face-to-face with, in, at, for or to?

  • We were face-to-face with the highly endangered PAWI.
  • We came face-to-face in the hotel foyer.
  • A face-to-face at the Owl &; Monkey Sanctuary 5.
  • We had a detailed discussion face-to-face for more than one and a half hours.

"fair to" or "fair in"?

  • Very much unfair to many of us.
  • That only seems fair in my eyes.
  • It's not fair for the teachers.
  • To be fair on the gamer points.

faithful to, in, of, with or for?

  • Faithful to Christ's commandment.
  • No one was faithful in the 70's.
  • Faithful of Kundapur deanery gathered in big number.
  • We had a band of faithful with us.

falling of, in, out, into or off?

  • Sutter 's, previous to the falling of the snow.
  • I have falling in love with this Muslim girl.
  • Well, we too had a falling out of sorts.
  • Ar-rayba means the fear of temptation or the falling into haram.

"false in" or "false to"?

  • This is false in every respect.
  • Her story rings completely false to me.
  • Your comment is false for another reason.
  • All proved false by the attack.

famed for, as, in or throughout?

  • Arugam Bay is famed for it's surfing.
  • London was rebuilt and famed as a port in 700 A.
  • Even as we learn, mentor is very famed in the present day.
  • The harsh and arid region is famed throughout the world for only one product -- soldiers.

familiar with, to, from or in?

  • I am quite familiar with the process.
  • This situation is familiar To me.
  • The principle here is familiar from biology.
  • Sounds familiar in this crisis.

famous for, in, of, by or as?

  • Famous for their mass migrations.
  • Q: Are you more famous in the U.
  • The rich and famous of the day.
  • They sang Nobody Knows, made famous by JLS.

fanatical about, in, as, for or of?

  • Fanatical about the written word.
  • Saul was fanatical in his opposition to the gospel and tireless in his persecution of the church.
  • Sociologically speaking, Afghans are not fanatical as a people.
  • He must be fanatical for their welfare.

"fantastic for" or "fantastic in"?

  • But it's been fantastic for me.
  • It was fantastic in early labour.
  • The set is fantastic with gaming.
  • Harry isn't fantastic at sharing.

far from, in, to, for or with?

  • This seems to be far from correct.
  • I've never been further in Kenya.
  • Don't climb any farther to the left.
  • Look no further for the reason.

fascinating to, about, in, for or as?

  • This is very fascinating to me.
  • What do you find fascinating about UMama? 14.
  • He was fascinating in many ways.
  • It has been fascinating for me.

"fashionable in" or "fashionable for"?

  • Sectors become fashionable in turn.
  • Fashionable for any lady in any era.
  • It was also very fashionable at that time.
  • What if depression became fashionable among executives.

fast on, for, in, with or at?

  • It is good to fast on this day.
  • A minigun is too fast for them.
  • You're really fast in replying.
  • We are asking people to fast with us.

"fatal to" or "fatal for"?

  • This can be fatal to your dreams.
  • This can be fatal for a hard drive.
  • Nothing is more fatal in politics.
  • Sadly, a paracetamol overdose is fatal as the liver will never recover.

"favorable to" or "favorable for"?

  • False testimony favorable to the defendants.
  • It's not favorable for injuries.
  • Former PM is indeed favorable in opinion polls.
  • But Fate was not at all favorable towards the bell.

"favourable to" or "favourable for"?

  • It seems even to be favourable to generation.
  • But this is less favourable for me.
  • The cosmetic result was favourable in 83.
  • Public opinion became overwhelmingly favourable towards women.

fearful of, about, for, in or as?

  • Our Indians are fearful of Pakistan.
  • People are fearful about losing their jobs.
  • We are very fearful for America.
  • Dealing with cancer can be fearful in itself.

fearless in, of, about, to or with?

  • Fearless in the face of opposition.
  • Hungry owls seem almost fearless of people.
  • She was pretty fearless about it too.
  • But I am fearless to the point of stupidity sometimes.

"feasible for" or "feasible in"?

  • I said it's not feasible for me.
  • This is feasible in small plots.
  • But this is not feasible with reciprocal links.
  • Pantaron is not feasible at this time though.

"fine with" or "fine for"?

  • Fine with them but not with me.
  • I was then fine for four years.
  • A conviction and fine of $5,000.
  • Always boots fine in safe mode.

"firm in" or "firm with"?

  • They are firm in their actions.
  • As our father was firm with us.
  • He is very firm on that matter.
  • You just need to be firm about that.

fit for, with, in, into or to?

  • Fit for dinner with friends, no.
  • Good fit with corporate culture.
  • They are not fit in this party.
  • I could def not fit into it though.

"fixed in", "fixed for" or "fixed on"?

  • You will thus get fixed in the Self.
  • The gaze Remains fixed on the sky.
  • We did barter to have it fixed for 900.
  • Our cats are all 3 fixed to date.

flat on, with, for, in or at?

  • Tyler was now flat on the ground.
  • Got a flat with garden downstairs.
  • We are almost flat for the year.
  • USA is almost dead flat in USHCN.

"flawed in", "flawed from" or "flawed by"?

  • Maybe actually flawed in itself.
  • Java floating point management is flawed by design.
  • Data is flawed for 2 reasons: 1.
  • Political Genius, maybe flawed as a man.

"flexible in" or "flexible with"?

  • Be flexible in your expectations.
  • Be flexible with your schedule.
  • Be flexible about how they may return.
  • I tried to be flexible for his sake.

flipping through, over, between, to or of?

  • Kept flipping through the book.
  • Ting said while flipping over my medical record.
  • I have to to keep flipping between them.
  • Would not think of flipping to BSNBC or CNN, or the other cables.

flourishing of, in, as or under?

  • Let there be a flourishing of ideas and opportunities.
  • So glad he is a flourishing in the job.

fluent in, with or at?

  • Fluent in French is an advantage.
  • A baby is absolutely fluent with emotions.
  • Young Sergei was fluent at French, German and English.

foaming at, in, of, with or from?

  • He started foaming at the mouth.
  • But that we should be foaming in the mouth now just a few days to the end of the deadline.
  • The neck of the cezve must be left empty to accommodate the foaming of the coffee.
  • Foaming with impotent rage on the internet is always available, if that's your taste.

focused on, in, about, around or as?

  • Korea is very focused on looks.
  • I am more focused in a numb sort of way.
  • We were trying to be very focused about it, but at the same time, we wanted to be really raw and dangerous.
  • It adopted social structures that were very focused around innovation and time to market.

focussed on, in, for or with?

  • We are staying focussed on that goal.
  • Its focussed in all the wrong places.
  • Unusual to be so focussed for me.
  • In the mouth, the wine was very focussed with good persistence and flavours that lingered long after the last sip of wine had been swallowed.

following in, on, to, about or from?

  • Put the following in a blender.
  • Look for the following on the shelves.
  • Commit the following to memory.
  • He says the following about Jesus.

fond of

  • Not fond of the episodes though.

foolish for, of, in, to or by?

  • I was very foolish for doing that.
  • It had been foolish of her to try.
  • It may be foolish in your opinion.
  • Everyone looks foolish to Boon.

foreign to, in, as, for or about?

  • Mercy is foreign to the idealist.
  • English is not foreign in Ireland.
  • The experience was foreign as well as incredibly authentic.
  • Neither science or philosophy nor medicine are foreign for me.

forgiving of, to, for, in or about?

  • I'd kind and forgiving of people.
  • Birth is natural, empowering and totally forgiving to your body and mind.
  • Knits are never forgiving for me.
  • I am very forgiving in literature.

forthcoming in, from, with, about or on?

  • I'd more forthcoming in my book.
  • No comment was forthcoming from the U.
  • She is forthcoming with her process.
  • They were very forthcoming about why.

"forthright in" or "forthright about"?

  • Sorry for being so forthright in my opinions.
  • I've actually quite forthright about it.
  • Yunus was open and forthright with his team.
  • Be honest and forthright on your way out the door.

"fortunate in" or "fortunate for"?

  • I was very fortunate in that way.
  • And pretty fortunate for Clair.
  • I have been fortunate with my teachers.
  • Not the most fortunate of metaphors.

foul of, to, by, for or in?

  • Don't fall foul of the SEC Michael R.
  • Both fall foul to their respective approaches.
  • The referee was clearly very one eyed in his interpretion of a foul, how on earth Granero remained on the pitch giving away also all 9 foul by QPR is beyond me.
  • And it was foul for a long time.

"foundational to" or "foundational for"?

  • And is foundational to our survival.
  • It is too foundational for us to win this election.
  • The first six chapters are more foundational in nature.
  • I do not treat this book as foundational because of personal experience.

"frank about" or "frank with"?

  • Storey is frank about his life.
  • I will be entirely frank with you.
  • Be Honest Be frank in your interactions with her.
  • Go Katie!!! Thanks Kate and frank for your lovely comments.

fraught with or in?

  • A day fraught with new dangers.
  • The deal was fraught in so many ways.

"free of" or "free from"?

  • Both events are free of charge.
  • We are then made free from sin.
  • And that makes it FREE for you.
  • And free to what? Free to obey.

"freezing of", "freezing to" or "freezing in"?

  • The delay in the freezing of Mr.
  • Stops me freezing in the winter.
  • Children were freezing to death.
  • Freezing at 0 makes WAY more sense.

frequent in, with, for, among or on?

  • Its frequent in semi rural areas.
  • The rest are just as frequent with it.
  • Atopic Eczema is the most frequent form of Eczema.
  • However, those shortcomings are frequent among people.

"fresh from" or "fresh in"?

  • The milk was fresh from the cows.
  • She was cool and fresh in the hot night.
  • That's fresh out of school low.
  • The novel is fresh off the press.

"friendly with" or "friendly to"?

  • The people are friendly with it.
  • The enemy is not friendly to you.
  • I arranged a friendly against the reserves.
  • People are very friendly in NZ.

frightened of, by, out, for or about?

  • I'd frightened of the old ones.
  • I was very frightened by what I saw.
  • I am frightened out of my life about everything.
  • But I really feel frightened for those who are not.

"frightening for" or "frightening to"?

  • It was very frightening for her.
  • That's what's frightening to me.
  • Deception can be frightening in its consequences.
  • His raw power is frightening at times.

"fruitful in" or "fruitful for"?

  • His experiments have been fruitful in his favour.
  • It will be fruitful for World Peace.
  • This research has been fruitful of good results.
  • Hope you find the aforesaid tips fruitful to your business.

frustrated with, at, by, about or in?

  • She got very frustrated with me.
  • I get very frustrated at times.
  • I am also very frustrated by our media.
  • You seem quite frustrated about it.

"frustrating for", "frustrating at" or "frustrating to"?

  • It was frustrating for all of us.
  • This is frustrating to the accuser.
  • It can be frustrating at times.
  • And it's frustrating in the extreme.

full of, on, for, in or to?

  • The air seemed full of mystery.
  • Full on air-instrument assault.
  • Chapel was full for every meeting.
  • She struck him full in the face.

"full-time in" or "full-time for"?

  • He began writing full-time in 1992.
  • He has played full-time for only 2.
  • I was working full-time at HubSpot.
  • He works full-time on unlimited contract.

"fun with" or "fun for"?

  • My favorite was Fun with Music.
  • It's fun for the entire family.
  • Have fun in the Philippines Mr.
  • And I bet you're fun at parties.

"functional in" or "functional for"?

  • It is strictly functional in nature.
  • Minimal, but functional for CSS demos.
  • Highly functional with multiple uses.
  • Design your pool room so it's functional as well as beautiful.

fundamental to, in, of, for or about?

  • Fundamental to Canada's honour.
  • This has been fundamental in my work.
  • This is a fundamental of a Fluid Society.
  • That is fundamental for everybody.

"funny in", "funny about" or "funny to"?

  • You are too funny in this post.
  • And everything is funny to you.
  • I'd not being funny about that.
  • That's what made it funny for me.

"furious at" or "furious with"?

  • I am furious at so many things.
  • She still felt furious with him.
  • I am absolutely furious about it.
  • She was furious over his impatience.

fussy about, with, in, on or of?

  • He was a little fussy about it.
  • We know how children can be fussy with food.
  • This phone isn't fussy in terms of design.
  • Peoples is way too fussy on what's edible and what isn't.