Prepositions after Adjectives

Click an adjective to see what prepositions are usually used after it in English


possible for, in, with, to or by?

  • So it is very possible for the U.
  • It may be possible in the future.
  • This post is made possible by the.
  • It is impossible to tilt the beam.
  • All made possible with the S Pen.
  • Oh, and piracy is possible WITHOUT the web.
  • Possible from external infectious my you if.
  • This is possible on the Mac, too.
  • Tell as many as possible about this.
  • As soon as possible after the birth, the U.
  • Possible at the right price? Du n no.
  • This is only possible through the PNC.
  • This is not possible as part of the UK.
  • This is possible because of the CMOS.
  • Wake up early and as much as possible before 9am.
  • And it has become possible due to India.
  • Stay safe as possible during an earthquake.
  • Try to go as little as possible into the sun.
  • Two ends possible of the world.
  • Everything is possible under it.
  • This is only possible within the loop.

proud of, about, for, in or to?

  • I'd really proud of all of you.
  • And I'd really proud about that.
  • And we really feel proud for that.
  • I felt so proud in wearing the ID card.
  • I am proud to a man and looked.
  • So very proud with the decision.

"popular in" or "popular with"?

  • He was popular with the bikers.
  • Extremely popular among the locals.
  • Very popular for a short while.
  • SF was very popular at the time.
  • It is the popular of all types.
  • You'll never be cool or popular on here.
  • It is also popular amongst artists.
  • Now quite popular as a first name.
  • Pretty popular by the Italo-lovers.
  • It's extremely popular across party lines.
  • I know, I know he is popular around here.
  • Not popular because of tendency to rot.
  • It's popular due to network effects.
  • It was very popular during the 70s.
  • One can not be popular over night.
  • By 1910, he was popular throughout Europe.
  • Medicine is more popular to students.
  • Weddings are very popular within the.

perfect for, in, with, on or by?

  • Perfect for: - Unlocking doors.
  • They look perfect in my window.
  • Perfect with Daniel Henney too.
  • Muniain is perfect on the wing.
  • It is perfect as a single film.
  • We're not perfect at Crohnsforum.
  • Response was perfect by the way.
  • Its was perfect from start to finish.
  • This is perfect of this coming Halloween.
  • She is completely perfect to me.

pleased with, about, at, for or by?

  • I am very pleased with the unit.
  • We're not too pleased about it.
  • Incorrect: I am pleased at you.
  • I am immensely pleased for you.
  • We are very pleased by you Barcelona.

passionate about, in or for?

  • Passionate about their subject.
  • Be passionate in your business.
  • They were so old, yet so passionate for God.

poor in, of, for, at or to?

  • Alves was very poor in this regard.
  • We are the poor of the poorest.
  • The bandwidth is poor for the 2.
  • And he's been pretty poor at that.
  • His makeup seems so poor to me.
  • Every poor person is poor by choice.
  • Were poor with meager resources.
  • Rather those are poor as a bowler.
  • He left a family not poorer from loss.
  • Feeding the poor on the days one.
  • Napoli were poor against Milan.
  • Save when there shall be no poor among you,.
  • I'd getting poor because of it.
  • Cable Reception was poor due to stormy weather.
  • It uplifted the poor into the middle class.
  • How? Investing on the poor like Chvez.
  • Haussmann effectively did this by tossing the poor out of Paris.
  • The poor through taxes pay part of that.
  • We would be vastly poorer without it.

"positive for" or "positive about"?

  • This is a positive for the Jets.
  • She is not positive about the date.
  • Another positive in this book is Dr.
  • There's a positive to everything.
  • And I feel very positive on this.
  • For me it's only positive from here.
  • March 11, 2011 is proof positive of that.
  • Be Positive with your children.
  • Being positive at home pays off.
  • HIV positive by what method is it PCR or??? 2.
  • Who can be positive after hangup number 10.
  • Both E and F can be positive as well as negative.
  • It is important to be positive during the interview.
  • You can make a positive out of a negative.
  • Be positive rather than negative.
  • We need to be positive towards each other.

prone to, in or on?

  • They are very prone to persuasion.
  • They strove to rise to their feet, but fell prone in the attempt.
  • Posture: Lie prone on the floor.

payable to, by, on, in or for?

  • Items payable to Blocked Accounts.
  • Full fees are payable by the student.
  • Fares are payable on the buses.
  • This is payable in US dollars only.
  • A fee is payable for each attempt.
  • Cost is $25, payable at the door.
  • If tax is payable under self-assessment (e.
  • No EB benefits are payable after this date.
  • Outgoings payable as a consequence of owning the property.
  • Interest on disbursed funds is payable during the grace period.
  • The renewal fee is payable from 3 rd year onwards.
  • Marginal note: Payable out of C.
  • A deposit of 125 is payable upon booking.
  • A fee of 125 is payable with the restoration application.
  • The loan is payable within 30 days.

pregnant with, at, in, for or by?

  • When I was pregnant with the twins.
  • I was 5 mos pregnant at the time.
  • In 2009, I got pregnant for him.
  • Single &; Pregnant in the City.
  • She later became pregnant by him.
  • C was pregnant after being raped.
  • You can get pregnant from rape.
  • Of these, 75 became pregnant as a result of rape.
  • Many become pregnant during the short marriage.
  • She became pregnant on the first try.
  • I tried and was pregnant within 3 months.
  • Yes you can get pregnant without having sex.
  • They were pregnant because of their sex.
  • Why get pregnant before marriage.
  • If they get pregnant out of wedlock they are SOL.
  • Any woman who is pregnant through rape, incest, etc.
  • Her face looked pregnant to me here.

prevalent in, among, at, on or during?

  • There's a danger, prevalent in the.
  • It also appears more prevalent among women.
  • LBP was highly prevalent at baseline.
  • It seems more prevalent on the Left.
  • Arsenic disease is more prevalent amongst the poor people.
  • Healing rites are most prevalent during this time.
  • We know this is prevalent for most people.
  • The theme of freedom is prevalent throughout the novel.
  • Caste is prevalent across religions.
  • But weren't very prevalent around here.
  • ECNs became more prevalent as the online trading explosion occurred.
  • The most prevalent of these is the letter ' X '.
  • The practice is prevalent to this day.
  • Now it's prevalent with our youth.
  • Or the despair that is prevalent within a particular situation (i.

"personal to" or "personal with"?

  • However this is personal to you.
  • I have nothing personal with you.
  • It's personal in a lighter way.
  • That's way too personal for God.
  • These choices are personal as well as communal.
  • Men are less personal about work.
  • Nothing personal against Mr Rauf.
  • Nothing personal from this end.
  • To be personal on a mechanical scale.
  • I have nothing personal at all against him.
  • Some works are personal of employers.
  • It's deeply personal between Ferguson and Liverpool.
  • Best of all, the service remains and truly personal by K.
  • Personal like him bears after centuries.
  • A relevancy which is personal rather than generic.
  • You can make it personal without becoming personal, so to speak.

"powerful in", "powerful of" or "powerful for"?

  • You are powerful in this world.
  • Verbeek was too powerful for them.
  • It is the most powerful of all Mantras.
  • He becomes powerful as well as calm.
  • Ninjas were one of the most powerful at the time.
  • She is powerful with many members.
  • Scorpios are extremely strong willed and powerful by nature.
  • That fact is very POWERFUL to me.
  • There's something really powerful about that.
  • You are powerful beyond measure.
  • Copy really has to be powerful from start to finish.
  • A man is powerful on his knees.
  • Thou art powerful over everything.
  • Modi is very powerful against Ms.
  • Protect us, most powerful among the birds.
  • Or powerful because of their associations.
  • As a result parliament became more powerful during his reign.
  • Slog is all powerful like that.
  • God is invisible yet he is powerful through reverence.
  • It is powerful within this writer.
  • We are plenty powerful without having to prove it on a daily basis.

"present in" or "present at"?

  • Stewart: --It's not present in the case.
  • They are present at every baptism.
  • Walk-ins are also present on Earth.
  • I will have present for my mom.
  • Be present during annual reviews.
  • Diabetes is ever present to him.
  • Noel Baker was present with Mr.
  • Pirzada were present among others.
  • McCulloch was present as a visitor.
  • Right wing resentment was present before GWB.
  • PAE is present from pentium 3 onwards.
  • The anaesthetist was present throughout the op.
  • It is always present within you.

prominent in, among, of, on or at?

  • Prominent in this regard is St.
  • Prominent amongst them were Mr.
  • Most prominent of which is Syria.
  • An eco button is prominent on the dash.
  • Prominent amongst them were Mr.
  • They aren't very prominent at the moment.
  • He was prominent during the Golden Age of Freethought.
  • Ron Paul has been prominent for years.
  • More prominent with H2O but it is there.
  • The public club became prominent after C.
  • Johnston has been prominent as a public man.
  • And of course, make your phone number prominent by making it big and easy to find.
  • Its limbs are stick thin, ribs prominent over a distended belly.
  • History of ballet Dance is prominent throughout history.
  • This is the major thoroughfare for the event, and will be very prominent to all visitors.
  • Wood and earth tones are prominent within the home.

"political in" or "political as"?

  • It was absolutely political in nature.
  • It is therefore political as well as sexual.
  • A political rather than a refereeing factor.
  • That doesn't seem political to me.
  • There is nothing Political about it.
  • Oprah has been So political for a long time.
  • And it is political with a little p.
  • We try and keep it open ended and not political of how people should look at things.
  • Grand Prix racing was highly political at that time.
  • This event is political by its very nature.
  • Totally political from start to finish.
  • But I fear we (AL) are preparing them to be political once again.
  • He's personalized the mindset and sees everything that is political through that lens.
  • Most people in Sri Lanka aren't political without a secret motive.

permissible for, in, under, by or to?

  • It is permissible for you to eat it.
  • Some argue that it is permissible in Islam.
  • Is this permissible under the MUTCD? No.
  • This is now deemed permissible by the U.
  • Is it permissible to eat them? A.
  • I know that the regular marriage is only permissible with a Muslim.
  • It is permissible according to Hadees Sharif.
  • Masa'lah: Paring of nails is permissible at night as well.
  • However, it is permissible on medical grounds.
  • To the fullest extent permissible pursuant to applicable law, SALO disclaims all warranties or merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.
  • Thus, it is not permissible without the permission of the Imam.

"productive in", "productive of" or "productive for"?

  • Just be productive in the time you have.
  • Hope MacDowell was productive for you.
  • Even this evil is productive of good.
  • Stay productive with accessories.
  • He is productive at virtually every level.
  • That logic is incredibly productive to me.
  • Isles need to be more productive on the PP.
  • We are not productive as a society, uptown, downtown.
  • The busy outnumber the productive by a wide margin.
  • The doe is least productive during the dry period.
  • There's just nothing good-willed or productive about this.
  • This type of thinking becomes counter productive after a while.
  • Some people are just much more productive because of their intelligence and efficiency.
  • They were productive from the get-go.
  • I'd go one step further and say simply: Be productive instead of busy.
  • There must be something productive like that for her to do.
  • Time will tell if he can make the adjustments necessary to be productive over the long run.
  • In her spare time she enjoys being productive rather than to spend time on TV Soaps/movies.
  • Or at least made more productive through connectivity and technology.
  • R &D; was productive throughout that period.
  • So people were much more productive within their departments, thanks to computers and software.
  • I am so productive without a baby.

"punishable by" or "punishable with"?

  • THAT should be punishable by law.
  • Offences not punishable with death 44 29C.
  • A is punishable under this section.
  • The offence is punishable on indictment by a fine or a term of imprisonment of up to five years.
  • Both charges are punishable in law.
  • Secondly, killing is killing and is punishable as a crime.
  • The offence is punishable for a term not exceeding 10 years ' imprisonment and/or a fine (or both).

previous to, in, for, of or on?

  • Previous to his work at OFDA, Mr.
  • Mind, Cameron does have previous in this area.
  • The puck drops previous for you already know it.
  • Or new panels they car may previous of been crashed.
  • Nicaragua has previous on this.
  • She is currently on torture claim paper visa due to previous over stay.
  • I am also being reminded of my previous post THE LESSONS.
  • Sorrell has previous with Tesco.

proportional to, in or with?

  • It is inversely proportional to T.
  • I do not though it would make Parliament less proportional in some cases.
  • We see that B is inversely proportional with b.

preferable to, for, in, as or from?

  • One is not preferable to the other.
  • Thus, it is preferable for the unmarried.
  • This bag is preferable in the fashion industry.
  • It is preferable as a permanent condition.
  • The Indy car solution seems preferable from fans perspective.
  • Facts are preferable over ideology.

painful for, to, in, at or of?

  • It must be painful for you, Mr.
  • Which is very painful to write.
  • It was quite painful in healing.
  • The process was painful at times.
  • De painful of al is dat URP have nt begin accredited.
  • Learning can be painful as well as exciting.
  • Floor jumps continuing to be painful by the end.
  • It can be painful on both sides.
  • That stretch is painful with deteriorating joints.
  • Every dog does this in it's puppy days! I know it's painful after a while.
  • The procedure was painful because of my recent op I think.
  • Sweet memories are more painful during hard times.
  • Dental ulcers, painful from contact of cold water.
  • No doubt it can be painful like Dr.

"profitable for" or "profitable in"?

  • Profitable for all involved payers, i.
  • He made it profitable in 14 months.
  • But all were not so much profitable to me.
  • Doubt it can be profitable with that number.
  • SHARON CADDY: Well I'd say profitable at what cost.
  • We hope to be profitable by the end of the year.
  • And it can make us more profitable on this business.
  • The firm was more profitable as a result.
  • The company has been profitable from day one.
  • This business is the most profitable after all.
  • Good article, while Arsenal remains profitable because of player sales.
  • Under such conditions, a company can be profitable despite poor leadership.
  • Teashop - very profitable during summer; dead during winter.
  • But it's not the most profitable of hobbies.
  • Outsourcing contracts are designed to be profitable over their life.
  • You should be able to make these more profitable through lower costs.
  • These things are good and profitable unto men.
  • That the business will be profitable within the first year 5.
  • This is a great way to see if your stock selections are profitable without risking any money.

"proper for" or "proper to"?

  • It is not proper for them to speak.
  • It would have been proper to for Mr.
  • Cease pessimism proper in their tracks.
  • Secret Prayers (Proper of the Mass).
  • Ginko Biloba and more are usually quite often regarded as the proper on the internet.
  • It went down proper with Jerry Moore.
  • Aye, port o ' arms prim and proper as the manuals so proscribed.
  • But Mother India fixed him right and proper at right time.
  • Any other means deemed proper by the Council.
  • Or use a cold egg proper from the refrigerator.
  • That is not proper according to the law.
  • Only if Buhari is president, Nigeria would have been fixed proper after a very short time.
  • Ephesians 5:3-4 - But immorality or any impurity or greed must not even be named among you, as is proper among saints; and there must be no filthiness and silly talk, or coarse jesting,.
  • In no instance did I hear of personnel from our division receiving treatment other than proper under the ' Rules of Land Warfare '.

"particular about" or "particular to"?

  • I'd very particular about those.
  • Not exactly particular to Fox News.
  • They were particular in prayer.
  • I'd just so particular with oil.
  • He acquired one particular for $400.
  • Not particular on this album or artist - so it's not unique.
  • Numerous are more particular as opposed to runners.
  • Fetish can be particular from individual to individual.
  • He was quite particular of the Sunnah beard.
  • Atmosphere a good fairytale, it's an excessive a particular at that.
  • It was an excellent show, particular by the pace bowlers.
  • Instapundit linked yesterday to this, and I particular like the first comment.
  • Manipulations can be in any form like race, caste (particular within tamils ), religion, region and etc.

"practical for" or "practical in"?

  • Not practical for a tennis player.
  • This article is practical in nature.
  • It answers the needs, practical as well as.
  • I am immensely practical about this.
  • The list migrates from practical to.
  • Be practical with the useful guy.
  • But it is not practical at this moment.
  • Probably not even practical on the moon.
  • She is practical by nature and believes in expressing herself in limited words.
  • The most ethereal of poets was the most practical of men.
  • Advice of submissions to applicant - as soon as reasonably practical after the closing date of submissions.
  • Shorts are discouraged in the evening and are also not practical due to the risk of getting bitten by mosquitos.
  • Recruiters prefer exclusivity, but it's not always practical from your perspective.
  • It's time to start thinking practical like this.
  • This interest is practical rather than scholarly.
  • It is practical without compromising on Truth.

"problematic for" or "problematic in"?

  • This is really problematic for me.
  • Each is problematic in its own way.
  • That outcome was, however, problematic of itself.
  • It seems very problematic to me.
  • This is most problematic with network shares.
  • But there is something problematic about this.
  • Although that lack of depth in bench can be problematic as the season moves forward.
  • ZF: That's been problematic at times.
  • Harvesting would be problematic because of the huge volume.
  • Problematic on at least 2 levels.
  • In some cases, if you are older, conception can be problematic due to infertility in either the man or woman.
  • His entrance is problematic from the start.
  • Q: The fact that your Department comes under the President's Office is seen as problematic by many.

"proficient in" or "proficient at"?

  • Proficient in spoken Chinese is required.
  • Janet: I couldn't get proficient at it.
  • I could be proficient with this seven-letter-word.
  • Palmer wants someone proficient on their instrument.

proactive in, about, with, on or rather?

  • Be pro-active in raising funds.
  • Be proactive about your health.
  • Be proactive with your food choices.
  • They were very proactive on that hit.
  • Get proactive rather than reactive.
  • He should have been proactive at that time.
  • So, make sure you are proactive by having these items available at all times.
  • Your driving becomes proactive instead of reactive.
  • As regulator, they must be more proactive as well as adequately reactive.
  • Be proactive for when your coverage is running out.
  • It is easier to be a whiner than proactive to to make a change.

"precious to", "precious about" or "precious in"?

  • She is also very precious to you.
  • Most precious in these memories.
  • I'd not being precious about this.
  • That moment was precious for me.
  • Eyes being the most precious of all.
  • I can separate precious from the vile.
  • That dartboard is precious on so many levels.
  • BOB Ahh she is just so precious with a sweet little bob.
  • And why? It is because there is nothing so precious as a soul.
  • They are even more precious at this time.
  • The value of goals is so precious because of how hard it is for a team to score one.
  • Some things in life are precious beyond words.
  • Make the object of your desire more precious by saving up for it.
  • The design can't be precious like that.

physical in, with, as, to or at?

  • A true physical in the background.
  • It was physical as well as mental.
  • Be physical with your emotions.
  • Conversely, it is more physical to men.
  • You can do your physical at Concentra.
  • But I see others physical form.
  • Stage 3 was the most physical of the day.
  • Things got physical on the couch pretty quickly.
  • Mine are all physical rather than vocal.
  • A pre-existing space made physical by your interactions.
  • Now, that doesn't have to mean anything physical like a gift, it could mean information or interesting content.
  • There was too much of the physical about it.
  • If you have to be physical against them, then you have to be physical.
  • The surgeon did a complete pelvic exam as part of the physical before surgery.
  • Will things get physical between the Survivor Series.
  • Getting physical during the day is a good way to prepare the body for a good night's rest.
  • I think this game will be very physical from the outset.
  • Eleven is the master number that reflects the transformation of the physical into the Divine.
  • Sissons ' line is easily the most physical through 1 period.
  • Here's a little excerpt from Physical vs.

"pure in" or "pure of"?

  • The pure in heart will see God.
  • It's the purest of all bubbles.
  • That is better and purer for you.
  • However GOD is Pure from such accusations.
  • He is pure at heart and such a clean filmmaker.
  • They should be pure as the prices.
  • If the thing is impure by nature, eg.
  • Heat the peach pure to a temperature of no more than 40C.
  • I have seen the Pure with my own eyes.
  • Keep your heart pure before the Lord daily.
  • The mind's nature is to remain pure like ether.
  • There is nothing pure about it.
  • Then when she becomes pure after that second period, he may either keep her or he may divorce her.
  • Mind you, I am pure on this issue.
  • That red must be pure without mixing any other colour.

pleasing to, in, for, on or about?

  • It is most pleasing to the Lord.
  • There was something pleasing in the sight.
  • The bonking song is very pleasing for us.
  • It is very pleasing on the eye.
  • There is something pleasing about The End.
  • She has stopped the exhausting pleasing of others.
  • So epub is more pleasing as a writer.
  • We all have to take heart and lead a life pleasing unto God.
  • It's also aesthetically pleasing with its ' bug-eyed ' lights.

privy to or of?

  • Only Eva is privy to the boy Kevin really is.
  • Others remain the privy of private organisations.

protective of, against, about, over or for?

  • They are protective of the bag.
  • These are protective against a lot of this toxicity.
  • Sanju has always been protective about me.
  • How protective over her own children.
  • Yes, they are protective for you.
  • She was protective in a very loving way.
  • I feel very protective towards them.
  • People always wonder why ELF are OVER PROTECTIVE to our boys.

patient with, in, for, on or about?

  • Very patient with my situation.
  • We try to be patient in waiting.
  • Be patient for excellent pizza.
  • Just be patient about marriage.
  • So be patient as well as show concern toward her.
  • We should be patient at these times.
  • We are going to be patient on this one.
  • Everyone should be patient during difficulties.
  • I have never seen anyone that's so patient like Igor.
  • Fergie isn't the most patient of managers.
  • Venture capital will need to be patient over the next few years as the ecosystem continues to mature.
  • I'd patient through lots of tries.
  • He was quite patient to our many questions.

peculiar to, in, about, at or for?

  • The charge was peculiar to the P.
  • Christine looks indeed peculiar in that dress.
  • Look at the floor - something peculiar about it.
  • I found that strange and peculiar at the time, but kind of shrugged it off.
  • They also close on Tuesdays which is really peculiar for a hotel.
  • Until that happens this most peculiar of parties will have to constantly reinvent itself.
  • There are two things peculiar with the curse.

pertinent to, in, for, as or at?

  • GRAY: It is not pertinent to the case.
  • One African example is very pertinent in 2008.
  • These are pertinent for wire transfers or credit cards.
  • Make sure that which you write about is pertinent as well as factual.
  • Over raw jagged hip-hop beats Pablo rapped lines that were very pertinent at the time.
  • So I asked the most pertinent of them.
  • This is especially pertinent with Tech City.

"private in", "private for" or "private to"?

  • It's intensely private in nature.
  • That's too private to panicked.
  • It is still private for me too.
  • Sister, I would be private with you.
  • There was nothing private about it.
  • That goes for private as well as govt insurers.
  • These settings are private by default.
  • My name is private from private.
  • He's very private at his own stuff.
  • NOTHING is private on the internet.
  • That public humiliation after being a victim of the most private of crimes must be awful.
  • But this land will be private rather than state-owned.
  • But the private versus state-run differentiation might be too simple.
  • We have decades of data on private vs public colleges to see how outsourcing education works.
  • I made everything private after that.
  • I quite agree this matter should be left private between the couple.
  • It has put the private into a public.
  • The first thing you want to do is never do anything private like banking over a wireless connection.
  • I don't favour the private over the social when it comes to making music.
  • I am an Army veteran who served in enlisted ranks from buck private through master sergeant.
  • The rooms are very secure and private without any road noise.

"professional in", "professional for" or "professional with"?

  • Use a professional interpreter.
  • Go Professional with Gmail Google Apps.
  • Call a professional for repair.
  • Look Professional at all times.
  • I want to be professional about it.
  • She was professional from day one.
  • We run XP Professional on the laptop.
  • You need to be professional as a firefighter.
  • That seems more professional to me.
  • IT professional by day, avid learner at night.
  • It's very professional like a news site, yet it has a blog feel.
  • Effieditz Very professional of them.
  • Professional after a desktop? Power Mac for you.
  • Talk to a professional before using biofuel in the home.
  • References for Executive MBA programmes are usually professional rather than academic.
  • What does a professional such as Gautier make of them? 1.
  • They were extremely professional throughout my trip.
  • This is a fantastic opportunity for a sales professional within the construction.
  • Professional without being ' antisocial.

"pleasant to" or "pleasant for"?

  • It will not be pleasant to hear.
  • Hair loss is not pleasant for all.
  • We were pleasant in spite of ourselves.
  • Dinner was pleasant with speedy service.
  • Makes it more pleasant on the ground.
  • They were very pleasant about it.
  • She was very pleasant as well as the owner.
  • All staff were pleasant at all times.
  • The view that anything is pleasant by itself is incorrect.
  • Fox) doesn't have the most pleasant of lives.
  • Nor was their stay in the sewers very pleasant after the first eight days.
  • The weather is pleasant during this season.
  • Very sweet and pleasant from almost any angle.
  • The journey was pleasant through pine forest.
  • Climate The weather in Tanzania is pleasant throughout the whole year.
  • This interview would not have been possible or as pleasant without the support from Sean, Joshua, Steve.

partial to, of, in, towards or for?

  • I personally am partial to the.
  • That's all partial of flourishing up.
  • You shall not be partial in judgment.
  • They never were partial towards their ethnic community.
  • Those partial for the thrill of a ' coaster ride will be in for a treat aboard the high-speed Expedition Everest rollercoaster.
  • Made goal is though predominant dark or partial with manager punishment.

prime of, for, in, with or at?

  • He's in the prime of his career.
  • You might want a prime for portraits.
  • He is what is prime in primates.
  • Were you able to sign up for Amazon Prime at $7.
  • PRIME with a lightweight primer.
  • Kaka is at the end of his prime as a top player.
  • Prime among them will be the logistical challenge.
  • Young Gandhi's Dad was cut down at his Prime by the Diaspora financed LTTE.
  • Also, AMZN does not offer Prime on everything.
  • C's PREP AND PRIME to prep the skin for makeup.
  • Prime amongst them, is that real collectors often get priced out of the market.
  • On prime between mersennes is akin to conjecture that a prime exists between N and 2N.
  • Draper was just coming into his prime during the last Wings ' repeat of 1997 and 1998.
  • The Transfer Prime from Asus was the first quad-core tablet using the Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset.
  • RBC is currently offering a secured LOC at Prime plus 0.

"pending in" or "pending before"?

  • His case is now pending in court.
  • See (pending before the Commission).
  • It can remain pending for months.
  • I also have a patent pending against my aim.
  • Excavations are pending at ' site B.
  • Now the issue is pending with the court.
  • Arbitrations pending on the operative date.
  • Most have been pending since 1999.
  • The case was pending as of early 2002.
  • But my work are getting pending by her talk.
  • Still 2 km were pending from here.
  • The art of the good immediate economic handling is to be pending of the immediate and most remote evils, to try to be aware of what can happen in the immediate future immediate.
  • I'd pending to sent it to newspaper.
  • I have one Civil suit (Appeal) pending under WB Premises Tenancy Act 1997.

"paramount to" or "paramount in"?

  • Melody is paramount to our sound.
  • Image was now paramount in politics.
  • Letting go was paramount for me.
  • Secondary prevention is paramount among them.
  • The Hazenberg TD was paramount at that stage of the game.
  • Section 25 is accordingly paramount over Section 3.
  • In human behavior, motivation is paramount as a determinant of performance.
  • They are the paramount of irresponsible, reckless, and have no sense at all.
  • Honor and integrity are paramount on the golf course.
  • KITCHEN NOTES Timing is paramount with caramel.

"polite to", "polite about" or "polite in"?

  • I've always been polite to you.
  • Be polite in your interactions.
  • Of course they were polite about it.
  • So you go and play polite with him.
  • He was polite for the Jo's sake.
  • You need to be polite at all times.
  • Which is, if nothing else, polite of it.
  • Write a polite by promoting ethics.
  • No, you tend to be polite on it.
  • It is polite as the deadline is only 7 days away.
  • But we'll be polite during your talk.
  • Dixit may not have been excessively polite towards the L.
  • Polite without being a wallflower.

"pale in" or "pale of"?

  • It would pale in comparison to.
  • Beyond the pale of civilised discourse.
  • Coates seemed to pale into insignificance.
  • He looked pale with parched lips.
  • London's efforts pale by comparison.
  • Those accusations pale to the ones being made now.
  • He is slow and pale as well as weak.
  • It's that nothing is beyond the pale at this point.
  • This makes the accessories look paler for use.
  • Elise looked pale against the backdrop of dark red walls.
  • But these factors pale before cheap prices.
  • Those pipers ' records pale beside Mr Sutherland's.
  • Their faces were pale due to starvation.
  • Small boy, Rather pale From lack of sleep.
  • Both pale next to Luigi's Ghost Mansion.
  • Submitted by pale on Mon, 11/19/2012 - 14:38.

"pivotal in" or "pivotal to"?

  • They have been very pivotal in my life.
  • Communication is pivotal to business.
  • This season is pivotal for him.
  • Tonight could be pivotal as to who the second team will be to progress from Group C.
  • You were pivotal during my launch of Design in a Box and a support in more than just the marketing side of things.
  • In fact, this middle period was the most pivotal of his life.
  • I use the word pivotal with intention because, to me, it feels like a time for new possiblities.

preoccupied with, by, in or about?

  • I was just too preoccupied with Cho.
  • Growing up, he was preoccupied by farming.
  • His wife, preoccupied in the kitchen, totally forgot the matter.
  • I've been a tad preoccupied about turning 40.

"peaceful in", "peaceful with" or "peaceful for"?

  • It was peaceful in Owerri at first.
  • Life could not be peaceful for the husband.
  • Everything was so peaceful with faint music.
  • So be calm and peaceful about it.
  • He died some days later, peaceful to the end.
  • His eyes shine and he is incredibly peaceful after painting.
  • I am very peaceful as a result.
  • Its so quiet and peaceful at night.
  • So not as peaceful by the pool as used to be.
  • The most peaceful of all religions.
  • It was so peaceful on the Denbigh moors yesterday.
  • It was peaceful before the Bushra Zaidi case.
  • Iran is peaceful despite a wish to wipe another state off the earth.
  • Still, things are not always peaceful during the hajj.
  • It looks peaceful from up hear.
  • Here you can live peaceful like stress free life.
  • It is peaceful without being remote.
  • The staff were friendly It was peaceful around the pool beach area, not overcrowded.
  • Our minds aren't peaceful because of our old habits.
  • Everyone looked peaceful except Ihumure.
  • The GPI stated that the world became slightly more peaceful over the last year.
  • Ghana has been peaceful since 1992.
  • The mind that is peaceful through sam? dhi is still deluded.
  • The situation had remained calm and peaceful throughout the day.
  • The world's eyes are on the Egyptian revolution which was so organized and peaceful till now.
  • And others can be a bit more peaceful towards it.
  • He was seen as a mighty and just ruler and the country was rich and peaceful under his rule.
  • I want a calm, loving and peaceful up bringing for my little ones.
  • The yogi/yogini is forever peaceful within the heart of the soul.

"precise in" or "precise about"?

  • So lively, precise in the surf.
  • My granma was very precise about words.
  • He was very precise with his staff.
  • I was quite precise as to why the boo boys are a waste of a seat.
  • It is important to have a clear objective and precise on the marathon.
  • Complete yet precise to the point.
  • Sorry we can't be more precise at this time.
  • That all sounds a bit too precise for me.
  • The predictions should become more precise by this afternoon and certainly by tomorrow.
  • Honestly, I'd not the most precise of cooks.
  • I am from the village, to be precise from Beliatta.
  • The Universe is very precise like that, mathematically so.
  • They make rock music, all of it loud, most of it precise without feeling checked.

proportionate to, in, with or for?

  • Atheism is proportionate to the evidence.
  • Our actions must be measured and proportionate in tandem with our ability to spend.
  • It tells you if your weight is proportionate with your height.
  • I, therefore, conclude that it is both necessary and proportionate for Mr Power to remain suspended.

pessimistic about, on, in, of or for?

  • So I am pessimistic about the future.
  • Again, I say that I am pessimistic in this regard.
  • I honestly am quite pessimistic on this subject.
  • Machiavelli was actually the less pessimistic of the two.
  • I feel so pessimistic at this moment about where we're headed.
  • I'd way too pessimistic for that.
  • However, I am pessimistic with regard to income distribution.
  • With the park ranger The guard was pessimistic after seeing some of the vitambis that guys were carrying generously.
  • However, I am very pessimistic as to what we will actually receive as the days progress.
  • I've grown pessimistic over the last 4 years and still think the fix is in.
  • So, what about the future? I remain pessimistic regarding academic software.
  • Julian Simon is still a man ahead of the times (which are pessimistic to the point of hysteria and open warfare).

permanent in, for, with, by or as?

  • No condition is permanent in life.
  • Make that list permanent for the Parliament.
  • In fact several permanent as well as some non-permanent members are its well-wishers.
  • This advance was made permanent by the Standard Time Act 1945.
  • The best part of last year was that I was made permanent with AIB.
  • Erectile problems may be temporary or they may be permanent after treatment for prostate cancer.
  • Nothing is permanent on this Earth.
  • He obviously hopes that the interim role can become permanent, but nothing is permanent at Chelsea.
  • Our panel of staff varies from permanent to vising from abroad.
  • Liverpool look in permanent Under Construction mode for the next few seasons.
  • They believe that they are invincible and that heir public approval is permanent rather than fickle.
  • There's nothing permanent about the Democrats ' hold on voters of color.
  • It is the bodiless among all bodies, it is the permanent among the impermanent.
  • I am intending to stay there permanent depending on visa's etc.
  • He previously worked with Irish Permanent during its successful merger with TSB Bank.
  • Nothing is permanent except change *sigh* how true, how true.
  • And those cuts would need to be permanent from hereon out.
  • It's not permanent like painted graffiti or scratching windows of subway trains.
  • The most permanent of which is through the use of dental implants.
  • Some temporary settlements have become permanent over time such as the Rochina, the largest favela in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Even if software does not allow a permanent save the content is still downloaded to your computer even if only temporarily.
  • The de -- merger could be made legally permanent through an engineered referendum.
  • Permanent vs CID Some teachers entering service for the first time may just be lucky enough to find full-time permanent positions.
  • The memories are locked up someplace permanent within the mind.
  • The results aren't permanent without diet and exercise.

pretty in, on, for, with or at?

  • She was not too pretty in pink.
  • The pearls look very pretty on.
  • It won't be pretty for a while.
  • Very pretty with those tiny beads.
  • It wasn't pretty at times but we.
  • It's not the prettiest of sights.
  • My artwork wasn't that pretty as the actual color.
  • We're pretty near Stanley Park.
  • It sounds prettier to me spoken.
  • Your nails look really pretty by the way.
  • Boo's pretty into the ramp too.
  • Even it's not so pretty like Chiffon Cake.
  • You can get pretty out of touch.
  • Pretty up close; just don't stand too far back.
  • Kudos! Hi Vern! You are prettier without makeup on.
  • There is nothing pretty about war.
  • Maybe not so pretty after all, then.
  • Youre very pretty from the nose up.
  • Everyone that I asked knows him to be weird and a pretty off.
  • Anonymous Pretty over the top Grits -- even for you.
  • It's pretty worth enough for me.

paranoid about, of, in, with or over?

  • No need to be paranoid about it.
  • I'd so paranoid of getting hurt.
  • Tony was paranoid in that diner.
  • But I know you have a problem - of being paranoid with ur.
  • Nixon was paranoid after scrambling for 20 years in Politics.
  • I don't maybe I'd paranoid at the moment.
  • I'd just paranoid by nature, I guess.
  • You don't have to be paranoid for them to be out to get you, but it helps.
  • Let the government not get paranoid over Buhari.
  • You are hysterically paranoid as to who I am.
  • I was so paranoid because of losing my other baby.
  • Haha, I'd just weirdly paranoid like that.
  • Maybe that's a little paranoid on my part, but that's just how things are.
  • The Sri Lanka War criminals are paranoid to the core about the truth coming out.

potential for, in, as, to or of?

  • There is potential for the show.
  • There's potential in this town.
  • It has potential as a chick-flick.
  • Most Potential to bust -- Pass game.
  • This had the most potential of any venue we had used.
  • These arrows can have potential on them.
  • But there is potential with a university backing it.

predictable in, for, to, with or from?

  • People are predictable in a general sense.
  • How predictable for a teenager.
  • The whole episode was predictable to a fault.
  • Be predictable with all your actions.
  • The end result was predictable at the time.
  • Journey 2 is predictable from beginning to end.
  • We mean that such events are not predictable by any means at our disposal.
  • This is a predictable as the Sun rising in the East.
  • There's something really novel and yet predictable about that.
  • How predictable of the University.
  • He's a touch predictable on that count.
  • But all romances turn mundane and predictable over time.
  • Without having solved the puzzle, she left the Abrahamic tradition, disgusted with all the unintelligible carnage, which only became predictable after her decision to leave.
  • In a machine, interactions are predictable because of the machine's design.
  • I thought the fourth, while good, was incredibly predictable due to the nature of the show.
  • I like to be predictable like that.
  • If it was not predictable within manageable levels of certainty then R2bn projects would never get financed.
  • Behavior is predictable without recourse to magical agencies.

"prudent for" or "prudent in"?

  • But mate is not prudent for that.
  • We need to be prudent in our spending.
  • Be prudent with the words you use.
  • I am Prudent! It is prudent to stock up for lean times.
  • It would have been prudent of the provincial board to await resolution of these cases.
  • Renovating Be prudent about renovations.
  • We are prudent on any expansion and are postponing long-term capital investments.
  • We think it is not prudent at this time, and you do.
  • It is always prudent as a woman to be conversational.
  • They should have been more prudent before rolling out this policy.
  • But you will still look prudent by bringing the issue up.

persistent in, with, about, on or for?

  • I will be persistent in my work.
  • You are not very persistent with what you're doing.
  • Be creative and persistent about this.
  • My wife was persistent on her decision.
  • This could be a big problem, persistent for a child's whole life.
  • One must adopt the persistent of an ant.
  • This makes remittance persistent over time.
  • Mounting is now completely persistent across reboots.
  • Inflation is almost persistent at 6.
  • This way the non-persistent XSS becomes persistent to the infected user.
  • Be persistent as well as patient.
  • Mark Udall Colorado Senator Mark Udall is persistent by nature.
  • Be persistent from the beginning to avoid having a flock become established in your yard.
  • Being persistent like this shows you really want the job and helps keep your name fresh in the Manager's mind.
  • The same problems were persistent throughout their three game losing streak.
  • I've seen him in action and he's cool, but persistent under pressure.
  • By using some of the ideas above, you can show you're committed and persistent without being a pest.

"powerless in" or "powerless against"?

  • I feel powerless in this situation.
  • Romney is powerless against these crooks.
  • Sin becomes powerless over you.
  • We were all rendered powerless by one NZ judge.
  • These women seem pretty powerless to me.
  • Truth is powerless without skill.
  • As a human being, he is powerless before Nature.
  • The Consitution has been powerless for a long time.
  • As a result, I felt very powerless as a child and always tried to please.
  • Banshee (powerless at that time) shoots him in the shoulder.
  • The fall was a huge disaster, because it left God powerless on earth.
  • A simple man-in-the-middle attack is powerless with certificate authentication.
  • Most of these people felt powerless about doing anything.
  • I will probably go on the same march I have gone on for the last 4 years this weekend but it makes you feel powerless after.
  • This energy drain almost rendered him completely powerless during the adventure.
  • Remember that you are POWERLESS from a distance.
  • This world has highly opressed the weak and the powerless of any form.
  • You are now powerless under a cashless system.

picky about, with, in, on or for?

  • QBASIC is very picky about this.
  • He is very picky with his food.
  • But I'd not picky in what I use.
  • In fact its knit picky on HP behalf.
  • Employers are picky for good reason.
  • You will be picky as part of your enrolling.
  • Horses can be funny and very picky at times.
  • Thus it has a gift choice to match the most picky of clients.
  • I am extremely picky over little things.
  • She is also very picky to who holds her as well.

pervasive in, throughout, across, among or on?

  • Sex is pervasive in today's culture.
  • This has been found to be quite pervasive throughout the system.
  • The negativity is pervasive across both parties.
  • This dance is, I think, especially pervasive among social scientists.
  • Python and Ruby are pervasive on other countries such as the UK and of course Japan for Ruby.
  • Technology has become pervasive as a target.
  • Snobbism was indeed pervasive at Harvard back then.
  • Metadata will be pervasive of distributed information environments.
  • Sometimes on the surface and pervasive to a culture.
  • He redefined the vision and mission of the bank and made it pervasive within the organisation.
  • Sadly its pervasive amongst those on and off the battlefield.
  • Christian Zionist concern for a nuclear Armageddon was pervasive during the Cold War.
  • While this is frequently taken for granted, its influence is pervasive for academics.
  • Standards have to be pervasive through the organisation -- no lead left behind, love every lead.
  • They recognized that the type of stigma that was pervasive with the onset of HIV/AIDS does not exist anymore.

"plausible to", "plausible for" or "plausible in"?

  • Both views are plausible to me.
  • Totally plausible in that sense I guess.
  • This isn't very plausible for the horeshoe.
  • Rahmat becomes less and less plausible as a redemptive figure.
  • And it is reasonably plausible at a global scale.
  • Even the most plausible of them do not carry.
  • A statistical model should be plausible on both statistical and scientific grounds.
  • So it seemed plausible with a general life force for the individual minds to make use of.
  • In a way, I want to make the incredible plausible by burying it in non-fiction stuff.
  • We can excuse his doing so if he is trying to make the negative dao seem plausible from our present lights.
  • Most likely, though, seems that I've forgotten far more than I would have thought plausible about a book I have indeed read, and enjoyed.
  • A telepathic network might be plausible after the dark ages.
  • A view that is plausible over separate lives is not obviously plausible over blended elements within one life.
  • But a survey of regulated parties would be more plausible under Bush.
  • The logic of the action must be interesting and plausible within the principles established by the style.
  • This would be more plausible without automation.

"palatable to" or "palatable for"?

  • No outcome will be palatable to us.
  • It was much more palatable for our taste buds.
  • It may just be palatable by the birth.
  • What would he find palatable in terms of jail small talk.
  • They were more palatable with less cake.
  • A third approach is more palatable as a revelation of character is always absorbing.
  • That makes An Unexpected Gathering much more palatable at 45 instead of 60.
  • Unfortunately, the less palatable of the qualities above have triumphed moreoften and is widely represented in our political culture of clientilism and chicanery.
  • This, however, is not palatable without a fiscal union.

prejudicial to, against, in, for or towards?

  • That would be prejudicial to us.
  • Which is massively prejudicial against women, actually.
  • However, picking and choosing who to crucify and who to ignore makes you just as prejudicial in my book as the hate monger spewing what Mr.
  • He also affirmed that the sector suffers under the stigma of being prejudicial for the environment in spite of the fact that.
  • I agree with you that many times the police is prejudicial towards minorities and that racism will stay with us for a long time to come.

prostrate before, on, to, in or at?

  • Egypt was helpless, prostrate before them.
  • I wanted to lay prostrate on the floor and wail.
  • I prostrate to Your holy Lotusfeet.
  • I saw them all prostrate in front of me.
  • Romarishi fell prostrate at Krishna's Feet.
  • When Iblis was commanded to prostrate with the angels, Allah excluded him.
  • Of how much value is the lifeless body prostrate upon the altar of you.
  • My spirit and heart prostrate for You.
  • If one forgets, it is recommended to prostrate out of forgetfulness.
  • Sense that suffers from external objects lies as it were prostrate under them, and is overcome by them.

"puzzled by" or "puzzled as"?

  • I am puzzled by your criticism.
  • I'd puzzled as to why it's that big.
  • I'd puzzled about how to do It.
  • The dog puzzled at the cat's scent.
  • I am a little puzzled with the N9.
  • The boys were puzzled for a moment.
  • Whatever, I'd delightedly puzzled over it.
  • When puzzled in Dai Lisi, Aotian in her side.
  • At first we were puzzled on his statement.

"practicable after" or "practicable for"?

  • Report the accident to the police as soon as practicable after the fact.
  • Using fresh milk may not be practicable for many reasons.
  • System of education to follow as far as practicable to the standard of progressive/developed world.
  • This is quite practicable in view of the high speed of the unit processes.
  • But I think the coordination should be and is best practicable by Abay Taxi ' (shana).
  • This is not practicable on a land.
  • Consistency with the structure of ISIC has been maintained as far as being practicable with some modifications introduced to reflect national situation and requirements.
  • But the recommendation, though not practicable as a therapy, testifies to Plato's power of diagnosis.
  • Minutes in proper form of each meeting of the Commission shall be kept and shall be confirmed as soon as practicable at a subsequent meeting.
  • You must notify members as soon as practicable before a transfer of benefits takes place: e.
  • Parties also decided that the TEC shall convene its first meeting as soon as practicable following the election of its members.
  • Remove as much unwished-for items as practicable from your cellar if you have one, and do the same with the attic room.
  • QJumpers will notify the Employer as soon as practicable of any restriction to its access rights.
  • Other critics mentioned that the fulfillment of that promise was not practicable under our current state of Economy.
  • Movement of pedestrians 127 (1) Pedestrians shall move whenever practicable upon the right half of crosswalks.
  • The Attorney-General shall return such papers to the clerk as soon as practicable within three months.
  • The Mangaian form of king-post house described for the Society Islands by Handy (41) has mortices and tenons that are not practicable without steel tools.

plentiful in, on, of, at or for?

  • Bird life is also plentiful in Shaba.
  • Gannets are plentiful on the northern coast.
  • There will be plentiful of money in their CPF.
  • Technical errors are likely plentiful at this point.
  • So, not exactly plentiful for a vegan.
  • Plants are plentiful with bright flowers blooming.
  • Parking is plentiful across the street next to the park, and the atmosphere inside is very cozy and casual.
  • Poisonous cone shells Poisonous cone shells are plentiful along shallow coral reefs.
  • That said, public parking lots are well-marked and plentiful around the CN Tower.
  • Stone was plentiful as well as cheap.
  • Charter boats are plentiful due to tourist wants the thrill of fighting big fish mano-a-mano.
  • Rainfall was plentiful during our january stay.
  • And in any metro market, it's plentiful from a variety of sources.
  • The seafood options were plentiful including crab legs, shrimp &; mussels.
  • Not exactly plentiful like Young Rae of Dr.
  • In contrast to the barren northcoast seas, fish are still plentiful off the southcoast although the fishermen have to go further and further out to maintain their catches.
  • Opportunities are plentiful over there.
  • I like my average air supply nice and plentiful throughout the duration of the flight.
  • From the common and plentiful to the exotic and rare.

progressive in, on, about, for or with?

  • He is highly progressive in his ideas.
  • There is nothing progressive about it.
  • This is very progressive for Kenya.
  • But he is progressive on most issues.
  • Progressive with respect to income.
  • O look progressive by comparison.
  • The Democrats chose him, the most progressive of all the candidates.
  • Company tax should be progressive at the same rate as income tax.
  • That way the system is progressive to a limit of 15%.
  • And Teddy Roosevelt was a progressive as well as an egomaniac.
  • Leadership must be progressive from one level to another.
  • You can only see the progressive over a span of time from the past to present.
  • I guess it's progressive rather than socialist, but not bad.
  • Atlanta stopped being progressive after the Olympics.
  • The discussion so far reveals that this ministry has been progressive among the African peoples and suppression had never been successful.
  • Malaysia is progressive because of the Non-Muslims.
  • I, having a fairly clean driving record, had little need to call Progressive during my tenure as a customer.
  • That's the thing with a progressive like me.
  • To be liberal is by definition to be progressive towards reform and change.
  • It's progressive without being pretentious.

"pricey for" or "pricey at"?

  • Smart Phones are too pricey for me.
  • A little pricey at 150RMB but I.
  • It is about reasonable to pricey in my view.
  • It is also quite a bit lower cost, although still pricey by absolute standards.
  • They will be quite pricey on the ship.
  • What? You get acupuncture, don't you? A little pricey to some, but the holistic process often can be.
  • Women's birth control is extremely pricey as an individual buying it.
  • These are a little more pricey due to rarity trading for about $100 per card.
  • Sony came out adi pricey with outdated spec.
  • The Science Centre can be pricey after admission prices, souvenirs and food.
  • This federal model is just too pricey because of the numerous ambiguities.
  • I just hope that it would not be too pricey considering the use of such ingredients.
  • PS it is a bit pricey depending on the vendor.
  • In addition, 24kt gold is the most pricey of all gold creations.

prolific in, of, with, for or at?

  • He was equally prolific in Kannada.
  • Fleming as the most prolific of all.
  • I used to be quite prolific with that kind of thing in the olden days.
  • This was prolific for a man who only lived for 31 years.
  • Oysters were prolific at Amity on North Stradbroke island.
  • FastCompany magazine is quite prolific on their blogs.
  • I was not very prolific during this period at all.
  • I think he's more prolific as a songwriter than as a singer.
  • Now e-signatures are prolific across all industries.
  • He was not as prolific after that season, scoring a handful of goals, but not having the creativity behind him with the club selling Juan Veron and Pavel Nedved.
  • Texting is the most prolific among 12-15 year olds who said they were sending an average of 193 texts per week.
  • This was a Verizon flagship Droid device so they're rather prolific around here (especially since the company got them for everyone they issued cell phones).
  • Mychannel is one of the most prolific from Poland.
  • Since his return he has been a part of a prolific inside line that includes Dean Rock, son of former Dublin legend, Barney.
  • He has never flirted with the word prolific since hitting that rather barren patch.
  • Cone Shell Cone Shells are prolific throughout the world around reef areas.

"pissed off" or "pissed at"?

  • Maybe you won't be so pissed off.
  • As if God were super pissed at D.
  • I didn't want to get pissed of.
  • I, for one, am pissed about it.
  • Gaahl's gon na get pissed with that oversight.
  • I was super pissed on draft night.
  • I didn't infer that a pissed up dope head couldn't hold down a job.
  • Of course Owen's pissed in CJH.
  • So I just got pissed as a fart (drunk as a skunk).
  • I was so pissed by the content of the skit.
  • I ended up getting too pissed for my own good.
  • Yes the person may turn up pissed out of their 250 times but they might not on the 251st time and that's fine in AA.

prevailing in, at, over, on or among?

  • The word is prevailing in my life.
  • The crude is prevailing at $125.
  • Each man has a decent shot of prevailing on Election Day.
  • Caprice is foe prevailing over reason.
  • He dealt with the social evils prevailing among the Muslims.
  • There is a culture of silence prevailing for such acts.
  • And I am looking forward for all of us prevailing against the Sandy's aftermath.
  • Gebre's action demonstrates the high level of despair prevailing amongst the public at large that is firmly under the brutal rule of Meles Zenawi.
  • The government- led by Mahinda Rajapakse or anyone else will not permit the situation prevailing before 19th May ' 2011 to recur.
  • I hope peace is now prevailing between Sylvia and Captain Fodjour.
  • That was before the two teams ' last meeting this year saw Zimbabwe prevailing by a 3-1 score line.
  • A lot of causes are prevailing during the business to add films and purchase YouTube video clips.
  • For the requirement of the remaining one percent, a situation is prevailing of granting everything.
  • The levels of hunger are indicated by the points at P on the abscissa, the rates prevailing under periodic reinforcement.
  • He did this by prevailing upon the late President to stop Mr.
  • In fact this is a global or current situation which is prevailing within our society in Tanzania.

promising for, in, to, of or with?

  • Looks promising for Riise then.
  • Signs are already more promising in the Sahel.
  • Others are promising of Rajanna Rajyam.
  • Coke Kahani seems promising too.
  • It didn't seem promising with the unknown server message.
  • It is very promising as a takeover target.
  • Overall, it seems to be promising at this point.
  • Things certainly looked promising on paper.
  • The night looked anything but promising from the start.
  • Visual Treat: EK THA TIGER has been shot in most striking countries and it's a great promising by ETT.
  • What is really promising about your proposal is that you are giving it sufficient lead up.
  • Mixed martial arts in the Philippines has never looked so promising after the spectacular showing of the lakay wushu team.
  • Be the most promising among an a because they diet is procedure herbal.
  • The future of the industry is very promising due to strength of local currency and strong GDP growth.
  • I wish all sides would provide some assurance that they can do what they are promising without slashing and burning.

predominant in, over, among, on or amongst?

  • The fire Tattva is predominant in them.
  • So make sure that text is always predominant over pictures on any given page.
  • Although predominant among Muslims.
  • The buildings are still predominant on the site and make the C.
  • Risk factors Ovarian cancer can affect women of any age, but it is more predominant amongst post-menopausal women.
  • This type of hijab is predominant at any type of social event, i.
  • This sense seems to be one of the most predominant of all of them.
  • Sandy beaches are predominant along the 54 kilometres of coastline that stretches from Otamarakau in the west to Ohiwa in the east.
  • If vices become predominant by the inflammation of craving, it is most likely that he will descend to the lower realms.
  • Actually, jerseys are very predominant during soccer games in the football arena.
  • But there as been a real self-defeating strain that has been predominant for at least the last 150 years.
  • Wasn't their's the first written language? individual features will cue behaviors based on the hormones predominant to a person.
  • Orange and grapefruit predominant with quite a bit of pale malt throughout.

peripheral to, in, for, of or at?

  • Create stories peripheral to the main story.
  • IBM To power cycle a peripheral in order to reset it.
  • The Olympics are always sort of peripheral for me.
  • It dances just outside the peripheral of my vision, whispering at my fingertips but refusing to be caught.
  • Ireland's role in all that German-French-British drama will be peripheral at very most.
  • This is peripheral with most drugs, but is primarily central with acetaminophen.
  • I'd curious as to how punk -- peripheral by nature -- has extended and adapted to other aspects of society, or whether (in many cases I imagine) it is left to the embarrassments of youth.
  • Phillips also posted an ad for an unreleased NES peripheral from 1987 -- a knitting machine that interfaced with the system for its designs.
  • The Kindle doesn't have the built-in software to work the other way so that it acts as host to a peripheral like a dongle.
  • It was only peripheral on Green Street, but I'd pretty sure that all of us knew it.
  • It hid the main console behind the scenes leading some attendees to believe that Nintendo was releasing a tablet peripheral rather than a new home console.

predictive of, in, for, about or as?

  • That is, that money is predictive of outcomes.
  • No animal testing is predictive in humans.
  • I'd not going to get into what models are ' best ' / right / most predictive for designers ' use here.
  • When that information becomes queryable in an a crowdsourced and cloudsourced way we can be more predictive about what you're more likely to get based on your genomics.
  • These sorts of scientific similarities that are predictive as well as descriptive help us reason about regimes that our minds didn't evolve to operate in.
  • Einstein didn't disbelieve quantum mechanics, which, in any case is predictive without being explanatory.

"philosophical about" or "philosophical in"?

  • He was philosophical about this.
  • Vaz was philosophical in defeat.
  • Maybe that is too philosophical for some.
  • But she remains philosophical of her journey.
  • The margins of defeat might be concerning, but coach Sarel Cilliers is philosophical on the subject.
  • My approach is philosophical rather than biological.
  • They range from the philosophical to the farcical.
  • There are other philosophical as well as scientific questions about pain.
  • Most recently, feeling more indulgently philosophical with some of the edge worked off.
  • But Baker was philosophical after the defeat and warned punters the horse would be ready to show his best in his main assignment, the Group I VRC Derby next weekend.
  • Some of this discussion might be pretty weighty and philosophical at times.
  • Both men are more mellow and philosophical by the end of the story, largely because they had both escaped the region some years previously.
  • It's one thing to wax philosophical over conversations like these and another to put this into practice when your blood is boiling.
  • I guess I am philosophical regarding my diagnosis.
  • But to Kant it is the only way to be philosophical without letting our philosophy rob us of what is most authentically human.

passive in, to, about, with or for?

  • Each is both active and passive in turn.
  • At best they are passive tools.
  • We can not be passive about this.
  • Sultry is a bit passive for Warrior Princesses.
  • The connection of the passive with? of the subject (cf.
  • Passive by their nature? Sounds.
  • That seems weirdly passive on the supervisor's part.
  • In Creation, however, the active is separated from the passive as regards their working.
  • Fail She's passive rather than active in her narrative.
  • We remain passive at our peril.
  • Passive vs interactive: Even if you're watching TV on your own, what you're doing is watching TV.
  • There's no way you can be passive against them, whether you push or or defend deep.
  • These tensions are apparent in Somalia, with external actors often presuming local populations are passive despite the fact that they are usually active in local governance structures.
  • He's totally passive during the play.
  • Yeah, most of the university students are typical and passive like Meherin.
  • How gender-stereotypically passive of me.
  • SEC is believed to have been passive over the years.
  • I thought Peggy was excessively passive throughout which made her transformation seem even sillier.
  • They could mame a stoat with their strong legs and feet, but remain passive towards them.
  • In my profession there is the debate over passive versus active investing.
  • MARGARET: But she's almost passive within this world.

privileged in, with, by, of or to?

  • I feel particularly privileged in this matter.
  • I am privileged with many blessings in my life.
  • I feel privileged by taking part of it.
  • Certainly the most privileged of slaves were the performers.
  • Private patients are privileged over public patients.
  • I feel privileged to have known him.
  • I feel privileged for writing you.
  • I feel privileged as an athlete to have this opportunity.
  • Electors Privileged from Arrest Section 5.
  • At present, these statements are said to be absolutely privileged at common law.
  • The PGO Opinion goes a step further, by entertaining the notion that certain acts of upload can be privileged under the private copying exception.
  • But maybe I am a bit privileged about the moment I became an Arsenal supporter.
  • They have been taught that they are privileged above all others.
  • So, I am not just collecting money and keeping it all to myself, I help the less privileged according to the laws of Islam.
  • Discussions between judges or between a judge and the judge's clerk are also privileged against public disclosure.
  • My argument is it is justifiable to distribute undue wealth of the over privileged among under privileged.
  • This makes it a very unique customer approach, making them feel privileged because of the personal and specialist approach.
  • Justice Khan's services to the nation, particularly for the cause of minorities and under privileged during his long and distinguished public service shall always be remembered.
  • Ironically my character in ' Chakravyuh ' is also named Kabir, but he's not happy-go-lucky and privileged like Kabir in ' Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara '.
  • So consider yourself one of the privileged on the planet, even if you don't have much money or material things.
  • The current system clearly favors the wealthy and privileged rather than rewarding the most able.
  • There will be no invisible curtain drawn across the world that allows the privileged through and repels everyone else.
  • And our roles will certainly be valued and privileged within the team, ' ' Jamison said.
  • The list of matters contained in the Second Schedule is as follows: PART I Statements privileged without Explanation or Contradiction 1.

"pandemic of" or "pandemic in"?

  • It deals with a pandemic of bird flu.
  • A pandemic in 1998, in which 1.
  • Pokhariyal (2003 ): On empirical modeling of HIV/AIDS pandemic with application toEast Africa.
  • So I did a bit of Googling and what do you know, there is a pandemic on.
  • Bird Flu-could become a dangerous pandemic at any time.
  • Good to have a vaccine in 6 months, better to have one in 3 months but even better to prevent a pandemic by controlling it at the animal (livestock) source.
  • The idea behind the vaccine is to protect yourself (without question ), but the greater good of removing the pandemic from our communities is the real goal.
  • It will be a resource at the center of the HIV-AIDS pandemic to global non-governmental organizations seeking quality drugs at low cost.
  • Businesses have to be aware of botnet attacks because these attacks can spread like a pandemic across an organization.
  • It starts in the bird population and quickly jumps species and becomes a level 5 pandemic among the human population.
  • The article also declares the malaria pandemic as an indictment.
  • Supposedly, Jews survived this pandemic because of strict adherence to the mitzvah of washing one's hands upon awakening.
  • Mbt shoe discovered the perfect hair utilizing cuban missile pandemic for 1962 this is what escalating process.
  • Or perhaps a pandemic like AIDs or a recurence of Small Pox.
  • The provision of the knowledge to schools helps the youths in Tanzania in the fight against HIV/AIDS pandemic through scripture engagement.

public with, about, in, for or of?

  • Can we go more public with this.
  • I don't like being public about my business.
  • But there is public for some PM2.
  • But we're quite public in those.
  • They tend to give way on us in the most public of situations.
  • Some basic information is public by default.
  • All SW Registrations are public on the GSCC Website 2.
  • Is public at this time to Yang Hans ' evaluation.
  • But most of them are public to few privates.
  • Sociology provides a unique gateway to these public as well as personal issues.
  • This means that merge would have been public from the start.
  • Instead it's a govt effort to turn something public into a private enterprise.
  • Will b grateful indeed if u caution d public through acting.
  • A place where they don't have to be in public till the men are dealt with.
  • If Shaista Lodhi and Mir Shakeel-Ur-Rahman are having attentions to get marry they can make it public without any worry.

pink in, with, for, on or to?

  • I love that pink in your scarf.
  • Pink with the black accent tiles.
  • We are going to be in pink for a day.
  • I've got pink on the brain, too.
  • Win it by texting PINK to 3343 or be listening.
  • Young buds are light green, with just a hint of pink at the tip.
  • I also never wore pink as a child.
  • Her face was pink from the hot water.
  • I liked the pink by the way, Purple would be cool.
  • There's nothing pretty and pink about it.
  • Still so vividly pink after hours in the satchel.
  • Pink against orange, red against black, a stripe, a zigzag, a diamond star halo.
  • Probably just a tinge of pink around my whole face only.
  • They get their color from their food -- tiny green algae that turn pink during digestion.
  • I know the meat shouldn't be all pink like that.
  • No flamingos in the lagoon, but the lagoon was all pink of the stuff flamingos eat.
  • It's an interesting design- a mottled grey- white with squiggles of black and flecks of pink through it.
  • The Coral Sea turned pink under us.
  • Najib lips can turn pink without lipstick.

petrified of, by, at, in or about?

  • I?? m petrified of being alone.
  • Cow 2: We are petrified by the E.
  • But I'd pretty petrified at the responsibility of shouldering a whole project.
  • A nineteenth century mining town petrified in time.
  • I was totally petrified about this visit, to be honest.
  • The family was petrified with fear.
  • His feet are petrified into stone, we can hear him even when he whispers.
  • Also, people are petrified as to where this household tax will lead to.
  • Anwar's friend Rime admitted that she was petrified before each ' party '.
  • After that, we max petrified for even MORE map control.
  • His rendition of Petrified from the stage musical Taboo sent chills up my spine; my favorite number of the night, hands down.
  • Henderson is petrified on the pitch.
  • And it's made me petrified to date again.

preparatory to, for, in, at or of?

  • One being instructed preparatory to baptism Absolution B.
  • This study was preparatory for the quadrivium.
  • Leamy This is a photo of the boys and girls of the Grade Two Class at Gospel Chapel Preparatory in Jamaica.
  • Prince Koree Osei has his primary education at Ridge Experimental at Akim Oda and St Johns ' Preparatory at Achimota.
  • In doing so he uses the texts to show that John's role is preparatory of Jesus.

pressing of, in, for, on or from?

  • It's a private pressing of a German record.
  • It's politically the more pressing in some ways.
  • Yet the military seem to be pressing for a large contingency.
  • Decent high pressing on the ball.
  • This is a first pressing from 1963.
  • Something that seemed unique however was the pressing by many to reclaim America after 2008.
  • It can range from massage and slow pressing to a quick thrust.
  • The urgency United showed in their pressing and we showed in ours against City shoulda been the urgency in our pressing at the weekend.
  • But if the garments aren't removed promptly, they will wrinkle and require some pressing with a cool iron.
  • From their perspective, this need became more pressing after a Jack and Jill store closed in lower North.
  • The larva then clings to the stalk and halts, seemingly dead but the adult is visible pressing against the inside.
  • I can only afford the Korean pressing as the resale price of the u.

poisonous to, for, in, at or about?

  • Phytotoxic Poisonous to plants.
  • HOW can a person be so Poisonous for soo long.
  • Anything is poisonous in high enough doses.
  • Hong Kong girls can be super sweet and poisonous at the same time.
  • Yes, it's a poisonous paper, Polly, but it's got plenty to be poisonous about at the moment.
  • Poison is not poisonous after all, nor are any wounds fatal.
  • The waters will turn brackish and poisonous as well as foul smelling, and drinking water will become scarce.
  • Cooking the leaves with soda can make them more poisonous by producing soluble oxalates.
  • I think froglets or caterpillars are a sign that your dinner hasn't been doused in chemicals, and as long as it is British and not poisonous like one of those Amazon ones, it's no big deal.
  • CAUTION: Monkshood is among the most poisonous of plants.
  • But clearly very ugly and poisonous on the inside and when she talks I just shake my head in disbelief and wonder who could actually believe anything she says.
  • Evidence that Prozac or Zoloft do more indicates they may be poisonous rather than medicinal.
  • This doesn't sit terribly well with the tendency I have to be poisonous towards anyone who excels me in anything.
  • His political history is poisonous with more than one substantive allegation of dishonesty.
  • So the raw numbers balance, but the story could very well be poisonous within them.

packed with, to, in, on or into?

  • Yes, it's jam packed with tourists.
  • Each nymph comes packed in small container.
  • TONIGHT: Packed to the Rafters on Seven.
  • It won't be that long before a complete exchange gets packed into one 3.
  • This place gets packed on weekends and the hostess/manager.
  • Meido Cafe was too packed for me to bother.
  • Can get super packed at times (maybe it was just where our group was standing) but can't give out too much about that.
  • He was sold this packed of Furadan for Ksh 200 (about $3).
  • The packed out Reading Rooms These lovingly produced books have been a staple on my writing desk for months now.
  • First time here, ever, and have to say it wasn't what I expected! Was already pretty packed by the time we got there.
  • Nathan was told it is very packed during summer.
  • Told myself that I've got to try it out because it always looks packed from afar hence the food should be good.
  • Ralph's done packed up a barr'l of your mudder's jell an ' pickles to take out there.

prepared for, by, to, with or from?

  • Just be prepared for the worst.
  • Some prepared by speech-writers.
  • The food was exceptional &; prepared to specifications.
  • It can by prepared with as many as a dozen kinds of fish and shellfish.
  • There are many apples or carrots consumed in place of a prepared from scratch meal.
  • Although oysters are normally eaten raw with a touch of lemon juice, you could prepared in many other ways.
  • I'd probably the most prepared of anyone.

"patterned after" or "patterned on"?

  • The IPRA Redux Patterned after the UNDRIP, RA No.
  • The Choices program is patterned on one of these.
  • The head is boldly patterned with black, white, and buff.
  • They are patterned in the context of pride and celebration.
  • Patterned by machine the open spaces of lace fabric are created at the edges.
  • The structure of Government is also patterned along UMNO lines.
  • Pineapple scales are also patterned into spirals and,.
  • Then Insha-Allah step-by-step one's entire life will gradually become patterned according to Deen (Islam).
  • He unpeeled the blue cord patterned across his face.
  • I'd also get something a bit prettier and patterned for myself though.
  • I will not discuss here how it was formed as patterned from its mother portal in Germany.
  • One sports a blazer patterned like the U.
  • Hope this list, patterned off of How Not To Write Comics Criticism, is helpful.
  • Looking it from distance, one could tell it was patterned to that of Neo Gothic architecture.

participating in, of, on, at or for?

  • Be participating in forums talking about your niche.
  • While there are over 300 people signed up on the wiki from Round 8, there were about a 1,000 participating on Twitter.
  • The remainder of her Showgirl, The Greatest Hits world tour was postponed and she withdrew from a participating at the Glastonbury Festival.
  • The table tennis team is busy participating for the fifth olympics without a medal.
  • This is in addition to select PTA's participating from the area.

perpendicular to, with or at?

  • Lie on a bench but perpendicular to it.
  • Inhale as you lift your legs until they are perpendicular with the floor.
  • It takes you up an incline as steep as one in two, almost perpendicular at some points.

part-time at, in, for, as or with?

  • Simon works part-time at Shebeen.
  • I now work part-time in a school district.
  • I worked retail part-time for 2.
  • I work part-time as a cam girl.
  • While he consults part-time with the.
  • She lived in her van part-time during the past three years.
  • I also work part-time on experimental jobs.
  • Conversion from part-time to full-time or full-time to part-time enrolment 5.
  • I might even go part-time after that, maybe two days a week.
  • My husband works full time for a decent wage and I work part-time from home.
  • P Part-time study Some students choose to study part-time because of other commitments.
  • Two of them went through nce and are teaching in private schools, hoping to start part-time by self-sponsor but just imagin what we are hearing.
  • I have never had to work part-time due to my illness or take FMLA, even if I ate something that made me sick.
  • You can do jobs online either part-time of full time.
  • Only going part-time out of necessity, not so cool.
  • Sophie Young Sophie Young completed her studies towards a Postgraduate Certificate in Public Policy in 2011, studying part-time over a two year period while working full-time.

"plain to" or "plain for"?

  • This was plain as plain to Dick.
  • The facts are plain for all to see.
  • The author's meaning is plain from the context.
  • I thought this was plain in the article.
  • It was plain with a round neck.
  • The Bible is plain on the Sabbath.
  • Anousheh, we just plain like you.
  • Yes, speaking in the plainest of terms, Romney is the lesser of two evils for many conscientious followers of Christ.
  • Most I have seen you are just plain out of luck.
  • The Scriptures are very plain about this issue.
  • Now I can see both and it is plain as the nose on a Rodian's face.
  • He has made that painfully plain by exposing his untenable positions on the U.
  • Further scriptures will make this fact very plain before our quotations are finished.
  • He told me he heard me very plain upon Delamere Forest, at a place about twelve miles off.
  • The left side of the device is plain without any buttons on it.

preying on, upon, for or of?

  • NJK Obama's preying on young girls.
  • Preying upon the American people for thier own self service.
  • Since you are preying for someone else, you are the giver.
  • Kingfish are active predators preying of other fish, squid and crustaceans.

"paid for" or "paid up"?

  • I paid for something I can't get.
  • I say all this as a paid up member.
  • Nearly 90 % of the money has been paid to the Builder.
  • Turns out he over paid by $150.
  • Ireland's share of the paid in capital is 1.
  • It must justify the cost of living, inflation and able to benchmark the paid of outside taxis job.
  • And, of course, there is the uncertainty of not being paid at some point in the future.
  • Tens of thousands of HSE workers have not been paid on time.
  • Most of the paid per post marketplaces changed the review structure so the review will look like an original post.
  • One client in particular often replies by email and says something along the lines of ' Paid with Pleasure.