Prepositions after Verbs

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verge on, into, upon, as or at?

  • In fact it was verging on destructive.
  • But nowadays this easily cloned and unstoppable Neeson character seems to be verging into a territory reserved for jokes that have run their course.
  • Gordon was amazed to find himself slowly being overcome by an emotion of dread so intense that it verged upon sheer fear.
  • Origin: Native to Central Europe, it is found in and around woodlands, often in clearings as well as grassy banks and verges as well as cultivated areas.
  • Armoured Land Rovers were pulled up on the grass verges at either side.

"victimize by" or "victimize in"?

  • I'd gay and being victimized by my brother about my sexuality.
  • Due to the fact, as they are mentally and physically weak, they are victimized in many ways by the employer and other workers.

"vaccinate against" or "vaccinate with"?

  • Make sure you are annually vaccinated against the flu.
  • Unless they get vaccinated with the vaccines developed with the newer strains in mind.
  • Women also experience a boost to their immune systems when vaccinated in the afternoon, although the effect is much smaller.

vacate by, for, on, to or as?

  • Angus King, an independent, won the Senate seat being vacated by Ms.
  • The Dutchman was able to turn past his counterpart and slide a pass into the space he just vacated for a central run by Young.
  • He was given a 30 day notice to vacate on the the 18th.
  • Diego Lopez, loyal servant for five years and one of the most dependable goalkeepers in the top flight, has already vacated to Sevilla for the grossly modest sum of 3 m.
  • Troops replacing those who returned home have already arrived in the various parts of Somalia vacated as the war against the militia is stepped up.
  • Landlords who jump the gun and issue written notices to vacate before the tenant is a full 14 days behind will find they are invalid.
  • Instead, the government placed only a little more than 40 percent of the total spectrum vacated from the cancellation of the licences given by Raja and thus created an artificial scarcity.

veer into, towards, away, off or to?

  • The barrel veered into Big Bass eddy.
  • I find myself veering towards Frieze.
  • Trying to veer away from lazy Irish stereotypes is difficult enough for us as it is.
  • I watched one guy veer off the road and collapse in the grass by the side.
  • When faced with a problem I often react by veering to the extreme.
  • Visit one of these web sites for inspiration if you veer from the t weight loss rack.
  • Thematically, I suggest it's a record that frequently veers between love and despair, desire and death.
  • I veered towards some dry stream beds; she veered in my wake.
  • The camera seems to veer out of focus on a whim, which is weird seeing as how he filmed it on two separate cameras at the same time, one digital and one 35mm.
  • The poor fool disappeared from view as he turned and veered down a side street.
  • The sunken eyes of Kate Houlihan will soon veer with renewed 1848 venom to our EU ' partners ' in Finland, The Netherlands and Germany -- the hoors.

"validate by" or "validate in"?

  • A wide range of qualifications are validated by FETAC e.
  • So far, the system has been validated in an animal model only 13.
  • If you are a returning student you do not need a new ID card for the upcoming Semester, but you do need to get your ID card validated with a sticker.
  • Having been to the school to meet everyone, especially the children, it has validated for me the need for more fund raising activities.
  • It had however not been validated at the time of publication 2.
  • The findings are validated through a case study in the financial services.
  • Comments Off October 1st, 2010 Sometimes things do not always happen in a way that is validating to you and your experience.

"vie for" or "vie with"?

  • Angels (West) are vying for the two Wild Card spots.
  • Whoever vies with Me for either of them, I will punish him.
  • I'd then going to use a little bit of this product, it's called Vie at home.
  • Vying under the Sudan People Liberation Movement, Arman, will battle it out with nine other candidates approved by the National Elections Commission.

"vanish from" or "vanish into"?

  • She had vanished from history in August 1851 when Mr.
  • Others may vanish into obscurity.
  • Ilyas appointed Al-Yasa ' his successor and vanished in the protection of Allah.
  • He vanished after 3 days after stealing Rs1.
  • Houdini allowed himself to be shackled, then plummeted down from the bridge to vanish with a splash.
  • Our heirloom, tried and tested varieties are vanishing at an alarming rate in favour of the mass produced and commercially grown.
  • It is a big frustration to see all small gains vanish along with your big loss.
  • Gretna, after a season in the SPL, promptly vanished due to bankruptcy.
  • So so glad to have other people my age to hang out with! Internet time is getting close to out and I've got much more to do but just wanted to check in before I vanish for a bit.
  • Give your misguided opinion, poor hate on everyone who has a different opinion to you, then up and vanish like a fart in the wind.
  • Just vanishes off the face of the earth.
  • Bryn Martin, a Perth businessman who regularly swam in the waters off the city's busy Cottesloe Beach, vanished on Monday while swimming toward a buoy about 380 yards offshore.
  • She vanished over the bank from his sight.
  • Occasionally the ball would still kiss the blade fleetingly and vanish to the boundary as a reminder of the artist we had in our midst.
  • D: They come into being not having been, &; vanish without trace going nowhere.
  • Soon after, this girl vanishes alongside Jasper.
  • Just when you think you know where it is, it vanishes behind another stucco turret.
  • There must be the power of will for expansion and the fear has to be vanished by getting will to do is self imposed rigor of duty.
  • In the decade since thousands more, again mainly Tamils, have vanished since being taken into government custody.

venture into, to, on, beyond or through?

  • So take a care next time you venture into Ireland.
  • Sometimes I even venture to an Aldi.
  • Close to the record of leopards, langurs have been venturing on 1518.
  • If you want to venture beyond its borders, you must steel yourself for a nightmare battle with an indifferent bureaucracy.
  • Also, especially if you're venturing out of the cities, be sure to pack mosquito repellent.
  • They talked on the phone, and he chastised her for venturing outside her home.
  • They travel to New Zealand where they venture through hostile Maori territory and into a series of caves.
  • Some have ventured away from the inherited church and have come full circle to rejoin it.
  • And everytime my thoughts venture in those directions, I always get reminded of the classic case of Galileo Galilei.
  • I'd proud to say that no blade has ever ventured near there.
  • At the beach there is no problem in wearing a bikini, but should you venture off the beach into the town, cover up with at least a sarong.
  • The early European explorers who ventured onto upland areas were blown off their feet.
  • So why did this nakedness evolve? One suggestion is that our ancestors shed hairiness to keep cool when venturing across the hot savannahs of Africa.
  • Thanks Rita jee, for your ever venture for sake of Girls and Womens in India thru 50 Million.
  • Universities like Queen 's, Western, McMaster and others in Ontario, for example, have vast resources, but fail to venture past a Liberal politic in their campaigns.
  • Now, as we venture towards the weekend, I'd looking forward to simple dinners and early nights, perhaps a beach visit and a morning walk.

volunteer for, in, at, with or as?

  • Volunteer for committees or task forces.
  • Volunteer in an orphanage or pre-school in Africa 4.
  • I used to volunteer at a children's shelter.
  • I volunteer with at-risk children.
  • I volunteer as a financial counselor and do find that many women are lazy when it comes to finances.
  • The group now has two members who volunteer on a regular basis.
  • Ileana only flashed her pearlies as RK volunteered to showcase it again.
  • Volunteer within your community.

"violate in" or "violate by"?

  • One of the most controversial questions is the question of religion and the freedom of belief which is claimed to be violated in the proposed articles.
  • For it will enable us to account for the wrongness of Wilma's act only if we can identify some right that someone has that is violated by her act.
  • But there are suggestions that some Electoral Law could have been violated with this deal.
  • Citizen rights are also being violated during the process, according to the statement.
  • Loughner's rights to refuse unwanted commitment and medication were being violated at the Missouri facility, defense attorney Ellis M.
  • Name one American citizen whose rights were violated because of the ' patriot act '.
  • On the flip side, it? s also important to recognize that just because you? ve been violated before doesn? t mean it will automatically happen again.
  • Even going to get it in as a matter of record how the Federal Settlement has been violated due to this action.
  • But observe: the rights of health care providers have already been broadly and routinely violated for nearly five decades now -- since at least the mid-1960s -- also with no legal redress.
  • Between 1982 and 1992, the UN General Assembly or Security Council asked the secretary-general to investigate alleged uses of chemical weapons that violated of the Geneva Protocol twelve times.

verify by, with, in, from or at?

  • They are verified by the company.
  • This is easily verified with a simple search.
  • Record drawings verified in detail by the engineer and issued to a third party must be sealed.
  • All information should be verified at the time of booking.
  • Reports of rapes cases could not be verified from the police and the hospital.
  • The details of this are difficult to verify as the anecdotal comment wasn't recorded or put into print at the time and as Moon and Entwistle are deceased.
  • Nevertheless, one thing that you need to verify before transferring is the construction and accommodation quality.
  • Sporting goods retailers may also be good places to periodically verify for clearance deals on cheap NFL jerseys.
  • Scanning will take less time but in that case the signatures of investors ' have to be verified on screen.
  • WhatsApp now offers an alternative method of verificatio n Choose verify through SMS and fill in your email address.
  • Anyways, I kindly declined saying that I would need to verify about this.
  • It can be verified after the two minutes mark of this one of many similar availables Youtube's video link - http: //tinyurl.
  • The ticket cost will verify depending on the type of bus.
  • The videos can not be independently verified due to severe restrictions on foreign media imposed by the regime.
  • Perform a fast BBB (Far better Enterprise Bureau) verify of the website, at the same time examine for evaluations.
  • The individual then verifies under oath, administered by the notary, that the statement is true.
  • You can set it to be approved and verified upon upload.
  • What must be true about each instance of a class before or after the exeution of a method? Class invariants are typically verified via private boolean method, e.

vote for, in, against, on or at?

  • This is why we voted for Obama.
  • Make sure we vote in the coming.
  • If it doesn't we vote against it.
  • What's important is they vote on it.
  • PEOPLE start voting at every election! It's SOOOOO important.
  • It says he voted by text -- you can't even vote by text.
  • If yes, I will vote with the past.
  • For me its not about who has been voted into office hell they are all thief's.
  • He must be voted out to save America.
  • Yet politicians still voted to (virtually) abolish it.

vary from, in, depending, between or according?

  • Results vary from seat to seat.
  • They vary in sizes from small to large.
  • Fares vary depending on location and time.
  • Mara experiences vary between cultures.
  • The charges vary according to the rent.
  • Participation may vary by location.
  • The race distances vary with the age groups concerned.
  • Deployment costs vary across the UK 2.
  • Typically the alteration is a semitone or less, but this varies among performers.
  • Vision bulbs seems to vary as to size, etc.
  • Results might vary for a wider range.
  • Estimates vary of the number of political detainees.
  • People vary on their preference of fabrics to use for their tapestry.
  • The intensity varied over time.
  • The sugar packet sizes &; weights vary throughout areas of the whole world.

visit from, by, in, with or on?

  • I was in town visiting from New York.
  • I didn't think that all the designers were visited by Tim.
  • Got lucky and visited in mid-December once.
  • I had the chance to visit with Dr.
  • He can be visited on the main deck of the Dreadyatch.
  • Visit for a taste of burger history.
  • Then a member may propose to visit to Anuradhapura.
  • We visited at the right time, that was before the snow's full bloom.
  • You can have 3 guests at once visiting during the day between 8am and midnight.
  • I was happy that he was able to visit as a mentor.
  • One of his projects was a Sri Lankan Folk Museum, which we visited after touring the cabin.
  • Most days of the week I visited before work.
  • It's the Windows that will fix all of the ills visited upon them by Vista.