"of name" or "by name"?

  • It is called by a variety of names.
  • They are different only by name.
  • This ECOWAS exists only in name.
  • So stop, already! With names like Shaniqua, Taliqua,.

of, between, in, to or by nation?

  • Good citizens of nations deserve some credence.
  • So balance this would benefit the relationship between nations.
  • Bush and Cheney had a great deal invested in nation building in those regions.
  • Also has the same relationship to nation building that Pork Barreling does to getting re-voted.

"of nature" or "in nature"?

  • Kids experience more of nature.
  • Edward was interested in nature.
  • It is by nature somewhat radical.
  • It bespoke the most respect to nature.

"in need" or "of need"?

  • I loved to help people in need.
  • He will not fail us in time of need.
  • For more information on Need for Speed, visit http: //www.
  • Works autonomously and without need for direction.

"of network", "to network" or "in network"?

  • We can't tap into the richness of networks alone.
  • Some entrepreneurs know well how to network.
  • Be someone who is revered in network marketing.
  • This is particularly true for network code.

of, for, to, in or with news?

  • Mourning the Lady Sybil of news.
  • People dig for news and then share it.
  • He said this while talking to news channels here on Saturday.
  • Further information is in News.

"in number" or "of number"?

  • There is some safety in numbers.
  • It's full of numbers and explanations.
  • At number nine, John Gandel, with $3.
  • This was due to number of factors.