hack into, by, at, to or in?

  • AJ says that Vickie hacked into Cena's phone and that she is a.
  • Password can be easily hack by visitors if it has not Special character.
  • Slash and hack at them as you will, they just seem to keep popping up around every corner.
  • But the two bodies in the front were hacked to pieces.

"haggle with" or "haggle for"?

  • I haggled with Prospa a good half an hour until I got myself a djembe.
  • The Dutch Boys haggled for MYR 10 (US$3.
  • Not to haggle about the finer points of atta and anatta (self-and non-self) when one has not even got round to making effort with the Five Precepts.
  • This past week I went rounds with 2 clients haggling over price.

"hail from" or "hail as"?

  • Hailing from financial industry,.
  • This is the story of a man whom legends hailed as God.
  • Hailed by critics as a master of satire.
  • When released, it was hailed for its realistic treatment of both the American and Vietnamese perspectives.

hamper by, due, in, for or throughout?

  • But things were moving slowly and we were hampered by lack of funds.
  • The free market has been severely hampered in meeting the demand side of housing hence escalating home prices.
  • So I'd mindful of it, but I can't think of him every time I'd going into every situation, because that would be hampering for me.
  • The Islamist Party, Jamaat-e-Islami, reported that its ability to secure permits for rallies or processions was severely hampered throughout the year.

"handle by" or "handle in"?

  • This process is handled by the DMV, not the police.
  • Your Busines should be handled in a pragmatic way.
  • Handle with care, stockings are delicate.
  • All of this was handled for me by Webshot Designs.

hang in, from, over, around or onto?

  • Many questions hang in the air.
  • She was found hanging from a roof.
  • Some evil hangs over this fated city.
  • But her cat liked to hang around her.

"happen to" or "happen in"?

  • I happen to have older friends.
  • All things happen in good time.
  • The same happens with investing.
  • What happens on BB, stays on BB.

harass by, in, at, for or with?

  • I shalln't be calling them!! I'd being harassed by these people.
  • Her opening tales of getting verbally harassed in Paris caught my attention because they conjured up memories of my own.
  • You would imagine that women in powerful positions would never need to be worried about being sexually harassed at work.
  • I believe that women have been oppressed, discriminated against, and harassed for thousands of years.

"harm by" or "harm to"?

  • Therefore, Osho will not be harmed by such malicious attempts.
  • It surely doesn't harm to Minor in Biological Sciences or something.
  • No sea ice was harmed in the preparation of the story.
  • But if it is used in a responsible way there is not much harm from it.

harvest from, in, for, at or by?

  • This will grow their Social Flower, and you'll be able to harvest from their visitor flower - Gifting.
  • Traditionally planted in May or June and harvested in August.
  • At this point all the grapes in the area are harvested for the year.
  • Potatoes need to be harvested at certain temperatures to maximize the length of time they can be stored.

hasten to, by, from, after or into?

  • Hasten to the Prayer, hasten to the Prayer.
  • I agree about the slow demise of the Tea Party hastened by this election.
  • The impatient Calenus did not wait to be twice invited; he hastened towards the aperture.
  • The proposal is still to come into fruition and we should be most grateful if the bottlenecks for the implementation of the proposal are removed and the process hastened for us.

hate on, for, by, about or in?

  • Hate on me hater, now or later.
  • Dance, little troll, and hate for me.
  • He was hated by everyone before he was a knight.
  • And that's what I particularly hate about Triple J.

haul in, before, by, into or over?

  • Sawdust from the busy sawmill was hauled in dumpcarts to make the streets less muddy.
  • Unscrupulous dairies indulged in this practice and were frequently hauled before the courts, stiff penalties being invariably imposed.
  • When going through the rapids, the whale boat had to be hauled by ropes.
  • He is caught in a chop shop when he is hauled into the NYC police station.

haunt by, to, for, on or as?

  • Throughout, he is haunted by a.
  • The harmony of the spheres is coming back to haunt to catastrophists.
  • A matching major hat is included and every thing on the costume is offered an aged and tattered appear, as if this gentleman has been haunting for some time.
  • Michan's is well-known for being haunted as well as the home of the Mummies of St.

"heal from", "heal by" or "heal in"?

  • I need to heal from being a healer.
  • I know my heart will heal in this regard.
  • But that rift has been healed by this generation of players.
  • Additionally, if you deploy the berCharge but does not target an ally, you are only healed at the normal rate.

"heap on" or "heap upon"?

  • Of course we had to heap on the gluttony with desert, something peanut butter based.
  • None of the praises you heap upon the PM or Sonia is true.

"hear of", "hear from" or "hear about"?

  • We've heard of other incidents.
  • Tom, sorry to hear about Wally.
  • Nice to hear from you, Jillian.
  • Owls have been heard in the area too.

"heighten by" or "heighten in"?

  • Herzl's nationalistic appeal to the Jewish people was heightened by its Messianic overtones.
  • Sectarian divisions were heightened in the process of selecting the interim Iraqi Governing Council.
  • Swaddling Can give parents a technique to calm their baby and thus time to calm themselves, this is heightened for parents who make the choice to formula feed and not bedshare/babywear etc.
  • Tensions have also heightened within the Coalition after suggestions from Health Minister James Reilly that a decision on abortion may not be made until the new year.

"help with" or "help in"?

  • Need help with this one please.
  • Your info may also help in that.
  • Not helped by the ABS not working.
  • Virtualization helps save huge amounts on power.

hesitate in, for, to, before or about?

  • The party enjoyed the stay at your Villa enormously and would not hesitate in booking it again.
  • I hesitated for a moment after that, unsure of how he would react to the gift I removed from my briefcase.
  • If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to post them on this strand.
  • He hesitates before answering that she came with Bum-soo to search for Tae-ik.

"hide in", "hide from" or "hide behind"?

  • It's all hidden in the wording.
  • One girl hides behind the others.
  • When I hide from it, I feel dead.
  • The microorganisms hide under the clay and avoid the UV.

"highlight in" or "highlight by"?

  • It is section 8 highlighted in red.
  • This phenomenon was highlighted by the results of this study.
  • Click on the circle next to each and select Highlighted on Page.
  • Fiona is consistently highlighted as a positive role model.

hijack by, for, in, as or at?

  • Chris Tope, Sydney Democracy has been hijacked by so called freedom.
  • A few posters carried it to extremes, maybe on both sides of the equation, but the forum was basically hijacked for a good part of the season because of it.
  • It is the prime vehicle to hijack as a foreign intelligence agency.
  • Angie Lombart and her mother were hijacked at their home in Silverton last Friday.

hinder by, in, because, from or between?

  • In Kenya A2J is hindered by a number of factors.
  • The depth of our own historical knowledge will help or hinder in interpreting evidence.
  • Problem with this will be that Fernando's performance this coming season might get hindered because of the new arrival and he might get fewer opportunities.
  • To show the world how easily the Muslim can be poked for destruction, and put hinders for Islam which is even know the most fastest spreading religion in the world 2.

"hire by", "hire in" or "hire for"?

  • Andrio, was not hired by the Ministry of Education.
  • Looking to hire for a custom logo.
  • At one time, all of you old people were hired in this way.
  • She was a paid employee hired as P.

hit by, on, with, in or at?

  • Treasures has been hit by cops.
  • Rajneesh did not hit on all the women there.
  • It has been hit with a fine of $4.
  • One person was hit in an adjacent theater.

hold in, at, by, on or for?

  • Most of that money is now held in G.
  • Meetings will be held at 7pm on the.
  • Generally held by Tribal Culture.
  • Voting will be held on weekends.

honor by, in, with, for or as?

  • He has been honored by the Mass.
  • Ruffner was recently honored in Washington, DC.
  • Being honored with the influential Seal of Approval from PTPA Media Inc.
  • The older wines and cheeses are, the more they are praised and honored for taste.

honour by, with, for, in or as?

  • You were honoured by the sun that day.
  • He was honoured with the 1997 Grammy Award for ' Best Musical Show Album ' for his Riverdance record.
  • National Award is the most highest honour for any actor and actress in India.
  • Daniel Bernoulli was much honoured in his own lifetime.

"hook on" or "hook up"?

  • People are still hooked on CoD.
  • About one-third of India's population is hooked to tobacco.
  • Anything you have hooked into here is going to be accessible by your computer.
  • Well hooked in the mouth, thanks to the circle hook.

hop on, in, into, onto or to?

  • Now imagine hopping on a bicycle and moving at 10 mph.
  • So, we hopped in a station wagon and drove to Montreal.
  • About an hour ago I hopped into a taxi in St.
  • So I decided to hop onto the Instagram post bandwagon.

hope for, to, in, after or against?

  • I imagine we all hope for that.
  • I hope to have many years of candle making ahead of me.
  • He hopes in the very near future to.
  • We must hope against hope that he will.

"horrify at" or "horrify by"?

  • King Vasudev was horrified at this cruelty and fell on his knees.
  • Many Southerners were horrified by the extent of the act.
  • Happy Excorcising! Advertisers are eager to make it more effective, governments want to regulate it, and web users are generally horrified of its potential.
  • They are included in order to shock and horrify in an attempt to spur people into action.

host by, on, in, at or for?

  • The program was hosted by Mellow 94.
  • The programs will be hosted on the server computer.
  • The first such event was Tech Crunch Disrupt, hosted in San Francisco in September.
  • Currently, I'd hosted at blurstorm.

"hover over", "hover in" or "hover around"?

  • A quiet sadness hovers over the streets and alleys.
  • Thus I realized I shouldn't be hovering around her.
  • He was hovering in the background.
  • As Benjamin said, our drones hover above their skies.

humiliate by, in, at, for or on?

  • I was -embarrassed and humiliated by his behaviour.
  • Badly performing workers were humiliated in front of colleagues.
  • Can't wait for you and your boss to be humiliated at the polls.
  • He's been worshipped as the Franchise and swam in the cheers; and he's been humiliated as the Dean and drowned in the boos.

hunt for, in, on, with or by?

  • The Ancient Box Trap when hunting for Balack.
  • I hunt in a suburb of Philadelphia.
  • Can 12 and 13 year olds hunt on public land? YES.
  • He invited him to hunt with him and his new dog.

hurt by, in, like, for or from?

  • Hurt by the previous attack, Julia lost her senses.
  • You'll hurt in place you never knew you could hurt.
  • It took 6 weeks to heal and hurt like hell.
  • And it doesn't hurt for staying ahead.