Prepositions after Adjectives

Click an adjective to see what prepositions are usually used after it in English


used to, for, by, in or of?

  • We're getting used to the idea.
  • Was used for Women's Head 2011.
  • C4 is not only used by the army.
  • Often used in virtual reality (esp.
  • Since we are so used of texting.

"useful for", "useful to" or "useful in"?

  • Useful for those at-work times.
  • Useful in leadership positions.
  • The film proved useful to the U.
  • He is useful as a concrete parachute.
  • This too can be useful at times.
  • The scripts are also useful by themselves.
  • Very useful during the transition.
  • You can learn something useful from anyone.
  • Probably useful on the weekend.
  • It can be equally useful with adults.

"unique to" or "unique in"?

  • This trend is not unique to the U.
  • They will be unique in the world.
  • Nothing unique about it at all.
  • They are unique among themselves.
  • These values are unique for each gas.
  • Show how you are unique from the other employees.
  • It was something unique with the place.
  • This is unique amongst the smaller bats.
  • Each website is unique as the message it carries.
  • Dublin is so unique because of its people.
  • This woman is not unique by any stretch.
  • The point is unique of its kind.
  • We believe that this is unique on the Internet.
  • England is unique within the UK.

unaware of or about?

  • Why? I am unaware of the reasons.
  • I was unaware about his intentions that are known to him.

unknown to, in, for, at or outside?

  • Unknown to him, she got pregnant.
  • They were unknown in the Lodge.
  • It's also not unknown for the Prof.
  • Top speed unknown at this time.
  • One sub gets to the US unknown by them.
  • For JWS this is the unknown of what to expect.
  • AMQ9529 Target queue unknown on remote host.
  • His name is unknown outside our home.
  • And I think that there's a lot unknown about that side of things.
  • It was to be unknown among them.
  • Express the unknown as a letter.
  • They were virtually unknown before this.
  • AND I had to escape unknown from here.
  • We can designate the unknown with a letter say X.

"unhappy with" or "unhappy about"?

  • I'd VERY UNHAPPY with this feature.
  • We are unhappy about the service.
  • I was not unhappy at that prospect.
  • Am I unhappy in my universe? No.
  • Gu was very unhappy for a long time.
  • We were supremely unhappy after that.
  • I know he'd been unhappy as a child.
  • I was very unhappy because of that.
  • He was? I knew? deeply unhappy over the case.

uncomfortable with, for, in, about or at?

  • It was uncomfortable with Iraq.
  • It was very uncomfortable for them.
  • I'd very uncomfortable about this.
  • It's uncomfortable in a good way.
  • I am very uncomfortable at home.
  • You are uncomfortable around them.
  • Not uncomfortable by any means.
  • She looked very uncomfortable to me.
  • I was uncomfortable after two minutes.
  • And I was very uncomfortable as a singer.
  • They feel uncomfortable because of yellowness or broken teeth.
  • I found clothes so uncomfortable during pregnancy.
  • I found this uncomfortable on my iPad.

"upset about" or "upset with"?

  • The tribes were upset about the U.
  • I was upset with the kids, etc.
  • They get all upset at the above.
  • He did not seem too upset by this.
  • The result is a major upset in the Bellamy household.
  • He scored the second upset of the day.
  • My father would be very upset over this.
  • Why UST?? I expect them to pull an upset against Ateneo.
  • Women get upset for normal reasons.
  • Khushi gets upset on hearing this.
  • So i am reading some upset to this article.

"unusual for" or "unusual in"?

  • It is unusual for a few reasons.
  • Which is unusual in the region.
  • There's nothing unusual about it.
  • I'd not unusual among cyclists.
  • This was not unusual at the time.
  • It certainly felt unusual to me.
  • Break ups aren't unusual as a consequence.
  • The adult resting posture was noted as unusual by Bell.
  • It is not unusual from cycling.
  • It was too unusual of him but she could not object to it.
  • This was not unusual on plantations.
  • Unusual with its overhead wipers.

"unsure of" or "unsure about"?

  • Unsure of the validity of this.
  • However I am so unsure about it.
  • We are a shade unsure as to what Mr.
  • Edit: unsure on times, will re-check things.
  • How long that will go on I'd unsure at this stage.

united in, at, for, on or with?

  • They join Manchester United in the last 16.
  • No excuses for United at Wigan.
  • He's at United for the long-haul.
  • Big win for United on the cards.
  • Stand united with your higher thoughts.
  • For United to move on, youth must gain the chance and experience.
  • Newcastle United vs Martimo (20.
  • City have a two-point lead over United after 16 games.
  • Orthodox Jews United Against Zionism: (http: //www.
  • Stick to United as a valued player.
  • Wolves sneak ahead of Manchester United by 0.
  • Joel Porter Played for Gold Coast United from 2009 until 2012.
  • Amputees United of Australia Inc.
  • On knowing about drawing Manchester United before the game.
  • You had plenty of options when you left Manchester United during the summer.
  • Players at Manchester United over recent years are not receiving that.

"unfair to" or "unfair for"?

  • He must not be unfair to either.
  • Life is unfair for the rest of men.
  • I thought it was unfair on him.
  • It's very unfair in my opinion.
  • This is really unfair of the U.
  • I've been unfair about my father.
  • That was inherently unfair by the Tamils.
  • That is unfair as well as costly.
  • Womanhood is insanely unfair at times.
  • But I still object to this being termed either inequitable or unfair towards men.
  • It is unfair with the very dedicated ones.

"useless for", "useless to" or "useless in"?

  • Maybe my blog is useless for now.
  • Averages are useless in the UK.
  • This game is now useless to me.
  • I'd utterly useless at exercising.
  • It's almost useless as an excerpt.
  • A car is useless without either.
  • Most research is useless by any objective measure.
  • They will be useless on a tablet.
  • But facts are useless against you.
  • It was useless with people, too.
  • Perhaps I am not that useless after all I thought.
  • Only to find out it was useless because of the number of illegals in Florida.
  • Calls to the travel agent were useless due to the time difference.
  • Kicking is next to useless from dummy half.
  • Mercy is almost the most useless of human compunctions.

"unfamiliar with" or "unfamiliar to"?

  • We are not unfamiliar with the issues.
  • Africais not a land unfamiliar to me.
  • It was loud and unfamiliar in sound.

unlike in, with, at, on or for?

  • Unlike in the surrounding Arab states.
  • Unlike with microprocessors, the U.
  • Unlike at many hospitals in East Africa, Mr.
  • Unlike on the women's side, the No.
  • Unlike for games, the scheduling is uncertain.
  • Unlike before the military also used media effectively.
  • The present players enjoy much exposure unlike during my time.
  • The bones of these men are still shown to this very day, unlike to any credible relations of other men.
  • Unlike under the Michael Manley regime the streets of Kingston and St.

unheard of, by or in?

  • That's certainly not unheard of.
  • Dre, all unheard by the public.
  • It will probably go unheard in the corridors of power but I don't care.

"uncommon for" or "uncommon in"?

  • Stress is not uncommon for a cat.
  • This is uncommon in young children.
  • Celibacy is uncommon among the Fulani.
  • The death of children was not uncommon at the time.
  • Automobiles were still uncommon on the streets.
  • That, in itself, is not uncommon during a lengthy surgery.
  • A story that is not uncommon to our ears.
  • For famciclovir, exposure was uncommon with 1 infant of 26 exposed having a birth defect.

unrelated to, in or with?

  • Comments unrelated to the story.
  • Therefore, what we know as contrary, or unrelated in Him, are but one unified Substance.
  • Some lustrations were not so necessary and unrelated with the text (p-64, thermometer).

unchanged from, at, for, in or by?

  • Coverage remains unchanged from last year.
  • Electricity is unchanged at 10.
  • Pollens remain unchanged for thousands of years.
  • That method was unchanged in 2004.
  • Reserves are unchanged by the loan transactions.
  • Production process remains unchanged over time.
  • Yet, they bought them and left them unchanged since then.
  • Adelaide is unchanged on the new boundaries.
  • Venous blood lactate levels remained unchanged with either treatment.
  • If the current results are unchanged after the official recount, and Mrs.
  • The Bank of England left the Base Rate unchanged as expected at 0.
  • However, the proportions were unchanged between 2002 and 2006 -- 2010.
  • The game ended with the score line unchanged despite both teams having chances to win.
  • The subscriber numbers themselves are reportedly unchanged during this consolidation.
  • It remains unchanged through all transmigrations.
  • The cost of the cover remains unchanged throughout the policy term.
  • Our message never gets through unchanged to the public.

"unavailable for" or "unavailable to"?

  • The BBC was also unavailable for comment.
  • So become unavailable to the project.
  • Zinc is unavailable in high pH soils.
  • The name of the husband is unavailable at the moment.
  • The site may be unavailable due to unexpected errors.
  • Niall Quinn will be unavailable on Saturday.
  • This video is unavailable from your location.
  • Kyriakos Papadopoulos is unavailable after suffering a blow to the head in training.
  • The website was unavailable as of Saturday morning.
  • But these equilibria are unavailable because of the presence of Eve.
  • Some sites may be unavailable during this time.
  • Vidic and Jones are unavailable through injury.
  • Joel Reid is unavailable with Ric Considine a likely replacement.

"unemployed for" or "unemployed in"?

  • I was unemployed for two months.
  • I've been unemployed in England.
  • The man was unemployed at the time.
  • No one unemployed with a family, mortgage, etc.
  • They will be unemployed by next election.
  • Again, varied - from struggling unemployed to wealthy.
  • We don't have to be afraid about becoming unemployed after graduation.
  • I don't see our unemployed as a challenge; I see them as an opportunity.
  • We want to turn the unemployed into employers.
  • This is not creating employment for the unemployed of Chelmsford.
  • I have been unemployed since then.
  • She was a very bright mid 20's women yet unemployed because of her condition.
  • People are on the move between jobs, and temporarily unemployed between them, and B.
  • Many graduates remain unemployed due to their poor command of English.
  • Heck, I knew a *lot* of people unemployed during the 2003/2004 recession.
  • I was unemployed from after Hurricane Katrina until Dec.
  • Ever become unemployed like that again? Too bad.
  • Ford more unemployed on the way http: **34;5258;TOOLONG.
  • Some people are unemployed through no fault of their own.
  • I was appropriate, but I was also unemployed without a client in the globe.

"unacceptable to", "unacceptable in" or "unacceptable for"?

  • This is unacceptable to the compiler.
  • It was just unacceptable for me.
  • It's unacceptable in the utmost.
  • This is unacceptable by any standards.
  • That was just unacceptable as an outcome.
  • It's unacceptable at the moment.
  • This is really unacceptable from a dealer.
  • Option B is completely unacceptable on many grounds.
  • Any less would certainly be unacceptable with One X.
  • This was unacceptable within the ' Bretton Woods fixed exchange rate system '.

"uncertain about" or "uncertain of"?

  • Wayne is uncertain about the future.
  • My husband was uncertain of this explanation.
  • The stranger was uncertain as to what to do.
  • Life was uncertain in these early settlements.
  • So, for now, the future seems uncertain for 4G.
  • He is uncertain at this point of time.
  • What happens next, though, is uncertain on both fronts.
  • But things get much more uncertain after 2012.
  • ESH trends are relatively uncertain because of poor sampling.
  • Cash loan or more uncertain by dr.
  • Market is uncertain due to the global financial crisis.
  • If you are uncertain over which should take priority (i.
  • That seems pretty uncertain to me.
  • The life would be uncertain with such temporary jobs.

"usual for" or "usual in"?

  • But it? s not usual for us to hug.
  • That is very usual in Malaysia.
  • Stage 29 Do the usual with hidden walls.
  • I got more hits than usual on my site because of it.
  • This was not unusual at the time.
  • These methods vary from usual to bizarre.
  • Nothing has been usual about the case.
  • No thanks to the usual after work jam at Mt.
  • More drag than usual because of the greater wingspan.
  • Friday's practice was a little shorter than usual due to the weather.
  • Many shops stay open later than usual during Ramadan.
  • Bonbon, Nonsense like usual from bonbon.
  • It is usual of a person found guilty in a.
  • This problem of acne is usual among teenagers but this problem isn't limited to teenagers only.
  • I know, what is usual around here? To my knowledge, there is no water for at least 5 miles.
  • Tommy's been more under the cosh than usual as of late, though.
  • You will need to leave a bigger gap than usual between the car in front and you.
  • He told that its function, however, was thought to return to usual by the end of week.
  • This produced more easterly winds than usual over the country.

unclear to, about, as, on or in?

  • Here the switch is unclear to me.
  • I am unclear about the 1st mort.
  • Unclear as to what is meant by this.
  • The Irish tax issue is one I am unclear on.
  • Forgive me for being unclear in my comment.
  • Point 2 is unclear at this stage.
  • I'd still a bit unclear from your reply.
  • No, this hasn't been unclear for decades.
  • McChrystal, then, was unclear of the concept.
  • That is as unclear after reading this article as it is before.
  • Details of burial arrangements were still unclear by press time.
  • It is unclear under this proposal whether the two exceptions are covered by the privilege or not.
  • She was unclear with the Hamas.

unlikely to, in, for, of or at?

  • That seems highly unlikely to me.
  • But unlikely in the near future.
  • A big jump is unlikely for 2012.
  • The most unlikely of connections is made.
  • I think this unlikely at the moment.
  • Unlikely as the opposition is iffy.
  • E: Unlikely with this lot I'd afraid.
  • Becoming emperor is unlikely due to the direction of past TES games.
  • That's also unlikely on Day One.
  • A Lorenzo victory looked unlikely after the start.
  • I knew that was highly unlikely because of her taunting manner.
  • And since that looks unlikely before next season.
  • It is possible, but unlikely by 2015.
  • This is unlikely considering Hagrid's half-giant status.
  • That may seem unlikely during a period when George W.
  • Tears or even sympathy seems unlikely from Coddington.
  • So are those everyday uses copyright infringement? It's highly unlikely under US law.
  • Seems to be too unlikely without a divine intervention.

unaffected by, in, for or with?

  • Unaffected by Process Variables 6.
  • Especially if he is unaffected in any way.
  • I hope they remain impartial since their departments will be unaffected for the moment.
  • Despite the hot climate, Sabah tourism remains unaffected with 5.

unsuitable for, to, as, in or because?

  • High impact is unsuitable for some people.
  • He found me unsuitable to his purpose.
  • In other words, because she is deaf, she is unsuitable as an MP.
  • Oral antifungal agents may be unsuitable in pregnancy.
  • In 1914, this name was declared unsuitable because of its similarity to the existing town of Pindar on the same line.
  • When a shipment was found unsuitable by the Chinese, the Company paid compensation.

untouched by, for, in, on or since?

  • No one remains untouched by it.
  • Everything's so new, so untouched for you.
  • We are not untouched in this life.
  • However, much of the land is being left untouched on the resort's property.
  • Some remains in the fighting zones were left untouched after the war for a variety of reasons.
  • It accomplishes this by leaving a couple million barrels of oil a day untouched as an insurance policy.
  • The proposal left staff costs untouched at 62.
  • The building remained untouched during the siege.
  • The mound of sardines was untouched from last night.
  • The current iMac has been untouched since October 2009.
  • This doesn't imply that the adults are untouched with the same.

"unbeaten in" or "unbeaten on"?

  • And Liverpool is unbeaten in five.
  • Pujara remained unbeaten on 206.
  • Shakib Al Hasan was unbeaten at 1.
  • They were unbeaten for five years in the 1940s.
  • We are two games unbeaten after all.
  • Soo is unbeaten with a perfect record.
  • And my track record is unbeaten against guys who are over 6-foot.
  • Mike Morrison is still unbeaten away from home at 5-0-0 with a 2.
  • Both the batsmen remained unbeaten by the end of the day.
  • South Korea and China also emerged unbeaten from the preliminary round.
  • She appreciates some ease in the ground and is unbeaten over a mile and a half.
  • She has been World Champion nine times and is unbeaten since 2002.
  • Anyway, it made no difference as we sailed unbeaten through the heats and our semifinal.
  • Welshman Calzaghe who remained unbeaten throughout a 15 year career, retiring in.
  • These range from going unbeaten to keeping a side in their division.

"up-to-date with" or "up-to-date on"?

  • Keep up-to-date with the happenings in your.
  • Keep up-to-date on relevant information.
  • The doctor may not be up-to-date in symptom control.
  • The notice must also be legible and up-to-date for consumers.
  • Make sure your passports are up-to-date by checking the expiration date.
  • Stay up-to-date about current legislation to.
  • Data used throughout the report was the most up-to-date at the time.
  • Your site's material needs to be up-to-date as well as novel.
  • Anyway he earned himself a gentle chat with the more up-to-date of the umpires for complaining and back-chat.
  • We can also keep you constantly up-to-date via email and SMS alerts when the latest properties become available.

unprecedented in, for, at, with or since?

  • Unprecedented in Australian history.
  • It would be unprecedented for him to step aside.
  • The screen resolution is an unprecedented at 2,048x1,536 pixels.
  • I asked Howskepticalment what was unprecedented about Sandy.
  • Such a decline is unprecedented among advanced countries.
  • The publication will be unprecedented as regards in-depth English language information on the game in Portugal.
  • This is unprecedented by any other previous administration.
  • Economic growth was unprecedented during this time.
  • I agree, hiwever that commenting on the PM's rear end was fairly unprecedented on that particular tv show.
  • The ice core data shows that this recent rise is unprecedented over the past several thousand years.
  • Changes that were unprecedented since 1886 when telecommunications was first introduced in Nigeria.
  • Solar flares are unprecedented with M and X class flares to the extent that NASA changed the scale.
  • What happened next was unprecedented within the tight-knit republican community of South Armagh.

understandable to, in, for, by or as?

  • ThatTs understandable to some extent.
  • It is understandable in some ways.
  • This was understandable for me.
  • It should be understandable by the reader.
  • Thankfully, David is understandable as well as instructive.
  • The panic was understandable considering the defensive record of late.
  • Understandable from a business perspective.
  • This is entirely understandable at one level.
  • It's more understandable with many SF authors.
  • Understandable after the previous few days ' IED strikes that we had suffered.
  • That is understandable because of what happened last year.
  • Totally understandable due to the different price range.
  • It is understandable on one level.
  • Don't worry: Most if not all are understandable without problems.

ultimate in, of, for, on or as?

  • That is the ultimate in watching.
  • It is the ultimate of ultimates.
  • This is the ultimate for any wig wearer.
  • Lulu follows up with her ultimate on Morgana, knocking up the enemies around her.
  • That said, I still don't think I will be going for Starter for my EEE PC 900HA and will be instead going for either Home Premium or Ultimate as the Ultimate RC runs like a dream on my netbook.
  • Get the Ultimate at the standard levels, leave stats for last.
  • In 2012, Lauren had her best year of Ultimate to date.
  • I am running 32bit Vista Ultimate with SP1.

"unpopular with" or "unpopular in"?

  • He's unpopular with the peasants.
  • The UK is very unpopular in Eurovision.
  • This has made the Ambassador unpopular among these personnel.
  • The jews were highly unpopular at the time.
  • This is the reason antibiotics are becoming unpopular for BV cure.
  • Lose the tender process, become unpopular by making a nuisance of yourself.
  • All unpopular to varying degrees.
  • The concept became more unpopular after the Sept.
  • Jesus preached the true gospel and it was very unpopular amongst the well to do.
  • The Conservatives aren't just unpopular because of the Thatcher legacy.
  • Gbedema was very unpopular due to his strong links with the disbanded CPP.
  • Earlier, a reporter had observed that historical dramas seemed unpopular of late.
  • Nigeria is especially unpopular on ebay, (world's number 1 auction website) for fraud.
  • Although unpopular within the military, a gradual program for inevitable Army demobilization was announced.

"unnoticed by" or "unnoticed in"?

  • It didn't slip by unnoticed by me.
  • This has not gone unnoticed in Germany.
  • Bats in houses can go unnoticed for years.
  • It did not go unnoticed at the Kremlin.
  • Sub-Saharan Africa has gone virtually unnoticed as a topic in the U.
  • Backmarkers risk slipping unnoticed into the water.
  • Flies settled unnoticed on dark flesh.
  • This lesson has not gone unnoticed to me.
  • She had slipped in unnoticed with Charles.
  • Such did not go unnoticed among Protestants.
  • I thought my touch would go unnoticed amongst all the other touches he was receiving.
  • Meanwhile, you're on the floor bleeding out, unnoticed because of their histrionics.
  • These details helped them slip into the city and go unnoticed before the actual assault was launched.
  • Looks like it was a wild night! I've always wondered though, whether any celebs go unnoticed due to their concealing costumes.
  • Shimla remained unnoticed during the Gurkha War.
  • Mr Richard Nixon however escaped almost unnoticed from the disastrous train wreck of Senator Joe's career.
  • This law actually passed last month, but mostly went unnoticed outside of the country.
  • Paul was wearing jeans, a casual shirt, baseball hat and sunglasses and passed unnoticed through both airports.
  • Otherwise one of them is bound to slip through the cracks and go unnoticed until December.

unworthy of, for or in?

  • Don't feel unworthy of this vision.
  • He felt unworthy for the call of God.
  • Excommunication is their way of keeping the unworthy in line.

"uneasy about" or "uneasy with"?

  • Yet he was not uneasy about it.
  • I was getting very uneasy with that.
  • I am uneasy in rooms with small windows.
  • The animals felt a little uneasy at this.
  • However, it's uneasy for platinum to regain its premium over gold like 2011 and before.
  • He makes his owner a bit uneasy by times.
  • He's just incredibly uneasy on the eyes.
  • It may not even give you a scare, but Which will leave you feeling a bit uneasy after finishing.
  • She had always felt uneasy around Shanti.
  • I began to find the atmosphere uneasy as the afternoon wore on.
  • She felt uneasy during my presence.
  • Most countries accept advice from a non-neighbour in a way that they would feel uneasy from another European.
  • View Details Auto component makers are uneasy over the strike at Maruti's Manesar plant.
  • It would be uneasy to itself and all about it.

universal in, to, for, among or of?

  • Learning is universal in nature.
  • They are universal to marketing.
  • It is near universal among all animals.
  • And that's what's universal for me.
  • ZIP - the most universal of the compression tools.
  • Such behavior appears universal across cultures.
  • These are both universal as well as particular rules.
  • But a real team must be universal with good persons.
  • There is nothing universal about it.
  • Deeply psychological and universal at the same time.
  • He'd moved to Universal by then.
  • One thing that seems to be universal throughout the U.
  • But it turns out that the culture of female fidelity is not universal after all.
  • The Common sense layer is tagging or unique tags that are universal amongst all the Search engines.
  • That's a universal around here.
  • The Most Influential Newspaper The most influential paper, El Universal from Mexico City, began in 1916.
  • It's not universal like it is in Windows, DOS, Linux, etc.
  • Chain of command In a lawsuit filed by Universal on Aug.
  • Perhaps actors from outside have less baggage, more scope to access the universal over the parochial.
  • I would actually prefer all benefits to be universal rather than means-tested.
  • You will live the power of the universal through an integrated personality.
  • The upper triangle represents the universal within you.
  • The rules are: 1) Moral rules must be universal without logical contradiction.

unprepared for, by, in, at or on?

  • I was also unprepared for the size.
  • The Spanish Jaleo was usually danced unprepared by a supple, to a guitar.
  • Awan came unprepared in the meeting and took the PAC proceedings lightly.
  • Akufo-Addo who came to the debate much unprepared at one point in time even forgot that he is yet to be president of the nation.
  • Unprepared on this design 100 texian military got 20 the most important.
  • He failed because the LTTE was unprepared to decommission.
  • His questions seem to be endless and more often, I am left unprepared with his questions.

"ugly in", "ugly for" or "ugly of"?

  • She won't be ugly in your eyes.
  • I have seen the good, bad, and the ugly of those.
  • Yes, it's ugly for a few minutes.
  • It does make it ugly on your behalf.
  • It's longer, which is ugly to me.
  • Then politicians get ugly with him.
  • In fact, it gets real ugly at times.
  • There is everything ugly about them.
  • We all get ugly as we get older.
  • Feminists are ugly by definition.
  • Looks ugly from top and underside.
  • The father is the ugliest because of his actions.
  • Faz Looks ugly like all new Honda models.
  • Pilling in some other fabrics made couches look almost ugly after a few washes.
  • Things will get very ugly before that happens.
  • It made me feel great after feeling fat and ugly due to these places.
  • So we are making something ugly into something beautiful.
  • Some of the ugliest out of shape men I have ever known have been incredible with women.
  • It will ruin drinking water, ugly up the countryside, create virtually no jobs &; the oil distracted will be sold to foreign countries.
  • Most females wear make-up and feel they look ugly without it.

"unnecessary for" or "unnecessary in"?

  • It was unnecessary for her to know.
  • There is nothing unnecessary in it.
  • It did seem a bit archaic and unnecessary to me.
  • Words were unnecessary as the two young men stared in dawning horror at the future.
  • Such zones are unnecessary at Tea Party rallies.
  • Cover for child is considered unnecessary by many.
  • Sugar is totally unnecessary from the physiological point of view.
  • This is completely unnecessary on multi-user platforms like Windows Terminal Services.
  • It's unnecessary with modern technology.
  • With IPv6, DHCP is largely unnecessary because of stateless auto-configuration.
  • I also won't be tracking business connections, as I think that's unnecessary considering the findings.
  • Boss fights also seem a little unnecessary due to the fact that they are disappointing.
  • Regular addition of water and acid is unnecessary during its whole life of service.
  • In the UK, 25,000 people die unnecessary of cancer each year.
  • Response: Facebook did not agree to implement the recommendation, considering it unnecessary under the law.

"usable for", "usable in" or "usable by"?

  • The classroom will not be usable for some time.
  • Make a marking scheme usable by non-experts.
  • It is very usable in both cases.
  • This driver is only usable on the Linux base platform.
  • Top Contacts is usable with other launchers.
  • Actually, only 1% of the worlds water is usable to us.
  • And it is perfectly usable as a business machine.
  • There is no simple explanation for it which is usable at this level.
  • The submission form will be live and usable from 15:00 (U.
  • Still, I doubt this would be usable without consent.
  • I was of the opinion that the PMP methodology is usable across many business applications.
  • I need someone to tighten/oil my elliptical machine to see if it'll make it usable after Danny's asleep.
  • There is a pond with small paddle boat and above-ground swimming pool usable during summer months.
  • The credit is a sort of borderless currency usable within the Image Library.

unsuccessful in, at, with, on or for?

  • I was unsuccessful in the attempt.
  • If you are unsuccessful at one.
  • Lomax again unsuccessful with the conversion however.
  • He was unsuccessful on both counts.
  • It became largely unsuccessful for two main reasons.
  • Fees are non-refundable even if your application is unsuccessful as the fee is for.
  • Which we were unsuccessful due to Norwegian law.
  • Life-saving attempts proved unsuccessful after 20 minutes, and she was pronounced dead at 3.
  • As this season's Chinese Super League was opened last week in different parts of China, Bayi was unsuccessful against Shanghai.
  • You believe it was unsuccessful because of an administrative error.
  • A majority of the programmes were unsuccessful by our definition of success in the EMI programmes.
  • The very poem was clobber and was considered unsuccessful from an artistic point of view.
  • Most of their batsmen, counting the reliable ones like Tamim Iqbal and Shakib Al Hasan, unsuccessful to flames in the opening match.

"unfortunate for" or "unfortunate in"?

  • It's really unfortunate for him.
  • This is unfortunate in many ways.
  • I was just unfortunate with injuries.
  • And here was his: Well that is unfortunate about your friend Elizabeth.
  • This is so unfortunate as the ruler of Sri lanka denied the assistance.
  • Unfortunately in this unfortunate of a city.
  • Quite unfortunate to the deceased families.
  • This is very unfortunate on two fronts.
  • Even in this editorial of yours you characterize the unfortunate among us as takers.
  • And yes, I was always unfortunate at times when it was real emergency.
  • Don't become unfortunate because of any bodily being.
  • This is an unfortunate by product of the gas boats.
  • It is so unfortunate considering the talent they possess.
  • He was in great shape so it's just very unfortunate from that point of view.

"unlawful for", "unlawful under" or "unlawful in"?

  • You are unlawful for me to approach.
  • Despondency is held unlawful in Islam.
  • Unfortunately, to do so is unlawful under s.
  • What is unlawful by of consanguinity is fosterage.
  • The wife will be unlawful to the husband.
  • Nothing unlawful about it at all.
  • At the time, it ruled that Bersih was still unlawful according to the home minister.
  • Some theologians regard this refusal as unlawful as the husband may get enjoyment from his wife in other ways, by embracing, kissing etc.
  • Traveling without a passport is just so unheard of (and unlawful at that).
  • But as I have, the acts which became unlawful because of ihram can not become lawful now till the animals reach their due place.
  • He also held that the grant of permission was unlawful on domestic planning grounds.

uncalled for

  • Most of which was uncalled for.

"unreasonable for" or "unreasonable in"?

  • Is it unreasonable for God to ask for a.
  • Not unreasonable in my opinion.
  • Doesn't seem unreasonable to me.
  • There is nothing unreasonable about that.
  • This is very unreasonable of him.
  • It seemed inflated but perhaps not unreasonable at the time considering his performances and potential.
  • The argument is unreasonable as well as unscriptural.
  • The wait for the food was not unreasonable by any standards, except perhaps my sons.
  • It seems very unreasonable on her part.
  • Sorry but you are being unreasonable with that one.
  • A gradual change will help the city control cost, and not unreasonable considering the economy.
  • In which case all I can say is, that seems unreasonable from every angle.
  • A search is unreasonable without probable cause.

unfit for, by, to, as or at?

  • Modi is unfit for the post of PM.
  • McCain was completely unfit by temperament, training, and ability to be POTUS.
  • In either case, it is unfit to exist.
  • Unless something has been revealed that proved Biden unfit as a candidate, I think it will only worsen his chances.
  • Hudd not very mobile and is unfit at the moment.
  • I always suspected he was employed to fill a quota, he was so obviously unfit in the early days.
  • That September he was jailed for driving while unfit through drugs, and possessing two cannabis cigarettes.

uninterested in, about, by or with?

  • Nobody gets uninterested in this show.
  • Should anybody be uninterested about his future? Will that be a positive value or quality to be celebrated? That I am not interested in my future.
  • He was bemused but uninterested by the mistake.
  • If so uninterested with things out of this planet, the thing may seem novel to you.

u of, in, for, on or at?

  • Photo: U of R Photography Dept.
  • Will check U in school later this month.
  • Now I file them under U for useless.
  • Of course I am not buying a Wii U at this point.
  • So I'd watching some play the Wii U on Twitch Tv.
  • The Name There is nothing wrong with Wii U as a name.
  • You are jaded because you're comparing the U to the Wii.
  • Now the Wii game has been made for the Wii U with minimal changes.
  • Luckily, we did indeed get a Wii U after waiting for 3 hours.
  • The old Phones 4 U by Debenhmans would be ideal.
  • To fix the problem disconnect the Wii U from the internet.
  • Whether you like it or not, it's going to blow the Wii U out of the water.
  • I had to have the GamePad's charger, which includes yet another huge brick, accessible at all times when I was playing, because as you'll see there's basically no Wii U without the GamePad.

"unlucky in", "unlucky for" or "unlucky with"?

  • Irene has been unlucky in love.
  • We just got unlucky with the draw.
  • I never said 13 was unlucky for Jews.
  • We were unlucky at times in the penalty.
  • They had been unlucky against Mexico, but has played three strong games.
  • So just a little bit unlucky on that.
  • The former has been extremely unlucky as none of the 11 chances he created resulted in a goal.
  • Unfortunately, he was the most unlucky of all statues.
  • Argentina was just unlucky to not come out on top (like Samoa).
  • Stewart Unlucky about the money.
  • Maybe he isn't so unlucky after all.
  • A large chest is considered a lucky feature by some, and unlucky by others.

unsafe for, in, at, by or on?

  • I consider them unsafe for winter.
  • Guns are unsafe in anyones hand.
  • I have never felt unsafe at TAM.
  • You can't tell if food is unsafe by its smell or taste.
  • She *still* feels unsafe because of cars whizzing by at 40+ mph.
  • Point 11 -- I have never felt unsafe on a train.
  • This might seem reckless and unsafe to some.
  • It also appears a little unsafe due to the wooden rails sticking out.
  • Even Yemen is unsafe with increasing American drone strikes.
  • Nothing unsafe about Dasani so far.
  • The world is not unsafe after all.
  • And give up on the stereotyping of what you consider to be dogs that are unsafe around children.
  • So Obama has certainly made us unsafe as the attacks on Americans all over the world cknowledge.
  • Conditions such as asthma and diabetes may make regular exercise unsafe during pregnancy.
  • However, only 6% of people thought that voting at polling stations was fairly or very unsafe from electoral fraud.
  • I am a big boy, I told her, and I can decide what is safe or unsafe without input from others.

"unseen by" or "unseen in"?

  • But He is unseen by His very existence.
  • I alone love the unseen in you.
  • Much unseen to the public eye here.
  • Nevertheless, nothing is unseen for Him.
  • Meanwhile, we shall appear unseen from ten directions, and from every one strike a fatal blow.
  • My home is a pin prick unseen on most maps.
  • We adopted him sight unseen through Petfinder.
  • Quilla always came unseen at night.
  • Such scene is now unseen of in China.
  • The Steward had fled unseen with the fleece back to Napierion.
  • Please leave a comment to let me know that you stopped by! The men and women of the Otherworld -- witches, werewolves, demons, vampires -- live unseen among us.
  • As attempted, the paper opens up a discussion unseen before (in this form).
  • There was an indignant hooting as he crunched into the car coming up fast and unseen behind him on his left.
  • Much more lies unseen beneath the surface and far away on the open water -- but that doesn't make it any less important.
  • Shuffled unseen into history, they are the people most likely to fall from it.
  • The Prana travels unseen like the wireless (radio) waves and flashes like lightning across space.
  • Galvanised, on the plane back home he saw an ad for a house in Caboolture for $40,000 and bought it sight unseen over the phone, based on income.
  • Obama's request is for a Navy unseen since 1916.
  • Vivian Maier's images from as far back as the 1950s remained unseen until 2007.
  • What is unseen within the ideology of old humanism is the level of racism deeply embedded on the theory.
  • So when we Sunnis are vague with who are the twelve caliphs in the Hadith, we are vague with all the prophecies in general, because we do not wish to speak about the Unseen without knowledge.

unanimous in, on, about, regarding or for?

  • It was unanimous in not running him.
  • They were all unanimous on this issue.
  • The Ummah is unanimous about following the four Imams.
  • Whatever the mind of man stood unanimous against probably had some merit in it.
  • The catch: it must be unanimous among everyone.
  • This decision was unanimous amongst the 100 judges.
  • By? people of Sunnat and Jama'at?, they meant that they named themselves so because they were unanimous by the same Imam despite all sectarian differences they had.
  • However, I think it will be unanimous for Hendricks.
  • The UN's not necessary unanimous regarding what action to take on any single issue, Syria being an example.
  • The Court's decision was nearly unanimous with an eight to one vote.

"unconcerned about" or "unconcerned with"?

  • He said that he was unconcerned about doing so.
  • I am unconcerned with convincing you.
  • A free man, unconcerned by convention.
  • This is the untold story of competing imperialist war, unconcerned for humanity, during WWII.
  • The Congress is unconcerned as to who will rule, when freedom is attained.
  • I am unconcerned at the loss of revenue.
  • The great sage Shuka was walking unconcerned in some direction.
  • The authors seem unconcerned over this discrepancy.

"unimpressed with" or "unimpressed by"?

  • Completely unimpressed with his play.
  • Yet I remain unimpressed by it.
  • I was also very unimpressed at having to spend 35 for an Ikea furniture delivery which had a 12hr delivery slot.
  • I'd still unimpressed about the capabilities of the much vaunted 4X4 genre though.

"undecided about" or "undecided on"?

  • She said she is undecided about Question 2.
  • I'd undecided on that one myself.
  • Still undecided as to get a 3DS or Vita.
  • It was still undecided in midsummer.
  • He is still undecided at this dying minutes.
  • He was undecided between MBBS and BDS.
  • They are undecided for two reasons.
  • I am undecided over Leadbitter.
  • If he changes his mind, or is undecided before covering 4 farsakh, he should offer full prayers.
  • The question is left undecided by Alford).
  • I agreed to do this, but when I reached home I started feeling undecided of what to do.
  • I quite frankly am undecided to what to use.
  • Chavez and the Venezuelan (and to an extent Boliviarian) experiments I am as yet undecided upon.
  • If you are still undecided with your marketing.

"unconnected with" or "unconnected to"?

  • But it really stands unconnected with them.
  • Mechanical, unconnected to emotions.
  • But I would not go and murder anyone, let alone people unconnected from it (other than being from the same country).
  • And so they go unconnected in the mind of the pol.
  • It is true that the land and all its inhabitants are dissolved - unsettled and unconnected by the bands of civil interest.

"unthinkable for" or "unthinkable in"?

  • Let's think the unthinkable for a moment.
  • Something unthinkable in Miami.
  • These would be unthinkable to a.
  • Our life is unthinkable without it.
  • That may be an extreme example, but it is unthinkable at an elite school.
  • Thinking through the unthinkable By Martin Wolf -- FT.
  • Also today both male and female teachers are common in all secondary schools, unthinkable before the 1960's.
  • It is unthinkable on my part to disregard her certified belief.
  • Such a thing would have been unthinkable under Ted Heath.
  • This would be unthinkable among true hackers.
  • As people may have noticed, his habit is to do the unthinkable as a matter of routine.
  • So again, we're entering new territory for James, which seems unthinkable considering his decorated past.
  • Unthinkable during the day, dreams bring unprecedented possibilities.
  • Currently you hear sets with Taio Cruz, Santiano and Adele! Absolutely unthinkable of just a few years ago.
  • A German downgrade, or threat of one, would have been unthinkable until recently.
  • Generally speaking, I don't bother to take a power adapter with me, a move which would be unthinkable with a notebook.

ubiquitous in, on, across, throughout or for?

  • Drinking is ubiquitous in Dickens.
  • This painful scene is ubiquitous on the streets of Dhaka.
  • Anxiety disorders are ubiquitous across human cultures.
  • The wife has a chin-length cut that is ubiquitous among professional women.
  • She has been ubiquitous for most of my lifetime.
  • Life is ubiquitous throughout the universe.
  • Glass is ubiquitous as a building material.
  • Memory sticks are ubiquitous at this time.
  • Postcards are the most ubiquitous of souvenirs.
  • S spear of power Ubiquitous to entire planet so do China mushroomed in term of GDP.
  • Tabbouleh is a middle eastern dish that is ubiquitous with mezze.
  • Chinese fried rice is as ubiquitous around the world as McDonalds.
  • Anto #39 -- it's ubiquitOUS by the way.
  • Gao: Now, this was the most typical statue of Mao that was ubiquitous during the Cultural Revolution.
  • When smartphones get cheaper and more ubiquitous within the next year- as with anything else.

"unpleasant for" or "unpleasant to"?

  • Somehow and unpleasant for Gov.
  • Chomsky has done nothing unpleasant to me.
  • He was unpleasant in a way you could not report.
  • She was really unpleasant about it.
  • Pretty unpleasant at the best of times.
  • It seemed clear that, unpleasant as the prospect was, a further effort to advance must be made.
  • But no fission with all its horrid expense and even more unpleasant by products.
  • Limited and unpleasant on the eye, certainly.
  • There would hardly any variety unpleasant with its high-heel.
  • Mr Nee began to be unpleasant from this point onwards.
  • Gerson therapy is one of the most notorious and unpleasant of the quack cancer treatments.
  • And it had the strangest most unpleasant after taste.
  • If your sleep was rather unpleasant because of the bed size, you want want to upgrade it.
  • When she arrived at King 's, John Randall was away and she encountered Maurice Wilkins, who was particularly unpleasant towards her, as he considered her his inferior.
  • Stunning weer vandaag may all of a sudden convert unpleasant without much alert.

"unrealistic for" or "unrealistic in"?

  • Let yourself be unrealistic for a while.
  • It's unrealistic in the extreme.
  • That series just felt so unrealistic to me.
  • I also found the dialogue unrealistic at times.
  • It seems too unrealistic of her when the author says: ' I touch his forehead.
  • I feel the HK perception of beauty is probably just as skewed towards the unrealistic as the perception in the US.
  • And lawmakers made it all the more unrealistic by requiring that pre-funding cover the next 75 years -- all paid within a decade.
  • It seems simply unrealistic on our part.
  • Was I unrealistic with my expectations? I don't think so.
  • Unrealistic because of the people who have been charged in this European-dominated court in the past.
  • It's also resolutely unrealistic considering our new reality where many of our graduates will in fact be paying tax in countries other than Ireland due to a high rate of emigration.
  • Again that idea might be too unrealistic due to tight budget, but again necessarry if Nairobi wants to compete with Jo'burg etc.
  • These romances, at their heart, are unrealistic from page one usually.
  • A viable turnaround is unrealistic without a significant recapitalisation of the airline.

underrepresented in, at, on, among or by?

  • Underrepresented in an organization.
  • Educating girls Girls are underrepresented at schools.
  • But they're under-represented on this site.
  • They are still vastly under-represented among CEOs.
  • When you look at the differences, Whites are underrepresented by 2.
  • Women are highly under-represented amongst academics, lawyers, and government officials.
  • New Westminster needs a real voice in the halls of the legislative assembly and I think we've been woefully underrepresented for the past many years and.
  • In contrast, both the wealthiest and poorest extremes of society were under-represented within the IRA's ranks.

upbeat about, on, in, for or after?

  • I'd feeling upbeat about Arsenal.
  • Ms Khar sounded upbeat on the state and course of the bilateral dialogue.
  • This song is upbeat in quite a cheesy way.
  • Unusually upbeat for cynical old me.
  • Brisbane manager Kevin Jordan was upbeat after the match.
  • I think Suarez's display left me pretty upbeat at fulltime.
  • Some were upbeat despite long journeys ahead.
  • Vent at home, but stay upbeat with colleagues.
  • It's been tough for the team to remain upbeat as the losses continue to mount, he said.
  • In a country founded on optimism he is among the most upbeat of all.
  • The boys looked thrilled to be in the Big Apple and appeared upbeat ahead of Tuesdays appearance on the Today Show.
  • Although The Twilight Sad use synths, well mostly from their four studio album ' No One Can Ever Know ' I wouldn't call these guys upbeat by any means.
  • And, in grains, Mr Ofon was particularly upbeat over wheat prices, which he forecast averaging $9.
  • I've seen some close friends go from upbeat to morose.
  • He manages to be upbeat without being complacent, complimentary to other teams and drivers without sounding fake or, conversely, unduly worried.

"unmatched in" or "unmatched by"?

  • Faruk is an unmatched in rural roles.
  • His consistency was unmatched by anyone.
  • The comfort is unmatched for a bike.
  • Treasurys are still unmatched as a safe store of value for investors worldwide.
  • His success is unmatched on our dark continent.
  • In fact the world made so much progress in knowledge in those times that it is unmatched to date.
  • We have an instant material power that is unmatched with equal wisdom.
  • The work credentials and educational background of Gerberg is quite unmatched among his peers.
  • Our sporting facilities are unmatched at university level in Ireland.
  • His personal qualities and virtues are unmatched throughout the world.

"unbearable for", "unbearable in" or "unbearable to"?

  • It it utterly unbearable for everyone.
  • They are completely unbearable to me.
  • It's just unbearable in that house.
  • It was downright unbearable at times.
  • The duties which were decreed as hard and unbearable by them.
  • The tension was unbearable as both sides went for it.
  • George Hook was unbearable on the telly there.
  • Well, I have become unbearable with conceit.
  • Life would be unbearable without Deborah.
  • Life became unbearable after that.
  • British academic life is becoming unbearable due to over-management.
  • His whining about the difficulty of coaching a team in New York City was unbearable during his final days with the Knicks.

unaccounted for

  • The night is yet unaccounted for.

undefeated in, at, on, for or with?

  • Yes, we're not undefeated in the CL.
  • Brady undefeated at home against the Bills.
  • They're undefeated for a reason.
  • I'd hate to say that we went undefeated on the road.
  • The team went undefeated with wins over Army, Navy and the Marines (U.
  • We are undefeated against Villa there in this century.
  • He retired undefeated after three successive victories.
  • Rob M Class of ' 98 (among the lucky alumni undefeated by $C).
  • Khalil can still win the bronze if we stays undefeated through the repechage.
  • So he's pretty much undefeated as a heavyweight.
  • Both teams went undefeated during their weekend play, challenging teams from Quebec to Niagara Falls.
  • Ohio, the team we think goes undefeated from the non-BCS ranks, will find itself in the Orange Bowl against Florida State.
  • The only other team to go undefeated over the weekend in Anaheim was No.
  • The 22-year-old Cuban has been undefeated since returning from injury and he is looking forward to his first time at the meeting.
  • It was heartbreak for the UWI team who had gone undefeated throughout the day.
  • So, would you send a copy of The Undefeated to him? You'll recall that last year Ailes made some headlines following a New York magazine profile.
  • If one team could handle going into the postseason undefeated without becoming overconfident, it's the Packers.

unconscious of, in, for, on or by?

  • Job was unconscious of wilful sin.
  • To be unconscious in the means.
  • He was unconscious for sometime.
  • Amin left him unconscious on the floor.
  • Once was beaten unconscious by heavy handed police.
  • Colin was found unconscious at the bottom of the ladder.
  • The next day he was completely unconscious from Fajar.
  • This is simply unconscious to them.
  • Don't Confuse Unconscious with Irrational or Bad.
  • In the month of Ramadaan a person became unconscious during the day.
  • He was left unconscious after a soldier smashed his jaw with a rifle.
  • These happen on an unconscious as well as a conscious level.
  • She is completely unconscious about it.
  • I became unconscious because of collision and fright.
  • However, he can not say if that occurred where they were found, or if they were unconscious before the drowning.
  • Jennifer, rendered unconscious due to her unnecessity in saving Marty Jr.
  • She bounced off the bonnet and fell unconscious into the road.

unparalleled in, by, to, for or among?

  • It's unparalleled in modern times.
  • But at 30, his music was unparalleled by anyone.
  • That journey was unparalleled to any other flying experience I've had.
  • Economically their prosperity was unparalleled for centuries.
  • Internationally, his record is unparalleled among NHL players.
  • Jon Lord was unparalleled as a composer, innovator, organist, musician.
  • They are unparalleled at replicating patterns, even with their limited expertise.
  • Birdlife Africa's array of birdlife is unparalleled on earth.
  • In either case the taste is unparalleled with the amazing sweetness from the prawns.

unhealthy for, in, to, about or by?

  • They are unhealthy for everyone.
  • So, it got a bit unhealthy in that respect.
  • Fat, useless and unhealthy to the body and mental health.
  • There is nothing unhealthy about not having social media accounts.
  • City life is becoming ill and unhealthy by environment pollution.
  • You can reach your goal weight and still be unhealthy because of the things you are and are not eating.
  • There is something compulsive and unhealthy at work here.
  • Tremble this unhealthy from pursuing time.
  • You can see how this is unhealthy on many levels.
  • What is healthy with people is unhealthy with God.
  • Toxins in addition to left over foodstuff in your body is quite unhealthy as well as dangerous for you.
  • Programmers are often very unhealthy due to it.
  • It is the most unhealthy of the Subway subs but it is full of protein and if you put veggies on it, it can even give you a little fiber.

unsatisfied with, by, in, for or about?

  • I am unsatisfied with his response.
  • Felt a bit unsatisfied by the ending though I have to say.
  • A rich young man faithful to the ' laws ' still finds himself unsatisfied in life.
  • If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply email me and you will be given a refund.
  • The Gunners might still bring in some midfield reinforcements after Wenger claimed that he was unsatisfied about the build-up play against Sunderland.
  • Let the rhythm of the book dictate the pace or you'll end up feeling unsatisfied after all frantic galloping.
  • One year later and I am deeply unsatisfied at university.
  • The fourth jewel, the caldron of the Daghdha: a company would not go away unsatisfied from it, and from Murias it was brought.

"unused to" or "unused for"?

  • Not that I am unused to attention.
  • It seems to have been standing unused for about 18 months.
  • I have lot of pens lying unused in my pen box.
  • It became a feature unused by many.
  • So far they have sat unused on the side.
  • This group was largely abandoned and unused at DU2 anyway.
  • If unused after this period, the code will be automatically deleted and and can't be reissued.
  • The collegiums are unused during weeknights and weekends.
  • Now think back to those 49 million mobile handsets that are sitting unused around the country.
  • Evacuation buses went unused as the levees broke, flooding the buses and surrounding areas making it impossible to evacuate.
  • Most of these tracks will finish up unused because of to bad high quality or simply unsuitable to your productions.
  • The latter, he explains is data collected but going unused despite its value.
  • You may want to choose the? Unused Except Whole Files? option.
  • It is only used twice a week during term time and so remains unused from may of each year.
  • I am a keen shopaholic and I enjoy turning something old and unused into something beautiful and inspiring.
  • The bumper cars sit unused since 1986.
  • It stands alone and unused throughout the day.
  • But khums will become wajib on you if it remains unused with you for oneyear.
  • Cancellation charges - Japan Rail Pass If returned to us unused within 12 months of issue, a Rail Pass Exchange Order can be refunded less a cancellation charge of 10% of the face value.

"unaffordable for" or "unaffordable to"?

  • Sadly it remains unaffordable for many.
  • What is affordable to some is unaffordable to others.
  • Housing remains unaffordable in Auckland.
  • First off it's unaffordable by the state - hence we have the current problems.
  • As a Council we have been told by NZTA that a tunnel is unaffordable at the present time given budget pressures.
  • I completely agree that cars are unaffordable and that foreign cars are even more unaffordable due to the tax structure of this country.
  • I find farmer's markets unaffordable except for a rare treat.
  • Treating all data as ' highly business critical ' is quite simply unaffordable from a storage perspective.
  • The cheapest was unaffordable on any local wage.
  • The property price of Hong Kong is being categorized as severely unaffordable with the average property price of 314.
  • Ministers argue that the pension system will become unaffordable without reform.

unsupported by, in, at, for or as?

  • The claim is unsupported by evidence.
  • Which is speculative and unsupported in the paper.
  • Note that VGA is unsupported at this time.
  • And depression is largely unsupported for those parents.
  • That to send our team out there unsupported as part of a boycott compromises our chance of victory.
  • Note that cache is unsupported on ExtraSmall VM sizes.
  • Chapman (1956) discussed the possible alternation of a branched and unbranched generation in Enteromorpha australiensis unsupported to date by experimental evidence.
  • Because of this it is unsupported with 5.

"unsuited to" or "unsuited for"?

  • It is wholly unsuited to any other kind.
  • Otis was clearly unsuited for his job.
  • Its size and location, however, made it unsuited as the capital of an ambitious Parish.
  • In need of the run and unsuited by the slow pace, he still dug deep to repel his stable-mate and those battling qualities will stand him in good stead in a fast-run race in March.

unpaid for, on, after, in or by?

  • These tax cuts were also unpaid for.
  • Their liability is limited to the amount, if any, unpaid on shares held by them.
  • Items of bank credits representing checks, drafts or notes returned unpaid after the date of statement.
  • Twelve months late 5% of the tax unpaid at the date.
  • Parental leave is unpaid by the employer.
  • I would have gladly worked an unpaid internship during college.
  • So the 14,000 remains unpaid to this day.
  • KPMG also qualified the accounts of Lebar Daun Bhd, as it was unable to confirm trade payables amounting to RM22mil that had remained unpaid since 2008.
  • The position I hold is unpaid as the place makes no money and is forever on the brink of being closed down.
  • The principal loan remains unpaid during this period.
  • Cheque or direct debit returned unpaid from your account (out) 12.
  • The project came to over a year of over time, more than half that was unpaid over time during the week.
  • As for the unpaid under the scheme.
  • Whatever balance remains unpaid upon his release from prison will be paid in $200 monthly installments, Noonan ruled.
  • If your fine remains unpaid with the Court after 28 days, it may also have a $102.

unfaithful to, in, with, at or by?

  • She wasn't unfaithful to me? Good.
  • Some are unfaithful in marriage.
  • My wife and I have been married for 25 years and throughout our marriage I have been unfaithful at various times.
  • Jews are said to be treacherous, corrupt, deceitful and unfaithful by nature.
  • Herod's sister accused Mariamne of being unfaithful with Herod's uncle.
  • But the abuser will purposely be unfaithful as a form of subtle sexual abuse and control.
  • In early 2008, claims were made that Ashley Cole had been unfaithful during his time with Cheryl.
  • So you can't talk about a man is unfaithful for seeing another woman.
  • Emperors are the most unfaithful of all penguins: 78 percent of mating pairs go their separate ways after only one year! Penguins mate only once a year, and it lasts less than 10 seconds.
  • On the other hand, he has been unfaithful on more than one occasion and has doubts.

"uprooted from" or "uprooted by"?

  • Uprooted from the face of the earth.
  • E Palestinians uprooted by force of arms.
  • Masses of people were uprooted in the Enclosure Movement.
  • The underlying tendency of pride and conceit is only uprooted for the Arahant.
  • Growing trees very close to pavements are also dangerous as they may get uprooted during rains and strong winds.
  • Their music is based on the Scottish Gaelic tradition, uprooted to Australia during the Highland clearances.
  • The shelter was uprooted with its concrete foundations and carried 60 feet.
  • As it turns out this is the intent, but on the neighbouring plot called Gordonne, which is indeed currently planted up with cereal, the vines having been uprooted after the 2011 season.
  • Several trees were uprooted along the Old Harbour Road, which made motoring treacherous at times.
  • Heedlessness is uprooted as the meditator progresses on the Noble Path and proceed from one stage to another.
  • I'd origionally from South Africa and uprooted at a young age to Canada.
  • They are victims of Satan's corrupt world because they're uprooted before their natural time to pass over to the other side.
  • Well, we could not prevent the trees from getting uprooted due to the cyclone.
  • Why are the least healthy items the easiest to eat on the go?? ), and I guess just being uprooted like that for 24 hours is hard on a small person.
  • Others uprooted on principle, choosing to remain loyal to the Crown.
  • Your kids may be uprooted, but they'll be uprooted out of a toxic situation.
  • The conflicts, he added, created a sense of despondency and added that terrorism could be uprooted through a solution of these problems.
  • Most of the people who settled in Vanni was uprooted within 24 hours from Jaffna and brought to Vanni by LTTE directive.
  • If people are uprooted without any arrangements of humanitarian aid to which they can fall back, then the consequences of war will be far higher than anyone can imagine.

"unjust to" or "unjust in"?

  • Do not be unjust to one another.
  • He had been cruel and unjust in the afternoon.
  • Therefore, the law is unjust for the masses.
  • Something unjust about that, but it is what it is.
  • He is cruel and unjust BY YOUR VERY CALCULATIONS.
  • I might as well be unjust towards him.
  • But it is not altogether unjust as a description of Dean Inge.
  • To thee have I been unjust from the day of thy birth.
  • When a punishment in this world comes to a society in accordance with the norms of history, it does not remain confined to the unjust of that society.
  • I felt it was a little bit unjust on two counts but we showed great character from that and we were the better team.
  • They were rejected exactly as unjust according to Protocol No.
  • You can't call the banksters or the system evil or even unjust against a nonexistent standard.
  • They do well, the masters, to eat our marrow, if we have been so unjust among ourselves.
  • As I've just suggested, that seems arbitrary and unjust at first glance.
  • Those rules have to be applied (there is no discretion about whether to apply Part 36 or not, and it is most unusual for a court to find that the costs consequences would be unjust under Part 36.
  • Some people think the Church is just being mean &; unjust with out thinking there may be some logic to why it's done this way.

"undisturbed by" or "undisturbed for"?

  • She was undisturbed by their actions.
  • They had lain undisturbed for 82 years.
  • For the next six years, it sat undisturbed in this box.
  • I ndependent and undisturbed from the main house is the life in the guesthouse.
  • The mist settled down undisturbed on all exposed bits of his flesh.
  • It was clear that no-one would come into Gregor's room any more until morning; that gave him plenty of time to think undisturbed about how he would have to re-arrange his life.
  • But still there were many sections undisturbed as the road makers hadn't got that far yet.
  • Moreover the remains of Charles I have since been discovered undisturbed at Windsor.
  • In purely practical terms, trees surrounding sites such as ditch traps or rune carvings on dead tree stems can be left undisturbed during felling operations.
  • Nonya cooks also do this in a double boiler, but also typically go on to steam the kaya undisturbed over low heat for another couple of hours at least, until it sets to a sliceable firmness.
  • Like a true thoroughbred, he sailed undisturbed through the subsequent uproar and paid nobody back.
  • I was happy to receive this punishment as it meant I could just sit undisturbed throughout the retreat.
  • The troops lined the streets so as to permit the whole to pass slowly and undisturbed to the spot intended for the execution.
  • So, lenders who accord obese allowance confirmation are more undisturbed with the chances of getting a return on their investment.

"unsustainable in" or "unsustainable for"?

  • It is unsustainable in the long run.
  • This is simply unsustainable for China and the world.
  • The situation defined as such is unsustainable by itself.
  • It would be unsustainable as a long-term or permanent solution.
  • The human overpopulation is unsustainable at any population level exceeding (here's a guess) 100 million.
  • This situation, however, is unsustainable over time.
  • It was unsustainable from the word go.
  • It is unsustainable on the one we are moving into.
  • We all know that the ways we produce and consume our food are unsustainable to our planet and to ourselves.
  • This career would be unattainable and unsustainable without an education.
  • However, their work is largely unsustainable because of excessive demands on their energy, strength and resources.
  • This fuel mix is also unsustainable with regard to climate change.
  • I could ask what is unsustainable about it.
  • As noted at the beginning, current conditions are inequitable and unsustainable across many scales and dimensions.
  • The Bush tax cuts without corresponding spending cuts proved to be unsustainable after 5 years and adding to the budget deficit.
  • A consequence of an ailing model unsustainable due to a lack of domestic consumption and a serious fall of exports.
  • Large domestic demand deficits were macroeconomically unsustainable within affected economies.

unbecoming of, to, for, in or as?

  • It is really unbecoming of you.
  • If he doesn't believe any of this he is mischievous in a way unbecoming to one his age.
  • It's unbecoming for a fan but inexcusible for a journalist.
  • This sort of naivet is rather unbecoming in a critic of Eliot's class.
  • I notice that after awhile she started to act differently, hang out with different people and dress unbecoming as a young girl.
  • This is really unbecoming on the part of the Chief Minister.

uninformed about, of, on, by or in?

  • I've always felt very uninformed about it, though.
  • A must read for those of us who still remain uninformed of the loss of.
  • Zakaria is completely uninformed on this issue.
  • His work life, however, remained uninformed by the new information.
  • It is common for the public to be left uninformed as to the outcome of investigations.
  • Perhaps I was ignorant and uninformed in an age without TV or internet.
  • Anonymous Obviously you are uninformed regarding the running of a campaign.
  • Too bad someone so uninformed to the real truth.
  • Don't be fooled by the vested interests duping the uninformed with self-serving hyperbole.
  • Anuja's approach, presentation, and the way she addressed the audience appealed even to the uninformed among us, says my wife.
  • I am not sure what I thought happened at that point! I think we are all so uninformed at times.
  • Their leadership was uninformed during the 1980s especially when Gorbachov took over in the ex-USSR in 1985.

"unconvinced by" or "unconvinced of"?

  • I am unconvinced by unnamed sources.
  • I am unconvinced of the value of these.
  • I'd still unconvinced about WAR.
  • Still unconvinced in the Full back department though and I hope Skrtel returns to last seasons imperiousness.
  • Nevertheless, there are reports that some individuals continue to be unconvinced with its effectiveness.
  • However, we remain unconvinced as to the acceptability of the proposal.
  • Did anyone remain unconvinced on Sunday night? Spain were not just better; they were brilliant.

"underwhelmed by" or "underwhelmed with"?

  • I am underwhelmed by all of this.
  • In fact, they are underwhelmed with information.
  • Terri Lynda LaCasse I am totally underwhelmed at this point.
  • But I was totally underwhelmed after seeing the band live a couple of years ago.
  • On trend or not, Matharu, Rocto and Stephanie Kepman, who brought her General Tso Tofu, all underwhelmed in the batch-up.
  • So unless I am in a swing state I feel underwhelmed about how much my vote matters.
  • Food wise, quite underwhelmed for the first 2 dishes and not that much excited for the rest of the meal.
  • Rookie back Vick Ballard has underwhelmed on 15 early-season carries, but Brown hasn't lit the world ablaze either with his 3.

unfazed by, about, at, with or as?

  • He was also unfazed by criticism.
  • Wereko-Brobby is unfazed about his imminent prosecution.
  • Condit seems unfazed at fighting in St-Pierre's backyard.
  • Not only was he unfazed with all the glaring lights and cameras, but with that small gesture I was suddenly speaking to a friend, not a future Olympic medallist.
  • Local residents appeared unfazed as a heavily armed convoy rolled through Kismayu.
  • He was always unfazed in his mission for trade liberalisation, downsizing the state-owned enterprises and balancing the budget.

unturned in, for, on, with or by?

  • Leaves no leaf unturned in pursuit of quarry.
  • Anurag Kashyap has left no stone unturned for this epic tale of vengeance.
  • Buildings are mostly in 3D and no stone is left unturned on the world map.
  • You ladies have left no stone unturned with feedback and any question that we needed.
  • To secure his dismissal, no stone was left unturned by the Catholics and the anti-Negro, Ku Klux Klan.
  • Set up in gothic eras, the author has left no stone unturned to showcase the Bengal of those times.
  • No stone is left unturned as the reader is whisked away on a rollercoaster ride, exploring Ghana's customs, traditions and fascinating characters.
  • Denise Taylor provides a step-by-step guide ensuring no stone is left unturned during the job hunt.
  • Dana Air is leaving no stone unturned towards the rehabilitation of the displaced Iju-Ishaga residents.

unmoved by, in, at, on or as?

  • But to be so unmoved by it all.
  • He remains unmoved in the face of adversities.
  • He didn't see the women as evil temptresses or as objects of desire, but remained unmoved at his core.
  • It's the fiddling that leaves me unmoved on too many tracks.
  • He had remained unmoved as the crowd around him fled away.
  • Their eyes, without a shred of humanity and gray matter, remain unmoved despite the relentless jokes that from all sides.
  • This has pushed down money market rates even when the bank rate has been unmoved for more than three years.
  • As they only pay after your books have been sold, the vast majority of them don't give a damn how long your books sit unmoved from their shelves.
  • But the girl was unmoved with his plea.

unresponsive to, in, at, for or on?

  • Unresponsive to comments of users.
  • They were unresponsive in class &; did no work.
  • I found the desktop slow, and a but unresponsive at times.
  • Kit remained unresponsive for a week.
  • If the device becomes unresponsive during or after sync, try removing the battery and then reconnecting the battery to the device.
  • The Valdosta State University freshman was found unresponsive on a study.
  • Last week he was unresponsive with the local media at the Ryder Cup - click here for a refresher.
  • Correct a condition where an incorrect response to a SMART counter will cause the m4 drive to become unresponsive after 5184 hours of Power-on time.
  • He was found unresponsive by a family member in his Bronx apartment.
  • Very bright children may appear unresponsive due to a combination of deafness and facial immobility, so it is important they are accurately diagnosed.
  • The crowd was very unresponsive towards everything she said until the free autographed t-shirts made appearance.

"unattractive to" or "unattractive for"?

  • Hyper-bragadoccio is SO unattractive to me.
  • You need to make your yard unattractive for the mynas.
  • Unattractive in a patristics scholar.
  • I am not unattractive by any means and at 52 years old now.
  • Overall he is not unattractive with his clothes on.
  • We're showing everything that's unattractive about the Australian character.
  • ELLIE MAY is eighteen, and not unattractive as to figure.
  • Many feel desperately unattractive because of it.
  • He was so physically unattractive on earth that it had made him shy.
  • That's unattractive at the smaller sales end of a spectrum.
  • More recently, however, business trusts have become even more unattractive due to changes to the Income Tax Act.
  • Banners are unattractive from a design standpoint and may actually make you lose business.
  • Yeah, love can kinda look unattractive like that.
  • You really have no right at all to pretend that we think the abortion is a ' cure ', it's obnoxious, contemptuous and really very unattractive of you to do so.
  • That does not imply that Deutsche Bank finds its non-core activities unattractive in itself; the y became unattractive under the new regulation.
  • New Hampshire showed that the Emperor Punditry has no clothes, and is unattractive without them.

unencumbered by, with, for, from or in?


undeterred by, in, from, about or after?

  • He was undeterred by the intimidation.
  • He remains undeterred in his peace activism.
  • Monty remained undeterred from his vision and later became a champion Western horseman.
  • But cellphone companies are undeterred about the complaints and are working round the clock to innovate the service.
  • And it's not about layering whiteboards or blogs onto a narrow, one-size fits all curriculum that has marched along undeterred for what seems like forever.
  • When the secretary remained undeterred on the issue of interest, the IRS agent asked if she could give any references.
  • High Grade Materials for the High Life In synchronized motion to a fast-paced lifestyle, the ASUS-Lamborghini ZX1 remains undeterred with a toughness that is second to none.

uppermost in, on, of, at or with?

  • Two questions are uppermost in his mind.
  • But that's not what's uppermost on their mind right now.
  • Doctors and nurses must have in the uppermost of their minds that this is really uncomfortable for the patient.
  • Oddly enough, the thought uppermost with me was that I must shut off that tap before escaping.

"ungrateful to" or "ungrateful for"?

  • Mimiko as ungrateful to Tinubu the godfather.
  • Not that I'd ungrateful for employment.
  • That seems ungrateful of some good writing.
  • To not ask Allah (subhana wa ta'ala) for good things is to be ungrateful towards Him.
  • Then whoso is ungrateful after that, they will be the rebellious.
  • I'd not being ungrateful in this post.
  • When you find yourself feeling particularly ungrateful about your life -- or a spiritual director or.
  • They might think, some people might think that you're ungrateful considering your good health and life.

unkind to, about, of, in or on?

  • The voters are not all unkind to him.
  • I am sorry I have been so unkind about Chelsea.
  • It was unkind of you towards me.
  • You are unkind in your comment.
  • Somewhat unkind on the vast majority of people working in the MoD.
  • For all their work, the basket was iron unkind for GB women with balls in and out or rolling off the rim.
  • Calling them ' stupid ' is unkind at the least.
  • However, the more I see how her condition is actually self-destructive, irresponsible, and unkind toward others, the more I see the need to tell her what I think is going on.
  • I regret being unkind towards you.
  • I learned that day I never again wanted to be unkind with any of my words online.

unmindful of, about, in or to?

  • And God is not unmindful of what ye do.
  • People are unmindful about it, yet the deeds of man are to be presented to Almighty Allah in it.
  • Our world labors in war and stress, unmindful in both person and society.
  • Therefore, it is in the well being of everyone to remain alert about its arrival and not spend his life remaining unmindful to it.

"unfavourable to" or "unfavourable for"?

  • Back in Geneva, he put in a report unfavourable to SF.
  • This is held to be unfavourable for all good work.
  • Such preliminary conditions may seem unfavourable in a romantic aspect.
  • The favourable factors outweigh the unfavourable by a considerable margin.
  • I have seen cases in which a senior executive will ask for reviews and comments before expressing any view either favourable or unfavourable on a proposal.
  • Some of the newest health research is very unfavourable towards dairy.
  • The comparison is even more unfavourable with such countries as Sweden, Germany, Australia, United States, etc.

untainted by, with, in, amidst or despite?

  • It was untainted by human manipulation.
  • Being untainted with corruption does nt mean your an effective manager.
  • His greatness and musical skills remain untainted in anyway.
  • He was exceedingly conscious of the nature of the legacy that was handed over to us by our leader and which we should all strive to hand down untainted to another generation.

unaccustomed to or in?

  • Unaccustomed to anything over 4.
  • The effect, of both these organisational and sporting triumphs, was a national good mood so unaccustomed in many it prompted suspicion and unease.

unperturbed by, about, with, in or as?

  • But the CEO is unperturbed by the move.
  • Karbo said he was unperturbed about the development.
  • Government officials, he says, are unperturbed with the situation.
  • More panicked emus emerge from the dense dune scrub, while an echidna snuffles unperturbed in the sandy dirt.
  • What's left is the essence of the citta -- its knowing nature -- serene and unperturbed amidst the pain of the khandhas.
  • Yet the Blaugrana were unperturbed at the other end of the pitch and they secured an equaliser when Pedro's cross looped into the air following a pair of deflections.
  • They may be unperturbed of a few or author investors, depending on the that they contribute.
  • We truly are, we would feel relaxed and unperturbed on such usage.
  • However, the government remained unperturbed over any threat to its stability following Trinamool Congress's decision.

unfriendly to, towards, for, in or toward?

  • They are unfriendly to the accurate engrave.
  • He was sceptical, but not unfriendly towards it.
  • The locals were deeply unfriendly for an alleged tourist town.
  • In fact he might reveal himself to be quite unfriendly in the future.
  • A majority of Republicans (56%) say that professors are unfriendly toward religion.
  • So when eventually he got to be unfriendly with Varg, he threatened him like he did everyone else.
  • It's consumer unfriendly at a severe performance and cost hit.
  • Enda Kenny was one of the first to have a friendly dinner in the Meseberg Palace on this most unfriendly of topics.

undaunted by, in, about, after or as?

  • However, Dayamani seems undaunted by all this.
  • Ryan seems undaunted in his monetary views.
  • Undaunted after being rejected by every publisher, each maxed out her personal credit card to self-publish the book and manufacture the elf doll.
  • Their resiliency to overcome these difficulties is a symbol of the steadfastness of the Filipinos who have always remained undaunted despite these adversities that their way.
  • Bend bravely and undaunted to your work.

untroubled by, in, on, at or about?

  • His own children are untroubled by sentiment.
  • They were untroubled in reaching tea at 462-3, with Chanderpaul already on a half century.
  • As the half wore on Newcastle began to look more settled than they had been to start with, but we were untroubled at the back.
  • After 15 overs, they were still untroubled on 84 for no loss.
  • Gracie was fast and wily and untroubled about bashing into people.
  • This was good because Heikki was largely untroubled as the folk of Texas have still to put faces to the names of the F1 drivers.
  • On that day I could still walk from here to the House of Commons relatively untroubled despite the fact that there were thousands of people on the streets.
  • David could hardly have been speaking of himself as he both died and was buried and his tomb remained untroubled through the centuries that followed (Acts 2.
  • Chanderpaul, though, chugged untroubled to 150 and even his rate of scoring was constant over the three sessions he batted.

unsympathetic to, towards, about, in or as?

  • So I am not unsympathetic to the man.
  • I have not seen a post that is unsympathetic towards her.
  • I'd unsympathetic about podcasts.
  • So I am not unsympathetic in that respect.
  • Appearing very direct and unsympathetic at times, the character of Silvio is the perfect contrast to that of Marco's character.
  • It will be improper for anyone in Ghana to be unsympathetic for any death occurrence.
  • It is not that we are unsympathetic toward a better future for everyone.
  • And for that reason, at the last, I am not unsympathetic with Dawkins, Hitchens, and the rest.

unacquainted with

  • You remain unacquainted with this man.

"uniform in" or "uniform across"?

  • Very uniform in shape and size.
  • Poverty level is not uniform across India.
  • The spread of the heat will not be uniform with time.
  • Such jurisdiction shall be uniform throughout the state.
  • It should be uniform for all series '.
  • This is not necessarily uniform over legal clauses.
  • The retail price is uniform at US$60 for any model purchased.
  • The knots should be uniform from one end to the other.
  • It's not uniform on that one play.
  • Most games have a plot, one that is uniform to the player.
  • The placement and functions of the buttons is, once again, not uniform among the LG, HTC and Samsung.
  • Car names are becoming more uniform around the world.
  • By slanting the bars, the torque is kept more uniform as the rotor turns.
  • This is not uniform between stores, and is still limited by location.
  • The rings are not always uniform due to gravity waves in the atmosphere.
  • As the area is close to the equator, the daylight hours are practically uniform during the year.
  • Hence the freezing of melt can not be uniform through out the part.

updated with, on, for, to or of?

  • And you also can updated with me on Twitter.
  • It gets updated on a daily basis.
  • I was kept updated for the rest of the night.
  • Adah Paul love to keep updated of such progress.
  • New kernel Raspbmc gets updated to the 3.
  • Does anyone know how often the data gets updated in PF database? Thanks.
  • You have to updated about the latest in your niche and reading the top blogs in your niche is a good way to do that.
  • The actual useful consequences related to massage therapy need to abandon people experiencing updated as well as enhanced.
  • Compared with the updated at 2:20 p.
  • It gets updated by you, just like a website would.
  • I will have to see if this gets updated during the company's third-quarter earnings call.
  • As Ah Kin isn't free, you have the pleasure of enjoying an updated from yours sincerely.
  • You can respond to friends and stay updated without leaving the page you're on.