expensive in time.
  • A room with AC is expensive at Rs.
  • It's so expensive to snowboard.
  • Riaz is the most expensive of those.
  • Food is also expensive on the beach.
  • It is 5 times as expensive as a normal one.
  • Borrowing is expensive because of high interest rates.
  • While wheat turned expensive by 19.
  • It is expensive due to high demand.
  • Super expensive with calls averaging $5.
  • It's therefore more expensive during the weekends than the weekdays.
  • But Poodles are pretty expensive from most breeders.
  • It will be expensive like BDT 500.
  • This can be expensive over time.
  • It was the most expensive per square metre.
  • Gold is also expensive relative to worker pay.

excited about, for, by, at or over?

  • I'd excited about the possible.
  • I was so excited for this trip.
  • Her am achieving excited by it.
  • I'd even all excited at the idea.
  • Get excited over water fitness.
  • He also got excited with this idea.
  • I was so excited in the last few laps.
  • Got excited on how the rest will look.
  • I'd excited to see the Katinas.

"excellent for" or "excellent in"?

  • Excellent for several ailments.
  • Service: excellent in all areas.
  • Verts is excellent at the back.
  • He will be excellent with? Madrid.
  • But he was excellent on Sunday.
  • My life was still excellent as a whole.
  • This is very excellent of him by the way.
  • Let us be excellent to each other.
  • Tipp were excellent from start to finish.
  • Excellent about pages can cost you upwards of 80/ $140.
  • He was excellent against the Rabbitohs on Sunday.
  • The presentation was excellent by everyone.
  • We all sensed excellent throughout the day.

"everyday for" or "everyday in"?

  • I thank God everyday for my position.
  • I was there everyday in the end.
  • S DOLLARS everyday of the week.
  • The boys play everyday with them.
  • I see this everyday at the gym.
  • But you do that everyday on here.
  • She works almost everyday from 6:00 a.
  • People are getting sick everyday by day.
  • I see it happen everyday to clients.
  • Just trained everyday after school.
  • We are back everyday as well as 2.
  • Smilin ' in my face everyday like.
  • Sun beds everyday without hassle.
  • Anonymous You cry everyday about it Tina.
  • You see this everyday around you.
  • But we of the navy die everyday because of it.
  • But I get out everyday before 2 (two) hrs.
  • To be honest, I rise everyday between 6:30 to 7 am.
  • So post everyday during those times.
  • He's there everyday except Monday's.
  • This safar is flexible as it departs everyday through out the year.

"exclusive to" or "exclusive of"?

  • I won't be exclusive to the studio.
  • Any such prices are exclusive of VAT.
  • These are exclusive for Allah (S.
  • We are always exclusive in quality.
  • She tried to take the exclusive with her.
  • Not that they have an exclusive on it.
  • When: Exclusive by it's own, once a week.
  • These are not mutually exclusive from each other.
  • But Christ is distinctive and exclusive about the way to God.
  • Do not be exclusive at all times.
  • Exclusive behind the scenes spots will be launched on turtles.

"early in", "early on" or "early for"?

  • It is very early in the season.
  • Might be a bit early for worry.
  • I'd always up early on Saturday.
  • I'd early to bed early to rise and.
  • It was very early of the morning.
  • The air was dense early at dawn.
  • Few products are shown this early into development.
  • Kroeger was concerned early with control.

"efficient in" or "efficient at"?

  • We're efficient in the pass game.
  • They are efficient at doing this.
  • This makes things efficient for you.
  • It's very efficient with code and assets.
  • It is not even efficient by their own standards.
  • It's as fuel efficient as the Ford's 1.
  • It is fast and efficient on my dual 2.
  • Its also not the most efficient of devices.
  • Learn to be efficient about it.
  • How the best way and efficient from disneyland to macau.
  • Even the best UPS battery becomes less efficient over time.
  • They can earn the profit faster and more efficient through their investment portfolio.
  • Yes, capitalism seems efficient to a certain extent.
  • Sometimes, I'd even more efficient without.

exempt from, under, by, for or in?

  • Fathers are not exempt from this rule.
  • The loan is not exempt under the provisions of paragraph 15(2.
  • Garbage wagons were seen on the streets after this with the sign, ' Exempt by Strike Committee.
  • He was exempt for the tiniest of moments.
  • References are exempt in many, but not all, cases.
  • I am weary and exempt of such people.

enthusiastic about, in, for, with or at?

  • Enthusiastic about its impressive.
  • Wong is enthusiastic in education.
  • They're enthusiastic for others to sign up.
  • Everything was enthusiastic with Helvi.
  • People so enthusiastic at every level.
  • Enthusiastic of the result I stuck it on my face.
  • The staff of 12 were enthusiastic on opening day.

exciting for, to, about, in or of?

  • How exciting for a 12 year old.
  • This stuff is so exciting to me.
  • Nothing too exciting about that.
  • But it was exciting in hindsight.
  • The most exciting of all was an 84 ' drop.
  • It's exciting at the same time.
  • He's also exciting with the computers world.
  • Santorum is about exciting as a a 405 traffic jam.
  • Ooohhh we got exciting by reading what they offer.
  • I guess it was exciting from a fan standpoint.
  • Do something exciting on a river.
  • So October turned out be really exciting after all.
  • It's very exciting because of that.
  • Then, on a special day like a holiday, we may do something exciting like rock climbing.

extra for, in, on, to or from?

  • Paid the extra for the airbags.
  • I was an extra in a church scene.
  • Claim this extra on form IHT402.
  • Do not add anything extra to it.
  • I cant wait to go via extra from you.
  • To read extra of Ian's blog, press here.
  • Gold panning is $7 extra per pan.
  • We don't do anything extra at home.
  • Domain names are extra with both services.
  • Learn extra about Treat Acne here.
  • C extra by then - which will be similar to 1998.
  • It's like you never paid anything extra into your loan.
  • So they did not take extra over fashion and did not exceed their limits.

empty of, for, in, at or on?

  • Mental-contact is empty of self.
  • That mine had sat empty for years.
  • Their houses stand empty in winter.
  • The US office was empty at 5 PM.
  • I am so lonely and empty on the inside.
  • The dashboard is empty by default.
  • The house is empty except for me.
  • One of them is empty with seating and all.
  • This world is empty without it.
  • The world looks totally empty to me.
  • The park was not empty after all.
  • The hall lay dark and empty before her.
  • I felt so empty during that journey back to Cork.
  • The campsite was empty apart from two hunters in a large RV.
  • I stand before you now, empty as a cave.
  • It was very simple and I was almost always empty because of the early Sunday time.
  • His shop stood empty but for a boy carefully sanding one of the guitars.
  • With all those factories that are empty due to companies outsourcing and leaving.
  • The house looked too empty from my window.
  • All empty into the Gulf of Guinea.
  • The road was empty like a desert.
  • The streets are chillingly empty save for combattants.
  • It has been empty since April / May.

"emotional about" or "emotional for"?

  • I get emotional about technology.
  • It was emotional for all of us.
  • Women are 95% emotional in nature.
  • Just hard not be emotional at this.
  • I was a little emotional as the trip neared.
  • Don became very emotional on stage.
  • Don't get too emotional over stuff.
  • Felt emotional after reading this.
  • But this change is emotional rather than physical.
  • Your message was so emotional to me.
  • I get emotional with my computer.
  • I was a bit emotional during the concert.
  • It gets emotional because of the attachment and ties that you build with these young men.
  • Tim Minchin was an amazing Judas, I was so emotional by the end.
  • Lily Goldblatt was still emotional from seeing the film.
  • It's not emotional like it was earlier.
  • This is perhaps the most emotional of the quiet Virgo breed.
  • It should make us more sensitive and emotional towards nature.
  • It's emotional without being sappy.

"endemic to" or "endemic in"?

  • Well, it's endemic to my country.
  • Obesity is endemic in this country.
  • It is endemic among taxi drivers and courier drivers.
  • In 2008, 109 countries were endemic for malaria and approximately 3.
  • It's endemic of our generation.
  • Malaria Malaria is endemic throughout Africa.
  • Indeed this weird double- think is endemic within the UN.
  • That's endemic across the whole technology industry.
  • Some and endemic as well as flora from the tropical world.
  • I agree about booing the kickers, it's endemic at Crusader's games which surprised me.
  • That sort of paternalism is endemic on the micro scale in left-wing politics.
  • I'd afraid to say it is largely endemic with some of our overseas aid.

enjoyable for, in, to, with or as?

  • It was truly enjoyable for all.
  • It's enjoyable in spite of that.
  • Life in the school is enjoyable to them.
  • It is much more enjoyable with a gamepad.
  • Brewed to be enjoyable as a sipping or fireside beer.
  • LBP should be enjoyable by all.
  • The shift in tone is part of what is enjoyable about the poem.
  • So not enjoyable at every turn.
  • And that is why web browsing is more enjoyable on my 4.
  • It's super easy and enjoyable from here on.
  • Breaking Dawn, part 1, was, in my opinion, the most enjoyable of the three.
  • It's sad because the first Xros Wars was actually somewhat enjoyable after a while.
  • It was enjoyable because of Ali's energy, humour, and depth of his self-awareness.
  • Very enjoyable without being over the top hoppy.

eager for, to, in, about or on?

  • They were eager for it to come.
  • The baby was not eager to (b) anything.
  • I was both apprehensive and eager in equal measure.
  • Drashti Dhami is not so eager about challenges.
  • I was eager on the physical part.
  • The restaurant was full and busy when we arrived, but service was quick and attentive - almost a little too eager at times.
  • As lots of beautiful girls who are eager of easy life, she dreams to marry a millionaire.
  • So eager with anticipation we launched into our bluff.

est on, in, for, of or at?

  • EST on November 14, 2012, until 11:59 p.
  • Musa sapientum fixa est in aure.
  • Tune in Monday at 9:30PM EST for Marrying The Game.
  • DAILLY PARISH W EST of Straiton.
  • EST at all Ticketmaster locations, online at Ticketmaster.
  • The newest info - an announcement tonight at roughly 8/9 PM EST from Japan.
  • EST to November 12, 2012, at approximately 11:00 p.
  • EST with a few words in his choppy Grade 10 French.

"explicit in" or "explicit about"?

  • I wasn't explicit in my comment.
  • We need to be explicit about this.
  • He was explicit on what happened.
  • Their objective was made explicit by Rep.
  • That seems rather explicit to me.
  • The statement is explicit as to both.
  • Make border crossings explicit for pupils.
  • Be explicit with your words when sexting.
  • Its desire to tear things up isn't explicit at the outset.
  • I guess it is best that this is made explicit from the outset.
  • Maybe that's because music is the least explicit of the arts: it moves us powerfully but unspecifically.
  • He also became more explicit regarding his plans.
  • Traditionally, the research process starts with an idea that is developed and made explicit through the research objective.

envious of, at, about, for or to?

  • I for one am envious of you all.
  • At some point, I felt envious at him.
  • Want to hear more to be envious about? 6 metres for $5.
  • I'd not envious for them and I don't want to be them.
  • She is jealous and envious to both of them.
  • I feel envious with you sometime.

external to, as, in, of or for?

  • Nothing is external to the Self.
  • Crosses may be external as well as internal.
  • External in this context means outside of Ireland.
  • There will also be no inquiry external of the military.
  • Note to self: you bought an external for a reason.
  • I can't separate them, but as an American, I can't pretend I'd external from it.
  • Tai chi is viewed as an internal martial art form as opposed to external like karate.
  • Focus on the external rather than the internal.
  • No! Wash the external with soap, and rinse well, but don't be inserting fingers trying to clean out (what are you looking for).

entire of, in, with, on or to?

  • No man is an island, Entire of itself.
  • Its Greek text was first discovered entire in the Codex Sinaiticus.
  • Take it entire with a full glass of water.
  • But, I suppose one can't put the blame entire on the people.
  • Semi-vine plant type with entire to very slightly lobbed leaves.
  • Bigleyjoshua u can rationalize it anyway u like but the fact remains u put all business, the entire into the hands of a few, while 99% become wage slaves.
  • We can debate through an entire off season about Patrick Kane's extracurricular activities.
  • An onlay coats and protects the entire outside the tooth.
  • No economy is an island entire unto itself.
  • Say, I hadn't taken a photo of the Oble my entire UP life until today.
  • The entire above dissertation is taken from Eckhart Tolle's book, A New Earth.
  • Given that, imagine what an entire after noon in the hot sun could do to your battery and to your iPhone, in effect.
  • Clip in hair extensions will help supply you the marriage hair that you have invariably dreamed of without placing a entire as part of valuable marriage budget.
  • On audience of this, there are much honest programs you'd get over the device and encourage cards that are not again entire at uploading their programs butn't come for preventive of program.
  • What you can do: Take a few extra rest days, maybe even schedule an entire down week, and focus on recovery.
  • This will also trigger you to experience entire for extended, even though you may have eaten significantly less foods.
  • Add in health and education spiels which might have been lifted entire from his 2000 election manifesto and the rest is tired rhetoric.
  • My favorite was having this image done on the entire inside wall of our old office.
  • In the entire near east -- including the pagan and idolatrous nations -- government by women or youngsters was an indication of extreme political instability and social disarray.
  • It was only natural for the attack to be off colour considering they had played 65 mins in total together for the entire pre season.
  • On that day, at that moment, we all shared a deep sense of helplessness over an event with such tragic consequences for members of the entire VIA Rail family, our passengers, and their families.
  • Many houses bought at auctions should be paid for in entire within 24 hrs.
  • After all, fixes can write entire without the glass in your tool.

"embarrassing for" or "embarrassing to"?

  • Much less embarrassing for you.
  • Its kind of embarrassing to me.
  • It's almost embarrassing in it's stupidity.
  • It's embarrassing at this level.
  • Nothing embarrassing about that.
  • I found it incredibly embarrassing as a kid.
  • You need to be embarrassing of the coward, concern and also sadness.
  • Kinds embarrassing on your part.

extinct in, by, for, within or at?

  • Or went extinct in some places.
  • The platypus frog became extinct by 1991.
  • Maybe mammoths became extinct for a reason.
  • Many groups of organisms went extinct at that time.
  • The human race will go extinct within months.
  • Anonymous Man is becoming extinct as a race.
  • Locust go extinct due to the fugly, homicidal chicks they have to mate with.
  • Our kobo has gone extinct because of the creation of high denomination notes.
  • They were almost extinct from the Serengeti.
  • In due course, men too became extinct on Easter Island.
  • Fortunately, we will all be long extinct before that big day.
  • Regardless many species did go extinct during the ice ages.
  • The earthly throne of David became extinct with Coniah.
  • It too went extinct after its weak spot continued past the plume.
  • As they say, enjoying the decline, soon marriage will be as extinct along with the gentlemen.
  • About time he went extinct like the rest of them.
  • Only a few species have become extinct over the last 100,000 years.
  • The Ethnologue lists 6,909 living languages + 421 that are dormant or extinct since 1950.
  • Animals may also become extinct through direct destruction.
  • There are probably many more which become extinct without anyone knowing.

"extraordinary in" or "extraordinary about"?

  • Messi was extraordinary in 2010.
  • Nothing extraordinary about it.
  • It's been extraordinary for me.
  • That seems extraordinary to me.
  • Be extraordinary of the prone carefully thread.
  • So far, the results have been extraordinary with significant gains each year.
  • Besides the POTUS is extraordinary at debating.
  • This feat is extraordinary by any standards.
  • The food was extraordinary as well as the service.
  • Hanuman was extraordinary from the very moment of his birth.
  • Skinny jeans look extraordinary on slim (skinny) guys.
  • Being a vegetarian is extremely extraordinary among vampires.
  • You lost 10 pounds and I think this is EXTRAORDINARY considering your slip-ups.
  • Yet this one life brought something extraordinary into this world.
  • Saint Peter; Saint Thomas; Saint Paul, really ordinary men who became extraordinary through their belief.
  • He really was extraordinary throughout those finals.
  • Your blog readers should see something extraordinary within each one of your posts.

"emeritus of" or "emeritus at"?

  • He is now President Emeritus of WWF.
  • He is Professor Emeritus at St.
  • He was appointed President Emeritus in 1991.
  • Owen, the chair emeritus for the American Board of Recorded Evidence.
  • Emeritus from THE Ohio State University.

elderly in, with, at, of or as?

  • Assisting the Elderly in infirmity.
  • Most elderly with these problems are in GP care.
  • This is true for the elderly as well as the ophans.
  • I have had good service for the elderly from social workers.
  • The elderly of the future will be better educated.
  • They ranged from the elderly to youngsters.
  • You can tell that he is elderly by the characteristics of his voice quality.
  • Orange is rather elderly for a mobile company.
  • The pagan Eskimos would abandon sick and elderly on the ice.
  • It is observed that higher cases of elder abuse occur among elderly after 70 years.
  • There may be small children, orphans, widows or elderly among them.
  • Online courses are not as accessible for the elderly because of their unfamiliarity with technology.
  • At present, the elderly due to intracranial hemorrhage is in the hospital for treatment.
  • Perhaps the hostel's strongest feature is the outside garden and patio, which served as a respite for the elderly during its years as a seniors care facility.
  • We solve the problem by putting our elderly into care, which is expensive and dislocating and difficult.
  • Chris says: 02:06pm 22/06/12 We treat our elderly like garbage in Australia.
  • The laws need to change to keep the elderly over a certain age from driving.
  • I'd already waiting for Elderly Relative to pick up his cellphone.
  • Airlines have people TRAINED to help the elderly through airports all the way through to the other end.
  • One of the simplest ways of improving the health and well-being of the elderly within our communities is to ensure that they are well nourished.
  • It seems to me that you are stereotyping the elderly without really knowing them which is what stereotyping is.

"embarrassed by" or "embarrassed about"?

  • I'd not embarrassed by anything.
  • Don't feel embarrassed about them.
  • I am embarrassed for all of you.
  • Embarrassed at home by Everton.
  • I was embarrassed of how I looked.
  • I have never been so embarrassed in my life.
  • So, you also feel embarrassed with that.
  • You must be deeply embarrassed after having been so supportive of these people for so long.
  • We were embarrassed as everyone stared.
  • I am embarrassed on your behalf.
  • Do you feel embarrassed over the development, Naidu was asked.
  • I am still embarrassed to this day.

exceptional in, for, at, about or with?

  • Are we exceptional in every way? No.
  • Pretty exceptional for retirees.
  • I'll Have Another was exceptional at that.
  • There's nothing really exceptional about it.
  • The iron content is exceptional with 5.
  • You are truly exceptional as a people.
  • It is, however, exceptional on the new Golf.
  • Again, this seems exceptional to me.
  • Records show that the Ainu were early regarded as something exceptional among peoples.
  • I'd not exceptional by any means.
  • This meal was exceptional from start to finish.
  • We stress that you should rely on this provision only in the most exceptional of cases.
  • America is exceptional because of its belief in American Exceptional-ism.
  • It was an ideal because it was the pursuit of the exceptional rather than an everyday behaviour.
  • The exceptional within the ordinary.

"euro in", "euro per" or "euro for"?

  • And the Euro in almost terminal.
  • SBP accepts USD and Euro for trade.
  • The > cost is 10 Euro per cert.
  • Pay 20000 Euro to an architects practice.
  • Kohl had to accept the Euro as the price for a unified Germany.
  • That is 3000 Euro on a property valued at 300,000 Euro.
  • Any of them could leave the Euro at any time.
  • I got 10 Euro from the tooth fairy.
  • Goodbye Euro WITH LUCK, no regrets.
  • You must pay the 3 Euro by 8:00 pm the next evening or you pay a fine.
  • This means trading the Euro against the US dollar.
  • Ireland hasbillions or Euro of debt.
  • Iran, and N Korea already accept the Euro over the U.
  • Yet, even as the dollar is steadily dropping against the Euro after the end of fighting in Iraq, Washington appears to be deliberately worsening the dollar fall in public comments.
  • Spain is only in the Euro because of the seismic damage it would cause to the entire system.
  • His two decent economic policies were an arms-length BoE and keeping us out of the Euro despite Tony Blair's best efforts.
  • We invested about 1400 Euro into the beekeeping course, hives and other materials.
  • As for the price numbers, they are full Euro plus two decimals.
  • Britain is going to bring down the Euro through their speculations in ireland.
  • Again we maintain that the strong support for the Euro versus the US$ is on account of a strengthening in the money growth differential since November 2009.
  • If for example Euro VS US dollar.
  • The Euro without Germany, its economic workhorse, will surely fail.

"extreme in" or "extreme to"?

  • Be extreme in your storytelling.
  • It's extreme to bow to dictators.
  • Ack! A little too extreme for me.
  • No debates! Labeling me extreme is pretty extreme of you.
  • Flexibility will be extreme by today's standards.
  • Taken to the extreme with Inception.
  • In the case of DS, extreme on the ear.
  • I'd not quite that extreme about things.
  • Religious lot are extreme as well as modern lot.
  • The difference in sunlight is most extreme at the poles.
  • That just isn't true by all but the most extreme among us.
  • My own agitation and anguish was extreme during the whole trial.
  • What happened to me, is extreme from trauma.
  • The Taliban and the Sipah-e-Sahaba, yes extreme like hell but are NOT Sunnis.
  • The crises may be less extreme over the next.

"enforceable by" or "enforceable in"?

  • They need basic rights, enforceable by law.
  • Usually only enforceable in BC.
  • Unfair terms are not enforceable against the consumer.
  • The code is enforceable under the law.
  • An agreement which is enforceable at law can not be contract.
  • Order enforceable as a judgment.
  • The Code shall be enforceable through penalties.
  • This provision is enforceable to the maximum extent permitted by law.
  • The major SSI provision makes sponsorship agreements legally enforceable for the first time.
  • No contract is enforceable on a minor.
  • In the following cases, the agreement though made without consideration, will be valid and enforceable according to section 25and 185 17 are as follows: - 5.
  • It is only enforceable after the baby is born not before.
  • This makes it enforceable before our courts of law.
  • Noise restrictions are particularly enforceable between 11pm and 9am.
  • This is enforceable from when it is served on the defendant until it is heard at court.
  • We can replace any term which is not valid and enforceable with a term of similar meaning which is valid and enforceable.
  • This marriage agreement is valid and enforceable within the provisions of the Case Law that governs its interpretation in accordance with the State Law.
  • Some agreements do require consideration to be enforceable while some are enforceable without consideration.

emblematic of, for or in?

  • They are emblematic of civilization.
  • This silliness about the ring is emblematic for the birther movement as a whole.
  • I think music is more emblematic in that way.

"economical with" or "economical in"?

  • He was economical with the truth.
  • Hansen is economical in his feedback.
  • It simply isn't economical for the insurer or the midwife.
  • With this, it will be more economical on your part.
  • A good designer can work with any budget from economical to grand.
  • Thus Speedcoding is economical as well as convenient to use.
  • I am careful, I am economical of my time and labor.
  • Using such a metal allows cars to be lighter, meaning they are faster and more economical at the same time.
  • The Sufi is very economical about his energy.
  • In general, the choice of a bird on the ground, Brown is not economical because of the weight on the ground that the weight to the ground by the weight applied to the beams and columns.
  • It was seen that this action was the most economical from an **30;427;TOOLONG perspective.
  • Economical Without the use of plastic bottles, the Clover D14A saves you hundreds per year.

"excessive in" or "excessive for"?

  • There is nothing excessive in this.
  • That is pretty excessive for Irving.
  • That seems excessive to me but that's the law.
  • Secondly, the outstanding debt was still excessive by 2000.
  • Americans are excessive with everything we do and now we are paying the price.
  • Free, I only think its excessive due to the fact I hope she will change.
  • Ayer met that most excessive of Continental thinkers, Georges Bataille, in a Parisian bar in 1951.
  • There is excessive on the line.
  • The neo-Keynesian economic mainstream doesn't see anything wrong with this in principle, as long as debts don't become excessive relative to GDP.
  • There is nothing excessive about good visibility.
  • The expenditure programme of the Papandreou government during 1981 -- 1990 has been described as excessive according to some.
  • Finally he argued that, even if competent, the 3 year order was excessive as the appellant had no previous history of causing trouble or violence.
  • Some noises can be excessive at any time of the day.
  • I know they have to keep them under control, but it seemed a little excessive from where I was standing.
  • It will also enable you to see whether your training is adequate or excessive over time.

ensconced in, at, on, with or within?

  • He is safely ensconced in his own bed.
  • He is now safely ensconced at a luxury hotel in Dubai.
  • Thomas University, a small campus ensconced on the New Brunswick Frederickton locale.
  • Having met a man with land, she's now happily ensconced with her husband, Jason,.
  • All these are quite comfortably ensconced within the Dajjal's systems of Man's sovereignty.
  • The guy who told people to man the barricades is now ensconced behind them.
  • On one hand, Mitt Romney is ensconced as the candidate of party elites, effectively the candidate to beat.
  • If you need your caffeine fix, there is a Starbucks outlet ensconced between the duty-free shops (look out for it on the left-hand side).
  • Kleenex? On the bright side, his is the most blinged up grave in the Much Wenlock cemetery: it's ensconced by turquoise Olympic wreaths.
  • This writer a ' settler ' Muslim was ensconced for a whole week in Dave's abode in Akure.
  • The assassins of course remained ensconced inside the safe confines of the presidential palace, along with Khondokar Moshtaque.
  • All we had as a state was ensconced into a family that assumed the role of a monarchy.

estranged from, for, by, to or till?

  • He was estranged from his body.
  • Prior, they were estranged for seven long years.
  • After 1949, the three sisters were never together again, estranged by history.
  • She would be estranged after doing that if she was mine.
  • Perplexed at the moment of certainty, estranged at the moment of intimacy, these poems.
  • Both father and son were estranged because of different moral values.
  • Hard drive with the list of secret agents? See NOC list from mission impossible, estranged ex agent out for revenge? See Alec from Goldeneye or 100 other villain characters.
  • All this vague feeling of restlessness points to the fact that man feels himself estranged in this world.
  • Pete Doherty and Carl Bar? t of The Libertines seem to have estranged over the years.
  • His nephew, Raj, estranged till recently, spent many hours at the house.
  • David and Douglas remain estranged to this day.
  • Only Hakeem was not estranged with the leader at that time.

"engaged in" or "engaged with"?

  • The couple got engaged in June.
  • Stay engaged with your readers.
  • He becomes engaged to her 2mths.
  • The couple got engaged on February 12.
  • Getting engaged at 18 is incredibly.
  • Try not to get engaged by your kids ' angry outbursts.
  • The pair got engaged after five months.
  • If and when you get engaged during the year you might like to say goodbye to one group and join your fiance's group.
  • You don't want to end up engaged for a few years as you keep putting off the planning.

existing in, on, as, at or for?

  • Existing in this moment is enough.
  • We're all existing on some kind of crosssubsidy.
  • I picture Obama existing as a far away sort of presence.
  • Meta Existing at a different logical level to something else.
  • This can make the finest Seasonal existing for kids.
  • Maybe we never realized the existing of each other.
  • I will think of him as existing within the animating life that insures existence.
  • You can't just be existing without a vision.
  • It would be a new manner of existing before God.
  • It is existing between myself and the other person.
  • Even today those tribal people are existing under the cloak of Buddhism.
  • He is always existing with brilliance.
  • You would find this existing among many cults and leader-centric ideologies.
  • ClixSense is not the oldest PTC existing by any means.
  • So by mere executing program you use existing from years invention.
  • Existing outside of time he knew the end from the beginning.
  • It's not safe because you are risking a life time of just existing rather than living.
  • This truck is existing to the radiative draught.

elegant in, with, of, as or to?

  • She looked elegant in her outfit.
  • It must be elegant with things stored.
  • The Garofoli was the more elegant of the two.
  • This dress is elegant as well as practical.
  • Outfits range from elegant to outrageous.
  • Swift and elegant at the same time.
  • Which was so very elegant on the outside.
  • They feel so good -to the touch! Very elegant for boots.
  • The accommodations were elegant without being stuffy.
  • There was just something elegant about it.
  • It's also possible to find these folks that will extra elegant by having a number of your own form perspective.
  • Mind made up! And isn't it beautifully elegant like the bride herself.
  • Footwear help it become search elegant along with hot.
  • The NorDak C-47: elegant from every angle and so clean! 2.
  • Any movement Chanel is definitely taking advantage of will be elements elegant plus frilly.
  • The dresses ought to be simple as well as elegant rather than being large and fluffy.
  • Elegant Updos Elegant up do hairstyles are made for formal occasions.

"enamoured with" or "enamoured of"?

  • I'd still enamoured with Ozzie.
  • I am still enamoured of the harp.
  • The elites are probably rather enamoured by it all.

"ecstatic about" or "ecstatic with"?

  • I'd ecstatic about my Xperia T.
  • You'll be ecstatic with your new look.
  • He'll be ecstatic at your thoughtfulness.
  • Or see them ecstatic over India or chorus a namaste.
  • I'd so ecstatic for you and your family.
  • We are ecstatic in our disbelief.
  • Looking ecstatic after the ceremony, he said: ' It's absolutely wonderful to get the knighthood.
  • We were ecstatic on this milestone achievement.
  • I presume theyll end up reputable ecstatic to have.
  • The work is both melancholic and ecstatic as to the presence of matter in time and the extraordinariness of ordinary things.
  • I was ecstatic by the time they walked off stage.
  • Lavinia is ecstatic of the moral laxity and throws herself into orgiastic pagan rituals of the islanders.

expressive of, in, with, about or as?

  • The countenance then is expressive of the heart.
  • This should be more expressive in 6 months or a year.
  • You are expressive with command on the English language.
  • Mayank hugs her and is very expressive about his love.
  • The highly effective, expressive as well as beautiful applications are the result of liberal photography.
  • I am expressive without being self-conscious.
  • Its OK to be expressive at times and just let out some emotion.
  • It's always fun and expressive for us.
  • Be more expressive rather than less.
  • The fact that virtually all graffiti is expressive to some degree tells you that this is a dubious theory.

experienced in, of, with, at or by?

  • I'd also very experienced in networking.
  • Speaking form my experienced of owning a VW.
  • Grab the experienced with anyone.
  • She is very experienced at acupuncture alongside IVF.
  • This is more important than any ' slight ' experienced by a film.
  • It was a nice experienced for the kids.
  • I admit I'd far from experienced on the matter.
  • Once heroes reach level up (getting experienced after each level is completed) the variety of items to be purchased by the heroes are unlocked.
  • That is why fear is rarely experienced as a form of collective insecurity, as it often was in earlier times.
  • Kenya, they must be very experienced because of the complex nature and unpredictability of the area.
  • Finally Peck looks at group evil, such as experienced during the holocaust and in Vietnam.
  • They are very experienced from you.
  • In conjunction with this, if the gains in educated migrants of recent years are sustained, then the ' brain gain ' experienced over the last census period could continue.
  • There are many other lines that are used by men from experienced to inexperienced ones.

"encouraging for" or "encouraging to"?

  • It was very encouraging for me.
  • They are truly encouraging to me.
  • This is boorish and encouraging of vigilanteeism.
  • What I found most encouraging in this article was Dr.
  • There's something encouraging about it.
  • We can do this by being encouraging with Christ-like temperament (2 Chron.
  • Market support would be encouraging as to his current well-being.
  • This is very encouraging at this early stage, and I am confident that the numbers will continue to grow.
  • That's encouraging from a Liverpool player.
  • Sorry I can not be more encouraging on this.
  • I finish out this comment with another video, this one encouraging rather than discouraging.
  • He was even extremely encouraging towards the end.

evocative of, in, for, about or as?

  • Evocative of the changing times.
  • Either way, the album is evocative in a rather strange way.
  • The story is all the more evocative for its realistic depiction and illustration of Loyie's relatives, who are all featured.
  • There is something eerie and yet evocative about those chants which have echoed down the centuries.
  • And the artwork is as detailed and evocative as the words, a.
  • Not all their works can be equally evocative to a discerning taste.
  • The Georgian New Town is equally evocative with its graceful crescents, squares and terraces.
  • Another thing I like about this is that its emotionally evocative without being angst-ridden.

evil in, for, to, of or from?

  • Yes, war is evil in all aspects.
  • It must be evil for evil? s sake.
  • He's the least evil of our choices.
  • These people are evil to the core.
  • Please don't be evil by stopping them.
  • Saul was evil from the very beginning.
  • Just don't go being evil about it.
  • Buddhists overcome all evil with good.
  • So evil as a choice is not essential for freedom.
  • And if he was really evil at heart.
  • Frollo by far was evil on many levels.
  • The Gov is Evil according to the right.
  • Tuesday is not evil after midday.
  • It is evil against right? utterly intolerable to every man who has any idea or feeling of right or liberty.
  • Humans are not evil because of their skin colour or sexual preference.
  • She's not TOTALLY evil like her mom, at least.
  • Amen Yes, these men were evil towards these girls, I'd never deny that.
  • And they are sociopaths who have evil within them.
  • Your books tell you that people are evil WITHOUT your god.

english in, as, with, for or to?

  • I had English in school for 8 years.
  • We spoke Olde English as a language.
  • My main goal is learn english with it.
  • So get over it - thats English for you.
  • It's all English to me, whether like it or not.
  • Maybe you have studied more English at the university.
  • Therefore we're English by definition.
  • Am a graduate of english from ABU.
  • A disadvantage of being English of a certain station.
  • From now on all articles will be English on this website.
  • And I've heard the same from my brother-in-law who is English about their NHS.
  • You cant teach english without knowing two languages.
  • Want to hear the Chelsea FanCast? Click here, have a good time and forgive my english like Joel Santana's.
  • I am a British Citizen as are my children, and I am patriotic enough to call myself English rather than a Brit.

"entertaining for" or "entertaining in"?

  • It's entertaining for all (near) 2.
  • It was too entertaining in the context.
  • That was not entertaining to me.
  • Entertaining at the very least.
  • It's small but entertaining with two.
  • It is entertaining as well as informative.
  • Entertaining of the highest order.
  • I'll keep watching, it's entertaining on many levels.
  • There's nothing even slightly entertaining about this nasty rant.
  • The kids clearly found it relevant and entertaining by their reactions.
  • They are educational and entertaining without being patronising.
  • Rumors are far more entertaining after the actual products are released.
  • Red State is still entertaining despite its faults.
  • We found the tour to be both informative and entertaining due to Ms.
  • SeaWorld also is very entertaining during the nights.
  • This show is entertaining from the beginning to the end.
  • Your sybaratic life is very entertaining like your TV show once was.
  • As an older Freshette, I found the antics very entertaining rather than intimidating, so I enjoyed it immensely.

exercisable by, at, in, under or on?

  • Powers of several executors or administrators exercisable by one 311.
  • Each option is exercisable at $0.
  • Both a power, exercisable in terms of s 3(2), and a duty to make regulations, vested in the Secretary of State, was however confirmed (Munir at 27).
  • Here, the options will vest but are exercisable on IPO.
  • Options for 2,935,796 shares are exercisable as of June 30, 2012.
  • If a warrant holder does not exercise their Original Warrants by the Expiry Date, the Original Warrants will continue to be exercisable for common shares on the same terms that previously existed.
  • This option is exercisable within 3 months of completion.
  • The back-in right would be exercisable after the completion of a bankable feasibility study.
  • The power was exercisable against a wife whose adultery, cruelty or desertion had founded the divorce.
  • Each Warrant is exercisable into Shares at a price of $0.
  • Such rights can be very lucrative as they may include: sporting rights over grouse moors; rights to large mineral reserves; or rights exercisable over large estates.
  • In addition, the Company has granted to BNP Paribas an overallotment option of up to USD$ 25 million exercisable up to the close of business on 16 October 2012.

expected of, for, in, from or by?

  • His action is as expected of a Chief.
  • I least expected for it to be this F.
  • Beating ai nt part of d ' WORSE ' expected in marriage.
  • And that, my friend, was what i expected from D I A B L O.
  • And its expected by some to sell worst then the PS4 AND XBOX Next.
  • It is acceptable to question Susan Rice, its expected with the Job she has.
  • The game will be broadcast on NBC with kick off expected at 6:40 PM.
  • Mr Osborne is surrendering the right to make economic forecasts at each Budget, including the one expected on June 22.

exemplar of, for, in or to?

  • Zizek is the best exemplar of this today.
  • Muhammad (peace be on him) is an excellent exemplar for us all.
  • Malaysia has been a prime exemplar in the Muslim world.
  • Ironically, this is the system the US vaunts as exemplar to the world.

exposed to, for, in, by or on?

  • But I'd more exposed to Jamaican girls.
  • And he gets exposed for the charlatan he is.
  • It lies exposed in an Ontario river.
  • Am worried about our left flank and Santos getting exposed by the pace of Valencia and.
  • At the moment, that uranium ore is lying exposed on the ground.
  • Moonrise is so under exposed as to require grade 5 paper.
  • Norwich game showed how team was too exposed at the back.
  • If there was any doubt of her moral standing, it lays exposed with this utterance.
  • You'll want to cut the ends perfectly straight, leaving about a half-inch exposed from the cable sheath.
  • The friendly Opposition by a nutty PML of NS stood exposed of their follies and the frailties and the people are in no mood to align themselves with a toothless tiger.
  • There were just too many of them and the fleets were too exposed without their high tech systems.

earnest in, with, on, for or at?

  • It started in earnest in his teens.
  • Then they launched in earnest with.
  • Boehner that begin in earnest on Friday.
  • He's too earnest for that anyway.
  • Started in earnest at 6 months though.
  • We must be in earnest about it.
  • Jacksons solo career began in earnest after its success.
  • Excerpted from Time to Be in Earnest by P.
  • Listening in earnest to a friend in need.
  • The War on Terror, which began in earnest during the George W.
  • Avise you now, and put me out of blame; And eke men should not make earnest of game.
  • Just a few days later, Microsoft began to retaliate in earnest against the IBM PC Company.
  • The Internet as we know it today really only got going in earnest around the time I was playing with these.
  • The blackmail of the West begins in earnest as the Straits of Hormuz become a toll booth for Iran's hegemony across the entire ME.
  • Like I said, it is earnest from start to finish and wrought with a great deal of care.
  • Work has started in earnest over the weekend.
  • But the Times only started to have a paywall in earnest since 2009.
  • Magese has begun to work in earnest towards establishing her own charity modeled after that of her many mentors.
  • The effort began in earnest under the last government.
  • About these things then my soul has been earnest until now, to have rule over all things.
  • She is earnest without being too cloying.