tailor-made for, to, by, according or as?

  • It is tailor-made for the child.
  • Meals are tailormade to your dining wishes.
  • The suit was tailor-made by Twanny Abela a good friend of Mark.
  • These packages can be tailor-made according to demands.

"talented in" or "talented at"?

  • Tim is very talented in that way.
  • I wasn't overly talented at either.
  • And this guy's the more talented of the duo.
  • He is talented with baddest lyrics.

"tall in" or "tall with"?

  • The tallest in Dubai Burj Khalifa.
  • I'd 6 ' 5 tall with blond hair.
  • Tall for a bantamweight (56 kg.
  • Odjer is not the tallest of players.

tamil in, as, for, from or by?

  • It is entirely Tamil in nature.
  • The country has Tamil as a National Language.
  • They do not blame the ordinary Tamil for it.
  • Its a pity! I am a Tamil from India.

"tangled in" or "tangled with"?

  • But then, I got tangled in my own net.
  • No more yarn getting tangled with another project.
  • Imagine what would happen if DNA became so tangled up it could not function.
  • She got tangled on the barbed wires and screamed in panic.

tantamount to

  • Tantamount to killing more people.

"taxable in", "taxable under" or "taxable at"?

  • That makes it taxable in its own right.
  • These are taxable at the standard and reduced rates of VAT.
  • The income is taxable under both schemes.
  • RNOR employees are taxable on their earnings for U.

"technical in" or "technical for"?

  • It is mostly technical in nature.
  • Let's get technical for a moment.
  • And, to be technical about it all.
  • They are calm and technical to the point of being boring.

teeming with or in?

  • It is teeming with information.
  • It's a day out sort of place for the teeming in Kathmandu.

"tempting for" or "tempting to"?

  • This should be tempting for Apple.
  • It would be tempting to chalk up Mr.
  • It's getting very tempting in the UK.
  • The market is most tempting at the top.

tender for, to, in, with or of?

  • MA Mannan (Retd) submitted tender for Tk.
  • The area is tender to the touch.
  • Nielsen won the tender in 2007.
  • Tender with a buttery succulence.

"terrible for" or "terrible at"?

  • Terrible for what the family is.
  • I'd terrible at it but it's fun.
  • And it feels terrible in the hands.
  • I really feel terrible about it.

terrified of, about, at, by or for?

  • Terrified of abandonment again.
  • Needless to say I was quite terrified about what I was getting myself in to.
  • She feels terrified at times and also very excited.
  • I'd not terrified by what's to come.

"thankful for" or "thankful to"?

  • We're thankful for the support.
  • I am very very thankful to you.
  • Thankful of the something to do.

"thick of" or "thick with"?

  • REALLY? Stick to The Thick of it.
  • The air is thick with pollution.
  • The tension was thick in the air.
  • They looked about 1ft thick on tv.

thin on, in, at, with or for?

  • The SLA was thin on the ground.
  • And he was kind of thin in ' 65.
  • This means it's super thin at 9.
  • It's wearing very thin with me.

thirsty for, in, after, of or on?

  • Modern armies were thirsty for oil.
  • You get very very thirsty in the desert.
  • I usually get thirsty after my third point of information.
  • Also, he was always thirsty of the Word.

"thorough in" or "thorough with"?

  • One must be thorough in all three.
  • Women are thorough with their daily task.
  • Most respond professionally to customers who are thorough about cut, cloth and detailing.
  • Debbie, we updated that blog this week, to be more thorough on the topic.

"thoughtful about" or "thoughtful of"?

  • Be thoughtful about your answers.
  • How thoughtful of you to warn us.
  • You are so thoughtful in your response.
  • Well, let's all be thoughtful for a moment.

"tight-lipped about" or "tight-lipped on"?

  • They were all very tight-lipped about it.
  • However, he remained tight-lipped on P.
  • Founding members of the NDP are tight-lipped over details about its leaders.
  • She sat tight-lipped in the passenger seat.

"timely for" or "timely in"?

  • This one is very timely for me.
  • So the Island loomed big and timely in Soapy's mind.
  • The article was very timely with me too.
  • This course has therefore been timely to the country's need.

"tiny of" or "tiny in"?

  • Ok, so I have a tiny of a favor to ask.
  • I hadn't thought about Tiny in years.
  • But it is tiny for several reasons.
  • Would make Jupiter look tiny by comparison.

tired of, from, after, at or by?

  • I am tired of teaching as well.
  • Legs still tired from yesterday.
  • Would be super tired after the.
  • I was already tired at this time.

"tiring of" or "tiring for"?

  • As for tiring of the never-ending battle.
  • Lots of black text is tiring for the eyes.
  • This can get very tiring after a while.
  • The descent into Kinlochleven was long, and tiring on the feet.

tolerant of, to, in, towards or about?

  • Tolerant of yet another excess.
  • Eggplant is tolerant to drought.
  • Yes, we are tolerant in Britain.
  • The country is tolerant towards gay travellers.

top of, in, on, with or for?

  • Tony Abbott is top of the list.
  • Either could be top in the end.
  • Vivien Leigh is top on my list.
  • Apple came top with a score of 84.

"tough for" or "tough on"?

  • Times are tough for the detail.
  • Let's truly get tough on crime.
  • It's tough in those situations.
  • Small but tough with a mean streak.

"toxic to", "toxic in" or "toxic for"?

  • Nitrate isn't toxic to animals.
  • I got rid of the toxic in my life.
  • Pesticides are toxic by design.
  • Some drugs are very toxic at higher levels.

traceable to, in, from, on or by?

  • Only 15% are traceable to medical care.
  • The poison of sin is traceable in every part of our being.
  • Everyone has an IP address and cookies that are traceable from your browsing on the internet.
  • The colour of henna was also traceable on his nails.

"traditional in" or "traditional to"?

  • He's traditional in many senses.
  • Conversion by rollover from traditional to Roth IRA.
  • So pig is traditional for Christmas meal.
  • Traditional with a Contemporary Twist.

transferable to, between, from, across or into?

  • Not transferable to another film.
  • It is transferable between DHBs.
  • Amounts are freely transferable from Type-A to Type-B and vice versa.
  • Knowledge and skills are transferable across applications.

transparent about, to, in, with or for?

  • We can be transparent about it.
  • That is a transparent to the visitor.
  • Jabari transparent in this Op-Ed.
  • Be transparent with your spouse.

traumatic for, to, in, at or of?

  • That was traumatic for everyone.
  • This had been profoundly traumatic to O'Brien, Mr Williams said.
  • It's not traumatic in the least.
  • It was pretty traumatic at the time.

tricky for, in, with, at or on?

  • That's pretty tricky for a 6b+.
  • Hiring a car is tricky in Cuba.
  • It's tricky with a baby, but it can be done.
  • Gifts can also be tricky at this juncture.

"troublesome for" or "troublesome to"?

  • But this is troublesome for me.
  • He was also troublesome to Zayd.
  • Books are troublesome in that regard.
  • They are, however, the most troublesome of invertebrates to preserve.

true to, for, of, in or with?

  • We will be true to the struggle.
  • True for a lot of Indian women.
  • It is from only true of our God.
  • This true in as far as it goes.

truthful in, to, about, with or on?

  • A bardo is truthful in its own right.
  • Let's be truthful to our people.
  • Be truthful about affiliations.
  • Stay truthful with your dreams.

twisting of, in, away, by or during?

  • Rapid twisting of the wrist (dryer).
  • I felt a twisting in my stomach.
  • This is typical twisting by Conciliar Church.
  • Place the patient on their side, supporting head and neck to avoid any twisting during movement.

typical of, for, in, to or with?

  • Typical of Facebook as a whole.
  • You are typical for your people.
  • That's not typical in our resort.
  • Rothstein is being very typical to this point.