gay in, for, to, with or by?

  • He wasn't gay in the background.
  • Lesbian for female and Gay for male.
  • Yep, doesn't sound too gay to me.
  • Philadelphia was gay with them.

general of, in, for, at or on?

  • See, Attorney General of Guam v.
  • His advice is general in nature.
  • Attorney General for Canada (1930 A.
  • The Secretary General at the U.

"generous with", "generous to" or "generous in"?

  • Be generous with your courtesy.
  • That's a bit generous in my eyes.
  • Najib is indeed generous to a fault.
  • Very generous of you mondeomam.

"gentle with" or "gentle on"?

  • So, be gentle with your answer.
  • Here forms were gentle on the eye.
  • Just as WE were gentle in 1982.
  • So be kind and gentle to your hair.

genuine in, about, to, with or by?

  • He seemed genuine in his offer.
  • I was genuine about the genuine.
  • Their love seems pretty genuine to me.
  • But by being genuine with him at.

germane to, for, in, as or at?

  • However, they aren't germane to subject.
  • My comments are more limited but - I hope - not less germane for that.
  • All salient and germane in our lives.
  • The political parties that emerged during the Second Republic were germane as a mechanism for returning the country to democratic rule.

"giddy with", "giddy at" or "giddy about"?

  • We were giddy with possibility.
  • That is, I was giddy about the prospect.
  • You know, we very giddy at times.
  • Merely that she's not giddy over him.

"gifted with" or "gifted to"?

  • You are gifted with beautiful talent.
  • Gifted to a useful purpose? Hard to say.
  • He is also gifted in leadership.
  • I have a Mac Air gifted by son.

"glad for" or "glad of"?

  • Glad for the joy of the events.
  • I'd glad of the recommendation.
  • Most of us are glad about this.
  • Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

global in, to, with, as or for?

  • Our practice is global in scope.
  • These levels range from global to sub-national.
  • We are already going global with it.
  • Others go global as a market expansion strategy.

"good for" or "good at"?

  • Good for the coming generation.
  • They were getting good at that.
  • Regardless, it's good info, Dr.
  • Good on you for recognizing it.

"gorgeous in" or "gorgeous with"?

  • Yes, she was gorgeous in Vogue.
  • Everyone looks gorgeous with a nice tan.
  • It's bloody gorgeous on Android.
  • I personally think this teal number would be gorgeous for fall.

"gracious in" or "gracious to"?

  • Be overly gracious in your speech.
  • God has been so gracious to us.
  • There will be nothing gracious about it.
  • How very gracious of you, Dave.

"grand in" or "grand for"?

  • Put 150 grand in your pocket today.
  • Less than a grand for 231k points.
  • We call him the Grand of Luga Flow.
  • It doesn't look so grand on the outside.

"grateful for" or "grateful to"?

  • Grateful for the refiners fire.
  • There is hope and I'd grateful of it.
  • I am grateful to the right hon.

"gray in" or "gray with"?

  • There's a touch of grey in my hair.
  • A deep grey with subtle shimmer.
  • Enough with the grey on grey looks.
  • BBC Weather has more grey for you.

great for, in, at, with or on?

  • Yep thats great for the planet.
  • The flight was great in and out.
  • USA is not great at everything.
  • Also great with added beetroot.

greedy for, in, of, with or about?

  • The mongoose is greedy for fish.
  • He was quite greedy in that way.
  • They are a bunch of rats have become to greedy of power.
  • I get so greedy with them things.

green on, in, with, for or at?

  • Today, if you do not wear green on St.
  • Midori means green in Japanese.
  • They were just green with envy.
  • Today it would be green for go.

grieving for, over, in, with or at?

  • I was grieving for my dead child.
  • Because I was still grieving over ah ma.
  • The other family members are all grieving in their own way.
  • Time spent reminiscing and grieving with family.

gritty of, in, with, on or to?

  • What happens? The nitty gritty of blogging.
  • It's real, gritty in places, sinister and entertaining.
  • Under Adam's bare feet, the carpet was gritty with cereal and crumbs.
  • The gritty on: PSP3, Wii, &; Xbox360.

guilty of, to, about, for or in?

  • Muslims are guilty of the same.
  • I'd feeling so guilty about it.
  • And I feel guilty for it! Silly.