warm in, up, for, to or with?

  • It can get rather warm in here.
  • Jog for two minutes to warm up.
  • Another bench warmer for Citeh.
  • I wasn't too warm to the ego thing.

wary of, about or in?

  • Be wary of the quality and price.
  • They don't wary about Tamil people.
  • We were both wary in the beginning.

weak in, on, at, for or from?

  • He had it weak in the first round.
  • Feelings are not weak on this matter.
  • Nite Jewel -- Weak For Me (Dir.

wealthy in, of, by, from or with?

  • And the wealthy in this country.
  • The latter was the wealthiest of all.
  • We are not wealthy by any means.
  • You can become rich or wealthy from teaching.

weary of, from, in, with or about?

  • Weary of just about everything.
  • My fingers are weary from typing all of that).
  • We should not grow weary in doing good.
  • Miranda became weary with memory.

wedded to, by, for, in or into?

  • The West is rather wedded to ideas.
  • In place of democracy, we now have the tyranny of a self-perpetuating, self-serving elite, all wedded by self-interest to the European project.
  • I have ended up wedded for 12 yr at this point, and all of our sex life is actually much better as opposed to what it was indeed at the start of married life.
  • It was through the performance of artificial fate that she got wedded in May 2007, amazing wedding from the heavenly mixture sequence.

weekly for, in, on, with or to?

  • Greg writes weekly for The Drum.
  • Jay performs weekly in Toronto.
  • She also blogs weekly on history.
  • Ideally weekly with a few people.

weird for, to, about, in or with?

  • Sleep is weird for some people.
  • Yes, it sounedd weird to me too.
  • I've never felt weird about it.
  • My life is weird in its own way.

"welcome to" or "welcome in"?

  • You're welcome to your opinion.
  • Bond was not welcome in Russia.
  • Everyone is welcome at ReSource.
  • Citation is welcome on this topic.

"welcoming of" or "welcoming to"?

  • Not the most welcoming of user experiences.
  • My mother was very welcoming to her.
  • So it should be a good welcoming for him.
  • Everyone's a bit more welcoming in Leicester.

well worth, on, in, within or with?

  • They were well worth the money.
  • AGAZZI is well on toward fifty.
  • Well he did do well in the end.
  • That's well within the survey's 4.

"well-known for" or "well-known in"?

  • He was well-known for his valor.
  • It was well-known in the outfit that.
  • Fife is well-known to teachers, Mr.
  • It was well-known as the walled city.

well-received by, in, at, among or with?

  • It was well-received by the critics.
  • He is not well-received in Dewey circles now.
  • This joke was well-received at the time, and they'd all enjoyed a good laugh that day.
  • This gesture has been well-received among the rural cocoa growing communities.

"well-suited to" or "well-suited for"?

  • However, it still isn't well-suited to power users.
  • I believe I am well-suited for the job.
  • And the dish is well-suited as an appetizer.
  • It is well-suited with all type of technologies.

well-versed in, with, on, about or at?

  • I am not exactly well-versed in it.
  • He was well-versed with social manners.
  • The author is well-versed on the topic, and the information is solid.
  • To harvest maximum returns from the stock market, it is essential that you be well-versed about the subject.

"wet in", "wet for" or "wet with"?

  • It will be rather wet in many places.
  • The grass remains wet with dew drops.
  • Too squishy and wet for my liking.
  • I hate the cold &; wet on Mud Island.

"white in", "white on" or "white with"?

  • It's brown and white in colour.
  • Everywhere was white with snow.
  • His breath was white on the air.
  • Enter white for the fill color.

wide of, in, with, for or at?

  • Wider of the Punitive Expedition.
  • Roads are wider in the suburbs.
  • Sugar's eyes are wide with fear.
  • It seems too complex and very wide for me.

widespread in, among, throughout, across or at?

  • Panic was now widespread in the city.
  • Literacy was widespread among lay people.
  • They are widespread throughout the country.
  • Many dinosaur types were widespread across it.

"wild in" or "wild with"?

  • Let her run wild in the garden.
  • They almost go wild with grief.
  • You can't get this wild on a press trip.
  • The crowd goes wild for our win.

willing to, for, in, at or of?

  • I'd willing to bet that he would.
  • The user is also willing for IAMTEAMJAMAICA.
  • In 2013, and God willing in 2018.
  • If he is not willing at the time.

win-win for, in, to, from or on?

  • HTC + Beats is a win-win for me.
  • I guess it is a win-win in every sense.
  • But to me, that's win-win to me.
  • Win-win from his perspective imo.

"winding up" or "winding of"?

  • Suits stayed on winding up order.
  • Also, the winding of Toroid is harder than others core.
  • It is simply seen as a winding down period.
  • Choke A choke is a single winding on a core.

"wise for", "wise to" or "wise in"?

  • It is wise for us to be inclusive.
  • You are wise in your conclusion.
  • Get wise to this and wear a coat.
  • Sir Humphrey: Very wise of you.

"wonderful for" or "wonderful in"?

  • Wonderful for almost 3 years now.
  • Pets are wonderful in that way.
  • He was wonderful about the past.
  • It's so big and wonderful to me.

working with, for, in, on or out?

  • I love kids and working with them.
  • In response to the working for free.
  • I am working in Psychiatry here.
  • The working on this thing for you know.

worried about, for, by, of or as?

  • I am not that worried about it.
  • I am very worried for our team.
  • You should be more worried by lightning.
  • Only worried of our children future.

worrying about, for, at, in or of?

  • Worrying about the next events.
  • I am probably worrying for nothing.
  • This behavior is worrying at many levels.
  • That is worrying in a democracy.

worsening of, in, by, rather or over?

  • So would a worsening of an addiction.
  • Air pollution also is worsening in smaller cities, she said.
  • It is showing defects and the condition of the pavement is worsening by the day.
  • They see it as worsening rather than promoting Islamic worship tolerance in the US.

"worthless in" or "worthless to"?

  • They were pretty worthless in Balkans.
  • They're worthless to the world.
  • Smile is worthless for my needs.
  • It's simply worthless as proof.

"worthwhile for" or "worthwhile in"?

  • Make it worthwhile for them to do so.
  • That sounds worthwhile in itself.
  • Sounds pretty worthwhile to me.
  • Do something worthwhile with it.

worthy of, for or in?

  • Ruth, worthy of lasting memory.
  • And it is rather worthy for me to do so.
  • I think this is worthy in itself.

wrong with, in, about, for or on?

  • There's nothing wrong with that.
  • There is no wrong in being gay.
  • He's just flat wrong about that.
  • Smith is all wrong for the part.