Prepositions before Nouns

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of, in, by, to or for government?

  • Take the problem of government pensions.
  • I was in Government at the time.
  • Everything was decided by government quotas.
  • He never caved in to government pressure.
  • Don't wait for government decisions.
  • Corporation to comply with Government policy 6.
  • Create more dependence on government.
  • Now to see action from government.
  • Public office was seen as a shield against government.
  • Faced with the crisis, the coordinating process between governments has failed.

"of game" or "in game"?

  • No-Neck curses his lack of game.
  • And that was the difference in Game 1.
  • His goal per game conceded record was 1.
  • I hope they will step up for game 2.
  • Adding non-game elements to games.
  • For daily opinions, debates and interviews on games you.
  • Their attempt at game design was a total disaster.
  • I must say, I'd getting back on board with Game Center.
  • RSS Archives About Scripted Sequence is all about games.
  • It's me RV2x08 from game master zone.

"in group" or "of group"?

  • Walk in groups or with a trusted adult.
  • From the angle of groups and the whole.
  • We can also offer train-the-trainer courses to groups.
  • Main effects for group and time were determined.
  • They will happen on a group by group basis.
  • Speakers and tour guides can be scheduled to meet with groups.
  • Volunteers, from groups such as Habitat for Humanity, helped repair homes.
  • Form participants into groups of four.
  • The Students-Newman-Keuls test was used to draw a parallel between groups.
  • Wong joined the Shui On Group in 1981.

"of growth" or "for growth"?

  • This is the Government of growth.
  • It was a precondition for growth.
  • That would lead to growth next year.
  • Businesses in growth industries were often at full capacity.
  • And what your attention on growth.
  • With growth rate of a paltry 2.
  • Sad, nobody cares about growth.
  • The use of servers in Japan therefore will also have been boosted by growth in PC sales in 199C.
  • Nevertheless, expectations of assets-buying increase prevented the British pound from growth.
  • But debt management will not automatically translate into growth.

of, for, to, with or On guy?

  • Like, you choose a team of guys.
  • Hair regulations for guys include no hair below collar.
  • I also feel extremely atracted to guys that have sex with another guys.
  • Source(s): Experience with guy.
  • He's quick to jump on guys if they mishandle pucks.
  • Women want to be picked up by guys who are too cool to pick up women.
  • For starting pitching they continue to get results from guys that seem past their peak.
  • I'd talking about guys on the PGA tour, guys in major tournaments and things like that.
  • It's been good to have a look at guys, no doubt.
  • If you are middle class and believe in guys like Ben Stein you are a sucker and need to get educated.

"of girl" or "for girl"?

  • The same seems to ring true of GIRLS.
  • This profession is good especially for girls.
  • When it comes to Girls, we agree on plenty.
  • From a partnership with Girls, Inc.
  • Absolutely, but having a WOC in Girls doesn't make anybody free.
  • If you like girl on girl action, you'll like this place.
  • We'll talk about girls, cars, music.
  • These flat shoes are popular among girls and women of all ages.
  • Boys were throwing pots around at girls.
  • Guys don't like girls who don't do anything.

"of goal", "in goal" or "on goal"?

  • Same amount of goals and assist.
  • He also was in goal when the U.
  • France held them to one shot on goal.
  • Then, Kilkenny struck for goal.
  • Figure 5 Derived priorities with respect to goal.
  • He had few shots at goal but had a good game.
  • Japan won with goals from Kensuke Nagai after 14 minutes.
  • He's left footed, I'd left-footed and I thought that if it was me I'd go across goal to the right.
  • These feelings are translated into goals, action and decisions.
  • Moving towards goals is a real part of living a purposeful life.

"of ground" or "on ground"?

  • The BCCI has opposed it on the most technical of grounds.
  • I still couldn't feel my feet on ground.
  • Imagining space became a way to ground me.
  • There are also lions at ground level.
  • Don't we have enough problems above ground?
  • All pilots must be extremely proficient with ground handling techniques.
  • NRIs are allowed 100 percent FDI in ground handling services.
  • A broken golf buggy, presumably used to get around below ground hints at extent of the corridors.
  • The work needs to be done from ground up.
  • A Hay stack destined for ground cover in new orchards is smouldering after set alight by striking workers.

of, for, in, on or with gas?

  • Do nt worry about the flame of gas.
  • That makes it one of the cheapest places for gas in town.
  • Costs a fortune in gas bills! Mmm, hot showers.
  • Bring in Hazard to play in the hole and we'd be cooking on gas.
  • You ddon'twant to mess with gas.
  • Disposable income from an improved economy is gone to gas.
  • Petrochemicals are formed from gas or petrol and can be toxic to marine life.
  • Allowable shelter costs include the costs of rent or mortgage, taxes, interest, and utilities such as gas, electricity, and water.
  • Some in Axim suspect that the eye problems are caused by gas flaring -- on a clear night the flaring is at times visible from shore.
  • Reduce your household waste: Biogas systems convert organic household waste or manure into gas for cooking and lighting.

"for generation" or "of generation"?

  • For generations, Anderson, Ind.
  • I think the change is one of generations.
  • To generation after generation, they were THE media.
  • There are T-shirts for Adults from Generation 1 up to the recent Movie edition.
  • To generation after generation, they were THE media.
  • These seeds have been passed down by generations.
  • They hadn't migrated in generations.
  • The enthusiastic set of audiences that spanned across generations, queued up outside the venue many hours before the concert.
  • The disconnect between generations may have grown too.
  • The cultural heritage of every country has been handed over through generations and every being identifies himself with this.

"of gift" or "with gift"?

  • They live entirely in an economy of gifts.
  • The house was filled with gifts meant as amends.
  • I bought 11, for gifts from now til Christmas.
  • Few parents, if any, will choose to gift their pride and joy with shares of stock.
  • Witches and broomsticks galore to be had in Gift Shops.
  • You will also be taxed on gifts.
  • BTW, welcome to MR, OscuridadBonita! obsessed2 11-20-2011, 11:21 AM I know about gift cards, i use them for ps3.
  • In carrying out any such plan, the insurer may acquire any shares of its own stock by gift, bequest or purchase.
  • The latest cell phones available in the market during this festival come with various incentives as well as gifts.
  • Sometimes extra income comes from gifts form extra duties.

of, in, with, for or on glass?

  • Before the throne is a sea of glass (4:6).
  • The football field appears to be covered in glass.
  • A young waitress came round with glasses of sherry.
  • In fact I take two; one for metal, one for glass.
  • For most people, that's a huge blessing; typing on glass has never been a joyous activity.
  • Obsidian breaks and chips like glass.
  • Best of all, they pack just 222 calories per glass.
  • Then it was all over, forty five minutes later there would be a Peterson original ready to glass.
  • Some dreams are behind glass on the wall.
  • Using a tube containing a paddle wheel supported by glass rails, Crookes showed that the cathode rays possessed energy and momentum.

"of gold", "in gold" or "for gold"?

  • Returning to the subject of gold.
  • You can't pay your taxes in gold.
  • The other was the prospector for gold.
  • Anything he touched, he thought, would turn to gold.
  • Either way, looks like you came back with GOLD.
  • Now though, he has his eye firmly on gold.
  • That was when dust started turning into gold.
  • GoldMoney buys directly from Gold Bullion Refiners.
  • Entry is by gold coin donation benefiting the Otanewainuku Kiwi trust.
  • Kanna lock already, typical MSM, like Gold 90.

of, in, to, for or with garden?

  • A good pair of garden shears will serve you well for a while.
  • You have great taste, in gardens and flowers.
  • I learned to how to garden real fast.
  • He began playing football for Garden City F.
  • They built four villas -- complete with gardens -- on the roof of the shopping mall.
  • Shared facilities such as gardens, pools, gymnasiums, barbecue areas.
  • THE QUEEN IS BACK The cruise ship Queen Mary 2, pictured right, is expected to dock at Garden Island fleet base at 6.
  • Turning former deserts into gardens of plenty would be yet another project worthy of world-around support.
  • Everything else of importance like garden is situated at the center or at the back of the hotel buildings.
  • She designs gardens and landscapes professionally and is currently working on gardens in France, Ireland, America, Italy and England.

of, to, in, with or by god?

  • It is of God and it is perfect.
  • So I want to say thanks to God.
  • A majority don't believe in God.
  • Let your bond be with God alone.
  • The narrator (Ibn Umar: By God.
  • Yes, for God wants to help you.
  • Possibility is a hint from God.
  • First, the words ' under God '.
  • Nor do we know everything about God.
  • Instead, fix your attention on God.

of, on, to, about or for gender?

  • Thats upbringing and notions of gender self at play.
  • Don't let's split this on gender lines.
  • Read the rest of the definitions- none refer to gender.
  • It is about gender stereotypes, it's also about power.
  • The worst seasons (for gender balance) were 9, 10, 11, 16 and 35.
  • She holds degrees in law and film studies and a PhD in Gender Studies.
  • Roles are defined first by gender.
  • By the time I was 3, I was obsessed with gender.
  • Clearly, more research on the relationship between gender and data-withholding behaviors is warranted.
  • Most of us agree that there are aspects of the world, including gender disparities, that we want to change.

of, as, to, for or from guide?

  • There are plenty of guides in the net.
  • It will also serve as guide to travelers when they travel from one place to another.
  • The most outgoing individual, or the salesperson with a record of outstanding sales, is probably not the one to guide marketing and sales.
  • And we have added a menu at the top right corner for guide and other useful information.
  • Education is needed for all stakeholders in wildlife tourism, from guides to accommodation providers to customers.
  • For more information on guide dogs, fostering a puppy-in-training, etc.
  • It will cost (bookings start at $120 per hour per guide) but we split it between the 5 families.
  • It highlighted a bad habit that I've developed over the years of working with guide dogs.

of, for, to, by or with guest?

  • We had an uncountable amount of guest speakers.
  • Family room, shops, car park are there for guest's.
  • Ratio of staff to guests is nearly 1:1.
  • The other way of domain name marketing is by guest blogging.
  • People are generous, especially with guests.
  • Direct mapping from guests to storage and fibre channel adapters.
  • Write polite but honest reviews in guest books.
  • And what a supremely charming bunch of people they were to have as guests.
  • Others are agreeing on guest quotas.
  • The lounge offers one computer with internet access to guests with a time limit of 30 minutes per guest per day.

"of gun" or "with gun"?

  • Overall acceptance of gun ownership has increased.
  • Take out all of the guys with guns.
  • A lot of teams will make a shooter, a game about guns, and then.
  • Their opinion on guns could affect an election.
  • There is no need for guns, ammo.
  • If more people have access to guns, they are more tempted to have violence on their minds.
  • Once again, at gunpoint, we were forced off the freeway.
  • The spike in gun sales is reminiscent of the boom.
  • This slaughter was caused by gun control.
  • Yes, the Mothers Against Gun frontwoman actually said that and got clean away with it.

"for guidance" or "of guidance"?

  • See links right of page for guidance.
  • It has one world-view, one total framework of guidance.
  • Myal isgiven given greater stress because of its association with guidance and healing.
  • A terrific way to guidance your ultimate multi level markeing journey is by fixing oneself.
  • It's smooth in guidance with almost zero glitches and re-routes.
  • A matter transference teleport without guidance programming could put you.
  • GBH, under guidance form religious masters has designed a Modular Ablution Unit specifically to update utilities currently provided in Mosques.

of, to, in, on or with gdp?

  • As share of GDP, went from 27% to 42%.
  • This results in a boost to GDP.
  • Manufacturing's share in GDP gradually rose from 4.
  • Most peaceful countries allocate 2% to 4% on GDP on defence.
  • These inventories historically have had a negative co-relation with GDP growth.
  • If you find that ESRI or others only want to talk about GDP, they are most assuredly trying to ' spin ' a PR line for the policies Ireland has adopted.
  • The next biggest slice is ' indirect taxes '; which essentially make the difference between GDP at factor cost and GDP at market prices.
  • We need to reduce public debt, which is soaring past the $15 trillion mark (in a $15 trillion economy as measured by GDP).
  • Especially in the last decade, they have pushed for GDP growth based on cheap imported labor.

of, in, on, for or to governance?

  • It furthers the ideals of governance.
  • This is sensitivity and morality in governance.
  • The whole thing hinges on governance.
  • The ONCA will bring a modern framework for governance to Ontario non-profits.
  • And that approach to governance and growth has served Singapore very well.
  • He knows nothing about governance.
  • Whenever you lay down a law, it should not interfere with governance.

of, by, to, with or between guardian?

  • The ' Outdoor Relief ' was operated by the ' Board of Guardians ' whose office was in The Newry Workhouse.
  • This content is brought to you by Guardian Professional.
  • According to Guardian jobs this morning, there is an exciting and high profile new world class open cast mining project in Devon.
  • He was the only candidate not to agree to do an online Q &A; with Guardian readers on this blog.
  • Hubs The topic for this live Q &A; has been chosen and the panellists invited through agreement between Guardian Careers and the sponsor.
  • Now lets do some simple training for guardian commentators.
  • To leave them without guardian would cause confusion and chaos in the society.

"of grace", "from grace" or "to grace"?

  • And ultimately a story of grace.
  • This is due to Nokia's fall from grace.
  • Responding to Grace Grace is part of a relationship.
  • While they may fight with one another, it is with grace.
  • We stand by grace or not at all.
  • But O ' Master, your reputation for grace and mercy is at stake; not my reputation for misdeeds.
  • In grace He shapes our lives and blesses us beyond measure.
  • The four had been here on a short term ministry trip and had served at our English Camp at Grace Camp.
  • The Spirit of grace will give them faith to receive the salvation that comes through grace.
  • Without grace there can be no true morality.

of, in, to, for or with glory?

  • Heart of Mary, Throne of glory, Pray for us.
  • Thank God, the Church will be enjoying great three and one-half years in Glory.
  • Happily smoking away to glory on the other side of the terminal.
  • Giving your all for glory on the green.
  • To the Tathagata, Bestowed with Glory, I prostrate.
  • Christians ' faith never get faded, it increases from glory to glory.
  • These days, reports of producers allegedly sleeping with desperate female ' wan na bees ' before giving them a shot at glory and fame do filter through.
  • Stories of how to live without glory are harder to tell, the most difficult to live.

"of governor" or "for governor"?

  • I, too, would like to know more of Governor Romney's personal faith.
  • Hirono, once before, in the 2002 race for governor.
  • Executive approval--veto--item veto by governor.
  • She was Chief of Staff to Governor Clinton for seven years.
  • Lieutenant governor to act as governor.
  • Every third Thursday of the month you could meet with Governor Johnson at the Round House in Santa Fe.
  • While answering a question regarding his resignation, he told that he withdrew his resignation on governor Sindh's orders.
  • They placed their own people in Governor positions and Mayor positions.
  • Under Governor Bush, Florida advanced a new approach that prioritized the patient.
  • During the heated Senate campaign of 1940, Hannegan had switched his support from Governor Stark to Truman as the better man, and he delivered enough St.

"of golf", "in golf" or "to golf"?

  • Less rounds of golf, more range time.
  • But bad breaks happen all the time in golf.
  • Your body is important to golf.
  • This is why it is the grass to be used for golf courses by the sea.
  • Tee Height If you are a beginner at golf, pay attention to the tee height.
  • Nicholas is filled with golf history.
  • Better to take up a sport that men do too, like golf or badminton -- join a club.
  • We decided to try to eat a lot more fish in our diet and, in Tom's case, not rely solely on golf as exercise as it doesn't really increase his heart rate sufficiently.

of, on, with, in or to grass?

  • We can not create even a blade of grass.
  • They feed mainly on grass and shrubs.
  • They would like to put the tracks with grass between the rails.
  • If we listened to you &; the Liberal party Australians would be living in grass huts and crapping in the bushes.
  • Another wife of Kashyapa Ira gave birth to Grass on earth.
  • The development community is an ambitious one, constantly asking each other what this means at grass roots level.
  • I, has risen from grass to grace, in just about half a decade.
  • Sheep are herbivores that eat vegetation such as grass.
  • Many people experience the concept of a rich green grass, but few are prepared to watch for grass seeds to grow.
  • Tietjen? s body was found off the road, partially hidden by grass and brush.

"on guitar" or "of guitar"?

  • ISDP emerged after dean (drummer) wonder if he could play drums after he felt that he sucks on guitars.
  • Tens of thousands of Guitar Pro format files are available on the Internet.
  • It mostly hold cable and repair tools for guitars.
  • It made me realise I could write an album with guitarists and get in the best electronic producers.
  • I won because I made good score in guitar hero-like game.
  • The honesty, enthusiasm and passion for sharing reminds me of my work at Guitar Noise.
  • It gives you an idea where to start from and other essential things that you need to know about guitar playing.
  • Julian: I got more and more into guitars as the band went along.
  • Which is why I think Preferred Organic Therapy and Wellness chose its location kitty-corner to Guitar Center on Colorado Boulevard near I-25.

of, into, in, to or with gear?

  • Gears Even a car that runs on an automatic has a set of gears.
  • He starts it up, into gear, nails the throttle open.
  • Is is time to get our asses in gear and.
  • Accepting a challenge makes us ready to gear up and open our minds to learning.
  • After 5 months (present time) we have new problem- again with gear.
  • Dealer change some small thing on gear (but it was expensive).
  • Why did I choose her? Because I didn't want to think about gears and pedals in the mayhem that passes for ' traffic ' here.
  • And with that, we're pretty sorted for gear.
  • A huge door at each end helps too, and makes it super easy for both of us to get in and out without having to climb over gear or each other.

in, of, for, to or from grade?

  • I am nine years old and in grade 4.
  • Next is the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examination held at the end of grade 12.
  • For grade 5 camp we went to cheng chau.
  • For example: When I went to Grade 7 Class L.
  • Pupils from Grade 6 at Chawama Holy Family Open Community School.
  • Do they deliver?? YES! No one went to campus and got A's in creativity so it's just sad when they emphasize on grades one has.
  • I do think Adam is having a bit of a hard time with Grade Five.
  • I was always fretting about grades, money, or roommate drama.
  • Public school enrollment at the elementary level (prekindergarten through grade 8) rose from 29.
  • It effectively shows that the student would not be at risk of being illiterate at grade six.