"to face" or "at face"?

  • Aaradhya is not intimidated to faces.
  • They can not be taken at face value.
  • Let F=f-1 be the new number of faces.
  • She is severely injured on face and all.

"of failure" or "for failure"?

  • A sense of failure descended upon me.
  • That is a sure formula for failure.
  • Everyone goes to failure on every set.
  • Many schools suffer in failure or neglect.

of, in, by, on or to faith?

  • But we took that step of faith.
  • I am forced to live life in faith.
  • Let us seek Him often by faith.
  • String theory's not mere confabulation based on faith.

of, for, with, to or in family?

  • A relaxing day of family, friends,.
  • Location for Families and pet ie.
  • He is shaking hands with family members.
  • Workers reach out to families of martyrs.

of, to, by, for or with father?

  • Average age of fathers in Australia now 32.
  • We call him to father of modern photography.
  • The order was started in 1981 by Father Richard Ho.
  • The voting was unanimous -- everyone's vote was for Father Colin.

"of field" or "in field"?

  • There were cows in fields with an inch of ice on them.
  • On paper, India is ahead but on field, Pakistan is ahead.
  • It's a rare historical role for Field.
  • First, IFs vary heavily from field to field.

of, in, to, on or for film?

  • Great piece of film production.
  • I can't see you doing this in film or literature.
  • I managed to film a section of it.
  • Atonement is pure poetry on film.

"on fire" or "of fire"?

  • Hardly setting the world on fire.
  • Alcohol is a possible cause of fire.
  • Some need the landscape to be cleansed by fire.
  • Read stories of courage under fire.

"of floor" or "on floor"?

  • You're not supposed to walk on that type of floor in high heels.
  • We slept on floors and ate chips.
  • At short intervals along the moving catwalk, wide transparent tubes led down to floor level.
  • So lets say theres 15 units per floor, 450 total units.

"of focus" or "in focus"?

  • You could call it a lack of focus.
  • It just needs a small change in focus.
  • The season is starting to come into focus.
  • With focus to detail even the buttons show the skull motif.

"of food" or "for food"?

  • We made a lot of food that week.
  • The immediate need was for food.
  • I remember the part in Food, Inc.
  • Store up on food, fuel, and ammo.

"of football" or "in football"?

  • A global panel of football writers.
  • In football, the ball is round.
  • He is passionate about football.
  • It was a new stage for football sport.

of, in, into, by or with force?

  • You may not like that kind of force.
  • An in force illustration would help.
  • The Act came into force in 1965.
  • We will not be manipulated by force.

"in form" or "of form"?

  • But by 2005, he was back in form.
  • He has been out of form for so long.
  • If you are not on form you will get beaten.
  • It is typical for Form 990 to be filed in the year following its form date.

"of freedom" or "to freedom"?

  • These are the enemies of Freedom.
  • A right to freedome of religion.
  • As for freedom - nothing compares.
  • Our country was founded on Freedom.

"with friend" or "of friend"?

  • Some are more fun with friends.
  • Shoot close-up faces of friends.
  • The house belonged to friends of friends.
  • We are never unconnected -- from friends, family, work.