Prepositions before Nouns

Click a word to see what prepositions are usually used before it in English


"to end" or "on end"?

  • They have to endure so many things.
  • I enjoy its connection from on end to the next.
  • Dhaka then was burning in the heat of end monsoon.
  • D See reference list at end of article.
  • I should have it together by end of the week.
  • You will enter Paradise together, without end.
  • I don't think from end to end I ever saw a guy like Morenz.
  • I would pray that for ends of justice you should order for a retrial.
  • I'd actually also getting married in end of Agu.
  • Openreach should have no commercial relationship with end users or Parish Councils.

"of experience", "from experience" or "with experience"?

  • Moreover I speak out of experience.
  • I talk from experience, mind you.
  • That will come with experience.
  • I can answer questions based on experience.
  • This, we know by experience, is no easy task.
  • What we lack in experience we make up for in spirit and commitment.
  • Meaning comes through experience.
  • I saw he came with all these books, but you can not read about experience in books.
  • For experience and for knowledge there is.
  • Girls really like guys who usually are vulnerable in addition to experience of course.

"of education" or "in education"?

  • Department of Education 1993b).
  • Give the boys job in education.
  • Before moving to education, Dr.
  • Minister for Education &; Skills Mr.
  • National Policy on Education 1986.
  • The idea was to deal with it through education.
  • Social justice begins with education.
  • Her job was to talk to young people about education.
  • Other factors such as education, social, or family problems may affect behavior.
  • By education I am an Englishman.

of, for, in, on or to energy?

  • Some of energy in every country.
  • Demand for energy continues to surge.
  • Say, 80% reduction in energy consumption.
  • In case you have inquiries on energy saving light.
  • Each of these paths eventually leads back to energy.
  • You are confusing matter with energy.
  • Regarding Carter, all that he said about energy was correct.
  • Fact: Weight gain occurs when one consumes more calories than the body can burn as energy.
  • Stern targeting the factors that affect the linkage between energy and economic growth.
  • Obviously when mass is converted into energy, it is characterized by expansion.

of, to, at, for or in event?

  • The chain of events began Sept.
  • Thanks to events like the Susan G.
  • Tink is available to speak at events, please contact him or dotMailer.
  • Check back here for event updates.
  • All application-specific function codes can then be queried in event USERCOMMAND.
  • He also has such rough ideas on events.
  • Keep in touch with events, news and special offers.
  • It's a great place to start and find out about events etc.
  • The mirror imagery was sometimes bizarrely reinvigorated by events? and by the way events were reported.
  • I been went out for whole day last night from working to event from event to some surprise stuff.

of, in, for, with or on evidence?

  • He blogs at An Ounce of Evidence.
  • She admitted that herself in evidence.
  • I would ask for evidence of that.
  • When confronted with evidence it.
  • Date for prosecution evidence 265F.
  • To cite is to point to evidence, authority or proof.
  • Anything without evidence is speculation.
  • What does he cite as evidence? 1.
  • This view is furthered by evidence that where many.
  • We could argue all day about evidence for that paragraph, of course.

"of economy" or "in economy"?

  • The law of economy is transcended.
  • A new ticket will have to be issued for travel in Economy / Premire.
  • He was fighting for economy, not slavery.
  • See I need to tell you about a guy who has control of his on economy and does very well.
  • And both were tied to economies that were going nowhere.
  • Widdison argues that this tendency will follow not only from reduced advantages from economies of scale.
  • The i30 can cope with rutted and ridged roads every bit as well as the Focus or Golf, and even the back road blat -- as long as you're not thinking about economy -- is appealing.
  • The fact is the Western Pacific ought now to go forward as rapidly as possible consistent with economy.
  • It is emphasizing the balance between economy and the environment, in contrast to the old days when I could see plenty of water and air pollution.

"in effect" or "into effect"?

  • It is the Golden Rule in effect.
  • This came into effect on 1st Sep 1941.
  • He was appointed with effect from 31st May.
  • It is a recital of observation of effects.
  • The miracle is the cause for effects.
  • And hits render from After Effects.
  • Um, I usually don't dwell on effects.

of, On, for, in or to election?

  • God is in control of elections.
  • Police on election prepardness.
  • Q ualifications for election as President 39.
  • We fight them in elections, and we fight to win.
  • See, Ben, there are consequences to elections.
  • The bell will surely toll for them at Election 2012.
  • Its only a by election for gods sake.
  • They get argued about during election time.
  • The guy who manages to defeat himself election after election.
  • The last train ride was to Boston on the night before election.

"of environment", "for environment" or "on environment"?

  • He was a lover of nature and a protector of environment.
  • Sarabhai is the Founder Director of Centre for Environment Education.
  • In supporting urban infrastructure, ADB places great importance on environment and sustainability.
  • HIV epidemics thrive in environments where drug users are criminalized.
  • It differs from Table to table, and environment to environment.
  • I will take it up with Environment Protection dept.
  • No area of it, from environment to education, works as it should.
  • The question was about wildlife in my country and Australia and many questions about environment.
  • UNEP? s programme in Sudan focuses on addressing the links between environmental pressures and conflict.
  • The meeting, chaired by Environment Secretary Owen Patterson, will co-ordinate the government's response to the outbreak.

"of example" or "by example"?

  • The good news is that there are plenty of examples.
  • Not least of all, by example, they showed.
  • I've ridden in Germany, for example.
  • Under such conditions and with examples, such as U.
  • Listen again to the music in Example 2.
  • Note: These reactions are sometimes described as examples of photocatalysis - reactions catalysed by light.
  • This only gradually weakens the society and from examples we have seen in history, totally destroys nations.
  • Probably the most important about it is to be able to send direct links to examples.
  • We see examples after examples of how the middle class is squeezed, rather bizarrely, in the middle.
  • Let me explain through example and with a helpful recipe.

"via e-mail" or "by e-mail"?

  • Please subscribe via email or RSS.
  • Notify me of new posts by email.
  • An exchange of emails followed.
  • Respond to emails within 24 hours.
  • O For e-mail and WEB, no corresponding threshold is set.
  • Or show correct in email programs/websites.
  • The scams may take place through e-mail, fax or phone.
  • Users with email addresses from yahoo.
  • As well as email and phone records to check your opinions and friends etc.
  • Every $1 you spend on email marketing gets you a sweet $43.

of, in, with, Despite or for effort?

  • My beauty takes a lot of effort.
  • This model is marked by distrust of the state in efforts to fight poverty.
  • If you want to succeed, you need to plan properly, both with effort and time.
  • She said maternal health issues were of major concern despite efforts at curbing high maternal mortality rate.
  • Ten points for effort in dotting the balsamic vinegar.
  • When it comes to effort, I am still giving my 100%.
  • It was not done without effort.
  • The issue is that security issues are normally prompted by effort for *self* security.
  • Spent a lot of time on efforts to cure it.
  • To learn more about efforts under way to protect Jemez Mountain Salamanders, click here and here.

"on earth", "to earth" or "of earth"?

  • Life on Earth is the tough part.
  • The angels descending to Earth.
  • It's tough being the Mayor of Earth.
  • Distance from Earth to the Sun.
  • Removal of man-made space debris in Earth orbit.
  • You see, Theotimus, the opinion of this man, who indeed was scarcely man, but a seraph upon earth.
  • It was on a collision course with Earth.

"of eye", "with eye" or "to eye"?

  • MICHAEL USHER: Wow, four sets of eyes.
  • Draft with eye to use in contents page 3.
  • It cuts down on eye to eye contact.
  • This situation results in eye discomfort.
  • One workout that I all the time recommend to somebody who is struggling for eye strain is referred to as palming.
  • It cuts down on eye to eye contact.
  • You will get the right effect by hanging artwork at eye level.
  • Don't even think of doing the spacings by eye.
  • Learn about eye hazards and encourage your employer and joint health and safety committee members to do the same.
  • From this point many ideas raises to get rid from eye dark circles.

"of entry" or "for entry"?

  • At the Chicago Port of Entry, U.
  • The closing date for entries is.
  • The barriers to entry are huge.
  • Please indicate teams on entry forms.
  • The hierarchy might end with entries for individual people or resources.
  • New Years Eve - Terms and Conditions Valid photo ID, and credit card used in purchase maybe be required for verification at entry gate.
  • This measure does not include any time spent waiting outside of the gate before entry.
  • Apart from entries method in ZipFile class.
  • Upon entry you are issued a card which activates the exhibits.
  • Not every company abuses people in entry level positions, but there are those that take advantage of people coming in for work experience.

"of employment" or "in employment"?

  • Terms and conditions of employment 164.
  • A wide disparity in employment rates existed.
  • Need for employment is enormous, but the payment of aid funds promised is slow.
  • Universal Eligibility All people should have the right to employment.
  • It has policies on employment and has created the NYDA.
  • Aboriginal people had already been barred from employment by the Post Office.
  • But I will tell you this, about employment visas to the US.
  • The flow of workers out of employment exceeds the flow back into employment.
  • It aims to get employers to comply with employment rights legislation through information,.
  • The payments fall as your income from other sources, such as employment, rise.

"in extent" or "to extent"?

  • Polar ice is decreasing in extent and mass.
  • We have to involve our root, identify and develop to extent where it can be contributively for the development of world theatre.
  • The Sea Ice Index gives a daily image of extent as well as monthly products.
  • Masonry work is to be undertaken to fill up all cracks and repair broken plaster Please ensure proper curing time (7 to 21 days depending on extent of plastering).
  • A broken golf buggy, presumably used to get around below ground hints at extent of the corridors.

of, for, in, with or to equipment?

  • The level of equipment for the price is simply outstanding.
  • They use the money for equipment, training and operational expenses.
  • Making bamboo bikes doesn't require electricity or a large investment in equipment.
  • Many of them have outdoor gyms with equipment that utilises body weight.
  • Floodwater and contaminants promote corrosion and insulation damage to equipment and wires.
  • These companies facilitate the required amount of workers as well as equipment to get the work done.
  • In this post we'll look at what a VAR is and how to reduce the time lost on equipment ordering.
  • I have made the rounds from equipment manufacturers to component manufacturers, project developers and investors, and given a talk at the conference.

"of existence", "in existence" or "into existence"?

  • There is nothing like permanence of existence.
  • The list is still in existence.
  • Money is loaned into existence.
  • Both are miraculous both still allow for existence in motion.
  • I am drawn out of I in to existence.
  • But the past 10 years also saw some animals wiped from existence.
  • Naturalistic teleology, just like existence itself.
  • Our thinking also shares with those academic Greeks a fascination with existence more than with meaning.

"in exchange" or "of exchange"?

  • In exchange the African traders got e.
  • First, the medium of exchange should be durable.
  • These should be replaced and returned to us for exchange.
  • If you are on exchange for one term only, you should not register in any courses that span two terms (e.
  • Different ways to Exchange links 1.
  • This is about exchanges of two different national monies.
  • As of Thursday, the Kaiser Family Foundation and news reports showed that 16 states will move forward with exchanges, while 16 have given their final word they won't.

"on edge", "of edge" or "to edge"?

  • Plus, I have lazed on Edge all day.
  • Infosys has a range of Edge products.
  • Economists had expected the index to edge up to 72.
  • Equipped with EDGE, the handset was more than enough to meet my data needs.
  • The only problem with this technically sound contest was that fans couldn't get into it until the obvious run-in from Edge's on-screen wife Vickie Guerrero.
  • The survey, a nationally representative polling of nearly 1,500 adults, was conducted by Edge Research for the nonprofit BAI.
  • Do one side flip board on over edge and do the same thing.
  • Knock in edge The edges require special attention.

"of employee" or "for employee"?

  • The work requirements of employees vary.
  • In short, there are benefits for employees and employers.
  • Information to be provided to employee 45(3.
  • In contrast, a democratic manager would encourage participation by employees.
  • I loved what I saw of my interactions with employees.
  • But underneath the headline, we note that the increase in employees was just 86,000 or +0.
  • Much depends on employee confidence in their employer.
  • Banks are always experiencing internal theft from employees.
  • Maggie, I think that the employer penalty for dropping all health insurance is only $2,000-$3000 per employee.
  • They are also often in possession of personally confidential information about employees.

of, in, with, for or after exercise?

  • Both are done in one session of exercise.
  • She was an excellent caregiver, especially in exercise therapy.
  • This along with exercise should make a difference.
  • Plan time for exercise if you want to lose weight.
  • Stretch before and after exercise.
  • Advantage gained by exercise of undue influence 89.
  • Bran also helps with cell function and prevents dehydration during exercise.
  • I recommend that you restrict yourself to exercises in what Ayn Rand called Philosophical Detection (in the essay of the same name).
  • As well as normal recuperation from exercise, body clocks are realigning too.
  • Through exercise I gained independence.

"of engine" or "in engine"?

  • Damage of engine thermostat; 6.
  • With an investment in Engine Yard, it fills out the PaaS part.
  • The price portion of an aviation engine to the whole plane should be similar to that of a gas engine to a car.
  • That particular era of BMWs are plagued with engine oil leaks and gearbox issues.
  • Even if we do something like P2, we still need to pay lots of money for license/copyright, and for engine and parts imported to assemble cars here.
  • The impetus given to engine technology by Rolls Royce it is said was vital to the second world war.
  • I can then decide on all the important details like engine size, interior extras etc.
  • Survivors tell of having been detained in Thailand, beaten, and towed out to sea on boats without engines, sufficient food and water.

"of error", "in error" or "for error"?

  • The margin of error for the study was +/- 3.
  • Some contend the dating is in error and is closer to 4,000 B.
  • We have a razor thin margin for error.
  • Love is not blind to error or sin.
  • I'd proud as it was my first, with errors.
  • The Ummah as a whole, collectively is saved from error i.
  • But we do have the text of what they wrote without error.
  • So without further ado here is my step-by-step, trial by error guide to making a home made wreath.
  • Those who go to the Qur'an through concordances, instead of their own familiarity with its Contents and contexts, are quite liable to fall into error in their interpretation.
  • What sort of physics did you do, Toby, that employed someone who doesn't place very much importance on error range or probable range.

of, to, for, by or with employer?

  • Just need to do a change of employer.
  • Bring your CV along to present to employers recruiting on the day.
  • These changes are crucial for employers.
  • Sponsorship fees and transfers will be paid by employer.
  • NB: The main Responsibility for Safety is with Employers.
  • The fact that it's a social network means there's a lot of interaction between employers and employees.
  • CLINTON: I will crack down on employers.
  • Far from employers selfishly sticking it to their workers.
  • It does give more flexibility, like the hourly model, to advise on assets such as employer 401(k), pensions, etc.
  • IT people work 24/7! maid works 24/7 lock in employers home.

of, for, in, with or by expression?

  • Freedom of expression is first among them.
  • Watch for expressions of extreme rigidity in play.
  • The only variability in them is in expression, not in feature.
  • And there were those with expressions of deep contemplation.
  • It simply holds a set of traits that may be accessed by expressions.
  • The first phase of this campaign is to identify where these (libel) laws exist because where they are they have a chilling effect on expression.
  • Highlights include the ' Supernatural ' violins, cellos and brass (the mod bar is assigned to expression on several of these sounds).

"of estate" or "in estate"?

  • Liability of estate of deceased partner 35.
  • Then, in 1999, a judge in Estate of Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Cameron asks Brown to confirm he is planning a levy on estates.
  • Prepares various types of estimates for estates management projects.
  • Not more than one suit to be broughtClaim for loss to estate may be added 2.
  • For his loyalty and derring-do he was rewarded with estates in Westmorland; Brougham, Appleby, Brough and Pendragon.
  • Term insurance is not as well-suited for permanent needs, such as estate settlement proceeds.

"of element" or "with element"?

  • Project Management can be a mess of elements to organize and balance.
  • For elements with element children, returns same as toXMLString.
  • And then by element four, the doubling down.
  • Remove classes applied to elements in the page content $ (' article * ').
  • For elements with element children, returns same as toXMLString.
  • The XML literal can contain comments and processing instructions as well as elements, attributes, and text.
  • A classes on elements and even additional elements that are both unhelpful and in-fact now obsolete; for example the font tag.
  • Indeed they will be largely made from elements of the landscape (for example turf roofs, cob walls, timber cladding).
  • The development of early semi-empirical MO parameterisations in the 1970's was based on (manual and laborious) 7 acquisition of data for at most 10-20 molecules per element parametrised.

of, for, to, on or without electricity?

  • The cost of electricity will rise - no doubt.
  • Demand for electricity is lower.
  • And access to electricity in rural areas is low.
  • Apparently, only about 26% of Jamaicans pay GCT on electricity.
  • No country can make progress without electricity.
  • Private participation in electricity distribution is much lower.
  • It's the same story with electricity.
  • There are also a number of places around the world where nuclear is used to provide district heating as well as electricity.
  • Human beings work like machines powered by electricity.
  • It privatized everything from electricity management to water to farms.

"of entertainment" or "for entertainment"?

  • A perfect weekend's worth of entertainment.
  • More variety is a good thing for entertainment.
  • He also writes in entertainment and offerings from Direct TV.
  • The crowd was treated to entertainment from various artistes, among them P-Unit and Jua Cali.
  • And nothing will, for the gods are not likely to exert themselves to provide us with entertainment.
  • In the end, it is difficult to resist visiting the hotels and restaurants that provide specialized and wide varieties of meals, activities as well as entertainment.
  • My first cookery demo! (Ok, so they were low on entertainment that evening.
  • It has to be about entertainment as well, but it's quality, grace.
  • While RCCL excels at entertainment, Carnival is still.
  • The post 1970s dumbing down of education, and distraction through entertainments, and encouragement into debt, and now fear wholesale, show how TPTB have attempted to deal with the dissent.

"of episode" or "in episode"?

  • I've been curious since a couple of episode back.
  • He and Amanda both return in episode 4.
  • Not used to episode numbering I guess).
  • The picture below was from episode 15 and there are no pictures yet for the tie scene.
  • Gah! Can't wait for episode 13 and I'd watching it raw.
  • After months of tense negotiations, he was finally given his $100,000 per episode asking price.
  • I was so hopeful after Episode 1.
  • Giant Bomb readers will probably have the most familiarity with episode 10, though.
  • Really they could have cancelled it after about episode 6 of series 4 and I wouldn't have minded.

of, by, against, behind or from enemy?

  • With the discovery of enemy mines all this was changed.
  • You are surrounded by enemies from three sides and you have enemies within.
  • We are only harsh and ruthless against enemies of Rasul Allah (sm) not within Muslims nor against weak and vulnerable.
  • Which meant that I was in effect behind enemy lines.
  • The ability to escape from enemies.
  • Citizens in Indefinite Detention not involved with or associated with enemy forces.
  • Get as many moneybags as possible but watch out for enemy guards! (ad support) v1.
  • They are under the belligerent capacity of government over enemies.
  • After a Notre Dame punt, Graham ran left and sprinted 48 yards deep into enemy territory.
  • Your respawn position is no longer random, but based on enemy positions.

"of emergency" or "for emergency"?

  • A state of emergency is declared.
  • Create plan for emergency follow-up care.
  • So much for landlines in emergencies.
  • All vehicles must give way to emergency services vehicles.
  • Many people are helpless during emergencies.
  • Officials with Emergency Management B.
  • A delayed response by emergency teams in the Dana Air crash has been reported.
  • Call 311 to obtain information on emergency suspensions.
  • They provide information and support as well as emergency accommodation through the Crashpad scheme.
  • But under emergency rule, all these rights are declared null and void.

of, without, to, for or in explanation?

  • Regardless of explanation, the key to great.
  • Observers were banned without explanation from watching the ballots being opened.
  • Refer to Explanation on Page no 91-96 03Outreach9.
  • See original article for explanation of said study.
  • The representative of Canada, also speaking in explanation of position, said she was disappointed to see the draft resolution on the agenda once again.
  • You can hide the losses for awhile with clever financial shennanigans, and you can try to justify the losses with explanations about EBITDA, etc.
  • The attunement experience is beyond explanation.
  • They only think ' that ' if they haven't quite learned how to recognize an argument when they see one, and distinguish arguments from explanations, references, etc.

"to editor" or "of editor"?

  • Reviewers pitch ideas for reviews to editors.
  • So your two types of editors are not always distinct.
  • Notes for Editors Background 1.
  • Bold emphasis added by Editor of.
  • They reduced personnel by one-third, and introduced online links with editors and press merchants.
  • My second novel, The Faerie Conspiracies, was much better and received good praise from editors, but no takers, so I self-published it.
  • The producers were not happy with the film, and pleaded with Hunt to return as editor.
  • It was probably not an exaggeration when Dileep Padgaonkar ex editor of Times of India was quoted as saying that he has the second most important job in the country.
  • I especially appreciated your advice on editors.

of, for, from, by or with exposure?

  • It's an added bonus and an extra bit of exposure.
  • From my POV, she never needs to work for exposure again.
  • However, a lighter colour may also signify oxidation arising from exposure to sunlight.
  • But if you're measuring success by exposure, this is a triumph.
  • Patients may not associate their skin complaint with exposure to light.
  • These will not usually become evident until 1 -- 2 days after exposure.
  • Also, we compared the rates of major adverse cardiac events (MACE) according to exposure to TCDD.
  • However, a correlation between exposure to TCDD and acute coronary syndrome (ACS) is not yet proven.
  • Cherry wood contains phenocytes which darken naturally on exposure to sunlight.
  • Immunity is built up over time through exposure to different germs.

of, with, on, to or about expertise?

  • It's not really my area of expertise.
  • As explained above, success comes with expertise in looking within.
  • But that shift in emphasis itself makes us still more dependent on expertise.
  • We should move to expertise and outcome based pricing instead.
  • No time should be wasted on wrangling with the customer about expertise, superior solutions, credentials, interference, or whatnot.
  • Skills knowledge and experience Definition Score Pre -- eminent Outstanding and authoritative knowledge, recognised nationally and internationally for expertise in a particular field.
  • It is an extensive course of action which in turn demands patience, information about industrial sectors as well as financial aspects other than expertise regarding how to make the very.

of, for, to, through or with establishment?

  • I was however surprised with the amount of graffiti in the area when I arrived, and the amount of establishments that had bars on their windows.
  • These are the principles of national treatment and the right to establishment.
  • Those 3 gear are definitely vital in operating even the particular with establishments.
  • People don't control their countries even in democratic countries, they are forced to pick between establishment candidates ruled by a two-party oligarchy.
  • Now we have reached the stage where Suharto's role at least is being suggested by Establishment sources.
  • Forest Management (FM) certification aims to ensure that the management of a forest complies with certain rules and regulations from establishment to harvest.

"without exception", "of exception" or "with exception"?

  • Almost without exception, you'll find the search term.
  • But the list of exceptions is long and growing.
  • With exception to a little dust perhaps from the near by factories.
  • Criteria for exceptions will include local market conditions and specialty.
  • In the Customer Development model, feature requests to an MVP are by exception and iteration rather than by rule.
  • In addition to an incremental tax penalty, taxpaying teams now will have less access to exceptions.
  • Any other variations, including fees for full time roles, are regarded as exceptions to the Framework and require prior consultation at Ministerial level (see section E).
  • Exception Handling Operations Five keywords are used in exception handling: try, catch, finally, throws and throw (take note that there is a difference between throw and throws).

"of expert", "by expert" or "to expert"?

  • Maybe anwar should get his own team of expert too.
  • San Diego Bankruptcy is easily handled by expert lawyers who have the.
  • Reply to Expert I'd not so sure about her debts anymore to be honest.
  • Here's to balance! The problem with experts is that they are not.
  • Anyone interested in cycling can take classes from expert racers.
  • Some of them are very difficult to tell apart, even for experts.
  • Written in expert yet accessible language, it is an ideal.
  • This is the Post Campaign Trauma Syndrome, or PCTS, as it is known among experts.
  • Advice (SBSTA) -- a permanent body established by the UNFCCC that serves as a link between expert information sources such as the IPCC and the COP.
  • We need more articles on experts on ASDs to debunk some myths and educate the public.

"of engineering" or "in engineering"?

  • BUT! This is a marvelous piece of engineering.
  • And it isn't just in engineering.
  • Too true you have to give him plaudits for engineering Man Utds success for the past 20 years.
  • I left teaching when things became to politicized and went back to engineering.
  • In cooperation with engineering and product management you will implement and apply test processes, t.
  • In special cases such as engineering goods, the limit may be reduced to 25% in the first three years and 33% thereafter.
  • In any formula, constants (especially those obtained from engineering handbooks) are to be treated as variables.
  • The remaining staff work on engineering and design.
  • The largest shops (Google) have found ways to curb costs by engineering hardware and running it on an in-house stack and openflow.

"of expansion" or "for expansion"?

  • It signals a new era of expansion.
  • Here, many visitors get golden opportunities for expansion of their knowledge.
  • In an interview on Wednesday, Greenstein said the Jindal administration hasn't changed their position on expansion.
  • Today there are 4 distilleries -- with expansions underway at 2 of those -- and 3 new plants in development.
  • There was a significant decrease in the number of overstaying patients after expansion of special care units P value < 0.
  • Obviously when mass is converted into energy, it is characterized by expansion.
  • Their rapid elasticity helps in expansion and downsizing of resources as per demand.
  • At the moment the software contains 223 Gardiner signs but will eventually be expanded to include the complete list which you will be able to download as expansion packs.

of, in, for, about or on evolution?

  • And it disapproves of evolution.
  • But the church believes in evolution and science.
  • The evidence for evolution was overwhelming.
  • We now know lots more about evolution, and all proper scientists agree.
  • God existing doesn't rest on evolution, it rests on the absurdity of the concept.
  • Speciation, however, leads to a loss of information, not the gain of information required by evolution.
  • There are some real problems with the idea that God created through evolution.
  • There are suggestions that Wallace also applied his teleology to evolution.
  • Non Muslim are frustrated with the reaction of muslim against Evolution Theory.
  • Brian goes on to propose an historical hypothesis about how these experiences might have influenced Darwin's thinking on extinction (which he recognised went hand-in-hand with evolution).

"of efficiency", "for efficiency" or "in efficiency"?

  • There are many examples of efficiency improvements.
  • I'd all for efficiency, especially in the gov't.
  • There's a popular belief in efficiency of starvation.
  • An investment proposal may result in the consumption of fewer services due to efficiency improvements.
  • Often used upon rapidly vehicles or even to get a driver whose fashion involves elevated coping with efficiency.
  • Does that have any negative effect on efficiency? (I.
  • Any girls backpack/purse consists of phenomena in addition to kind as well as efficiency.
  • Africa is a beautiful and largely undeveloped country meaning Western idea about efficiency are sometimes less developed than we might like.
  • The entire system as it were, is struggling to evolve from efficiency in Nature to perfection in spirit.
  • The current account problem can only be solved with a reduction in energy utilisation through efficiencies.

of, for, to, in or with engagement?

  • The rules of engagement need to be clear.
  • The policy acts as rules for engagement.
  • The alternatives to engagement are appalling.
  • He couldn? t remember how many times he had been in engagements with enemy ships, with the fight usually only taking a few minutes.
  • Marketing Through The Noise Soon our social spaces became cluttered with engagement grabs.
  • So, make your wedding photographs from engagement to the.
  • Their writing skills, ingenuity, wit and insights into engagement will surely help take this already awesome thing to eleven.
  • As a result of all these initiatives, Wells Fargo has seen a return on engagement reach 90 percent.

"with emphasis" or "of emphasis"?

  • Your debunking should begin with emphasis on the facts, not the myth.
  • A great deal of emphasis is laid on music, dancing and feasting.
  • Every now and then for emphasis is just fine! 9.
  • There are differences in emphasis, but nothing in Dr.
  • Robust boundaries create your self esteem and free you to emphasis on what is critical to you.
  • Through emphasis on the presence of the art of this province, the Gallery recognizes the continuing links to the history of British Columbia and its prominence nationally and internationally.

"of enterprise" or "for enterprise"?

  • And it's not the kind of enterprise I'd lend support to.
  • Now is the time for enterprises to invest in this relationship.
  • They have demonstrated courage in engaging in enterprise, and we salute their effort.
  • Knowledge and free thinking give rise to enterprise and innovation.
  • And while the alleged impact on enterprise is a popular argument against the 50p tax, not all experts are convinced.
  • Moreover, the United States lacks effective arbitration system to deal with enterprises that refuse to make compromise with the employees.
  • To share with people fellas, Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010, Microsof company vis has long been started within a couple of updates? Property basic/ Quality as well as Enterprise type.
  • At enterprise level cooperation occurs mainly between schools and companies which employ graduates.
  • Therefore, this form is widely used by enterprises.
  • The young entrepreneur is more likely to get cash from Enterprise Ireland who have adopted the role of VC than any of our supposed VC funds or angel investors.

"of expense", "for expense" or "in expense"?

  • Most businesses can't afford that kind of expense.
  • Prepaid or deferred charges for expenses and commissions paid by such insurance company.
  • However, i have about $3K in expenses.
  • Reading material for the tour bus just goes on expenses.
  • There was plenty of it and it really helped him with expenses.
  • If its a couple hundred dollars and you don't have much income relative to expenses at the moment, and no cash reserves, they'll take a negotiated amount.
  • Profits are also reported after expenses such as depreciation.
  • But from the moment he told a client, ' I get 200 dollars-a-day, plus expenses, ' you were hooked.

"by extension", "of extension" or "for extension"?

  • He truly loved the Igbos and by extension Nigeria as a whole.
  • The expanded-name of extension elements must have a non-null namespace URI.
  • By 1999 the SWP in Belfast was attempting to form a? united front? with the PUP to call for extension of the Abortion Act.
  • Extension Builder Safari simplifies extension development with Extension Builder.
  • In extension, Charles N'Zogbia slot in after a parry blast by Agbonlahor, whose deflect strike preserved the win.
  • Need assistance? Advice on any of the matters covered by this Brief Guide is available from the Clerk of the Senate on extension 3350.
  • Go to Extensions >> Module Manager.
  • To complete Extension 2, English (Advanced) as well as Extension 1 must be completed.

"for examination" or "of examination"?

  • All information so submitted for examination shall be confidential.
  • There are three types of examination, namely, 1.
  • On examination the muscle power of the left arm was 3/5 and she was unable to move the arm because of pain.
  • To establish the facts surrounding child abuse here, every corner of our society must be open to examination.
  • See below for use in examinations by staff or students.
  • Not to worry: upon examination it's just as bad as it seems like it would be.
  • This concession is not specifically related to travel during examination time and can be.
  • Under examination systems all patent applications are scrutinised and tested against the country's patentability criteria.
  • Accordingly, a better approach is to regard state practice as including statements by states in which arguments are made without examination as to whether claims have ever been enforced.

"of equality" or "for equality"?

  • This goes against the idea of equality.
  • This is actually a platform for equality.
  • Martin said there's more to equality than marriage.
  • I'd a feminist in that I believe in equality between men and women.
  • Forgetting about equality and the values America is based on.
  • SL: Buddhist sermons are based on equality.
  • This is an expression erroneously viewed as synonymous with equality.
  • We should shift from equality of outcomes to equality of opportunities.
  • It finds that we are in the middle of a 70-80 year trend towards equality in housework and caring.
  • In our dealings with our customers, we will make sure that their rights to equal treatment set out by equality legislation are upheld.

"for enforcement" or "of enforcement"?

  • Moreover, they have nothing to do with the need for enforcement.
  • You'd need some method of enforcement, though.
  • If the money is not paid the case moves to enforcement.
  • This came from experts like DM Dansereau and DFO and DOE Ottawa ' experts ' on enforcement.
  • Monitoring and evaluation As noted above, compliance with the ban will be monitored by enforcement officers employed by the local authorities.
  • The regulations relate to a complex new EU directive allowing countries wide discretion in enforcement.
  • Looking at enforcement Hart found little evidence in favour of the idea that morality is best taught fearing punishment by law.
  • An Australian government scheme that replaces the current cooperative scheme with enforcement under Commonwealth law.

of, to, by, for or in executive?

  • I suspect that the same is true of executive posts too.
  • State practice is not limited either to executive statements or action.
  • Enter the ACPU The Anti-Corruption Police Unit (ACPU) was created by Executive Order in August 2001.
  • Is this programme only for executives working in Asia? No.
  • Executive officers, in addition, must participate in Executive meetings.
  • The government will also have to impose caps on executives ' bonuses.
  • He also held symposiums with executive managers of these enterprises to discuss their problems.
  • Relays oral messages and instructions from executives to other staff.
  • The most unequal society in the developed world is the US, where the growing disparity is notably sharp between executives and the average worker.
  • If you want a shot at Executive Chef at a big time restaurant, you better have something like that on your CV.

"of economics" or "in economics"?

  • TonyT Communism is a form of economics.
  • Paul has two degrees in Economics.
  • Immigration is about economics.
  • Paul Krugman is not a worthy authority on economics.
  • Continuing cuts will bring job levels to a 20-year low in 2014, the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) predicted.
  • SHANE So from demographics to economics, Richard.
  • Ebert mentions, something to do with economics/capitalism.
  • The thing that is so objectionable about Posner, today and every day, is that his writings are politics, his right-wing politics, masquerading as economics.
  • I do object to its trajectory which happens to be the result of steering by economics.
  • From economics of managing expenses to learning politics first hand from the well represented student wings of political parties.

"of equity" or "in equity"?

  • Risk capital has both the characteristic of equity and debt.
  • I feel much more confident in a reversal in equities.
  • They offer seed money and mentoring in exchange for equity, normally about 7%.
  • I mean it is an issue of going to Equity with clean hands.
  • The liberal's focus is typically on equity of outcome.
  • With equity, you can get into more debt.
  • For clients with a higher risk profile, the case for buying directly into equities is good.
  • Regarding asset prices such as equities, commodities and property, my view is they will fall, despite the current spike in share prices.
  • We are still getting huge outflows from equity mutual funds.
  • These trades are secured either through equity or long-term contractual arrangements.

to, by, from, with or of ear?

  • Silly, ear to ear grins on our faces.
  • I don't read music -- I play by ear.
  • I'l bet he went home smiling from ear to ear.
  • Dusty, dirty, endowed with ear rings and tattoo.
  • Caring of ear taken after 7 or 8 months is preferable.
  • I thought the dry blood in ears was gross-funny.
  • Or two satellite fake-moons that look a bit like ears.
  • Hair wigs styles ought to add thickness and fullness towards the sides from the face and round the eyes, cheekbones as well as ears.
  • A serene song, it is easy on ears but strictly restricted to the film's situation.

"of exhibition" or "for exhibition"?

  • Each team will have a handful of exhibition games.
  • But still nothing for exhibition games.
  • For instance, In Exhibition Road in Kensington, which will be a focal point for many of the Olympic activities, O2 deployed 9 metrocells.
  • Honestly, none of these designers sell as much as they claim at exhibitions.
  • I usually put on exhibitions and promote other sculptor? s work.
  • Through exhibitions and participation, you'll understand how archaeologists use their finds to recreate the past.

"of excuse" or "for excuse"?

  • There would be no making of excuses for him.
  • But now is not the time for excuses.
  • For me, I can only hope that one day I'll get to the point where I do anything without first categorising all available exits and coming up with excuses if a panic attack does happen.

of, by, for, to or on entity?


"of excitement" or "with excitement"?

  • An air of excitement pervades both homes.
  • The hall buzzed with excitement.
  • I ran over to stand in front of Rades in excitement.
  • If someone told me not only it's not just beer, but craft beer, I'd gon na throw up from excitement.

"of evaluation" or "for evaluation"?

  • I was exposing a terrible method of evaluation.
  • For evaluation of significant (p<.
  • Evaluation There are many open questions on evaluation.
  • Fisher raised some critical questions about how we define evaluative culture in evaluation.
  • In the present education system right from schooling till doctorate, students are adopting methodology how to avoid being caught on plagiarism grounds during evaluation of online assignments.
  • They also recommended that student grades and retention rates be examined as well as results of online learning outcomes, which have proven to be essential to evaluation.
  • But still winding up with evaluations, reports, paying of artists and suppliers, etc.
  • He is still enthusiastic about evaluation, and talked about the strategies they have put in place to prevent or reduce the common problems of evaluation such as goal displacement and data corruption.
  • It is a resource that gives step-by-step lesson plans, videos, pre and post-tests as well as evaluations, through the website.

of, with, like, to or from egg?

  • Feeding them the shells of eggs works too but it.
  • I opted for Yorkshire ham with egg and chips.
  • The mood was set to bake but had hardly any ingredients like eggs or condensed milk at home.
  • This leaves the nesting sites vulnerable, exposing them to egg and turtle poachers.
  • He hatches chickens from eggs, and has different barns for the different ages of hens, from chicks to adults.
  • Add in eggs and vanilla essence and beat well.
  • Most peasants also kept chickens for eggs.
  • They were more likely to see themselves as walking on egg shells around their adult child than those with Down syndrome.
  • Try eating some protein? such as eggs or baked beans? as these will help keep hunger pangs at bay.
  • The books of Herv This are very interesting and easy to read if you want to learn more about eggs.

of, for, by, in or with experiment?

  • A number of experiments will be reviewed underlining these views.
  • A massive industry harvesting pieces of dead children for experiments, or transplanting into animals.
  • I doubt if there is a shred of evidence supported by experiments if this is indeed true.
  • A large number of participants was asked to try to identify these silhouette and outline versions in experiment 1.
  • And it agrees fully with experiment.
  • That will only be learned from experiment.
  • Real science is based on experiment and observation and gives us our technology, and this is a good thing.
  • So through experiment a therapy began to take shape, even an effective one.
  • We next turn to experiments (1) and (3) enumerated above, shown in Figure 3.

"of exam" or "for exam"?

  • For others it's the dreaded time of exams.
  • Preparation for exam is a long process.
  • Com Health This entry was posted in Exams and tagged engg,.
  • These are following problems with eBooks when it comes to exam preparation with them.
  • A certain candidate was found with exam answers scribbled on a sandal.
  • Surprising as it may be, most professors would like their students to succeed on exams.
  • Practice a lot, at exam keep focused.
  • Having failed several times myself, this is what I have to say about exams and results.
  • Student assessment is carried by exams, course work, oral presentation and continual assessment.
  • The Knec Act now criminalises possession of copies of exam papers by unauthorised persons before or during exams.

of, in, with, For or after essay?

  • The course work was mostly made up of essays.
  • The People of the Abyss was also one of George Orwell's favourite books, often referred to by him in essays and journalistic writings.
  • I've written about some of this in the past with essays on skill atoms.
  • For essays, you'll need to map out the beginning, middle and end.
  • So you find yourself writing the same thing on essay after essay, jotter after jotter.
  • So you find yourself writing the same thing on essay after essay, jotter after jotter.

of, for, in, to or at empire?

  • They take it as part of the price of greatness and of empire.
  • I worked as a manager for Venus world multimedia and also double up as the Welfare manager and Production assistant for Empire Entertainment.
  • Control always seemed to be the aspect that Yoda taught to Luke in Empire.
  • That is not, however, an argument for a return to empire.
  • Whatever your passion in life is, live it here at Empire East.
  • It is powered by Empire Entertainment and Media GH; under the auspices of.
  • On the Left, ' Britain ' has been separated from its connections with empire and racial superiority, and is espoused as the multicultural face of Englishness.
  • But I agree with Allison that there is something weird going on with the original trilogy that gives it a magnetic quality, especially around Empire.
  • And, in a way, the AH empire wasn't the worst as Empires go.
  • War will also accelerate our drift toward empire, increasingly the subject of popular discourse, cover articles in magazines, learned journal articles.

"of exploration" or "for exploration"?

  • I hope you've enjoyed this journey of exploration with me.
  • Tanzania is perhaps the most promising country for exploration.
  • Where the game gets really interesting, outside of the intense player-made areas, is in exploration and zombie-killing.
  • In previous centuries, travel on the high seas had been dedicated to exploration.
  • VOICE TWO: And I'd Steve Ember with EXPLORATIONS in VOA Special English.
  • He now works as a contractor on exploration rigs across Australia and earns in excess of $220,000 per year.
  • Risks from Exploration Even exploring for oil is risky.
  • Be it through exploration, reviews, festivals, and attractions, or via personal challenges, engaging with locals, and talking with other explorers, W.
  • But we also see innovations such as exploration of psychology and social critique.

"of euro" or "in euro"?

  • The hundreds of euro you spend could easily save you thousands of euro.
  • He kept comparing the price of this in euros to the price of that in dollars.
  • The mentality of people and their envy of the successful and admirable Spanish method is shown by Euros comment: 10.
  • After a few days people will basically switch to euro for almost everything in any case because it's simpler for them.
  • With euro as a common currency, it helped Germany expand its exports to its European neighbours big time.
  • Still, Barroso argues the case for surveillance is all the stronger after euro countries agreed to provide a 440 billion guarantee to the new bailout fund and promised to lend 80 billion to Greece.
  • I would give him one more year for us to see if class is permanent, because as it looks so far at Euros Torres ' price isn't going to get any higher.
  • And now they stand at more than a trillion euros.

"of enthusiasm" or "with enthusiasm"?

  • The tell tail signs usually start with lack of enthusiasm to train.
  • I was immediately seized with enthusiasm.
  • I've always ignored warnings against enthusiasm.
  • Throughout my visit to China, I was greeted by enthusiasm and excitement, both in public and in private meetings.
  • There was quite clearly a shift in enthusiasm.
  • Ministry of Environment clearance for the project came only in 1987! Talk about enthusiasm.
  • Bearing in mind usually (often) first vehicle for a youngster, so very forgiving of rider error and/or over enthusiasm.
  • Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.