Prepositions after Adjectives

Click an adjective to see what prepositions are usually used after it in English


involved in or with?

  • Facts involved in the issue led W.
  • Gorman was not involved with the research.

interested in

  • But being interested in people.

"important for" or "important to"?

  • Important for buying decisions.
  • This is the most important of the six.
  • What is important about this? Easy.
  • The important as calories faster.
  • What is important at the moment.
  • Running Linux is most important from adoption.
  • It's very important on the toes.
  • That's especially important with ebooks.

impossible for, in, to, without or with?

  • Impossible for me to actually do.
  • Nothing is impossible in the NBA.
  • It is impossible to not change.
  • Democracy is impossible without it.
  • Nothing is impossible with GOD.
  • That would be impossible as well as impractical.
  • Totally impossible at any cost.
  • This was impossible because of Y.
  • It's not impossible by any means.
  • This is impossible due to the nature of science.
  • We expect the impossible from our ex-cons.
  • Obviously, this is impossible of God.
  • This is impossible on a satnav.
  • That's impossible under Nevada law.

interesting to, for, in, about or with?

  • The content was interesting to me.
  • This has been interesting for me.
  • INTERESTING in capital letters.
  • Interesting about the scientists.
  • It'll be interesting with Anita.
  • Iona is interesting as the scene of St.
  • But they looked interesting from outside.
  • But the most interesting of the lot is this one.
  • Keynes was interesting on this.
  • That can get interesting at times.
  • This is getting interesting by the day.
  • This part was interesting because of the suspense.
  • I find it interesting without a doubt.

incapable of

  • Incapable of physical activity.

ideal for, in, as, at or from?

  • MPC would be ideal for the Army.
  • Kalabagh is ideal in every way.
  • Ideal as a PLAYER of the DAY award.
  • At the moment, the Note 2 is ideal at 5.
  • That's ideal from my point of view.
  • Why are you in favour of it? The Ideal of it.
  • Not ideal on a gradient of 15-20%.
  • He represents an ideal to them.
  • Ideal with any red marinated BBQ meats.

ignorant of, about, to, in or on?

  • Ignorant of both meetings, Maj.
  • I was hopelessly ignorant about it.
  • Ignorant to bed bugs, I took it.
  • So are the ignorant in the world.
  • We have been kept ignorant on purpose.
  • Like you, I am ignorant as to the matter.
  • They are all ignorant by choice.
  • And writers have been happily ignorant for.

independent of, from, in, for or on?

  • Each is independent of the other.
  • LITCs are independent from the IRS.
  • Power is independent in nature.
  • We became independent for this.
  • Tanganyika became independent on Dec.
  • The joey is weaned and independent at one year.
  • I was a lifetime independent by registration.
  • The judges are independent to take decisions.
  • Assume games are independent with wins) =.

"identical to" or "identical with"?

  • This is almost identical to the 4.
  • Jehosadak to be identical with R.
  • They're identical in that sense.
  • Do the identical for breathingin.
  • Gross trading profits are almost identical at 178.
  • Identical except for capitalization.
  • Despite the setup being identical on both bikes.

instrumental in, to, for or of?

  • Instrumental in arranging it were Fr.
  • Therefore it is instrumental to.
  • You have truly been instrumental for my freedom.
  • This is instrumental of the city's desire to grow.

inherent in, to, within or with?

  • It is inherent in the Dreaming.
  • But this is inherent to the source.
  • Make choices that radiate the power inherent within you.
  • There are some things inherent with that position.

"illegal in" or "illegal for"?

  • Penned hunts ILLEGAL in Florida now.
  • It's called illegal for a reason.
  • Yeah, it's illegal under US law.
  • Pot was originally made illegal by W.
  • There's nothing illegal about it.
  • It is illegal to speak English.
  • They were illegal on two faces.
  • Also doing the backtrace is illegal according to the license.
  • Discrimination based on disability is illegal as well as unjust.
  • The sale was not illegal at the time.
  • Why it is rated as illegal with cocaine etc.
  • Others are fully illegal without a prescription.

inconsistent with, in, at, for or on?

  • But this is inconsistent with 2.
  • I'd inconsistent in my life plans.
  • This leads to the metrics being inconsistent at times.
  • This is very inconsistent for a serial killer.
  • We've just been inconsistent on third down.
  • Seems a bit inconsistent to me.

indicative of

  • Indicative of spiritual tribunals.

"immune to" or "immune from"?

  • They are not immune to the dangers.
  • Nobody is immune from the effects.

irrelevant to, in, for, of or as?

  • That's irrelevant to the study.
  • God became irrelevant in his life.
  • Reserves are irrelevant for banking.
  • They have become irrelevant as a company.
  • It will be irrelevant by tomorrow morning.
  • Irrelevant of how legendary it can be.
  • It is irrelevant at this point.
  • Regarded as irrelevant from outside, this place entrances those within it.
  • Again that's entirely irrelevant on it's own.
  • Affection is pretty irrelevant with asd.

international in, at, for, on or with?

  • International in Bangkok and Mr.
  • Fourth One-Day International at Hambantota.
  • Spurs signed the Portugal international for 6.
  • Watch on CNN International on Saturday, June 16, at 4 a.
  • Projects are often international with many clients located in Asia.
  • India lost the T20 International against New Zealand by 1 run.
  • International as part of Song Camp 301.
  • Mulford is now Vice-Chairman International of Crdit Suisse.
  • Transiting from International to Domestic was fine.
  • We acquired Utah International from GE for A$2.
  • We will inform you and the PEN International about our activities concernig VH.
  • He was a fantastic asset to discussion and was inspired to get more involved with Amnesty International after the event.
  • The 4 th One Day International between the teams will get underway tomorrow.
  • He had sold all current shareholdings in News International by May 2010.
  • I was working at Amnesty International during the Kosovo crisis.
  • Give me JFK International over this any day.
  • That's when I meet my colleagues who have been working with Women for Women International since 2003.
  • I also like the fact that Indian men/women are becoming international through their work.

ill with, in, for, at or of?

  • Now I feel ill with the stress.
  • This bodes ILL for USA JRPGers.
  • Joint ill / Navel ill in calves.
  • That set me ill at ease as well.
  • Bush will offer stiff competion.
  • He was critically ill from last 3.
  • No one wants to wish ill on others.
  • Augustus fell seriously ill after 25 B.
  • My family got ill during those days.
  • Whilst ill as a very ill thing.
  • But some will be made very ill by formula.
  • Some hills are still to be cropped.
  • He became ill about a month ago.
  • Many settlers fell ill because of malnutrition.
  • He had reportedly been ill before the event.
  • He was very ill due to his battle with cancer.
  • Do nt worry yourself ill over it.

integral to, in, of, for or over?

  • Integral to that agenda is race war.
  • See the integral in car physics.
  • After all, isn't climate the integral of weather.
  • All these details matter as they are integral for good engagement.
  • Any wavefunction can be written as an integral over momentum basis states Y (x) = f(p)e ipx/ dp.
  • The head is integral with the body.

incompatible with, for, in or to?

  • Incompatible with: Reverse Mode.
  • Science and religion are seen as incompatible for this reason.
  • We were incompatible in the bedroom.
  • This is not incompatible to a more equitable society.

impressive in, for, with, to or on?

  • It was less impressive in the U.
  • That's impressive for a rabbit.
  • Impressive with lots of interest.
  • Very Impressive on Black Talon part.
  • This was really impressive to me.
  • One of the most impressive of the BAT.
  • What I found most impressive about.
  • The battery is impressive at 2600mAh.
  • He's impressive as a person and a golfer.
  • That it is impressive by its methodological variety.
  • It was impressive from up there though.
  • He looked darn impressive against Condit.
  • Joe was really impressive considering the time he was on the pitch.
  • Perhaps not so impressive after all.
  • Those kind of tales must have been very impressive during mediaeval times.
  • Average LWR reliability has become impressive over the years.

inferior to, in, about, of or for?

  • The Jewish women are inferior to the men.
  • Yet all these tea were inferior in quality.
  • There is nothing inferior about you or me.
  • They help in the kitchen, don't consider that being a woman means that you're in any way inferior as a human being.
  • Women aren't inherently inferior at sports.
  • I don't have to be proud or feel inferior because of that.
  • They can tend to look inferior by direct comparison.
  • But any DRM that makes a product inferior for paying customers is evil.
  • Be the inferior of no man, or of any men be superior.
  • No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

irish in, for, at, to or with?

  • You clearly have a lot of Irish in you.
  • That is Irish for School of Mary.
  • You didn't learn Irish at school.
  • This is very noticeable in Irish today.
  • It is known in Irish as a Meangln.
  • The Tajiks are the Irish of Central Asia.
  • I am Irish on my mother's side.
  • It is in Irish with an English translation.
  • With higher expectations, the Fighting Irish from St.
  • I'd Irish by the way, trying to be objective.
  • No effort was made to consolidate Confederate Irish into large units.
  • SIUCRA The only thing that's Irish about this brand is the name.
  • Ah shure, they're Irish after all! 2.
  • Tony Stephenson was next on court for the Irish against Israel's Vladi Cheslov.
  • For example, the roster of the 76th Foot, a Scottish regiment that was at Yorktown, listed 114 Irish among its soldiers.
  • Give your child a taste of Irish before going to Primary School.
  • Yes Westminster did not do much to aid the Irish during the period.
  • A letter from Pat in America There are as many Irish out of Ireland as in it.
  • The Fighting Irish under Lou Holtz beat Miami in 1988 31-30 in its last championship season.
  • Re: Old Swan Band Re: Irish vs.

inclusive of, in, for, to or with?

  • This is not inclusive of the $7.
  • Transfers will be inclusive in the deal.
  • We took the all inclusive for a week.
  • This definition seems too inclusive to me.
  • All inclusive with good standards.
  • The service was good but again like most all inclusive at busy times it was slow.
  • It is inclusive by design, and its by-product is organisational and social cohesion.
  • He decided he would be inclusive rather than exclusive.

indifferent to, about, towards, as or between?

  • I was indifferent to the election.
  • I am wholly indifferent about it.
  • He is indifferent towards Jake.
  • He seemed too indifferent as a vet caring for my dog.
  • Traditionally, a bride would be indifferent between the two.
  • Indifferent in his choice to sleep or die.
  • My God is totally indifferent of what we do here on this earth.
  • We're fairly indifferent on where we meet people.
  • Those who did not identify as religious were more or less indifferent toward atheists.
  • I'd indifferent with the home and away.

invisible to, in, from, for or on?

  • It's invisible to the audience.
  • This expression was invisible in Mr.
  • Easy to do and invisible from the outside.
  • Most homeless people are thus rendered completely invisible by society.
  • We have been invisible for far too long.
  • Your brand can become invisible on Facebook.
  • Not active in attack and was invisible at times.
  • The joint becomes invisible after polishing.
  • It was a matter of being invisible as a kid.
  • The boat was already invisible behind the high shore.
  • Invisible during most of the match, he livened up at the end.
  • While Newton tries to explain the invisible through the visible.
  • The faint scar on his right temple is invisible under a cap of downy brown hair.
  • She will be invisible with 4 male judges.
  • Neil: The public are currently invisible within the education system.
  • Most cells are extremely small, so they are invisible without a microscope.

influential in, on, of, to or for?

  • France is also very influential in the EU.
  • He is influential on this prakriti.
  • The most influential of his followers was A.
  • There are a number of influential tools out ther; i.
  • And that can be equally influential for me.
  • The most influential among three Ryabushinsky brothers.
  • I'd not saying, he himself was influential as a leader.
  • But his suggestions will be influential at any rate.
  • She is highly influential with the ear of nearly all Americans.
  • For example, Klout tells me that I am influential about football, gym, steak, rugby and burritos (amongst other things).
  • Just look at the Tea Party movement that was so influential during the 2010 midterms.
  • Therefore his views were very influential over much of Europe for over 30 years.
  • CNN is very powerful and influential throughout the world.
  • He was very influential within the early days of America.

inappropriate for, in, to, with or as?

  • Aamir is inappropriate for the role.
  • Its inappropriate in all venues.
  • That seemed inappropriate to me.
  • This is a inappropriate as well as immature steps.
  • And that guy's advance was inappropriate at that moment.
  • This is inappropriate by any standard.
  • I don't see anything inappropriate with this comment.
  • There isn't anything evil or inappropriate about it.
  • Some think that sex education is inappropriate because of the pictures of breasts, and human genitalia.
  • This was inappropriate from people who had supported public subscriptions to the war effort.
  • It's inappropriate of them to be like that.
  • Terribly, terribly inappropriate on his part.

indebted to, for, in, by or with?

  • I am also greatly indebted to Mr.
  • Both of which I am very grateful and indebted for.
  • To each of them, I am indebted in a way.
  • It stunned a misguided fan of the Deeply Indebted by forecasting successive defeats at Chelski and MugSmasherLand.
  • He shall be indebted with the cost of maintenance.

implicit in, to, within, from or rather?

  • The ontology implicit in it (i.
  • The threat was implicit to the German princes.
  • I think that is implicit within the term ' helpmeet.
  • Their target should be implicit from what they have.
  • Often these assumptions of inferiority remain implicit rather than explicit.

"invaluable to", "invaluable for" or "invaluable in"?

  • Desley has been invaluable to me.
  • It is invaluable in that situation.
  • This has been invaluable for me.
  • Matty has been invaluable as a messenger.
  • The factsheet is invaluable at this time.
  • This experience proved invaluable during her subsequent Fleet Street career.
  • These have proved invaluable on MERT helicopters.
  • You have been invaluable with your advice and guidance.

"inevitable in" or "inevitable for"?

  • It was inevitable in one sense.
  • Ageing is inevitable for us all.
  • Extreme stress is inevitable with moving.
  • There's nothing inevitable about it.
  • This can be inevitable at times.
  • All they did was postpone the inevitable by six monthgs.
  • Death is inevitable to whatever is born.
  • But it was inevitable after investors came along.
  • Many more are inevitable as the cycle turns.
  • All of this was inevitable from day one.
  • This is inevitable because of the way the bases pair together.
  • However, this was inevitable due to Values Dissonance.
  • Pressure on Geely (175) and Sunac looks inevitable on the placement news.
  • Keating is inevitable under this system.
  • Tension was inevitable between administrative limitations and political compulsions.
  • It is important to note that depression is inevitable during pregnancy because a lot of hormonal changes take place in your body.
  • Growth sometimes requires that we shrink in order to preempt the inevitable of size.
  • Coverage inevitable over time It was recently reported Qsymia is being covered by 30% of insurers.
  • If so, another crisis is inevitable within the next year or so.
  • You go from the impossible to the inevitable without ever stopping at the probable.

indistinguishable from, in, to, by or for?

  • Indistinguishable from other events.
  • They may not be absolute, but they're indistinguishable in practice.
  • The two have been indistinguishable to the Newport Smoking.
  • Obama and Romney will be indistinguishable by the end of the race and only Obama fans will show up to vote.
  • These sneakers will have the old lilac examiner, and therefore are genuinely indistinguishable for the big programs.
  • A replacement sink in the same position as the old one is going to be indistinguishable on a house plan.
  • Today, women's and men's programs have become indistinguishable with regard to their philosophies, organization and administration.

"inadequate for" or "inadequate in"?

  • That's inadequate for two reasons.
  • But it is inadequate in mental health.
  • But the checklist is wholly inadequate to the task.
  • Human reason is totally inadequate as a standard to govern the State.
  • Food supply was also inadequate at times.
  • Its so sad when black women are made to feel inadequate because of the beautiful manes that they have.
  • But utterly inadequate by itself, and misleading.
  • I felt really inadequate with my trusted 50mm block.
  • I definitely felt inadequate about that.
  • I also felt pretty inadequate after reading things like the Gina Ford book.
  • He was terribly inadequate against Napoli.
  • Many of these funds are inadequate due to improving life expectancy and the weak investment returns of the last decade.
  • All aspects for relief proved inadequate from transporting the grain to disbursing it.
  • She ate the rest of the fruit inadequate of walking about this on the square of.
  • We have enough to make us feel bad, guilty and inadequate on any given day.
  • There is a sea wall but it is probably inadequate without the additional use of rock armour.

intact in, for, with, from or after?

  • This remains intact in the amendment.
  • But the killers were intact for almost 2.
  • Tag must be intact with the fish.
  • Their hearing is intact from birth, Nor are they dumb or lame of limb.
  • Makeup is still intact after the long and crazy night.
  • She found there were 200-plus pictures intact on the camera.
  • All ID's and passwords remain intact as well as PORT assignments.
  • Ensure your yolk is intact at this point.
  • The joints are kept intact by ligaments.
  • That record has remained intact to date.
  • Arsene Wenger kept his back four intact despite the return to fitness of Laurent Koscielny.
  • None of them survived entirely intact through the build, either.
  • Object remained intact throughout sighting and was silent throughout.
  • The rectus femoris is left intact without any attempt to lengthen it.
  • Check if your account is still intact before transferring money to it.
  • I find by refrigerating them, it helps make sure they stay intact during frying.
  • We were intact except for RVP vs.
  • The authorities said the reactor itself was intact inside its steel container.
  • Ig's are absorbed intact into the newborn's blood stream within a 6 hour window.
  • I kept one credit card and one of my bank account intact of settlement.
  • This keeps their interests intact over a longer period of time.
  • Even its borders remained intact till 1833.
  • She believes that her breast is intact under the dressing.
  • Companies that received waivers can keep their caps intact until 2014.
  • The other dead bodies, though badly mutilated, were found almost intact within a radius of 4 meters.

"indispensable to" or "indispensable for"?

  • Nobody is indispensable to anyone.
  • That makes him indispensable for us.
  • Nobody is indispensable in this game.
  • By being indispensable as a civilian volunteer I helped my husband's career.
  • It's not like he's indispensable at the moment.
  • Everyday American, feel indispensable by comparison.
  • In any event, the taxidermy skills Darwin learned from him were indispensable during his voyage aboard H.
  • The creation of a defence office, properly staffed and supported, would give a clear signal that the defence teams should be treated as an equal and indispensable of a fair trial process.
  • In Figure 3, we do not have it that is indispensable with respect to the later event.

ineffective in, at, for, against or as?

  • He was ineffective in the second half.
  • Microsoft has so far been ineffective at the reserve.
  • Chemo is ineffective for most forms of cancer.
  • Antibiotics are ineffective against viruses.
  • Goffs just ineffective as a strong leader.
  • Disagree about him being ineffective on the right.
  • This step, he argued, was rendered ineffective by the 2006 law.
  • Communities are ineffective because of it.
  • If he's just been ineffective due to injury, they can get him healthy.
  • Both ranged from totally ineffective to downright hopeless.
  • Managing from behind a desk will be most ineffective with Yers.
  • United needed a super-sub, with Hernandez being ineffective after starting the match.
  • But the mirrors are ineffective during monsoon months.
  • I reckon Borini should be the man, as he showed that he was very ineffective from the flank.
  • Their backrow was so ineffective without him.

"insecure about" or "insecure in"?

  • She was insecure about her looks.
  • She is insecure in her own body.
  • You both seem insecure with each other.
  • I have always felt insecure of myself because I AM SKINNY.
  • Your playing won't feel insecure around you.
  • I'd very insecure as a result of his drinking.
  • I am not insecure at all about this at all.
  • Re: Re: Re: Insecure by design.
  • Ironically enough, it made me insecure for a while.
  • I think sometimes she gets insecure because of all of the.
  • It breaks my heart to see her still so insecure after 2 years.
  • The region is largely food insecure due to its dependence on erratic rainfall for production of crops and pasture.
  • More the 60 percent of the invisible poor remain food insecure during all 12 months of the year.
  • Be warned that this may be insecure on a shared host.
  • She looks out of it and insecure to the hilt.
  • I feel very insecure without it.

"innocent of" or "innocent in"?

  • You are completely innocent of it.
  • The PD is not innocent in this.
  • He is considered innocent by some.
  • Be innocent as a dove and wise as a serpent.
  • She was too innocent for any sexual act.
  • He's been innocent from the beginning.
  • I'd completely innocent on both counts.
  • I plead innocent to statistical illiteracy.
  • EU is not innocent about their own minorities.
  • We are both innocent at our root.
  • We're Always Innocent Till Proven Guilty.
  • Something you can enjoy and be innocent with.
  • Looky I'd innocent after all, I'd not kinky.
  • How am I able to prove myself innocent against an extremely manipulative man.
  • Our court system states that you are innocent before proven guilty.
  • I like Adelle but she is innocent like an angel.
  • The mind can never be made innocent through experience.
  • Hanratty was innocent without a doubt.

"intense in" or "intense for"?

  • The traffic is intense in Japan.
  • It was too intense for the eyes.
  • Mom gets really intense with this sort of stuff).
  • It could get pretty intense at times.
  • It gets more intense as the minutes pass by.
  • The intense of the sound is generally individual.
  • It was pretty intense on many levels.
  • My dad has been pretty intense about it.
  • That focus seemed to get more intense during the HCR debates.
  • It gets really intense after half the lecture.
  • Life's troubles are getting intense by the day losing our focus.
  • The fighting was intense from 9.
  • Droughts have been more intense over wider areas since 1970s.
  • The forecast noted intense to heavy rainfall over a 600-kilometer diameter.
  • Health care-related problems and worries are particularly intense among the uninsured, those with lower incomes, and those in poor health.
  • A momentary glow, a sparkling aura, radiated from the little body, appearing most intense around its wound.
  • For the latter, education is getting more intense because of expanding human knowledge.
  • Ultraviolet light is most intense between 10 a.
  • The effect of rich nations is especially intense due to higher per capita consumption.
  • I fell into a relationship with an Australian girl because she was easy to be with, not intense like Sarah.
  • Precipitation is projected to increase in winter and spring, and to become more intense throughout the year.
  • In fact, weaverly love may become more intense without words.

incorrect in, for, on, about or with?

  • He is incorrect in this regard.
  • It is incorrect for two reasons.
  • Ken is not incorrect on that point.
  • You are incorrect about Sciences.
  • You can not go incorrect with a pair of shades.
  • This was incorrect as the K2 uses a L55 (6.
  • The price we had been quoted was incorrect by one zero.
  • That is incorrect to my understanding (phases of venus etc.
  • The translation is stiff and probably incorrect at times, too.
  • E is incorrect due to parallelism.
  • Some aspects may, in reality, not be against the Shari'ah, but simply incorrect according to the Mureed's knowledge.
  • The grade is incorrect because of an error in calculation of results, b.
  • The law does not simply highlight claims that are incorrect from a scientific perspective.
  • You're right, that was incorrect of me.
  • My statement was incorrect regarding the Governor's membership.

inaccessible to, for, by, in or due?

  • The surrounding space is inaccessible to them.
  • The whole area was inaccessible for almost a year.
  • Brooks Camp is inaccessible by road.
  • Inaccessible In your dybbuk fury, babies Hurled into the car, you drove.
  • Rock Creek Parkway South is inaccessible due to rush-hour lane closures.
  • Two of the three routes are inaccessible at the moment, so go north.
  • The Google Play mobile app store was also inaccessible from within China.
  • UPDATE: We received a copy of the image that Anonymous New Jersey leaked through Pastebin that was previously inaccessible as a link hosted by Facebook.
  • Some texts are inaccessible because of the language in which they are written.
  • Many communities in rural Tamale are inaccessible during the rainy season.
  • Some even make themselves completely inaccessible on weekends like this one mentioned here.
  • Those who have worked in academia often have access to academic journals inaccessible through a standard Google search.
  • Pitcairn by contrast is practically inaccessible with neither airport or seaport.
  • Legal knowledge and tools are largely inaccessible without lawyer involvement.

"incredible for", "incredible to" or "incredible in"?

  • The camera is incredible for a 5mp cam.
  • Jim Nash is incredible in that.
  • This still seems incredible to me.
  • Become really incredible at chess.
  • Bollywood is incredible with music.
  • This is what is so incredible about Nancy.
  • Firstly, it looks incredible on your resume.
  • He was militarily incredible as a tactician.
  • If CBS is true, that shows incredible after the fact management.
  • This is made more incredible by the fact that Roderick Meredith constantly describes how he knew Mr.
  • Incredible considering its age.
  • They were incredible from start to finish.
  • The most incredible of all was to come in the end.
  • Fletch in particular was incredible against Arsenal.
  • It had the highest and most commanding view of the valley and must have been simply incredible during sunset and sunrise.
  • Some of them are incredible like the Nation's great music schools in New York and elsewhere.
  • Your health has been incredible over the years.

intolerant of, to, towards, in or with?

  • The spouse is intolerant of adulterey.
  • Also intolerant to eggs and dairy.
  • But Europe is intolerant towards Muslims.
  • I am not being intolerant in my remarks.
  • But we are simply intolerant with our kith and kin back home.
  • Quite often they are so intolerant about other views.
  • Older sapiens would be lactose and gluten intolerant for a start.
  • Sounds silly, but not if you are gluten intolerant like I am.
  • It's you who are intolerant toward Pakistani culture by walking into Pakistan and demanding your moral code to reign supreme.

"impatient with" or "impatient for"?

  • I am impatient with most officials.
  • He also became impatient for a sign.
  • They are impatient of all restraint.
  • I am patient and impatient at the same time.
  • But, he wasn't selfish or impatient about it.
  • He is impatient in the high air.
  • It seemed like the Wizards ' guards got a bit impatient after the initial burst.
  • The crowd grew impatient as the work progressed.
  • Many times, you're impatient because you take matters in your hands.
  • We are impatient by our very nature.
  • Being impatient like his mother he has a tendency to check the box before even doing the task in an effort to save time.
  • Do not be impatient on the road.
  • Meanwhile the Amiga community were growing impatient over the lack of news regarding an OS partner.
  • Nigerians became impatient to rhetorics and no light.

ineligible for, by, due, to or under?

  • Many places IMGs are ineligible for it.
  • Those who are deemed ineligible by definition can not win.
  • Once widowed mother become ineligible due to her marriage next become eligible.
  • He's still ineligible to practice law in California.
  • I was refused a visa, can I re-apply? If you were found ineligible under U.
  • If Jindal is rendered ineligible as a result, so be it.
  • Most of these women are either pregnant or already a parent, as childless adults are typically ineligible at any income.
  • Barbour, who is suffering from bone cancer, registered to vote in September but learned last month that he was ineligible because of several less-serious felony convictions on his record.
  • LeBron would've been ruled ineligible instantly.

internal to, as, in, of or rather?

  • One is internal to the company.
  • Im a little internal as? you describe.
  • The external joins the internal in unison in Salah.
  • Do the opposite -- be the most internal of internal departments.
  • They are merely internal for Government.
  • Sometimes causes are internal rather than external.
  • I asked not to have an internal at all as I'd read up about it and didn't have any til I went into labour with both my others (who were born in Spain).
  • Unlike the Chinese parents, their love to the children is deeper and much more internal from the bottom of heart.
  • You can say no to an internal on admission -- anything at all.
  • Internal versus external capacity.
  • The old internal vs external chestnut.
  • Concentration is focusing out attention on something external or internal with regards to ourselves.
  • It appears all of this information was internal within the confines of the state department.

inseparable from, in, for, after or at?

  • LITTLETON Inseparable from Coke.
  • We were inseparable in being and Essence.
  • We'd been inseparable for twenty years.
  • We became inseparable after that.
  • We were inseparable at school, everyone saw it.
  • Our relationship went from inseparable to distant at best.
  • They know I'd inseparable with my gadgets.

indigenous to, in, as, of or against?

  • We are indigenous to this planet.
  • The indigenous in the area are Maasai people.
  • N Indigenous as well as derailing that gravy-train many kiwis will come back.
  • We as the indigenous of a proficient GHD manufacturer.
  • The Communists declared long ago that they were going to use the indigenous against the status quo power structures of each country that they marked for overthrow.
  • The indigenous at the isolated villages would smile and wave at every passing car from their mud huts.
  • The three strikes and out policy raised incarceration rates of women and indigenous by 216% in the first year.
  • Closer to the truth would be the busing of indigenous from Carnavan to the Pilbara to vote for what suits him and not the local indigenous.

intelligent in, of, with, for or about?

  • But more intelligent in other ways.
  • Deer are not the most intelligent of animals.
  • She's intelligent with an enviable work ethic.
  • He was too intelligent for that.
  • There's nothing intelligent about it.
  • If the electors are so intelligent as the hon.
  • Took some brilliant scores and was intelligent on the ball.
  • It's all about becoming intelligent by becoming non compliant.
  • Do I think it's intelligent to.
  • Home schooling is the best approach, for the intelligent among us.
  • You can be confused and intelligent at the same time.
  • He was not well behaved like us or not even intelligent like us.
  • Posing themselves as intelligent amongst the.
  • In Manchester United, you have good players around him, and Robin is very intelligent around the box.
  • She is considered a child prodigy, intelligent beyond her years and athletically gifted.
  • It is said that Rodaki was quite intelligent from childhood.
  • It can be very difficult working with intelligent over achieving people.
  • We have inherited the British tradition of being intelligent rather than intellectual.
  • Hence intelligent children can be intelligent without fear of bullying.

innovative in, with, about, for or at?

  • It was just so innovative in every way.
  • This is hilarious! Innovative with humour.
  • There is nothing innovative about this.
  • That is quite innovative for us.
  • That was very innovative at the time.
  • The most innovative of the cases (Emergency Response.
  • We're committed to being innovative on Facebook.
  • It is revolutionary and innovative to perfection.
  • Being accountable means being innovative as the person will think beyond his scope of job.
  • Let's be innovative by implementing.
  • Innovative without being weird; refined without the stuffiness.
  • Socks and Leggings and also Leggings Socks and leggings are wherever things can get truly innovative along with accessorizing.
  • Now, how about a small island like Samoa, Tonga or Fiji? Do you expect to find something (IT) innovative from those islands? I don't think so.
  • Be innovative within the rules of Islam.

intrinsic to, in, about, as or within?

  • This is intrinsic to the dance.
  • It's so intrinsic in human nature, isn't it.
  • There is nothing intrinsic about a tree.
  • Collaboration has intrinsic as well as extrinsic value.
  • I think the iPad has the potential to become intrinsic within healthcare, he says.

"irresponsible for" or "irresponsible of"?

  • Not to those irresponsible for their actions.
  • That would be irresponsible of me.
  • He is totally irresponsible in this regard.
  • Vod is very irresponsible with her.
  • Totally irresponsible on his part.
  • That screams IRRESPONSIBLE to me.
  • We have already been irresponsible by letting so many immigrants in.
  • What is irresponsible about that?
  • I was woefully irresponsible as a young man.
  • Failing to allow me the job shows you are irresponsible at this old age.
  • It was irresponsible from the get-go for the Sun to publish the comments of a radical who sent them an email.
  • He denounced the federal deficits as irresponsible without suggesting how budgets could be balanced.

intent on, upon, in or of?

  • So be intent on your meditation.
  • Each is intent upon preaching his own nonsense.
  • I'd intent in working hard for my money.
  • Anyone intent of causing or contributing to civil unrest should stay away.

infamous for, in, of, as or by?

  • BF3 is infamous for big patches.
  • The waves are infamous in the area.
  • The most infamous of these was the treaty of Nanjing.
  • In its early days Port Royal was infamous as a centre for piracy.
  • He practices the art made infamous by Al Capone.
  • The cold reading technique is infamous among skeptics.
  • Since GOLD investment has become some-what infamous because of the Genneva fiasco.
  • Cherry Street became infamous during the mid-1800s.
  • It had a restaurant which was infamous on Sunday morning brunches.
  • The sad fact is that the name McAlpine is now infamous through the actions of his cousin.
  • Market, an infamous to effects of levitra professional people, even pressure for which you take medicines called.
  • Ac units were infamous with carbon dioxide pollution levels.

insensitive to, in, towards, of or about?

  • So I'd not insensitive to that.
  • Yes, your opinion is insensitive in and of itself.
  • The AG is very insensitive towards public feelings.
  • It beats being insensitive about everything.
  • Some IB assays might be insensitive for anti-Ro.
  • That was very insensitive of Mrs.
  • These plants would also be Glc insensitive as a result of producing lower levels of the Glc sensor in response to endogenous ABA.
  • Yes he can be a little insensitive at times.
  • You make people insensitive by showing it all the time.
  • Careless and insensitive on my part.
  • This post might seem insensitive with some of the things I've mentioned.

incomplete without, in, for, with or at?

  • He is incomplete without a body.
  • Each is inaccurate or incomplete in its own way.
  • Your piece is very interesting but incomplete for Canada.
  • Rio's process remains incomplete at this time.
  • The grade has to be considering incomplete on that one.
  • Any article about AFCW is incomplete with them.
  • Our pets are miserable and incomplete by comparison.
  • A woman who would complete her education that was left incomplete due to a suspicion.
  • I love the film, but because of these trailers, it feels incomplete to me.
  • If application is incomplete after submission at V.
  • It was eclectic, good, but incomplete as a whole record.
  • Of the 1,000 calls, 36 were considered incomplete because of missing information.
  • She was born in Minnesota, their records are incomplete from 90 years ago.
  • For a bibliography incomplete of Crowder's works, see J.

"inclined to" or "inclined towards"?

  • I am inclined to think that Mr.
  • He is not inclined towards sweetness.
  • I'd inclined toward the latter.
  • The dwarf planet's orbit is inclined at 10.
  • I'd not so inclined for equally well intended reasons.
  • Love was a slope very slightly inclined in my eyes.
  • Although inclined by only around 11.
  • During its rotation on its axis, our Earth is slightly inclined from its orbit.
  • The Earth is inclined on its own axis at an angle of 23.
  • The bullion inclined with about $1.

"insufficient for" or "insufficient in"?

  • That was insufficient for the King.
  • I don't want to be insufficient in both areas.
  • But they proved insufficient to power even our new low energy fridge.
  • Courage is probably insufficient on its own.
  • She was in fact patently weak and insufficient as the company's big boss.
  • A reference list at the end is insufficient by itself.
  • Insufficient of cooling liquid; 3.
  • Words seem so insufficient at these times.
  • However, in general, the quality control of Web content is insufficient due to low publishing barriers.
  • In 1992, studies on water consumption indicated that it was less than 10 liters per day per capita 2 which is insufficient from the health and hygiene point of view.
  • But any profile of Caron would be grossly insufficient without relating his loyalty and uncommon kindness.

"insignificant in" or "insignificant to"?

  • It's all insignificant in the end.
  • The growth is insignificant to me.
  • No issue is too insignificant for these slimy shysters dude.
  • The assistance to GM is insignificant by comparison.
  • There are just a pile of details to sort through and each is as important or insignificant as the next.
  • Question: I feel so insignificant at times.
  • While this may seem insignificant on a 1.
  • A deer is insignificant from statistic point of view.
  • The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force.
  • He had the strictest ideas of duty and responsibility and even the poorest and most insignificant of suitors always found him ready to give his case a fair and prompt hearing.
  • Fear of being insignificant after giving up one's reputation; 3.
  • A black fleck perched atop a gargoyle, Batman appears insignificant against the scope of the setting.
  • As I approach I seem to shrink, becoming increasingly insignificant before this giant.
  • She became insignificant due to impoverishment pursuant on war, once denied the precious metals of South America.
  • Server-side latency must be insignificant relative to Internet latency.
  • Inversely it can also be something totally insignificant with no substance at all (e.

impervious to, from or in?

  • They are impervious to new data.
  • I will admit that they provide a stronger position -- however, it is not impervious from question, error or improvement.
  • Becoming impervious in that way is one of those.

incidental to, in, as, for or on?

  • Contact incidental to the mark.
  • These benefits are incidental in almost every way.
  • From its wheel and blade, the brightly-colored human figure flies off incidental as a spark.
  • By no means was all he achieved in government rubbish or wrong, but I think the benefit of the nation was incidental for this nutter.
  • Even though that benefit might be incidental rather than intentional.

intimate with, of, in, to or for?

  • We need to be intimate with him.
  • But I was never the intimate of those in the back row.
  • This is how one is intimate in villages.
  • Jluu and Jana like to get intimate for the shot.
  • They have become more intimate to us.
  • There's something much more intimate about it.
  • The two were caught getting intimate at the pool.
  • Once you and your partner feel more intimate on an emotional level, you may.
  • This group argues that you can be as intimate without sex as you are with sex.

inimical to, towards, for or with?

  • Also, he is inimical to the believers.
  • You can not defeat it by being inimical towards it.
  • The observation that most adaptations of individuals are inimical for individuals or their genes but good for populations/species.
  • The minister (Grey) told the King that the pledge was inimical with the interests of the country.

infatuated with, by or in?

  • I had become infatuated with it.
  • The BBC were infatuated by the Seekers.
  • I don't think it's orchestrated per se but they do seem a little infatuated in their hate for me.

indian in, for, with, to or as?

  • There is nothing Indian in you.
  • I am planning to go to Indian for my H1 stamping.
  • He said in his speech, Indian with 1.
  • There is Indian as well as Oriental cuisine.
  • Although Indian by descent, Mr.
  • She was East Indian from Guyana.
  • Yes, in 1967 Burt coaxed the Indian to 201.
  • We won't see one Chinese and one Indian on every panel.
  • Parklands and Diamond Plaza are fantastic areas to eat Indian at.
  • But then again, why am I surprised? He is Indian after all.
  • I am a West Indian of African descent.
  • Status Indian: A person who is registered as an Indian under the Indian Act.
  • There's plenty Indian about it as she takes over every track with her lightning riffs of fire.
  • He also scored 4 hundreds, the maximum by any Indian against the English at home.
  • I am proud to be an Indian because I know what I represent.
  • At his bidding Epagathos and Adventus followed the Indian into the adjoining room after extinguishing the lamp.
  • He is Indian like me and he is the same religion as me but he is a different caste and he is not as educated as me.
  • We fly inland and abroad almost regularly and in many international airports one can find an Indian out of every four or five passengers.
  • Deliver TEXT in order to Indian through throughout globe.
  • You can not become truly American citizens, industrious, intelligent, cultured, civilized until the INDIAN within you is DEAD.

"idle for" or "idle in"?

  • My guitar has lain idle for ages.
  • They see the idle in affluence.
  • You may even become idle at times.
  • A tenantless property sitting idle on South Beach.
  • I can do idle with my eyes closed.
  • Agatha was not idle during the war.
  • One who sits idle after lunch, becomes lazy.
  • It stays on on idle as well as acceleration.
  • As physiocrat has already stated to not support LVT is to support the idle by taxing the hard working.
  • The few that work often stand idle due to a lack of fuel.
  • Everyday she used to worship the idle of Vishnu.
  • The building has lain idle since 1999,.
  • We are not idle about involvement with the European IT industry, either.
  • Two other Honda plants in Guangdong province remain idle because of work stoppages.
  • Egypt should not stand idle before this aggression.
  • So the processor will start remaining IDLE from here to the next process on the list.
  • TRAILERS, BOATS AND ENGINES If left sitting around idle over winter, this is usually when trouble starts.
  • A man may go idle to hell, but he that will go to heaven, must be diligent.
  • Budget law or will change people's Congress in the budget process in virtual idle without power.

identifiable by, as, with, in or to?

  • It is uniquely identifiable by humans.
  • Sergius identifiable as the monastery of Ss.
  • I want it to be easily identifiable with a strong branding.
  • People should be identifiable in their dresses.
  • Make it something identifiable to you.
  • No one individual will be identifiable from the responses.
  • Many a work contains a path identifiable on the ground to this day.
  • I also agree it fails to meet the specifications requested, identifiable at 1x1cm.
  • This is a very heartfelt story, all true and so identifiable for so many.
  • We will not collect personally identifiable through this website unless you voluntarily provide it.
  • Some of those goods are indeed human rights; they are identifiable across time and space as being always applicable, regardless of the society in which one lives.
  • He is easily identifiable because of his unique fashion sense.
  • Diamonds are also regionally identifiable due to the make-up of the soil and the pipe that it was formed in.
  • Despite the drivers ' cartoony appearance they're all easily identifiable including their stereotypical accents and voices.
  • But, while recessions can be typologised in general terms -- identifiable like the shape of a hurricane from space -- they each play out differently on the ground.
  • How do I safeguard and protect my password? Do not choose a password that is easily identifiable such as your personal telephone number, birthday or other personal information etc.
  • If you really have to stick with JavaScript or any other link types, be sure you discover how to insert text that is identifiable within your link.
  • This book covers the species most likely to be seen and identifiable without the use of a microscope.

"incompetent in" or "incompetent at"?

  • They were incompetent in this matter.
  • He would not be incompetent at housework.
  • We don't want someone that is too incompetent for the position.
  • He has proven himself to be incompetent as a leader.
  • However, I believe in power shifting from the incompetent to the most competent.
  • Bush wasn't perceived as a weak incompetent by world leaders.
  • Daniel turned out incompetent on anchoring.
  • I was incompetent of making rational choices.
  • It is not just maths that Akerman is incompetent with, it is also language.
  • He is incompetent from a political standpoint.
  • For weeks I felt inadequate and incompetent about everything -- from the way I parented to the way I served El (God) in ministry to the way I organized my time and my life.
  • The Japanese stewards were branded by the entire racing world as incompetent after taking down Buena Vista.
  • Did it work? Well, no, but to say that he's incompetent because of that is far too harsh.
  • I thought they were lying, but they were just incompetent beyond belief.
  • The evidence sought to be countered should not refer to those which are incompetent due to an exclusionary rule 4.
  • He is a fool and incompetent like the rest of Republicans.
  • Union seniority rules promoted people that were incompetent over people who were most qualified.
  • There was a perception that the Blair Brown regime was mad rather than bad, incompetent rather than corrupt.
  • Sony and Nintendo are so incompetent regarding digital, they are terrified of it.

infinite in, of, by, to or for?

  • It's infinite in every direction.
  • That was the infinite of the muscles.
  • The argument really tries to reach the infinite by merely negating the finite.
  • His knowledge seemed infinite to us as children.
  • They also assume that money is infinite for everyone.
  • Man is the Infinite with the appearance of the Finite.
  • The elasticity of supply is nearly infinite at relevant margins.
  • If we take away infinite from infinite, the Infinite is not reduced in any way, because one can not take away anything from the Infinite.
  • My first experience of Iceland is a black void apparently stretching into the infinite on either side of the road.
  • The system can be short circuited and it is possible to go directly to the Infinite without the external catalyst.
  • If either argument is Infinity the transformation matrix must be marked as infinite instead of the method throwing an exception.
  • Simply stated, every bet is off when you introduce something infinite into an argument.
  • It is beyond form and formlessness, infinite like the mind itself is so infinite.
  • In Islam, man has access to the Absolute and Infinite through the Qur'an.
  • Modernity is the challenge of the infinite within the capacities of the present.

"inconvenient for" or "inconvenient to"?

  • That's much too inconvenient for him.
  • The euro is inconvenient to Ireland.
  • The pregnancy was inconvenient in each case.
  • In all the most inconvenient of places.
  • Plus, healthy food can be a bit inconvenient at times.
  • Was considered and in order to prevent the user go through inconvenient by the collapse of life insurance companies is to have Life Insurance Policyholders Protection Corporation of Japan.
  • It may initially give the impression of being inconvenient due to its size, but its low weight and lack of a disc drive lower the machine's profile.
  • You can live in another house and that is not inconvenient from the Islamic point of view.
  • You were inconvenient with your facts and knowledge, so they censored you.

injurious to, for or in?

  • Smoking is injurious to health.
  • Likewise, poverty, joblessness, powerlessness and economic insecurity are injurious for human health.
  • However delay is particularly injurious in domestic violence cases.

incomprehensible to, in, for, without or as?

  • It was just incomprehensible to me.
  • Plenty of things are incomprehensible in life.
  • Theological books can be almost incomprehensible for the ordinary reader.
  • The second is incomprehensible as an example of alliteration.
  • Further the mixing not being clear, his dialogues are incomprehensible at places.
  • What is divine is incomprehensible by reason.
  • Yet the history of Spanish American independence is incomprehensible without Bolivar.
  • There is nothing incomprehensible about the article.
  • A very uncharacteristic mistake, incomprehensible from a well-educated Frenchman.
  • This book translates the incomprehensible into the actionable.
  • The problem I also have is that the maths involved takes in numbers so huge as to be almost incomprehensible of itself.

"inactive for" or "inactive in"?

  • They will be inactive for two years.
  • His law license became inactive in 2002.
  • MIP-1? is inactive on basophils.
  • PS: It's just the forums that are a bit inactive at this point.
  • But the steelmaker remains inactive due to differences over the claims.
  • It had been kept in reserve and had remained inactive after June 1944.
  • Make sure that your cell phone is inactive during class.
  • The volcano has been relatively inactive since 1904.
  • Instead, he was inactive as the No.
  • However, this functionality is inactive by default.
  • He is bold and active; she is bored and inactive to the point of total inanimation.
  • Proteins with sulphur-containing components are particularly sensitive and become inactive with oxidation.
  • One third of adults across the world and four in five teenagers are physically inactive according to the study, which was based on self-reported data.
  • Chloramphenicol is inactive against A.
  • Clover, the normal nitrogen source, is still broadly inactive because of the low temperatures.
  • Failure to do this will immediately render your email address inactive from the database system.
  • There's no reason to be inactive like this.
  • If we simply become inactive out of frustration, then it will be failure.
  • Being physically inactive over a long period is linked to high blood pressure, a leading cause of strokes.

illustrative of, in, rather or for?

  • Benghazi is illustrative of the same lesson.
  • Few examples may be illustrative in this regard.
  • My rant was illustrative rather than concrete.
  • These savings are illustrative for this specific household and should not be quoted as general savings.

insistent on, about, in, upon or as?

  • She was very insistent on her rules.
  • One Frenchman was insistent about this.
  • She was most insistent in beseeching the prayers of her friends.
  • If he is insistent upon it, get it elsewhere.
  • They are as gentle and insubstantial as petals, but also strong and insistent as an index of Bakker.
  • He called four times and was very insistent at me returning his call immediately.
  • Sharp is particularly insistent for producing on Japanese soil.
  • But If they are insistent of becoming Karachiites, I would ask them to bring along their 1/3 (Rs.
  • One man, standing against the fence at deep square-leg, was most insistent with his barracking.

"impractical for" or "impractical in"?

  • But this is impractical for Singapore.
  • This would be highly impractical in most cases.
  • Perhaps this seems too radical, visionary and impractical to them.
  • This is very impractical at the moment.
  • Romney is entirely impractical on fixing America's financial woes.
  • It's both impractical as a solution, and irrational, and.
  • In general, this is impractical because of the expense and redundancy involved.
  • Getting to Tokyo is impractical by any means other than flying.
  • A wired solution was deemed impractical due to the vast distance between cameras over the planned shuttle route.
  • That is impractical with a class of 30 or more students.
  • These could prove impractical during the day, and totally ineffective at night.
  • The SST proved to be impractical from a business point of view.
  • I find it cruel but not impractical of YK not to save her father.
  • The iPad dock is neat but impractical without a Camera Connection Kit for your iPad.

"inexperienced in" or "inexperienced at"?

  • Inexperienced in battle hand to hand.
  • The remaining individuals were inexperienced at leisure cycling.
  • Maybe she's too young, inexperienced with cake styles.
  • I thought BR was too inexperienced for the job in hand.
  • I feel awkward and inexperienced as a freshman again.
  • Through your current articles, I've gone via just an inexperienced to a skilled in the area.
  • That was a mad thing to do and a tad inexperienced on his behalf.
  • Mostly because I was inexperienced about the SAP installation and how the SAP is implemented.
  • Both are seen as inexperienced by their opponents.
  • But how to start that with someone, who is totally inexperienced like me about sex.
  • Sometimes when they have succeeded in assigning jobs to the inexperienced without the proper training, the experienced are again impatient in carefully guiding them through the work.

individual with, for, without, to or in?

  • An individual with an emotional baggage.
  • The inner journey will be individual for each person.
  • This is very individual to the kind of book.
  • It wasn't like an individual without help.
  • They're all individual in their own right.
  • That's individual as well as corporate.
  • It has debarred one part of the community from being individual by starving them.
  • Morning Illness in Being pregnant is pretty individual from being pregnant to pregnancy.
  • Your metabolic rank is individual of them.
  • They tend to prefer individual rather than people oriented activities.

intelligible to, in, by, with or for?

  • They are mainly intended to be intelligible to me.
  • The present is only intelligible in the light of the past.
  • We have made Hegel intelligible by interpreting spirit as activity in Marx's sense.
  • It is not intelligible with Chumburung.
  • I try to make such poems both readable and intelligible for non-scientists.
  • The passage is consistent enough and intelligible without them.
  • The present Iraq war is only intelligible as a major battle in the new, third phase of securing American dominance.
  • Furthermore, it is meant to be perfectly intelligible on a literal level.
  • However, it is perfectly possible to deliberately focus a transmission, keeping it intelligible at considerably greater distances.

"intermediate between", "intermediate in" or "intermediate to"?

  • Then C must be intermediate between A and B.
  • Level: intermediate to advanced Type: hands on.
  • The seed is intermediate in size (90 g).
  • Both WTS and West Texas Intermediate at Midland will flow on the line eventually.
  • Nico was the fastest on the prime tyre, but struggled to get the temperature into the intermediate for Q2.
  • In 1960, he passed the Intermediate from the Dhaka College.
  • The coach recommended me to Intermediate on Saturdays.
  • It caters for beginners, intermediate as well as experienced riders.
  • The intermediate along this reaction pathway is called a tetrahedral intermediate because of the sp3 hybridization of the central carbon atom.
  • I should be able to move on to intermediate by the end of 2012/early 2013.
  • You probably will not be able to hard up a warehouse in the intermediate of Saudi Arabia with your company tag on it.
  • I tried the intermediate without weights.
  • I tried the intermediate without weights.

irresistible to, for, in, about or at?

  • That combo is irresistible to pervs.
  • The lure of cheap flat screens is irresistible for some.
  • This sight is even more irresistible in the night.
  • There is something irresistible about the idea of ostrich rustlers.
  • This information can also be used to help with damage limitation if temptation should prove irresistible at any other time.
  • In Lanka, the temptation is almost irresistible after last year's holocaust.
  • Callback Phone is byproducts of VoIP as it is irresistible as well as cost-effective.
  • They are irresistible by nature?
  • And cresting some hill, steep and irresistible of ascent, you will find yourself sudden monarch of all you survey: an ancient domain cast from your height in all points of the compass.
  • You are pretty much irresistible on the hot and spicy 18th and 19th.

"interchangeable with" or "interchangeable in"?

  • PDD is not interchangeable with Pdd-NOS.
  • They are interchangeable in most recipes.
  • That vote is now truly interchangeable between FF and FG.
  • Because of this change of perspective, they have been interchangeable for me.
  • It isn't enough that our neo conservative or neo-liberal leadership is interchangeable at this point.
  • But it's rare that two pieces of software are 100% compatible and interchangeable on *all* surfaces.
  • Morals seem somewhat interchangeable to these two, when it suits them.
  • On or Upon? /In or Into? On/upon and in/into are equally interchangeable according to the Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of English Usage.
  • Whatever the SIM form is it really must be interchangeable across multiple phones, easy to get to etc.
  • Most players are simply interchangeable from one roster to the next.
  • Many liquids are interchangeable within a recipe; try replacing the water or milk with something new.

improper for, in, about, to or on?

  • That is 100% improper for two reasons.
  • This is however improper in a file.
  • There's nothing improper about it.
  • Why? Because those pictures belayed an image IMPROPER of both parties in this event.
  • Life is hard enough as it is: If it's not improper on your part, please name the company and the manager's initials.
  • The 30-foot cross he erected at Pointe-Penouille seemed improper to Donnacona, the Native chief.
  • Of these 19 were rejected as improper by the Court of Cassation.
  • You can find nothing at all improper with promotion.
  • Unnecessary? Improper at that time, no.
  • And I can? t imagine who could have ever arranged to do something improper like that and no one around here know about it.
  • If the amount does go on a credit report once he turns 18, it is unlikely to be improper under the terms of the act.

inspired by, with, for, from or of?

  • I was very inspired by this post.
  • Anwar inspired with his vision.
  • The Colts have been playing inspired for their coach.
  • I feel very inspired from your blog and I'd going to get busy shaping.
  • Sugar Rush symbolizes the neatest and most inspired of them all.
  • No kidding! Second, I am very inspired about how his work stimulated your language acquisition - I'd serving in the Peace Corps in Armenia and languages are not my strong suit.
  • Most of the girls gets inspired after seeing the television shows.
  • The end result is which to be able to remain inspired in order to physical exercise involves lots of effort, that is unlike exactly what many people often believe.
  • She blogs at Inspired to Action, where she helps overwhelmed moms become focused and purposeful.

"imperative for" or "imperative to"?

  • It is imperative for your health.
  • It's imperative to building muscle.
  • Inclusiveness is imperative in this process.
  • This made it imperative on the GOI to return this land to them.
  • For me, journaling is imperative as an author.
  • The demands in Syriza's programme are imperative at this juncture.
  • According to Islam, it is imperative upon Muslims to regard all the above categories of humans, as well as animals as rightful shareholders in their assets.

insulting to, in, for, of or about?

  • It's insulting to the customer.
  • There is nothing insulting in this work.
  • It is insulting for me to fight you.
  • They are so insulting of his Christianity.
  • There's nothing flippant, arrogant, or insulting about it.
  • I honestly don't mean to be insulting by the above.
  • You are simply being insulting as a means to win a pointless argument.
  • Its definitely insulting at times.
  • This is still remarkably insulting on the part of Warnock.
  • I think that's just ridiculously silly not to mention insulting towards the older riders.
  • THEN you can try being insulting with your little doubt-implying quotations marks.

"irritating to" or "irritating for"?

  • It is irritating to the people.
  • It's irritating for mobile browsers.
  • It is irritating in the extreme.
  • It does get irritating at times.
  • They are rather irritating about it.
  • However, this gets irritating after a certain point.
  • And irritating on several counts.
  • It got a little irritating by the last step.
  • The most irritating of shorts is the wire to wire variety.
  • Car 500 pipes along with irritating with, tv to get pc is only damaged.
  • Pressing these buttons can also be irritating as the systems re-calibrates each time you stop the car and have to press it all again.
  • That Air NZ ad is irritating beyond belief, as infuriating as the kid from.
  • I mean, we were always fighting and it was so irritating due to the fact that we did love and we cared for each other.
  • They can not be irritating from their own side because not everyone sees them as such.
  • Even if Edward is the guy Mary Sue, at least he isn't irritating like one.

irregardless of, as or to?

  • AllenBouchard: Irregardless of the.
  • Not only how much money do you have, but how much money does all your close relatives have irregardless as to whether they will actually give you any of their money.
  • When told to draw cards, you draw cards irregardless to your hand size.

investing in, with, of, for or at?

  • Its about investing in the kids.
  • Investing of mass psychology learning is important rather than investing in economics learning.
  • We try not to do any investing with emotions as this is the best way to make a financial decision.
  • I blame Passive Investing for giving timing a bad name.
  • Ray Kennedy and Mark Hudoff learned high-yield investing at Pimco.
  • That's why investing on these kinds of relationships will always be a win/win situation.
  • The report finds that countries that do well on the Investing Across Borders indicators also tend to attract more foreign direct investment relative to the size of their economies and population.
  • Peter Lynch You will be more successful in your investing by picking areas of the market that you know something about.
  • Can try the creation day if they are passing to be fitness a complete investing into your persuasion, opening and dcollet, beautifying the area.
  • Private investment can not compete and given that the government is doing the investing to their friends, see #1.

"intimidating for" or "intimidating to"?

  • That may be too intimidating for most.
  • This might be intimidating to some.
  • This is telling and intimidating at the same time.
  • The term is intimidating in so many cases.
  • There was just something highly intimidating about her.
  • The process of replacement appears intimidating as the new features question the basic fabric nations operated on earlier.
  • These types of vehicles can be intimidating because of their advanced features.
  • He's such a legend that he's really intimidating on the field.
  • But as it is, it's too intimidating with the size of the job I have to do.
  • What last night had seemed like a scary jungle was far less intimidating by day.
  • Club Moblin Upon first appearance, Club Moblin can be quite intimidating due to its large size.
  • These are category C and so not too intimidating from the outside.
  • He shifted, ready to step out of the trees and do some intimidating of his own.
  • He is not intimidating towards me, I am not scared for my own safety, but I worry about others as he is quite aggressive and angry.

"intrigued by" or "intrigued with"?

  • I was very intrigued by the end.
  • And then I got very intrigued with dissociation.
  • Im very intrigued about the prospect of acquiring lowrie.
  • It also ended leaving me intrigued as to who Eddie is too.
  • In short, this book had me intrigued from page 1.
  • I'd more intrigued at what a move like that would actually entail.
  • They are always very intrigued on my accent and story of how I ended up out here.

infected with, by, in, from or at?

  • Pregnant women who become infected with T.
  • The donated cells were not able to be infected by the virus.
  • HOWEVER the Infected in 28 Days later are not Zombies.
  • Having your pen drive getting infected from worms is quite easy, and getting rid of them is quite difficult.
  • Your goal is to hold the infected at bar and not to let them spread.
  • If a woman becomes infected during her pregnancy it can have devastating affects on the unborn fetus.
  • Holloway didn't get infected for breathing the air.
  • Am i infected of HIV? I never did sex with women.
  • There is always a chance of you getting infected through the use of unsterilized tools.

in-line with, for, inside, on or to?

  • Generally it is in-line with the torso.
  • It can even position you in-line for a job promotion.
  • Determine your focus on collection and then make certain all vital components of the body are in-line inside a parallel style for the collection.
  • I notice too that the vacuum and steam heating pipes appear to be in-line on the same side, bit unusual that.
  • And the day came when we are in-line to checked in the Disney Dream Cruise.

"impressed with" or "impressed by"?

  • Very impressed with his service.
  • I was impressed by his knowledge.
  • I wasn't very impressed at the offer.
  • I am not very impressed about coach Ryan.

"incumbent on" or "incumbent upon"?