face-to-face with, in, at, for or to?

  • We were face-to-face with the highly endangered PAWI.
  • We came face-to-face in the hotel foyer.
  • A face-to-face at the Owl &; Monkey Sanctuary 5.
  • We had a detailed discussion face-to-face for more than one and a half hours.

"fair to" or "fair in"?

  • Very much unfair to many of us.
  • That only seems fair in my eyes.
  • It's not fair for the teachers.
  • To be fair on the gamer points.

faithful to, in, of, with or for?

  • Faithful to Christ's commandment.
  • No one was faithful in the 70's.
  • Faithful of Kundapur deanery gathered in big number.
  • We had a band of faithful with us.

"false in" or "false to"?

  • This is false in every respect.
  • Her story rings completely false to me.
  • Your comment is false for another reason.
  • All proved false by the attack.

famed for, as, in or throughout?

  • Arugam Bay is famed for it's surfing.
  • London was rebuilt and famed as a port in 700 A.
  • Even as we learn, mentor is very famed in the present day.
  • The harsh and arid region is famed throughout the world for only one product -- soldiers.

familiar with, to, from or in?

  • I am quite familiar with the process.
  • This situation is familiar To me.
  • The principle here is familiar from biology.
  • Sounds familiar in this crisis.

famous for, in, of, by or as?

  • Famous for their mass migrations.
  • Q: Are you more famous in the U.
  • The rich and famous of the day.
  • They sang Nobody Knows, made famous by JLS.

fanatical about, in, as, for or of?

  • Fanatical about the written word.
  • Saul was fanatical in his opposition to the gospel and tireless in his persecution of the church.
  • Sociologically speaking, Afghans are not fanatical as a people.
  • He must be fanatical for their welfare.

"fantastic for" or "fantastic in"?

  • But it's been fantastic for me.
  • It was fantastic in early labour.
  • The set is fantastic with gaming.
  • Harry isn't fantastic at sharing.

far from, in, to, for or with?

  • This seems to be far from correct.
  • I've never been further in Kenya.
  • Don't climb any farther to the left.
  • Look no further for the reason.

fascinating to, about, in, for or as?

  • This is very fascinating to me.
  • What do you find fascinating about UMama? 14.
  • He was fascinating in many ways.
  • It has been fascinating for me.

"fashionable in" or "fashionable for"?

  • Sectors become fashionable in turn.
  • Fashionable for any lady in any era.
  • It was also very fashionable at that time.
  • What if depression became fashionable among executives.

fast on, for, in, with or at?

  • It is good to fast on this day.
  • A minigun is too fast for them.
  • You're really fast in replying.
  • We are asking people to fast with us.

"fatal to" or "fatal for"?

  • This can be fatal to your dreams.
  • This can be fatal for a hard drive.
  • Nothing is more fatal in politics.
  • Sadly, a paracetamol overdose is fatal as the liver will never recover.

"favorable to" or "favorable for"?

  • False testimony favorable to the defendants.
  • It's not favorable for injuries.
  • Former PM is indeed favorable in opinion polls.
  • But Fate was not at all favorable towards the bell.

"favourable to" or "favourable for"?

  • It seems even to be favourable to generation.
  • But this is less favourable for me.
  • The cosmetic result was favourable in 83.
  • Public opinion became overwhelmingly favourable towards women.

fearful of, about, for, in or as?

  • Our Indians are fearful of Pakistan.
  • People are fearful about losing their jobs.
  • We are very fearful for America.
  • Dealing with cancer can be fearful in itself.

fearless in, of, about, to or with?

  • Fearless in the face of opposition.
  • Hungry owls seem almost fearless of people.
  • She was pretty fearless about it too.
  • But I am fearless to the point of stupidity sometimes.

"feasible for" or "feasible in"?

  • I said it's not feasible for me.
  • This is feasible in small plots.
  • But this is not feasible with reciprocal links.
  • Pantaron is not feasible at this time though.

"fine with" or "fine for"?

  • Fine with them but not with me.
  • I was then fine for four years.
  • A conviction and fine of $5,000.
  • Always boots fine in safe mode.

"firm in" or "firm with"?

  • They are firm in their actions.
  • As our father was firm with us.
  • He is very firm on that matter.
  • You just need to be firm about that.

fit for, with, in, into or to?

  • Fit for dinner with friends, no.
  • Good fit with corporate culture.
  • They are not fit in this party.
  • I could def not fit into it though.

"fixed in", "fixed for" or "fixed on"?

  • You will thus get fixed in the Self.
  • The gaze Remains fixed on the sky.
  • We did barter to have it fixed for 900.
  • Our cats are all 3 fixed to date.

"flawed in", "flawed from" or "flawed by"?

  • Maybe actually flawed in itself.
  • Java floating point management is flawed by design.
  • Their analysis is flawed from the word go.
  • Data is flawed for 2 reasons: 1.

"flexible in" or "flexible with"?

  • Be flexible in your expectations.
  • Be flexible with your schedule.
  • Be flexible about how they may return.
  • I tried to be flexible for his sake.

flipping through, over, between, to or of?

  • Kept flipping through the book.
  • Ting said while flipping over my medical record.
  • I have to to keep flipping between them.
  • Would not think of flipping to BSNBC or CNN, or the other cables.

flourishing of, in, as or under?

  • Let there be a flourishing of ideas and opportunities.
  • So glad he is a flourishing in the job.

fluent in, with or at?

  • Fluent in French is an advantage.
  • A baby is absolutely fluent with emotions.
  • Young Sergei was fluent at French, German and English.

following in, on, to, about or from?

  • Put the following in a blender.
  • Look for the following on the shelves.
  • Commit the following to memory.
  • He says the following about Jesus.

fond of

  • Not fond of the episodes though.

foolish for, of, in, to or by?

  • I was very foolish for doing that.
  • It had been foolish of her to try.
  • It may be foolish in your opinion.
  • Everyone looks foolish to Boon.

foreign to, in, as, for or about?

  • Mercy is foreign to the idealist.
  • English is not foreign in Ireland.
  • The experience was foreign as well as incredibly authentic.
  • Neither science or philosophy nor medicine are foreign for me.

forgiving of, to, for, in or about?

  • I'd kind and forgiving of people.
  • Birth is natural, empowering and totally forgiving to your body and mind.
  • Knits are never forgiving for me.
  • I am very forgiving in literature.

forthcoming in, from, with, about or on?

  • I'd more forthcoming in my book.
  • No comment was forthcoming from the U.
  • She is forthcoming with her process.
  • They were very forthcoming about why.

"forthright in" or "forthright about"?

  • Sorry for being so forthright in my opinions.
  • I've actually quite forthright about it.
  • Yunus was open and forthright with his team.
  • Be honest and forthright on your way out the door.

"fortunate in" or "fortunate for"?

  • I was very fortunate in that way.
  • And pretty fortunate for Clair.
  • I have been fortunate with my teachers.
  • Not the most fortunate of metaphors.

foul of, to, by, for or in?

  • Don't fall foul of the SEC Michael R.
  • Both fall foul to their respective approaches.
  • The referee was clearly very one eyed in his interpretion of a foul, how on earth Granero remained on the pitch giving away also all 9 foul by QPR is beyond me.
  • And it was foul for a long time.

"foundational to" or "foundational for"?

  • And is foundational to our survival.
  • It is too foundational for us to win this election.
  • The first six chapters are more foundational in nature.
  • I do not treat this book as foundational because of personal experience.

"frank about" or "frank with"?

  • Storey is frank about his life.
  • I will be entirely frank with you.
  • Be Honest Be frank in your interactions with her.
  • Go Katie!!! Thanks Kate and frank for your lovely comments.

fraught with or in?

  • A day fraught with new dangers.
  • The deal was fraught in so many ways.

"free of" or "free from"?

  • Both events are free of charge.
  • We are then made free from sin.
  • And that makes it FREE for you.
  • And free to what? Free to obey.

"freezing of", "freezing to" or "freezing in"?

  • The delay in the freezing of Mr.
  • Stops me freezing in the winter.
  • Children were freezing to death.
  • Freezing at 0 makes WAY more sense.

frequent in, with, for, among or on?

  • Its frequent in semi rural areas.
  • The rest are just as frequent with it.
  • Atopic Eczema is the most frequent form of Eczema.
  • However, those shortcomings are frequent among people.

"fresh from" or "fresh in"?

  • The milk was fresh from the cows.
  • She was cool and fresh in the hot night.
  • That's fresh out of school low.
  • The novel is fresh off the press.

"friendly with" or "friendly to"?

  • The people are friendly with it.
  • The enemy is not friendly to you.
  • I arranged a friendly against the reserves.
  • People are very friendly in NZ.

"frightening for" or "frightening to"?

  • It was very frightening for her.
  • That's what's frightening to me.
  • Deception can be frightening in its consequences.
  • His raw power is frightening at times.

"fruitful in" or "fruitful for"?

  • His experiments have been fruitful in his favour.
  • It will be fruitful for World Peace.
  • This research has been fruitful of good results.
  • Hope you find the aforesaid tips fruitful to your business.

frustrated with, at, by, about or in?

  • She got very frustrated with me.
  • I get very frustrated at times.
  • I am also very frustrated by our media.
  • You seem quite frustrated about it.

"frustrating for", "frustrating at" or "frustrating to"?

  • It was frustrating for all of us.
  • This is frustrating to the accuser.
  • It can be frustrating at times.
  • And it's frustrating in the extreme.

full of, on, for, in or to?

  • The air seemed full of mystery.
  • Full on air-instrument assault.
  • Chapel was full for every meeting.
  • She struck him full in the face.

"fun with" or "fun for"?

  • My favorite was Fun with Music.
  • It's fun for the entire family.
  • Have fun in the Philippines Mr.
  • And I bet you're fun at parties.

"functional in" or "functional for"?

  • It is strictly functional in nature.
  • Minimal, but functional for CSS demos.
  • Highly functional with multiple uses.
  • Design your pool room so it's functional as well as beautiful.

fundamental to, in, of, for or about?

  • Fundamental to Canada's honour.
  • This has been fundamental in my work.
  • This is a fundamental of a Fluid Society.
  • That is fundamental for everybody.

"funny in", "funny about" or "funny to"?

  • You are too funny in this post.
  • And everything is funny to you.
  • I'd not being funny about that.
  • That's what made it funny for me.

"furious at" or "furious with"?

  • I am furious at so many things.
  • She still felt furious with him.
  • I am absolutely furious about it.
  • She was furious over his impatience.

fussy about, with, in, on or of?

  • He was a little fussy about it.
  • We know how children can be fussy with food.
  • This phone isn't fussy in terms of design.
  • Peoples is way too fussy on what's edible and what isn't.