Prepositions after Adjectives

Click an adjective to see what prepositions are usually used after it in English


responsible for, to or in?

  • Mommy isn't responsible for you.
  • Responsible to: The Brach Manager.
  • Mills is responsible in my eyes.

ready for, to, in, at or by?

  • Ready for the Rest of her Life.
  • But they are not ready to that.
  • Lunch will be ready in a while.
  • I have a cab ready at the door.
  • He should be ready by next year.
  • Nobody is ready with the truth.
  • If WP8, indeed, was ready on Sep.

right for, in, about, on or at?

  • It's right for the environment.
  • Gollum, it's right in the book.
  • Yes u r right about california.
  • Grover This column is right on.
  • I was however right at the time.
  • So all is right with the world.
  • And it's right around the corner.
  • The girls were right behind me.
  • This book is right up my alley.
  • The beach is right across the road.
  • But they may be right after all.
  • It was right before dinner time.
  • I'd right beside you all the way.
  • And Yasmin was right by her ear.
  • You are right from that aspect.
  • Pawnee's right of retainer 173.
  • Everyone has the right to life.
  • They are right under your nose.

relevant to, in, for, as or at?

  • Relevant to the target audience.
  • She is not only relevant in the ind.
  • I've been reading Relevant for a while.
  • The fact is irrelevant as between B and C.
  • Make us relevant at our own party.
  • The Rangers were still relevant by all means.
  • Choose to be relevant with your marketing.

rich in, with, by, for or of?

  • We are rich in lived experience.
  • They are rich with story telling.
  • And we are not rich by any means.
  • A little too rich for my blood.
  • Rich of every community are safe.
  • I will never get rich at this rate.
  • A lucky few are getting rich from this.
  • No nation can be rich on begging '.
  • And poof they went from rich to poor.
  • India has rich as well as poor.
  • I feel so rich because of that.
  • Lord knows she's rich beyond rich.
  • You will guaranteed be rich like Jaz Lai.
  • Theres the China we get rich off.
  • They become rich through perseverance.
  • To be rich without being proud is easy.

reminiscent of or to?

  • Reminiscent of the Cursed Earth.
  • It is somewhat reminiscent to what originally happened with VAT.

"real to", "real for" or "real in"?

  • It just didn't seem real to me.
  • This girl is not the real In Joo.
  • So let us get real for a change.
  • I asked her to be real with you.
  • Let's get real about the future.
  • It's for real on another level.
  • Kevin is quite real as a brat child.
  • It's real at the physical level.
  • The boys keep me real by teasing me.
  • To sieve the real from the ' unreal '.
  • I could real of loads of others.
  • Perhaps their lord God was real after all.
  • And it feels more real because of that.
  • Thanx I real like the second photo.
  • Perhaps it's to add one detail that makes the POV shot real rather than a fantasy.
  • Life becomes real through suffering.
  • Real vs not so real shiznit stuff is going on.
  • Becoming real within your imagination.
  • You're not real without a broken heart.

renowned for, as, in, among or of?

  • Renowned for compassionate care, St.
  • He thus became renowned as a wise prince.
  • Now renowned in Uruguay, Rosario and.
  • By Allah! The report, which is renowned among men that Imam Husain (a.
  • It is renowned of producing theoretical innovations.
  • It is legendry and renowned throughout the world.

"rare in" or "rare for"?

  • Deficiencies are rare in the U.
  • It is rare for a diner waitress.
  • Pandas are the rarest of bears.
  • Joe Moser is rare among veterans.
  • Laughter is rare at Norad since Sept.
  • Such cases are rare on the whole.
  • Birth is rare as a human being.
  • Letters are so rare from Don that they are framed by the receivers.
  • We like to cook our steaks rare to medium-rare.
  • Problems are rare with new wells.

reliant on, upon or in?

  • It's a whole ecosystem reliant on the host.
  • Our government is too reliant upon it.
  • It is now reliant in domestic buyers to continue.

resistant to, against, for or in?

  • Resistant to nineteen strains of mildew.
  • Bottoms must be resistant against gas and oil goods.
  • The surface is waterproof and scratch resistant for those who get drunk or don't know any better.
  • But let go of something deeper, something resistant in you that romanticizes the past.

responsive to, in, as, for or on?

  • Please be responsive to the question.
  • Always be responsive in communication.
  • I am wondering your thoughts are on being responsive as a working mother.
  • Who do we believe? It was fast and responsive for me.
  • I find RT to be very responsive on the Surface.
  • Ultrabooks are ultra responsive with minimal wake-up time.

"respectful of" or "respectful to"?

  • Be respectful of the community.
  • He is respectful to his elders.
  • I try to be respectful in my opinion.
  • He was always respectful towards me.
  • I prefer to be respectful toward other people.
  • They should at least be respectful about it.
  • Good Luck, be calm and respectful at all times.
  • We need people to be really respectful for each other.
  • Please be respectful with your comments.

"realistic about" or "realistic in"?

  • Be realistic about your reality.
  • It was realistic in that sense.
  • Let's be realistic for a moment.
  • Be realistic with your timeframes.
  • It doesn't seem realistic to me.
  • Be realistic as a government if you must rule.
  • Be realistic at the end of the tenancy.
  • Rudra's predictions seem more realistic by the day.
  • Those reserves were not realistic from a real estate perspective.
  • But it's not realistic of the truth.
  • Thus Kubrick was quite realistic on this.
  • The Central Bank authors are being realistic rather than alarmist.
  • I want to be realistic without being negative.

"regular in", "regular on" or "regular at"?

  • They are a regular in my house.
  • I will be a regular at this bar.
  • Amitabh is a regular on Twitter.
  • But he's not a regular for Spurs.
  • You need to be regular with your routine.
  • G is regular of degree d, where d? 3.
  • Regular to me is 2 times a week.
  • There is nothing regular about these guys.
  • I hope it becomes regular after her appearance.
  • You can use them for regular as well as casual occasions.
  • Such numbers p are called regular by Neugebauer.
  • May your backups be regular from here on out.
  • Once she grew up, Erin was a regular over a Radio Ceylon.
  • Which leaves one wondering: should Oriol Romeu be given a chance? Romeu was a regular under Andre Villas-Boas.

ripe for, with, in or at?

  • Ripe for a new spin-off series.
  • This film is ripe with reasons to avoid it.
  • They are typically ripe in August.
  • An ambulance rushed to the aid of a hedgehog caught by a strimmer at Ripe at the weekend.

rude to, about, in, of or for?

  • And don't be rude to your waiter.
  • You been rude about his hunters.
  • But though I be rude in speech,.
  • And then, the rudest of shocks.
  • Rude for the bride and groom to ask.
  • He's like, totally rude at times.
  • I did not want to be rude by refusing.
  • He's rude on his show and on other shows.
  • So there is no need to be rude towards me.
  • They have supplanted rude with crude.
  • Jesus C, but that's rude as well as vulgar.
  • It can be so rude from what I've seen.
  • They are not rude like Afghans.

reflective of, about, in or on?

  • It is reflective of the economy.
  • But look, I think we have to be critically reflective about this issue.
  • It's reflective in the means of communicating.
  • The slaughtering of normal townsfolk should be more reflective on a person.

"rife with" or "rife in"?

  • Britain is rife with the latter.
  • This seems rife in New Zealand.
  • Fare evasion is rife on trams and trains.
  • Rumors were rife about the wild-eyed man.
  • Apprehension is rife among Kenyans.
  • As I recall rumours were rife at the time.
  • Yet such calculations are rife for misjudgement.
  • Corruption is rife throughout the region.
  • Faction was rife within the city.
  • Such scams are already rife across Europe.
  • Its rife amongst the Teenagers there.
  • As with most new technological innovations, skepticism was rife around this new revolutionary format.
  • In this paper's absence, speculation remains rife as to.
  • Fears are rife of a vicious circle.
  • Speculation was rife over the weekend that.

"recent of" or "recent in"?

  • The most recent of them was Monday.
  • There is nothing recent in this phenomenon.
  • In the just recent past many people were all.
  • The first way with the most recent on top etc.
  • They go from more recent to less recent.
  • Employment History - Most recent at the top.
  • The concept of nation is too recent for them.
  • In recent times these were visible in Kelaniya and Kolonnawa.
  • Let us look at recent as well as past history.
  • There are studies, which show both, the most recent by Chris Loehle.
  • Recent From Sales and Marketing Rants Recent Posts.
  • The most recent about Chinese cyber attack plans came from Admiral Samuel J.
  • Employment as an attorney has been difficult with the recent down economy.
  • Stella, My recent ex AC was married when I met him.
  • I had the pleasure of having a couple of pre-sales technical support people in a recent inside sales training class that I delivered.
  • Others more recent like Marcus and Deidra.
  • Following a recent near riot between neighbors and migrants, the shelter at last has been shuttered, presumably for good.
  • My recent post Dear Blackberry.
  • Nizam Jamaldeen to shed light on his recent re appointment in office.
  • The cause of concern in Pakistan is the recent under publication authentic studies which have put the figures in IDUs at 2.
  • Let both BJP and Congress learn some lesson from recent UP polls.
  • Well together with your permission enable me to grab your rss feed to keep recent with future post.

replete with or in?

  • In deed both come replete with them.
  • I also welcome your additional commentary replete in its breathtaking inanity.

religious in, of, as, about or to?

  • I'd not religious in the least.
  • I'd not the most religious of people, you see.
  • It was religious as well as political.
  • There's nothing religious about it.
  • It sounds very religious to me.
  • Drinking and religious at the same time.
  • It is not just religious for many of us.
  • Do not be religious by default.
  • Ban the religious from leaving the pulpit and jumping into.
  • He was religious like the majority of the villagers back then.
  • They are religious on the outside.
  • The main point is religious rather than scientific.
  • Haha, you wonder why I've suddenly become religious with this post? Yes, I have to.
  • Where is the indoctrination? I did not become less religious after attending college.
  • Now a bitter preselection dance right &; religious against the middle ground.
  • The religious among them admired Gandhi for his piety.
  • It is because most of the people were more religious during that time when compared with those of present time.
  • There have been about 80,000 Catholic religious over the period in question.
  • Their civil war came and went -- then they became religious without loving us more.

"remarkable for", "remarkable about" or "remarkable in"?

  • Remarkable for its sugar content.
  • Pretty remarkable in my opinion.
  • What is so remarkable about Fr.
  • The most remarkable of these was Mr.
  • Throughout the years it's always been remarkable to me how beloved Mike was.
  • All the more remarkable considering the situation.
  • And confidence that, remarkable as the last two years have.
  • Nothing remarkable at all about this.
  • Thomas's story is remarkable by any sportsman's standards.
  • Bees are remarkable among insects.
  • The speed was remarkable because of the wave ' it ' produced.
  • It's remarkable from every perspective.
  • Remarkable on the terraces, remarkably bad off it.
  • These gifts are extremely remarkable with latest handsets.

receptive to, of, for, in or towards?

  • SHE has to be RECEPTIVE to him.
  • They are always receptive of our arrival in their street.
  • I only am receptive for the art that.
  • You have always been very receptive in the past.
  • I seem to remember Tony Smith being fairly receptive towards it as well.

"ridiculous for", "ridiculous in" or "ridiculous to"?

  • Prices are ridiculous for both.
  • That sounds very ridiculous to me.
  • This is ridiculous in my opinion.
  • Patently ridiculous on its face.
  • II though was ridiculous with that.
  • Yeah it's ridiculous at the moment.
  • They just get more ridiculous by the day.
  • Or something ridiculous like that.
  • Pretty ridiculous of you to do so.
  • There was something ridiculous about it.
  • The wage of footballers in getting ridiculous as years pass by.
  • That's ridiculous beyond belief.
  • Which is really quite ridiculous considering economic data is not secret.
  • It's ridiculous from top to bottom.
  • Sound a ridiculous over exaggeration.

remote from, in, for, to or of?

  • I am not remote from the issues.
  • We are remote in our understanding.
  • I won't need a remote for that.
  • I passed the remote to the landlord.
  • She was the most remote of them all.
  • I nearly threw the remote at the TV.
  • In other word, it is raw and remote with rustic inhabitants.
  • The AS column is the remote ASN.
  • We then have a remote on a long lead.
  • This world has a remote by these powerful people.
  • I then tried to remote into my VM.
  • It may look remote through a telescope but stands magnified under a microscope.

rampant in, among, with, on or throughout?

  • They're RAMPANT in Mitsumete Knight.
  • These types of stories were rampant among us.
  • Corruption is rampant on all levels.
  • Stress is rampant with my co-workers.
  • FGM is rampant throughout the Somali community.
  • Graft and corruption are rampant at every level of government.
  • This is rampant across the internet.
  • Malpractice is rampant for a reason.
  • Must be some sort of mass delusion that is running rampant through Housewives.
  • I'd not quite as rampant about things like this as some people.
  • It is rampant amongst politicians.
  • Our financial system is failing and social unrest and instability is rampant around the world.
  • The ' bears ' are rampant as the Dow Jones drops to 7,539 - down 512 points or more than 6%.
  • Communalism is rampant because of it.
  • The Merseybeat was rampant during the 1960s.
  • But the practice has been rampant over the years.
  • This problem is absolutely rampant within the U.

"reliable in" or "reliable for"?

  • He is very reliable in defense.
  • Reliable for the Jays all season.
  • It's surprisingly reliable as an indicator.
  • They also don't have as reliable of the network.
  • But ' heart ' is not reliable on it's own either.
  • Good means reliable with great support.
  • The scale is reliable at >0.
  • Such look will refer you as reliable to the employer.
  • For as long as they are each judged as reliable by their followers.
  • Comparisons of purchasing power are only reliable over short periods.
  • I am contemplating switching over to some type of cloth system, if we can get her to be reliable about the poops.
  • Still reliable after 4 months and a minor replacement.
  • Individual reasoning is not reliable because of the confirmation bias.
  • They have made progress, but the boxes have to be totally reliable before Herzing will introduce them to the dolphins.
  • Data is not reliable due to the way it is collected.
  • Kicker Steven Hauschka is not reliable from 50 yards.
  • Femtocells provide a way of making 3G phones reliable inside buildings.
  • Better to buy something reliable like a Gremlin.
  • Labour intensive efforts can be made easier and more reliable through the application of automated support.
  • And over time it will be made reliable under severe conditions.

"reasonable for" or "reasonable in"?

  • Is it reasonable for the start.
  • Also relatively reasonable in price.
  • This sounded reasonable to him.
  • Be reasonable about advertising.
  • His contract is reasonable at $3.
  • He is very reasonable with pricing.
  • Obama seems reasonable by comparison.
  • So reasonable on price as well.
  • Relations remain reasonable under the current political upheavals.
  • What Mourdock said was perfectly reasonable as a statement of personal belief.
  • The price seemed high but reasonable considering the location.
  • The flights were very reasonable from Miami.
  • It is simply not reasonable of you to blame us for that.

rough on, with, around, in or for?

  • I think it's been rough on her.
  • That's taking the rough with the smooth.
  • A little rough around the edges.
  • Life is rough for poor Francis.
  • It's very rough in some places.
  • We knew that it was going to be rough at times.
  • The SEC is going to be very rough to them.
  • This provides only the roughest of indicators.
  • All we do is have sex and he is very rough about it.
  • It must have been rough after the war.
  • I was rough as a child, very rough.
  • The remaining cylindrical tube is, however, very rough by comparison.
  • The trail is rough due to remaining volcanic gravel.
  • I was told that the sea is also rough during November.
  • The road is rough from here to Green Turtle.
  • It became rough like sandpaper.
  • It was like Japan but rougher round the edges.

redundant in, from, by, at or with?

  • I was redundant in my research.
  • This blog is redundant from that perspective.
  • PAC was made redundant by absuing.
  • Items become redundant at an alarming rate.
  • You are too redundant with your posts.
  • It would likely be redundant for Mr.
  • It is simply redundant as a moral aid.
  • So it's redundant to this list.
  • It would have become redundant after a while.
  • I was made redundant on my birthday.
  • After six months he was made redundant because of a downturn at the company.
  • Consequently, many tweets are redundant due to retweeting.
  • My partner was also made redundant within a month of me being so.
  • There were 764 public servants made redundant during the year (down from 882 in 2011.
  • A total BS media here is redundant of any morality, any justification and any right to exist.
  • Even more demoralising is for those with skills or qualifications to see them rendered redundant through inactivity.
  • In reality, I think I would've been slightly redundant without Marc.

"red in", "red for" or "red with"?

  • He is not adored in sanctuaries.
  • Their faces were red with fury.
  • Those lights are red for a reason.
  • The ashes were red on the hearth.
  • He always wears red from head to toe.
  • The car would have looked red to me.
  • I liked red as a child and now.
  • The green eye blinked red at me.
  • Texas only went red by 57% of the vote.
  • I wanted to wear all red like Jack White or something.
  • Burnie Burns, writer of Red vs.
  • My skin was slightly red after the session.
  • The ceiling was red around the hatch.
  • Having chosen red during my purchase, I sometimes wish I had gone for yellow.
  • Your stew will be red instead of brownish.
  • This was in the reddest of the red states, Utah.
  • As Chairman Mao said, Red Over Expert.

"risky for", "risky to" or "risky in"?

  • It would be risky for both sides.
  • It is too risky in this country.
  • It just seemed too risky to me.
  • However, wed showers have a riskier of mighty impairment.
  • This can be risky as well as expensive, over $5000.
  • They are all risky at this point.
  • Most of these tasks become increasingly risky with speed.
  • That was very risky because of the leverage.
  • This is often viewed as risky by many people.
  • It could be risky due to cultural differences.
  • This could have been done from abroad or in the USA (less risky from abroad).
  • Honey that is pretty risky on your part.
  • But at Microsoft, there was nothing risky about it.
  • There are many other financial domains that are risky like gold and other investments.
  • Our other option was to move to a new provider, but this is risky without proper planning and time for testing.

"rational for" or "rational in"?

  • You're far too rational for that.
  • He is wholly rational in debate.
  • No one seems rational about it.
  • And for your knowledge d rational behind hajj pilgrimage is 1.
  • Seems perfectly rational to me.
  • Good, About rational of exchanging buses not so sure.
  • His observations seem rational as well as focused.
  • It is, therefore, important to be formal and rational at all times.
  • Yet all this is rational by capitalist criteria.
  • They seem more rational on the surface.
  • I've tried to be rational with this.
  • Unprincipled but rational from a purely selfish perspective.
  • Be frank and rational rather than overly emotional.
  • I believe we can internalize these new overviews of our rational versus irrational behaviors and make consistent reductions in our irrational consumptive behaviors.

"raw in", "raw for" or "raw with"?

  • The salmon was mostly raw in the center.
  • So it's still a bit raw with me.
  • His stories are too raw for me.
  • I would love to see a RAW from this thing.
  • He ate some of the man's flesh raw on his way home.
  • Anyhow, it is fresh and raw to me but.
  • They can be cooked, dried or eaten raw as a snack.
  • Try RAW at any ISO and the XP1 is cleaner.
  • And with it comes the final RAW of the Bush administration.
  • Even now, a day later, and I'd still feeling raw about it.
  • Our emotions are raw after two difficult losses.
  • So many people here seem rubbed raw by their anxiety.
  • Well, we're going to sort through this mess on Saturday at our oopoomoo Talk, Raw vs.
  • Last Raw Before WrestleMania Tickets Go on Sale Michael N.
  • Don't assume that data can be fed raw into the search engine.
  • When the whalemeat is dry you chew it raw like chewing gum '.
  • When eating nuts, go for raw over roasted.
  • We need find a way to be raw without being boring as glue or being being animals.

royal in, of, for, at or on?

  • Appointed Astronomer Royal in 1765.
  • It was held at The Royal of the waterfront.
  • Royal for a Night: Stay in one of the.
  • Bawumia, also a royal at Mamprugu.
  • Wow talk about a battle royal on Alaska.
  • I had a battle royal with Helen this morning.
  • There are plans to develop Port Royal as a tourist destination.
  • The Princess Royal by John Parker.
  • After recording, one day, Huberman met John Royal from NBC for lunch.
  • An accomplished opening batsman he led Royal to victory in 1983.
  • Royal to have something to commemorate it: We gave the game ball to Coach Royal's wife Miss Edith Royal after the game.
  • Obasanjo - Atiku 2003 Re-election campaign turning to battle royal between the cabal - anti democrats and the pro-democrats.
  • There was NOTHING royal about the brown sugar.
  • Mayberry was a great Royal before coming over to Toronto and was instrumental in teaching Lloyd Moseby and Jesse Barfield how to be professionals.
  • Royal during the French campaign season.
  • In 1962, an Earthquake and tidal wave toppled over two-thirds of Port Royal into the sea.
  • Even less takers fancied Rajasthan Royal over the mile drift.
  • He has been Astronomer Royal since 1995 and Master of Trinity College, Cambridge since 2004.
  • A book about the position of Princess Royal through the ages as well as about Princess Anne.

"rotten to" or "rotten in"?

  • They are all rotten to the core.
  • Something is rotten in Denmark.
  • This is a country rotten with deceit.
  • The Vatican is rotten at the top.
  • If you think about it, Kerry people have been spoilt rotten by this.
  • There is something rotten about this story that is being hidden.
  • Too raw or too rotten for the draft.
  • And they're completely rotten on the inside.
  • This applies to trees which are rotten as well as some trees which are not.
  • We all thought it rotten of her to speak so poorly of our Malay compatriots.

"robust in" or "robust to"?

  • DNA remains robust in a living organism.
  • ED scores are also robust to taxonomic changes.
  • Check out also robust for men dosage.
  • They are very robust with an earthy flavor.
  • If possible, the algorithm should be robust against these mistakes.
  • Utilitarianism is more coherent and robust as a system of morality.
  • The final turnout was robust at 58 percent.
  • Volt sales are the most robust of the EV/PhEV class since the company restarted production.
  • Unfortunately, the story is not very robust on the ground.
  • Results were robust across various dose-response models.
  • It would make the system more robust by changing incentives.
  • LPS ' rating is ideally robust from gaming.
  • The Youth Congress will become robust over time.
  • I just think we've got to be a lot more robust about this.
  • On QoQ basis, company witnessed robust after tax earnings of PKR717mn (EPS: PKR1.
  • Your joints can become more robust along with the relaxing aspect of yoga exercises is likely to make the pain sensation easier to handle.
  • FDI has been robust despite the economic crisis.
  • He expects the pipeline of capital spending in the LNG and shale oil industries will be robust during the next five years, providing longer-term growth.
  • The cloud apps are just as effective and robust like the desktop counterparts.
  • Natural gas production remained robust throughout the year in the face of a relatively calm hurricane season.
  • Firstly, make sure your communication procedures are robust within your business.
  • It is possible to be robust without being rancorous, rigorous without being rude.

"resilient to" or "resilient in"?

  • Access is resilient to failure.
  • They seemed resilient in the face of oppressive disrespect.
  • But the act was not resilient against racist implementation.
  • Most of all, this Thanksgiving I am thankful that a people as patient and resilient as the Palestinians exist.
  • We are resilient by force, not by choice.
  • Car sales have been remarkably resilient despite the economic slowdown.
  • They are also more resilient during economic downturns.
  • We're far too resilient for that.
  • Still, cool is the most resilient of slang words.
  • Which makes you less resilient over the long haul.
  • The color display is resilient with colors that capture the natural tones.
  • I used to have a very fragile immune system, but now I am much more resilient after changing my diet.
  • If I was not young and resilient at the time I might have been down for a while.
  • Certainly the coin needs to be resilient due to its function as money.
  • They are much more resilient from year-to-year than annuals.
  • The depth is more resilient on this team.
  • Our labour force has remained resilient through the ups and downs.
  • The growth in our trade and business relationships reminds us that Ireland and our people are resilient throughout history.
  • Those are far more resilient under stress than are corn, soybeans, small grains, and annuals.

"romantic about" or "romantic in"?

  • I'd not really romantic about it.
  • I guess it's the romantic in me.
  • Dark and romantic with very cool decor.
  • Perfect for the romantic at heart.
  • But they are romantic to the core.
  • It's definitely not the most romantic of places.
  • Reality takes over the romantic for me too.
  • She has done many romantic as well as comedy movie.
  • I am romantic by nature and loving by soul.
  • Shorty and I are not romantic like that.
  • As everybody knows, Conrad is a romantic on the side.
  • The sunset view if fantastic and it's very romantic after dark.
  • But it never been romantic between those two.
  • Ruby is everything Cal expected; a bubbly, unpredictable romantic from Dayton, Ohio, exactly as written.
  • The media failed because they were in love and romantic over Obama and the Democrats to right all the wrongs of history.
  • Today you are known as a romantic rather than a psyhotic or an action hero.
  • It is very funny and romantic without being corny.

rural to, in, as, with or of?

  • The course aims to bring the study of the rural to the fore.
  • North county Dublin remained profoundly rural in aspect.
  • He dealt with rural as well as urban life with equal intensity of observation.
  • Mooloolah is rural with a supermarket, Bootle Shop.
  • Thus, the District is mainly rural of about 81.
  • The most evident break is rural versus urban.
  • The graph above shows the SPM performance for rural vs urban schools.
  • Half of the wards remote from a DGH were not classed as rural by the Office for National Statistics.
  • But even those people in urban areas depend much on the products from rural for food.
  • I read that the area was so rural at the time that there weren't any real towns like the mini-series depict and Matewan didn't even exist at the time.
  • BEST subtracts rural from urban and gets zero.
  • The Ontario system also favours rural over urban ridings.
  • In European terms, M? ori were a rural rather than urban people.

"retail in" or "retail for"?

  • I work in retail in Nova Scotia.
  • I worked in retail for 10 years.
  • These retail at around 12 each.
  • FilSpec does not sell retail to inpiduals.
  • She works in retail as a sales associate.
  • The discount is at 80% off retail on most things.
  • We are the least penetrated by the modern retail of any country.
  • Closer to the street there would likely be retail with other uses above.
  • No one else comes close for doing professional retail from a charity cost base.
  • Google Wallet was supposed to revolutionize retail by letting consumers pay by swiping their phones against a little reader.
  • Asked whether Samajwadi Party would oppose FDI in retail after being wooed by UPA and even Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Mr.
  • She represents staff in Dublin Retail along with B365 and the Customer Contact Centre.
  • I'd not a resident of the UK, so I'd having to rely on my own memories of working retail during my college years.
  • That a transformation of retail into a part of the modern, organized sector will have a multiplier effect is also not seriously disputed.
  • I only worked retail over a couple of summers years ago, so I never got the full-court Holiday season press.
  • The government allowed FDI in multi-brand retail through an executive order.
  • The co-op markets retail under Sue Bee, Clover Maid, Aunt Sue, Natural Pure and many store brands.
  • Side note - Impossible to get a job in hospitality or retail without experience unless you're under 18.

righteous in, by, before, of or for?

  • No one is righteous in himself.
  • Christ did not become righteous by obeying the law.
  • How can man be righteous before God.
  • Je sus calls the righteous of all ages from their graves.
  • The more righteous among us have goosebumps, the poor things.
  • The righteous for the unrighteous.
  • And I felt so righteous about doing it.
  • So do nt be getting all righteous with your use of ' unethical '.
  • And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.
  • By the blood, we are justified, reconciled, and presented righteous to God.
  • This life is a temporary trial to separate the righteous from the evildoers.
  • We, who were sinners, became righteous through the righteousness of Jesus.
  • Paul was not saying that no one was righteous on earth.
  • Enoch also sees a fragrant tree, reserved for the righteous after judgment.
  • There are no small number of people out there that believe plants have spirits and by eating or destroying them, the righteous amongst you are killers too.
  • Abraham was considered righteous apart from the law by Faith in the promises of God (Rom 4:3).
  • Despised others - Others who were not as externally righteous as themselves.
  • I felt totally justified and righteous at the time.
  • He was not declared righteous because of dying.
  • Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men but within ye are full ofhypocrisy and iniquity.
  • You can never be righteous without being redeemed, you can not worship without being redeemed and righteous.

revolutionary in, for, at, to or about?

  • It was revolutionary in its early days.
  • Islam was revolutionary for women.
  • I thought it was quite revolutionary at the time.
  • I don't know what's so revolutionary about that.
  • It is that revolutionary to me.
  • Or Donald Trump, the premier billionaire revolutionary of our age.
  • But none were so dramatic or revolutionary as the.
  • The wind-up power is revolutionary by itself.
  • Kubrick was a revolutionary with his use of subjective POV.
  • Danton made his debut as a revolutionary on July 13, 1789 in Paris.
  • And her feelings become all the more revolutionary after a visit she paid to the office of a gendarme officer who had to deal with the Turin case.
  • If today I stand here as a revolutionary, it is as a revolutionary against the revolution.
  • Band leader and revolutionary from Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Then they are called into a greater service and prepared for a greater service, preparing to bring something new and revolutionary into the world.
  • How dare uneducated racist rubes like people on PJM challenge a cultured and principled revolutionary like yourself.
  • Antonio Gramsci was an incremental, or slow step by step revolutionary rather than an advocate of quick and violent takeover of a government.
  • He is not a revolutionary regarding our system, just someone who believes all boats should rise with the tide.
  • I suppose the revolutionary within me wants to jump those walls and barricades.
  • Do you realise that we were revolutionary without knowing it? -E.

recognizable to, by, as, in or from?

  • Some might not be recognizable to the average person.
  • I will always be recognizable by my scar.
  • Abuja is recognizable as a city.
  • Steve is well recognizable in the middle.
  • The best ones are always recognizable from the first notes.
  • Yet it has remained recognizable for more than 200 years.
  • But those who do are recognizable at a glance.
  • Sweetness this really is probably the most recognizable of all sensations.
  • Gucci's styles ar recognizable on account of bound signature logos.
  • Instantly recognizable with the huge muttonchops.
  • His voice is the most recognizable among TPOK Jazz members.
  • While the plot is pegged on parts of Dumas's work, it is hardly recognizable because of all the razzle dazzle incorporated into the approach.
  • The Tshokwe carvings are readily recognizable due to their heavy features.
  • It is easily recognizable through visual, tactile, chemical and other means.
  • We are recognizable throughout eternity.
  • The originals are barely recognizable within these alternately ethereal, funky and expansively ambient versions.

"reluctant to", "reluctant about" or "reluctant in"?

  • I find I am reluctant to post this.
  • So, we would not be reluctant in believing you.
  • They might be reluctant about it but most cave in.
  • Jack was suddenly reluctant for the conversation to end.
  • I am bit reluctant at that time.
  • Once begun it will captivate both the most reluctant of readers and the most fervent.
  • Submitted by reluctant on August 15, 2012 - 7:30pm.
  • And few people are so unmotivated and reluctant as the reluctant writer.
  • Germany would be reluctant because of the inflationary implications, but it would reap the benefits of a cheaper currency too.
  • Mass Effect 2 had quite a few of these - Thane was reluctant due to his illness, Garrus due to the physiology differences, Jack because.
  • Its the human nature that we are so reluctant towards change.
  • Now they are bringing back into picture Florida, apprantly they are reluctant with Michigan because Obama had taken off his name in that state.

repugnant to, in, for, about or as?

  • Both are equally repugnant to me.
  • I find this repugnant in all forms.
  • I find it repugnant for any child to be used as a billboard.
  • This is, indeed, what Ditchkins finds so repugnant about it.
  • As Americans, we find communism profoundly repugnant as a negation of personal freedom and dignity.
  • In Oyungas ' famous articles on man talk these things came up, repugnant by the same big bottomed women baying for his blood.
  • This INMYHO is a pattern of behaviour I find repugnant of some of these people.

rigid in, with, about, by or for?

  • They're rigid in this assessment.
  • I was in that situation, i had a 15 tonne gvm rigid with a 8.
  • One should not become rigid about it.
  • REV: His tail is rigid as a cedar.
  • I'd be bored rigid by only ringing (say) call changes for weddings.
  • Premolars and molars: Flattened and rigid for the grinding of food.
  • It creates armor by becoming rigid on impact with any projectile.
  • It seems way too rigid at the moment.
  • If we ignore them, we become rigid like Jayesh.
  • Emma uttered a cry and fell back rigid to the ground.
  • Personally I find it very intolerant and rigid of you.
  • All sides seem to share the failure to recognize that we tend to fix ourselves in a comfort zone and appear rigid from the outside.
  • Aim: A -- Length reflects rigidity, a long body even though strong can become rigid under enough pressure.

"ruthless in" or "ruthless with"?

  • They are ruthless in interferance.
  • Be ruthless with your decisions.
  • Be ruthless about whose personal outputs you see daily.
  • He was very strict and ruthless to us back then.
  • We are absolutely ruthless on this.
  • They are as ruthless at home as they are away.
  • A panther is the most ruthless of all animals.
  • Moreau is ruthless against Africans.
  • Once Aguero scored to give them breathing space, the champions did not look back - and could have had more goals if Scott Sinclair had been more ruthless after coming off the bench.
  • Be cool, calculating and ruthless as the opportunity presents.
  • He was seen as extremely ruthless by those who saw him at work.
  • Ruthless from Kilkenny as we expected.
  • We have ruthless like Australians if u want to win.
  • Be kind toward people, yet be ruthless toward woo.
  • They are ruthless towards their own kind.
  • One has to be firm and ruthless under the law in dealing with terrorists, but one can not go beyond the law in dealing with them.
  • It is the ruthless versus the rest of us, and The Sociopath Next Door will.

resentful of, about, at, towards or over?

  • They were resentful of this move.
  • Next, resentful about the guilt.
  • You look me in the eye resentful at the disturbance.
  • I'd not resentful towards anything esp not Allah.
  • I'd not resentful for her absence at all and I never have been.
  • Someone will end up disappointed and most likely resentful over time.
  • I feel resentful to the courts of the 1970? s.
  • Others, however, may feel resentful toward a pet obtained too soon.
  • He is resentful because of the pointless racial abuse, such as the boss blaming him for things he has not done just because he is angry.
  • Being bitter and resentful in the long run will do you no good except destroy you.
  • It's awful because they've done a lot to get my siblings over to America, and they can't help being who they are -- yet I'd still resentful instead of grateful.
  • The truth is that the passionate fans Meloni are resentful with Mariska.

relentless in, with, on, about or as?

  • He?? s relentless in recruiting.
  • Mitch is relentless with his jokes.
  • Why u guys are so relentless on IPL.
  • You have to give them credit for being relentless about their points.
  • Endemic though isnt it? Relentless as the rain.
  • Be relentless at the grocery store and ask questions.
  • Against Werder Bremen, Schalke were absolutely relentless against the Bremen defence on the counter.
  • The LCACs and countless helicopters were relentless during the whole operation.
  • Be aggressive, creative, and relentless for this bill.
  • Certainly Theo's opener caused Reading to quietly panic second half and our pressure was relentless from there on in.
  • The most relentless of the Brahmin law givers was Manu whose Code of Laws 7 is the most anti-feminist literature one could find.
  • The PR campaign of the Quinn family has been relentless over the last number of weeks.
  • Relationship lessons have been relentless throughout this time.
  • Relentless to the point of insanity, in fact.

related to, with, in, by or for?

  • All of these are related to MS.
  • Now lots of ideas are coming related with skin.
  • The storyline is very related in all sorts of level.
  • It is related by Abu Hurairah (R.
  • You'll feel beats solo very related for the beats stuido.
  • And al-Thawri related from al-Kalbi from Abu S a lih from Ibn ' Abbas that the last verse revealed was 2:281 and the time between its revelation and the death of the Prophet was 31 days.

reachable by, from, on, in or through?

  • I'd reachable by email or at 613-.
  • If v is not reachable from s then let? (s, v) =?
  • All facilities are reachable on foot.
  • And not every person will be reachable in the same manner.
  • Be sure your site is reachable through the mobile phone.
  • It was just reachable for recovery.
  • You have to be the one reachable to the client.
  • But when it comes to phones, I'd quite happy to be only reachable via landlines.
  • You should be easily reachable at all times.
  • We have territories only reachable with sizeable force at reasonable cost by sea.
  • STEP 6: Write down a couple of goals that are reachable within a month or so.
  • New Quay On the Ceredigion coast, about 60 miles from Swansea and reachable as part of a day trip round Thomas's west Wales, is the small port of New Quay.
  • Plan ahead and know how you'll be reachable during your flextime.
  • This is reachable over the calculator manufactured by alternatives.

"redolent of" or "redolent with"?

  • His voice was redolent of thunder.
  • The air was redolent with fresh baking.
  • Then in Do You it's time at last for a soft flat cap, imbued with all the wistfulness for days gone by that's redolent in the song.

"resplendent in" or "resplendent with"?

  • Lisa's resplendent in egg yolk yellow.
  • It is resplendent with its own effulgence.
  • Christ is ever resplendent as the center of history and of life.
  • A notoriously indifferent dresser, Paul is resplendent by his standards: black slacks and a short black jacket over a burgundy turtleneck.
  • Cinderella rising resplendent from her ash-strewn hearth was not more completely transformed than Heiny in his role of Henri.
  • Resplendent of Middle East Hotels, this hotel complements its guests with the sunny and warm Arabian hospitality and professional personal who are able to handle your every.

racist in, against, for, to or towards?

  • Do nt be too racist in this blog.
  • I wonder who I'd racist against.
  • They're not racist for doing so.
  • Bobsu58 Seems racist to me, I know your code.
  • Now, if it's racist towards Jewish immigrants.
  • There is nothing racist about it.
  • Blacks can not be racist by this definition.
  • By the way, that is racist of you.
  • Majority of Sinhalse were never racist as West and you diaspora says.
  • I honestly don't see anything racist at all about calling Republicans disgusting white guys.
  • While not being overtly racist like Mrs.
  • The PQ and separatist movement is racist on its face.
  • We are racist without even realising it.
  • This teaser shows that Mars aren't so racist after all.
  • No one is calling you racist because of FGM, which isn't even an Islamic practice.
  • I've heard poms be racist before and they do nt talk like that.
  • It was racist during the civil rights era.
  • You aren't racist from what i know of you.
  • I feel this is just as wrong but I am not racist towards them.
  • I quit and joined UKIP, which seemed to have squared the clever circle of being racist with sounding racist.

"relaxed about" or "relaxed in"?

  • We were too relaxed about that.
  • But its relaxed in Dubai alone.
  • Get relaxed with touching people a lot.
  • I was stronger and more relaxed on my bike.
  • I should be very relaxed after this.
  • You also feel very relaxed at the end.
  • I was very relaxed during the treatment.
  • You seem to be a little too relaxed for my liking.
  • They will be more relaxed around me.
  • Paul who seems to be the most relaxed of all the bunch.
  • I weaken when relaxed to hard edged foods, chips and stuff.
  • The venue is much more informal and more relaxed as a result.
  • I'd never felt so relaxed before a run, almost too relaxed.
  • Keep relaxed by breathing deeply.
  • We don't say ' relaxed from strain '.
  • Re: Sweden vs England Welbeck just seems so relaxed like Berbatov in hard situation yet still manages to get out of them.
  • Stay relaxed through the approach, and it will be easy.
  • Stay relaxed throughout the procedure, and it will be easy to obtain.
  • Be casual, calm and friendly; act relaxed without being lazy.

"remaining in" or "remaining of"?

  • There are now 109 remaining in TIPF.
  • Remaining of an ancient irrigation wonder.
  • He declined! remaining on third.
  • We will refund the remaining to customer's account.
  • Neither it appears can be Dettori remaining at Godolphin.
  • About 12% was for the company, the remaining for workers.
  • You can use the oil that you have remaining from making the chilli chicken.
  • At Cincinnati, especially, crowds of colored people gathered round us, and insisted on our remaining with them.
  • One of two left remaining after the quartet at the top of corporate Britain became a duo.
  • This is part of the reason for my remaining as an Extinctionist.
  • Teddy Citrin ' 12 (#20, main photo) found the back of the net with 2:02 remaining before halftime for the five-goal cushion.
  • From a staff of more than 500 there were about 100 remaining by 1991 after three years of restructuring.
  • When we have a tea and pour the remaining into a pool, the path that it disappears in the pool is an extension of our life.
  • They split the remaining under the Colossus and sold them to a Jew from Syria.

"remiss in" or "remiss of"?

  • Also, I would be remiss in not.
  • And it would be frankly remiss of her.
  • The article is remiss for not discussing this aspect.
  • I've also been very remiss about returning emails.
  • I've been a bit remiss on the posts lately.
  • I thought Professor Stevens ' presentation quite remiss at times.
  • However, you would be remiss to only think of the positive outcomes.
  • Come to think of it, the English have been almost as remiss with Scrooge.
  • However, one would be remiss without including a mention of some of the more extreme long takes in film history.

resolute in, about, on, to or of?

  • He is resolute in his ignorance.
  • Nobody is resolute about their choices and critical of someone else's.
  • China has been very resolute on reforms.
  • But the allure of this film lies in the firm resolute of the lead character to overcome his disabilities.
  • Three have even signed up next to George and are resolute to maximizing their asset in.
  • Be firm and resolute with this plan.
  • Sampson was resolute after the game, insisting that his side had deserved a point for their second-half efforts.
  • Harper has led a global campaign against taxing banks; is resolute against raising taxes; and Harper.
  • The French are just as resolute at sitting and waiting as they were in the 1930's when faced with the looming German threat.
  • And now we are embroiled in an ounwinnable war with a tenacious enemy that grows stronger and more resolute by the day.
  • Nay, I will haue him, I am resolute for that.

resident in, at, for, on or of?

  • You must be resident in the State.
  • Students are taken to be resident at their term-time address.
  • You do not need to be Resident for this.
  • Male students were not resident on campus.
  • Dear Bajee, I am resident of Karachi.
  • You accept that if you are resident outside the U.
  • They are already resident within our consciousness.
  • PERSONS ELIGIBLE All Resident with regular monthly income with a minimum NMI of Rs.

"reactive to", "reactive rather" or "reactive in"?

  • Make AI players more reactive to shots.
  • There is no time to be reactive in driving cost out of the supply chain.
  • So often tweets are reactive rather than proactive.
  • Iron is very reactive with acids.
  • We are reactive as a country instead of being proactive.
  • I was reactive instead of proactive.
  • Your juicy coloring rrs incredibly reactive on the weather conditions and needs my gentlest about process.
  • Even if he did intent to attack Islam, that still doesn't justify me being reactive about it.
  • They need to stop being reactive by just waiting for complaints to come in, before acting on same.
  • Aluminium might be reactive for you to acidic food.
  • So now the opposition leader has to be a very proactive instead of reactive like Ranil.
  • Therefore, acid chlorides are the most reactive of the series since the chloride ion leaving group is the very weak conjugate base of a strong acid HCl.
  • Appoint a team, social media marketing manager or a department to monitor your brand proactive and reactive towards any customer service issues.
  • Distinguish Between Reactive vs.

reducible to, by, from or within?

  • It's not reducible to its parts.
  • After all, the Daleks have never been reducible from Doctor Who.

"radical in" or "radical for"?

  • And it was radical in those days.
  • Or is that concept way too radical for you.
  • It's hardly the most radical of suggestions.
  • There is nothing radical about it.
  • So we have to be radical on growth.
  • That sounds pretty radical to me.
  • Darwin's theory was quite radical at the time.
  • The tax talk from Republicans is viewed as radical by people in the center (reagan Democrats and Independents).
  • But, I am not so radical like you.
  • All you guys do on here is be radical with ridiculous statements.
  • In the third place, the East Midlands did not become noticeably less radical after 1818.
  • AMOLAD is probably the one film that's closest to being radical among P &P; films.
  • There are several radical as well as moderate methods available for those interested in living in an environmentally friendly neighborhood.
  • August 14, 2012 at 3:38 pm Paul Austin Texas To much this time it is so radical from the right is is kinda scary Jack.

"retrospective of" or "retrospective at"?

  • The exhibit is a retrospective of her career.
  • His retrospective at Tate Modern is brilliantly edited.
  • Retrospective on Freire's work and life.
  • Maybe in 2012, or when I do a retrospective in 2022.
  • This would account for the lease being retrospective to December 1598.
  • The Carter Family: Into The Valley Retrospective by Sylvie Simmons, MOJO, November 2002 FIRST KILL YOUR HOG.
  • It's a retrospective for experienced players.
  • The Explanation was introduced in 1998 and the amendment was made retrospective from 01st April, 1962.
  • When the V &A; did a recent retrospective about postmodernism, they dated it from 1970-1990.
  • Truly an album deserving of a retrospective like this.
  • Iamtommy the very fact that kit tatad worked for marcos is something to be retrospective with.

"relent in" or "relent on"?

  • Let us not relent in our commitment.
  • The cops did not even relent on Mr.
  • The loans being repaid were relent to 199 groups in 1996/97.
  • If the nation turned from it's sin, God's word is clear that he would relent from it's destruction (Ezek.
  • This can not stand and this is a quest we will not relent at correcting in the coming months.
  • The trail began steeply and didn't relent for the next seven hours.
  • Our Sustainer! and make us submissive unto Thee and of our seed a nation submissive unto Thee, and show us our ways of Prayer, and relent towards us.
  • Reports from Washington say that Democrats expect the Republicans to relent after the convincing victory of Obama.
  • He tried to protest but had to relent by changing the phrase to ' Do me! ' And the Zionists and Zionism are not for public discussion in America.
  • If we would come to true repentance then I know that God would relent of judgment.
  • With support not forthcoming, the UPA is unlikely to relent under the opposition's pressure.
  • He said some members of his party had raised the possibility just to put pressure on Germany to relent with its demands for painful fiscal austerity.
  • Zionists only understand the language of force and will not relent without duress.

revealing of, about, in, to or for?

  • Quite revealing of your character.
  • It was very revealing about Ms.
  • This table is quite revealing in several ways.
  • It is very revealing to me as a Coach.
  • This blog is very revealing for someone whom has been having problems with this situation.
  • The subheadings are quite revealing as to the tenor of the entire Charter.
  • Of course, its characteristic consists an area not only big, and the artistic commerce space that what revealing at her is a many appearance.
  • TR8, will be very revealing on this question, I am sure.
  • The exercise is quite revealing with respect to the composition of the new parliament and the backgrounds of its members.

reticent about, in, on, to or of?

  • But he had remained reticent about it.
  • Other cultures might be more reticent in a talkfest.
  • The argument was vague on her part and somewhat hard and reticent on mine.
  • And I am always a little reticent to post too much personal stuff on my blog because.
  • In fact, when you start dwelling on the many good bits you start feeling a little reticent of slating Rise and Fall.
  • But Allah is not reticent with the truth.
  • And to do that, I'd suggest the internet, especially if you're shy and reticent at social events.
  • Organisations like this, which are hesitant to open the barn doors to the BYOD trend may be reticent because of the expectation that every device will be supported.
  • Two British memoirs seem reticent by comparison.
  • For obvious reasons the University administration is very reticent regarding anything involving staff data.

roundtable on, of, in, with or for?

  • Proceedings of the Roundtable on Intellectual Disability Policy.
  • He is the Director and founding member of CEO roundtable of Tanzania.
  • Join us for a roundtable in Washington, DC on April 4, 2011.
  • Last month, I held a roundtable with a diverse group of NGOs from Latin America.
  • The Executive Board is elected by the Roundtable for a two-year period.
  • A lively discussion ensued and was continued in the roundtable at the end of the afternoon.
  • For example, last year we had a roundtable about the climate change negotiations.
  • Coincidentally, this morning Graham chaired a roundtable as part of it and we heard from professors of government in Belgium and Switzerland.
  • Reconciliation, I believe, has to be a roundtable between established political parties elected by the people.
  • As host to a roundtable a sponsor is able to send a representative to the event to sit on that roundtable during the day.

"required for", "required by" or "required of"?

  • Nothing special required for that.
  • Be responsible and log your hours if it ' s required of you.
  • Granting of NOC ' required by various agencies.
  • Is ' be ' required in the above? A.
  • Are financials required to be made public in a 501(c) (3 )? 2.
  • Why not learn how to make the required from scratch unless you just want to eat something.
  • Additionally, any asset upon which an unrealized and undeclared taxable capital gain has occurred will have to be dealt with as required under the applicable income tax legislation.
  • Attachments Support You can upload file attachments at the time of creating of an item or as many times as required after an item has been created.
  • Queuing up required as no special privilege for you would seem like a down side, but you are paying lesser than anybody else so not much to complain we supposed.
  • A healthy diet should have sufficient calories as required at a particular age and work type.
  • Required field validation can be easily done by adding Required before the variable declaration.
  • If borrowers would opt for the LMI, the required down payment would be.
  • The interview can be completed rapidly in the field, and less skill in required on the part of the interviewers in such cases.
  • By decreasing the BTUs generated, there is less heat and thus less cooling required within the data centre.

"resulting in" or "resulting from"?

  • A technical evaluation was done resulting in Rs.
  • The benefits resulting from the most recent modernization (e.
  • However, this is not always true for water at below 4C where ice start expanding resulting into increased spaces between its molecules.
  • The absence of anxiety imposes much less pressure on an individual resulting to a more concentrated and focused thoughts, absolutely free of worries and distracting thoughts.

representative of, for, in or to?

  • Its more representative of the loading.
  • Marginal note: Representative for service 42.
  • It's representative in a way an EGM can never be.
  • Rene Wadlow is Representative to the.

rearing of, as or on?

  • This year we also do contract rearing of goslings.
  • Many have lost their dog at a very early age due to inherited defects and poor rearing as a puppy.

round in, of, about, with or for?

  • They will complete the round in the morning.
  • It was midday, or ' round about that.
  • The 2012 round of debates were no different.
  • A yurt is round with a point at the top.
  • Buying a round for 5 people? $5.
  • You can register for the round at any time up to its end.
  • A round on my tab for all in the bar.
  • Example 1: Round to the nearest ten 1.
  • All of Brazil is Round Up Ready soya.
  • It's something I reminded him of every round after that.
  • Maybe he shades the round by default.
  • The Humungus fires a round from his.
  • He looked around into the emptiness.
  • It has taken him five years to win a round against his critic.
  • Great all rounder as well as great dual coat mascara.
  • And was in front of the main execs this was the round before Manchester live next week.
  • We've been spun ' round like a cat chasing a laser pointer until she falls over.
  • They'll play round after round without a plan.

reserved for, in, about, with or of?

  • I -- Reserved for UART communication.
  • Most Irish people are quite reserved in their politics.
  • It is believed that the PCC is very reserved about how they operate.
  • You are normally very reserved with handful of friends and most of the time live life lonely and always prepared to help others.
  • Snickers is an opportunist, ready to grab milk or anything else at the slightest opportunity and Mars is fairly quiet, the most reserved of them all.
  • Use of ' evidence room ' reserved to Jane More Molyneux.
  • However, in general, she was very reserved as a person.
  • Britany, on the other hand, was very reserved at the beginning.
  • Intel chipset specs are pretty good at explaining what address ranges gets reserved by default and in some cases call out that 1.
  • The middle one is more reserved like his father.
  • I grew up around Carribeans and they are actually quite reserved on the whole.