Prepositions after Verbs

Click a verb to see what prepositions are usually used after it in English


block by, from, in, for or with?

  • That move was blocked by regulators.
  • The staging area was blocked from view, as was the screen.
  • It was blocked in the 1996 Singapore meeting.
  • The linemen and WR's are always talking about blocking for him and how he's past them in a flash.
  • In the city itself, many streets were blocked with rubble.
  • Great effort when blocking at the LOS.
  • That permit has blocked off traffic and made sure everyone is safe.
  • Hood Blocking Felt hoods are generally blocked on wooden blocks.
  • Mieko and jade are all good big pale, even in the next seat if Hu, water, green and others are also desperate to be blocked before the ground.
  • Toenail Factor For such connections as stud to plate, beam to plate, and blocking to plate, toenailing is generally used.
  • In another wrinkle to London 2012? s otherwise smooth PR facade, an enterprising individual was blocked after writing a piece of code that sent a tweet every time spare tickets became available.
  • Acne breakouts seems simply because your own skin pores tend to be blocked along with essential oil as well as dirt.
  • Traffic was blocked as the funeral cortege passed but was opened immediately afterwards.
  • Quit Smoking: The airways that have been blocked due to smoking can be reopened if smoking is stopped.
  • Still, I managed to block out most of my disbelief and enjoy the stories.

balance by, in, on, with or between?

  • It is also balanced by our successes.
  • There are no checks and balances in the new structures.
  • Balancing on the Equator line This was amazing.
  • He wants accountability to be balanced with independence.
  • I spend a lot of time balancing between faith and disbelief.
  • This is all balanced against a frame of smooth tannins, great acidity and pleasant minerality.
  • The chance of going higher and lower is balanced for today but it's unlikely for a break out of the range.
  • That had the inevitable consequence of moving the focus of checks and balances to the external arena.
  • It's not perhaps an even balance and it would seldom stay nicely balanced at half/half.
  • For part of the show I would like to include images of Stone Balancing from the international community which could be part of the show.
  • Will this contribute to national development that is balanced across regions? Most certainly not.
  • Germany are more balanced as a team and more versatile in terms of their attacking combinations.
  • The biggest problem is the venting and how they construct the molding as it is simply a casting, milled and balanced out of standard grade mild steel.
  • Presenting like a cat in heat whilst carefully balancing over the edge of the chair seems almost like a trap.
  • While he did nt record any huge wins, he was active and balanced through the whole season.
  • It was such checks and balances within the traditional scheme of authority relations, especially among the Akan, that led the British anthropologist, Robert S.

"burst into" or "burst with"?

  • A smile is something which bursts into laughter.
  • He almost burst with happiness.
  • All the passengers burst in laughter.
  • Charles suddenly came bursting through the door, his usual angry expression on his face.
  • Hunter burst onto the scene for the Cowboys as a freshman, immediately making an impact scoring four touchdowns that year.
  • Each day, stuffing one more item into suitcases already bursting at the seams.
  • When we finally burst out of the end, I looked up and could see a section of the train snaking through the last coil of the spiral behind me.
  • Sounds of thunder bursting from their mouths carrying tools of torture within their hands.
  • The current campaign has seen Raheem Sterling burst on to the scene and become a regular in Liverpool's first team.
  • The sun bursts across the trail as Moses leads us out from camp on our final attempt at the summit.
  • But the Truth Bursts Against Darkness Efforts to silence us will be in vain.
  • The pace was viscous, many riders bursting for the freedom of being up the road in the break.
  • He tweeted a picture from the stadium of fireworks bursting over the Orbit Tower.
  • But I don't think there's much burst to him.
  • The mansion of the Na thou Er burst upon excrescent sorcery motion! Seem a certain space sorcery.

backtrack on, to, in, after or by?

  • Will you have to backtrack on this protest too, in the future? Ven IS: No.
  • Backe later backtracked to the New York media, claiming that his statements were taken out of context.
  • What this means is that backtracking in Icon is inherently local in nature and is constrained to small units.
  • The IRA was compelled to surrender arms as there was confidence no party would backtrack after decommissioning.
  • You then collect your hire car from Picton and commence your journey at the top of the South Island, which means you won't need to backtrack over the same ground.

besiege by, on, with, for or from?

  • My view of that is that they will be besieged by those wanting it for nothing and they will capitulate in their wish to see it re-jigged as a ' public amenity '.
  • The legation area was besieged on the 20th.
  • His Ridge bungalow was besieged with men who on the instructions of national security were there to install security gadgets and fittings.

blight by, with, for, from or through?

  • What's more it is no longer blighted by crashes.
  • Some lives are blighted from the womb onwards.

"brainwash by" or "brainwash into"?

  • I am not brainwashed by the organization.
  • They don't necessarily need to be told to do it if they are brainwashed into thinking it's their duty.
  • The teachers are brainwashed to.
  • The Vegi head above you and Awaywithyou have been brainwashed with fauls, made up, re-writen history.
  • What's brainwashing got to do with heterosexuality? Someone can't choose their sexuality based on brainwashing the same way they ' choose ' their religion (based on brainwashing from childbirth).
  • It is doubtful that children reciting the Pledge of Allegiance feel oppressed or brainwashed as a consequence of muttering the phrase ' under God.
  • And under duress from my children who have been brainwashed at school/brownies/local news etc, we wandered down as a family to witness ' the passing of a flame ' for ourselves.
  • Geeze, I du n no, to say that we're mostly brainwashed for our political decisions is to deny our intellectual capacity to discern what is right for us as a collective and/or as individuals.

"baffle by" or "baffle as"?

  • I'd positively baffled by this.
  • But, many still baffled as to why we haven't do it.
  • He seemed utterly shocked and baffled at the star's premature death.
  • The city will leave you baffled with its majesty and oozing class where you will be swarmed with options leaving you spoilt for choices.

bore by, to, with, in or out?

  • If you are bored by this movie you.
  • Spain are incredibly boring to watch that is undoubted.
  • They are bored in the relationship.
  • Then I got a bit bored with dance music and moved into live music.
  • Many of them are also bored out of their minds into delinquency.
  • Sometimes when the larval parasite leaves their snail host and is swimming around looking for the bird or fish it normally infests, they find a swimming human to bore into.
  • Parents are struggling to afford the costs of entertaining their children who moan about being bored on average 2.
  • My mom assured me I will be bored of weddings by the end of my 9-month stay here.
  • These fascinating creatures had bony plates on their heads that, fed by numerous blood vessels, could become burning hot, allowing the animals to bore through ice at high speeds.
  • Ulitmately I was a little bored throughout the second half which is a shame, I am sure if I had seen it in 1960 I would have loved it.

batter by, in, at, during or from?

  • They were battered by the three-decades-long war.
  • But he faced only three batters in saves on July 24, 25, 28, and Aug.
  • The winds raged and the rains had battered at me, but the inn offered a welcome comfort I had not thought to find in such a desolate land.
  • A large section of the pier that was battered during the Oct.
  • Raids on German industrial centres in the Ruhr were equally tough and Shivdev's Stirling once got battered from flak, losing an engine, with flight controls damaged.
  • Dangerous radicals all, in the eyes of those in power; some, like the Diggers, were battered into oblivion, while others, like the Quakers, still annoy the consciences of the complacent.
  • She was executed for the killing of her master, Jacob Bryan, whom she battered to death with a hoe.
  • Next morning along the beach at Salt Marsh, the bodies of most of these unfortunate brave sea gallants were found rent and torn and in some cases the features battered beyond identification.
  • Wooden bridges across deep gorges seemed to be badly battered due to the heavy traffic of army machinery several times a day.

bequeath to, by, for, as or from?

  • His children won't pay income taxes on any assets that are bequeathed to them, so an income tax hike doesn't affect him.
  • Full-text of Harvard University copy bequeathed by Francis Parkman can be found in Google Books.
  • Some examples of Wasiyah are property bequeathed for the benefit of religious students, providing housing for the needy, providing subsistence for the poor, etc.

baptize in, by, into, with or on?

  • Baptized in Another Christian Church.
  • Jesus went to Jordan and was baptized by John.
  • They were all baptized into Moses in the cloud and in the sea.
  • The joy was great, but the child was sickly and small, and had to be privately baptized on account of its weakness.
  • I was saved and was baptized at age 6.
  • The born again stage in their conversion to Christ by being baptized for the remission of their sins upon their confession of faith.

"brew in" or "brew for"?

  • Over the last few years a crisis has been brewing in the whole of the Sahel, not only in Mali.
  • This has been brewing for a time.
  • If you're in the vicinity of Maynooth, you'll find his single origin coffees being brewed at Boss Hogg Coffee Bar or in Celbridge at Espresso Project.
  • The legend says that beer was first brewed by Ninkasi, some 3,500B.
  • Viru's impressive bottle Winner of a silver medal in the 2011 International Beer Challenge, Viru is brewed with Lithuanian malted barley, aromatic Saaz hops and artesian spring water.
  • How dare Sarkozy lecture Africa about the future when he can't manage his own country? A rebellion is brewing against his presidency.
  • As the afternoon wore on, we made our way over the foothills and down to Rumuma, grateful to guzzle some pomoni, locally brewed from cornflour.
  • Dungarvan brews on offer at Creole Restaurant, Galway Closer to the end of our meal we got a little surprise from the kitchen.
  • Security forces actions are product of many ground realities, brewed after prolonged deliberate efforts to reap the benefits or direct the winds to reap the whirlwinds.
  • It's certainly a significant element in the sci-fi stew that Lucas brewed into Star Wars, and indeed Kirby comics were among the visual references that Lucas provided to Ralph McQuarrie.
  • Once the beer has been brewed to the right consistency it is poured into many different kegs.

"bargain for" or "bargain with"?

  • The fact is that a lion is more than you bargained for.
  • Remember you can bargain with them.
  • It specifically says not to bargain on positions.
  • Through the Trade Union, workers can bargain from a point of strength.
  • Interest Based Bargaining The modern view considers bargaining as a win-win situation.
  • SHOPPING Bargaining at small shops is encouraged.
  • The end-result of years of bargaining between law-makers and industry professionals was that cookies are ok as long as whichever website a user visits asks users for their cookie consent.
  • You must locate shopping bargains by using little or no time and effort tonight.
  • They know they don't have much to bargain except one, simple angle: The Americans will leave, the Afghans will stay, and they themselves will keep soldiering on.
  • Note -- money and bargaining Like in Cambodia, the US dollar is widely accepted in Vietnam.

backfire on, in, as, at or with?

  • That tactic will backfire on you.
  • This could work, if everyone is open and honest and also not TOO self-sacrificing as that can backfire in the end.
  • But this will backfire as the worker doesn't have a private investment in the programme.
  • Indeed, Washington has been reluctant lately to embark on any interventionist projects that might backfire at inopportune times.
  • When candidates use this, they are transparent and accept the risk that it could backfire against them.
  • It has backfired by reinforcing Romney's reputation for saying anything to score political points.
  • What do you guys think? Cool, but perhaps the animation could have been more dramatic? 4 Comments For This Post Aaaand it's already backfiring due the fact that it was not a real prank.
  • Casting a clown as a demonic villain backfired during production: It was felt that Werich looked too much like Father Christmas to be menacing and he was released after a week's shooting.
  • Be mindful of that and find ways to insure that giving this to yourself doesn't net emotional backfire for your adult child.
  • But considering the extent to which promise-making has backfired of late, I wonder if it will continue to remain viable in Ghanaian politics.

buckle under, to, in, into or after?

  • The ACMD buckled under pressure.
  • It proves that some people have not buckled to the maladies of crass hysteria and infantile paranoia.
  • The strike/lockout lasted six months, but employers buckled in the end, and agreed to improved working conditions.
  • The private-sector economy is buckling from uncertainty over tax rates and the looming impact of Obamacare.
  • Same shoes that were too squat and laced, never buckled like girl's shoes.

"bark at" or "bark in"?

  • Now they let the dogs to bark at our courageous leader.
  • So the tribal women keep these roots and barks in stock for the whole year.
  • Its so sad that black people spend so much of their time barking about skin color when blacks have so many other IMPORTANT issues they need to discuss.
  • So, its time for you to bang some more money out for barking on her behalf.
  • Stop all the carbs, cut out the chocolate, prevent the paps from barking with a juicy wink.

bolster by, in, after, at or from?

  • The campaign would be seriously bolstered by your support.
  • Numbers were bolstered at the last minute after several National MPs offered initial support so it can now be considered by a select committee which will hear from the public.
  • For Glossop, however, too many passes were going astray, and the midfield needed to be bolstered from the bench.
  • It is not a neat, theological investigation which we can bolster with Christian arguments; it is a deep and painful personal reality that required the tearing of one? s skin and flesh.

"banish from" or "banish to"?

  • He had to be banished from the realm.
  • The daughter-in-law did not die, but the woman was banished to Gambaga nonetheless.
  • They are banished by the establishment for their trouble.
  • Anyone who disagreed with those in control of the police could be banished in the land.

brace for, against, up or after?

  • We braced for back to school, unpacked, moved furniture, guided children through new routines.
  • Even in the face of death, the policemen braced up to the challenge and fought like gallant men.
  • Make all motorists and passengers wear full face helmets and neck braces after all more drivers suffer head and neck trauma than cyclists.

brag about, to, in, by or of?

  • Hotel employees brag about generous guests.
  • I highly doubt she bragged to her friends.
  • I can't prove this scientifically; the evidence is anecdotal (lib guys bragging in bars) but it is convincing.
  • Ms Anne Mateyo is pleased that the local market can now brag of new permanent structures, even if the volume of trade has deteriorated with the low inflows of visitors.
  • As much as it's inspiring and some of us might even use it to brag among our friends, the point of OYW is not only about meeting Bill Clinton, Muhammad Yunus, or other high profile leaders.

back by, away, out, in or up?

  • Uganda's soldiers, backed by U.
  • I backed away from PC gaming again.
  • Edited excerpts: You recently backed out of the OLPC project.
  • The truth is that back in the 80s the police effectively became Thatcher's homeland militia.
  • But, let's back up to the helium-atmosphere white dwarfs.
  • The Lumira fund, with backing from Merck &; Co.
  • The bumper, I backed into the car cross the street.
  • I think he got frustrated with having to say no all the time, but at least they have backed off some.
  • We're just piggy backing on this.
  • She glanced at Van and gave him a quick wink before turning back to his uncle.
  • Craig Brown's men can be backed at 13/10 (2.
  • They will get backing for it because of the job they have done in dividing and ruling people.
  • Our villa backs onto a lovely river (which is also gr8 for a dip).
  • That's funny, because the proposal he backed over the last year didn't actually do that.
  • They've honed that all down to about seven minutes for their first release, ' Dope ', which is backed with ' Hold On '.

bloom in, at, from, with or on?

  • It is in full bloom in its magnificent array of purple.
  • Using plants which bloom at different times of the year will ensure it always looks great.
  • If you are lucky, you'll hit the first blush of bright yellow avalanche lilies that bloom as the snow melts away.
  • Like saffron crocus, these plants bloom from dormant bulbs.
  • The tulips have been broken off now, I noticed some were ready to bloom on Saturday when we were there, and when we returned on Sunday, they had been broken off.
  • We do what we can, to keep his grave site blooming with love.
  • These poppies bloomed across some of the worst battlefields of Flanders in World War I, their brilliant red colour an appropriate symbol for the blood spilt in the war.
  • The roses were blooming around the door.
  • The aroma will bloom during the aeration process, resulting in a clearer aroma that will highlight the various flavors of the wine.
  • Your powers and gifts in this respect have always been present, they just were cloaked; and now they come in full bloom for those who open themselves up for this possibility.
  • Men bloom under the realization of being objectified.

"bomb in" or "bomb by"?

  • Ivanovic bombed in a half dozen crosses and maybe 1 was actually accurate.
  • Of course, the ruined old cathedral, bombed by the.
  • The film had bombed at box-office leaving Taurani all baffled at the big loss.
  • Today, as in the aftermath of the failed underwear bombing on Christmas Day, Republicans are eager to give that power back.
  • On 30 April 1970, Richard Nixon announced the US invasion of Cambodia, a sovereign nation the US had been secretly bombing for several months.
  • She heard about the suicide bombing from an editor.
  • After bombing out of the finals in 2011, Bellamy had his side firing at the start of 2012 and they quickly went to the top of the table.
  • He was particularly reviled after the 1988 Pan Am airliner bombing over Lockerbie, by Libyan agents in which 270 people were killed.
  • President Nixon unilaterally initiated and authorized a campaign of bombing against the neutral nation of Cambodia.
  • I mentioned that I couldn't understand, on any level, how someone could resort to suicide bombing because of their beliefs.
  • Stoke Newington had been sporadically bombed during the conflict, as the memorial in Abney Park cemetery to the 169 people killed by one casually dropped bomb in Coronation Avenue will testify.
  • Bombed to the brink of oblivion, the planet Centauri Prime is starting the slow and painful process of rebuilding, under the watchful eye of Emperor Londo Mollari.

"bully by" or "bully in"?

  • It's simply bullying by the lucky privileged.
  • Physical bullying in the workplace may breach the HSE.
  • Janet says: ' I was bullied at school.
  • Ross: You got bullied into that courtroom, Danny, by everyone.
  • He was severely bullied for it.
  • And we the people have been subjected to bullying from this group of criminals for more then a decade.
  • They consistently describe bullying as involving repeated actions which are intimidating and distressing.
  • What would you do as a middle-aged woman seeing a guy being obviously bullied on TV? Pick up the phone and vote to save him.
  • Amanda Todd was repeatedly bullied after making a mistake at twelve years old.
  • Annie Kidder, executive director of the group People for Education, says the report shows the differences in bullying between genders and the need for different.
  • And c'm on, anyone who denies that there is bullying inside a military camp is outright lying.
  • He got bullied off the ball too much.
  • The Court found that her complaints clearly and unequivocally brought the issue of bullying to the employer's attention.

"bestow upon" or "bestow on"?

  • May Allah bestow upon you His choicest blessings.
  • I have no wealth to bestow on him.
  • Very few of us are bestowed with this quality.
  • It can only be comprehended through the knowledge of Ma'rifa (gnosis) bestowed by Allah upon the Awliya.
  • Speak a user requisite to bestow for a 40% treasury on their transaction for 12 months Related articles: ? Fei Xuan Corp.
  • His bounties are not closed to any one: To each these as well as those We bestow from the Bounties of your Lord.
  • Taking into account the resources God has bestowed in our land.
  • Hochschild seems to be in agreement with this point when she argues that the marginal status bestowed to people of colour within the national collective is the norm.

"boot from", "boot out" or "boot into"?

  • You can do that by booting from CD and selecting Repair.
  • Boot into ClockworkMod Recovery.
  • But the Japanese were booted out and went home.
  • The contestant sitting in the chair of least value is booted off the show as well.
  • If I boot with wlan0 plugged in then it is impossible to get wlan1 connected.
  • Socializing network opportunities -- Fantastic!!!! Only in Jamaica would you see the former PM of Jamaica doing her Saturday shopping ' pushing trolley ' to boot at Sovereign Center supermarket.
  • I have tried advanced settings to boot in safe mode and all the other options it has HELP! Note I can still get into ubuntu Any suggestions? I have also tried to reinstall windows from.
  • But simple check whether it boots on another system is not enough, some stress testing needs to be done.
  • Well, the governments of Nicolas Sarkozy in France and Lucas Papademos in Greece did exactly what Romney advocates, only to be booted by their voters.
  • I have on a ga site watched people after people get booted for speaking against ga.
  • Frontman Ian Watkins looked as confident as ever, all suited and booted including jacket and tie.
  • This differs from the above in that it does not need an installed operating system to run, you can simply boot of the USB flash drive, and let the scanning commence.

bustle of, with, in or to?

  • Close to Bodmin but a million miles from the hustle and bustle of daily life is Coombe Mill.
  • While many Arab capitals bustle with life after iftar most of Khartoum's dusty streets are deserted.

"bond with" or "bond to"?

  • Missi also bonds with Jake (Angus T.
  • I don't need to be bonded to you.
  • Everybody needs to recharge, and the time off gives you time to bond as a family.
  • For those bonded by one or more miscarriages who are now parents.
  • I want the love and bond in our family to be restored.
  • We bonded over Pulp, the Zombies, SFA, Aztec Camera and the like and were soon making our own music.
  • So he applied for NIE, and bond for THREE years.
  • And really, if a team really really had to bond like that, they could have pooled their money and done the absolute right thing.
  • Maybe we bonded during the two day bus trip across Tanzania when we broke down and had to stop for repairs that stretched into hours and an overnight stay.
  • Stars can also bond into more complicated multiples.
  • For some reason, in Ireland as similar to Japan, you stumble upon many different types of personalities, walks of life all bonded through the interest of something with four wheels.
  • Otherwise firearms will be removed and bonded until departure.

"broadcast on" or "broadcast in"?

  • Broadcast on November 11, 2012.
  • The fight will be the first to be broadcast in 3D.
  • Major debates are, however, often broadcast by radio.
  • And lucky for us, our bad choices and blunders aren't broadcast to millions.
  • Each GPS device is a computer that receives signals broadcast from GPS satellites.
  • The trailer will be broadcast at around 9.
  • All of a sudden a link appeared on millions Gmail accounts, which instigated a massive outcry about privacy because Gmail users ' recent activity was being broadcast for anyone to see.
  • Then we broadcast into 150 nations over World Harvest Shortwave Radio and World Wide Christian Radio Today, we are still moving forward with the gospel.
  • Both men have their photos plastered across billboards worldwide, their pictures on television commercials broadcast around the globe and their private lives played out on the internet.
  • A selection of tweets will be broadcast during a special 40-second spot in the next ad break.
  • The first ever broadcast of the trailer was accompanied by a short minisode prequel, set some time between the deaths of Rory and Amy Pond, and the chronology of the Christmas episode.
  • I did see a brief interview he gave to Wimbledon TV, the closed-circuit show they broadcast out of the tournament, and he kept talking about how honored he was to be on Wimbledon TV.
  • It had been broadcast over that agency's radio in the spring of the same year.
  • Doctors in hospitals now have digital medical records, broadcast through wifi to iPADs they carry around with them.
  • CBS executives chose not to open the evening broadcast with the Presley story.

blast in, through, at, by or from?

  • Karachi lost 100 people in 5 days to shootings, 2 or 3 bomb blasts in a single day can do that in Lahore.
  • Congrats to Sam who blasted through the 48 million mark (you can see his score in the picture below).
  • The disfiguring caulk and much of the corrosion were removed by water blasted at medium pressure.
  • No genius was ever blasted by the breath of criticks.
  • The music will be blasted from your friends funky car system.
  • A paper bag would have to be blasted with a water cannon for him to stand even the faintest chance of punching his way out of it.
  • The surface of the white dwarf blasts into space, the star becoming temporarily vastly brighter.
  • I am talking about hammers to hands and shotgun blasts to faces.
  • At least you held off on the soccer thing - I thought I would have been blasted for uttering the term.
  • Massimo Ambrosini blasted off target from distance after the restart.
  • Then I saw very young, very small children blasting down the side of a mountain without poles.
  • Cavani was incorrectly flagged offside when one-on-one against Kevin Constant, while Antonio Nocerino blasted over the bar.
  • This man has sold Dubai to the world as the city of One Thousand and One Arabian Lights, a Shangri-La in the Middle East insulated from the dust-storms blasting across the region.
  • Two persons were killed and sixteen others sustained wounds in twin bomb blasts near an.
  • The online mob could then have someone else to blast other than -- or aside from -- ABS-CBN.
  • Sadhvi Pragnya is currently under arrest in connection with the 2008 Malegaon blasts under the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA).

bathe in, by, on, with or for?

  • Just bathe in a river? He wanted more.
  • Need to be bathed by your amma (mother) Have the clothes you were wearing indoors thrown away before this bath.
  • Also, babies don't always get bathed on a daily basis and are often dirtier than a dog.
  • Thus, a Hindu touched by a Yavana must at once bathe with water.

"beat by", "beat to" or "beat in"?

  • They will be badly beaten by SA.
  • Beat in the remaining dry ingredients just until incorporated.
  • He had really been beaten to a pulp.
  • Well-drilled and well-organised, England were hard to beat at Euro 2012.
  • Beat on medium speed until smooth, about 1-2 minutes.
  • Because they don't beat around the bush.
  • Boys were beaten with rods or birch twigs.
  • Critical mass? Brand? Facebook has them beaten for both.
  • My sense is these stocks have been completely beaten out of shape.
  • The designer of the gun had clearly not been instructed to beat about the bush.
  • Beaten into submission/ Raping again and again.
  • Beating off Mitsubishi is the future for its development in the continent.
  • He felt it, he felt something beat against it, thrum against his fingers.
  • Pooper was beat from the red eye and wanted to get some sleep before we had to head to the All Ages School for the 6pm orientation for the Spay/Neuter clinic.
  • I risked a peek back at the door to see if she was coming and my heart was beating like mad when I saw that she wasn't.
  • He put down the cart, and beat upon the wooden door with his blistered hands.

bounce off, around, to, from or in?

  • Reverberating trigger ripples bouncing off each other.
  • It bounces around year to year.
  • Leach's barrel bounced from rock to rock through the rapids before becoming stuck in an eddy in the Whirlpool.
  • That's what I'd bouncing to right now.
  • I just used some reverbs and delays, to make him bounce in the track.
  • Soon after, the ball bounces on a green and rolls into a hole.
  • Gumps bounced across the surface, forward momentum maintained.
  • In his last tournament, he flipped his driver to the turf after an errant tee shot, and the club bounced into and over the gallery.
  • Bounced between that insinuating word and the sotto voce rustle of the piece itself, I found myself absolutely captivated.
  • Watson has plenty of experience of sub-continental pitches, so he knows that the older ball won't often bounce over the stumps.
  • After many days I searched SMTP server from a IP Scanner software But my some mail messages are still bouncing with this SMTP server.
  • The guys were again on fantastic form and bounced about the stage from the off, the energy the band put into the show would shame bands half their age.
  • He tried not to grunt when his head bounced against the door.
  • Ah well, that can wait a few weeks, I've just spotted someone bouncing along the beach.
  • My horse got so confident that he could jump almost any combination of fences or poles, and was happy jumping bounces at the ends of grids as well as the start and middle.
  • The classes blend Pilates and yoga moves with cardio circuits, and include bouncing atop the jump board and bouts of TRX suspension training.
  • I got kicked out of the course just before the jump, wasn't over the outside ski enough and got bounced by a rut.
  • Take advantage of the ideas that you simply read in this article, as a way to bounce for the front from the collection in the real estate marketplace.
  • In that moment of truth, the snake expressed the desire to kiss his sweet cheeks as it bounced towards him lovingly.
  • Many markets have bounced up to areas of resistance on the charts.
  • All I really know is that it didn't bounce within 5 minutes, which doesn't prove much.

"breed in" or "breed for"?

  • I was born and bred in Hong Kong.
  • Unless we learn to breed for improvement in our race we are.
  • In the 1980s, pigeons bred by these men were in a class by themselves.
  • We all own the best dogs in the world, but if we all bred from every one of them, we'd be in.
  • It's a pedigree of all its influences, bred into a modern version of the traditional stealth sandbox.
  • The only group I feel sorry for are the rangas who are slowly being bred out of existence.
  • We will no longer be able to breed with other humans.
  • The cats were breeding like mice.
  • Sorry but they where not bred to attack people but to work.
  • This will tend to drive it to breed at younger ages, resulting in smaller offspring.
  • His mind told him that the English players, bred on seaming wickets would struggle against Qadir's spin.
  • Someone who uses this reason attempts to justify their decision by regarding their choice to breed as a necessity to ensure the general continuation of mankind.
  • Saltwater crocs breed during the wet season (November-March).
  • Thank God I am a hyphenated Pakistani born and bred outside of the country.
  • I love to be with all my cousins, Jordan 4 Bred Pre Order Website Where To Buy Bred IVs Online.

betray by, in, to, at or for?

  • I never felt betrayed by India.
  • Let us not behave like ostriches anymore! Buddhism can not be betrayed for money.
  • Three extensive traditional Islamic stories of Jewish enmity towards Islam and betraying of Muhammad, are told.

bow to, before, in, out or with?

  • Legislators bow to corporate interests.
  • I thank God and bow before the miracle.
  • With Salaams and Duas Mustafa Bowing in Karate QUESTION 1 Q1.
  • She has bowed out of her ' On the Road ' premiere in London next Thursday.
  • One new album enters country's Top 5, as Toby Keith ' s Hope on the Rocks bows at No.
  • European man started bowing for sun-dial and sand-glass.

"bid for" or "bid on"?

  • No outsider will bid for my field.
  • Then you bid on various keywords.
  • On registering to bid in a sale, bidders are contractually required to commit funds to cover their purchases.
  • This also proved to be dangerous -- in the confusion, the auction house called both of us simultaneously, and we effectively bid against each other until I realized the mistake and stopped bidding.
  • This forces Opponent to bid at the 2 level.
  • If there are still vacancies left after a few bidding rounds, it will be open to year 2 students for bidding via CORS.
  • Jose Mourinho is lining up a 20million bid after watching the Crystal Palace winger.
  • The Bushies also want to extend the WTO's ' National Treatment ' provisions to ensure that all public services are opened to bidding by US privateers.
  • If there are still vacancies left after a few bidding rounds, it will be open to year 2 students for bidding via CORS.

"blend with" or "blend into"?

  • Others have colours and patterns that blend with the background.
  • The dwellings will blend into the landscape.
  • It seamlessly blends in the world of Watchmen.
  • Blend for 1-2 minutes, strain and press through the cheesecloth into the bowl.
  • You can learn about our spice blends at http: //www.
  • Songs blend from one to the other without much variety despite the musicianship on display.
  • If you need a herbal blend of this nature made for you,.
  • It is allowed to decompose and blend over time until it becomes a uniform material.
  • There he sat on Tuesday afternoon, his lurid orange shirt blending amid the blue rinses, as girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki laboured to a three-set defeat in the first round of the Aegon International.
  • Canada Canada holidays are great fun and the country has a unique culture blended between French and Canadian traditions.
  • I would like all the veggies blended except for the tomatoes.
  • Blend onto cheeks and into lips.

bite by, into, at, on or in?

  • Badly bitten by the running bug.
  • The cold began to bite into their bones.
  • Bed bugs do not ONLY bite at night.
  • Use your lips to tug on hers and slightly bite on her lips at the same time.
  • However, as with all wild animals, never try to corner a fox as it may bite in panic.
  • The light in the white tents is attracting huge mosquitos that bite through our cheap nylon trousers.
  • I don't worry one bit about climate and their ability to live long and be fruitful.
  • If you have at least little bit of logical thinking you will accept the fact.
  • They are pretty dissapointing at the moment, bit like Nat's light.
  • Nosiree, human nature and our natural tendency towards avarice don't apply one bit to the police.
  • The watchdog needs to be able to bite as well as bark.
  • Build a bridge On November 9, 2012 at 6:40 pm Paul Harris said: Gee John A, bit behind the eight ball aye? You might/may start a political party? You have told people that this is your intention.
  • The mosquitoes that carry the microscopic worms usually bite between the hours of dusk and dawn.
  • Expect to be bitten despite you and your hotel's efforts to keep the pests away.
  • I don't blame Bywater one bit for opting not to give Baio any more information.
  • I arrived about 20mins later, bit out of breath, bit sweaty, and embarrassed.
  • My main concern for the UK is food security if a combination of geopolitics and resource crunches start to bite over the next couple of decades.
  • This is undoubtedly my favorite time of year, because everything is biting with winter approaching.
  • Overall these Chicken Gyoza taste quiet decent for frozen food products and indeed they do come in handy when you just need to prepare some quite bite without storming up the kitchen.

ban from, in, for, by or on?

  • He was not banned from keeping animals.
  • I want the burqa banned in Australia.
  • He could have been sent off and banned for 3 games.
  • This book is banned by Congress Government).
  • Faheemuddin, Nagpur Ban on SIMI - justice V.
  • The use of such deceptive optimization methods may result in banning of the site.
  • Cluster bombs are banned under a 2010 U.
  • One user who was targeted confirmed they had been banned due to a perceived terms of service violation.
  • The oppression was devas-tating in its effects as able? bodied men were hanged on the gallows, burned at the stake, and banned to the galleys.

bury in, under, at, with or beneath?

  • Your head is buried in the sand.
  • Mr Allison will have it buried under his house.
  • His is buried at the Mildura War Cemetery.
  • He was buried with a full Irish state funeral.
  • Port Royal remains a historical treasure chest with most of it's archaeological riches still buried beneath the sea.
  • Chaskalson buried by the leade.
  • He was buried on November 11, 397.
  • Make it look like they've been buried for years.
  • Buried within this doctrine, though, is an even deeper assumption.
  • There is a hidden question buried behind this inquiry, however.
  • Thus, he was buried inside the premises of the jail.
  • It is most likely that cremated remains could be buried into the grave as the amount of room a casket requires is minimal.
  • Putul is presumed to be one of the 53 dead who had to be buried without being identified.

"boast of" or "boast about"?

  • Presently it boasts of a population of 1.
  • Boasting about what one does not have.
  • The manager can't stand chess nuts boasting in an open foyer.
  • That I will not boast on the works and manifestation of the Spirit in the ministry that God has called me.
  • Baba Ram dev may not be boasting after all.
  • Being a wild olive tree - Had the graft been nobler than the stock, yet its dependance on it for life and nourishment would leave it no room to boast against it.
  • Apple iPhone 4S VS iPhone 5: Performance As Apple boasted at the iPhone 5's launch event, the processing and graphical prowess are twice that of the already capable iPhone 4S.
  • Maryland is considered to be a place that most can boast concerning a economically growing population.
  • Mordvinova also reportedly defended her affair with Beeka by boasting following your funeral that SA men were permitted to have more than a single woman.
  • This city boasts off the Bolivia's latest images both economically and architecturally.
  • Nigeria boasted over 125 million total connected lines before the end of the last quarter in 2011 with its contribution to making the country one of the fastest growing economies of the world.
  • Things that would make leaders resign in other countries we boast with them in Nigeria.

"boil with", "boil in" or "boil for"?

  • APPENDICITIS: Grind barley and boil with milk.
  • Bring the syrup to a boil and boil for about 3 minutes.
  • But he's one of the good guys, so he won't be boiled in oil.
  • It was boiled to death and tasted (and looked) a bit like animal feed corn.
  • For drinks, it is best to serve cold beer or white wine at your lobster boil on a hot summer day.
  • My blood was boiling at that comment but it is what it is and I just walked away.
  • Yes, you should reduce the overall volume by boiling off the excess solvent.
  • The council said water from tanker should be boiled before use.
  • Our community's stability lies within the realization that man is fallen and it is this nature that boils into criminal behavior.
  • The young leaves may also be boiled as a vegetable, spinach fashion, thoroughly drained, sprinkled with pepper and salt, moistened with soup or butter and served very hot.
  • They were boiling inside the jar for four minutes after removal.
  • Water was boiling since one or two year.
  • Then at Lunch time they are usually given Ujali (maze flower mixed with water &; boiled up until becomes stiff) with some sort of vegetables.
  • Allow to boil without stirring for about 3 minutes.

boost by, to, with, for or in?

  • This trend was boosted by the financial crisis of recent years.
  • With shoes and these insoles my height is boosted to about 5 ' 10.
  • Therefore, your CPC should be boosted with this method.
  • And demand will be boosted for years to come by new Chinese and Indian wealth.
  • Behaviour to women's trend might gradually boost in the States, however it was not before the mid-19th millennium which they trapped with The european union in really permitting.
  • It drew enthusiasm and morale boosts from visits of leading Indian personalities.
  • For this year we have been so privilege to have so many friends who are so wondeful and making the children feel so happy and more importantly they are being boosted on their self esteme.
  • One of the main reasons that might have boosted up Dr Cryme's win was his immense support to the society through socially active projects like donations to hospitals and general education of peers.

bend on, to, over, in or at?

  • We are hell bent on taking our time.
  • So if you can't bend to the floor, no worries.
  • Nearby, women are bent over looms making traditional Berber rugs.
  • Or the time bends in the opposite direction, and you are the one out of sync and in slow motion.
  • Atmospheric vacuum breaker -- This elbow-shaped device is bent at right angle.
  • Calder so bent upon criticizing and proving Osho as a cheat.
  • First, light rays from the Sun are bent by the Earth's atmosphere.
  • Men should not be expected to stand or indeed bend for that.
  • This allows a person to move or bend with no pain in this area.
  • The situation was made worse by the government's natural bent towards thuggery.
  • This 600x600 coil made from plastic overflow pipe and bends from B &Q; has 4 turns of 7/0.
  • The curvature was gentle enough that the plywood easily bent into position.

"brush off", "brush with" or "brush against"?

  • But it brushed off the transport problems.
  • I exhale and reach out, brushing against her mind.
  • Brush with milk and sprinkle with caster sugar.
  • Skin brushing on a daily basis can help with the flow of lymph's around the body and therefore the removal of toxins.
  • The path starts at the Great Meteoron monastery at the top, passing the Varlaam monastery and then the Roussanou monastery in relatively short distances, then follows the main road brushing past St.
  • As this country it is ignored and brushed under the carpet.
  • Howard - who obviously isn't going to change his own line - could have brushed over this difference in a low-key way.
  • A similarly cloaked figure brushed by Erich and leaned on a wall close to him.
  • As previous studies have found, the illusion only worked if their real and fake fingers were brushed at the same time.
  • But you can brush of an entire planetary biosphere with this nihilistic defeatism.
  • Instructions STEP 1: Keep brushing to a minimum since it promotes breakage.

bleed to, from, into, in or for?

  • He lay there for over two hours, bleeding to death.
  • The nanny was bleeding from her own throat.
  • Ill people were cut and allowed to bleed into a bowl.
  • His heart bled for the underdog.
  • I saw he was bleeding in his arm so I went to go and help him.
  • The war was a constant bleed on French resources and troops.
  • One of these things is bleeding after birth.
  • Abrazado's nose was bleeding by then.
  • My heart is bleeding with tears, almost crying while reading chapter 1 and 2.
  • It's only natural to be worried if you have spotting or bleeding at this time.
  • In some cases psoriasis can cause intense and severe itching which can result in bleeding of the scalp if scratched.
  • Oh Girls! my heart just bleed about the things you said about Ella.
  • The women charged with assault was herself assaulted and was left bleeding as a result of the way she was treated.
  • The power of the people has been bled away from them on a systematic basis, except for the voting ritual they practice every three years.
  • Incidence and outcome of bleeding before the 20th week of pregnancy: prospective study from general practice.
  • The site is opened to potential future development -- Dynamic Coalition suggests that high tech or financial firms might be interested in the site -- furthering the bleed between city and park.
  • Bleeding during early pregnancy can make it hard to work out your due date.
  • Note that certain glyphs may bleed outside their em squares.

"bang on" or "bang for"?

  • He started banging on his dancer.
  • They would allow us to get the most bang for our effort's buck.
  • Your heart will probably be banging in your chest.
  • They clattered to a halt and banged to attention.
  • Meanwhile, Pakistan's vast jihadi landscape further conjures the image of Islamist barbarians banging at the nuclear gate.
  • To make them woody, I need to increase the deposition of cell wall material in those new branches and around the base to make them thicker, so when they bang against one another they'll make a sound.
  • Let's face it, we all know a three-hour training ride can turn into a bit of a slog and banging into a headwind is no fun.
  • Lots of banging around the rear of the car on the slightest of bumps in the road.
  • And that was how Matthew Harrison, tea shop owner and part-time servant to the Queen, found himself with gun in gloved hand, banging upon the door of some low-life Spade.
  • Courtesy Bleacher Report Kawamura has proved he can bang with the best, but beyond that he's an incredibly intelligent fighter in the ring, able to adapt and respond to the conditions of the fight.

"bind by" or "bind to"?

  • We all do it; we're all bound by it.
  • No, priests will remain bound to secrecy.
  • You're bound for 2 years TO pay off that subsidy.
  • The OPFR was binding on all tiers of government.
  • He is bound in the abyss (20:1-2).
  • The affidavit states the victim's arms and legs had been bound with a metal cable.
  • The arbitral award is final and binding upon both parties.
  • Goods bound under international commitments have been exempted from this cess.

browse through, by, to, on or for?

  • Browse through some samples before taking a decision.
  • There is also a browse by county option available.
  • I usually browse to whatismyip.
  • Browsing on lumia is not much fun yet.
  • As a result, browsing for the past three years has been a very pleasant experience.
  • Feel free to browse in ircII online help to find out more about them.
  • You can browse from a lot of jobs.
  • I could still see them when browsing with Putty but Windows was convinced the folder was empty.
  • On Thursdays at lunchtime, office workers can be seen migrating to St George's Mall in Cape Town to browse around the Earth Fair Food Market.
  • You can browse at the Avery site and like them on Facebook! Avery and BlogHer would like to give one of you a $100 gift card to Staples to stock up for yourself.

"bake in" or "bake for"?

  • Bake in the preheated oven for 25 minutes.
  • Bake for about 15 minutes, until crisp.
  • Bake at 325 degrees F for 30 minutes until center is just set.
  • The exact timing of the uptick is not obvious, but it is nearly baked into the cake already.
  • I have refused to use Crisco and only cook and bake with my own lard.
  • What takes the cake is no less than the cake baked by one of his daughters topped by a 200% mark-up.
  • Bake on an ungreased cookies sheet for 30 minutes or until browned.
  • Celine learned to bake from a friend who had gone to baking school and really enjoys it.
  • Waking up at 4am to make sugar flowers, baking during nap time and decorating after bedtime was exhausting.
  • A muslin-wrapped treat is baked inside the cake that, it is said, can foretell the eater's future.
  • Never mind that all the nutrition has been baked out of them, youre still getting youre recommended daily servings of veggies.

"bother with" or "bother about"?

  • She didn't bother with a hello.
  • They are simply not worth bothering about.
  • You could be bothered by coronary troubles.
  • I didn't bother to undercoat it first.
  • You family supported your education so you never had to bother for any financial responsibilities.
  • They want to be left alone, without any bother from anyone, to get on with the job of extracting money from gullible and sometimes vulnerable people.
  • I didn't like the sound of things, so I didn't bother in the end.
  • We are actually working but of course, these things bother on ethical things.

borrow from, for, against, at or by?

  • It's like borrowing from yourself.
  • I put a nice flat-spot into Matthew's tubs I had borrowed for the race.
  • They won't be able to borrow against it.
  • Some of these banks were borrowing at many multiples of their assets.
  • Borrowing by other levels of government increased in the quarter, led by provincial government bond issues.
  • Borrowing in excess of your homes value is not recommended.
  • We can not borrow on the markets because our credit rating is seriously damaged.
  • Ducks quack, and banks borrow as well as lend.
  • The word was only later borrowed into English.
  • That, in turn, would involve tough decision in both Cairo and Washington since it is far more than Egypt would normally be allowed to borrow under the IMF quota system.
  • Work out how much you can afford to spare each month and this should give you an idea of how much you can borrow without making your life difficult.

blow in, through, out, to or from?

  • The answer is blowing in the wind.
  • This is all being blown out of proportion.
  • The wind blowing through the trees is music to our ears.
  • Winds blow from high to low pressure.
  • The Park's main sign was blown into the ground.
  • We must have been blown to bits.
  • But I refuse to be blown off my feet by any.
  • Because the FICA monies were blown on special interest's pet projects.
  • But it's like Old Faithful -- it both sucks and blows at the same time.
  • Tasia The best part was getting blown by the wind up on the hill.
  • The only way it disappeared was by being blown across the desert.
  • Long before the whistle blew for Mount Holly I was standing near the vestibule door, my suitcases beside me.
  • A full moon and a scattering of stars lit a clear sky, with a cool breeze blowing over the water.
  • Exposed to the severe low pressure, his hand blew up to twice its normal size and hurt like hell.
  • The explanation: (So, when the? Horn? is blown with a single blast.
  • I want the cultures of all the lands to be blown about my house as freely as possible.
  • No regard for the poor guys who will blow of the back of the trash trucks.
  • Gold blew past $1635, $1650 and $1660 as called.
  • Kennedy in November 1960 was like a breath of fresh air blowing throughout the entire land.
  • If the wind is blowing toward the dock, it is best to approach from a wider angle.
  • East, west, north, and south, strong winds were blowing upon the doomed city.

burn in, to, by, with or at?

  • The jute straws burning in the mud oven.
  • We, as a nation, have been burnt to numbness.
  • Good thing they burn by sunlight.
  • I was burning with love for her.
  • Coal was burned at Eastville before they ever had it at Boston.
  • After burning for over 300 years, they seem faint and feeble.
  • Brief, beautiful shadows, burned on walls of night.
  • The benefits of burning through the Country's reserves are hard to see.
  • One is burned into the ground with acid.
  • Burning off the shine from the granite to give a more matt finish.
  • Peasants lived in wooden shanties that raiders burnt as a matter of course.
  • They used hot water on my head, my eyes still burn from that and my arms.
  • Green trees on the ground hardly ever burn like the ones standing up do.
  • The book burning of 1933 included many Expressionist works.
  • Plantations and Fynbos burning after set alight by striking workers 3.
  • Fires burned around the compound.
  • It is rare to see a man, let alone a PM, have his career crash and burn before your eyes - but that is exactly what was broadcast last night.
  • His body was burnt beyond recognition amid claims that his hands and feet were bound by a rope.
  • Get a little bit of exercise and adjust your diet so that you are taking in fewer calories than what you are burning during the day.
  • Common people were burning inside seeing the endless reports of corruption and seething but without a vent to pent out their anger.
  • It is one of many council fires that burn within the Mohawk Nation.
  • The body was burnt without the gate; but the sanctification was effected by the presentation of the blood within the sanctuary by the high priest.

beg for, of, in, to or from?

  • Respect is earned, not begged for.
  • Please continue this drama, I beg of you.
  • Six months later they find him begging in the streets and they ask why.
  • Anyone that wanted anything in this world went begging to the Queen.
  • When all the livestock died, we begged from those that still had livestock.
  • This is the best compromise I can come up with, and they beg at the door each day to go outside.
  • Before I joined the programme I had no money and my children were forced to beg on the streets.
  • Since all of this is pretty well understood in military circles, the question begs as to why Mr.
  • After hearing that, he was begged by the monks to show them the past.

breathe in, through, on, into or with?

  • Then there was someone breathing in my ear.
  • Calmly, breathe through your suffering.
  • Unknown to Alvarez, Yushioka was fast breathing on his neck.
  • She should not breathe into her drink, and she should drink sitting down if she can.
  • Her playing also breathes with an intimacy despite the stunning void of the sky.
  • Breathing Technique We all take breathing for granted.
  • We could forgive being close to the road for all of the fresh oxygen we were breathing from the trees.
  • I can feel it breathe at every time of the day.
  • Story is more compelling and brings an emotional attribute, that content marketing can not live and breathe by itself.
  • They were coming on fast and furious and I barely had time to breathe before the next ones hit.
  • He looks genuinely interested, holding his breathe of voice until I continue to speak.
  • Imagine what his generation is capable of, the internet is like breathing to him.
  • Heart is not the seat of desires alone, there sit on it our very sacred feelings which are not good or bad, they're just as natural as you and I breathing without our consent.
  • Allergic reaction can block the sinus passages and Darren Sproles Jersey make you breathe away from your mouth area, which then causes snoring loudly.
  • Even if these breathing inside the polluted air usually do not endure from allergies, such particles can cause extreme illness.
  • Adam could swim underwater and breathe like a fish.
  • Everyone in the world who had ever seen Conner and Megan breathe next to each other knew that.
  • I cried so hard, I had to breathe out of my mouth.
  • An autopsy performed determined the victim was a full term infant and that he was alive and breathing prior to death.
  • If thy question be answered in the affirmative, thou wilt hear the water ferment and bubble before the demon breathes upon it; if in the negative, the water will be quite silent.

blog about, for, in, on or by?

  • Instead, I decide to blog about it.
  • Running a blog for profit is a business.
  • And this is the first time i blog in English.
  • Too angry to blog on a subject? Yes, too angry.
  • I have been told I must blog by oldest friend.
  • Each individual occasionally all of us blog post a post at blowing wind chimes, Windows 7 Ultimate Serial, the keep going you had been about backyard wind chimes and even collectibility.
  • I have currently followed the newspaper's intiative to mention hot bloggers, and I must say that I'd truly honoured for the attention (in spite I now blog After Africa).
  • Attracting Relevant Traffic with SEO Content And Social Media Hi Hamza, This is absolutely true that a blog without comments is just a desolate place indeed.
  • I am going to blog during the training process but to be straight with you, it's more for my benefit.
  • For the rest, just follow this step-by-step guide and learn how to seamlessly convert you blog into a thriving ecommerce website.
  • I'll make a deal with you -- I'll blog like the rest of you if you post my first comment yesterday.
  • If not for you, I would even not be able to blog through this website.
  • This is as exposed and as real as I am willing to get because I blog under my real name and my Dad reads my blog.

"behave like" or "behave in"?

  • She behaves like a petulant child.
  • T -- Try to behave in a new way.
  • How this person behave with others 3.
  • They are member of UN and must behave as such.
  • It is wonderful to see such animals behaving on race tracks with decency on their own.
  • Relationship is a close friendship between two people, groups in a connected way they behave towards each other.
  • Watch how he behaves after saying no on the first date.
  • Conclusion: People behave at times (un) expected but in a consistent manner.
  • We have been trying to tell Afghanistan how to behave for 10 years.
  • Learning how to behave from a place.
  • Neither was behaving out of their learned/modeled experience.
  • I live in United state too and i see how african americanS behave to people from africa.
  • What would the USA do? Why would the USA expect any country not to behave toward it as it would behave toward China if China did what the USA did.

"blame for" or "blame on"?

  • Its SAF whom to blame for this.
  • United is still blaming on injury.
  • Both tribal parties will be equally blamed by citizens, proving to the rest of the world that Democracy as we practice it does not work.
  • Recently though, I've begun to feel that there might be a new culprit to blame in my devastating milk-history.
  • But you neatly avoid any personal responsibility by deflecting all blame to oil companies.
  • The Chinese government has also been blamed of polluting the environment.

bear in, on, with, by or out?

  • Bear in mind that I'd no expert.
  • In conclusion, we are still bears on the solar industry.
  • Confused? Bear with me, and read on.
  • All other costs are borne by the purchaser.
  • It is most often borne out of fear, shame and misplaced guilt.
  • It is not that Ruoxi didn't think of it, she just couldn't bear to.
  • There is no sacrifice to those who love, in what is borne for the one we love.
  • Moses, therefore, had much to bear from their weakness, and the merciful Lord was long-suffering.
  • This is the kind of thinking borne of passivity and mental enslavement.
  • In addition to differences such as these in the nature of the war itself, there were others which bear upon the historian.

"bless with" or "bless by"?

  • Rene and Ann are blessed with three kids.
  • I truly have been blessed by all of you.
  • Asked anyone you meet, they all seems to know Jah Bless in Fond St.
  • May received communion and the Bishops blessing for her journey and the work she would be doing with the mission.
  • Jesus was looking forward to the time when the Jews would be converted and restored to their place of blessing as part of the New Israel.
  • You will be blessed beyond belief.
  • This can include blessing women whose lives are more difficult, even if you don't know them, you can also bless from a distance.
  • To be remembered of God is to be blessed of God.
  • There is also a strange fact about Tucker that he was blessed on a Peppermint farm.
  • I am so blessed over the top to know you are my sister in Christ.
  • This complete New Israel will bring great blessing to the world.

bet on, against, with, at or for?

  • Investors bet on us going this.
  • But then again, I wouldn't bet against it.
  • If you keep betting with the right ideas, eventually you come out a winner.
  • For example, the coach of a football team might ostentatiously bet at an inordinately high price on his team winning, in a public display of support that reveals nothing about his honest opinion.
  • This is the surest and best bet for keeping the flag of DEMOCRACY high.
  • You will also receive! All of these roulette systems come with a betting strategy and money management to show how much to bet after each result.
  • These are betting industry problems because the managers don't care about sports.

break into, for, in, through or away?

  • An angry throng broke into the U.
  • My heart breaks for you, Kirsten.
  • I'd been broken in life before but this was different.
  • A distant sound breaks through the stillness.
  • Let's just break away from blue state voters.
  • We were now ready to break out.
  • I w ould have power to break with all these if I wished to.
  • Windows 7 would hence be just as broken by your standards.
  • Her land is cracked and broken from drought.
  • That pact threatened to break on Nov.
  • Ego is all forms is broken at this place.
  • At times though they will break off a whole ceras.
  • He didn't give massive tax breaks to the rich.
  • The universe doesn't break as a result.
  • Anticholinesterase drugs boost the body's ACh by blocking the enzyme which usually breaks down ACh.
  • Just yesterday, news broke of Centrotherm's partial insolvency.
  • As the front door slams shut, a coy smirk breaks over Hammett's face.

"build on" or "build in"?

  • With divine help, she built one.
  • When revising, build in rewards.
  • Adjoining posts were built by N.
  • That's what Moranbah was built for.
  • Accountability can be built into the system.
  • Now he has a foundation to build upon.
  • Excuses are built with MISTAKES.
  • The Pogo campaign is built around a metaphor.
  • You have tremendous assets to build from.
  • The barrage will be built at a height of 161 meters.
  • Built to the highest standards, the five-bedroom home.
  • This motivation built as the days went by.
  • Wren's library was built between 1676-1690.
  • It was built during the nineteenth century by the Queen of Putia.
  • I'd not built like Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • It is built of reinforced concrete.
  • Classic Tomb Raider games were built out of blocks.
  • Helena, commissioned a church to be built over the cave.
  • Build up to a conversation a bit at a time.
  • The Octonovakros is the Novaltic Parliament building, to be built within the decade in St.
  • It was built without a subsidy from the Irish government.

"begin with" or "begin in"?

  • Numbering begins with number 1.
  • Mission now begins in Tallaght.
  • The rugby match will begin at 14.
  • The 2012 campaign began on Aug.
  • Begin by leveling the playing field.
  • Slowly, she began to shake her head.
  • Modernism began as a breath of fresh air.
  • Every trial begins from lower court.
  • Work on a French nuclear device began after the war.
  • Hard life begins for Charles since then.

"bring to" or "bring in"?

  • So they were brought to the king.
  • Her debut episode brought in 13.
  • That was brought into our communities.
  • Hunger is something no person wants to bring with them swimming.
  • I say bring on the death panels.
  • Excluding the children that were brought by their parents.
  • Charges were brought against the player but later dropped.
  • Person arrested to be brought before Court without delay 81.
  • Oh, and everything brought from the U.
  • Later the situation was brought under control.
  • It brings along another problem.
  • When she returned, a mule was brought for her.
  • Aurangzeb was brought upon Islamist based ethos.

buy from, into, in, for or at?

  • Most African countries buy from Aba.
  • It's too bad that so many buy into it all.
  • I will never ever buy in Amazon again.
  • He'd be a great buy for Liverpool.
  • The price the Customer may buy at.
  • But he says they were bought by him.
  • The guy got buy on size and luck.
  • They are being bought with our money and kept poor.
  • The authenticator can be bought as a physical dongle for 8.
  • Saladin first tried to buy off Baldwin with a huge bribe.
  • I still have lots of region one disks I bought over the years that wont play on friends DvD players.
  • Seat61 gets a small commission if you buy through these links.
  • This comment was bought to you from the year 1950.
  • No impulse buying without looking at labels.

"become like" or "become of"?

  • Each film becomes like a child of mine.
  • I still don't know what became of him.
  • Now it became in the Prophet's control.
  • He does that and becomes to a false prophet.
  • But look how exciting it has become for designers.
  • At that point, a box became about most some-more than a rapist case.
  • You become subject to the rules of the prison system.
  • The sound of clinking glasses became as the jangling of a hundred bells.
  • Without knowing how to save more and how to be creative about being more efficient, everyone's job becomes at risk.
  • It becomes on close range almost impossible to use your bayonets.
  • Until the wheels of fitness finally become out of true -- I get dropped from the group.
  • Nyc has become with your pet slightly increased the foods company.
  • Recommend I can't express how sad I became after reading your story.
  • Today in our politics it is as skuzzily routine as the F-bomb has become among 15-year-old girls on the New York City subways.
  • She is careful not to let her faith become by wrongdoing, because shyness is one of the branches of faith.
  • During my MBA studies we were asked to work on cases that showed how badly things could become due to defective or poor communication.
  • You rightly left a grim picture of how degraded we have become from the greed of Men or groups now in power.
  • It takes creativity to respond to the person your spouse becomes over time.
  • And eventually when the doctors gave me tablets to control it, the side effects of the tablets, along with the too easy way of it becoming under active, was even worse.
  • At that time, whoever received the most votes became president and second most became Vice President.
  • Once we accept this simple truth, we can be less afraid of what these men will become without us, and concentrate on who we can become after we PERMANENTLY remove them from our lives.
  • If they do get bruised, they become worth less.

believe in, for, about, at or by?

  • We had to believe in something.
  • She didn't want to believe for the longest time.
  • I believed about trying lady on the top.
  • However, I do believe at a cost.
  • Too many kids who are abused are NOT believed by adults.
  • Tell your stories to someone else who can believe on it.
  • To donate 5 to the charity, text BELIEVE to 70030.
  • The Jews The original Jewish settlers were Portuguese who arrived, it is believed with Christopher Columbus.