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Prepositions after Adjectives

u of, in, for, on or at?

  • Photo: U of R Photography Dept.
  • Will check U in school later this month.
  • Now I file them under U for useless.
  • So I'd watching some play the Wii U on Twitch Tv.

ubiquitous in, on, across, throughout or for?

  • Drinking is ubiquitous in Dickens.
  • This painful scene is ubiquitous on the streets of Dhaka.
  • Anxiety disorders are ubiquitous across human cultures.
  • Life is ubiquitous throughout the universe.

"ugly in", "ugly for" or "ugly of"?

  • She won't be ugly in your eyes.
  • I have seen the good, bad, and the ugly of those.
  • Yes, it's ugly for a few minutes.
  • It does make it ugly on your behalf.

ultimate in, of, for, on or as?

  • That is the ultimate in watching.
  • It is the ultimate of ultimates.
  • This is the ultimate for any wig wearer.
  • Lulu follows up with her ultimate on Morgana, knocking up the enemies around her.

"unacceptable to", "unacceptable in" or "unacceptable for"?

  • This is unacceptable to the compiler.
  • It was just unacceptable for me.
  • It's unacceptable in the utmost.
  • This is unacceptable by any standards.

unaccounted for

  • The night is yet unaccounted for.

unaffected by, in, for or with?

  • Unaffected by Process Variables 6.
  • Especially if he is unaffected in any way.
  • I hope they remain impartial since their departments will be unaffected for the moment.
  • Despite the hot climate, Sabah tourism remains unaffected with 5.

"unaffordable for" or "unaffordable to"?

  • Sadly it remains unaffordable for many.
  • What is affordable to some is unaffordable to others.
  • Housing remains unaffordable in Auckland.
  • In today's competitive world, strikes are simply unaffordable by any company.

unanimous in, on, about, regarding or for?

  • It was unanimous in not running him.
  • They were all unanimous on this issue.
  • The Ummah is unanimous about following the four Imams.
  • The UN's not necessary unanimous regarding what action to take on any single issue, Syria being an example.

"unavailable for" or "unavailable to"?

  • The BBC was also unavailable for comment.
  • So become unavailable to the project.
  • Zinc is unavailable in high pH soils.
  • The name of the husband is unavailable at the moment.

unaware of or about?

  • Why? I am unaware of the reasons.
  • I was unaware about his intentions that are known to him.

"unbearable for", "unbearable in" or "unbearable to"?

  • It it utterly unbearable for everyone.
  • They are completely unbearable to me.
  • It's just unbearable in that house.
  • It was downright unbearable at times.

"unbeaten in" or "unbeaten on"?

  • And Liverpool is unbeaten in five.
  • Pujara remained unbeaten on 206.
  • Shakib Al Hasan was unbeaten at 1.
  • They were unbeaten for five years in the 1940s.

uncalled for

  • Most of which was uncalled for.

"uncertain about" or "uncertain of"?

  • Wayne is uncertain about the future.
  • My husband was uncertain of this explanation.
  • The stranger was uncertain as to what to do.
  • Life was uncertain in these early settlements.

unchanged from, at, for, in or by?

  • Coverage remains unchanged from last year.
  • Electricity is unchanged at 10.
  • Pollens remain unchanged for thousands of years.
  • That method was unchanged in 2004.

unclear to, about, as, on or in?

  • Here the switch is unclear to me.
  • I am unclear about the 1st mort.
  • Unclear as to what is meant by this.
  • The Irish tax issue is one I am unclear on.

uncomfortable with, for, in, about or at?

  • It was uncomfortable with Iraq.
  • It was very uncomfortable for them.
  • It's uncomfortable in a good way.
  • I'd very uncomfortable about this.

"uncommon for" or "uncommon in"?

  • Stress is not uncommon for a cat.
  • This is uncommon in young children.
  • Celibacy is uncommon among the Fulani.
  • The death of children was not uncommon at the time.

"unconcerned about" or "unconcerned with"?

  • He said that he was unconcerned about doing so.
  • I am unconcerned with convincing you.
  • A free man, unconcerned by convention.
  • This is the untold story of competing imperialist war, unconcerned for humanity, during WWII.

"unconnected with" or "unconnected to"?

  • It is true that the land and all its inhabitants are dissolved - unsettled and unconnected by the bands of civil interest.
  • But I would not go and murder anyone, let alone people unconnected from it (other than being from the same country).
  • And so they go unconnected in the mind of the pol.
  • Mechanical, unconnected to emotions.

unconscious of, in, for, on or by?

  • Job was unconscious of wilful sin.
  • To be unconscious in the means.
  • He was unconscious for sometime.
  • Amin left him unconscious on the floor.

"undecided about" or "undecided on"?

  • She said she is undecided about Question 2.
  • I'd undecided on that one myself.
  • Still undecided as to get a 3DS or Vita.
  • It was still undecided in midsummer.

undefeated in, at, on, for or with?

  • Yes, we're not undefeated in the CL.
  • Brady undefeated at home against the Bills.
  • I'd hate to say that we went undefeated on the road.
  • They're undefeated for a reason.

underrepresented in, at, on, among or by?

  • Underrepresented in an organization.
  • Educating girls Girls are underrepresented at schools.
  • But they're under-represented on this site.
  • They are still vastly under-represented among CEOs.

understandable to, in, for, by or as?

  • ThatTs understandable to some extent.
  • It is understandable in some ways.
  • This was understandable for me.
  • It should be understandable by the reader.

"uneasy about" or "uneasy with"?

  • Yet he was not uneasy about it.
  • I was getting very uneasy with that.
  • I am uneasy in rooms with small windows.
  • The animals felt a little uneasy at this.

"unemployed for" or "unemployed in"?

  • I was unemployed for two months.
  • I've been unemployed in England.
  • The man was unemployed at the time.
  • No one unemployed with a family, mortgage, etc.

"unfair to" or "unfair for"?

  • He must not be unfair to either.
  • Life is unfair for the rest of men.
  • I thought it was unfair on him.
  • It's very unfair in my opinion.

unfaithful to, in, with, at or by?

  • She wasn't unfaithful to me? Good.
  • Some are unfaithful in marriage.
  • Herod's sister accused Mariamne of being unfaithful with Herod's uncle.
  • My wife and I have been married for 25 years and throughout our marriage I have been unfaithful at various times.

"unfamiliar with" or "unfamiliar to"?

  • We are not unfamiliar with the issues.
  • Africais not a land unfamiliar to me.
  • It was loud and unfamiliar in sound.

unfit for, by, to, as or at?

  • Modi is unfit for the post of PM.
  • McCain was completely unfit by temperament, training, and ability to be POTUS.
  • In either case, it is unfit to exist.
  • Unless something has been revealed that proved Biden unfit as a candidate, I think it will only worsen his chances.

"unfortunate for" or "unfortunate in"?

  • It's really unfortunate for him.
  • This is unfortunate in many ways.
  • I was just unfortunate with injuries.
  • And here was his: Well that is unfortunate about your friend Elizabeth.

"unhappy with" or "unhappy about"?

  • I'd VERY UNHAPPY with this feature.
  • We are unhappy about the service.
  • I was not unhappy at that prospect.
  • Am I unhappy in my universe? No.

unhealthy for, in, to, about or by?

  • They are unhealthy for everyone.
  • So, it got a bit unhealthy in that respect.
  • Fat, useless and unhealthy to the body and mental health.
  • There is nothing unhealthy about not having social media accounts.

unheard of, by or in?

  • That's certainly not unheard of.
  • Dre, all unheard by the public.
  • It will probably go unheard in the corridors of power but I don't care.

"unimpressed with" or "unimpressed by"?

  • I'd still unimpressed about the capabilities of the much vaunted 4X4 genre though.
  • I was also very unimpressed at having to spend 35 for an Ikea furniture delivery which had a 12hr delivery slot.
  • Yet I remain unimpressed by it.
  • Completely unimpressed with his play.

uninterested in, about, by or with?

  • Nobody gets uninterested in this show.
  • Should anybody be uninterested about his future? Will that be a positive value or quality to be celebrated? That I am not interested in my future.
  • He was bemused but uninterested by the mistake.
  • If so uninterested with things out of this planet, the thing may seem novel to you.

"unique to" or "unique in"?

  • This trend is not unique to the U.
  • They will be unique in the world.
  • Nothing unique about it at all.
  • They are unique among themselves.

united in, at, for, on or with?

  • They join Manchester United in the last 16.
  • No excuses for United at Wigan.
  • He's at United for the long-haul.
  • Big win for United on the cards.

universal in, to, for, among or of?

  • Learning is universal in nature.
  • They are universal to marketing.
  • And that's what's universal for me.
  • It is near universal among all animals.

unknown to, in, for, at or outside?

  • Unknown to him, she got pregnant.
  • They were unknown in the Lodge.
  • It's also not unknown for the Prof.
  • Top speed unknown at this time.

"unlawful for", "unlawful under" or "unlawful in"?

  • You are unlawful for me to approach.
  • Despondency is held unlawful in Islam.
  • Unfortunately, to do so is unlawful under s.
  • What is unlawful by of consanguinity is fosterage.

unlike in, with, at, on or for?

  • Unlike in the surrounding Arab states.
  • Unlike with microprocessors, the U.
  • Unlike at many hospitals in East Africa, Mr.
  • Unlike on the women's side, the No.

unlikely to, in, for, of or at?

  • That seems highly unlikely to me.
  • But unlikely in the near future.
  • A big jump is unlikely for 2012.
  • The most unlikely of connections is made.

"unlucky in", "unlucky for" or "unlucky with"?

  • Irene has been unlucky in love.
  • We just got unlucky with the draw.
  • I never said 13 was unlucky for Jews.
  • We were unlucky at times in the penalty.

"unmatched in" or "unmatched by"?

  • The work credentials and educational background of Gerberg is quite unmatched among his peers.
  • This Dutch bastard is unmatched as a football hate figure in my household.
  • Our sporting facilities are unmatched at university level in Ireland.
  • His consistency was unmatched by anyone.

"unnecessary for" or "unnecessary in"?

  • It was unnecessary for her to know.
  • There is nothing unnecessary in it.
  • It did seem a bit archaic and unnecessary to me.
  • Words were unnecessary as the two young men stared in dawning horror at the future.

"unnoticed by" or "unnoticed in"?

  • It didn't slip by unnoticed by me.
  • This has not gone unnoticed in Germany.
  • Bats in houses can go unnoticed for years.
  • It did not go unnoticed at the Kremlin.

unpaid for, on, after, in or by?

  • These tax cuts were also unpaid for.
  • Their liability is limited to the amount, if any, unpaid on shares held by them.
  • Items of bank credits representing checks, drafts or notes returned unpaid after the date of statement.
  • I would have gladly worked an unpaid internship during college.

unparalleled in, by, to, for or among?

  • It's unparalleled in modern times.
  • But at 30, his music was unparalleled by anyone.
  • That journey was unparalleled to any other flying experience I've had.
  • Economically their prosperity was unparalleled for centuries.

"unpleasant for" or "unpleasant to"?

  • Somehow and unpleasant for Gov.
  • Chomsky has done nothing unpleasant to me.
  • He was unpleasant in a way you could not report.
  • She was really unpleasant about it.

"unpopular with" or "unpopular in"?

  • He's unpopular with the peasants.
  • The UK is very unpopular in Eurovision.
  • This has made the Ambassador unpopular among these personnel.
  • The jews were highly unpopular at the time.

unprecedented in, for, at, with or since?

  • Unprecedented in Australian history.
  • It would be unprecedented for him to step aside.
  • The screen resolution is an unprecedented at 2,048x1,536 pixels.
  • Solar flares are unprecedented with M and X class flares to the extent that NASA changed the scale.

unprepared for, by, in, at or on?

  • I was also unprepared for the size.
  • The Spanish Jaleo was usually danced unprepared by a supple, to a guitar.
  • Awan came unprepared in the meeting and took the PAC proceedings lightly.
  • Akufo-Addo who came to the debate much unprepared at one point in time even forgot that he is yet to be president of the nation.

"unrealistic for" or "unrealistic in"?

  • Let yourself be unrealistic for a while.
  • It's unrealistic in the extreme.
  • That series just felt so unrealistic to me.

"unreasonable for" or "unreasonable in"?

  • Is it unreasonable for God to ask for a.
  • Not unreasonable in my opinion.
  • Doesn't seem unreasonable to me.
  • This is very unreasonable of him.

unrelated to, in or with?

  • Comments unrelated to the story.
  • Therefore, what we know as contrary, or unrelated in Him, are but one unified Substance.
  • Some lustrations were not so necessary and unrelated with the text (p-64, thermometer).

unsafe for, in, at, by or on?

  • I consider them unsafe for winter.
  • Guns are unsafe in anyones hand.
  • I have never felt unsafe at TAM.
  • You can't tell if food is unsafe by its smell or taste.

unsatisfied with, by, in, for or about?

  • I am unsatisfied with his response.
  • Felt a bit unsatisfied by the ending though I have to say.
  • A rich young man faithful to the ' laws ' still finds himself unsatisfied in life.
  • If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply email me and you will be given a refund.

"unseen by" or "unseen in"?

  • But He is unseen by His very existence.
  • I alone love the unseen in you.
  • Much unseen to the public eye here.
  • Nevertheless, nothing is unseen for Him.

unsuccessful in, at, with, on or for?

  • I was unsuccessful in the attempt.
  • If you are unsuccessful at one.
  • Lomax again unsuccessful with the conversion however.
  • He was unsuccessful on both counts.

unsuitable for, to, as, in or because?

  • High impact is unsuitable for some people.
  • He found me unsuitable to his purpose.
  • In other words, because she is deaf, she is unsuitable as an MP.
  • Oral antifungal agents may be unsuitable in pregnancy.

"unsuited to" or "unsuited for"?

  • It is wholly unsuited to any other kind.
  • Otis was clearly unsuited for his job.
  • Its size and location, however, made it unsuited as the capital of an ambitious Parish.
  • In need of the run and unsuited by the slow pace, he still dug deep to repel his stable-mate and those battling qualities will stand him in good stead in a fast-run race in March.

unsupported by, in, at, for or as?

  • The claim is unsupported by evidence.
  • Which is speculative and unsupported in the paper.
  • Note that VGA is unsupported at this time.
  • And depression is largely unsupported for those parents.

"unsure of" or "unsure about"?

  • Unsure of the validity of this.
  • However I am so unsure about it.
  • We are a shade unsure as to what Mr.
  • Edit: unsure on times, will re-check things.

"unthinkable for" or "unthinkable in"?

  • Let's think the unthinkable for a moment.
  • Something unthinkable in Miami.
  • These would be unthinkable to a.
  • Our life is unthinkable without it.

untouched by, for, in, on or since?

  • No one remains untouched by it.
  • Everything's so new, so untouched for you.
  • We are not untouched in this life.
  • However, much of the land is being left untouched on the resort's property.

"unused to" or "unused for"?

  • Not that I am unused to attention.
  • It seems to have been standing unused for about 18 months.
  • I have lot of pens lying unused in my pen box.
  • It became a feature unused by many.

"unusual for" or "unusual in"?

  • It is unusual for a few reasons.
  • Which is unusual in the region.
  • There's nothing unusual about it.
  • I'd not unusual among cyclists.

unworthy of, for or in?

  • Don't feel unworthy of this vision.
  • He felt unworthy for the call of God.
  • Excommunication is their way of keeping the unworthy in line.

"up-to-date with" or "up-to-date on"?

  • Keep up-to-date with the happenings in your.
  • Keep up-to-date on relevant information.
  • The doctor may not be up-to-date in symptom control.
  • The notice must also be legible and up-to-date for consumers.

upbeat about, on, in, for or after?

  • I'd feeling upbeat about Arsenal.
  • Analysts, for what they are worth, are pretty upbeat on the company.
  • This song is upbeat in quite a cheesy way.
  • Unusually upbeat for cynical old me.

"upset about" or "upset with"?

  • The tribes were upset about the U.
  • I was upset with the kids, etc.
  • They get all upset at the above.
  • He did not seem too upset by this.

"usable for", "usable in" or "usable by"?

  • The classroom will not be usable for some time.
  • Make a marking scheme usable by non-experts.
  • It is very usable in both cases.
  • This driver is only usable on the Linux base platform.

used to, for, by, in or of?

  • We're getting used to the idea.
  • Was used for Women's Head 2011.
  • C4 is not only used by the army.
  • Synonym for penis ' used in alt.

"useful for", "useful to" or "useful in"?

  • Useful for those at-work times.
  • Useful in leadership positions.
  • The film proved useful to the U.
  • He is useful as a concrete parachute.

"useless for", "useless to" or "useless in"?

  • Maybe my blog is useless for now.
  • Averages are useless in the UK.
  • This game is now useless to me.
  • I'd utterly useless at exercising.

"usual for" or "usual in"?

  • But it? s not usual for us to hug.
  • That is very usual in Malaysia.
  • Stage 29 Do the usual with hidden walls.
  • I got more hits than usual on my site because of it.