"abandon by" or "abandon in"?

  • He feels abandoned by the Irish Government.
  • The story was that he had been found abandoned in a field.
  • South Vietnam was abandoned to its fate because of the war's political costs at home.
  • The fort probably lay abandoned for centuries.

"abduct by", "abduct in" or "abduct from"?

  • Shahzad is believed to have been abducted by intelligence agents from the well-heeled F-6/2 area of Islamabad around 5:45 p.
  • Today in a media conference they revealed that they were abducted from a white van and that both have now been released.
  • The Chiong sisters were abducted in July 16, 1997 outside Ayala Center.
  • Prageeth was abducted on 24 January 2010 and has not been heard from since.

abide by, in, with, to or on?

  • We also abide by what the referee did.
  • Abide in me Jesus says, be rooted in me.
  • I need thy presence every passing hour; what but thy grace can foil the tempter's power? Who like thyself my guide and stay can be? Through cloud and sunshine, O abide with me.
  • First off, Abiding to protocol.

"abolish in" or "abolish by"?

  • Judicial caning was abolished in 1990.
  • Judicial and prison CP was abolished by legislation in 1972.
  • Two years later the Dictation Test was abolished as a further means of exclusion.
  • Commenter oshtemo said athletics shouldn't be eliminated, but strongly regulated: No one is suggesting that intercollegiate athletics be abolished at WMU.

"abound in" or "abound with"?

  • Elegant finishings and features abound in this home.
  • Web sites abound with box office data, production costs, profit estimates etc.
  • Shock, disbelief and denial abound on both sides.
  • Tales abound of Nobel Prize winning faculty who have not seen the inside of a lecture theatre in years.

"absorb by", "absorb into" or "absorb in"?

  • I found myself being absorbed by it all.
  • I was absorbed in thinking of the reverses of life.
  • During digestion sugar is absorbed into the blood.
  • As he'd slept that day, the memories he'd absorbed from the assassins had shown him things.

"accelerate by", "accelerate to" or "accelerate in"?

  • Ageing Skin ageing is accelerated by exposure to ultraviolet light.
  • Inflation accelerated in the West African country to 12.
  • In figure 7b, the buggy has accelerated to 10 mph.
  • Coyote's forelegs to be transformed into ADEQUATE wings while accelerating at 32 feet/second/second.

accentuate by, with, in or under?

  • The problem was accentuated by differences of language.
  • Choose those in solid colors which you can accentuate with a thin to medium-size belt.

accept by, in, as, for or into?

  • And accepted by most consumers/voters.
  • His designs were accepted in 1716.
  • It was just accepted as the way things are.
  • I was accepted for Incapacity Benifit.

"accommodate in", "accommodate for" or "accommodate to"?

  • Changes can not necessarily be accommodated in all cases.
  • I met Dan over the weekend and found him to be really accommodating to the fans.
  • A maximum of 16 teams per day will be accommodated for this tournament.
  • Place keywords exactly where they are needed to accommodate with the content.

"accomplish by" or "accomplish in"?

  • Control is accomplished by sending pipe Messages.
  • This can be accomplished in two ways.
  • This is accomplished with a set of screens in various sizes.
  • All of this can be accomplished through NDA's or other contract products.

"accord to" or "accord with"?

  • I'll accept any try only according to the rule book.
  • In just the same way, our acts must accord with the nuclear age.
  • Cork, Ireland first and then Rochefort en Accords in France.
  • I recall the warm welcome accorded by the people of Ceylon to the Egyptian Leader Orabi Pasha in 1883.

accredit by, to, with, in or as?

  • These private lender must be accredited by their own declaration.
  • The Embassy of Ireland in South Africa is accredited to DR Congo.
  • We are company accredited with ISO 9001, a standard we are proud to be associated with to serve our customer better with excellence and professionalism.
  • And education which is actually accredited in the current system is more and more expensive every year.

"accrue to", "accrue in" or "accrue from"?

  • The benefits are accrued to them.
  • This curtails the very benefits that accrued from the service.
  • The number of days do not accrue in the manner you state.
  • Interest accrues on balance transfers from the date the transfer is processed by ANZ.

accuse of, by, in, for or with?

  • Gu has not been accused of any crime.
  • Cayetano was accused by Raissa on probable grounds.
  • Kaithan and Krishnaswami are the accused in C.
  • Nuances and thinking are demanded when democracy was accused for fanning mayhem.

ache for, from, with, by or following?

  • You're aching for your adversary.
  • This garment is designed to provide special support to those who are on their feet a lot, experience annoying back aches from being behind the wheel of a vehicle, or do a lot of bending and stooping.
  • After what felt like an eternity the pain released him, and he lay helplessly on the concrete, his mind reeling and his body aching with the phantom aftereffects of the Cruciatus Curse.
  • My heart quite literally ached by the abandonment that was going to happen.

"achieve by" or "achieve in"?

  • These savings will be achieved by a $2.
  • SOA will never be achieved in one big-bang project.
  • This can be achieved through some awareness of.
  • All of this can be achieved with nothing but a hunting knife.

acknowledge by, in, as, for or at?

  • The wish was acknowledged by the President on 28 February.
  • I love recognizing places acknowledged in the book.
  • Rather, what was always wrong was finally acknowledged as such.
  • Acknowledged for contributions in popular books by Doug Comer, John S.

"acquiesce to" or "acquiesce in"?

  • In other words, they acquiesce to what was stated.
  • Economically, the president extended the Bush-Paulson bailouts and acquiesced in renewal of the Bush tax cuts, despite repeated vows to the contrary.
  • I acquiesce on the idea that badly chosen chords can really bugger a tune.
  • Other criteria have to be satisfied, such as that the usage must be open, continuous, adverse or in the concept of an owner, peaceful and acquiesced by other states.

"acquire by" or "acquire in"?

  • It was acquired by Fonseca in 1978.
  • Weapons being acquired in America.
  • All these vessels were acquired from the Royal Navy.
  • The property is being acquired for A$29.

act as, in, on, like or upon?

  • The disk acts as a tie breaker.
  • To act in the place of parents.
  • Not acting on that awareness is.
  • Please -- start acting like one.

"activate by" or "activate in"?

  • It does this when it is activated by attention energy.
  • Once a theme is activated in wordpress theme admin, it becomes visible to all the site visitors.
  • Pay-As-U-Roam is not activated on my mobile line.
  • Do i need to get BES activated for surfing internet throuugh wifi on bb9300? hi.

adapt to, from, for, by or into?

  • The body will adapt to this stimulus.
  • Written by Kayla Albert Adapted from The.
  • Much of his work was based on these people and adapted for fiction.
  • The strategy was originally adapted by Monchi, but the Sevilla S.

add to, in, up, on or as?

  • Add to that famine and drought.
  • You'll add in all of the hosts.
  • The items add up to well over 100.
  • Added on February 14, 2007, 8:51 pm To save cost.

"address to", "address in" or "address by"?

  • Write a demand letter addressed to Mr.
  • They are addressed by the word: Kafirun.
  • This theme is also addressed in Peter J.
  • That's my sole concern in this and it will be addressed at 20:00.

"adjust to" or "adjust for"?

  • Lay flat and keep adjusting to size.
  • Earnings adjusted for items were $1.
  • The final score adjusted by the point spread determines the winner of the bet.
  • I adjusted according to what my weekly charts were showing me.

"administer by" or "administer to"?

  • It must be administered by a doctor or nurse.
  • Questionnaires were administered to both clinicians and patients.
  • The BBC World Service is administered in consultation with.
  • He has also lectured and administered at a national University in Uganda.

"admire by", "admire in" or "admire for"?

  • He is well respected and admired by the UN family.
  • Jamaican Chinese are greatly admired for being hardworking, diligent and courteous.
  • I find something new to admire in every hearing.
  • That is something I really admire about him.

admit to, in, into, as or at?

  • I admit to an irrational bigotry.
  • Alamoudi admitted in his plea agreement with a U.
  • Nope, and your wife will not be admitted into the United States 8 months pregnant.
  • He was admitted as a partner of the firm in 1985.

"adopt by" or "adopt in"?

  • Long ago adopted by B2C companies.
  • I was adopted in 1975 when I was a little baby.
  • The CogTr interventions adopted for this study were based on the above definitions.
  • Hence FCFS system was adopted as a policy.

adorn with, by, in, according or among?

  • The sheet music of the era is often adorned with religious frescos.
  • The name of his country was Adorned by Light, and the name of his eon was Delight to Behold.
  • MP3 players, digital cameras, and notebooks can also be adorned in this manner.
  • Inside the walls of this regal palace are multiple rooms, halls, studies, private quarters and golf courses that are adorned according to the preferences of its current resident.

"advance to" or "advance in"?

  • Then, advance to the end and hit the gong.
  • Hamilcar was advancing in the following order.
  • The arguments advanced by Daniel Gros as linked to by MH are the reality.
  • Albans, the Lancastrians decided not to advance on London.

"advertise on" or "advertise in"?

  • Knowing you are advertising on a high quality network.
  • To advertise in print or online.
  • Disclosure: I am NOT advertising for Philips.
  • It is much more than this one-dimmensional problem as advertised at face value.

advise on, by, of, against or to?

  • I am seeking advise on the following 1.
  • In all matters he is advised by a Privy Council.
  • Listen to the advise of well wishers.
  • We advise against all but essential travel to this area.

advocate for, by, in, on or against?

  • Let me play devils advocate for a second.
  • Checking for the nuchal cord has been advocated by medical textbooks.
  • Mr Tipoki began his youth work training as a youth volunteer and advocate in his community and church.
  • We continue to advocate on the Hill on these issues to get that message out.

affect by, in, with, on or to?

  • Rain 3 matches affected by rain.
  • Younger children are also affected in the region.
  • It easily gets affected with the immediate environment.
  • The evidence of planetary affects on climate has been around for years.

"affirm in" or "affirm by"?

  • You take issue with scholastic, decretal theology that is affirmed in Westminster.
  • The statement is affirmed by the Spirit.
  • I created an affirmation so I could affirm to my mind what was happening to my body.
  • A central campaigning demand of ' Right to Work ' is a 35 hour week with no loss of pay, as affirmed at the 2010 conference.

"afflict with" or "afflict by"?

  • It was a wonderful moment, but I was still afflicted with sin.
  • Spring is cooler but is often afflicted by fog and heavy thunderstorms.
  • Those who have Virgo afflicted in their birth chart are short-tempered, irritable and discontented.
  • Have you or have you not received grace? Saint Teresa of Avila, afflicted despite everything with arid prayer, has visions; we say to ourselves,? She is mad, it is hysteria.

"afford to" or "afford by"?

  • The truth was she couldn't afford to.
  • But there's no denying the benefits afforded by smartphones now.
  • It wont Get A good Simpleton To find out So it Could Go on an Uniform To afford In which Garbage.
  • The Nats can't afford for Zim in the 3 hole to go to into a deep slump this time.

aggravate by, in, to, as or with?

  • The pain seemed to be aggravated by walking, and was always worse by afternoon/evening.
  • Caffeinated drinks are specifically aggravating to your acne problems.
  • This is aggravated as the regime runs amok with vast and wasteful white-elephant show case grandiosities.
  • Together let us ask God's help for the peoples of the Horn of Africa, who suffer from hunger and food shortages, aggravated at times by a persistent state of insecurity.

agitate for, by, against, on or in?

  • I will not cease to agitate for change and progression.
  • The middle class is not longer agitated by secularism.
  • Asian Tribune: Was that the reason for the crowd to get agitated against the Magistrate? Senior Attorney at Law Mr.
  • Sometimes Detwiler seems unnecessarily agitated on the mound.

agree with, to, on, upon or in?

  • So, no, I don't agree with you.
  • Free fax I agree to this article.
  • Totally agree on the fine line.
  • Much of its points have been agree upon.

"aim at" or "aim for"?

  • Not every L is aimed at the pro.
  • As a man, aim for at least 3000.
  • If you do that, your lawyer can report the claim to ICBC for you.
  • The French bank s aim in raising its 2002 forecasts and its dividend pay-out is to repel predators.

alarm by, for, at, to or about?

  • There is no reason to be alarmed by mere empty threats.
  • I am alarmed for the future of the world if there are so many people walking around who liked this film.
  • While some fans are a bit alarmed at the number of shots Chelsea allowed on Sunday, They really shouldn't be.
  • I found this hill alarming to a point given that I must have passed multiple bike riders pushing bikes uphill on what really was the first challenge of the day.

alert to, by, for, on or in?

  • I was alerted to another heart recipient's journal this week.
  • A few minutes later, alerted by the girl, the engine driver came down and saw me.
  • But I want to stay healthy and active and I want Muffin to be healthy and alert for school, so the whole family has to stay on track.
  • Same applied when I set up a fraud alert on my credit accounts.

alienate from, by, due, for or in?

  • It seemed as if the whole nation was alienated from the state.
  • He went to Trinity College, Dublin in 1880 where he felt alienated by its anglicised culture.
  • She felt alienated in her own country, in her own State, in her own college, in her own class.
  • A retired army major expressed similar sentiments and he went on to claim that the people's land in his village, including that of his family, had been alienated to Taib's brother.

"alight from" or "alight at"?

  • But at that time, the person inside the van did not alight from the vehicle.
  • To alight at the desired bus stations in East Coast.
  • Here's the summary of how the iPhone 5, like every other iPhone before it, will set the world alight with crazy pre-order numbers and customers camping in to be the first owners of the smartphone.
  • A crow alights on the fence above me.

"align with" or "align to"?

  • Their myths align with the Odin myths.
  • The incentive program was not aligned to profitability.
  • You can't wait for everything to align in a certain way.
  • The houses, aligned on the riverbank, were of one storey.

allege in, by, during, at or against?

  • I do not own eight mansions as alleged in the publication.
  • That the rocks of Bajo de Masinloc are not included or within the limits of the Treaty of Paris, as alleged by China, is therefore immaterial and of no consequence.
  • Elizabeth Harris alleges during her examination that she bid her familiar, Anonymous 217, to get her revenge on Goodman Chilman for accusing her of stealing a pig.
  • Well, at least the BJP President has offered himself for any scrutiny, investigation on being alleged of corruption.

"allocate to" or "allocate for"?

  • Allocated to the task were 1st and 29th (U.
  • Space has been allocated for further development.
  • Any public Grounds can be allocated in other areas of the Country.
  • Tickets will be allocated by random draw and will be sent out in advance of the event.

"allot to" or "allot for"?

  • The subsidy allotted to Nova Scotia was approximately $1,468,000.
  • More land will be allotted for establishing clusters of garment factories.
  • She said Telecom would be checking the notices were valid and then processing them within the seven day time period allotted by the Act.
  • So we said good bye to allot of our Back-up QB's to replace Favre (some Heisman's ), that the bears would have loved to have.

allow for, in, to, by or into?

  • That allows for A+B networking.
  • HATERS are not allowed in this world.
  • No set-off allowed to trustee 24.
  • It is a privilege allowed by God.

"alter by" or "alter in"?

  • Hydrocarbons can be altered by the addition of other chemicals, such as halogens.
  • The volume of distribution (V d) may be altered in children.
  • It can now only be altered within Australia.
  • She does not edit for accuracy, She does not alter for correctness, She translates and posts.

"alternate between" or "alternate with"?

  • We are having to alternate between the two.
  • Neglect can alternate with periods of authoritarian control.
  • Most people can alternate in some tasks from right to left, everyone is a bit different.
  • These signs alternate from English to Japanese.

"amaze at" or "amaze by"?

  • You will be amazed at the results.
  • Guests are poised to be amazed by the.
  • You never cease to amaze with what you manage to find.
  • So for those who amazed from a good looking person, beware and catch an eye from their actions, appearance doesn't last long.

"amend by" or "amend in"?

  • As amended by Internal Revenue (Amendment) Act, 2004 (Act 669 ), s.
  • The Prickly Pear Act, 1924, was amended in 1944.
  • This article was amended on 1 December 2010.
  • It is possible, although highly unlikely, that the language of the rule could be amended before a final vote by the USGA and R &A.

amplify by, in, for, from or into?

  • His own acute cultural awareness was amplified by what, or rather, who, came before him.
  • Both those themes -- an ethos of public service and ethnic diversity -- would be amplified in the ceremony and, more importantly, in the Games themselves.
  • But in the world that extremists inhabit, mere similarity is insufficient - it has to be much closer than that because small ideological differences are amplified out of proportion.
  • It is very absolve that the Mac OS X Lion shall be amplified through the Mac App Store, however, whether Apple association will release the annex brief to version 10.

amuse by, for, to, after or in?

  • I was amused by messages between son and daughter.
  • In Ireland, however, right across the country there are entertainment centres to keep the kids amused for hours, such as Funtasia in Bettystown, Co.
  • The bachelorette needs to be amused to the hilt in a party along with offering her feeling of remaining spoiled anybody can carry her to some club.
  • Before dinner they are amused after the manner of their country.

"anger by" or "anger at"?

  • Embassy was attacked, who were angered by the film.
  • However, I think that your anger at your situation is showing.
  • It seems we have so much hate and anger in our lives.
  • So it must have been a source of dismay and anger to Liverpudlians when they heard Boris Johnson being.

"animate by" or "animate in"?

  • Sam: Cars are animated by physics, not by artists.
  • Hobos and sexy veronica lake, animated in glorious fully hand drawn black and white.
  • Finally the foetus is animated with a human soul.
  • There's something so perfectly rounded and nicely animated about avatars.

"annex to" or "annex by"?

  • In 1668, Triplicane was annexed to the Madras City.
  • It was annexed by Pakistan against the wishes of Baluchis.
  • The kingdom is annexed into the Gold Coast Colony, region to the north becomes a British protectorate.

announce in, on, by, to or at?

  • Her arrival will be announced in the.
  • ET, the SEC announced on Monday.
  • Decisions will be announced by 1 February.
  • On 14 November, the discovery was announced to the world.

annoy by, for, to, about or at?

  • I remember being annoyed by similar letters when I was a research student.
  • For female, lifestyle and fantastic people needn't annoy for the way of getting the fanshion and function together.
  • Terrible &; Severe Headaches Headaches can range from annoying to severe acute pain.
  • Aren't you getting a bit annoyed about this? Spa is coming up, are you confident that you can break it? Raikkonen: I think I've only been second twice, not three times, I don't know.

answer to, in, by, for or with?

  • I answer to no one but the Lord.
  • They all answered in the affirmative.
  • But that question is already answered by Allah (swt).
  • I'll answer for everyone -- YES.

"anticipate by" or "anticipate in"?

  • Although the third fight didn't feature any Malaysians, it was eagerly anticipated by the knowledgeable crowd.
  • A list of future changes you anticipate in your life that could affect what you may need in your home.
  • A loving family always anticipating for your arrival.
  • The volumes of water anticipated at full export production are 281,000 million litres per year.

"apologize for" or "apologize to"?

  • He apologizes for CM Punk next.
  • I apologized to a lot of chairs.
  • It was past midnight! I apologize in advance.
  • In the afternoon a man came, touched my feet, and began to apologise on behalf of his son, who had been one of the gang.

"app for" or "app on"?

  • By using these security apps for Apple.
  • Different with most of any other apps on other platform.
  • With some 600,000+ apps in the store,.
  • You can even download these new iPhone apps from the internet.

"appall by" or "appall at"?

  • I was appalled at what was happening.
  • One can feel morally appalled about such a decision, but the world community should not have the right to force or use sanctions against those nations until they change their ways.

appeal to, for, against, by or from?

  • That really, really appeals to me.
  • Don't recall you appealing for her.
  • Appeal against inadequacy of sentence 417A.
  • This can be appealed by contacting The Dimension's Edge, Inc.

"appear in" or "appear on"?

  • These flecks appear in both images.
  • His column appears on Thursdays.
  • It appears to have done the trick.
  • Jesus therefore appears at the center of the throne.

append to, at, with, as or by?

  • I do have a few further points to append to this one point.
  • ArrayList: Append at the End Many of you already know why it behaves that badly.
  • The book is appended with a sneak peek chapter from the next book in the series.

"applaud by" or "applaud for"?

  • Skill must be applauded by the media and phisicality shuned Comment number 4.
  • As a pragmatic use of limited finanaces, Hague is to be applauded for the idea.
  • However, audiences generally applaud at the end of the overture and often at.
  • With these severe measures the implementation of the ' White Australia ' policy was warmly applauded in most sections of the community.

"apply to" or "apply for"?

  • The same fees apply to renewals.
  • Step 8 Apply for numerous jobs.
  • You should apply in these formats.
  • Compress can also be applied by a trained professional.

"appoint by" or "appoint to"?

  • He was originally appointed by Gov.
  • V, 19 Members not appointed to office.
  • Abi Rabi'a was appointed as the general.
  • Marsh, who was appointed in 1923.

"appreciate by", "appreciate for" or "appreciate in"?

  • Their beautiful works are appreciated by all.
  • Your expertise and assistance is much needed and appreciated in SA.
  • The very least we could do is support and appreciate for devoting their life.
  • And if someone seems to appreciate at that time, the woman craves it.

"approve by" or "approve of"?

  • His decision was approved by the entire team.
  • Ian Taylor approves of the system.
  • My husband and I were approved for adoption in August 2009.
  • Gay marriage is still not approved in the state.

archive for, at, in, by or on?

  • Our tracking data on campaign coverage is archived at http: **35;428;TOOLONG.
  • The Internet also differs from libraries and data archive in that information is not stored centrally, but distributed across inter-operating computer networks.
  • Their story is one of those now being digitally archived by the government of the Netherlands and Yad Vashem, in cooperation.
  • Archiving on any other web site or newspaper is unauthorized except with a Written Approval by USAfricaonline.

"argue with" or "argue for"?

  • And he did try to argue with me.
  • Whether we'd argue for or against.
  • I'd not going to argue against it.
  • We can argue about whether thats true or not.

"arise from" or "arise in"?

  • X: No state arises from a single cause.
  • Other problems arise in the combat.
  • Conflicts arose as a result and the group had to split.
  • All that we are arises with our thoughts.

"arrange for" or "arrange in"?

  • I was arranging for a house here.
  • News is arranged in convenient.
  • His legal representation was arranged by ProBono.
  • I have arranged with Amazon to have it replaced.

arrest for, in, on, by or at?

  • He was arrested for putting it online.
  • One man was arrested in the area after the incident.
  • The tears stood arrested on her cheek.
  • Mr Singh had been arrested by U.

"arrive at" or "arrive in"?

  • We arrived at the centre at 11.
  • The bullocks arrived in London.
  • He had arrived on Second Earth.
  • His body was yet to arrive from Pindi.

"articulate in" or "articulate by"?

  • The few leaders left alive have not been able to articulate in one voice either an agenda or leverage their political strength.
  • In other words, a return to the test as articulated by Williamson J.
  • While it doesn't always hold true, a lot of the time value hasn't been articulated to the customer.
  • They articulated about their roles as mothers -- Michelle as the mother of two young daughters and Ann as the mother of five boys and a grandmother of several grandchildren.

ascend to, into, in, from or on?

  • So we ascend to comfier heights.
  • After 40 days he ascended into heaven, but he did not leave us alone.
  • I ascend in elevators fit for the gods.
  • But when He conquered death and hell, and overcome them, and ascended on high, He received a new name.

"ask for" or "ask about"?

  • Ask for information in writing.
  • And don't ask about my age, im 15.
  • We have been asked by Mr Morrison to.
  • I have asked in the past and he never responds.

"aspire to" or "aspire for"?

  • We all aspire to doing more with less.
  • Will you use it? To aspire for leadership is an honourable ambition.
  • Call me lacking substance, but it's a lifestyle to aspire towards.
  • And a man who aspires after that can not afford to keep out of any field of life.

"assassinate in" or "assassinate by"?

  • He was however assassinated in 1963.
  • He is more likely to be assassinated by his close circle.
  • A sitting Prime Minister was assassinated for the first time in Indian history.
  • Lincoln assassinated on April 14, 1865.

"assemble in", "assemble by" or "assemble at"?

  • People are assembled in the hall, which holds 2,000.
  • We will assemble at the Garden of remembrance at 12.
  • It was assembled by hand at Jobs's parents ' house and sold for $666.
  • They can go out and make sense of all this great crowd of pilgrims assembling from every nation in Jerusalem.

"assess by" or "assess on"?

  • Heartbeat perception was assessed by a discrimination method.
  • The tests are designed to assess on merit alone.
  • Depression can be easily assessed in most sufferers.
  • Assessment Students will be assessed against four criteria: A.

assign to, by, for, in or as?

  • Functions and meanings are assigned to places.
  • It is assigned by teachers of all academic levels.
  • He is specially assigned for rejuvenating Party's student front.
  • The provisional grade of ' IP ' is assigned in the intervening semesters.

"assimilate into" or "assimilate to"?

  • Jie Han people assimilated into the last major.
  • Abu Bakr did not assimilate to this thought.
  • Did you assimilate with aboriginal people's culture.
  • This tends to lower pH as ammonium ions are assimilated by duckweed.

"assist in" or "assist with"?

  • Should be able to assist in corporate matters.
  • We also assist with visa for all countries.
  • So more dumbing-down to come (assisted by Offa).
  • F Nic Petan added three assists for Portland.

"assume by" or "assume for"?

  • The invalidity of the Act has also been assumed by Justices of this Court.
  • But let's assume for now that it is.
  • This isn't the lowly meaning assumed in everyday language.
  • The male was very nasty, normal I assume with 2 males.

assure of, by, in, to or for?

  • We can be assured of a place in heaven.
  • Nice to be reined in and be assured by the long sighted.
  • We long for meaning and sense to our trials, to know and be assured in some small part that our suffering is not in vain.
  • What matters most is to be assured to you will get what you truly deserve.

attack by, on, in, with or for?

  • Kaitlyn says she was attacked by a blonde.
  • Attack on religions or communities; 3.
  • The September attack in Benghazi, which killed the U.
  • Attacking with the knee, elbow or forehead.

"attain to" or "attain by"?

  • Those devotions are only means to attain to the end.
  • Green Cards to STEM degrees attained by foreign-nationals.
  • Self-government was attained in 1959.
  • This isn't to say that naturalists argue that a just society can be attained through legal mechanisms alone.

attempt to, in, at, on or by?

  • Do not attempt to freestyle without adult supervision.
  • It has nt been attempted in earnest since.
  • You just attempt at solving it and see what happens.
  • I don't believe a blog full of limericks has ever been attempted on this webpage.

"attend to" or "attend by"?

  • I have other business to attend to.
  • Foo camp is attended by geeks of all ilks.
  • There must be evidence they attended in person.
  • A few days later, I attended at the property.

attest to, by, in, from or at?

  • Kevin Aftung can attest to that.
  • D, as attested by early Church Fathers.
  • I can attest from experience that publishing a regular blog to properly showcase your offering, even before you have it, is a most cost effective approach in time and money.

attract to, by, in, towards or for?

  • I also identify as attracted to women.
  • The prince was present this attracted by the beach.
  • What you can imagine vividly and invite with feelings, you attract in your life.
  • More visitors will be attracted towards your business.

audition for, with, before, on or at?

  • Dancers audition for the company.
  • And actor Andrew Garfield won't even have to audition before production begins on the next Trotsky movie.
  • But Byeong Gun insists on trying -- he will audition on the final night of auditions.
  • They found that when women started auditioning behind a screen, their probability of advancing increased.

augment by, with, in, for or on?

  • These efforts are being augmented by route incentive schemes.
  • The basis sets have been augmented with d-functions.
  • Global purchasing power is thereby augmented in this case by new issues of yuan-also unassociated with the production of new goods.
  • News print industry is built on ad revenue and they need to come up with a new business model the augment for the loss in ad revenue that will never be recovered.

authorise by, in, for, under or as?

  • Changes authorised by this section include.
  • Except as authorised in writing by SkillsTrain you agree not to modify, rent, lease, loan, sell, distribute or create derivative works bases on the Website.
  • For this you need to refer to the aforementioned regulator website to check out exactly what products that they are authorised for.
  • There must be proper authority -- any intrusion must be authorised at a sufficiently senior level and with appropriate oversight.

authorize by, in, for, under or on?

  • Except as expressly authorized by streamed.
  • This bronze medal was authorized in 1918.
  • As long as you have these, you are nearly always authorized for the money you need.
  • So is the use of a surveillance device that is authorized under another Act.

avail of, to, by, on or against?

  • I pray that we may we continue to avail of these.
  • The said account statements should be availed to another team who will audit the same and report to the members.
  • This is not much compared to what can be availed by Omani business community.
  • These loans have become an easy task to get and can be availed on a variety of internet websites also.

"avoid by", "avoid at" or "avoid in"?

  • This should be avoided by any cost.
  • This should be avoided in any respect costs.
  • This should be avoided at any cost.
  • FOBT should be avoided with one proviso.

await for, in, with, on or at?

  • The other six await for us in His paradise.
  • By March, the feast is over but another, smaller feast sometimes awaits in autumn.
  • I await with dread to discover what hideous extrusion of cookie-cutter marketing will replace it.
  • Now awaiting on whether I get past this and go to trial or they get judgement.

awaken to, by, from, in or at?

  • Yet every so often, our soul awakens to its true nature.
  • Shortly before sk I was awakened by the bells on the horses.
  • Victoria said she was awakened from a very bad dream.
  • His real purpose though was to awaken in them a longing for the spiritual life.