Prepositions after Verbs

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"filter by" or "filter through"?

  • Yes Mantano has a collections feature you can also filter by tags, publisher and other metadata.
  • News of his untimely death filtered through the media world ye.
  • The street lamps were off -- as opposed to usually filtering into his room through the window.
  • Singh said that the Forest Department will provide one lakh filters to tribals till December.
  • They claim that all so called objective experiences are filtered in a unique way by each individual.
  • Of course it's no surprise that Yelp is less than forthcoming about how they are filtering for shill reviews.
  • Buy good quality filters from telescope &; astronomy shops.
  • Guns and ammo first, and Gold and SIlver down below water filters on the list of priorities.
  • Essentially, the image is divided into four spectral bands (LL, LH, HL, HH) that are obtained by the means of a low-pass (L) or high-pass (H) filtering along the horizontal and vertical directions.
  • This is also great for b/w-pictures -- you get very sharp and detailed b/w out of photoshop or filters like Silver Efex.
  • Glaucoma occurs when the body produces too much fluid (aqueous humor) inside the eye or when normal drainage of the fluid does not filter out of the eye adequately.
  • Higher inflation expectations in the US will filter around the globe.
  • At right, images taken through the wide-angle camera filters at 1000, 750, and 430 nm wavelength are displayed in red, green, and blue, respectively.
  • Vitamins and minerals off calcium in the water affects ones pump water on the inside boiler system, to ensure that your solutions needs to include filtering during their ability.

fire from, at, on, by or in?

  • You should be fired from your job.
  • Not a singleshot was fired at them.
  • They are clearly not firing on all cylinders.
  • Ruthie filed 2 days after Glen was fired by Gary and Randall.
  • He needs to be fired in this election.
  • He'd been fired for pretending to be the manager.
  • Only one rocket was fired into Israel on Tuesday.
  • Shoot, Carel du Plessis coached a team to beat the Wallabies 61-22 and was fired after that very match.
  • If you can not find your banking commission fire off a complaint to your State AG.
  • If you're waiting to spawn and someone fires upon your buddy, that resets the timer for you to spawn next to him.
  • Espinosa lost the ball in the centre circle and a swift attack left the Bara defence exposed, first a shot was fired against the bar and then Arslan reacted quickest to smash home the rebound.
  • They were fired as the book went to print.
  • Note that Signal Messages that would be fired before MinDelayTime are lost.
  • Volleys were fired over him -- and it was not blank cartridge.
  • A bullet fired through a euphemism is still a bullet.
  • And, immediately fired with a love of God, he then decided to do whatever he could for the honour of Christ.

free from, in, of, on or to?

  • But it was never freed from the grip of the hill.
  • Free in town for souvenir shopping.
  • Freed of the weight by the assistants, Magnus rose slowly from the bench.
  • A court spokesman confirmed she was set to be freed on Friday.
  • Right? (Commenters feel free to correct me if I need it.
  • No Comments There are currently no comments on Freed after eight.
  • Free at the lodge with a good sundowner.
  • It is the human heart created in the image of God, freed by the Spirit, resonating with the truth.
  • Free as a person with nothing is free.
  • And the umps clearly don't have a problem with him as he has had 19 frees for and only seven against.
  • So, for Reliance customers, the Galaxy Y Duos Lite will come with 1GB of 3G or Unlimited 2G data free per month for 6 months.
  • I get stranger things than you free with my breakfast cereal.

"foreclose on" or "foreclose in"?

  • When this happens, the lender may decide to foreclose on the home.
  • That is why Freddie can not foreclose in its name.
  • Thus, the time for lenders to inform debt-serf peons they are about to be foreclosed upon is nearing.
  • Then foreclosed under my mother's name and act as though I do not have copies of the approved modification that they act like they never approved or received payments for.
  • There is no reliable system for recording secured interest in property, making it difficult to use property as collateral or to foreclose against such property.
  • What goes on is that the assets of a person who has secured debts will be kept from being foreclosed up until the individual is discharged of her or his financial obligations in a bankruptcy.

fixate on, by, with, from or upon?

  • In the West, we are fixated on vitamins.
  • Gaunt was fixated by the danger of miscegenation.
  • It's no surprise I am fixated with locations where people have died.
  • JaeJoong's sole attention was immediately fixated from the moment he laid eyes on them, much to the envy of the fans around.

figure in, into, as, on or out?

  • In fact, this subject figured in the MMA's election manifesto.
  • Was that ever figured into the cost of the item? Of course not.
  • The presidential debates started and I figured as a Democrat I was supposed to like Barack Obama.
  • I figured on using the Dex 4 only if I went low.
  • Still trying to figure out her future, still trying to figure out herself.
  • Tamil Nadu also figures among one of the most visited destinations for medical tourism.
  • I'd figured by that stage that it might be a business.
  • I figured since training our daughter was easy, our son would be difficult, and wouldn't be ready until much later.
  • Bhuyan was a suspected member of the outlawed secessionist outfit United Liberation Front of Assam (Ulfa) which figures at the top of the home ministrys list of banned organizations.
  • I had gone from having over 110,000 silver spread over four 80+ figures to having collectively under 300 silver.

fiddle with, around, for, in or about?

  • Do not fiddle with the market mechanism.
  • Bold action is required,,,, but all we get is weaselish dithering and fiddling around the edges.
  • The old lady put on her spectacles, fiddled for a few seconds to peel off the backing paper - and then licked the stamp again.

flush with, in, into, out or by?

  • It will have your lips flushed with blood.
  • Vitamins using hard water will affect unquestionably the source of water within central heating boiler podium, so that your assistance will incorporate flushing in the ability.
  • The SUV skidded into the gaping hole, plunged into the flooded culvert some 6 metres below, and was flushed into the creek, which the storm had turned into a raging river 30 metres wide.
  • Are you still reading? Illusions and Projections Neo is flushed out of his pod, scooped up and has his muscles regenerated onboard the ship.
  • To our dismay this was easier said than done, since the bathroom continued to flush by itself.
  • This theory seems to require that arsenic in groundwater has been present for thousands of years with out being flushed from the delta.
  • At one end was a 300-year-old sundial, flushed on the ground.
  • Golson again was flushed to the right on the two-point conversion, shifted upfield, lunged for the goal line and reached the ball over the plane to tie things.
  • Many actors use these techniques to produce more convincing performances, such as Liv Ullmann, who could make her cheeks flush at will.
  • The original sediments had been deposited during Plestocene-Holocenes time and were oxidized and flushed during the low-stand of sea-level during this last glacial maximum.
  • I've had weird dizzy spells and flushes over the last 2 months, and this morning everything feels even worse.

frown upon, on, at, in or above?

  • Anorexia is frowned upon the same way.
  • Union brothers would frown on that, to be sure.
  • God frowns at every output of sinful thoughts its only Pastor christ that doesn't frown at that.
  • I tend to largely ignore them other than poking fun at them or frowning in their direction, etc.
  • The rain ceased suddenly; precipitous and rough crags of scorched lava frowned before them, rendered more fearful by the lightning that illumined the dark and dangerous soil.
  • You frown to yourself, then figure why not go ahead and ask anyway, since you've already started.

"fascinate by" or "fascinate with"?

  • I'd fascinated by their culture.
  • He has been fascinated with Irene.
  • Speaking of which, I'd continuously fascinated in the history of the American Revolution and Civil War.
  • His followers may do it now, but who cares! And this was the main reason why I (personally) got fascinated about him.
  • Indian stories may be too common for them and that is why perhaps the Indian readers are fascinated towards foreign stories.

fantasize about, on, of or over?

  • Now if he could just stop fantasizing about Irene.
  • Barely a week goes by without a Democrat fantasizing on TV about murdering people who have other opinions.
  • Still it is not bad to daydream once in a while and fantasize of what can never happen.

"fret about" or "fret over"?

  • I worry about this and I fret about that.
  • Don't fret over the daily ups and downs of your stock.
  • For one thing, America is now fretting for more than ever over the possibility of al-Qaeda again attacking their soil.

falter in, after, for, on or under?

  • The club faltered in the face of worldwide economic catastrophe.
  • Strange that it is harder to ditch a friend than a partner! I find that friendships often falter after 7 years or so, or when one person has a change of lifestyle.
  • A system ostensibly designed for equal distribution of wealth was faltering for sophistication when it came to meeting peculiar individual needs.
  • He wasn't a good person but he never faltered on what he wanted.
  • She's faltering under the pressure.
  • Both times she faltered with her shot selection from the back of the court.
  • While their faith was faltering due to their inactivity in the things of God, others were acting on their faith and reaping a harvest in the kingdom of God (John 3:34-38).
  • Suddenly, the Sardar Patel Stadium was a snakepit as - in reply to 521 for eight declared - England faltered from an already vulnerable 41 for three to 110 for seven by lunch.
  • Don't adhere to something falters as the offer can make it which means basic.
  • Sadly the series apparently falters at the end, but that's not going to stop me.
  • The government's will to pass reforms is considered critical to revive stock markets that have faltered over the past month-and-a-half.

"frustrate by" or "frustrate with"?

  • He was frustrated by the expression of religion.
  • He might also have been frustrated with Wilshere's absence.
  • All the more reason for me to be really frustrated at Ivanovic's red card.
  • I've never been so frustrated about a movie.
  • These expectations too would be frustrated in due course.
  • Now that a consumer culture has been introduced, people have become frustrated on both sides.
  • It is understandable therefore that many Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder children become more frustrated as the school year progresses.
  • Maybe you're frustrated from being near D.
  • But many remain frustrated over the pace of change in a country plagued by high unemployment and corruption.

"frighten of" or "frighten by"?

  • I said what name would I be frightened of.
  • She wasn't frightened by Yasmin's story.
  • Truthfully, I don't remember feeling particularly stressed or frightened at the time.
  • I am frightened to death of all the promises being made which are outside their remit.
  • It sickens me and I am frightened for their children's future.
  • Even more frightened about what lay in stock for us, I paid no heed to her and just opened the door then I jumped to the ground, knocking my head on a hard substance.
  • Also, Sir Jimmy was not averse to engaging Queen's Council to frighten off the media.
  • To be honest, I too am not that good with heights, and have been scared on occasions when I've been on a roof or ladder - and yet I never felt at all frightened on the Barranco Wall.
  • If people are more frightened before bed, then exposure therapy may give them insomnia.
  • Resources When I returned after six months on short term disability, I felt intimidated, confused and frightened during the negotiation meetings I was required to attend.

flourish in, with, for, on or under?

  • Hulk continued to flourish in the last season as well.
  • Thus Egypt flourished with cheap labor even during the days of wide spread femine.
  • Industries need to flourish for development, employment and a global economic presence, whether we like it or not.
  • Some ports -- Liverpool, Bristol, London -- flourished on the returns from the trade.
  • Alahakoon has surely flourished during his time.
  • Contrary to claims made by the PNP, jueteng is flourishing under P-Noy's watch.
  • The Bee Gees ' musical careers flourished after the family returned to England in 1967.
  • Maybe then it too can flourish as a London gem rather than somewhere more associated with litter, fly tipping and vandalism.
  • Carrick, a rich man's Darren Fletcher, would need a Keane-type player alongside if he is to flourish at Old Trafford.
  • Another interesting thing I learned recently was about the Essenes, who were a Jewish religious group that flourished from the 2nd century BC to the 1st century AD.
  • LANGKAWI ISLAND (KEDAH) Fast flourishing into a tourist haven, this island has world class facilities with its hotels, resorts and eateries.
  • These arguments explain why the carbon can form millions of compounds and organic chemistry is flourishing like nothing.
  • Children can not grow and flourish without the presence of a woman who stays at home with them.
  • Rise of the Evangelicals Churches flourish alongside these organisations -- some are also NGOs.
  • Some students flourished behind bars in a place that, despite its regimentation and inanity, was safer than their home environments.
  • Centred on the monastries, Celtic art, learning and culture were flourishing by 800 CE and the monks had also established centres of learning and Christianity in many parts of Europe.
  • Through embarking on his passion, he was able to flourish despite his adolescent awkwardness.
  • But he has flourished since switching to the centre-forward role - despite initially not having been convinced he could make the transition.
  • And we see Clay flourishing until a final deteriorate during least.
  • Countless others -- small and rudimentary in operation -- flourished within the communities where they were located.

"fasten to", "fasten on" or "fasten with"?

  • A rope was fastened to either end and it worked like a charm.
  • They are fastened with tassels, loops, and other imaginative decor.
  • When selecting a car, you don't desire to fasten on your own down to a single particular model.
  • To gird is to fasten by means of a girdle; the loins are that part of the body between waist and hips.
  • It wraps around the rib cage and fastens in the back.
  • The hole is covered having a huge vacuum tube, and fastened into spot.
  • The bicycles are generally getting about three trolley wheels the place one particular will be mounted with the entrance plus the other 2 are usually fastened for the again on reverse sides.
  • Moncler Vos Coats by using a funnel neck fastened with press studs, extended sleeves, two facet pockets, logo patch at upper arm, hidden double breasted button fastening from the front.

"forge in" or "forge by"?

  • The atoms that make up your body were forged in the heart of ancient suns.
  • It plays by its own rules and its own lingo, forged by a well-?? delineated hierarchy of users.
  • Forged with a creative intuition also came the ability to visualize sounds to create rich and complex soundscapes, seemingly out of nothing.
  • If bible is corrupt, then so is quran, bcuz quran was forged out of the Holy Bible.
  • It was forged on the shores of Gallipoli.
  • There were several reasons why the United States forged into first place as a world leader.
  • Wilton ' s anti-war commitment was forged from direct experience.
  • They were very close friends at Junior Speedsters '; their friendship was forged through adversity.
  • Romney grappled with the unexpected bond forged between the Republican governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, and Barack Obama.
  • At home alone in bed he was visited by the ghost of his late business partner, Jacob Marley, in the metaphorical chains he'd forged for himself.
  • My MBA has helped me, thanks to the emphasis given to team-building and to the strong bonds forged amid a very diverse student body.
  • She has crammed much more into her life, partly thanks to the fearsome military discipline forged as a colonel in the People's Liberation Army performance troupe.
  • It's more about friendship forged during hardship, growing up in a rough neighbourhood, finding oneself and capturing the energy of youth.

"flick through", "flick on" or "flick to"?

  • Each person has their complimentary earphones on, flicking through the channels when suddenly.
  • Flick to Requests to see if a friend has invited you to play with them.
  • Pushing open the door, Denise flicked on the lights and gasped in surprise.
  • An optional heads-up-display can be flicked between several modes, including a handy GPS-based reminder of what the current speed limit is.
  • Only one of these televisions is on at a time - just one, then another and another, flicking into existence and then out.
  • I don't walk around with two cameras every day to be taking flicks with my cellphone.
  • Lets say you had a bit of turd flicked onto your leg and somebody offered you a choice of A) dry tissue paper or B) soap and water to clean up with what would you choose? It would be B) right.
  • Whenever I flick across one of the dog-training programmes, the breeds chosen are always very different in behaviour from our sighthounds, many seem very poorly socialised too.
  • Ava gently flicked at it with the whip.
  • The screens flicked by too quickly for Holden to follow.

flash across, on, in, before or at?

  • Or when a notice flashes across the TV and you are to report immediately.
  • All of a sudden sets of amber lights flash on the front and rear of the appropriate sleeve.
  • I want them to flash in 10 different patterns.
  • Beyonc's disappointed face flashes before his eyes.
  • The yellow was flashed at him by mistake during his first lap and he slowed to 160.
  • A train of horrifying scenes started to flash through my mind.
  • Flash for cash, flash as in expectation of standard or even just flash with gadgets at hand (iPhone, laptop, etc).
  • Within minutes, accounts of the behaviour of a Muslim group in one part of the world can be flashed to another.
  • Then they hurried through the little town and it all flashed upon his consciousness to a mighty pan of emotion.
  • And the images of the fallen hero that will flash around the globe will be sure to haunt the midnight nightmares of Henry Kissinger.
  • Flash for cash, flash as in expectation of standard or even just flash with gadgets at hand (iPhone, laptop, etc).
  • I have been flashed by people even when only my low beams are on.
  • A lot of companies are moving to flash from java for their management interfaces.
  • We look out of the window and all we can see are just flashes of scenery as we go past.
  • Again a car lights flashed over us and we dropped to the ground.
  • Tens of thousands of men, most of them economically very valuable, must keep watch day and night, prepared at any moment to flash into warfare again.
  • Cameras flashed like firecrackers.
  • Run the hot water taps, vacuum the floor, charge all those flat batteries, Let every light shine and blast the stereo to draw attention with Arc welding flashes under flood lights to boot.

flood with, in, into, by or to?

  • Balez's blog was soon flooded with comments, pro and con.
  • At the same time, rural migrants flooded in looking for jobs.
  • The indoor stadium inside the complex was also found flooded by rainwater.
  • Cocaine is flooding into the country from Colombia.
  • In four years, the same ignorance will flood to the surface from both sides.
  • Still the black stuff flooded out of the tap.
  • The message was flooding through my body and I finally understood the call to grow.
  • The Environment Agency confirmed that 816 homes had been flooded as a result of the heavy rain.
  • This causes the roads to be flooded because of the poor sewage system.
  • The Congo River floods during the rainy season causing widespread disruption in the river basin.
  • We skated where it was flooded for that around the old 16th hole.
  • John the Baptist Parish, flooding from Isaac forced 1,500 people to evacuate.
  • I'd prefer to see folks leave the floodplains alone, and let the rivers flood like god intended.
  • The village of Mechu had been repeatedly flooded since 2004, with 200 households forced to leave homes that their families had occupied for generations.

fare in, against, to, as or on?

  • In a poll of 370 gender experts on how well women fared in G20 countries (g20women.
  • And to see how our spinners fare against a top 5 side.
  • Fare to Glan, Sarangani is around PHP 85.
  • It's unclear why grads from top schools might not fare as well as others over the long haul, but one possibility is that the B-school world has changed.
  • That said, some students from Group B told me they were worried about how they would fare on the course.
  • The Buddha talked to all the bhikkhus and enquired how they fared during the vassa.
  • They then watched how the organism fared without it.
  • But students with a GED fared about the same: after six years, 66 percent had not earned a degree or certificate.
  • Let us see how the frequentist interpretations fare according to our criteria of adequacy.
  • How does it fare among golfers? Well if properly looked after; it can be good to play on.
  • How has Nigeria fared at 52? If you talk in terms of education, Nigeria has advanced.
  • Fare for normal single jorney is HKD$36.
  • Tell me, what is left to gloat about? Mattie, to tell the truth I don't even know how well the country is faring from tourism.
  • Here's a look at how three three point guards have fared through the first month of the season: Nimrod Tishman 5 games, 0 starts 1.

"furnish with" or "furnish to"?

  • They are furnished with all the comforts of home.
  • But, the allegory unknown, the types themselves have furnished to credulous nations the materials of many creeds.
  • Since there, is provided comparability of curiosity furnished by several lenders.
  • Fully furnished in small refurbished complex.
  • No chair was furnished for him.
  • As for whether this passage teaches that God's Word is sufficient, Keating avoids 2 Timothy:3:17 That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.
  • Furnishing On different places on the terrain we made nice sittings from natural materials for relaxing.
  • In fact, my house is furnished from craigslist.

"foster by" or "foster in"?

  • This ia a clear anomaly, fostered by the automobile lobbyists and needs balancing.
  • TC: Do you think these values are being fostered in our current education system? CC: I think we're trying.
  • Innovation Minister Senator Kim Carr said the research exemplified the sorts of international collaboration that the Australian Government was fostering across the board.
  • There are a few other parents that I've fostered along the way but I've only firmly adopted four to add to the two necessitated by biology.
  • Cheryl Walker and her husband, Steve, both 51, have fostered for four years.
  • When you fulfil the rights of such people, a spirit of love will be fostered within society at every level, and such a society will be a guarantor for peace and love.

"formulate by" or "formulate in"?

  • These can all be formulated by undertaking numerous drills.
  • And the logic of war was reserved for Napoleon to express in practice and Clausewitz to formulate in theory.
  • There are cleansers that are specially formulated for winter weather skin care.
  • The causes of politics are therefore framed in this argument as being a form of ' international public relations ' as they are formulated as a justification for predation.
  • It is formulated with a scientific anti-oxidant blend of Aloe, Raspberry and Pomegranate Extracts.
  • These guidelines, once formulated at the national level, shall be piloted in eight demonstration sites in the Philippines, which include the Northern Negros Natural Park in Negros Occidental.
  • Thus, strategies which were formulated on the basis of wrong information base led to adoption of wrong distribution network by the authorities.
  • Such recommendations were formulated after the Resveratrol 2010 conference, held in September 2010 in Helsingor, Denmark.
  • His landmark book Frames of Mind presents a theory of multiple intelligences (MI Theory) formulated from a review of many years of research.
  • In order to help solve the various developmental problems confronting the Municipality goals have been formulated under each thematic area of the GPRS II.
  • NO WAY near 3% Last years budget was formulated around a higher growth figure for 2012 than will be actualised.
  • When formulated into a closed cell foam product, it takes on the following characteristics which are of great advantage to the theatrical costumer.
  • This is not an imposed design constraint, but at least an estimate of the stable population must be formulated prior to committing to any design.

finance by, for, from, in or to?

  • It is financed by a designated tax.
  • HBO doesn't require legislation to provide financing for its existence i.
  • Her name is Faith, a graduate of Banking and Finance from the University of Benin.
  • Lyn Cacho-dela Cruz is our Administration and Finance in Manila.
  • It was former President Premadasa and his armed forces provided arms and finance to Terrorists.
  • All this building was financed through bank lending.
  • I remember discussing film financing with a guy in the City of London.
  • Alexandra Gardiner is Vice President, Finance at Perseus.
  • We need financing on a simular scale.
  • Church finances and upkeep of all old buildings can be financed via taxes, since everyone is a member anyway.
  • If you are really good at rehabbing properties, you may decide to sell one every now and then using seller financing instead of selling it for cash.
  • At present, it is financed out of annual bengoshi practising fees, but this will not allow it to develop educational programmes of sufficient scale.

"fulfil in" or "fulfil by"?

  • A career should be fulfilling in all senses of the word.
  • All domestic tasks will have to be fulfilled by her.
  • It is fulfilling for a man to work hard and succeed at whatever he does.
  • She said different projects set will be fulfilled on time if citizens make the government accountable to them.
  • Using only two white pieces of fabric as masking and a few brown crates, the actors randomly pick wishes to fulfil through improvisation.
  • My instructions were fulfilled to the letter.
  • In short, her job is to ensure that TLP's mission, vision, and values be fulfilled with every library donation.
  • All the revelations and prophecies, too, are fulfilled within this happening.
  • And the Word (of torment) will be fulfilled against them, because they have done wrong, and they will be unable to speak (in order to defend themselves).
  • However, those commitments are yet to be fulfilled despite the passage of over six decades.
  • I can boldly say I am fulfilled without deceiving myself.
  • Due to the collective effort of the homemakers and the young volunteers, the Bangalore Division has fulfilled above 1400 wishes from the time of inception.
  • You should get your specific requirement fulfilled along with timely delivery and after sale services.
  • Consider how close the employee and the deceased were, if the employee is responsible for any aspect of the ceremonies, or if they have cultural responsibilities to fulfil around the death.

"forecast for" or "forecast by"?

  • No rain here this afternoon, despite the forecast for extended storms.
  • That is not forecast by the model.
  • Asia's growth is forecast at 6.
  • The fastest growth in insulation demand through 2016 is forecast in the Asia/Pacific region, due to advances in building construction activity as well as manufacturing and industrial output.
  • Social media spending is forecast to more than double over the next 5 years, to 18.
  • I imagine this would represent a sine wave of sorts that should allow hindcasting of the Holocene and future forecasting of grand minima events not unlike my own research.
  • This type of flooding is often seasonal and therefore can be forecasted with good accuracy.
  • Forecast from Amazon was 13th December delivery by HDNL - the parcel arrived on December 13th as the forecast.
  • Weather forecasting as a modern scientific endeavour only had its modest and controversial beginnings in the 1860s.
  • The situation in the Arctic must be considered as well and it can not be forecast beyond two weeks at this point.
  • We need to look forward to a future we can forecast rather than one built on a national pyramid scheme.
  • Livestock manures or any fertilisers may not be applied to land that is waterlogged, flooded or likely to flood, frozen or if heavy rain is forecast within 48 hours.

flock to, towards, by, around or for?

  • People flocked to Egypt for jobs and food.
  • When winning championships becomes synonymous with your brand, people will begin to flock towards the product.
  • Considered to be one of Europe's tourist attractions, castles all over Europe are flocked by people from all over the world.
  • Can we succeed in life simply by exposing our wishes to the mirror? However, people flock around such Sophists who may have a private agenda.
  • The economy suffered, however, from the 1972-74 drought and rising unemployment as farm workers flocked into the cities.
  • Roger and Hilary combine a 600-strong sheep flock with turkey rearing and a 25-strong sucker herd - with all calves reared for beef - on their farm at 31 Ballygowan, Road, Kells.

"fool by" or "fool into"?

  • Often doctors are fooled by them.
  • Do not be fooled into discounting these tips as too simple.
  • We live in a world of created sound, and we are glad to play along with the illusion, especially at the movies, allowing ourselves to be fooled for the sake of the narrative.
  • We have been fooling with mother nature from day 1, these chickens wouldn't even exist in their current form if it weren't for the fact that we have genetically modified them (i.
  • In the parallel scene in which Benedick is fooled about Beatrice's love for him, Benedick dodges around the set, finally appearing at the very highest level, invisible to part of the audience.
  • I've been fooled on Twitter by fake posts before, too.

"float in" or "float on"?

  • I floated in a cloud for a good 2 weeks.
  • Most pieces of pumice will float on water.
  • On the other, there was the spectre of hell that floated around me.
  • If neither, it shall be floated toward the end-edge of the reference area.
  • Awami Vikas Party (AVP ), a political outfit floated by former police officer Shamsher Khan Pathan, also took part in the protest.
  • The smell of pancakes and bacon and maple syrup floated through the air.
  • If neither, it shall be floated toward the end-edge of the reference area.
  • You float above a rotating spherical world.
  • One other interesting thing about these slugs is that they lay short egg strings of 10-20 eggs which float at the surface until the larvae hatch.
  • The logs were floated down the river, and the town was the main port from which they were shipped abroad.
  • Wineglass in hand, I floated from one group of commiserating activists to another.
  • No chatter or junk floating into my thoughts.
  • Tunes are phrased and float like arias.
  • She spends hours floating upon the ocean, ears immersed, blocking out the sounds of the world around her.
  • The Simpsons ' show-runner/writer David Cohen (He's usually the one with the mathematical symbols for his name in the opening credits) placed well know formulas floating about the third dimension.
  • Eighty thousand balloons filled with Scriptures are floated across the North Korean border.
  • A well put together Maltese looks as if he is floating along the ground under a great cloud of white hair.
  • I realise that this particular topic is difficult to float as a theme for casual conversation, but still.
  • That's why the ' sand ' is not floating away from the moon.
  • He didn't try to steal her thunder, playing a tiny bit and floating off the stage after his little joke.
  • I felt like I was floating out of my body.
  • This video shows the craft floating over the skyscrapers of Manhattan: On board, this floating palace was kitted out with the latest in design standards.
  • I think this is optimistic and suspect $2k is more likely so I'd letting my holding float with a tight, trailing stop loss on it.

freeze in, for, to, with or at?

  • Myanmar is like a market frozen in time.
  • Make It Ahead: Dough can be frozen for up to 1 month.
  • She had froze to death (I live in Montana &; at nights it gets to -10 below).
  • It can also be frozen at this point.
  • It's frozen on the last page that I read, so it's still on.
  • In our little boat we were frozen with cold, having left the ship without overcoats or rugs.
  • A short distance away he saw a small group of tourists who appeared frozen by fear.
  • Everything is frozen into one single moment.
  • Static breaks the sound barrier to present the voices of dissidents, activists, and others who are often frozen out of official debate.
  • When Nader later tested the rats, they didn't freeze after hearing the tone: it was as if they'd forgotten all about it.
  • Secondly, though this may rather be belated since the action has been taken, the accounts of these traffickers can be frozen like those of narcotics dealers and corrupt politicians.
  • The United Nations this week ordered a global travel ban and assets freeze against M23 leader Sultani Makenga, a former army colonel.
  • Adam stood frozen as a TV dinner.
  • By December, Dima's status in the university was frozen because of her opposition activities and she could take no more classes.
  • Raw seafood, such as oysters or sushi that has not been frozen before making (FSA n.
  • Minimum and rookie scale salaries are frozen near their 2010-11 levels until revenues rise enough that the reduction is proportional to the 12 percent reduction in the overall system.
  • Those who have been accruing pensions have had the amounts frozen since May 20 last year.
  • Listen to Teena's report for 98FM News: With Irish aid to Uganda frozen until the end of the year, the work of NGO's in Africa is more important than ever.

"flee to" or "flee from"?

  • As I recall, he fled to Australia.
  • I guess that's why God tells us to flee from sin.
  • Bdi was forced to flee into exile in France.
  • The people fled in panic before them.
  • Their 13 children fled for their lives.
  • The robbers fled with just a mobile phone and a torch.
  • The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.
  • Shah Rukh Khan plays Samar, an expert bomb defuser who hides in India, where he has fled after Meera (Katrina Kaif) breaks his heart in London.
  • The Jews fled away into the fort and closed the door from inside.
  • The three-men group fled before police arrived.
  • After seeing the weapon, the victim fled on foot to get away.

"flip through" or "flip to"?

  • Flip through the tables and graphs.
  • He flipped to the next page and scowled.
  • When a light is flipped on the chemical inside the eyes that lets you see in the dark is ' burned out '.
  • If you, as the young architect, were given the task to design a universe where each bit was to be flipped with probability 0.
  • I looked at him and a light flipped in my head.
  • You try to ignore the way your stomach flips at the sight.
  • I live in the middle of Aberdeenshire, and see countless cars in fields because drivers do not adjust their speed to the road - one sharp bend and your car flips into the fields.
  • Swipe to awake, enter password, flip off Airplane mode all in less than a few seconds, and you are ready to go.
  • This race has flipped from Bilbray to Peters (on Sept 13 ), from Peters to Bilbray (on Oct 23 ), and now back to Peters in today's update.
  • Twisting, he flipped onto his stomach as his feet reached the edge of the roof.
  • After about an hour into the trip we got our first bite! The fish flipped out of the water and the n it was gone.
  • That speculation hasn't deterred Kiriakos, who continues to focus on preconstruction buys -- at preferred pricing -- and flips after a sizable investment in staging.
  • Chore though it may be, it is a more rewarding read to keep one finger open to the notes while reading the text and flip between the two as needed.
  • The screen flips inside the hinge, turning the PC into a veritable tablet on demand.
  • I went to flip over the buttery, cheesy, yumminess and the sandwiches were sticking to the pan.

"fold in" or "fold into"?

  • Fold in the set vanilla pudding.
  • Almost like you kind of fold into the floor.
  • Wood had folded under pressure.
  • Her arm folded around his shoulders and squeezed encouragingly.
  • We'll march till we drop, The girls and the fellas, We'll fight till the death Or else fold like umbrellas.
  • It was folded over one shoulder.
  • In 2001 the International Hockey League folded after fifty six seasons and the AHL absorbed six of the teams.
  • They can be folded along the body during rapid swimming and act as brakes when erected.
  • They should be stored flat but if they must be folded to be stored, you may want to wait to press them until just before folding for use.
  • The table folded out of the side panelling and slid towards me, and proved stable enough to type on.
  • The tow bar can be folded to either side of the bike for storage.
  • Then the dough is folded with a leaf and burnt by fire and shared by all members of the household.
  • The dining table should be square of rectangular in shape and should not be attached or folding against the wall.
  • The New York Knickerbockers defeated a hard luck team called the Toronto Huskies, which folded at the end of the season.
  • Probably the only way to ever truly enter the cronosphere (sp?) unless our control of creating materials increases 1000 fold before our manipulation of magnetic fields.
  • Factors of improvement range from 2 to 11 fold depending on the cell type expanded and tissue formed.
  • So one day, fed up, I dropped the laundry off at fluff and fold down the street.
  • With the ball spinning and bouncing appreciably, England's tail meekly folded from 382-5 to 413 all out, with Ojha continuing his impressive series with figures of 5-143.
  • Chorizo is flash fried and then tossed with a salad of red onion, cherry tomatoes, olive and parsley before being folded through warm pasta.
  • He was wearing a dark red t-shirt and had his arms folded throughout most of the hearing.
  • Conservatives just folded without a fight.

"fry in", "fry for" or "fry to"?

  • Fry in hot deep fat for 2-3 minutes, or until golden brown.
  • They chicken was fried to perfection and the waffles was cooked just right.
  • Add in the thyme and pinenuts and fry for a few minutes.
  • Choose a deep, very heavy skillet to fry with.
  • Favourite meal is stir fry at the moment.
  • For the past six years, those efforts have included releasing millions of salmon fry into nearby rivers.
  • Add the onions and fry till translucent and slightly softened.
  • Grill it Slice the bulb like an onion and fry on the braai (barbecue) or griddle pan.
  • Cheap cheap will not last and keep the thing oiled or you will loose the bottom and black bits in any stir fry from the pan is not nice.
  • Fry like pancakes on a non-stick tawa.
  • My favorite? Start with a few strips of Jalapeo Spam fried until crisp in hot oil (or pork fat!).

favour by, in, for, over or of?

  • The Wren family, obviously much favoured by the King, were staunch Royalists.
  • KDC expected favours in return.
  • Graduates of numerate disciplines tend to be favoured for certain jobs, particularly finance-related.
  • No gender should be favoured over the other, even in the allocation of power in our education sector.
  • But for routine extraction, we need more evidence in favour of it.
  • Please keep praying for Gods favour on this trip.
  • Sooooooo!!! Grin and bear it, it is what it is and you are favoured among our women.
  • Many instances of a 4 to 8% change in Hillarys favour between the early votes and the day of votes.
  • Accepting gifts, benefits or favours from individuals or firms with which the University does business, except as token courtesies.

"fade into", "fade to" or "fade from"?

  • You'll just fade into this lovely balled.
  • Compassionate conservatism increasingly faded from view after 9/11.
  • Gradually, that means the image fades to nothing.
  • The fighting and turmoil of the past has faded in the capital.
  • It may fade over time, depending on the condition of your hair and how your care for it.
  • Otherwise it will begin to fade with time.
  • The best thing is to ignore them, especially because they tend to fade as the years go by.
  • The effects of LSD are felt about half an hour after consuming the drug and peaks after two to six hours, fading after 12 hours, depending upon the amount consumed.
  • Of course, the effect had faded by the following summer.
  • The orange glow mixes with the lingering mists as the Daylight fades on Paris for another day.
  • A commanding presence in the first four matches but faded against Spain, although, much due to the fact that the Germans were completely found out.
  • Support the volunteers: I would love it if someone brought us volunteers coffee and donuts when we are fading at 2am.
  • If Castiel let go of him, even for an instant, Dean's last second would pass and he would fade away from the world.
  • For weeks I woke up with a start most mornings, in a cold sweat of fear, with images fading behind my eyes of planes crashing from the sky into buildings.
  • Thoughts of getting it done started to fade for like a week or two but now it's all up on my mind again.
  • Under the ' Asomdwehen ', JJ was fast fading off the political scene, whether you agree or not.
  • A second concern is: ' How does one remain relevant at retirement? ' It is very sad that most Anglican ministers retire and fade out of circulation.
  • And although my athletic abil- ity has faded since playing high school football, I still feel the rush I'd feel from stepping onto the field in front of my fam- ily and friends.
  • If they stopped pumping for any length of time the fat lamps in the tunnel started to fade through lack of oxygen.
  • Some of our rivals on two-stop strategies faded towards the end but the drop-off was not sufficient for our drivers to be able to take advantage on fresher tyres.
  • When cocaine is ' snorted ' the effects peak and fade within 15-30 minutes, so the drug would need to be taken every 20 minutes or so to maintain the desired effect.
  • Thus, this buffer is viewed as a coordinate space with limited spatial extent, more clarity toward the center, and the image fading without regeneration effort.

favor by, in, for, from or of?

  • It is favored by the old and new customers.
  • It was cool to see with someone if they have not seen it, but it rarely has any re-watchability favors in my opinion.
  • Caucasians are favored for jobs -- often unconsciously -- over blacks and Asians.
  • Most likely will in favor of leaving the EU.
  • Among families, kins can have rifts for simple matters like who's going to have what, or who is being favored among the rest, etc.
  • Islam rejects certain individuals or nations being favored because of their wealth, power, and/or race.
  • No one has gave me favors except God providing, when I could not! I have worked extremely hard &; sometimes for less than minimum wage to put food on mytable.
  • General etiquette rule, if someone does any favor to you, you just thank them.
  • And in the event of disparity or mixed level of living, the maintenance will of an average standard suitable and agreeable to both, with some concession or favor towards the woman.

facilitate by, in, with, for or through?

  • But all these dramas were facilitated by the F.
  • In the school, the teacher's role was mainly facilitated in terms of the child-to-child approach.
  • CRM facilitates with learn about buyers and also their own habits.
  • Here are some patterns which facilitate for unit-testing.
  • The technology is facilitated through channeling seawater for treatment through a reliable electric field rather than the conventional energy-intensive vaporizing and heating processes.
  • The prime accused in the matter is ironically a member of the APIIC board under whom, allegedly, the scam was facilitated on the part of the APIIC.
  • We are facilitated via the projection mechanism in our complacent view that the world we live in is mechanical and dead, whilst we are vital and alive.

fix in, by, on, for or at?

  • This is not gospel and fixed in stone.
  • Most of these were fixed by editing D3Prefs.
  • His eyes are now fixed on the ceiling.
  • A date will then be fixed for the court hearing.
  • The going rate for 2012-2013 is fixed at 6.
  • The corners aren't actually fixed to the base in any way.
  • The second is the feed rack snapped and this has been fixed with a splint.
  • SPO has been fixed as 3% for the year 2013 and 6% for the year 2014 out of their total energy consumption.
  • Having fixed upon one point for watching the breath, keep the mind there.
  • Generally, this registration ceremony is fixed before the traditional wedding.
  • It is not fixed like how it is calculated in J.
  • I hope that's something they can fix over the course of the run, because it's rather distracting.
  • Took car and fixed under warranty.

forbid by, from, in, for or to?

  • And evil is forbidden by God Almighty text.
  • You are also forbidden from bringing more than PhP5,000.
  • Photography is strictly forbidden in the Long Room.
  • Worldly temptations are forbidden for widows.
  • High status women had to veil, while harlots and slaves were forbidden to.
  • Here in Barnet we also have an eruv (public network of poles and wires that define a territory where Orthodox Jews can carry out tasks otherwise forbidden on the Shabbat e.
  • If I recall correctly, which I quite possibly do n't, criticism of the Brandens was explicitly forbidden at one point.
  • Mahram means those relations with whom marriage is forbidden because of blood relationship or nursing (suckling) relationship or marriage, like brother and sister or son-in-law and mother-in-law.
  • If same sex marriage is forbidden due to religious grounds, the law should be immediately changed as our nation is patently not founded on religion.
  • Smoking and sexual relations are also forbidden during fasting.
  • What is forbidden of the boasting of a co-wife.
  • The importation of all firearms (including those charged with compressed air) to the Turks and Caicos is strictly forbidden without prior approval in writing from the Commissioner of Police.

fly to, in, into, from or with?

  • A few days later Hess flew to England.
  • But I wouldn't fly in one I'd designed myself.
  • How about flying into Wellington.
  • Green flags flew from every household.
  • I only have to fly with them two.
  • Fly by the rules or do not fly.
  • Polls are bottle flies on my monitor.
  • Now imagine unicorns flying out of Carmelo Anthony ' s ears.
  • You're flying over the Pacific Ocean.
  • Flags on land fly at half-staff.
  • So many things flew through my head.
  • It was night and the moon was full as he flew across the seas.
  • That you fly around the world isn't mentioned.
  • Flying for 17hours with the ensuing jet lag etc.
  • Stop flying off the handle people.
  • And indeed a lot of water has flown under the bridge.
  • But if you would rather fly above water; then hang gliding's for you.
  • From a launching point west of the Tokchok Islands strikes were flown against transport facilities and warehouses along the line **25;665;TOOLONG in Area E.
  • On May 2nd, he flew as an observer on a raid on Rangoon.
  • Hasn't Kilimanjaro been flown before? Yes.
  • He said their inspiration came from having to fly between a lot of jobs throughout the region and country.
  • Number 11: Time flies like an arrow.
  • I flew past Williams during the 4th k and set my goal on bringing Piggin in.
  • I slip, shoot, and watch my arrow fly towards the buck.
  • When you reach the top, enter the green beam to fly up to the ship above.

forgive for, by, in, of or because?

  • Yet you could easily be forgiven for having never heard of him.
  • To learn to forgive by practicing forgiveness.
  • And there is nothing to be forgiven in your questions; I'd happy to address them.
  • They were not forgiven of their sins before baptism.
  • She was forgiven because of this deed.
  • Hence, those who are forgiving to others for the sake of Allah, Allah willing, may look forward to Allah treating them in the same way.
  • So according to Buddhism we can be free from our kamma while according to Christianity our sins will only be forgiven during an extremely limited period of time.
  • Others have more difficult things to forgive like betrayl, abuse or the taking of a loved ones life.
  • I forgave over 10 years ago and I would not have had any children if I didn't forgive.
  • The book expresses that all sinful behaviors are forgiven through Jesus ' sacrifice on the cross and encourages children to go to God in prayer any time they feel tempted or troubled.
  • There are some debts that are not forgiven under bankruptcy, for example credit card purchases which occurred in the 90 days before filing happened.
  • He has Himself made it easy for His servants to repent for a moment and the sins of a lifetime are forgiven without any delay.

"feed on" or "feed into"?

  • I'll feed on you for some days.
  • Many factors feed into this Islamic revivalism.
  • It can then also be fed by hand.
  • The rest is fed to our kids 3 times a day.
  • The water is gravity fed from the mountain and is in short supply.
  • RSS Allows for News Feeds in your website.
  • The young are fed with milk, (mammary glands).
  • Folks can get RSS feeds for new content when added.
  • We're feeding off of each other, and I'd tired of watching it.
  • That's why interest rates are set by the Fed at next to zero.
  • Evil must have good to feed upon.
  • The filter is inserted via a thin tube, which is put into a large vein and then fed along the vein into the correct position.
  • Bunged into a baby sling and fed as the need arose while we ate deep fried karela parathas.
  • Adult males have one pair of membranous wings, move about actively in search of females and do not feed during the adult stage.
  • Why wasn't the dog arrested? He attacked the man who was just out for a walk in a Fed Ex costume.
  • In essence, this was a rhinoceros that fed like a giraffe, but grew larger than an elephant.
  • Mr Sharon, 81, is fed through a tube.

"finish with" or "finish in"?

  • Let me finish with the Mayfair girl.
  • One or two barely finished in time.
  • By the time you finished at about 8.
  • A fast person aims to finish on top.
  • We started at 9 am finished by 3 pm.
  • She has been finished for the last three years.
  • Hard to believe 8 others finished ahead of him on this list.
  • Rosicky is finished as a top class player.
  • It would be great to finish above Arsenal.
  • She starts work early in the morning and finishes after 5 pm.
  • Pierre: ' I Want To Finish Because Of The Criticism ' UFC welterweight champion Georges St.
  • In any case, their food is finished before noon.
  • Even after finishing behind Vettel in India, he was bullish when questioned about his chances.
  • The workmanship, materials and finish from the recent 2007 renovation are generally excellent.
  • Russia came in third while favourites Australia finished outside the medals.
  • All of the shirts are finished to perfection.

fight for, against, in, with or on?

  • I fight for that social equity.
  • I've seen us fight against cuts to the arts.
  • The civil war wasn't fought in 1870.
  • I would enjoy to fight with him.
  • Fighting on Gallipoli soon settled into a stalemate.
  • He is taken to fight at Balaclava.
  • A fierce battle was fought between them.
  • There was a war being fought by many sides in Eastern Congo no doubt.
  • We have fought over many issues, Sandipan.
  • I opined that the nominees fought to a draw.
  • Both sides will fight about everything.
  • It's an honor if you want to fight alongside the Sentinels, young elf.
  • They don't want us to be fighting amongst ourselves.
  • Come out and fight like a man you big girl's blouse.

"fit into", "fit in" or "fit with"?

  • I knew I couldn't fit into that.
  • Your conclusions don't fit with mine.
  • Presumably to fit in the package.
  • It can be fitted to many cars out there.
  • I had to be fitted for them properly.
  • No idea if it would fit on an iPhone though.
  • Scale the image to size to fit within the feature area.
  • The solibox is designed to fit inside the Holdall Wallets front pocket.
  • Secondly they often work late jobs that are fitted around their studies, which also leave them vulnerable.
  • The splits are tightly fitted at the base and widen at the top.
  • New full engine fitted by garage.
  • No matter how tacky Rockette costumes are, they always fit like a glove.
  • But stick with them and these cans will loosen up for a far better fit over time and with extended wear.
  • The first lot came by royal mail, fit through my letter box and was delivered quickly with no problems.
  • Wear a money belt that fits under your clothes.

"fill with" or "fill in"?

  • His voice is filled with pride.
  • Fill in your name, email details.
  • And that gap is filled by the Geeta.
  • The theatre was filled to the brim that night.
  • Thereafter the presidential box was filled for every concert.

"fear for", "fear in" or "fear of"?

  • They feared for their safety, it added.
  • But I fear of our future at short term.
  • This is what they look for, fear in the faces of Israelis.
  • The power of a woman is feared by men.
  • There was nothing to fear from this room.
  • We have nothing to fear about green furry monsters.
  • To be ashamed of, or fear with me.
  • There are too many factors leading to fear among investors right now, which will continue to hinder the prospects for equities in the near term.
  • When you hear it you hear what I fear at night.
  • No, I fear on this one Lord Tebbit, you Sir, may have got it wrong.
  • For some, the very idea of involving volunteers with special needs may push strong prejudices based on ignorance and fear to the fore.
  • Or rather, the main roads are bad enough that they are contributors to fear without helmets having anything to do with it.

"form in" or "form by"?

  • That love needs to be formed in me.
  • The passive formed by a suffix.
  • It forms from a somewhat sticky lava.
  • It forms on your teeth every day.
  • We have entry forms at the office.
  • You also need some form of flashing light for the top.
  • Subcommittee was formed with ministers as members.
  • You should also have your P60 forms for recent years.
  • Form into balls of about 3/4 to 1 inch in diameter.
  • Harper lost the confidence of the 40th parliament, not of the 41st that will be formed after this election.
  • He starts crying and a puddle of tears forms around him.
  • These associations must be as quick to form as to dissolve.
  • Usually it is formed between two nonmetals.
  • These were formed during the Tertiary, only tens of millions of years ago.
  • You only need compare his 2011 form to that so far this year.
  • I got my EIN, and filled in the W8Ben form under my own name.
  • Heart is the first involuntary organ to form out of love of the parents.
  • Hurricane Alicia 1983 Alicia formed over the north central Gulf of Mexico on August 15.
  • Over the years multiple battle leagues have formed such as UW Battle League, Lions Den, GrindTime, KOTD, and even embraced the participation from female spitters in Queen of the Ring.
  • Hi Manish, My name is Shinto Chacko, i submitted PF withdrawel forms through my last employer and i received some amount of money.
  • Pearls are formed within a five year period while a single oyster can produce three crops in its 15 year life span.
  • Create Mobile Forms without needing programming knowledge.

"fall into" or "fall in"?

  • They fall into two broad buckets.
  • Fall in love and get married 2.
  • I fell on the sand with a thud.
  • Economic mood index fell to 84.
  • DM readers will fall for anything.
  • Syria's oil exports fell from 13.
  • Its shares fell by as much as 11%.
  • I feel the characters fell out of.
  • That location falls under District 13.
  • Mind you don't fall off the edge.
  • Most people fall within the 85 to 114 range.
  • In 4th Q 2008 GDP was falling at about 3.
  • Adams, the candidate of the North, fell behind Gen.
  • When soil moisture levels fall below a threshold of 0.
  • The long rains fall between April and May.
  • I was a dead tree fallen onto the path.
  • The ensuing struggle fell outside the crown's regulatory guidelines.
  • Yeah, that's it! Poor Jesse fell over the edge.
  • He's made it his life's mission to not let people fall through the cracks.
  • Since the first day of Muhrram which fell upon Nov.
  • She fell with the slowness of the Twin Towers.

forget about, in, by, to or for?

  • And don't forget about time off.
  • Again, he's forgotten in history in a lot of ways.
  • You will never be forgotten by me.
  • Do not forget to, record your progress.
  • Forget for a second just how tough the job market is today.
  • Don't forget after Halloween you.
  • Didier Drogba is gone from Chelsea FC for a few months now, but the Ivorian footballer will certainly never be forgotten at the Stamford Bridge surroundings.
  • And of all things to forget on your list -- prion diseases like BSE that you get from eating infected beef!!!! Hey everyone.

"face with" or "face by"?

  • A woman faced with a prominent R.
  • The key to the difficulties faced by the Min.
  • Many problems that I had faced in my life.
  • We have to own that and face up to that.
  • No doubt the challenges America faces as a nation are daunting.
  • That is the danger we face at the moment.
  • Expect to not know what the hell you are facing on any given battle.
  • Even humans have difficulty matching faces to photographs.
  • The truth has not been revealed about the conditions that Africans face after the elections took place.
  • I ended up facing away from Dr.
  • The anxiety that families face during such times are quite difficult to handle and at CorporateStays.
  • These are challenges that brands have faced for a long time when going global.
  • And 1 more thing how can a person handle the pressure he/she faces from his/her friends.

fail in, at, to, on or for?

  • He has failed in this basic duty.
  • Those people fail at math and logic.
  • Scott failed to resurface and died of drowning.
  • The talks have failed on all three counts.
  • In other words, another epic fail for Ballmer.
  • Again, you fail as a communicator.
  • Communism failed because of the agency problem.
  • You failed by your own standard.
  • MZ's essay failed with this reader.
  • Also, no foreign-owned bank in the EBRD region has failed due to financial distress.
  • When Truman &; Jacobson failed during the recession of 1922, bankruptcy turned Harry Truman from business to politics.
  • Many talented sportspersons fail after achieving instant success.
  • Around 40% of students fail before completing their second year.
  • My mate had his dual mass flywheel fail from about 45K miles onward.
  • Are you establishing breakthroughs or nurturing relics? Nothing fails like success.
  • Thus the essence of the biblical witness fails of its purpose.
  • It failed under this Government, and members of this Government sat on their hands.
  • There is almost no chance of the prospect getting failed within the final exam.
  • The other group was told clearly that they were failing without mincing any words.

follow by, in, from, on or with?

  • It would be followed by the SR.
  • A second spill followed in July.
  • Integration, as follows from the above, Frank.
  • Dvorak follows on Tuesday, Nov.
  • Tax #s tend to follow with passport #s.
  • Tom Watson MP was followed for five days.
  • Afternoon gamedrive follows after lunch.
  • My older son follows along with the CD.
  • Quick promotions followed as a reward.
  • Washington, followed at 7:15 p.
  • Once we have followed through the above requirements, we must never look back.
  • A desert world follows to water worlds and then into ice.

find in, on, at, by or for?

  • Bian Yi Fang was found in 1855.
  • This was found on blueprint-adl.
  • Information can be found at www.
  • The crater was found by local residences.
  • Blackman was not found for months.
  • This code is found with all of your.
  • I wish he would be more interested in finding about it.
  • Low clouds are found along the top portion of the notch.
  • Inadequate intakes were found among 15.
  • The answers can be found around my blog.
  • However, very close relationship was found between 0.
  • The money had to be found from government sources.
  • Then states No assignments found of record.
  • Almost all jobs these days are found through networking.
  • They are found throughout the city and suburbs.
  • Although several different species of Babesia have been found to infect humans, B.
  • In general, they can be found under Settings.
  • It is an innate power that can be found within us.

feel like, about, for, at or in?

  • I feel like weighing in myself.
  • It's exactly how I feel about it.
  • I feel for all of you out there.
  • We'd finally feel at home in the woods.
  • That amount of pain I feel in my heart.
  • Kinda has a Garbage feel to it.
  • And the strain on the economy is felt by all.
  • So glad you like the look and feel of the books.
  • Sadly, some of the unity we felt after 9/11 has dissipated.
  • Someone else apparently felt as I did.
  • Because of the pain I felt from infertility, I wish I could do that for anyone.
  • I have mixed feeling on this one.
  • It's natural to have doubt, to feel out of place when excluded, to feel slighted.
  • The logo needs a slight 3D feel with a reflection.