Prepositions after Adjectives

Click an adjective to see what prepositions are usually used after it in English


similar to, in, for or with?

  • Faith is very similar to a seed.
  • Results were similar in the US.
  • Similar for Holland of the 70s.
  • Similar with gold and the like.

sorry for, about, to or in?

  • I feel very very sorry for him.
  • Aw, sorry about the poison ivy.
  • I am really sorry to hear this.
  • Sorry in advance for all the wordage.

successful in, at, with, for or on?

  • Be Successful in the Classroom.
  • And was incredibly successful with it.
  • Three things were successful for me.
  • We were successful on 3 of them.
  • We are far more successful as a pack.
  • The most successful of these composers.
  • The games were hugely successful because of this.
  • One can be successful by all means.
  • I've been very successful over the years.
  • It made me successful to myself.
  • You can be successful without using.

suitable for, to, as or in?

  • Suitable for ages 12 and older.
  • The series is more suitable to the U.
  • It is suitable as a single or double room.
  • Buddhism is suitable in an ideal world.

"sure of" or "sure about"?

  • I'd sure of it.
  • Not sure about it.
  • Be sure to.
  • Im sure in the long.
  • Not sure on that.
  • Not sure at this point.
  • I'd not sure for the reasons.
  • Not so sure with ManC.
  • I am sure after using this.
  • Im not sure as for.
  • Out to make sure by www.
  • The rest is quite sure from humans.

serious about, in, with, for or of?

  • I was serious about the matter.
  • We must be serious in this country.
  • I'd serious with the sunscreen.
  • It's not serious for elsewhere.
  • Pot just isn't that serious of a deal.
  • I think I was pretty serious as a child.
  • I'd bubbly but serious at times.
  • They were not taken serious by anybody.
  • We must get serious on this front.
  • That school does nt look serious to me.

sick of, to, with, in or for?

  • Im sick of this retarded trend.
  • It makes me sick to my stomach.
  • Dizzy, almost sick with relief.
  • I am sick in the head, I swear.
  • It has kept me sick for 5 days.
  • I feel physically sick from it.
  • Ate myself sick at the beginning.
  • And you'll get sick on the way.
  • I felt literally sick about it.
  • I get very very sick after eating that.
  • My brother was sick as a tumor.
  • I am sick because I am failing English.
  • He gets sick by meat factories.
  • I fall sick during winter trips easily.
  • I am absolutely sick over this.

strong in, for, with, on or of?

  • Be strong in the name of Allah.
  • Far too strong for a dying man.
  • Jesus was much stronger on this.
  • Nut-jobbery is strong with them.
  • DS is going strong at 7 months.
  • It's only for the strong of heart.
  • His heart was strong as a rock.
  • GTF is getting stronger by day.
  • He is not strong against short bowling.
  • Batteries still strong from new.
  • They remain strong to this day.
  • She's just been strong about it.
  • They are the stronger after all.
  • The impact is strongest among men.
  • We are strong because of the pain.
  • Tourism in Costa Rica remains strong despite U.
  • I have no choice, but be strong during this period.
  • Cold and strong like the river.
  • It favours the strong over the weak.
  • But I felt pretty strong through all of it.
  • The wind was strong throughout the day.
  • It's strong without being rugged.

"safe for", "safe from" or "safe in"?

  • It was safe for a while longer.
  • He may never be safe in the US.
  • Safe from vandalism, apparently.
  • No crew is safe with him on deck.
  • It is not safe at all to do so.
  • We are safe on our woman train.
  • Either way: atheism is safest by far.
  • That sounded pretty safe to me.
  • In France, no woman is safe after Dark.
  • You feel safe around him / her.
  • Keep it safe as the owner may emerge.
  • Not that it was much safer during the day.
  • And they're in the safest of hands.
  • Or very safe under the bridge anyway.

special about, to, for, in or on?

  • What is so special about the D.
  • Hinojos, Special to The Monitor.
  • We are no less special for this.
  • We are all SPECIAL in His eyes.
  • Special on overstock heat pumps.
  • What's so special with Acme People Search.
  • They're on special at the moment.
  • We felt very special by the way they treated us.
  • Select EditPaste Special from the menu.
  • The special of the evening was a rib eye steak.
  • We do nothing special as a country.
  • It's special because of its ending.
  • Yeah, I'd a little special like that.

sensitive to, about, in, for or at?

  • I'd also sensitive to their flaws.
  • They are very sensitive about this.
  • Men are sensitive in strange ways.
  • It's still a bit sensitive for me.
  • Our nerves are hyper sensitive at the moment.
  • Be aware and sensitive of this.
  • I was ultra sensitive on this day.
  • I'd pretty sensitive towards family.
  • They've been sensitive with it.

small in, for, of, to or with?

  • Size is always small in the dry.
  • Too small for the traffic it has.
  • Tearing in the small of the back.
  • A child grows from small to tall.
  • So start small with $50 a week.
  • I was quite small at that time.
  • Niches are small by definition.
  • They are indeed small on a scope.
  • They also feel small as a people.
  • Or, it looked small from the outside.
  • Just too small like the rest of the team.
  • But the market has become really small over the last years.
  • And it's small relative to the value of the business.

short of, for, on, in or by?

  • Quad City fell short of the 22.
  • I know it's a bit short for $7.
  • Here is a short on his Bio! www.
  • They fall short in the process.
  • They fell short by over 10,000.
  • Life is too short to Hate Read.
  • Pete is relatively short at 5 feet 6.
  • Sometimes I was short with her.

specific to, about, in, for or on?

  • It's not specific to JavaScript.
  • Osho was very specific about this.
  • Pls be specific in your answers.
  • Let's get specific for a moment.
  • The Council again is very specific on this.
  • Be specific with the specifics.
  • Be specific as opposed to general.
  • Jesus was very specific by saying sea monster.
  • One following up on the - a specific of the Bill.

"significant in" or "significant for"?

  • Significant in his own way, certainly.
  • That's significant for the Texans.
  • Line 578, change significant to large.
  • This is significant of the truth that.
  • Variables significant at P <.
  • I don't feel any significant about the day.
  • The position is significant as the Rev.
  • It's significant on a number of fronts.
  • This is significant with regard to entropy.
  • Looks like that absence from training was significant after all.
  • And the falloff is most significant among younger viewers.
  • It is only significant because of the unifying power of each religion.
  • The differences were not significant by gender.
  • The danger this poses is significant due to the amount of food that's prepared in the kitchen.
  • The overall trend is not significant during the past 30 years.
  • This is very significant from many levels.
  • Company car costs can become significant over time if they're not probably managed.
  • The country's sectarian tensions are also significant within this context.

simple for, as, of, in or to?

  • We make it that simple for you.
  • Just more style simple as that.
  • Benzema has the simple of finishes.
  • Which is dead simple in the US.
  • It was all pretty simple to me.
  • Resume help? Simple with cvmkr.
  • This is not simple by any means.
  • But it wasn't simple like that.
  • Our plan looked so simple on paper.
  • And there was nowt simple about.
  • It's really simple at the core.
  • It's refreshingly simple from start to end.
  • Again, simple without too much fuss.

scared of, to, about, for or by?

  • But I'd not scared of them now.
  • But I'd scared to death of LSU.
  • I feel very scared about it all.
  • I am very scared for all of us.
  • Everyone were scared by medicine.
  • They were scared at the blacks.
  • Opposition is scared from Imran Khan.
  • Everybody is scared in the school.
  • Bottom Line I admit I am scared off fire.
  • Boy was scared out of his mind.
  • Were scared with this incident.

supportive of, to, in, for or about?

  • Haidt, was very supportive of the G.
  • Open and supportive to your ideas? 3.
  • He isn't supportive in any way.
  • I want to have them be supportive for me.
  • Be gracious, even supportive about it.
  • Very supportive during difficult pregnancy.
  • Be gentle and supportive throughout the journey.
  • And also, all the consultants were very supportive towards us.
  • She's really supportive with my dancing too.

superior to, in, for, about or over?

  • Defence was superior to attack.
  • We were superior in every aspect.
  • Often humans cede superior for cheaper products.
  • We shouldn't get too superior about it though.
  • That is the one category you are far superior at.
  • Men judge a superior by their work performance.
  • George Santhumayor, Superior of St.
  • Jordan was superior on the court.
  • Prayers are superior over all the other actions.
  • Any man's dynamics is superior with these watches on his arm.

"silent on" or "silent about"?

  • Kenneth is silent on the affair.
  • Because we are silent about it.
  • He remained silent for a while.
  • He was silent in respect of Azaan.
  • We will not be silent as the U.
  • He is Chiranjeevi and why is he silent at this point.
  • Ahmadi remained silent during proceedings.
  • The media is silent over these issues.
  • Darcy, silent with horror and embarrassment.
  • The room is very silent after this.
  • We must not remain silent before evil.
  • You were deadly silent by political choice.
  • It is silent except for my gun.
  • I knew you'd remain silent like that.
  • So keep silent regarding the further explanations that we gave you.
  • Students may be largely silent throughout the discussion.
  • All was silent to him, and he was at peace.

susceptible to, of or for?

  • Susceptible to chlorotic streaks.
  • They are susceptible of ratification.
  • Boys are susceptible for eight days and girls for twenty.

sufficient for, in, to, as or on?

  • The Bible is sufficient for the.
  • They are self sufficient in food.
  • A word is sufficient to the wise.
  • Allah is sufficient as Trustee.
  • I cant get sufficient of this blog.
  • They were in many ways self sufficient on Hoy.
  • An away draw is sufficient at this point.
  • Neither one is sufficient by itself.
  • Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.
  • It is important to drink sufficient with the fibre.

"sad for" or "sad about"?

  • It makes me sad for the future.
  • I find I am quite sad about it.
  • Very good (and sad at the end).
  • It's sad in a way, bitter sweet.
  • I am sad to see a few of my fav.
  • Unfortunate sad of affairs indeed.
  • I was really sad on the inside.
  • I am so sad with this decision.
  • Roosters may not be sad after sex, but after a night.
  • Govind It is sad as well as scary.
  • We are sad because of wrong priorities.
  • We are all ertexmely sad by this.
  • Really sad from my perspective.
  • I would say kinda sad over all.

synonymous with, to, for or in?

  • Synonymous with photoautotrophy.
  • Traffic is synonymous to chaos.
  • He is synonymous for the word customization.
  • They are synonymous in vedAnta.

stuck in, on, with, into or at?

  • Then it gets stuck in the mind.
  • But let's not get stuck on that.
  • Can't wait to get stuck into it.
  • Or you might get stuck with them.
  • Still gets stuck at 90% complete.
  • I was nervous about getting stuck behind them.
  • Political beliefs get stuck to your hands.
  • My dog once got stuck between the sofa and the wall.
  • But sometimes it gets stuck for a few weeks.
  • Say I get stuck inside the car during a collision.
  • My male would end up hiding and even got stuck under my couch.
  • HA Oh, quiet, you stuck up old bitch.

suspicious of, about, to, in or by?

  • We are suspicious of the world.
  • Something suspicious about him.
  • It sounds mighty suspicious to me.
  • Saw nothing suspicious in or about the boat.
  • Was suspicious as the number pattern is odd for Quebec plate, found this.
  • This seemed suspicious at the time.
  • I was even suspicious by the sales they were claiming.
  • Folks become suspicious for some reason.
  • Was suspicious from the start, but the first step they tried was to Run www.
  • Conan started getting more suspicious on Eisuke.

sympathetic to, towards, with, about or for?

  • And I'd very sympathetic to the.
  • I feel hugely sympathetic towards them too.
  • So, I'd sympathetic with you, Father.
  • I am really sympathetic about you.
  • I felt sympathetic for the mother.
  • Hamilton is noticeably more sympathetic in her narrative than Boswell.
  • Is he sympathetic of romance? Not at all.
  • I am sympathetic toward the protestors.

"skeptical of" or "skeptical about"?

  • Always be skeptical of the media.
  • I'd a bit skeptical about the idea.
  • I'd really skeptical on this program.
  • But it does make me skeptical as to his accuracy.
  • You might be skeptical at how easy it looks.
  • I was pretty skeptical in the beginning.
  • Great video I was skeptical to.
  • I understand them being skeptical with the politicians.

"social in", "social as" or "social with"?

  • Values are social in character.
  • Amazon goes social with brand pages.
  • The meltdown is social as well as glacial.
  • Nokia Social for Symbian Belle updated to V1.
  • Well, I didn't add Sim Social to the list.
  • These new platforms are social at their core.
  • I am social on the inside, and WANT.
  • The choice is a social rather than a biological one.
  • We have always been social by human nature.
  • Wang dong said, the social from all walks of life man.
  • They are quick and easy things to remember when infusing social into your site.
  • It wasn't the most social of hostels.
  • There is nothing social about passion.
  • Perhaps you should try something social like.
  • For folks it might be eliminate dinner, social through herbs good.
  • And what actually is a social versus economic policy.
  • Insist on a campaign of race purity; that is, doing everything moral and social within the race.
  • You can't have social without content.

"strange to" or "strange for"?

  • This sounds strange to my ears.
  • It has been very strange for me.
  • I always feel strange in there.
  • The only thing strange about Mr.
  • But strangest of all is the chain.
  • It sounded strange at that time.
  • I find that a bit strange as an accountant.
  • It feels strange on his face, tentative.
  • There ' nothing strange with this.
  • Everything gets stranger after that.
  • Now this! This gets stranger by the day.
  • Which is strange considering River changed it pretty quickly.
  • It all seemed very strange from the start.
  • Credit card companies are strange like that.

stupid for, in, of, to or like?

  • Make them feel stupid for trying.
  • So are the stupid in the world.
  • Stupid of liar, take your pick.
  • It's stupid to suggest that he is.
  • Windows is a bit stupid like that.
  • That was pretty stupid on Newt's part.
  • Likely he feels stupid about it.
  • HERE is STUPID with a captial S.
  • I can almost say -as stupid as a religion.
  • It's just stupid at this point.
  • They are made stupid by education.
  • Americans aren't so stupid after all.
  • I did something stupid because I was fed up.
  • That's just stupid beyond belief.
  • That's just stupid from Geyling.
  • Cuz my Chinese friends go stupid over plenty of ugly western girls.
  • It's certainly not going to be the last time anyone says something stupid within their party.
  • Im still laughing over the way a guy on british tv just sounded so stupid without realising it.

"shy of" or "shy about"?

  • He'll also be a week shy of 64.
  • Davis was never shy about that.
  • Maybe shy away from the $250 0.
  • I was so shy in front of people.
  • You were shy with people! Laura.
  • Well, I was always VERY shy around him.
  • She acted less shy at the start of each.
  • I was painfully shy as a child and into my teens.
  • My money is on the latter since I am very shy by nature.
  • I was naturally shy for much of my life.
  • Plenty of players who can have a shy from this range.
  • So don't be shy on asking product samples.
  • Which is because I'd too shy to ask one out.

"skilled in" or "skilled at"?

  • He was skilled in every science.
  • I'd only a little skilled at it.
  • Obama is not that skilled with language.
  • You also need to be skilled as an artist.
  • She was strong and skilled for a female.
  • Tipper truck drivers are not always the most skilled of HGV drivers either.
  • And he was as skilled on the diamond as he was on the gridiron.
  • Be skilled to water appropriately.

smart about, in, for, with or of?

  • Be smart about money questions.
  • That's pretty smart in my book.
  • They are too smart for Gillard.
  • Be smart with your smart phone.
  • And I think that's very smart of her.
  • They were told, You must be smart at this.
  • Still smart by animal standards.
  • Is it smart on their part? Yes.
  • Too smart as for a accommodation.
  • Doesn't sound very smart to me.
  • Children are pretty smart like that.
  • A mob is not very smart after all.
  • My eyes smart from the fierce glare of the sun.
  • I'll take street smart over book smart any day.
  • I think it's smart rather than lazy.
  • Fluidly written, entertaining, and smart without being arcane.

"surprised by" or "surprised at"?

  • I'd a little surprised by this.
  • C) She is surprised at the news.
  • Wow, I was surprised with Wendy.
  • I was surprised about this one.
  • He was surprised as the rest of us.
  • It will be surprised for the viewers.
  • I am not surprised in the least.
  • You will be surprised of what you can do.
  • I was very much surprised on March 15th.
  • I was surprised to learnt we have M.

"slow in", "slow on" or "slow for"?

  • Job creation is slow in the US.
  • Stuttery and slow for everyone.
  • So they are slow on the uptake.
  • I'd clumsy and slow at texting.
  • I must be getting slow with age.
  • Junction has a slow down button.
  • I am slow of speech and tongue.
  • Carragher looked very slow to me.
  • Or experiencing time 50 times as slow as us.
  • You're allowed to be slow by all means.
  • But they're slow off the dime on that.
  • They realized if they were too slow about it, the person would wake up.
  • The only way it is slow because of love marriages.
  • On 20/10 at Xin, food was served slow during lunch.
  • This is very very slow from my opinion.
  • Your computer will run really slow like a snail.
  • OK so they're the slowest out there.
  • I'll take slow over reckless any day.

"soft on" or "soft in"?

  • Froemke doesn't go soft on anyone.
  • Like he's gone soft in the head.
  • It's so soft for use with poi, and.
  • And probably soft to the touch.
  • Become softer with each breath.
  • Dearest Pigeon, softest of dogs.
  • His head felt really soft at the back.
  • The colors are soft like candy.
  • My skin is soft as a baby's butt.
  • Keep your hair soft by avoiding heat damage.
  • The bread is still soft after 2 days.
  • She was so soft against his body.
  • Rugby is becoming really too soft due to this f.
  • Cut toenails when they are soft from washing.
  • Concrete doesn't go soft over the years.
  • Maybe there was something in him that was still soft towards her.
  • The cheese was chewy and soft under.
  • And rains fall soft upon your fields.
  • They are already soft without Hedo.

"sceptical about" or "sceptical of"?

  • I am sceptical about the claim too.
  • Be sceptical of the opinionated.
  • Politically I am sceptical as to the virtue of their beingold.
  • Many of us were deeply sceptical at the time.
  • Its time you stop being sceptical in everything esp.
  • I remain sceptical on this point.
  • I was also sceptical to the so called arab spring.
  • Personally, I am very sceptical with regards to the delayed death and fail to see of what use it is in combat.

separate from, to, in, for or at?

  • Its separate from the executive.
  • It does not exist separate to wealth.
  • The two groups are kept separate in prison.
  • Keep log-ins separate for different accounts.
  • You two should be separate at this stage.
  • I have a separate of other laptops in the accommodation, including an sr.
  • Levy of tax is separate on each of the persons.

"shocked at" or "shocked by"?

  • You may be shocked at the total.
  • I assume you're shocked by that.
  • I'd very shocked about the last episode.
  • I am shocked with tearful eyes.
  • The entire community is shocked of the news.
  • They didn't look shocked to me.

"stable in", "stable at" or "stable for"?

  • The BIBAC clones were stable in E.
  • PC hw has been very stable for me.
  • Core inflation was stable at 1.
  • The ratio is also relatively stable over time.
  • A stable of lawyers, not editors.
  • Diet is stable with some junk food.
  • GIT is very much usable and stable on Windows.
  • These factors remain stable as the cohort ages.
  • Both can be modeled and made stable by theory &; experiment.
  • Assuming that rates are stable during our time horizon of 2.
  • It should be stable from day-to-day.
  • Ghana has been largely stable since 1981.
  • You don't look a hundred percent stable to me.
  • FAT modification times are stable across DST.
  • He is stable after being shot at least once.
  • That is assuming that the SDR remains stable against the SGD.
  • The TV audience remained the most stable among the legacy media, falling 4.
  • Reach there first and be stable before hitting the shuttle.
  • Things seem more stable between us now.
  • Gross profit margin remained stable despite considerable volatility of rates.
  • If oil price get stable due to an demand destruction.
  • These behavioral modifications remain stable through adulthood.
  • Finances will be stable throughout the month.
  • Is Malaysia any stable under AMNO? NOT at all.
  • Therefore, Rmd and Rmc are fully stable within 5,000 generations.
  • They can not remain calm and stable without food.

"surprising to", "surprising in" or "surprising for"?

  • This was very surprising to me.
  • It was kind of surprising for me.
  • Nothing very surprising in that.
  • OT: what is surprising about it.
  • Which is surprising considering how he left.
  • I found this surprising as the 1.
  • Nothing surprising at all about that.
  • But most surprising of all, hope.
  • Maybe it's not so surprising after all.
  • This is not surprising from the left.
  • This is surprising on a number of counts.
  • Nothing surprising with this article.
  • Not surprising because of structural realities.

single for, in, with, to or from?

  • I've been single for two years.
  • I am single in my late thirties.
  • She's single with 6 previous kids.
  • Just a single from Rampaul's over.
  • Another single to point for Pujara.
  • I need this single on my playlist ASAP.
  • I am living single at marriageable age).
  • Another MRS single by Baba Motta.
  • I need to single out Walcott here.
  • Gets a single off the next ball.
  • Being single after a breakup is not easy to pass.
  • Irish music paper Hot Press made it Single of the Week.
  • This at first was single as a figure of the pole.
  • Iam 59 and have been single before this for 15 years.
  • Blake led off with a single into left.
  • Only a single over cost more than seven runs.
  • She has been single since May 2005.
  • Then a single through the leg side.
  • You never go back to being single without the house.

silly to, of, for, in or with?

  • That sounds utterly silly to me.
  • I feel a little silly for sharing.
  • How silly of me not to realise.
  • Because I am silly in some ways.
  • Take action silly with your family.
  • Let's not get all silly about it.
  • They're bored silly at the end of the day.
  • I was stuffed silly by the good food.
  • I agree he's often silly like most of us.
  • It looked very silly on its own.
  • The Left is a silly as the Right.
  • Howard said he would bang her silly after seeing her in this movie.
  • To not consider EROEI is just silly from an ecological standpoint.
  • England sent in a http: **31;27;TOOLONG nightwatchman, Jimmy Anderson, who was promptly NFL Jerseys Wholesale caught at silly mid-on from bat and pad.
  • We laughed ourselves silly over that.

"sincere in" or "sincere about"?

  • I am sincere in correspondence.
  • I think he was sincere about that.
  • They not sincere to the country.
  • He is not at all sincere with you.
  • Your message must be sincere for customers to buy in.
  • I have no doubt this was written with the sincerest of intentions.
  • Then a stage came when I could not figure out who among my friends were sincere towards me.
  • Be sincere as well as respectful and you would win them over in no time.
  • I believe that he was sincere at the time (paused for a few seconds) but.
  • Sincere from your heart and only for Allah will touch others heart too.
  • I know that the member is sincere on this issue.

"sustainable in" or "sustainable for"?

  • They weren't sustainable in their form.
  • It's simply not sustainable for anyone.
  • That's not sustainable over the long haul.
  • Not sustainable by themselves, they can work with subsidies.
  • It is simply not sustainable as an economic model.
  • China is sustainable at 611 million, over by 715 million.
  • This is simply not sustainable on any dimension.
  • It is not sustainable without charging.
  • Such a system is highly unlikely to be sustainable from a business point of view.
  • Believe it or not, life is sustainable through basic tasks like hunting and gathering.
  • It doesn't seem sustainable to me.
  • We are not sustainable with 22 million.
  • I could ask what is unsustainable about it.
  • Eight months later, the question is now whether Greece's debt is sustainable after a 75% writedown on over 200bn.
  • But it's not sustainable because of the detrimental effect on normal life.
  • We decided early on that the project we start should be sustainable beyond the rumble.
  • It means making informed decisions based on research, evidence and what will be sustainable into the future.
  • Forests for paper and timber appear to be the most sustainable of all agricultural systems.
  • It is also not sustainable under current conditions.
  • The amounts being loaned were not sustainable within the lenders resources.

"scary for" or "scary to"?

  • That is scary for many reasons.
  • Which seems pretty scary to me.
  • Which is scary in and of itself.
  • Fun and scary at the same time.
  • Nothing new and scary about it.
  • Maybe it just wasn't that scary of a year.
  • It was too big and scary on my own.
  • Some places it can be scary with few or no lamp posts.
  • It got scary after a while though.
  • It was a scary as a thrilling moment.
  • But it's realistic, and scary because of that.
  • This is not scary by international standards.
  • His ex is scary from all the surgery.
  • Scary like something dangerous.
  • Yes, those figures do sound mighty scary out of context.
  • In fact, its kind of scary without a flashlight.

satisfied with, of, by, in or on?

  • I'd satisfied with the results.
  • I do nt feel satisfied by my work.
  • Yes, I will be satisfied in Him first.
  • Oh, I'd not satisfied of anything.
  • We are very satisfied about that as well.
  • She's like so satisfied after screwing up the icecream.
  • I felt so satisfied at the end, I had to go back for more.
  • I've become satisfied for all my countries.
  • Having a hard time feeling satisfied from eating mostly veggies.
  • I have been very happy and satisfied on both counts.

strict with, about, in, on or of?

  • I was pretty strict with myself.
  • We're not that strict about it.
  • For Allah is strict in punishment.
  • I am very strict on that point.
  • Put power itself under the strictest of surveillance.
  • They are strict for body's food but.
  • My upbringing was strict at home.
  • I would not be so strict to such a rule.
  • They are very strict against fraud.
  • They are, after all, very strict as regards gender behavior.
  • I call that getting strict by a business.
  • Since marketing standards are strict regarding the.

severe in, for, of, to or on?

  • It can be more severe in others.
  • The reactions are equally severe for mankind.
  • They deserve the severest of punishment.
  • Lincoln was especially severe on Mr.
  • In the order of severest to least.
  • I'd the type that is severe with myself.
  • The rash is still there but not so severe as the last time.
  • They are more severe at the same time.
  • But generally, the symptoms will become more severe over time.
  • Its effects were most severe about the ports.
  • The test of Ka'b and the two Companions got more severe after forty days passed.
  • So be severe against them like Muhammad was.
  • The punishment of murder was severe among The Israelites.
  • But of course pain must be shared and but retribution must wait but be none the less severe because of that.
  • I am sure it was made more severe by all of this.
  • The destructions were so severe due to deforestation.
  • Attack is severe during the dry season.
  • BR and the Water Board had severe under investment for years.
  • When we are severe upon the sinner, we ought to consider who was the tempter.

"selective in" or "selective about"?

  • Ric is very selective in his outrage.
  • So I'd very selective about what I buy.
  • Be selective with outsider developers.
  • I'd selective of the war movies.
  • The West is very selective on who gets REAL HELP.
  • It can not be selective as to which parts of that attachment it will.
  • He hasn't learned to be more selective for taking on player(s).
  • Universities are also selective by nature.
  • The ousting of dictators is selective to the point of idiocy.

symbolic of, in, for, to or about?

  • Flowers are symbolic of wisdom.
  • But it is symbolic in so many ways.
  • Satan is symbolic for hopelessness.
  • This death is symbolic to the approaching death of Hedvig.
  • There's nothing obviously symbolic about a white skunk.
  • Solutions could be symbolic as well as tangible.
  • This name is symbolic rather than descriptive.
  • The 7 mountains are the 7 hills that is symbolic with Rome.

sacred to, in, by, of or for?

  • Myths are sacred to the people.
  • NOTHING is sacred in FIFA my youth.
  • The Miracles are too sacred by the Spirit.
  • Bell is the most sacred of all cows.
  • All of Nature is sacred for me.
  • For Adams, there is nothing sacred about a label.
  • Our life is sacred from conception to death.
  • The number four is very sacred among the lgbo.
  • This is the most sacred as well as most ancient form of Chinese worship.
  • Dhammika Mount Sinai was considered sacred at a much earlier date, Mt.
  • Perhaps people hold it sacred because of its many healing qualities.
  • The Aapta tree is held sacred on Dussehra, and its leaves are considered blessed.
  • Nothing sacred with these people.
  • Hear the gentle sound of the rising of the Sacred within you.

sensible of, for, to, about or in?

  • Be deeply sensible of original corruption.
  • Now let's be sensible for a moment.
  • That seems very sensible to me.
  • Just will be sensible about it.
  • Finland is just sensible in starting later.
  • My mum taught me to be sensible with money.
  • He is responsible and sensible at all times.
  • Generally find him sensible on every issue.
  • This is sensible from an evolutionary point of view.
  • He wanted to go to hockey camp or something sensible like that.
  • Some of us have long questioned whether this was sensible as well as affordable.
  • That is fine, and also sensible by todays markets standards.

solid in, at, for, with or on?

  • It is truly solid in that form.
  • We have to be solid at the back.
  • Something far more solid for work.
  • The highway was solid with them.
  • But, he is solid on core issues.
  • Otherwise, he's solid as a rock.
  • This steak should feel solid to the touch.
  • Reviews are solid from customers.
  • It looked really solid against PSU and Mich St.
  • It'll make you solid like a wall.
  • I also had trouble finding anything solid about Tropos.
  • They feel solid after 10 years of being driven.
  • Xowalaci made it solid by blowing tobacco smoke on it.
  • The German was nothing but solid during his time on Merseyside.
  • Sublimation: a phase change from a solid into a gas state without any liquid state first.
  • Without him SKC wouldn't have as solid of a defense.
  • The material of the mantle acts like a solid over timescales of a second, hour, week, and up to several thousand years.
  • His wet performances have been solid rather than spectacular.
  • Forrest has been solid through 2012 in his play.
  • And the guy's been pretty solid throughout his career.
  • Something solid under their feet gives them some security.
  • Looks really impressive and solid up close.
  • Solid without being world-beating.

sweet for, to, of, with or in?

  • Her birth was bitter sweet for me.
  • They were all very sweet to me.
  • Thanks, that's so sweet of you.
  • Life can be sweet with diabetes.
  • He was very sweet in his remorse.
  • Everybody's suddenly sweet on MIT.
  • Butcher it right, mutton's sweet as a nut.
  • Not too sweet like other brands.
  • The story is so sweet by the way.
  • There was little sweet about Detroit now.
  • It is always sweet at Zwartpan.
  • Crisp and naturally sweet from the potatoes.
  • Sweet without being sentimental.
  • They taste sweeter after a few frosty nights.

"still for" or "still in"?

  • She remained still for a moment.
  • One can not stand still in Dhamma.
  • No standing still on the skating floor.
  • They can't stand still with it.
  • Change for the year stood still at -29.
  • But, Hermes thought, its still worth it.
  • Instead he stood still after his pass.
  • A second standstill as the crowd erupted.
  • I stood still by the curbstone, looking breathlessly.
  • I have difficulty sitting still during lectures.
  • And the technology doesn't stand still from one day so the next.
  • If you can't move you sit still like a slug.
  • From a distance the stillest of tides shows the water as a blue layer of ground.
  • It was to keep a bit stiller over the ball.
  • So as long as the speed of a mass is fixed, the mass is standing still relative to itself.
  • Time seems to stand still to the point where an hour dive can feel like a whole morning.
  • Do your best to sit still without fidgeting as this will make you look nervous.

symptomatic of, at, for, in or with?

  • This is symptomatic of the state of my life.
  • Firstly, young onset or juvenile HD- which is defined as HD becoming symptomatic at under the age of 18- is very rare.
  • This omission is symptomatic for the report's shortcomings.
  • I would like to say that i have been very symptomatic in the past two weeks.
  • It may be initially asymptomatic, but often becomes progressively symptomatic with age.

secure in, with, from, for or about?

  • China is secure in this region.
  • Iran is secure from conceivable invasion.
  • We both feel secure with each other.
  • Its secure for both employer as well as employee.
  • Don't be insecure about your appearance.
  • It's more secure against viruses and spyware.
  • You can tell if a site is secure by the URL.
  • This will help them feel more secure at night.
  • Now I am secure of you for ever.
  • No-one objected, and everyone felt more secure as a result.
  • As you know, nothing is secure on the Internet.
  • So maybe not so secure after all.
  • We know where we are and feel secure because of that.
  • Ensure that locking ladder hooks are secure before climbing.
  • Feeling secure during sex has a lot to do with trust.
  • That doesn't sound too secure to me.
  • Hard to make sure that your waste is secure under every probability.
  • It felt very secure within the gated community.

stressful for, to, at, on or in?

  • It was stressful for his family.
  • That would be very stressful to me.
  • It is a bit stressful at times.
  • This is stressful on both of us.
  • This can be stressful in itself.
  • It does get easier and less stressful with every wedding you shoot.
  • We then walked home which was rather stressful as the kids were acting crazy.
  • It was an incredible day, one of the most stressful of my life.
  • It has been quite interesting and nothing too stressful about it.
  • One is not stressful because of what they're doing.
  • Moving is stressful by nature, but if you adhere to some of these.
  • Taking a bank loan is quite stressful due to the many processes involved.

supreme in, over, on, for or to?

  • People are supreme in a democracy.
  • His happiness reigns supreme over mine.
  • Uncertainty reigns supreme for much of Main Street.
  • Superheroes reigned supreme on the bookshop stands.
  • Supreme among all that we desire.
  • Supreme at selling themselves, that is.
  • The interest of the people is supreme to me.
  • Melbourne stills reigns supreme with Vienna snagging a silver medal.
  • The nagual reigns supreme as the eagle's gift.
  • So Qoran sys I am the supreme of All.
  • How he gets a hold of the Black Stars dressing room is supreme above all else.
  • One gets the Supreme by his side all the time.
  • Both types of government are supreme within their proper sphere of authority.
  • Such false beliefs still reign supreme amongst most doctors, research scientists, and the media.
  • It forms a veil which hides the Supreme from the vision of the individual soul.

spectacular in, with, of, for or on?

  • He was spectacular in our game.
  • This race was nothing short of spectacular with its.
  • The most spectacular of these have been in minerals.
  • Well, spectacular for Red Dwarf.
  • The place looks spectacular at night.
  • Its price point is spectacular on my side of the pond.
  • Nothing spectacular about this dish.
  • The view was spectacular from here.
  • ELSWHERE, is spectacular as the business man being held for ransom.
  • His record in the 400 metres is nothing short of spectacular by any standards.
  • It might not be as spectacular to some but it's a more realistic result.
  • More spectacular after alot of rain.
  • Chixin them spectacular because of the weird.
  • The park is most spectacular between June and December.
  • I'd sure this place would be spectacular during the rains.
  • Carlo was never a motivator or tactician so please stop expecting him to do something spectacular like Jose or Guus.
  • The service from check in to exit was spectacular without a hint of pompousness.

subordinate to, of, in, at or for?

  • It is subordinate to the Bible.
  • Potocki (a former subordinate of William K.
  • Beatings went with being subordinate in those days.
  • Raymond's former subordinate at the FSIS, Dr.
  • Then, after they have exhausted their questions, they should ask the subordinate for what else they need to know.

sexy in, for, to, about or with?

  • I'd sure I looked sexy in them.
  • You are not buying sexy for money.
  • Then you will seem very sexy to her.
  • There's nothing sexy about that.
  • She's really sexy with an amazing body.
  • They just want to be sexy at all times.
  • Being sexy on stage is a kind of cover.
  • Missy Tee is a flamboyant dancer, sexy as a tiger.
  • Usagi herself has become rather sexy by the end.
  • Don't just go for the sexy of the bunch.
  • We love our women sexy without make up.
  • Because, you know, nothing says sexy like a dead, anonymous woman.
  • Therefore, essentially I went out sexy after all.
  • I'll dress sexy around the house and do little things to turn him on.
  • It's not sexy from a lot of people's perspective, it's not glitzy in the feature set,.

steadfast in, on, to, with or for?

  • Resist him steadfast in the faith.
  • He's great and steadfast on issues.
  • But I remained steadfast to my policy.
  • They were steadfast with the Prophet (S.
  • But Islam teaches muslims to remain steadfast at all times.
  • Steadfast for at least a month.
  • This faqir firmly believes this and is steadfast upon it.
  • Where most people add to their mods at a whim, he knew where he was going and was steadfast about it.
  • Yusuf is steadfast against ever requesting or receiving government grants for his museum.
  • But the thin red line itself was silent; silent as the grave and steadfast as a wall.
  • Other than that I can say nothing but good things about this most steadfast of airlines.

"senior in", "senior to" or "senior at"?

  • You're a senior in high school.
  • Kripa Sreepada, a senior at St.
  • They are all very senior to me.
  • And who asked the senior? A senior of his, clearly.
  • He's a senior from my high school.
  • Accompany the Senior on visits to the top ranked choices.
  • Help is needed! I am a high school senior with a 4.
  • John McCain carried senior by 8 points too.
  • I mean he is too senior for that.
  • The senior among the civil servants was Sir Hugh Cleghorn, a Scotchman.

"selfish in", "selfish for" or "selfish of"?

  • He/ She is just selfish in bed.
  • It would be very selfish of me.
  • I think I need to be this selfish for now.
  • You are even selfish with your time.
  • There is nothing selfish about that.
  • Those eyes are selfish by nature.
  • You're very selfish to post this.
  • All human actions are selfish on some level.
  • I'd selfish like that sometimes.
  • I am very ambitious and selfish as an actor.
  • To do so is stupid, irresponsible and selfish beyond measure.
  • So selfish from our hands, such ambition and evilness led to this chaos.
  • She wants to go back to her mother to spite me and be selfish towards my family.
  • And yet people tend to be very selfish without realizing how it affects them.

spiritual in, as, about, to or rather?

  • True freedom is spiritual in nature.
  • It's a spiritual as well as a musical experience.
  • There's nothing spiritual about it.
  • It's spiritual to me because I like an open mind about the universe.
  • Be spiritual for all you want, but leave it at your door.
  • Most find it hard to separate spiritual from religious.
  • You consider yourself spiritual rather than religious Yes No 38.
  • I believe in balancing the spiritual with the practical.
  • We are non-material, or spiritual by nature.
  • The third is the most sublime and spiritual of the three.
  • They are spiritual without being exclusively religious.
  • It becomes spiritual at a high level.
  • The earliest guidance then was spiritual on this ground.
  • However, the most spiritual among us tends to be fairly dense without an appeal to Scripture.
  • Ignatius always carefully puts the word spiritual before consolation and desolation.
  • E's music became more spiritual during the last three years of his life as he sought to add meaning to his content.
  • Things must really be serious if my father, who is resistant to all things spiritual like a cat to water, resorts to oracles and psychics.
  • Emphasizes the spiritual over the social.
  • I'd not religious but Peale's turned me spiritual through his teachings of time tested common sense that reinforce the importance of having faith.
  • Hard to be spiritual under occupation.
  • But what if your life's purpose is not spiritual? Does it make it any less meaningful? Who then decides what makes something spiritual versus something that is not.

sinhalese in, from, for, of or with?

  • We can't live with Sinhalese in harmony.
  • His friends had always been Sinhalese from his school days at St.
  • They have to kill all Sinhalese for that.
  • Or denying the Sinhalese of their claim to the South.
  • Sinhalese as a community do not approve such violence.
  • I am a Sinhalese with a Buddhist background.
  • I am Sinhalese by birth certificate.
  • British forced the Sinhalese to cultivate only the export commodities.
  • It was a war by a good majority of Sinhalese against Tamils.
  • I wish there were more Sinhalese like Asin.
  • The Sinhalese do not vote as Sinhalese on every question.
  • He also noted the resentment of the Sinhalese at the discrimination.
  • But you never stop accusing the Sinhalese about practices that you had imposed on your people without shame or moral concerns.
  • The tolerance of majority Sinhalese after 83 has never been appreciated.
  • What really could have happened to the Sinhalese during this period in the north and the east, is NOT a mystery.
  • The British had very cunningly divided the Sinhalese into social and religious sections.
  • And more recently I'd noticing posts like yours, referring to an apparent biological superiority of the Sinhalese over the Tamils.
  • Alas Trinco has been taken over by the Sinhalese through State aided colonisation and from 4.
  • Tamils as individuals are now equal to Sinhalese under the law.
  • Learn to live with Sinhalese without trying to bully them.

suggestive of, for, in, about or rather?

  • And that's suggestive of, well, clubbing.
  • The distorted left wing finger is suggestive for this.
  • She's not dressed immodestly or suggestive in any way.
  • The evidence is also pretty suggestive about who is winning this war.
  • Scenery was almost always suggestive rather than realistic.
  • Its alphabet contains forty-two letters, suggestive to a stranger of Chinese.

smooth with, for, in, on or to?

  • Well it's all smooth with no layers.
  • A bit too smooth for my liking.
  • It appeared smooth in 5 cases (72%).
  • Blend until smooth on high speed.
  • So soft and smooth to the touch.
  • The Captain keeps all smooth by rowing every one in turn.
  • It seems every bit as accurate and smooth as the Kinect.
  • I have to say, he is smooth at what he does.
  • One side's smooth like a baby's bum.
  • It's not been the smoothest of starts for him, though.
  • It heated up quickly and was very smooth over my hair.
  • We want the smooth without the rough.
  • My skin gets so smooth after the first use.
  • For me it was not smooth from what I saw.
  • There was nothing smooth about it.
  • Your breast tissue should be smooth against the line of the cup.
  • Rostrum convex, finely and not closely punctured, nearly smooth along the middle.
  • It wasn't bad, just a little smooth around the edges.
  • Before 8 pm, traffic is smooth because of ERP.
  • Add the eggs one at a time, beating until smooth before proceeding.
  • Flight from KL to Shanghai was rather smooth despite me getting a mild cold.
  • Transaction was smooth during my registration.
  • Head very smooth except for indentations.
  • You want it to look smooth rather than jerky and stiff.
  • I was clean and smooth through the rest of the course.
  • I walked into my bedroom and glanced at the green-and- yellow-checkered comforter pulled smooth under twin matching pillow shams.

substantial in, for, to, on or with?

  • That support was substantial in the US.
  • That's pretty substantial for yeah.
  • Standing adding anything substantial to the picture.
  • I mean, really, you said NOTHING substantial about the event.
  • That delay is substantial on a balance sheet.
  • Interest rate savings are more substantial with a longer term mortgage.
  • It is not half so substantial as a cobweb.
  • The gain in life is substantial at all ages.
  • The most substantial of the batch is mound 66.
  • I can barely take anything substantial from it home.
  • The 50 sen seemed little in amount, but substantial by percentage.
  • The forcing is substantial over the past 2,000 years, up to four times as large as the 1.
  • I can not see how 75K can grow to anything substantial after fees are removed, has anyone's pension grown more than a few % year on year over the past decade? Is there even any anecdotal.
  • The filing fees can be substantial depending on company size and are usually a disincentive for pursuing this type of visa.
  • Finally, there has been an increase in the volume of foreign investment in the country and the rate of economic growth has been substantial despite starting from a very low base.
  • Client pays substantial down payment in cash and balance is financed by an unusual source or offshore bank.
  • Tourism tends to be more substantial during the dry season (January to April).
  • And finished with something substantial like horsehair braid.
  • Users of government hospital already pay substantial out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Celtic Ugg boot styles are available in numerous measures which include regular, lower leg and joint substantial plus approximately 23 colours.
  • You just need to eat something substantial within a couple of hours of getting up.

"satisfactory to" or "satisfactory for"?

  • That is satisfactory to England.
  • This is satisfactory for Hartford.
  • This is more satisfactory in many ways.
  • The IQ looks wonderful, and current EVF/SLT tech is found satisfactory by many opinions expressed.
  • It works well but still isn't satisfactory with something over it.
  • It must be satisfactory as regards literary presentation.
  • It wouldn't be satisfactory at all.
  • The location varies a little among door manufacturers, but each is perfectly satisfactory from a functional standpoint.
  • And even better than satisfactory on many, many occasions.
  • The finance ministry official said the balance of payment situation was satisfactory because of contractionary monetary policy under the EFC.
  • Bangladesh?? s economic performance has continued to remain satisfactory despite the global financial crisis and, projections regarding the economy are distinctly upbeat.
  • Oil-rich Kelantan, too, was rated satisfactory due to the increase in its consolidated fund by RM86.
  • Dre Solo HD headphones with controltalk(white), you could be rather satisfactory of it.
  • We consider this to be satisfactory within the context of our study.

"strategic in" or "strategic about"?

  • Be strategic in your job search.
  • China is strategic about how it invests.
  • Oil export: Oil is strategic to the US economy.
  • Pakistan is extremely strategic for the US.
  • I'd very strategic with what I buy.
  • The basis was educational for strategic as well as philosophical and political reasons.
  • These might be strategic of nature (e.
  • Their perspective should be strategic rather than departmental.
  • Did Karti own shares in Advantage Strategic at any point? Indirectly, yes.
  • Urban centers may be more strategic because of their cosmopolitan nature.
  • This is strategic by republicans.
  • Not very strategic on his behalf.
  • For those applications that count as strategic (or that may become strategic over time) we strongly recommend considering custom application development.

"straightforward for", "straightforward with" or "straightforward in"?

  • It seems straightforward for Vettel.
  • Search is straightforward in a BST.
  • It is straightforward with Andy too.
  • Let's be straightforward about this.
  • Seems really straightforward to me.
  • This is straightforward as well as important.
  • The most straightforward of these is COUNT.
  • Well, it was straightforward on paper.
  • What is the CIT rate? The rate is straightforward at 30% of taxable income.
  • Most insurance firms make comparing costs straightforward by letting you get a quote on the web.
  • Installing WordPress It's all straight-forward from here.
  • I never thought it was this straightforward after all.
  • What to do? A straightforward along with eco-friendly solution to clean up silver antique is by using detergent together with water, pursued by any this baking soda medication.
  • Routes (a) and (b) in Appendix 1 are straightforward because of the presence of the international harmonised **27;6636;TOOLONG.
  • We need something simple and straightforward like this in Los Angeles.
  • And oh yoochun, this boy's actions are lead on emotions, acts straight-forward without thinking.

sophisticated in, for, with, of or about?

  • Looks quite sophisticated in my eyes.
  • He's too sophisticated for that.
  • Here we replace sophisticated with correctly.
  • The most sophisticated of those protect our nation's secrets.
  • They can get much more sophisticated about selling produce.
  • Soups served as starters were very sophisticated as well as desserts.
  • Al Queda is very sophisticated at telling their story.
  • Flame is just the most sophisticated to date.
  • Not very sophisticated by it does work.
  • Spam emails have grown sophisticated over the years and have more malicious intentions.
  • Christian Louboutin Shoes are glamor and sophisticated along with high quality, wearability and durability.
  • It is highly sophisticated among other gadgets.
  • Here the operation is far more sophisticated due to the volumes as well as good quality concerned.
  • All sounds far too sophisticated from what I remember of student cooking.
  • It cooks up quickly, looks so sophisticated on the plate yet is mindlessly easy to prepare, and it's utterly delicious.
  • Reading awareness is particularly sophisticated through the process of summarizing coupled with paraphrasing.
  • The AIG's attacks against foreigners grew more sophisticated throughout 1994, and the group's operations demonstrated a significant level of coordination in some cases.
  • It is sophisticated without being daunting, deeply relaxing, and beautifully run by attentive staff.

"stricken with" or "stricken by"?

  • She was stricken with an acute pain.
  • The baby was stricken by diarrhoea.
  • Stricken from every pylon and obelisk.
  • A long term flood stricken in 1998.
  • Yes, the actress has stricken off booze from her diet.
  • Or you might be panic stricken at the enormous sense of responsibility you now hold.
  • They looked slightly stricken for some reason and I thought I did a poo whilst pushing.
  • And she was wondrous stricken of heart for that evil hap N 3.
  • But young Ger hurried to help his father who lay stricken on the ground.
  • No, not to ferry the stricken to safety.

superb in, for, at, with or on?

  • It is superb in its simplicity.
  • The reach is superb for small birds.
  • James the forest was superb at times.
  • It is just superb with 3D effects.
  • Everything is superb on this album.
  • Daniel Day-Lewis is superb as the ultimate villain.
  • Defensively, they were superb against Tyrone.
  • But the response to that setback was superb from the players, all of them.
  • Brunch is superb to anything in the lakes area.
  • My g/f knows all about my anxiety and is superb about it all, I will be going, no matter what.
  • There's no doubting the talent and the actors and our short films are superb along with our animators.
  • He wrote the superb By the Time I get to Phoenix and Wichita Lineman.
  • Firstly, Real is much better in 1st half, but with Barca you must play superb during all 90 minutes.
  • His movement is superb of late and i believe that he will reciprocate that in the AFCON.
  • From a mark of 143 Walk On ticks plenty of boxes having been superb over hurdles in his time at novice level.
  • In the third minute of injury time, Yasir Hanapi played a superb through ball to Hariss on a counter.
  • So broadly speaking his calls have been superb throughout this crisis.

sought after, of or for?

  • Very sought after now so they are.
  • It will create some sought of bad impression.
  • However, those are the most sought for recipes in Thai cooking.

subtle in, about, for, of or with?

  • There is nothing subtle in him.
  • Nothing subtle about me crying.
  • Maybe it was just too subtle for you.
  • Glow This is the subtlest of all.
  • Some are more subtle with their hatred.
  • From the subtle to the sublime.
  • I prefer the subtle as opposed to the battering.
  • It's subtle like it should be, but tough.
  • But these people are so subtle at it, that oppressed employees continue to suffer.
  • Go a little subtle on the makeup, if you wear it.
  • It's positively subtle by ABC Warriors standards.
  • Also love the line from Emerald Tablet - Separate the subtle from the tense wisely with.
  • Better to be subtle rather than heavy-handed.
  • It may be something more subtle such as fine-tuning your current firmness as well as issues.

self-sufficient in, for, with, by or through?

  • The country is self-sufficient in rice.
  • He was self-sufficient for wheat.
  • We can be self-sufficient with our Natural Capital.
  • Aristotle asserts that a city state must be self-sufficient by definition.
  • The Women's Art Colony Farm in Poughkeepsie, New York has become self-sufficient through their annual harvest of Christmas Trees.
  • Feel self-sufficient without this person.
  • So I should be (arguably) right to demand that Ghana should be self-sufficient after six years (whether we found oil or not).
  • However, the country is nearly self-sufficient as regards foodstuffs.
  • You may feel that you need to be totally Self-sufficient at the moment.
  • So even if I was fully self-sufficient during the daylight hours I will still be paying 31.
  • Rich people left to be self-sufficient on their estates.
  • In terms of rice the initial promise was that Ghana would become self-sufficient within two to three years.

"sore from" or "sore for"?

  • My sides are so sore from laughing.
  • My eyes would be sore for a day.
  • Feeling sore in my heart and body.
  • I am still sore after Scotland.
  • So it's going to be sore on the pocket.
  • Right now I'd still terribly sore about it.
  • Then my tongue got sore at the back.
  • Here is a mind racked sore with doubts.
  • They are big and heavy and sore to the touch.
  • And now they get more and more sore by the day.
  • They were so sore against Muslim domination that they decided to kill Umar.
  • The impact was very hard and Andy has been extremely sore as a result.
  • Can't tell you how many times my eyes sore because of super mini skirts or intentional unbuttoned buttons.
  • The foot was sore during the match and then it swelled up.
  • Mary also had some fine jewellery, sore of which is still in the family.
  • Residents were also sore over huge garbage dumps just at the entrance of this street.
  • And they pressed sore upon the man, even Lot, and came near to break the door.

"slim to", "slim in" or "slim of"?

  • My best guess would be slim to none.
  • Slim of build, he is now gaunt.
  • Field Marshal Slim in praising No.
  • This unit is still slim with 8.
  • My wife got me a slim for xmas.
  • The picking are slim on a ' good ' year.
  • It was slim as a girl, translucent.
  • The phone is reasonably slim at 9.
  • Jennifer Aniston stays slim by smiling.
  • So even if you are super slim after all your activities in the outback, I think it will be you following me next time.
  • The chances of getting the bill approved in the plenary are getting slimmer because of the difficulty in mustering a quorum.
  • Everyone was tanned and slim from working and playing outside.
  • Western girls would trade their boobs to be slim like local girls so I say workout hard, firm your boobs n get a V shape and nice butt n d guys won't care.
  • In fact, Spice and Pamputtae's Slim Vs.
  • Overall Fit It should be slim without being tight.

self-conscious about, of, in, on or with?

  • We become self-conscious about it.
  • They seem to be very, very self-conscious of it.
  • I always felt more self-conscious in pants.
  • Because of my speech, I was self-conscious at school, but riding helped my confidence.
  • He felt self-conscious on the crowded train.
  • I felt self-conscious with the checkbook shoved in my jacket pocket.
  • A person maybe very self-conscious around somebody else.
  • I got seriously bored and felt self-conscious as a grown adult watching this.
  • Some of you may even want to invite people but feel too self-conscious because of how you sound.
  • Don't make him feel self-conscious by gawking at him.
  • We all felt self-conscious for him.

"sunny in" or "sunny with"?

  • It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
  • The day was sunny with no clouds.
  • Kudos sunny for doing your part.
  • Posted by Sunny on 06/10/2012 at 07:50 Hi.
  • I'd sure it was sunny at some point.
  • It was sunny during the day, cool even.
  • For all the problems he had, he had the sunniest of dispositions.
  • Yellows, from sunny to spicy, are emerging as leaders.
  • In the winter season (December to April ), it is usually hot and sunny by day and cooler by night.
  • See smiling face is sort of a sunny after rain, allow the sun shines every single day.
  • Also I am quite a big fan of Sunny as well as Devgn.
  • The good news is that its supposed to be sunny from monday onwards.
  • Dry and sunny over most of the interior.
  • Conditions were sunny throughout the day.
  • Having most of the year sunny without weather changes, made me change my view of the winter time.

"swelling of" or "swelling in"?

  • Swelling of your hands and feet.
  • The swelling in my leg was gone.
  • Check for any swelling on the scrotal skin.
  • Further tests detected a swelling around his jaw area.
  • The ovary: This is the swelling at the base of the flower.
  • You'll also have some swelling after the surgery, but that goes away within a few weeks.
  • This is a condition of severe swelling due to fluid (oedema) in the fetus.
  • I would say I had swelling for 3 full days.
  • In this way, you help prevent any swelling from ' tracking ' down into the foot.
  • Case report A 12-year old girl presented with a painless swelling over the left parotid area.
  • One example of a PVD is the swelling to one leg or to both legs up to even the pedal.
  • A swelling under the armpit or around the collarbone (lymph nodes).
  • Abscesses An abscess is a swelling with pus usually below the skin.

secular in, as, to, with or of?

  • I am liberal minded and secular in belief.
  • Sri Lanka will never become secular as the buddhists will not consent.
  • Here, accordingly, we ascend from the secular to the eternal.
  • The West became secular with the advent of the French Revolution.
  • You are enjoying life in secular of secular place called New York.
  • Still, he is called Secular by Congressi people.
  • I'd too secular for the GOP, and too results-oriented for the Democrats.
  • This article is, then, not about secular versus religious feminism.
  • Thus a party, maybe communal or secular at various times.
  • Surfing the Apocalypse -- Recurring Themes Big Wednesday is a secular rather than religious myth.
  • This Secular Vs communal tric wont work this time.
  • He said that Hinduism had always been a guiding force for all religions of the world and added that Indian culture was most tolerant and secular among all others.
  • Any attempt to separate the secular from the religious (read: Islam) is doomed to fail.
  • Re: Secular like Bangladesh? As MQM wants.
  • Secular on the Book, else a Pure Hindu Regime with sick religious tendencies which is causing More divide than unity in its society.
  • Libya was secular under Gadaffi.
  • Taking the path through the secular within magic also enables During to outline a very different cultural power found within magic.

submissive to, in, as, for or by?

  • He is always submissive to the will of God.
  • Somehow it works for the person who's submissive in the way of wisdom.
  • All the years I was quite and submissive as a believer to my husband and his ministry.
  • He likes to be submissive at times.
  • Its irony that this Buddhist serene Nation that is supposed to preach peace and love makes its people submissive by violent force.
  • White girls are really submissive for real.
  • He can easily shift from someone very aggressive to someone very submissive on his roles.
  • Lo! they used to vie one with the other in good deeds, and they cried unto Us in longing and in fear, and were submissive unto Us.
  • It's there and we are continuing to support women becoming submissive with just sweeping it under the rug.

searchable by, on, in, via or through?

  • Many records are searchable by place.
  • Your photos will still be searchable on Flickr.
  • The latter is searchable in the PDB Accession field.
  • Now with Facebook profiles becoming semi-public and searchable through engines.
  • These are searchable via databases.
  • The data is searchable for country.
  • SEO makes your web site searchable to people wanting or in need of your goods and services versus your rivals.
  • Currently 840 journals are searchable at article level.
  • The OT field is searchable with the text word tw and other term ot search tags.
  • This means each term is searchable across any system.
  • All the new information we generate finds itself on the web, where it is instantly accessible and searchable from everywhere.
  • And unlike the old microfilms, the online version is fully indexed and searchable under all fields of data.
  • Newspapers are searchable within days of publication.

secretive about, in, with, by or for?

  • There was nothing secretive about.
  • There is nothing secretive in it.
  • People are secretive with ideas.
  • They are also very secretive by nature.
  • We are secretive for our own protection.
  • We support the most secretive of clubs.
  • Falkland Oil and Gas was being rather secretive on AIM.
  • Scorpios only become sneaking and secretive as a way of self-protection.
  • Christian Louboutin Daffodile that may not be all! They are secretive at t.
  • I was born in a village, small and secretive like a womb.
  • Idols are only secretive over fear of backlash from fans, and they certainly don't want to give antis more ammo.
  • Although the country is incredibly secretive regarding domestic politics, it is believed China executed up to 5,000 people every year over a whole range of serious and petty crimes.
  • We have gone from being very secretive to becoming more transparent.

"scathing about", "scathing in" or "scathing of"?

  • People were scathing about the UPDF.
  • He is scathing of that approach.
  • Dewey is perhaps most scathing in his criticism of Plato.
  • Scalia was particularly scathing on this issue.
  • The latter part of the book is particularly scathing towards Mr.
  • But, he was scathing as to the quality, enthusiasm or motives of any assigned lawyer.
  • It is a fact that Irish humor can be hilarious, morbid and scathing at the same time these are just a few examples.

shameful for, about, in, of or to?

  • It is shameful for the Philippines.
  • There is nothing shameful about it.
  • Absolutely nothing shameful in that.
  • Why? Cox you feel shameful of it, maybe.
  • I'd really shameful to myself and Allah.
  • I find that totally SHAMEFUL on a Christian website.
  • Shameful by FIA to let it stand.
  • Absolutely shameful from a newspaper with.
  • Even the rebels whose thirst had quenched by the blood became shameful after realizing the consequences of their actions but the plot which the enemies of Islam had schemed had become successful.
  • It's so repulsive and shameful as to how ugly this world can be.
  • Defence is shameful at the minute, and hernandez is nothing more than a supersub at best.
  • Parts of the NHS are very good indeed, parts of it are shameful with slovenly staff with unhygienic habits.

standard for, in, with, on or across?

  • Prices are standard for Morocco.
  • It is standard in the Western elites.
  • Base MKT's come standard with a 3.
  • That's standard on election nights.
  • The reverse is standard across the Eurozone.
  • Maybe they don't have standard at the moment.
  • That level will force Europe to lower it standard of living hugely.
  • Duck two tone boots also are very standard to the winter of 2011.
  • One or two is pretty standard among people I know.
  • This tool also verifies compliance with CSS 2 standard by default.
  • The AAAB seems to be fairly standard from what I've seen.
  • This has been standard throughout history.
  • Do not use anything thought to be standard within your design elements.

sentimental about, to, in, over or for?

  • Don't get too sentimental about it.
  • While extremely sentimental to me it doesn't make me Jewish.
  • Stop being sentimental in judgement.
  • That night, I have to say I got a little sentimental for the safety.
  • My dear sir, there is no point being sentimental over these things.
  • I think I'd sentimental at this moment.
  • With that said, I am being very sentimental on Bibi's inclusion, since i think at 34 age isn't an issue.
  • This one actually looks quite good, not quite as blindingly white and sentimental as the others.
  • My mum is not the most sentimental of people, and rarely remembers.
  • Maybe like a lot of people he just got sentimental with age.
  • Maybe I'd being overly sentimental because of how well he's played this season, but impactful none the less.
  • If you say something really sentimental from your heart at the right moment, girls will remember it forever.
  • But, like a gentle breeze through a window, it can bring a waft of something vaguely sentimental into the picture.
  • Just try getting sentimental like that over a pile of dirty paper plates.
  • We Bengali people are too sentimental rather than thinking logically.
  • The govt has to reach a dialogue and show that they are sentimental towards the ppl.

"satisfying for" or "satisfying to"?

  • They weren't satisfying for me.
  • That's not very satisfying to me.
  • But, nothing jubilant or satisfying about it.
  • To me that's equally satisfying in a different way.
  • Perhaps the most remarkable and most satisfying of S.
  • Another satisfying as well as thought provoking film.
  • A fine this account to be more satisfying on that front.
  • Sure, winning is satisfying at the level of Esteem.
  • It is truly a wonderful hypothesis and most satisfying from beginning to end.
  • Nice post and I am totally satisfying with your post.
  • Decent just didn't feel satisfying after his class.
  • But what is necessary is always satisfying by its very nature.
  • I believed that you can have a life fully satisfying without it.

"sober for" or "sober in"?

  • I've been sober for six months.
  • I shall be sober in the morning.
  • She was sober at that point in time.
  • Mell claims that she was sober on this night.
  • Right i am off to bed and sober by the way.
  • The floor was relatively empty and I was sober as a church mouse.
  • When I proposed writing about geology to Shawn, he was very sober about it.
  • I know her mom is difficult to deal with but she really does want to help her! She didn't stay sober during her probation.
  • I have been sober from more than a week and before then have been drinking regularly.
  • But this time his comment was the most sober of the lot.
  • It is Wednesday and I have been sober since Monday.
  • Good job on staying sober through it all.
  • I'd sureeeee she was just staying so sober with Kieffer.
  • Six months later his tests were within normal limits; he was still sober after 12 months.
  • My kids were all home from school, though, and things were far from sober around here.
  • I don't believe that I'd sober because of an isolated exercise of the will.
  • If in doubt about the potential calibre of your pull, swap numbers with him and arrange to meet up for a drink another night, so you can reassess him while sober before jumping in the sack with him.
  • If you perform this service, you'll need to stay sober throughout the reception.
  • Jonathan dying did not rob me of joy but it made me sober to real life.
  • Be ye therefore of sound mind, and be sober unto prayer.
  • While doing those things outlined may make someone feel better, they will not help someone sober up any quicker.
  • Spent New Years sober without a countdown.

spacious with, for, in, by or on?

  • Very spacious with good amenities.
  • The room is pretty spacious for the price.
  • The eternity pool is spacious in a beautifully landscaped setting.
  • They were much smaller than A &; B blocks but pretty spacious by HK, non-government, standards.
  • The next room they moved me to was grand and very spacious on the 14th floor.
  • Several suites will offer expansive terraces, with one being the most spacious along the Bund - perfect for entertaining or functions.
  • Yes! It's not as clean or spacious as south bay area, it's street's got many homeless and poor, it's foggy even in summer, it's traffic drives you mad, finding a parking is a nightmare and what not.
  • The entire boutique is designed in a whimsical theme, very cozy and spacious at well.
  • It's also spacious like an art gallery, measuring 5.
  • The gentle, warm sunlight streams in through the floor-to-ceiling windows of the most spacious of rooms in Hong Kong.
  • As a result the world now seems dark and spacious to him.
  • Spacious without being oversized the layout allows for myriad options, with bedrooms, bathrooms and living all carefully balanced.

"steep for" or "steep in"?

  • These were pretty steep for me.
  • Jersey City is also steep in history.
  • It's priced rather steep at $64.
  • First up we? ll start with Brent Steep with a 22.
  • Many people think $13 is too steep of a price.
  • The streets are much steeper on the Taksim side.
  • Slight to me could be steep to you and vice versa.
  • The increase is the steepest among the 19 police divisions islandwide.
  • The hill is as high and steep as a cliff.
  • Yes, the learning curve is steep but for me, it's been worth it.
  • Tuition, while considered steep by some, has really not risen in the past 50 years or so.
  • The brunch cost $398 a head which I thought was quite steep considering the spread of food they had.
  • Regarding Clear Channel: Who cares? They are on the gentle end of a soon to be steep down hill ride.
  • Sure, everyone has a learning curve, but for women, it's generally steeper due to all the subtle and unsubtle impediments.
  • The Pinnacles are very steep from word ' Go '.
  • The initial climb is steep over loose volcanic scree, but there are some well-graded zig-zags and a slow but steady pace will have us up to Gillman's (5,685 m.
  • Now we were climbing a steep through thick forest.
  • The climb down is steep towards the end and probably difficult for the elderly or very young children.
  • This is a steep up hill which will take you up to Sandakphu.

"smug about" or "smug in"?

  • Be as smug about it as you want.
  • He wasn't being smug in the least.
  • The Greens look all smug with their new pastures.
  • Yep, I did feel a little smug at this point.
  • New Zealanders have been too smug for too long about the state of their natural environment.
  • People are sarcastic and smug on comments sections and forums: they're dicks.
  • I felt like a winner, very smug of my own achievement.
  • Thirdly, having met him, he seemed smug to me.
  • The moment they chance upon your card in the future, they would remember you looking smug as a street by-stander.
  • Maybe people see themselves as above the 99%, sitting smug behind their computer screens.
  • Krishnan Guru-Murphy at Channel 4 is getting fatter and smugger by the day, Rageh Omar has pissed off to Al-Jezeera.
  • Not another segregated fiefdom for some mayor to feel smug like a kid in a sandbox with all his toy police cars not sharing with the rest.
  • AND then you get to feel all smug over your lunch time soba.

"spanish in" or "spanish for"?

  • She took up Spanish in 1st year.
  • The Spanish for stamp is sello.
  • Novak for Spanish at HACC last year.
  • Spanish as a first language here.
  • I made my order -- in Spanish to her.
  • Dominguez -- Svidler 1/2-1/2 Another Spanish with 5.
  • Translation from the Spanish by Rev.
  • But Carmiol wasn't teaching Spanish on Thursday.
  • I'd sure he can get help with Spanish from Messi and others.
  • Recommended by: Geoff There s nothing Spanish about this place.
  • I was to visit Cuba and speak, Spanish after all,.
  • You won't be fluent in Spanish before the end of the week.
  • Keith Law, however, responds to questions in Spanish during his chats for ESPN.
  • Also, it's very possible that we might be speaking Spanish instead of English.
  • In one encounter, they lured the Spanish into a trap.
  • But alright, maybe the Spanish like their tea a different way than the Irish, so fair enough.
  • I am hoping to learn some Spanish through audio books too.
  • I've long been interested in the Spanish without.

secret for, from, about, with or in?

  • Let it be a secret for a while.
  • It was kept completely secret from parents and students.
  • There is nothing secret about it.
  • It is fantastic word that means secret in its.
  • I am going to share a secret with you.
  • Freemasonry should not be secret to the general society.
  • The best worshipping is the most secret of all.
  • The proceedings should be secret by law.
  • But to his eternal irritation, his real name wasn't so secret after all.
  • No details about this historical birth was revealed to the media and it was kept as secret at the request of the parents.
  • The dorm leaders gather in the gym and Young-man tears into Seung-ri at his request to keep Jae-hee's secret under wraps (hur).
  • The legal threat was also a joke, kept secret until now.
  • I feel curious how would be the best way for it not to be a secret without him then spying.

"shocking to" or "shocking for"?

  • This is kind of shocking to me.
  • The news was too shocking for us.
  • Kind of shocking in its ordinariness.
  • What's shocking about a Korean 3.
  • Disturbing and shocking at times but totally believable.
  • Most shocking of all you point out that H.
  • The collaboration is beautiful, which wasn't shocking after delving into Plenty with gusto and glee.
  • I think that is shocking as a principle.
  • One moment of violence is so shocking because of the slow, inexorable build up to it and the innocence of the victim.
  • Sheen tried to be shocking by being genuine, which in a way was even more creepy.
  • What happened here for me isn't all that shocking considering what I've seen where I live and whom I've worked for.
  • So as a fan of Nick Cave, I had no reason to expect anything shocking from here on in.
  • This comes a bit shocking on first realization.
  • That shouldn't be shocking with the accommodation South Africa that 1 will get.

sanguine about, in, of, on or for?

  • Coe is fairly sanguine about it.
  • We can't be sanguine in the face of that.
  • The more sanguine of City fans welcome the draw and the inevitable challenge ahead with open arms.
  • So, I'd not buying that EVERYBODY in the Romney campaign was so sanguine on Election day.
  • I become sanguine for a moment.
  • But the law makers and enforcers seem helpless as these companies are heavy enough to prove in courts that their claims are real, genuine and sanguine as the ' Zero Loss ' claim in 2G and Coal-gate.
  • Can you blame them? I'd not so sanguine over Amazon's good intentions.
  • It may be my temperament, I'd often on a swing from sanguine to melancholic, or my experience, I arrived in Hanmer Springs wearing winter boots on a hot February afternoon.
  • I am less sanguine with the calls for his firing and his ouster from society.

stingy with, in, about, on or to?

  • Don't be stingy with the butter.
  • They are stingy in love for their Prophet.
  • God is not stingy about love; the more the merrier.
  • The Pink station was a little stingy on the color.
  • Stingy to the core he found it very easy to be poor.
  • He claims the community is stingy for not being willing to pay.
  • They're not stingy at all in this department.
  • Mennonite jokes aside, I'd stingy by nature.
  • I figured they'd do something stingy like this.
  • However, the rest of the city has plenty of other things to keep even the most stingy of budget.
  • The Colonel was very stingy over fires.
  • I always wondered why Hollywood producers have been a bit stingy toward him and saved the few enlightening lines of his films for.
  • Companies can either be quite generous, or extremely stingy (the same company is quite capable of being generous towards one employee and stingy towards another).

seasoned with, in, by, of or to?

  • This is seasoned with salt and pepper.
  • It's seasoned in sadness of Abbott.
  • Kinilaw: Raw seafood, seasoned by having either white vinegar or calamansi juice.
  • Within the camps live some of the fiercest and most seasoned of Palestinian fighters.
  • It is seasoned to the taste of the chef.
  • For one, we're too seasoned for that.
  • So you get good out of both seasoned as well as new filmmakers.
  • During her juicing adventures, she has experimented with many different types of juicers and is now seasoned at recommending juicers to consumers that will fit their lifestyle.
  • The author is seasoned on and composes reviews on the product for quite a few years.
  • So, whether you're a first time landlord or a seasoned pro lettingaproperty.

soluble in, by, to, at or for?

  • Thorium is not soluble in water.
  • It was unclear to him how Galois ' results classified which equations were soluble by radicals.
  • Magnesium carbonate (the most soluble one I have data for) is soluble to the extent of about 0.
  • People use hot water to dissolve the Horlicks powder first because the powder is more soluble at a higher temperature.
  • If is not a factor of then is invertible mod so the congruence mod is soluble for every.
  • All gases are less soluble as temperature increases, particularly nitrogen, oxygen and carbondioxide which become about 40-50% less soluble with an increase of 25C.

sharp in, with, on, for or as?

  • He looked sharp in training today.
  • Jesus has to be very sharp with him.
  • He was just too sharp for me tonight.
  • I am very sharp on all the details.
  • But he's still sharp as a razor.
  • She looked sharp at the net too.
  • Keane was the sharpest of the handful that made it through.
  • I just scroll through until I find one that looks sharp to me.
  • Mind gets sharp by meat eating.
  • Sharp from edge to edge, contrasty.
  • The pitch is high, intense, and sharp like a knife.
  • Rightly so, she is pretty sharp about finance.
  • I find that the knives do get sharper after 320.
  • Picture the base of the cliffs, dark and sharp against the foaming water.
  • The decrease was especially sharp among white men, 41 percent of whom supported Mr.
  • I consider myself pretty sharp around the worldwideweb.
  • The line is very sharp between those two realms.
  • Then the Economics Advisor who appeared to be an African American woman was extremely sharp during her presentation.
  • My bone structure was too sharp over the eyes.
  • The CANON's remain very sharp through a good amount of enlargement while the PANASONIC 's, although close, get softer a little faster.
  • The team is not nearly as sharp without him.

straight from, in, out, of or at?

  • Then I'll buy the iPad 3 straight from Apple.
  • The Broncos haven't even won three straight in Denver.
  • Core 150 straight out of the box.
  • It wasn't 4 years straight of this.
  • Make dua during straight after.
  • Into the finishing straight at over 210 hp.
  • Louis, his third straight for the team.
  • Mine are just straight with no extras.
  • For the straight down shots we sideslipped.
  • These are the ones I could think of straight off my head.
  • Viet71 I'd coming at this straight as a lawyer.
  • Get this straight before continuing.
  • From when I was a child until the age of about 13 I had a straight across fringe.
  • Theyve won six straight against Yale.
  • One was in the Straight between Port Angeles, Vancouver and Whidbey Is.
  • Before Thursday, they had lost four straight by a combined 30-7.
  • Whichever state brings you straighter on the road and secures your greater advancement, choose that task.
  • Then, while we were having an early morning snooze together, she rolled off our bed and straight onto the floor.
  • Indiana won four straight over the Raptors, and their last seven matchups in Bankers Life Fieldhouse.
  • The Boilermakers (3-6, 0-5) have lost five straight since beating Marshall on Sept.
  • And that makes it 12 straight without a win.

"stunning in", "stunning on" or "stunning with"?

  • You look stunning in everything.
  • I think they'd look stunning on me.
  • Each garden is stunning with its own specific charm.
  • This one just happens to be stunning at the same time.
  • This is stunning for 3 reasons.
  • It is also one of the most stunning of them.
  • Must be stunning to him, still.
  • Stunning as a pop of colour on the lower lash line.
  • There was nothing stunning about that.
  • Playing on PC so it looks stunning by way of compensation.
  • The views across London must be stunning from the gallery.
  • Point 9% and stunning after a stunning Torre I don't need to tell you miss.
  • And Oriental rugs look stunning against darker wood.
  • The view is stunning over Hawke's Bay from Black Barn Bistro's nights.
  • Old watches is visually stunning plus breathtaking.

slight of, on, to, in or against?

  • More slight of hand by the GOP.
  • That's no slight on Brad Jones.
  • It's not a slight to the Bears.
  • Jacob Butler was, like his father, slight in build.
  • That's no slight against Romero.
  • That's not a slight by the way.
  • I'd not complaining in the slightest about being polled.
  • His build may have been too slight for a successful tenor.
  • You can bet the Tamaqua coaching staff is reminding its players of this slight as a motivational tool.
  • The only quote that could've been construed as a slight at Mrs.
  • A slight from outside to any was a slight to all.
  • I don't disagree in the slightest with your last point.
  • From the top in was a slight down hill all the way to the finish.
  • On a slight off topic note, CvC really is a prick.
  • Doug fired it up first, landing with a slight over rotation.
  • That's not a slight towards him by any means.
  • And I am going to have to be that person and point out that there was a slight under dosage of caskett tonight.
  • This is no slight upon the perceived lack of driving ability among females, it is a fact.

sometime in, between, before, after or during?

  • Got mine day 1 sometime in July 2010.
  • Labour says 67 sometime after 2021.
  • John came to America sometime before 1854.
  • Saint Jim will ' manifest ' sometime between 9.
  • Maximilian to sometime during the period c.
  • I hope my A850 and A77 hold out for sometime for me.
  • Overnight! From sometime around 9:30pm on.
  • After sometime of debugging, I decided to upload the sagepage suite.
  • He then rose from the dead sometime on Easter Sunday.
  • Of course, you may enjoy spending sometime with your friend but not being with them all the time.
  • Gods been speaking to me for sometime about being there for others.
  • He remained with Zia for sometime as the education minister.
  • He also studied for sometime at Kalighat high school, Kolkata.
  • For sometime by an error it was considered as Elara's tomb.
  • The tips presented in this article are handy sometime down the road.
  • Apple said it is working with many car manufacturers in an attempt to integrate a hardware button into steering wheels that can activate Siri sometime over the next 12 months.
  • I'd thinking future, since I'll probably be buying new sometime within the next year, I think.
  • Luckily the Father of my unborn child let me into his home and promised to marry me; so I stayed with him for sometime without my family's knowledge of my where-abouts.

secondary to, in or for?

  • But it's secondary to the freedom.
  • All these are secondary in any case.
  • Winning the World Cup was secondary for us.

"stripped of" or "stripped down"?

  • Quite stripped of a certain warmth.
  • Maybe they will may get a stripped down Sense 3.
  • The Voice star told Billboard magazine: ' During the promotion of Stripped in 2002 I got tired of being a skinny, white girl.
  • A stripped off version of a 2 column template, with the basic page elements highlighted, is shown below.

"stranded in" or "stranded on"?

  • In any case, I got stranded in Ikea.
  • Got ta keep from gettin ' stranded on the flats.
  • Pi and Richard Parker at stranded at sea for almost 8 months.
  • Meanwhile the Juke was left stranded with St.
  • It is easy to get stranded by the tide.
  • I'd going to be bored and stranded for a week.
  • The peace mission was left stranded without even their baggage.
  • You may stranded after loosing your wallet or purse, especially in a foreign city.
  • Thousands of Kenyans who depend on public transport were Monday morning left stranded as the strike by Matatu operators entered the fifth day.
  • At times, it feels stranded between both.
  • Double-stranded DNA normally becomes temporarily single stranded during DNA replication and RNA synthesis.
  • Hence, your de facto stranded like everybody else.
  • So now Im a bit stranded of how to overcome that, as I do nt really know what the first European border Im crossing want me to have.

subservient to or in?

  • That is to be subservient to PR.
  • Women are often portrayed as subservient in TV soaps and films.

"steady at" or "steady in"?

  • Spot gold was steady at $1,708.
  • Keep steady in your duties as muslimah.
  • Keep it there steady for some time.
  • He's very steady on the rudder.
  • But I didn't want to go steady with it.
  • The price of fish remained steady over the week.
  • Keepin ' up the rhythm, steady as a clock.
  • Unemployment has been steady during difficult times.
  • The wind blew hard and steady from the south.
  • The numbers have held relatively steady since 2010.
  • The audience was steady throughout the show after inheriting 2.
  • Rock steady to me was like our Motown.
  • Scores have generally remained steady across most Chinese locations.
  • The unemployment rate has largely remained steady after the mass job losses of 07/08.
  • The dollar was steady against the yen at 82.
  • The barometer had been steady between 29.
  • Its flow becomes steady by habit.
  • Emotions rock the ocean so keep your happiness steady despite.
  • AAS: We're back to working at steady of pace with AAS.
  • I hope there were plenty more, but the footfall was steady rather than spectacular.
  • The taste are often more steady through it.
  • Yes, he has kept steady under fire.

selected for, by, from, in or of?

  • Thirty selected for Home Grant.
  • Speculations continue as to whether he was pre selected by the americans.
  • It is used to determine whether content items are to selected from a group or from a list.
  • Because every players must have some pressure to selected in NSW.
  • Guests can appreciate a selected of two peculiar floor plans.
  • Why was orange selected as the main colour? Orange is a bright and warm colour.
  • Kavanagh 's, as well as in 330ml bottles in selected off licenses.
  • It's an incestuous world of selected rather than elected political power brokers.
  • In making her case Coyle referred briefly to the fact that the Trust's members are ' selected through the normal process for public appointments '.
  • This is derived from the current selected via padstack and pitch.
  • The 3 runners up selected with this years fashion Fringe, Fyodor Golan, Heidi Leung and Nabil El-Nayal had their.

soaked in, with, to, for or by?

  • Soaked in the sugary syrup mah.
  • I got soaked with perspiration.
  • Soaked to the bone in minutes if you had to be outside in it.
  • We were on location, soaked for 2 days straight.
  • I was out hiking for about 3 hours, and I was pretty soaked by the end of it.
  • We all got SOAKED on this River Rapids adventure.
  • Soaked through the heart of your mill shell liner to concave.
  • For my hands, someday I have to use two rags because they become so soaked from the sweat.
  • Most soaked into her fur, but some splashed on the stones at her paws.
  • The South African soaked up the attention.
  • Got soaked at the Water Park and did it again at Surf Beach.

"suited to" or "suited for"?

  • Firstly, he's more suited to 4-3-3.
  • It is more suited for players like you.
  • This mode is not suited in keep of ' framing ' your discipline like the Only Snapshot AF mode.
  • Patterns of suited up men armored with swords donned outfits, but other patterns didn't go over so well.
  • He makes much ado before he can get suited with a boarding-house.

"starving to", "starving in" or "starving for"?

  • They are not starving to death.
  • I'd starving for a bit of meat.
  • No to people starving in Greece.
  • Most of our universities are starving of fund.
  • I used to be starving by 10am and crave a sweet snack back then.
  • In the long run, it is more humane to put an animal to sleep than to leave it starving on the street where it is prone to catching diseases.
  • Nuns nursed in fever hospitals and fed the starving at their convents.
  • Thank you ahjumonis and ahjusshis:) We're practically STARVING after water rafting.
  • The body can feel like it is starving because of emotional, visual or other cues.
  • Then they annihilate themselves, drowning in their own wastes or starving from lack of food.
  • Both sub poverty and starving with great resources.
  • Assuming this is strictly enforced, you will probably be starving within days, dead within weeks, in an approximate repeat of communist famines.

scarce in, for, at, on or of?

  • Details were scarce in the Sept.
  • Money are scarce for your average Malaysians.
  • Oxygen is scarce at these heights.
  • Water will be scarce on the next section.
  • Infrastructure remains scarce due to a rugged terrain.
  • A start-up is very scarce of resources.
  • Everything was scarce after the war.
  • But the generators require fuel, which can be scarce during a blackout.
  • Now scarce as an unused stamp, cancelled.
  • Euros are scarce and getting scarcer by the day.
  • Water is scarce to non-existent in the plateau areas.
  • They will become more scarce with time and will eventually run out.
  • In the 70 's, information was scarce about what your heroes were playing on the road.
  • If I'd scarce around here, you'll know why.
  • AMY GOODMAN: -- when food becomes scarce because of climate change.
  • When the jackal heard this, he got frightened and thought to himself, ' Unless I can make myself scarce before whoever is making this noise sees me, I am done for.
  • All natural resources are scarce from water to arable land; from fisheries to forests.
  • Camping is however scarce outside the parks.
  • Small trees are scarce over large areas -- suggesting limited regeneration.
  • Provisions were becoming rather scarce within the Muslim army.
  • You can make the scarce worth buying.

suspected of, as, for or in?

  • I also guilt, moncler, that he was suspected of him.
  • The likelihood of implementation of this decision remains suspected as the Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah expressed his reservations immediately after the conference ended.
  • It is, however, unclear if the driver was dozing as some suspected in view of the time of the accident.

surplus to, in, for, from or by?

  • They are surplus to requirements.
  • Total surplus in the budget is 66.
  • I reject the two bars that indicate a surplus for 2000 and 2001.
  • I purchased it surplus from Circuit Specialists a few years ago.
  • City Food Growing It turns out that the green agenda has a lot to offer -- we have an amazing city wide system of allotments, many of which have surplus at various times of the year.
  • There is surplus of doctors in taiwan as well.
  • In other words it was surplus on paper depending on nothing going wrong.
  • A longer contract would allow the ' employer ' to pay the ' firm ' any surplus over personal allowances.
  • CLASS is a new long-term-care insurance program that was inserted into Obamacare so that Congress could raid its $70 billion surplus through 2020 to cover Obamacare's initial deficits.