eager for, to, in, about or on?

  • They were eager for it to come.
  • The baby was not eager to (b) anything.
  • I was both apprehensive and eager in equal measure.
  • Drashti Dhami is not so eager about challenges.

"early in", "early on" or "early for"?

  • It is very early in the season.
  • Might be a bit early for worry.
  • I'd always up early on Saturday.
  • I'd early to bed early to rise and.

earnest in, with, on, for or at?

  • It started in earnest in his teens.
  • Then they launched in earnest with.
  • Boehner that begin in earnest on Friday.
  • He's too earnest for that anyway.

easy for, on, in, to or with?

  • It's easy for the bugs to go in.
  • It is simple, easy on the eyes.
  • It seemed so easy in my memory.
  • Friends never came easy to him.

"economical with" or "economical in"?

  • He was economical with the truth.
  • Hansen is economical in his feedback.
  • It simply isn't economical for the insurer or the midwife.
  • A good designer can work with any budget from economical to grand.

"ecstatic about" or "ecstatic with"?

  • I'd ecstatic about my Xperia T.
  • You'll be ecstatic with your new look.
  • He'll be ecstatic at your thoughtfulness.
  • Or see them ecstatic over India or chorus a namaste.

"effective in", "effective at" or "effective for"?

  • Effective in reducing air pollution.
  • Look's like SMT is effective for LBP.
  • The most effective at any time.
  • Not effective on class F fires.

"efficient in" or "efficient at"?

  • We're efficient in the pass game.
  • They are efficient at doing this.
  • This makes things efficient for you.
  • It's very efficient with code and assets.

elderly in, with, at, of or as?

  • Assisting the Elderly in infirmity.
  • Most elderly with these problems are in GP care.
  • The elderly of the future will be better educated.

elegant in, with, of, as or to?

  • She looked elegant in her outfit.
  • It must be elegant with things stored.
  • The Garofoli was the more elegant of the two.
  • This dress is elegant as well as practical.

eligible for, to, in or under?

  • Am I eligible for the freeze? No.
  • You may be eligible to a reduced fee.
  • Which it will be eligible in July 2013.
  • This made all those eligible under U.

"embarrassed by" or "embarrassed about"?

  • I'd not embarrassed by anything.
  • Don't feel embarrassed about them.
  • I am embarrassed for all of you.
  • Embarrassed at home by Everton.

"embarrassing for" or "embarrassing to"?

  • Much less embarrassing for you.
  • Its kind of embarrassing to me.
  • It's almost embarrassing in it's stupidity.
  • It's embarrassing at this level.

emblematic of, for or in?

  • They are emblematic of civilization.
  • This silliness about the ring is emblematic for the birther movement as a whole.
  • I think music is more emblematic in that way.

"emeritus of" or "emeritus at"?

  • He is now President Emeritus of WWF.
  • He is Professor Emeritus at St.
  • He was appointed President Emeritus in 1991.
  • Owen, the chair emeritus for the American Board of Recorded Evidence.

"emotional about" or "emotional for"?

  • I get emotional about technology.
  • It was emotional for all of us.
  • Women are 95% emotional in nature.
  • Just hard not be emotional at this.

empty of, for, in, at or on?

  • Mental-contact is empty of self.
  • That mine had sat empty for years.
  • Their houses stand empty in winter.
  • The US office was empty at 5 PM.

"enamoured with" or "enamoured of"?

  • The elites are probably rather enamoured by it all.
  • I am still enamoured of the harp.
  • I'd still enamoured with Ozzie.

"encouraging for" or "encouraging to"?

  • It was very encouraging for me.
  • They are truly encouraging to me.
  • This is boorish and encouraging of vigilanteeism.
  • What I found most encouraging in this article was Dr.

"endemic to" or "endemic in"?

  • That's endemic across the whole technology industry.
  • It is endemic among taxi drivers and courier drivers.
  • Some and endemic as well as flora from the tropical world.
  • I agree about booing the kickers, it's endemic at Crusader's games which surprised me.

"enforceable by" or "enforceable in"?

  • They need basic rights, enforceable by law.
  • Usually only enforceable in BC.
  • Unfair terms are not enforceable against the consumer.
  • The code is enforceable under the law.

"engaged in" or "engaged with"?

  • The couple got engaged in June.
  • Stay engaged with your readers.
  • He becomes engaged to her 2mths.
  • The couple got engaged on February 12.

english in, as, with, for or to?

  • I had English in school for 8 years.
  • We spoke Olde English as a language.
  • My main goal is learn english with it.
  • So get over it - thats English for you.

enjoyable for, in, to, with or as?

  • It was truly enjoyable for all.
  • It's enjoyable in spite of that.
  • Life in the school is enjoyable to them.
  • It is much more enjoyable with a gamepad.

ensconced in, at, on, with or within?

  • He is safely ensconced in his own bed.
  • He is now safely ensconced at a luxury hotel in Dubai.
  • Thomas University, a small campus ensconced on the New Brunswick Frederickton locale.
  • Having met a man with land, she's now happily ensconced with her husband, Jason,.

"entertaining for" or "entertaining in"?

  • It's entertaining for all (near) 2.
  • It was too entertaining in the context.
  • That was not entertaining to me.
  • It's small but entertaining with two.

enthusiastic about, in, for, with or at?

  • Enthusiastic about its impressive.
  • Wong is enthusiastic in education.
  • They're enthusiastic for others to sign up.
  • Everything was enthusiastic with Helvi.

entire of, in, with, on or to?

  • No man is an island, Entire of itself.
  • Its Greek text was first discovered entire in the Codex Sinaiticus.
  • Take it entire with a full glass of water.
  • But, I suppose one can't put the blame entire on the people.

envious of, at, about, for or to?

  • I for one am envious of you all.
  • At some point, I felt envious at him.
  • Want to hear more to be envious about? 6 metres for $5.
  • I'd not envious for them and I don't want to be them.

equal to, in, of, with or before?

  • With our dollar equal to the U.
  • Beloved by nature equal in age.
  • So they can claim to be equal of men.
  • Accomplish equal with your bed.

equivalent to, in, for, of or at?

  • Equivalent to longitude on earth.
  • They're not equivalent in extent.
  • This is mac's equivalent for Visio.
  • That is equivalent of RM 740 million.

"essential for" or "essential to"?

  • Essential for the homesearcher.
  • I t is essential to: Know the territory.
  • It's essential in the Zen room.
  • Sparkboard was essential as a guide.

est on, in, for, of or at?

  • EST on November 14, 2012, until 11:59 p.
  • Musa sapientum fixa est in aure.
  • Tune in Monday at 9:30PM EST for Marrying The Game.
  • DAILLY PARISH W EST of Straiton.

estranged from, for, by, to or till?

  • He was estranged from his body.
  • Prior, they were estranged for seven long years.
  • After 1949, the three sisters were never together again, estranged by history.
  • David and Douglas remain estranged to this day.

"euro in", "euro per" or "euro for"?

  • And the Euro in almost terminal.
  • SBP accepts USD and Euro for trade.
  • The > cost is 10 Euro per cert.
  • Pay 20000 Euro to an architects practice.

"everyday for" or "everyday in"?

  • I thank God everyday for my position.
  • I was there everyday in the end.
  • The boys play everyday with them.
  • S DOLLARS everyday of the week.

"evident in" or "evident from"?

  • As evident in the first table in 5.
  • This was very evident from the way Mr.
  • Its seriousness is evident to all.
  • It is very evident by the way it is designed.

evil in, for, to, of or from?

  • Yes, war is evil in all aspects.
  • It must be evil for evil? s sake.
  • These people are evil to the core.
  • He's the least evil of our choices.

evocative of, in, for, about or as?

  • Evocative of the changing times.
  • Either way, the album is evocative in a rather strange way.
  • The story is all the more evocative for its realistic depiction and illustration of Loyie's relatives, who are all featured.
  • There is something eerie and yet evocative about those chants which have echoed down the centuries.

"excellent for" or "excellent in"?

  • Excellent for several ailments.
  • Service: excellent in all areas.
  • Verts is excellent at the back.
  • He will be excellent with? Madrid.

exceptional in, for, at, about or with?

  • Are we exceptional in every way? No.
  • Pretty exceptional for retirees.
  • I'll Have Another was exceptional at that.
  • There's nothing really exceptional about it.

"excessive in" or "excessive for"?

  • There is nothing excessive in this.
  • That is pretty excessive for Irving.
  • That seems excessive to me but that's the law.
  • Secondly, the outstanding debt was still excessive by 2000.

excited about, for, by, at or over?

  • I'd excited about the possible.
  • I was so excited for this trip.
  • Her am achieving excited by it.
  • I'd even all excited at the idea.

exciting for, to, about, in or of?

  • How exciting for a 12 year old.
  • This stuff is so exciting to me.
  • Nothing too exciting about that.
  • But it was exciting in hindsight.

"exclusive to" or "exclusive of"?

  • I won't be exclusive to the studio.
  • Any such prices are exclusive of VAT.
  • These are exclusive for Allah (S.
  • We are always exclusive in quality.

exemplar of, for, in or to?

  • Zizek is the best exemplar of this today.
  • Muhammad (peace be on him) is an excellent exemplar for us all.
  • Malaysia has been a prime exemplar in the Muslim world.
  • Ironically, this is the system the US vaunts as exemplar to the world.

exempt from, under, by, for or in?

  • Fathers are not exempt from this rule.
  • The loan is not exempt under the provisions of paragraph 15(2.
  • Garbage wagons were seen on the streets after this with the sign, ' Exempt by Strike Committee.
  • He was exempt for the tiniest of moments.

exercisable by, at, in, under or on?

  • Powers of several executors or administrators exercisable by one 311.
  • Each option is exercisable at $0.
  • Those powers are exercisable in the light of all the relevant circumstances.
  • Here, the options will vest but are exercisable on IPO.

existing in, on, as, at or for?

  • Existing in this moment is enough.
  • We're all existing on some kind of crosssubsidy.
  • I picture Obama existing as a far away sort of presence.
  • Meta Existing at a different logical level to something else.

expected of, for, in, from or by?

  • His action is as expected of a Chief.
  • I least expected for it to be this F.
  • Beating ai nt part of d ' WORSE ' expected in marriage.
  • And that, my friend, was what i expected from D I A B L O.

"expensive for" or "expensive in"?

  • Expensive for a tinted lip balm.
  • This is very expensive in time.
  • A room with AC is expensive at Rs.
  • It's so expensive to snowboard.

experienced in, of, with, at or by?

  • I'd also very experienced in networking.
  • Speaking form my experienced of owning a VW.
  • Grab the experienced with anyone.
  • She is very experienced at acupuncture alongside IVF.

"explicit in" or "explicit about"?

  • I wasn't explicit in my comment.
  • We need to be explicit about this.
  • He was explicit on what happened.
  • Their objective was made explicit by Rep.

exposed to, for, in, by or on?

  • But I'd more exposed to Jamaican girls.
  • And he gets exposed for the charlatan he is.
  • It lies exposed in an Ontario river.
  • Am worried about our left flank and Santos getting exposed by the pace of Valencia and.

expressive of, in, with, about or as?

  • The countenance then is expressive of the heart.
  • This should be more expressive in 6 months or a year.
  • You are expressive with command on the English language.
  • Mayank hugs her and is very expressive about his love.

external to, as, in, of or for?

  • Nothing is external to the Self.
  • Crosses may be external as well as internal.
  • External in this context means outside of Ireland.
  • There will also be no inquiry external of the military.

extinct in, by, for, within or at?

  • Or went extinct in some places.
  • The platypus frog became extinct by 1991.
  • Maybe mammoths became extinct for a reason.
  • The human race will go extinct within months.

extra for, in, on, to or from?

  • Paid the extra for the airbags.
  • I was an extra in a church scene.
  • Claim this extra on form IHT402.
  • Do not add anything extra to it.

"extraordinary in" or "extraordinary about"?

  • Messi was extraordinary in 2010.
  • Nothing extraordinary about it.
  • It's been extraordinary for me.
  • That seems extraordinary to me.

"extreme in" or "extreme to"?

  • Be extreme in your storytelling.
  • It's extreme to bow to dictators.
  • Ack! A little too extreme for me.
  • No debates! Labeling me extreme is pretty extreme of you.