Prepositions after Adjectives

Click an adjective to see what prepositions are usually used after it in English


full of, on, for, in or to?

  • The air seemed full of mystery.
  • Full on air-instrument assault.
  • Chapel was full for every meeting.
  • She struck him full in the face.
  • Full to the rim with absolutes.
  • Freeze half full with one color.

"free of" or "free from"?

  • Both events are free of charge.
  • We are then made free from sin.
  • And that makes it FREE for you.
  • And free to what? Free to obey.
  • Call us free on 0808 808 00 00.
  • Entry is free with an NUS card.
  • Under 3's bowl FREE at all times.
  • All City Buses are FREE after 6pm.
  • Offer to work free as an intern.
  • Request yours FREE by calling 800.

familiar with, to, from or in?

  • I am quite familiar with the process.
  • This situation is familiar To me.
  • The principle here is familiar from biology.
  • Sounds familiar in this crisis.

"fine with" or "fine for"?

  • Fine with them but not with me.
  • I was then fine for four years.
  • A conviction and fine of $5,000.
  • Always boots fine in safe mode.
  • Which is fine on the open road.
  • Hugo Rifkind Ali -- fine by me.
  • She sounds perfectly fine to me.
  • It was fine without, but still.
  • I hope things are fine at home.
  • He was absolutely fine about it.
  • FBP should work fine after that.
  • But he is doing fine as the WK.
  • But, it works fine from VMware.

famous for, in, of, by or as?

  • Famous for their mass migrations.
  • Q: Are you more famous in the U.
  • The rich and famous of the day.
  • They sang Nobody Knows, made famous by JLS.
  • He was famous as the king of pandits.
  • Jeep tours are very famous among people.
  • It is so famous around the world.
  • Matt Gigg I'd famous at MOI for.
  • Virginia is famous because of tobacco.
  • Laine was also already famous from The Moody Blues.
  • Famous on the internet since 1999.
  • Her beauty was famous throughout the world.
  • Apple is very famous to suing other.
  • Volkswagen became famous with them.

fit for, with, in, into or to?

  • Fit for dinner with friends, no.
  • Good fit with corporate culture.
  • They are not fit in this party.
  • I could def not fit into it though.
  • All The News That's Fit To Print.
  • Or, Fox might be fit after all.
  • I was fit as a person could be.
  • It's important to keep fit at any age.
  • The key is the fit between you and the mentor.
  • You can't get fit by eating chocolate.
  • Denilson is the fittest Of them all.
  • If he says he is fit on Saturday, play him.

fond of

  • Not fond of the episodes though.

"fresh from" or "fresh in"?

  • The milk was fresh from the cows.
  • She was cool and fresh in the hot night.
  • That's fresh out of school low.
  • The novel is fresh off the press.
  • For me it's fresh for everyone.
  • Look clean and fresh on first day.
  • It is fresh with a unique sound.
  • They still seem so fresh to me.
  • Someone who was a fresher at 1.
  • I feel fresh after the massage.
  • Tatsoi can be used fresh as a salad.
  • Keep things fresh by doing new routines.
  • Nothing seems to be made fresh like freshly cut fries.
  • This flow'r is fair and fresh of hue.

faithful to, in, of, with or for?

  • Faithful to Christ's commandment.
  • No one was faithful in the 70's.
  • Faithful of Kundapur deanery gathered in big number.
  • We had a band of faithful with us.
  • Liberal faithful for a merger with the B.
  • Hebrews 3:6 But Christ is faithful as a son over God's house.
  • Nails were bitten amongst the Murrayfield faithful at 52.
  • The government of the faithful by bishops possessed of ordinary jurisdiction (i.
  • The faithful from the unfaithful.
  • Glen and Teresa lead the faithful into praise and worship.
  • Confusing the faithful on everything Catholic.
  • You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much.
  • But he was faithful unto death.

following in, on, to, about or from?

  • Put the following in a blender.
  • Look for the following on the shelves.
  • Commit the following to memory.
  • He says the following about Jesus.
  • Ring the following for tickets.
  • I quote the following from Wikipedia.
  • The following of my CDs are available from DMG.
  • Take the following as an example.
  • We offer the following with style.
  • Enjoy the following at your own peril.
  • Insert the following into openssl.
  • We want to have Following After Trek printed in paperback.
  • Please read the following before posting some variant of this question.
  • Air is composed of the following by volume: And so one.
  • Most parties I have PQed with do the following during the first phase: 1.
  • The Conference agreed on the following regarding portability: i.
  • In your CSS file, add the following under your first Test deceleration.
  • Inform the department any change in the following without delay.

fundamental to, in, of, for or about?

  • Fundamental to Canada's honour.
  • This has been fundamental in my work.
  • This is a fundamental of a Fluid Society.
  • That is fundamental for everybody.
  • There is nothing fundamental about this convention.

"funny in", "funny about" or "funny to"?

  • You are too funny in this post.
  • And everything is funny to you.
  • I'd not being funny about that.
  • It was pretty funny at the time.
  • That's what made it funny for me.
  • It was so funny with his accent.
  • Adam just isn't as funny on TV.
  • The dialogue is funny as a fit.
  • Very interresting and very funny by the way.
  • Time travel is funny like that.
  • Funny of you to think that little G is me.
  • It's funny without trying to be.
  • I decided it wasn't so funny after all.
  • I'd a bit funny around wartime things.
  • Funny because of how over the top and stupid it is.
  • Funny considering Clarkson bought a ZR1 for himself.
  • So yes it may look funny from the outside.

"friendly with" or "friendly to"?

  • The people are friendly with it.
  • The enemy is not friendly to you.
  • I arranged a friendly against the reserves.
  • People are very friendly in NZ.
  • He was always friendly towards Britain.
  • People were friendly at every turn.
  • Read How to Be Friendly for more ideas.
  • It is not only friendly on your pocket.
  • They were very friendly about it.
  • Not so friendly as the Italians were.
  • Take for instance a recent friendly between the US and Turkey.
  • And they superbly friendly by nature.
  • It is also one of the friendliest of countries.
  • Moore's Preface is very friendly toward E.
  • The sevice was very friendly without any stress.

foreign to, in, as, for or about?

  • Mercy is foreign to the idealist.
  • English is not foreign in Ireland.
  • The experience was foreign as well as incredibly authentic.
  • Neither science or philosophy nor medicine are foreign for me.
  • There is nothing foreign about rioting in France.
  • Expect ta hit 60-70% foreign by 2030.
  • It was quite foreign from the nature of ye.
  • This is an explanation for each question, the answer is not that foreign of a game, and we get very good results even for new things to learn about this business forex.

"fantastic for" or "fantastic in"?

  • But it's been fantastic for me.
  • It was fantastic in early labour.
  • The set is fantastic with gaming.
  • Harry isn't fantastic at sharing.
  • They look fantastic on the dogs.
  • It looks fantastic as a piece of room furniture.
  • NCsoft has been fantastic to us.
  • I feel fantastic about the decision.
  • The boys were fantastic from day one.
  • Your laundry will smell fantastic after a day in the sun.
  • They were fantastic against Argentina.
  • The second was fantastic by (Lukas) Podolski.
  • Wishing you a day filled with the most fantastic of colours.
  • You've been fantastic over the past couple of years.
  • Arteta 8- Was fantastic throughout the game.

fearful of, about, for, in or as?

  • Our Indians are fearful of Pakistan.
  • People are fearful about losing their jobs.
  • We are very fearful for America.
  • Dealing with cancer can be fearful in itself.
  • He will be fearful as well as hopeful of Allah.
  • We all feel fearful at some point.
  • That fight from fearful to faithful is a long one.

fraught with or in?

  • A day fraught with new dangers.
  • The deal was fraught in so many ways.

"flexible in" or "flexible with"?

  • Be flexible in your expectations.
  • Be flexible with your schedule.
  • Be flexible about how they may return.
  • I tried to be flexible for his sake.
  • I'd pretty flexible on the design.
  • Moderators are very flexible to this.
  • I'd flexible as to the final size.
  • Being flexible at work always helps.
  • Breakfast time is flexible according to your schedule.
  • I'll be more flexible after the election.
  • Timings are all very flexible around what you want to do.
  • You get flexible by stretching.
  • It was flexible depending on what we wanted.
  • Employers get real flexible during those times.
  • Move in is a little flexible from the end of this month to early December.
  • It should be strong and rigid, not flexible like a filleting knife.
  • By far the most flexible of these is the edge pro.
  • We are going to need to be flexible over the next 20 years.

fluent in, with or at?

  • Fluent in French is an advantage.
  • A baby is absolutely fluent with emotions.
  • Young Sergei was fluent at French, German and English.

"frustrating for", "frustrating at" or "frustrating to"?

  • It was frustrating for all of us.
  • This is frustrating to the accuser.
  • It can be frustrating at times.
  • And it's frustrating in the extreme.
  • What's most frustrating about it is that he pinged.
  • It's so frustrating as a democrat.
  • How frustrating on the dahlia front.
  • But it's frustrating with my race only 2.
  • And a minor collision, without the frustrating after effects, would be just that.
  • It is frustrating beyond belief.
  • This is made even more frustrating by the fact you can not cut and paste images within the WordPress application.
  • The internal target negotiations were felt to be frustrating due to unreliable data.
  • Its also frustrating from a teacher POV.
  • The most frustrating of these is Internet Explorer.

"favorable to" or "favorable for"?

  • False testimony favorable to the defendants.
  • It's not favorable for injuries.
  • Former PM is indeed favorable in opinion polls.
  • Full disclosure: I am generally favorable toward Gov.
  • But Fate was not at all favorable towards the bell.
  • The rest of the schedule is very favorable as the last six opponents have a combined record of 8-23 and 3-3 in conference play.
  • Websites are more favorable at 11-13%.
  • Your will look at your meals more favorable by using this article's advice.
  • The most favorable of these materials is high-grade, heavy-gauge steel.
  • Each poll is more favorable on all these issues than the last.
  • The tropics are the least favorable with much lower numbers.

"fair to" or "fair in"?

  • Very much unfair to many of us.
  • That only seems fair in my eyes.
  • It's not fair for the teachers.
  • To be fair on the gamer points.
  • It's not fair of her to decide.
  • Don't try to equate fair with equal.
  • It was considered fair at that time.
  • But to be fair by the US/UK etc.
  • There's nothing fair about that.
  • They are actually very fair as to the polls they use.
  • It wasn't everything fair from their side.

"fortunate in" or "fortunate for"?

  • I was very fortunate in that way.
  • And pretty fortunate for Clair.
  • I have been fortunate with my teachers.
  • Not the most fortunate of metaphors.
  • Our generation is fortunate as well as unfortunate.
  • I'd very fortunate to farm Motutapu but I acknowledge I'd just a tenant.
  • The most fortunate among us have succeeded because all of America has supported them for 60 years.
  • I'd very fortunate at this point in my career.
  • He's incredibly fortunate by my standards.
  • Cutler wasn't so fortunate on Sunday.
  • I just feel quite fortunate about the whole thing you know.
  • Forget your worries by focusing on the less fortunate around you.
  • Their children are also fortunate because of power and money.
  • I was fortunate during my visit to witness the Knights of da Gama making their donation.
  • We are not that fortunate like Neale Donald Walsch* to whom God would speak on every trivial matter and help him write books and make money.
  • I am very fortunate over the years to have made many friendships through dad.
  • She also funnels support for the less fortunate through her local church.

"furious at" or "furious with"?

  • I am furious at so many things.
  • She still felt furious with him.
  • I am absolutely furious about it.
  • She was furious over his impatience.
  • When Randall was furious after the attack all come to nothing.
  • The PL is too fast and furious for Hudd.
  • I'd never felt so furious in all my life.
  • Alma was furious on two counts.
  • I am furious as to how this is fair.
  • The tricks were coming fast and furious by this point.
  • Well Nana Boro is furious from the pictures we took of them.
  • The approach has gone from fast and furious to tough and physical.

"favourable to" or "favourable for"?

  • It seems even to be favourable to generation.
  • But this is less favourable for me.
  • The cosmetic result was favourable in 83.
  • Public opinion became overwhelmingly favourable towards women.
  • It is not a crime to write something favourable about the W.
  • Such conditions are often not very favourable at Tongariro.
  • I do agree, however, that the advanced metrics are probably favourable of Amir.
  • However, the right proved favourable on rare occasions, allowing some spectacular come-backs.
  • The climate is favourable with lots of sun and warm sea.

"feasible for" or "feasible in"?

  • I said it's not feasible for me.
  • This is feasible in small plots.
  • But this is not feasible with reciprocal links.
  • Pantaron is not feasible at this time though.
  • None of these were considered feasible to Mrs O.
  • That's feasible as a route for more story-based content.
  • One view was that CLT was not feasible because of China's specific conditions.
  • It is feasible by using real wallet manufacturers.
  • Protests are no longer feasible due to the police state.
  • This only drives the women as far absent as feasible from you.
  • CCS has not yet proved to be feasible on a large scale.
  • I just can't see how that's feasible without a passion for science.
  • You may decide that your business idea is not feasible after all, which, while disappointing, can save you.
  • But the 5 aircraft I've suggested are feasible under current lease rates.
  • If this is feasible within the city's constraints well and good.

forthcoming in, from, with, about or on?

  • I'd more forthcoming in my book.
  • No comment was forthcoming from the U.
  • She is forthcoming with her process.
  • They were very forthcoming about why.
  • That is forthcoming on November 12th.
  • In other cases answers may not be forthcoming for other reasons.
  • But all these are not forthcoming at the moment.
  • No explanation has been forthcoming to this day.
  • And it looks like emancipation will only be forthcoming after the holidays.
  • Further information will be forthcoming as the office develops.
  • The updated handicap data for members and subs will be forthcoming before Tuesday.
  • No legislation has been forthcoming by parliament.
  • TAM was an exception, with no published policy being forthcoming despite repeated requests.
  • The answer was forthcoming during the election.
  • The earth is the spontaneous forthcoming of that which is continually self-secluding and to that extent sheltering and concealing.
  • Assurances were given that a better deal would be forthcoming under Nixon.

"fun with" or "fun for"?

  • My favorite was Fun with Music.
  • It's fun for the entire family.
  • Have fun in the Philippines Mr.
  • And I bet you're fun at parties.
  • It will be fun on the ice: www.
  • But it's always fun to prospect.
  • That's the most fun about writing.
  • But make no mistake, he has fun along the way.
  • Which is fun as well as useful.
  • Getting there from Hamburg is fun by itself.
  • Try to have fun during the test.
  • Free date site is more fun like this.
  • It was the most fun of my short life up to then.
  • I can have fun without drinking.

famed for, as, in or throughout?

  • Arugam Bay is famed for it's surfing.
  • London was rebuilt and famed as a port in 700 A.
  • Even as we learn, mentor is very famed in the present day.
  • The harsh and arid region is famed throughout the world for only one product -- soldiers.

fascinating to, about, in, for or as?

  • This is very fascinating to me.
  • What do you find fascinating about UMama? 14.
  • He was fascinating in many ways.
  • It has been fascinating for me.
  • Totally fascinating as to how they were accomplished.
  • Trevor is by far the most fascinating of the male characters.
  • But it was fascinating on many levels.
  • This region is fascinating with many highlights.
  • He is scary and fascinating at the same time.
  • It was fascinating from start to end.
  • The adult butterflies are fascinating because of the diverse patterns and colours they inherit.
  • The range of essays is fascinating by any standard.
  • Excellent article -- well researched and fascinating inside stats.

fast on, for, in, with or at?

  • A minigun is too fast for them.
  • It is good to fast on this day.
  • You're really fast in replying.
  • We are asking people to fast with us.
  • He was so fast at running the last lap.
  • Some only fast during the waning phase of moon.
  • Our fast unto death begins on Nov 21.
  • I then break my fast after the prayer.
  • Speed Apple claim it? s twice as fast as the 4S.
  • Some fast by eating only one meal a day.
  • You were fast from the outset though.
  • A fast of words is one of the fasts in Isaiah 58.
  • She has also rated 104 on Fast to Dead tracks.
  • Baba Ramdev will sit on a day-long fast against corruption and black money.
  • To have an intention of fast before going to bed at night.
  • One who is not keeping a fast due to some reason, he too, should not declare it others.
  • The papers are not very fast like the web.
  • He is exceptionally fast over a single lap.
  • From then on, complete the fast till nightfall.
  • November is fast upon us -- the beginning of the feasting/dyspepsia season.
  • That was a fast without reward.

foul of, to, by, for or in?

  • Don't fall foul of the SEC Michael R.
  • Both fall foul to their respective approaches.
  • The referee was clearly very one eyed in his interpretion of a foul, how on earth Granero remained on the pitch giving away also all 9 foul by QPR is beyond me.
  • And it was foul for a long time.
  • This man was foul in his abuse of the Holy Prophet.
  • Aside from the weird overpimping of a producer, their lawyers reacted to someone posting something foul on the internet by.
  • At 25 degrees, it's foul with a dirty, benzine smell.

face-to-face with, in, at, for or to?

  • We were face-to-face with the highly endangered PAWI.
  • We came face-to-face in the hotel foyer.
  • A face-to-face at the Owl &; Monkey Sanctuary 5.
  • We had a detailed discussion face-to-face for more than one and a half hours.
  • We celebrate faith by coming face-to-face to the Qiblah of our prayers.
  • Have the talk: Talk to the other person face-to-face about the problem.
  • Discrimination happens face-to-face as well as online.
  • The principals of the schools were equally interviewed face-to-face by the researcher.
  • That is dealing with patients, face-to-face on a daily basis.
  • Interviews were conducted face-to-face over the period 1st April to 7th April, 2011.
  • Contact your creditor by letter, email, fax or face-to-face rather than by the phone.

"fatal to" or "fatal for"?

  • This can be fatal to your dreams.
  • This can be fatal for a hard drive.
  • Nothing is more fatal in politics.
  • Sadly, a paracetamol overdose is fatal as the liver will never recover.
  • Fatal at very high concentrations.
  • Pride is the most subtle and spiritually fatal of diseases.
  • More than one hour it is fatal on spot.
  • Doing nothing is fatal with a predatory govt so it's kill or be killed.
  • If left untreated, 80 per cent of cases are fatal within a year.
  • It is always fatal without treatment.

"functional in" or "functional for"?

  • It is strictly functional in nature.
  • Minimal, but functional for CSS demos.
  • Highly functional with multiple uses.
  • Design your pool room so it's functional as well as beautiful.
  • And keep things functional at home.
  • Its not functional to 99% of africans.
  • I was remarkably functional on the first day of recovery.
  • The system was largely functional by the end of May 1833.
  • It had to be more functional rather than splendid.
  • The chamber will become functional from Tuesday.
  • This Web site is functional without the retention of cookies.
  • In the meantime, I'll come back on here soon to confirm when comments will be fully functional across the News site, and the precise closing date for Have Your Say.
  • And I have had ones operating as boot drives that were still functional after 8 years when I wiped and disposed of them.
  • This ought to be totally functional before using.
  • The ship which was commissioned in 1982 has not been fully functional due to major mechanical defects.
  • Our disappointment was that the swimming pool was not functional during our stay in early May.
  • Due to enormous functional of security it has very less chances to be hacked.
  • Therefore, they're not functional over a particular result.
  • Aptech has been functional since 1986 and now boasts of 26 years of experience in computer training.
  • New Zealand's democracy may be functional under normal conditions, but in trying times things might be different.
  • The Public Works Department said the Mantralaya is expected to be fully functional within three months.

"flawed in", "flawed from" or "flawed by"?

  • Maybe actually flawed in itself.
  • Java floating point management is flawed by design.
  • The euro project was flawed from the beginning.
  • Data is flawed for 2 reasons: 1.
  • Political Genius, maybe flawed as a man.
  • The report is flawed at its heart.
  • That's flawed on so many levels.
  • But the logic was flawed to Tayte's mind.
  • It makes me feel that something is fatally flawed with Objectivism.
  • Yeah, human knowledge is flawed due to its limitation in scope.
  • So in essence there is nothing flawed about it.
  • My memory might be flawed after all these years, but the Jamaica I remember seems far distant from that reflected in today's news.
  • So all scientific knowledge is flawed because of these faults.
  • The system is flawed beyond redemption.
  • He's a real guy, flawed like the rest of us.

foolish for, of, in, to or by?

  • I was very foolish for doing that.
  • It may be foolish in your opinion.
  • It had been foolish of her to try.
  • Everyone looks foolish to Boon.
  • You look more foolish by every passing hour.
  • Extremely foolish on their part.
  • Funny at times, but foolish at heart.
  • Don't be foolish with your most precious asset -- life.
  • It is easy to be foolish about the connexion of thought with national life.
  • Makes us look foolish as a nation.
  • She thinks I am mad but she is foolish like Rosco.
  • She hadn't been so foolish after all, as to have left home without a credit card.
  • The lion felt foolish because of this lack of courage.
  • The whole thing has been shameful and foolish from the start.
  • I know it's only Monday morning, and I really should be savouring my first coffee of the work-week while focusing on the joys to come, but I did something foolish over the weekend.

frequent in, with, for, among or on?

  • Its frequent in semi rural areas.
  • The rest are just as frequent with it.
  • However, those shortcomings are frequent among people.
  • Atopic Eczema is the most frequent form of Eczema.
  • Accidents are also quite frequent on highways.
  • He said his visits to Kenya will be frequent as the country gets.
  • Live music performances are frequent at these bars.
  • Thunderstorms are very frequent during afternoons.
  • That bus service wasn't the most frequent of all.
  • The latter outcome has been most frequent over the past two months.
  • Deaths were not more frequent to the Maroons than elsewhere.
  • It also anticipates that such extreme weather events will become more intense and frequent across Europe.
  • Service are less frequent after 7pm and finish around 11pm.
  • Occasional light rain for some eastern areas, most frequent along coasts of eastern England.
  • La Nina is frequent around solar max.
  • Conceiving naturally after 50 is becoming more frequent because of this.
  • I do not know wheter it was more frequent before 1/11.
  • This was going to be another of those tests of will that were becoming more frequent between them.
  • Right now it's some pub frequent by drunkards like Alwin.
  • It is getting more and more frequent due to the stress-load we all bear.
  • Such basic mistakes have been all too frequent from QPR this season.
  • They are frequent within countries too.

"freezing of", "freezing to" or "freezing in"?

  • The delay in the freezing of Mr.
  • Stops me freezing in the winter.
  • Children were freezing to death.
  • Freezing at 0 makes WAY more sense.
  • It could mean freezing on a park bench.
  • Whatever Even campaign is freezing for some people.
  • Applications that were previously freezing with 4.
  • You can keep pipes from freezing by using a small heater or a heat lamp.
  • It isn't usually below freezing during the winter.
  • Michael It still is freezing after the 1.
  • Check sump and sump pipes for freezing before starting the sump pump.
  • It's freezing from the first night.
  • Try squeezing the juice out and freezing into cubes and then use it on your skin.
  • It's back to stuttering and freezing like it was after the DLC release and it looks like not just the Bee was Nerfed.
  • The temperatures have dropped to almost freezing over night in NY on top of all other devastation.
  • Jorgenson sought out O'Brien to apologize for freezing up the time O'Brien got shot.

"fashionable in" or "fashionable for"?

  • Sectors become fashionable in turn.
  • Fashionable for any lady in any era.
  • It was also very fashionable at that time.
  • What if depression became fashionable among executives.
  • The makes them fashionable with business questions.
  • Palin is doomed never to be fashionable as a writer.
  • Remain fashionable by carrying.
  • What is fashionable to you may not sound fashionable to others.
  • It's fashionable amongst some to see this as unfair.
  • The town became very fashionable during the 19th century because it had a natural spa.
  • The Nike shoes are meaning the fashionable of stylish.
  • Current trends and key tips on staying fashionable on a budget.
  • At the time when we were trodding through there was nothing fashionable about locks.
  • This is very fashionable along with convertible car and so.
  • This can help allow it to be very best for women who would like to conceal far more nevertheless wish to look fashionable around the beach or pool area.
  • Here are a few need to be various and fashionable because of other folks, they even make ugg boots within the 4 situations.
  • Please, don't mistake this body of writing as some sort of crusade against the perceived ills of the industry, as has become fashionable over recent years.
  • Fashionable plus stylish purses are far more appropriate for social events.
  • It was fashionable without being angular or spiky.

"frank about" or "frank with"?

  • Storey is frank about his life.
  • I will be entirely frank with you.
  • Be Honest Be frank in your interactions with her.
  • Go Katie!!! Thanks Kate and frank for your lovely comments.
  • I would like to be very frank on this issue.
  • I may be perfectly frank to the House.
  • General Tikka Khan had been brutally frank from the very beginning.
  • Kuks was always the most outspoken and most frank of us all.

"firm in" or "firm with"?

  • They are firm in their actions.
  • As our father was firm with us.
  • He is very firm on that matter.
  • You just need to be firm about that.
  • We must hold firm to our position.
  • He held firm for sixty seven balls.
  • That we hold firm against the tide.
  • Price is firm at $350, no trades.
  • The two became the firmest of friends.
  • He wasn't firm as a man should be.
  • Shares in BHP Billiton (BHP) are firmer by 0.
  • However, I think it was a little bit too sweet and too firm from over chilling.
  • If it's a little firmer like your lip, it's cooked medium.
  • Gravel will be firmer under wheels.
  • I also don't think you can firm up the breast my doing lots of bench press.
  • He was firm upon the Sunnah, not compromising - if he knew something to be the haqq, he would hold to it with his molar teeth.
  • It was firm without being harsh.

"fruitful in" or "fruitful for"?

  • His experiments have been fruitful in his favour.
  • It will be fruitful for World Peace.
  • This research has been fruitful of good results.
  • Hope you find the aforesaid tips fruitful to your business.
  • Soft power is fruitful as a continuum of the smart power strategy where hard power is purposefully used.
  • All the techniques could be quite fruitful on long journey at night especially during rainy days!! Hi Ram.
  • It was very fruitful with mangoes, plums and guavas.
  • It is extremely vital and fruitful at the same time to choose a custom logo design service to familiarize.
  • The man at the marina was right, there's nothing fruitful by dwelling in the past.
  • Compaq It is also an essential making company which is going fruitful from 1982.
  • After all your investment with be fruitful over period of time, and at the same time you put yourself in discipline mode.
  • This land recognises us, for it is fruitful through us, and through its fruit-bearing for us it recognises us.
  • My experience would have been much less fruitful without them.

flipping through, over, between, to or of?

  • Kept flipping through the book.
  • Ting said while flipping over my medical record.
  • I have to to keep flipping between them.
  • Would not think of flipping to BSNBC or CNN, or the other cables.
  • Flipping from content marketing to journalism.
  • Randomisation was achieved by the flipping of a 1 euro coin.
  • He says he remembers segments like flipping off cars and running around a lemon tree.
  • Backflipping on this issue will achieve nothing.
  • Flipping in the air lasted an age, so there was lots of thinking time.
  • I think of McCain and his flipping around bad behavior to suddenly be ethics champion.
  • Therefore, house flipping for cash makes for a sound investment.
  • There are many people who have decided to turn website flipping into a full time business.
  • Minutes after flipping past the last page, my mind is still buzzing at how incredible it is.
  • I just happened to be flipping thru the channels yesterday and watchged the Chris Matthews program.
  • Allow to cook for 4 -- 5 minutes before gently lifting and flipping with a spatula.

fussy about, with, in, on or of?

  • He was a little fussy about it.
  • We know how children can be fussy with food.
  • This phone isn't fussy in terms of design.
  • They have a whole range of gifts, to suit even the fussiest of people.
  • Peoples is way too fussy on what's edible and what isn't.
  • In-fact I hear people get fussy over handshakes in paper all the time.
  • You can? t be too fussy at work.
  • Breakfast, however, was far too fussy for my liking.
  • Fussy as a baby, beautiful as a toddler and responsible as an adult.
  • She gets very fussy between the hours of 6pm and 9pm, which seems to be quite common for babies with colic.
  • I'd familiar with this, I can induce it now and then when my zodiac isn't being fussy by focusing on tiphareth'ic concpets.
  • But you may find your baby may be fussy during the whole time that every tooth comes in.
  • Not too fussy like many antiques can be.
  • There's no harm in being fussy to a certain extent.

forgiving of, to, for, in or about?

  • I'd kind and forgiving of people.
  • Birth is natural, empowering and totally forgiving to your body and mind.
  • Knits are never forgiving for me.
  • I am very forgiving in literature.
  • Our system is just very forgiving about this.
  • It is extremely difficult to love others but not being forgiving towards them.
  • Be patient and forgiving with your boy.
  • TaylorMade R11 Irons Very forgiving on missed shots, ball flight is great.
  • And over time, we'll become more forgiving as a result.
  • Manchester United, it is safe to say, will not be as forgiving at the weekend.
  • Martin O'Malley has not been particularly forgiving toward the company.
  • Its aim was ' forgiving without forgetting '.

"false in" or "false to"?

  • This is false in every respect.
  • Her story rings completely false to me.
  • All proved false by the attack.
  • Your comment is false for another reason.
  • No, false and false on your part.
  • There's nothing false about it.
  • It is false as a mirage, empty as a bubble.
  • Again, false from your own source.
  • The Yogis were false at that time.
  • Romney is basking in his false of security that he will win.
  • Do not play false with it, just let it emerge.
  • However, this is false according to Value First.
  • The rumour was false after all.
  • We know it is false because of the people who knew L.
  • This second claim was false before the crisis (e.
  • It can be true or false depending on the value of x.
  • IPCC's second element is false due to an abundance of modeling errors and faux human fingerprints.
  • False like earlier today at the restaurant.
  • The last part of your post is false regarding the taxes you say you would have to pay.
  • Lines O and E are both true under case 5, and both false under cases 1 and 2.

"forthright in" or "forthright about"?

  • Sorry for being so forthright in my opinions.
  • I've actually quite forthright about it.
  • Yunus was open and forthright with his team.
  • Be honest and forthright on your way out the door.
  • Aussies are too forthright for that kind of rubbish.
  • Recommend BT was not Muslim hater but was honest and forthright against Pakistani artists or Cricket players.
  • He prefers quite interaction with the media and he is always forthright as the experience of this correspondent shows.
  • But it begs the question, IS IT RIGHT? EG perceived MR actions toward her as honest and forthright from the beginning.
  • Danny Akin is one of the more, perhaps the most, forthright of our SBC leaders.
  • Pat Robertson was being direct and forthright regarding this issue.

fearless in, of, about, to or with?

  • Fearless in the face of opposition.
  • Hungry owls seem almost fearless of people.
  • She was pretty fearless about it too.
  • But I am fearless to the point of stupidity sometimes.
  • He is suave and absolutely fearless with the ladies.
  • They really are fearless at this age.
  • Fearless on occasion, most definitely.
  • A Momin remains apprehensive even after doing virtuous deeds, whereas a hypocrite becomes fearless after committing sins Hassan Al Basri (reh.
  • I am fearless by the Grace of Lord Rama.
  • We need to be fearless against corrupt and unjust and raise our voice.
  • Sailors and fishermen, their wives and children are the most fearless around the globe.
  • I hope she continues to make me more fearless as the days go by.
  • Dash is brave and fearless for doing such a thing.
  • Kyle was almost fearless from early on.
  • I think filmmakers have to be smart and fearless like Spike and Ava.
  • One can become fearless through renunciation or sacrifice.

"fixed in", "fixed for" or "fixed on"?

  • You will thus get fixed in the Self.
  • The gaze Remains fixed on the sky.
  • We did barter to have it fixed for 900.
  • Our cats are all 3 fixed to date.
  • Her loan was 30-year fixed at 6.
  • I hope its fixed by double xp weekend.
  • Will that get fixed with technology.
  • People who didn't actually watch fully get caught up in what other people say and then this gets fixed as the conventional wisdom.
  • It took us two years to get this fixed because of the politics involved.
  • Will this get fixed before release? I agree.
  • If you find wear and tear that must fixed during the renovation, you'll be ready.
  • Often times, the radio station can have a lot of fixed from travelling out of your city or condition, which means this provides you with continual leisure in your journey.
  • Again, this is to ensure that the leads have had time to become fixed into position.
  • Mortgage, 92%, was 256400 based on a 3 yr fixed of 5.
  • This discrepancy will get fixed over time, the company says.
  • Rs 300 fixed per month for any 30 movies of their choice and available in the list within a period of one month.
  • Fixed Cost: Fixed costs are those costs which remain fixed throughout the production procedure.
  • Inge fixed up time with one of the women to go see her water pump.
  • What was the reason that a Naturalist was not long ago fixed upon? I am very much obliged for the trouble you have had about it; there certainly could not have been a better opportunity.
  • Some people manage to alter their outlook simply by being introduced to the fixed versus incremental distinction.
  • Here's our Fixed vs Floating calculator to help.
  • The understanding that arose must lead to the Dhamma becoming fixed within his own mind.

flourishing of, in, as or under?

  • Let there be a flourishing of ideas and opportunities.
  • So glad he is a flourishing in the job.

"frightening for" or "frightening to"?

  • It was very frightening for her.
  • That's what's frightening to me.
  • Deception can be frightening in its consequences.
  • His raw power is frightening at times.
  • Acknowledge what's frightening about it.
  • That moment was one of the most frightening of my life.
  • Nothing is so frightening as what's behind the closed door.
  • From the road, it looked a little frightening because of the condition of the beams and wires that looked rusty, but it held on strong.
  • But actually it's not that frightening on stage.
  • These are just a few instances of haunting and frightening by spirits.
  • The lack of depth of there knowledge is frightening considering the power they yield in Government.
  • The most shocking number from the survey -- and frightening from a consumer perspective -- is only 3.
  • The next steps are even more frightening like the author mentioned.
  • A King adaptation would be all the more frightening with even less ammo.

fanatical about, in, as, for or of?

  • Fanatical about the written word.
  • Saul was fanatical in his opposition to the gospel and tireless in his persecution of the church.
  • Sociologically speaking, Afghans are not fanatical as a people.
  • He must be fanatical for their welfare.
  • Even the most fanatical of revolutionaries must see what a waste of life we have endured.
  • I was -- and am -- a bit fanatical on the subject.
  • In their account it is bound to appear as fanatical for nothing, and fanatical against everything.
  • Turn the fanatical into their beasts of burden for bloated egos and trampled hopes of saving this nation.
  • Don't be fanatical over this car crash thing.
  • Some people are excessively fanatical to the extent of slandering and labelling those who have made a different choice.

far from, in, to, for or with?

  • This seems to be far from correct.
  • I've never been further in Kenya.
  • Don't climb any farther to the left.
  • Germans ' further down the line.
  • Look no further for the reason.
  • Now, Classic has gone to far with this.
  • Some are further along than others.
  • Were! Your lucky ur far away from me.
  • Lawrence would be navigable far into Ohio.
  • Delhi currently has an FAR of 1.
  • Here to far beyond the horizon, the TAR slept.
  • No need to speak any further on Thwaites.
  • Goshen's ten mile further up the river.
  • I have reasons to place Ramal far above tarrot cards.
  • A far as the companies are concerned, we are meat.
  • They told us we were no far behind so we kept driving.
  • PTA is still stuck on a level far below that, I'd afraid.
  • And when you can't get any further by public transport, go by foot.
  • I can't go any further without mentioning Autolog.

frustrated with, at, by, about or in?

  • She got very frustrated with me.
  • I get very frustrated at times.
  • I am also very frustrated by our media.
  • You seem quite frustrated about it.
  • After being a frustrated for a very long time, I had to quit.
  • At times people are short sighted and end up frustrated in US.
  • I was pretty damn frustrated after the Fulham game.
  • He feels frustrated as a result.
  • If I were in that situation, I would have felt very frustrated because of the loss of such an important part of ones life.
  • I cant but feel frustrated of the way business is done.
  • You will get more interest in doing works in your life without getting frustrated on anything.
  • While you were busy getting frustrated over it.
  • With these products, I went from frustrated to happy about her hair in a matter of a month.

"foundational to" or "foundational for"?

  • And is foundational to our survival.
  • It is too foundational for us to win this election.
  • The first six chapters are more foundational in nature.
  • I do not treat this book as foundational because of personal experience.
  • This is the first mention of someone being filled with the Spirit in Scripture and is foundational of our understanding of the concept.

"full-time in" or "full-time for"?

  • He began writing full-time in 1992.
  • He has played full-time for only 2.
  • I was working full-time at HubSpot.
  • He works full-time on unlimited contract.
  • Now, I devote myself full-time to writing.
  • I'd in college full-time as a single parent.
  • Part Three Now working full-time with flower essences.
  • He attended class full-time during the day.
  • Others work full-time from New Zealand or overseas.
  • He has been writing full-time since 1982.
  • I worked full-time after 2 but part-time after 3.
  • Today, more than 1 million people are employed full-time by the fur trade worldwide.
  • So I went full-time into banking security.
  • I worked full-time outside the home until this past year.
  • As the seasonal part of the job ended, he checked into what his options were for staying on full-time within the company.
  • He began toying with the idea of living full-time without money.

flat on, with, for, in or at?

  • Tyler was now flat on the ground.
  • Got a flat with garden downstairs.
  • We are almost flat for the year.
  • USA is almost dead flat in USHCN.
  • The 10-year yield is flat at 3.
  • The world looks flat to our eyes.
  • Clacton fell flat against such armor.
  • My stomach went flat as soon as both my baby's came out.
  • Output was flat from a year ago.
  • But the site's traffic looks flat over the past year.
  • In other words, the curve is flat across time.
  • We were all flat after the game.
  • Russ: Then it's flat between 1979 and 2007.
  • Ayn Rand's characters are flat by comparison.
  • Electricity production, which economists use as a proxy for growth, has been flat during 2012.
  • It's flat like a table, hasn't got lakes, or stunning landscapes.
  • If you used enough pipe, it should be flat of the note you want.
  • Oil production has been flat since 2005.
  • She also complained of dyspnoea on lying down flat without a pillow.

frightened of, by, out, for or about?

  • I'd frightened of the old ones.
  • I was very frightened by what I saw.
  • I am frightened out of my life about everything.
  • But I really feel frightened for those who are not.
  • She was very frightened about those days and didn't want to discuss it much then.
  • Others are very frightened at the first pains.
  • I hope new people reading this thread aren't frightened away from walking the Camino.
  • They were frightened because of the axe.
  • I get very frightened in the house as the walls whisper things to me that the neighbours can read my thoughts and will get me.
  • Children who don't get an easy start in life can become quite frightened on the inside.
  • People just sat there and everybody was too frightened to as '.
  • I get frightened with these procedures too, but I have to say the Nurses look after you very well.

foaming at, in, of, with or from?

  • He started foaming at the mouth.
  • But that we should be foaming in the mouth now just a few days to the end of the deadline.
  • The neck of the cezve must be left empty to accommodate the foaming of the coffee.
  • Foaming with impotent rage on the internet is always available, if that's your taste.
  • I get great pleasure out of seeing people like yourself frothing and foaming about E &E.
  • Tom could not believe his ears, Dick is foaming from the mouth and Harry has bought a new big calculator to punch in his profits.
  • Then, she started foaming after the act and fell from the chair and died.
  • This may lead to excessive foaming on application and generally poor application properties such as short wet edge times and impaired levelling.
  • The countercurrent action allows for far greater air water contact time and reduces the amount of wet foaming to a minimum.
  • A stream, several streams, a vigorous fizzing mass that came roaring and foaming up the sides of the flask - Well, I managed to catch most of it in a bucket.

focussed on, in, for or with?

  • We are staying focussed on that goal.
  • Its focussed in all the wrong places.
  • Unusual to be so focussed for me.
  • In the mouth, the wine was very focussed with good persistence and flavours that lingered long after the last sip of wine had been swallowed.

focused on, in, about, around or as?

  • Korea is very focused on looks.
  • I am more focused in a numb sort of way.
  • We were trying to be very focused about it, but at the same time, we wanted to be really raw and dangerous.
  • It adopted social structures that were very focused around innovation and time to market.
  • MR: You're somebody who's very focused as well as busy.
  • He is very focused for this fight and I think it's going to be the best fight yet.
  • This choice has been the focused of all my work since then.
  • Be very focused with your reading and know.

falling of, in, out, into or off?

  • Sutter 's, previous to the falling of the snow.
  • I have falling in love with this Muslim girl.
  • Ar-rayba means the fear of temptation or the falling into haram.
  • Well, we too had a falling out of sorts.
  • Should a falling off the cliff really happen, global stock markets would go in for a major correction.
  • It is a falling away from the faith.
  • But right before the falling on his back he produced a very loud sound of satisfaction.
  • When you're done falling down a flight of stairs, belly.
  • Injuries endured in a falling from heights costs the victims hugely.
  • Solved the falling over thing but it forced them to increase the size of the mast and caused the boat to sit 4 inches lower in the water.
  • The hatch opened and the girl in front of me was gone, falling to the ground.
  • The second is Mo, who prefers to be driven around, to lounge in the back seat and raise a concerned eyebrow over the rupee falling against the dollar.
  • Upon being told the details of his acts of worship they found theirs falling behind those of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him.
  • EUR/USD Euro exchange rates have also posted losses against the US dollar falling below the 1.
  • People rose to the sight of three or more feet of snow, with more falling by the second in blizzard conditions.
  • I myslef have falling for Edward, and Im not really ashamed to say that.