Prepositions before Nouns

Click a word to see what prepositions are usually used before it in English


"of business" or "in business"?

  • A canny bit of business by Wenger.
  • Especially in business dealings.
  • No social isn't bad for business.
  • Anyway to get down to business.
  • State and local taxes on business income.
  • It begins with Business Understanding.
  • Government is owned by business not by and for the people.
  • I've given thought to everything from business writing to poetry to fiction.
  • She also taught me about business.
  • I went right into business mode.

"of book" or "to book"?

  • I'd in favour of all kinds of books.
  • I want to book a date/time slot.
  • In book one, Ramses is a teenager.
  • If there were a Spotify for books.
  • The philosophy differs from book to book.
  • That's a building with books in it.
  • And the cool thing about books is that they enjoy tremendous economies of scale.
  • Books are also stacked on the floor and on book trucks.
  • Look at books with your toddler often.
  • And it has a heavy resonance through book #4, Season Of Mists.

"of body" or "in body"?

  • This is the dance of body-image.
  • Darth Vader in body and soul is gone.
  • Individuals will not take time to body it.
  • So many women today grapple with body image.
  • Additional ships were also sent out to look for bodies.
  • Invest in a decent book on body language to help you learn how to accurately read her.
  • Learn about body language and act and interpret accordingly.
  • It is a seamless interface between body and product, lifestyle and life, nature and artifice.
  • The main objective of such weapons, the fight with the enemy, protected by body armor.
  • Karma produces body and from body arises work.

"of blog" or "on blog"?

  • I read lots of blog, books, magazines.
  • Not just sit around on blogs bitching.
  • This is developed at greater length in Blog FBBB119.
  • Please do not add links to blogs with lists of apps.
  • Victory for blogs and planning I say! Agree.
  • Honestly, it changed from blog post #1, many, many days ago.
  • I can't understand people who say that making money with blogs is impossible.
  • I quite like the fact that hardly anyone I know knows about by blog.
  • Guess say thank you through blog also can, right? Thank you very much Uncle Arthur for the gifts.
  • Hope to meet many fellow bloggers there, as well as blog readers.

"to bit" or "by bit"?

  • We must have been blown to bits.
  • You earn the right, over time, bit by bit.
  • Did quite of bit of it when I was a kid.
  • I loved that you'd rub my back in bed when it was in bits.
  • It's a holdover from long ago when poultry routinely arrived with bits of blood and pinfeathers still attached.
  • If there are no distances between bits of matter (as in a singularity) there is no time.
  • I try to make sure in docs that I use Mb for bits and MB for bytes.
  • People like to get a look at bits of the world they're normally excluded from.

"on basis" or "of basis"?

  • Randomised on basis of uncertainty principle.
  • The group of basis functions will be sited on the nominated centre(s).
  • I have, of course, read his books, so the accusations were not without basis.
  • This can be via an increase in basis salary and/or other staff benefit.
  • The annual value of the Property is determined according to Basis B as agreed between the parties.
  • Firstly, it's wrong to suggest that because humans are involved and you can't predict on a one off basis who will come through the door that you can't use statistics to make more general predictions.

"of baby" or "for baby"?

  • Do get to me for adoption of baby.
  • Tea and coffee are unsuitable for babies.
  • We do need help with baby names.
  • Also every time she asks you to babysit don't do it.
  • He was kind and generous, and was a devout believer in Baby Jesus.
  • That can save a lot of time to focus on baby.
  • Like babies should be cute, rug rats donTt.
  • There is something about babies that softens a person's heart.
  • I see all these moms that seem to have bounced back so beautifully after babies and then I look at myself.
  • Sometimes, a liquid like substance may come from baby? s nose.

to, of, from, in or for back?

  • They don't love to back link you.
  • The image became the focus of Back Home.
  • Thanks! I have rendered lard from back fat.
  • Joe Park is in back begging for a match.
  • We have implemented SAP for back office functions i.
  • When you click on Back button on Default.
  • It was a 3 point tournament, with back, groin, and head shots allowed as points.
  • I am so happy that the chiropractor is helping Andy, I know all about back problems and how much the chiropractor has helped me.
  • Assuming the tryst was over, it's not hard to imagine she still had access to quite a few other resources in the Petraeus's staff, as well as back in the military.
  • Look at back when the alert is now.

"of blood", "with blood" or "in blood"?

  • I ask if she's afraid of blood.
  • His wife was covered with blood.
  • And it is only Jesus who soaks it in blood.
  • The youth that are hunger for blood.
  • This can be monitored by blood tests.
  • The powdered flesh was better; cocaine to blood's speed.
  • These leeches can survive for months after feeding on blood.
  • About 60 per cent of Tanzanians are from blood group ' O '.
  • The system could allow for some open data to be stored such as blood group or willingness to donate organs.
  • The sun becomes black, the moon like blood and the stars fall to the earth.

"of building" or "in building"?

  • Reflecting listening is one way of building trust.
  • So was he seven years in building it.
  • Here are some effective tips for building muscle.
  • I enjoy going on building tour field trips.
  • I don't know what has happened to building in this day &; time.
  • By building on these the paradigm shift will happen.
  • I think they should let people get on with building and get some jobs back.
  • Survey Responses on Consultation About Building and Equipment Changes 5.
  • Those are just emergencies, for example, coming from building collapse.
  • Some cats prefer to go into buildings like cupboard, loose trays like this.

of, in, by, for or to bank?

  • Merrill is now part of Bank of America.
  • Some save and keep money in banks.
  • I was paying by bank draft anyway.
  • It mutatis mutandis the same thing for bank credit.
  • I am talking to banks on this issue.
  • But the first transfer from Bank No.
  • He has called for a levy on banks.
  • The same is true with banks and common people.
  • Let's pretend you had a bank account at Bank of America.
  • We forgot that the lenders such as banks expected to profit from their largesse.

"of ball" or "with ball"?

  • He slept curled up in the smallest of balls never moving.
  • He s good on the ball, can play a good through ball and can score.
  • The focus must be on ball retention and short, quick passes.
  • I think that they could stack favorably to Ball's antics.
  • Form into balls of about 3/4 to 1 inch in diameter.
  • It's all about ball work over there.
  • That ball just wasn't behaving itself and connecting.
  • Chicago tops my list of American cities I'd love to visit, as does Wrigley Field for ball parks.

"of box" or "in box"?

  • Right now we're just selling out of boxes.
  • Sometimes at night I would pack them in boxes.
  • First jthj did nt start good at box office.
  • When I then click on the top left button which brings up the drop down box.
  • Kyle Cheney: Has looked a class above in every game this year for Box Hill.
  • In Surrey, the section of the route from Hampton Court to Box Hill (including the Box Hill loop) will close from 4am.
  • We end up with boxes, bins, and bags of paper.
  • There is a # mark of course with this claim which reveals that this is cloud storage provided by Box.
  • Immediately you do so, a pop up box like the one in the image above will appear.
  • Good luck making use of that 50GB storage on Box.

"to bed" or "in bed"?

  • Those who go to bed angry will.
  • I have taken to working in bed.
  • When I got out of bed I was so excited.
  • Apply the banana peel before bedtime.
  • On a different note, I'd about to get into bed.
  • After dinner we got ready for bed.
  • Therefore, when you rise from bed, make your.
  • He was on bed for the next 15 days.
  • You do nt have to live with bed bugs.

of, on, in, for or with budget?

  • Got bored to see these type of Budget Sessions.
  • This strategy will allow you to stay on budget.
  • Predictions for VAT in Budget 2012.
  • It is no longer just a destination for budget travelers.
  • Flights to Paris can be a real bargain with budget airlines like Jet2.
  • To try to win, playing well, within budgets, working hard.
  • Chief Judge is over budget still for 2012.
  • Our Pricing varies from Budget safaris to a five stars Luxury be it in a lodge or camping.
  • Indeed, they though banks would bring enough profit taxes to budgets, so the time was great to spend more.
  • After you've pretend-splurged, whittle things back down under budget.

from, of, without, before or to beginning?

  • I cried laughing from beginning to end.
  • Such is the nature of beginning.
  • Know that the world is uncreated, as time itself is, without beginning and end.
  • Discover the pipes rules with your local area before beginning any project.
  • That's because all riders had to reach to beginning of the rim drive by a certain hour, probably 11 a.
  • Donut, Live Around, Wrap-around = in live TV situations in which a reporter is live on camera at beginning and end of a live shot but voices over video or picture in the middle.
  • The search process for the ending is very similar to the process of search for beginning.
  • It is the revolution that had its roots in Obama's first term and advanced almost unobtrusively into full blossom in beginning of the second term.

of, to, for, in or with brain?

  • Chess is a game which requires lot of brains.
  • Little did we know as her parents she died on impact due to brain injury.
  • The mind is continuously searching for brain events that are interesting for its goals.
  • But in brain work, they are not fertile.
  • She blogs at Birds with Brains.
  • He's small in physical stature and worldwide fame, but big on brains.
  • He died from brain injuries caused by his head hitting the ground.
  • I think it takes knowledge as well as brains to be a good musician.

"of birth" or "at birth"?

  • Your date and place of birth? A.
  • My life map got trashed at birth.
  • Nothing's set in stone from birth.
  • The baby is strangled soon after birth.
  • Southern by birth A couple of things.
  • These six states of existence are subjected to birth and death, and then rebirth for many lives.
  • I was on birth control pills for 2 years.
  • This usually occurs 12 to 24 hours before birth.
  • Now is the time to prepare for Birth.
  • Breakthrough in birth defects through stem cell research.

"of boy" or "For boy"?

  • In the night my boy's room smelled of boy.
  • Makesue justice is served for boys.
  • Posts Related to Boy George has been a spokesperson.
  • The one thing he made a point of talking to her about was interaction with boys.
  • I know she is interested in boys.
  • Hopeful players knocked on boys ' soccer coach Youssef Darbaki's door throughout the day seeking an update.
  • Yeah, I write a lot of songs about boys.
  • The key thing we learned between boy 1 and 2 was to skip the little potty chair.
  • The First Time lyric by Boys Like Girls also available after the jump.
  • Like boys, girls should also be brought up and trained with pleasure and religious satisfaction.

on, of, off, at or in base?

  • Cole had at least one runner on base in every inning.
  • The set of base functions for Equation 2.
  • This is an example of where you are way off base.
  • Tuck in the end ot the paper at base of lamp.
  • This computer works in base ten which is a nice touch.
  • It can review numbers both for base monthly support as well as proportionate shares of special expenses.
  • The pearl is almost 20cm from base of cap.
  • Swatches of Metallic Silver are done with base coat.
  • Still in Capernaum, he goes straight to Peter's house, from a public meeting to a domestic scene, to the house he will use as base for his ministry in Galilee.
  • Players subject to base year compensation can not be traded before Jan.

"of board", "on board" or "above board"?

  • Proof of certificate of board, etc.
  • His belongings remained on board.
  • I expect you to be above board.
  • The exploitation of labor for board, food and lodging.
  • Cross offered Garland a room with board for the summer at five dollars a week.
  • The club was riven at board level.
  • In its original form, a resolution by board member Steve Zimmer called for a moratorium on new charter schools, which would possibly be illegal under state law.
  • Meals are only included in board, if it says so in the Project Description.
  • Wood is a natural material with variations from board to board.
  • Wood is a natural material with variations from board to board.

"of brother", "by brother" or "with brother"?

  • She is part of a band of brothers.
  • In late 1994, Hinn was introduced into the A/G by Brother George Wood.
  • She's part of Merriment with brother Collin.
  • The second letter was written to Brother Lawrence's own spiritual adviser.
  • It's a day of bonding for brothers and sisters.
  • We need to think like brothers and sisters in this country.
  • From then on he was known as Brother Lawrence.
  • A little occasional thank you from brethren across the world might be gracious.
  • The hate expended on brothers VP Kalonzo, Ruto, Balala, Mudavadi is unprecedented.

of, in, to, for or with band?

  • Lots of bands sing about sorrow, death, despair, and darkness.
  • There's always going to be kids in bands.
  • Technology gives people the ability to band together and challenge authority.
  • It is always impressive when an event has two stages for bands - left and right.
  • He also played with bands including Whitesnake.
  • For many generations there had been raids by bands of Scottish marauders on foraging expeditions.
  • Their famous treadmill video may have been the tipping point for this unique collaboration between band and label, but it was just one in a long series of digital tools.
  • All those involved came from bands like Mayhem, Burzum, Immortal, Emperor, Hades and Thorns.
  • Usually, the most respected of the male family heads would serve as band chief.
  • The maximum benefit will be capped at Band E.

"of brand" or "For brand"?

  • Selection of brand unattainable.
  • Now is the time for brands to make their land grab.
  • The strategy they have adopted with brand Key is working very well for them.
  • It's all about brands here, and the bigger and flashier the mall the better.
  • I fail to understand the notion behind spending a lot of money on brands.
  • According to SATISFACTION TABLE Return to Brand falls in red zone which means that it needs improvement.
  • Gordon's never won on the Grand Prix circuit at Brands Hatch.
  • But you can't just shop by brand.
  • As a customer, my belief in brand Vodafone is now weaker than it was before.
  • Couplings are used in a variety of shapes, brands and styles, all of which may vary between brands and seasons.

of, on, in, off or for balance?

  • Exar: It's a question of balance, mostly.
  • On balance however, there are dark.
  • Be sure to keep these truths in balance.
  • These mortgages are held off balance sheet.
  • The rear foot you use for balance.
  • It is always bringing itself into balance.
  • A wall or chair may provide help with balance.
  • As you all know this blog is about balance.
  • Under a balanced budget fiscal policy, a government's budget should come close to balance across the business cycle.
  • Due to this unconscious situation, aesthetic faculties are developed without balance.

of, beyond, to, on or with belief?

  • It is not an alternative set of beliefs.
  • You will be blessed beyond belief.
  • Skepticism gives way to belief.
  • Skill 2: Perspective-taking on beliefs.
  • I'd treat them much as I do my Hindu friend, people with beliefs that I don't agree with.
  • For belief is apparently answerable both to logic and to objective facts.
  • Chelsea, mediocre, and lacking in belief.
  • It's about Beliefs, not events.
  • The model is usually considered a descriptive attempt at cashing out the difference between the functional role played by beliefs and desires.
  • This entire Fortress has been constructed from belief.

of, by, to, with or for bill?

  • That way, you will have one year's worth of bills.
  • Posted by Bill S on Saturday, Nov 10, 2012 4:31 PM (EDT ): Ivent.
  • A memorial to Bill Millin will be erected in 2013.
  • To have a conversation with Bill Maher.
  • Have a separate bank account for bills.
  • The house went from Bill to his daughter.
  • Like Bill, ignorance is everywhere.
  • Nick: Quit interrupting Tiger talk with irrelevant information Bill.
  • In Bill Self's eyes they clearly are not ready yet.
  • All of us know the sinking feeling about bills.

of, in, For, to or with background?

  • JAY: So give us a little bit of background.
  • The novel does the revolution well; it fills in background and brings it to life.
  • Be careful about using photographs for backgrounds.
  • The resulting page height lends itself to backgrounds that scroll along with the text.
  • In most of the parts, even the speech is accompanied with background music.
  • ReMask - great plugin for Adobe Photoshop, allows you to quickly and easily distinguish objects from backgrounds.
  • Adjust Company Name Adjust the company name on background of visiting card.
  • In both categories, the figures are over and above background levels, and exclude medical exposure.
  • The fo:table-row holds a specification of some presentation characteristics, such as background which affects the areas generated by the fo:table (see 6.

of, in, for, on or with behavior?

  • That kind of behavior is not acceptable.
  • Therefore, changes in behavior may not be due to poor nutrition only.
  • She doesn't make excuses for behavior.
  • Lately I am reading self help books and working on behaviors that annoy him.
  • This perspective begins not with language but with behaviour.
  • Often we hear about behaviour programs that are very similar to this.
  • Message-behavioral affinity, the similarity of media content to behaviors as seen in real life.
  • Don't digress into child like behavior like name calling.
  • Yesterday's offering from Behavior Research show the Democrat up by 4 points.

"of benefit" or "on benefit"?

  • Giving me a quick list of benefits.
  • That means more on benefits, and you spending goes up.
  • Make people have hire requirements for benefits.
  • The cut in benefits is between $60 and $100 a week.
  • Benefits Babywearing only comes with benefits.
  • There were no cuts to benefits at all.
  • From Feb till May of last year, there aren't many articles about benefits.
  • Where the Coalition parties can I think agree is on incentivising work and de-incentivising living off benefits.
  • She started at about $10 per hour without benefits.
  • They can not deduct any money from benefits or tax credits to pay a CCJ.

by, of, on, for or in bus?

  • I recommend seeing Paris by bus.
  • Examples of bus topology include 10BASE2 and 10BASE5.
  • Or the groups on bus tours through Europe.
  • The Interchange makes no provision for bus riders.
  • I don't care about A/C in buses.
  • Well, the same seems to be true with bus stations in Kuala Lumpur.
  • As a rider, I have experienced every single one of the points above, from drivers of cars to lorries, from buses and other bikers.
  • This advice also applies to buses.
  • You should also include related expenses, such as bus and taxi fares if you were unable to drive as a result of the accident.
  • Public transport has always been Dublin's Achilles heel, since the old tram network was scrapped in 1949 on the basis that buses would be more flexible.

of, for, with, to or in beauty?

  • There may even be some kind of beauty.
  • Its my one-stop for beauty product reviews.
  • Brock began brushing Vulpix's fur until it gleamed with beauty.
  • It's part of the drama that is unique to beauty pageants.
  • Vitamin E plays a vital role in beauty.
  • On Beauty: Like in fashion, I have to make sure to stick to what is effective and simple.
  • Not only did I learn about beauty but I learnt how to love the not-so-beautiful experiences of my life.
  • Artistic creations are man's attempts to depict the joy created by beauty.
  • The light was elevated above the model pointing downwards for a butterfly light effect (also known as beauty lighting).
  • You can buy these at beauty supply or craft stores.

"in battle" or "of battle"?

  • You said that my son died in battle.
  • I had rather die on the field of battle.
  • Before going into battle Imam Husayn (A.
  • Afterwards Imam himself went for battle.
  • This, the ' Greyhound ' division was the fastest, deepest marching division during Battle of the Bulge.
  • The fight over land led to battles, wars and massacres where Koorie people often came off second best when confronted with the more effective weaponry of the Europeans.
  • Why hasn't anything further happened with Battle of Ceylon film? The whole jeep/battlefields things must have looked a little weird to you.
  • The Cree ambushed a party of Gros Ventres at Battle Creek and robbed the group of their first.
  • From plague, pestilence, and famine; from battle and murder, and from sudden death.
  • First, you worked on Battle Chess and never told me? Dude.

"behind bar" or "of bar"?

  • Assange is behind bars in the United States.
  • See our review of Bars in Manila for more on this.
  • The chromatic bass line in bars 21-25, etc.
  • I do not drink, smoke, so drugs, hang out at bars etc.
  • And no we do not all sit on bar stools in the Bronx and sign Sen South.
  • PCs with bar code readers and label maker hardware.
  • If you're looking for bars, clubs, or discos, don't go to Penghu.
  • This means that men prefer going to bars more than women do.
  • We recently resigned Mike Pearson from Lions and also have a full squad to choose from bar James Frener so I think my squad is now complete.
  • I've handed my CV into bars and restaurants.

"of browser" or "in browser"?

  • A lot of browsers have this option and people aren't aware of it.
  • Some other parts in browsers less so.
  • About 16 pixels for a minimum font size and 100% default for browsers.
  • Note: There is one limitation to browsers in metro mode.
  • This is a tried-and-tested system used by browsers the world over to encrypt data automatically before transmitting it to the intended recipient.
  • I often swatch and admire things from the brand, but had yet to make the leap from browser to customer until that evening.
  • If any recipient does not have Apple's gadget, he can see it on browser of his choice.
  • Although it's now a standard across browsers and operating systems, it's a horrible keyboard shortcut.
  • Critics complain that Microsoft has failed to keep pace with browser standards despite repeated pleadings and that development in general has slowed to a glacial pace.

of, to, in, on or from bible?

  • To the credit of Bible scholars like Prof.
  • That night, my family and I left to go to Bible camp in Tennessee.
  • In Bible times, oil had many uses.
  • We are not perfect and there are disagreements on Bible passages.
  • Trying to shift from bible to scriptures.
  • With Bible in hand, I looked up every verse I could find that pertained to choosing wisely.
  • And, and that Bible said, in fact the amplified translation translates the Hebrew text that way.
  • Majority of them refuse to marry outside their religion, carry out conversions for cash, are actively lobbying Govt for law provisions guided by Bible.
  • Hussein's forked tongue is not allowed in our living room, I'd rather hear Jeff Foxworthy drawl about Bible stories.

"of beach" or "on beach"?

  • The 7 miles stretch of beach is famous and infamous.
  • Check the state Fish &; Wildlife web sites for information on beach openings and limits.
  • Neian is a favorite for beach volleyball.
  • Cities with beaches are usually abundant with tourists.
  • It urged residents to stay away from beaches and shorelines until further notice.
  • People go to beaches to hang out with friends and families.
  • Plenty of people come to chill out in beach resort towns as well.
  • There is also a villa at beach level which has three nice rooms and a shared kitchen for those who want to cook.
  • He and another student began collecting sand samples along beach strand lines.
  • There are major sporting contests like Beach Olympics and Cross Country that.

"of bag" or "to bag"?

  • Remove bag from pan when cool enough hold at top of bag.
  • And even hungrier to bag myself a win.
  • Cash is NOT put in bags and transported to Europe.
  • A good start with bags of possession.
  • Nested bags are supported only for bags which are output from the call.
  • Glass at the dump, sorted into bags.
  • There is a left-luggage counter (per bag RM2; 7am-11pm) at Larkin bus station.
  • Balin Balin (Ken Stott) arrives second to the meeting at Bag End.
  • Normally, we get up to 100 or more visitors and while some families in the neighbourhood go to some effort by doing up bags of goodies I don't have the time to be doing that.

"by boat" or "of boat"?

  • Decides now to explore by boat.
  • There are plenty of boats you can rent for the whole day.
  • Some of them were liberal in their views on boat people.
  • You can go for boat riding and enjoy the beauty of the island in a close way.
  • They evolved from boats to islands which house up to 8 families.
  • Transports steaming in close to the shore and landing troops in boats and barges.
  • A lot of people who stop us on the beach to ask questions about the sport are sailors or are familiar with boats, so its helpful to use terminology they understand.
  • Who can relate to boats, really? Know your audience.
  • I'd just not that crazy about boats, that's all.
  • The opposition's Nauru solution is not going to get people off boats.

of, for, with, like or on button?

  • They had to have a set number of buttons.
  • Simple circle cutters for button making.
  • Interior: It has excellent driving position unheard of in a Toyota, with buttons clearly laid out.
  • The average update on your page will only reach 16% of people who click that like button.
  • If I continue to hold the On button it just repeats this cycle.
  • Power of your tablet and boot into stock recovery (volume up button + power button simultaneously.
  • Many components, such as Button control, creates internal child components to implement functionality.
  • On the General panel, click on the About button to see the version of the JVM installed on your system.
  • Now remember that a bra is clipped with hooks, as opposed to buttons or snaps.

of, for, at, during or to break?

  • This kind of break is called a conchoidal fracture.
  • Romney never did anything except for break up companies and lay people off.
  • We look good at breaks and (with or without RvP) we have real depth in squad.
  • They would even follow us around during breaks to see how we interacted.
  • I am so tired of the Media handling these folks as if they are going to Break.
  • I could do more with breaks between.
  • A full 20 minutes went by before the players sat for the changeover, Federer 3-0 up, and Ferrer now 0/6 on break points.
  • So be honest with yourself about breaks.
  • After the first year had engine oil leak, followed by break lights failing and constant rattle in drivers door.
  • Kane scores a nearfall as we come back from break.

"across border" or "of border"?

  • Our goal is to provide affordable and relevant mobile communication solutions across borders.
  • Commission to establish a system of border observers.
  • But when they start taking POLITICAL stances in border conflicts, calling for boycotts, opposing pipelines or mining projects.
  • Only in exceptional cases may visas be issued at border crossing points.
  • So much for border security wrt hazardous goods.
  • It shows us that we do live in a world without borders now, this is actual proof of that.
  • Our expertise goes beyond borders.
  • Farmer Durul Huda, 52, was shot dead by BSF along Ajmatpur border at Shibganj in Chapainawabganj on May 16, when he went to work on his rice field near border pillar number 181.
  • He did a song with General B about his incarceration and followed that with Border Clash.

of, on, for, by or to bike?

  • Cafe Racer refers to both a type of bike and their drivers.
  • I traveled 1500 kms in monsoon but on bike.
  • The AMA schedule leaves plenty of time for bike riding and such.
  • The Fort Charles Beach is within walking distance (15 min) or 5 min by bike.
  • Many cities are also are flatter and more suited to bikes.
  • My bf knows a lot about bikes and fixing.
  • His interest in bikes started at a young age.
  • I became obsessed with bike riding.
  • There are many electrolyte supplements sold at bike shops.
  • If I have time, I like to have an hour's gentle cycle rather than full day off bike.

"for breakfast" or "after breakfast"?

  • The man eats children for breakfast.
  • After breakfast, rest of the day at leisure.
  • He came to my table at breakfast with a wide smile.
  • Also, let me just say, I got teased a bit for putting on make-up before breakfast.
  • Wide range of breakfast on offer.
  • Finally I gave up all Coke, only drink water with meals now and milk with breakfast.
  • During breakfast the Dragon Fly challenge winners were announced, unfortunately my group didn't win.
  • Shaw? Shakespeare is not big on breakfast openings, but other playwrights of talent have not disdained them.
  • Give us something to read over breakfast.
  • Bought a two night package including breakfast, food and drink voucher, and wi-fi in room.

"to bottom" or "at bottom"?

  • List the cards from top to bottom.
  • I love my lover truly deeply from bottom of my heart.
  • The other thing I find very amusing is the etiquette of bottom sniffing.
  • A mouth on bottom (oral) surface and anus on the upper (aboral) surface of your body.
  • The scale of land acquisitions can at best be expressed as a range between bottom and top-end figures.
  • After all the fanfare about air tickets our boys have been humbled by bottom of the table Bandari.
  • The majority are caught with bottom trawls, which result in accidental catches and significant damage to the seafloor.

"of banking" or "in banking"?

  • The moral of the story is there are no good guys in banking.
  • Go to Banking and General Ledger.
  • Consequently, the branch network for banking services is considerably larger than the network of bank branches.
  • Hollande wants to focus on banking union and supervision, getting the thing up and running as fast as possible.
  • She knows nothing about banking or money either.
  • The meeting will see heated debate on issues such as banking union and eurozone budgets.
  • Crapo is no friend of hardworking everyday Idahoans, he is a career politician whose political career is funded by Banking and Wall Street sources.
  • Home Remittances have grown at an average rate of around 20% in the last few years with banking sector contributing around 89% of the inflows.

of, with, for, in or about beer?

  • No, let's bet a night of beers.
  • Their assorted tapas are great with beer as well.
  • We had two 1 hour sessions with a break for beer, wine and.
  • Being soaked in beer was a small price to pay for an amazing experience.
  • We'll tell you everything you need to know about beer, but some knowledge about it is useful.
  • Not only did The Other Side Cafe deliver on decor, it also delivered on beer selection.
  • Do they connect? Did she kill someone she shouldn't have? She prefers red wine to beer, port to red wine.
  • Keep some wine on hand instead of the higher calorie drinks such as beer or martinis.
  • Harp Lager is the only beer I found in the UK that tastes like beer.

of, for, on, to or with bread?

  • They had three loaves of bread.
  • We could put in a level for bread.
  • Hot craklins on bread sure are good.
  • One of the biggest threats to bread is mould.
  • He would then break his fast with bread and dates.
  • Admittedly, some foods like cereals and olives are wind pollinated but, much as I love them, I certainly can't live by bread and olives alone.
  • The neighborhood smells like bread most of the time.
  • And then there's plenty about bread we should be wary of.
  • Base snacks on tasty and nutritious foods such as breads, cereals,.
  • Afterwards there was Blue Moon beer and chili in bread bowls.

At, of, in, from or with bay?

  • As for my other exes, I keep them at bay.
  • Thomas O'Reilly, of Bay 5, Kilbarry.
  • The second was unveiled during a ceremony in Bay de Verde on Nov.
  • Baywatch -- The 8km (5-mile) trip from Bay St.
  • The cars are open-plan, with bays of seats either side of the aisle.
  • In some cases, such as bay window or closet areas, it may be necessary to reverse directions or back-fill an area.
  • It stands for bay breezes, beautiful blondes, fitness, beer gardens, footballers, four-wheel-drives, hyphenated surnames, optimism and the free market.
  • Catharines, Sarnia, Tilbury, Toronto Atrium on Bay and Windsor Park.
  • I have some distance from this despite spending a lot of time round Bay Area " libertarians " and " liberals ", folk close to things.
  • In 1898, she moved to Bay City, Michigan from San Antonio, Texas.

"of block" or "in block"?

  • The Indian jungle is made out of blocks.
  • I have a season ticket in block 18.
  • Note that you must replace with block code provided by Google.
  • An overall tip about Venice: bring small lugagge for blocks.
  • Meals are also divided into blocks and essentially the same foods are eaten throughout the diet.
  • Con: It will invariably just end up on blocks in one of our front yards.
  • The principle of letting go of your inner critic is valuable - especially if you're prone to blocks.
  • Instead, what you will want to do is get them something that they need, such as blocks or learning toys.
  • A peak gust of 130 mph was reported at Block Island, Rhode Island, while gusts of 100 to 125 mph occurred over much of the rest of the affected area.
  • It is my goal to continue to build community support block by block.

of, for, with, between or by breath?

  • For Olsen it's a unit of breath.
  • She did sweat and was struggling for breath.
  • And we will all wait (with breath unbated) for Warren to screw up big time.
  • They were not painted by color, but by blood, by breath -- his heartbeat is there.
  • The remainder of the alcohol is eliminated through excretion of alcohol in breath, urine, sweat, feces, milk and saliva.
  • However, white easy all over breath more violent, careful more powerful, it is like a swire fierce beast general, dangers are almost the condensed essence.
  • Body Language Body language is possibly the most talked about aspect of dating second probably only to breath mints.

"of bottle", "in bottle" or "per bottle"?

  • There were a large number of bottles in the 30-40 euro range that were really nice.
  • They put water from the river in bottles to save it.
  • So, it gives only 25 kcal per bottle.
  • To save on bottle washing, you may want to buy more bottles.
  • Bowl with bottles full of open soda 253.
  • Lazio 2010-2011: 5 th; Coach: Edy Reja Lazio went close to nicking the Champions League spot last season, only to bottle it in the spring as the quality gap in the squad finally took its toll.
  • So another $87 for bottles of bleach and another bottle of wine of course.
  • They have a fabulous section where one can get a variety of olive oils decanted into bottles.
  • Babys go through bottles fast and you don't want (nor will you have the time) to be sterilizing bottles all day.

of, on, in, with or for battery?

  • Essentially it is stuck out of battery.
  • Use plug-in appliances instead of those that operate on batteries.
  • A 3,000-flag memorial in Battery Park.
  • Watch each app you side load for possible issues with battery drainage.
  • For battery life much worse than an Iphone.
  • Electricity from battery is only being used as a catalyst to facilitate separation of hydrogen from water.
  • Capacitors are much like batteries.
  • People have suggested their own theories about battery problems.
  • If you fancy an electric Citroen 2CV, it will convert a standard model to battery power for you.

"of bridge" or "under bridge"?

  • The partner was also mother of Bridge's son.
  • Mr Cook has shown unequivocally you all up for the ugly under bridge dwellers you are.
  • The damage to bridges made much of the road system inaccessible.
  • I'd very happy knowing I have Bridge, Flash, SMS over Bridge, and a couple other things I can do with the Playbook.
  • Nendrum Monastic Site is a beautiful island accessible by bridges, with dry stone walls, heavenly views and a guide &; site display.
  • For Bridge, the early start means that the 2009 is, he says, maybe bit more old fashioned, with its big brooding tannins and muscular fruit.
  • On bridges, it will be approximately 1.
  • At bridge 9, when you are still in open country, a sign instructs boats over 45ft to wind.
  • You can also get electrocuted if you fly a kite or dangle things from bridges near the overhead power lines.
  • But my spasmodic, lukewarm association with bridge or canasta in previous years had brought me little joy and my part- ners much pain.

of, over, about, from or in burden?

  • And no bearer of burdens will bear the burden of another.
  • Part of the argument is over burden of production.

of, for, to, with or about breast?

  • We must be very aware of breast cancer.
  • Major breakthrough in the cure for breast cancer.
  • The same must apply to breast cancer.
  • My Mom was dying with breast cancar.
  • I, as a man, haven't thought much about breast cancer.
  • Two years before my mother died, her sister Anne also died from breast cancer.
  • Traces have also been found in breast milk, the blood of pregnant women and umbilical cord blood.
  • I watched my grandmother suffer through breast cancer and found this whole thing to be in poor taste.
  • The aim of the NBCAM from the beginning was to promote mammography as the most effective weapon against breast cancer.
  • Shen's human science and technology on breast tumor.

of, for, by, to or with bird?

  • You can see lots of birds along the way.
  • Manu is a paradise for bird watching.
  • It is a natural urge, which is manifested even by birds.
  • Don't try to catch or obstruct to birds on the way.
  • Every morning it is a new experience with birds of different shades and colors singing away on tree tops.
  • As early Chinese reflected, much can be learned indeed from bird tracks.
  • If people leave food in bird feeders, bears will find it.
  • Especially in Africa and India, animals which feed on bird eggs are legion.
  • Learned more about birds I never knew! Best field trip ever!!! LOL Thank you for a great birthday.
  • It was a dark creature, with a mouth looking like bird's beak.

of, with, from, for or in branch?

  • Noting of closing and opening of branches 61.
  • A new trail connects the Zouaves monument with Branch Avenue.
  • Even I didn't feel too nervous watching them attempt to go from branch to branch.
  • One effective strategy was for branch managers to spend five minutes during each morning's daily meeting focusing on the key drivers of their customers ' engagement.
  • Animals hide in shells, trees pull in branches, and grass retracts into the soilless ground.
  • The deeper a discussion gets on Branch, I feel like the less ego is apparent.
  • Even I didn't feel too nervous watching them attempt to go from branch to branch.
  • Like branches of a tree we grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.
  • In terms of individual counties, the range goes from Kilkenny with a population of over 3,400 per branch to Leitrim with a population per branch of approximately a third of that figure.
  • Then, branch by branch, the ornaments filled up the giant Scotch Pine.

of, in, with, on or for bond?

  • Procedure on forfeiture of bond 514.
  • Another odd development is the action in bonds.
  • So, where do I begin? With Bond, of course.
  • She bought the tiered back garment made with Chantilly lace and appliqui work from Anne Corbett on Bond Street in Leeds.
  • What's next for Bond? Well we'll find out on October 26, but until then happy.
  • CHAPTER XLII PROVISIONS AS TO BONDS Deposit instead of recognizance 513.
  • A new biography of the star has uncovered a letter from Bond mastermind Albert R.
  • You have been piling into bonds, gold, and dividend funds.
  • But I don't know if I'd be any good as Bond.
  • There is increase in the distance between bond pairs since they are now closer to ligand atoms.

"of bonus" or "in bonus"?

  • This kind of bonus is not credited automatically.
  • More than $56 million in bonuses was handed out.
  • The more episodes each viewer watched, the more they were rewarded with bonus content.
  • Teachers worked through the 2011-12 academic year to earn a share of the money; an estimated 85 percent of teachers qualified for bonuses averaging $2,000.
  • Also, IHG Priority Club Rewards counts all points as elite qualifying, including bonus points, while Hilton HHonors counts base points only toward elite status.
  • The instant you finish signing up for the site of the online casino, you will get the sign up bonus.
  • Following the intuition that one day their remote location would be a sought after bonus, Claude and Petra ploughed on and set themselves up anyway.

of, For, into, to or from being?

  • Gandhi with the PM of being virtuous.
  • Kudos for being chosen for the article.
  • But the process that brings such into being must be managed by someone.
  • Meanwhile Australia slips closer to being third world.
  • This is far from being the case.
  • It's about being ' control freaks ' in my opinion.
  • It would be referred to as an exo-planet by beings outside the solar system.
  • The outstanding physicians named fasting as being; the medicine for the 21st century.
  • There are some great academics out there but, like anything else, there are those who could do with being ' let go '.
  • At least Rudd's Labor Party, and The Greens are intent on being active in the fight against Climate Change - whereas Abbott is on record for saying ' Climate Change is crap '.

of, with, in, for or to bone?

  • Oh Mitch, you old bag of bones.
  • Cut The chicken into your required pieces, (either boneless or With Bone, like Leg Piece).
  • It also plays an essential role in bone formation.
  • Calcium is important for bones.
  • Tendons Fibrous bands, one at each end of a muscle, that connect the muscle to bones.
  • Simply put, acids burn tissue(ulcers) and leach out calcium from bone inorder to buffer the acicity (think osteoporosis).
  • I think Silva would struggle against Bones purely because of that reach advantage.
  • Specialised stem cells extracted from fat and umbilical cord tissue have the ability to differentiate into bone, tendon, muscle and even nerves.
  • Resveratrol also stimulates osteogenesis which indicates an effect on bone biology.
  • Everything is laid out in its correct place and you go through it bone by bone.