"of call" or "on call"?

  • Our first port of call is the GP.
  • I always felt urgently on call.
  • Florida, also, was too close to call.
  • Please click here for call for papers We have to notice.

"of campaign" or "in campaign"?

  • Upon joining a battle, I had to wait for several minutes before the start of campaign.
  • It hides in campaign ads and a monsoon of e-mail messages.
  • I see organisations with no idea on return for campaigns, no tracking or measuring.
  • Then Obama ran on campaign to send in drones if PAK refuses to act.

"of cancer" or "with cancer"?

  • Symptoms of this type of cancer vary.
  • We don't want to live in a world with cancer.
  • They undergo chemotherapy for cancer treatment 4.
  • Anil passed away in 1952 due to cancer.

"of capacity" or "to capacity"?

  • So there's a lot of capacity out there.
  • Did the government utilize the existing resources compared to capacity? 2.
  • The saved benefits were using in capacity building of the organization as it later transformed to a bank.
  • Just give us the gold and we'll take care of the rest if you're pressed for capacity.

of, in, to, for or on capital?

  • BOR-SHCH and written in capitals.
  • That would be as opposed to Capital.
  • National boundaries mean nothing for Capital.
  • Have u seen his interview on capital talk, the way he answered dr.

of, in, by, for or with car?

  • But a crowd of cars was bunched up.
  • Leather is also used to make seating in cars.
  • We are travelling by car! That is a nasty one.
  • They shared a passion for cars.

of, on, for, to or with card?

  • But there was his kind of card.
  • She'd whine it wasn't on card stock and double spaced.
  • Fast and efficient to charge me for card reactivation.
  • Banks have caught onto the charge card hoppers who switch from card to card to take advantage of the low introductory rates.

"of care", "with care" or "for care"?

  • Leadership is shared at the point of care.
  • But they must be used with care.
  • I urged him to go for care and he agreed to come.
  • I have been in care for two years now.

"of career", "for career" or "in career"?

  • Bentley scored highest in the area of Career Development.
  • Such reckless bravery was not for career purposes.
  • It is very important in career change.
  • I no longer spend all my time on career.

"of case" or "in case"?

  • She handled thousands of cases.
  • This isn't unusual in cases of trauma.
  • In some cases the matter may be referred to case progression.
  • We assess these cases on a case by case basis.

"of cash" or "in cash"?

  • The company had run out of cash.
  • All transactions are in cash only.
  • The government is strapped for cash.
  • He walks out of the bank with cash.

Of, for, to, without or about cause?

  • Effects occur because of cause.
  • This is now our rule of procedure for cause.
  • Everything comes down to Cause &; Effect.
  • No result can come about without cause.

of, to, in, at or with center?

  • Begum's struggle in life Begum is a member of Centre no.
  • Set up your telescope to center on the Mizar/Alcor pair.
  • I like Werth and Harp in center.
  • Expect Carrick to play at centre half.

of, with, to, for or on challenge?

  • The track was full of challenges.
  • The same jamboree trail but continue with another 30km full with challenges.
  • Romney's character, and the way he reacts to challenges.
  • Perfect for Challenge Alchemists likely.

"by chance" or "of chance"?

  • By chance there were no serious injuries.
  • So far, there is no mention of chances.
  • Nothing was being left to chance.
  • Allowing balotelli chance after chance.

"of change" or "for change"?

  • Anger is the emotion of change.
  • I bet you voted for change too, sucker.
  • This list is subject to change.
  • Price fluctuates with changes in supply and demand.

of, in, with, for or to character?

  • Another is a lack of character.
  • To know Him in character is order and values.
  • Fell in love with character design while studying animation in the United Kingdom.
  • As for character variety, I couldn't disagree more.

"of child" or "for child"?

  • The smell of children together.
  • Use only one drop for children.
  • Make memories in nature with children.
  • I do NOT equate my pets to children.

of, by, for, about or in choice?

  • It's totally a matter of choice.
  • It is by choice and not by luck.
  • Consumers and the ability for choice, their way.
  • It really is all about choices.

"of church", "to church" or "in church"?

  • Separation of church and state.
  • If you want pray, go to church.
  • It's not going to come in church.
  • My sense is they find them at churches.

"of city" or "in city"?

  • The east area of City Core is Fort Union.
  • In cities this trend is much greater.
  • Food will go to City Harvest, coats to NY Cares.
  • The ordinance is available at city hall.

"in class" or "of class"?

  • Be unable to concentrate in class.
  • But Ghosh showed glimpses of class.
  • Some probably never went to class.
  • We had lots of books and things to do for class.

"of climate" or "on climate"?

  • OBAMA: The issue of climate change.
  • The nature of comments on climate blogs vary widely.
  • In regard to climate sensitivity.
  • They talk about climate change but rarely take proper action on it.

of, at, for, to or in club?

  • But he called for the Master of Clubs and gave the order.
  • Talking to a friend at club last night.
  • Also both played for clubs that weren't in themselves dominant.
  • Entry to Club Eras is free for men and women until 8 p.

of, in, with, below or about code?

  • Ownership of Code and Content GROU.
  • It is a manifesto, written in code.
  • With code, like anything, you pay for what you get.
  • Create the class with three properties as shown in the below code snippet.

"for collection" or "of collection"?

  • Labeled bins for storage and others for collection.
  • Notice of Collection of Personal Information.
  • Saturday morning I phoned with a view to collection.
  • Any obstruction in collection of data would be attract punishments.

"in college", "to college" or "of college"?

  • Think about interning while in college.
  • My parents didn't go to college.
  • This system of college education sucks.
  • Why does usa charge so much for college.

"of comment" or "for comment"?

  • Current number of comments: 0 3.
  • This story is closed for comments.
  • I'd now trying to catch up with comments.
  • Share your thoughts in comments.

of, on, in, from or for commission?

  • Only acts of commission counted.
  • The salespeople aren't on commission.
  • Yeah, good salesperson can earn 6-7k too, but mainly from commission.
  • In a surprise to the political establishment, Hoeffel supported Republican Mario Mele for Commission chairman over Jon D.

of, by, in, to or on committee?

  • Establishment of committees 13.
  • Decisions are made by committees that are comprised of member bank representatives.
  • But it hasn? t stopped them sitting beside Sinn Fein in committee almost 500 times.
  • Refer to committee - applies only to the main motion.

"of community" or "in community"?

  • Scores of communities depend on it.
  • Lo has been active in community services.
  • We do this for our kids and for community.
  • Went to community college, got my GED.

"of company" or "for company"?

  • The same thing goes for companies.
  • I changed job in July 2008 to Company B.
  • LAN to access local system in company.
  • The same with companies and their pensions.

"of computer" or "in computer"?

  • The day of computer science is well upon us.
  • There is no indication of any expertise in computers.
  • X-rays were digital and any paper was scanned on to computers.
  • You do not have to be an expert with computers.

of, in, from, with or to concept?

  • This is the skandha of concept.
  • Otherwise, the post is good in concept.
  • Project Management: Going from concept to beautiful gown on the day is a project.
  • We are then concerned with concepts of individual relations in a social order.

"of condition" or "on condition"?

  • It was a change of conditions from Ahmedabad.
  • He spoke on condition of anonymity.
  • The early birds were also back in condition earlier.
  • Licences may be issued subject to conditions.

at, of, to, for or in conference?

  • It makes Ed sound good at conference.
  • The life had long been sucked out of conferences by this point.
  • If you don't usually go to conferences, and you are in the Midwest.
  • I just made pumpkin pancakes for conference breakfast.

"of confidence" or "with confidence"?

  • Thank you for the vote of confidence.
  • Stay at this Hotel with confidence.
  • After the injury I am lacking in confidence and form.
  • You said there is no ' definition ' for confidence.

"of congress" or "in congress"?

  • But alas, I'd at the whims of Congress.
  • The DREAM Act hasn't passed in Congress.
  • Paul returned to congress in 1997.
  • It is all service set up by CONGRESS.

of, for, in, with or on content?

  • Restrictions on Use of Content.
  • Include a plan and timeline for content.
  • Draft with eye to use in contents page 3.
  • Dense with content, I wanted to parse it for you.

"in context" or "of context"?

  • I am putting the news in context.
  • You then take me out of context.
  • To put this into context, New Hampshire has a population of around 1.
  • Trying to classify function depends on context.

of, on, under, in or to contract?

  • The period of contract is not specified.
  • Employment on contract is now easy, register at oncontract.
  • She too is under contract with Swan.
  • The High Court stated that an agreement which is made ' subject to contract ' has no legal effect.

"of control" or "in control"?

  • Damage of control panel line; 5.
  • God is in control of elections.
  • Everything seemed under control.
  • This is the method employed for control.

of, in, for, on or with cost?

  • A list of costs 2 is available.
  • This translates to roughly a 25% increase in costs overall.
  • Drummond's calls for cost cutting, rather than just treat the symptoms.
  • Please re-read my posting on cost.

"of council", "in council" or "to council"?

  • Protection of Council and members thereof 39.
  • A report to council is expected before the end of the year.
  • Graduate Member appointed by Council pursuant to Section 9(1) (g) of the Act.
  • This removes any liability for council tax or business rates.

"of country" or "in country"?

  • The list of countries goes on and on.
  • But it's a plus on the ground in country.
  • The form varied from country to country.
  • The form varied from country to country.

"of couple" or "for couple"?

  • Lots of couple's (all ages ), newlyweds, and, few kids.
  • Ideal for couple or small family.
  • Violence in couple relationships is a problem of power and control.
  • We have these same dynamics with couples.

"Of course" or "on course"?

  • ELA offers a variety of courses.
  • I'd glad that PIB is on course.
  • Horses for courses Ed 70mm f/2.
  • I could be wrong off course but.

"in court" or "to court"?

  • Nothing Will Stand Up in Court.
  • I have never taken him to court.
  • Try not to settle out of court.
  • Cognizance offences by Courts of Session 193.

of, on, for, in or by credit?

  • Our system of credit is concentrated.
  • I don't fill in my SIN number on credit apps for that reason.
  • Medical gases can not be returned for credit.
  • Elsewhere in credit markets, bonds of Boston-based Iron Mountain Inc.

"of crime", "in crime" or "for crime"?

  • Proceeds Of Crime Act comes to mind.
  • The future of Asia is in crime.
  • It's a Wiki Map for crime in Brazil.
  • He is a real Conservative when it comes to crime.

"of crisis" or "in crisis"?

  • We turn to these writers at moments of crisis.
  • We are looking at the media in crisis.
  • There can not be clinical answers to crises.
  • Mali was plunged into crisis after a separatist uprising that led to a coup.

of, in, for, on or to culture?

  • That is the concept of culture.
  • Broaden your taste in culture please.
  • The definite diagnosis of Salmonella is based on culture.

of, to, for, with or from customer?

  • They've had a lot of customers.
  • Our dedication to customer satisfaction.
  • All in all, 10 on 10 for customer service.
  • It's very important to stay in touch with customers.