packed with, to, in, on or into?

  • Yes, it's jam packed with tourists.
  • TONIGHT: Packed to the Rafters on Seven.
  • Each nymph comes packed in small container.
  • This place gets packed on weekends and the hostess/manager.

"paid for" or "paid up"?

  • I paid for something I can't get.
  • I say all this as a paid up member.
  • Nearly 90 % of the money has been paid to the Builder.
  • Turns out he over paid by $150.

painful for, to, in, at or of?

  • It must be painful for you, Mr.
  • Which is very painful to write.
  • It was quite painful in healing.
  • The process was painful at times.

"palatable to" or "palatable for"?

  • No outcome will be palatable to us.
  • It was much more palatable for our taste buds.
  • It may just be palatable by the birth.
  • What would he find palatable in terms of jail small talk.

"pale in" or "pale of"?

  • It would pale in comparison to.
  • Beyond the pale of civilised discourse.
  • Coates seemed to pale into insignificance.
  • He looked pale with parched lips.

"pandemic of" or "pandemic in"?

  • It deals with a pandemic of bird flu.
  • A pandemic in 1998, in which 1.
  • Pokhariyal (2003 ): On empirical modeling of HIV/AIDS pandemic with application toEast Africa.
  • So I did a bit of Googling and what do you know, there is a pandemic on.

"paramount to" or "paramount in"?

  • Melody is paramount to our sound.
  • Image was now paramount in politics.
  • Letting go was paramount for me.
  • Secondary prevention is paramount among them.

paranoid about, of, in, with or over?

  • No need to be paranoid about it.
  • I'd so paranoid of getting hurt.
  • Tony was paranoid in that diner.
  • But I know you have a problem - of being paranoid with ur.

part-time at, in, for, as or with?

  • Simon works part-time at Shebeen.
  • I now work part-time in a school district.
  • I worked retail part-time for 2.
  • I work part-time as a cam girl.

partial to, of, in, towards or for?

  • I personally am partial to the.
  • That's all partial of flourishing up.
  • You shall not be partial in judgment.
  • They never were partial towards their ethnic community.

participating in, of, on, at or for?

  • Be participating in forums talking about your niche.
  • While there are over 300 people signed up on the wiki from Round 8, there were about a 1,000 participating on Twitter.
  • The remainder of her Showgirl, The Greatest Hits world tour was postponed and she withdrew from a participating at the Glastonbury Festival.
  • The table tennis team is busy participating for the fifth olympics without a medal.

"particular about" or "particular to"?

  • I'd very particular about those.
  • Not exactly particular to Fox News.
  • They were particular in prayer.
  • I'd just so particular with oil.

passionate about, in or for?

  • Passionate about their subject.
  • Be passionate in your business.
  • They were so old, yet so passionate for God.

passive in, to, about, with or for?

  • Each is both active and passive in turn.
  • At best they are passive tools.
  • We can not be passive about this.
  • The connection of the passive with? of the subject (cf.

patient with, in, for, on or about?

  • Very patient with my situation.
  • We try to be patient in waiting.
  • Be patient for excellent pizza.
  • We are going to be patient on this one.

"patterned after" or "patterned on"?

  • The IPRA Redux Patterned after the UNDRIP, RA No.
  • The Choices program is patterned on one of these.
  • The head is boldly patterned with black, white, and buff.
  • They are patterned in the context of pride and celebration.

payable to, by, on, in or for?

  • Items payable to Blocked Accounts.
  • Full fees are payable by the student.
  • Fares are payable on the buses.
  • This is payable in US dollars only.

"peaceful in", "peaceful with" or "peaceful for"?

  • It was peaceful in Owerri at first.
  • Life could not be peaceful for the husband.
  • Everything was so peaceful with faint music.
  • So be calm and peaceful about it.

peculiar to, in, about, at or for?

  • The charge was peculiar to the P.
  • Look at the floor - something peculiar about it.
  • I found that strange and peculiar at the time, but kind of shrugged it off.
  • They also close on Tuesdays which is really peculiar for a hotel.

"pending in" or "pending before"?

  • His case is now pending in court.
  • See (pending before the Commission).
  • It can remain pending for months.
  • I also have a patent pending against my aim.

perfect for, in, with, on or by?

  • Perfect for: - Unlocking doors.
  • They look perfect in my window.
  • Perfect with Daniel Henney too.
  • Muniain is perfect on the wing.

peripheral to, in, for, of or at?

  • Create stories peripheral to the main story.
  • IBM To power cycle a peripheral in order to reset it.
  • The Olympics are always sort of peripheral for me.
  • It dances just outside the peripheral of my vision, whispering at my fingertips but refusing to be caught.

permanent in, for, with, by or as?

  • No condition is permanent in life.
  • Make that list permanent for the Parliament.
  • The best part of last year was that I was made permanent with AIB.
  • This advance was made permanent by the Standard Time Act 1945.

permissible for, in, under, by or to?

  • It is permissible for you to eat it.
  • Some argue that it is permissible in Islam.
  • Is this permissible under the MUTCD? No.
  • This is now deemed permissible by the U.

perpendicular to, with or at?

  • Lie on a bench but perpendicular to it.
  • Inhale as you lift your legs until they are perpendicular with the floor.
  • It takes you up an incline as steep as one in two, almost perpendicular at some points.

persistent in, with, about, on or for?

  • I will be persistent in my work.
  • You are not very persistent with what you're doing.
  • Be creative and persistent about this.
  • My wife was persistent on her decision.

"personal to" or "personal with"?

  • However this is personal to you.
  • I have nothing personal with you.
  • It's personal in a lighter way.
  • That's way too personal for God.

pertinent to, in, for, as or at?

  • GRAY: It is not pertinent to the case.
  • One African example is very pertinent in 2008.
  • These are pertinent for wire transfers or credit cards.
  • Make sure that which you write about is pertinent as well as factual.

pervasive in, throughout, across, among or on?

  • Sex is pervasive in today's culture.
  • This has been found to be quite pervasive throughout the system.
  • The negativity is pervasive across both parties.
  • This dance is, I think, especially pervasive among social scientists.

pessimistic about, on, in, of or for?

  • So I am pessimistic about the future.
  • I honestly am quite pessimistic on this subject.
  • Machiavelli was actually the less pessimistic of the two.
  • I'd way too pessimistic for that.

petrified of, by, at, in or about?

  • I?? m petrified of being alone.
  • Cow 2: We are petrified by the E.
  • A nineteenth century mining town petrified in time.
  • I was totally petrified about this visit, to be honest.

"philosophical about" or "philosophical in"?

  • He was philosophical about this.
  • Vaz was philosophical in defeat.
  • They range from the philosophical to the farcical.
  • My approach is philosophical rather than biological.

physical in, with, as, to or at?

  • A true physical in the background.
  • Be physical with your emotions.
  • It was physical as well as mental.
  • Conversely, it is more physical to men.

picky about, with, in, on or for?

  • QBASIC is very picky about this.
  • He is very picky with his food.
  • But I'd not picky in what I use.
  • In fact its knit picky on HP behalf.

pink in, with, for, on or to?

  • I love that pink in your scarf.
  • Pink with the black accent tiles.
  • We are going to be in pink for a day.
  • I've got pink on the brain, too.

"pissed off" or "pissed at"?

  • Maybe you won't be so pissed off.
  • As if God were super pissed at D.
  • I didn't want to get pissed of.
  • I, for one, am pissed about it.

"pivotal in" or "pivotal to"?

  • Tonight could be pivotal as to who the second team will be to progress from Group C.
  • You were pivotal during my launch of Design in a Box and a support in more than just the marketing side of things.
  • This season is pivotal for him.
  • They have been very pivotal in my life.

"plain to" or "plain for"?

  • This was plain as plain to Dick.
  • The facts are plain for all to see.
  • The author's meaning is plain from the context.
  • I thought this was plain in the article.

"plausible to", "plausible for" or "plausible in"?

  • Both views are plausible to me.
  • Totally plausible in that sense I guess.
  • This isn't very plausible for the horeshoe.
  • Rahmat becomes less and less plausible as a redemptive figure.

"pleasant to" or "pleasant for"?

  • It will not be pleasant to hear.
  • Hair loss is not pleasant for all.
  • We were pleasant in spite of ourselves.
  • Dinner was pleasant with speedy service.

pleased with, about, at, for or by?

  • I am very pleased with the unit.
  • We're not too pleased about it.
  • Incorrect: I am pleased at you.
  • I am immensely pleased for you.

pleasing to, in, for, on or about?

  • It is most pleasing to the Lord.
  • There was something pleasing in the sight.
  • The bonking song is very pleasing for us.
  • It is very pleasing on the eye.

plentiful in, on, of, at or for?

  • Bird life is also plentiful in Shaba.
  • Gannets are plentiful on the northern coast.
  • There will be plentiful of money in their CPF.
  • Technical errors are likely plentiful at this point.

poisonous to, for, in, at or about?

  • Phytotoxic Poisonous to plants.
  • HOW can a person be so Poisonous for soo long.
  • Anything is poisonous in high enough doses.
  • Hong Kong girls can be super sweet and poisonous at the same time.

"polite to", "polite about" or "polite in"?

  • I've always been polite to you.
  • Be polite in your interactions.
  • Of course they were polite about it.
  • So you go and play polite with him.

"political in" or "political as"?

  • It was absolutely political in nature.
  • It is therefore political as well as sexual.
  • A political rather than a refereeing factor.
  • That doesn't seem political to me.

poor in, of, for, at or to?

  • Alves was very poor in this regard.
  • We are the poor of the poorest.
  • The bandwidth is poor for the 2.
  • And he's been pretty poor at that.

"popular in" or "popular with"?

  • He was popular with the bikers.
  • Extremely popular among the locals.
  • Very popular for a short while.

"positive for" or "positive about"?

  • This is a positive for the Jets.
  • She is not positive about the date.
  • Another positive in this book is Dr.
  • There's a positive to everything.

possible for, in, with, to or by?

  • So it is very possible for the U.
  • It may be possible in the future.
  • All made possible with the S Pen.
  • It is impossible to tilt the beam.

potential for, in, as, to or of?

  • There is potential for the show.
  • There's potential in this town.
  • It has potential as a chick-flick.
  • Most Potential to bust -- Pass game.

"powerful in", "powerful of" or "powerful for"?

  • You are powerful in this world.
  • Verbeek was too powerful for them.
  • It is the most powerful of all Mantras.
  • He becomes powerful as well as calm.

"powerless in" or "powerless against"?

  • I feel powerless in this situation.
  • Romney is powerless against these crooks.
  • Sin becomes powerless over you.
  • Truth is powerless without skill.

"practicable after" or "practicable for"?

  • Report the accident to the police as soon as practicable after the fact.
  • Using fresh milk may not be practicable for many reasons.
  • System of education to follow as far as practicable to the standard of progressive/developed world.
  • But I think the coordination should be and is best practicable by Abay Taxi ' (shana).

"practical for" or "practical in"?

  • Not practical for a tennis player.
  • This article is practical in nature.
  • It answers the needs, practical as well as.
  • Be practical with the useful guy.

"precious to", "precious about" or "precious in"?

  • She is also very precious to you.
  • Most precious in these memories.
  • I'd not being precious about this.
  • Eyes being the most precious of all.

"precise in" or "precise about"?

  • So lively, precise in the surf.
  • My granma was very precise about words.
  • He was very precise with his staff.
  • I was quite precise as to why the boo boys are a waste of a seat.

predictable in, for, to, with or from?

  • People are predictable in a general sense.
  • How predictable for a teenager.
  • The whole episode was predictable to a fault.
  • Be predictable with all your actions.

predictive of, in, for, about or as?

  • That is, that money is predictive of outcomes.
  • No animal testing is predictive in humans.
  • I'd not going to get into what models are ' best ' / right / most predictive for designers ' use here.
  • When that information becomes queryable in an a crowdsourced and cloudsourced way we can be more predictive about what you're more likely to get based on your genomics.

predominant in, over, among, on or amongst?

  • The fire Tattva is predominant in them.
  • So make sure that text is always predominant over pictures on any given page.
  • Although predominant among Muslims.
  • The buildings are still predominant on the site and make the C.

preferable to, for, in, as or from?

  • One is not preferable to the other.
  • Thus, it is preferable for the unmarried.
  • This bag is preferable in the fashion industry.
  • It is preferable as a permanent condition.

pregnant with, at, in, for or by?

  • When I was pregnant with the twins.
  • I was 5 mos pregnant at the time.
  • Single &; Pregnant in the City.
  • In 2009, I got pregnant for him.

prejudicial to, against, in, for or towards?

  • That would be prejudicial to us.
  • Which is massively prejudicial against women, actually.
  • However, picking and choosing who to crucify and who to ignore makes you just as prejudicial in my book as the hate monger spewing what Mr.
  • He also affirmed that the sector suffers under the stigma of being prejudicial for the environment in spite of the fact that.

preoccupied with, by, in or about?

  • I was just too preoccupied with Cho.
  • Growing up, he was preoccupied by farming.
  • His wife, preoccupied in the kitchen, totally forgot the matter.
  • I've been a tad preoccupied about turning 40.

preparatory to, for, in, at or of?

  • One being instructed preparatory to baptism Absolution B.
  • This study was preparatory for the quadrivium.
  • Leamy This is a photo of the boys and girls of the Grade Two Class at Gospel Chapel Preparatory in Jamaica.
  • Prince Koree Osei has his primary education at Ridge Experimental at Akim Oda and St Johns ' Preparatory at Achimota.

prepared for, by, to, with or from?

  • Just be prepared for the worst.
  • Some prepared by speech-writers.
  • The food was exceptional &; prepared to specifications.
  • It can by prepared with as many as a dozen kinds of fish and shellfish.

"present in" or "present at"?

  • Stewart: --It's not present in the case.
  • They are present at every baptism.
  • Walk-ins are also present on Earth.
  • I will have present for my mom.

pressing of, in, for, on or from?

  • It's a private pressing of a German record.
  • It's politically the more pressing in some ways.
  • Yet the military seem to be pressing for a large contingency.
  • Decent high pressing on the ball.

pretty in, on, for, with or at?

  • She was not too pretty in pink.
  • The pearls look very pretty on.
  • It won't be pretty for a while.
  • Very pretty with those tiny beads.

prevailing in, at, over, on or among?

  • The word is prevailing in my life.
  • The crude is prevailing at $125.
  • Caprice is foe prevailing over reason.
  • Each man has a decent shot of prevailing on Election Day.

prevalent in, among, at, on or during?

  • There's a danger, prevalent in the.
  • It also appears more prevalent among women.
  • LBP was highly prevalent at baseline.
  • It seems more prevalent on the Left.

previous to, in, for, of or on?

  • Previous to his work at OFDA, Mr.
  • Mind, Cameron does have previous in this area.
  • The puck drops previous for you already know it.
  • Or new panels they car may previous of been crashed.

preying on, upon, for or of?

  • NJK Obama's preying on young girls.
  • Preying upon the American people for thier own self service.
  • Since you are preying for someone else, you are the giver.
  • Kingfish are active predators preying of other fish, squid and crustaceans.

"pricey for" or "pricey at"?

  • Smart Phones are too pricey for me.
  • A little pricey at 150RMB but I.
  • It is about reasonable to pricey in my view.
  • What? You get acupuncture, don't you? A little pricey to some, but the holistic process often can be.

prime of, for, in, with or at?

  • He's in the prime of his career.
  • You might want a prime for portraits.
  • He is what is prime in primates.
  • PRIME with a lightweight primer.

"private in", "private for" or "private to"?

  • It's intensely private in nature.
  • That's too private to panicked.
  • It is still private for me too.
  • Sister, I would be private with you.

privileged in, with, by, of or to?

  • I feel particularly privileged in this matter.
  • I am privileged with many blessings in my life.
  • I feel privileged by taking part of it.
  • Certainly the most privileged of slaves were the performers.

privy to or of?

  • Only Eva is privy to the boy Kevin really is.
  • Others remain the privy of private organisations.

proactive in, about, with, on or rather?

  • Be pro-active in raising funds.
  • Be proactive about your health.
  • Be proactive with your food choices.
  • They were very proactive on that hit.

"problematic for" or "problematic in"?

  • This is really problematic for me.
  • Each is problematic in its own way.
  • It seems very problematic to me.
  • That outcome was, however, problematic of itself.

"productive in", "productive of" or "productive for"?

  • Just be productive in the time you have.
  • Hope MacDowell was productive for you.
  • Even this evil is productive of good.
  • Stay productive with accessories.

"professional in", "professional for" or "professional with"?

  • Use a professional interpreter.
  • Go Professional with Gmail Google Apps.
  • Call a professional for repair.
  • Look Professional at all times.

"proficient in" or "proficient at"?

  • Proficient in spoken Chinese is required.
  • Janet: I couldn't get proficient at it.
  • I could be proficient with this seven-letter-word.
  • Palmer wants someone proficient on their instrument.

"profitable for" or "profitable in"?

  • Profitable for all involved payers, i.
  • He made it profitable in 14 months.
  • But all were not so much profitable to me.
  • Doubt it can be profitable with that number.

progressive in, on, about, for or with?

  • He is highly progressive in his ideas.
  • But he is progressive on most issues.
  • There is nothing progressive about it.
  • This is very progressive for Kenya.

prolific in, of, with, for or at?

  • He was equally prolific in Kannada.
  • Fleming as the most prolific of all.
  • I used to be quite prolific with that kind of thing in the olden days.
  • This was prolific for a man who only lived for 31 years.

prominent in, among, of, on or at?

  • Prominent in this regard is St.
  • Prominent amongst them were Mr.
  • Most prominent of which is Syria.
  • An eco button is prominent on the dash.

promising for, in, to, of or with?

  • Looks promising for Riise then.
  • Signs are already more promising in the Sahel.
  • Coke Kahani seems promising too.
  • Others are promising of Rajanna Rajyam.

prone to, in or on?

  • They are very prone to persuasion.
  • They strove to rise to their feet, but fell prone in the attempt.
  • Posture: Lie prone on the floor.

"proper for" or "proper to"?

  • It is not proper for them to speak.
  • It would have been proper to for Mr.
  • Cease pessimism proper in their tracks.
  • Secret Prayers (Proper of the Mass).

proportional to, in or with?

  • It is inversely proportional to T.
  • I do not though it would make Parliament less proportional in some cases.
  • We see that B is inversely proportional with b.

proportionate to, in, with or for?

  • Atheism is proportionate to the evidence.
  • Our actions must be measured and proportionate in tandem with our ability to spend.
  • It tells you if your weight is proportionate with your height.
  • I, therefore, conclude that it is both necessary and proportionate for Mr Power to remain suspended.

prostrate before, on, to, in or at?

  • Egypt was helpless, prostrate before them.
  • I wanted to lay prostrate on the floor and wail.
  • I prostrate to Your holy Lotusfeet.
  • I saw them all prostrate in front of me.

protective of, against, about, over or for?

  • They are protective of the bag.
  • These are protective against a lot of this toxicity.
  • Sanju has always been protective about me.
  • How protective over her own children.

proud of, about, for, in or to?

  • I'd really proud of all of you.
  • And I'd really proud about that.
  • And we really feel proud for that.
  • I felt so proud in wearing the ID card.

"prudent for" or "prudent in"?

  • But mate is not prudent for that.
  • We need to be prudent in our spending.
  • Be prudent with the words you use.
  • I am Prudent! It is prudent to stock up for lean times.

public with, about, in, for or of?

  • Can we go more public with this.
  • I don't like being public about my business.
  • But we're quite public in those.
  • But there is public for some PM2.

"punishable by" or "punishable with"?

  • THAT should be punishable by law.
  • Offences not punishable with death 44 29C.
  • A is punishable under this section.
  • The offence is punishable on indictment by a fine or a term of imprisonment of up to five years.

"pure in" or "pure of"?

  • The pure in heart will see God.
  • It's the purest of all bubbles.
  • That is better and purer for you.
  • However GOD is Pure from such accusations.

"puzzled by" or "puzzled as"?

  • I am puzzled by your criticism.
  • I'd puzzled as to why it's that big.
  • I'd puzzled about how to do It.
  • The dog puzzled at the cat's scent.