Prepositions before Nouns

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"of reason" or "For reason"?

  • We do so for a number of reasons.
  • For reasons I can't really discuss with you.
  • Their spiritual activities are ruled by reason.
  • The bad guys are bullies with reasons.
  • Make sure that you keep it within reasons.
  • He is not without reason, of course.
  • Without measurement criteria, evaluation can not be based on reason.
  • It's way beyond reason and any sensible perception of how the political process works.
  • No a priori knowledge in the sense of what rationalism contends to be present in reason is ever possible.
  • We will refrain from appealing to reasons we know they can not accept.

"of research" or "for research"?

  • One of the best source of research.
  • Just for research purposes you understand.
  • His company specialises in research, events, experimental.
  • What did change was the enormous focus on research output.
  • The Gold value has never depreciated according to research.
  • This variety is provided by research.
  • I can help with research and writing if needed.
  • We know from research that consumers today are overwhelmed.
  • Sociology is done through research, the same as you would do research to find the Best Kratom Capsules.
  • You're better at research than I am and you know how to prepare a witness.

of, in, to, at or with room?

  • We always give them a ton of room.
  • Leave it in room temperature for 12 hours.
  • Let the cakes cool to room temperature.
  • Keep at room temperature for 12 hours.
  • It was an old garage, with room for two cars.
  • After returning from site seeing, I called for room service.
  • I think mostly are 2 people per room.
  • We work our way from room to room, holding hands like scared kids.
  • Prisoners were locked up, grenades were thrown into rooms that contained many of them.
  • English speaking Driver Package on Room only basis &; bed and breakfast basis.

"of role" or "in role"?

  • The virtual world plays a lot of role in today's break-up scenario.
  • Props may or may not be used in performing in role or in classroom drama.
  • Stay tuned as the pieces start to role out! Management vs.
  • Look for roles which act as a stepping stone from one career to another.
  • Within the framework of a team, the rules are generally clear, with roles and responsibilities clearly outlined.
  • National Symposium on Role of Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology in Plant Productivity held at Barapani, India in 1997.
  • OmMarit: 13 May 2009 1:11:33pm Big difference is these guys are being promoted as role models.
  • As a general rule in HighQ Collaborate, functions or content that are denied by role, group or individual permissions are not displayed, enabling a secure and elegant presentation for each user.
  • It went from role playing to role playing between research breaks.

of, for, with, on or to result?

  • This will consist of results from Twitter and blogs.
  • It isn't good to maintain the user ready for results.
  • But you can't argue with results.
  • Regulation needs to focus on results.
  • Unfair? Not according to results.
  • A &; B don't appear in Query 2, and D &; F don't appear in results of Query 1, but I do not want to omit them.
  • I'd talking about results and WINNING.
  • They also recommended that student grades and retention rates be examined as well as results of online learning outcomes, which have proven to be essential to evaluation.
  • A good investment is not determined by results.
  • I have asked for it without results.

"at rest" or "of rest"?

  • But my mind was still not at rest.
  • Every three days, have a day of rest.
  • A time for rest and contemplation.
  • LV England kick off, and take ball to Rest end.
  • The objects are released from rest, and m2 slides 1.
  • The pain usually fades away with rest.
  • Especially the keys that are closed when in rest can become very sticky.
  • My heart is without rest for your Karbala.
  • As well as rest and relaxation on the beaches most resorts in the region offer a variety of water- sports, boat trips, diving, village tours and excursions to other parts of the island.
  • In the woman who hasn't undergone pregnancy stage, hair is on rest at each time frame.

to, of, in, at or on rate?

  • You need to be logged in to rate and comment on articles.
  • Check-out at 18:00hrs will be charged 50% of rate.
  • What he does nt claim is a reduction in rates.
  • They were lending at rates as high as 8 to 12%.
  • Today's economic reports have little impact on rates.
  • Limerick city and Donegal had the highest levels of youth unemployment with rates of 50 and 49 per cent respectively.
  • While standard banner click through rates average around 0.
  • For rates and booking information please see the Villas Sur Mer website.
  • Many events, such as rate approval, creation of a new account or approval of a driver, are open for real-time collaboration through the simple social interface.
  • Those on tracker mortgages, which automatically benefit from ECB rate cuts, have benefitted from rate cuts in November and December of last year.

"to report" or "of report"?

  • Go to Report a medical condition (online).
  • Even a lot of reports can result in depressive disorders.
  • Here the information was less clear, with reports vague about who had died.
  • He was also made uneasy by reports about increased government snooping on communications.
  • In reports and expert testimony, Dr.
  • N IRELAND 1996 A large Eurasian lynx was gunned down by an RUC police officer after reports of a lion being spotted.
  • These attacks have continued despite reports of civilian casualties.
  • US officials have not commented on reports of al Shihri's death.
  • Phil questions Toni about reports that Morgan used recreational drugs.
  • And social media teams scour the Internet for reports of lost pets, helping reunite them with owners.

"of relationship" or "in relationship"?

  • I will let go of relationships that are damaging.
  • I've seen it in relationships between people.
  • He is conflicted about relationships.
  • I think the same applies to relationships.
  • All research on relationships make these conclusion.
  • I have a hard enough time with relationships as it is.
  • We can provide safe places for relationship building, and teach skills.
  • So girls go from relationship to relationship.
  • However im scared of the person i'll be come when i eventually go into relationship.
  • A time when life was not ruled by a clock, but by relationships.

of, on, by, for or in road?

  • Loads of road noise from rear of car.
  • Sensible people don't ride on roads.
  • This includes by air or by road.
  • That's important information for road trippers.
  • Go to Road rules theory test quiz.
  • These two together cost me 14 days off road.
  • Injuries from road traffic crashes resulted in an estimated 1.
  • In addition, we have a serious problem with road congestion in major cities.
  • There are various layers that can be turned on, such as roads and borders.

"at risk" or "of risk"?

  • But that risk is incredibly slim.
  • As I began to note in RISKS-27.
  • There are two problems when we deal with risk.
  • There's no investment without risks.
  • B2B buying behaviour is all about risk avoidance.
  • Markets no longer price properly for risk.
  • The poem Come to the Edge is another wonderful perspective on risk and stretching.
  • To love is to risk not being loved in return.
  • There are also the can't get away from legal requirements such as risk assessments etc.

"of right" or "to right"?

  • The Law of Right Human Relations.
  • Left to right, Rachel Adams, Mrs.
  • For Satan, it sounds about right.
  • Flt Lt Wollen seated second from right.
  • More on Rights to pay the right to paid holiday.
  • By rights, we shouldn't even be here.
  • Port for left and starboard for right.
  • I do, however, believe in right and wrong.
  • The related links at right and.
  • Article 41 which deals with rights of the family will not be changed by this amendment.

"of range", "in range" or "within range"?

  • It is relatively close, in terms of range for a bow.
  • For example, the months given to it have to be in range of values 1-12.
  • The entire city was now within range of Japanese artillery.
  • If they are serious about Ruf in LF, they're going to need a guy with range in CF.
  • Then refer to the guidance in section C and the table below for ranges of fees payable for Group 3a bodies.
  • Chisora was dominating the close exchanges but Haye was more dangerous from range with both landing powerful shots.
  • There are four main classes: Archers do as you'd expect, using bows and arrows to kill at range.
  • Further formatting properties and objects control the way in which these page references are grouped and arranged into ranges.
  • The store would be a one-stop shop for the entire Cotton On range, she said.

"in reality" or "of reality"?

  • Then you are living in reality.
  • Systems are any part of reality.
  • My beliefs are irrelevant to reality.
  • All this is possible but far from reality.
  • They don't deal with reality very well anyway.
  • It turned into reality in 1991-92.
  • The only problem is that you have no grasp on reality.
  • Truths are statements about reality.
  • Again this is not quite supported by reality.
  • Now is the moment for reality checks.

in, of, to, from or by region?

  • The productivity of the sea decreases in the Arctic and increases in regions nearer the Atlantic.
  • The Company has been a sponsor of region orphanage? 3 for many years.
  • The page is subdivided into regions.
  • We offer a wide range of wine from regions all around the world.
  • This varies both by region and by country.
  • Given the diversity of experience across regions and centuries, this is meaningless.
  • Somali-LAND army starting a war with regions that wants to join Somali Republic.
  • There is also inequality of income between regions.
  • There are now 19 senators from Luzon, only five for both Visayas and Mindanao, and none for Regions 9, 12 and ARMM, he said.
  • Prevalence rates for hypertension vary across and within regions in Africa.

"on record" or "of record"?

  • There are written confessions on record.
  • Manner of recording evidence 354.
  • Our fans have engaged with FIFA 13 in record numbers.
  • If I were starting out again, I wouldn't listen to records.
  • Unemployment at record sustained levels.
  • Increased solar flares have nothing to do with record temperatures.
  • They're going for records in all the wrong ways.
  • Dogged by Record in Massachusetts During his single term in the governor's mansion, Mr.
  • The November boom follows on from record midge numbers this summer.
  • But really, the amount of time between records is irrelevant.

for, of, under, in or to review?

  • I received this book for free for review.
  • It is certainly not the only house of review.
  • Automatically it will be under review.
  • The huge difference in reviews often has to do with the durability of each canopy.
  • I'd not sure I want to be able to publicly reply to reviews.
  • By Tuesday morning, Rotten Tomatoes had suspended all comments on reviews of.
  • Elif Batuman is doing very cool things with reviews, though not of poetry.
  • If this article is nonsense, how did the work get by reviews by Prof.
  • Upon review, I noticed they have very tall and skinny pine trees with very full tops.

"In response" or "of response"?

  • Two obvious points in response.
  • Lack of response to verbal requests.
  • The deadline for responses is expected to be 2012-NOV-23.
  • It'll be fascinating to see what changes occur with responses to the report over the next couple weeks.
  • The full range of the acoustic speech spectrum was encoded by responses from multiple electrodes in the ensemble, although coverage of the spectrum varied by participant (Figure 4D).
  • Modification of dosing should be based on response and on therapeutic drug monitoring.
  • Normally I don't respond to responses on my posts.
  • Efforts to contact the Chief Traffic Police Officer, Mohammed Mpinga for more clarification about the matter proved futile as his mobile phone kept on ringing several times without response.

"of race" or "on race"?

  • Let's jettison the issue of race.
  • The Republican Party isn't hung up on race.
  • They're the ones you never hear of in race reports.
  • He divided the races by making things about race.
  • They uplift and demonize people by race.
  • Even the Bible has no terminology for race.
  • It has absolutely nothing to do with race.
  • A series of festivals varying from race to race are observed here.
  • They are both being charged with committing a seditious act, by promoting feelings of ill-will and hostility between races in Singapore.
  • A series of festivals varying from race to race are observed here.

of, with, without, about or from responsibility?

  • I am capable of responsibility.
  • To summarize, rights come with responsibilities.
  • If he wanted power without responsibility he should have become a.
  • It is a story about responsibility and about caring for others.
  • You may think sitting on the fence frees you from responsibility.
  • In 2000 they took over responsibility for the building, which is now recognised as part of British Heritage.
  • They are flattered by responsibility and by being treated as grownups.
  • Paying people for responsibility rather than performance encourages empire building.
  • You get a cut in responsibility &; pay &; by the way having babies is really gon na suck.
  • This is a hands-on function including responsibilities for ordering all associated texts and workbooks, maintaining the budget within the faculty and for filling any of the teaching staff's needs.

of, in, about, to or on religion?

  • Still a lot of religion-bashing.
  • And they were engaged in religion.
  • YOU people may not care about religion.
  • Giving a face to religion Prof.
  • Attack on religions or communities; 3.
  • THAT is what is wrong with religion.
  • You therefore have freedom FROM religion.
  • I can see the connect between religion and climate change.
  • They are not he real religion, not what the Buddha meant by religion.
  • It would be too hard to put them in some kind of priority order except for religion.

of, to, with, by or under rule?

  • She too got a taste of Rule (3).
  • An amendment to Rule 34 was also made.
  • We would then have some meta-universe with rules outside our own.
  • Such examination shall be carried in a manner prescribed by the Commission by rule.
  • In discussion under Rule 184 in Lok Sabha, there is a voting following debate as well.
  • If so The second party in rule, Syriza will attempt to form a government.
  • For me, religion isn't about rules.
  • I mean, I'd REALLY not big on rules.
  • Most MBA students are used to mathematics and look for rules and research that will clarify life.
  • The billing dispute should be resolved within a month by operators as per rule.

"of respect" or "with respect"?

  • I lost a lot of respect for them.
  • I treat my kitchen staff with respect.
  • But always do it in love and in respect.
  • You can keep praying for respect, we'll go ahead and take action.
  • Build your network on respect and it will grow itself.
  • Short, dark people would have been called Iberians, without respect to skulls.
  • He was right, it is about respect! It was the ABC reporters that didn't get it, not him.
  • They will be the subject of continued operations with all the sensitivities required by the rules of engagement to protect civilians as well as respect for the ceasefire mechanisms with the MILF.
  • I have learned the hard way to stand up for myself, and to accept nothing but respect from people.
  • The National Council of Muslims in Tanzania switched from criticism to respect after Teweli took representatives on the tour.

"in return" or "of return"?

  • KDC expected favours in return.
  • Iran is in the process of return.
  • Minstrel band excellent on return from trip which is.
  • So thats why I want ask for return my house tax.
  • Only to return four-fold as his husband rose from his side.
  • From Return of the Jedi onward, the franchise became a higher tech Star Wars Christmas special.
  • Credit will be issued upon return of product for the cost of the unused labels.
  • The rate associated with return is determined 100% by when you enter the currency markets.

"on radio" or "of radio"?

  • They were listening to radio on radio WOW FM.
  • Decay of radioactive atoms is not predictable.
  • They were listening to radio on radio WOW FM.
  • I have even done a course in radio broadcasting.
  • Wait till you see the JNLR figures for Radio OTR.
  • Love the new single - that will do the job with radio play.
  • That's the message they're sending out by radio.
  • Dakovo from radio Moutian and Mr.
  • Radio 1 Presenter Chris Moyles started his career at Radio Topshop.
  • Through radio tracking, the probe estimated the planet's gravity field.

"of reference" or "in reference"?

  • Of course, examples are useful as a frame of reference.
  • My quote was in reference to one of Fr.
  • Curtayne illustrated by reference to the bank with which Mr.
  • We also routinely ask for references.
  • No essay or speech of his was complete without reference to Mill.
  • At least do us the courtesy of backing your ' story ' with references proving us wrong.
  • Figure 8 shows the 2011 rankings for these kinds of constraints (now including reference to print materials as well) broken down by subject discipline.
  • Follow up on references both from the recent past and further back in time.
  • Appointments will be subject to references and enhanced CRB checks.

"for release" or "of release"?

  • The men are set for release in 2019.
  • They are going towards the processes of release.
  • But seriously abbreviated on release.
  • Later after release i dnt knw who changed it for jthj 2500 and sos 2000 screens.
  • I was a game reporter by the time it was close to release.
  • Jthj 2700 screens confirmed by yrf before release.
  • For instance, she could've used a mother's comfort upon release from the prison where she'd been a mere number.
  • Maybe by actor, maybe by release year.
  • Part 3 of the RTI Act lists the grounds under which information may be exempt from release.
  • He is sentenced to 15 years in federal prison, with release scheduled in 2011.

"of revenue" or "in revenue"?

  • The estimate of revenue is far too much.
  • At $25 each, that's $5,000 in revenue.
  • Also just having on revenue stream is probably what killed him.
  • These results compare to revenue of $28.
  • As for revenue, Box is on track to triple revenue in 2012.
  • We also see teams that have a product in beta stage, full launch, and with Revenue.
  • Sinopharm is China's largest drugmaker by revenue.
  • These flat rates have been agreed by revenue but you will need to claim this credit from revenue as it is not automatically added to your tax certificate.
  • This deficit is the excess of projected expenditure over revenue from January to March.

"of restaurant" or "in restaurant"?

  • There wasn't a lot of restaurants.
  • A tip of about 15 per cent is expected in restaurants.
  • At restaurants you wait, wait, wait.
  • And chicken kebab wasn't even close to restaurant quality dish.
  • Todays trend is for restaurants with relaxed clothing standards.
  • And I've also seen a recent offering from restaurant chain, Leon.
  • This lane is busy with restaurants and swift house compressors blowing out into it.
  • The various room amenities such as restaurant or daily cleanup will be optional.
  • When we go into restaurants, we expect there to be somewhere to sit.
  • So we could have embarked immediately at the conclusion of the HHGTTG game on Restaurant and four additional sequels.

"of river" or "in river"?

  • Nice decor, nice scenic view of river.
  • They also ate fish caught in rivers or the sea.
  • They didn't have to live by rivers, or buy houses next to the coast.
  • Flooding from rivers, particularly in recognized floodplains, can usually be predicted with good accuracy.
  • Mars on River Drina (Based on March on the River Drina by S.
  • Runoff and ground water flow to rivers, however, are difficult to isolate, let alone to treat and control.
  • They departed down river with 60 canoes for the French Fort.
  • One day they decided to swim at river and took off their.
  • Probably very few septic tanks actually leak into rivers.
  • The high court's ruling also confirms the city's unreasonable intransigence against working with River City Co.

"of run" or "to run"?

  • You can score a lot of runs that way.
  • Anyone interested in running should read Born to Run.
  • Run this command in run: firefox.
  • We use the instanceof operator to determine the type of object at run time.
  • It started without issue, and installed for run at boot without complaint.
  • My brother and I typed in programming code from Run magazine.
  • Archer scored on runs of 79 and 74.
  • Busy without being over run and the Turks in the bars were all brilliant.

"of reaction" or "In reaction"?

  • It would pin back the forces of reaction.
  • Prices rising in reaction to a future event is a good thing.
  • It actually produces a molecule called casomorphin which creates an opiate like reaction in your body.
  • I managed to interview some of the audiences for reactions to the movie.
  • A small number of cases have been reported by people who suffer from reactions to certain types of linear fluorescent lamps.
  • On reactions to the US-EC text, Harbinson said there was concern that it had not dealt much with S and D, but the US and EC said this was because they had run out of time.
  • At the very least it could be a slight over reaction on some peoples part.
  • It seriously interferes with reaction times.

"of rock" or "in rock"?

  • All kinds of rocks become sediment.
  • In rocks, it does not show flat faces.
  • MGK cuts promo on Rock Mikey: Wow.
  • With rock ' n ' roll, it's a whole different ball game.
  • But he worked his way back from rock bottom to become a multimillionaire.
  • About $150 The same thing happened to Rock Chic.
  • My relationship ended I felt like I was at rock bottom.
  • This painting was inspired by rock art made by the Ngarinyin people.
  • But there's some good news for Rock Band 3 owners.
  • This will in time also be transitioned into Rock.

of, to, For, from or by reader?

  • Our diverse audience of readers.
  • Note to readers: This is a corrected version.
  • Note: this is for reader's reviews only.
  • We often get mail from readers.
  • In addition, I gave them a weekly column to address concerns raised by readers.
  • And I have another reason: (v) Connecting with readers.
  • I recall reading the term in Readers Digest a few years ago in a doctor's surgery.
  • No comments: Post a Comment A Message From Scriptonite This blog is brought to you without ads or sponsorship and relies on reader contributions to continue.
  • He also wrote for numerous other publications such as Reader's Digest.
  • It strengthens that all important bond between reader and character.

"on route" or "of route"?

  • Take exit 7 off I-295 and travel west on Route 44.
  • Route 94 ends at the intersection of Route 14 where you will take a left.
  • It took us three days to route Iraq's army.
  • And the potential for economic growth extends far beyond this quaint little farming community, which for years was known as little more than a cross-roads along Route 30.
  • There are many roads that intersect with Route 7A that will lead you to other great sights such as Route 108 and Route 9.
  • At Route 44 turn right and return to I-295.
  • These efforts are being augmented by route incentive schemes.
  • You can also take a detour onto Route 52 to see Megunticook Lake.

on, upon, of, to or with request?

  • Pets: Pets are allowed on request.
  • Providing Information upon request.
  • The remaining 44 per cent of requests come from court orders.
  • She could never say no to requests to perform abroad.
  • He was so occupied with request for photos and could be the most popular person last night.
  • This was not for request for rely.
  • These toys no longer have lavender in them (unless by request ), so they are extra chewable.
  • Details of that format are below in Request Packet Structure.
  • However, she did not advocate providing photocopying, despite requests for it.
  • With a bit of advice from Dad, she put the feelers out and eventually started her own crew, known as ReQuest.

"of regime", "for regime" or "in regime"?

  • Neocons just used 9/11 to push teir agenda of regime change.
  • In the aftermath of the elections Girifna continued to push forward and organize for regime change.
  • Let me just say, the United States has no interest in regime change.
  • They do not come automatically with regime change.
  • The focus is on regime change, not regime existence.
  • The more the opposition wins over regime bases, the more they acquire weapons.

of, to, in, for or during recovery?

  • Only one within one unit of recovery.
  • Lesson 4: Growth is the key factor in recovery.
  • It's really important for recovery.
  • A study from Nigeria reported a 1% incidence of vomiting during recovery and 19.
  • Since then, I've been focusing on recovery.
  • They ran a short segment on how Occupy Sandy was helping out with recovery efforts.
  • I will tell anyone about recovery in NA.
  • As expected, muscle tissue only improve from recovery amongst physical exercises.
  • One of the reasons I didn't take the step into recovery was the thought of having to make amends to people, it was a shameful thought and I had no idea how I could ever do it.

"of reputation" or "to reputation"?

  • Require preparation of a full list of reputational risks.
  • Don't forget to add to reputation and to seed.
  • A scientific argument is tested by the data not by reputation.
  • If doing so would sacrifice quality and cost me anything in reputation, I stick to the high road.
  • At one time the International had a reputation as something of a graveyard for reputations.
  • And for me he is being priced up as favourite on reputation rather than recent form.
  • As a recommended option, the Sender ID result can be combined with reputation data about the IP/domain holder.
  • Apple has always been about reputation, nothing else.
  • Then when we come into unusual environments, where incentives like reputation and sanctions are removed, our first response is to keep behaving the way we do in normal life.

of, for, with, by or in rain?

  • There were droplets of rain in it.
  • The other directive was for the public to be prepared for rains and mud at the site.
  • Both troughs are filled with rain water only so there is no difference in water quality.
  • Rain 3 matches affected by rain.
  • The tour will go in rain or shine.
  • They could use rain excuse after rain excuse.
  • Falling down like rain upon the ground.
  • In 1931, fed up of getting drenched from rain she built an enclosed market.
  • During rain, they have to spend nights under sheds of shops.
  • This can I believe give rise not to rain and shine but a seasonal drizzle.

of, for, in, with or to relief?

  • I remember the feeling of relief.
  • So hot that vests must be ripped off for relief.
  • Ghiyasuddin: Religion in relief camps.
  • They were laughing with relief.
  • And although changing bad habits is always tricky, it's also a more certain path to relief.
  • Herds are smaller than ever before, and most people are relying on relief food.
  • Participants will hear first hand experiences from relief workers, learn about the nature of humanitarian relief, and look at the skills they have to bring to the sector.
  • They are not complete descriptions of the world, only the right way of seeing in order to throw choices into relief.

of, for, by, in or to resolution?

  • First, there was the small matter of resolution.
  • The case was then appealed to the SCC for resolution.
  • By Resolution 180919 of June 1, 2010, the Indicative Action Plan 2010-2015 is adopted to develop, the PROURE.
  • This exhortation is contained in Resolution 9.
  • To prepare a loyal address to His Majesty; agreeable to resolutions already entered into.
  • While the legality of the strike may still be contended, the issues that have driven workers to picket, protest and throw rubble in the streets are also some way from resolution.
  • Shareholders should be able to vote on Resolution A, and.
  • Did you hear about Resolution D066 that we adopted at General Convention? It's at http: **35;6678;TOOLONG.

"of republic", "in republic" or "under republic"?

  • Service on servant of Republic 72.
  • I am representing interests of a five star hotel in Republic of Moldova (EUROPE).
  • Operation of a sanitary landfill is mandated under Republic Act No.
  • In this way, the world powers poured into Nepal for republic and secularism.
  • The Juventus centre-back picked up the knock in the group game against Republic of Ireland, and it was feared that his tournament was over.
  • Includes delivery within Republic of Ireland.

"of reform" or "for reform"?

  • They should be the drivers of reform.
  • Crises are always also opportunities for reform.
  • Restructuring is reliant on reform.
  • Senate Democrats of all stripes are on board with reform.
  • We will revive the economy here if we can make more efforts in reform, provide good systematic conditions, and more importantly, have new ideas.
  • Kim said he would be more specific about reforms at the next meetings of member countries in April.
  • Labour, divided over reform but united in loathing the coalition, was never going to come to Clegg's aid.
  • The wider reform agenda overlaps to some extent but is aimed at reforms that transform the civil service and enable us not simply to get by with less but to do better with less.
  • But it was clear from the start of the ' Ministry of all the Troubles ' that the path towards reform would be a slow and bumpy one.
  • Health and social care will be the primary pressure on public finances, and without reform funding will be unsustainable.

"In recognition" or "of recognition"?

  • This is in recognition of the response to the M.
  • Users enjoy a moment of recognition.
  • I truly don't do any of the things I do for recognition.
  • His body was mutilated and beyond recognition.
  • He is gradually bouncing back to recognition.
  • The contributor of the solution is, in some cases, compensated either monetarily, with prizes, or with recognition.
  • You will receive training and support as well as recognition for your efforts in the form of a Future Consultant Certificate.
  • A good way to begin one's career is to look at recognition, respect, congruence with your personal aspirations and yes, the money -- in that order.
  • In essence, states are only established as subjects of international law by the will of the international community through recognition.

"of registration" or "for registration"?

  • Imports on the basis of registration of contracts.
  • Application for registration 58.
  • All courses must be approved prior to registration.
  • One is a Chrysler saloon car which he is currently driving with registration number GW-666-10.
  • We will advise of the conditions at registration.
  • Climate Spectator can be received via e-mail for free after registration.
  • Selected gear will stipulate the organization to purchase your communicating the required licenses as well as registrations to use.
  • Following registration, You can review and change the information You submitted during registration.
  • LiteForex Group of Companies reserves the right to refuse in registration and disqualify the participant without explanations.
  • It also provides secure tenure under customary systems without registration.

of, to, for, with or by reduction?

  • The right of reduction must be provable.
  • The key to reduction of healthcare costs it to reduce the incidence of disease.
  • Will that help? The call has to do with the demand for reduction in cost of governance.
  • I designed a 5 section coaching chart that is specific to dealing with reduction of excess weight and type 2 diabetes in tandem.
  • Microspore mother cells divide to form microspores by reduction divisions.
  • Considering all the experimental islands in developing a model for the pattern in reduction, the diversity change fit a log-log relationship (i.
  • Such an erosion of reputation of banks could have multiple chain effect including reduction of deposit in the concerned bank and fall of share prices of the whole banking sector.
  • A breakthrough hinges on coming up with 10 billion euros ($13 billion) through reductions in interest rates charged by creditors and a debt buyback financed by bailout funding.
  • In the developing world, Corsaro detects some promising signs such as reductions in child mortality, some diseases, and malnutrition.
  • As a result, citizens, businesses, governments, and non-profit groups worldwide are calling for and working towards reductions in CO2 emissions to halt further change.

of, for, to, about or in revolution?

  • We are living in times of revolution.
  • This is not a call for revolution but a call for assistance.
  • Whilst in Japan, for example, he was responsible for supplying arms to revolutionaries in the Philippines.
  • And as more time passes by, we can talk about revolution, rather than evolution.
  • Do you believe in Revolution? Revolution is the only way to salvation.
  • Europe as a federal republic like the United States of America is possible, but not by force and not by revolution.
  • This sick, satanic, system can only be changed through revolution.
  • This it had declined to do out of deference to ideology and preferred to hint at revolution from the sidelines.
  • Yet after 1956 she was in a far weaker position to protect Arab rulers from revolution.

of, for, to, in or on resource?

  • New amount of Resource production.
  • Look for resources that deal with similar topics to your own site.
  • In July 2010, she founded CARMa (Creating Access to Resources &; Markets ), (www.
  • Well, the answer simply lay in resources.
  • He, therefore, reiterated his call on resource control agitators to join hands to exploit what is feasible now.
  • With Resource linking, complex networks of Processes can be formed.
  • And wars too are mainly over resources right? We all need to learn to use less.
  • Our wars and civil wars are about resources and limited resources.
  • The Seminar included a selective number of key-note presentations by resource experts and country representatives and many sessions of interactive discussions.
  • We need to delink nationalism from resource hunger,.

of, in, worth, for or to reading?

  • Its a lot of reading, but interesting.
  • She made two attempts to commit suicide in Reading police station.
  • Very interesting article, and definitely worth reading.
  • For reading, sure we can use Bible stories.
  • The final third were given no instructions prior to reading.
  • She was the youngest in her class and struggled with reading.
  • He will make is full return at Reading on Tuesday in my opinion.
  • So, no pressure going into his home debut against Reading tonight, then.
  • My opinions are based on reading.
  • They will do anything to stop others from reading Flew's book.

of, to, with, during or for requirement?

  • Different kinds of requirements.
  • He still gets a game in ODIs and T20s but in tests he is seen to be surplus to requirements.
  • Owners who fail to comply with requirements as to menacing dogs can be fined up to $3,000.
  • During requirements specification, the requirements team should publish the priorities so that all effected stakeholders know and can use the priorities.
  • Full details on requirements for participating, including how to apply and.
  • Certain requirements depend on other requirements Davis 2003.
  • I would like relocate and travel as per requirement of organization.
  • Net that without requirements for African collaborations, many EU researchers will be reluctant to work with African scientists, believing it will not help their careers to do so.

"for retirement", "of retirement" or "in retirement"?

  • Plan, plan, plan for retirement?
  • That would be one of the benefits of retirement.
  • In retirement he completed his memoirs.
  • Looks like I am close to retirement.
  • Typical Ghanaians, he said have problems about retirement.
  • Especially how people at retirement age are doing.
  • There are simply changes and the man is going on retirement.
  • Please spread some light on pension diffrence betwwen me and my friend after retirement.
  • It took a while to relax into retirement.
  • We should put a check in the system similar to withdrawals from retirement accounts.

of, in, with, for or to resistance?

  • What Are the Benefits of Resistance Training? 1.
  • This equipment offers the latest technology in resistance training.
  • But the union campaign is being met with resistance from others on the left.
  • Thus, mental strength and well-being is the foundation for resistance to physical illness.
  • This also translates to resistance to stains as well as being a good insulator.
  • However, contrary to conventional wisdom, the Westernization of culture was neither smooth nor without resistance.
  • They look at resistance as a behavioral issue v.

of, with, for, in or on rice?

  • Serve hot with steaming bowls of rice.
  • Clinton and Petraeus (along with Rice,.
  • This is due to increases in demand for rice and the shortfall in domestic production.
  • In 1985, he purchased a minority interest in Rice Financial Group Inc.
  • Ask for dishes based on rice or pasta and plenty of vegetables.
  • It was delivered at Rice Stadium in Houston, Texas on September 12, 1962.
  • Prices of commonly traded foods such as rice and wheat rose by 50 to 75 percent over a matter of weeks.
  • The food is great -- from jerk chicken, to rice and peas, to Rastafarian I-tal food.
  • It is a sweet dish made from rice or wheat flour and stuffed with condiments like grated coconut, dry fruits, jaggery, etc.
  • Food all tastes like rice crackers.

of, in, by, to or with regulation?

  • A pair of regulation touchdowns: check.
  • It was 14 fairways and 18 greens in regulation, and I stuck to that.
  • It is also the highest dose which is allowed by regulation in any one year of occupational exposure.
  • The presence of CWD often leads to regulation changes, too.
  • Same with regulations on the banking industry.
  • As Arnold Kling says, there will always seem to be a good argument for regulation.
  • Much of the debate has centred on regulation.
  • Such allocation shall be made under regulations prescribed by the Secretary.
  • Secondly your point about regulation is spot on.
  • Rothfus, a lawyer, campaigned on lower taxes and against regulation.

"to resort" or "of resort"?

  • Be careful not to resort to commit suicide or murder your wife.
  • A lot of resorts and operators are small and have very limited spaces available.
  • About 130 senior executives attended the event at Resorts World.
  • Persons stay in resorts on an various reasons.
  • Going by their 2011 financials, this would amount to $269 million for Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) and US$236 million (S$300 million) for Marina Bay Sands (MBS).
  • With resort to the courts on matters of Law rather than fact or specialist expertise.
  • Perhaps, but you can not prove this absolutely without resort to a theory of Orgone Energy.
  • This Reem Acra thing confirms what Claire Danes started: pieces from resort collections have no business on the red carpet.
  • Body Shop 2-In Hotel Plaza there is a Body Shop on Resort Loop.
  • Strict penalties should be levied against resort owners in these areas to make sure that tourist do not disturb the wildlife.

of, for, from, on or with rape?

  • I mean, it makes light of rape.
  • But I'd not sure that that is the answer for rape.
  • Also, some scholars consider abortion appropriate in pregnancies resulting from rape or incest.
  • This legislation on RAPE (seduction indeed.
  • Bray was arrested two days later and eventually charged with rape, strangulation and assault.
  • So yeah, sometime the conversation is about rape.
  • And if she gets married, she is not legally protected against rape.
  • In Kibera, girls are at risk in several ways, such as rape and early marriages.
  • They are interested only in rapes, murders, suicides, divorces, scandal.
  • His god hates women so much that a pregnancy caused by rape must be carried full term -- all you need to know about religion.

of, with, at, in or for root?

  • We need a lot of roots to keep us healthy.
  • One of the millions with roots on both.
  • Progressives are at root utopians.
  • Triads in Root Position Figure 2.
  • Then you have to set the password for root.
  • Move from roots to ends, directing the flow of your dryer's nozzle downward to keep the cuticles smooth.
  • As well as root vegetables, patty pan squash and asparagus are delicious roasted.
  • It clings to the uterus just like roots that are firmly fixed to the earth by their tendrils.
  • Small bulbs generally favour shallower planting; otherwise they exhaust their energy on root and foliage growth at the expense of blossoms.
  • According to root out for cad is defined as sleep Buy Cialis Buy Cialis apnea syndromes should be paid to be.

of, with, for, in or from recipe?

  • Up here, a lot of recipes call for a tiny bit of mayo.
  • It focuses on all Middle Eastern food with recipes and details organised by ingredients.
  • At least now you know the name, and can look for recipes yourself, until I find my recipe!! #57 - Vicky Wilson - 07/16/2011 - 20:23 leche flan recipe ohhhh my gosh I love this desserts very much.
  • Keep an eye on the time (as mentioned in recipe) and also the appearance of the baked item.
  • The coffee's hot and the blue plate special is out of this world! Otherworld Diner To-Go! On the Menu OWD Topics vary from recipes to movie and tv reviews to ideas for busting through writer's block.
  • Snacks for Misty's playgroup Halloween party -- click to go to recipe.
  • Instead of blogging about your everyday life, offer tips and tricks to your readers to go along with your life such as recipes or travel tips.
  • These were based on recipes and traditions from his homeland.
  • Kander had been greatly influenced by French cuisine, including recipes for Delmonico Salad Dressing with chopped truffles, Water Lily Salad, and pate de foie gras.

of, for, to, with or in representation?

  • There are so many gaps in terms of representation to the meeting.
  • Use commonly accepted standards for representation.
  • They can be held indefinitely without charge, and no right to representation or trial.
  • There are many other states with a decent taxation (with representation!) that makes 24% a threat.
  • Before the case there were huge differences in representation size per delegate.
  • After all we are human with desire in an era that emphasizes much on representation.
  • Under the system of devolution, it is like ' taxes without representation.
  • And the proposed debate should about representation of opinion.
  • Summary Anxiety is the most common undesired state in psychotherapy, and is generated by a number of synesthesias from representations of potential future dangers to kinesthetic activation.

"of recession" or "into recession"?

  • Japan -- as of September 2008 -- is once again on the verge of recession.
  • In the GFC, it was the only Western country to not go into recession.
  • Japan officially claims that it is in Recession.
  • That will lead to recession an d deep depression.
  • There is no quick bounce back from recessions caused by financial crises.
  • Inflation is more cyclical than has been measured, due to store switching (going to Walmart during recessions).
  • Much of it is familiar but it's made all the greater by recession as this report spells, allowing for all the uncertainties in forecasting.
  • The thinking around re-naming a public holiday was around recession and Govt less likely to be forthcoming of another official one just at the moment.

without, with, of, in or as regard?

  • Media planning without regard to the.
  • With Regards, Mohammad Chess &; Gambling Question 1 I have a question regarding chess.
  • It really addresses the most vulnerable, and the Government shows a lack of regard.
  • In regard of your own team on bad days, immediate judgment in hyperbolic term is important.

"for replacement" or "of replacement"?

  • Do not lose your Gold Card -- there is a $35 charge for replacement.
  • Then they are switched from the steady supply of replacements.
  • The trick is to give the appearance that it might work to the gullible, then spend the next cycle making excuses with replacement policies that won't work either.
  • Before them white people had loads of children now they have children well below replacement rate.
  • This was followed by replacement anti-roll bar, a new alternator and numerous other faults.
  • If you ever did not get every useful information on Replacement windows 7 Mend, Microsoft Office Professional 2010 Key, then you can get hold of every tech plumber.
  • Repeated random sub-sampling is similar to a bootstrap procedure (without replacement) that ensures there is no overlap between training and test data sets.
  • Carragher is gradually being eased into retirement with an offer of a coaching position upon hanging up his boots, and understandably Liverpool are looking at replacements.

"of residence" or "in residence"?

  • There will be rights of residence.
  • The Students living in residence must purchase a meal plan.
  • PROBLEM: - The next demand for maintenance is the accommodation for residence.
  • The working graduate can then move to residence.
  • In bigger cities, many apartment buildings will have to be reconfigured to convert the lower floors from residences to other uses.

"in row" or "of row"?

  • I've been in row one of the paddock once.
  • But after a series of rows Robson left St.
  • Three floors filled with row upon row of young women at small desks with manual typewriters, robotically banging out carbon-duplicate forms for a big insurance company for.
  • The section is between row 116 and 123.
  • This will allow the table to render row by row according to the CSS 2.
  • Tickets should be 50% off for Bangla matches, and 70% off for ROW matches.
  • In the latter case cells are grouped into rows using the starts-row and ends-row properties.
  • In tall-beamed stables, row on row Of useless nags.
  • A UN soldier waits on a landing strip adjacent to rows of barracks.
  • Exploring JLC you find everything from rows of organized horological desks to oven rooms where they bake screws to blue them.

"of ride", "to ride" or "with ride"?

  • We managed to get away in the second wave of riders something like 6.
  • Teams are already paying a lot to ride the Tour de France but ASO could probably charge more.
  • It's an air-conditioned building with rides and games suitable for young children.
  • Both the park and the zoo will be a lot busier onthe Saturday, but you'll notice it a lot more in the park bexuase of having to queue for rides.
  • For a single, they dampen spring oscillation, and secondly, they aid in ride handle general.
  • Say what? Surely standing in line for a roller-coaster is a supreme expression of democracy -- not to mention a chance to catch your breath between rides.
  • Started trying different pre-ride and during ride fuels this week.
  • Dreamworld has rides and attractions for all ages.

"of reflection", "on reflection" or "for reflection"?

  • DB: A matter truly worthy of reflection.
  • On reflection, I agree with him.
  • They usually need more time for reflection.
  • But the question is can we do that with reflections? Yes we can! Here are the steps.
  • Upon reflection many years later I realised my mistakes.
  • This increases the size of ice caps which results in reflection of even more radiation, resulting in more cooling, and so on.
  • Faces became a source of light through reflection.
  • It looks for a way to identify its own foundations and to purify itself by reflections on those foundations.
  • It is not possible to cover everything about reflections in one post.
  • To my knowledge C++ do not provide anything like reflections on its own.

"in reply" or "of reply"?

  • In reply to the preliminary objection and submissions by Mr.
  • Just read a whole lot of replies to this.
  • To use it for replies as well, which I recommend.
  • This reply is actually to Anne-Marie below but this blog does me allow to reply to reply to replies.
  • It would be great to session may not be the promotedmoved a topic with replies.
  • AP has called and sent e-mail to the British Embassy in Moscow without reply.
  • I witnessed the collapse, and my car was merely 20ish meters away from it! I was so scared Among replies calling her a lucky????????????????? You are just like my cousin.
  • He understands everything but replies in Filipino.

"for removal", "of removal" or "to removal"?

  • Conditional order for removal of nuisance 133.
  • Motivation of removal of children from families often becomes a topic for a debate.
  • All comments to the blog are moderated by AAPD, and can be subject to removal at any time.
  • They were boiling inside the jar for four minutes after removal.
  • They enjoy the same protection against removal as Judges of the High Court i.
  • This was her main obstacle she would throw in the way of anyone wanting to talk with her about removal of Part 6A.
  • S citizen spouse is then placed in removal proceedings.

of, about, against, to or for racism?

  • In this case, it's a trashy costumes with tones of racism.
  • Let me explain something else about racism.
  • Bell's tirades against racism were really against classism.
  • But is it due to racism? I'd not so sure.
  • Theres no place for racism in sport or anywhere else.
  • This has nothing to do with racism.
  • They wanted to appear to be hard on racism, post Terrygate.
  • The arguments, such as they are, look a lot like racism to me.
  • You are blided by racism and percieved grievance.
  • For me, and most minorities we've all deal in racism in our own ways.

"of reward" or "For reward"?

  • It's a lot of work for not a lot of reward.
  • She bears it with patience, hoping for reward from Allah (S.
  • When revising, build in rewards.
  • In behavioral psychology, it is known as reward for good deed and punishment for bad deed.
  • They recognise that most horses respond best to firm but gentle techniques, and to rewards for correct responses.
  • Bonuses computed like this, that is, based on short-termism, directly conflicts with reward schemes geared towards the long term stability and growth of the organisation.
  • The hosts dominated the second act; a concentrated period of pressure on the United goal looked as if it would pass without reward thanks to the sterling efforts of David de Gea in the visitors goal.
  • We like to think about reward, what we call return on investment.
  • Learning through rewards is more effective than learning through pain, because pain is an ego illusion, and can never induce more than a temporary effect.

"of round", "after round" or "in round"?

  • This was indeed necessary to increase the number of rounds each boat made.
  • It was greeted by the audience on the wharf with round after round of cheers.
  • Without any other problems, I arrived at my destination in Round Hill Annapolis County just about 24 hours after I had left Halifax.
  • For all other students, the maximum workload is 23MCs for Rounds 1 and 2, and 25MCs for Round 3 onwards.
  • That would be mint! We were going over the budget etc today and some of the biggest cost were transfers, car rentals, accomodation between rounds.
  • Small Grants for Equipment Announced The Community Foundation is pleased to announce that it will hold a once off round of small grants for equipment in early 2013.
  • Their fees per round of 9 or 18 holes will vary too.
  • The wind was a factor, gusting at times over 25kph, and the overnight leaders Pontus Widegren (Sweden) and Goncalo Pinto (Portugal) struggled to cope with rounds of 77 and 76 respectively.

of, for, in, on or to routine?

  • But sometimes we fall our of routine.
  • But really I was looking for routine not romance.
  • D Husseys bowling is a perfect little break in routine, hence short spells.
  • Try to remain focused on routine business and you will continue to make gradual progress.
  • School re-opened for my little one and I hope everything will be back to routine from now on.
  • The research shows that MNCs are strongly involved in asset exploiting R &D; and asset acquisition along with routine production.
  • This surgeon had six consecutive deaths during routine bypass surgery.
  • In **38;2951;TOOLONG I saw a lonely man, who dealt with his loneliness through routine.
  • She had been referred for a mammogram between routine screens because of a bleeding nipple.
  • Players get bored very quickly of the same warm up routine so i try to mix it up as much as possible but stick to the process outlined above.

"to reporter" or "of reporter"?

  • Dot I might agree had the story not been shopped around to reporters.
  • Each kind of reporter has strengths and weaknesses.
  • While speaking with reporters after an announcement in B.
  • If you think there are no REAL role models for reporters or writers these days, just read.
  • Morrison was questioned by reporters after he appeared again before the committee.
  • Then, she found out about the dead heat from reporters.
  • There is a large proportion of pigistes among reporter photographers.
  • In addition to using pepper spray against reporters, the police also arrested around 200 journalists, including reporters from NPR and the New York Times (uschinapress.
  • They are always short on reporters; you won't believe this, but frequently they are short on vans and cars to move the reporters around.

of, to, with, for or from radiation?

  • Sunshine is one of the most familiar forms of radiation.
  • When comparing whole body exposure to radiation from a smart meter and a cell phone, Dr.
  • With radiation, the voice is unquestionably better.
  • Career opportunities There is a worldwide need for radiation therapists.
  • Thousands in Japan will die within days, weeks and months from radiation poisoning.
  • Figures 9 and 10 show skin damage caused by radiation therapy.
  • People worry about radiation because they can not feel it.
  • One of the researchers, Lori Fenton, believes variations in radiation and temperature across the surface of the Red Planet are generating strong winds.
  • Axel 57: 29 Mar 2011 11:33:35am I aggree with Wade and there is clearly a hysterical content to the reaction on radiation danger.
  • However, many planets, including Earth, have a shield against radiation and particles called a magnetic field.