Prepositions after Verbs

Click a verb to see what prepositions are usually used after it in English


cool to, in, for, as or off?

  • Let the cakes cool to room temperature.
  • Cool for an hour before unmolding.
  • When the cake is done, set it aside to cool in the tin.
  • When the earth cools as a result of more clouds, the albedo of the Arctic INCREASES- the clouds reflect more than the Arctic ice.
  • A 14-day cooling off period is also required.
  • Outboard motors are cooled by water.
  • Cool on rack and then slice into 2 layers.
  • The world has been cooling at 0.
  • Add your onions and let completely cool before submerging your turkey.
  • Cooling after the fact and assessing.
  • And as the temperature cools due to decreased insolation, so the water vapour levels drop, even as CO2 levels remain high.
  • The sizzle may have lately cooled from the condo sales scene: research firm Urbanation Inc.
  • In the global-mean, the lower stratosphere has not noticeably cooled since 1995.
  • The relationship cooled with the publication of Dickens ' American Notes, which was critical of America.
  • All instruments witll have to be self cooling because warming.
  • They found that when a superconducting material is cooled below its critical temperature in the presence of an applied magnetic field, it expels all magnetic flux from its interior.
  • Add to that the cost dairies must pay for fans and sprinkler systems to keep the animals cool during long hot days and nights.

craft by, in, with, for or into?

  • I intend to obtain some more, made and crafted by the master himself.
  • These boots are completely crafted into genuine sheepskin.
  • This ensemble is crafted with silk so as to bear an elegant look.
  • Yes, I know he's excited, but I wonder how much of that is carefully crafted for the show.
  • These boots are completely crafted into genuine sheepskin.
  • Shimmering ghostlike leaves crafted from metal screening hung over each sumptuously decorated table.
  • The actual Baoshen combined beautiful hand crafted as well as distinctive consistency, can make a day time to place this lower.
  • The current model needs to be crafted on an Italian piazza.
  • The attractive objects crafted out of gold, silver, pearl, ivory or precious stones embellished man from the earliest times.
  • It would usher in the age of the manicured candidate, carefully crafted to not just play the part but also sound like and look the part.
  • So a new law was crafted along the lines of people being allowed to use any means they like to defend their property.
  • Im currently taking a break from my leather mask crafting due to same issue.

correct by, for, in, on or to?

  • Which was easily corrected by nursing her.
  • What is it, why is it important, why should we and how can we correct for it? A short introduction.
  • It has been corrected in some other soccer sites, I wish to.
  • Corrected on 14-07-2012 at 12:28 p.
  • In the last part of this sentence,? the delay of renew of fire insurance? should be corrected to? the delay in renewing the fire insurance?
  • EURUSD $FXE: The Euro continued to correct from its recent top at 1.
  • These errors can only be corrected through learning and knowing Osho's mistakes.
  • For people they can not such as, they can not correct worth all of them whatsoever.
  • Will the market correct at some point in the future? Yes.
  • Property prices corrected before continuing to surge upward again.
  • X XHowever, i do see things like you (apparently) getting angry when Xyou're corrected about a misrepresentation you've made as being a Xproblem.
  • Continued failure to comply is unlikely to be corrected with extended use of the whip, and alternative training measures should be employed.
  • Depending on object reaction, the scenario can be corrected according to expected reaction and achievement of the necessary result.
  • This oversight is being corrected because of complaints from a number of attendees at such events, still often dominated by men.
  • And what you'll see on the reports is that a lot of the violations are corrected during the inspection.

"charge with" or "charge for"?

  • I was charged with drink-driving.
  • I don't think they charge for that.
  • BABYSITTERS charge by the hour.
  • A lone bull charging in the field eh.
  • The victim charged at Gutierrez,.
  • The USC is charged on before-tax incomes.
  • His legal fees are being charged to the tax payers.
  • He was charged under his real name, Andrew Watkinson.
  • Shipping fee is charged per order, not per passport.
  • So it was investigated and charged as such.
  • However, an electric car can be recharged from electricity generated by ANY means.
  • If you charge into the field, you're gon na die.

clean in, with, up, at or by?

  • He was cleaning in one of the elevators.
  • I want to live in a world whereby I can cook and clean with ease.
  • It is cleaned at home and often processed at home, or in a small village mill.
  • Cleaned by Vermeulen, he keeps his hands in the ruck.
  • But if you're not a fan of cleaning, we can offer you a selection of room cleans from 20 up to 80 by a member of our Housekeeping staff.
  • The first thing that needs to happen is they need to come up with a way to clean up the street.
  • I cleaned for days before I settled in.
  • If he had concentrated his house cleaning on the corrupt generals, no one would have raised a voice against AFRC.
  • He worked on ducks from sloughing, cleaning to marinating.
  • The equipment had to be stripped down and cleaned after each day's production run.
  • Endless explainations are not fruitful, I can only vouch for the veracity of the bowl and spoon cleaning as a tried and tested ' way ', but as a metaphore of course.
  • In essence, the first night should be arranged in such a way that it is within the time period in which the lady is cleaned of menstruation.
  • Place toys that are difficult to clean away from where they eat and defecate.
  • Most condo rentals will be cleaned before your arrival and will once again be clean after you check out.
  • Slice up with a sharp knife dipped into hot water and cleaned between each cut.
  • We vowed to go back Friday and clean out the house of everything we wanted.
  • When you are tidying your home consider using natural products that are effective for cleaning rather than traditional cleansers.
  • These should be cleaned along with the entire floor with Bona cleaner.
  • Toaster oven was dirty when I arrived and I pointed this out but it was never cleaned throughout the whole week that I was there.
  • In order to have the system existent infections cleaned, it first of all thoroughly scan the entire system &; reports the detected threats which could thereafter be cleaned within few simple clicks.

"co-write by" or "co-write with"?

  • Directed and co-written by James Mangold, Girl, Interrupted is artfully crafted and well acted.
  • This article was co-written with Gerald Junne L.

"codify in" or "codify into"?

  • An example is provided by Senegal? s decentralized land-tenure system, which already had been codified in the 1960s.
  • By 1999, they had been codified into law.
  • One such putative role for propensities is codified by Lewis's ' Principal Principle '.
  • Conventional Western musical concepts were codified between the 17 th -19 th century, and are part of the viz episteme.
  • A lot of it seems anecdotally true, but it's nice to have it codified via study.

clamor for, at, by or over?

  • The people, especially the merchant class, clamored for a say in the government.
  • When walkers clamor at the stairwell door, he snaps out of his daze and resumes his task: Using his belt to try to reel in a hacksaw lying just out of reach.

cull from, in, by, through or on?

  • Culled from a soon to be released book, The Lost Manuals.
  • Australia, Canada, China, S Africa, Turkey and USA had been overrepresented, and were culled in specific events.
  • I fear your negativity would have marked you as a herd straggler and you your genes would have been culled by natural/economic selection.
  • We've culled through hundreds (fun job) and these are our favorites.
  • Following Monday's decision to cull more than 33,000 birds (chicken, duck and emu) at the unit, 19,154 chickens were culled on Tuesday.

capitulate to, in, like, by or after?

  • My government and our media capitulated to Islam years ago, after the Rushdie incident.
  • The Bears capitulated in his absence.
  • After 30 months of gruesome bloodshed and destruction, Biafra capitulated under heavy economic blockade.

culminate in, with, at, on or inside?

  • In 2010, his interest culminated in a Ph.
  • Event weekend culminates with a finish line celebration.
  • The march had just culminated at Emancipation Park in St Andrew, which started at the Bustamante Hospital for Children yesterday.
  • Culminating on Friday, October 12th.
  • As before the work stoppage, however, there has been several extended and exciting series which have culminated inside a decisive game 7.
  • But then it all culminated into a happy ending.
  • These initiatives have culminated to what has become Chiropractic Around the World signature event, Spinal Awareness Week.

"construe as" or "construe in"?

  • This was erroneously construed as a reversal of the political movement of 1956.
  • The TA has to be construed in conformity with the Interconnection Directive.
  • Furthermore, the demand for equal rights for the Tamil speaking people is construed by some as demanding more rights than held by the Sinhalese.
  • Had Iblees construed from the words of Al-Baqarah 2: 34 that the directive was only for the angels, he would have said so in reply to the question.
  • That (?????) in any case is to be construed with the time is shortened.

coerce into, by, in, for or from?

  • We would all be coerced into singing- Kamumo do you know Jesus.
  • To stave this off, the American taxpayers were coerced by former President Bush and former US Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson.
  • This means that the minority who do care find that they are coerced in other ways.
  • When we discover the history of the man behind the puppet, we are coerced from behind our vilification and begin to understand his plight.

"contaminate with" or "contaminate by"?

  • No worries about fruit contaminated with chemicals.
  • It typically arises from a skin wound that becomes contaminated by the bacterium.
  • Potable water supplies may be lost or contaminated in a flood and this can have immediate health effects upon people and animals.
  • The ink was contaminated during the process of manufacturing the inks.
  • So, for now the US dollar seems the least contaminated of all the fiat currencies, but this is merely an illusion, and it will not last.

"corroborate by", "corroborate with" or "corroborate from"?

  • His estimate, it turned out, was corroborated by U.
  • This corroborates with what I have already shown mathematically that zero = i = infinity in my earlier blog of theory of everything.

convict of, by, in, for or on?

  • He also was convicted of mail fraud.
  • Israel has been convicted by the Russell Tribunal of the crime of apartheid.
  • In November 2009, Emrah Bulatci was convicted in the killing of Const.
  • Sound like they should have been convicted for mortgage fraud on 51 properties.
  • He was convicted on two counts.
  • He may be convicted under section 335 of that Code.
  • After the Nuremberg trials of 1945-46, he was convicted as a war criminal and sentenced to life at Spandau prison.
  • Beasley, 53, has pleaded not guilty and could face the death penalty if convicted at his separate trial.
  • In 1990 the land owners Darly and Darcy Alves da Silva were found guilty of the crime and convicted to 19 years of prison.
  • In January, 1951, John McCloy, the US High Commissioner for Germany, announced that Alfried Krupp and eight members of his board of directors who had been convicted with him, were to be released.
  • For a person to be abducted, then to state he is arrested and now he is convicted without trial.

clear by, of, for, in or to?

  • It hopes to build on the lessons learned and ground cleared by others.
  • Very pleased to be cleared of any of that.
  • Al-Zabe, shamefully, was cleared for release in September 2004.
  • At repayments of 500 a month, this would be cleared in around 14 months and you would be debt free.
  • Before pushing an operator onto the operator stack, all higher precedence operators are cleared from the stack.
  • The ball trickled to the goal line and was cleared to Rafael in the penalty area.
  • Tucker was cleared at his criminal trial - but was later struck off as a solicitor.
  • The former Liverpool man saw his header cleared off the Swansea goal-line, which was a great chance he could have converted.
  • Seems like distinction of roles crucial for orgs clear on what is needed, EXACTLY what to optimize.
  • At this point, Wigan find themselves three points clear with two winnable matches remaining.
  • The Yes Men stopped business-as-usual; remember how the luncheon cleared after the introduction of the Vivoleum candles?
  • When large sums of money are involved, money is cleared through central banks by way of ACATs.
  • The above portion of this article tried to make you clear about the connotation of Free Media and National Security.
  • He was released, though police said no one has been cleared as a suspect.
  • Payment must be cleared before the goods are dispatched.
  • Mccaw had already been cleared out of the ruck! And to use the forearm like that, way to get yourself sent off.
  • It helps to simplify your thoughts and make them clear rather than looking vague or unoriginal.
  • Now I want to noise and jest however roaring a No-Popery song you I should think countenance cleared up Ay.
  • Blemishes must clear within a handful of weeks, your skin must be less oily, and you will experience less frequent acne flare-ups.
  • The system of cheque clearing without truncation has been in place for a long period.

captivate by, for, with, from or in?

  • I found your blog and was immediatly captivated by it.
  • Beautiful graphics and addictive gameplay will keep you captivated for hours.
  • These tactics were invented by people just very similar to you personally and me who were captivated with setting up a distinction.
  • Imagine if that excitement were captivated in learning projects and learning games that will benefit them later.
  • Cants as swell as fiscal origination get captivated upon the danger of no faith stay loans in organization to amount their loan supplying utility.

"cower in" or "cower from"?

  • Don't cower in defence go and have a go at em.
  • In Delhi now but cowering from the heat.
  • The progressive minority cowers before the might of the conservative majority.
  • With love and solidarity, Alison (That's my real name, I have never cowered behind a protective shroud since I have nothing to hide.
  • We didn't respond by cowering with fear and disavowing our faith so that we could save ourselves from persecution.
  • So the two of us joined the Thais in cowering on the floor, feeling a little sheepish that it had taken us so long to arrive at this decision.
  • I have never cowered to bullys.

clutch at, for, in, onto or to?

  • Dear oh dear Thomas, talk about clutching at straws.
  • Leather or vinyl clutches for less formal events when a smaller purse is still desirable.
  • Or the paper clutched in Fireflight's white-knuckled hand.
  • I have come to the conclusion that, the Kenyan woman seems to be clutching onto the straws of recognition and will just but do anything to be heard.
  • The day after, Jono went the way of the unknown soldier, drifting away under the stars, clutched to Ruby's amazing bosom, a victim of undiagnosed internal soap injuries.
  • There was severe gearbox judder in reverse so Peugeot fitted a new gearbox and clutch under warranty - no quibbles.

chime in, with, into or as?

  • I am amazed that most all involved long ago chimed in.
  • This result does seem to chime with the view that countries which take on debt quickly are more likely to take on unsustainable levels of debt which subsequently act as a drag upon GDP.
  • Great comments, everyone, and I'd glad to see so many new faces chiming into the discussion! I'd like to point out one comment from Stacy: This is a hard one if you're just starting up.

"confide in" or "confide to"?

  • Finally, she confided in her mother.
  • In October, I confided to another co-worker (let's call her Jill) my feelings.
  • He confided about this to another bhikkhu.
  • Famously Kermit has confided on air that ' as a tadpole in the Swamp, I had 3,265 brothers and sisters! ' For him finding his father has always been an impossible dream.

"converse with" or "converse in"?

  • Step 5; Conversing with the locals.
  • The ethnic groups also converse in the various languages and dialects.
  • We will converse about improving our community.
  • We perceive this at once when we converse on an important subject with any person whose face is concealed.
  • I may be able to converse for just a few seconds.
  • I regularly talk to myself in Cantonese with these new words and phrases to ensure when I need to converse to a native speaker, my words come off the tip off my tongue like in English.

"collude with" or "collude in"?

  • Thursday, October 18, 2012 PM Seems to be Colluding with the Sabah CM, BUT ARE WE.
  • Belhaj says that in doing this the British Intelligence agencies effectively were colluding in kidnapping and torture.
  • I don't believe our media outlets give a rats enough to collude like that.

cripple by, in, from, after or because?

  • You should not be crippled by it.
  • The resource base was then cheap, but infrastructure was crippling in cost.
  • I also take care of many boomers who are crippled from accidents caused by alcohol or drugs.
  • The nuclear plant at Fukushimi was crippled after an earthquake and tsunami devastated north-east Japan last month.
  • He said industry had been crippled due to loadshedding, adding the government had not taken practical measures to turn the situation around.
  • Situation in Vanni is grave-- people are killed in 100s everyday; most of the injured people are crippled for life.

"cram into" or "cram with"?

  • Thursday evening saw a load of people cram into a 15 at around 5.
  • The meeting was crammed with enthusiastic opponents of the Church of Rome.
  • Air Force was trying to cram in hundreds of landings and departures.
  • This wasn't simply a matter of cramming for exams.
  • It might not really appear to be a lot however it may be unpleasant to possess your own loath crammed below your own earphones in the capturing variety.
  • I haven't flown much, but I can say that being crammed next to someone who smells like sweaty cabbage, consuming refreshments out of plastic that smells faintly of fish is not cool.
  • Tents, vans, camera crews and news anchors were crammed outside the courthouse, baying for every last morsel of the Anthony case.

cede to, by, because, in or into?

  • The island was considered a part of the New York State but in 1692, it was ceded to Massachusetts.
  • The city was finally conquered by France under King Louis XIV in 1673 and officially ceded by the 1679 Treaties of Nijmegen.
  • So ' Somaliland ' wants to cede because of fear being dominated?, i think you will find the people of Buuhodle share your sentiment.

clog with, by, from, in or of?

  • Apparently they are clogged with uninsured people.
  • A protective guard or screen installed on your gutters can avoid them becoming clogged by leaves and save you the arduous process of frequent cleaning.
  • There was no contamination of the magnetic plugs and no sign of clogging in the oil filter.
  • A section ahead, deals with a case study which shows that how people's refusal to accept bad relief goods have resulted in clogging of warehouses, railway godowns etc.
  • But as for defense, it's going to be killer with Pau and Bynum clogging up the lane with their length.

"confiscate by" or "confiscate from"?

  • Many hearts were broken as meats, cheeses and bread were confiscated by Customs (PDF 650KB) officers.
  • According to the records that had been confiscated from the missionaries ' home, this had been a thriving business, and nearly 25 of such transactions had already taken place.
  • During this time Miss Okpara's only solace is her diary, which Linda confiscates at one stage.
  • A similar package was confiscated in a cargo-distribution center at East Midlands Airport in England.
  • In practice, your guns will be confiscated for the duration of your stay, and returned immediately prior to your departure.
  • Maldives: Firearms must be declared on arrival and will be confiscated until departure.
  • It also includes many houses, and complete deserted cities like Jaffa, Lydda and Ramleh, where much property was confiscated after the 1948 war.
  • Most of the guns had either been confiscated during police operations over the years or decommissioned.

comb through, at, before, in or out?

  • The police combed through the debris in search of clues.
  • Peek Jill Scott throwing afro combs at Nicki Minaj and her Barbz! The Lady Gaga fans wanted a piece of the action.
  • Wool roving is a single ply wool that has been combed out of sheep fleece, drawn out into a clump and slightly twisted into a yarn to keep the fibers together.

cluster in, around, round, according or along?

  • Faceoffs clustered in the Reign's zone.
  • The latest census reveals a collection of neighbourhoods clustered around King Street, Newtown, with an unusually high proportion of couples where women earn more than their men.
  • Arthur and Trillian clustered round.
  • You can trivially show how words cluster according to individual proclivities by data mining Twitter.
  • Some seven small Margaree-themed communities are clustered along this valley floor, a world apart from the rugged drama of the surf-battered coast -- it's more reminiscent of Vermont than Maine.
  • They'd be flagged by # of test clustered during a GC.
  • Patients also completed SF-36, an extensively used generic questionnaire containing 36 items clustered into eight dimensions.
  • From the moon it rolled, clustered about the spires and towers, and then settled below them, so that the dreaming peaks were still in lofty aspiration toward the sky.
  • Kafka nodes can be clustered for availability and extra capacity, which we've done.
  • Because of that, the marshes and wetlands that birds clustered to before was paved to make room for the developing city.
  • You can follow this point throughout the night, as it will remain one fist to the right of the V-shaped Hyades Cluster with its bright star Aldebaran (pronounced Al-deb ' -a-ran).

"convene by" or "convene in"?

  • Such a meeting shall be convened by the secretary.
  • A three-judge panel is convened in such cases.
  • The newly-elected MPs will convene at a police academy in Mogadishu for the secret ballot.
  • The TWG on Normalization was convened for the first time.
  • Next month these players will convene on Roynos Lythwas and St.
  • Term of Appointment The Strategy Advisory Group will be convened during June 2001, and will operate for the duration of the Biosecurity Strategy project.
  • A press conference was convened to showcase Shahid, a film based on the remarkable life, career trajectory and murder of human rights activist and lawyer Shahid Azmi by noted filmmaker Hansal Mehta.
  • Italy's new parliament did not convene until May 30.
  • At their biannual meetings the Panel convenes with the European Parliament Osteoporosis Interest Group, which comprises MEPs with an interest in osteoporosis and women's health.

"campaign for" or "campaign against"?

  • He campaigned for those in need.
  • Mr Grindley began campaigning against the policy.
  • Here's video of him campaigning in Ohio on 12/7/07.
  • That doesn't mean Labour didn't campaign on those issues.
  • Some have become case studies that we use for media work or on our website to inspire others to campaign with us.
  • With Napoleonic ambitions no longer subjecting Europe to campaign after campaign, Mankind could finally look ahead to a period of peace and progress.
  • If the campaigners at BAE Systems ' AGM have been reported correctly, they are engaged in campaigning as recreation.
  • But off and on, now and then, it was heard as we campaigned through the various states.
  • He has campaigned under the banner of probity, and promised attention to women's athletics and the growing local collegiate circuit.

"conspire against" or "conspire with"?

  • However, the weather conspired against that.
  • The British secret service conspired with the U.
  • They CONSPIRED to f*ck us up is an OPINION.
  • The universe conspires for retribution.
  • Finally, thanks for clarifying what truly conspired in quashing of the WTC.
  • The sky soothed him, conspiring along with the memory of his conversation with Cho to put him in a better mood than he'd been in in quite a while.

"choke on" or "choke with"?

  • I hope he chokes on the money the industry is stuffing in his pockets.
  • The streets hitherto choked with military traffic were deserted.
  • But, like the proverbial cure for cancer hidden in the rain forest, the next great idea could be cut down tomorrow, choked by the tyranny of using only what we know.
  • Dangling from her throat, literally choking to death in front of me.
  • Danny is choked in The Shining, maybe, as his father Jack suggests, by himself.
  • See, it seems that almost everybody - and I really mean %70+ are in favor of choking off power.
  • Their footballers have consistently failed to deliver on the world stage, choking at important moments.
  • Will he continue to breath fire, or choke under the pressure? I think there's good reason to expect Goran to be a dragon instead of a hatchling.

categorize into, by, as, in or under?

  • Most of them can be categorized into two groups.
  • They do not want to be categorised by others as failures.
  • Arson, however, has long been categorized as a violent offense.
  • The residential buildings for the officers are not categorised in the way that they were planned.
  • And this is categorized under Melodrama, please people.
  • Businesses can be categorised according to the industry they belong to, by industry-focused ads with captions and engaging headline.
  • They're obviously writing something liminal/marginal and don't want to be categorised on either side in isolation.
  • Many Latino respondents refused to be categorised with recent Latino immigrants.
  • Student performance is categorised at three levels: mastery, near mastery, and non-mastery.

"clip on", "clip from" or "clip by"?

  • As I did the lad on the front, decked in Strada shorts and tri clip on bars looked agog.
  • I've since quit altogether after being clipped by a truck.
  • You can find more information and clips from the songs on DR's website on the selection here.
  • Get yourself a cheap mic to clip onto your shirt.
  • A little shimmy down the wicket and the ball is clipped to the leg side.
  • Animoto turns your photos and video clips into a professional looking slideshow.
  • Now remember that a bra is clipped with hooks, as opposed to buttons or snaps.
  • Over dinner and photos of planes, Hoover admitted he'd had 20 crashes, including one where he clipped off the wings flying between two trees.
  • Articles and TV clips about the plight of cleaners appear from time to time, people briefly look, say that's a shame, shrug and then go back to what they were doing.
  • A pair of J-clip pliers will need to be purchased; these pliers clamp the metal clips around the edges of two sheets of wire to hold the cage together.
  • GSP made no excuses for being clipped behind the ear.
  • I'd not surprised that Mike Brown was clipped considering the public pressure from fans who feel the sky is falling and have the desire to win now.
  • Watched the crow clip for the first time.
  • I just watched a video clip of Dem commentator/pollster Larry Sabato.
  • Mark O'Treasaigh kept his scoring average up and clipped over a fine long-range effort as the match entered the final quarter.
  • In fairness to the Italian, the goal came as a direct result of Jack Rodwell's poor pass, which allowed Marco Reus to storm through and clip past Hart.
  • Definitions, video clips regarding interference on the forecheck, slashing -- but as far as major changes, there was nothing along those lines.
  • Porgy does fly but it is actually time for his wings to get clipped since Winter is coming and he is inside.

counsel for, on, by, to or against?

  • Counsel for the plaintiff? Messrs.
  • The reforms the economic advisor counsels on the prime minister then should be based on these economic statements -- plans if you will.
  • And what about the patience counseled by our President? I've got plenty to say about that too, but no energy to say it tonight.
  • Chris provides advice and counsel to fee earners, particularly in relation to conflicts of interest, confidentiality and privilege, management of risk and ethical matters.
  • It takes getting advice and counsel from others.
  • The recipient shall ensure that qualified handicapped students are not counseled toward more restrictive career objectives than are nonhandicapped students with similar interests and abilities.
  • It is preferable that the written directions be shown to counsel before being given to the jury.
  • The attorney had contacted a person represented by counsel in a criminal investigation.
  • Moreover, Sivanesan had appointed him counsel through a letter.

compound by, in, with, of or for?

  • This is compounded by the jumping mechanics as well.
  • These mechanics compound in urban environments.
  • These challenges are compounded with the increasing effects of climate change.
  • After he had spent three days with de chameleon en de weaver bird, He recognised that de weaver bird was a great maker of words compounded of lies en truth.
  • Aguero went down after tangling with Arbeloa and what seemed a harsh decision was compounded for Real as the former Liverpool man was shown the red card.
  • The problem is further compounded as from 1964 to the present debt service has grown from 9% to 16.
  • Radio is a problem, but it's compounded at retail where it's almost impossible to get the product in stores.
  • Because I knew, I just knew that more misery would be compounded on us.
  • This will only be compounded without Barry to mask Johnson's occasional space cadet status.

"coexist with" or "coexist in"?

  • It may coexist with AMS or HACE.
  • Power and impotence co-exist in men's lives.
  • Bicycles and motorized vehicles would co-exist on our roadways without car doors being opened.
  • Those virtues coexist alongside Prince Alexander 6 fighting giant, terribly rendered CGI dogs, but they're virtues nonetheless.
  • But I see PCs and smart mobile devices co-existing for a long time.
  • The word hoped from social enviroment to social enviroment until its change in semantics allowed it to coexist by inhabiting a different semantic niche.
  • Cows and humans coexist like domestic dogs and cats.

complicit in, with or by?

  • Complicit in your own undoing, you elected the folks that made it happen.
  • If you and I who have the advantages of education and exposure remain distant and unengaged we are actually complicit with the injustices around us.
  • As in the USA, the accountants, politicians and regulators were hopeless or complicit by doing nothing to prevent the inevitable disaster.

constrain by, in, to, for or within?

  • The length is constrained by the story itself.
  • So those who are a bit constrained in the budget can still do resistance trainings.
  • Being less constrained to clarity, one can be more forceful.
  • Dayan Jayatilaka himself accepts such a collective conciousness exists and it is a constrain for working out for creating a more inclusive and jsut soceity in Sri Lanka.
  • It is no longer pointless but constrained within the Providence of God.
  • However, oil production is currently constrained at between 27-30 kbopd because the gas export has been restricted due to ongoing work on the compressors and power systems.
  • If minimum and/or maximum are not also auto, then the dimension shall be constrained between those limits.
  • Rhythm action games would be noticeably easier to play if the image were streamed to Wii U's GamePad, constrained from the latency issues of modern HDTVs.
  • But that make public transport easier to provide, as the population is constrained into narrow corridors with a central focus.
  • While we would love to expose an ARM userland driver for the DSI -- we don't yet have one and we're rather resource constrained towards getting it done.
  • The RBA will be constrained with monetary policy as the AUD crumbles, i.

"clothe in" or "clothe with"?

  • Now look, they'll prophesy one thousand, two hundred and three score days, clothed in sackcloth.
  • And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud:.
  • The sultan, who had always seen Aladdin's mother dressed very meanly, not to say poorly, was surprised to find her as richly and magnificently clothed as the princess his daughter.
  • Unlike other forms of massage, no massage oil is applied, so you remain fully clothed during the treatment.
  • The tower Yang is surprised to shout a, hurriedly by hand medium of a clothes of pink cover up private parts.

confine to, in, within, by or under?

  • Staging system Ti: Confined to cords.
  • The blast whipped up fear among residents of the city who were confined in their homes.
  • It had no boundaries, it was not confined within the shabby beliefs of the society.
  • Congressional behavior, Executive policy makers and intellectual discourse are confined by these ZPC-determined parameters.
  • The maximum continuous period for leaving a horse standing in a stall is 6 hours, except where the animal is being confined under veterinary supervision.
  • So, there he was lying, confined with nothing left but his life.

cruise to, at, through, on or in?

  • She cruised to victory in straight games -- 21-9, 21-4.
  • A typical commercial jet will cruise at Mach 0.
  • Cruising through ECR, you will have to cross Muttukadu before you hit the spot.
  • One of the best starting points when cruising in the Leewards is in Antigua.
  • Meanwhile Taylor Cole was cruising on the mound.
  • Other large pelagic animals may also be seen cruising along the wall, such as sharks, turtles and manta rays.
  • Both Mainland and Isles teams have cruised into the semi-final and meet against each other on Thursday.
  • OK!? Seriously, this page is information for anyone contemplating cruising with a weapon aboard.
  • Cruising After a bad start Alvin Ong's SMU Team from Singapore on Amanda have scored three wins in a row.
  • None of my friends ever fixed hot rods in their parents ' garage and cruised around the shore towns with their high school sweethearts.
  • It's the Tesla Model S, a sleek electric four-door sedan with the ability to cruise for 426km on a single charge - its also offers touchscreen controls for numerous functions.
  • Thurot left Sweden early in 1758 and cruised off the eastern and northern coasts of Scotland, where he captured even more ships.
  • Cruise up the River Shannon to Lough Ree (1hr 15min) or down river to the monastic settlement and round tower of Clonmacnoise (1hr 30min one way).

"chant in" or "chant for"?

  • Then comes the question of how to chant in this language.
  • I'll chant for you if you chant for me! Sorry to hear about the injury.
  • When I listen to the Heart Sutra chanted by Deva Premal I can feel my heart begin to open.
  • Conversely, there are special slokas which when chanted with precision and in the right spirit can actually make the rains cease when there is too much of it.
  • The mind is often distracted and if words are spoken or chanted at that time then it is as though they have not been spoken at all.
  • Once a player in this current team does something that's worth chanting about, then I'd sure we will.
  • According to Patanjali, in one of his Sutras, Svadhyaya includes even chanting of Om, recitation of a Divine Name.
  • It includes several essential texts that are chanted to this day by laypeople and monastics around the world of Theravada Buddhism.
  • I know of individuals who have used chanting as a form of avoidance of the work of the lower chakras.
  • As for the old chestnut of finding no remains, give me a break, that rubbish is chanted like a skeptic mantra every time mystery animals are mentioned.
  • His son, and Bob's grandson, Jo Mersa, showed his own rough and tough chanting on Bad So, and the next generation in action.
  • They didn't chant through any rituals about the 10 precepts or the 227 precepts.
  • Rooney's only back a couple of games, van Persie has largely been the hero this season, the chanting vs.
  • The Mantra is not supposed to be suddenly taken into chanting without an obeisance offered to the great master who envisioned this Mantra in his meditations.

creep into, in, up, over or to?

  • Now, Islamists (Thambis) are trying to creep into this.
  • Misfortune crept in the mix and he was sidelined by an accident.
  • The innumerable stars that had been scattered around the sky illuminating the heavens had faded and gradually the first ray of light crept over the water giving my surroundings a hazy glow.
  • By chance, or else attracted by hearing his voice, it crept to Mr.
  • He slowly creeps up to the firecracker laying on the ground (the un-dug hole) He carefully lights the fuse, (drilling the hole).
  • This monstrous glacier crept across the continent with enormous force, carving huge chasms, grinding up rock and anything else in its path.
  • I crept from train to train, checking which ones were ready to go.
  • One word can initiate a new beginning and your writing spirit can creep out of that dark hole and you can write once again.
  • There were lots of corners in the course, and after the early crashes everyone had learned it would be best to creep around the corners to stay upright.
  • As he crept through the vestry, he heard a sound from the church.
  • My Calenus, age creeps upon us - let us, at least, feel that we have lived.
  • Even at his advanced age, crawling and creeping for several minutes daily will improve his reading skills.
  • I certainly don't creep on her on facebook.
  • It's because they keep looking for ways to creep past the boundaries.
  • I can live with the small shortcomings in grip compared to felts in the water -- just take a little more care and a wading staff if you are creeping toward my age.
  • One night I saw him sneaking out of his cage; he'd opened it and was creeping towards the audience.

"correlate with" or "correlate to"?

  • Global Co2 rise correlates with global temperature rise.
  • Risk taking propensity is also significantly and positively correlated to positive workplace deviance.
  • If there is such a bias, furthermore, it is likely to be correlated across different states, especially if they are demographically similar.
  • The oscillations can be correlated for an optimization.
  • Location and word content must correlate in depicting the real picture of what is being displayed and talked about.

carve into, out, in, on or with?

  • The bar itself is quite charming with the wooden shapes of various animals carved into its base.
  • The masks are carved out of the wood of aspen.
  • It was carved in China from a block of white jade.
  • A bass relief of faces, arrows and circles were carved on the stone.
  • A peronsal seal carved with the characters Qi Baishi is affixed below.
  • The statue is believed to be carved from a piece of the Chinga iron meteorite that fell near the border of Siberia and Mongolia around 15,000 years ago.
  • Sticks The first hockey sticks were carved by Mi'kmaq natives of Nova Scotia.
  • Joseph Conrad was actually a Polish national, but carved for himself a giant territory in the world of English literature.
  • To help you carve through a few of the options, the editors and members of online travel advisor VirtualTourist.
  • I love hopping boulders and leapt, boulder to boulder, upstream to the deep green pool carved at the foot of the lower falls we had passed.
  • The new feature allows anyone interested to strap on a pair of snowshoes and explore the various tracks carved throughout the mountain.
  • This has already been completely debunked in academic circles as an obvious fabrication -- it was carved within the last 50 years.

"compel by" or "compel to"?

  • For most vegans they feel compelled by a mixture of all of these reasons.
  • Right to compel to any act of duty 61.
  • It also reviews the illustrious career of one of the pioneers in sleep research, compelling in its own right.
  • They want to make sure that their attractions remain compelling for visitors, ' added Mr Iswaran, who is also Second Minister for Home Affairs and Second Minister for Trade and Industry.
  • It manages to be genuinely disturbing and compelling with none of the sensationalism you might expect from an adaptation of a.
  • Because chances are they wo n't, unless you make your instructions as clear and compelling as a drill sergeant's marching orders.

certify by, as, to, under or for?

  • These 109 products generally must be tested and certified by BIS in India.
  • Raised by a sailing father and certified as a captain by the U.
  • You also certify to the CTC that if You are an individual (i.
  • These used to be called dust/fume/mist (DFM) masks that were certified under an previous standard.
  • The servers should be certified for Windows Server 2008 R2.
  • She is a CPA certified in the State of Maryland.
  • Rumors of the child's birth had been rife but finally certified with the final declaration of the demise of the first gentleman of Ghana, president John Evans Atta-Mills.
  • Of AngloGold Ashanti's operations, 63% are fully certified against the Code.
  • KenCall's technical support representatives ' are certified on Cisco, Microsoft and other leading technology providers ' products meaning they can deal easily with level 1 technical enquiries.

complicate by, for, in, with or about?

  • All estimates are complicated by powerful variables.
  • In addition, until now, it's been complicated for users to incorporate their personal collection of MP3s or ripped CDs and have access to all of that music on any device, anywhere they go.
  • Man is not complicated in feelings but woman are very complicated.
  • I went from simple to a little bit complicated with green screens.
  • What is complicated about running such a system.
  • The development came shortly after she realized that she might be in love with her step-brother, so things are just a little complicated between the show's two main characters right now.
  • This substantial world has numerous strategies, tools, and methods, that it could seem somewhat complicated concerning exactly where you should get started.
  • I spent a few weeks trying to cook from home, and quickly gave up on making anything complicated due to the lack of ingredients that I'd used to.
  • Given the biased nature of our press, regardless whose press, Nebula invites a forum that complicates rather than simplifies the aetiologies of political and military conflicts throughout the world.
  • The legal situation in Ireland, however, is complicated regarding surrogacy.

crush by, to, under, with or on?

  • Some were machine-gunned; others were crushed by tanks.
  • NOSE-BLEEDING: Take the hard skin of almonds, roast in oven and crush to fine powder.
  • If you didn't have your back up all the time, you'd likely get crushed under the chaos.
  • My ardor had begun to cool, unbelievably, &; I was crushed with shame.
  • Individuality and individual expression were not to be crushed on either esthetic or moral grounds.
  • More than three hundred thousand people visit the mill each year to see how fresh apples get crushed into cider.
  • This is the rise of ordinary people which must be crushed at any cost.
  • The series went from being one of the most anticipated, to one of the biggest flops as India were crushed in every single discipline of the game.
  • His right arm was crushed between the rock and canyon wall.
  • With bolts, a small redistribution of load from the end bolts to the interior bolts occurs due to crushing of the wood at the end bolts.
  • According to this law, the offender's car is only crushed after offenders get three strikes.
  • She took a few tight steps, placing one stilettoed foot in front of the other, concentrating on the sensation the strawberries created as they slipped and crushed against each other.
  • According to local media reports, a 60-year-old man who was killed died in the village of Wycinki after being crushed beneath his collapsing house.
  • The pretext was it endangered the state as controlled by the UK parliament, and it had to be crushed prior to any distribution.

"cure by" or "cure of"?

  • My wife was cured by chemo plus radiation.
  • Some have even been cured of their diseases.
  • If detected early, syphilis can be cured with antibiotics.
  • People are cured in as little as six months.
  • These people would do almost anything to try to find a non-invasive treatment or cure for their condition.
  • This is because except when it is caused due to a specific medical condition, most back pain can only be cured through rest.
  • They are immediately cured from serious back pain, orthopedic problems and cracks in bone.
  • SilverhairedSurfer Liberalism is a disease that can't be cured without killing the patient.
  • A newborn, it was reported, was miraculously cured after a month in the ICU by a miracle of the Filipino saint.

"congregate in" or "congregate at"?

  • Flagging down cars, congregating in front of play grounds, drinking.
  • People were requested to congregate at Mukhiya's place in ward no 01 on the 5th visit.
  • I get a phone call to meet up in the usual spot where people have congregated for over a decade at certain times to chat about cars and perform a spot of mental cleansing.
  • It's all about maintaining law &; order, we have the same there here, albeit to a lesser extent, for example when gangs are prevented from congregating around shopping centres &; train stations.
  • Here the bright young things of the city congregate on Friday and Saturday nights.
  • The protesters are to congregate near the Clock Tower and march to the Kachcheri, Jaffna to hand over their memorandum expressing their concerns to Minister Douglas Devananda.
  • People tend to congregate by the entrance, so head to another part of the fair where it will probably be quieter Avoid walking round the fair with a group of friends.
  • These were all strategically situated locations, mostly at the mouths of big rivers where large seasonal parties of Natives would congregate during the summer.
  • It's the time when sourcers and recruiters congregate from all parts of the globe to gain knowledge from industry leading experts and to rub elbows with peers they haven't seen in months.
  • He started congregating towards his friends and walked towards me.

circulate in, to, on, by or among?

  • It is widely been circulated in the streets that Mr.
  • It is recommended that the minutes be circulated to committee.
  • Rumours are circulating on singer Grace Jones and former.
  • Cotton is breathable fabric, allows air to circulate by way of skin and remains cool in summers and warm in winters thus they are favored for all seasons.
  • I have heard some rumors circulating among NYC-area clergy from my parish priest.
  • As the air circulates around this point, the cloud system becomes distorted.
  • Owuor is simply teaching false doctrines that have been circulated for many years.
  • Rumours Circulated about Heidi Slimane and The Rolling Stones.
  • In older, draftier properties, air was able to circulate through the property and moisture could escape.
  • Partisan graphics circulating via email and Facebook are both incorrect.
  • Heated air, steam or h2o is then circulated as a result of duct function or pipes in the course of your dwelling, and these solutions can be either compelled air or radiant high temperature.
  • This happens to be achieved by having water and coffee staying circulated within each appliance and cooked various times.
  • Origin In horse racing circles tips on which horse is a likely winner circulate amongst punters.
  • Even printed leaflets with such information were also circulated at such meetings.
  • The heat reservoir was drilled into at two locations almost 100m apart and water circulated between them, passing through the hot rocks.
  • Note that a portable fume hood is not sufficient if the gas is circulated into a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter or equivalent.
  • With rumours circulating of artist Visa quibbles, Respect Jamaica needed something special to recover its momentum.
  • The number of outbreaks caused by DENV-1 serotype, which is circulating since 1940s, is increasing, though the number is less than that for DENV-2.
  • Rent a fog machine to keep the mists circulating throughout your party.

confer on, by, with, upon or from?

  • On February l4, l965, Malcolm and Martin conferred on the phone.
  • John conferred by Sovereign Head.
  • Make sure that you confer with that inner spirit.
  • The same patriarchy confers upon men a false sense of power and invincibility to conquer all odds.
  • There could be reasons to oppose the drug despite the potential benefit it might confer in this case, however.
  • I confess to being equivocal about his invitation to conduct one of the simplest yet most prized ceremonies that can be conferred at an Olympic Games.
  • The broader the powers conferred under an empowering provision, the less possibility there is of a court finding that the delegated legislation exceeds the power laid down in the statute.

"classify as" or "classify into"?

  • This is in no way to be classified as food.
  • These were broadly classified into 4 sections i.
  • Women were classified in two groups.
  • Organic compounds are classified by the functional groups they contain.
  • Stories are classified according to statistical methods and major topics of interest.
  • The activities classified under this sector involve either the sale of goods or the rendering of services.
  • A person should not be classified with such oppressive and depriving term.
  • For example an apprentice carpenter is classified to the appropriate trade group, unit group 7271 Carpenters.
  • Shortly after, the state government, which was classified among the states in category ' A ', based on the level of devastation, had received the sum of #500million in the interim.
  • The cause of death was classified from the point of view of possible prevention.
  • Apprentices Apprentices are classified within the groups for tradesmen/women.

clash with, in, on, at or against?

  • However, he said he would not entertain a clash with him.
  • Aleksandar Karakasevic and Kenta Matsudaira clashed in the second match.
  • Both nations clash on the pitch at 5:30 p.
  • Needless to say my degree and my dreams are clashing at the moment.
  • He also didn't have to wait long for a taste of what it is like trying to work in the court of Francesco Totti as the pair clashed during the Europa League qualifiers.
  • The two companies have clashed for much of the last decade.
  • You need to be aware of where your teammates are running so that you will not clash into them.
  • Uganda and the DRC have previously clashed over the small island of Rukwanzi in Lake Albert.

"compromise on" or "compromise by"?

  • But Ishant doesn't want to compromise on speed.
  • Wake up NZ voters you are being compromised by outsiders, e.
  • They have a choice; compromise with the President, or keep their pledge to Grover.
  • ISAF/AFP/Getty Images Members of Congress want to know whether national security was ever compromised in the Petraeus affair.
  • Organic has been commercialized and compromised to some extent.
  • They are having to face up to compromise for the national good.
  • Everything else in the project is compromised as a consequence.
  • It thus gained greater influence on the management of pastoral resources, although it always had to compromise because of high transaction costs.
  • A review into the case found that the service being provided to Tania was compromised due to short-staffing at the hospital.
  • The American political system is supposed to be built around checks and balances and compromise across the aisle.
  • In a coalition situation, on the other hand, while the radical options may well be compromised after the election, nevertheless they may at least have been on the electoral agenda to begin with.
  • This way no one has to compromise at any stage.
  • Reconcile interests rather than compromising between positions.
  • What Zizek is suggesting is that Leninism led to Stalinism and so the Bolshevik revolution was compromised from the very beginning.
  • Many couples today are refusing to compromise within moderation when differences arise.
  • You compromise without abandoning key principles.

"conceal from" or "conceal in"?

  • These notes purport to be dated 27 November 2000 but were concealed from me till after 27 April 2004.
  • Cleverly concealed in the glove box of his car.
  • From May 1945, Irish newspapers began to carry a roll of honour of Irish military personnel whose deaths had been concealed by the censors.
  • I found in him, on the contrary, an extreme mistrustfulness concealed under a mask of naivete, and an intelligence of considerable range.
  • This is also referred to models where the cistern is concealed behind a wall or inside bathroom furniture.
  • Concealed on the south side of Sumba Island in eastern Indonesia, it is not a place you go to by chance, but somewhere you have to make an active effort to reach.
  • Revenge is concealed with Him for the future, sealed up in.

compensate for, by, with, in or as?

  • The technology is not compensating for that.
  • First, perhaps blind echolocators have compensated by developing especially acute ability to hear.
  • He was later compensated with the post of a Special ADVISER by Obasanjo.
  • The incident is horrible which can not be compensated in any way.
  • It was in January this year that Zhang's father realized, after receiving his son's work injury certification, that his son would only be compensated as a Huizhou employee.
  • I think only those who are not highly paid would explore and exploit other revenues to be compensated at the expenses of the people.
  • United became rigid in both tempo and movement and so attempted to compensate through pushing higher.
  • The body compensates to anything one throws at it to make up for the temporary gains.

compile by, from, in, for or on?

  • Quotations are compiled by bunpeiris B.
  • Its a resin but compiled from all the crystals off the plant.
  • The QS World Rankings are in their ninth year since they were first compiled in 2004.
  • This data has been compiled for 18 years, and the I.
  • The best responses are compiled on a YouTube video uploaded later that day.
  • The GLES examples can't compile with my present configuration, whatever target I pick.
  • The inner class is compiled into **31;3155;TOOLONG, in the formet of **29;3188;TOOLONG.
  • If you want to read something that is compiled of disturbing instances that we don't see in the mainstream media, this is the book to get.
  • Several packages need to be compiled against the Debian's Linux kernel and Xorg.
  • This Bibliography was compiled as a by-product of the work of the Locus Project, an ongoing collaboration, based in the Department of Early and Medieval Irish, University College Cork.
  • Annex 04<br />Case studies compiled during data collectionSNName of the Case01Nunu Lal Sardar: Use of indeginous knowledge for relief and rescue.
  • In responding to this growing demand, NBS is making available online an expansive collection of data compiled over the years.
  • Localised programming languages that all compile to an intermediate language (like msil or java bytecode )? Heck, why not.
  • A statically linked Linux binary and source code, which we were able to compile under Ubuntu 12.
  • You are forced to handle exceptions while writing the main logic and can not leave them as an afterthought - Your program can not compiled without the exception handling codes.

"curse by" or "curse on"?

  • Ham also had other sons but they were not cursed by Noah.
  • She is cursed on her role as a mother and as a helper.
  • Lucie cops arrested Rojas for breaching the peace because he repeatedly cursed at them despite warnings to calm down.
  • There is the bill from the European rabbit, introduced for food by British settlers to Australia and New Zealand only to become cursed for ravaging grasslands and crops.
  • Curse in a language they can't.
  • Angel is a 242-year-old vampire cursed with longevity for prolonged punishment of his past sins.
  • No one thinks that Eve by virtue of her role was cursed before the Fall.
  • The sanction for their enforcement is spiritual reward or curse according to man's deeds.
  • He curses under his breath as he hears people walking past his door laughing.
  • Farming will always be hard work because the ground is cursed because of sin.
  • However, it seems to me that so-called complementarianism does amount to belief that Eve was cursed from the beginning -- by being necessarily subordinate to and submissive to her husband.
  • But he does not claim Eve was cursed prior to the Fall.
  • His subjects aren't of the Wilfred Owen variety -- there's not a soldier bent double or cursing through sludge in sight.
  • I also blame Rich Dad Poor Dad for this, may its name be cursed to the thousandth generation.

"counter with", "counter to" or "counter by"?

  • Cain countered with an 11/11/11 plan.
  • This weakness at home was countered by a growing power in the west.
  • Critics argued that the law runs counter to the U.
  • I stood by the poultry counter at my local supermarket the other night and watched (I pretended to be checking my shopping list, lest I look like a total weirdo.
  • His first project with Paula was the fifth edition of Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me.
  • This claim was successfully countered in that post and in its comments.
  • Five minutes later, the visitors countered through the right, Fatos Be? iraj drilled in a cross inside the penalty area that, for the puzzlement of all, Rafinha clipped into his own net.

"crash into", "crash on" or "crash in"?

  • Beachy's aircraft crashed into San Francisco Bay.
  • A dream that started off perfect, but crashed in the end.
  • The driver crashed on Rangitikei Line about 11pm on Friday.
  • Oil prices had crashed to $11 per barrel.
  • Behind me, a figure came crashing through the doorway.
  • So I'd crashing at a mate's and someone has just started having sex in the flat.
  • The World Champions crashed out of the Asia Cup following a loss to a relatively weaker Bangladesh side.
  • The boat was now at the mercy of the mountainous waves crashing against and over the tiny boat.
  • We went back to the cover of some trees and crashed for a few hours.
  • Helmets provide equal levels of protection for crashes involving motor vehicles (69%) and crashes from all other causes (68%).
  • And now I'd listening to the ATC communications from the flight that crashed near Buffalo.
  • Again, Jeremy had friends there who we crashed with for a few days.
  • Zoom, by Andrew Hunter, plays both but crashes after a certain amount of turns have passed.
  • HIS media empire is crashing around him, he's just shut down a scandal-hit newspaper and his BSkyB bid is in tatters, but Rupert Murdoch still came out grinning yesterday.
  • Also, I believe that Jamaica's real estate market is going to eventually crash due to the recent housing boom.
  • Mr Narh urged the public to help minimise road crashes during the campaign and the Yuletide because about 1,800 die annually from road crashes with four people dying daily.
  • Ultimately they over-reach and then crash like a dropped load of concrete.
  • Capsizing was imminent as water came crashing over the decks from all directions.
  • They were wrong about tech, it crashed within the next few months, but probably right about the rest.

chew on, through, with, at or by?

  • When the twig gets soft, chew on it.
  • Chews through the Ipad like it's going out of style.
  • Watch your table manners and chew with your mouth closed.
  • As a meat lover, I definitely can not complain, however, I found some of the meat to be on the tougher side, a little hard to chew at times.
  • Protect against gnawing ially on average it is possible to chewing by means of can sales streams.
  • If gaming had to proceed this way we'd still be chewing over the gristle of Pong.
  • To chew up the road, providing more income for road-building contractors.

crawl into, out, on, with or through?

  • The short answer is they will crawl into anything, and hide anywhere they can.
  • I crawled out of the room and peeked from the corner of the gas station.
  • Go on a pub crawl on one (or all) of the 22 bars downtown Augusta.
  • But crawling with tourists they are (see above).
  • Like Jason Grimsley crawling through the Comiskey ductwork, or the Astros doing this.
  • But he continued to crawl to the Akal Takht.
  • Our planet is like an ant crawling across a DVD when compared to massive Jupiter.
  • He's so uninterested in crawling under homes and the generally daft demands of his chief.
  • The bleak fact is that Scott, Wilson and Bowers were beyond redemption when Oates crawled from the tent.
  • They can crawl onto anything (such as a new bed) any time.
  • It was very unreal-and the ship was blowing an emergency horn as she crawled over the fence that keeps you from falling.
  • I crawled towards the gate down at the front, which was maybe approximately 20 feet or so in front of me, so it came up very fast.
  • When an economy is crawling along the bottom, any small wave is likely to lift our spirits.
  • We put them on the babies and let them crawl around each other in her back yard while we snapped pictures.
  • You'll be crawled by search engine bots every day and multiple times in the day if you post frequently.
  • The WPI inflation for India had crawled up to 7.
  • You went over a very creaky bridge and the train used to just crawl at snail's pace.
  • This means that if your site has a high page rank, chances are, it will be visited and crawled before other, smaller sites on the web.
  • I crawl behind my computer and sure enough there are already some fanciers asking for a racing system.
  • On one occasion while trying to sneak around a nasty rapid, I inadvertently brushed against one and was instantly covered in a million spiders -- crawling in my mouth, my ears, up my nose.
  • However, you have noticed that your communication with some candidates is now crawling like a turtle.
  • The boy crawled off the blanket fetching sticks.
  • The two men at the bottom of the exit shaft were Clive Saxelby and Joe Moul and they came crawling past me in Piccadilly.
  • You know, the real family came to visit us quite a bit on the set and to have them there, that stuff crawls underneath your skin.

comfort to, by, in, for or with?

  • Not all the shoes are equally comfort to your legs.
  • Be Comforted by the fact that those who die in the Lord are blessed.
  • I hope you find peace and comfort in the hours, days and years ahead.
  • Creature comforts for road use include XLR lamp connections for hooking up in the dark, and easy-to-read digital meters.
  • Cespedes stronger arm and comfort with the idea makes it a possibility, Melvin said.
  • Comfort on the motorway as I do drive up north every 5 - 6 weeks.
  • How I deliver the program is an eclectic mix, which I tailor to your individual needs with your safety and comfort as the top priority.
  • While visitors may have to forego creature comforts such as air-conditioning, they are often.
  • I know it is not much comfort at the moment but my PhD was based around diabetes, though mainly focused on eyes.
  • Bringing your household goods to Thailand Some people just can not leave their creature comforts behind when they move to Thailand.
  • Eating field-mice and receiving a different sort of respect or comfort from the community because of it.
  • Adrian, England Peugeot 107 Comfort Plus 2008 Dear Neil (Neil Piper, Essex).

"cheer for" or "cheer on"?

  • Now we cheer for them at political rallies.
  • All good Bobbies should be cheering on the rights of self defence.
  • With thousands of people cheering at the same time, the feeling of joy was manifest.
  • Cheered by my stars, supported by the omens of my soul, we will penetrate to those vast and glorious worlds which my wisdom tells me lie yet un-tracked in the recesses of the circling sea.
  • As a man, my level of participation is slightly limited; yet I vow to always cheer from the sidelines, and I promise to do my best to educate myself and others.
  • Padres fan and Giants fan were cheering in unison.
  • That there are problems with approach is self-evident: Bank Of America has 58 million customers, whereas the campaigns were cheering about the defection of hundreds of thousands.
  • She has a great rapport with a crowd and had everyone cheering along with her.
  • The people cheered as the man took a couple of very shaky, small steps.
  • People were cheering because of baseball.
  • It was impressive to see them sitting out there in the pouring rain and lots of them cheering instead of letting the weather get them down.
  • The crowd appreciated the fight scenes gripped initially by silence, to cheering of support.
  • Like a street performer, Wanamaker brought hope and cheer to all around him.
  • Cheer upon cheer went out by the spectators.

"crack in", "crack on" or "crack with"?

  • And the fact that animation hasn't really been cracked in the UK yet.
  • China needs to get cracking with its international investment.
  • Mr M is currently making me a new table yippee so I need to get cracking on tarting up the old chairs.
  • The thin-wall exhaust manifolds are prone to cracking at the flange where it bolts up to the head.
  • Bobby Jindal (LA) finds his colleagues cracked for even considering the 2016 race this early in the game.
  • And then? Welcome to your 50s, when those teeth that were drilled within an inch of their lives finally crack under the pressure, and they need to be pulled.
  • Appparently the nose wheel strut is damaged and the fuselage was twisted and cracked as a result of the landing which was beyond 5gs.
  • Alongside the release of Windows 8 last week, Microsoft also launched its Windows Phone operating system, as it continues to attempt to crack into the smartphone OS market with more success.
  • Just drop it off of the edge of a kitchen table and it will crack before long.
  • The pips of green gage plums they cracked between their teeth for the kernels inside.
  • Once you've cracked through the thin shards of sugar and got to the bounty beneath it's like licking flavoured silk sheets.
  • Knots of young men in black leather jackets and baggy sweatshirts sell weed and crack to clients, many of whom drive in from the suburbs.
  • Some said there had been too much rain and the roof long cracked after years of stress gave way from water seeping in.
  • Some 900 million tons of rock cracked away from the east face of Turtle Mountain, slamming into the town and earning Frank a place in history as the site of North America's deadliest rockslide.
  • If the blade started to show signs of cracking during this process, it was rejected.
  • I think that may give it some toughness and reduce the likelihood of the glue joint cracking over time.

"cultivate in" or "cultivate by"?

  • Tea is widely cultivated in the higher elevations.
  • Knotweed was cultivated by American Indians for its starchy seeds.
  • At present many of these very steep &; upper slopes are cultivated for maize.
  • Cheerfulness can also be cultivated as a habit.
  • As it was cultivated over the course of many years, goosefoot seeds became larger and more numerous as American Indians harvested the seeds for eating and replanting.
  • Theobroma cacao is now cultivated throughout the tropics.
  • In September 1992, the Maasai were allowed to cultivate inside the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.
  • Depending on the site, coconut palms can be cultivated on agroforestry systems.
  • Still, Steward would always insist that secret to his sauce was in the close relationship he cultivated with his fighters.
  • The number of beneficiary farmer will be hard to calculate as depending on their assets farmers can cultivate between 100 and 50,000 yams.
  • Due to their pious behavior, and my understanding that their devotion to Allah is cultivated from a very young age, it seemed that their loyalty to Islam was absolute.
  • Ezekiel said that The desolate land will be cultivated instead of lying desolate in the sight of all who pass through it.
  • The gross extent cultivated under major crops is Paddy 600,000 ha.

"coordinate by" or "coordinate with"?

  • She also participated in various outreach activities coordinated by her local church.
  • Coordinating with other members of the team 19.
  • It is coordinating between local, state and federal officials and the White House.
  • Drop me a note here, and we can co-ordinate through this blog? (I'd - anil commented on Singapore Hi Ken, Thank you for this lovely comparison.
  • Hips May coordinate for any belt in this Horde unvarying is definitely, strangely enough, a Girdle with Uther.
  • They think the SOPA protests were all coordinated from some central source.
  • Activities are coordinated in such a way that I can do anything I plan.
  • I think, now, we have to be more coordinated on a European level to stop these measures.
  • Dialogue of G-7 and Asian central banks and governments can help coordinate to such an outcome rather than to one of panic dollar selling.
  • It holds the lesser systems of atomic and molecular matter circulating around a center in the planet, and that of the subtle bodies co-ordinated around their microcosmic center.
  • Attacks were coordinated as a response to drone attacks and the killing of the number 2 in AQ.
  • I am confident that Garda efforts co-ordinated under Operation Fiacla are making the desired impact and this should be reflected in forthcoming crime statistics.
  • To get one scene perfect the whole team has to co-ordinate without bothering about the time or location.

cooperate with, in, on, along or at?

  • Instead, he cooperated with the D.
  • You are called to cooperate in this edifying task.
  • I'd like to be able to have that dialogue, but we would have to cooperate on some groundwork first.
  • University 1 is cooperating at the highest level.
  • Yet the DFB with the consent and co-operation of the clubs in the Bundesliga were willing to co-operate for a better national team.
  • They have cooperated over anti-worker budgets and reforms both in Catalonia and Madrid, and ultimately will be willing to do so again when it suits their image.
  • We will inform and cooperate to the fullest with the respective authorities should if we learn about any funds invested with us that come from any illegal activities.

collide with, in, at, before or during?

  • Eventually, he passed Hyun and collided with the taxi.
  • As waves in the ocean dash against one another, the seer and the seen collide in perception.
  • Two speed skaters also collided at the Olympic Oval, one suffering severe lacerations to his upper leg.
  • Well, today worlds collided during my cross country run when on mile 7 I was struggling to continue because I hurt, was tired, and didn't think I could finish.
  • Recently I saw what can happen if a car and a cyclist collide on such a crossing: the victim had to be taken away in a trauma helicopter.
  • There were 2 big storm systems that collided over top of my part of Ontario.
  • In other words, what does it mean to live in an age of augmented reality? We've seen how online and offline fields collide through recent reports in the media.

"converge on" or "converge in"?

  • Converge on the scope of data release, i.
  • It should all converge in San Francisco in about a week and a half.
  • Its approach has converged with international norms, although there remain some China-specific features.
  • Even if story lines converge at some points.
  • By January 1, 2004, the above will converge to a rate of 0-5%.
  • Four prongs became three as the mass of the invading troops converged upon the capital? s transportation nexus.
  • The latter converged into peace/status quo and termination of hostilities.
  • It might be reasonable to expect them to converge towards rates in other euro countries, however the pace of change is uncertain.
  • Thus, by the middle of the 19th century, all ambitious tendencies in painting had converged amid their differences, in an anti-sculptural direction.
  • A lot of forces need to converge for a club to be successful.

"cleanse of" or "cleanse from"?

  • Rewards will be written for you until you are cleansed of junub.
  • Palestinians and their descendants who were ethnically cleansed from Israel and Palestine in 1948 have been languishing since that time in refugee camps.
  • Some need the landscape to be cleansed by fire.
  • You now feel that your mass has been cleansed with love and sent as particles of light out into the infinite universe.
  • They need to strive for cleansing within themselves and to assist in the cleansing of the Earth.
  • Holistic colon cleansing attempts would make sure that all the waste material are expelled, but without causing any damage to the body or weakening its functions.

conceive of, in, by, as or through?

  • Nothing more arbitrary can be conceived of.
  • Rocks would have been conceived instead.
  • Build-a-Link was conceived by the.
  • Trunk Show was not conceived as a movie.
  • Edie, mother of a violin prodigy conceived through artificial insemination.
  • My husband and I have been trying to conceive for about 4 months with no luck whatsoever.
  • You know maybe you were conceived to music.
  • The report revealed a shocking rise in birth defects in Iraqi children conceived after the US invasion.
  • I was conceived on Melville Island; I've got crocodile dreaming; that Tiwi mob claim me too; I know about that.
  • Figures for women aged 35 are similar, with 94 per cent conceiving within three years.
  • If we expect to live to be 80 or 85, then children conceived at 50 would still be 30 or older on our demise.
  • About half of the women who don't get pregnant in the first year, conceive during the following year.
  • B's notes from seeing DH and we will find out if we can proceed with IVF or if we don't have a shot at conceiving with DH's DNA.
  • She lost some weight (with medical assistance) and they conceived without ever going back to the Dr! Twice! I have to agree with Sushee - excess weight should be considered on a case-by-case basis.

conquer by, in, during, with or into?

  • He shall conquer by the power of his Spirit.
  • The white means righteous, the teachers taught it, that it was the Holy Spirit conquering in the first age.
  • The whole country of Syria, the entire Egypt and the greater part of Persia (Iran) was conquered during his caliphate regime.
  • City of Ujjain (one who conquers with pride) was once ruled by the legendary king Vikramaditya.
  • Cohen's new book, Conquered into Liberty: Two Centuries of Battles Along the Great Warpath that Made the American Way of War) are quite offensive.

compose of, by, for, in or as?

  • The bench is composed of: a) Mr.
  • All is composed by the same essence.
  • This could be crucial in case you are composing for any particular area of interest.
  • I needed to compose in my head what I wanted to say and ensure I got my facts correct.
  • The painting is intended to show a view of a man with a guitar composed as a series of simultaneous glances.
  • The unfortunate and benighted Greek was chanting a mad, disconnected song, composed from snatches of hymns and sacred odes, all jarringly woven together.
  • Reams of poetry and volumes of composition have been composed on it.
  • If the world was predominately Pagan (for example) then they would probably compose to the glorification of Christ.
  • And since she has quite a diverse range, it's great to compose with her and experiment with various styles and textures.

"chat with" or "chat to"?

  • Don't chat with your neighbour.
  • Going to IOD lets you chat to other users.
  • He also chatted about other stuff, e.
  • We'll chat for about 45 minutes with the Hangout to start at 10.
  • He wanted to chat on Skype so I agreed.
  • In addition, you can chat in chat Google Talk.
  • Thanks to Jeremy Schneider for doing all the hard work, while we all just chat amongst ourselves and take the credit for it all.
  • If you would like to join this click on the link above or on the link Chatting at the sky.
  • If I'd not the only person there, then there's a chance to chat before and/or after the prayer/liturgy/silence.
  • Usage online chats like Skype to link with your down line and they can easily link with each additional.
  • Chat via cialis for daily use reviews cialis an IRC protocol, even an IRC chat integration afraid.

clarify in, on, by, for or to?

  • As soon as it is clarified in this way, your comment is revealed to be ridiculous.
  • Several ministers are also here to clarify on some of these issues and concerns.
  • This has been clarified by the Central Information Commission in one of its orders on 31st Jan 2006.
  • I shall urge you to get the things clarified for this matter is really of utmost importance.
  • TRT has also clarified to Esctoday.
  • Remember to clarify with the tenant and the new landlord the liability for refunding the deposit to the tenant.
  • This should be clarified at the time of acceptance of employment.
  • It wants to clarify about getting out of the consumer market.
  • One thing to be clarified before address the issue.
  • Toh Kia Hing, 53, used to work with Sony Music, and he clarified during his interview with inSing News that he is Hainanese and not Hokkien.
  • Other accessories such as the remote comes in handy to adjust the screen or the specifications while the lenses help in enhancing the colors and clarify of the images that appear on the screen.

"chase after" or "chase by"?

  • Ah, so that's who he started chasing after.
  • I get chased by a fox a few times.
  • I'd being chased for a debt of several thousand pounds corporation tax for money I haven't received yet.
  • Bellini was chased out of town.
  • A mouse was chased with tongs to no success, and a long expected visite to the resident hairdresser ensued, with equally debatable success on the receiving party.
  • But his accused murderer, 23-year-old Jermaine Joseph, said he acted in self-defence after he was chased into the sportwear shop by Diarrassouba -- known to his peers as ' Nuts '.
  • Up to the day when he was chased around Kaabah and declared as Imam, he has no prior idea that he is the much awaited Al-Mahdi.
  • We have done it pretty well chasing in the last two games and we would look to continue that.
  • He thwarts drug deals, breaks up bar fights, rumbles robbers and has chased off gunmen.
  • However, some activists did resist, again leading to sprinting chases through the streets.
  • And whereas in the 19th blacks were chased across the underground railroad, in the 20th century they were chased across the actual railroad.
  • We are not going to be chased along the beach by bouncing white balls or made to drive a Caterham Seven.
  • Last seen beating subsequent Gold Cup winner Long Run to win the RSA chase at the Cheltenham festival in 2010, Weapons Amnesty is a class act.
  • Instability returned when James II, chased from England, arrived in Ireland via France in 1689.
  • All the wealth creators are being chased to other countries by punitive tax regimes and stupid ideological bureaucracy.
  • We chased up the track and climbed onto an open carriage that was made to carry panes of glass.

"commence in" or "commence on"?

  • Recruitment will commence in 2009.
  • Lambing last year commenced on March 18th.
  • As far as possible, do not commence with any conversation.
  • The usance should commence from the date of issue of Bill of Lading/Air Way Bill etc.
  • Live performances commenced at 8 p.
  • The first priority was drainage and work commenced by laying some 135 miles of pipes.
  • Counting of postal votes commences after 4.
  • That the under 14 leagues commence before File na n-Gael.
  • Any harm that causes the person harmed to be hospitalised for a period of 48 hours or more commencing within 7 days of the harm's occurrence.
  • On the same side, but an inch below, and commencing about 1 in.
  • Following the winding-up order no action or proceeding shall be proceeded with or commenced against the company except by leave of the court.
  • Hmmm, the palongo dance commenced as the plane started wrestling with the stubborn clouds and ravenous winds.
  • Roshan manages to return to the fore, and a tug of war commences between him and Zia over matters of influence.
  • And it was also at Olympic that, in early 1968, sessions commenced for Hendrix's third and arguably best effort, Electric Ladyland.
  • The introduction of these screening packages is one in a series of initiatives we have commenced over the last number of years with the specific aim of becoming a healthcare partner to our customers.
  • Other vehicle-producers are also commencing to current incentives on leasing, called leasing subventions.
  • If acceptance was agreed, the statute of limitation shall commence upon acceptance.
  • Secondly no prosecution can be commenced without the Attorney General's sanction.

cheat on, in, by, with or at?

  • If she didn't cheat on Michael A.
  • Cheating in a relationship is a very common thing.
  • I felt that I was cheated by time.
  • She stupidly chose to deliberately cheat with a married father of two.
  • If you're really posh and have a fancy food processor you could always use that, but remember: it's yourself you're cheating at the end of the day.
  • If we are cheated out of Darvish, A.
  • Big deal! After the farmers have been cheated of their rights.
  • There is such a thing as cheating for a good cause.

cringe at, in, about, against or before?

  • They both spoke of cringing at the thought of the inappropriateness of their actions.
  • It does seem easy to read this a very unbecoming cringe by a senior military commander to a mere journalist.
  • I cringed throughout her entire performance.
  • As a British designer, the logo initially made me cringe with embarrassment, especially as it was created by the influential Wolff Olins.

collaborate with, on, in, across or as?

  • The performer has collaborated with many.
  • Perhaps we can collaborate on one.
  • Often, especially in the early years, we collaborated in many areas.
  • There are major technological and demographic transitions occurring today that are fundamentally changing the way we communicate, work and collaborate across the globe.
  • We are now also collaborating as part of the Mosaic Network to provide improved IT internships.

"contemplate by", "contemplate on" or "contemplate in"?

  • Most take the view this is not a deal that could be contemplated by private equity.
  • He must satisfactorily show to the Commissioner that he has been trained in the kind of insurance contemplated in the license applied for.
  • I will make it a point to contemplate on this image.
  • It is of little wonder that in such a situation that many people are contemplating about starting a home business.
  • I've also visited Lake Kivu in Rwanda, another natural border with Eastern Congo, whose beautiful, faded city of Bukavu I contemplated from the Rwandan side in Cyangugu.
  • A different mystery is contemplated during the recital of each decade.
  • They will have a bold new world to contemplate with and produce poems of a new era.
  • The sage who contemplates upon it, is freed from his load of impurities that very moment.
  • T his book raises some puzzling questions, enduring mysteries that men have contemplated since time began.
  • Mrs Jarvis contemplated to two for a short time before finally saying.
  • But the same Spartan, calmly dressing his hair, and uttering his concise jests, on what the well knows to be his last day, in the pass of Thermopylae, is not to be contemplated without admiration.

concur with, in, to, on or regarding?

  • Concur with your comments totally, Ben.
  • I concur in reversing this half-million-dollar judgment against the New York Times Company and the four individual defendants.
  • Finally, it should also be considered that the relation between mercy understood in the latter, and mercy understood in the former sense is such that both can not concur to the salvation of a man.
  • The legal scholars of all the Sunni schools of law concur regarding the validity of prostration on earth and that which grows on it.
  • Eisenhower's campaigners had listened, queried, argued, consoled, demanded and concurred through months of intense campaigning now it was up to the voters.

"concede to" or "concede in"?

  • I also concede to your critical comments.
  • Only 3 goals conceded in positional attacks.
  • I am of the settled view that the application for revision and as conceded by Mr.
  • They had a few chances and in the end deserved to score, but we're never happy when we concede from a set-piece.
  • Although newcastle are likely to concede at Stoke i think.
  • The team has simply become so small that they are going to concede on set pieces.
  • The 32-year-old Finn conceded after the race that the E20 just wasn't up to the team's liking on Sunday.
  • They came back to win their next two Super Eights games but could not recover the ground conceded against Watson and Warner.
  • Roma, on the other hand, started exactly as they did against Juventus a few weeks ago, conceding because of their lack of defensive discipline.
  • Defensively there was a marked improvement; the previous three seasons had seen an average of 53 goals conceded during the 42 games.
  • Blancos keeper Josh Cohen hasn't conceded for more than 180 minutes, but I can see SPEC FC asking some questions on Sunday.

contradict by, in, to or with?

  • It is contradicted by voice of shame.
  • I prcis the points made by him, some of which are based on evidence not otherwise put before the Inquiry, but in respect of which no point was taken or fact contradicted in oral submission.
  • If the data observed contradicts with the estimation of the null hypothesis, it can be concluded that the null hypothesis is false, or the occurrence observed had a minimal significance level.

"confuse with", "confuse about" or "confuse by"?

  • Not to be confused with an adult.
  • He was REALLY confused by this.
  • I'd confused about the cat thing.
  • However, I am really confused as to who I should really be marrying.
  • I was confused on more than one occasion.
  • I just get really confused at that part.
  • Deity and humanity are not confused in the One Person of Christ.
  • Are you with me, Garry? David, I am a little confused after reading your article.
  • Count of specific nationality groups could be affected if respondent is confused between reporting ancestry (e.
  • Her comeback also ended in disaster when fans complained she had lost her talent and seemed confused during concerts.
  • I'd okay with being confused for her.
  • Voters were left confused over the ID they needed to cast their ballots in Pennsylvania.
  • The two textures were confusing to my young palate and left me wishing my lollipop would pick a lane.

"commend for" or "commend by"?

  • She perhaps should be commended for her honesty.
  • Munyithya? s charity work in Mombasa was commended by a section of MPs led Mwakwere.
  • There store was highly commended in the category of Best soft drinks outlet of the year Award.
  • I would commend to your attention the novel Patriots by James Wesley Rawles for more practical lessons.
  • A new classic is born! I believe there is a lot to commend about this alternative view, because on balance, the Santa Claus tradition really does need to be reformed.
  • I want to commend at this point here people like Nancy Pelosi and others, who just recently, when the Dalai Lama was here, presented him with a gold medal.

"correspond to" or "correspond with"?

  • I don't know what OS that would correspond to.
  • It corresponds with our month of September.

"criticize for" or "criticize by"?

  • Lets not criticise for sake of criticising.
  • These policies were criticized by Joseph E.
  • The criticism of the LDS church is regularly criticized in much more hostile ways without overreaction.
  • Link farming is also something that works although it has been severely criticized as a Black Hat SEO technique.
  • The result has been criticised on Twitter.
  • His propensity to shoot reminds me of a quote from Guillem Balague on Frank Lampard who, like Cazorla, has been criticised at times for over-shooting.
  • There are a lot of things to criticize about the Star Wars soundtrack, but that opening fanfare is beautiful.
  • The club are often criticised because of their supposedly unprogressive youth policy.
  • Of course, it's easy to be wise in retrospect, and to criticise from a distance.
  • The department also has been criticized over a number of cases alleging abuse by officers.
  • If they don't win, SOMETHING (a move) / SOMEONE has to be criticized to death.
  • I have every confidence that you are intelligent enough to criticize without belittling.

"construct in" or "construct by"?

  • This plan was constructed in December 1940.
  • An improved version was later constructed by A.
  • They're constructed from the actual Louboutin types.
  • The sauna room is constructed of bamboo.
  • It is constructed on the banks of the Yarra river.
  • The main building was constructed with the donation of Rs.
  • Therefore, temples have been constructed for this purpose.
  • This is why temples have to be constructed at every place.
  • NSK as a group is obviously constructed as a totalitarian monolith.
  • This pond was constructed out of wood (2x4s).
  • Material Preparation Each maze should be constructed according to the specifications which follow on the next two pages.
  • A bigger and more beautiful picture was painted by the Ghanaian government in early 2011, that 30,000 housing units were to be constructed across the country.
  • WORTH A new barrier near the United States Embassy in Cairo, constructed after protests in September.
  • An 1149 mt long barrage was constructed along with 46 gates.
  • When long stretches of levels are constructed around them, the results are not so good.
  • The cisterns were constructed before the cells within the monastery, indicating the importance of water management for the survival of the community.
  • It was constructed between 1961 and 1980.
  • The number of houses constructed during the period 1978 -- 1997 is in the Hansards.
  • Alongside this is the monastic latrine which is a small beehive structure constructed over a steep ravine.
  • At Kirkvine, between Williamsfield and Kendal, a spur line was constructed to the Alcan Kirkvine Alumina Works.
  • It was constructed under the supervision and direction of Jesuit Missionaries.
  • In the recent past wedding halls have been constructed within many temple complexes.

"cherish by" or "cherish for"?

  • The festival is greatly awaited for and cherished by all.
  • The Kayuhan Raub experience is something that we would cherish for our.
  • These Moghul-inspired delicacies are cherished in Jamaica, and more particularly in Trinidad and Guyana.
  • The fact both mum and baby are healthy is something the 23-year-old can now cherish after working hard to overcome a four-year addiction to smoking.
  • Think of the compliments you have cherished from people you love in life.
  • Forget Take That, forget the Stone Roses -- ' The Return ' of Girls Aloud as the five-piece we fell in love with all those years ago will be a moment to cherish like no other.
  • At these annual gatherings, memories are made and cherished over the years by upcoming and future generations who can look at the photographs taken at these family reunions.
  • When we remember our childhood and the toys that we played is something that we cherish throughout our life.

"convince by", "convince about" or "convince of"?

  • Bt i ws highly convinced by ur view point.
  • Again, they could hardly be convinced of the child's spontaneity.
  • It's as a Test opener that I'd not necessarily convinced about his credentials.
  • With whatever A &R; nous I have going on upstairs, I was convinced with the whole of my being that this would be an absolutely explosive track.
  • We are not convinced at the moment of the case for increased regulation.
  • And, the final demise of the Euro has everyone convinced in the UK that their financial markets are beng held back by the threat of European regulation.
  • I am 80% convinced on buying it but the camera stops me.
  • You can convince to the viewers by mentioning the effectiveness of the products.
  • I'd sorry, but you'll never convince as to the merits otherwise.
  • Perceiving that vacancy filled up, he at first imagined it to be the effect of a fog; but looking more attentively, he was convinced beyond the power of doubt that it was his son-in-law's palace.
  • Zoo games manage to convince due to their game mechanics and manage to entertain players of all ages with their funny animals and their highly diversified game.
  • They were now convinced over what they had heard about Yusuf and his beauty.

cast in, into, for, by or on?

  • So, 28 year cycle is not cast in stone.
  • Daniel's life was turned upside down when suddenly he was cast into the den of Lions.
  • The die is cast for the next few years.
  • However the die has been cast by our National Selector, Geoff Miller.
  • That is why I wondered if the show could be cast on TV.
  • So JV got cast as the new ending as it was funnier.
  • He was too happy to be unsocial; he longed to cast off the exuberance of joy that oppressed him.
  • What you cast upon the waters comes back far heavier than what you put forth.
  • Then in Revelation 12:7-9, when Satan is cast out.
  • Although doubt is still cast over the quality of open education, it is always the effort and results of a student that count.
  • For example, an object which conforms to the Red Apple type can always be cast to the Apple type.
  • It can not be doubted that there were some votes cast against Obama because of pure old fashioned racism.
  • An elections office employee said the last ballot was cast at roughly 2:15 a.
  • HEY, I 'M ALL FOR coming up with your own lingo, cast of The GC - you can have all the aunties, neffs and jelly babies you want.
  • I'd guess there would a problem with colour cast with the lamp you use.
  • With just over 80,000 registered voters in the county, 49,357 votes were cast during Tuesday's election at the 31 precincts across Jackson County.
  • Thus, the aged elderly person is cast from society.
  • It's has a cool stylized look and a great cast including Willem Dafoe and Sam Neill.
  • The old guru idea like the Hindu dream of Yogananda is a comfortable one, with the wise men cast like benevolent uncles.
  • The different ways should be to try to find opinions and yet My group is many times uncertain considering I really believe which feedback is generally cast via the men and women that made the site.

contend with, for, in, on or against?

  • No ice on the work site to contend with.
  • I'd always amazed that some folks think the Brownies can contend for the division after one season of improvement.
  • But people like Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins have contended in their books and public utterances that religion is not harmless or benign.
  • I mean, they are in a division with 2 powerhouses who will spend money, a team that used to contend on a budget, and soon a 5th team which will have a new owner determined to make a splash ASAP.
  • Lets start building for the future, a future where we can consistently contend at the big touranments.

"convert to" or "convert into"?

  • Clovis converted to Catholicism.
  • Even rubbish can be converted into electricity.
  • I converted from Hinduism when I was fourteen.
  • No doubt some Jews were honestly converted by his eloquence.
  • Agnostic to convert in a couple of hours.
  • Instead we converted at over twice the average conversion rate with a 6.
  • The buildings are being renovated and converted for museum and educational purposes.
  • Their power play is set in cruise control as well, converting on 24.
  • McGrath was not for changing his mind and Oakes stepped up to convert with some ease.

"cater to" or "cater for"?

  • Romney never catered to the former.
  • Everything else is catered for.
  • Rachel Mathew has opened Finger Foods Caf and Catering at 1891 Parkinson Way (corner of Spall and Parkinson at the Recreation Inn Motel).

"confront with" or "confront by"?

  • When confronted with evidence it.
  • And I'd learning to embrace that, not be confronted by them.
  • Rich Mommy confronts In Ha about the stolen pianos.
  • When Alvira went to visit Amante, she was confronted about this.
  • BTS says: 11:23am 25/05/10 The outfits of Meter Maids are confronting to some people.
  • As a result we are confronted at the present time with a somewhat confusing array of distinct and even conflicting standpoints and positions.
  • Very confronting for any leader.
  • In other words, under the Confrontation Clause, the defendant had a right to confront on the stand the chemist who was testifying against them.
  • The Limoges conference aims to explore how our representations of reality and their otherness either cohabit or are confronted within the same utterance.

"convey to" or "convey by"?

  • Convey to her your feliciations and then RETURN to your homes.
  • What on earth does the Scottish archaeologist mean to convey by such a statement?
  • Moritz was conveyed in two lines of large hollow tree-trunks.
  • Each dish may well be part of the chef's narrative for whatever it is he is trying to convey through his menu.
  • They were conveyed on the transport oDWARKA? by May 25 th 1901.
  • Same here, I could not even finish TW-Hana Kimi because her personnality (or at least, what she conveyed of it through her character) just made me cringe all the time.
  • It played into the stereotype of Chinese imitators rather than the image Huawei wants to convey as an innovator.
  • The CCD? s withdrawal from the investigations was formally conveyed at the court by CCD Inspector A.
  • The message of Islam had been perfectly conveyed before his demise; and the function of subsequent scholars was exclusively one of interpretation, not of amendment.
  • Fifteen coffins with the remains of these British braves were conveyed for 3 miles to the Falmouth Parish Church for internment.
  • Pigs shall be placed in pens or containers in which they can see each other and conveyed into the gas chamber within 30 seconds from their entry into the installation.
  • It might seem rather obvious to point this out in an island nation like the UK, but a large proportion of our economic produce is conveyed over the wet stuff.
  • When ready, information would be conveyed via Radio Globo, Pereira said.
  • They convey with freshness and immediacy Zao's intimate appreciation of Chinese and Western culture.

"calculate by", "calculate in" or "calculate from"?

  • It was calculated by an algorithm known as Page rank.
  • Blu line:? T calculated from the PDO index.
  • LocalScore is calculated in this step.
  • It is calculated as a fraction of annual dividends paid by the company upon its stock price.
  • The corresponding F values are calculated for each temperature step.
  • Rates are very reasonable, calculated on the price per person.
  • The index score is calculated with zero as the most.
  • The score is calculated at 1 and 5 minutes after birth.
  • There is no need to calculate according to the number of months.
  • Shirley identified himself with every movement calculated to uplift our people and enhance the welfare of Trelawny.
  • Mean? was calculated after conversion of all angles within the left quadrants to the respective right quadrants, RLOA are mean? 1.
  • Furthermore, bivariate Pearson correlations were calculated between ingested water volume (ml) and % 3 cpm activity during the WLT.
  • BIS is simply calculated into your bill by the carrier.
  • The average is calculated over either a twomonth period or a longer period if it is part of a collective agreement.
  • Shipping fee is calculated per order, i.

crave for, during, in, about or after?

  • And the secret craving for more.
  • Staying with a host family can offer the support system a volunteer will crave during their program and it is a great way to learn about a host country's culture and customs.
  • Elimination of desire and craving in conscious mind brings an end to suffering to all kinds of life.
  • She tells Crave about her food philosophies, her latest projects and her favourite things about Hong Kong.
  • Passion I was badly craving after Scandinavia and Germany.
  • I found that if I keep some 100% juice on hand I can drink that and satisfy my sugar craving without having to eat ice cream.

climb to, into, in, on or out?

  • Was I going to be able to climb to 19k+ ft.
  • He built a trebuchet and climbed into the sling.
  • They have a mountain to climb in any event.
  • I settled on one and climbed on the back of a grainer.
  • She also refused to climb out of the car.
  • And I've only ever climbed up Snowdon.
  • Of the extra 10 several climbed through the windows.
  • In total, non-hydro renewables could climb from 12.
  • Valentine had to climb over the dead bodies of people he knew, even loved, just to get free again.
  • Try to climb onto a speedboat from the river and find out how difficult it is.
  • Then I climbed aboard a Dublin bus and was saved from myself.
  • Do a lot of sports climbing at home.
  • Adding to their worries is the claim by Diabetes Ireland this week that the HSE is presiding over a health disaster as diabetes amputations have climbed by 20 per cent.
  • Satisfaction with the NHS has been climbing for years.
  • Mr Down reached the summit in September of this year, having climbed with the African Walking Company.
  • Above 248, the suit would transform into a close-fitting sauna -- the temperature would climb above 125 and the person would become dehydrated and pass out, eventually dying of heatstroke.
  • Even still, the Chilcotins offer a few sustained climbs as well as several quick technical ones.
  • It would also help on the steep hill I have to climb between work and home.
  • Now, I'd all dressed and ready to go, and I climb down the stairs to go and alas! The staircase is filled with water.
  • Lucy climbed inside the cabinet.
  • Before long, a monkey will go to the stairs and start to climb towards the banana.
  • If you want to know why I do not fear your tortures, light a fire, and I will climb upon it.

cling to, onto, on, during or in?

  • My eyes seemingly clung to him.
  • I was barely clinging onto a little bit of hope.
  • However, Shri Deshmukh has clung on to his post.
  • In these 4 teachings, Pastor Jon shares with us about the faithful God to whom we can cling during storms.
  • They clambered up the tottering walls, they clung in wreaths and groups about the high-standing pillars.
  • Faded blue jeans cling like a relief map.

coach by, in, at, for or with?

  • I enjoyed being coached by Mairad very much.
  • Matt has trained and coached in 22 countries.
  • First class AC coach attendant Bhagwandas coach at 7.
  • We're all coached for each other.
  • He summarized his approach to coaching with three basic concepts: 1.
  • She also provides career counselling and coaching to clients around the world.
  • Coaching as a Development Tool Coaching is concerned with awakening development in individuals beyond where they currently are.
  • Parents should not coach from the sidelines.
  • He began to see the EI expert for coaching on how to overcome his fears and become more assertive.
  • I know Claude, I coached against him in Junior.
  • No marketers or people coaching about successful platforms would suggest this if you are trying to make a living off your blog but I think it's important to take short breaks for a little while.
  • Cross-train and coach among store staff.
  • Since EJ has not recovered well enough to guard the PG regularly, or to touch the paint as often as they need (at least so far ), Self has really been coaching behind the eight ball.
  • Clients have the option of meeting in person or receive coaching over the phone in the comfort of your home or office.

"capture by" or "capture in"?

  • John Brawshaw, a royalist officer captured by Col.
  • Biswas ' is best captured in Mr.
  • That deserves to be captured on film.
  • The current facial image of visa applicants captured at U.
  • AMISOM sent 100 Burundian and Ugandan soldiers to the southern town of Baidoa, which Ethiopian troops captured from the Alshabab militia in February.
  • The city was captured after a 90 minute offensive this morning.
  • And blooper reels are all about off-the-cuff moments that got captured during filming.
  • If you think you will be setup for your ideal par, then capture for any bogie.
  • Educate and capture with content to keep your site viable.
  • These payments were captured as imports of royalties and license fees in New Zealand's BoP and national accounts.
  • Essentially, this demands that it should be captured into the same record-keeping system as all other records.
  • For any Bill Withers fans, there's a lovely hour long capturing of the man's wisdom and charm.
  • A major opportunity to better utilise the enterprise's IT assets, while radically speeding up time to market, can be captured through the orchestration and provisioning of IT via a service catalogue.
  • A lab rat captured under glass.

command by, in, to, from or at?

  • Tezpur was commanded by him in the 1971 Ops.
  • Click the File menu commands in the Create Project.
  • Yet politicians have not learnt a thing from the distasteful illegality of the gutter tabloids and still jump when commanded to.
  • Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, to help organize the coup against Chavez, ' he said.
  • There is, or about to be, voice commands for any action you can think of, and more and more are added as we speak (sorry, not that funny).
  • He may offer a sumptuous reward of silks, fruits and maidens to His martyrs, but He commands of them something He has never done Himself.
  • For this reason our sages said (Sifri, Re'eh, 67 ): Israel were commanded regarding three mitzvot for when they entered the Land: to appoint a king, build the Temple and destroy Amalek's seed.
  • A swipe up from the home screen brings the Siri-like virtual assistant, which you can query with voice commands about several things --including the weather, local restaurants and general knowledge.
  • In this respect ICSF thinks that there could be potential conflict in direction and command amongst the Chairmen in leading their respective Tribunals.
  • I went out of my way to give you some free advice concerning the use of group commands before commenting on your slowness comment.
  • And all the king's servants who were at the king's gate bowed down and paid homage to Haman, for the king had so commanded concerning him.
  • This will let us exercise all of the SQL commands pertaining to retrieving data from multiple tables.

"condemn to" or "condemn by"?

  • The question is not weather he is condemned to hell.
  • That is unhealthy and must be condemned by all.
  • This was an unfortunate incident which i condemn in the strongest terms possible.
  • The Boss is being condemned for saying nobody owns the water.
  • It was his MB that had collaborated extensively with the man whom they condemn as a tyrant today.
  • It was neither nullified by the Reunion of 433, nor condemned at Chalcedon.
  • They drew condemn from Democrthroughs and multiple Republicans.
  • The operation was condemned throughout the world but it was reasonably effective.
  • The practice should be condemned via mass media.

confess to, in, on, with or after?

  • Later a neighbor confessed to the crime.
  • Those who confess in the first instance will be sacked immediately.
  • But he will more likely go down in history as the man who spuriously confessed on air to killing his former lover.
  • Because your word is truth, I confess with my mouth that I am born again and am cleansed by the blood of Jesus! In Jesus ' name, Amen.
  • All three were arbitrarily detained, held in incommunicado detention, reportedly tortured, denied access to their families for 2 months and forced to confess under duress.
  • Her name forever is locked inside of my heart And it will be lost, until to God her name I will confess Until then if any man asks me who was the beauty of my art My answer.
  • I confess without concealing or hiding anything, and from now on I shall avoid and refrain from such actions.

"copy from", "copy in" or "copy to"?

  • It seems to be copied from the net.
  • Even my URL was copied to the dot too.
  • I have wrote to HDNL and copied in Topshop.
  • Each section is a set of executable files, libraries etc to be copied into the shell.
  • All of which have since been copied by Linux, of course.
  • Pages may be printed or copied for personal use only.
  • You must copy on paper, so you can grade yourself.
  • When i was 13 i rented Vampire Hunter D, Rock and Rule and Robot Carnival uncensored on video and made myself copies of them for me.
  • In another of today's stories, some film companies are launching a new format for DVDs that includes a file that can be copied onto a hard disk.
  • It can not be copied without going through.
  • Copy on paper for five minutes, then stop the machine and compare what you copied with what the machine sent.
  • To copy at full speed, you MUST build the reflexes in order to achieve 90 percent accuracy.
  • Such companies can not easily be copied because of the unique fit of their business processes and activities.

commute to, from, by, between or in?

  • The transportation system isn't evolving quiet efficiently enough to meet the demand of people who live in Hamilton but commute to Toronto.
  • If we show up in Peterborough and haven't played in Toronto in a while, then a bunch of people commute from Toronto.
  • Mostly, they have chosen to rent apartments or hotel suites in Bern (at their own expense ); the only contemporary exception being Moritz Leuenberger, who daily commutes by train from Zrich to Bern.
  • Firstly, we suggested that the European Parliament should end its monthly commute between Brussels and Strasbourg, instead investing the money saved in democratic innovations.
  • There is no question that PT easily trounces SOV commuting, but it is questionable whether PT trounces 2OV commuting, or SOV commuting in hybrids or diesel hatchbacks.
  • They encouraged citizens to share cars, use bicycles or just walk instead of commuting for one day as a protest against the transport strike and the blockades.
  • The chances of a brave rearguard being commuted into a famous stalemate in this first match of four centred on Cook (176) and Matt Prior (91) on the final day.
  • When I was hit by a speeding car and flew over its bumper on my daily cycling commute through London, I remember thinking how spiritual it all was.
  • By reducing traffic congestion, we improve the commutes of those who choose to drive.
  • The couple of hours I spend commuting on the train every day provide the perfect escape.
  • Yes we need to commute with helmets, for now.
  • A lot of cyclists have started recording what happens to them when they are commuting because of the high number of incidents which they have to experience.
  • Test out your commute during rush hour.
  • For example, use your car to commute rather than a public mode of transport like the underground tube.
  • It could be argued that most of those stranded in gridlock on I-395 are commuting to/from DC.
  • To commute within Moshi on different fields, East Africa cup involves more that 25 buses and mini buses to shuttle people around.

cite in, by, as, for or from?

  • Her work has been cited in the 2003 U.
  • Cited by Virtual Page as The World.
  • What does he cite as evidence? 1.
  • Examples are cited for each of these.
  • Note: Text are cited from the Application Dossier of Kaiping Diaolou and Villages,.
  • Then start checking every detail cited on those docs.
  • To demonstrate links with the TB Policy or the IIA Standards, related references are cited at the beginning of certain sections.
  • The opposition party at a press conference in Accra Monday cited among other things a number of ' corrupt ' deals it says were supervised by the President.
  • Last cycling culture was Perth WA, one of the best cites to cycle in.
  • Forty-eight research studies were cited with dates ranging from 1978 to 1994.

cook for, in, with, on or at?

  • Continue cooking for a few minutes.
  • Jimmy never cooked in his life.
  • I'd going to be the Mum who cooks with my son.
  • Cook on high heat for 2 minutes.
  • I found my perfect egg and it is cooked at 63 degrees.
  • Special meals were cooked by us.
  • The food is always cooked to perfection and very tasty.
  • You can learn how to cook from scratch in any kitchen.
  • Cook as well as other behemoths in the Southern Alps and allows them to play in the untouched snow.
  • I love cooking like this (and this is why I'd a terrible baker).
  • Royal View Seafood Restaurant is known for its live seafood selection, which can be cooked according to your preference.
  • So try out the new dishes she might cook during these days.
  • Stuffing, if it's got meat in it or was cooked inside the turkey, should be at 165 degrees as measured with a food thermometer.
  • The lamb was cooked till tender.
  • Allow to cook without disturbing for 20 minutes per pound.

"conduct by" or "conduct in"?

  • A study conducted by Padeco Co.
  • This training will be conducted in English.
  • If school broadcasts are conducted on these lines,.
  • The tuition programme, which is conducted at our centre, runs every Saturday from 10am to 12pm.
  • Only one interview was conducted with the assistance of an interpreter.
  • Experts say these name-based searches are routinely conducted for employers,.
  • However there is a new poll out conducted over the weekend.
  • He said love affairs were not conducted through text messages.
  • The NBI investigation, conducted under the supervision of agent Madrino A.
  • A survey conducted among 1,050 families in Shanghai shows that 77.
  • The online study was conducted between May.
  • Two (2) contests will be conducted during all three nights of Jamaica Jazz and Blues 2012.
  • The test will be conducted from April 8 to 12, 2012.
  • Investigations conducted into the fire could not unravel the.
  • Because I was not a US citizen, I was handed over to the immigration and customs enforcement agency and conducted to Miami airport where my wife Barbara Amiel was waiting for me.
  • These e-books are outputs of the writeshops conducted within the writeshop training courses.

"cry for" or "cry in"?

  • When they cry for it, then help.
  • Time to cry in your green jello.
  • I cried to the letter when I wrote to you.
  • Stop crying about refereeing decisions.
  • I thought she might cry at any moment.
  • I think I'd going to cry with admiration.
  • The poor Master began to cry like a child.
  • She even crying over the phone.
  • I broke down and cried on my wife's shoulder.
  • We all need to cry unto the Lord.
  • Some are crying after being hit by the soldiers of Hades.
  • I haven't stopped crying during my waking hours.
  • I cry from the questions of Munkar and Nakir.
  • In the nights used to scream and cry because of pain and of nightmares.
  • Jimshorts This just sounds like a bunch of whining and crying by stewardesses.
  • I screamed and cried into my gag and hood and just wanted to run but I could not.
  • This is crying of a dad words which I am begging infront of you sir.

concentrate on, in, along, among or at?

  • You just concentrate on Downey.
  • Be unable to concentrate in class.
  • At a finer level you find population is concentrated along linear valley corridors.
  • Instead, it will concentrate among a handful of leaders like Expedia and Priceline, especially those that can.
  • When mass is concentrated at some spot, it acts like an half-submerged rock and the river flows slower next to it.
  • However, he seemed to have a problem in concentrating for long periods.
  • For example aderall lets you concentrate to a very effective degree.
  • Comedy is different and the business side of it should be concentrated upon.
  • I just then thought of concentrating with the future of my kids and supporting them in their studies and daily necessities.

conclude with, by, in, on or from?

  • Conclusion Let me conclude with these thoughts.
  • Another author concludes by writing;.
  • The Technical Assistance was concluded in December 1988.
  • Concluding on a jocular note with a quote from late Dr.
  • Schema of lever scale Concluding from above, a weight is thus a force.
  • This arrangement concluded at the end of 2009.
  • On December 14th, 1917, an armistice was concluded between Russia and the Central Powers.
  • The conference will begin at 7:00pm on the evening of Monday November 5, and will conclude after lunch on Friday November 9, 2012.
  • The employer may conclude as a result of their investigation that some form of disciplinary action or dismissal is the appropriate sanction for the bully's behaviour.
  • Both the sealing of God's people and the marking of the beast's followers therefore conclude before the plagues start to fal l.
  • Pedigree traits do enjoy a huge element at the best conclude of the sphere and really should be paid shut focus.
  • All these points are concluding to the integration of the Web 2.
  • It is also the first multi-nation Treaty concluded under the BC Treaty Commission process.
  • The Report concludes without resolute counteraction, climate change will overstretch many societies ' adaptive capacities.

"comment on" or "comment from"?

  • It makes no comment on whether.
  • Comment from http: **35;7434;TOOLONG.
  • Comment by admin 19/10/2012 at 4.
  • Commenting about the study, Mr.
  • Your are the biggest ignoramus commenting in MT.
  • Don't forget to comment at last.
  • If you comment to a post in a foreign language then it shows random characters.
  • I'd American and I did want to comment upon something the author included.

"challenge for", "challenge in" or "challenge by"?

  • Challenge for the next generation.
  • Ageing brains challenged by technology.
  • This can not be challenged in court.
  • I've been challenged on the last one, that science has absolutes.
  • The role was challenging to me as well as the setting.
  • But this proved to be challenging at the time.
  • Five of these controls were subsequently challenged with T.
  • Handle Challenges Together First, it can help if there's anything remotely challenging about that activity.
  • This has been challenged as a medical rather than a rights-based approach to sight loss and blindness.
  • OR when those BILLS become Laws, and are challenged before the SC.
  • Second, the whole military and security apparatus are weakened and challenged due to their defeat by the rebels and to internal strife between various elite units: Green Berets against Red Berets.
  • Scotch, who had challenged from the start before finally being broken at the 1000m mark, finished second in 5:56.
  • The last but not the least challenge of starting a trucking business is getting good drivers.
  • Without having comprehensive expertise and understanding of concerns related to personal financial, existence can be challenging without a doubt.

cost for, in, to, by or of?

  • My projected communication costs for 2012 are $1685.
  • Material costs in China are soaring along with labour costs.
  • At what cost to their mental health, I'd not sure.
  • This is cost by the tonnage of the vessel or by time carter.
  • It cost about P200 for 3 hours.
  • Lunch for students costs between $1.
  • Normal seats cost from 80 to 120 baht.
  • Who knows? You might figure out how to cost of CS5.
  • The boat ride costs around US$0.
  • It is necessary to impose obligations or costs on the Crown (s.
  • Ways to decrease cost per sale.
  • Author Says: You can save up to 30% off your postage costs with the use of a franking machine.
  • Indeed, many businesses that quit Kenya cite high energy costs as the main cause.
  • Just look at what it costs at the Division III level to run a football program.
  • Another issue we're facing -- rising energy costs across the globe.
  • It's viable due to the low off peak electricity costs due to nuclear power.
  • Chatting online allows you to save more on communication costs instead of talking on the phone.
  • Homeowners can also use both programs to refinance their existing mortgage plus the renovation costs into one loan.
  • It was going to cost like R8 to fax the application and I didn't have any money.
  • Sips petrol and costs next to nothing to maintain.
  • Thieves sell counterfeit releases, for three times what they would nornmally cost over the counter.
  • What a go! I knit all the time, I know how much yarn costs plus the time you put into making it.
  • They also found that the average employee costs around $700 per year in tech costs such as software or services.
  • Some became my dream house, costing up to RM1million, for a terraced house.

"compete with" or "compete in"?

  • Difficult to compete with those.
  • To compete in the global economy, the U.
  • Force them to compete for business! 4.
  • Also, we are not competing against other sponsors.
  • The best athletes in Jamaica first compete at this level.
  • We can not compete on world markets.
  • The experience of competing as an Pro at the World Championship.
  • Harvestor map has 3 points that each side competes to controll.

consult with, on, for, about or in?

  • Consulting with the physician d.
  • We will consult on that proposal.
  • He has consulted for Microsoft previously, including during the U.
  • We are therefore consulting about employment opportunities that are available.
  • Tax It is important that an accountant is consulted in this area.
  • I am becoming even more and more convinced now that Derren Brown (or similar) is being consulted by X-Factor.
  • Returning to PNG he lectured at UPNG and consulted to various government departments and businesses.
  • I work in a job where I have consulted at many companies over the years.
  • Were you consulted before the bill was signed into law? We were not consulted when the bill to ban commercial motorcyclists was in the works.
  • He suggested Mngeni sit next to his lawyer during the trial, taking notes where possible, and consult during adjournments.
  • Over 100 front line staff were consulted throughout the development of design responses to these briefs.
  • Council officers will publish a wide range of detailed savings options the following day, which will be consulted upon until the end of January.

cross into, to, from, with or in?

  • At Jesus ' birth, we crossed into positive time.
  • Edward Intvan We crossed from St Jean Pied de Port on March 29th.
  • The hole crosses to significant dips.
  • That line has been crossed with The Room.
  • It is too dangerous and you will never cross in time.
  • It was a fairly long distance and crosses over the Saint John River.
  • Running from east to west, it is crossed by several small south-north lanes.
  • But, at the same time, he has told me not to cross for the sake of it.
  • The two arcs should cross at the centre point of your circle.
  • At right: The wombat crossing on Gregory terrace, between Coles and Kmart.
  • During 2010 Mark decided to go rambling in the Middle East and walked the entire length of the Israeli Separation Barrier, crossing between the Israeli and the Palestinian side.
  • The evening downpour on Sunday left me expectant of more migrants the next day &; we had to cross through mire and water to find our way to the site.
  • Seven hours mostly flew by, except for a slow ferry crossing across the Padma, the river that traditionally separated East and West Bengal.
  • He was crossing against the light and there was a pickup to my left, blocking my view of this ecologically-responsible ninny who thought traffic lights didn't apply to him.
  • I've even heard of the line being crossed before marriage.
  • Place your hands crossed behind the head.
  • Other bones i'd particularly like to pick at this moment in time are as follows, and in no particular order; 1 - The inability of any Utd player to cross beyond the front post.
  • On Tuesday, Uganda closed the Bunagana border crossing near Goma.
  • Heading West you pass the marinas of Granville Island, more enviable waterfront condominiums with views across False Creek to downtown Vancouver, and eventually cross under the Burrard Bridge.

cut to, in, off, into or through?

  • There were no cuts to benefits at all.
  • Advantages of Power cut in Tamilnadu.
  • Foucault just cut off its head.
  • Then, it smoothly cuts into the U.
  • Anyway, I cut through the proverbial b.
  • Merging could mean job cuts for editors.
  • It should cut across party loyalties.
  • Turf was cut from McGinn's bog.
  • Caherclancy, a high fort cut by the road.
  • Privatization and cuts on welfare sector.
  • The app cuts at the bottom though, so you can't control the music.
  • Then proceed to cut out 16 strips with your scissors.
  • Materials such as PVC can be cut without vacuum.
  • He described the sod cutting as a great opportunity for miners and their relatives to access credit at a more reasonable rate, when the proposed bank takes off.
  • It was cut like a tee shirt, with feathers stuck on the shoulders.
  • Materials such as PVC can be cut without vacuum.

combine with, in, for, into or to?

  • And combined with Brent it is 3.
  • All Yogas are combined in this.
  • Carlos Hyde and Rod Smith combined for 103 yards and a touchdown.
  • Exercise must be combined into your diet plan.
  • The defenseman had combined to post a minus-54 rating in the two seasons prior to the trade.

cancel by, due, at, in or for?

  • Unfortunately for me the program was cancelled by the Republican Congress in 1996.
  • The visit was cancelled due to a scheduling conflict.
  • Their bookings on Lionair were cancelled at 12.
  • The show was cancelled in December 2009.
  • And early voting has been cancelled for tomorrow.
  • Projects routinely get canceled after $400? $500 million has been spent on them.
  • Outdoor rugby activities had to be cancelled because of rain, he said.
  • Up to 30% of the train services might have to be cancelled on cold days should Datteln go offline in December, he said.
  • The census scheduled for 1931 was cancelled as an economy measure.
  • Halfway through the film we discover that all the assassinations he ordered were cancelled without his knowledge, and that his intended victims are flourishing in New York.
  • If you cancel before 7 days of your reserved date, no cancellation fee will be charged and 100% will be refunded.
  • Deposit is non refundable if shoot is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice given.
  • Any forced marriage will be cancelled according to Islamic laws.
  • The project is less likely to be cancelled during development because valuable progress is being demonstrated with each increment.
  • Revocable Credit may be amended or canceled prior to negotiation, without beneficiary's consent.
  • NEWS Financial difficulties have caused the Global Fund Board to cancel Round 11.
  • Many transatlantic flights between the Eastern United states and London have had to be cancelled until further notice.
  • If you cancel within 7 days of your reserved date, only 50% will be refunded.

"consume by" or "consume in"?

  • Right now, I'd consumed by Dark Souls.
  • She knows that directing is consuming in that way.
  • Afterwards he was consumed with resentment.
  • White low-fat yogurt can definitely be one of these products consumed on a daily basis.
  • The world can not afford to continue to consume at a rapid pace even as our natural resources become scarce.
  • The company? s process is able to lower energy consumed for reverse osmosis by up to 90%.
  • It is generally recommended that if more than 15% of your electricity is consumed between 11pm and 8am, you should be on a Nightsaver tariff.
  • However, they may have had a low propensity to consume during the depression.
  • Take the average number of gallons consumed per personal vehicle.
  • Text to column will be too time consuming after spliting each word onto a different column if there are like 100s words on each row and there are 100s of rows.
  • But other messages would get consumed as the consumer is up and listening to the MyQueue.
  • The weight of your pack increases in direct proportion to the amount of food you consume from it.
  • Also, cattle serve a valuable role in the ecosystem by converting the forages humans can not consume into a nutrient-dense food.
  • GlobalMojo is gladly taking part of the system by letting users consume like normal, says Dan, but redirecting a percentage of their purchases to causes they care about.
  • Ipsa pays tax on behalf of MPs for hospitality, food and drink consumed off the parliamentary estate before 7.
  • This must be factored into JPS pricing mechanism to then come up with a final cost for each KWH of power consumed plus their profits.
  • Use mineral deposits which might be chelated, which means they're linked with an amino, which allow vitamins being much better consumed through your digestive tract.
  • This recession will force us all to rethink every aspect of our society -- from the way we run the financial system to the way we consume to way we raise our children.
  • When it finds termites on the surface, an aardwolf can consume up to a kilogram (2.
  • They are best consumed within a year or two.
  • It meant that his music could be consumed without any preconceptions; the purest way.

"confirm by", "confirm to" or "confirm in"?

  • And sos its 1650 confirmed by Ajay.
  • Confirm in writing Confirm all your contract details in writing.
  • I confirmed to him that I had not.
  • The link was confirmed on November 5.
  • If you will be arriving after 6 pm, you must confirm with your host.
  • Rick almost has to confirm for himself that Lori has died.
  • The maple leaf was confirmed as an official national symbol.
  • The report can not be confirmed at this stage.
  • All bookings shall be confirmed after a full pay or a 50% deposit.
  • All my dining reservations were confirmed before my arrival.
  • The conference successes are measured by the establishing of two committees which were confirmed during day two's working-groups.
  • With no definitive biography, I actually found a lot of contradictory information that I had to winnow through and confirm from a variety of sources, before I was comfortable with it.
  • The functions of the Chief Herald of Ireland are the granting and confirming of coats of arms to individuals and corporate bodies.
  • A theory is an idea that can be confirmed through varied evidence and experimentation.
  • After completion, free 60 seconds of local calling will be credited to the customer's account and the same will be confirmed via SMS.
  • Tax payment made by taxpayers to the BIR through Accredited Agent Banks (AABs) can be confirmed within 48 hours from transaction date via these services.

count on, for, as, in or towards?

  • I don't count on it though and.
  • Small calls count for everything.
  • You will be counted as a hidden user.
  • Counting in tens is easy enough for children.
  • The phd students dissecting rats count towards the 11.
  • Excessive deregulation counts against that.
  • I counted to five, and then released the curl.
  • Inadvertently, he'd opened up a debate with his own investors, which he counted among his least favorite activities.
  • Typically, it starts counting at power-on time.
  • He has taken time to count from zero to some new number.
  • Chhattisgarh is counted amongst the very few states in India that boasts of a power surplus.
  • They have to be counted by hand.
  • The salary of the waived player will not count toward the luxury tax.
  • We count upon attracting all nations to the task of erecting the new fundamental structure, the project for which has been drawn up by us.
  • Words count with us and we hurt easily.

"catch in", "catch by" or "catch on"?

  • He's caught in a state of doubt.
  • Infantry, caught on the fly, near Fort Meade.
  • And then they get caught by the police.
  • They're also caught with **27;372;TOOLONG trawls.
  • By the time the side effects catch up to you.
  • Mi dear, only to be caught between two people a choa piece a yam.
  • It was a red flag I didn't catch at the time.
  • He now has 7 catches for 111 yards.
  • You see, you still rely on getting caught as the arbiter of weather or not someone doped.
  • Minutes later she was caught behind closed doors with the host by his not too happy wife.
  • I do not believe that it can be caught from horses.
  • Americans have not caught onto that yet.
  • If he's caught out of position, no fear.
  • The Thing was caught under the extreme pressure of the falling water and broken apart.
  • If any of these men are killed, his murderer must be caught within five days if possible.

"constitute by", "constitute in" or "constitute under"?


communicate with, to, in, by or through?

  • Plants do communicate with one another.
  • This was communicated to Sanjay, who called for Talwar.
  • Lesson: Communicate in advance.
  • He can only communicate by moving his eyes but continues to.
  • It communicates through images and symbols, not words.
  • Ants mainly communicate on the chemical level.
  • I knew this was needed because I was having trouble communicating about my own software.
  • He shared his tips for communicating across a ' group ' and steps taken to ensure that company culture is reflected across multiple sites.
  • We are also able to communicate at a distance.
  • They allow the drones to communicate between each other and work effectively as a team.
  • People try to communicate for all type of reasons.
  • The Tao can be communicated, but it can only be communicated from being to being.
  • In the medieval times people used to communicate via birds, signs and fire.

celebrate in, with, by, on or for?

  • Her funeral mass was celebrated in St.
  • And we celebrated with a beaujolais and a burger -- winning.
  • The seven woods celebrated by W.
  • Her funeral mass was celebrated on Friday at 10.
  • Carlton is celebrated for Italian food.
  • That gave us things to celebrate as well as lament.
  • Later, celebrating at Quark 's, Sisko and his ebullient crew toast.
  • This perhaps gives meaning to the saying that achievements are best celebrated after one has tasted defeat or failure.
  • The beautiful women of Maai Mahiu can sing and celebrate like you wouldn't believe.
  • Some of the holidays are celebrated throughout the world while many are country or region specific.
  • Where is ' Right to Know ' Day Celebrated? ' Right to Know ' Day is celebrated around the world.
  • Pedrito also visits the Basilica ' Sant Agostino for the first of the Triduum masses to be celebrated before Calungsod's canonization.
  • Fifty years of Y'sdom in Sri Lanka was celebrated during the Asia Area Convention with the Colombo Club hosting a banquet.
  • Based on the Lunisolar Chinese calendar, the Chinese Lunar New Year is celebrated from the first day of the first month of the lunar year, on Jan.

commit to, by, in, against or at?

  • Commit to not making any of them.
  • The Crime was committed by a black man.
  • Offence committed in Magistrate's presence 64.
  • Fouls are offences that are committed against an opposition player.
  • CONTRARY TO LAW, and committed at nighttime, which facilitated its commission.
  • If the violent conduct is committed during a stoppage of play, the restart is not changed.
  • Dean was committed for trial and appeared before Justice Windeyer in the Supreme Court in April 1895.
  • Offence committed on a journey 183.
  • Also he must make up for it by speaking well of the person in proportion to the Ghiba he has committed with regard to this person.

"complete in" or "complete by"?

  • It is a complete incarnation - perfect man.
  • The work is expected completed by 31 March.
  • The 3rd bedroom is on the ground floor complete with ensuite.
  • All of which were completed within a few hours.
  • To-do lists should be completed on time.
  • The work is due to be completed at the end of March.
  • But the question remains whether the sealing is completed before or after the persecution.
  • This allowed the walls to be completed for a much smaller budget.
  • They are marked as completed after their Output Resources lose their Status of Draft.
  • It also uses Google's auto complete as a drop down which is nice.
  • It could be completed from your shore of your lake or away the rear of an expensive fishing boat.
  • Few transactions are completed without black money.
  • We had 7 tasks to complete along with a bonus sheet filled with almost 30 more items we could look for to gain points.
  • Please check with your home university to determine how many courses they expect you to complete during your exchange.
  • For balance and accuracy, there's some value in pointing out the various Windows releases that did get completed over the past 5 years.
  • Arrange for the repairs to be completed to your satisfaction.

"collect from", "collect in" or "collect by"?

  • It was also Collected from Mrs.
  • Precipitation collected by the U.
  • There were no income data collected in either census.
  • The data collected on the POS is stored on specific tables.
  • He said: Collect for me dry wood.
  • Demographic and profile data is also collected at our site.
  • Data were collected over a 3-month period.
  • As soon as a buck is collected through FICA it needs to be paid out.
  • He's not bothered by the cache of data Google collects about each user.
  • Savilov, collected during the cruise no.
  • The roots then collected after washing and drying, have to be sorted into different grades.
  • Children collected around us, taking care not to burn their bare skin on the scorching tin walls of the shed they call a home.
  • This story was collected as part of a joint project between the London Irish Centre (Camden, London) and Moving Here in January-February 2004.
  • In September 1847 Russell's government ended what little relief it had made available and demanded that the Poor Law rate be collected before any further money be made available by the Treasury.
  • Inline-areas (for example, glyph-areas) are collected into lines and the direction in which they are stacked is the **28;3176;TOOLONG.
  • Google may also transfer the information that it collects to third parties where required to do so by law, or where such third parties process the information on Google's behalf.
  • After four to seven days, the lump starts turning white as pus collects under the skin.
  • Such information is usually collected via a large survey of the population.
  • Shredded Paper can not be collected with recycling.
  • The personal data collected within the scope of this Rewards will be treated as private and confidential.
  • With The Cash Making Power Sites you can collect without worrying about how to add up to your websites.

"complain about", "complain of" or "complain to"?

  • Or you can't complain about it.
  • Somebody complain to the Mayor.
  • Both of them complain of being washed out.
  • Despite many complaining in the past their voices were not heard.
  • Many firms had complained against rejections and visa delays.
  • Distinguished American visitors sometimes complained at the food served to them at No.
  • You can get someone else, such as a friend, relative, or advice agency to complain for you.
  • Receiving any complain from the students concerning the meals 3.
  • I complain on Symphony customer care on dated 18-10-2012.

control by, for, in, from or with?

  • Completely controlled by Democrats.
  • DOD The middle class is harder to control for the elite.
  • Poaching has been controlled in the Erode district.
  • We had to create a wireless robot that could be controlled from 300 metres away.
  • Two men had diabetes, which was controlled with medication.
  • Controlling of Oven Fire Only fruit tree wood will be used.
  • I don't believe we are in disagreement on the negative impacts of price controls on oil markets.
  • When a girl is convinced that she feelings for you, she will naturally cede all control to you.
  • Practice and certain maturity that came later gave me good flexibility and control as a drawer.
  • The first five were controlled at US stations.
  • Although the Northern Alliance controlled some areas, the Taliban had overall control over Afghanistan.
  • It was subsequently controlled through political means when Bhutto's government was overthrown by Gen Zia.
  • And one should assess carefully what can be controlled via the SNMP MIB.

"connect to" or "connect with"?

  • We first connected to it on the 2.
  • Connect with Stefanie on Twitter.
  • They weren't connected by 2010.
  • How is that connected in any way? Watch and find out.
  • It wouldn't even connect at 25 metres.
  • Camberwell is also really well connected for getting round London.
  • Punk goes back to the top and barely connects on the way down.
  • Seems like it would connect through WiFi to the net.
  • There are two ways to connect via Echo Link.

close to, at, on, in or for?

  • Courses will close at 3pm sharp.
  • The article is closed to the end.
  • The bazaar was closed in minutes.
  • The stock closed on Tuesday 347.
  • This story is closed for comments.
  • Vendors close by sell the feed.
  • And the line of prophets is closed with me.
  • If the account is closed after two years, 1 per cent interest is deducted.
  • Let alone, some NEVER closed because of the actions of companies like Bain.
  • It's closed from mid-October to May.
  • A purchase can be made if it closes above RM6.
  • Which, truthfully, makes somewhat less sense as any crack would close as the metal expands with heat.
  • Fitch views the acquisition, which is expected to close before Dec.
  • Another part of the store is closed due to violations of labor laws of the country.
  • It is possible to find shops closed during major holidays, but shopping.
  • Through the linkage, this will proportionately close off the steam supply to the engine.
  • The road was closed until 1pm while officers investigated the crash.
  • Your school closes within 90 days after you withdraw.

"cover by", "cover with" or "cover in"?

  • It should be covered by your insurance.
  • Thus, the sky is covered in clouds.
  • Cover with your choice of topping.
  • They just cover and cover for the empty suit.
  • Offit's symptoms are not covered under our program.
  • It was covered on The Project last night.
  • Sell rallies and cover at dips.
  • I'd love to make journal covers from the fabrics.

"compare to" or "compare with"?

  • This compared to 88 sales worth $11.
  • This compared with a fall of 0.

contribute to, in, towards, by or at?

  • Contributing to society and the economy.
  • I assume he has contributed in the past.
  • This will also contribute towards global warming.
  • The computer room with computers contributed by well-wishers.
  • Members can choose to contribute at 1/40 th, 1/50 th or 1/60 th.

cause by, to, in, for or as?

  • The disruption was caused by a 6.
  • Even so, I deeply regret the distress caused to you.
  • One is the cause for acceleration.
  • Ross interprets that cause as the creation.
  • These headaches are caused due to hormonal changes.
  • If you suspect that headache is caused from stress or allergies.

contain in, within, on, by or between?

  • This is contained in the Passthru project.
  • Do NOT click the link(s) contained within these emails.
  • If the block is wholly contained on page 3, only page 3 is referenced.
  • Indeed, this justified the view of both the Treasury and the Bank of England that inflation was still a serious threat, to be contained by keeping interest rates high.
  • Furthermore, a separate production of plastic dolls was found to contain between 4.
  • Previously these hotspots were contained to city centres but our 2011 data shows they are now spreading out to more rural areas within these regions.

"care about" or "care for"?

  • The police don't care about us.
  • Single Payer/ Medicare for all.
  • Care in the Community was a step in the right direction.
  • Reason for admission to care of health board.
  • I don't care to what, but something.

"claim by", "claim in" or "claim for"?

  • It was claimed by the family of J.
  • There are three claim forms: Stand-alone houses.
  • This is what he claims in his message.
  • It is not what it claims to be-democratic.
  • Miles can be claimed online for JetAirways and JetKonnect flights 7.
  • BUT she uphold the Obama Administrations claims at the same time.
  • Instead, the Bundesbank receives a TARGET2 claim against the Bank of Spain.
  • Sturt was claimed as a hero and given a gold medal.
  • Some employers operate in-house medical plans under which employees contribute to and claim from the plan.
  • Principal repayment on a housing loan taken by the HUF can also be claimed under this section.
  • Change that claim with seam on the third or fourth day, and Dhoni is on to something.
  • They have made claims about fishing laws, the M? ori language, and education.
  • If you wish to claim through insurance, it is very likely that the insurance company will want to pay you out and keep the car.
  • The report claims during the first 6 months of the year roughly 7.
  • The claim of deduction under section 80-IA was in respect of eligible unit 4.
  • Some bishops are claiming up to the maximum fixed allowance for attending sessions in the second chamber while having full-time jobs in their dioceses.
  • Refunds must be claimed within 31 days of the date of cancellation.

carry with, by, in, to or into?

  • Thirdly, age carries with it only one promise.
  • Thus, light is carried by photons.
  • The child is carried in a cloth at the back.
  • Many were carried to the French legation in China.
  • In a closing statement his voice carried into corridor.
  • John 's, carries for me a special sense of inheritance.
  • Lots of emotions are carried through the poem.
  • Some schemes were carried out with the support of US aid.
  • Though such relations do exist and are carried from both London and Washington DC.
  • It is ruled over by the god of death, who carries off people and subjects them to all sorts of punishments.
  • This form of dialogue carried within it a genuine paradox.
  • No investigation had been carried about their disappearances.
  • That higher percentage carries across all expenditures, from child care costs to haircuts.
  • The person collecting the ticket will also have to carry along the Award request form and photo identification of himself.
  • Don't carry around doubt, fear, anxiety.
  • Baggage is carried at passenger's risk.
  • For most of the trips, we operate luxury motorcoaches and carry between 25-50 people per trip.
  • For health and safety reasons, drivers are not permitted to participate in carrying of passengers.
  • That friendship made them bond and made it easy for David to carry on his calling.
  • Being able to offload some of the weight JavaScript carries onto CSS is a great benefit.
  • Once in the blood, alcohol is carried throughout the body.
  • But the nation is not ready to carry under its wing he who in his very essence is an aberrant traitor.
  • High voltage DC cables can carry up to 1.

change in, to, from, for or with?

  • All that changed in August 1975.
  • This has been changed to type sizet.
  • He will change from antichrist.
  • Times have changed for the better.
  • But now, that's changed with the Wii.
  • From here the mountains change into arid desert.
  • Concepts also change over time.
  • It was last little changed at 81.
  • I have changed by name by naturalisation.
  • That is not expected to change after November 6.
  • It can not be changed as a name can.
  • This all began to change during the Renaissance.
  • In most cases, nothing changed on the ground.
  • But a lot has changed since then.
  • There is nothing that we would change about our home.
  • You can change according to your wish.
  • What he may not realize is that she's changed because of him.
  • If something is not quite right, it's changed before end of sprint.
  • Time is often wasted in changing between activities.
  • Further the websites keep changing depending on the weather.
  • Companies will not change due to competative reasons.
  • So that has not changed through the years.
  • Similarly, the concept of what makes an image realistic has changed throughout history and varies between cultures.
  • Change within the community and the schools we work with take time.
  • I can't change without using water.

"contact by" or "contact with"?

  • Only the entrants will be contacted by Booknoir.
  • My landlord lives abroad so all contact with him is via emai.
  • Contact for application: IELTS's no obligation to apply.
  • The CCA can be contacted at No.
  • If you are contacted on behalf of Westfield.
  • However, when contacted about the settlement, Mitchell declined to comment.
  • You will be contacted in writing if approved.
  • It was agreed that contact between BMC and YRM was welcome and that the relationship should be nurtured.
  • Disability Employment Advisors can be contacted through your local Jobcentre Plus.
  • No one decided to contact to the source of these images and his motive, just started making sense of their stories.
  • On receipt of a referral, you will be placed on waiting list and will be contacted regarding an appointment.
  • The two winners will be contacted via email.

"check for", "check on" or "check with"?

  • Check for ongoing and new offerings.
  • Please check with your employer.
  • If not check on it again tomorrow.
  • He checked in a great big suitcase.
  • Check into Banana Benders Hostel c.
  • I got checked by the DSS doctor who agreed.
  • Check at any local meat markets.
  • Please check against it before mailing.
  • The item was fully checked before sending out &; was working fine.
  • They are: aspell interface to allow spell checking from scripts.
  • I don't have long until 30, but there are a few things on the list that I would like to check off myself.
  • Check out of the resort and in for your flight and check your bags AT the resort.
  • You might also be able to get Local Police Records Checks through the mail.
  • Donors can bring non-perishable food, cash, and checks to either of the two public drop-offs: North Court Square in Newnan and downtown Senoia on Main Street.

click on, for, through, to or with?

  • Click on it to see your answer.
  • Anonymous I clicked for one reason.
  • Click through our gallery to see.
  • Click to cycle through all the types of tab stops.
  • On OS X, hold down the Control key and click with a mouse.
  • If you click in the middle of the bar the whole thing can be moved.
  • We know we're better and it's time we start clicking into gear.

"create by" or "create in"?

  • Love the shape created by words.
  • They are created in Gods image.
  • Man was created for the sake of woman.
  • Unity can only be created from distinctness.
  • Ararat was created on the third day.
  • It had no way to save what I created as the floppy drive was broken.
  • I just wrote a post about a Vietnamese meal I created at home.
  • An artist may create out of a need for self-expression, or gratification.
  • The self is created through socializing.
  • This section applies only to trusts created after this Act comes into force.
  • Scenes were created around wishes such as I wish.
  • Choice is an illusion, created between those with power, and those without.
  • Created during the age piracy rum is evocative of glamour and daring romance.
  • The longer that tension can be created of uncertainty, the more hooked I am.
  • We are proud of what we have created over the last three years.
  • Brute Force was a platform created to showcase Eastern Cape talents.
  • President, that a brand new job sector has been created under you.
  • NY Security Law requires that the Assignments be created within 90 days of origination.

"choose from" or "choose by"?

  • Choose from a wide selection o.
  • Humility was chosen by them all.
  • You must choose between the two.
  • There is no choose for the subject.
  • Many choose to take-away the food.
  • AB de Villiers was chosen as 12th man.
  • Although shameful, it is the path you chose in 2007.
  • BRAC teachers are chosen among the most educated the village.
  • The review recommends an independent chairman be chosen on merit and paid to oversee the ICC.
  • There are many reasons why a particular grass is chosen over another and nobody is 100% right.
  • It is easier to choose with a few options than having to go.

consider in, as, by, for or before?

  • These issues are considered in Chapter 4.
  • They are considered as a school.
  • Race is one of many factors considered by admissions officers.
  • Stop to consider for a moment what this means.
  • He carefully considers before believing anything.
  • The work of everyday language can be considered at a higher level.
  • Each case should be considered on its merits.
  • But there are some important footnotes to consider about Myanmar.
  • And yet it was considered among the smoothest.
  • Now THOSE I would consider from a business perspective.
  • Your preferred cause appeared to be in the web the easiest thing to consider of.
  • Points To Consider To Jailbreak iPad 3 5.
  • More than 58 percent of coral reefs are considered under threat from human activities.
  • Not all items of incoming mail must be considered with reference to other papers.

"call for" or "call on"?

  • It was a voice calling for help.
  • And nobody ever gets called on it.
  • I call upon the author to explain.
  • Make that call to someone today.
  • It was time to call in the experts.
  • Later Kralik is called into Mr.
  • It is called by a variety of names.
  • Just had a call from these people.
  • Silly Me! I resorted to name calling after being called a few myself.
  • The following day we called at the Burmese Embassy.
  • The search was called off at nightfall.

"continue with", "continue to" or "continue in"?

  • I won't even continue with this.
  • Hope it continues in the GG room.
  • Some ferries continue to Ko Phangan.
  • This continued for several days.
  • The matter continued on Friday, June 29.
  • If the Pirates continue at this.
  • Mass migration continued into the early 1960s.
  • The road continues through Drumcondra.
  • The church now continues as the people of God 1 Peter 2:9-10.
  • A war started and continued by Democrat presidents by the way.
  • The shipment will continue throughout the month.
  • This attack continued until 4:00 A.
  • Some of us continued after school and it has paid off.
  • Today, the highway continues along the north side of the Nass, all the way to the sea.
  • Continued below the photo album.
  • These attacks have continued despite reports of civilian casualties.
  • Mo and Ahmad continued down the road towards the local nightclub they usually attend.
  • The persecution of God's people will therefore continue during the plagues.
  • Child and parent continue from here.
  • If things continue like this, trust will be lost.
  • The weak status continued till the nineties.
  • The practice continued under the Fifth Republic.
  • It will then continue up to the Ciaran Shannon Walk.
  • It says, ' continue without log in.

"come to" or "come from"?

  • But it may soon come to an end.
  • Came from nothing to something.
  • That left side comes into play.
  • Price came in second, with 85%.
  • Most computers (99%) come with.
  • It didn't come out of the blue.
  • One comes across it continually.
  • It does not come as a surprise.
  • Paul come at the end of the age.
  • My antipollution light came on.
  • Love is expected to come after.
  • One does not come before the other.
  • The wickets were hard to come by.
  • He will come for His own people.
  • Let's see what will come of it.
  • What the judges will say: Come off it.
  • Meaning comes through experience.
  • Then the Nepalese came under attack.
  • Please come up to the top deck.