pack with, in, into, for or on?

  • It is packed with many new features.
  • Grin ' n Holler 4 pack in Squamish.
  • At night they were packed into big barns.
  • Can I get 1st choice or I should pack for 2nd choice.

paint in, on, with, by or for?

  • Peasants huts were either whitewashed or painted in bright colours.
  • That's the color painted on their floor.
  • That is a pretty broad brush you are painting with.
  • In fact they were painted by him.

"park in" or "park at"?

  • No parking so you have to park in town and.
  • Off street parking at one's door.
  • They park on my drive and block my entrance.
  • It is UNFURNISHED, 4 Bed - has a south facing rear garden, and parking outside the front door.

"partake in" or "partake of"?

  • Allow them to partake in solution finding.
  • Don't partake of risky behaviors.
  • And in this attribute of Divinity no other mortal partakes with Jesus.

pass through, by, on, in or to?

  • I have not passed through fire and.
  • Nobody would pass by the stable.
  • We have to pass on that information.
  • The original act was passed in 1995.

pave with, in, by, for or to?

  • The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
  • Paving in proximity to City trees must comply with.
  • Juuso Simpanen (FC Honka) wants to follow the path paved by Rasmus Sch ller and Jaakko Lepola.
  • Parking area is to be paved to the satisfaction of the General Manager, Transportation Services.

pay for, to, by, in or on?

  • The land has to pay for itself.
  • The homage was paid to Lingamism.
  • But actors are paid by the scene.
  • So you will have to pay in that case.

"peddle by" or "peddle to"?

  • This is a falsehood, something constantly peddled by the right-wing in political and media circles.
  • In the recent case of mephedrone the price was low but still the drug was peddled to school children and adult population.
  • When you buy someone's debt it is not usually a cash handout, contrary to the tripe peddled in these comment pages.
  • The most important issue is that when the people came in contact with the man Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, they realised the lies the NDC had peddled about his physical structure.

"pee on" or "pee in"?

  • Next time I'll just pee on you.
  • Somebody has peed in somebody's western boot.
  • She pooped on the potty and sometimes peed for about three weeks.
  • And that's fine - when you're in the big city, you act clean and proper like you're in the big city; when you're back in the village, then you go back to peeing across two wooden planks.

"peek at" or "peek into"?

  • On the way to the hospital, I peeked at my wound and saw my own skull.
  • We only peeked into the rooms, which looked smart and comfortable.
  • Fred peeked through a small hole on the side of the bag and looked at the dogs.
  • As he peeked in the fridge for something to nibble on, I saw him take a hard look at the the beer inside.

"peel off" or "peel for"?

  • Peeling off the skin is a tedious process.
  • Keep your browser peeled for the imminent arrival of Help: A Day In The Life, or you can.
  • If you feel the adhesive paper is peeling away from the cardboard just use the scotch tape or fevicol to stick it firmly.
  • On a flat board, place inverted cabbage leaves, or peel from an orange, grapefruit or lemon.

"peer into", "peer through" or "peer at"?

  • By ten, he was peering into his incubator.
  • He peered through the dim light.
  • Mick peering in the windows 18.
  • It pays to be wary when peering from the trenches.

"penalize for" or "penalize by"?

  • Then the Bulls were penalized for too many men on the ice.
  • Linking to suspended or spammy sites may get you penalized by Google.
  • Many websites were penalized due to certain SEO tactics used, mainly trying to target spam and trash links.
  • If patients don't take care of themselves after discharge and get readmitted to the hospital within 30 days, they get penalized under new healthcare payment models.

"penetrate into" or "penetrate to"?

  • Through Armenia he penetrated into Persia and got into Mesopotamia.
  • This looking within penetrates to the heart and center of all things.
  • They lie dead and lifeless in their shroud, until Light Everlasting finally penetrates through their windings to the interior.
  • Not a fan? Find waterproof heeled boots, or pumps that won't be penetrated by rain.

"perceive as" or "perceive by"?

  • I definitely don't want to be perceived as a damn fool.
  • I am curious how this new approach is perceived by others around me.
  • Women were perceived in the same ways that objects are viewed.
  • Adjusting your body language to a more assertive style may help change the way you are perceived at the office.

perch on, at, in, atop or about?

  • He perches on the countertop, hooking his hiking boots around a lab stool.
  • You can dine at proper tables or perch at high tables or the bar and snack or have a full meal.
  • Perched atop the boxcar of a moving train, Geddes could just make out the Alberta foothills.
  • Margaret was pacing the same area of the floor in front of BJ and Hawkeye whom where perched by the window.

perform in, at, by, on or with?

  • Emergency surgery was performed in 38.
  • I also performed at The Cannabis Cup.
  • The ceremony was performed by Rev.
  • With the surgery they performed on Dec.

perish in, from, with, on or as?

  • More people have perished in south and central Somalia.
  • The prophet Hosea said, (Hosea 4: 6) My people perish from a lack of knowledge.
  • Like his assistant minister and personal friend, Joshua Orwa Ojode, who perished with him in that accident, he left behind only one wife and one child-a boy.
  • Whole layers of advanced workers, the bedrock of the revolution, had perished on the front lines during the civil war and in the famine conditions.

permit by, in, without, for or on?

  • Thus, the two formats currently permitted by Directive No.
  • Night game drives are permitted in Lake Manyara.
  • Forwarding not permitted without prior permission.
  • A permit for firearms is required.

"perpetrate by" or "perpetrate on"?

  • It is believed that these were perpetrated by bandits from distant Somalia.
  • Free trade is the biggest of THE BIG LIEs perpetrated on the American people.
  • During these instances there were no limits to the cruelty or violence that was perpetrated against civilians such as the greed and bloodlust that characterised the attacks on Magdebug in 1631.
  • This is underhanded, dirty sleaze perpetrated in an effort for personal gain.

"perpetuate by" or "perpetuate in"?

  • Which in turn are invented and perpetuated by ones own sex.
  • I think it may have been perpetuated in terms of just getting caught up in the mix.
  • Greatest hoax ever perpetuated on the American people.
  • We have to say that the genocide that was perpetuated against the original inhabitants of this land came around to Africans.

"persecute by" or "persecute for"?

  • Those were persecuted by the Lutheran national churches instead.
  • I may be persecuted for my speech.
  • Since writing about workplace mobbing and bullying, I hear from people all over the globe who have been persecuted in the workplace, community or school.
  • In no other country in the world have we witnessed doctors and nurses persecuted on such a scale as a result of their legitimate humanitarian actions.

"persevere in" or "persevere with"?

  • They persevere in understated sense.
  • Reasons to Persevere With Digg.
  • However, it's worth persevering through the initial attempts.
  • Even if there is any small improvement in his studies, it is the teacher's responsibility to encourage the child to persevere for better grades.

"persist in" or "persist with"?

  • The theme persists in Southeast Asia.
  • You are wrong when you say, Imran persisted with Haroon.
  • The rumors have persisted for a long while now.
  • It can either be persisted into a database or we can persist it on a file system.

persuade by, of, at, in or against?

  • I am not persuaded by this argument either.
  • More recently I have been persuaded of the speed benefits of a deep section rear wheel, so borrowed from a Mr Smernicki, a FFWD 90 rear tubular wheel.
  • We are not persuaded at all that he is being sincere.
  • When Briatore was reportedly persuaded in a late-night meeting with F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone to sign up-and-coming driver Michael Schumacher, the Benetton success story was assured.

pick on, from, for, in or at?

  • I'd not trying to pick on Paul S.
  • You've got plenty to pick from.
  • Here are my three picks for you: 1.
  • I agonized having to pick in 2008.

"picture in" or "picture with"?

  • Just the one pictured in this blog.
  • Here he is pictured with his dog, Julian, just a few.
  • The 26-year-old star ' who is rumoured to be dating Johnny Depp ' reportedly didn't want to be pictured at the party.
  • The old man pictured on this coin spoke to me.

"pile on" or "pile into"?

  • My two allies take one each and I pile onto Orstein.
  • You have been piling into bonds, gold, and dividend funds.
  • It is even piled in little drifts on the tops of picture frames.
  • My two allies take one each and I pile onto Orstein.

"pin to" or "pin on"?

  • Nor can it be pinned on Eric Fehrstrom.
  • Clint has the little 600 pinned at all times.
  • People who saw the accident ran down and found Curry pinned beneath his machine.
  • Good dog though, too bad he didn't rip the guy's face off while he was pinned in the door.

"piss off" or "piss on"?

  • But I'd really pissed off this morning.
  • Kris wrote: tch tch! do nt piss on norway, sweden etc.
  • He was really pissed at me, and chose this way of insulting me.
  • Okay? willing to accept the challenge? or pissing in pants? 9.

"pitch to", "pitch in" or "pitch for"?

  • He wanted to pitch to the far right but couldn't quite span the octave.
  • We will pitch for at least an 8.
  • Clippard has now pitched in 53 games, nearly half of the team's games.
  • I'd currently working on a TV movie that I will pitch on the networks (possibly to DRTV first) in the future.

"place in" or "place on"?

  • Dogs can be placed in dog kennels.
  • Place on dehydrating rack, do not stack.
  • The provisional agenda is placed at Annex 1.
  • Place under grill for a few minutes.

"plan for" or "plan on"?

  • That's what I plan for as well.
  • Plan on lunch as your main meal.
  • The secret is to plan in advance.
  • We plan to camp a lot of the time.

plant in, on, with, at or by?

  • These flowers can be planted in Dhaka as well.
  • About 800 of these trees were planted on the same morning.
  • Replant with healthy seedlings.
  • It was also planted at various homesteads as a hedge.

"play in" or "play with"?

  • Lots of nice moments plays in my.
  • We need to play with intensity.
  • Adam Johnson plays for sunderland.
  • Joshua played on the playground.

"plead with" or "plead for"?

  • We need to plead with fellow Christians.
  • Should Arsenal plead for him to stay? No.
  • A long time ago, he should have pleaded to his guilt.
  • Public Prosecutor may plead in all Court in cases under his charge Pleaders privately instructed to be under his direction 493.

pledge to, for, on, in or by?

  • Pledge to lower your carbon footprint.
  • Please also pledge for outbound flight if you want a ride home.
  • Once you pledge on any one of the exclusives, you'll gain access to all of the pledger-only updates I'll be posting.
  • They try to give the false impression that this successful person had pledged in a college chapter so.

"plot against" or "plot in"?

  • Obama was in the barn plotting against massa.
  • Table 1 contains the numbers plotted in Figure 1.
  • This is an amplitude-based coding scheme (plotted for the peak modulation channel, bottom right).
  • Brian's teenage son Ryan plotted with his sister and mother -- as well as friends -- to kill his father.

pluck from, out, at, by or in?

  • And that's NOT plucking from the LMS.
  • Sounds ike that figure was plucked out of the air.
  • Keep training if so inclined, but design it in a way that those same objects can be plucked at the moment of need by those who have the need.
  • Messing was about as useful as any random person plucked off the street.

"plug into" or "plug in"?

  • The earphones plug into the jack at the top.
  • Updated driver -- cable plugged in.
  • Now to check, open your pen drive from computer then again plug to computer.
  • Replace open front plugs with dead front plugs.

plunge into, to, in, from or by?

  • No BRT bus fell or plunged into the Lagoon.
  • The company plunged to a low of Rs 71.
  • And with Democrats plunging in the polls, Obama's election is beginning to look like an exception that proves the rule.
  • The government introduced school fees, and primary enrolment plunged from 95 per cent to 67 per cent in 1999.

point to, at, in, towards or on?

  • This points to my earlier reply.
  • The Kilifi study points at 43%.
  • There is always a point in sphere.
  • All of them are pointing towards minimal Democratic gains.

"poke at" or "poke through"?

  • He can't help teasing her and poking at her at every turn.
  • It was filled with giant shrimp, quite alive and squirming with their tentacles poking through the holes.
  • Stop car, usually with a good chunk of the bonnet poking into the road.
  • And why did bendtner get booked for being poked in the eye? thats a weird one.

"pollute by" or "pollute with"?

  • The repub rank and file is polluted by low lifes.
  • My inbox is polluted with crap.
  • New Zealand freshwater ecologist Professor Mike Joy predicts that if we keep polluting at the rate we do now, our native fish will be extinct by 2050.
  • Air is mainly being polluted from smokes.

"ponder on" or "ponder about"?

  • Let us further ponder on this and let him take the lead.
  • They should not ponder about things.
  • While pondering over the menu, you need to consider people with diabetes, vegetarians and those with food allergies.
  • Before I go on, ponder for a moment the truth-filled words of a saint: Do not fear what may happen tomorrow.

"poop in" or "poop on"?

  • Praise your child for passing poop in the diaper.
  • One is doing pretty well but will not poop on the potty.
  • Do not refer to poop as dirty or yucky stuff.
  • I too would catch her pooping behind the couch, it was hilarious (but also a reminder that they know what they're doing).

"pop into", "pop out" or "pop in"?

  • We popped into the stall owned by M.
  • Especiakly considering how you had both lungs pop in the same month.
  • Yet it popped out of Mr Darling's mouth yesterday.
  • Maldonado's last lap in Q2 pops to my mind.

popularize by, in, among or to?

  • It's a take on the side-scrolling running game popularized by Canabalt.
  • Punch (the mixture of five beverages) although was popularized in British-India, is actually a Persian concoction.
  • In addition, pest- and fungus-resistant varieties will be popularized among the seed companies.

"populate by" or "populate with"?

  • A planet fated to be populated by people intermixed.
  • Not because the world became populated with self important pricks like urself.
  • When you share a new photo from your iPhone, it populates in a photo stream on your phone and on your online profile.
  • Once this data discrepancy has been populated across the redundant web services, it's also difficult to repair.

"portray in", "portray by" or "portray as"?

  • Ensuring he is portrayed in a good light.
  • This has been portrayed as a trend which is increasing.
  • Portrayed by Richard Divizio, the same actor who played Kano and Baraka.
  • The emotions were portrayed on the people's faces of happiness and joy.

"pose by" or "pose for"?

  • Safety doesn't need to be imposed by governments.
  • Orton then poses for the crowd.
  • They're supposed to be listening, not sipping.
  • Me posing as a Prince and Mick as a Princess.

"position in" or "position on"?

  • Positioning in regard to foreign expansion.
  • Positioning on the market is ambivalent.
  • However, the browse cursor is not positioned at a retrievable message.
  • Major banks are now positioning for survival as the economic collapse looms.

"possess by" or "possess of"?

  • For months he had been possessed by the imagination of her.
  • Mary is possessed of extreme physical beauty.
  • It is more like something China doesn't possess now but is gon na possess in a near future.
  • Banton is on trial for conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute five or more kilogrammes of cocaine.

pounce on, upon, like, with or at?

  • And that is when the infuriated women pounced on him.
  • Mowatt was at the intersection when he was pounced upon by men armed with guns.
  • I'd sure that stalker-Veronica- will pounce like a lion now that I'd out of the picture.
  • When he seemingly got bored of toying with Bonnar, Silva tripped him and pounced with a pinpoint knee to the chest.

"pour into" or "pour in"?

  • Water is pouring into the vessel from all sides.
  • First gold was poured in mid-August.
  • Blood was pouring from a wound on top her head.
  • The Bobcats poured on the pressure from the get go.

"practise in" or "practise by"?

  • Letter Q being practised in middle.
  • There is a great variety of rites and ceremonies practised by the Kankanay.
  • Biathle Designed as a ' Sport for All ', Biathle has been practised for over 50 years.
  • The boy began practising with a new zeal, next day onwards.

"praise for" or "praise by"?

  • She got praised for Adventureland, as well.
  • The rooms have been highly praised by guest for the size and comfort.
  • Macdonald, was praised as the country's creator.
  • Songs and praises in the churches.

"pray for" or "pray to"?

  • Just pray for a high raw score.
  • Pray to God for his forgiveness.
  • So think again before you pray in such a way.
  • Jenny? Little Jenny: Pray with me, Forrest.

preach to, in, about, on or against?

  • You need to be preached to all the time.
  • Dollar was preaching in his life.
  • He preached about Jesus Christ.
  • Very seldom do you hear sin preached on.

predicate on, upon, of, by or against?

  • But it is predicated on honesty from those agencies.
  • Hell, Civilization is predicated upon Conspiracy.
  • With regard to the communicatio idiomatum, the human actions of Christ should be predicated of the human nature, the divine of the deity, but both could be predicated of the Person.
  • All of the shots were lucky in the sense that their quality was predicated by the time of day and whatever was happening in front of the lens.

"predict by" or "predict in"?

  • The breach of the levees was predicted by a 2004.
  • Such thinking was predicted in Revelation and an abomination.
  • But they also say that these are the kinds of events they predict for a warmer world.
  • They could not be predicted with any certainty.

"predispose to", "predispose towards" or "predispose toward"?

  • A big pot even if you are otherwise skinny predisposes to heart disease.
  • I don't think he's an anti-Semite or a bigot but doesn't sound as though he's predisposed towards the Jewish community.

predominate in, among, as, by or on?

  • Punjabis also predominate in the military and the federal government.
  • Visual orientation seems to predominate among persons in our culture; audile and tactile thinking is less common.
  • The fact that courage usually predominates over despair in itself tells us something important about life.

"prefer to" or "prefer by"?

  • However, I prefer to go for that stars.
  • Coincidentally the station preferred by majority.
  • He preferred for the image of the band in its prime to remain undisturbed.
  • Fees are however preferred in advance.

prepare for, by, in, with or to?

  • Just be prepared for the worse.
  • This brief was prepared by Terry.
  • A merit list is prepared in order of marks scored.
  • You can also ask that eggs be prepared with no salt.

"prescribe by" or "prescribe in"?

  • This outflow is as prescribed by Plan 1977-A.
  • Fasting is prescribed in this month.
  • Forms Prescribed for declaring Exports.
  • The tax under the Income Tax Act is payable for the income in excess of the limit prescribed under the Act.

present to, in, by, with or at?

  • Aguinaldo was presented to Brig.
  • Presented in first-person perspective.
  • The first paper was presented by Dr.
  • I was presented with an old school bag.

preserve in, for, by, from or as?

  • The primal Mother-Goddess is still preserved in Homer.
  • You shouldn't come to feel ashamed but believe of it as preserving for far better issues.
  • My homedir was preserved from 11.
  • It is for the Minister to decide on how the area is developed and preserved as a nationalmonument.

preside over, at, in or by?

  • Presiding over this group, stands teachers Ms.
  • Here the smallest departure would involve interpreting the term trial as excluding the defendant from presiding at his own trial.
  • Except that the lawmakers actively collude, if not directly preside in breaking them.
  • In the afternoon, we met for Mass, presided by Fr.

"press for" or "press on"?

  • Apple never pay bloggers or press for anything.
  • Rather press on the meat with tongs.
  • Press into lined cake tin and place in fridge until ready to serve.
  • He does not perform well when really pressed by someone who knows his/her stuff.

"pretend to" or "pretend like"?

  • Tammy likes this idea, and pretends to Daniel it's down her top.
  • I do hate that they pretend like it didn't happen.
  • That pretending for a while is actually nothing like being.
  • They would not want people to be pretending in groups.

prevail in, over, on, upon or against?

  • The party also prevailed in the Kingston and St.
  • Dogma prevails over medical reality.
  • No effort could prevail on this good woman.
  • To thwart them, Edwin Crocker and Mark Hopkins prevailed upon Supervisors Scott and Madden to personally review the books.

"prevent from" or "prevent by"?

  • He is therefore prevented from playing.
  • This can be prevented by addition of Tween 80.
  • If he was, it needs to be outed in order for that kind of thing to be prevented in future, if he was n't, then his image has been unfairly tarnished.
  • More than 90 percent of those accidents could have been prevented with proper eyewear.

"print on" or "print in"?

  • With Forln printed on the back.
  • Printed in the United States of America.
  • Published and printed by: - OSK RESEARCH SDN.
  • The values are printed with surrounding double quote characters.

"proceed with" or "proceed to"?

  • Proceed with the rest of the steps.
  • But the EU does proceed to implementation.
  • All else proceeds from this premise.
  • Science proceeds in a different manner.

"process in" or "process by"?

  • Each will get theirs, but they can't all be processed in one day.
  • These charges were never processed by the Tunisian police.
  • The opercula were processed for AMS dating.
  • Orders will be processed on the first working day of the week.

"proclaim to", "proclaim by" or "proclaim in"?

  • Sopocko who proclaimed to the world for the first time, the message of Divine Mercy.
  • On a positive note, at least five new protected areas were proclaimed in 2002.
  • The Barrowlands Ballroom as proclaimed by the spectacular neon sign remains an important Glasgow icon 45 years on.
  • This place was proclaimed as a site for pilgrimage in 1963 by the Pope 6th Paul.

"produce by" or "produce in"?

  • It was produced by Lawan Davis.
  • The amateurish video was produced in the U.
  • He is then produced from Jerusalem.
  • In April, the strand -- which is produced for U.

prohibit from, by, in, without or for?

  • Should she have been prohibited from wearing it? No.
  • Yes, victimisation is prohibited by the legislation.
  • Photography is prohibited in the museum.
  • XX-Notice: Duplication and redistribution prohibited without consent of X the author.

"promise to", "promise by" or "promise in"?

  • Although both are promised to others.
  • It's been promised in ' 42 to Stalin.
  • They claimed that military support promised by the Ministry of Defence had never arrived in Brak.
  • His manifesto promises for 2012 are as appealing as ever.

"promote to" or "promote by"?

  • V and I was promoted to Flight Commander.
  • The consumer market slows promoted by the.
  • New Zealand has been promoted as a major world food exporter.
  • Some are guys who you promote from the system.

prompt by, for, on, to or with?

  • The action is prompted by members of his court.
  • The user enters '; ' to prompt for another solution (set of bindings).
  • Why do people drive on parkways and park on driveways? Reflective Journal Writing Prompts on Things You Wish For 1.
  • In case you have to use a credit card, do not store credit card information on the site itself if prompted to because it's your very own personal information.

"promulgate by" or "promulgate in"?

  • It's pretty much time to ditch the red state/blue state dualities promulgated by the Rove-Bush-Cheney team.
  • It is undoubtedly chiefly owing to this step on the part of Constantine that the council, after being in session for an entire month, promulgated on June 19 the Nicene Creed.
  • I do hope that this has been promulgated as an enactment in Parliament.
  • The ideas were promulgated at 5 start hotel luncheons or on ratty little Xeroxed tracts that got passed around until they were greasy and tattered little transmitters of the common cold.

"pronounce in", "pronounce by" or "pronounce like"?

  • These are fairly well developed and pronounced in males, but softer and smaller in females.
  • The Roman Jupiter is the Greek Zeus which is pronounced by the Greek as Zay-oos.
  • A special blessing was pronounced on the nation's leaders, the church member and all the people in that country.
  • This is coming from a man the press has pronounced with godlike wisdom.

propagate by, in, from, to or into?

  • Secularism does not mean atheism -- against religion or non -- believer, as propagated by religious groups.
  • It can be easily be planted any time of the year and propagated from stem cuttlings.
  • Every Registration on one device will be propagated to all other devices.
  • He showed mathematically that such fields would propagate through space as a wave motion with a speed of 3 x 10 8 m/s.

propel by, into, through, from or on?

  • Propelled by jetplane-like engines, they don't drift -- they fly.
  • Soon the Maid of the Mist was propelled into the Whirlpool.
  • As the boat was propelled through the rapids, it quickly filled with water.
  • She pushed it back, but found that it was being propelled towards the door by an invisible force.

"propose by" or "propose to"?

  • The motion was proposed by Cllr.
  • Brady proposes to Madison as Nicole and EJ look on.
  • Truman proposed in 1911, but Bess turned him down.
  • A design pattern has been proposed for this problem.

"prosecute for", "prosecute by" or "prosecute in"?

  • A further eight were prosecuted for failing to enrol their children.
  • Muslims like Shias, Ahmedis are prosecuted in Pakistan.
  • The case is being prosecuted by Assistant U.
  • However, they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent, which means the death penalty.

prosper in, as, from, by or with?

  • Hong Kong can not continue to prosper in that way, only as a financial center.
  • Barriers have come down, trade flows have increased and countries have prospered as a result.
  • No economy of the world ever prospered from people trading imaginary bits of paper back and forwards between themselves.
  • Truth Prevails Those who prosper by deception or falsehood, never last the course.

"protect by" or "protect from"?

  • The Waratah is protected by law.
  • Protected from itself, it would seem.
  • The minipill does not protect against STIs.
  • Are American Mink protected in Ireland? Mink are not protected in Ireland.

protest against, in, about, at or on?

  • Some do not allow you to protest against the government.
  • MPs protested in the Commons yesterday.
  • Fourthly, a state may protest about a particular practice.
  • The first step is to protest at the.

protrude from, into, through, around or at?

  • Mr seronik used to beba his gun protruding from his coat.
  • The Atlas Mountains cover the northwestern territories embracing Algeria and Morocco and protrude into Spain.
  • Generally, the ticks on our pets will appear grey, swollen bodied and seen to protrude through the pets fur.
  • It was based on highlighting the threats of being obese or overweight, mainly for fat protruding around the belly.

"prove to" or "prove by"?

  • He had nothing to prove to anyone.
  • It has been proven by phrenology.
  • Organic answers are proven in the center.
  • The point had been proven beyond all doubt.

"provide by" or "provide for"?

  • This variety is provided by research.
  • They will also be provided for free.
  • The information provided in this article.
  • Information to be provided to employee 45(3.

provoke by, in, at, into or to?

  • Of course also provoked by the likes of Iran.
  • And you don't want to provoke in your customer frustration or anger.
  • He got provoked at slightest instance.
  • Do not be provoked into retaliating.

"publish in" or "publish by"?

  • Wrenn, first published in 1949.
  • Published by Grubb Street Press.
  • Costello - Published on Amazon.
  • His work has been published at thealestle.

pull out, in, on, from or into?

  • He's hopeful that we'll pull out of the recession.
  • I get pulled in different directions.
  • And that is no punches pulled on it either.
  • That equals to a gravity pull from 5 storeys high.

"punch in" or "punch above"?

  • Women being beaten (punched in the face).
  • We're in 4th place at present and perhaps punching above our weight but there we have it.
  • He has all the shots in the book, be it punching through cover or hitting it on the rise past mid-on.
  • Normally, the aggressive characters must be punched by Shujinko before they react by assaulting him back.

punctuate by, with or for?

  • Like Lagaan, Naya daur is punctuated by a number of excellent songs.
  • Narcolepsy is an overwhelming daytime drowsiness punctuated with sudden bouts of sleep.

"punish for" or "punish by"?

  • You won't be punished for your choice.
  • They should be punished by all means.
  • So has he been punished in any way? No, of course not.
  • All people want is for some mistakes to be punished with more than a couple of tenths lost.

purchase from, in, by, for or at?

  • It can be purchased from website Amazon.
  • Their products were purchased in the camp itself.
  • Brown &; Williamson was purchased by R.
  • Breakfast can be purchased for $1.

purify by, from, with, in or of?

  • In practice you purify by slowly cooling a hot, saturated solution of your compound.
  • It is said the Bayt al-Muqqadis is called so because in it the Holy Prophet (Sallahu? Alaihi Wasallam) was purified from wrong actions.
  • The holy angel can also remind us of what still needs to be purified in our hearts.

"pursue by" or "pursue in"?

  • Violations of copyright and trademark right will be pursued by legal actions.
  • Action was also pursued in the civil courts.
  • But fashion is certainly what I wish to pursue for now.
  • The second and third was something I attempted to pursue on a couple of occasions.

push for, to, into, through or by?

  • So that's why I'd pushing for 2.
  • It's that last push to the summit.
  • So often people are pushed into learning to.
  • Bush, pushed through Congress in 2001 and 2003.

"put in" or "put on"?

  • He needs to be put into prison.
  • I have nothing to put on my list.
  • He needs to be put into prison.
  • A gun was not put to their head.