Prepositions before Nouns

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"of country" or "in country"?

  • The list of countries goes on and on.
  • But it's a plus on the ground in country.
  • The form varied from country to country.
  • The form varied from country to country.
  • Finally the group called for countries not under the Kyoto.
  • It is transported between countries by plane.
  • This varies both by region and by country.
  • And the same with Country Strong.
  • Check out wikipedia for the per capita income across countries.
  • What such residual capacity might be has to be based on country specifics.

"of case" or "in case"?

  • She handled thousands of cases.
  • This isn't unusual in cases of trauma.
  • In some cases the matter may be referred to case progression.
  • We assess these cases on a case by case basis.
  • For cases like this, there is often a **38;1928;TOOLONG mentality.
  • This rich couple gets best lawyers help &; pulls on case for long time.
  • Microsoft also sells Touch and Type covers for the Surface, along with cases from Incipio.
  • All the missing swabs were from cases of acute simple appendicitis.
  • And accurate headlines about cases such as this one would help too.
  • Registration allows you the full privileges of student membership at CASE.

"of company" or "for company"?

  • By adopting Microsof company Makeup CRM 3.
  • The same thing goes for companies.
  • I changed job in July 2008 to Company B.
  • LAN to access local system in company.
  • The same with companies and their pensions.
  • Definitions of support tiers differ by company.
  • These bonuses differ from company to company.
  • Focus on company culture as the #1 priority.
  • The owners, whether as companies or individuals, are extremely wealthy.
  • It proved to be extremely prescient -- just look at companies like Netflix.

"of community" or "in community"?

  • Scores of communities depend on it.
  • Lo has been active in community services.
  • We do this for our kids and for community.
  • Went to community college, got my GED.
  • West, was met with community objections.
  • Rough sleeping harms individuals and impacts on communities.
  • I am passionate about community development.
  • The death was one of two at community dialysis centres last year.
  • The Ajax program builds on similar programs already run by Community Care Durham in Whitby and Oshawa.
  • The number of new cases varies from community to community.

"of child" or "for child"?

  • The smell of children together.
  • Use only one drop for children.
  • Make memories in nature with children.
  • I do NOT equate my pets to children.
  • This is particularly common in children.
  • The focus was on child slavery on chocolate farms.
  • Marriage and sex are about children.
  • I hope that all by children will be martyrs.
  • There is a growing culture of violence against children in Jamaica.
  • Pages from children's exercise books fluttered in the breeze.

"of city" or "in city"?

  • The east area of City Core is Fort Union.
  • In cities this trend is much greater.
  • Food will go to City Harvest, coats to NY Cares.
  • The ordinance is available at city hall.
  • This was a great escape for City.
  • The users can also refine their search by city.
  • For those seeking a break from city life, a.
  • Letting this guy on city council was a bad.
  • His spell with City lasted 13 years and he was a huge figure in a solid back-line.
  • Between cities there is nothing but dirt.

of, in, by, for or with car?

  • But a crowd of cars was bunched up.
  • Leather is also used to make seating in cars.
  • We are travelling by car! That is a nasty one.
  • They shared a passion for cars.
  • The first two lanes were jammed with cars.
  • Try to save on car parts by buying generic for the less crucial bits and pieces.
  • Cyclists should give way to cars and trucks.
  • Five things to know about car accidents 1.
  • In addition there was noise from cars entering the ug carpark.
  • Bikers want to be treated like cars, yet they do nt always go by the same rules as cars we do.

"of care", "with care" or "for care"?

  • Leadership is shared at the point of care.
  • But they must be used with care.
  • I urged him to go for care and he agreed to come.
  • I have been in care for two years now.
  • Sadly her siblings were put into care, and her parents had done nothing.
  • She was 65 years old, poor, and had no one to care for her.
  • It was the beginning of many questions that would slip into my mind about care in the United States versus here, which I will talk about later.
  • He hates being in after care and that has been a constant struggle.
  • There are fair share for female too such as Care bears each for SGD$8.
  • Data on care seeking around the time of pregnancy termination, birth or death were obtained from programme records.

"of couple" or "for couple"?

  • Lots of couple's (all ages ), newlyweds, and, few kids.
  • Ideal for couple or small family.
  • Violence in couple relationships is a problem of power and control.
  • We have these same dynamics with couples.
  • We don't give tax relief to couples just because each other.
  • A number of broken marriages became the result of the very long separation between couples.
  • Sexual pleasures by couples using hand contact? 3.
  • Move on couple of years, im now in happy relationship and due to become a father in few months.
  • We are seeing quite good movies from couple of years.
  • Any central government measures like in China one child per couple can only be done in dictatorships.

"in class" or "of class"?

  • Be unable to concentrate in class.
  • But Ghosh showed glimpses of class.
  • Some probably never went to class.
  • We had lots of books and things to do for class.
  • Between classes I work for the university.
  • She would collect a random scrap book and go over it during class.
  • These videos are relevant for all students from Class I to XII.
  • They wear themselves with class almost every day.
  • So after class Alan dropped a note on my desk and then quickly walked away.
  • I took my baby to campus with me but not into classes.

"by chance" or "of chance"?

  • By chance there were no serious injuries.
  • So far, there is no mention of chances.
  • Nothing was being left to chance.
  • Allowing balotelli chance after chance.
  • A CEO of an IT firm who is published on Forbes as a billionaire, Toru attained his fortune through chance and pure luck.
  • After c6 the position was unclear with chances for both sides.
  • When in doubt, it is always safe to opt for the floral-bouquet based perfume such as Chance by Channel.
  • The former works like a Trojan and can finish too; the latter played well overall, and if he keeps finding the space for chances, they will eventually start going in.
  • Now, talented people are not attracted to NZ to ' participate in chance conversations ' -- they will be come for specific, defined, ADVERTISED jobs.
  • Ludo has been desecrated as a mindless game totally dependent on chance.

"of change" or "for change"?

  • Anger is the emotion of change.
  • I bet you voted for change too, sucker.
  • This list is subject to change.
  • Price fluctuates with changes in supply and demand.
  • Great to know about changes on.
  • Revocation of continuing guarantee by change in firm 38.
  • Just as he turned, the number flashed in change.
  • There are, of course, many potential constraints on change.
  • Sjowall and Wahloo certainly reflect the anti-war movement as well as changes in other ways, which you describe.
  • Programs that have been made 64-bit safe can be recompiled and run on 32-bit systems without change.

"of control" or "in control"?

  • Damage of control panel line; 5.
  • God is in control of elections.
  • Everything seemed under control.
  • This is the method employed for control.
  • It was unable either to control it or to win its unqualified allegiance.
  • Two State Senate races remained too close to call, with control of the chamber in the balance.
  • It's all about control, and if you can take it.
  • Uninstalling You can uninstall the Add-In from ' Add or Remove Programs ' options available from control panel.
  • See the topics on controls and displays for details.
  • In the end, this fight is over control.

"Of course" or "on course"?

  • ELA offers a variety of courses.
  • I'd glad that PIB is on course.
  • Horses for courses Ed 70mm f/2.
  • I could be wrong off course but.
  • Diversity of students in course.
  • Go to Course Search to check application deadlines for courses.
  • Enjoy the convenience of learning at your own pace with courses offered on a continuous basis.
  • While others must parse why they now disapprove and talk about course correction, Sen.
  • You may need to look into courses for locksmiths at your local community university.
  • Participation A maximum of ten participants is allowed per course.

of, by, for, about or in choice?

  • It's totally a matter of choice.
  • It is by choice and not by luck.
  • Consumers and the ability for choice, their way.
  • It really is all about choices.
  • Most pro-aborts aren't really interested in choice.
  • But Australia's success will be based on choice, not chance.
  • Unless you are a practising satanist through choice and beliefs than music.
  • It is not an easy to choice to make.
  • Food aplenty here - with choice of local, fast food and cafe chains.
  • The healthy have the luxury of a life without choices, a gift most people take for granted.

of, in, for, on or with cost?

  • A list of costs 2 is available.
  • This translates to roughly a 25% increase in costs overall.
  • Drummond's calls for cost cutting, rather than just treat the symptoms.
  • Please re-read my posting on cost.
  • With costs already estimated at 1.
  • You can move between providers at cost.
  • There shall be no order as to costs.
  • And I think that this market won't be all about cost.
  • It also covers any related legal fees, costs and expenses, as well as costs for hospital expenses.
  • None of this will come without cost, nor will it be easy.

"in court" or "to court"?

  • Nothing Will Stand Up in Court.
  • I have never taken him to court.
  • Try not to settle out of court.
  • Cognizance offences by Courts of Session 193.
  • That is why it is key to get into court.
  • Speak to the duty solicitor at court.
  • Remember that all the time you are on court.
  • The bail process is very important for court and detainee.
  • They did send me a copy from court house records of note.
  • But through court orders some missing persons have been released.

of, in, for, on or to culture?

  • That is the concept of culture.
  • Broaden your taste in culture please.
  • The definite diagnosis of Salmonella is based on culture.
  • That makes it very relevant to culture management and to you.
  • It's not about culture predominantly.
  • This desire cuts across cultures, income levels, educational levels and gender.
  • Mara experiences vary between cultures.
  • And these realities are shaped by culture to large extent.
  • A concern with culture, yes, but not with myth.

"of career", "for career" or "in career"?

  • Bentley scored highest in the area of Career Development.
  • Such reckless bravery was not for career purposes.
  • It is very important in career change.
  • I no longer spend all my time on career.
  • Team tactics Most activities are fun when done in a group, ditto with career fairs.
  • But few of her girlfriends think about careers involving computers.
  • Their students went on to careers in community health service, for example, Rose Terry, R.
  • Dale Karauria has been appointed to the Board of the Careers Service (known as Careers New Zealand).
  • For this weeks Company Focus we're talking with Marian Walsh from Career Coaching Solutions.
  • A generation that won't be able to get into careers that they want.

"of campaign" or "in campaign"?

  • Upon joining a battle, I had to wait for several minutes before the start of campaign.
  • It hides in campaign ads and a monsoon of e-mail messages.
  • I see organisations with no idea on return for campaigns, no tracking or measuring.
  • Then Obama ran on campaign to send in drones if PAK refuses to act.
  • This time it's even bigger with campaigns in various parts of the country.
  • The news: Switching from campaign mode to gubernatorial affairs, Gov.
  • I think people got pretty immune to campaigning, but this is not the campaign.
  • Calling all fainters during campaign rallies.
  • I write about campaigns that work and some that do n't, from Australia and around the world.

"of computer" or "in computer"?

  • The day of computer science is well upon us.
  • There is no indication of any expertise in computers.
  • X-rays were digital and any paper was scanned on to computers.
  • You do not have to be an expert with computers.
  • It was just a comment on computers.
  • A passion for Computers and Technology is a must have.
  • There is a famous sentence about computers i.
  • Fake accounts run by computers.
  • To make the switch from computer to book.
  • Asia is renowned for making cars and other high-tech goods such as computers cheaper, faster and better than the West.

"of comment" or "for comment"?

  • Current number of comments: 0 3.
  • This story is closed for comments.
  • I'd now trying to catch up with comments.
  • Share your thoughts in comments.
  • The same rule applies to comments.
  • The justification has been shot to pieces by comments from US entertainment lawyer Jonathan Handel.
  • Click here to read my policy on comments.
  • Xavi handed over his half-full water bottle without comment.
  • From comments on previous posts I gather that many Jazz fans feel the same way.
  • The most popular way is through comments.

of, on, for, in or by credit?

  • Our system of credit is concentrated.
  • I don't fill in my SIN number on credit apps for that reason.
  • Medical gases can not be returned for credit.
  • Elsewhere in credit markets, bonds of Boston-based Iron Mountain Inc.
  • It was paid in full by credit card.
  • Students should also exercise caution with credit cards.
  • After that you can deal with any less urgent debts such as credit card debts, overdrafts and other loans.
  • This kind of loan program is free from credit checking.
  • Banks can also promote and sell their products and services like credit cards, loans etc.
  • Access to Credit Access to credit facilities in the sector is 37.

of, at, for, to or in club?

  • But he called for the Master of Clubs and gave the order.
  • Talking to a friend at club last night.
  • Also both played for clubs that weren't in themselves dominant.
  • Entry to Club Eras is free for men and women until 8 p.
  • Wind is often a major factor in club selection.
  • The warriors would fight with clubs and shields.
  • I would listen to and learn from clubs with successful youth systems.
  • The villas are privately owned (got a cool 1 million?) and managed by Club Med.
  • For years I didn't have a clue about club finances or board members etc and that was happier time.
  • Please download the brochure which will give you more details on Clubs Australia's initiative.

of, in, with, for or to character?

  • Another is a lack of character.
  • To know Him in character is order and values.
  • Fell in love with character design while studying animation in the United Kingdom.
  • As for character variety, I couldn't disagree more.
  • It's similar to character design.
  • What questions about character or.
  • Default space between characters is defined to be 0pt, i.
  • You have to get into character.
  • An asterisk is present followed by characters which are not null and not blank.
  • Cross-examination on character can only be with leave: s 112 Evidence Act.

"of council", "in council" or "to council"?

  • Protection of Council and members thereof 39.
  • The common people are treated almost as slaves and are neither heard nor listened to in councils.
  • A report to council is expected before the end of the year.
  • Graduate Member appointed by Council pursuant to Section 9(1) (g) of the Act.
  • This removes any liability for council tax or business rates.
  • There was a massive shift in ownership from council to housing associations.
  • Stephen Anderson with Council Ireland Chapter President Dr.
  • Representation on Council committees and working parties.
  • But one colleague had a good way of looking at council fines.
  • Surely some of these could be refurbished into council fllats, rented out but not sold.

"of church", "to church" or "in church"?

  • Separation of church and state.
  • If you want pray, go to church.
  • It's not going to come in church.
  • My sense is they find them at churches.
  • Botticelli painted religious paintings for churches.
  • Part of the band on the march back from Church this morning.
  • Instead, they insisted upon a wall of separation between church and state.
  • The team used religious visas to gain access and meet with church groups.
  • They meet in a big tent bought by church friends from USA.
  • He traveled a lot on church business.

of, on, for, to or with card?

  • But there was his kind of card.
  • She'd whine it wasn't on card stock and double spaced.
  • Fast and efficient to charge me for card reactivation.
  • Banks have caught onto the charge card hoppers who switch from card to card to take advantage of the low introductory rates.
  • We need 2d game artist to come up with card illustration for a TCG game.
  • Please give the quotation per card a.
  • As you are paying by card you mention to your friend that you are going away for the weekend.
  • Even at their most formative stages, children can learn about words and numbers from card games.
  • Invest in card terminals so that your customers will be encouraged to shop for more items.
  • But because of recently implemented procedures like cards and fingerprint scans, guards won't have to be posted outside high security places the entire day.

"of climate" or "on climate"?

  • OBAMA: The issue of climate change.
  • The nature of comments on climate blogs vary widely.
  • In regard to climate sensitivity.
  • They talk about climate change but rarely take proper action on it.
  • We can do the same for climate change.
  • You see this in climate change.
  • As with fluid dynamics, so with climate dynamics.
  • I'd still searching for a serious rebuttal by climate sceptics.
  • The causes of the disaster in motion are known as climate change, pollution and overfishing.
  • After all, the most important questions about DOM arise from climate research.

"of crisis" or "in crisis"?

  • We turn to these writers at moments of crisis.
  • We are looking at the media in crisis.
  • There can not be clinical answers to crises.
  • Mali was plunged into crisis after a separatist uprising that led to a coup.
  • The scene where our hero talks down a lynch mob could be a textbook lesson for crisis counselors everywhere.
  • Devolution around the world is a highly political process, often resulting from crisis.
  • We are driving towards chaos, as the ruling party is engulfed crisis after crisis.
  • The e-voting boom Major policy changes are frequently spurred by crisis.
  • Growing your Circle of Business Friends A business house can succeed only when there are people who can guide during crisis.
  • For many reasons other than Iraq, there is today a new appreciation for multilateralism and diplomacy in coping with crises.

Of, for, to, without or about cause?

  • Effects occur because of cause.
  • This is now our rule of procedure for cause.
  • Everything comes down to Cause &; Effect.
  • No result can come about without cause.
  • Those descriptions are not about cause.
  • In other words, the relation between cause and effect is like the relation between natural integers.
  • Every decision you make is actually dependant on Causes from the past.
  • Strong men believe in cause and effect.
  • Two neonates died but from causes unrelated to neonatal jaundice.
  • When a Beauty product is associated with causes that help others in need women, who are the normal users of MAC makeup, tend to go all the way for the product.

"of competition" or "in competition"?


of, to, in, at or with center?

  • Begum's struggle in life Begum is a member of Centre no.
  • Set up your telescope to center on the Mizar/Alcor pair.
  • I like Werth and Harp in center.
  • Expect Carrick to play at centre half.
  • He too refused point blank and spoke animatedly with Centre Point's bellboy.
  • They had a florist shop up on Centre Street.
  • Do multi-centre trials and select for publication only those results from centres that are favourable.
  • The only noticeable difference is 75 percent of those injuries this season have come under center.
  • Coalitions between centre right and centre left parties are nothing strange in a number of member states.
  • HALT: Slight increase there? This is slightly off centre toward the one -- two side.

of, to, for, with or from customer?

  • They've had a lot of customers.
  • Our dedication to customer satisfaction.
  • All in all, 10 on 10 for customer service.
  • It's very important to stay in touch with customers.
  • Also include recommendations from customers, clients and colleagues.
  • We are industry leading in customer advocacy.
  • In fact, the organization has topped surveys that focused on customer service.
  • Instruments quoted by Customer price request 3.
  • They just don't seem to bother about customer care.
  • I feel so disheartened at the we as customers are treated.

"of condition" or "on condition"?

  • It was a change of conditions from Ahmedabad.
  • He spoke on condition of anonymity.
  • The early birds were also back in condition earlier.
  • Licences may be issued subject to conditions.
  • Such a thing does not happen under conditions of certainty.
  • In the gospel, God bids sinners to come freely without conditions to be met.
  • They need to be comfortable with condition.
  • See CMAL's website for conditions and charges.
  • A trade union may have negotiated an agreement with an employer about conditions at work.
  • But I do not think there will be a boom like condition in real estate stocks.

of, in, from, with or to concept?

  • This is the skandha of concept.
  • Otherwise, the post is good in concept.
  • Project Management: Going from concept to beautiful gown on the day is a project.
  • We are then concerned with concepts of individual relations in a social order.
  • Irving's organization later began to promote to concept of restored prophets and apostles.
  • The intellect converts these percepts into concepts or ideas.
  • Thus this is also exempt on concept of Mutuality.
  • Kids who think outside of the box, toy with metaphor, see unusual connections between concepts, and think in pictures are not welcome in most schools.
  • In case of collections from members they are covered by concept of Mutuality.

of, on, under, in or to contract?

  • The period of contract is not specified.
  • Employment on contract is now easy, register at oncontract.
  • She too is under contract with Swan.
  • With his size and shooting stroke Michael was rewarded with over 100 million dollars in contracts.
  • The High Court stated that an agreement which is made ' subject to contract ' has no legal effect.
  • For contracts above EU thresholds the procurement directive time limits apply.
  • Section 8 Every individual must do what he or she promises to do by contract.
  • We can not have adults entering into contracts without government oversight.
  • The old rubbish about contracts is not worth talking about.
  • Yet will not release from contract.

of, in, to, for or on capital?

  • I can reduce your cost of capital.
  • BOR-SHCH and written in capitals.
  • That would be as opposed to Capital.
  • National boundaries mean nothing for Capital.
  • Have u seen his interview on capital talk, the way he answered dr.
  • Rent a room relief will not affect your Mortgage Interest Relief or your exemption from Capital Gains Tax.
  • We don't even begin all our lines with capitals any more.
  • IPOs by sectors in Q2 2012 The leading sectors by capital raised were the high technology sector (US$17.
  • Furthermore, it proactively invested management resources such as capital and personnel in those business areas.
  • When I had meeting at Tanjong Pagar, I visited the branch at Capital Tower.

"in college", "to college" or "of college"?

  • Think about interning while in college.
  • My parents didn't go to college.
  • This system of college education sucks.
  • Why does usa charge so much for college.
  • My first day at college was very tough.
  • You must have a degree from college.
  • I moved home for grad school after college.
  • It's typically considered a technology fee by colleges.
  • The reason? Because Vegas doesn't put odds on college wrestling, that's why.
  • Those laws put money in the bank, bought cars and put kids through college.

"of cancer" or "with cancer"?

  • Symptoms of this type of cancer vary.
  • We don't want to live in a world with cancer.
  • They undergo chemotherapy for cancer treatment 4.
  • Anil passed away in 1952 due to cancer.
  • Sunbathing is ageing! At worst, you could die from cancer.
  • There are 2 levels of MDT for melanoma and other skin cancers.
  • She talked about cancer awareness.
  • Lots of things that occur in nature are bad -- like cancer.
  • The 20 colon cancer patients receiving 0.
  • As October ends, enter the Fright Night Awards, presented by Cancer Bites.

of, for, in, with or on content?

  • Restrictions on Use of Content.
  • Include a plan and timeline for content.
  • Draft with eye to use in contents page 3.
  • Dense with content, I wanted to parse it for you.
  • Focus on content and not just links.
  • You can assign as many Tags to Content as you like.
  • Your comments in that earlier post still say very little about content.
  • I'd really content regarding it, content to the workforce as well as content concerning the acquire.
  • Intellectual skills in civics and government are inseparable from content.
  • Some programs are integrating community participation into content.

"in context" or "of context"?

  • I am putting the news in context.
  • You then take me out of context.
  • To put this into context, New Hampshire has a population of around 1.
  • Trying to classify function depends on context.
  • B: Yeah it is, so it's about context.
  • CAR stands for Context, Action, Result.
  • Paying attention to context is a fundamental critical move.
  • Why? Because I will be tasting without context.
  • More interesting, perhaps, in this day and age people just can't say sorry or something and try to do better with context in future.
  • All of these are presented within context.

at, of, to, for or in conference?

  • It makes Ed sound good at conference.
  • The life had long been sucked out of conferences by this point.
  • If you don't usually go to conferences, and you are in the Midwest.
  • I just made pumpkin pancakes for conference breakfast.
  • There was no tilt at the leadership in conference that I saw.
  • You will have a dedicated 2 hour slot to engage with conference participants without competing with other events.
  • Add to that the amount of revenue generated by conference and I don't see anything changing for a long time.
  • You'll find providers that offer free trial version, which concentrates on conferences and conference.
  • The goals are to: While some activities are repeated from conference to conference, others come from brainstorming sessions with the participants.

"of capacity" or "to capacity"?

  • So there's a lot of capacity out there.
  • Did the government utilize the existing resources compared to capacity? 2.
  • The saved benefits were using in capacity building of the organization as it later transformed to a bank.
  • Just give us the gold and we'll take care of the rest if you're pressed for capacity.
  • The Barefoot College focuses on capacity building of rural communities, enabling them to make sustainable and capable contributions to society.
  • It's clubs with capacity of about 2500 people like we had in Malaysia.
  • Apparently they were at capacity.
  • PotashCorp is the largest producer, by capacity, of potash and third largest producer of nitrogen and phosphate.
  • The young man at the door told us they were over capacity and we could come in once people left.
  • But to be ready for 2030, road projects will have to address safety as well as capacity.

"of cash" or "in cash"?

  • The company had run out of cash.
  • All transactions are in cash only.
  • The government is strapped for cash.
  • He walks out of the bank with cash.
  • Payments may be made by cash, credit card or debit cards.
  • New Zealand shows a deficit on cash of $888m.
  • It's all about cash and the politics of cash.
  • And of course the proceeds of my loan were sent to you as cash.
  • If you give credit, it reveals a lot about the efficiency of your collection policies and can act as a warning you could be heading into cash flow difficulties.
  • He said that you and him had been in talks about him coming to Cash Money.

"for collection" or "of collection"?

  • Labeled bins for storage and others for collection.
  • Notice of Collection of Personal Information.
  • Saturday morning I phoned with a view to collection.
  • Any obstruction in collection of data would be attract punishments.
  • I do not reposition them, yet they will be duplicated when perform batch update on collection view.
  • Plus with collections make sure they are wrapped ready to go.
  • The word collection under the law gives impression that tax is payable after collection, whereas at the same time word sales gives an impression for payment of tax at time of sales.
  • And we did it through solidarity between Strike Debt followers and unfortunate Americans who were being hounded by collection agencies for their medical bills.
  • He also covered four Olympic Games and has written several cricket books, including collections of cricket quotations.

of, with, to, for or on challenge?

  • The track was full of challenges.
  • The same jamboree trail but continue with another 30km full with challenges.
  • Romney's character, and the way he reacts to challenges.
  • Perfect for Challenge Alchemists likely.
  • But that's your deal - you're a gamer, right? You thrive on challenges like this.
  • Step 3: Add in Challenge 1, 2, or 3 (on the next page).
  • Think about challenges you've faced in the past, and be prepared to describe how you dealt with them and what you learned.
  • KARL Hendrickson does not easily back away from challenges.
  • Don't just give into challenges in life, just keep things in perspective.
  • Were they judging this strictly by challenge, she should have been the one to go.

"of crime", "in crime" or "for crime"?

  • Proceeds Of Crime Act comes to mind.
  • The future of Asia is in crime.
  • It's a Wiki Map for crime in Brazil.
  • He is a real Conservative when it comes to crime.
  • They said yes to our tough stance on crime.
  • I had a hard time with Crime and Punishment too.
  • It's a film about crime and criminals.
  • We must use education to sensitise our children against crimes.
  • His money in foreign banks comes from crime.
  • Aid groups say they are often forced into crime to survive.

"of call" or "on call"?

  • Our first port of call is the GP.
  • I always felt urgently on call.
  • Florida, also, was too close to call.
  • Please click here for call for papers We have to notice.
  • We were inundated with calls last night.
  • That is what happens in call centres.
  • No dissent (such as calls for democracy) is allowed to air in Cuba - but the state promotes Fahrenheit 9/11.
  • As would be expected it is searchable by call, country etc.
  • The likes of Khawaja and Doolan can't be far from call ups as well.
  • Voicemail, portable phones, extra extensions and gimmicks like call waiting.

"of confidence" or "with confidence"?

  • Thank you for the vote of confidence.
  • Stay at this Hotel with confidence.
  • After the injury I am lacking in confidence and form.
  • You said there is no ' definition ' for confidence.
  • If you take people group into confidence, I think no other contributors can beat people intelligence.
  • If you are a player short on confidence in playing arond water, bring loads of balls.
  • Humour lets the world feel you are strong; it's about confidence.
  • Part of it is probably due to confidence.

of, by, in, to or on committee?

  • Establishment of committees 13.
  • Decisions are made by committees that are comprised of member bank representatives.
  • But it hasn? t stopped them sitting beside Sinn Fein in committee almost 500 times.
  • Refer to committee - applies only to the main motion.
  • The less you enjoy serving on committees, the more likely you are to be pressed to do so.
  • Volunteer for committees or task forces.
  • As noted, the government will not even be able to keep all such members out of mischief by providing them with committee work.
  • The universal declaration from committee members was for Prof.
  • The first Markazi Alam Zuljinnah procession was brought out from Chitti Hattian and culminated at Col Maqbool Hussain Imambargah at Raja Bazaar after passing through Committee Chowk and Iqbal Road.

"of congress" or "in congress"?

  • But alas, I'd at the whims of Congress.
  • The DREAM Act hasn't passed in Congress.
  • Paul returned to congress in 1997.
  • It is all service set up by CONGRESS.
  • We desparately need term limits for Congress.
  • If you can finish before Congress gets back, the better.
  • He's coming clean now with Congress.
  • The Red Cross does not receive a regular appropriation from Congress.
  • Returned to Bengal legislature on congress ticket in 1929 and on Congress Nationalist Party ticket in 1937.
  • Bush, pushed through Congress in 2001 and 2003.

of, in, with, below or about code?

  • Ownership of Code and Content GROU.
  • It is a manifesto, written in code.
  • With code, like anything, you pay for what you get.
  • Create the class with three properties as shown in the below code snippet.
  • Kaffee: What do you know about code reds? Capt.
  • I look at code I wrote 5 years ago.
  • This works very badly -- having multiple code paths is a recipe for code duplication and bug proliferation.
  • Google shouldn't sit on code just because Samsung and HTC can't keep up.
  • And this is undeniably true when referring to Code Orange Kids.

of, on, in, from or for commission?

  • Only acts of commission counted.
  • The salespeople aren't on commission.
  • Of the Warrant Officers, five were classed as standing officers, warranted to a ship for her lifetime whether in commission or not.
  • Yeah, good salesperson can earn 6-7k too, but mainly from commission.
  • In a surprise to the political establishment, Hoeffel supported Republican Mario Mele for Commission chairman over Jon D.
  • Application of this Chapter to Commissions issued in Burma 477 508A.
  • Armies raised by Commission of array and for the North you fought against the Scots and in the South, you fought against the French.
  • Omissions of duty, and in duty, are fatal to the soul, as well as commissions of sin.
  • We will surely see Christian ministers and schoolteachers dragged before commissions and inquisitions, at the end of which they will be found ' guilty '.
  • Meanwhile, we'll earn an interest spread plus commissions.

"on camera" or "of camera"?

  • Even when she wasn't on camera.
  • Consists of cameras that are set up to collect images.
  • As with cameras I look at the weight of lenses as well as the spec.
  • The main difference is their mounting foot to camera.
  • What surprised me was Joes use of TTL off camera flash.
  • His action was not discovered for about 5 or 6 hours but was confirmed by cameras on deck.
  • Water resistant bag for cameras and other valuables.
  • Picture From Camera Roll: Use an image from your camera roll.
  • But it did brush away her nervousness before camera.
  • We expect to see Android integration in cameras to take off over the next few years, but the Galaxy Camera already feels like a third-generation product rather than a one-off concept.

"in conversation" or "of conversation"?

  • In conversation with website ifeng.
  • I have the gift of conversation.
  • There was little time for conversation.
  • Invite scripture into conversation with each other.
  • The original impulse for this article goes back to conversations with Karel.
  • They cried foul at Bush listening in on conversations between known terrorists outside the U.
  • It can be exhausting trying to make or keep up with conversation when you're feeling wretched.
  • There shouldn't be any restrictions of using words from different languages during conversations.
  • This is what I gather from conversations and meetings I have had with him.
  • To be able to connect with another culture -- through books, newspapers, TV, websites and, of course, through conversations, can give you a lot of pleasure.

of, in, for, on or to communication?

  • Lack of communication networks.
  • Explanation: An unexpected error occurred in communications.
  • It is a much easier vehicle for communication and sharing.
  • That feeling cuts down on communication.
  • What about health care? Health care has been amazingly resistant to communications technology.
  • This has nothing to do with communication.
  • It's all about the relationship, it's all about communication.
  • You'll also get an eye-opening look at communication skills, secrets for a great sex life, budget basics, dealing with in-laws, navigating tough times, and much more.
  • And how to do it, is by communication, ie explaining and making them understand what is right and what is wrong.
  • Getting to know that special woman is about the time you spend with her, and about what you get from communication, both verbal and physical.

"of concern" or "for concern"?

  • That is not the source of concern.
  • SO far I see no cause for concern.
  • This project was met with concern as L.
  • Due to concerns that the reappearance of Megaupload.
  • The restrictions were imposed amid concerns that the Olympics will be a target for illegal immigrants and terrorists trying to get into Britain.
  • Palladium has been hurt by concerns over global economic growth.
  • But the development program I've had the greatest involvement in concerns one of the world's most famous drugs.
  • These technologies have also matched some consumer trends such as concerns regarding freshness and health.
  • If they live alone, focus on concerns or activities that are important to them.
  • Woods retrieved the club without concern or apology.

of, under, in, for or on construction?

  • There was a lot of construction noise after 8am however.
  • The site is under construction.
  • Growth in construction slowed to 3.
  • The total cost for construction is about Rs 15 lakh.
  • For more information on Construction Advisors.
  • Unless it had to do with construction.
  • During construction, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment Ltd.
  • Whether this is a matter of coincidence or design would be left to construction.
  • The ceiling of the classrooms simply collapsed following the first rainfall after construction.
  • Put on a red tie (real or made from construction paper.

"in charge" or "of charge"?

  • He left others in charge in 1999.
  • Every service here is FREE of charge.
  • He was arrested on charges of forced sodomy.
  • Gardai have released without charge a man.
  • According to Charge 10 against Mr Saydee, the accused (i.
  • These cars can run on batteries alone for as much as 100 miles between charges.
  • They would be financed by charges levied for social welfare and salary payments made to the accounts.
  • He said they will continue pushing for charges to be filed against Zimmerman.
  • Finally, on August 4, 1976, Talwar was given 13 months ' leave and asked to hand over charge to the managing director of the bank.
  • When authorities threatened Rechatin with charges if he proceeded, it was sufficient for Rechatin to abandon that idea.

of, to, in, with or on core?

  • It is the core of the nature of core.
  • Given that, it can't hurt X to express it to core.
  • But banning tourism in core areas is definitely not the right answer.
  • You may have fewer patches with Core but they are probably still every month.
  • Day 3 is total body, focusing mainly on core muscles.
  • TRX was my favorite class at the club, and is excellent for core strengthening and flexibility.
  • Second, we need a strong Xstatement from core about how people will be treated (e.
  • However, I wasn't ready to dive into core text, which has many things that I don't need.
  • The truth is Xthat the average point-of-view expressed by core ' does not always Xcoincide exactly with the opinions of each individual member.

"of candidate" or "for candidate"?

  • The majority of candidates on our list were so serious.
  • Brian Williams knows people vote for candidates they like.
  • Beaumont, which upheld the ban on corporate donations to candidates.
  • Two downstate districts had races upended by candidates who unexpectedly withdrew.
  • During the 2008 Presidential campaign, a controversy arose over his contacts with candidate Barack Obama.
  • I hate that the changes in the GOP have left me with so few choices in candidates.
  • If not specified, there is no dateTime lower bound on candidates.
  • Sunday's success will inevitably see him immediately installed among candidates for any future Premier League post that becomes available.
  • In many electorates reports of stolen ballots, scuffles between candidates, and misrepresentations of party affiliations were the dominant focus.

"of cup" or "in cup"?

  • I drink a lot of cups, coffee cups.
  • Why just pre-packed sandwiches, chocolate bars and teabags in cups of hot water when a little flair.
  • Will pour out clean and not stick to cup.
  • I hopped in my track pants, sprayed green tea all over my face, devoured cup after cup of herbal tea with coconut oil, then created some sacred space in my room.
  • If not, mold into cups and sprinkle with brown sugar if desired.
  • I would have gone further in determining the total impact force needed for the punching, but have no indications on cup thickness 's, alloy and hardness.
  • THEME NIGHTS: We have theme nights with entertainment to celebrate special days such as Cup Eve, Australia Day, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and more.
  • Use 1 cup of sugar per cup of fruit mixture 2 mixture forms 2-6 clots of jelly -- moderate in pectin.

"of conflict" or "in conflict"?

  • That source of conflict was simply removed.
  • But sometimes they are in conflict.
  • In fact, the Vedas have a formula for conflict resolution, too.
  • Pro-choice and pro-life groups likewise come into conflict.
  • That ECOWAS has focused much of its attention on conflict management is therefore not surprising.
  • Due to conflicts with his TV schedule.
  • Learn how to deal with conflicts.
  • They said that the talk about conflict between Chen and the villagers was spread by guards pretending to be villagers.
  • Africa is a continent ravaged by conflicts and instability.
  • News from conflicts certainly impacts currency pricing.

"of connection", "in connection" or "for connection"?

  • A little bit of connection is better.
  • Give Money personhood in connection to you.
  • A module for connection to MT4 is available as well.
  • It could be a must read for anyone living, visiting or with connections to the community.
  • The impact load duration factor shall not apply to connections.
  • They were also ' ' very curious ' ' about connections between Australian anarchists and similar groups overseas.
  • Such uncertainty is heightened by connections between trends in water security and those in other areas, not least climate change.
  • Potentially sow amount dollars into connections.
  • As humans, we thrive on connection.

of, to, for, with or on claim?

  • In her statement of claim, Mrs.
  • It is our policy to promptly respond to claims of copyright infringement.
  • Stamped receipts provided for claim purposes.
  • We launched our products with claim for our T21 only.
  • IHR sued and won a multimillion-dollar judgment on claims that Mr.
  • His body was burnt beyond recognition amid claims that his hands and feet were bound by a rope.
  • The Somali people feel humiliation despite claims of international generosity towards the Somali people.
  • The increase in claims increased costs to insurers to the tune of approximately 400 million in 2011.
  • The tales used to be about claim jumpers and pirates, but lately they were all about the bugs.
  • We believe this rise goes with unprecedented activity by claims management companies.

of, in, for, to or from creation?

  • Joy is the natural state of creation.
  • His position is based in creation.
  • This necessity for creation applies to the whole universe and ultimately everything in it.
  • His blog website has no separate topic devoted to creation.
  • What is God's story, from creation to eternity? A nswer Q.
  • Arvind Kejriwal has some archaic ' leftist ' notions about creation of wealth.
  • These records should be retained for at least three years after creation.
  • At creation itself, man was called to have some share in God's breath of life (cf.
  • Warren's ideas on creationism/evolution are wrong.
  • Keep in mind that copyright protection is automatic upon creation of a work in a fixed form, and registration is voluntary in Canada.

"of coffee" or "for coffee"?

  • The smell of coffee brewing helps too.
  • He said he wanted to meet for coffee.
  • And has been replaced with coffee.
  • An example is in coffee farming in Brazil.
  • Over coffee I tell the waiter what had happened.
  • He and I went through two of them, drinking from coffee mugs he found in the breakfast area.
  • She seemed nice over e-mail, so I asked her to coffee.
  • Do not place items such as coffee cups, tea cups, and/or dessert plates on the table if it crowds your guests.
  • Try getting a good sleep of 6-8 hours; one wouldn't require external add-ons like coffee or any stimulant for that purpose.
  • You should do a post on coffee.

of, to, with, for or in commitment?

  • Communicate your level of commitment.
  • We just need to commitment and the understanding of what we are doing collectively.
  • A lot of ppl into rush to own something ending up killing themselves with commitment.
  • He called for commitment of resources to integrate technology into the country? s educational sector from primary, through secondary to the tertiary educational levels.
  • Your main strengths -- you are persuasive, fun loving and optimistic, but you sometimes have trouble following through on commitments.
  • It says a lot about commitment.
  • If this reason code occurs after Commitment Control has been started, contact your systems programmer.
  • Fine Gael would not be locked into commitments with public sector unions.

of, to, on, in or from corner?

  • It's lovely pulling out of corners.
  • If you can play corner, go to corner.
  • Alba should not have marking duties on corner kicks besides standing by a post.
  • Lots can be dug up, and all sorts of things can be found in corners, retrieved, and made your own.
  • William Regal Show just muscling Regal from corner to corner.
  • Nevertheless, as I cycle in situations where they are most required (ie country roads around corners, at night, at speed off road etc) I am sure to keep wearing them.
  • Consumerism has crept into corners of children's lives that once seemed untouchable.
  • If our last meeting is any indicator, the Buccaneers protect the middle of the field quite well, so look for corner routes, and curls to attack the sideline.
  • They are very good at corners and free kicks and they have midfielders who can play at a high level.

of, with, for, to or from client?

  • You don't want that kind of client.
  • With clients both locally and abroad,.
  • Every market out there has many businesses competing for clients.
  • Click here to read yesterday's post on how to say no to clients.
  • I wait for feedback from clients.
  • This was accessible by client or terminal computers.
  • Never used Linux or thin clients or web apps or Macs.
  • There is much more need than before for faith between client and contractor.
  • Assisting clients in writing their comments on client comments register.
  • My hairdresser does a weave in 2 hours; sees about 5 clients a day &; works a 6 day a week and charges 65 per client.

"of contact" or "into contact"?

  • He was completely out of contact.
  • When a T cell comes into contact with an invader (e.
  • I love you and I want us to stay in contact '.
  • So next stop HDN website for contact no.
  • Make him comfortable with contact gradually.
  • For this reason, these addresses should be removed from contact lists immediately.
  • The air is warmed by contact with the various surfaces that are absorbing sunlight.
  • NK Cells contain granules filled with potent chemicals, and kill on contact.
  • He also argued that force can only be applied to an object through contact.
  • The most common hazards to contact lens wearers have been discussed.

of, in, with, by or for crowd?

  • The crush of crowds was terrible.
  • Amory usually liked men individually, yet feared them in crowds unless the crowd was around him.
  • Law enforcement officials were afraid there might be problems with crowd control, but there were none.
  • Even turning people into algorithms by crowd sourcing returns to inquiries turns out to be less than ideal.
  • The area wasn't really very well set up for crowds.
  • I think I got thrown out or nearly did for flying backwards into crowds off some bar stools.
  • YouTube videos show UN and government police forces firing on crowds of angry people in Haiti, Egypt, Mexico and El Salvador.
  • Location is ideal if you want a hotel in city centre, but slightly away from crowds of tourists.
  • A series of old fashioned veteran cars leave through crowds in London for their journey to the seaside.
  • He's not even up for re-election! President Kikwete stopping to talk to crowds in Kisiwani.

of, with, for, per or in copy?

  • Beware of copy and past-ing into the visual edi-tor.
  • We wish to thank the following people for providing us with copies of the written.
  • CIC is asking for copy of ' Original birth certificate ' from your home town municipal office.
  • Books available to purchase on the day, $25 per copy.
  • Monzer Kalaje scroll + mouse or scroll + only make u zooming facbook not the face bigger type this one in copy all of it and see **30;8953;TOOLONG.
  • I just know that blogging is a sort of game to be played just by copy and paste some articles from other websites, then create AdSense account and then earn big amounts of money from it.
  • There are several ways to pull people into copy.
  • You can also perform functions like copy and paste and can insert the photo or video at the same time.
  • Situations of trained local designers buying second hand clothes only to copy their make and designs are not hard to come by.

"of coverage", "in coverage" or "for coverage"?

  • The cost of coverage depends on earnings.
  • There's no difference in coverage at most of the sites.
  • Murrow for coverage of the 2001 Nisqually Earthquake.
  • Make sure you think about the specific components your auto policy must have with respect to coverage.
  • I should like to thank everyone who has offered assistance with coverage of the many other countries around the world over the years since 1995.
  • When an incoming call arrives, the network will have the caller ID recorded and sent to you via SMS -- when you go back into coverage.
  • If there is any doubt about coverage or classification under the Framework, please contact the State Services Commission (SSC) for advice.
  • Part two: Governor Romney: McKinsey and Company of American businesses said 30% of them are anticipating dropping people from coverage.

of, against, for, to or on corruption?

  • To me this is indeed an act of corruption.
  • Like Indians in Sydney against corruption.
  • So the lawyers have the opportunity to use is for corruption.
  • On the other hand, these have led to corruption.
  • He was giving lecture on Corruption.
  • In 2011, there was much ado about corruption.
  • In effect, the savings in corruption would finance campaigns.
  • Their government is ridden with corruption.
  • But progress has been undermined by corruption and mismanagement.
  • I live in a country where democracy is bleeding from corruption and manipulation of the people.

"of consumer", "to consumer" or "for consumer"?

  • I enjoy the lack of consumer distraction.
  • They make money by selling shoes to consumers.
  • Not only in a business sense, but it's good for consumers too.
  • Food products stand above all in consumer products.
  • Personalize the correspondence you have with consumers.
  • Copyrighted content should be paid for by consumers.
  • He shares his adept knowledge on consumer and.
  • About 17m of this would come from subsidies from consumers.
  • Then, we as consumers and corporate clients can plan and budget accordingly.
  • Next week we will be looking at Consumer Troubleshooting: Behaviour from the Shopping Floor to the Online Store.

to, in, at, of or from camp?

  • We plan to camp a lot of the time.
  • Morale in camp was lowered as a result.
  • Suharto at Camp David on July 5, 1975, Mr.
  • Branch won the starting job out of camp and 57.
  • Escape From Camp 14 changed my life.
  • Pulling into camp downwind from two different tacks.
  • We were going to ChungChao for camp.
  • You have a lot of potential friends on camp if you let them in.
  • The girls were shaved bald and tattooed with camp numbers.
  • As Jerry and I got to know each other and became friends, he took me under his wing and taught me everything he knew about Camp Lejeune.

"to cycle" or "of cycle"?

  • Three Mills is also a lovely place to cycle by.
  • The 2,200 riders of Cycle Oregon.
  • Funny how these things go in cycles.
  • It's OK, I can tell you're no expert on cycle helmets.
  • Raewyn Morrison rode home for Cycle Obsession, with Mark Leishman (Cabin racing) narrowing the margin by the finish.
  • I find the same with cycle tourists.
  • So a typical 28 day cycle, the woman ovulates around cycle day 14.
  • The state of nirvana that is liberation from cycle of birth and death can be achieved by following the Eightfold Path.
  • It's estimated that if a women menstruates for five day and uses 5 disposable products a day, that equates to 25 per cycle, 300 a year and over 11,000 in her lifetime.

in, of, for, on or about combination?

  • VBA is great in combination with excel.
  • She attacked with a flurry of combinations which had the Pole ducking and evading.
  • They are made for combination solar + wind powered streetlights and are not at all expensive.
  • Throughout the session we built on combinations and the beauty of Covent Garden is the space.
  • But as Fine (1973) writes: If we are truly ignorant about a set of alternatives, then we are also ignorant about combinations of alternatives and about subdivisions of alternatives.
  • However, validation among combinations of minority groups, such as older adults of ethnic minority backgrounds, is lacking.
  • Expressions in C are built from combinations of operators and operands, so for example in this expression x = a+b* (-c) we have the operators =, + * and -.
  • It will be packed with combinations of tight turns, clipping points, speed tunnel runs, sweeping corners, transition drifts under sea containers and a final 180 turn into a tight car park.

"of constitution" or "in constitution"?


of, on, to, for or in carbon?

  • The valency of carbon in organic compounds is 4.
  • And one idea that a few economists keep knocking around is a fee on carbon emissions.
  • Black carbon has emerged as a major contributor to climate change, second only to carbon dioxide.
  • It is now possible for carbon atom to form 4 bonds in the excited state.
  • It is possible to understand the bonding in carbon compounds by using Lewi's dot model.
  • Would love to try them with carbon rims, but that may be too awesome.
  • No one can say for sure how many Nigerians die each day from carbon monoxide poisoning or fume-related asthma.
  • Part of the company's rural land push is clearly about carbon credit.
  • Of these, oxygen usually dominates, followed by carbon, neon, and nitrogen.

of, in, to, on or for cell?

  • Cells The human body is made up of cells.
  • It will be exciting to see if this lab in cells is mirrored.
  • Thanks for your first post, and welcome to Cells of Earth.
  • The difference between an 5mp, 8mp, 13mp cameras on cell phones is negligible.
  • Actually, there are only three major causes for cell phone damage.
  • Banking through cell phone benefits the banks too.
  • Bran also helps with cell function and prevents dehydration during exercise.
  • Lolong Estramos (can be contacted by cell phone on 09086667097.
  • That's especially amazing since the iPhone 4 can suffer from cell reception issues.
  • However, when your boss is clung to you through all the possible ways like cell phones.

"of color" or "in color"?

  • The myriad of colours of vegetables.
  • Her residence is cloudlike in color.
  • Our language drips with colour.
  • For color, I add some turmeric.
  • This last chart shows poverty rates by colour.
  • The Left are just fixated on color, and yet we're called racists.
  • She didn't care about colour, as long as you were a Catholic.
  • Topics such as colors, sports, political leaders, games, product brands, cars, holiday destinations, etc.
  • It stands upon a rock or rock- like colours.
  • This will add a balance to colours that are warming and stimulating.

"In conclusion" or "to conclusion"?

  • Sample DBS, page 4 In conclusion,.
  • Canucks Army Jumping to conclusions mat: NHL lockout edition.
  • The formal record of conclusion is what Serino produced.
  • On conclusion of the operations of the 26th, which at least represented some improvement over earlier efforts in suport of Eighth Army, the task force withdrew to refuel.
  • According to the University's practice, the results are usually released about three months after conclusion of the examinations.
  • Just CEO speak from Jeff Long to deter the media from arriving at conclusions.
  • Fails to return to the field upon conclusion of the half time break, fails to perform a kick-off when signalled to do so by the referee, or fails to be in a correct position for a kick-off 5.
  • And some of them disagree with conclusions the new study reached.

"of currency" or "in currency"?

  • Establish a system of currency 3.
  • Not everyone was created to be successful in currency trading.
  • Only history's top leaders get their portraits on currency.
  • You can also seek assistance of your travel agent for currency exchange.
  • Managing finance No country is immune to currency crises in a world of capital mobility.
  • Lesjak is now talking about currencies.
  • Normally, such imbalances are dealt with by currency adjustments.
  • Product mix, geographical mix coupled with currency fluctuations, as well as overall market conditions contributed to this improvement.
  • Not a complete crash, but enough to allow them to introduce some kind of in-between currency before they introduce their electronic cash to replace all paper or plastic money.

into, for, under, of or in consideration?

  • Please take that into consideration.
  • Transfer to one for consideration paid by another 82.
  • Let us put under consideration some ways.
  • NET should be a point of consideration.
  • In consideration of all that the 4 children released Theo.
  • Any loss also would eliminate the Sooners from consideration for an at-large BCS bowl berth.
  • This is a great alternative that you may take into consideration.
  • As usual the focus is on the supply side, without consideration of what the demand is.
  • By contrast, the making and enforcement of rules ought to be guided by consideration of the public good.
  • I usually silently laid intended for deals with consideration.

by, of, in, into or to category?

  • The most expensive things at Amazon, by category.
  • There are deals waiting for you that cover a broad range of categories.
  • The different values of a variable may be expressed in categories also.
  • Poverty can be put into categories.
  • From pure benefit for US point of view they have to categories carefully.
  • Drag and drop slide re-ordering (per category) in the backend.
  • Some of the increased costs associated with categories more detailed than the current Directive No.
  • Ike then passed over Great Inagua Island in the southeastern Bahamas at Category 3 strength.
  • Of course, the conceptual line between categories of crime is not always clear.

of, with, for, in or on contribution?

  • Now to a different sort of contribution in a sense.
  • This compares with contribution rates of around 20pc in a final salary scheme.
  • Acknowledged for contributions in popular books by Doug Comer, John S.
  • That is unless they get those millions in contributions.
  • I have had time to reflect on contributions from members opposite to this particular bill and this debate.
  • When a person insured by a contract of marine insurance has a demand against others for contribution, he may claim the whole loss from the insurer, subrogating him to his own right to contribution.
  • It is lovingly nurtured by the Latin American left and refreshed from time to time by contributions to the literature and Mr.
  • And again, the relatives and friends have to pay through contributions.
  • But inclusive growth is about contribution, not just distribution.

"of ceo", "for ceo" or "to ceo"?

  • Meanwhile, the revolving door of CEOs continued.
  • Everybody has an opinion, and there's old and new media, and there is a lot to learn for CEO to web designer, contracted or employed.
  • They even allegedly wrote a letter to CEO James Gorman.
  • This team is led by CEO Marc Walker (president).
  • And consulting with CEOs (on his fees and terms and location).
  • And it's the approach he would take as CEO of our country.
  • Pretty A philosophical reply from CEO of J.
  • The Seattle-based company lists four co-founders, including CEO Robi Ganguly, a tech veteran who formerly worked for Yahoo, and CTO Mike Saffitz, who recently worked on Windows Phone for Microsoft.

"of consumption" or "for consumption"?

  • Fanny died of consumption at age 38.
  • She prepares Handia mainly for consumption purpose.
  • An equivalent increase in consumption of goods and services.
  • On the other hand, the light smokers may represent previous heavier smokers who have cut down on consumption.
  • This is again in turn the money they can spend to consumption or non-consumption.
  • It's a false choice between consumption and investment.
  • The pre-Recession economy, driven by consumption and amenities, celebrated the uniform.
  • We talk about everything from consumption to disposal.
  • Often the disposal of the waste associated with consumption is not appropriately priced.

"of criticism" or "to criticism"?

  • Lots of criticism, but - that's all.
  • Naipaul is no stranger to criticism.
  • Open for criticism BR viraj Hi Viraj, Good suggestions.
  • Are you suggesting that: 1) Black Conservatives should be immune from criticism.
  • The Embassy staff agreed with criticism of a Christian made by Moslems.
  • There is much, too, that may be said in criticism of the Olympics.
  • Instead, it relied on criticism, persuasion, and pressure on the generals in Cairo.
  • The extractive industry in particular has come under criticism for its impact on freshwater supplies.
  • If you're offering one reference to support your argument, you need to be prepared to defend it against criticism.
  • What then is to be done? This blogpost was in some degree prompted by criticism of the transition year.

of, Under, for, to or from cover?

  • It stinks of COVER UP!!!! ZackRW4 Glenn Beck called this awhile ago.
  • At 1330, under cover of the continuing bombardment, the signal was given and the boats went in.
  • He went for cover, diving by a car.
  • When I got home I read the book from cover to cover.
  • When I got home I read the book from cover to cover.
  • And they are so easy for cloth diapering newbies: no folding, no fussing with covers.
  • Once in cover they will constantly look around themselves to spot any chasing enemy.
  • He has all the shots in the book, be it punching through cover or hitting it on the rise past mid-on.
  • First, Swann aimed a reverse-sweep at R Ashwin -- who had replaced Ojha -- and was bowled middle-stump; then Bresnan was last out, caught at cover off Zaheer Khan.
  • Very pleased with graphics on cover.

of, with, by, for or in coach?

  • And BOB is exactly the kind of coach State Penn.
  • Mel -- dead on with coach Self's approach.
  • Spotting is to be done by coaches only.
  • Each cycling federation also pays for coaches and jerseys they represent.
  • I doubt many people in minks travel in coach.
  • It is the third time in seven seasons under Coach Hanrahan that the Royals are making the trip to B.
  • Smoking is prohibited on coaches.
  • In terms of the quality and superior design that make more and more customers are satisfied to Coach Outlet Store.
  • But the discussions about coach Self's decisions are on the margins, if you know what I mean there.
  • Allen will continue with selectors John Kiely and Eamonn Meskell as well as coach Donach O'Donnell.

"to coast" or "from coast"?

  • They love Coast to Coast, cross the CPC made another myth.
  • Massive opportunities are being made in infrastructure from coast to coast.
  • At this stage I'd still not seen a copy of Coast.
  • This amount is enough to build an additional 65 kilometres, equivalent to the distance between Dar es Salaam to Mlandizi in Coast Region.
  • But Allan has been threatening a major win over Ussher for around two years -- he has been second three times at Coast to Coast and second at Motu Challenge.
  • It began to be talked about by the likes of Art Bell on Coast to Coast Radio to great scorn from theAmerican equivalent of Papal Kmight.

of, by, for, to or about copyright?

  • There is a strong enforcemnt of copyright issues.
  • The same policy applies for copyrights.
  • Images my be subject to copyright.
  • Webmasters are VERY sloppy about copyrights, as you've no doubt noticed.
  • Outside the bounds of the licence you need explicit permission to scan items in copyright.
  • Section 8 Clause 8 does NOT mention copyright.
  • There are always some people getting into deep water over copyright infringement and domain names.
  • Terms Of Use All of our chord charts are under copyright protection.
  • The only point where they are tough is with copyright issues.

"in county" or "of county"?

  • I sure enjoyed my first ever race in county Kildare.
  • How do I know? The recent string of County Execs, Govenors etc.
  • Goodbye - Sinead from County Armagh Joe, you're wrong about the 407.
  • Mediation processes vary by county.
  • Among them, one form will be for hospital records and another to be sent to county or state.
  • The members elected at local level will also represent the district at county level.
  • Read More LAOIS Ladies County Board are on the look out for new managers for county teams.
  • Work is progressing on County Monaghan Roman Catholic records (Diocese of Clogher) and these will be online when available.
  • What if I don't pay? If you do not pay the monthly sum agreed by the court on a regular basis you may be threatened with County Court bailiffs.
  • There will be a rebalancing of representation nationally and more equality of representation between local electoral areas within counties.

"to charity", "for charity" or "of charity"?

  • Better to donate it to charity.
  • Do it for charity - towards yourself.
  • Let us, look, for example, at the concept of charity.
  • In charities, things go even further.
  • Though its parent organization, CRISTA, World Concern is ranked as a Four Star Charity by Charity Navigator.
  • This isn't about charity work and sentimentality.
  • It is only after meeting those obligatory expenses, that he is exhorted to spend on charity.
  • Lots of guys get involved with charities and there's lots of good ones.
  • By seeking to presume that charity is a lost cause because you stumbled unto a market selling donated items shows your skewed perception of the african story.
  • I do often buy ones from charity shops etc and then pass them back when I have finished.

"In comparison" or "by comparison"?

  • MSNBC is a powerhouse in comparison.
  • London's efforts pale by comparison.
  • For comparison Japan scored a maximum 10.
  • I do not consider Magnetic Scrolls to be worthy of comparison.
  • The empirical results are based on comparisons of objects, photographs, situations, or buildings.

"in chapter" or "of chapter"?

  • Speaker, we are here now in chapter 11.
  • The ending of chapter 5 I do appreciate.
  • Under Chapter 7, a person can be discharged of his / her financial obligations.
  • This book is very well written and it captured my attention from chapter one.
  • I'd just think about what comes next chapter by chapter and so far it's working out.
  • Each book, in turn, is divided into chapters dealing with related topics.
  • For more on airplanes refer to chapter on Vimanas).
  • As I said, I'd back on track with chapter five.
  • However, at chapter 4's time, I'd trying to set up a character that has the potential, eventually, come to terms with the consequences of her actions and seek forgiveness.
  • Khawam filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in April after racking up more than $2.

"In contrast" or "by contrast"?

  • In contrast, those punished for.
  • By contrast, Apple will ship 78.
  • A country full of contrasts but.

"in chain" or "of chain"?

  • He also caught Iron Maiden in the US and even Alice in Chains.
  • Chanel was very sensitive to the use of chains and pearls, for example.
  • So now that Mara is back with Clara again, they are tied with chains.
  • The streets linking different bazaars of Saddar area were also closed by chains.
  • Even to this day not all of Houdini's secrets are known, although much of his ability to escape from chains and handcuffs depended on tiny hidden tools and an extraordinary flexible body.
  • I have already talked about here on Chain DLK.
  • This projection of Seekers on Enlightenment and Master is putting him into chains.
  • Journalistic photography is as much politics as the wielders of power ushering the masses to chains.

"of childhood", "in childhood" or "from childhood"?

  • True moments of childhood captured.
  • I believe in our Lord and I believe in childhood.
  • For me, the hijab was a natural progression from childhood to adolescence.
  • Sickness or injuries during childhood.
  • I associate sci-fi and fantasy with childhood, but the jokes and the characters are very much more sophisticated.
  • Your concern for childhood literacy (and numeracy too) is absolutely right.
  • I have little doubt about data on childhood obesity.
  • My favourite county is Shropshire, for reasons going back to childhood.
  • People are so flippant about childhood diseases now, none of them are as prolific as they were as most kids are vaccinated.
  • Cicero distinguished between childhood, which he associated with the word infirmitas, and youth, for which he preferred the term ferocitas.

"of citizen", "for citizen" or "to citizen"?

  • Continual monitoring of citizens10.
  • Not very good for citizen engagement.
  • Regulations are to business what laws are to citizens.
  • Legislation would be posted online for examination by citizens before passage.
  • We as citizens deserve the truth however unpalatable it might be.
  • And in Canada, the only difference between citizen and PR is the right to vote.
  • Our effort is to separate terrorists from citizens.
  • We don't look lightly on citizen complaints.
  • Equality among citizens was completely abandoned.
  • Why is this important? The Lisbon Treaty enhances dialogue with citizens.

"of cricket" or "in cricket"?

  • I've still a lot of cricket in me.
  • It doesn't come that way in cricket.
  • There is enthusiasm among school children for cricket.
  • It wasn't about one format, it was about cricket.
  • People are drugged with cricket.
  • All they could do was concentrate on cricket.
  • I have been hooked on to cricket since then.
  • Money got from cricket was just an additional income.
  • Friendly figure Wary that I am straying into cricket talk, I ask him instead which of his cars he enjoys driving the most.
  • Sachin also attended an interactive session moderated by cricket journalist Sunandan Lele, during which he felicitated Olympic bronze medallist Saina Nehwal.

of, as, by, to or from chairman?

  • She took on the role of Chairman in 2007.
  • The RED shall act as chairman of the Board.
  • He disobeyed all pleas to him to quit Ghana in the heat of that bogus June 4th revolution headed by Chairman J.
  • And ' well-done ' to Chairman of Judges, Michael Brajkovich MW and his.
  • Wen conveyed the cordial greetings and good wishes from Chairman of the National People's Congress (NPC) Standing Committee Wu Bangguo to Orrico.
  • As the economy recovers, the NPAs will improve,? Chidambaram said after a meeting with chairmen of public sector banks.
  • A number of positions will be up for grabs including chairman, deputy chairman, general secretary.
  • The battle between protesters and the police has brought the attention of the media, which isn't the best publicity for Chairman Jin to have.
  • Brian Brigoli, committee on venue vice chairman.

"of cloud", "in cloud" or "on cloud"?

  • The column of clouds is now upon us.
  • Thus, the sky is covered in clouds.
  • I will be on cloud nine if I be second.
  • The same holds true for cloud solutions.
  • Same is the case with cloud too.
  • Find out more about Cloud Player.
  • While there, it's virtually scoured clean of toxic particles by clouds.
  • With her own name there and her own dark hair like clouds over fields of May.
  • The solution to low herbage yield during drought periods may lie in man's ability to control weather through cloud seeding.

of, in, without, at or for ceremony?

  • He was supposed to be the master of ceremony at the event.
  • It is often used in ceremonies.
  • And as Rand was put into the ground, without ceremony, her uncles spat on her covered corpse because she had brought shame on the family.
  • Bulls, oxen and lambs are slaughtered for meat on special occasions and for ceremonies.
  • For further guidance on ceremonies to welcome a new child (and all other rituals, contemporary and classic) you can visit ritualwell.
  • Symbolic phrases are used lavishly in speeches during ceremonies and political debates.
  • Postmaster General and CEO Josie Dela Cruz addressing the crowd after the turn-over ceremony.

"of consent" or "without consent"?

  • I believe this was a case of consent.
  • On write off, the set off happens with or without consent.
  • It distressed him to see the ' Irish question ' being made into a plaything and he still strove to have it settled by consent.
  • A change of operatorship entails that the new operator must apply for consent to use the facilities.
  • If there was evidence of non consent the police would have pressed charges.
  • The governor, with consent of the governor's council, may remove judges upon the joint address of both houses of the general court.
  • As far as men having more enriching sexual encounters, well it's not the men who are crying foul after consent in this case.
  • There are many issues to consider such as consent, disclosure of medical information and recording the communication.
  • There is a difference between consent and submission.

of, in, to, between or for consciousness?

  • In a very stream of consciousness.
  • It takes a change in consciousness.
  • After about two hours she returned to consciousness and awareness.
  • There, filling every gap between consciousness, lies the capacity for our very existence and assists in every action we then take.
  • In 1990 Koch and Crick claimed that this oscillation accounts for consciousness (i.
  • Slowly, the reality seeps into consciousness.
  • Vision: A window on consciousness.
  • A mind without consciousness is a mind gone astray; an individual who has lost consciousness is one who has gone astray.
  • Since despite the duality of the nervous system, the vegetative life can not completely evade from consciousness, it was important to know the scope and the modality of their reciprocal relations.
  • This has a great deal to do with consciousness.

of, for, in, with or like cake?

  • Managing it is also a piece of cake.
  • She don't care for cakes or cookies.
  • In cake all round an egg fluid.
  • Between lunch and dinner guests can help themselves to high tea with cakes, scones and cream.
  • When I lost so much weight I ate things like cake and pie.
  • I n my husband just have coffee n???? and we are discussing about cake.
  • Raising money There are hundreds of ways to get involved in fundraising fun, from summer BBQ parties and sponsored events, to cake bakes and off-road adventures! More fundraising ideas.
  • Simple sugars are often found in foods, such as cakes, biscuits, chocolate, and also in fizzy drinks.
  • Add the egg, a little at a time, until you have a firm mixture that you can form into cakes.
  • Feeding your face Breastfeeding and keeping very long hours can really help you shed the kilos -- unless you're gorging on cake and sugary drinks in an effort to keep going.

"of chair" or "on chair"?

  • I apologized to a lot of chairs.
  • Musicians sat on chairs and read sheet music.
  • There is a table with chairs and armchairs.
  • I am currently serving as chair of the Florida book award committee, Sunshine State Young Readers Award.
  • MADDOW (shifting uncomfortably in chair ): End of 2014, right.
  • Therefore the fee for chairs is set at twice the rate of the members to take account of both the differences in responsibility and in workload.
  • Senator Rapert will be vice chair.
  • This happens over years of not fitting into chairs, being too high up to hear any of the conversation, or being sensitive to intimidating people.

of, in, for, to or with cat?

  • And the cats, always an army of cats.
  • Brick can walk on fences and talk in cat language.
  • Never knew milk was bad for cats.
  • How different is a paper like XAT when compared to CAT? Yes CAT did not figure in the case.
  • Nor does it have anything to do with cat scratches.
  • These cat-shaped creatures move and act like cats generally do, running wildly to and fro, chasing what only they can see.
  • They have to be to avoid living on cat food.
  • She also gets very excited about cats but our stable cat quickly put her in her place and she keeps her distance.
  • Catherine, United States November 11, 2008 by Cat PART 1 OF 2 Dear Ms.
  • What will you take back with you from CAT 2010? I always understood human values but now I understand them even more.

"of courage" or "with courage"?

  • He has lots of courage to do that.
  • I would sing these songs with courage.
  • When I was lacking in courage, I channeled Mother Jones, that firebrand labor leader and angel of the mining camps.
  • You search for courage, but the bravery is fading.
  • He hardly thought that the Weasley brat would know a thing about courage.
  • As Remembrance Day approaches, The Enright Files looks at courage.
  • Armed with nothing but courage, lost youth and burning frustration, they seek to draw out soldiers and create some kind of confrontation.
  • He was an excellent exemplar of the noblest manners and merits including courage and bravery.
  • But Roy, forever and always does his best, and runs on courage, through the pain of dicky knees and senior-citizen niggles.

of, with, to, for or after complaint?

  • In terms of volume of complaints.
  • There should be a similar commission for dealing with complaints against judges.
  • Agency responsiveness to complaints.
  • Ear, nose and throat, could also give you cause for complaint.
  • However, it stopped after complaints from pastoralists, non-governmental organisations.
  • Knowledge of anti-discrimination legislation is low, and there is a lack of trust in complaints mechanisms.
  • I served my country without complaints.
  • If it a committee made up of real people, acting on complaints from clubs, then ok.
  • Pipes and Horowitz encourage confrontation and creating disturbances, followed by complaints that their freedom of speech was curtailed.

of, with, like, for or in chicken?

  • I hate the idea of chicken and egg scenarios.
  • Yep I've worked with chickens and they are not dumb.
  • It makes the bubble in US housing seem like chicken feed.
  • Another great dish for chicken lovers.
  • Or the queue in Chicken Republic.
  • Great as a dip, on chicken, or even on a sandwich.
  • The Italian restaurant now serves more Caribbean fare such as chicken in coconut sauce and cachapa, a corn-based pancake.
  • Broadleaf plants, in general, are preferred by chickens over grasses.
  • Real plastic here; none of that new synthetic stuff made from chicken feathers.
  • Drew and I went to Chicken Republic one day because he was in the mood for greasy chicken.

"in column" or "of column"?

  • III ), the place (in column No.
  • It allows for fine-tuning of column widths.
  • Week by week, story by story, column by column, doorstep by doorstep, Nick Davies prised open the truth.
  • The goals against column in the top 4 match-ups speaks for itself, but I would add that Spurs were the better team away at City and on Saturday.
  • If you make the columns narrow enough, set the gap width between columns to 0, and use a fill but no border, I bet you can pull it off.
  • It was also recommended on column Travel Picks of Reuters.
  • Right click any column, go to Column Chooser to customize grid layout.
  • Cotton-growing Rice-growing Weapon Producing is a process which involves gathering of information about column through execution of certain queries with intention to identify erroneous records.
  • The **28;11904;TOOLONG is used to determine the stacking direction for columns (and the default flow order of text from column-to-column).
  • A worksheet consists of cells that are organized into columns and rows; a worksheet is always stored in a workbook.

of, for, at, with or in certificate?

  • Proof of certificate of board, etc.
  • As you're developing your inventory, establish a correlation of who the contacts and owners are for certificates.
  • After taking several business courses at certificate and diploma levels, she decided to enrol at the OUHK to study her favourite subject psychology.
  • At the end of the Program I was provided with certificate signed by Prof.
  • Stillbirth events are not available in certificate form.
  • She and Zabiullah dipped their thumbs in ink and touched them to certificates pronouncing their separation.
  • Formal education is earned through certificate and degree programs.
  • You never stress over the coffee quality on the things you purchase by certificate deck as well as outdoor furniture earnings.

"of channel" or "on channel"?

  • AMQ9513 Maximum number of channels reached.
  • Watch the Boccia final on Channel 4 now.
  • AMQ9512 Ping operation is not valid for channel ' &3'.
  • We are going by Channel Tunnel.
  • Everyday that Nigeria was on strike, we lost N 320B (according to Channels News).
  • Within a month of registering with FindaTVexpert I had a screen test with Channel 4's Property Ladder.
  • AMQ9527 Can not send message through channel ' &3'.
  • Well we have the full poster courtesy of the good folk at Channel 4 for you guys below.
  • In a leaked email he claims that Canterbury will ask for an apology from Channel Nine.

"of compensation" or "for compensation"?

  • Such may come from the Media or the hope of compensation.
  • They're going to PPI claims for compensation rather.
  • In addition, he got Tk 20,000 in compensation from the city corporation.
  • The Court of Appeal held that he was wrong to have confined himself to compensation.
  • All this was without compensation.
  • That incident, illustrating the plaintiff's focus on compensation, forms the context for an examination of Mr.
  • The report also highlights how hard it is to decipher how firms make decisions about compensation.
  • With compensation for cattle killed by lions, the warriors have been leaving the lions alone.
  • It is estimated that citizens would each get $3,000 to spend as compensation for the tax.
  • Having a holiday, a new car or whatever paid for by compensation does not suddenly cure someone who has genuinely been abused.

of, from, in, on or to coal?

  • COAL Assam has large reserves of coal too.
  • Right now, most of our electricity comes from coal.
  • I have been involved in Coal, Gold and Platinum mining.
  • The report estimated dependence on coal for Apple's data centres at 54.
  • We are going to go back to coal because we have more if it than oil or gas.
  • Demand for coal is projected to be over 2 billion tons by 2032.
  • Public since 50% of electricity is generated with coal vs.
  • The machine is applicable for conveying the power, grain and block materials, such as coal, cement, block, sand, clay and ore.
  • They just sit down like coals of fire, which can not move them.
  • Most of the studies on Arctic peoples have concentrated on mercury, another heavy metal also produced by coal burning and other industries.

"of comfort" or "for comfort"?

  • There's a kind of comfort in that thought.
  • On safaris, dressing for comfort is fine.
  • He didn't contain Himself in comfort.
  • The thing is that, it's possible to have additional advantage along with comfort in this way.
  • It looks great, the handling is very good, well balanced between comfort and sport.
  • It's also about comfort -- and that's where fiction books come in as well.
  • At this time you should focus on comfort care while still not actively giving her any medications meant solely to accelerate her passing away.

"In collaboration" or "of collaboration"?

  • Written in collaboration by Dr.
  • A wide variety of collaboration is possible -.
  • There is a big room for collaboration.
  • Change comes not through coercion, but through collaboration.
  • After some time, these often non-verbal negotiations lead to collaborations.
  • Four co-defendants all pinned Ingabire on collaboration with armed groups.
  • The facility was also built with collaboration in mind and we are already realizing the benefits of that.

"of christianity" or "to christianity"?

  • Rock on, declining of christianity.
  • Is hypocrisy limited to Christianity? 2.
  • This is not so in Christianity.
  • Its great for Christianity to have an advocate for loving right thinking.
  • Maria You do not know a thing about Christianity.
  • None of this had anything to do with Christianity.
  • Especially when they were influenced by Christianity and Islam under many centuries.
  • It is but a short step from Christianity to Judaism.
  • Our country was established upon Christianity.
  • Its both punk to rage for or against christianity.

in, of, to, for or from circle?

  • They have you running in circles.
  • The TMT is a pencil and paper task, requiring participants to connect a series of circles in order.
  • In November 2011, the Authority awarded the ten-year franchise to Circle.
  • Handi Punch for circle cutting.
  • Whatever curves there are look like they were traced from circle templates.
  • A rectangle should remain generic just like circles.
  • Now we're really getting to it with circle cutters.

"in command" or "of command"?

  • This country is in great trouble with Oblamer in command.
  • It will be given publicity through the chain of command.
  • The division commander, Rear Admiral Richard W.
  • Quick Access toolbar A small toolbar to the right of the Office button that includes buttons for commands you use often, such as Save and Undo.
  • Stennis strike group, removed from command for the same reason? There are MANY MANY questions but very few answers.
  • On 10 July admiral and staff reached Tokyo, and two days later Ruble took over command of Task Group 96.
  • With a view to commands the attention.
  • Humans, of course, communicate with dogs with commands and phrases.

"of convention" or "by convention"?

  • It is purely a matter of convention and habit.
  • By convention, stamp duty is shared equally between the landlord and tenant.
  • I went to conventions and paid the price of admission.
  • This proposal if implemented will likely have an impact on convention attendance.
  • As far away from convention yes but a radical alternative.
  • That nominations for selection committees for each grade be listed separately on nomination forms and voted on separately at convention.
  • Teenage boys roam in knots about conventions, all holding papery requests for hugs.
  • Many residents will want to leave, but they won't qualify as Convention refugees or have the skills to.
  • In a world of nearly unlimited sharing, another break with convention is your premise that limiting information engages the imagination.

of, to, by, for or in custom?

  • They show up only because they are forced to or just out of custom.
  • We went to customs and again, each took our own queque.
  • By custom, candidates from King 's, Trinity and St.
  • She is a former managing editor for custom health publications, including physician journals.
  • Kiernan Shipka in custom Zac Posen A-freaking-dorable.
  • He was talking about passing through customs between South Africa and Mozambique.
  • Custom Bookmark Naming Simplify your bookmarks with custom names.
  • I don't think I do though having looked at what Blogger says about custom domains.
  • Generic medicines could potentially be seized at customs and treated as ' counterfeit '.
  • Currently, WDI has three, forty foot containers of food waiting to be released from customs in Kingston, Jamaica.

of, by, to, from or With captain?

  • The four ships of Captain Halle C.
  • The flight was captained by Capt.
  • He initially surrendered to Capt.
  • They heard a transmission from Capt.
  • Eager to return to Santiago, they rode back with Capt.
  • Right, coffee break for you, some time with Daddy for Capt Zog.
  • Privateers such as Captain William Jackson and Christopher Newport repeatedly plundered Jamaica.
  • Her eyes, fiery and glazed, fixed on Captain Scarlet '.
  • Shortly the job would be turned over to the frigates under Captain A.
  • On not appearing in Captain America I knew that it was taking place in the 40s.

of, in, by, for or on conduct?

  • He shows ego in spirit of conduct.
  • Though excessively shy he was truthful in conduct.
  • We may hence learn that it is possible to deny the faith by conduct as well as by words; and that a neglect of doing our duty is as real a denial of Christianity as it would be openly to renounce it.
  • Any such indemnity is limited to liability for conduct, and costs incurred in defending or settling any claim or proceeding relating to that liability.
  • All three will be available to answer questions from recruiters and diversity pros on conduct of an open house event.
  • Agreement to Conduct Transactions Electronically.

of, in, for, on or to clothing?

  • Some of these items of clothing are very nice.
  • Otherwise there'd be a huge boom in clothing sales, take away lunches and petrol.
  • Lathrop recommends shades of brown, yellow and orange for clothing.
  • We began a lesson on clothing with A.
  • He also turned to clothing sales.
  • Sophia Max-Brown opened with clothing from designers such as Michael Kors.
  • Factory outlets: sell the products of a factory, typically branded goods such as clothing.
  • From clothing, I shifted to accessories.
  • I got my ten thousand hours of looking at clothing in early.
  • Their possessions, including clothing and shoes, were taken away and replaced by prison uniform and shoes.

of, with, for, in or like chocolate?

  • I eat two blocks of chocolate a day.
  • The ground root was sometimes mixed with chocolate for a similar purpose.
  • A time for chocolate, sunshine and children.
  • The sugar in chocolate has the similar effects as the sugar has in any other dessert.
  • My friends told me that the perfume smells like chocolate.
  • Here's to chocolate, self-love and fat toes.
  • This wood imparts a certain dryness accompanied by chocolate and coffee flavors.
  • I have to disagree about chocolate.
  • Drop spoonfuls of peanut butter mixture into chocolate mixture and lightly swirl with a skewer or knife.
  • The focus was on child slavery on chocolate farms.

of, with, to, on or from component?

  • On the right was a whole list of components.
  • Sources have it that Microsoft is currently working with component suppliers on a smartphone design.
  • If you will be moving experiencing added charges apart from attention, you need to component it in to the loan's cost.
  • Basic practices such as tighter management of engineering change orders and a focus on component reuse are critical as well.
  • The interesting part about it is that just switching from Component to HDMI make a huge difference.
  • Integration in component set Automation Machine The custom component SCCM Control needs to be integrated in a component.
  • You are forced to grind your way into those 9200 HP for the naked mech, 1550 HP x3 for the internals and probably 1550 HP x1 or x2 for components.
  • Here, we started to look if we could design the architecture in such a way that components can be treated differently.
  • Under components they will out perform all your expectations of the finest supports and are a 10th of the price to boot.

"of confusion", "in confusion" or "to confusion"?

  • There we found a scene of confusion.
  • Ford and Arthur coughed in confusion.
  • This can lead to confusion and sadness that the expected emotions are absent.
  • What drives me into confusion, is the choices some people make for.
  • He handled the microphone with confusion.
  • This dialogue is conducted mindful of the need to minimize the potential for confusion resulting from the appearance of IDN characters in.
  • It is absolutely crucial to the message and work of Jesus that He is simultaneously God and Man, without confusion, mixture or bi-personal separation.

in, of, for, to or at concert?

  • Wish they played this when I saw them in concert.
  • A vast array of concerts and exhibitions are held throughout the year.
  • Kind of a Ponzi scheme for concerts.
  • When I was a little girl, I've never imagined going to concerts and the like.
  • Santana has sold more than 100 million records and has reached more than a 100 million fans at concerts worldwide.
  • The same goes with concert photography.
  • Unfortunately, they didn't play one of their most recently released rock songs, ' Come on ' which was highly anticipated by concert goers.
  • Her comeback also ended in disaster when fans complained she had lost her talent and seemed confused during concerts.
  • The album contains 4 songs from concert + old songs from their room and if you buy the beginning limited album.
  • I doubt any of the musicians are arguing against something like concert times or venues.

of, for, in, on or about cooperation?

  • But there is a lot of cooperation.
  • For cooperation upon birr and taqwaa between us is obligatory.
  • If you are interested in cooperation with our Research Area or just wish to.
  • A far more sensible strategy is to get agreement on cooperation which uses.
  • So, mega-diplomacy is about cooperation across the spheres of.
  • Australia has much to offer through cooperation with other nations to support sustainable security in the region.
  • They wish to reach their ends, not by cooperation, but by control and domination.
  • Man by nature is a social creature, driven to cooperation and social life.
  • It is managed by the Fisheries Department with co-operation of the Pahang State Government.

"in celebration", "of celebration" or "for celebration"?

  • Released from the trunk in celebration of.
  • I always think of Sunday as a day of celebration.
  • Maybe this isn't cause for celebration.
  • There is nothing wrong with celebration, per se.
  • For tickets and more info on Celebration Day, see www.
  • Looking forward to celebrations at the end of the week.
  • Melissa Klein at Celebrations demonstrates really just how simple it is: if you've carved a pumpkin before, you'll get the basic gist.
  • Simple preparations are underway for the kick off celebration this November.

of, for, on, to or with creativity?

  • Change your definition of creativity.
  • Not only for creativity but to develop as a human being.
  • Of the two, Jobs ' perspective on creativity is much more aligned with Dawkins ' notion of memes.
  • There's no short-cut to creativity.
  • We need to buy arshain or someone with creativity.
  • They revel in creativity, struggle, and self-mastery.
  • This organization is all about creativity and artistic detail.
  • Comments About Us Design Indaba is a multifaceted platform committed to a better world through creativity.
  • There are two ways to look at creativity and innovation.
  • And to no-one's surprise a large-scale Swedish study shows a Link Between Creativity and Mental Illness.

"of chest", "with chest" or "on chest"?

  • So instead of chest day they would do a horizontal push-pull day.
  • Often comes along with chest discomfort.
  • Men have attractive masculine features like taut physiques, nicely groomed mustaches &; goatees, hair on chests &; chiseled faces.
  • Unstable angina: there's no pattern to chest pain and it can happen when the heart is resting.
  • Sit in the chest press machine and adjust the seat so that the handles are at chest height.
  • NHS 111, Press 1 for chest pain Press 2 for.
  • He said walking in chest deep water was difficult for him.

on, of, to, off or around campus?

  • Even because of race drama on campus.
  • The gothic style of campus is part of the reason I chose to come to school in Chicago.
  • I took my baby to campus with me but not into classes.
  • There's a great deal happening both on and off campus.
  • Mary Krupa, a student at Penn State, is known around campus as the Squirrel Whisperer.
  • An employer visit or face time at campus should extend beyond one career fair or info session per year.
  • Reflect on any volunteer or service work - you've done in campus or organizations that are related to the job you are applying for.
  • Organic and fair trade coffee is available across campus, and all food waste from the Student Center and the Dining Centers is composted.
  • I have been placed from Campus.
  • We would in addition, urge you to take full advantage of some of the opportunities involved in engaging with campus life outside the classroom.

"of concentration" or "in concentration"?

  • Plenty of concentration required.
  • Lapses in concentration at both ends of the pitch.
  • They had to be sent to concentration camps for between? 2 to 3 years?
  • Shaha identified patients poisoned by arsenic who had been drinking tubewell water with concentration of arsenic ranged from (0.
  • Fighting for concentration, she framed an answer.
  • Diffusion is the method of passage of alcohol through cell membranes and is governed by concentration differences on either side of the cell wall.
  • They described the IDP camps as concentration camps.
  • The regression line can be considered an acceptable estimation of the true relationship between concentration and absorbance.
  • Engineers know how different factors like concentration, contact time and reaction temperature influence the reaction, and these are set to give the best conversions.
  • Without concentration, the USA has almost uniform takes on most things Obama from the mainstream media.

"in consequence" or "of consequence"?

  • The child dies in consequence of such exposure.
  • The only thing of consequence is what we do.
  • They don't know what it was like to make your own choices and deal with consequences.
  • They can have everything they want without consequence.
  • In that case, only about twenty were admitted to the secret; and yet one of them, in his anxiety to save a friend, betrayed the plot to that friend, and, by consequence, averted the calamity.
  • They don't care about consequences; they're not intimidated by them.
  • Speech is free but it is never free from consequence.

"of coalition" or "in coalition"?

  • As the UK experiences a rare period of coalition government.
  • It's nothing new 3) The Lib Dems are in coalition.
  • The PM attributed this to coalition politics as defense.
  • There's no possibility for coalition government in the executive branch, after all, and the relevant elector's aren't free to vote as their candidate directs.
  • Meindersma was careful to criticize what she called an insufficient provision of aid and slow pace of reconstruction by coalition countries.
  • Never mind that this contradicts the earlier agreement among coalition leaders that Anwar Ibrahim is the chosen one.
  • The government has not been able to push reforms because of ideological differences between coalition partners.
  • Voters took exception to the Lib Dems ' failure to enter into coalition and the very obvious personal antipathy of Tavish Scott to the SNP.
  • The first party elected possibly New democracy needs to get enough parliamentary members in in order to safe guard a government through coalition with the third party, PASOK.

"of cream" or "with cream"?

  • Deglaze with the 1/2 cup of stock and add 1 cup of cream.
  • Breadcrumbs with cream (malai ), when applied daily make you fair.
  • Their colors vary from reddish brown to cream.
  • Stir in cream and boil 30 seconds.
  • But talent and energy on a basketball court rises like cream in a cup of water.
  • There are so many on the market, from creams to oils to serums, but the most important thing is to make sure you're using the right product for your skin type.
  • What BritFinn said about cream.
  • At Diani airstrip, we were welcomed by cream, sandy roads and a warm breeze from the Indian ocean.

"in check" or "of check"?

  • I have kept my emotions in check.
  • Transparency and a means of check and balance is in place.
  • Payment must be made by check or money order.
  • Two days back BaBa had gone to CMH Rawalpindi for check up.
  • Just to check up on their academic progress.
  • At check in they offered to park our car.
  • He kept persons like Lalu, Mulayam, Mayawati under check.
  • With checks and balances, each of the three arms of government can limit the powers of the others.
  • Through check-in will be permitted and bags will be through tagged in till the final destination.

of, by, for, in or to corporation?

  • Power of Corporation to make rules 44.
  • Trends and megatrends are manufactured, engineered by corporations.
  • What he is doing is admitting that he'll be working for Corporations.
  • However, the coalition's existing cuts in corporation tax are set to cost the country 2.
  • They sell high end technical goods and services to corporations and businesses.
  • The Council does not accept money from corporations or governments, and is sustained.
  • The others all focused only on corporations.
  • They are run like corporations, with pressures on getting the results up up up.
  • I suspect that there are many others, including corporations, feeling the same way.
  • The conversation they've started with corporations in B.

"in classroom" or "of classroom"?

  • We has spent a lot of time together (in classroom).
  • Our coaching approach has been met with a timely redesign of classrooms.
  • For a large culture for classroom use, a 15 gallon aquarium of glass or plastic with or without a lid can be used.
  • Some students also took it upon themselves to bang on classroom doors to tell students the walk out was happening during first period.
  • These resources range from international research studies and clinical findings to classroom observations and federal legislation.
  • Studies have shown student retention to be up to 250% better with online learning than with classroom courses.
  • The Saturna Ecological Education Centre on Saturna Island and Beachcomber Community School in Fanny Bay also turn their natural habitats into classrooms.
  • While my A-level contemporaries were lounging about in the college field, I was dragging my back-injury-inducing bag from classroom to classroom.

of, by, to, with or from commissioner?

  • It is interesting that the greatest anxiety seemed to be on the part of commissioners.
  • The information on this web page (a lot of it taken from earlier Prickly-pear Destruction Commission booklets put together by Commissioners Vic Gray and later Garry Ryan) is a good start.
  • However, they would be attched to Commissioner and Board of Revenue as required.
  • He maintains that the owners, with commissioner Gary Bettman as their frontman, are following an agenda.
  • Louis political leader serving as commissioner of internal revenue and tapped as the next Democratic National Committee chairman.

"of consensus" or "by consensus"?

  • The New Zealand flag is not a symbol of consensus.
  • The Commonwealth makes decisions by consensus.
  • Formal discussions and debates of the Convention will use parliamentary procedure, and delegates will strive for consensus decision-making.
  • But we need to discuss concretes and forge a meaningful plan, with consensus.
  • Brown says social policy should be built on consensus.
  • The joint working committee met monthly to discuss issues and arrive at consensus on final decisions.
  • Our forecasts for both the ISM and non-farm payrolls are below consensus, though -- given the volatility of both numbers -- not significantly so.
  • The Council shall continue to deliberate in this fashion until they come to one mind through consensus building.
  • This forecast data is from Consensus Economics Inc.
  • Thursday 1 December Global PMIs (Nov ): We expect the official PMI for China to be flat versus consensus, which is looking for slight moderation to 49.

of, from, in, to or about collapse?

  • In fact, my spirit has come to the brink of collapse.
  • If a marriage is flimsy and weak, the family unit won't be far from collapse either.
  • With the economy seemingly in collapse, people are more frightened than ever.
  • Their inadequate capital brings them near to collapse.
  • All over Dubai, crazy projects that were Under Construction are now Under Collapse.
  • Existing species may evolve or new species move in, in response to small changes in the habitat without collapse of the entire system.

of, on, by, near or to clock?

  • Development of clock pins near ground power rail.
  • Car just over two years old 25K on clock and cluch release bearing gone.
  • Clark II, who spoke at McGill last week,?? Block by clock, city by city, region by region, communities can change how they live.
  • It appears lot more to be done around the Bus stand near clock tower with men from specialised knowledge in transportation but ordinary sees that there is.
  • The earliest time measurement devices before clocks and watches were the sundial, hourglass and water clock.

"of cheese" or "with cheese"?

  • Big chunks of cheese -- I know.
  • Burger King Triple Whopper With Cheese Mr.
  • Bit like cheese -- hard to define but you know it when you'll see it.
  • I can feel her stomach churning as cheese hits the booze.
  • Face it: keytars are so bad they're good and, in recognition of the need for cheese, Roland has brought it back big style.
  • If only the gearbox wasn ’ t made from cheese I would still have one.
  • Noted of course for its pastas, Italian cuisine also relies heavily on cheeses and is generally divided into four separate courses.
  • Anyway, China publicly dirty (though most private homes are scrupulously clean,) abysmally crowded, and most unforgiveably, without cheese.

"on cd" or "of cd"?

  • For the moment it is only available on CD.
  • It displayed at the side of CD cover.
  • The ulcers are mostly uniform in size and shape, in contrast to CD 1.
  • AIG held many Billions of dollars in CDS contracts, on CDO's (Synthetic Collateralized Debt Obligations).
  • This special issue of CD was planned by CD's Qubec collective members and coordinated by Andrea Levy.
  • Plus ask any successful platinum, emerald or diamond whether they are on gold subscription for CDs, books and seminars.
  • You can do that by booting from CD and selecting Repair.
  • Thank you for your order with CD Baby.
  • As well as CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD etc, you now also have BD, or Blu-ray disc.

"of comedy", "in comedy" or "for comedy"?

  • But stand up is just one type of comedy.
  • This series also throws in comedy and booty, in the form of Megan Fox.
  • Puns and wordplay are usually considered the bottom line for comedy.
  • He was also on Comedy Central Roast of Flavor Flav.
  • Wiig should stick to comedy not writing.
  • This marks Maron's first album with Comedy Central.
  • We have to do what people normally do as comedy bad acting, but make it good.
  • Madeleine has written the season with prolific playwright Thomas Sainsbury and it will be directed by comedy heavyweight Oscar Kightley.
  • Standups themselves seem to think and talk about comedy theory kind of obsessively.
  • The best films -- apart from comedies -- will transfer seamlessly from one country to another.

"of cable" or "on cable"?

  • There are many styles of cable chains.
  • As stated, I saw them on cable TV in Seattle.
  • Going up Namsan Hill by cable car and by the usual Korean way.
  • We pay for cable and have a medium level of channels.
  • You see, there's lots of money in cables.
  • Fronts and centre via cable talk 3.
  • There is a telly with Cable TV channels.
  • This will either be a cross over cable between 2 hosts in a 2 host cluster or a private VLAN on the switch dedicated just to these servers and this task.
  • Expect this kind of stories like cable guy more now that vs are starting monday.

"in compliance" or "of compliance"?

  • They believe in compliance, conformity and steady evolution.
  • The free market has been stifled by bureacracy and the never ending costs of compliance.
  • I said ' I'd a self-employed author registering for compliance with withholding for Amazon.
  • Group think often leads to compliance without question.
  • The British Government is making a grave mistake in coercing the Somaliland government into compliance.
  • Report on Compliance, critical issues and business improvement strategies.
  • We reserve the right to disclose your personal information in case of alleged infringements and with compliance to the law.
  • It may be renewed upon compliance with the prescribed requirements of the Commission.

"of conspiracy", "with conspiracy" or "for conspiracy"?

  • Some sort of Conspiracy theory? Fourthly.
  • Earlier this week, Brooks was charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.
  • And we must believe him for this is not the time to search for conspiracy.
  • However, there is a paradox to conspiracy theories.
  • They are currently in conspiracy with the SIEU to serve the unions pockets and pensions.
  • Most of the people that I know who are into conspiracy theories are also stoners, but not all of them.
  • People are talking about conspiracies.

for, on, of, to or upon completion?

  • Duration of time flexible for completion.
  • The security is refundable on completion of the contract work.
  • Phil Degree are on the verge of completion of Ph.
  • This has now been brought to completion.
  • In general, upon completion of an examination, all such.
  • Patients were assessed 6 months after study entry (3 months after completion of the antibiotic regimens) 288.
  • The call succeeds with completion code MQCCWARNING.
  • About 30 mins before completion baste both sides of the ribs with the sauce, turning once during this time.
  • So, many of us will take help on referring to journals and present the article in completion.
  • You will be responsible for the payment of the purchase price in effect at the time the purchase of an item is actually made by completion of the check out process.

"of consultation", "for consultation" or "after consultation"?

  • This leads to the question of consultation.
  • Requests for consultation on the same day should be made before 12:30pm.
  • Exceptions may be made after consultation with the BMJ editor for international editions.
  • Without consultation, without our consent, against our will.
  • But rather needed Somaliland inputs in consultation to contribute by helping Somalia like other 50 participants.
  • Survey Responses on Consultation About Catering Contracts 5.
  • The JD(U) categorically maintains contentious issues like the Ram temple be decided by court or through consultations - that was.
  • However, empowering provisions often contain requirements relating to consultation.
  • There is a major difference between the use of a two third majority to pass such legislation with consultation of the people and without consultation.
  • In practice, agreement is always reached by consultation and negotiation.

of, with, in, for or as credibility?

  • Any remaining traces of credibility will drain from FibDems.
  • A good journo with credibility will pull many readers.
  • And that gap in persona also translates to a gap in credibility for clients.
  • Richard focused on the show's search for credibility.

of, for, by, to or with consultant?

  • One of the main problem with the scarcity of H1B quota is due to unfair practices of consultant companies.
  • But the headline is so compelling (especially for consultants) that it's hard not read further and find out what it's all about.
  • Written by Consultant Neurologist Dr.
  • Esther Loh talks to consultant plastic surgeon Dr.
  • The second company, which was from Hyderabad, India, had made a consortium with consultants from America and Denmark.
  • Expert judgment from persons such as consultants, and stakeholders should also be utilized when creating the budget.
  • Now let's make the message more targeted: Even better, don't you agree? What we're doing now is focusing on consultants, not everyone.
  • It is against this background that the query about consultants and their compensation raised by Central Kingston Member of Parliament Ronald Thwaites has gained the attention of many persons.

of, to, under, against or in capitalism?

  • Ivorit is an ideology of capitalism.
  • Gaddafi had discovered what he said was a Third Way, an alternative to capitalism and communism.
  • But under capitalism this is impossible.
  • Our whole notion of the revolt against capitalism has to be reshaped accordingly.
  • This causes the present crisis in capitalism.
  • There is a deep-seated conflict between capitalism and open society, market values and social values.
  • Nina: 14 Jul 2011 11:13:44am Fundamentally the problem is that a large number of people in our society are stupid, and feeding that market is mandated by capitalism.
  • We should not pay for capitalism's crisis and for the government's unjust and failed response to that crisis.
  • If Romney wins, it gets blamed on capitalism, which would be a long-term disaster.
  • Capitalism is not the problem; the problem is what we do with capitalism.

"of conviction" or "on conviction"?

  • They too put commerce ahead of conviction.
  • Withdrawal of remaining charges on conviction on one of several charges 240.
  • Each proponent voices their claims with conviction.
  • Here, upon conviction, offenders get away with minor fines.
  • Provides for prison terms for conviction ranging from 5 to 20 years or life.
  • Yet of all those cases, only two have resulted in conviction.
  • But to see that is to suggest that Obama is a leftist by conviction, and many have been reluctant to do that.
  • Never, never, never, never - in nothing, great or small, large or petty - never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense.
  • If the offence is continued after conviction, a person is guilty of an offence for every day the contravention continues.

"of cinema" or "in cinema"?

  • But I do not lose the habit of cinema.
  • The Queen of Versailles is in cinemas now.
  • That was my introduction to cinema, my first understanding of a hero.
  • He indulged his passion for cinema by kidnapping a South Korean director.
  • Then there were more recent attacks on cinema halls in Mymensingh.
  • The intimate linkage between cinema and literature had two important consequences in relation to the progress of cinema in China.
  • Fifty years ago, raincoated men snuck into cinemas showing X certificate films full of furtive anticipation.
  • They do, nonetheless, have a seductive power to mesmerize, which puts the installation medium on par with cinema in more ways than one.
  • I'd also influenced a lot by cinema, I use melodrama when I have to use it.
  • The mission will then encompass various sectors ranging from cinema and music to video games and press.