naive in, about, to, of or for?

  • Tella is very naive in this matter.
  • I'd not naive about restaurants.
  • I'd not naive to these matters.
  • Of course, it was pretty naive of me.

naked in, on, with, for or at?

  • I felt naked in a strange world.
  • Then he threw me naked on the street.
  • I've even been naked with her family.
  • And I don't run Naked for just any song.

"narrow down" or "narrow in"?

  • To further narrow down the list.
  • Very blokey and narrow in view.
  • I feel that your view is too narrow for now.
  • It was too narrow of a staircase.

"nasty to", "nasty in" or "nasty about"?

  • There is no need to be so nasty to Mr.
  • Don't be vulgar or nasty about it.
  • Getting nasty in a mob situation.
  • Some people are very nasty with big ego trips.

"national of" or "national in"?

  • Something you accuse National of.
  • The program is national in scope.
  • This should be done from national to county levels.
  • May even be a dual national as well as a green card holder.

"native of" or "native to"?

  • Taylor Lautner better not get cast, Peter is not native for christ sakes.
  • No native from Bearn of this time would.
  • My two girls are not Native in the government's eyes.
  • Simone, a native of London, Ont.

"natural for" or "natural to"?

  • It's natural for my generation.
  • They seem to come natural to me.
  • We were so natural in the house.
  • It is natural with human beings.

necessary for, in, to, at or by?

  • It's not necessary for anyone else.
  • CBI/COD probe is necessary in the matter.
  • Totally necessary to the school.
  • That isn't necessary at the moment.

needy in, of, for, from or by?

  • She was needy in every area of life.
  • He is also not needy of our faith.
  • But not all guys are NEEDY for it.
  • He would often help the needy from his own resources.

"negative about", "negative in" or "negative for"?

  • We can not be negative about it.
  • It was negative for three times.
  • They went negative in ' 96 too.
  • It's really negative to the game.

negligent in, of, for, to or about?

  • Owner are negligent in your duties.
  • I'd sure she is negligent of informing of my rights.
  • Either she's negligent for not calling yet or she's being cruel.
  • My own opinion is that the government has been negligent to the point of criminality.

nervous about, of, at, in or before?

  • I am so nervous about the surgery.
  • I am just nervous of the aftermath.
  • I was very nervous at the time.
  • Never been so nervous in my life.

"neutral in", "neutral to" or "neutral on"?

  • Authority is neutral in itself.
  • I'd 100% neutral on the rivalry.
  • Always remain neutral to both sides.
  • You can't be neutral about Michael Manley.

new to, in, for, about or at?

  • I'd new to the GameSpot forums.
  • He was brand new in the Senate.
  • This is new for a book on poverty.
  • There's nothing new about this.

"nice to" or "nice for"?

  • Be nice to the Customs officer.
  • Walked in Old Nice for a while.
  • Nice of the Germans to do that.
  • Nice in the way books are nice.

nitty-gritty of, about, on, from or in?

  • Now, let's get to the nitty-gritty of things.
  • Post their project site/blog that holds the nitty-gritty about the hack etc.
  • E-mail me for the nitty-gritty on that one.
  • We will have a reasonable idea before we turn a wheel, but we've got to get into the nitty-gritty from our simulations.

"noble of" or "noble in"?

  • Not so noble of the parents afterall.
  • There is nothing noble in his actions.
  • There is nothing noble about poverty.
  • I did find it at Barnes and Noble for the 12.

nonexistent in, for, at, on or to?

  • Spicy foods are nonexistent in Kenya.
  • Yes, space and time are non-existent for light.
  • Lines are non-existent at Koidula, said Koidu.
  • For some the lines are blurred if non-existent on that.

"normal for" or "normal in"?

  • Normal for any north Indian boy.
  • That is normal in the IT world.
  • She sounds pretty normal to me.
  • Are bruises normal after hooping? Yes.

"nostalgic for" or "nostalgic about"?

  • I felt almost nostalgic for the NHS.
  • I don't feel nostalgic about Clough.
  • So nostalgic of my angsty years.
  • I'd obviously getting nostalgic in my old age.

notable for, among, of, in or about?

  • Cape Reinga is notable for a few things.
  • Notable among these was John Good.
  • The two most notable of these are s.
  • Most notable in that is Andrea Bargnani.

"noteworthy for" or "noteworthy in"?

  • It is noteworthy for its friezes.
  • There is nothing noteworthy in that.
  • Nothing terribly noteworthy about that.
  • One of the more noteworthy of these involved St Munchin.

noticeable in, to, on, at or by?

  • It is hardly noticeable in a pack.
  • Still, the results were clearly noticeable to us.
  • It would barely be noticeable on MODIS.
  • The trend is noticeable at this juncture.

notorious for, in, of, as or among?

  • In fact, they are notorious for it.
  • Intel is notorious in that department.
  • The most notorious of these began in April 1994.
  • Jundallah has become notorious as a small but deadly force.

novel by, in, about, to or for?

  • DeVincentis from the 2006 novel by Frank Portman.
  • There's nothing novel about it.
  • Neither sensation was novel to her.
  • The IPL is novel for a few reasons.

"nude in" or "nude for"?

  • But I can act nude in Holywood.
  • No, I won't act nude for money.
  • FYI, another color combination we love is nude on nude.
  • And hello -- nude with that red sole? HOT.

"numb to" or "numb with"?

  • They're numb to it by this point.
  • Now I just felt numb with shock.
  • He stumbles out, numb from shock.
  • He felt her go numb for a second.

"numerous in" or "numerous of"?

  • The giant cells are rather numerous, typical epulis type, and most numerous about blood spaces.
  • Weddings are her specialty, as she has done numerous across the island.
  • Slaves were also numerous among the Igbo, the Yoruba, and many other ethnic groups.
  • They are very numerous around Mathura.