warm in, up, for, to or with?

  • It can get rather warm in here.
  • Jog for two minutes to warm up.
  • Another bench warmer for Citeh.
  • I wasn't too warm to the ego thing.

wary of, about or in?

  • Be wary of the quality and price.
  • They don't wary about Tamil people.
  • We were both wary in the beginning.

weak in, on, at, for or from?

  • He had it weak in the first round.
  • Feelings are not weak on this matter.
  • Nite Jewel -- Weak For Me (Dir.

wealthy in, of, by, from or with?

  • And the wealthy in this country.
  • The latter was the wealthiest of all.
  • We are not wealthy by any means.
  • You can become rich or wealthy from teaching.

weary of, from, in, with or about?

  • Weary of just about everything.
  • My fingers are weary from typing all of that).
  • We should not grow weary in doing good.
  • Miranda became weary with memory.

weird for, to, about, in or with?

  • Sleep is weird for some people.
  • Yes, it sounedd weird to me too.
  • I've never felt weird about it.
  • My life is weird in its own way.

"welcome to" or "welcome in"?

  • You're welcome to your opinion.
  • Bond was not welcome in Russia.
  • Everyone is welcome at ReSource.
  • Citation is welcome on this topic.

"welcoming of" or "welcoming to"?

  • Not the most welcoming of user experiences.
  • My mother was very welcoming to her.
  • So it should be a good welcoming for him.
  • Everyone's a bit more welcoming in Leicester.

well worth, on, in, within or with?

  • They were well worth the money.
  • AGAZZI is well on toward fifty.
  • Well he did do well in the end.
  • That's well within the survey's 4.

"well-known for" or "well-known in"?

  • He was well-known for his valor.
  • It was well-known in the outfit that.
  • Fife is well-known to teachers, Mr.
  • It was well-known as the walled city.

"wet in", "wet for" or "wet with"?

  • It will be rather wet in many places.
  • The grass remains wet with dew drops.
  • Too squishy and wet for my liking.
  • I hate the cold &; wet on Mud Island.

"white in", "white on" or "white with"?

  • It's brown and white in colour.
  • Everywhere was white with snow.
  • His breath was white on the air.
  • Enter white for the fill color.

wide of, in, with, for or at?

  • Wider of the Punitive Expedition.
  • Roads are wider in the suburbs.
  • Sugar's eyes are wide with fear.
  • It seems too complex and very wide for me.

widespread in, among, throughout, across or at?

  • Panic was now widespread in the city.
  • Literacy was widespread among lay people.
  • They are widespread throughout the country.
  • Many dinosaur types were widespread across it.

"wild in" or "wild with"?

  • Let her run wild in the garden.
  • They almost go wild with grief.
  • You can't get this wild on a press trip.
  • The crowd goes wild for our win.

willing to, for, in, at or of?

  • I'd willing to bet that he would.
  • The user is also willing for IAMTEAMJAMAICA.
  • In 2013, and God willing in 2018.
  • If he is not willing at the time.

"wise for", "wise to" or "wise in"?

  • It is wise for us to be inclusive.
  • You are wise in your conclusion.
  • Get wise to this and wear a coat.
  • Sir Humphrey: Very wise of you.

"wonderful for" or "wonderful in"?

  • Wonderful for almost 3 years now.
  • Pets are wonderful in that way.
  • He was wonderful about the past.
  • It's so big and wonderful to me.

worried about, for, by, of or as?

  • I am not that worried about it.
  • I am very worried for our team.
  • You should be more worried by lightning.
  • Only worried of our children future.

worrying about, for, at, in or of?

  • Worrying about the next events.
  • I am probably worrying for nothing.
  • This behavior is worrying at many levels.
  • That is worrying in a democracy.

worsening of, in, by, rather or over?

  • So would a worsening of an addiction.
  • Air pollution also is worsening in smaller cities, she said.
  • It is showing defects and the condition of the pavement is worsening by the day.
  • They see it as worsening rather than promoting Islamic worship tolerance in the US.

"worthless in" or "worthless to"?

  • They were pretty worthless in Balkans.
  • They're worthless to the world.
  • Smile is worthless for my needs.
  • It's simply worthless as proof.

"worthwhile for" or "worthwhile in"?

  • Make it worthwhile for them to do so.
  • That sounds worthwhile in itself.
  • Sounds pretty worthwhile to me.
  • Do something worthwhile with it.

worthy of, for or in?

  • Ruth, worthy of lasting memory.
  • And it is rather worthy for me to do so.
  • I think this is worthy in itself.

wrong with, in, about, for or on?

  • There's nothing wrong with that.
  • There is no wrong in being gay.
  • He's just flat wrong about that.
  • Smith is all wrong for the part.