Prepositions after Verbs

Click a verb to see what prepositions are usually used after it in English


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"unearth from" or "unearth by"?

  • In particular, the four-season clothing unearthed from Tomb No.
  • While deferring this formal development and experimentation to Section 3, we now give two examples of the bursty phenomena unearthed by our algorithms.
  • The employees were unearthed in the ongoing staff audit.
  • Fragments of a six-stringed lyre were found in the 7th-century burial ship unearthed at Suffolk in England.
  • The skeleton of the late Stone Age man, unearthed during excavations in the Czech Republic, is said to date back to between 2900 and 2500 BC.

"unveil at" or "unveil in"?

  • The concept was unveiled at the Monaco boat show in September and exceptionally well received.
  • The first history board was unveiled in Harbour Grace on Oct.
  • The second generation of the iPad -- the iPad 2 -- was unveiled on March 2, 2011.
  • Some murderers could serve less than 10 years in prison under guidelines unveiled by the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, Lord Woolf.
  • The early unveiling of the relationship is unusual.
  • Now the true face of extreme Islam is being unveiled to the world.
  • In January 2003, preliminary designs were unveiled for a $4.
  • It was our first time to really go there ever since its unveiling as the largest mall in the Philippines.
  • How his wife was killed was later unveiled before Justice Colin MacGregor (later Chief Justice) and a jury in a trial which attracted massive crowds in and around the Supreme Court building.
  • The second was unveiled during a ceremony in Bay de Verde on Nov.
  • The reform, the third affecting the banking sector this government has unveiled since coming to power in December 2011, was approved by decree.
  • The first car to be unveiled under this new ownership was the revolutionary ' Lagonda ' as the iconic sister marque of Aston Martin was re-launched.
  • The 2013 Tour will be unveiled with a message of hope for the future and a nod to the past, especially as the next Tour will be the 100th edition, le Tour du centenaire.

underscore by, in, with, between or during?

  • The importance of the trial was underscored by the presence of the U.
  • The risks of using Good Lab Practice standards as the defining mark of good science were underscored in the government evaluation of BPA, a review by 100Reporters has found.

"unleash on" or "unleash by"?

  • Bugti was rewarded with the governorship of the province and insurgency unleashed on the province.
  • That is, however, until the new ranking irrationalities are unleashed by money thirsty marketing bandits.
  • Think of the dark passions that had been unleashed in the aftermath of the assassination of Salmaan Taseer.
  • It will unleash upon you confidence like you never had.
  • A mighty power has been unleashed without moral or legal restraints to reshape the world, and to redraw the maps of the Middle East.
  • But now he is unleashed with his long-awaited solo album and the secret is out: Keith Harkin is a major talent.
  • She illustrates how to unleash within each of us a wave of creativity striving to express itself.
  • After Belgium's ill treatment by German forces, a tsunami of moral outrage was unleashed from one end of the English-speaking peoples to the other.

"underline by" or "underline in"?

  • His importance was underlined by coach J Sanath.
  • This strategy is underlined in other ways.
  • A wartime poster used underlining for emphasis, capital letters for clarity and impact, and moving to a new line as a kind of punctuation -- but not consistently.
  • In that regard, it might also be worth showing the hypertext for italics, bold, and underlines on that page, if the moderators consider those helpful for the general posting.

undo by, in, against, during or From?

  • The yoghurt sponge cake had good flavour but was completely undone by its consistency.
  • Do not be undone in sorrow and do not forget Him in happiness.
  • Icon allows variables in conjunctions to have assignments undone during backtracking, but does not reverse other similar operations such as assignments within lists and so on.
  • It can be undone on the command line with the --emptybogons switch, or programmatically with **40;2300;TOOLONG.

"utter by" or "utter in"?

  • Almost each word uttered by Mr.
  • They shuddered at the blessing of love; to their ears it was uttered in a demon's name.
  • And how Dave Ulmer and Navicache and Robin Lovelock became words that you dare not utter on geocaching.
  • With few exceptions, those statements could be uttered with honesty by most Democrats and Republicans.
  • How much did the death of Stephen really influence Paul? Was it those words of forgiveness that he uttered as the stones rained down on him? As the Church would say later.
  • Only a few choice words were uttered during the process.
  • When it's uttered around Culiacn, it's usually in a whisper.

upset by, over, after, of or for?

  • George was really upset by it all.
  • But eventually, she let it go because theres no point being upset over such matter.
  • He had sounded so distraught and upset after Rory had had a go at him.
  • Failure at national level may be slightly upsetting for a day or two, but it does not really hurt or matter.
  • In 1948 Truman won the most unexpected election upset of the century.
  • I was a little upset at the low levels of Twix, and comparatively low levels of Malteser.
  • Implying there is something outside their understanding is upsetting to say the least.
  • Apologize - Keep in mind that who was so upset in customers over the long waiting line? Propose an apology.
  • I am getting a bit upset about it to be honest.
  • But it really was upsetting as the cub was crying out for her.
  • The cop got upset due to his interference and.
  • The principal wondered out loud to me as to why I wasn't upset like my other colleagues who had lost their bonuses.
  • That is his ritual which you only try to upset with your iconoclastic views.
  • How often have you felt emotional or upset out of the blue but didn't know why.

underpin by, for, with, of or other?

  • The 200m cost to the insurance industry will be underpinned by the government.
  • They need to be underpinned with extensive safety training -- and students need to come to terms with a high risk environment.
  • They fear a non-statutory system is unstable, and there has to be statutory underpinning to prevent backsliding in the future.

"uphold by" or "uphold in"?

  • The case has now to be upheld by the Lahore High Court.
  • This view was upheld in Abdul Qudir and Abdul Aziz v.
  • I'd not an anti-development junkie, nor a proselytiser for the eternal upholding of custom and tradition.
  • If a complaint is upheld at the hearing, the Commission will make a determination, though the matter may have to be pursued in the Federal Court for enforcement.
  • This view has been upheld on Sant Singh v.
  • Conversely, those who champion multiculturalism are upheld as the paragons of ' progress ' and humanitarianism.
  • The national interest needs to be perpetually upheld through a sustaining of law and order.

"uncover by" or "uncover in"?

  • And that, by the way, was uncovered by a British newspaper.
  • Cuts were uncovered in 20 out of the 145 primary care trusts in England.
  • And it all could have been uncovered with a light scrape of the fingernail.
  • In the mid 1950s, a native burial ground was accidentally uncovered during an excavation near Lowdens Beach, revealing their custom burial rites.
  • Something will be uncovered for you in the middle of all this.
  • In order to keep the piecrust crisp for up to 1 day, leave it uncovered on a baking rack.
  • By mastering certain tips, some commonly known, and others we have uncovered over many photo shoots, we can confidently share some Johannesburg wedding photography tips.
  • When uncovered to the varicella virus, following a few of times or perhaps weeks, you're going to begin spotting symptoms.
  • The burden is passed on to gasoline consumers and taxpayers who are on the hook for the growing balance left uncovered as a result of more fuel-efficient cars and modified consumer behavior.
  • My favorites were a set of antiquated board games, and the recreation of an amazing 7th century Monsoon Furnace uncovered near Ratnapura.
  • Some other info we recently uncovered regarding MERS signing officers.
  • The first one which will be uncovered without having in contact withPerhitting the home base will likely then really do the up coming Half inchit.

usher in, into, To, out or across?

  • They may just usher in a new attacking era of Springboks rugby.
  • As I was ushered into my studio it felt odd to realise I was being asked the questions rather than the other way round.
  • We were ushered to our classroom and after a while, the teacher came in.
  • He looked like he wanted to have a couple of them ushered out of the chamber.
  • My father was a Knight, Holy Name member and usher at Sunday Mass.
  • Later in the evening, the looters returned, and the diners were ushered by the staff to the safety of the downstairs wine cellar.
  • Before my brain had a chance to adjust to the fact it was daytime, I was quickly ushered from the airport to Batangas Pier which was about a two hour van journey away.
  • The reality is that it was in fact the powerful who were able to set the stage and even ushered on the first act, but it was all of us who played our roles to the hilt.
  • Organisers say they were just nine people short of breaking a five-year attendance record for an Eisteddfod opening Saturday, which was set in 2009 when 18,216 were ushered through the gates.
  • Visitors are ushered towards the facade by the 66-step staircase flanked by a cleverly decorated garden.
  • They headed straight to the North Portico of the White House, where Truman was ushered up to the family quarters.

upgrade to, from, in, for or with?

  • This unit was upgraded to the St.
  • UPGRADE Upgrading from K2mart 1.
  • We should always be looking to upgrade in every position.
  • I would like to upgrade my graphics card, however I have heard that I can not upgrade for some reason.
  • I really need to be upgraded with the new Galaxy pocket.
  • This rejected tea could be upgraded at the factories once again.
  • This version is a resource hog, and since they are going to force me to upgrade by stopping the updates for 7.
  • Midwest, where they are upgraded into gasoline and other refined petroleum products.
  • Another venture is upgrading of the Faculty of Education into a graduate faculty focusing on postgraduate studies.
  • I am often upgrades on over-booked flights because I dress well.

"unite in" or "unite with"?

  • It's time for citizens united in force.
  • For God; s sake unite with the spirit and stop focussing on trifles.
  • As people, we are united by our shared experiences.
  • All the forces of the world will unite against it.
  • In the practice of these we become united to the will of God.
  • They're elite superstars all united behind a charismatic leader.
  • You have now united for the second time, and unity will be for eternity.
  • Maori are united on this issue and will respond violently (figuratively speaking) to any legislation.
  • We march with a Leadership united under the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and Gonzalo thought.
  • We are in many ways united as a believing people.
  • Jamaicans uniting around the core value of listening is a sure way to start the release of the choke hold of crime and to write a new page in our country's history book.
  • We as Jamaicans should unite at this time when we need each other.
  • Rather than sting United into action, the early goal merely encouraged their visitors.
  • FC United of Manchester Sponsor a Player This season, supporters again have the opportunity to sponsor a player or items of individual player's kit.
  • Ferdinand himself held United over a barrel when negotiating his own contract with the club in 2005, when interest from Chelsea coincided with his protracted talks over new terms at Old Trafford.
  • The origin and source of this new worship is the Eucharist, the offering of Christ Himself, to which we are united through the Liturgy.
  • The recordings and books are then picked up by the USO's United Thru Reading program and sent back to their family's respective homes.
  • You were united upon the Earth and were separated at death.

unfold in, before, on, at or for?

  • What is continuing to unfold in Assam is soft Jihad.
  • The world unfolded before their gaze.
  • I thought it was interesting that it unfolded on air.
  • The days just seem to unfold at their own pace and I'd really enjoying doing things on a whim.
  • This is going to be such a bad story once it unfolds for 5 or 10 years.
  • Perhaps he foresaw the combination of pure class and fragility, that would unfold as the story we are left with.
  • As Andrew carefully avoids going to ground on the field, Christian watches the action unfold from the touchline.
  • Our night unfolded with another trip back to the ER for an IV, pain meds and X-rays.
  • The locations of herds are not predictable and we therefore try to monitor the migration as it unfolds during the year.
  • Is that a little late given the, the situation that's been unfolding over the past sort of forty eight hours or so? JB: No, our staff have been working round the clock there.
  • The moving applause came as scenes of celebration and reflection unfolded across the U.
  • I wouldn't blame to be apprehensive judging by the recent events that unfolded after this meeting was announced.
  • All of this unfolded ahead of Limerick's game against Dublin in Cappamore last weekend.
  • But as the day unfolded around the picturesque seaside area of Mission Beach, it was the races within the races that added so much excitement and intrigue, as athletes vied for Olympic selection.
  • I have watched the harsh landscape of the Sahara unfold beneath me as I flew to South Africa.
  • Oh my! All that cactus around Arizona will unfold into a beautiful tree.
  • Picture an enzyme in solution, floating unfolded like a mop head suspended in a water bucket.
  • It became unruly and you know the Court was in session and the whole drama unfolded near the vicinity of the court.
  • It'll swiftly unfold to several parts on the body.
  • We can expect much high drama, haunting themes and tear-making tradegy as the plot unfolds under the shadow of great hidden evil that still pervades the castle.
  • The technology means anyone can watch the discussion unfolding via YouTube on the Lost Sheep TV (NZ) channel.
  • In this blog I am really sharing my adventure into the power of chakra healing as it unfolds within my own life.
  • It found information provided by debt collectors was woefully lacking and that consumers, by and large, let the process unfold without ever actively participating in it.

undermine by, in, at, from or due?

  • But progress has been undermined by corruption and mismanagement.
  • The Pill is on so high a pedestal that alternatives are undermined in comparison.
  • Pakistan was thus thoroughly undermined from within even before it made the unwise decision to shelter escaping Afghan Taliban in 2001 -- the army's bid to maintain its options in the face of the U.
  • We also know about the Northern Ugandan Action Fund - again totally undermined due to corruption.
  • So, they surely can not claim any privacy that they agressively undermine for others.
  • In a conflict, each side can overwhelm with force, or undermine with deception.

"utilize in", "utilize for" or "utilize by"?

  • The aerobic or oxygen pathway is utilized in endurance running.
  • Wild conjecture is an approach utilized by some.
  • It can not be utilized for each type of surgery.
  • Of course, inside it would be utilised as a eye-port treatment.
  • His strengths and skill set are best utilized at the SG position.
  • A fashionable feline, Howie has an array of outfits he can utilise on a daily basis.
  • Since it's apt to be initial cruise trip, the packing process may be more complex that you're utilized to.
  • Daylight savings time was first utilized during World War I as a way to save electricity.
  • These short bits can only be utilised with the assistance of a computer's disc drive.
  • There exists a on the understanding utilizing from the christian louboutin heels reputation readily available the problem.

upload to, on, by, onto or in?

  • And it will be filmed and immediately uploaded to YouTube.
  • Call the shooting video man threatened will uploaded on the Internet.
  • Hentai sex roommate vol 2 upload by unoxxx.
  • Each year new river resources are developed and uploaded onto this site.
  • Be sure to upload in ASCII mode or the.
  • No, of course I don't want people's personal details uploaded for public abuse.
  • I will try to upload from gallery here next time so that there is some form of referrence in the initial OP.
  • Vernor Vinge -- People who like him plan on being uploaded into their laptops.
  • This means data is downloaded and uploaded at 3G speeds, which averages at 2.
  • Note When I submitted a external CSS sheets, uploaded via is the engine as such, in the blog section like the author ma kes a.
  • I have seen the video you uploaded about Sydney ashamed last night.
  • During normal operations, the entire plan for a Martian day is uploaded ahead of time, along with plenty of checks and verifications to make sure the rover doesn't get in trouble.
  • Recommend The video has gone viral, its just been uploaded under different youtube accounts.
  • At least a library did purchase a book once, and its distribution is more limited than something uploaded without an author's permission on a website.

"undertake by" or "undertake in"?

  • No such exercise was undertaken by AO.
  • These measures should only be undertaken in cases of emergency.
  • A search was immediatly undertaken with 11 patrol boats and airplanes.
  • Wind measurements will be undertaken at 8 sites, 4 coastal sites and 4 inland sites.
  • However, new research that I've undertaken for the TUC, published today, leads me to seriously doubt this.
  • FSI dictates the amount of construction that can be undertaken on a plot.
  • Work undertaken as a contractor is eligible if it falls within the specified work definition listed above.
  • Fluorouracil may cause a diffuse phototoxic reaction in the areas of application so sun exposure should be avoided; normally treatment should be undertaken during the winter months.
  • News Ltd has now undertaken to post the code on every masthead's website.
  • It is simply a reminder that some treatments (specifically chemical peels and microdermabrasion) are much safer when undertaken under ideal conditions.
  • Tahaliyani, a vital procedure that is undertaken after the prosecution completes examination of all its witnesses.
  • Policies and practices for the security discipline were rolled out and training was undertaken among security personnel in respect of the Voluntary Principles.
  • Because speed can vary when travel is undertaken between bodies in the universe, time appears to be variable (relative).
  • The path that China undertakes at present is the very path that Japan undertook through 1970? s.
  • However, this is only undertaken within the framework of our legal obligations.
  • All this has been unnecessary, undertaken without merit, and deliberately intended to intimidate and control me and my family.

"update on", "update with" or "update to"?

  • Cheers and keep us updated on your journey.
  • Looking forward to update to 4.
  • Updated with statement from Uber below.
  • Monday, 13 August, 2012 I know I haven't updated in ages.
  • Update from Cindi Rushton Dog Rescue.
  • And it's updated by Broadcom very often.
  • Having said that, it hasn't been updated for some time.
  • I also update about every 3-4 months.
  • By NBC Chicago and news services Updated at 8:03 a.
  • This article is periodically reviewed by the Editorial Board and may be updated as a result of the review.
  • The Phoenix outsourced live football updates via their Twitter account.
  • Thats all for now, even though I've only got a couple of weeks left I will try and update after World AIDS day to let you know how.
  • Were you affected by Google Updates like Penguin / Panda? Not really.
  • Given that I ensured that this money has been allocated for the upgrade of the junior playground, I will keep you updated of progress made on the project across the coming weeks.
  • So, expect a few more releases and updates over the coming months.
  • To back up by iTunes, you must close update through iCloud.
  • It may be updated throughout the year.

understand by, in, about, as or from?

  • Are they understood by all employees? 7.
  • From what I understand in those days.
  • He understood about the orphanage, everything.
  • Phusis here should be understood as in Alexandrine terminology.
  • I understand from the blog that you are 17 years old.
  • We lingered for a long time here, understanding with all our senses.
  • What I would like to see is understanding for the decision *not* to join the BCS.
  • We should not just read it only to understand of the lower meaning of it.
  • I understand on the day of release you actually made the album available free for download.
  • I suppose that I was too young to understand at subtlety and was quite unfamiliar with real class.
  • Promoted understanding between China and U.
  • Why they are failing to understand to that.
  • Nine: There will be many words and sentences, that you will not be able to understand after every effort.
  • FIPS-Mouche shall also aim, within the Olympic ideal, to foster friendship and understanding among all people, and peace in the world, through sport.
  • The temperature of the Earth has a thermal relationshhip with the Sun that is to be understood through any substantial work on thermodynamics.
  • This means that there are different levels of understanding within communities.
  • It's the one thing that blacks will understand without a doubt.

use in, for, by, as or to?

  • There's no samples used in that.
  • Lighthouse for Issue Tracking 4.
  • It's also used by heavy vehicles.
  • It had been used as a kitchen before.
  • We're used to double standards.
  • I use one of these wee bargains.
  • But they must be used with care.
  • I have an iPad as well that I use at home.
  • Eventually the film was used against them in court.
  • The following entries were used during this setup.
  • If u stil want to use of that file, just exclude it.