back by, away, out, in or up?

  • Uganda's soldiers, backed by U.
  • I backed away from PC gaming again.
  • Edited excerpts: You recently backed out of the OLPC project.
  • The truth is that back in the 80s the police effectively became Thatcher's homeland militia.

backfire on, in, as, at or with?

  • That tactic will backfire on you.
  • This could work, if everyone is open and honest and also not TOO self-sacrificing as that can backfire in the end.
  • But this will backfire as the worker doesn't have a private investment in the programme.
  • Indeed, Washington has been reluctant lately to embark on any interventionist projects that might backfire at inopportune times.

backtrack on, to, in, after or by?

  • Will you have to backtrack on this protest too, in the future? Ven IS: No.
  • Backe later backtracked to the New York media, claiming that his statements were taken out of context.
  • What this means is that backtracking in Icon is inherently local in nature and is constrained to small units.
  • The IRA was compelled to surrender arms as there was confidence no party would backtrack after decommissioning.

"baffle by" or "baffle as"?

  • I'd positively baffled by this.
  • But, many still baffled as to why we haven't do it.
  • He seemed utterly shocked and baffled at the star's premature death.
  • The city will leave you baffled with its majesty and oozing class where you will be swarmed with options leaving you spoilt for choices.

"bake in" or "bake for"?

  • Bake in the preheated oven for 25 minutes.
  • Bake for about 15 minutes, until crisp.
  • Bake at 325 degrees F for 30 minutes until center is just set.
  • The exact timing of the uptick is not obvious, but it is nearly baked into the cake already.

balance by, in, on, with or between?

  • It is also balanced by our successes.
  • There are no checks and balances in the new structures.
  • Balancing on the Equator line This was amazing.
  • He wants accountability to be balanced with independence.

ban from, in, for, by or on?

  • He was not banned from keeping animals.
  • I want the burqa banned in Australia.
  • He could have been sent off and banned for 3 games.
  • This book is banned by Congress Government).

"bang on" or "bang for"?

  • He started banging on his dancer.
  • They would allow us to get the most bang for our effort's buck.
  • Your heart will probably be banging in your chest.
  • They clattered to a halt and banged to attention.

"banish from" or "banish to"?

  • He had to be banished from the realm.
  • The daughter-in-law did not die, but the woman was banished to Gambaga nonetheless.
  • They are banished by the establishment for their trouble.
  • Anyone who disagreed with those in control of the police could be banished in the land.

baptize in, by, into, with or on?

  • Baptized in Another Christian Church.
  • Jesus went to Jordan and was baptized by John.
  • They were all baptized into Moses in the cloud and in the sea.
  • The joy was great, but the child was sickly and small, and had to be privately baptized on account of its weakness.

"bargain for" or "bargain with"?

  • The fact is that a lion is more than you bargained for.
  • Remember you can bargain with them.
  • It specifically says not to bargain on positions.
  • Through the Trade Union, workers can bargain from a point of strength.

"bark at" or "bark in"?

  • Now they let the dogs to bark at our courageous leader.
  • So the tribal women keep these roots and barks in stock for the whole year.
  • Its so sad that black people spend so much of their time barking about skin color when blacks have so many other IMPORTANT issues they need to discuss.
  • So, its time for you to bang some more money out for barking on her behalf.

bathe in, by, on, with or for?

  • Just bathe in a river? He wanted more.
  • Need to be bathed by your amma (mother) Have the clothes you were wearing indoors thrown away before this bath.
  • Also, babies don't always get bathed on a daily basis and are often dirtier than a dog.
  • Thus, a Hindu touched by a Yavana must at once bathe with water.

batter by, in, at, during or from?

  • They were battered by the three-decades-long war.
  • But he faced only three batters in saves on July 24, 25, 28, and Aug.
  • The winds raged and the rains had battered at me, but the inn offered a welcome comfort I had not thought to find in such a desolate land.
  • A large section of the pier that was battered during the Oct.

bear in, on, with, by or out?

  • Bear in mind that I'd no expert.
  • In conclusion, we are still bears on the solar industry.
  • Confused? Bear with me, and read on.
  • All other costs are borne by the purchaser.

"beat by", "beat to" or "beat in"?

  • They will be badly beaten by SA.
  • Beat in the remaining dry ingredients just until incorporated.
  • He had really been beaten to a pulp.
  • Well-drilled and well-organised, England were hard to beat at Euro 2012.

"become like" or "become of"?

  • Each film becomes like a child of mine.
  • I still don't know what became of him.
  • Now it became in the Prophet's control.
  • He does that and becomes to a false prophet.

beg for, of, in, to or from?

  • Respect is earned, not begged for.
  • Please continue this drama, I beg of you.
  • Six months later they find him begging in the streets and they ask why.
  • Anyone that wanted anything in this world went begging to the Queen.

"begin with" or "begin in"?

  • Mission now begins in Tallaght.
  • The rugby match will begin at 14.
  • The 2012 campaign began on Aug.
  • Begin by leveling the playing field.

"behave like" or "behave in"?

  • She behaves like a petulant child.
  • T -- Try to behave in a new way.
  • How this person behave with others 3.
  • They are member of UN and must behave as such.

believe in, for, about, at or by?

  • We had to believe in something.
  • She didn't want to believe for the longest time.
  • I believed about trying lady on the top.
  • However, I do believe at a cost.

bend on, to, over, in or at?

  • We are hell bent on taking our time.
  • So if you can't bend to the floor, no worries.
  • Nearby, women are bent over looms making traditional Berber rugs.
  • Or the time bends in the opposite direction, and you are the one out of sync and in slow motion.

bequeath to, by, for, as or from?

  • Full-text of Harvard University copy bequeathed by Francis Parkman can be found in Google Books.
  • Some examples of Wasiyah are property bequeathed for the benefit of religious students, providing housing for the needy, providing subsistence for the poor, etc.

besiege by, on, with, for or from?

  • My view of that is that they will be besieged by those wanting it for nothing and they will capitulate in their wish to see it re-jigged as a ' public amenity '.
  • The legation area was besieged on the 20th.
  • His Ridge bungalow was besieged with men who on the instructions of national security were there to install security gadgets and fittings.

"bestow upon" or "bestow on"?

  • May Allah bestow upon you His choicest blessings.
  • I have no wealth to bestow on him.
  • Very few of us are bestowed with this quality.
  • Speak a user requisite to bestow for a 40% treasury on their transaction for 12 months Related articles: ? Fei Xuan Corp.

bet on, against, with, at or for?

  • Investors bet on us going this.
  • But then again, I wouldn't bet against it.
  • If you keep betting with the right ideas, eventually you come out a winner.
  • For example, the coach of a football team might ostentatiously bet at an inordinately high price on his team winning, in a public display of support that reveals nothing about his honest opinion.

betray by, in, to, at or for?

  • I never felt betrayed by India.
  • Let us not behave like ostriches anymore! Buddhism can not be betrayed for money.
  • Three extensive traditional Islamic stories of Jewish enmity towards Islam and betraying of Muhammad, are told.

"bid for" or "bid on"?

  • No outsider will bid for my field.
  • Then you bid on various keywords.
  • On registering to bid in a sale, bidders are contractually required to commit funds to cover their purchases.
  • This forces Opponent to bid at the 2 level.

"bind by" or "bind to"?

  • We all do it; we're all bound by it.
  • No, priests will remain bound to secrecy.
  • You're bound for 2 years TO pay off that subsidy.
  • The OPFR was binding on all tiers of government.

bite by, into, at, on or in?

  • Badly bitten by the running bug.
  • The cold began to bite into their bones.
  • Bed bugs do not ONLY bite at night.
  • Use your lips to tug on hers and slightly bite on her lips at the same time.

"blame for" or "blame on"?

  • Its SAF whom to blame for this.
  • United is still blaming on injury.
  • Both tribal parties will be equally blamed by citizens, proving to the rest of the world that Democracy as we practice it does not work.
  • Recently though, I've begun to feel that there might be a new culprit to blame in my devastating milk-history.

blast in, through, at, by or from?

  • Karachi lost 100 people in 5 days to shootings, 2 or 3 bomb blasts in a single day can do that in Lahore.
  • Congrats to Sam who blasted through the 48 million mark (you can see his score in the picture below).
  • The disfiguring caulk and much of the corrosion were removed by water blasted at medium pressure.
  • No genius was ever blasted by the breath of criticks.

bleed to, from, into, in or for?

  • He lay there for over two hours, bleeding to death.
  • The nanny was bleeding from her own throat.
  • Ill people were cut and allowed to bleed into a bowl.
  • I saw he was bleeding in his arm so I went to go and help him.

"blend with" or "blend into"?

  • Others have colours and patterns that blend with the background.
  • The dwellings will blend into the landscape.
  • It seamlessly blends in the world of Watchmen.
  • Blend for 1-2 minutes, strain and press through the cheesecloth into the bowl.

"bless with" or "bless by"?

  • Rene and Ann are blessed with three kids.
  • I truly have been blessed by all of you.
  • Asked anyone you meet, they all seems to know Jah Bless in Fond St.
  • May received communion and the Bishops blessing for her journey and the work she would be doing with the mission.

blight by, with, for, from or through?

  • What's more it is no longer blighted by crashes.
  • Some lives are blighted from the womb onwards.

block by, from, in, for or with?

  • That move was blocked by regulators.
  • The staging area was blocked from view, as was the screen.
  • It was blocked in the 1996 Singapore meeting.
  • The linemen and WR's are always talking about blocking for him and how he's past them in a flash.

blog about, for, in, on or by?

  • Instead, I decide to blog about it.
  • Running a blog for profit is a business.
  • And this is the first time i blog in English.
  • Too angry to blog on a subject? Yes, too angry.

bloom in, at, from, with or on?

  • It is in full bloom in its magnificent array of purple.
  • Using plants which bloom at different times of the year will ensure it always looks great.
  • Like saffron crocus, these plants bloom from dormant bulbs.
  • We do what we can, to keep his grave site blooming with love.

blow in, through, out, to or from?

  • The answer is blowing in the wind.
  • The wind blowing through the trees is music to our ears.
  • This is all being blown out of proportion.
  • We must have been blown to bits.

"boast of" or "boast about"?

  • Presently it boasts of a population of 1.
  • Boasting about what one does not have.
  • The manager can't stand chess nuts boasting in an open foyer.
  • That I will not boast on the works and manifestation of the Spirit in the ministry that God has called me.

"boil with", "boil in" or "boil for"?

  • APPENDICITIS: Grind barley and boil with milk.
  • Bring the syrup to a boil and boil for about 3 minutes.
  • But he's one of the good guys, so he won't be boiled in oil.
  • It was boiled to death and tasted (and looked) a bit like animal feed corn.

bolster by, in, after, at or from?

  • The campaign would be seriously bolstered by your support.
  • Numbers were bolstered at the last minute after several National MPs offered initial support so it can now be considered by a select committee which will hear from the public.
  • For Glossop, however, too many passes were going astray, and the midfield needed to be bolstered from the bench.
  • It is not a neat, theological investigation which we can bolster with Christian arguments; it is a deep and painful personal reality that required the tearing of one? s skin and flesh.

"bomb in" or "bomb by"?

  • Ivanovic bombed in a half dozen crosses and maybe 1 was actually accurate.
  • Of course, the ruined old cathedral, bombed by the.
  • The film had bombed at box-office leaving Taurani all baffled at the big loss.
  • Today, as in the aftermath of the failed underwear bombing on Christmas Day, Republicans are eager to give that power back.

"bond with" or "bond to"?

  • Missi also bonds with Jake (Angus T.
  • I don't need to be bonded to you.
  • Everybody needs to recharge, and the time off gives you time to bond as a family.
  • For those bonded by one or more miscarriages who are now parents.

boost by, to, with, for or in?

  • This trend was boosted by the financial crisis of recent years.
  • With shoes and these insoles my height is boosted to about 5 ' 10.
  • Therefore, your CPC should be boosted with this method.
  • And demand will be boosted for years to come by new Chinese and Indian wealth.

"boot from", "boot out" or "boot into"?

  • You can do that by booting from CD and selecting Repair.
  • Boot into ClockworkMod Recovery.
  • But the Japanese were booted out and went home.
  • The contestant sitting in the chair of least value is booted off the show as well.

bore by, to, with, in or out?

  • If you are bored by this movie you.
  • Spain are incredibly boring to watch that is undoubted.
  • Then I got a bit bored with dance music and moved into live music.
  • They are bored in the relationship.

borrow from, for, against, at or by?

  • It's like borrowing from yourself.
  • I put a nice flat-spot into Matthew's tubs I had borrowed for the race.
  • They won't be able to borrow against it.
  • Some of these banks were borrowing at many multiples of their assets.

"bother with" or "bother about"?

  • She didn't bother with a hello.
  • They are simply not worth bothering about.
  • You could be bothered by coronary troubles.
  • I didn't bother to undercoat it first.

bounce off, around, to, from or in?

  • Reverberating trigger ripples bouncing off each other.
  • It bounces around year to year.
  • That's what I'd bouncing to right now.
  • Leach's barrel bounced from rock to rock through the rapids before becoming stuck in an eddy in the Whirlpool.

bow to, before, in, out or with?

  • Legislators bow to corporate interests.
  • I thank God and bow before the miracle.
  • With Salaams and Duas Mustafa Bowing in Karate QUESTION 1 Q1.
  • She has bowed out of her ' On the Road ' premiere in London next Thursday.

brace for, against, up or after?

  • We braced for back to school, unpacked, moved furniture, guided children through new routines.
  • Even in the face of death, the policemen braced up to the challenge and fought like gallant men.
  • Make all motorists and passengers wear full face helmets and neck braces after all more drivers suffer head and neck trauma than cyclists.

brag about, to, in, by or of?

  • Hotel employees brag about generous guests.
  • I highly doubt she bragged to her friends.
  • I can't prove this scientifically; the evidence is anecdotal (lib guys bragging in bars) but it is convincing.
  • Ms Anne Mateyo is pleased that the local market can now brag of new permanent structures, even if the volume of trade has deteriorated with the low inflows of visitors.

"brainwash by" or "brainwash into"?

  • I am not brainwashed by the organization.
  • They don't necessarily need to be told to do it if they are brainwashed into thinking it's their duty.
  • The teachers are brainwashed to.
  • The Vegi head above you and Awaywithyou have been brainwashed with fauls, made up, re-writen history.

break into, for, in, through or away?

  • An angry throng broke into the U.
  • My heart breaks for you, Kirsten.
  • I'd been broken in life before but this was different.
  • A distant sound breaks through the stillness.

breathe in, through, on, into or with?

  • Then there was someone breathing in my ear.
  • Calmly, breathe through your suffering.
  • Unknown to Alvarez, Yushioka was fast breathing on his neck.
  • She should not breathe into her drink, and she should drink sitting down if she can.

"breed in" or "breed for"?

  • I was born and bred in Hong Kong.
  • Unless we learn to breed for improvement in our race we are.
  • In the 1980s, pigeons bred by these men were in a class by themselves.
  • We all own the best dogs in the world, but if we all bred from every one of them, we'd be in.

"brew in" or "brew for"?

  • Over the last few years a crisis has been brewing in the whole of the Sahel, not only in Mali.
  • This has been brewing for a time.
  • If you're in the vicinity of Maynooth, you'll find his single origin coffees being brewed at Boss Hogg Coffee Bar or in Celbridge at Espresso Project.
  • The legend says that beer was first brewed by Ninkasi, some 3,500B.

"bring to" or "bring in"?

  • So they were brought to the king.
  • Her debut episode brought in 13.
  • Hunger is something no person wants to bring with them swimming.
  • I say bring on the death panels.

"broadcast on" or "broadcast in"?

  • Broadcast on November 11, 2012.
  • The fight will be the first to be broadcast in 3D.
  • Major debates are, however, often broadcast by radio.
  • And lucky for us, our bad choices and blunders aren't broadcast to millions.

browse through, by, to, on or for?

  • Browse through some samples before taking a decision.
  • There is also a browse by county option available.
  • I usually browse to whatismyip.
  • Browsing on lumia is not much fun yet.

"brush off", "brush with" or "brush against"?

  • But it brushed off the transport problems.
  • I exhale and reach out, brushing against her mind.
  • Brush with milk and sprinkle with caster sugar.
  • Skin brushing on a daily basis can help with the flow of lymph's around the body and therefore the removal of toxins.

buckle under, to, in, into or after?

  • The ACMD buckled under pressure.
  • It proves that some people have not buckled to the maladies of crass hysteria and infantile paranoia.
  • The strike/lockout lasted six months, but employers buckled in the end, and agreed to improved working conditions.
  • The private-sector economy is buckling from uncertainty over tax rates and the looming impact of Obamacare.

"build on" or "build in"?

  • With divine help, she built one.
  • When revising, build in rewards.
  • Adjoining posts were built by N.
  • That's what Moranbah was built for.

"bully by" or "bully in"?

  • It's simply bullying by the lucky privileged.
  • Physical bullying in the workplace may breach the HSE.
  • Janet says: ' I was bullied at school.
  • Ross: You got bullied into that courtroom, Danny, by everyone.

burn in, to, by, with or at?

  • The jute straws burning in the mud oven.
  • We, as a nation, have been burnt to numbness.
  • Good thing they burn by sunlight.
  • I was burning with love for her.

"burst into" or "burst with"?

  • A smile is something which bursts into laughter.
  • He almost burst with happiness.
  • All the passengers burst in laughter.
  • Charles suddenly came bursting through the door, his usual angry expression on his face.

bury in, under, at, with or beneath?

  • Your head is buried in the sand.
  • Mr Allison will have it buried under his house.
  • His is buried at the Mildura War Cemetery.
  • He was buried with a full Irish state funeral.

bustle of, with, in or to?

  • Close to Bodmin but a million miles from the hustle and bustle of daily life is Coombe Mill.
  • While many Arab capitals bustle with life after iftar most of Khartoum's dusty streets are deserted.

buy from, into, in, for or at?

  • Most African countries buy from Aba.
  • It's too bad that so many buy into it all.
  • I will never ever buy in Amazon again.
  • He'd be a great buy for Liverpool.