Prepositions after Adjectives

Click an adjective to see what prepositions are usually used after it in English


"open to" or "open for"?

  • The event is open to the media.
  • BAKE Awards Now Open For Voting.
  • Become open about the problems.
  • Senior Open in Omaha next year.
  • The festival is open from 10 a.
  • My mind is open on the subject.
  • I was very open with the people.
  • Austin came open at that point.
  • Open by Britain's Laura Robson.
  • Show open during Library hours.
  • Turoa is open until November 4.
  • Lets open up the scene for you now.

old in, with, for, at or of?

  • Reflections of the old in the new.
  • I was 31 years old at the time.
  • He doesn't look to old for one.
  • In with the new, old with the old.
  • Martha is the older of two children.
  • Rahulji is 10 years older to me.
  • I'd 27 years old from California.
  • So hold onto the faith you have.
  • I want to grow old by her side.
  • This one is as old as the hills.
  • I told the 13 years old about faith.
  • I felt old after becoming incontinent.
  • Born in Selkirk, Lang was the oldest among eight siblings.
  • They are old before their time.
  • Gibbs was 67 years old during that season.
  • He looked much older into the street we.
  • She has a five year old like me.
  • He's a 20 yr old without a conscience.

"obvious to", "obvious from" or "obvious in"?

  • This is obvious to the whole world.
  • It's obvious from the latest U.
  • That is obvious in Ibn Ishaq's Sira.
  • That is obvious for all to see.
  • It was obvious by the wounds I killed him.
  • Obvious of everyone else around her.
  • This is quite obvious as the clubs get shorter.
  • And it was obvious at the funeral.
  • His discipline is obvious on the ice.
  • It's quite obvious with Romeu-Mikel.
  • Just don't be too obvious about it.
  • That's obvious after the massive Oct.
  • This was made obvious during the war.

other in, for, on, with or of?

  • Christ in action draws other in.
  • One asked the other for the time.
  • Then He goes on to another one.
  • He is the brother of Mrs FitzHerbert.
  • Three other with three other denials.
  • One defines the other by which it is not.
  • The other from this marriage, at 40.
  • She was a fairy-godmother to me.
  • One is around 8am and the other at around 1pm.
  • Yet there are other like Sultan, etc.
  • Tei) on the other as proof of Mr.
  • One asks the other about her husband.
  • Have over access to, other without.
  • One after the other after the other.
  • One half way and the other before entering T2.
  • One is during sunrise and the other during sunset.
  • Therefore, incorporate other into your goal.
  • I have other out of comfort zone categories to come and I.
  • We nearly left every other over this reason.
  • We got from one to the other through mixing down.
  • As well with other under represnted minorities.

"ok with" or "ok for"?

  • My wife seems to be OK with it.
  • They have stimulated a family event that we could all participate in and look forward to.
  • Ah Hoi was ok in the beginning.
  • Ioannou, the period is OK to me.
  • People can make themselves feel OK about all kinds of things that harm others and/or that economically benefit themselves.
  • I can only think of one child that I have ever met, who may have been ok at boarding scholl for prolonged periods of time.
  • Please e-mail us if it's ok by u.
  • Paul would be OK on that score.
  • Which has turned out to be a boon! We were feeling OK after a cold shower and a brief hit of A/C, so we went out for pizza and a beer.
  • As long as I can grip the rail with one hand I'd surprisingly ok as the boat rocks and heaves.
  • It doesn't need the OK from us to do that.

obsessed with, by, about, in or over?

  • I am OBSESSED with that series.
  • We are still obsessed by reach.
  • They are obsessed about dieting.
  • And lately I'd obsessed in making miniature clay.
  • They also inquired about the much obsessed over grades.

"okay with" or "okay for"?

  • I was okay with the way it was.
  • Oh - it's okay for a 5-line script.
  • That's okay in case of Youtube.
  • Ethically, this feels okay to me.
  • But he's not feeling okay about it.
  • He's been okay at times, but needs help.
  • Wars of aggression are not okay by us.
  • Ghana wil be okay after September.
  • But if I stop at 10, that would be okay as an artistic statement.
  • Got the okay from the PT today to run, but um.
  • What looks okay on Firefox ver.
  • And we'll be okay without a baby.

"oblivious to" or "oblivious of"?

  • Oblivious to the outside media.
  • The body is oblivious of the soul.
  • Half of them seem completely oblivious about it.
  • People swooned by this mush will be oblivious as to WHY it's mush.

optimistic about, of, in, for or on?

  • We can be optimistic about that.
  • Too optimistic for my own good.
  • Stay optimistic in every situation.
  • I was the most optimistic of them all.
  • Perpetually optimistic on Africa.
  • I'd cautiously optimistic at this point.
  • Very optimistic with this attorney.
  • But we're a little more optimistic after today.
  • As we enter a new year, let us be hopeful and optimistic as a people.
  • He is optimistic by temperament.
  • Uy stresses that he remains optimistic over the prospects of the tourism industry.
  • Sarris was optimistic to the end.

offensive to, in, against, on or about?

  • If its so offensive to you move to.
  • There was zero offensive in it.
  • Rather, they have mounted a media offensive against Dr.
  • It's offensive on so many levels.
  • There isn't anything offensive about it.
  • What she wears is not offensive by any standards.
  • DLCW's effort is offensive for him.
  • There's nothing offensive with what he said.
  • I don't find it offensive as a woman.
  • These posts have been offensive at times.
  • Raina went into the offensive from the outset.
  • This is the least offensive of the two quotes given.
  • Not offensive towards the deaf, just unfunny.

odd to, for, about, in or on?

  • Now this might seem odd to you.
  • I found it odd for two reasons.
  • It was odd about the rose-bush.
  • And doing something odd in 1991.
  • The ritual seems a bit odd at the time.
  • My goal is a bit of an odd on tho.
  • I did notice something odd with font rendering.
  • Odd considering he now refuses to even be interviewed.
  • The 3 million threshold looks odd from every point of view.
  • Without an odd of a lie, Here Lies Henry is a find.
  • Feels so odd after drifting for so long.
  • You can be odd as a guiri but not rude.
  • The Spartan wedding ceremony was decidedly odd by the way.
  • Most of all thank you for brightening my days with your humour that is odd like me.

outstanding in, for, at, on or to?

  • He was outstanding in the DM role.
  • Webshots has been outstanding for me.
  • Nothing outstanding at the front.
  • Truly outstanding on every **** level.
  • Box 2 has a principal outstanding of $68,441.
  • A shortfall of 3,000 yuan outstanding to May 2008.
  • Joe Hart was outstanding with 326.
  • Whitelock was outstanding against the irish.
  • He was outstanding as a winger against the Ausies.
  • By reducing its shares outstanding by 3.
  • Absolutely outstanding from Cook and Prior, well done.
  • They are outstanding among the apostles.
  • There's nothing outstanding about it.
  • If there is a balance outstanding after the promotional period (eg.
  • It's vital to think about what would happen if you were left to pay any amount outstanding before signing any forms.
  • Anna Bligh did nothing outstanding during the Queensland floods.
  • They have been outstanding over the last 12 months.
  • There were no borrowings outstanding under the facility as of Sept.

"only because" or "only by"?

  • This happens only because of this tika.
  • Armor was worn only by knights.
  • I had carbo-platin only due to an admin error.
  • The fans never get a raise, only in ticket prices.
  • The only plus point is that its.
  • Read this only out of curiosity.
  • Good two cents, and Kucinich is indeed the only worth lending direct support.
  • So only for this specific purpose of regulating student financial support.
  • But this is only one side of the story.
  • After that its only about putting in a framework to ensure we don't return to a previous state where the deviant behavior is acceptable.
  • The only unusual thing is that you draw the temperature scale at each end of the diagram instead of only at the left-hand side.
  • Meeting at random times of the year rather than only during the hectic days tagged onto the beginning and end of a holiday.
  • Eventually, Dennis was the only ex p.
  • Aurora Ice Hotel in Alaska The Aurora Ice Hotel in Alaska remains the first and only of its kind in the USA.
  • Sacrifice is dumb only relative to your values.
  • These could then be reused more easily through composition rather than only through extension.
  • Those were not the only times Mr.
  • This one's my first and only to date, but I do want more.
  • In short: great location for San Diego-in the middle in it instead of only with it.

"obligatory for" or "obligatory on"?

  • All 5 are obligatory for every Muslim.
  • Hijab is obligatory on every woman.
  • It is obligatory upon all Muslims to give 2.
  • This should be obligatory in all lifts.
  • It is not obligatory by law to prepare a Will for yourself and it is an easy task to put off.
  • Justice is obligatory from everyone toward everyone and in all situations.
  • Originally Posted by??? It can be obligatory like salah, according to the scholars.
  • The Hanbalis say: It is obligatory to recite it twice.
  • In these cases reply is obligatory under penalty of a fine.

"outraged by" or "outraged at"?

  • Merseysiders were outraged by the Sun.
  • They get outraged at a government.
  • Are you not outraged about this.
  • You are outraged over Rush because of his influence.
  • People are outraged with the Troika's policies.
  • I haven't been this outraged in a very long time.
  • A Massachusetts woman says she's outraged after a doctor turned her away because of her weight.
  • I feel outraged for you and here's why: 1.
  • Why should I have to pay when your filthy habits land you in hospital? reasons Mrs Outraged of City East.
  • I wouldn't get too outraged on that front.

"ongoing in" or "ongoing for"?

  • But it has been ongoing for years.
  • Work is ongoing in this respect.
  • The trial was ongoing at year's end.
  • Membership negotiations are ongoing with Poland.
  • Sea water cooling is ongoing on reactor 3.
  • This has been ongoing since then.
  • ET and were still ongoing as of 6:10 p.
  • The negotiations were ongoing between the union and the management.
  • Enquiries are ongoing into this find.
  • Fights amongst artist has been ongoing throughout the centuries.
  • Y2K -- the debate is still ongoing about this.
  • Multiple airstrikes are ongoing across the Gaza Strip.
  • The case is ongoing after a long break in the process.
  • The investigation is ongoing by two judges, not by the prosecution.
  • The study was on-going during the year.
  • The basic security process has been ongoing from the start.
  • Here we have cuts ongoing of $59.
  • Consultations are ongoing over the legal structure of this subsidiary.
  • A general spring clean is ongoing through the grounds and gardens.
  • His doubts were ongoing to the time of his death.
  • We book worshippers have our gathering too, and it's ongoing until Sunday.
  • That work is ongoing within the G20.

"online at" or "online for"?

  • It can be booked online at www.
  • It's available online for free.
  • It came on-line in December 1943.
  • I tried to cancel on-line with no luck either.
  • Available online from AfricaLiving.
  • It is also available online on Rugby.
  • If and when a pilgrim operates on-line to (i.
  • Tickets are available online by visiting www.
  • The CFR is available online through the U.
  • It is available online as a PDF file.
  • It's also available online via itunes.
  • You can help people a lot online without even meeting them.
  • Always nice to run into a few online about my Jamaica.
  • They may go on-line after dinner and on the weekends.
  • TIP: If you can -- check in online before getting to the airport.
  • Well, I was able to see a preview on-line of Chappell.
  • In terms of formats, it's a case of online versus downloads.
  • Yet many of us still only shop on-line within national borders.

"operational in" or "operational by"?

  • It will be operational in 2013.
  • It should be fully operational by 2024.
  • Our thermal scanners are operational for.
  • It became operational on 1 July 1999.
  • Whirlwind computer becomes operational at MIT.
  • LOMC became operational from January 2009.
  • We have been operational since 2006.
  • The E-type is operational with an XL gangway and.
  • It can be fully operational within several hours.
  • The Agency is due to become fully operational as of December 2012.
  • Will any of this be operational before election? 2.
  • HKMM web site must remain operational during any transition period.
  • The AU is to become operational after a one year transition.
  • The dams became operational between 1961 and 1975.
  • The main medium-term solution is the Youth Enterprise Development Fund operational over the last five years.
  • Speed traps, cameras and unmarked vehicles are operational throughout the country.
  • Staff working from home, so service operational to a minor degree.
  • Although I'd unable to walk on land I'd 90 per cent operational under water.
  • However, the first true railroad, which ran from Madison to Indianapolis, was not operational until 1847.
  • This pressure can not be made operational without international cooperation.

"original in", "original with" or "original to"?

  • But original in everything else.
  • Not original to Ven in the least.
  • The original with the statistic.
  • It just didn't match the original for me.
  • Choose Show Original from the list.
  • Cecilia, original of Romanelli.
  • I'd not sure if it's an original by Innes.
  • There is nothing original on CNN.
  • There is nothing original about christianity.
  • The plan, original at the time, worked.
  • In a market we find the original as well as the imitation.
  • Very good job at tying the original into the story.
  • You would not guess these pieces are not original without knowing.
  • I hope he nails something original after Trek II.
  • Say something original instead of being a stereotype of everyone else.
  • Be original rather than preachy.
  • Drawer may request the original through his/her bank.

"obtainable in" or "obtainable from"?

  • It is obtainable in big varieties.
  • The form is obtainable from the Agency.
  • Fill in application forms (obtainable at the embassy or consulate).
  • BUNKERS Obtainable by road tankers.
  • It is obtainable for 7,000 Reputation points.
  • Yet this is rarely obtainable on a commercial project.
  • Were the see results obtainable to you.
  • Something that is unobtainable by you but obtainable through Him.
  • This is also obtainable with similar bodies from other countries.
  • This visa is obtainable after application by a sponsoring party in Indonesia to the Department of Immigration.
  • Obtainable as a result of eLuxury inside 26 (which steps 10?? x 7??) or by means of eLuxury inside 35 (which actions 12?? x 8??).
  • LG-GD910 is especially obtainable inside 2 shades: dark and also whitened.
  • It is not permissible for a Local Rule either to attach a penalty to the relief obtainable under Rule 24 or to modify.
  • It's obtainable via X10, house automation equipment producer.
  • You will find a number of publications obtainable within the marketplace.
  • That Stamkos like perfection, however, is not easily obtainable without the proper flex.

obedient to, unto, in, by or of?

  • Christ was obedient to his parents.
  • He was obedient unto death, Paul tells us.
  • She is obedient in every sense of the word.
  • Strick down Make obedient by force, Govern, Rule.
  • They are the most obedient of men to Allah.
  • So their wish about the time of their death is exactly what Allah wished, since they are absolutely obedient toward Allah.
  • He sees many of us being disobedient towards them.
  • If Patton was obedient with MacArthur.

overwhelming for, to, in, at or with?

  • But it's not overwhelming for me.
  • It really is overwhelming in a good way.
  • It seems so overwhelming to me.
  • It can feel overwhelming at times.
  • The necklace looked overwhelming with the gown.
  • Most touching and overwhelming of those are:1.
  • Amazing design and it is too not overwhelming as opposed to Finalist 2.
  • The evidence is overwhelming on this point.
  • There is something incomparably overwhelming about that.
  • It gets a little overwhelming after a while.
  • It can definitely be overwhelming because of the many options available.
  • The job can be made less overwhelming by good planning.
  • It can be overwhelming due to plenty of information provided.
  • Yeah, 2012 has been overwhelming from the beginning.
  • Some people can be a bit overwhelming like that.

overcome with

  • We see Wilson overcome with fear.

"ordinary in" or "ordinary for"?

  • It's not ordinary in that sense.
  • Turn to the ordinary for inspiration.
  • Cotton, the Ordinary of Newgate.
  • It's so ordinary to me now that it's tedious.
  • They seem so ordinary with huge talent.
  • There is nothing ordinary about it.
  • He took his ordinary at a boilingcook's N 1.
  • The cause was heard by the Judge Ordinary on the 20th of January, 1866.
  • Experience the ordinary as a wondrous thing.
  • It was not an ordinary style and even become extra ordinary by her dressing style.
  • Turning the ordinary into the overblown.
  • Altered versions of them also work for distinguishing ordinary from raised objects.
  • We'd be doing such humdrum things and then Mario Lanza would come on and humdrum didn't seem so ordinary after all.
  • Alex Ferguson's teams have been made to look very ordinary against Barca recently.
  • Interior is so ordinary like tempo.
  • Portugal would just be ordinary without him.

"optional on" or "optional for"?

  • Helmets are optional on the island.
  • This is optional for the course.
  • A cassette player was optional in some cars.
  • So your reaction is completely optional to this.
  • It could be optional at the start, i.
  • Optional with Court to hear parties 440.
  • It is purely optional after all.
  • Safaris are optional as opposed to the priority here.
  • They are always optional by design.
  • Also, serum too is optional depending on your needs.
  • I would make them optional from 2011/12 or even mandatory from that year.
  • I really don't mind the metro but I'd rather have that be more optional rather than required.
  • Local Alcohol Policies are optional under the Bill.

overdue for, in, with, on or by?

  • She seems overdue for an award.
  • These are long overdue in Bristol.
  • Hi, Im now three days overdue with my third baby.
  • I don't want to overdue on that part.
  • Munaweera's selection has been felt as long overdue by the local media.
  • I have a super saver delivery that's overdue from amazon.
  • I'd overdue to post one of my own.
  • The ticket is overdue after 1 month.
  • Do you think our emergency response is active? I strongly believe that Nigeria is long overdue as to the development of a national emergency response strategy.
  • The book order forms are already overdue at the book store.
  • And aside from routine earthquakes, scientists also believe a rupture is overdue because of recent activity along the Nankai Trough plate boundary.
  • Yes, and well overdue considering how parts of the economy are struggling.
  • A major shake-up is long overdue of an organisation, that.

onstage at, with, in, for or by?

  • Ian Brown onstage at Heaton Park.
  • The Killers got onstage with Mr.
  • Cibo Matto is the band onstage in the Bronze.
  • When they came back onstage for the encore, it all happened.
  • Ballmer is being interviewed onstage by LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman.
  • Then again, no one ever drinks water onstage during the show either.
  • Caldwell's LED grid is fully onstage as the set.
  • On a similar note, Belfiore wheeled out his children on-stage to demo a feature dubbed Kids Corner.
  • Nicky and James had argued onstage about whether they should cut short the set.
  • Oscar Wilde 1854-1900, lecture (1882) Wilde once appeared onstage after one of his plays to accept a standing ovation.
  • You could easily choose adifferent set of effects onstage between songs, or even during a song, with some deft footwork on the bank buttons.
  • Doors at 19:30, Paul is onstage from 20:45 - 21:35.
  • Dressed regally she roared onstage like the lioness but was forced to give a cub-like set.
  • Another fella joined them onstage on electric guitar and he was deadly aswell.
  • An envelope, which had been visible on-stage throughout the entire show, was then opened.
  • I can never go onstage without them ' coz they help me stay in tune.

"obsolete in" or "obsolete by"?

  • I do not mean obsolete in any way.
  • NBN may well be obsolete by then.
  • St) u'm=iks, Bulls, obsolete for 50 years.
  • Not only is housewifery no longer pronounced huzzifry, it is almost entirely obsolete as a word.
  • But caste networking advantages are becoming obsolete with global network.
  • It is a skill that will be obsolete within 50 years.
  • So many CDs that were obsolete after an hour.
  • Jp The Playbook was obsolete at launch Patrick.
  • Armor became obsolete because of firearms.
  • The libraries are obsolete due to the digital age.
  • It might soon make Opera Mini obsolete on my device.
  • Consequently, the Eurofighter was obsolete before the ink was dry the day the contract was signed.
  • Some areas of industry might outperform others, while there may be some companies which become obsolete from technological advances.
  • As language does not become obsolete like technology, you will definitely appreciate having known another language.
  • Sometimes a gift will break, other times it will become obsolete over time.
  • Microsoft has been slowly rendering itself obsolete since 2005.
  • Any less fundamental level of technology, including all current technologies of defense, is rendered obsolete through a technology of the unified field.
  • They are all obsolete to a stunning degree.
  • I pointed out to her that this vehicle was obsolete without this part.

"outspoken about", "outspoken on" or "outspoken in"?

  • I love how he's outspoken about it.
  • I regret not being more outspoken in 2001-02.
  • He was very outspoken on this issue.
  • He has been especially outspoken against U.
  • One of the most outspoken of the Union men was John S.
  • He found out that she was very outspoken for a girl her age.
  • More than that-be outspoken at every turn.
  • I think you're confusing outspoken with loud, arrogant and obnoxious.
  • I was athletic, outgoing and outspoken like him, a fighter.
  • She has begun pretty outspoken over the whole inequality of the holiday.

obsessive about, in, over, with or to?

  • He was obsessive about pictures.
  • An obsessive in love with the craft.
  • I am obsessive over Oireachtas pictures! Awards and action.
  • OZ: Frat boys aren't too obsessive with their cleaning.
  • I'd not obsessive to the detriment of my life.
  • You do not have to obsessive for him and give him the required space.
  • No matter which superfruit you are, be sure to usually do not get a little obsessive as part of your zeal.
  • It's a fairly common tendency to become obsessive at the beginning of a relationship.
  • She is quite obsessive by nature.
  • He executes his job with obsessive like precision.
  • David Webb 13 October, 2011 David Colquhoun has to win obsessive of the century.
  • I got a little obsessive on this one.

optimal for, in, from, to or on?

  • Things got less optimal for Mr.
  • But it wasn't just optimal in that sense.
  • However, these masks may not be optimal from a perceptual point of view.
  • Nitrogen-fixing is optimal at 20-30C (50-70 kg/ha/yr ), drops in temperate regions (2-5 kg/ha/yr) and stops at 0C.
  • Hopefully the Prez will be closer to optimal on Monday.
  • Exercise like yoga, T'ai Chi and Chi Gong practiced outside in nature are optimal to our health and wellbeing.
  • Between 40-55 degrees is optimal with 60-70 percent humidity.
  • Water conditions must also be optimal as regards to D.
  • The road taken wasn't optimal by anyone's lights, and in effect presented the Re.
  • Only the most optimal of scenarios would have seen long-lasting success.
  • But price level targeting is generally not first best optimal under commitment.

"opposite to" or "opposite in"?

  • The opposite to an Anticyclone.
  • Quite the opposite in practice.
  • It is the opposite of aphelion.
  • It is just the opposite for me.
  • Pretty much the opposite from Tak Goo.
  • It was the total opposite with me.
  • He's shown completely the opposite by his actions.
  • Obama did the opposite on all of these.
  • Just the opposite as a matter of fact.
  • We would do the opposite at day time.

"off-limits to" or "off-limits for"?

  • No area will be off-limits to Jewish worship.
  • So lobster is off-limits for our trip.
  • Bush did, and wondered why Romney's faith was off-limits in the race.
  • Even the palliative surgery or chemotherapy that could have eased his distressing symptoms were declared off-limits because of his age.
  • Antarctica isn't colonized because it is off-limits by international agreement.
  • I am pissed that fully half the population is off-limits due to my hetero orientation.
  • However, I would like to reiterate that the mausoleum is off-limits as a sign of respect to late Sheikh Zayed as his remains are there.
  • Maher remembers those projects as some of his best -- even though his personal life was still off-limits during that time.
  • Jokes are off-limits from censorship IMHO.

"overjoyed at" or "overjoyed with"?

  • Sri Atul was overjoyed at his sight.
  • I was overjoyed with such improvement.
  • I was overjoyed by his gesture.
  • Secondly I am overjoyed about Hamiltons win.
  • I wish I could be overjoyed for JYJ right now, but I am not.
  • Sergio's family was overjoyed after that, he said.
  • He will be overjoyed as the outsider has lost just four of 11 meetings since 1989, with Europe causing the biggest upset at 9/4 in 1997 according to oddschecker.
  • Lighting up on the red carpet as she shared laughs with Edward didn't hurt, as the couple seemed overjoyed in each other's company.
  • The whole family in short were properly overjoyed on the occasion.
  • Similarly, we can get terribly upset and be overjoyed over things with which we are falsely connected.

observable in, by, from, to or on?

  • The same phenomenon is observable in other fields.
  • They were OBSERVABLE by objective criteria.
  • The prime location is observable from all directions as being adjacent to Sydney Tower.
  • The reasons for infertility aren't always observable to the lay person.
  • Ghosting is heavily observable at the device's stock Android 4.
  • Actually that transformation has been observable for many years.
  • And these temperatures are observable on earth.
  • Whole live insects are not observable with compound monocular microscopes.
  • Round up As a group, the Theraphosidae must surely rank amongst the most interesting and observable of spiders.
  • Enable your website additional observable as well as surge insurance with the classifieds and tv.
  • It is that which makes the difference which is observable between us and the savages of the South Seas, who have axes of flint, and sewing needles made of fish bones.
  • The next annular solar eclipse observable over parts of the territory will occur in 2320.
  • It is also observable through the fossil record.
  • For an annular solar eclipse observable throughout the whole territory, that will have to wait until 2685.
  • The Doppler Impact is observable via sound waves.

official with, in, for, on or at?

  • He tried to bribe an official with $1 to change a call.
  • It will be official in a week or so.
  • Belfort was official for a Jan.
  • Bush made it official on June 13.
  • Previously the number two official at the U.
  • So Father P decided to make it official by signing them.
  • Nothing official from the clubs ' side yet.
  • He sounded official about it, so I let it go.
  • That eventually, I decided to make it official to myself.
  • Amid all the medical drama, the Breaults finally decided to make it official after a four-year engagement.
  • And whilst there's still been nothing official as to what may become of the brand Sony Ericsson, little clues are seeping out left, right and centre indicating that it could be the end as we know it.
  • Of course I should wait until it's official before getting too depressed about it, and who knows, maybe Earl Cochrane and Paul Mariner would do an excellent job.
  • Sources said Gopalan admitted that he did share the proportional responsibility of the note being the senior-most official of the Finance Ministery involved in the process.
  • You can also get official Under Armour Tough Mudder gear here.
  • And this is old news, but it has never been official until now.
  • This was a official without pricepot, not really counting,.

operative in, for, with, on or at?

  • That clich? is no longer operative in Canada.
  • The Alien Act, operative for workers.
  • He is an anti-American operative with blood on his hands.
  • The new grandma is operative on a sequel.
  • Nostalgia is operative at all times.
  • A purely gold exchange standard became operative from 1898.
  • It is anticipated that most, if not all of the Plan provisions will become operative within 3 years.
  • It is operative as regards any of the children B, C or D, who attains the age of 25 within 18 years after A's death.
  • These projects, likely to become operative by 2017, will also tremendously contribute to easing the energy crisis.
  • It is perceptible and operative to a degree which descends almost to caricature.
  • The direction became operative after four months.
  • At age 19, she began bare displaying to assistance compensate lease while operative during a Blockbuster in San Diego.
  • The ELV Regulations are designed to implement the EU Directive on end-of-life vehicles in Ireland and have been operative since January 2007.
  • These psychological factors are operative throughout our society, to varying degrees of intensity.
  • This guarantee shall become operative upon receipt of the Retention Monies.
  • I assume it's not operative without the court's approval.

outside in, with, of, to or for?

  • That's the lesson of Outside In.
  • I like to rub the outside with butter.
  • Maybe I sit a bit outside of the men vs.
  • They camped on the outside for 27 (or 24) days.
  • Matching the Outside to the Inside I'd fat.
  • These were guarded on the outside by deep trenches.
  • Clean the outside as well as the inside of the fridge with a soft cloth.
  • Japan -- Tried the impossible move on Kimi round the outside at turn 1 3.
  • There were many outside on the streets too.
  • We stand -and relate to the outside from inside.
  • Romney brings some of the outside into the Oval Office to push for change in DC.
  • A building that looks from the outside like a jail.
  • It was crisp on the outside after being fried, but unfortunately the meat was a little too dry.
  • I was advised to actually bend her slighty to the outside before the strike off.
  • Something that came from a outside rather than fine house-dust.
  • Once injected the material must be molded into shape from the outside through the scalp.
  • You can't change the outside without changing the inside.

"objective in" or "objective about"?

  • Be objective in your reasoning.
  • So we will be objective about it.
  • I nailed the R &D; objective with no problem this time.
  • Lets be objective for a minute.
  • It's always good to keep an open mind and be objective to all kinds of music.
  • T he objective of the potlatch is to commemorate special events.
  • No point trying to be objective on this one.
  • Nothing is so objective as a proven fact.
  • So objective proof is not objective after all, is it? Perhaps subjective truth has its place.
  • And can be objective at the same time.
  • It has to be objective by its very nature.
  • If rights are seen as actually objective rather than exclusively subjective,.
  • This transcendent spiritual dimension is objective to human beings, but not objective within ordinary space and time.
  • Seems no one can be objective without judgment or favoritism to their political side, demonizing the opposing party.

"overwhelmed with" or "overwhelmed by"?

  • I started to feel overwhelmed with what was going on.
  • I was overwhelmed by his kindness.
  • I'd very overwhelmed at this point and not sure what else I can do.
  • But even he feels overwhelmed in the presence of Rambabu.
  • Keeping a consistent schedule helps people who are feeling overwhelmed about the prospect of another day without a job, experts say.
  • This leads to having a situation in which you become fearful and overwhelmed of the things you are doing.
  • Her professional manner and training have prevented us from becoming overwhelmed on multiple occasions.
  • I could imagine that I would have been pretty overwhelmed without their help along the way.