Prepositions after Adjectives

Click an adjective to see what prepositions are usually used after it in English


new to, in, for, about or at?

  • I'd new to the GameSpot forums.
  • He was brand new in the Senate.
  • This is new for a book on poverty.
  • There's nothing new about this.
  • But I'd not new at the Internet.
  • What's NEW On your next flight.
  • Learnt something new from this.
  • Although relatively new with us.
  • That's fine, nothing new as such.
  • HELP NEW by: Anonymous Dear st.
  • Saw the One Show, no new of how GO is.
  • There's nothing new under the sun.

necessary for, in, to, at or by?

  • It's not necessary for anyone else.
  • CBI/COD probe is necessary in the matter.
  • Totally necessary to the school.
  • That isn't necessary at the moment.
  • It was necessary by the Chinese Gov.
  • Not necessary as plenty of sunshades.
  • It was necessary because of my mental health.
  • Faith is necessary before every victory.
  • No anti-virus is necessary on a Mac.
  • Conciseness necessary with sick.

"normal for" or "normal in"?

  • Normal for any north Indian boy.
  • That is normal in the IT world.
  • She sounds pretty normal to me.
  • Are bruises normal after hooping? Yes.
  • IM as normal with your buddies.
  • We trained as normal at Everton.
  • It was normal on my Orc before.
  • Alvin wants to look normal by evenings.
  • But nothing else is normal about them.
  • Things are back to normal as of iTunes 9.
  • Is this something that can be normal before a.
  • THURSDAY: normal during the day.
  • It was back up to normal from then.
  • I can just be normal like everyone else.
  • This is 21 % below the normal of 737.
  • Normal over the rest of the region.
  • He was back to normal within days.
  • Just normal without any incidences at that time.

nervous about, of, at, in or before?

  • I am so nervous about the surgery.
  • I was very nervous at the time.
  • I am just nervous of the aftermath.
  • Never been so nervous in my life.
  • I was nervous before the Olympics.
  • They were too nervous for that.
  • I was very nervous on the stand.
  • I tend to get nervous around guns.
  • Okay, I still get nervous with it.
  • She was still very nervous after this.
  • I'd nervous as well as happy for the box office.
  • But I was getting very nervous by then.
  • I feel very nervous during sex.
  • There's no need to be nervous over it.
  • The boy was too nervous to speak.

"nice to" or "nice for"?

  • Be nice to the Customs officer.
  • Walked in Old Nice for a while.
  • Nice of the Germans to do that.
  • Nice in the way books are nice.
  • It was nice with good facilities.
  • That's what's so nice about it.
  • Jungle was nice on the machine.
  • She could be nice at times too.
  • It's nice to be nice after all.
  • It is really nice as a gin mixer.
  • I meant extremely nice by the way.
  • More of this would be nice from Gasol.
  • Oven cook only, cos they're nice like that.

"national of" or "national in"?

  • Something you accuse National of.
  • The program is national in scope.
  • This should be done from national to county levels.
  • May even be a dual national as well as a green card holder.
  • I banked with National for many years.
  • Those remarks went national on Aug.
  • GSM/EDGE is practically national with many options.
  • Tonight on The National at 9 p.
  • Applicants are a national from a non-EU/EEA country.
  • So yes lets self **** our economy out of sight National by doing nothing.
  • List MPs should be firmly focussed on national rather than local issues.
  • The country is $18 billion in debt - all borrowed by National after two tax cuts we could ill afford.
  • The National Down Syndrome Cytogenetic Register felt obliged to issue a thorough clarification.
  • Nonetheless it does look that Labour has taken votes from National during the year.
  • That puts National into a tricky position.
  • People forget the Maori Party has never ever chosen National over Labour.
  • I found this site from a link in the National Post.
  • National Pro Bono Resource Centre The Centre opened its doors at UNSW in August 2002.
  • It is still what drove National through its 1990s government.
  • National under Brash is in the latter category.

naked in, on, with, for or at?

  • I felt naked in a strange world.
  • Then he threw me naked on the street.
  • I've even been naked with her family.
  • And I don't run Naked for just any song.
  • His daughter was naked at the time.
  • Its easy to be naked before strangers.
  • She was naked from the waist down.
  • I did not run naked through the streets.
  • Leave them naked to air attack.
  • Jayatilleka was stripped naked by the gang who manhandled him.
  • Naked except for a sheet wrapped around him.
  • Children leap naked into ponds.
  • All the figures were naked of clothes and naked of sex.
  • Zera, It means naked without good deeds.
  • They were naked after a long, warm session of lovemaking.
  • I'll be naked around a bunch of gay dudes.
  • Now God says they are naked as well as blind.
  • The freedom to run naked down the street.
  • It's only visible to the naked during a total solar eclipse.
  • Of course being naked under the sun feels wonderful.

"negative about", "negative in" or "negative for"?

  • We can not be negative about it.
  • It was negative for three times.
  • They went negative in ' 96 too.
  • It's really negative to the game.
  • That's also a negative on prices.
  • It was always very negative towards Fairchild.
  • It could be negative without it.
  • He can be so negative at times.
  • Its Q2 income was negative by 5.
  • Some kids may take nothing negative from it.
  • Turn a negative into a positive.
  • As I am negative after 3 months.
  • I did not say anything false or negative against Kara.
  • Offsets can be negative as well as positive.
  • Scores may be negative due to penalties from fouls.
  • In other words, the growth rate is negative during those quarters.
  • Look into both the positive and negative of the business.
  • For OHC to actually be falling, this figure would need to have gone negative over this period.
  • The blue flower thus becomes a negative rather than positive symbol.
  • It is really unclear why he is so obsessively negative toward her.

notorious for, in, of, as or among?

  • In fact, they are notorious for it.
  • Intel is notorious in that department.
  • The most notorious of these began in April 1994.
  • Jundallah has become notorious as a small but deadly force.
  • The Ebola and Marburg filoviruses are notorious among these.
  • Surveys are notorious at divining low-level thought.
  • My mom was so notorious with this.

"natural for" or "natural to"?

  • It's natural for my generation.
  • They seem to come natural to me.
  • We were so natural in the house.
  • It is natural with human beings.
  • Bruce lee was a natural at karate.
  • Nothing too natural about that.
  • It's as simple and natural as that.
  • Infact its the most natural of things.
  • Bud was quite natural on stage.
  • If you mean supernatural, it is not natural by definition.
  • Hey it's only natural from where I stand.
  • I went natural like 4 years ago.
  • It's natural rather than forced.

notable for, among, of, in or about?

  • Cape Reinga is notable for a few things.
  • Notable among these was John Good.
  • Most notable in that is Andrea Bargnani.
  • The two most notable of these are s.
  • What was also notable about Mr.
  • Canada is notable by its absence.
  • Notable amongst them are Los Banos and Pila.
  • Wexford had never been notable as a cultural center.
  • Another notable at the function was classical Hindustani vocalist Pandit Jasraj.
  • This is all the more notable because of what has happened in the intervening years.
  • This was most recently notable during the 2011 Sarawak state election.
  • Several examples are notable from the article.
  • It is even more notable on individual stocks.
  • Most notable to me:The support of the UK.
  • Also notable with the release of Athlon was the entirely new system bus.

noticeable in, to, on, at or by?

  • It is hardly noticeable in a pack.
  • Still, the results were clearly noticeable to us.
  • It would barely be noticeable on MODIS.
  • The trend is noticeable at this juncture.
  • Ideology was noticeable by its absence.
  • Late running was noticeable for a number of services.
  • This is particularly noticeable with hard backs.
  • His input is noticeable from the start.
  • There was something noticeable about them.
  • This trend was particularly noticeable among women.
  • The touchpoints are expanding and becoming less noticeable as a result.
  • Especially noticeable during the evening and nighttime.
  • The most noticeable of whales ' parasites are barnacles.
  • This is more noticeable after sexual activities when the glands become active.
  • This is most noticeable around the minimum of the solar activity cycle, like the one occurring now in 2008.
  • It is not easily noticeable because of its small size.
  • It was very noticeable over the ECB/IMF bailout.
  • It was a trait noticeable through the two-month tour.
  • Try your best to follow them and a positive outcome will be very noticeable within months! 1.

"neutral in", "neutral to" or "neutral on"?

  • Authority is neutral in itself.
  • I'd 100% neutral on the rivalry.
  • Always remain neutral to both sides.
  • You can't be neutral about Michael Manley.
  • This is neutral for YOUR spine.
  • For me it was neutral with AVB.
  • This site is NOT neutral by any means.
  • Cheer up and stay neutral as a journalist.
  • One can not be neutral at the cost of nationalism.
  • It stands neutral between different values.
  • Moreover, they are not neutral during elections.
  • I was neutral towards her, I didn? t give her cuddles.
  • You and Cedric told me, but I remained neutral after my phone call to him reminding him, but the boy pleaded his case.
  • I think they would do well to remain neutral from the debate.
  • If you see your boss as a jerk, try shifting that to something more neutral like seeing your boss just as a boss.
  • Kid is the more neutral of the two.
  • They are always neutral over spiritual things.
  • Ireland remains neutral throughout the war.
  • By contrast, a plurality of Democrats (46%) says that professors are neutral toward religion.
  • If sequestration of CO2 over this period was neutral without increase then we would have no problem.

"narrow down" or "narrow in"?

  • To further narrow down the list.
  • Very blokey and narrow in view.
  • I feel that your view is too narrow for now.
  • It was too narrow of a staircase.
  • But her code is narrow at the same time.
  • The road is becoming narrower with each passing day.
  • That sounds pretty narrow to me.
  • The silhouette is very narrow on the body, very thin.
  • The top obviously gets narrower as a result of deaths.
  • Narrow by price range or amenities.
  • This river was quite narrow from bank to bank.
  • Wade but also allowed it to narrow over time.

"native of" or "native to"?

  • Simone, a native of London, Ont.
  • Are mink native to Ireland? No.
  • My two girls are not Native in the government's eyes.
  • Taylor Lautner better not get cast, Peter is not native for christ sakes.
  • No native from Bearn of this time would.
  • DH is usually mistaken for a native on Spain, Italy, France.
  • Eric is a Vancouver native with a lifelong passion for food and wine.

"numerous in" or "numerous of"?

  • Morrow: The name is numerous in Co.
  • There are numerous of figure skating.
  • Tors are more numerous on the northern moor.
  • Too numerous for this comment section though.
  • Cory's Shearwater is the most numerous with over 10,000 breeding pairs.
  • Women very numerous as the backbone of movements.
  • These are the men that apparently are very numerous at hacker conventions.
  • Specified it is actually somewhat numerous from regular customers.
  • And numerous times these dreams occur.
  • The giant cells are rather numerous, typical epulis type, and most numerous about blood spaces.
  • Weddings are her specialty, as she has done numerous across the island.
  • Slaves were also numerous among the Igbo, the Yoruba, and many other ethnic groups.
  • They are very numerous around Mathura.
  • There are numerous by -- regulations that have to be applied when this is undertaken.
  • Religious and agricultural calendars being tightly linked, these rest periods were more numerous during the winter.
  • Pele towers were very numerous near the Scottish borders.
  • Friday July 15th 2011 Dolphins Dolphin sightings have become more numerous off the coast of Sligo this year.
  • Online are numerous over the counter regiments which you can try.
  • The bank vole is numerous throughout the southwest, while the French shrew.
  • There are countless stories, too numerous to post individually.

naive in, about, to, of or for?

  • Tella is very naive in this matter.
  • I'd not naive about restaurants.
  • I'd not naive to these matters.
  • Of course, it was pretty naive of me.
  • He was too romantic, too naive for me at times.
  • I was young and naive at the time.
  • Let's not be naive on this matter.
  • We were naive as to how long that journey would take.
  • It turns out I'd been somewhat naive with what Google thinks a road is.
  • They are naive beyond comprehension.
  • Tactically naive by United I thought.
  • Not everyone is naive like myself; most people follow Jerry Maguire (instead of Phoenix Wright).

"nasty to", "nasty in" or "nasty about"?

  • There is no need to be so nasty to Mr.
  • Don't be vulgar or nasty about it.
  • Getting nasty in a mob situation.
  • Some people are very nasty with big ego trips.
  • Quite nasty of you to mess with Scent.
  • I can be very nasty on the internet.
  • It is nasty for trees and crops.
  • It's going to get nasty at school.
  • Things really got nasty after that.
  • Any leftovers would have been nasty by that point.
  • Just ' cause I'd nasty like that.
  • They foster family started to get very nasty towards me.
  • He wouldn't be as arrogant and nasty as the folks who run city hall now.
  • The tone, however, is getting a little tiny bit nasty from all over.
  • I would be very surprised if things didn't turn a lot nastier over the next year or two.
  • I have deleted perhaps ten that were too nasty toward the family and at least two hostile toward United.

nonexistent in, for, at, on or to?

  • Spicy foods are nonexistent in Kenya.
  • Yes, space and time are non-existent for light.
  • Lines are non-existent at Koidula, said Koidu.
  • For some the lines are blurred if non-existent on that.
  • These problems are rare to nonexistent among poor American children.
  • You will acquire knowledge nonexistent to 99.
  • Real engagement is nearly non-existent with most corporate pages.
  • There were exceptions but the fact they are non-existent as a media today says it all.
  • Despite this, state welfare pensions for the elderly were practically non-existent before 1930.
  • Corruption is nonexistent by the standards to which you are used to.
  • You think your tax bill will be low or nonexistent during retirement.
  • At the time the wildlife was almost non-existent after twenty years of rampant poaching.
  • Making lots of money is great, being non-existent because of it isn't.
  • Funding support for Mia is non-existent due to her not having an intellectual disability.
  • Foreign direct investment into Tanzania was virtually non-existent from the late nineteen-seventies to the late nineties.
  • Similarly, Dasgupta (2009) searched out that in India there is non-existent of norms and standards for the education of librarians.
  • The MMR and autism scare, for example, is practically non-existent outside Britain.
  • Poultry production in China -- virtually non-existent prior to 1978 -- is also becoming more industrialized.
  • In other words freedom of speech is non-existent under American ' law '.
  • Unless one enters the University system, the opportunities are very limited or non-existent within the country.
  • However, that doesn't change the fact that the ' speed ' we discussed is non-existent without the hip-flexor and more importantly has a negligible effect on the ball.

"nostalgic for" or "nostalgic about"?

  • I felt almost nostalgic for the NHS.
  • I don't feel nostalgic about Clough.
  • So nostalgic of my angsty years.
  • I'd obviously getting nostalgic in my old age.
  • Even redecorating makes me nostalgic at times.
  • There is no reason why we should dwell on or turn nostalgic on such disappearance.
  • Get yourself nostalgic over the song's of the year 4.
  • Songs performed will be nostalgic as the trio hasn't followed up to the last album A Ene.
  • Starting at 1:47 this track is extremely nostalgic to me.
  • The atmosphere was nostalgic with plenty of westen pictures and roadsigns.

negligent in, of, for, to or about?

  • Owner are negligent in your duties.
  • I'd sure she is negligent of informing of my rights.
  • Either she's negligent for not calling yet or she's being cruel.
  • I've been negligent about my little diary.
  • My own opinion is that the government has been negligent to the point of criminality.
  • The government should not be negligent on this.
  • He was negligent with the fact he failed to secure a natural midfield player this Summer.
  • We build a dam, but are negligent as to its foundations.
  • A person who believes in his heart is neither a rebel nor negligent by not pronouncing it.
  • Such conduct may not be negligent at common law.
  • That makes Israel more dangerous than Iran as Israel has already proved to be completely negligent towards civilians.

needy in, of, for, from or by?

  • She was needy in every area of life.
  • He is also not needy of our faith.
  • But not all guys are NEEDY for it.
  • He would often help the needy from his own resources.
  • However if she can show that the money she recieved was used for the needy by her NGO.
  • Helping needy with money is big task.
  • The poor and needy among them receive medicine or food.
  • And yet the overall curriculum was as equally needy at this time.
  • He won't provide food for the needy on a daily basis though.
  • Dear friend My name is Nanthana Chansithipongse, I want to donate part of what I have to the needy through.
  • As for ' diverting power from needy to greedy '.
  • He would never send back a needy without giving him something.
  • Yeah women do become needy after sex.
  • Most men are very needy around a women and want love and sex.
  • She was happy to involve herself in fund-raising activities to help the needy as well as in social activities.
  • We stand equally needy before the Savior, who sees us all the same.
  • We all have made sacrifices for the needy during times of distress on Earth.
  • Such educated stardom should have thought of giving away at least a day's food to the poor and needy instead of buying.
  • Desperate and needy like the rest of you adults (and only adults are reading this, yes? If not, you need to shoo) once more, I am changed.
  • Forfar Resource Store is a small local charity which distributes furniture, bedding, clothing, electrical items, all household goods to the needy throughout Angus.

"noteworthy for" or "noteworthy in"?

  • It is noteworthy for its friezes.
  • There is nothing noteworthy in that.
  • Nothing terribly noteworthy about that.
  • One of the more noteworthy of these involved St Munchin.
  • Its graphics however, are not noteworthy to the say the least.
  • The noteworthy among them are Vasunanda, Candaka, Matrgupta and Vakpatiraja (Roy, 2005).
  • It can be noteworthy as well as being very simple.
  • This track is noteworthy on several counts.
  • This variation in the use of HIT across stakeholders is noteworthy from several standpoints.
  • Also noteworthy at practice was that Brandon Prust is no longer wearing the jaw guard.
  • I've always considered the teapots of China and Japan to be unique and noteworthy because of the craftsmanship that goes into making it.
  • Therefore, she makes it more noteworthy by applying makeup to them.
  • This is especially noteworthy considering the inconsistent and bumpy trajectory of past Uruguayan film production.
  • Noteworthy during the break was the upsurge on locals who occupied 10% of the rooms, she added.
  • Make it even more noteworthy with photos, images, and attachments.

"noble of" or "noble in"?

  • Not so noble of the parents afterall.
  • There is nothing noble in his actions.
  • There is nothing noble about poverty.
  • I did find it at Barnes and Noble for the 12.
  • Seemed noble to me at the time.
  • In the sight of God the noblest among you is.
  • Maori In a Maori legend constraint, made noble by the purpose it served, was.
  • It is easy to be noble with a silver spoon in your mouth.
  • He was one of the righteous and noble amongst the T? bi '? n.
  • It is indeed a noble as well as a novel concept.
  • I describe it as noble at the daytime and going crazy at the night time.
  • I'd impressed that her ambitions were so noble from a tender age.
  • Nor is the bee majestic and noble like endangered tigers, or endearing like our misguided kakapo.
  • One of the most dangerous comments you'll hear sounds very noble on the surface.
  • Once-relevant and noble groups like the NAACP, and others less noble such as LULAC and MALDEF, must be exposed as the frauds that they have become in 2012.

"numb to" or "numb with"?

  • They're numb to it by this point.
  • Now I just felt numb with shock.
  • He stumbles out, numb from shock.
  • He felt her go numb for a second.
  • Being a nurse requires you to be numb at times.
  • I recall being numb after seeing the camp.
  • I have never been so numb in my life.
  • She added: ' I feel completely numb on my chest.
  • Poor Laine's cheeks were numb by the time we headed home.
  • Now I'd all sorts of numb about it.
  • Khushi felt herself go numb as the very person she had been trying so hard not to think about stepped out in front of her.
  • Good thing that my swollen gums were numb due to 1000mg of pain reliever and anti-biotic I took before I sleep.
  • I usually feel numb during the whole thing.
  • It's reaching your saturation point when you already feel numb of the pain you kept on feeling in the past.

nitty-gritty of, about, on, from or in?

  • Now, let's get to the nitty-gritty of things.
  • Post their project site/blog that holds the nitty-gritty about the hack etc.
  • E-mail me for the nitty-gritty on that one.
  • We will have a reasonable idea before we turn a wheel, but we've got to get into the nitty-gritty from our simulations.
  • He handed over Tk 50,000 to Huji leaders for petty expenses upon a review of nitty-gritty in the mission.
  • So several of the big charities farmed out the nitty-gritty to professionals.
  • So when you get down to the nitty-gritty with us, we're gon na beat you because we knew HOW to beat you.

"nude in" or "nude for"?

  • But I can act nude in Holywood.
  • No, I won't act nude for money.
  • FYI, another color combination we love is nude on nude.
  • And hello -- nude with that red sole? HOT.
  • I told them that I am always move around nude at home.
  • The eye products from Illamasqua, Este Lauder, Face of Australia and Nude by Nature.
  • Maybe a nude from the OPI dutch collection.
  • Our boy is 19 and has been going nude around the house since he was 3.
  • The Digambara mendicants are ' sky-clad ' because they believe that all the Jinas and their male ascetic followers went nude as part of their vow of renunciation.
  • Now in the light coming from the blue night lamp I could see my 18 year old sister of 38-26-38 lying absolutely nude before me.
  • Let someone else be on that position and EMILY DESCHANEL NUDE during that try to make your own path for your life.
  • Adult men may be totally nude except for beads around the neck or wrist.
  • No matter what did you JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS NUDE like the most about this review I think I did my job here pretty well.
  • It doesn ot mean that anyone has to be nude to liv ein this society.
  • They made them parade absolutely nude without even covering the genital parts.

novel by, in, about, to or for?

  • DeVincentis from the 2006 novel by Frank Portman.
  • There is nothing novel in this statement of the moral judgment.
  • There's nothing novel about it.
  • Neither sensation was novel to her.
  • The IPL is novel for a few reasons.
  • It seems trivial today, but the idea was novel at the time.
  • As fans of the 1999 novel on which the film is based will attest, Perks could not be farther from your standard happy-go-lucky teen movie fare.
  • A novel with a great deal of heart indeed.
  • To be sure, the water frame was not as uniquely novel as that.
  • He describes an episode where he bugged the SEC officials who were trying to investigate his books, this I also find quite novel of him.
  • The idea of controlling animals in this literal dog-eat-dog, post-apocalyptic Tokyo is certainly novel without a doubt.