obedient to, unto, in, by or of?

  • Christ was obedient to his parents.
  • He was obedient unto death, Paul tells us.
  • She is obedient in every sense of the word.
  • Strick down Make obedient by force, Govern, Rule.

"objective in" or "objective about"?

  • Be objective in your reasoning.
  • So we will be objective about it.
  • I nailed the R &D; objective with no problem this time.
  • It's always good to keep an open mind and be objective to all kinds of music.

"obligatory for" or "obligatory on"?

  • All 5 are obligatory for every Muslim.
  • Hijab is obligatory on every woman.
  • It is obligatory upon all Muslims to give 2.
  • This should be obligatory in all lifts.

"oblivious to" or "oblivious of"?

  • Oblivious to the outside media.
  • The body is oblivious of the soul.
  • Half of them seem completely oblivious about it.
  • People swooned by this mush will be oblivious as to WHY it's mush.

observable in, by, from, to or on?

  • The same phenomenon is observable in other fields.
  • They were OBSERVABLE by objective criteria.
  • The prime location is observable from all directions as being adjacent to Sydney Tower.
  • The reasons for infertility aren't always observable to the lay person.

obsessed with, by, about, in or over?

  • I am OBSESSED with that series.
  • We are still obsessed by reach.
  • They are obsessed about dieting.
  • And lately I'd obsessed in making miniature clay.

obsessive about, in, over, with or to?

  • He was obsessive about pictures.
  • An obsessive in love with the craft.
  • I am obsessive over Oireachtas pictures! Awards and action.
  • OZ: Frat boys aren't too obsessive with their cleaning.

"obsolete in" or "obsolete by"?

  • I do not mean obsolete in any way.
  • NBN may well be obsolete by then.
  • St) u'm=iks, Bulls, obsolete for 50 years.
  • Not only is housewifery no longer pronounced huzzifry, it is almost entirely obsolete as a word.

"obtainable in" or "obtainable from"?

  • It is obtainable in big varieties.
  • The form is obtainable from the Agency.
  • Fill in application forms (obtainable at the embassy or consulate).
  • BUNKERS Obtainable by road tankers.

"obvious to", "obvious from" or "obvious in"?

  • This is obvious to the whole world.
  • That is obvious in Ibn Ishaq's Sira.
  • It's obvious from the latest U.
  • That is obvious for all to see.

odd to, for, about, in or on?

  • Now this might seem odd to you.
  • I found it odd for two reasons.
  • It was odd about the rose-bush.
  • And doing something odd in 1991.

"off-limits to" or "off-limits for"?

  • No area will be off-limits to Jewish worship.
  • So lobster is off-limits for our trip.
  • Bush did, and wondered why Romney's faith was off-limits in the race.
  • Even the palliative surgery or chemotherapy that could have eased his distressing symptoms were declared off-limits because of his age.

offensive to, in, against, on or about?

  • If its so offensive to you move to.
  • There was zero offensive in it.
  • Rather, they have mounted a media offensive against Dr.
  • It's offensive on so many levels.

official with, in, for, on or at?

  • He tried to bribe an official with $1 to change a call.
  • It will be official in a week or so.
  • Belfort was official for a Jan.
  • Bush made it official on June 13.

"ok with" or "ok for"?

  • People feel ok about it already.
  • All will be ok after 21 Dec 2012.
  • Tripadvisor is OK as a rough guide (e.
  • He'll be OK at Wastelands then.

"okay with" or "okay for"?

  • I was okay with the way it was.
  • That's okay in case of Youtube.
  • Ethically, this feels okay to me.
  • But he's not feeling okay about it.

old in, with, for, at or of?

  • Reflections of the old in the new.
  • In with the new, old with the old.
  • He doesn't look to old for one.
  • I was 31 years old at the time.

"ongoing in" or "ongoing for"?

  • Work is ongoing in this respect.
  • But it has been ongoing for years.
  • The trial was ongoing at year's end.
  • Membership negotiations are ongoing with Poland.

"online at" or "online for"?

  • It can be booked online at www.
  • It's available online for free.
  • It came on-line in December 1943.
  • I tried to cancel on-line with no luck either.

"only because" or "only by"?

  • This happens only because of this tika.
  • Armor was worn only by knights.
  • I had carbo-platin only due to an admin error.
  • The fans never get a raise, only in ticket prices.

onstage at, with, in, for or by?

  • Ian Brown onstage at Heaton Park.
  • The Killers got onstage with Mr.
  • Cibo Matto is the band onstage in the Bronze.
  • When they came back onstage for the encore, it all happened.

"open to" or "open for"?

  • The event is open to the media.
  • BAKE Awards Now Open For Voting.
  • Become open about the problems.
  • Senior Open in Omaha next year.

"operational in" or "operational by"?

  • It will be operational in 2013.
  • It should be fully operational by 2024.
  • Our thermal scanners are operational for.
  • It became operational on 1 July 1999.

operative in, for, with, on or at?

  • That clich? is no longer operative in Canada.
  • The Alien Act, operative for workers.
  • He is an anti-American operative with blood on his hands.
  • The new grandma is operative on a sequel.

"opposite to" or "opposite in"?

  • The opposite to an Anticyclone.
  • Quite the opposite in practice.
  • It is the opposite of aphelion.
  • It is just the opposite for me.

optimal for, in, from, to or on?

  • Things got less optimal for Mr.
  • But it wasn't just optimal in that sense.
  • However, these masks may not be optimal from a perceptual point of view.
  • Exercise like yoga, T'ai Chi and Chi Gong practiced outside in nature are optimal to our health and wellbeing.

optimistic about, of, in, for or on?

  • We can be optimistic about that.
  • I was the most optimistic of them all.
  • Stay optimistic in every situation.
  • Too optimistic for my own good.

"optional on" or "optional for"?

  • Helmets are optional on the island.
  • This is optional for the course.
  • A cassette player was optional in some cars.
  • So your reaction is completely optional to this.

"ordinary in" or "ordinary for"?

  • It's not ordinary in that sense.
  • Turn to the ordinary for inspiration.
  • It's so ordinary to me now that it's tedious.
  • Cotton, the Ordinary of Newgate.

"original in", "original with" or "original to"?

  • But original in everything else.
  • Not original to Ven in the least.
  • The original with the statistic.
  • It just didn't match the original for me.

other in, for, on, with or of?

  • Christ in action draws other in.
  • One asked the other for the time.
  • Then He goes on to another one.
  • Three other with three other denials.

"outraged by" or "outraged at"?

  • Merseysiders were outraged by the Sun.
  • They get outraged at a government.
  • Are you not outraged about this.
  • You are outraged over Rush because of his influence.

outside in, with, of, to or for?

  • That's the lesson of Outside In.
  • I like to rub the outside with butter.
  • Maybe I sit a bit outside of the men vs.
  • Matching the Outside to the Inside I'd fat.

"outspoken about", "outspoken on" or "outspoken in"?

  • I love how he's outspoken about it.
  • I regret not being more outspoken in 2001-02.
  • He was very outspoken on this issue.
  • He has been especially outspoken against U.

outstanding in, for, at, on or to?

  • He was outstanding in the DM role.
  • Webshots has been outstanding for me.
  • Nothing outstanding at the front.
  • Truly outstanding on every **** level.

overcome with

  • We see Wilson overcome with fear.

overdue for, in, with, on or by?

  • She seems overdue for an award.
  • These are long overdue in Bristol.
  • Hi, Im now three days overdue with my third baby.
  • I don't want to overdue on that part.

"overjoyed at" or "overjoyed with"?

  • Sri Atul was overjoyed at his sight.
  • I was overjoyed with such improvement.
  • I was overjoyed by his gesture.
  • Secondly I am overjoyed about Hamiltons win.

"overwhelmed with" or "overwhelmed by"?

  • Keeping a consistent schedule helps people who are feeling overwhelmed about the prospect of another day without a job, experts say.
  • I'd very overwhelmed at this point and not sure what else I can do.
  • I was overwhelmed by his kindness.
  • But even he feels overwhelmed in the presence of Rambabu.

overwhelming for, to, in, at or with?

  • But it's not overwhelming for me.
  • It seems so overwhelming to me.
  • It really is overwhelming in a good way.
  • It can feel overwhelming at times.