Prepositions before Nouns

Click a word to see what prepositions are usually used before it in English


"in number" or "of number"?

  • There is some safety in numbers.
  • It's full of numbers and explanations.
  • At number nine, John Gandel, with $3.
  • This was due to number of factors.
  • Numbering begins with number 1.
  • Philostratus 220 AD Iarchas on Number.
  • But we would like to split these up by number of image elements.
  • I'd thankful for numbers, and for Nate Silver.
  • For them it's all about numbers.
  • In these case, the whole benefit from number that we talked about earlier collapses straight down.

"of name" or "by name"?

  • It is called by a variety of names.
  • They are different only by name.
  • This ECOWAS exists only in name.
  • So stop, already! With names like Shaniqua, Taliqua,.
  • Search for names, places or keywords.
  • We should not use the article the with: (1) Proper nouns such as names of people.
  • I look at this situation and see Greece falling under an yoke again, a yoke that is imperialist in all but name.
  • We have finally settled on names.
  • As for the mumbo-jumbo about London, murky references to names you will not.
  • It is without name or theology.

of, for, to, in or with news?

  • Mourning the Lady Sybil of news.
  • People dig for news and then share it.
  • He said this while talking to news channels here on Saturday.
  • Further information is in News.
  • I feel nervous, with news coming in about more attacks, more injured.
  • The PCC was lied to by News International.
  • Sterling is upgrading against US Dollar on news that U.
  • Relief over the sale was palpable, and not just at News Corp.
  • About news, news things, and things.
  • If we step away from news, then that is not the case.

"of nature" or "in nature"?

  • Kids experience more of nature.
  • Edward was interested in nature.
  • It is by nature somewhat radical.
  • It bespoke the most respect to nature.
  • So we ought to live in harmony with nature.
  • The place is highly recommended for nature lovers.
  • You are not separate from nature.
  • Everyone is free to hold onto their opinions about nature vs.
  • I do not do anything against nature.
  • In On Nature Empedocles speaks of cosmic time cycles.

"in need" or "of need"?

  • I loved to help people in need.
  • He will not fail us in time of need.
  • For more information on Need for Speed, visit http: //www.
  • Works autonomously and without need for direction.
  • Among other things, EA debuted a trailer for Need For Speed: Most Wanted, their newest addition to the Need for Speed Franchise.
  • The work that Humanists undertake in this area is likely to vary from country to country according to need.
  • Assisting students with need especially health problems.
  • Sponsors are matched with a child from our waiting list, which is prioritized by need.

of, between, in, to or by nation?

  • Good citizens of nations deserve some credence.
  • So balance this would benefit the relationship between nations.
  • Bush and Cheney had a great deal invested in nation building in those regions.
  • Also has the same relationship to nation building that Pork Barreling does to getting re-voted.
  • Attacks on the IMF By Nation State Google Docs at risk.
  • And what works for people, works for nations.
  • As it encourages dialogues among nations, it is also for an open interaction with children.
  • So it is with nations, and with a nation's spirit.
  • It ushered in a global political climate that pitted nation against nation despite the attacks being perpetrated by non-state actors.
  • He received many death threats from Nation of Islam members.

"of network", "to network" or "in network"?

  • We can't tap into the richness of networks alone.
  • Some entrepreneurs know well how to network.
  • Be someone who is revered in network marketing.
  • This is particularly true for network code.
  • On Network Neutrality - the BCS appears to be silent.
  • The urban quarters are further divided by networks of gridded streets.
  • You may add many NIC's here to deal with network traffic.
  • I think that's the way to go about network marketing.
  • TAP3 defines how and what information on roamed usage must be passed between Network Operators.
  • The Nexus 7000 and 5000 run FabricPath, a multi-path Ethernet protocol similar to the IETF's TRILL, which lets network admins create multiple loop-free paths through networks.

"of newspaper" or "in newspaper"?

  • Provision of newspapers, periodicals etc.
  • Recalled products are published in newspapers.
  • There were positives for newspapers in the Pew research, conducted in collaboration with the Economist Group.
  • I stopped writing letters (and emails) to newspapers long ago.
  • Remove all items from the kitchen countertops and cover the countertops with newspaper.
  • This estimate is based on newspaper reports and medical record.
  • She was going by newspaper reports which turned out not to be true.
  • The examples are drawn from newspapers and magazines.
  • It is often used in poetry as well as newspapers.

"of note" or "with note"?

  • He has done nothing of note thus far.
  • A more literal translation with notes? Apologies, that's not gon na happen.
  • Again, you can take in notes so write the points down.
  • Quick note: you asked for notes on typos.
  • Indian music theory uses the concept of a shruti, which is an interval smaller than the intervals normally found between notes, similar to the concept of cents in Western music.
  • The in-between notes that you get in sean nos singing contain an awful lot of power and history and that ancientness of our music, and if you take them out you just have a pile of notes.
  • Notes Click on Notes to see your entire notes list.
  • He knows his subject, so he doesn't refer to notes.
  • All the selected texts are published without notes except for those originally inserted by Peirce.
  • We talked about notes between the notes.

"without notice" or "of notice"?

  • Schedules are subject to change, without notice.
  • That's getting us plenty of notice.
  • Dissolution by notice of partnership at will 43.
  • And Democrats - you're on notice.
  • People often have problems with notice of dismissal.
  • Playing the part of a girl at a bar mirror, I did a 360, only to notice my tag was untucked.
  • The dig also threw up some ' exciting ' prospects for Notice's teammate, Deanndra Phillips.
  • The mere silence of the insurer for an unreasonable length of time after notice shall be construed as an acceptance.
  • The insured may cancel a policy upon notice to the insurer under the terms of the policy.

of, to, with, about or for noise?

  • Lots of parties so lots of noise.
  • I think the daily swings in rates more or less amount to noise at this time.
  • People suffer everyday with noise.
  • Do you think there should be laws to control law? Then I have been asked about noise pollution.
  • To compensate for noise on a given channel, a technique called chipping is used.
  • Approached the building, away from noise and felt a quiet downtown.
  • Just like noise cancelling headphones, this will cause the thrumming noise and annoying shadow pattern of the wind turbines to be zeroed out.
  • Highly recommended if you want to overclock your video card(s) to the edge and/or if you want to cut down on noise.
  • An alternative view is that these oscilations are no more than the result of resonance or simple persistence driven by noise.
  • Now, nowhere is free of this continuous noise and no time, night or day, is without noise.

"of navigation", "to navigation" or "for navigation"?

  • Also I like the touch-screen method of navigation.
  • An obstruction makes passage or progress difficult: A sandbar is an obstruction to navigation.
  • For this reason it is not commonly used for navigation.
  • It's weird knowing I am good at never getting lost, but probably 90% of the people I know don't have the slightest clue about navigation.
  • Samsung, LG, and Huawei smartphones have all adopted the Android operating system, which offers an app store and incorporates other Google tools such as navigation maps and optimised web browsing.
  • I totally agree that these are all tools that help in navigation and it's how you use them that makes the difference.
  • A further display in the lower instrument panel has three sections that can be cycled through navigation instructions, fuel-economy figures, or com-pass heading.
  • You have to be careful with navigation as if you get drifted too far and lose sight of the rock, only a compass will bring you back.

of, with, from, about or but nonsense?

  • This EPMS thing is full of nonsense.
  • However, I still love this song, complete with nonsense lyrics (Tim can explain ), top hats, the smallest drum kit in rock (at the time) and a proper rock screech.
  • Superluminous! Herd immunity from nonsense.
  • Not sure I understand what you mean about nonsense blogs.
  • Legally, all this talk about plebiscite, Kashmiri self determination etc is nothing but nonsense chatter.
  • As a former Econ guy myself I have always said the same thing -- stop taking my money, and misappropriating it for nonsense -- but be more socially responsible.
  • Mr Kagame and Mr Museveni governments have minor to nonsense of free democracy that pulls back the country in her efforts to build her economy.
  • I'd coming more to the conclusion that almost all adults believe in nonsense, and to an extent that's fine.

"of necessity" or "by necessity"?

  • That is the ultimate rule of necessity.
  • By necessity, by proclivity, and by delight, we all quote.
  • Vomiting on purpose without necessity.
  • Buy local products for necessities.
  • Modals: must be / ought to be / should be + past participle We use these forms to talk about necessity and advisability in the passive voice: You can't expect her to work if she's not well.
  • Of course, that is often more from necessity than virtue.
  • And I did it, through necessity.
  • Tablets are luxury items rather than necessities, designed to drive content consumption and to provide a complementary role to the general-purpose utility of desktop computers and mobile phones.
  • Here, Parmenides is revealing a fundamental attribute, perhaps even an identification of Dike with Necessity.