"vacant for", "vacant in" or "vacant by"?

  • Senior jobs lay vacant for many months.
  • Mary, of Youghal, was vacant by the death of Peter Walshe.
  • It has become vacant in meaning.
  • And it? s vacant at the moment.

"vague about", "vague in" or "vague on"?

  • Experts have been vague about that.
  • They're vague on a Budget Plan.
  • Nouvelle Vague in concert at Le Carg.
  • It seems a bit vague to me right now.

valid for, in, on, from or at?

  • Valid for daily admission only.
  • It is valid in Carnot heat engines.
  • Valid on option purchased only.
  • Valid at all Cathay Cineplexes.

"valuable to", "valuable for" or "valuable in"?

  • They are more valuable to the company.
  • The ICC is valuable in and of itself.
  • Valuable for journalists? Sure.
  • Stoll is valuable as a checking center.

various of, in, from, on or with?

  • Various of these sites still say that L.
  • Besides, they are also various in styles too.
  • Its functionality is very various from dvi switch.
  • Battle is various on this game.

"viable for" or "viable in"?

  • CMS is not viable for all projects.
  • Poultry business is viable in Nigeria.
  • Pro-gaming then becomes viable as a whole.
  • Foetus considered viable at 24 weeks.

"victorious in" or "victorious over"?

  • Raziel was victorious in their fight.
  • Jesus comes to be victorious over it.
  • We will be victorious at the end.
  • Let's hope a saner lot emerges victorious from this tussle.

"vigilant in" or "vigilant about"?

  • Be vigilant in obtaining your foods.
  • Become vigilant about hand washing.
  • Be vigilant against petty theft.
  • I mean, I was hyper vigilant for hours.

violent in, towards, with, to or for?

  • He was bold and violent in his speech.
  • He is not violent towards beings.
  • History would be violent with him.
  • He is not violent to his brother.

"viral on" or "viral in"?

  • U had gone viral on YouTube too.
  • It's almost viral in this regard.
  • We could then go viral with it.
  • It has become viral for many users and bein.

"visible in" or "visible to"?

  • The result is visible in the U.
  • Visible to the class only (private).
  • It must be visible from the house.
  • Oval BA is visible on the left.

"visual of", "visual for" or "visual in"?

  • See Figure 3 for visual of descriptions below.
  • There was no corresponding visual in my mind.
  • Here's a nice visual for you circa 2010.
  • He had already lost visual on him once.

"vital to" or "vital for"?

  • Vital to learning is academic achievement.
  • A winner was vital for the game.
  • This step is vital in the early days.
  • Rooney is like our engine room -- vital as a powerhouse for attack.

vivid in, to, with, for or of?

  • Her memories are vivid in my mind.
  • Jackson: Dinah was so vivid to me.
  • Get really clear and vivid with this.
  • The initial bit is really vivid for me, but then.

"vocal about" or "vocal in"?

  • My dad was very vocal about it.
  • The man was vocal in his refusal.
  • I also like the vocal on this track.
  • Media is more vocal against govt.

void of, in, for, on or as?

  • The troops were void of emotions.
  • Horoscopes are void in the first place.
  • Agreements void for uncertainty 29.
  • The agreement is void on the ground of impossibility.

vulnerable to, in, at, on or among?

  • Vulnerable to ups and downs of the market.
  • But many of the most vulnerable in the.
  • You are most vulnerable at this point.
  • He's vulnerable on every subject.