Prepositions after Adjectives

Click an adjective to see what prepositions are usually used after it in English


"happy with", "happy about" or "happy for"?

  • I am very happy with your unit.
  • I'd happy for the both of them.
  • India was not happy about this.
  • She's happy in made a comeback.
  • We were very happy at the time.
  • I am very happy to post Stanley.
  • I am less happy after reading this.
  • Happy as well as sad surprises.
  • I am happy By Mr Ataaur Rahamn.
  • And what makes me happiest of all.
  • You look so happy on that photo.
  • You can be happy without drugs.

hard for, on, at, of or in?

  • It was so hard for a long time.
  • Stop being so hard on yourself.
  • The tour is hard at the moment.
  • Unless you are hard of hearing.
  • It was very hard in the middle.
  • I was a little hard with Barker.
  • I don't see what's so hard about it.
  • His bed was hard as a dry field.
  • Its hard to identified the theft.

"helpful in", "helpful to" or "helpful for"?

  • She was not helpful in the least.
  • Helpful for me to move forward.
  • If your trip will be helpful to the U.
  • Yoga can be very helpful with this.
  • The LED is very helpful at setup.
  • We hope it's helpful as a starting point.
  • Very helpful during interviews.
  • It is very helpful on the table.

"honest with" or "honest about"?

  • I've been honest with the Spot.
  • Lets be honest about the facts.
  • Please be honest in your advice.
  • So, I'd going to be honest too.
  • To be honest as a motorist I'd glad.
  • Anonymous Obama isnt honest at all.
  • Most people are honest by nature.
  • Why do nt you be honest for ones.
  • He was honest from the very start.
  • Courageous and honest of him, you might think.
  • I was completely honest on the test.

"hot in" or "hot on"?

  • And it get's hot in the jungle.
  • Hot on the heels of ' Spaced '.
  • It's getting far too hot for me.
  • My tears turned hot with anger.
  • I was feeling so hot at that time.
  • That's still hot, hot, hot to me.
  • Hot off the press: rebel graf hats.
  • He was that hot from beyond the arc.
  • I just got a little hot under the collar.
  • It was kept hot by throwing more rocks in.
  • It gets mighty hot during summer.
  • His coach is on the hottest of seats.
  • But can never figure whats so hot about mark.
  • I feel hot after practicing every time.
  • She became hot as a fire-cracker.
  • Woooooooh I feel hot like fire.
  • Pour boilikng hot over the peaches.

high in, on, for, of or at?

  • It disappeared high in the sky.
  • Peter's Junior High on Munden Dr.
  • The high for the year was US $6.
  • High of 30 Celsius is expected.
  • Oil prices were at a high at Rs.
  • The sun rose high above the sky.
  • Panic ran high among the people.
  • Press the ball high up the pitch.
  • That ranks pretty high with me.
  • I wasn't getting high by myself.
  • But even that seemed high to me.
  • And even higher after Drew's inning.
  • I wish she could fly high as a kite.
  • Yes, prices are higher due to ignorance.
  • Rates may be higher during peak times.
  • Cocoa fans would get a high from it.
  • Raising his fist high into the air.
  • Raise them up high over your head.
  • It has remained high since then.

harmful to, for, in, by or of?

  • Tea, as it is, is harmful to health.
  • It harmful for the other people.
  • It is much less harmful in your credit.
  • If this is a 6-7 year deal, it won't be *that* harmful by 2020.
  • One the other side of the coin, I guess the argument concern harmful of foreign aid is still valid.
  • Tobacco is harmful on two counts.

healthy for, in, with, at or by?

  • It's healthy for your sex life.
  • Living healthy in your thirties.
  • And I am healthy at my old age.
  • Make it healthier by using whole grain breadcrumbs.
  • Very healthy with no problems at all.
  • Healthy as a horse until near the end.
  • It can be healthy on occasions.
  • Still looking very healthy after running close to a 100KM.
  • Stay healthy during the holidays.
  • Healthy from a good upbringing.
  • Try to create as healthy of an.
  • Yes, that sounds healthy to me.
  • You can be very healthy without fruit.
  • There is nothing mature or healthy about it.
  • I am alive and healthy because of Manorama Ma'am and ART.
  • LeBlanc, now 62, said she was active and healthy before the crash.
  • She is very healthy despite her age but Yee Tuck is so sickly.
  • But she became happier and healthier over time.
  • Keeping kids healthy through good hygiene.
  • RM was fairly healthy throughout season.

heavy on, with, for, in or at?

  • His body was heavy on his feet.
  • My eyes are heavy with alcohol.
  • But it's not too heavy for you.
  • My words hung heavy in the air.
  • Rough seas were heavy at night.
  • The most overrated heavy of all time.
  • Each day is heavy as a driving test.
  • Rain will turn heavy by the end of the day.
  • They should be heavy to the feel.
  • It is not heavy after all cause The Lord carry it with us.
  • I guess I had the heavy around town variant.
  • The crowd was heavier during the evenings.
  • Legs were heavy from yesterday.
  • So aye, I was heavy into this band.
  • So your breakfast could be heavy like a king.
  • The dust lay heavy over everything.
  • Silence sits heavy upon my soul.

hostile to, towards, toward, in or for?

  • Segment hostile to the Waorani.
  • But she was hostile towards me.
  • The two countries are not hostile toward each other.
  • The world is not longer hostile in any way.
  • The environment is hostile for human existence.
  • That puts a damper on even the most hostile of aggressors.
  • I'd not being hostile with men, all I'd saying.

hungry for, in, at, after or with?

  • I'd hungry for a little action.
  • We never went hungry in Bagasbas.
  • I wasn't hungry at all on this diet.
  • I'd not at all hungry after all.
  • With cereal, I'd sometimes be hungry by 10:00am.
  • We felt hungry on the back 9 holes.
  • He has filled the hungry with good things.
  • Hungry as a bear: If you are hungry as.
  • I may go to bed hungry because I last ate at 6pm 6.
  • Do not allow yourself to get too hungry before eating.
  • Are you hungry between meals? 4.
  • Hi i was forever hungry during my 1st trim.
  • Everyone dug in, clearly hungry from the excursion.
  • Hell, we were hungry like a hound.
  • However Jamaica will be the hungrier of the two teams.
  • Children still go hungry to bed.
  • Try to avoid being hungry without a healthy solution.

"handy for" or "handy in"?

  • It is very handy for the terminal.
  • Still, handy in a tight corner.
  • He is pretty handy with machinery.
  • It will come in handy at any time.
  • The sanctions also proved handy to Mr.
  • He was pretty handy on those crutches.
  • It will be handy during troubleshooting.
  • It comes in handy as a learning tool.
  • They come in handy after the club.
  • I was never handy around the house.
  • Keep a pad and pen handy by each phone so you won't need.

"huge in" or "huge for"?

  • Fears are so huge in our lives.
  • It would be huge for my career.
  • Japan culture was huge on my end.
  • It is huge with a ton of shoes.
  • But he's also grown to be huge at 6.
  • This is huge to our franchises.
  • This place is huge by any standards.
  • They don't play that huge of a roll.
  • He became super huge as a result of it.
  • I think Yakupov for Subban is a huge over payment.
  • The PDF is a huge plus as well.
  • Tim Hutton was huge after Ordinary People, starred in Taps and then really faded.
  • This magazine is just huge because of the gta fanbase.
  • They were also huge from the aspect of military.
  • And they are HUGE into basketball.
  • It might be something huge like going to A.

harsh on, in, for, with or to?

  • You are way to harsh on the GM.
  • The weather was harsh in places.
  • Quite harsh for such a big area.
  • That seems awfully harsh to me.
  • I don't like to be harsh with him.
  • That was pretty harsh of the writers.
  • They were especially harsh about U.
  • People have to be a bit harsh at times.
  • I am to them but they are harsh towards me.
  • We feel that you are also very harsh against the Pak Army.
  • Impact is harsh as the Zig sole has very little give.
  • His haters of course, will exaggerate and be harsh by pretending it was so awful.
  • I know it sounds very harsh from me, but it's the truth.

"hopeful of", "hopeful for" or "hopeful about"?

  • That's what we're hopeful of doing.
  • I was very hopeful about this bill.
  • And I'd hopeful for the future.
  • McQuillan isn't the only young hopeful in the dojo.
  • Dems became hopeful at the end.
  • I find it hopeful on a deep, deep level.
  • But still hopeful with it? Totally, yeah yeah.
  • I was so hopeful after Episode 1.
  • I think, for the most part, the expression is used as a way to stay hopeful during a pregnancy.
  • Doctor not too hopeful from last cycle that eggs would reach blastocyst.
  • He was hopeful to the very end.

homeless in, for, on, by or at?

  • Sween From being homeless in L.
  • I have been homeless for 5 yrs.
  • Homeless by the end of next year.
  • I'd live homeless on the street first.
  • So no, I will not help the homeless at all costs.
  • Too many cats and dogs are left homeless after their owners pass away.
  • Nearly 40 people became homeless as a result.
  • I too have been homeless with children.
  • Trying to force the homeless to go elsewhere.
  • She has been homeless because of him.
  • Meanwhile many americans are homeless due to the recent hurricane.
  • Florida has a quarter of the homeless of the country.
  • I have been homeless before and it is the worst thing anyone can endure.
  • Less risk of ending up homeless during a bout of unemployment too.
  • I was homeless from age 17 to 19.
  • Charlotte Wood also incorporates the homeless into her excellent novel Animal People.
  • The aim is to get the homeless off the streets and back into society.
  • In all, more than 400,000 people are believed to have been rendered homeless over the past fortnight.
  • He's been homeless since 2005 and spent many of the years since trying to find work.
  • The author shows us the homeless through actual case studies &; photographs.
  • She will have nothing and be homeless within a short time of him being released from jail.
  • I have been homeless without a job.

horrible for, to, at, in or about?

  • I feel horrible for this woman.
  • She is horrible to him in every episode.
  • Theyre both horrible at acting.
  • Trent was horrible in this one.
  • I know she feels horrible about it.
  • PDF support is horrible on Kindle.
  • He's just horrible with numbers.
  • I'd not THAT horrible of a person.
  • It tasted horrible after 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Gehry is horrible as an architect.
  • Yet for some reason, it was horrible from the start.
  • People who take something horrible like this and make it positive.
  • Riding along highways generally is horrible because of the noise and the traffic, and the risk of death.
  • This track isn't horrible by any means, though.
  • This show is horrible without Charlie.

holy of, in, to, by or for?

  • Pompey entered the Holy of Holies.
  • He was holy in all His conduct.
  • It is holy to the Lord (Lev 27:30).
  • Harmandir Sahib is considered holy by Sikhs.
  • God's name is too holy for that.
  • There is nothing magical or especially holy about money.
  • God makes us holy through suffering.
  • For Moses says, Every male that opens the womb shall be called holy unto the Lord.
  • And he shall purge Jerusalem, making it holy as of old.
  • I'd rolling with Holy at the moment and love it.
  • Those who are in Jesus are holy because of Him.
  • You have forgiven me and I am worthy, clean, pure and holy before you.
  • It is Holy from Genesis through Revelation.
  • Why does the Church command us to keep the Sunday holy instead of the Sabbath? A.
  • And he wants us to be holy like that.
  • We are holy on Sundays and Fridays during worship services.
  • I can't wait to live a life of the everyday holy with the woman I love.

helpless in, against, at, with or as?

  • We are helpless in this matter.
  • But, I feel helpless against it.
  • I really feel lost and helpless at times.
  • Helpless as an ant under a big foot.
  • I was helpless before the muses.
  • Was pretty much helpless with all five goals conceded.
  • I have felt helpless for the past month.
  • I feel helpless on how to remedy this.
  • Like when I was hopeless, helpless by human, and sad.
  • We are helpless to the government.
  • I am helpless without your mercy.
  • Then you feel so helpless about it.
  • Some women became utterly helpless after the death of their husbands.
  • I feel helpless because of what had happened.
  • Besides, the civil administration is helpless due to political interference.
  • Many people are helpless during emergencies.
  • The person who is helpless from developing manners, how can he teach others respect.
  • You will also be helpless like me.
  • The most innocent and helpless of us all.
  • Incorrupt Police officers are helpless under any government in SL.

"hesitant about" or "hesitant in"?

  • I was hesitant about trying PGX.
  • Her father was hesitant in going back.
  • We were very hesitant to post it.
  • Hesitant on the fringes of the battle.
  • I was a bit hesitant at the time because I didn't know what to expect.
  • I was hesitant of sharing this thinking that hubby might read this article and would not like it.
  • I was somewhat hesitant with Drive.
  • I was hesitant for R only because I.
  • They stepped gingerly inside, taking the place in, hesitant as every sound they made echoed weirdly in the space.
  • I'll be honest, I did want to watch this movie but was hesitant because of the history.
  • We always feel hesitant before the unknown.
  • I insisted she go before me but she was hesitant due to my having as much groceries in my cart as she had.
  • Immediately Celtic broke and from a subsequent free-kick grabbed the lead with Barca hesitant over their aerial threat.

"harmless from" or "harmless to"?

  • The crossing looked reasonably harmless from my perch on the bank, how wrong I was.
  • Cicadas are harmless to people.
  • And many of them may be harmless in humans.
  • Simerly, the laser is harmless against light skin but it can burn dark skin.
  • Justin it's harmless for an adult brain.
  • Be shrewed as a serpant, yet, be harmless as a dove.
  • This makes it scary and harmless at the same time.
  • Concentrated power is not rendered harmless by the good intentions of those who create it.
  • Harmless on the surface, but toxic.
  • Harmless like a bull whose horns had been cut -- this was that bhikkhu.
  • It was the most harmless of my symptoms.
  • But other than this it is completely harmless with its user.

hell-bent on, in, at, for or upon?

  • He's hell-bent on breaking that reality.
  • I'd seriously hell-bent in doing this.
  • Muslims all over the world have taken to streets, protesting about the movie and are hell-bent upon destroying US embassies.

"hopeless at" or "hopeless in"?

  • I'd just hopeless at it all now.
  • I am so hopeless in the kitchen.
  • The taskbar is hopeless for quick lurch.
  • But I refuse to feel hopeless about it.
  • I really am hopeless with 3rd jobs.
  • We are not helpless before that task or hopeless of its success.
  • I was quite hopeless as the weeks turned.
  • There are enough reasons for us not be so hopeless after all.
  • The actions was struck out as hopeless by Mr.
  • It had been hopeless from the very first.
  • Not restored by the sword, of course - they were hopeless on a battlefield.
  • This life feels very hopeless to me, now.
  • Humans are hopeless without hope.
  • SL should save Mendis to play against India as they are still hopeless against him.
  • If teenagers persuade themselves they are hopeless because of their troubled backgrounds, you will probably have high teen suicide rates (as in Italy).
  • He isn't hopeless like Cannavaro was in defence post-2006.

human in, like, after, with or to?

  • I was the only human in the room.
  • They will think him human like.
  • Apparently he's human after all.
  • Parents are human with emotions.
  • Doctors are human to and can make mistakes.
  • Theatre illumines life: we are human by doing.
  • I t is human of us all to want to help.
  • There's something really human about it.
  • That time human attack by them.
  • Happily they are all too human for that.
  • The Bible is human as well as sacred.
  • A person becomes truly human on Shabbat.
  • They are still human without memories.
  • I only feel half human because of this.
  • Since one's species doesn't change at birth, it is human before birth.
  • We have both been human from the moment of our creation.
  • He had to apologize and people loved it! It showed them he was human instead of superhuman.
  • It turns almost everything human into a lie of sorts.
  • A sensibility that is happy to be human rather than straining to be better than human.
  • The greater reality is that we are all continually in the process of working out what it is to be human through the lives we lead.

"hazardous to" or "hazardous for"?

  • Poppers are still hazardous to the health.
  • Cigerrates are hazardous for health.
  • Driving can be hazardous in Zambia.
  • The journey was long and very hazardous because of the bandits that beset the road.
  • To me, it is not a place made hazardous by trolls and spambots, to be navigated gingerly.
  • The most hazardous of all Podraces.
  • It is not as hazardous as a disability, nor as bewildering.
  • Their journey is hazardous at every point as they are constantly hunted by seals, whales, and fishermen.
  • Operating above the recommended temperature may be hazardous due to excessive blade speed.
  • Avoid weight-Loss Dieting Weight loss dieting even for short periods is hazardous during pregnancy.
  • Poverty, lack of jobs Hazardous child labor refers to employment in industries and occupations designated as hazardous under the country's occupational safety and health standards.
  • Some sections were downright hazardous with deep ruts home to weeds several inches high.

hypocritical of, for, in, about or to?

  • I find it so hypocritical of you Mr.
  • Mario Lopez Valdez, said it is hypocritical for the U.
  • Nobody is hypocritical in the soul.
  • But don't be hypocritical about it.
  • Seems a bit hypocritical to me.
  • Yet this is hypocritical on many levels.
  • And facile or hypocritical at the worst.
  • This country gets more hypocritical by the second.
  • Such characters are being hypocritical with the democratic system.
  • A bath would have been nice (yes, I know this is hypocritical after suggesting the water saving points above.
  • I'd afraid he's hypocritical as well as mendacious.
  • It's a bit hypocritical considering the thread you started because you were upset at how people started some threads.
  • I opted out of receiving marketing communications from Amex when I joined (I know, a little hypocritical from a marketeer, but hey).
  • I will not be hypocritical like the rulers of this country.

"humble in", "humble about" or "humble of"?

  • He is humble in that ONE regard.
  • Jesus, meek and humble of Heart.
  • However, he s humble about the role.
  • That woman is so humble to a fault.
  • Secondly, we must be humble before God.
  • We are learning to be humble for the first time in twenty years.
  • Be humble with them so they will like you more.
  • However, when my husband confronted him, he was quiet and humble as a mouse.
  • You must be humble at all time and reply anger with calm.
  • I felt so humble by the whole thing.
  • He has remained level headed and humble despite his numerous achievements.
  • They remain ever humble like Mzee Nelson Mandela.
  • You guys are on a high horse it's time to be humble towards others.
  • O the best of the humble among people, especially to those who are older, to people of virtue and knowledge, and to people of eminence and goodness.
  • I try to remain humble on this topic.
  • Tadol, men-presented pain killer towards humble up to important troubles.
  • He does not make one honored or humble without cause.

hurtful to, for, in, about or by?

  • And hurtful to our entire community.
  • This can be hurtful for your health.
  • This was hurtful in the beginning.
  • But I don't need to be hurtful about it.
  • It's hurtful as well as outrageous.
  • Well, some black folks don't find anything insulting and hurtful at all about the advert.
  • He/she may make comments which you find upsetting or hurtful because of the nature of the discussion.
  • I am being constantly critized and treated hurtful by her.
  • As for variance components Several of the more outspoken Make primeval observations Hurtful of the finer feelings Even of the statistician.
  • Less pain, less hurtful on our part.
  • I hate it when parents are hurtful towards their children.
  • Eventually, we just wound up being very hurtful with our words towards each other and our agendas were to protect ourselves in order to maintain a sense of control.

"hateful to", "hateful towards" or "hateful of"?

  • There is nothing more hateful to them.
  • I can be hateful of conservatism or communism.
  • Women can be very hateful towards each other.
  • Go ahead, be hateful in response.
  • Whats hateful about that? fool.
  • Convict us to pray for them and not be cynical and hateful toward them.
  • It's been hateful for you and it's pretty horrid for me.
  • Mugabe and his supporters are every bit as irrational, destructive and hateful as the monoid leader.
  • They are pretty hateful against the majority of the world who are not part of their ridiculous fantasy.
  • The most hateful among the creation of Allah us one black man among them (Khwarij).
  • They are all hateful at this point.
  • Now, before anyone who is really in love with their fat starts to get all hateful on me, realize that this is MY story.
  • She is probably hateful with her kids too.
  • A man totally powerless and hateful without remorse.

"head-to-head with" or "head-to-head in"?

  • Earpods is head-to-head with Samsung.
  • On Saturday they go head-to-head in Paris.
  • The Hyderabadi levelled the head-to-head against the Danish 1-1.
  • The winners of the semi-finals eventually go head-to-head for the gold.
  • It's About The US And Europe Going Head-To-Head On World Economic Dominance.
  • They argue head-to-head at the boardroom table.
  • Stage 19 will be an intriguing head-to-head between the Sky teammates.
  • The two men go head-to-head over Iraq and their positions on leaving US troops there.
  • Phoenix Entertainment reported that at least eight domestic movies will compete head-to-head during the National Day holiday in October, another peak period for filmgoing.

"handmade by" or "handmade in"?

  • They were hand-made by experts.
  • Handmade in London by artisans.
  • Individualy handmade with great.
  • The fiddles were handmade from maple and birch wood.
  • I have a pair of those, handmade for me.
  • All his dolls are handmade on the mainland.
  • All the furniture in the lodge is handmade at Loisaba.
  • AND I like to give handmade to my closest friends and family.
  • The wakid is normally hand-made of bamboo split with rattan weaving.
  • ICS heating system is handmade out of six ceramic plates and tungsten, ugg boots sale.

hospitable to, for, in, by or towards?

  • May you be hospitable to criticism.
  • This will only make the lake hospitable for the migratory birds.
  • Bangladeshis are simple, friendly and hospitable in nature.
  • People Filipinos are very hospitable by nature.
  • The holy man welcomed him with open arms and was very hospitable towards him.
  • Viner is just as hospitable with the reader was with his guests.
  • They will react violently if offended but are generous and hospitable at other times.
  • There are many sites which work you to parcel out for such loans without whatsoever hospitable of hassle.

"hands-on with" or "hands-on in"?

  • I'd very hands-on with my crew.
  • We're way too hands-on in that respect.
  • HANDS-ON SKILLING Being hands-on at every level in your business helps.
  • Thanks again for teaching, modeling, and providing the hands-on for us.
  • You can read our hands-on of the Vivo Tab here.
  • Director Tony Gilroy was very hands-on on set.
  • Very hands-on as a father, he is not interested in the limelight or the shiny baubles that money can bring.
  • A99 hands-on by Thistonybridge.
  • In addition, he loves to cook and is always hands-on during our Friday Dinners.
  • And I like to go hands-on from ground breaking to releasing the funds.

heedless of, to, about, in or because?

  • Your Lord is not heedless of anything you do.
  • The night rolled on, heedless to the laws of time and space.
  • Praise be to Allaah, this is something easy so you should not be heedless about this matter.
  • By doing so, we will cross over wrong actions and intentions; of being heedless in committing offences.
  • When they've eaten their fill they become heedless because of the pleasure they feel.
  • When you become heedless from Allah's remembrance then shaytan can reach that area.
  • So if you want to never be heedless on selecting the bag, the black one is the best choice.
  • He will proceed with caution, be smart to control the steps that he will take, and be concerned and not heedless towards any challenges that will come in his way throughout his life.

"hurt in", "hurt to" or "hurt by"?

  • But I read some hurt in her eyes.
  • I am actually quite hurt by it.
  • In brief:? Causing hurt to something or someone?
  • We have been living with that hurt for 25 years.
  • No kid should be getting hurt on the job.
  • I just hope no one gets hurt from it.
  • A wife is pure in her hurt with this.
  • Andhaka was very hurt at these nasty words.
  • The pain and hurt of years trickled through the tears.
  • I share your profound sense of hurt about the way it was done.
  • You getting hurt because of me.
  • His hurt over Sam not looking was also amped up to the max.
  • And he finds now it is not a hurt after all.
  • Buck playing hurt along with a lees of understanding of the new offense crushes any chance for Winnipeg's O.
  • If he gets hurt as a result, then their season is pretty much done.
  • Don't hide the hurt behind perverse feel-good abstractions.
  • There should not be any hurt between a husband and wife.
  • When i heard that i feel very hurt inside me.
  • My one and only regret is that, while I was still a divided person, I brought hurt into the lives of others.
  • Our key offensive players are getting hurt like crazy.

halfway through, between, up, down or to?

  • I'd now about halfway through it.
  • Kekaha Kai State Park, about halfway between Waikaloa and Kona.
  • About halfway down the ' RootViewController.
  • A view looking down from a point about halfway up the rope.
  • You make me feel like I've gone halfway around the world.
  • We managed to drag a lot of them about halfway to Lisp.
  • About halfway across the gates started coming down.
  • I made it home about halfway into the first quarter.
  • Built in 1818 halfway along O'Connell Street (formerly Sackville.
  • There is a twist about halfway in the book of Acts when Paul heads to Jerusalem.
  • I did not wear them till halfway of the parade.
  • I passed 2 ladies about halfway after Carroll Creek.
  • Then Camp runs almost to halfway before lifting it into the box.
  • Stop short halfway for the bottom line as lining your eyes entirely will counter-productively shrink, instead of enlarge them.
  • Toilets are present halfway round the lake.
  • Also, my larger garlic pieces turned blue-green halfway thru cooking.
  • Cup one hand and fill it about halfway with oil.