"in table" or "of table"?

  • The results are given in Table 2.
  • Add 250 g of table salt on every 70 kg bag of feed.
  • This value applies only to table cells.
  • I plan all my dives on tables anyway.

"of task" or "to task"?

  • The new organization of Task Group 96.
  • Next go to Task and do the activity.
  • He is mainstreamed but has to have assistants with him to try to keep him on task.
  • For task 2, it's about mobile phones and internet.

"of tax" or "in tax"?

  • Increase the rate of tax on 10 - 12K to 50%.
  • Obama, he did pay more in taxes.
  • This can be used for tax planning.
  • I've written many articles on tax policy.

"of teacher" or "for teacher"?

  • A Work of Teacher Education project.
  • Even for teachers, he was the? terror?
  • It is assigned by teachers of all academic levels.
  • We provide advice, support, resources and friendship to teachers,.

"of team" or "for team"?

  • LSV participant: The lack of team work.
  • Penalties for teams that lose money.
  • In team work, work is more important than team.
  • This is to do with team structure as well as personnel.

of, in, with, on or to technology?

  • Look at Yahoo's list of technologies.
  • They are chained by others in technologies.
  • However, I've had trouble with technology.
  • She loves writing on technology and luxury.

"to term" or "in term"?

  • They came to terms to get away from me.
  • Extension of term of agreement 87.
  • Make flashcards for terms in bold.
  • He lived on terms equal with God.

"of test" or "in test"?

  • This a multiple choice type of test.
  • Attacking 50s don't win test matches.
  • There is no outstanding, champion test team.
  • She took him for tests and he tested positive.

"of text", "to text" or "in text"?

  • A block of text is a stack of line boxes.
  • Change Files of Type: to Text (*.
  • Few questions which are not explained in text.
  • After all, people pay money for text messaging.

In, of, with, between or on theory?

  • In theory it should be like this.
  • The subject is the removal of theory.
  • Throughout they have concerned themselves, not with theories, but with facts.
  • The match between theory and the physical evidence is very, very good.

of, about, for, on or to thing?

  • Lots of things to be done there.
  • People can be so weird about things.
  • Then they went out looking for things.
  • Ask them their opinions on things.

of, for, in, with or to thought?

  • Two schools of thought emerge here.
  • That's just a little food for thought.
  • It does not exist except in thought.
  • Quotes from many sources of wisdom coupled with thoughts from the author.

"of topic", "on topic" or "off topic"?

  • The breadth of topics, ideas and.
  • On topic, this girl sounds like trouble.
  • That's getting off topic really.
  • Even better, I now write about topics that inspired me.

"on tour" or "to tour"?

  • Or go on tour like Katy Perry did.
  • The Sri Lankan cricket team is due to tour England this summer.
  • These types of tours are always helpful.
  • Tipping is not common except for tour guides and mountain porters.

"in town" or "of town"?

  • Transfer to your hotel in town.
  • Bellini was chased out of town.
  • Just slap on some HREs and go to town.
  • John is known around town as Mr.

on, of, in, off or for track?

  • Looked on track and trace for HDNL.
  • It packs a lot of tracks into one album.
  • Maybe this will keep me in track better.
  • All his comments were so off track.

"of trade", "for trade" or "in trade"?

  • That's the -- in terms of trade.
  • It's like being in Trade or something.
  • Much of the China-bashing this campaign has focused on trade.
  • Munday is a diesel mechanic by trade.

"of traffic" or "in traffic"?

  • It will help you to generate lots of traffic.
  • Very dangerous when in traffic.
  • The same goes for traffic in general.
  • Route 9 was closed to traffic around 7 p.

"of training" or "in training"?

  • After years of training, he was ready.
  • In training i ran 20 miles in 2.
  • Just getting ready for training.
  • And even fly over as a group to training camp.

"of treatment" or "for treatment"?

  • He's impressed by the standard of treatment.
  • The cost for treatment is ridiculous.
  • Complications due to treatment.
  • Tiredness usually occurs after treatment.

on, of, to, for or without trial?

  • Omar is the first to go on trial.
  • Right of trial by jury--due process of law.

"of trip" or "on trip"?

  • Dolphins are sighted on approximately 90% of trips.
  • The Africa group put forward a proposal on TRIPS.
  • I have been for trips with my friends.
  • A trip, or attempt to trip a player is a foul.

"of truth" or "in truth"?

  • His mother was a woman of truth.
  • In truth the results were mixed.
  • They call it a search for truth.
  • Inquiry as to truth of information 117.

"on tv" or "of tv"?

  • I gave up on TV a long time ago.
  • I don't watch a lot of TV news.
  • Because directors are really poorly regarded in TV.
  • She said he definately is- he does the act for TV.

"of type" or "to type"?

  • Now that's a sad waste of type.
  • This has been changed to type sizet.
  • Please know that living with type 1 is not easy.
  • Also do a Blogs by Type search for Ireland to see what is available.