Prepositions before Nouns

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of, for, with, to or in family?

  • A relaxing day of family, friends,.
  • Location for Families and pet ie.
  • He is shaking hands with family members.
  • Workers reach out to families of martyrs.
  • They sometimes travel in family groups.
  • Think of pictures from family or friends.
  • Moreover, they will be shunned by family and friends.
  • Jie ethnicity on family issues, historical records are rare.
  • To talk about family values together.
  • As a judge, I've worked in criminal and civil matters, as well as family law.

"of food" or "for food"?

  • We made a lot of food that week.
  • The immediate need was for food.
  • I remember the part in Food, Inc.
  • Store up on food, fuel, and ammo.
  • Talk turned to food, as it often does.
  • They came with foods such as coco.
  • Please be more specific about food.
  • Watch this video from Food, Inc.
  • There are bathrooms on each bus as well as food and drink service.
  • I would go for days without food.

"in form" or "of form"?

  • But by 2005, he was back in form.
  • He has been out of form for so long.
  • If you are not on form you will get beaten.
  • It is typical for Form 990 to be filed in the year following its form date.
  • He says he arrives in Christchurch with form.
  • You need to enter data into forms, you hit submit, and there you go, your ad is placed.
  • Biomass refers to forms of living matter (e.
  • It's more about form, and how much you can twist the form to fit what you can into it.
  • Chi-kwong studied Physical Education in the College of Education after Form Six.
  • Form 22(E4) also has a filing fee of 15 and is accompanied by Form 23 (E4) which has no fee.

of, in, to, on or for film?

  • Great piece of film production.
  • I can't see you doing this in film or literature.
  • I managed to film a section of it.
  • Atonement is pure poetry on film.
  • I am desperately waiting for films like KKL and Bol.
  • Diaz-Abaya left us with films that matter.
  • I come here to hear what you think about film.
  • I looked at films and photographs again and again.
  • It's usually a couple of weeks after opening, although can change from film to film.
  • Anyway, its great that you're into film making as well.

"with friend" or "of friend"?

  • Some are more fun with friends.
  • Shoot close-up faces of friends.
  • The house belonged to friends of friends.
  • We are never unconnected -- from friends, family, work.
  • For friends, families and acquaintances.
  • I have also being advised by friends to stay in the course.
  • Among friends, this is not new.
  • We can also almost instantly share photos between friends and family members.
  • Come alone if you are new in town or short on friends.
  • He also learned through friends how to change a tire.

"to face" or "at face"?

  • Aaradhya is not intimidated to faces.
  • They can not be taken at face value.
  • Let F=f-1 be the new number of faces.
  • She is severely injured on face and all.
  • RTA will never issue a drivers licence with face fully covered.
  • Cause the Cannon Law is talking about face to face confession.
  • This means I have no way of selling them on for face value.
  • The canoe was in face in a car park.
  • Yesterday, the Judge carlos Alexandre, sent all the arguidos from Face Oculta, for Court trial, without erasing a single crime.
  • Steve Lee noticed that the security images and video he'd recorded had strange streaks of light across them and even what looked like faces in others.

of, to, by, for or with father?

  • Average age of fathers in Australia now 32.
  • We call him to father of modern photography.
  • The order was started in 1981 by Father Richard Ho.
  • The voting was unanimous -- everyone's vote was for Father Colin.
  • American writer best known for his autobiographical Life with Father (1935) and Life with Mother (published 1937).
  • Nana was a product of the times; property handed from father to husband.
  • Brooke was a stunning bride and we'll never forget the moments had between father and daughter on their special day.
  • Spending our hard earned money like father Xmas and bragging about.
  • He is such a hands on father and a caring husband.
  • He is mother as well as father.

"of field" or "in field"?

  • And we're talking about a subset of fields.
  • There were cows in fields with an inch of ice on them.
  • On paper, India is ahead but on field, Pakistan is ahead.
  • It's a rare historical role for Field.
  • First, IFs vary heavily from field to field.
  • Participation in tertiary education by field of study and gender in 2006 Figure 33.
  • First, IFs vary heavily from field to field.
  • This meant constant snap searches and we even saw a ferret hiding in the trees with field glasses.
  • LG Optimus G supports near field communication technology that is NFC.
  • It was roaming through fields at the back of his house alongside the M42 motorway.

of, in, by, on or to faith?

  • But we took that step of faith.
  • I am forced to live life in faith.
  • Let us seek Him often by faith.
  • String theory's not mere confabulation based on faith.
  • Proof of God is irrelevant to faith.
  • To engage God we must do so through faith.
  • When the Sutra was spoken, the sixteen Bodhisattva Shramaneras all received it with faith.
  • This is a deeply spiritual song about faith, loss, grace, and love.
  • Karl Barth himself repudiated all claims of human knowledge for faith.
  • Without faith their life is in reality a death.

of, in, into, by or with force?

  • You may not like that kind of force.
  • An in force illustration would help.
  • The Act came into force in 1965.
  • We will not be manipulated by force.
  • His head struck the tarmac with force.
  • One result was the remarkable increase in power not only for operations afloat but in attack against forces ashore.
  • In the Second World War almost complete support for forces overseas had been provided from the continental United States.
  • I lost data on force recheck? Force recheck discards all incomplete pieces.
  • A national history of wars and a culture of settling conflict through force also maintain it.
  • Instead we are deemed subject to forces beyond our control, mere organic matter caught on the wind of physical laws.

"of freedom" or "to freedom"?

  • These are the enemies of Freedom.
  • A right to freedome of religion.
  • As for freedom - nothing compares.
  • Our country was founded on Freedom.
  • Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself.
  • Talk to young people about freedom.
  • Public education is inconsistent with freedom and responsibility.
  • Legislation frequently affects rights such as freedom of thought and expression and the enjoyment of property.
  • There is no tradeoff between freedom and security.
  • A rep from Lendsmart was there but no one from Freedom Mortgage.

"of football" or "in football"?

  • A global panel of football writers.
  • In football, the ball is round.
  • He is passionate about football.
  • It was a new stage for football sport.
  • I hate what they are doing to football.
  • Former NFL player Herschel Walker didn't slow down much when he retired from football.
  • He has played in almost every position on football field.
  • This has everything to do with football.
  • It seems that footballers sex lives are the apotheosis of your moral reasoning.
  • But a lot of voters are simply like football fans; they support their team no matter what.

"on fire" or "of fire"?

  • Hardly setting the world on fire.
  • Alcohol is a possible cause of fire.
  • Some need the landscape to be cleansed by fire.
  • Read stories of courage under fire.
  • Nigeria government is playing with fire.
  • Kitchen -The kitchen must be situated in fire angle, i.
  • For fire damage, water damage,.
  • And He created Jinn from fire free of smoke.
  • Like fire it fills you and warms from within.
  • Look, I understand about fire codes and seating capacity, but this was a miserable experience.

"of floor" or "on floor"?

  • You're not supposed to walk on that type of floor in high heels.
  • We slept on floors and ate chips.
  • At short intervals along the moving catwalk, wide transparent tubes led down to floor level.
  • So lets say theres 15 units per floor, 450 total units.
  • There should be no draughts at floor level.
  • Go inside the lift and hit the button for floor 6.
  • The Superior rooms in the hotel run from floors 3-6 and the Deluxe rooms from floors 6-9.
  • The changing rooms had under floor heating and you did not need to rake around to find 1 for the locker.
  • Just moments after the weekly Friday morning drill, wardens were asked to evacuate floor by floor.
  • I have experience in hard work, specifically in floor laying as carpet, pvc and laminated floor.

"of failure" or "for failure"?

  • A sense of failure descended upon me.
  • That is a sure formula for failure.
  • Everyone goes to failure on every set.
  • Many schools suffer in failure or neglect.
  • There are critically important lessons to be learned from failures.
  • Unfortunately however, not everybody can deal with failure.
  • He pleaded guilty to three charges including failure to ensure the safety of his employees or to maintain equipment in an efficient state.
  • Wealth built from choosing smart investments is often lost by failure to manage risk.
  • Positive thinking: Do not dwell on failures and reward yourself for your successes.
  • You can not have success without failure.

"of focus" or "in focus"?

  • You could call it a lack of focus.
  • It just needs a small change in focus.
  • The season is starting to come into focus.
  • With focus to detail even the buttons show the skull motif.
  • Up to us to focus on the one that go with us and ignore the rest.
  • Metlink's Network Revenue Protection report provides some interesting findings based on focus group research.
  • This year was about focus, finding my place in the world.
  • We should certainly not jettison the current preference for focus on pressing particular issues.
  • The ball was speeding and spiralling towards me, but it seemed in slow motion as everything else around me disappeared from focus.
  • For bike sporting buffs, brands like Focus bikes can prove to be ideal.

of, in, without, with or by fear?

  • My point, the tag of fear aside.
  • People here don't live in fear.
  • They shared their stories without fear.
  • I just felt overwhelmed with fear.
  • The fishermen were stuck by fear.
  • We must Clean Our Act Up -- but not for fear.
  • We yearned to keep you safe and free from fear.
  • Never capitalize on fear and yearning.
  • Discipline was not simply kept up through fear.
  • The other appeared to develop leukaemia, leading to fears that viral vectors may cause cancer.

in, of, For, about or near future?

  • Will u use it more in future? 6.
  • Hope comes from a sense of future.
  • For future in the past, there are two formations:nnn1.
  • Surely it is logical that one thinks about future and has a desire to put a cushion for the older age times.
  • In the very near future, coral reefs will disappear.
  • John, wow what a spin out for you and what a threading of past to present, to future.
  • In respect of the Contracts for Differences on futures in approach of the expiry date of the underlying asset the transactions are executed in the? close only? way.

"of feeling", "to feeling" or "with feeling"?

  • But it was a different kind of feeling.
  • Make reference to feelings concerning procuring a location involving solaris clothing.
  • And refrain fromevil deeds, with feelings of distaste for them.
  • It is about feelings and stories.
  • I think everybody need music and without it, he/she will be like a robot (without feelings).
  • It filled the void of love in her life but was followed by feelings of guilt.
  • Know Why You Want to Have Sex When hormones are raging it is very easy to confuse lustful urges for feelings of true love.
  • Anava Mala wraps us in feelings of unworthiness.
  • Because there is no commitment or responsibility, one is free from feelings of hurt, pain, etc.
  • The emphasis here is on feeling.

"of factor" or "to factor"?

  • This was due to number of factors.
  • You'll also need to factor in inflation.
  • After all, this has a direct impact on factors such as style, price and more.
  • But, of course, our tastes are constructed by factors beyond the happenstance of our youthful viewing.
  • I would look at factors such as when the stock was last ordered, what it was used for and how often it was used.
  • A millisecond later, a useful thought comes to mind: perhaps Adam thinks that the test schedule arises from factors that are fully within my control.
  • Victimization most often occurs in combination with factors like substance abuse, conflicted social relationships, poverty, and homelessness.
  • This is more complex, far less controllable, far more varied in factors involved, far more susceptible to misunderstanding.
  • Last week the two ended up kissing in front of housemates and their relationship became hot gossip in the x factor house.

"of file" or "on file"?

  • This is often good volume of files, www.
  • Only edited, altered copies are on file.
  • This procedure is often used for file downloads.
  • Go to File Binder (if you need).
  • We just store the data in files.
  • IF attainable Switch Absent from file sharing attribute.
  • Apache allows types to be associated with file extensions in.
  • The location type in the URL Attribute (such as File, http or CID) defines the submission method.
  • You can also sort all of your files by file type (movie, TV show, song.
  • So they start with the low-level stuff like files on government ministers, illegal phone taps.

"of fashion" or "in fashion"?

  • Be aware of fashion statements.
  • I love moving in fashion circles.
  • She has a passion for fashion and.
  • For example, you need to learn more about fashion.
  • I have stopped flirting with fashion.
  • It needs to come back into fashion -- fast.
  • I've also done some work experience on fashion shoots.
  • But this happens before they show at Fashion Week.
  • Ditto has been embraced by fashion designers including Jean-Paul Gaultier (she modelled his S/S.
  • I often seek advice from fashion designer friends too.

in, of, to, with or below figure?

  • Look at the chords in Figure 2.
  • The drawing is unfinished, with a number of figures still in pencil outline.
  • They simply host your site and the rest is up to you to figure out.
  • ACCOUNTANTS are good with figures.
  • You should see a dropdown as shown in the below figure.
  • Take a look at figure 9 to see the whole course of our down wind run.
  • Dwindling respect for figures of authority.
  • Rewrite each scale from Figure 2.
  • Your graph should now look like Figure 6.
  • These depended on figures gathered by geographical area.

of, for, in, with or at function?

  • HTML tags have a lot of functions.
  • Normal bookings are for vacation purposes and special permission must be obtained for function.
  • They also vary in function within a company.
  • The festive season is booked solid with functions, friends and family expectations.
  • Have noticed that she is no longer accompanying John Baird at functions.
  • Things that were rough in my experience usually were not related to function, but to speed.
  • This helps the AR to regulate and direct the development of male sexual characteristics as well as functions in both males and females such as hair growth and sex drive.
  • I can see how grouping by function would make *great* sense.
  • My father-in-law rants about function being the only necessity.

"on foot" or "of foot"?

  • Correct: I go to school on foot.
  • Just a burst of foot-in-mouth syndrome.
  • I know how hard it is to foot the bills.
  • Incorrect: I go to school by foot.
  • Stand with feet hip width apart.
  • Rain measured in feet, not inches.
  • The polytheists rushed at him so wildly as if to crush him under feet.
  • The statue measures almost one-hundred and twenty feet from foot to crown.
  • We've over 3,000 meters more to climb and that will be at foot.
  • A few hours later and we were climbing around the boat, clawing for foot and hand holds.

"of forum", "in forum" or "on forum"?

  • You have to be an active member of forum.
  • This does not mean posting spam in forums.
  • If you post on forums, your website's URL should be in your signature.
  • You need to participate to forum.
  • However, the following things are possible: Forum links: If you had the habit of creating backlinks via forum signatures, it is probably time to change or remove them.
  • Now, let's talk a little bit about forum marketing.
  • Look for forum threads on this topic.
  • I think some comment-type things work really well -- like forums on enthusiast sites.
  • When I first started out, I did a lot of the grass roots type of marketing such as forum chats, posting on others blogs.
  • However, this does not mean that links from forums are bad.

"of fuel" or "to fuel"?

  • Soon afterwards, they ran out of fuel.
  • Fifthly, China needs huge energy resources to fuel her growth.
  • They do not use petrol or diesel for fuel.
  • It does seem heavy on fuel (petrol 2.
  • Increases in fuel costs translates into fewer car purchases.
  • If you are concerned with fuel economy, the minivan is the better option.
  • Took it into main dealer, glow plugs replaced, fuel pump replaced, they traced air entering into fuel lines hence diluting the mixture.
  • The electricity that is produced by fuel cells then powers an electric motor that, in turn, drives the wheels on the car.
  • You get double points for motoring purchases including fuel -- even fuel bought at supermarket filling stations.
  • Meanwhile, the costs of key inputs like fuel, fertiliser, machinery and labour have not stayed where they were quarter of a century ago.

of, with, in, for or on feature?

  • It's huge and has lots of features.
  • Still new-ish -- pack it with features.
  • Both units are identical in features and power output.
  • One of the most asked for features is also included, the ability to use native Android widgets (yay!).
  • They will have to win on features and integration -- so they are pretty much doomed.
  • I would in no way want to see an end to features like it on the Quietus.
  • Where do you look for information about features that are going to be written? This is a short, and by no means exhaustive guide based on my own experience.

of, in, for, to or on flight?

  • Mechanics of Flight, Planetarium, Artificial Crystals.
  • For example, pilots can practice in flight simulators.
  • I feel sorry for flight attendants.
  • V and I was promoted to Flight Commander.
  • The rest of your budget could go on flights.
  • There will be operating aircraft carrier with flight simulations between 11 a.
  • It's also available at Lenpui Airport, for tourists arriving by flight.
  • The first news about the Su-35 deal did not come from Flight Global, this one did.
  • Around 875 in February or April, including flights.
  • The company said that over 530 passengers have already signed up for the journey, at the cost of $200,000 per person per flight.

"of fan", "for fan" or "to fan"?

  • They like WG think of fans too.
  • It is not helpful for fans to attack one another.
  • Ingwe Fan wishes to pose a question to fans.
  • The area was robust with fans of various ages and ethnicity.
  • The air is conditioned by fans and sea breezes.
  • Kroll itself has received lots of flak from fans, but.
  • Stalkers wako but I regard them as fans.
  • The decision led to immediate uproar among fans, media, and pretty much everyone who follows the NFL.
  • So what do you have to do if your page lags in fans and interactions? How do you create a Likable fan page? Here's some points for you to check.
  • And as for your view on Fan fic? You 'll.

"of fee" or "in fee"?

  • For a current list of fees for services, click here.
  • The more you pay in fees the less money you are going to have in your account.
  • You may qualify for fee reduction if you meet certain criteria.
  • A signing on fee and a hike in wages.
  • These other, more tangible, ingredients are certainly things you can directly relate to fees.
  • The firm covers only a quarter of its costs with fees from clients.
  • This guide will tell you about fees for universities in Hong Kong, admission requirements, and the application process.
  • Expenses such as utility bills and back-to-school costs such as fees and uniforms need to be factored into your overall budget.
  • New applications received on or after November 5, 2011, will be returned to the applicant, including fees.

of, in, to, into or for fight?

  • An optimist you are, with plenty of fight.
  • If U r a man you will involve in fights &; arguments in the family or Vice-versa.
  • The Way To Fight is another Miike gem that.
  • We get into fights, it gets personal.
  • This is one of the goals of the religious aspect of Holy Struggle and the leave for fight.
  • Langdon was better and better, fight after fight and beat some Top 10 fighters and had strong showings against other tough fighters.
  • Set in New York, the film is packed with fight scenes and bloodsuckers.
  • Keep it about this fight and not others -- One mistake people make when they get into fights is that they bring up past fights and arguments to prove their point.

"of funding" or "for funding"?

  • They are a big source of funding.
  • The contest for funding closes on 14th October.
  • The project has received over 500,000 in funding from the AHRC in Britain.
  • It was established in June 2001 with funding from the World Bank.
  • This situation will not improve due to funding cuts to public libraries.
  • The year 2011 brought pressures on funding, and the familiar need to achieve more with less.
  • The success of elite sport is about funding, about money.
  • But by funding elections as we do, we have made Olson's problem fatal.
  • That was enough to get him cut off from funding for life.
  • While part of that is achieved through funding, the balance is accomplished through support.

"of feedback" or "for feedback"?

  • She is open to all kinds of feedback.
  • I wait for feedback from clients.
  • According to feedback from participants, this was.
  • The band exit the stage, leaving their devices rumbling and hissing with feedback.
  • Based on feedback from our customers, we know what kind of information is important.
  • I suggest that you break out of the box that you are in, adopt engineer/scientist-like objectivity and learn about feedback.
  • I have never posted a comment before, but since you seem really interested in feedback on this issue I thought I would chip in my two cents.
  • In any process effective complexity builds up through feedback loops, more than just bulk storage.
  • The equations can be relatively simple but via feedback generate complex output built up over a number of iterations.

of, on, to, without or Up foundation?

  • Each generation lays piece of foundation for the next to build on.
  • On Balboa Island, part of Newport Beach, California, homes are being built on foundations 3 feet higher than in the past.
  • Cultural Commission which gave specific attention to foundations.
  • Nimmo-Smith and Friel found this allegation to be entirely without foundation.
  • Since launching in December 2009, the MLSE Team Up Foundation has invested more than $6.
  • I sweat way too much for foundation and the whole nine.
  • The report examines historical trends, describes strategies used by foundations to cope with depleted assets, and presents projections through 2015.
  • Find people at all levels from Foundation training up to consultant level and get them to share their experiences with you.
  • She has done a lot of work with kids and in foundations.
  • He has 50 years experience with the design of instruments and monitoring programme for a large variety of projects including foundations, excavations, tunnels, dams, offshore structures and bridges.

of, in, to, for or by fall?

  • Since we're on the subject of fall.
  • Ramanujam is visiting the USA in Fall 2012.
  • Most TBIs were due to falls (37.
  • The deadline for Fall 2012 semester has passed.
  • By fall 2010, the program will have allotted some 27,000 acres (10,927 ha) to 21,000 families.
  • A soft mat or two might also be useful for preventing injury from falls inside the playhouse.
  • Right? Those are the things everyone likes about fall.
  • Sauted in a little butter, it tastes just like fall.

of, for, in, on or with flow?

  • The importance of flow in the river ritual is obvious.
  • They go to the shop floor everyday and look for flow, essentially how smoothly (or not) the business is running.
  • A mere increase in flows of capital to developing countries will not necessarily contribute to development.
  • We would replace corporation tax and capital gains tax with a tax on flows of income.
  • At that point I gave up, and just decided to go with flow, and not worry about it.
  • Looktong also advised local producers to look at Flow for local production.
  • Bramble Airport, the remnants of which were buried by flows from volcanic activity on February 11, 2010.
  • The conceptual link between flow and physical health is also evident in the fact that Rwandan sorcery often targets the flows of bodily fluids (blood, fertility fluids) in magical attacks.
  • This is one of the major oil company approved Hotels which is used for over flow from the camps and we had a look at the bar and lobby which look ok.

"of farm", "to farm" or "on farm"?

  • The addition of farm to the distribution.
  • I'd heading to farms this summer to be educated.
  • Instead they are born to work on farms.
  • Insufficient credit and loan facilities for farmers.
  • A disease may strike separate herds but the approach to its control differs from farm to farm.
  • I'd still involved in farm politics with the IFA and that's important to me.
  • Already we see with farm diesel that government will give subsidies or tax breaks.
  • The first occupation was farming.
  • John was received into the Catholic Church by the Jesuits at Farm Street in London.
  • LGD, Round 1, Group A It was all about farms with Loda's Syllabear free farming at bottom and LGD's Morphling on Mid.

of, for, to, with or in fund?

  • What is meant by ' evidence of funds '? 7.
  • I think the valuation will not be as big of an issue for funds.
  • Management style Management style varies from fund to fund and manager to manager.
  • Markets give the ability of those with funds to exploit their position.
  • It has 500 billion in funds with paid in capital of 80 billion.
  • The target amount I am looking to raise on fund it is 7,000.
  • This project is designed to relieve the 99% of unnecessary and oppressive debt by fund raising to purchase debt around the country and abolishing it.
  • Management style Management style varies from fund to fund and manager to manager.
  • Sorry to talk about fund raising but seriously folks, this charity deserves it.
  • IT IS MY TRUCK!! Anyway what i ended up doing as funds were tight as i had just redone my 96 chev 4x4 front to back inside and outside.

"of forest" or "in forest"?

  • Thomas Phaer of Forest, near Cilgerran.
  • Game day in Forest Grove won't be on ESPN anytime soon.
  • Solid walking shoes and sturdy clothing are ideal for forest walks.
  • Many of the arrangements were sent immediately to Forest Hill Cemetery, the site of the burial.
  • Meat eaters, they hunt snakes, lizards, fish and insects and live at forest edges, in clearings.
  • Game is often sighted and the road features some striking egetation changes ranging from forest, grassland, heath to moorland.
  • Still the modern man is also totally dependent on forests.
  • This sometimes led to disagreement with forest owners -- especially in Europe.
  • Spread over two hillsides in the Beho Beho Mountains and surrounded by forest, Sable Mountain is a beautiful and intimate lodge, deep in the bush.
  • Colourful images that looked like forest.

at, of, without, for or on fault?

  • Those guys are the one at fault.
  • An apology is not admission of fault.
  • Of course the Government is not without fault in this matter.
  • In RAID 5, system will pick one disk for fault tolerant purpose by giving the other two.
  • Depollution faults are caused by: 1).
  • Either by fault or design, the entire continent has for the last fifty years been suffering from a condition famously labeled as the Dutch-disease.
  • It also doesn't make the organization any more immune to faults.
  • It is hard to keep up with faults when your dealing with things like this.

of, in, with, to or for facility?

  • Urban centres must offer a wide range of facilities.
  • Manassas has significant needs in facilities and government.
  • Rooms are functional with facilities of a good quality.
  • At the same time Rugby would enjoy increased funding and access to facilities from National Olympic Committees as an Olympic sport.
  • Benefits for facility care and home care can not be paid at the same time.
  • The report focuses on facilities in California, Texas, Florida, Arizona, Illinois, Alabama, New Jersey and Georgia.
  • Marines will conduct training and exercises from facilities in northern Australia, providing ready access to the South China Sea.
  • We have a full service restaurant offering a tasty choice of healthy food plus facilities to host your child?? s birthday party.

"of festival", "to festival" or "At festival"?

  • A series of festivals varying from race to race are observed here.
  • Turns out he travels around the country in a camper van going to festivals, imagine that! We had words.
  • We thought the bag would be perfect for using at festivals.
  • There are special dishes for festivals and occasions.
  • During festivals, we have invited the children to our house.
  • Currently working on their first album, KAMP! have already demonstrated their skills with the guys having performed in festivals in the UK, the U.
  • Toronto musician Anslem Douglas said he performed a 20-minute set during the carnival and is angry he has yet to receive a cheque or get an update from festival organizers.
  • The coordinated culture is however kept alive by the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission through festivals.
  • The city is busy year round with festivals and events filling the streets and venues to tempt shoppers, foodies, culture vultures and sporting fans.

of, as, by, on or to frame?

  • It was okay but the decrese of frames was there.
  • The source of a WindowEvent shall be a top-level window-container such as Frame.
  • I had to removed fenders, rack and fork leg bottle cages for the next part but depending on frame size and the kind of bike you have it may be less time consuming.
  • I can recall now being so excited that I hadn't even wound the film on properly at the start -- past frame ' 00A ' -- so the first half-shot is wasted.

of, for, by, to or with fraud?

  • This must be the new form of fraud.
  • Boehner should be in jail for fraud.
  • National Popular Vote would limit the benefits to be gained by fraud or voter suppression.
  • This amounts to fraud of immense proportions.
  • These docs are loaned with fraud.
  • I had to tell him that he was involved in fraud of public funds.
  • I have informed the UK Action on Fraud and this in turn notifies the police.
  • Not only will it help with winning elections now, it will offer some protection against fraud from here on out.
  • Then come back and talk to me about fraud and abuse.
  • Legal Requests We cooperate with law enforcement agencies and other third parties to enforce laws, as well as investigate and prosecute unlawful activities such as frauds and scams.

"of fiction" or "in fiction"?

  • That for me is a kind of fiction.
  • Doom is a literal event in fiction.
  • Stoned, you are too stoned to understand fact from fiction.
  • Returning to fiction has been a big high.
  • So there is a fine line between fiction and non-fiction.
  • Much of his work was based on these people and adapted for fiction.
  • But it does n't, because it is based on fiction.
  • I think I'd a frustrated journalist, but journalism seems to be turning more into fiction these days anyway.
  • However, with fiction you are able to use your creativity and imagination more freely and avoid reliving actual traumatic events.

"to flag" or "of flag"?

  • The app even provides a vocal kick up the backside when you start to flag.
  • Certain cities prompt different levels of flag saturation.
  • It needs to be dressed up with flags flying and poppies everywhere.
  • Flag warning of Jellyfish in the water Prevention 1) Look out for flags like the one in the image above.
  • Whatif she be in flags or flitters, reekierags or sundyechosies, with a mint of mines or beggar pinnyweight.
  • He also wondered what would cause behaviour like Flag, Donald and Frank.
  • So you are leaving the cross that you have as flag obeying the power of capital.
  • Traffic will continue to be controlled by flag persons and temporary traffic signals and there will be limited access for traffic travelling through this entire area.

"of firm" or "for firm"?

  • Payment of firm debts and of separate debts 49.
  • This calls for firm, decisive action.
  • They are the most difficult to firm up.
  • Profit-seeking by firms creates wealth, but rent-seeking only redistributes existing wealth.
  • Stay away from firms promising to arrange modifications for $3000 fee.
  • Revocation of continuing guarantee by change in firm 38.
  • A ' sympathetic strike ' was when workers supported striking workers by refusing to deal in any way with firms whose employees were on strike.
  • Similarly, in Japan, wage levels between firms of the same industry are quite close.
  • And the Labour MP demanded a crackdown on firms that cash-in by promoting gangster rap culture.
  • The crisis has not just been about firms failing but about all kinds of corrupt practices followed by the street.

of, for, in, on or from fishing?

  • It? s quite a special way of fishing.
  • Great for fishing groups and diving excursions in the West.
  • The natives are not sincere in fishing out.
  • There is much more information on fishing on the River Tweed.
  • Tracks from fishing cats also dotted the banks of the creek that meandered into the cave? s mouth.
  • Wherever I go I'd always drawn to fishing ports.
  • Remember that marine reserves are all about fishing - no fishing.
  • It should also be noted, that in this particular case, the activities of these so-called fishermen can be hardly described as fishing.
  • You should start by fishing longer every day.
  • Keep reading for easy methods to make your own loved ones memories with fishing.

"of formation" or "in formation"?

  • Certificate of Formation For-profit Corporation.
  • It was inevitable that with a new coach in charge, there would be a change in formation.
  • It is easy to understand that this process will lead to formation of tiny blobs of material which will then congeal into bigger blobs.
  • Anyway, Humayun had a dream for formation of a Trust.
  • Here we show that ethane is converted over a H-MFI zeolite at 510 -- 550 C with formation of such primary products as ethene, hydrogen, methane, and propane.
  • It was a breath-taking display from the Birr contingent covering the years from formation right up to the present day.
  • Upon formation of states, they began having relations with other states both bilaterally and multilaterally.

"in factory" or "of factory"?

  • This was what people who worked in factories said.
  • That is a measure of factory activity.
  • You'll be forced to restore it to factory settings.
  • Owners will not be able to keep the profit from factories.
  • Confirm rebates and be on the seem-out for factory -subsidized lease offers.
  • Ultimately, the inspections at factories were stopped.
  • With exception to a little dust perhaps from the near by factories.
  • Suzuki at least they has show a bike for MGP but WSBK team need help, looks like if ben's return to SBK can be with them with factory support, crescent fixi are doing the things regular.
  • Meters are generally used to monitor the amount of water used by large premises, such as factories and breweries.
  • The scenery outside window changed quickly, and soon the city-scape had been replaced by suburbs, which quickly blurred into factories and finally into farmland.

"of finger" or "with finger"?

  • God has the likeness of fingers and hands and a face.
  • It can be done to apply it in your breasts with fingers.
  • However, not many were willing to finger OBL for money.
  • But the cards kept slipping through fingers damp with sweat.
  • For he it was who decreed that a yard would be the length of his own arm, from finger to nose.
  • They are worn over fingers and are used to tell stories to primary school children.

of, for, in, to or with fitness?

  • That and his chronic lack of fitness.
  • Whey protein is not only for Fitness fanatics and Bodybuilders.
  • It was a team made in fitness heaven.
  • However, the path to fitness does not need to be painful or hard.
  • For more articles about Reebok Shoes with fitness effect at mens resistance runner.
  • Seriously, click on the TV and watch the infomercials talk about fitness and training and diet.
  • If you need something to give you the boost back into fitness then perhaps a fitness boot camp is a good option for you.
  • I've really come to enjoy books about healthier living, from fitness to improving one's food intake (' diet ' is a dirty word!).
  • While time is winding down on Fitness Month, by no means should you slack up on things.
  • Alentus makes no guarantees regarding fitness of the products and services for any particular use or intent.

"of format" or "with format"?

  • There's too much consistency of format.
  • For a Full Fast Facts on Poverty in format: More than one billion people in the world live on less than one dollar a day.
  • I send pegs for format and tone.
  • As chief editor, I was particularly grateful for your prompt response to any queries about format or procedure and also for the speed with which proofs were prepared.
  • Propriety formats are a problem, though software can convert between formats.
  • Tens of thousands of Guitar Pro format files are available on the Internet.
  • As a Microsoft user we knows only to format, copy/paste &; store DATA's within the hard disk.

"of finance", "for finance" or "in finance"?

  • Chair of Finance: I am relieved.
  • And this is the person who wants to be Minister for Finance.
  • The idiots in finance have tried blaming the Euro.
  • On finance issues, Third Way is Wall Street.
  • It's not people's fault that most of them are clueless about finance.
  • According to the memorandum signed by Finance and Economic Planning Minister, Dr.
  • Worst thing is I'd not as involved as I could be due to finances.
  • I actually don't like the word engineering associated with finance at all.
  • Yusuf's fate has changed since then -- in terms of fame as well as finance.
  • It can address any topic -- from finance to history, from current affairs to a scientific discovery.

in, from, of, on or to front?

  • There are only 3 tanks in front.
  • Cover the entire turkey from front to back with bacon.
  • Smithy's has a good atmosphere, but the fundamentals of front of house process are missing.
  • Queen/King poor service, while staking out transit on Front.
  • The green slopes back to front and right to left.
  • I'd running -2degrees at front and may go as far as -2.
  • In eliminating Judah? s line, two sharp curves were created between Front Street and the northern levee.
  • House numbers too, for front and back of house for emergency personnel and family.
  • We are very up front about who we are including doing regular meetings via video chat.

of, by, to, in or with fate?

  • The gears of fate soon began to click.
  • Over time LaBrie found playing the drums to be just as much fun as hockey, but singing was what really got him gassed up! At 16, the drummer's path in life was set for him by fate.
  • Giving thanks to fate directing him here, he had stumbled upon a new assignment.
  • Morpheus sits down in the armchair opposite from Neo Morpheus: Do you believe in fate, Neo? Neo: No.
  • Rendezvous with Fate When Zaynab (A.
  • Endearing, fresh and funny, (500) Days of Summer also offers insights about fate, attraction, infatuation, heartbreak and the perseverance of hope.
  • What this however means is that, in any reality the response of people in authority is not to lie back and wait for fate, but to defend themselves when attacked.
  • There are multiple levels of blame, from government to water companies and from fate to ourselves.

"of formula", "in formula" or "to formula"?

  • I do not use that kind of formula.
  • This has been the case in Formula 1 now for many years, thanks to the efforts of the FIA.
  • I felt terrible the first time we resorted to formula.
  • Instead, supplementing with formula is quickly suggested.
  • F1 Rocks fuses the world's most popular annual sporting series with the most iconic music stars to create a unique experience for Formula One and music fans alike.
  • So, we're going to look mainly at how you decode names and turn them into formulae.
  • The US system is based on formula funding, in which ' clients ' are classified in terms of type of illness, standard interventions for that illness, and associated costs.
  • Hulme's chance came in 1966 after Formula One changed from 1.
  • But Formula Two was still a long step away from Formula One.

on, of, to, like or with facebook?

  • Gerberg on Facebook or myspace.
  • There's no bubble just because of Facebook.
  • G+ culture is different to facebook.
  • And some, like Facebook, I avoid like the plague.
  • You see, it all started with FaceBook.
  • It is a visual designing tool for Facebook fanpages.
  • Conversation from Facebook Trackbacks.
  • You can also find Bangla in facebook.
  • Only 26% have hired via Facebook.
  • Yes, other people work at Facebook who have power.

of, for, on, with or in furniture?

  • Consider the bits of furniture you need to keep.
  • Try looking for furniture pieces that can have multiple uses, as well as those that use proportion and scale to their advantage.
  • Sculptures that run around and jump on furniture.
  • The trailer trailing our car was filled with furniture from the old house.
  • The only catch is that the butt joint isn't used in furniture construction, so perhaps my butt joint test results are not all that relevant.
  • And my natural instinct as an actor is to hang on to things like furniture.
  • Believing this to be due to furniture a transmission, I prefabricated a doctor's soul for him the next day.
  • Bulky Items such as furniture, doors, mattresses etc.
  • Here are some beautiful double sofas from Furniture by Duval.

of, about, for, in or on friendship?

  • It was about friendship, responsibility and sharing.
  • Anyway, you drink for fun, for friendship, for celebrations.
  • Love has its roots in friendship.
  • Now, the last three weeks or so, I got substantial experience on friendship.
  • They should n't, because the feeling of good will is a key to friendship.
  • I was badly hurt and let down by friendships in the past, and I will never be okay with those people again.
  • It is far different from Friendship which should be d rock on building your relationship.
  • Like friendships, mentors and mentees do things together that are fun and engaging.
  • Let ' s i9000 start with friendships first.

"of frequency" or "in frequency"?

  • An absence of frequency selectivity (i.
  • Discovery that the loss in frequency -- the Red Shift -- observed in.
  • We'll get to frequency in a bit, but let's start with volume.
  • My external meter is reading a perfect SWR at Frequency (X).
  • Your bowel can get irritated with the RT and that can cause problems with frequency etc.
  • This is determined by frequency and consciousness.
  • On Frequency This brings us to our discussion of frequency, or how often you train.
  • You won't be able to match up the phase between frequency steps, but you can still get proof of concept.
  • Some people tune into frequency of mystical powers.

"of flesh" or "to flesh"?

  • It smacks of your desire for your pound of flesh.
  • However, as months passed it be- came apparent that the healing process had worked miraculously to obliterate the damage to flesh and bone.
  • The narrative is curiously lacking in flesh and blood human beings; other than Barnes, Sheppard and their companions, there are few people here.
  • On Flesh Tone her collaborators are David Guetta, the Benassi cousins, and a few other Mondrian Sky-Bar-friendly DJs and the hoax is over.
  • Often the cords had cut deeply into flesh, the wounds left untreated.
  • John 6, this chapter we find ourselves so deep in this week, the chapter we have been reading all month at Saint John 's, is not LITERALLY about flesh, or even about bread.
  • We do not war against flesh and blood and our enemies are not the Muslims.

"of fantasy" or "in fantasy"?

  • For now, the attendees of Fantasy Fest can.
  • I got lost in fantasy adventure books -- read all of C.
  • Lovers affair, very filled with fantasy, and that is why I have helped you with your fantasy.
  • To an extent that is true, but not entirely, and it's especially true when it comes to fantasy football.
  • The Lions schedule the rest of the season is extremely fortuitous for fantasy.
  • They are able to identify their purpose and distinguish reality from fantasy.
  • I thereby get caught in the vicious cycle of fantasy, so that when eventually I am released, the grotesque discord between fantasy and reality breaks me down.
  • Why did you decide to place such a strong emphasis on looks? The band is very much about fantasy and escapism.
  • Their off-task thoughts are more focused on the things of everyday life, much less on fantasies, and even less concern, the researchers report.