Prepositions after Adjectives

Click an adjective to see what prepositions are usually used after it in English


well worth, on, in, within or with?

  • They were well worth the money.
  • AGAZZI is well on toward fifty.
  • Well he did do well in the end.
  • That's well within the survey's 4.
  • This mark was well below the N.
  • I do wish you well with it all.
  • That's well above the guideline.
  • We're well into an economic war.
  • CHRISTIAN: It was well for you.
  • Sierra was well ahead of its time.
  • It is well beyond the resolution.
  • That was well over a month ago.
  • We're well past that point now.
  • I wish him well after his hell.
  • I hope all is well at your end.
  • They were over well before that.
  • Orbital is even well behind SpaceX.
  • He's clearly well down the line.
  • You are well out of the scrape.
  • The 19th was well under battle strength.

worthy of, for or in?

  • Ruth, worthy of lasting memory.
  • And it is rather worthy for me to do so.
  • I think this is worthy in itself.

wary of, about or in?

  • Be wary of the quality and price.
  • They don't wary about Tamil people.
  • We were both wary in the beginning.

weak in, on, at, for or from?

  • He had it weak in the first round.
  • Feelings are not weak on this matter.
  • Nite Jewel -- Weak For Me (Dir.
  • India is very weak from inside.
  • I think he was so weak by purpose.
  • Weak of mind will follow you already; while.
  • These are weak to very weak disruptions.
  • These things get weak with zikr.
  • Punishing web sites is weak as well as unjust.
  • To stand for the weak against any foe.
  • I am so sickly and weak due to the gun-shots.
  • There is nothing weak about me.
  • Your abs are very weak after pregnancy.
  • Someone who is weak among you is very valuable for me.
  • But we are far weaker because of it.
  • He didn't want me to be weak during the day of examination.
  • Do nt end up by becoming weak like him.
  • Monsoon was weak over Karnataka.
  • You are weak through old habits.
  • The rotation looks very weak without him.

wrong with, in, about, for or on?

  • There's nothing wrong with that.
  • There is no wrong in being gay.
  • He's just flat wrong about that.
  • Smith is all wrong for the part.
  • Yes, I was wrong on that point.
  • Nothing seem wrong at that time.
  • This is wrong by all standards.
  • It was wrong of him to eat so much.
  • They didn't do any wrong to us.

"wonderful for" or "wonderful in"?

  • Wonderful for almost 3 years now.
  • Pets are wonderful in that way.
  • He was wonderful about the past.
  • It's so big and wonderful to me.
  • And he was so wonderful with me.
  • Dickens was wonderful at first lines.
  • How wonderful of you to think of me.
  • He sounds wonderful on the song.
  • It is simply wonderful as a tonic.
  • He made my day become wonderful from then on.
  • We recieved wonderful after care too.
  • Mar 20, 2012 Wonderful by: Anonymous Beautiful.
  • My daughter and I have both found this wonderful during this hot summer.
  • Africa isn't all wonderful like these Dreads/Rasta preach.
  • Now this is wonderful through the outset.

"wise for", "wise to" or "wise in"?

  • It is wise for us to be inclusive.
  • You are wise in your conclusion.
  • Get wise to this and wear a coat.
  • Sir Humphrey: Very wise of you.
  • We can be wise about that fact.
  • Ghanaians let's wise up o!!!! yooo.
  • I am very wise with complaints.
  • To flourish, be wise as a serpent.
  • You are wise beyond your years.
  • But we're always wise after the.
  • I hope BCB will be wise at choosing the next coach.
  • You can tell whether a man is wise by his questions.
  • Sobti will come out a bit wiser from this.
  • They are wise on electronics things.
  • I want to reward the wisest among you.
  • She will grow stronegr &; wiser like you.
  • They can make us wise unto salvation.

wide of, in, with, for or at?

  • Wider of the Punitive Expedition.
  • Roads are wider in the suburbs.
  • It seems too complex and very wide for me.
  • Sugar's eyes are wide with fear.
  • Customs Street is a bit wider at 33m.
  • The view stretched wide on every side.
  • The worktop is 1,000mm wide by 500mm deep.
  • Elsad Zverotic fires wide from 25 yards.
  • Also it's too wide to type with thumbs.
  • It's not as large or wide as the 4.
  • He forced di Resta wide across the grass before running wide himself.
  • This gap became even wider after the age of 8.
  • The flan's popularity goes far and wide around the world.
  • This needs to go far and wide before Early Voting starts.
  • Age was a gulf that yawned wide between us.
  • These spread their aroma far and wide into other regions.
  • But that is a long way wide off the mark.
  • I grabbed a leg in each hand, spreading them wide over my waist.
  • May the bug spread far and wide through Kenya.
  • Not only they are less in cost but also availability is also wide throughout the country.

"well-known for" or "well-known in"?

  • He was well-known for his valor.
  • It was well-known in the outfit that.
  • Fife is well-known to teachers, Mr.
  • It was well-known as the walled city.
  • Students are well-known by adults.
  • Perhaps the most well-known of them is the U.
  • My own views are well-known among my students.
  • Sainte-Foy-Tarentaise is a resort well-known amongst locals.
  • He was well-known around Howick.
  • Fred sic Zindler, well-known atheist, on a state-wide TV broadcast.
  • It's well-known because of its cozy as well as classy.
  • Run by Dan Shadrake, well-known from movies and television.
  • Early End These problems were well-known on the island but not abroad.
  • Humphrys ' qualities are already legendary, but Mair is less well-known outside BBC Radio.
  • So they are well-known throughout the country.
  • This plan is incredibly well-known with men.
  • Tony and his wife had two daughters and were well-known within the financial industry.

warm in, up, for, to or with?

  • It can get rather warm in here.
  • Jog for two minutes to warm up.
  • Another bench warmer for Citeh.
  • It was warm on Saturday morning.
  • I wasn't too warm to the ego thing.
  • Warm with good presence up high.
  • And not very warm at 7am either.
  • Stay warm by running the engine.
  • The Rhine becomes warmer during the summer months.
  • It's still warm from the animal.
  • I have had the warmest of welcomes upon arrival.
  • It tends to get warmer after 9.
  • It is warm as a wrap and soft for babies too.
  • The warm air it contains is warm due to conduction.
  • It's surprisingly warm inside Lexia.
  • Halwa is served warm like a pudding.
  • The system EASILY stays warm overnight.
  • Find a place where you can keep the milk warm through the night.
  • Indonesia is generally warm throughout the year.
  • Once again, he was very warm towards me.
  • I'd saving money and staying warm without drafts.

worried about, for, by, of or as?

  • I am not that worried about it.
  • I am very worried for our team.
  • You should be more worried by lightning.
  • Only worried of our children future.
  • Then I looked at tripadvisor and got worried as the reviews weren't good.
  • I did become worried at this point.
  • Now I feel so worried in whatever I do.
  • I am getting worried over this.
  • And so really don't get worried with regards to the.

willing to, for, in, at or of?

  • I'd willing to bet that he would.
  • The user is also willing for IAMTEAMJAMAICA.
  • In 2013, and God willing in 2018.
  • If he is not willing at the time.
  • Form the EU of willing of the North.
  • Psalm 110:3 Your troops will be willing on your day of battle.

widespread in, among, throughout, across or at?

  • Panic was now widespread in the city.
  • Literacy was widespread among lay people.
  • They are widespread throughout the country.
  • Many dinosaur types were widespread across it.
  • Disappointingly, labour rights abuses are widespread at Riteng.
  • The widespread of intelligent mobile phones.
  • Torture is widespread amongst the detainees.
  • They're too widespread for it to make much sense (wastes a lot of gas).
  • But, it is widespread on Derrymore Road.
  • This effect is less widespread with a thicker oil.
  • The Dictionary of American Slang says it originated in student use about 1915 and became widespread after use in the U.
  • In Jurassic times, 190 million years ago, giant wetas were widespread around the world.
  • Within Mexico and Central America it is extremely widespread as a cultivated tree.
  • Renaissance became widespread by the end of the 15th century.
  • Moles will be widespread during such times.
  • Jokes, amusing tales and films had been significantly a lot less widespread from the facts.
  • Rain was widespread over most of the west, the midlands and the north.
  • This foolishness has been widespread through the economic and political system.
  • Government corruption is widespread to varying degrees.
  • We know that racism is widespread within society.

"white in", "white on" or "white with"?

  • It's brown and white in colour.
  • Everywhere was white with snow.
  • His breath was white on the air.
  • Enter white for the fill color.
  • Bovary turned white to fainting.
  • I'd white as the untainted snow.
  • All walls painted white at the moment.
  • Black and white from last night.
  • He too appears in white like her.
  • The road out of town was white of snow.
  • It's not black and white by any means.
  • Eden was going white about the gills.
  • It is now white after four years in office.
  • Oh Lord, another all white against all bla.
  • But Sandy looked utterly lost, her knuckles white around the mic.
  • To think black and white instead of grey.
  • Our Battalion colours, a diamond, white over red.
  • They were white rather than red or blue.
  • The color of the Nigerian talc varies from white through milky-white to gray.
  • Jack's face was white under the freckles '.
  • White without Slaton put up 3 TDS (Rushing).

weird for, to, about, in or with?

  • Sleep is weird for some people.
  • Yes, it sounedd weird to me too.
  • I've never felt weird about it.
  • My life is weird in its own way.
  • My mom was really weird with TV.
  • Feeling a bit weird at the moment.
  • Maybe I'd just weird like that.
  • I know it is weird of me to say that.
  • Everybody acted so weird on crack.
  • Not weird by NYC standards anyway.
  • It's only going to get weirder from here.
  • I mean she says hi, but its weird after what she did.
  • I never felt weird around him, man.
  • They get rather sloppy and weird as the series progressed.
  • And believe me, he looks weird without it.

weary of, from, in, with or about?

  • Weary of just about everything.
  • My fingers are weary from typing all of that).
  • We should not grow weary in doing good.
  • Miranda became weary with memory.
  • For example on day 4 (day 4!) ' Already beginning to feel weary about this.
  • I felt very weary after my exertion, and sat down.
  • We all get travel weary at some point i guess.
  • At times I've been exhausted, worn and weary by the length of the life's lonely journey.
  • I know weary for other reasons too.
  • You need not grow weary on account of this.

"welcome to" or "welcome in"?

  • You're welcome to your opinion.
  • Bond was not welcome in Russia.
  • Everyone is welcome at ReSource.
  • Citation is welcome on this topic.
  • Reform should be welcome by all.
  • Spectators are welcome for free.
  • This is familiar and very welcome as an addition.
  • Grandparents are welcome from 9.
  • Ages 10 and up welcome with an adult.
  • Received tea on arrival very welcome after a long journey.
  • She would be welcome among them.
  • Iniquity is welcome into our clean houses by TV.
  • Comments are welcome through 02 July.

wealthy in, of, by, from or with?

  • And the wealthy in this country.
  • The latter was the wealthiest of all.
  • We are not wealthy by any means.
  • They had to be wealthy as the entry was $250,000.
  • Romney himself became wealthy at Bain.
  • You can become rich or wealthy from teaching.
  • And showers the wealthy with big tax cuts.
  • Fewer but wealthier for a while.
  • Raise taxes on the wealthy to what they were under Clinton.
  • The real enemy to all of us is the wealthiest among us.
  • Port Royal grew enormously wealthy on plunder.
  • He got very wealthy through business dealings extending from London to Africa.
  • He is now wealthy beyond the dreams of most Americans.
  • It's not like I became wealthy over night.
  • He's wealthy because of money earned in Iraq.
  • They become wealthier due to economic growth.
  • Wen became wealthy during his leadership.
  • Malloy or Obama can tax business and the wealthy into oblivion and it still won't pay for all the goodies.
  • Why haven't you repealed tax cuts to wealthy like you promised? 8.
  • They are all becoming wealthy off of the private sectors dime folks.
  • You Can not legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom.
  • Not smart to be born wealthy without eyes to see with, ears to hear.

"worthwhile for" or "worthwhile in"?

  • Make it worthwhile for them to do so.
  • That sounds worthwhile in itself.
  • Sounds pretty worthwhile to me.
  • Do something worthwhile with it.
  • You make us feel worthwhile by making this apology today '.
  • No I can't say anything worthwhile about that.
  • It is worthwhile as the cost will have been borne across many prospects.
  • It is worthwhile at this point to say something about karma.
  • However they are worthwhile considering beginning.
  • It has to be worthwhile from -my- perspective.
  • The vacation is such intensive and worthwhile of the distance as Mr.
  • We have not done anything worthwhile on this count.
  • And I thought that it had all been worthwhile after all.
  • Time is so precious there's nothing in the world that's worthwhile like doing what you want.
  • Now that really IS getting something worthwhile out of a degree/PhD.

"wild in" or "wild with"?

  • Let her run wild in the garden.
  • They almost go wild with grief.
  • The crowd goes wild for our win.
  • You can't get this wild on a press trip.
  • They're pretty wild at the moment.
  • Ella Noakes was wild about him once.
  • Douglas Wilder of Virginia and Deval L.
  • It is the natural state of every one of us, to be wild by nature.
  • Nightclubs and bars are getting wilder after midnight.
  • I was lucky enough to run wild as a child.
  • They were going wild like lightning streaks.
  • The radio audience went wild over the song.
  • Comparing Wilder to the KKK wasn't accurate.
  • The yellow and red varieties of tulip grow wild around Quetta.
  • The freaks run wild during presidential elections.
  • The tree industry helps preserve the wild from developers.
  • We came across a few Zebra running wild through the trees as well.
  • It is people like you that allow these kids to run wild without consequence.

"worthless in" or "worthless to"?

  • They were pretty worthless in Balkans.
  • They're worthless to the world.
  • Smile is worthless for my needs.
  • It's simply worthless as proof.
  • As it is worthless without proof.
  • This facility is deemed worthless by society.
  • He's dead and worthless at this point.
  • This article is worthless on it's face.
  • A lot of published material is worthless after a decade.
  • But you will be found worthless of misusing tears.
  • They also told you that their currency is worthless with their last sentence.
  • P15, P16 and P22 are worthless against the second accused and even others.
  • In general, 3X teleconverters are nearly worthless because of image degradation.
  • This is due to the fact that the dollar is exposed as WORTHLESS due to the overleveraged CDS exposure.
  • The IRS promptly denied the debt, arguing that it had not become worthless during 2007.
  • Question is once you have reneged on your word its devalued and worthless from there on.
  • I guarantee you all it will not be worthless like the soon to be dead dollar will be.
  • The trouble is that medical education is next to worthless outside of medicine.
  • The system is collapsing through debt, the fiat currency ponzi scheme has failed, money is becoming worthless through inflation.

"wet in", "wet for" or "wet with"?

  • It will be rather wet in many places.
  • The grass remains wet with dew drops.
  • Too squishy and wet for my liking.
  • I hate the cold &; wet on Mud Island.
  • I was soaking wet from apple-dunking in the yard.
  • The weather is hot and wet at times.
  • Shes just a wet behind the ears kid.
  • NY Times Westbeth, the artist commune, is all wet after Sandy.
  • Fold down diapers so that cord does not get wet during voiding.
  • Smear of red, the wet of landing.
  • Because it seems all wet to me.
  • You will get wet as the mist goes everywhere.
  • Our land is also very wet by the way.
  • IPCC AR4 projects that East Africa will get WETTER due to climate change.
  • I sneaked up to the door, and there he was, all wet like a fish.
  • The weather has been as wet over there as over here.
  • I am now More than wet through.
  • However, very poorly drained soils remain wet throughout the year.
  • If your horse feels wet under the blanket, it is providing too much warmth.
  • Officers and fire fighters surrounded the man and saw that he was soaking wet up to his waist.
  • They can be stored wet without degradation by rot or mildew.

worrying about, for, at, in or of?

  • Worrying about the next events.
  • I am probably worrying for nothing.
  • This behavior is worrying at many levels.
  • That is worrying in a democracy.
  • Most worrying of all, many scientists say the 6.
  • I think i'd just worrying over nothing.
  • That should be worrying to Thomas Mulcair.

worsening of, in, by, rather or over?

  • So would a worsening of an addiction.
  • Air pollution also is worsening in smaller cities, she said.
  • It is showing defects and the condition of the pavement is worsening by the day.
  • Symptoms vary from person to person, gradually worsening as the disease develops.
  • Later the computer was infected and worsening at every restart.
  • The situation is worsening for every ordinary citizen.
  • A baby with a constant fixed squint, or with an intermittent squint that is worsening from 2 months, should be referred for assessment.
  • Figures below the line represent a worsening over the period, while figures about the line represent an improvement.
  • They see it as worsening rather than promoting Islamic worship tolerance in the US.
  • The pain is worsening with each passing moment.

"welcoming of" or "welcoming to"?

  • Not the most welcoming of user experiences.
  • My mother was very welcoming to her.
  • So it should be a good welcoming for him.
  • Everyone's a bit more welcoming in Leicester.
  • Very welcoming from the moment we stepped into the restaurant.
  • Turkish people have a reputation for being very welcoming towards strangers.
  • I can't picture tvxq's comeback as five and those ' people ' welcoming with their arms wide open.
  • Bou Baran is the welcoming at the groom's house.
  • Every time we have visited from England your hospitality has been impeccable and the atmosphere in the bar has been so welcoming by all.
  • The author has pointed out that the inlaws be more welcoming during the transition period.
  • I think the welcoming into the synagogue of the children of inter-marriage- that may have to shift if we are to survive.
  • Staff were very welcoming on arrival and check in was swift and efficient.

well-received by, in, at, among or with?

  • It was well-received by the critics.
  • He is not well-received in Dewey circles now.
  • This joke was well-received at the time, and they'd all enjoyed a good laugh that day.
  • This gesture has been well-received among the rural cocoa growing communities.
  • We have a government strategy which has been largely well-received as a good approach.
  • I could say my set was not well-received because of language barriers and cultural misunderstandings.
  • The goal Paul Scholes wishes he'd scored, it's safe to say the strike was well-received on local Geordie radio.
  • Both plenary sessions were well-received with many questions on evidence-based practices and promoted the need for ACCE training and credentialing.

"winding up" or "winding of"?

  • Suits stayed on winding up order.
  • Also, the winding of Toroid is harder than others core.
  • It is simply seen as a winding down period.
  • Choke A choke is a single winding on a core.
  • If you get car-sick though, it is preferable of train since it doesn't have to do all the winding along the bumpy roads.
  • Notice the winding at the top of the picture.
  • You come upon Koukourarata (Port Levy) quite suddenly -- after you've curled your way up the winding from from Purau Bay.
  • Paul's winding through the end of the limestone mountain, eventually flowing into the South China Sea.
  • Then connect each winding to a bridge rectifier.

well-versed in, with, on, about or at?

  • I am not exactly well-versed in it.
  • He was well-versed with social manners.
  • The author is well-versed on the topic, and the information is solid.
  • To harvest maximum returns from the stock market, it is essential that you be well-versed about the subject.
  • My second child (my older daughter) is the most well-versed at this point because she has been the most curious.
  • I'd fairly well-versed regarding ROMs, and actually ran CM and MIUI on it for quite a while with decent results, but that's not really the point.

"well-suited to" or "well-suited for"?

  • However, it still isn't well-suited to power users.
  • I believe I am well-suited for the job.
  • And the dish is well-suited as an appetizer.
  • It is well-suited with all type of technologies.

weekly for, in, on, with or to?

  • Greg writes weekly for The Drum.
  • Jay performs weekly in Toronto.
  • She also blogs weekly on history.
  • Ideally weekly with a few people.
  • You blog weekly at Do Some Damage.
  • The Working Group meets weekly by phone.
  • Thus I should have nineteen hours weekly to myself.
  • Maarten from Amsterdam weekly from Schiphol Airport (AMS).
  • Post, write, and tweet weekly about Pinterest.
  • It is taken weekly as a tablet, liquid, or as an injection under the skin (subcutaneously).
  • Check traps fortnightly during spring and summer and weekly during autumn.
  • There are over 170 free or low cost activities running weekly across the city.
  • Here's a guide to what you may be able to get weekly after tax.
  • The table below, updated weekly around this time, as most games at lower levels surround the weekend, should help us in that regard.
  • There are several direct buses weekly between Mwanza and the border.
  • S dollars weekly depending on your response to the job.
  • In 2003, 12-13 persons died weekly of virus (Ministry of Health, 2004).
  • It provides a weekly over view of various activities e.
  • Samples were collected weekly through the growing period.
  • Weight was monitored weekly throughout the experimental period and just prior to sacrifice.
  • These are the weekly under the radar finds that made our eyes pop.
  • I would be on the ' worst dressed ' page in US Weekly without a doubt! I've worn no makeup for almost a month.

working with, for, in, on or out?

  • I love kids and working with them.
  • In response to the working for free.
  • I am working in Psychiatry here.
  • The working on this thing for you know.
  • The working out of kamma is at times very surprising.
  • Interesting insider secrets of working at Google.
  • Successfully working from home.
  • I am a young Chinese guy from silicon valley, south bay, ca working as an engineer.
  • When I contact to Customer Care for non working of GPRS from my existing No i.
  • I have been working through the hopelessness for about the last year.
  • Note: If you are a working to one of the UK-based syllabuses for 16 - 18 year olds and haven't got a copy,.
  • We have just reached an amazing 73 member countries, and there are more working towards joining.
  • After he gets done working under the hood, he wants to make sure the inside of the car will impress the other guys who come into the garage on Saturday.
  • See what you can do working within them, and every once in a while, press those boundaries gently and try to learn something new.

win-win for, in, to, from or on?

  • HTC + Beats is a win-win for me.
  • I guess it is a win-win in every sense.
  • But to me, that's win-win to me.
  • Win-win from his perspective imo.
  • Kyuhyun's voice is pretty close to being the perfect singing voice to me, but Kyungsoo also has a great speaking voice, so win-win on both fronts.

wedded to, by, for, in or into?

  • The West is rather wedded to ideas.
  • In place of democracy, we now have the tyranny of a self-perpetuating, self-serving elite, all wedded by self-interest to the European project.
  • I have ended up wedded for 12 yr at this point, and all of our sex life is actually much better as opposed to what it was indeed at the start of married life.
  • It was through the performance of artificial fate that she got wedded in May 2007, amazing wedding from the heavenly mixture sequence.
  • The autobiography revolves around the tragic tale of an Indian princess born in the prominent family of Pataudi and wedded into another respectable family of Jagharr.
  • Alfred and Rachel ended up wedded on 03 19, 1900.
  • This wedded with education will enable the populace to get empowered to handle the edge to execute suicide.