"via e-mail" or "by e-mail"?

  • Please subscribe via email or RSS.
  • Notify me of new posts by email.
  • An exchange of emails followed.
  • Respond to emails within 24 hours.

"on earth", "to earth" or "of earth"?

  • Life on Earth is the tough part.
  • The angels descending to Earth.
  • It's tough being the Mayor of Earth.
  • Distance from Earth to the Sun.

"of economy" or "in economy"?

  • The law of economy is transcended.
  • A new ticket will have to be issued for travel in Economy / Premire.
  • He was fighting for economy, not slavery.
  • See I need to tell you about a guy who has control of his on economy and does very well.

"of education" or "in education"?

  • Department of Education 1993b).
  • Give the boys job in education.
  • Before moving to education, Dr.
  • Minister for Education &; Skills Mr.

"in effect" or "into effect"?

  • It is the Golden Rule in effect.
  • This came into effect on 1st Sep 1941.
  • He was appointed with effect from 31st May.
  • It is a recital of observation of effects.

of, in, with, Despite or for effort?

  • My beauty takes a lot of effort.
  • This model is marked by distrust of the state in efforts to fight poverty.
  • If you want to succeed, you need to plan properly, both with effort and time.
  • She said maternal health issues were of major concern despite efforts at curbing high maternal mortality rate.

of, On, for, in or to election?

  • God is in control of elections.
  • Police on election prepardness.
  • Q ualifications for election as President 39.
  • We fight them in elections, and we fight to win.

"to end" or "on end"?

  • They have to endure so many things.
  • I enjoy its connection from on end to the next.
  • Dhaka then was burning in the heat of end monsoon.
  • D See reference list at end of article.

of, for, in, on or to energy?

  • Some of energy in every country.
  • Demand for energy continues to surge.
  • Say, 80% reduction in energy consumption.
  • In case you have inquiries on energy saving light.

"of entry" or "for entry"?

  • At the Chicago Port of Entry, U.
  • The closing date for entries is.
  • The barriers to entry are huge.
  • Please indicate teams on entry forms.

"of environment", "for environment" or "on environment"?

  • He was a lover of nature and a protector of environment.
  • In supporting urban infrastructure, ADB places great importance on environment and sustainability.
  • HIV epidemics thrive in environments where drug users are criminalized.
  • It differs from Table to table, and environment to environment.

of, to, at, for or in event?

  • The chain of events began Sept.
  • Thanks to events like the Susan G.
  • Tink is available to speak at events, please contact him or dotMailer.
  • Check back here for event updates.

of, in, for, with or on evidence?

  • He blogs at An Ounce of Evidence.
  • She admitted that herself in evidence.
  • I would ask for evidence of that.
  • When confronted with evidence it.

"of example" or "by example"?

  • The good news is that there are plenty of examples.
  • Not least of all, by example, they showed.
  • I've ridden in Germany, for example.
  • Under such conditions and with examples, such as U.

"of experience", "from experience" or "with experience"?

  • Moreover I speak out of experience.
  • I talk from experience, mind you.
  • That will come with experience.
  • I can answer questions based on experience.

"of eye", "with eye" or "to eye"?

  • MICHAEL USHER: Wow, four sets of eyes.
  • Draft with eye to use in contents page 3.
  • It cuts down on eye to eye contact.
  • This situation results in eye discomfort.