"face with" or "face by"?

  • A woman faced with a prominent R.
  • The key to the difficulties faced by the Min.
  • Many problems that I had faced in my life.
  • We have to own that and face up to that.

facilitate by, in, with, for or through?

  • But all these dramas were facilitated by the F.
  • In the school, the teacher's role was mainly facilitated in terms of the child-to-child approach.
  • CRM facilitates with learn about buyers and also their own habits.
  • Here are some patterns which facilitate for unit-testing.

"fade into", "fade to" or "fade from"?

  • You'll just fade into this lovely balled.
  • Compassionate conservatism increasingly faded from view after 9/11.
  • Gradually, that means the image fades to nothing.
  • The fighting and turmoil of the past has faded in the capital.

fail in, at, to, on or for?

  • He has failed in this basic duty.
  • Those people fail at math and logic.
  • Scott failed to resurface and died of drowning.
  • The talks have failed on all three counts.

"fall into" or "fall in"?

  • They fall into two broad buckets.
  • Fall in love and get married 2.
  • I fell on the sand with a thud.
  • Economic mood index fell to 84.

falter in, after, for, on or under?

  • The club faltered in the face of worldwide economic catastrophe.
  • Strange that it is harder to ditch a friend than a partner! I find that friendships often falter after 7 years or so, or when one person has a change of lifestyle.
  • A system ostensibly designed for equal distribution of wealth was faltering for sophistication when it came to meeting peculiar individual needs.
  • He wasn't a good person but he never faltered on what he wanted.

fantasize about, on, of or over?

  • Now if he could just stop fantasizing about Irene.
  • Barely a week goes by without a Democrat fantasizing on TV about murdering people who have other opinions.
  • Still it is not bad to daydream once in a while and fantasize of what can never happen.

fare in, against, to, as or on?

  • In a poll of 370 gender experts on how well women fared in G20 countries (g20women.
  • And to see how our spinners fare against a top 5 side.
  • Fare to Glan, Sarangani is around PHP 85.
  • It's unclear why grads from top schools might not fare as well as others over the long haul, but one possibility is that the B-school world has changed.

"fascinate by" or "fascinate with"?

  • I'd fascinated by their culture.
  • He has been fascinated with Irene.
  • Speaking of which, I'd continuously fascinated in the history of the American Revolution and Civil War.
  • His followers may do it now, but who cares! And this was the main reason why I (personally) got fascinated about him.

"fasten to", "fasten on" or "fasten with"?

  • They are fastened with tassels, loops, and other imaginative decor.
  • When selecting a car, you don't desire to fasten on your own down to a single particular model.
  • To gird is to fasten by means of a girdle; the loins are that part of the body between waist and hips.
  • It wraps around the rib cage and fastens in the back.

favor by, in, for, from or of?

  • It is favored by the old and new customers.
  • It was cool to see with someone if they have not seen it, but it rarely has any re-watchability favors in my opinion.
  • Caucasians are favored for jobs -- often unconsciously -- over blacks and Asians.
  • Most likely will in favor of leaving the EU.

favour by, in, for, over or of?

  • The Wren family, obviously much favoured by the King, were staunch Royalists.
  • KDC expected favours in return.
  • Graduates of numerate disciplines tend to be favoured for certain jobs, particularly finance-related.
  • No gender should be favoured over the other, even in the allocation of power in our education sector.

"fear for", "fear in" or "fear of"?

  • They feared for their safety, it added.
  • But I fear of our future at short term.
  • This is what they look for, fear in the faces of Israelis.
  • The power of a woman is feared by men.

"feed on" or "feed into"?

  • I'll feed on you for some days.
  • Many factors feed into this Islamic revivalism.
  • The rest is fed to our kids 3 times a day.
  • It can then also be fed by hand.

feel like, about, for, at or in?

  • I feel like weighing in myself.
  • It's exactly how I feel about it.
  • I feel for all of you out there.
  • We'd finally feel at home in the woods.

fiddle with, around, for, in or about?

  • Do not fiddle with the market mechanism.
  • Bold action is required,,,, but all we get is weaselish dithering and fiddling around the edges.

fight for, against, in, with or on?

  • I fight for that social equity.
  • I've seen us fight against cuts to the arts.
  • The civil war wasn't fought in 1870.
  • I would enjoy to fight with him.

figure in, into, as, on or out?

  • In fact, this subject figured in the MMA's election manifesto.
  • Was that ever figured into the cost of the item? Of course not.
  • I figured on using the Dex 4 only if I went low.
  • Still trying to figure out her future, still trying to figure out herself.

"fill with" or "fill in"?

  • His voice is filled with pride.
  • Fill in your name, email details.
  • And that gap is filled by the Geeta.
  • The theatre was filled to the brim that night.

"filter by" or "filter through"?

  • Yes Mantano has a collections feature you can also filter by tags, publisher and other metadata.
  • News of his untimely death filtered through the media world ye.
  • The street lamps were off -- as opposed to usually filtering into his room through the window.
  • Singh said that the Forest Department will provide one lakh filters to tribals till December.

finance by, for, from, in or to?

  • It is financed by a designated tax.
  • HBO doesn't require legislation to provide financing for its existence i.
  • Her name is Faith, a graduate of Banking and Finance from the University of Benin.
  • Lyn Cacho-dela Cruz is our Administration and Finance in Manila.

find in, on, at, by or for?

  • Bian Yi Fang was found in 1855.
  • This was found on blueprint-adl.
  • Information can be found at www.
  • The crater was found by local residences.

"finish with" or "finish in"?

  • Let me finish with the Mayfair girl.
  • By the time you finished at about 8.
  • A fast person aims to finish on top.
  • We started at 9 am finished by 3 pm.

fire from, at, on, by or in?

  • You should be fired from your job.
  • Not a singleshot was fired at them.
  • They are clearly not firing on all cylinders.
  • Ruthie filed 2 days after Glen was fired by Gary and Randall.

"fit into", "fit in" or "fit with"?

  • I knew I couldn't fit into that.
  • Your conclusions don't fit with mine.
  • Presumably to fit in the package.
  • It can be fitted to many cars out there.

fix in, by, on, for or at?

  • This is not gospel and fixed in stone.
  • Most of these were fixed by editing D3Prefs.
  • His eyes are now fixed on the ceiling.
  • A date will then be fixed for the court hearing.

fixate on, by, with, from or upon?

  • In the West, we are fixated on vitamins.
  • Gaunt was fixated by the danger of miscegenation.
  • It's no surprise I am fixated with locations where people have died.
  • JaeJoong's sole attention was immediately fixated from the moment he laid eyes on them, much to the envy of the fans around.

flash across, on, in, before or at?

  • Or when a notice flashes across the TV and you are to report immediately.
  • All of a sudden sets of amber lights flash on the front and rear of the appropriate sleeve.
  • I want them to flash in 10 different patterns.
  • Beyonc's disappointed face flashes before his eyes.

"flee to" or "flee from"?

  • As I recall, he fled to Australia.
  • I guess that's why God tells us to flee from sin.
  • Bdi was forced to flee into exile in France.
  • The people fled in panic before them.

"flick through", "flick on" or "flick to"?

  • Each person has their complimentary earphones on, flicking through the channels when suddenly.
  • Flick to Requests to see if a friend has invited you to play with them.
  • Pushing open the door, Denise flicked on the lights and gasped in surprise.
  • An optional heads-up-display can be flicked between several modes, including a handy GPS-based reminder of what the current speed limit is.

"flip through" or "flip to"?

  • Flip through the tables and graphs.
  • He flipped to the next page and scowled.
  • When a light is flipped on the chemical inside the eyes that lets you see in the dark is ' burned out '.
  • If you, as the young architect, were given the task to design a universe where each bit was to be flipped with probability 0.

"float in" or "float on"?

  • I floated in a cloud for a good 2 weeks.
  • Most pieces of pumice will float on water.
  • On the other, there was the spectre of hell that floated around me.
  • If neither, it shall be floated toward the end-edge of the reference area.

flock to, towards, by, around or for?

  • People flocked to Egypt for jobs and food.
  • When winning championships becomes synonymous with your brand, people will begin to flock towards the product.
  • Considered to be one of Europe's tourist attractions, castles all over Europe are flocked by people from all over the world.
  • Can we succeed in life simply by exposing our wishes to the mirror? However, people flock around such Sophists who may have a private agenda.

flood with, in, into, by or to?

  • Balez's blog was soon flooded with comments, pro and con.
  • At the same time, rural migrants flooded in looking for jobs.
  • Cocaine is flooding into the country from Colombia.
  • The indoor stadium inside the complex was also found flooded by rainwater.

flourish in, with, for, on or under?

  • Hulk continued to flourish in the last season as well.
  • Thus Egypt flourished with cheap labor even during the days of wide spread femine.
  • Industries need to flourish for development, employment and a global economic presence, whether we like it or not.
  • Some ports -- Liverpool, Bristol, London -- flourished on the returns from the trade.

flush with, in, into, out or by?

  • It will have your lips flushed with blood.
  • Vitamins using hard water will affect unquestionably the source of water within central heating boiler podium, so that your assistance will incorporate flushing in the ability.
  • The SUV skidded into the gaping hole, plunged into the flooded culvert some 6 metres below, and was flushed into the creek, which the storm had turned into a raging river 30 metres wide.
  • Are you still reading? Illusions and Projections Neo is flushed out of his pod, scooped up and has his muscles regenerated onboard the ship.

fly to, in, into, from or with?

  • A few days later Hess flew to England.
  • But I wouldn't fly in one I'd designed myself.
  • How about flying into Wellington.
  • Green flags flew from every household.

"fold in" or "fold into"?

  • Fold in the set vanilla pudding.
  • Almost like you kind of fold into the floor.
  • Wood had folded under pressure.
  • Her arm folded around his shoulders and squeezed encouragingly.

follow by, in, from, on or with?

  • It would be followed by the SR.
  • A second spill followed in July.
  • Integration, as follows from the above, Frank.
  • Dvorak follows on Tuesday, Nov.

"fool by" or "fool into"?

  • Often doctors are fooled by them.
  • Do not be fooled into discounting these tips as too simple.
  • We live in a world of created sound, and we are glad to play along with the illusion, especially at the movies, allowing ourselves to be fooled for the sake of the narrative.
  • We have been fooling with mother nature from day 1, these chickens wouldn't even exist in their current form if it weren't for the fact that we have genetically modified them (i.

forbid by, from, in, for or to?

  • And evil is forbidden by God Almighty text.
  • You are also forbidden from bringing more than PhP5,000.
  • Photography is strictly forbidden in the Long Room.
  • Worldly temptations are forbidden for widows.

"forecast for" or "forecast by"?

  • No rain here this afternoon, despite the forecast for extended storms.
  • That is not forecast by the model.
  • Asia's growth is forecast at 6.
  • The fastest growth in insulation demand through 2016 is forecast in the Asia/Pacific region, due to advances in building construction activity as well as manufacturing and industrial output.

"foreclose on" or "foreclose in"?

  • When this happens, the lender may decide to foreclose on the home.
  • That is why Freddie can not foreclose in its name.
  • Thus, the time for lenders to inform debt-serf peons they are about to be foreclosed upon is nearing.
  • Then foreclosed under my mother's name and act as though I do not have copies of the approved modification that they act like they never approved or received payments for.

"forge in" or "forge by"?

  • The atoms that make up your body were forged in the heart of ancient suns.
  • It plays by its own rules and its own lingo, forged by a well-?? delineated hierarchy of users.
  • Forged with a creative intuition also came the ability to visualize sounds to create rich and complex soundscapes, seemingly out of nothing.
  • If bible is corrupt, then so is quran, bcuz quran was forged out of the Holy Bible.

forget about, in, by, to or for?

  • And don't forget about time off.
  • Again, he's forgotten in history in a lot of ways.
  • You will never be forgotten by me.
  • Do not forget to, record your progress.

forgive for, by, in, of or because?

  • Yet you could easily be forgiven for having never heard of him.
  • To learn to forgive by practicing forgiveness.
  • And there is nothing to be forgiven in your questions; I'd happy to address them.
  • They were not forgiven of their sins before baptism.

"form in" or "form by"?

  • That love needs to be formed in me.
  • The passive formed by a suffix.
  • It forms from a somewhat sticky lava.
  • It forms on your teeth every day.

"formulate by" or "formulate in"?

  • These can all be formulated by undertaking numerous drills.
  • And the logic of war was reserved for Napoleon to express in practice and Clausewitz to formulate in theory.
  • There are cleansers that are specially formulated for winter weather skin care.
  • The causes of politics are therefore framed in this argument as being a form of ' international public relations ' as they are formulated as a justification for predation.

"foster by" or "foster in"?

  • This ia a clear anomaly, fostered by the automobile lobbyists and needs balancing.
  • TC: Do you think these values are being fostered in our current education system? CC: I think we're trying.
  • Innovation Minister Senator Kim Carr said the research exemplified the sorts of international collaboration that the Australian Government was fostering across the board.
  • There are a few other parents that I've fostered along the way but I've only firmly adopted four to add to the two necessitated by biology.

free from, in, of, on or to?

  • But it was never freed from the grip of the hill.
  • Free in town for souvenir shopping.
  • Freed of the weight by the assistants, Magnus rose slowly from the bench.
  • A court spokesman confirmed she was set to be freed on Friday.

freeze in, for, to, with or at?

  • Myanmar is like a market frozen in time.
  • Make It Ahead: Dough can be frozen for up to 1 month.
  • She had froze to death (I live in Montana &; at nights it gets to -10 below).
  • In our little boat we were frozen with cold, having left the ship without overcoats or rugs.

"fret about" or "fret over"?

  • I worry about this and I fret about that.
  • Don't fret over the daily ups and downs of your stock.
  • For one thing, America is now fretting for more than ever over the possibility of al-Qaeda again attacking their soil.

"frighten of" or "frighten by"?

  • I said what name would I be frightened of.
  • She wasn't frightened by Yasmin's story.
  • Truthfully, I don't remember feeling particularly stressed or frightened at the time.
  • I am frightened to death of all the promises being made which are outside their remit.

frown upon, on, at, in or above?

  • Anorexia is frowned upon the same way.
  • Union brothers would frown on that, to be sure.
  • God frowns at every output of sinful thoughts its only Pastor christ that doesn't frown at that.
  • I tend to largely ignore them other than poking fun at them or frowning in their direction, etc.

"frustrate by" or "frustrate with"?

  • He was frustrated by the expression of religion.
  • He might also have been frustrated with Wilshere's absence.
  • All the more reason for me to be really frustrated at Ivanovic's red card.
  • I've never been so frustrated about a movie.

"fry in", "fry for" or "fry to"?

  • Fry in hot deep fat for 2-3 minutes, or until golden brown.
  • They chicken was fried to perfection and the waffles was cooked just right.
  • Add in the thyme and pinenuts and fry for a few minutes.
  • Choose a deep, very heavy skillet to fry with.

"fulfil in" or "fulfil by"?

  • A career should be fulfilling in all senses of the word.
  • All domestic tasks will have to be fulfilled by her.
  • It is fulfilling for a man to work hard and succeed at whatever he does.
  • In short, her job is to ensure that TLP's mission, vision, and values be fulfilled with every library donation.

"furnish with" or "furnish to"?

  • They are furnished with all the comforts of home.
  • But, the allegory unknown, the types themselves have furnished to credulous nations the materials of many creeds.
  • Since there, is provided comparability of curiosity furnished by several lenders.
  • Fully furnished in small refurbished complex.