Prepositions before Nouns

Click a word to see what prepositions are usually used before it in English


of, about, for, on or to thing?

  • Lots of things to be done there.
  • People can be so weird about things.
  • Then they went out looking for things.
  • Ask them their opinions on things.
  • He caved in to things that he shouldn't have.
  • I like that sideways look at things.
  • Letting her get away with things.
  • This yields the darkness of indulgence in things.
  • Weird how we all read into things our own way.
  • Seems like things are coming to an ugly head now.

"of team" or "for team"?

  • LSV participant: The lack of team work.
  • Penalties for teams that lose money.
  • In team work, work is more important than team.
  • This is to do with team structure as well as personnel.
  • At Stanbic Bank, success is driven by team work.
  • Instead, be supportive on team projects.
  • In four games against teams with top-five pass defenses this season, Manning is averaging only 180.
  • Thanks to Team Ambrogio for such an incredible weekend.
  • As a fan, I'd like to see less of players jumping around from team to team.
  • A larger scale operates between teams.

"of tax" or "in tax"?

  • Increase the rate of tax on 10 - 12K to 50%.
  • Obama, he did pay more in taxes.
  • This can be used for tax planning.
  • I've written many articles on tax policy.
  • Net profit after tax fell 37 per cent to S$2.
  • Exemption from taxes and duties 43.
  • Railroads? Paid for with tax dollars.
  • In this post you talk about tax breaks.
  • Forcing someone to do so by taxes is not.
  • This benefit is subject to tax after the first six weeks.

"of type" or "to type"?

  • Now that's a sad waste of type.
  • This has been changed to type sizet.
  • Please know that living with type 1 is not easy.
  • Also do a Blogs by Type search for Ireland to see what is available.
  • Class: The protocol type for type (e.
  • It is noteworthy that Europe is also high in type ' A ' blood type.
  • Back then free agents had statuses known as type A and Type B.
  • I guess it's either a late night or earlier on type mix.
  • She said: ' It's been exciting for me to see my ideas come to life, from type colors to photo selection to casting.
  • Similar studies would portend a better future in the struggle against Type I diabetes mellitus.

of, in, with, on or to technology?

  • Look at Yahoo's list of technologies.
  • They are chained by others in technologies.
  • However, I've had trouble with technology.
  • She loves writing on technology and luxury.
  • Almost 12 years ago I was introduced to technology.
  • Technology for technology's sake and growth for growth's sake.
  • Ageing brains challenged by technology.
  • An interesting observation about technology.
  • Referees need help from technology on this evidence.
  • This is the world view that we have lost because of our separation from nature through technology.

"to term" or "in term"?

  • They came to terms to get away from me.
  • Attention is a contradiction in terms.
  • Extension of term of agreement 87.
  • Make flashcards for terms in bold.
  • He lived on terms equal with God.
  • Fees remain payable if a student goes on leave during term time.
  • A 15 per cent contribution would mean $27,653 per year, or $9,218 per term.
  • Describe wine with terms that everyone can relate to.
  • I know we sniff at terms like national resilience, total defence and societal cohesion.
  • Production has been hitting near term highs over 2.

"of truth" or "in truth"?

  • His mother was a woman of truth.
  • In truth the results were mixed.
  • They call it a search for truth.
  • Inquiry as to truth of information 117.
  • There is no compromising, no bargaining with Truth.
  • It's about truth and healing and generosity of spirit.
  • Tensai has the sleeper in on Truth.
  • No more lies, simply a trial by truth and reconciliation.
  • Recommend Syed Ijaz and Ahmer Ali why are you closing your eyes from truth.
  • A world without truth is a recipe for disaster.

"on tv" or "of tv"?

  • I gave up on TV a long time ago.
  • I don't watch a lot of TV news.
  • Because directors are really poorly regarded in TV.
  • She said he definately is- he does the act for TV.
  • With it being an 8/10 compared to TV programming of its day.
  • You might be wondering what any of this has to do with TV.
  • The amount clubs received from TV deals has jumped sharply this year thanks to new negotiating rules.
  • This was followed by show in Kenya, as well as TV and radio promotions.
  • Their relationship with food isn't influenced by TV or magazines, or what's hot or not, or celebrity chefs.
  • You can utilize many mediums for advertising your website like TV, magazines, newspapers and other resources on the internet.

"in town" or "of town"?

  • Transfer to your hotel in town.
  • Bellini was chased out of town.
  • Just slap on some HREs and go to town.
  • John is known around town as Mr.
  • Head into town and walk around.
  • She knows what it's like to travel from town to town.
  • On a motorway run I get nearly 70mpg wth 50ish knocking about town.
  • Across town, my brother Ben had also noticed the ad.
  • Walking through town one day I meet Victor McCullough.
  • This served to reintroduce market relations between town, country and the state.

"of training" or "in training"?

  • After years of training, he was ready.
  • In training i ran 20 miles in 2.
  • Just getting ready for training.
  • And even fly over as a group to training camp.
  • I do nt think Wenger is working hard on training.
  • Websites with training programmes to download.
  • If you try to ID them at training, they are very distinct.
  • Placement First, followed by Training and Support The traditional approach of assessment, training and placement is reversed.
  • I'd learning and understand what's said during training.
  • Pippi is halfway through training to become a Pilates instructor.

"of treatment" or "for treatment"?

  • He's impressed by the standard of treatment.
  • The cost for treatment is ridiculous.
  • Complications due to treatment.
  • Tiredness usually occurs after treatment.
  • Invasion of laryngeal cartilage is important in treatment planning 5,6.
  • Now, only 7000 MDR TB patients in India are on treatment.
  • With treatment and help, he would have been just fine right now.
  • Going through treatment is difficult enough.
  • Without treatment, here's what she'll look like at age 11.
  • Yes, I do have detailed discussions with my doctors about treatment.

"of trade", "for trade" or "in trade"?

  • That's the -- in terms of trade.
  • But silver or gold will always be accepted by someone for trade.
  • It's like being in Trade or something.
  • Much of the China-bashing this campaign has focused on trade.
  • Munday is a diesel mechanic by trade.
  • Also 6 month? s computer course from Trade Testing Board.
  • Did you ever go to Trade? Yeah I went there a lot.
  • One to normalise, open up relationships with trade on one side and then start a dialogue on Kashmir.
  • The said they had more furs than they can carry through trade with others.
  • Also on display is the earliest form of trading system, known as trade by barter, which is the exchange of goods such as yam, cocoyam, metal and textile.

"in table" or "of table"?

  • The results are given in Table 2.
  • Add 250 g of table salt on every 70 kg bag of feed.
  • This value applies only to table cells.
  • I plan all my dives on tables anyway.
  • He entered and reclined at table to eat.
  • Fiberglass is also another option for table top material.
  • Remove legs from tables and sofas.
  • There are twelve sites with tables, fire grills and vault toilets.
  • A personal Algonquin Round Table.
  • The below table shows the withdrawal benefit which an employee will get if he withdraws his EPS amount (within 06 months to 09 years).

"of text", "to text" or "in text"?

  • A block of text is a stack of line boxes.
  • Change Files of Type: to Text (*.
  • Few questions which are not explained in text.
  • After all, people pay money for text messaging.
  • Taxes are raised by text messages.
  • Have practical knowledge of procedures for dealing with text bullying.
  • This add-in gives SolidWorks the ability to import point coordinate data from text Point files.
  • Also known as text messaging and texting.
  • Systems based on text mining that refer back to sentences in the original, such as iHOP, can be linked into this environment.
  • So after bidding my farewells via text, I turned out the lights, shaken but not afraid.

"of trip" or "on trip"?

  • Dolphins are sighted on approximately 90% of trips.
  • The Africa group put forward a proposal on TRIPS.
  • I have been for trips with my friends.
  • A trip, or attempt to trip a player is a foul.
  • Typically a 2-3 hour hike round trip.
  • McKay says it costs the family at least $600 more than that per trip.
  • Local driving averaging 24 mph is 44-47 per gallon with trips of approximately 15 miles.
  • Sitting proudly now at 180,000 miles she just keeps on going, having done trip after trip up to Leeds (I live in Oxford) and months going down to Bournemouth she shows no sign of slowing down.
  • Having dead-heated over two and a half miles prior to Cheltenham, Willie Mullins's horse looked at Cheltenham as though he would be suited to stepping back up in trip.
  • He has also worked with the Canadian Forces, including trips to Afghanistan and aboard HMCS Toronto while on deployment to the Caribbean.

of, in, for, with or about title?


In, of, with, between or on theory?

  • In theory it should be like this.
  • The subject is the removal of theory.
  • Throughout they have concerned themselves, not with theories, but with facts.
  • The match between theory and the physical evidence is very, very good.
  • His point was that engineering is a professional discipline that focuses on theory and design.
  • This gave rise to theories on getting rid of Windows Phone 7.
  • It can not be done by theory but meditation.
  • Implications of the findings for theory and practice are discussed.
  • From theory, we calculate that such a 0.
  • The reason that this difficulty could arise is that each invention that is not a true cause injects error into theory leading to the need for additional invented causes.

on, of, in, off or for track?

  • Looked on track and trace for HDNL.
  • It packs a lot of tracks into one album.
  • Maybe this will keep me in track better.
  • All his comments were so off track.
  • It would've been a boon for track.
  • Shared, perhaps, with tracks of deer and flocks of lake birds.
  • Participants are actively encouraged to move between tracks according to what they need individually.
  • The mixtape is deliberately ordered and plays through beautifully, so when you pop it into iTunes, make sure you arrange it by track order.
  • According to Track and trace, they tried to deliver on the 23rd May, no-one home.

"of topic", "on topic" or "off topic"?

  • The breadth of topics, ideas and.
  • On topic, this girl sounds like trouble.
  • That's getting off topic really.
  • Even better, I now write about topics that inspired me.
  • Although not entirely related to topic.
  • Harleena -- I always wonder how you come up with topics for your posts.
  • Links to these resources were grouped by topic.
  • When writing a paper, use the text to get ideas for topics.
  • They ranged in topic from LGBT to Snow Sports, Athletics to Biology.
  • We make it a rule to not shy away from topics.

"of test" or "in test"?

  • This a multiple choice type of test.
  • Attacking 50s don't win test matches.
  • There is no outstanding, champion test team.
  • She took him for tests and he tested positive.
  • Vincent was sent to Test Pilot School in Patuxent River, Md.
  • Take notes to refer back to them before and at test time.
  • The most interesting thing I've found about test coach camp is it's structure.
  • They are supposed to be sacked from test team.
  • I fear the same with Test cricket unless we do something.
  • Run through test transactions and go through what the customer would see.

"of traffic" or "in traffic"?

  • It will help you to generate lots of traffic.
  • Very dangerous when in traffic.
  • The same goes for traffic in general.
  • Route 9 was closed to traffic around 7 p.
  • Trails across Canada fight with traffic on The TransCanada Highway.
  • The argument about traffic is mainly a distraction.
  • Hopefully this further encourages the use of secondary metrics, such as traffic by keyword or page.
  • Never stop at traffic lights there.
  • Evidence was offered from traffic accident dispute resolution (Ramseyer, 1989).
  • The mini-van cost 80 Thai Baht a head, and the ride is about an hour, depending on traffic.

of, for, in, with or to thought?

  • Two schools of thought emerge here.
  • That's just a little food for thought.
  • It does not exist except in thought.
  • Quotes from many sources of wisdom coupled with thoughts from the author.
  • Thank you for putting words to thoughts that I've had trouble explaining.
  • Well-thought-of statuses and tweets, or sometimes even posts without thought.
  • Fresh words could help us arrive at fresh ideas, for there is an intimate connection between thought and word.
  • The thinker is created by thought.
  • The bliss state is neccesary to lure you away from thought, it has a function.
  • Atheists: Not allowed to appear on Thought For The Day.

"on tour" or "to tour"?

  • Or go on tour like Katy Perry did.
  • The Sri Lankan cricket team is due to tour England this summer.
  • These types of tours are always helpful.
  • Tipping is not common except for tour guides and mountain porters.
  • The staff were very friendly and helpful with tour bookings etc.
  • With Jamaal Magloire serving as tour guide in the dressing room, Cedrik's visit proved to be an unforgettable one.
  • Eco-tourism, a global trend that began in the late eighties, is the grand compromise arrived at between tour operators, conservationists and local communities.
  • Musicians are actually doing quite well, from tours, live performances and through websites like bandcamp.
  • Sande will be specializing in Tours, Cruises and all Travel Planning.
  • RVP, Song, Walcott, plus Tour, Gallas, Fabregas, Adebayor, Clichy and many others are all part of a generation that failed to live up to its hype, and that has won nothing.

"of teacher" or "for teacher"?

  • A Work of Teacher Education project.
  • Even for teachers, he was the? terror?
  • It is assigned by teachers of all academic levels.
  • We provide advice, support, resources and friendship to teachers,.
  • Even in high school it was like that -- even with teachers.
  • But, competence from teachers So what do you tell your students.
  • Scheduled classes that fall on teacher's leave or a holiday will be made up during the make-up period.
  • We are talking about teachers issue in this forum.
  • This underlines once again the important role we as teachers have to guide our students through the creative process.
  • They do not take in teachers ' feedback whether their NEW projects.

"of task" or "to task"?

  • The new organization of Task Group 96.
  • Next go to Task and do the activity.
  • He is mainstreamed but has to have assistants with him to try to keep him on task.
  • For task 2, it's about mobile phones and internet.
  • We will convert those current issues in tasks.
  • Machines and systems partially or fully displace many lawyers from tasks they have traditionally performed.
  • You will get your course materials with tasks you need to do 3 times a week.
  • Research is delimited by tasks.
  • The Support Groups and the Escort Group were reorganized and consolidated into Task Group 96.

on, of, to, for or without trial?

  • We have modernized our laws against international piracy to make it easier for Seychelles courts to put on trial pirates captured.
  • Corruption was a factor in lengthy delays of trials, which were subject to witness tampering and intimidation of victims.
  • When a case goes to trial it is the strength of your barrister that assists in winning a case -- not any actions of a solicitor.
  • The Court Case If your personal injury case can not be successfully settled, it will be scheduled for trial before a court.
  • LawyerSubhas Anandan was detained for 10 months without trial under the Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act.
  • Let's hope she does not experience either in trials.
  • That she easily triumphed at Trials in the 100m in a national record of 10.
  • Choosing by trial and error was not very natural.
  • Through trial and error it finally made money.
  • With trial and error, you will discover what works best for you.

"in trouble" or "of trouble"?

  • She had just gotten in trouble.
  • Good is just another kind of trouble.
  • Rg3) in fact just led him into trouble.
  • Now it's just asking for trouble.
  • But it's bound to create nothing but TROUBLE.
  • Stroll away from trouble if you can.
  • Good luck to all you out there with troubles.
  • Without trouble there is no story.

on, from, of, to or at top?

  • And, of course, came out on top.
  • List the cards from top to bottom.
  • Morocco has long been on my list of top 5 places to see.
  • Really, ability to get to Top 24 is based a lot on luck.
  • Remove bag from pan when cool enough hold at top of bag.
  • He doesn't play much that's why he's not in top 10.
  • As you can see, it would seem that it might be a good idea to get two up top.
  • For tops go with well fitted t-shirts, polo shirts, or casual shirts.
  • Two wins over Top 10 guys, one draw with arguably a Top 5 guy.
  • It is being let UNFURNISHED but the kitchen is fitted out with top of the range appliances and white goods.

"on television" or "of television"?

  • It's not like it is on television.
  • It was all because of television.
  • A series of videos have been made for television and posted on YouTube to encourage participation.
  • In television, he has written for MTV and ABC.
  • The French press lost readers during the 1990s mostly to television reruns.
  • If you read my comments, you will see that I don't get my news from television.
  • A leader can not be created by television channels.
  • It was true with cars, with televisions, with phones, with all manner of things.
  • We now have many radio stations as well as television stations dotted around the country.
  • This is her first excursion into television since quitting.

"under threat" or "of threat"?

  • The Jewish People are under threat.
  • We accept assertions of threat without question.
  • Some abusers talk the talk with threats against extended members but don't follow through.
  • Religious freedom is in danger (Recently, Sanga sammelanya was cancelled due to threat).
  • The only way one got anything done was by threats of retribution via politicians, private civil suits, going to the media etc etc.
  • However, identifying and mobilising against threats is by no means the exclusive property of the Right.
  • A gunman attacked Yousafzai, who campaigned for girls ' education despite threats from the Taliban, on October 9 as she was leaving school in Swat.
  • Among its objectives are to protect turtles from threats, abuse and extinction and carry out turtle-hatchery programmes, conservation and research.
  • The idea, that all around me people walk in threat, did not deter me.
  • Their weakness is that they are tone deaf to value, lack vision, and place too much weight on threat.

of, with, to, for or in tool?

  • It's a whole bunch of tools in a tool kit.
  • In return, they would be supplied with tools, tractors and taught how to produce more.
  • Switch to Tools tab and start defragmentation.
  • And for tools to help us experience more intimacy.
  • Trains all operations team members in tools, and production practices including QA processes.
  • Select the desired pen or stamp from Tools.
  • I do NOT create software or sell how to make money courses or recommend such things to make a living, I do recommend tools that are created by software such as tools to: 1.
  • The chert was heat-treated to make it harder and easier to shape into tools.
  • In the past, Kirsan purchased machines based on tool room work, and had a hodgepodge of different machine types and brands on its shop floor.

of, on, with, from or to tree?

  • A variety of trees adorn the gardens.
  • And it's cheap enough to grow on trees.
  • One subtle solution: lining streets with trees.
  • We are picking pomegranates from trees around.
  • Some even come to trees near you.
  • Above this rose the terraces of a gay villa, half hidden by trees.
  • The XSL stylesheet is used in tree transformation.
  • They were hiding under trees or any safe place they could find.
  • So, far the two bodies have developed a training manual for tree growers in the country.
  • They walk slowly and deliberately through trees and on wires but can move quickly when catching a prey.

"on target" or "of target"?

  • Italy had 11 shots, with 6 on target.
  • So, number of target keywords is irrelevant.
  • Announce that there's a huge sale at Target 233.
  • That poll is completely off target.
  • In addition, one must match means to targets.
  • Organise 4 interactive sessions monthly with target population i.
  • The Air Force had carried out attacks against the invading army and against targets of opportunity.
  • She'd been used for target practice.
  • If you are in Target, say there is a code yellow 283.
  • While he was in the hospital, serving patients, he was murdered by target killers for being an Ahmadi.

"of travel" or "for travel"?

  • I owe my love of travel to him.
  • You can not use your found passport for travel.
  • All it has is a sink and a plug in travel oven.
  • And trust me, I have an opinion on travel blogging.
  • Resident visas are usually issued with travel conditions for two years.
  • An Underage Waiver Form must be filled out and authorized to travel prior to deposit.
  • Ask them about travel? They tell you about their kid.
  • They say Google is skewing the market to help its ventures in specialized searches such as travel.
  • Some are put together by airlines, others by travel companies.
  • From travel maps to blank maps, Maps.

of, on, to, with or for theme?

  • Delusion is a making of themes.
  • Every night there are spectacular dance shows based on themes of Chinese and world history.
  • Romero to theme one of its five haunted houses.
  • This is a thoroughly charming movie brimming with themes of compassion and growth.
  • You have three main options for theme settings, realistically.
  • Then, there are the ones with a difference in theme or technique.
  • The IdeaPad interface is made up of small, Post-it-like squares that categorize apps by themes, like Social, Games, Media and Lenovo's own App Shop.
  • Below, you will find some important information about theme customization.
  • This can give an impression of lurching around theme and period, sometimes with no perceived rhyme or reason.
  • I have tried setting up a new module (our existing classes are in a module but the design is under themes) with a Page.

of, for, in, with or on talent?

  • People of talent and experience.
  • We are spoilt for talent in strike.
  • But there is no comparison in talent.
  • Ferguson bought a lot of players with talents.
  • People now focus on talent and skill.
  • Recently, I have been thinking about talents.
  • Also, access to talent is limited in scale in particular in the area of engineering.
  • While I'd a fan of none, I love how Frieda Pinto is recognized for her style as well as talent.
  • Big vessels require a lot of time to build, like talent matures slowly.
  • So I think potential PR contestants really should be sussed out for who can come up with good ideas &; designs quickly over talent that they've developed over time.

on, of, to, via or like twitter?

  • Follow Walt Gardner on Twitter.
  • The net worth of Twitter is $1.
  • I have not the faintest idea how one could apply it to Twitter.
  • You can help spread the word via Twitter,.
  • It's not a communication tool, like Twitter.
  • They work for Twitter Networking just as they would for traditional networking.
  • This will consist of results from Twitter and blogs.
  • The Oilers officially support the threat through Twitter.
  • It's about to happen with Twitter.
  • Companies have to be aware of the news when using social media sites such as twitter.

of, for, with, to or in tea?

  • To him, beer was like a cup of tea.
  • I want time for tea in the afternoon.
  • We were welcomed with tea with groundnuts and scones.
  • He lost his primary to Tea Partier Richard Mourdock.
  • Finlays work in tea in China is a case in point.
  • Then I got the same feeling when he was out after tea.
  • At tea, two or three hours earlier, they had, in the freakishness of affection, drunk from one cup.
  • You'll pass by tea plantations and it's really beautiful.
  • I felt great having fasted all day on tea and a juice at breakfast.
  • The bourgeoisie spent large amount of money on consumer goods such as tea.

"in temperature" or "of temperature"?

  • That would be a ramp up in temperature.
  • The amplitude of temperature variation also decreases with depth.
  • For most substances, solubility increases with temperature.
  • Thus it actually proves the changing levels of radiative gases will have impacts upon temperatures.
  • Artemisia requires light and uniformly high levels of moisture, at temperatures of 18-20C for germination.
  • Bring the soup back up to temperature (not boiling) and add the cream in at the end.
  • This means that measurements of a variable (such as temperature T) should, at appropriate values of our parameters (e.
  • Sculpt gel is affected by temperature, so keep it cold to slow down the setting process, or speed it up using a hair dryer.
  • If it weren't for my loathing for temperatures below 40F I would be up there with you! MMMMMmmm, that was a good one.

of, on, in, to or about trend?

  • It's a combination of trend and weather.
  • We loved her bang on trend hair braid as well.
  • Guest blogging is very much in trend now.
  • Getting a topic to trend however, is no mean feat.
  • Equip the participants from with understanding of new technology and knowledge about trends in the Globalization process.
  • Every season they release a cosmetic palette that is current with trends and seasonal colors.
  • Spyfu value-maximization tip Look at trends in position over time.
  • Look for trends to help you improve your service.
  • It is very important that you learn to go by trends in the foreign exchange market.
  • Using the Nov endpoint of the graph the percent decline from trend in real GDP is about 0.

"of tradition" or "to tradition"?

  • These points are mentioned in a number of traditions.
  • According to tradition, on different guest (i.
  • So along with that comes a clash of cultures and a change in tradition.
  • My father broke with tradition by not becoming a miner -- he became a headteacher in the West Midlands.
  • By tradition, new moms aren't supposed to leave their home for a month.
  • They use styles and rhythms from traditions that already exist elsewhere.
  • For tradition they had one musician and three backers.
  • The chuckwagon races are also about tradition, guess hundreds of years ago, this is what cowboys did for sport.
  • The subsequent battles that raged between tradition and modernity in the art schools and art journals broadened as the reality of war became imminent.
  • Spanish bullfighting is based on tradition, a long-held tradition that nobody has to support or enjoy just because you are in Spain.

"of talk", "in talk" or "to talk"?

  • He was very sharp, full of talk and wit.
  • The US was in talks with the Taliban to build this initially.
  • Something to Talk About -- Summary 1.
  • Proposal for Talks on Sinking of Warship.
  • The doctors I have stuck with talk to me.
  • He has a slot on Talk Radio Europe called Open Hearts and Minds.
  • Shawn Horcoff is concerned about the fate of the 2012-13 campaign after talks broke down on Thursday.
  • Even if they promise certain things at talks, they may not really keep such promises in practice.
  • An interim government was agreed upon by representatives of Afghanistan's various factions during talks held in Bonn, Germany.
  • Media will be crowded out by talk of champions rather than losers against the background of the London Olympics.

of, without, in, By or for thinking?

  • There is no other way of thinking.
  • There is no learning without thinking.
  • I was absorbed in thinking of the reverses of life.
  • Einstein explained this by thinking of light in terms of photons.
  • I want to say a big thanks to all four of you, for thinking of this journal as something that has relevance for you.
  • It also sounds like you have a personal reason to stop people from thinking of Kony negatively.
  • If you ’ re thinking of buying one do it now you will love it.
  • Graham Roumieu If you're accustomed to thinking of rhetoric as dealing only with fancy language, think again.

"by train", "of train" or "on train"?

  • Bangkok to Krabi by train + bus.
  • Map of train routes in Southeast Asia.
  • Any recommendations on train vs.
  • Local authorities will build on the 2,000 job initiatives already in train.
  • I crept from train to train, checking which ones were ready to go.
  • Tickets for trains from Paris to Bourg St Maurice start from 60.
  • And with trains 100 wagons long, each train is carrying coal worth more than two million dollars.
  • In Boston, we know all about train wrecks, and the New York Yankees are no train wreck.
  • Information such as train timetables, live running or status of a train, coach position etc is available with a simple search.
  • Ayutthaya has a left luggage office (on the platform, marked ' Cloak Room ') where you can stash your bags for a 10 baht fee between trains.

"of ticket" or "For ticket"?

  • Online sales of tickets to print at home 5.
  • For tickets, see more information.
  • Only one additional email address and one transfer is allowed per ticket.
  • With tickets costing only 5, it's a value packed few hours.
  • Admission is strictly by ticket only.
  • AECT members receive discounts on tickets and participation fees.
  • Why should he come to ticket counter? There was no news of he being in Lanka too.
  • Revenue from ticket sales at Leicester's Curve totalled 2.
  • In Salman's view, with the increasing number of theatres and the rise in ticket prices, Rs.
  • We feel no bad thing about ticket prices.

"in touch" or "of touch"?

  • Let us keep in touch because I.
  • They are out of touch I reluctantly agree.
  • Willow Glass performs remarkably well with touch sensors.
  • You may want to keep an extra bottle with you for touch ups.
  • I hope amazon kick them into touch, and soon.
  • Rather, 3D images that you can rotate by touch make -- yes -- learning fun.
  • When the magnets move, you are aware of it, and it doesn't take long before this becomes a distinct sensation from touch.
  • It is on touch screen devices where Windows 8 shines.
  • They still learn through touch and through putting things in their mouths.
  • That hand seems not only to touch, but, with its strength, also to hold.

"of transport" or "for transport"?

  • Terms and Conditions of Transport.
  • John 's, buying up fish for transport to Europe.
  • Paul quoted: ' SDR for pedestrian injured in transport accident 1.
  • READ MORE for news on transport, parking.
  • Imported Oil Limited by Transport Shortages Mr.
  • It is also vastly preferable to be met with transport at Troy.
  • Prices of meals as well as transport have increased a lot, and this is causing the patients to suffer.
  • An Authorization to Transport (ATT) is required for all restricted firearms.
  • But over at Transport Blog there is an excellently link rich posting about it all, compiled by Rob Fisher.
  • Many of these were destroyed in the attack, including transport and attack helicopters.

of, in, on, with or for taste?

  • So it is with A Matter of Taste.
  • The difference in taste is quite subtle.
  • I don't have a set recipe, I just operate on taste.
  • They are dedicated to the Kindle Fire, so there you go: There's no arguing with taste.
  • The older wines and cheeses are, the more they are praised and honored for taste.
  • What a yucky after taste! Was disappointed there.
  • They also address concerns with physical characteristics of water, such as taste and odour.
  • By taste and sight we both make discoveries, and have enjoyment; Taste and see God's goodness; take notice of it, and take the comfort of it.
  • Add more wine and seasoning according to taste.
  • They have vanity without pride, voluptuousness without taste, and learning without wisdom.

of, in, on, about or for trust?

  • General authority of trustee 36.
  • I grow in TRUST in the waiting.
  • Good friendship is based on trust.
  • Local presence SEO is about trust.
  • As for trust, I don't trust you.
  • This section applies only to trusts created after this Act comes into force.
  • I prefer big brands because of issues with trust.
  • A civilized society can not function without trust.
  • Good working relationships, guided by trust and confidence, between state agencies and local or regional pastoralists? associations and other legal bodies is therefore necessary.

"of transfer" or "for transfer"?

  • Non-liability of trustee paying without notice of transfer by beneficiary 28.
  • A completed Application for Transfer form.
  • I have none frozen but bfp so hopefully it stays with me! On transfer day arrive with full bladder.
  • From the sale of the quartet, HJK got an estimated total of 3 million in transfer fees.
  • There is no right of appeal from a decision as to transfer.
  • It will help to reduce an IPv4 address block fragmentation caused by transfer.
  • Relevance is automatically assessed so some headlines not qualifying as transfer news might appear.
  • The weakened NK cell activity would benefit from Transfer factor.
  • Lunch time, arrival in Selous with transfer to Sable Mountain Lodge, where you will check into one of their Stone Cottages (full board).
  • There after transfer to Dambulla via Kurunegala with English speaking chauffeur guide.

"of transition", "in transition" or "to transition"?

  • Latin America is in a period of transition.
  • We are showing In Transition 2.
  • We do need to transition to higher savings.
  • As a result an interest in development leads one to a concern for transitions.
  • Here is the June roundup direct from Transition US.
  • Cian, who swims with Splashword Sharks, was confident in the water and put himself into a strong position early in the race by being the 4th person out of the swim and into transition 1.
  • Many Education Centres, in collaboration with SESS, schedule an after school seminar on Transition from Primary to Post-Primary for Pupils with Special Educational Needs.
  • The effort was futile, as the leaders all came through transition together.
  • Unite your topics and your speech with transition words.

of, in, over, for or to territory?

  • You cover a lot of territory, e.
  • Vermont is forty-fifth out of the fifty states in territory.
  • But what begins as a struggle over territory turns into an extraordinary journey that will transform him into a Master Assassin -- and will forever change the destiny of a nation.
  • And now, the small Philippines even dare to scramble for territories against China.
  • The body and mind should be in perfect sync to territory the perfect photo.
  • It's certainly possible to save money, if that is a consideration, and also to venture into territory the family has not previously explored, and still have lots of fun.
  • As the International Emergency Services section, we are dependent on territories, organisations and people donating money for relief work.
  • Sure, a few people may have spruiked it as an idea, but no one in his right mind would invest in putting a pipeline through territory held by tribes with the history the Afghans have.
  • It is the nature of the beast, it goes with territory, and there is very little that can be done when people's silence is regularly bought for a good sum of quaterly or yearly fee.

"of thread", "in thread" or "with thread"?

  • Yes, stereotypes are the main problem of this kind of thread.
  • He wasn't content to rant pseudonymously and vent in threads.
  • It is usually tied with threads and played by a Puppeteer.
  • It's not just on threads you start though is it? It's on ones you've posted on as well I think.
  • How should we respond to threads trying to stir things all the time.
  • The sections can then be held together by thread at their fourth edge.
  • The longer the fibers, the more durable and smooth the cotton becomes when it's twisted into thread and woven.
  • Random discussions about thread on the floor and a quilt in the hoop are good things.
  • Man made fibre textile Mulberry Bag Outlet can be a real textile which in turn is constructed from threads in fact it is unique with the man made fibre caterpillars.

"of technique" or "on technique"?

  • He has personality, strangth, run, even a bit of technique.
  • This is also a chance to work on technique with them and a few minutes on this everyday can work great for them.
  • But I take ballet to help with technique and strength.
  • And they show a certain kind of sophistication in technique and in the visual medium.
  • This isn't about technique, or similar looking uniforms.
  • He talks about the need for techniques enabling us to vary properties independently and locally.
  • A metronome can be used as an aid to technique.
  • Likened in order to traditional healthcare exercise as well as techniques, the actual option medication offers absolutely no or even really much less part results.
  • However, hills can be conquered by technique and relaxation (remember those breathing exercises?).
  • The increased economic motivation permeates the conduct of warfare through techniques of pillaging and the exploitation of labour.

"of teaching" or "in teaching"?

  • The quality and the extent of teaching are variable.
  • I have 10 years experience in teaching.
  • She now had return to teaching again.
  • In every case they rate worse for teaching than for all other attributes.
  • Often, he had talked about teaching, to earn extra money in college.
  • We must change the paradigm from teaching to learning.
  • New innovations and discoveries are immediately incorporated into teaching.
  • More emphasis on teaching, it follows, will result in greater student learning.
  • With teaching, there is always room for instructional growth.

of, for, on, in or from tourism?

  • The number of tourism-related agencies also has grown.
  • She was the State's longest serving Minister for Tourism.
  • Neither is our state based on tourism.
  • Amanda started her career in tourism at Airtours Plc in 1987.
  • Government is going to lose a big deal of money from tourism.
  • It has forwarded Mr Bruun's column to Tourism Minister John Key.
  • The very fact that the Gathering is being run by Tourism Ireland says it all.
  • Agriculture forms the main base of the local economy, with tourism a fast-growing sector.
  • Also included in the six-month average period are employees in businesses that have peak periods at certain times of the year, such as tourism.
  • Martin's love of travel as a way to promote greater cultural awareness, peace, and education through tourism.

"in tone" or "of tone"?

  • It is also much darker in tone.
  • It's nearly disintegration of tone.
  • Non-verbal communication is all about tone.
  • In this case, it's a trashy costumes with tones of racism.
  • Timbre Timbre (also known as tone colour) refers to the quality and variability of sound.
  • You should do some light weight lifting for tone but cardio is what will help you lose weight.

"of therapy" or "to therapy"?

  • Tip #8: Do not shop as a form of therapy.
  • Especially pleased with the non-medical approach to therapy.
  • And you couldn't process this stuff in therapy groups either.
  • The PITAHC will train the locals on therapeutic massage and the use of herbs for therapy.
  • So a better strategy may be to have people take a nap after therapy.
  • He said: ' The money I spent on therapy was the best couple of grand I've ever spent.
  • Mild hyperthyroidism is usually monitored closely without therapy as long as both the mother and the fetus are not symptomatic.
  • Many people are helped by therapy and/or antidepressant medication.
  • Please let me walk into therapy one day and see Morgan Matthews II waiting there to advise me.

of, for, on, in or to tablet?

  • I was given a set of tablets called Carbamazole.
  • Thank heavens, then, for tablet computers.
  • An app on tablet with price per read for quality writers will fill the market.
  • The interest is in bringing in tablets.
  • The update lets you manually set whether apps stay opened when it switches to tablet mode.
  • I can't say the same about tablets.
  • Both are decent brands but the problem with tablets for us is that they are often high ratio of clay or other composite material to actual fertilizer.
  • Mobile solutions such as tablets and smartphones are growing rapidly, and the majority of these devices are powered by ARM-based chips.
  • His favorite gizmos span from tablet PCs to UMPC, to PMPs, gaming consoles, mobile phones and anything with WiFi 802.

"of tourist" or "for tourist"?

  • Fairly busy with lots of tourists.
  • This place has been set up for tourists.
  • It is always crowded with tourists.
  • Wasting not time we went straight to Tourist Information.
  • Kizimkazi is most visited by tourists for its dolphin tours.
  • Similarly do not barge into the homes of locals in tourist sites, respect their privacy.
  • I can meet any requests from tourists.
  • He said the event serves as an athletics promotion as well as tourist attraction.
  • The economic impact of these single use casino destinations is considerably different than at tourist oriented destination resort casinos.
  • You can find good up-to-date information on tourist services virtually everywhere once you're in the state.

"in tournament" or "of tournament"?

  • Knights also took part in tournaments.
  • There is a process for these sorts of tournaments.
  • England failed to qualify for tournaments from 1972 to 1978 and there were hardly any foreign players in the leagues back then.
  • I strongly believe that armies at tournaments should be painted.
  • However, their wishes did not match the success on the football field when it came to tournaments like the CL crashed out too early to sustain the policy in the long term.
  • Has been in the national side now and then but given Van der Vaart/Sneijder/Affellay presence he's never had a proper go during tournaments or qualification rounds.
  • On tournament days, mainly towards the end of the year, myself, Ross and Timmy would agree who would talk when, so we could keep things fresh.

"in theater" or "of theater"?

  • Catch the film in theatres on 1st April.
  • This is a remarkable piece of theatre.
  • It comes to theaters on October 26.
  • We could do the same for theatre.
  • Patterson assured that the shows at theaters and country honkytonks will still be as rowdy as fans have become used to.
  • We have a number of theatres and number of young people is getting involved into theatre clubs and also theatre schools.
  • I became quite obsessed with theatre, so I did all the theatre volunteer projects.
  • Now news comes that Karnad has been re-invited for next year's Mumbai Litfest (to talk about theatre).
  • Resupply casualties by theatre and year.
  • I just returned from theater around 7.

of, at, in, to or from temple?

  • Here are some photos of Temple of Heaven (??).
  • At Temple of Heaven, again only the Hall of Prayer was opened.
  • This is why it is usually sprinkled outside homes, in temples and other establishments.
  • Some people have a doubt whether they should go to temples daily, or not.
  • She holds a Master of Fine Arts from Temple University.
  • Just rub on temples and off you go Zzzzzz.
  • And against Temple, the Bulls had a 45-yard field goal try blocked that would have put them in front 31-30.
  • Credit for temple goes to Nawab Mir Mahboob Ali Khan Asif jah panjam (5th nawab of hyd).
  • What the Germans did with temples, the West did with time.
  • Temples, instead, are reserved for the most sacred rituals -- the details of which are not to be discussed outside temple walls.

of, for, in, to or on transportation?

  • It is the preferred mode of transportation.
  • A bit less than 70% of oil is used for transportation.
  • Any delays in transportation and plating have a negative effect on the yield.
  • This measure also emphasizes a network or regional approach to transportation.
  • You also will not have to spend on transportation to classes.
  • She was able to win Santa Fe students some help with transportation for one academic year.
  • We've also gathered links to sites about transportation and services you might need for your vacation rental holiday to be a success.
  • All other miscellaneous expenses such as transportation, food and drinks will be on the winner's own personal expenses.
  • These population complexes hosted cultural and civic events and infrastructure that supported a vast outlying region hundreds of miles away linked by transportation roadways.
  • Emissions from transportation jumped 24%.

of, in, for, to or on trading?

  • Of course, one day of trading does not a trend make.
  • Do not let emotions get involved in trading.
  • TIP! Stocks are more than paper used for trading.
  • I shall be speaking to Trading Standards about this.
  • If you are adamant on trading currency, then USD/CHF (US Dollar vs Swiss Franc) is a good one.
  • After all, we get rich by trading.
  • This is the cash it gets from trading.
  • I was not wildly profitable with trading, though I had made some profits.
  • Any profit made by investing the credited funds into trading may be withdrawn from the account without any delays.
  • Speaking of Gold, Orange made a drastic shift in focus of his group to selling Gold, Silver, Dinar, and Dirham and appears to place more emphasis on buying precious metals over trading.

"of tech" or "in tech"?

  • The same applies in the world of tech.
  • It has been a topsy-turvy couple of weeks in tech.
  • Maybe now we can free up some visas for tech.
  • It is a mile marker on the road to tech dystopia.
  • Based on Tech Crunch ' s assumption, the iPhone 5S could possibly be in line for a WWDC release.
  • I'd curious about tech innovation, and I'd always on the lookout for the next.
  • In Nigeria, the landscape is getting more vibrant with tech companies getting down to business by creating mobile application useful to.
  • The news was revealed by tech news site, Pocket-lint.
  • How do I borrow a projector and laptop for my presentation? A: Projectors and laptops can be borrowed from tech services on level 6.
  • At the time I was hesitant to put any money into tech stocks.

of, against, on, to or about terrorism?

  • India is not a financier of terrorism.
  • Livingstone, The War Against Terrorism, p.
  • The war on terrorism is far from being over.
  • First, there is nothing new about terrorism.
  • They are not interested in terrorism.
  • There is no panacea for terrorism.
  • There is a high threat from terrorism.
  • Sri Lanka's experience with terrorism began in the 1970s.
  • It shows how the artist views the general people's reluctance and ignorance about the ongoing turmoil brought by terrorism.

of, for, per, to or in transaction?

  • Number of transactions per customer (retention rates) 4.
  • For transactions prior to the last 120 days please refer to your paper statement or your online statements.
  • Saves you $5 per transaction and the exchange rates aren't too bad either.
  • This relates directly to transactions, with search being a part of that process.
  • In transactions like this, the economy has a kind of relativity to it.
  • You located me in the servers of the dominant stock (NSE) and commodity (MCX) exchanges, as well as transaction exchanges for second hand goods (EBAY).
  • Tax payment made by taxpayers to the BIR through Accredited Agent Banks (AABs) can be confirmed within 48 hours from transaction date via these services.
  • If the banker makes any charge on transactions which is not permissible in Islamic Shariah.
  • Going further keep up with transaction complexity across a large variety of installation commands, and trend performance as a function of the dependency complexity.

"of truck" or "by truck"?

  • I also saw poor people stealing off of trucks stopped at traffic lights.
  • The others were brought in by trucks.
  • Your management team must be experienced in the transport industry; especially with truck management.
  • Check out the job listings for truck driver positions in the Washington, D.
  • Forests (slated for submergence) continued to be cut and carted away in trucks, forcing people who depended on them for a livelihood to move out.
  • There is a real switch toward smaller, more energy-efficient cars and away from trucks and SUVs.
  • It's people getting out of bed early, tossing bales of hay into trucks, wearing business attire in office settings.
  • And let me tell you, those oilfield roads in Wab are hard on trucks.
  • Lots of traffic, including trucks and buses, on small, poorly maintained roads.
  • The empty bottles and cans which the lumberjacks had for many years been tossing among the young hardwoods had been shoveled onto trucks and the whole area made neat and dean.

"of terror" or "on terror"?

  • Thus ended a reign of terror in the village.
  • Then, add the ' war on terror '.
  • Direct involvement in terror operations by U.
  • The War Against Terror continues.
  • Ione sank upon the couch, half dead with terror.
  • His reference to terror in his speech was vague.
  • Who deosnt know Islam advocates for terror.
  • I have been helped by terror (in the hearts of enemies).
  • From mounting an assault on a global menace, the West now wants to merely safeguard itself from terror attacks.

by, of, in, via or on telephone?

  • This is marketing by telephone.
  • Perhaps a couple of telephone books were supplied.
  • Gerry and Jenny loved their new job, even if it did mean being tangled up in telephone cable occasionally.
  • Interviews were conducted in March and April 2012 via telephone.
  • Ranjha then contacted him on telephone, who directed him to appear the next day.
  • The same is true for telephones.
  • This was followed up with telephone calls.
  • It can be used through personal interviews and, if possible, through telephone interviews.
  • British Telecom, itself privatised by Margaret Thatcher in her pomp, offers consultancy services in broad areas such as information technology as well as telephones.
  • Just like telephone for example.

"in translation" or "of translation"?

  • There must be something lost in translation.
  • His research interests are in ethnography of translation and literary studies.
  • And if they are selected for translation they appear rather late.
  • I am German, and I would gladly help you with translations.
  • David Bellos is eager to remove such clichd thinking about translations and translators.
  • What you must know is that there is more to translation than simple language translation.
  • Moving away from translation also avoids adding unnecessary prepositions.
  • This is the best book on translation I have read.

"of transformation" or "for transformation"?

  • Alchemy is the art of transformation.
  • Nature is your partner, metaphor and experiential medium for transformation.
  • The period for recovery of investment in transformation is 23 years.
  • For IT and BPO industries no need or we can say very less tax on transformation.
  • The relationship between the separate coordinate systems is specified by transformation matrices.
  • Mr Knight says that business is good at transformation, because when it decides to do something difficult, such as building a skyscraper in the desert, it can be ingenious.
  • The great city was merely something I created from transformation to give you a rest.

"of tip", "for tip" or "with tip"?

  • There are lots of tips and techniques included.
  • You can get in touch with them for tips.
  • Complete with tip to tail deck pad this board is exceptional value.
  • Physically I was not in tip top shape when I arrived in Lucknow.
  • He has committed to passing 100% of donations on to the recipients, and relies on tips to support his work on the project.
  • About the author: Mike writes about tips on how to sell PSP online for the best price.
  • I paid US$16 for it (including tip) whereas I usually pay US$10 in Thailand.
  • Some newer inflation indexed products tied to CPI such as TIPS, structured bonds, and annuities are creating more.
  • If you did not find the service satifactory, you are not obligated to tip but be sure to let our office know what the difficulty was.

of, with, in, to or by tension?

  • It is not a point of tension but the fact is always there.
  • The city was filled with tension on the days following.
  • All three deaths have been linked to the rise in tension in Bodo pockets of Kokrajhar and Chirang.
  • The presence of foreign fighters has given rise to tension and exposed the inexperience of the rebels.
  • Later, I did have success with Communicating Doors, but that was driven more by tension and excitement.
  • The first turn takes the load and lets you open it even under tension.
  • Several useful tips for tension managing can be found in this informative article and if set to work with, really can come up with a positive variation within our lives.
  • Eating yourself Sick You can invite much intestinal trouble from tension, since Virgo governs intestines.
  • And herein lies the important social role of journalists in reporting religious matters, especially on tensions and conflicts.
  • On reform of the banks, Sir Mervyn was less supportive of Government policy -- hinting at tensions with the Chancellor.

"in tongue" or "of tongue"?

  • Cardale also began to speak in tongues and to prophesy.
  • LINGUISTS are masters of tongues.
  • They believe that all humans are one and they are separated only by tongues.
  • I say this with tongue in cheek.
  • As for prophecies, they will pass away; as for tongues, they will cease; as for knowledge, it will pass away.

of, by, to, in or from tragedy?

  • The sneer, there, is at the crass marketing of tragedy to ourselves.
  • Zing never considers the business owners who are affected by tragedies.
  • But our joy turned to tragedy just moments later.
  • The play ends in tragedy, which should teach those young lasses a lesson about marrying against their parents ' wishes.
  • From Tragedy to Triumph Kathy suffered from the loss of her first born child.
  • And thus we end up with tragedies like Almerfedi, Hatim, Hussain, Khan, and, above all, Latif.
  • Talking to kids about tragedy Talking to children about tragedy is a job most parents would love to avoid.
  • It is nonsense to have such thoughts in this kind of case, which is rather one for satirical laughter than for tragedy.
  • Characters like this have been dealt a horrendous blow, either through tragedy or malicious torture, and as a result, they've broken off ties with reality altogether.

"by taxi" or "of taxi"?

  • We've been dissatisfied with the service provided by taxis for many a moon.
  • PMEBs still form the bulk of taxi riders (36.
  • A similar situation will emerge for taxis.
  • Travellers should be especially watchful for pickpockets upon alighting from taxis outside locations frequented by tourists and foreigners, particularly ones on Bole Road.
  • You start off as a taxi driver or a cleaning woman, like the people in Taxi.
  • A person in Birmingham that deals with these engines day-in day-out says that he is replacing them weekly on taxis up there, they are not built for a taxi life.
  • Two of them were with taxis running the (red) light and the other one happened when a driver swung out to avoid hitting a pedestrian.
  • The original opening was about taxi drivers, but then I wrote this long opening about the carnival.
  • Some of them may pose as taxi drivers and would offer to drive you.
  • This is because there is normally a surcharge added to taxi fares leaving the airport (it varies depending on the airport).