Prepositions after Verbs

Click a verb to see what prepositions are usually used after it in English


"hook on" or "hook up"?

  • People are still hooked on CoD.
  • He was hooked up to Radin's machine and shown the emotionally charged images.
  • About one-third of India's population is hooked to tobacco.
  • Anything you have hooked into here is going to be accessible by your computer.
  • Well hooked in the mouth, thanks to the circle hook.
  • I've been hooked for a while on secretly giving gifts.
  • Instead I got a taut thriller, albeit one with cheap BBC special effects, which had me hooked from start to finish.
  • This is exactly what Australian Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has hooked onto and will not let go despite clear evidence climate change is happening.
  • In one hand he holds a long-bladed stabbing spear, and more often than not will be seen leaning against it with one leg off the ground hooked behind the other.
  • This will make you hooked through-out the whole game.
  • According to the police report, I was knocked unconcious and my right foot hooked underneath metal on the side of the train.
  • He got hooked with booze, and reportedly even drugs.

hit by, on, with, in or at?

  • Treasures has been hit by cops.
  • Rajneesh did not hit on all the women there.
  • It has been hit with a fine of $4.
  • One person was hit in an adjacent theater.
  • Also finding reverse is hard to hit at times.
  • Foxx is 4-for-5 while hitting for the cycle.
  • In late October, a munitions factory in Sudan was hit from the air.
  • I forget what Gardner hit like lol).
  • And he could hit to any corner that took his fancy.
  • And you hit upon about half of the reason for it.
  • A few more hit during dinner but I thought nothing more of them.
  • My left handed opponent was hitting out of the back corner.
  • Not being able to hit over the infield is a symptom.

"horrify at" or "horrify by"?

  • King Vasudev was horrified at this cruelty and fell on his knees.
  • Many Southerners were horrified by the extent of the act.
  • Happy Excorcising! Advertisers are eager to make it more effective, governments want to regulate it, and web users are generally horrified of its potential.
  • They are included in order to shock and horrify in an attempt to spur people into action.
  • He's horrified during some of Jax's new actions and above all else, we consider he understands how deleterious it would be to a bar if Clay's secrets were exposed.

"haggle with" or "haggle for"?

  • I haggled with Prospa a good half an hour until I got myself a djembe.
  • The Dutch Boys haggled for MYR 10 (US$3.
  • Not to haggle about the finer points of atta and anatta (self-and non-self) when one has not even got round to making effort with the Five Precepts.
  • This past week I went rounds with 2 clients haggling over price.
  • I believe that you can haggle on a price, especially if the customer has good intentions.
  • The times I did haggle without removing value, I had clients try to wrangle even MORE info out of me.

"heap on" or "heap upon"?

  • Of course we had to heap on the gluttony with desert, something peanut butter based.
  • None of the praises you heap upon the PM or Sonia is true.

hijack by, for, in, as or at?

  • Chris Tope, Sydney Democracy has been hijacked by so called freedom.
  • A few posters carried it to extremes, maybe on both sides of the equation, but the forum was basically hijacked for a good part of the season because of it.
  • It is the prime vehicle to hijack as a foreign intelligence agency.
  • Angie Lombart and her mother were hijacked at their home in Silverton last Friday.

"heighten by" or "heighten in"?

  • Herzl's nationalistic appeal to the Jewish people was heightened by its Messianic overtones.
  • Sectarian divisions were heightened in the process of selecting the interim Iraqi Governing Council.
  • Swaddling Can give parents a technique to calm their baby and thus time to calm themselves, this is heightened for parents who make the choice to formula feed and not bedshare/babywear etc.
  • Tensions have also heightened within the Coalition after suggestions from Health Minister James Reilly that a decision on abortion may not be made until the new year.

hamper by, due, in, for or throughout?

  • But things were moving slowly and we were hampered by lack of funds.
  • The free market has been severely hampered in meeting the demand side of housing hence escalating home prices.
  • So I'd mindful of it, but I can't think of him every time I'd going into every situation, because that would be hampering for me.
  • The Islamist Party, Jamaat-e-Islami, reported that its ability to secure permits for rallies or processions was severely hampered throughout the year.
  • The Yanks high-priced pitching staff is also hampered with injuries.

humiliate by, in, at, for or on?

  • I was -embarrassed and humiliated by his behaviour.
  • Badly performing workers were humiliated in front of colleagues.
  • Can't wait for you and your boss to be humiliated at the polls.
  • He's been worshipped as the Franchise and swam in the cheers; and he's been humiliated as the Dean and drowned in the boos.
  • Even at the end, during the hanging of Saddam, he was humiliated beyond reasonable human comprehension.
  • And then, in Bangladesh, there lurk in many sad homes across this chaotic city beastly men who fiendishly go looking for women to humiliate through physical assault or verbal abuse or both.

hack into, by, at, to or in?

  • AJ says that Vickie hacked into Cena's phone and that she is a.
  • Password can be easily hack by visitors if it has not Special character.
  • Slash and hack at them as you will, they just seem to keep popping up around every corner.
  • But the two bodies in the front were hacked to pieces.
  • The slide in News Corp's share price comes as an investigation into phone hacking in the UK widens.
  • This was hacking on an industrial scale.
  • Er, I mean, for reminding Rick that he hacked off Allen's leg with an ax.
  • How about, the reason China Cord Blood went up several X was because (the Chinese did it) it was hacked from Guongdong and the greedy hackers were greedier than they should have been.
  • Next to Facebook and Twitter, though, there's one site I can't escape when I'd hacking through weeds in front of the screen: 8tracks.
  • Desert hacking for one hour and a half and my body was so sore i was sick the next day.
  • Since I'd not a developer, wading through workarounds and hacks like this sometimes makes my head want to explode.

haul in, before, by, into or over?

  • Sawdust from the busy sawmill was hauled in dumpcarts to make the streets less muddy.
  • Unscrupulous dairies indulged in this practice and were frequently hauled before the courts, stiff penalties being invariably imposed.
  • When going through the rapids, the whale boat had to be hauled by ropes.
  • He is caught in a chop shop when he is hauled into the NYC police station.
  • Rail continued to be hauled over the summit after the first heavy snow fell snow in Dec.
  • Bender tied a rope to the barrel and it was hauled to the Canadian shore.
  • Think about what you really need to haul from here to there.
  • His body flopped lifelessly as it was hauled out of the water.

harvest from, in, for, at or by?

  • This will grow their Social Flower, and you'll be able to harvest from their visitor flower - Gifting.
  • Traditionally planted in May or June and harvested in August.
  • At this point all the grapes in the area are harvested for the year.
  • Potatoes need to be harvested at certain temperatures to maximize the length of time they can be stored.
  • Wild rice grows in the Northern United States where it is harvested by native people.
  • Sustainable = beef that is local, raised humanely (not suffering ), grass-fed only, and harvested on premises or at local facilities/butcher.
  • Don't forget, the abortion clinic gets paid money for providing ' office space ' to the harvesters, and has a financial interest in the success of harvesting as an industry.
  • Governance is harvesting of immaterial labour but a willing harvest, a death drive of labour.
  • The wood was in effect a crop that could be regularly harvested with many uses including fuel and the making of cups and bowls.
  • Those are palm leave trees and are harvested down the mountain.
  • In agricultural areas, most of the young ones help their family harvest during the summer months.
  • We are attempting at this time to increase by a relatively small percentage the number who will be harvested into the path of love and understanding.
  • The lavender crop is harvested over December and January.
  • Kangaroos are harvested under a code of practice enforced by extensive government monitoring.

haunt by, to, for, on or as?

  • Throughout, he is haunted by a.
  • The harmony of the spheres is coming back to haunt to catastrophists.
  • A matching major hat is included and every thing on the costume is offered an aged and tattered appear, as if this gentleman has been haunting for some time.
  • Michan's is well-known for being haunted as well as the home of the Mummies of St.
  • A tune from another place, another lifetime, can turn and haunt in the heart.
  • Falcon (What's in a name) will be haunted with the memory that his parents will be charged with a felony crime because he ' gave it away '.

hurt by, in, like, for or from?

  • Hurt by the previous attack, Julia lost her senses.
  • You'll hurt in place you never knew you could hurt.
  • It took 6 weeks to heal and hurt like hell.
  • And it doesn't hurt for staying ahead.
  • Haha! My stomach hurts from laughing.
  • Mostly because it hurts to type today.
  • Previous Stories: June 8, 2012: 3 Dogs Dead, 2 Hurt After Being Tied To Tree Under Beehive Dallas Cowboys Hats.
  • Allthough, most of the relief goods are distributed for free, dignity of the beneficiaries should not be hurt at any cost.
  • No one can pay me enough money to get hurt on theirs.
  • Everything we do, I'd very proud of and it hurts as a writer to read the reviews saying it's crap.
  • The economy is hurting because of availability of credit.
  • Our jails are so sweet and no one ever get hurt during the interrogation, we only break their bones.
  • Meet in groups with people from similar backgrounds, to heal from the emotional hurts of internalized oppression.
  • Aside from, fitflops can easily minimizes the problem as hurting with the bounders so that you'll should not have frustrated incredibly easily.
  • I find it humorous so many here are butt hurt about Doan not loving their favorite franchise.
  • I am hurting over this because he is sending me mixed signals.

hasten to, by, from, after or into?

  • Hasten to the Prayer, hasten to the Prayer.
  • I agree about the slow demise of the Tea Party hastened by this election.
  • The impatient Calenus did not wait to be twice invited; he hastened towards the aperture.
  • The proposal is still to come into fruition and we should be most grateful if the bottlenecks for the implementation of the proposal are removed and the process hastened for us.

hop on, in, into, onto or to?

  • Now imagine hopping on a bicycle and moving at 10 mph.
  • So, we hopped in a station wagon and drove to Montreal.
  • About an hour ago I hopped into a taxi in St.
  • So I decided to hop onto the Instagram post bandwagon.
  • We hopped from one place to another.
  • So they hopped to it with a passion.
  • Duane pried the bag free and hopped out of the crate.
  • Explore the Rio Grande Hop aboard a bamboo raft to explore the Rio Grande for a thrilling trip through banana and sugar cane plantations.
  • But in Syria it's very easy -- you just take a flight to Istanbul, then another flight to southern Turkey and then you hop across the border.
  • We do hop around the links - easy enough to do - so wee general round-up would be perfect.
  • Some of the boys saw him coming and hopped over the stream, but the rest of us felt we had every right to kick football in our free time.
  • So this was my only sharp shot out of about half a dozen attempts as it hopped along the wire.
  • That is, if you can track him down -- Ginters covers an enormous region, and spends much of his time hopping between cities in the East.
  • However, if you want to tour more, then go Sabah island hopping by going to Tunku Abdul Rahman Park and finding a boat.
  • To our great surprise and happiness, the pub at Lynch's was hopping with all sorts of folk - kids, young adults, older adults, maybe even a dog.

harass by, in, at, for or with?

  • I shalln't be calling them!! I'd being harassed by these people.
  • Her opening tales of getting verbally harassed in Paris caught my attention because they conjured up memories of my own.
  • You would imagine that women in powerful positions would never need to be worried about being sexually harassed at work.
  • I believe that women have been oppressed, discriminated against, and harassed for thousands of years.
  • Most employees feel harassed out of taking their vacay.
  • SARAH DINGLE: Is this a surprise to find that one in three women will be sexually harassed throughout their lifetime? ELIZABETH BRODERICK: It's probably not a surprise.
  • This was to harassing to us, and desecrating to Russell's grave.

"hail from" or "hail as"?

  • Hailing from financial industry,.
  • This is the story of a man whom legends hailed as God.
  • Hailed by critics as a master of satire.
  • When released, it was hailed for its realistic treatment of both the American and Vietnamese perspectives.
  • Then, just as he was hailed in Berlin as the spiritual father of expressionism, he had a nervous breakdown, returned home in 1908, and never left Norway again.
  • Hail to biz ed as most popular across all America for indebting and reducing oneself.
  • Ten years on, as we look back on the initial success that operation achieved, it was not exactly the triumph everyone hailed at the time.

honour by, with, for, in or as?

  • You were honoured by the sun that day.
  • He was honoured with the 1997 Grammy Award for ' Best Musical Show Album ' for his Riverdance record.
  • National Award is the most highest honour for any actor and actress in India.
  • Daniel Bernoulli was much honoured in his own lifetime.
  • Recently honoured as an Officer of the Order of Canada, Mr.
  • Love the club for life! mwakio posted on August 19, 2012: bloggers, let us all give all glory and honour to the Almighty God for having given us victory in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • He became only the fourth non-Australian cricketer to get the prestigious Order Of Australia (OOA) honour after West Indian greats Clive Lloyd (1985 ), Garfield Sobers (2003 ), Brian Lara (2009).
  • A Fool Desires Undue Fame The fool will desire undue reputation, precedence among monks, authority in the monasteries, honour among families.
  • They who are brahmanas by birth are honoured because of ordinary social customs.
  • Virat Kohli, V V S Laxman and Sachin Tendulkar will be among the top stars who will be honoured during the ceremony.
  • Hmmm, we wonder if Britney or Lindsay will also be honoured like Paris? The thing is, the socialite is being honoured with the Harvard Lampoon ' Woman of the Year ' Award.

"heal from", "heal by" or "heal in"?

  • I need to heal from being a healer.
  • I know my heart will heal in this regard.
  • But that rift has been healed by this generation of players.
  • Additionally, if you deploy the berCharge but does not target an ally, you are only healed at the normal rate.
  • Six months later, this same mother wrote to tell me that she was healed of high blood pressure and no longer bleeding.
  • That morning Martin had isolated a new strain of staphylococcus bacteria from the gluteal carbuncle of a patient in the Lower Manhattan Hospital, a carbuncle which was healing with unusual rapidity.
  • Get him down to about 50% health again; he will again become unattackable and move to the coffin room, then he will heal to full health and attack with two bat swarms.
  • He told us his left hip/leg was hurt in a previous accident he had and that it could not be healed without surgery.
  • You must bear in mind that you should heal according to the current situation.
  • You need to let the plug sites heal as well as the new insertion sites and potential new donor sites and this may take special post-operative care and extended down-time.
  • Recall that installing mustn't be healed for granted.
  • You, My brother Melvin, have been given this power by Me and many have been healed through your prayers.
  • Those with jobs which require heavy lifting or any strain on the chest may need a longer recovery time so that the chest is more fully healed before starting work.
  • Many people declare they have healed on their own associated with acne breakouts utilizing an acne breakouts home cure, plus some individuals state it doesn ' capital t work with all of them.
  • There are a variety of mouth ulcers, the most common kind are apthous ulcers which usually heal within 7-14 days.

hunt for, in, on, with or by?

  • The Ancient Box Trap when hunting for Balack.
  • I hunt in a suburb of Philadelphia.
  • Can 12 and 13 year olds hunt on public land? YES.
  • He invited him to hunt with him and his new dog.
  • The second method is that they are hunted by using a gun.
  • Unfortunately they were hunted to extinction by the Maoris by the end of the 1500s.
  • To put in the range of insurances is disability insurance, which is positively one of the much, hunted after insurances.
  • For Android fans, this presents something of an issue: with the menu button gone, you'll have to hunt around the screen for three vertical dots which have taken its place.
  • They are very curious animals and are often seen out in daytime, however, they commonly hunt at night.
  • If you were born in a community of, say, 1000 individuals eeking out an existence on the plains of Africa, hunting during the day, hiding from predators at night, would you have.
  • The hunter of a DCA may also use lures and bait, and hunt from aircraft or motor vehicle, using spotlights at night.
  • Now they didn't need to wait for food to find them; they could hunt like tigers.
  • I hunted through the yellow pages of the directory and found what I wanted.

hinder by, in, because, from or between?

  • In Kenya A2J is hindered by a number of factors.
  • The depth of our own historical knowledge will help or hinder in interpreting evidence.
  • Problem with this will be that Fernando's performance this coming season might get hindered because of the new arrival and he might get fewer opportunities.
  • To show the world how easily the Muslim can be poked for destruction, and put hinders for Islam which is even know the most fastest spreading religion in the world 2.
  • While religions are useful at present, humanity must get rid of religions sometime in the future and ASAP as they would a hinder to the progress of humanity.

"hover over", "hover in" or "hover around"?

  • A quiet sadness hovers over the streets and alleys.
  • Thus I realized I shouldn't be hovering around her.
  • He was hovering in the background.
  • As Benjamin said, our drones hover above their skies.
  • Book Description Publication Date: May 11, 2010 In 1850, America hovered on the brink of disunion.
  • The price points of larger screened phones and tablets hover at around the same level.
  • Today, it hovers between 40,000 and 41,500.
  • The aircraft in question was said to have hovered for hours before landing in Lagos.
  • That was even a period, where Liverpool were hovering near the relegation zone.
  • Debt hovers like a carrion bird over a dying beast, with annual rates of 20% or more compounded monthly, month in and month out.
  • It basically looks like a fat man with a wheel stuck to his belly hovering down the road.
  • And as she hovered from flower to flower, with her earnest and youthful countenance and graceful motions, you could not have imagined a fitter handmaid for the goddess of the garden.

honor by, in, with, for or as?

  • He has been honored by the Mass.
  • Ruffner was recently honored in Washington, DC.
  • Being honored with the influential Seal of Approval from PTPA Media Inc.
  • The older wines and cheeses are, the more they are praised and honored for taste.
  • Luster is being honored as the 2008 Navy Times Sailor of the Year.
  • Blank MCO will not be honored at the ATO/CTO.
  • Raab, who worked for Roll Call and The New York Times in Washington, earning a Pulitzer Prize nomination from The Times and honors from the White House News Photographers Association.
  • They do honor to the bar and help maintain the respect of the community for the legal profession.
  • These former greats also will be honored during the championship game of the NIT Season Tipoff in Madison Square Garden on Nov.
  • Do they seek with them honor through power? But indeed, honor belongs to Allah entirely *.

hesitate in, for, to, before or about?

  • The party enjoyed the stay at your Villa enormously and would not hesitate in booking it again.
  • I hesitated for a moment after that, unsure of how he would react to the gift I removed from my briefcase.
  • If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to post them on this strand.
  • He hesitates before answering that she came with Bum-soo to search for Tae-ik.
  • I hesitated about letting the first one get out of the clinic.
  • BREATH: Do NOT hesitate at the top of the inhalation to begin the exhalation.
  • Get ideas, but I must hesitate on the home equity suggestion.
  • Who is the greatest artist ever in your opinion? I hesitate between Chuck Norris &; Hieronymus Bosch.
  • Too many unknown factors like knowledge of the location, the safety and even how to get there or move about, make them hesitate from booking directly and planning individually.

"harm by" or "harm to"?

  • Therefore, Osho will not be harmed by such malicious attempts.
  • It surely doesn't harm to Minor in Biological Sciences or something.
  • No sea ice was harmed in the preparation of the story.
  • But if it is used in a responsible way there is not much harm from it.
  • There are many ways to inflict pain or harm on someone.
  • That remorse and desire to be more like the savior should lead him to an apology to those that he has harmed along the way.
  • He would also never want to see somebody harmed because of music he made.
  • No teddy bears were harmed during the making of this app.
  • The old woman was sick but she was speechless at the kindness of the man whom she tried to harm for so long and became ashamed.
  • Hitting with the intention to harm rather than out of frustration may be a sign that you need to ask for help.

host by, on, in, at or for?

  • The program was hosted by Mellow 94.
  • The programs will be hosted on the server computer.
  • The first such event was Tech Crunch Disrupt, hosted in San Francisco in September.
  • Currently, I'd hosted at blurstorm.
  • These are some of the customer services tips for the efficacious web hosting for businesses.
  • Panama plays host to Honduras on Friday night in a game the Canadians will be watching closely.
  • This hosting offers nice schemes and guarantees.
  • You need to know more about hosting after reading this informative article and be.
  • Those videos cover everything from why you should use WordPress to getting your domain name and hosting as well as installing WordPress -- we've got you completely covered.
  • This is where it is possible to decide on managed internet hosting through your provider.
  • In fact when you sign up for hosting with Bluehost.

"highlight in" or "highlight by"?

  • It is section 8 highlighted in red.
  • This phenomenon was highlighted by the results of this study.
  • Click on the circle next to each and select Highlighted on Page.
  • Fiona is consistently highlighted as a positive role model.
  • We go out in search of people that God highlights to us.
  • The review section of the website presents an archive of review highlights from trusted travel giants TripAdvisor and Booking.
  • Headings are text highlighted with the H HTML tags.
  • It highlighted for the first time the risk to intravenous drug users and the need to have improved access to condoms.
  • The partnership is just one of the developments in paediatric treatment highlighted at the 19th International AIDS Conference in Washington DC.
  • Aarti also highlights about the infrastructure at the Accelerator and throws more light on the demo day.
  • Some more back of the envelope commentary on next page, PLUS are highlighted across the Forbes network.
  • Examples highlighted during the conference included the innovative ViaMilano Program operated by SEA Aeroporti di Milano.
  • Katsu and Koichi's differences are highlighted throughout the film effectively, and this is usually where the humor arises.
  • Made the decision on what you would like o highlight within the room, i.

"handle by" or "handle in"?

  • This process is handled by the DMV, not the police.
  • Your Busines should be handled in a pragmatic way.
  • Handle with care, stockings are delicate.
  • All of this was handled for me by Webshot Designs.
  • You can hardly imagine a surgeon practicing scalpel handling at home.
  • Data handling on this website https: **34;6644;TOOLONG.
  • Almost everything was handled through Excel spreadsheets.
  • It is very rare indeed to have anything of value handled to you on a silver plate.
  • Ride and handling As for the handling, keeping up with the sedans is a breeze, but don't go hunting after them in the corners though.
  • Currently handling between a quarter of a million and 300,000 passengers each month, the City Airport is the largest private employer in the Newham Borough District of London.
  • Orders are handled during office hours.
  • Some blame could be attributed to Lindegaard parrying it back into danger, but it was a tough shot to handle from Bale though I do think he could have done better.
  • Once the web server has opened a connection to the servlet container, the connection can be in one of the following states: Idle No request is being handled over this connection.
  • All correspondence between Letelier and individuals in Cuba was supposedly handled via Julian Rizo, who used his diplomatic status to hide his activities.
  • Fresh MOX fuel can be stolen, transported and handled without the need for elaborate radiation shielding.

"hire by", "hire in" or "hire for"?

  • Andrio, was not hired by the Ministry of Education.
  • Looking to hire for a custom logo.
  • At one time, all of you old people were hired in this way.
  • She was a paid employee hired as P.
  • Kettles or Toasters can be hired from reception.
  • These can typically be hired at the temples.
  • Companies usually go to colleges and universities looking for young recruits to hire on entry level.
  • Being hired into these kinds of jobs resulted in an overall improvement in mental health.
  • Three months ago I was hired to scope out a global intranet for a London-based global media company.
  • Like many of the employees at Tesla and SpaceX, Passin was hired away from an established rival -- Toyota in his case.
  • They first gave 59 female undergrads the same harassment story to read, but asked a third of them to first reflect on the motivation to get hired during a job interview.
  • An example is the hiring out of means of transport.
  • What MNC's are hiring through rigorous tests &; procedures is purely W.
  • Only 26% have hired via Facebook.
  • Zynga has about 2,000 employees, 92% of which have been hired within the last two years.

"hide in", "hide from" or "hide behind"?

  • It's all hidden in the wording.
  • One girl hides behind the others.
  • When I hide from it, I feel dead.
  • The microorganisms hide under the clay and avoid the UV.
  • Dhamma is hidden by the without.
  • And -- even better -- you'll do the hiding for them.
  • It would have been a massacre if the soldiers killed everyone hiding at the gas station.
  • Some of them were in hiding on Saturday to finish up some code.
  • It was hidden to them how much oil was in the salad.
  • It's beautiful to be a sea hidden within an infinite drop.
  • Focusing only on the war and his duty, he has no idea that his own daughter is hidden among his ranks.
  • Safely hidden away from the prying eyes of regulators and citizens.
  • Cut to: Suk-jin hiding beneath a TV stand.
  • The Colmar Treasure, hidden during the Black Death, was discovered here in 1863.
  • Here everyone is a actor but we need to find out hidden inside actor.
  • She could hide with the colonists, or she could give herself up, go into stasis and hope for the best.

hang in, from, over, around or onto?

  • Many questions hang in the air.
  • She was found hanging from a roof.
  • Some evil hangs over this fated city.
  • But her cat liked to hang around her.
  • Its credibility is hanging by a thread.
  • That drones like Malem hang onto.
  • Mary (black, age 35) was hanged at 12.
  • Windows 8 Setup just hangs with a blank screen.
  • I am ready to be hanged for it.
  • Kanailal was hanged on 10 November 1908.
  • A Huichol yarn painting of a coiled rattler hangs above our hearth.
  • Pipes of quantifiable Resources resemble reservoir containers that hang between Processes.
  • I was then carried outside and hung like a piece of meat on the prison wall.
  • I think Scotland and Wales hung off them and allow them their moves.
  • There was no amateur youngfella hanging out of him.
  • The San Jose City Police found a dead male person tied hanging to a tree with a gunshot wound in the head.

hate on, for, by, about or in?

  • Hate on me hater, now or later.
  • Dance, little troll, and hate for me.
  • He was hated by everyone before he was a knight.
  • And that's what I particularly hate about Triple J.
  • I would hate in be in Welly when a large earthquake hits there.
  • I hate to type this because it confirms all those people who told me that love would come into my life when I didn't want it or expect it -- but it did.
  • They are the reasons everyone hates Trafford, but you are right, we are not and never will be hated like you lot.
  • Christ told his disciples that they should be hated of all men.
  • In 4th prince's case; he is born stubborn; loving and hating with equal intensity.
  • It is that which you hate above all else - government regulation - that is forcing Big Food to put those labels on what they're selling us.
  • Secondly, I should confront Imam Husain and kill him in battle and be hated amongst all the people and enter into Hell.
  • I already knew her taste was excellent, though, and so I explored the music she was talking about, and of course it sounded nothing like the electro-pop shlock I had hated as a teenager.
  • Religions do not need to exist for people to be good, so religions serve no purpose other than to get people to hate because of some invisible salvation that's not even true.
  • We all hide behind our fat stubborn fingers and hate instead of trying to inspire some good; some humanity.
  • We can either start loving and continue to coexist on this planet with all other life forms or keep hating till death and become an extinct form of life.
  • But when I sat down, I felt all the tension and hate towards Dan that had apparently been going on amongst them at the jury house.
  • Doing something you hate within the field of something you love defeats the purpose.

hold in, at, by, on or for?

  • Most of that money is now held in G.
  • Meetings will be held at 7pm on the.
  • Generally held by Tribal Culture.
  • Voting will be held on weekends.
  • Hold for a few seconds and return.
  • You are more than the pain that you hold onto.
  • I hold to Keats's side of the argument.
  • His breath held against the heat death of the universe.
  • It may even be held as an asset.
  • Therefore, a run-off was held between the two.
  • This shall be held during the annual scientific congress.
  • The first FC meeting will be held from 6.
  • These mortgages are held off balance sheet.
  • These will be held over the next three weeks.
  • The symposium was held under the.
  • Ambition is held up to her as a vice - to a boy it is held up as a virtue.
  • Roman clothes were held with pins and brooches.
  • Each of these buys held within them a Manchester United gene.

"happen to" or "happen in"?

  • I happen to have older friends.
  • All things happen in good time.
  • What happens on BB, stays on BB.
  • The same happens with investing.
  • Wonder what will happen at whl.
  • This happened for several days.
  • All seven attacks happened after Ramadan.
  • What happened during those elections?
  • Twice that things had happened around us.
  • Now, we are seeing what happens as a result of this policy.
  • This happens because of low blood sugar.
  • I never said th massacre happened before 9/11.
  • All of this happened between July and October.
  • That does not happen by intimidation.
  • The transition happens from dark to bright.
  • This doesn't happen over night.
  • Which is not going to happen under NDC.
  • Most of them happened within three yards of each other.
  • Nothing happens without a meaning.

"hear of", "hear from" or "hear about"?

  • We've heard of other incidents.
  • Tom, sorry to hear about Wally.
  • Nice to hear from you, Jillian.
  • Owls have been heard in the area too.
  • But if you hear on Fox all of time that the.
  • I first heard by a mobile call from my fiancee.
  • Infectious music can be heard at every street corner.
  • It may be fixed at the directions hearing before the arbitrator.
  • The few voices in Washington are getting heard for all the wrong reasons.
  • What more we need to hear with this? Thanks God for sending bro.

"help with" or "help in"?

  • Need help with this one please.
  • Your info may also help in that.
  • Not helped by the ABS not working.
  • Virtualization helps save huge amounts on power.
  • He offered to help to her, but.
  • Hospitality means help for people.
  • We all helped at the ranch when we visited.
  • Hope to get help from you soon.
  • Menkin can help on those plays.
  • I came to help as a sincere honest man.

hope for, to, in, after or against?

  • I imagine we all hope for that.
  • I hope to have many years of candle making ahead of me.
  • He hopes in the very near future to.
  • My guess is that you hope after all the sannyasins are dead, who were actually there, that you can establish a myth around Osho that will guarantee your profits.
  • We must hope against hope that he will.
  • I hope at some point that, one way or another, you'll decide to actually get in the game.
  • My Dear Joan I am sending this to Trent Vale hoping by this time you are back home and feeling better.
  • Man sought solace, strength and hope from religion when he faced hardships and in times of despair.
  • I hope on your part too you would create some awareness through your print media.
  • Hope with 4th and fifth gen, these books need to be consulted.