Prepositions before Nouns

Click a word to see what prepositions are usually used before it in English


"of way" or "in way"?

  • There is a bit of an XDR heritage to this protocol, but it differs in lots of ways (no 4 byte alignment, for example).
  • Impact As mentioned earlier, our minds tend to work in ways that help us deal with the day in the easiest way possible.
  • We are still looking for ways to quantify the softer side of SM -- the good and the bad stories that our customers tell.
  • Use makeup and read up on ways to disguise any flaws that will detract from the photo fabulousness of your best features.
  • During your enrolment appointment, you may ask your adviser about ways to include your original interest in the new program.
  • Taoism is an excellent example of taking observations about how the universe works and arriving at ways to live in harmony with that.
  • I'd also challenge you to come up with ways to support tech tools, seeing as you claim to be a driver of community support.
  • There it was joined by a line which crossed the border below the Suiho reservoir, and by one coming from the upper reaches of the Yalu by way of the Tongno-Chongchon gap.
  • Apps are important, but from where I sit, RIM has bigger things to worry about than surpassing Microsoft's app count from way back in 2010.
  • Sources add that the deal could be above USD 1 billion and if one includes the open offer price whatever the average price is reached it could definitely escalate to way above USD 1 billion.

"of world" or "in world"?

  • What a type of world we living.
  • It was a momentous moment in world history.
  • From poverty to world fame Hits.
  • Carl served on ships during World War Two.
  • The stories take place during and after World War II.
  • A team that was the last to qualify for World Cup 2010.
  • We can not compete on world markets.
  • Produced by World Festival of the Heart.
  • Comparing with world wages, you.
  • Cabinet Secretaries ' Notebooks from World War Two - National Archives (UK).

"of work", "at work" or "to work"?

  • But it was a good piece of work.
  • You just had a bad day at work.
  • Happy Gilmore: Go back to work.
  • Now he's back looking for work.
  • I couldn't wait to get home from work.
  • Drink with the team after work? No problem.
  • You have to put in work, as well.
  • He gets off work at 1-2pm everyday.
  • The children fitted in with work.
  • Otherwise, I would not have made it into work.

of, with, in, for or to water?

  • The specific heat of water is 4.
  • Fill a spray bottle with water.
  • Sound is faster in water than in air.
  • Markets for water are emerging.
  • When applied to water with a pH above 7.
  • Remember the car that runs on water.
  • Islands are urrounded by water.
  • One should keep away from water too.
  • Be formless, Shapeless, like Water.
  • The Forecastle head was under water.

"of website" or "on website"?

  • A good number of websites like www.
  • On websites like rapidshare, folks can.
  • The same goes for website designs.
  • The source added to website Hollywoodlife.
  • It's also interesting to see the difference in websites.
  • In conversation with website ifeng.
  • Extract from website THE PORTSEA CAMP.
  • This principle is applicable to information and services provided through websites.
  • We are talking about website cookies.
  • It is practically impossible to pinpoint to the degree you claim, by websites like these.

"of woman" or "for woman"?

  • I grew up with a house full of women.
  • Islam was revolutionary for women.
  • You are attractive to women, Dick.
  • Lool man are defenless against women.
  • It is quite different in women.
  • Yes, sexim is looking down on women.
  • I have found that, especially with women.
  • It ignores domestic violence by women.
  • Such a clever man, so stupid about women.
  • The poverty rate among women climbed to 14.

of, to, at, in or for war?

  • Food has its own share of wars.
  • This is the only solution to war.
  • The nation might soon be at war.
  • Firilio is required reading in war colleges.
  • In times of peace, prepare for war.
  • Another country that has been ravaged by war is Chad4.
  • DISPATCHES FROM WAR It is a cold morning at Tabda.
  • There are two main viewpoints about war play.
  • Liddell Hart wrote several books on War.
  • In short, the war in Somalia can only end with war.

of, in, for, with or by word?

  • Not my choice of words, but hey.
  • There's a bit of Gollum in Word.
  • That's just too absurd for words.
  • Sally Warner has a way with words.
  • Love the shape created by words.
  • Many tried to put their feelings into words.
  • Read about it in her ' Play on Words ' blog.
  • It was viral, thanks to word of mouth.
  • But the attic was dismal beyond words.
  • You clothe yourself through words.

of, to, for, in or On web?

  • Link Building at the time of Web 2.
  • These are crucial steps to web site marketing results.
  • And vice versa for web writing: go for it.
  • This file will open in web browser instead of notepad.
  • Your navigation should be good on website.
  • Build a website with Web Editor and you will see impressive results after just a few clicks.
  • Read about Web Development here.
  • Safari accepts cookies only from websites you visit.
  • The look at greater photos of a Pippa as well as web site Loewe love bash go and.
  • I think its telling that a lot of work is done by web designers.

"of wife" or "with wife"?

  • Many Chinese men are leaving China in search of wives.
  • Roskill area of Auckland with wife and son.
  • A free passage, and every facility for wives and families, will be afforded.
  • By the way, I have given 107 to wife, she loves it too.
  • Now, my government will completely ban divorces and desertion by wives.
  • The implication is that Sheen beat his ex wives.
  • I was their buddy's mom and I sent messages back and forth with them on Facebook, listened as they complained about wives and girlfriends and gave motherly advice and encouragement.
  • Another verse says that a person is unable to deal justly between wives, thus giving permission but discouraging it.
  • Words from others mean something, but over and over, I heard that the words from wives mean the most.
  • At that point, it appeared he might spend a little more time with his family, including wife Laura, a child psychologist, with whom he has three children.

of, in, to, for or with weight?

  • Remember, the freedom of weight loss.
  • Increase in weight, increases pressure on your joints.
  • Too much healthy food can still lead to weight gain.
  • Nutrition for Weight Training 13.
  • With weight reduction you liver works well.
  • By weight, how much does your company produce today? 2.
  • Getting the NEX 7 was a relief on weight.
  • Geminians are rarely over weight.
  • If you are serious about weight loss, then follow the advice in this article.
  • Not only does it give you energy to start a new day, but breakfast is linked to many health benefits, including weight control and improved performance.

"of writer" or "for writer"?

  • Produced by a group of writers,.
  • This past summer she attended The Humber School for Writers.
  • Last year the event was completely supported by writer friends and well wishers.
  • The Elephant House has been a place of inspiration to writers such as J.
  • But support it with courses/books/CDs/DVDs on the writing craft, like those from Writers Digest Books.
  • Why is that? Saturday morning I shared my time with writers.
  • A stress not on writers but on people, and a fidelity to literature itself, demand political and economic transformation.
  • He has published over 250 columns and articles, leads seminars on writing, and is a popular speaker at writers conferences across the country.
  • The screenplay brings in writer John Logan to the series, joining franchise regulars Neal Purvis and Robert Wade.

of, in, for, to or on wealth?

  • There is no new influx of wealth.
  • Why Timing is Everything There is a wave in wealth making.
  • So much for wealth and education.
  • Get a wealth coach to show you the way to wealth.
  • Instead, he focused on wealth re-distribution, mostly for his rich friends.
  • Somalia's coastal communities are not awash with wealth.
  • A master of half truth: the man who lied about wealth in 1.
  • You can look at wealth -- they got money, you give them.
  • Sommerville: Vancouver is very hard to figure out because so much of the purchases are done by wealth.
  • Nothing you receive from Wealth Wire should be considered personal investment advice.

of, in, on, for or about weather?

  • This is the type of weather where you can go.
  • Therefore the wires are more sensitive to changes in weather.
  • The trip to El Nido will take about 5 hours max, depending on weather conditions.
  • For weather aside, nothing compares.
  • I'd not saying any more about weather girls.
  • The crater rim has been decimated by weather and volcanic action.
  • That this kind of storm is new and represents a disturbing departure from weather patterns of the past.
  • No refunds due to weather conditions.
  • It has nothing to do with weather or climate.
  • Siri is now also going to work with things like weather and stocks on the iPad.

"on wall", "of wall" or "to wall"?

  • Brief, beautiful shadows, burned on walls of night.
  • A vast array of wall maps are available through Maps.
  • Nothing for Montreal, but wall to wall for New York.
  • It is run by Wall Street for Wall Street.
  • The first skyscraper with walls hung from a steel frame.
  • It is run by Wall Street for Wall Street.
  • I got a few smacks here and there, tossed into walls, etc.
  • Use AC/adapter: One should use AC/adapter through wall plug whenever possible.
  • It takes its directions from Wall Street.

of, for, with, in or on window?

  • It is a built-in part of Windows.
  • Still, at least it's not Skype 5 for Windows.
  • There is a shower room with window.
  • The same application works well in windows xp.
  • Paste witch or black cats on windows.
  • Just had a call from windows services.
  • All we have to do was to window shop.
  • Protect yourself in the car and house too; UVA can pass through window glass.
  • There was a password on it before this happened and now its asking for a password and it wont let me go into windows.
  • Liquids like window cleaners stay upright, and I can always find things I might need in the dark right away.

"of wedding" or "for wedding"?

  • In a women's dream of wedding, there must have a place for lace.
  • It is also very successful as a venue for wedding parties.
  • We can not wait to see agian at wedding in the Fall.
  • When people refer to weddings they say that the Fire witnessed these.
  • He replaced Adam as best man in wedding.
  • Poteen would enliven many an occasion such as weddings, wakes and ceilis.
  • A single person imagining their unknown mate on wedding night is likewise not wishing to formicate.
  • They had to show how much they care about wedding and start their family.
  • When working with wedding decorations, you can find huge choices to select from.
  • The bears can come specially dressed -- for example, for events like weddings, birthdays or holidays.

"in writing" or "of writing"?

  • If in doubt, get it in writing.
  • Good to see this kind of writing.
  • But there are differences regarding to writing.
  • Shawn and Ira began to speak about writing.
  • Good article, thanks for writing.
  • Another author concludes by writing;.
  • Information on writing, literature and publishing frequently are featured in her blog, Write-World.
  • Mary-Anne is a gamer who fell in love with writing.
  • Nothing was ever put into writing and signed Adolf Hitler.
  • Alter-ing for the worse through writing is an originary exteriority.

of, For, with, in or about wine?

  • Withnail: We just ran out of wine.
  • Countdown for Wine Night commences.
  • Keep trying to connect with wine drinkers and industry people here.
  • We still need more education in wine-making.
  • Here is the thing about wine aromas.
  • They don't raise the tax on wine.
  • So we both turned to wine instead.
  • Prove to me that you're divine; change my water into wine.
  • Thirdly, pigments don? t seem to have any mouthfeel properties? even complex pigment structures isolated from wine.
  • Grab a family basket with two salads, a whole roasted chicken, four baguettes and flavoured cream cheese (R375 including wine).

of, with, by, for or as wind?

  • The roar of wind through a stand of poplars.
  • The problem with wind energy is conceptual.
  • Energy requirements can be met by wind, solar, wave, HEP, geothermal and tidal.
  • There's less land suitable for wind turbines than windocrats might think.
  • Remember to consider external factors as well, such as wind.
  • I was soaked to the core and shivering from wind gusts.
  • In Wind Waker, Link is obviously young, but he's just a simple kid, scared and unsure of the world.
  • At least Barack Obama is talking about wind and solar.
  • This improves energy efficiency and also other energy resources like wind and solar power.
  • No AWS on the 920 International (according to WP Central) kinda sucks for me as I was hoping to use it on Wind or Mobi.

in, of, to, for or on whole?

  • When reproducing our materials in whole or in part, hyperlink to PRAVDA.
  • So yes, you do need to consume fat, but the amount you need is so small, that it could be provided from a diet of whole, natural foods, even if you added no fat to your diet at all.
  • People here can subscribe to whole lots of apps and get benefits- of all the applications free of cost.
  • I must confess I do have a problem with humanity at whole quite often.
  • Even swallow Worth whole, if you like.

of, to, behind, for or like winner?

  • Names of winners will also be posted on www.
  • Fernando finished second today and only lost seven points to winner Sebastian Vettel.
  • The Strathmore men's team were runners up last year in Zambia, behind winners Sharkia of Egypt.
  • No deadline has been set for winners to pay, barely one month to the end of the year.
  • Americans like winners and dislike losers.
  • The system was, is and always be about winners and losers.
  • Thus, we must make a new resolution henceforth to look at everything as winners, not as losers.

"on welfare" or "of welfare"?

  • Wildharpies Ayn Rand was on welfare.
  • Ya know, I'd not a fan of welfare.
  • In the US they do it for welfare.
  • Given the cuts in welfare benefits the answer would appear to be no.
  • Already one third of my tax bill goes to welfare.
  • We moved millions of people off welfare.
  • So moving folks from welfare to work is a real challenge.
  • I'd OK with welfare, just not unlimited welfare.
  • He asked about welfare cuts and benefits.
  • Also these costs are usually offset by welfare (eg.

of, with, in, to or for wisdom?

  • My dad is generally full of wisdom.
  • You grasp them with wisdom and put them down.
  • Your message must be delivered in wisdom.
  • Love to wisdom Another point in the Trinity is love-wisdom.
  • A happy watchdog We look for wisdom, care and compassion in our doctors.
  • But they have no section on wisdom.
  • They have vanity without pride, voluptuousness without taste, and learning without wisdom.
  • One of the hallmarks of love transforming into wisdom is the ability to respect that people are at different levels of development.
  • That does not meant it is needed now much like wisdom teeth.
  • They must have understanding and be able to solve their problems through wisdom and kindness.

"of worker" or "for worker"?

  • Thousands of workers have already been fired.
  • That was for workers in the petrochemical industry.
  • There are however other rights specific to workers aged under 18 years.
  • That is almost can not be controlled by workers in generally.
  • It was his gift of dealing with workers which earned him his money's worth.
  • Since then there is a huge political and financial pressure on workers and unemployed.
  • Partly this is about passion for providing quality links between worker and employer.
  • Germany's ageing population, combined with high unemployment, has pushed social security outlays to a level exceeding contributions from workers.
  • Discontent among workers may prove to be very dangerous and damaging to Bangladesh.
  • TUCTA wanted to know the government's stand concerning an increase in workers ' salaries both in public and private sectors.

of, with, in, on or from wood?

  • Split a piece of wood; I am there.
  • She was wooden, with wood mast and cotton sails.
  • I also have experience in wood floor installation and painting.
  • Knocking on wood is an almost universal habit.
  • For example, some furniture is made from wood.
  • The leaves and the seed make good polishes for wood.
  • On the other hand the time spent for cooking the food items was longer using charcoal followed by wood and corncobs.
  • Several homeowners choose vinyl decks to wood decks.
  • If this fits your home then nice, choose it! Others could wish to go with another style such as wood bar stools.
  • Some paintings look like wood etchings on canvas.

of, for, from, in or on waste?

  • There are various sources of waste.
  • We are tired of paying for waste.
  • Producing useful energy from waste biomass (e.
  • Reducing toxic substances in waste.
  • Cameron should have pressed Old Mother Brown on waste.
  • Survey Responses on Consultation About Waste Management Contracts 5.
  • I do not work with waste materials, but with past lives.
  • This is the atmosphere at Waste Management.
  • It is largely thanks to European Greens including our two English MEPs that the EU has forced us to put in place actions to tackle issues such as waste, coastal pollution, acid rain etc.
  • A consultation on regulations relating to wastes was carried out from March 2010.

"for walk" or "of walk"?

  • She not trained and hates going for walks only because she was nipped by a car.
  • This kind of walk is new for Barka, but he kept up.
  • The cane he now relies on to walk lies across his desk.
  • He was also desperate for water -any water at all- and would drink as much as he could as quickly as he could as many times as he could on walks.
  • Some of those people are from walks of life and social/economic groupings I simply would not have the chance to interact with normally.
  • Look what happens when I type in Walk Off The Earth in the address bar.
  • With walks ranging from leisurely excursions to challenging days out, the festival offers a number of routes and offers something for everyone.
  • The rate at which Americans are supersizing it won't be long before 20 year old are unable to stand let alone walk or run.
  • It is not possible to approach it with any vehicle, just by walk.
  • Does anyone know of any companies that are hiring for short term staff or any ideas on how to make some good money over the holiday season? Please don't suggest things like walk dogs etc.

of, in, with, after or by wave?

  • Hooke and Huygens argued that light was some sort of wave.
  • They came in waves to Seattle in the 1990s and 2000s.
  • The report was met with waves of frustration from the US working class.
  • MICHIGAN Cargo shipping on the Great Lakes resumed after waves of up to 16 feet subsided.
  • Design This website was designed and built by Wave, a print.
  • We can explain the interference pattern for waves.
  • Things come and go in the news cycle like waves of fever.
  • Bangs as well as waves in the temple additionally soften the actual square.
  • Animals use this area as a safe zone from wave action and sometimes as a nursery area for their young.
  • Now we turn our attention to waves.

"without warning" or "of warning"?

  • Then, without warning, they felt a presence.
  • One word of warning though to you.
  • It (and the contractor) had been sloppy and complacent, despite warnings.
  • In my opinion, these products should come with warning labels.
  • Holden Burke just watched for warning lights and begged the universe for a lucky break.
  • In some instances, we may only need to provide information on conditions in the country, such as warning about areas of unrest, how and where to seek help, and other useful advice.
  • A large bull rose out of the water, opened his huge mouth in warning and then crashed into the pool and disappeared.
  • Ronnie never listened to warnings of his friends and well-wishers.
  • Take heed so that after warning others to run away from hell fire you do not enter the place yourself.

"of wing" or "with wing"?

  • I've done a few years of wing chun too.
  • Out went the traditional Victorian fairies with wings.
  • They will soar high on wings like eagles.
  • TANDEM: Flying preference for Wings Of Kilimanjaro? Solo Tandem If Tandem, please fill in the following.
  • The trio are versatile in playing, they can play at wings and in middle and can interchange positions with great ability.
  • They are held in place by long threaded rods that pass right through the posts and are held on the inside by wing nuts.
  • But we should not expect any of those persons to conclude that they had seen a modern pterosaur, regardless of a general similarity in wing shape.
  • Untimely injuries to key performers such as wing Mirco Bergamasco and second Marco Bortolami hit Italy hard going into their decisive match against Wales and they were beaten 27-15.
  • Trinity drew first blood much to the dismay of the home supporters through wing three quarter N Karunaratne who barged his way across the line.

of, in, on, for or to wage?

  • Let not the thought of wages weigh you down.
  • A signing on fee and a hike in wages.
  • We need renewed debate and action on wage levels and low pay.
  • Even when working for wages, don't equate yourself with the wages.
  • Stalker is trying to convince Ji Ho not to wage war, but Ji Ho doesn't care.
  • That money has to come from somewhere, and not surprisingly, it comes from wages.
  • Wages There are a number of statutory rights associated with wages.
  • Taking action over wages and benefits, for instance, is off limits.
  • PRSI is paid on all relevant payments to all employees such as wages and salaries, bonuses, fees, overtime payments, part-time pay, benefit in kind and Christmas bonuses.
  • Moreover, they lower the standard of living for the middle class, held back by wages and salaries that always lag rising prices.

"of workplace", "to workplace" or "in workplace"?

  • A similar proportion of workplaces (45.
  • On this basis, Wootton's claim relating to workplace stress failed.
  • We distribute it at protests, meetings, on the street and in workplaces and universities.
  • It includes guidance on workplace adjustments to support employees.
  • This helps to generate new ideas and insights about workplace issues and problems.
  • These policies remain an important foundation for workplace diversity.
  • These days, New trend moved foreign, together with workplaces near your vicinity, Canada, Questionnaire and China.
  • Free creche facilities must be provided at workplaces, free readily availiable contraception, equal pay must finally be implemented.
  • No, they are constrained by workplace location, budget, schools, etc.
  • It continues despite at least five years of really strong effort to try and eradicate sexual harassment from workplaces.

of, from, to, with or by well?

  • David Caldwell, Managing Director of Wells Fargo Philippines Solutions Inc.
  • The guy from Wells they used sent an affidavit of amounts due and owing.
  • The original mortgage payment were to Wells.
  • I have a home mortgage with Wells Fargo.
  • Loan was sold and serviced by Wells.
  • It says on the mortgage that Wells is the lender.
  • The market capitalization for Wells Fargo &; Co bank is about 160.
  • Of course, keep an eye on Wells too.
  • Mirallas has settled in well and is getting to full fitness, the Belgian gets you on the edge of your seat and does not hesitate when given the opportunity to shoot.
  • Because of their complementarity, however, a lever was created by privatizing key resources, such as wells, as in Botswana since the 1930s.

"of wonder" or "in wonder"?

  • By this time, the glare of wonder had evaporated.
  • THE NUMINOUS AND ITS SYMBOLS Philosophy begins in wonder.
  • Those few times enough to fill my heart with wonder.
  • That certainly holds true for castles and cathedrals, and for wonders of the world like the pyramids, slave labor was necessary, which is certainly something that we aren't bringing back.
  • The reactions ranged from wonder to open distrust.
  • When my friend Maryam and her dog Reiner arrived to join my walk, we stopped at Wonder Bakery in the Chinatown Plaza to get a banh cam and coffee.
  • The pair has been jailed since May 2, when they were arrested during a sting organized by Wonder's attorney and Los Angeles police.
  • It is not an ' opportunity ' if all you get to do is bitch work while making her look like Wonder Woman.

"of weapon" or "with weapon"?

  • Consolidation of Weapons Units.
  • The Army said they'd only shoot at those with weapons.
  • Weapon Levels are for Weapon Sidegrades.
  • Iran has tried to give its clarification that it is not interested in weapons.
  • Going in the field with less or no knowledge about the enemy is pretty much like venturing into a hungry lion's den with no shield on weapon.
  • You do realize your tax dollars go to weapons that kill human beings.
  • Ancient Greek and Roman suicides were anomalous for their violence -- 40 percent death by weapons, 18 percent by hanging, and 16 percent by jumping.
  • In a nod to the franchise's influence on role-playing, characters can carry up to eight objects, including weapons, clothing, and equipment.
  • He destroys western powers with a missile like weapons in his hands.
  • But for the last 30 years America has helped get the problem get worse from spreading extremist islam to combat communism, to making local commanders very rich through weapons and war.

of, in, for, to or after worship?

  • Attention to the act of worship.
  • Numbers are only formal in worship.
  • One way of preparing for worship is by prayer.
  • They might have come to Worship but they stopped at rituals.
  • Some of the most significant conversations in the life of the church happen immediately after worship gatherings.
  • A local pro-life organization decided they had the liberty to come onto our church property during worship to promote their position without asking anyone's permission.
  • Fresco art work in the haveli of Raj Kaur portrays almost all aspects of daily life -- ranging from worship to romantic love to military life.
  • To the congregation it seemed acceptable that the entire pastor's family was on worship.
  • The phrase also appears in Grace Wenger, Witness: empowering the church through worship, community, and mission.

of, in, for, to or at workshop?

  • Lease of workshop and yard 5,000 3,000 2.
  • What about the other 250,000 rickshaws? They have been sacrificed, along with thousands employed in workshops, and restaurants.
  • I also objected to the massive increase in their fees for workshops.
  • We read books and go to workshops and join support groups.
  • I met great people at workshops I attended and read a many great ideas and articles through following volunteers ' work and their blogs.
  • Second, the Partnership must consult with university leaders through mediums such as workshops organized to develop country and university studies of their higher education systems.
  • The tour will be accompanied by workshops for local school groups to be managed through Regional Arts Victoria's Education &; Families unit.
  • Most of the capital was derived locally, from workshop production, little from outside.
  • Throughout the summer and into the early autumn, we'll be asking for your input on workshops, sessions, speakers, moderators and everything in between.
  • Mendler shared with workshop participants the top three reasons why students drop out of high school and enter into lives of hopelessness and despair.

"on wheel" or "of wheel"?

  • I quit meals on wheels, Marlon.
  • Detail of magnet mounted to side of wheel rim.
  • For houses with small balconies choose a portable grill with wheels and a removable stand.
  • Most of the activities are all inclusive and are suitable and accessible for wheel chair users.
  • The forces acting on them can easily loosen them and result in wheel rim and bolt damage.
  • Hon Clayton Cosgrove: Tell us about wheel clamping.
  • The big challenge will be reducing weight -- we are looking at some incredible technologies, such as wheels made entirely from carbon fibre.

of, for, in, to or on wildlife?

  • Quite a lot of wildlife can be spotted here too.
  • Look for wildlife on the Icefields Parkway.
  • It is one of the places in Africa that still prides in wildlife concentration.
  • Because of this, their activities represent no threat to wildlife.
  • See below for a small selection of references to research on wildlife tourism and.
  • It is heavily wooded with native and exotic vegetation and abounds with wildlife.
  • Part 3, still asked me about wildlife environment but regarding wildlife.
  • There are 3 water holes down there, and it looks good to see the Maasai living as they must have for so very long - surrounded by wildlife.
  • This marks the first time that these Maasai landowners have received substantial and direct income from wildlife.
  • Whether you're into wildlife spotting, windsurfing or laid-back breezy caf culture -- Cape Town has plenty to offer.

of, by, to, for or with witness?

  • Examination of witnesses by police 161.
  • Conditions, if any, Stipulated by Witness.
  • According to witnesses, one of the cars was carrying young children.
  • Get contact information for witnesses.
  • Travon couldn't get away with stealing with witnesses, that is why he attacked zimmerman.
  • In witness whereof we have hereunto.
  • They gathered evidence for the investigation of Zimmerman -- such as Witness 8's statements about her telephone calls with Trayvon Martin the night he was shot.
  • Judge Nabishah Ibrahim set bail at RM25,000 each and Dec 12 for statement of evidence from witnesses.
  • Bob suspects that this can happen, so he's not about to confront her obviously criminal behavior without witnesses present to protect him from her invented counter-accusations.