Prepositions after Verbs

Click a verb to see what prepositions are usually used after it in English


"pile on" or "pile into"?

  • My two allies take one each and I pile onto Orstein.
  • You have been piling into bonds, gold, and dividend funds.
  • It is even piled in little drifts on the tops of picture frames.
  • My two allies take one each and I pile onto Orstein.
  • We went towards some women and children who had started piling out of the homes.
  • Their houses are piled with sacks of wheat and daal and rice.
  • The debt that Australian students are piling upon themselves simply so they can attend university.
  • I thought it might be about commits, and he thought it might be stock piling for an ad.
  • American troops pile from a Coast Guard landing barge wade through the surf on the French coast I started wargaming with WWII miniatures (i.
  • We piled off the bus, and with the help of Terry's skills in speaking Russian, eventually made our way to the hostel we had booked for the day.
  • Then the genie showed him the treasury, which was opened by a treasurer, where Aladdin saw heaps of purses of different sizes, piled up to the top of the ceiling.

"pitch to", "pitch in" or "pitch for"?

  • He wanted to pitch to the far right but couldn't quite span the octave.
  • We will pitch for at least an 8.
  • Clippard has now pitched in 53 games, nearly half of the team's games.
  • I'd currently working on a TV movie that I will pitch on the networks (possibly to DRTV first) in the future.
  • Acquired in the Zack Greinke trade, Odorizzi pitched at three levels in 2012, including the Majors in September.
  • Kwaw Kese was pitched against Hiplife Group, VIP.
  • They brought him some more a little while after, and he didn't funk it a bit, -- pitched into it, in fact, like anything, and ate it all with some cold beef.
  • Cubs eye pitching help: The Cubs continue their pursuit of starting pitching with an emphasis on free agents who may be available on short-term deals.
  • Looks better pitching as the club's four, and maybe he'll remember it as quickly as he lost it, but still.
  • Tents were pitched near the River Bank.
  • The pitch angle was estimated to be nominally level but the detachment of the tail boom suggests that the nose may have been pitched above the horizontal.
  • Bailey pitched out of trouble for eight innings, Jay Bruce hit a three-run homer and the Cincinnati Reds beat the New York Mets 4-1 on Saturday night for their fifth straight victory.
  • Consider pitching over video conferencing -- to respond faster and get in there first.
  • After that 1st inning bomb he gave up, he beared down and pitched through 7.
  • David at length was pitched upon.

"pin to" or "pin on"?

  • An old woman with a clunky hearing aid pinned to her apron opens the door Mrs.
  • Nor can it be pinned on Eric Fehrstrom.
  • Clint has the little 600 pinned at all times.
  • People who saw the accident ran down and found Curry pinned beneath his machine.
  • Good dog though, too bad he didn't rip the guy's face off while he was pinned in the door.
  • Jong-kook's quick to prevent Shin-soo from reaching and soon he's got the baseball player pinned against the wall.
  • Oh I LOVE Pinterest! Have been pinning for well over a year now.
  • If I'd pinning like crazy I won't be doing Project Life.
  • By the time tires stopped screeching, Sanz was pinned under the bus.
  • Even Pinterest (though seriously, what you would pin from this blog I do not know).
  • There were two signs in the display cabinet, one pinned into a side of corned beef, the other into a slab of red sirloin.
  • The man was killed instantly but the woman, in her 40s, was pinned inside the crumpled car and had to be monitored by emergency crews using binoculars until they could get to her.
  • The sheets are screwed onto the batten on the gunwale sheet and glued and pinned onto the swim sheet which takes a bit of care to ensure that the pins do not come out the front of the sheet.

"park in" or "park at"?

  • No parking so you have to park in town and.
  • Off street parking at one's door.
  • They park on my drive and block my entrance.
  • It is UNFURNISHED, 4 Bed - has a south facing rear garden, and parking outside the front door.
  • Driving up to it, we saw a vehicle parked with a couple of people walking around.
  • Everybody parks across the road.
  • This is the ol ' dark van parked by your car scenario, that you want to avoid.
  • The back entrance leads to off street parking for only those living in the complex.
  • Three wheel drivers who are parked near the Kovil will take you there for Rs.
  • Just as I parked my car three police officers parked next to me.
  • What is up with all this? Note there is no picture of a bicycle on a crossWALK sign! 90% of all these people are yuppies who have their Mercedes parked under their fancy Kitsilano condo anyway.
  • Vehicles must park within the white markings only.
  • Although I did not get fined on that Friday, this happened to me a few years earlier when I parked along the same road.
  • He chuckled and pointed to a Toyota Prius parked behind a working log loader.
  • Now place the new guides- 15-year-old best friends Jake and Peter- in a trailer parked beside the ranch's motocross racetrack.
  • Finally we just parked down the road in broad view of two tow trucks.
  • After investigation it has been found that cars are parked from Shapla Chattar to Dainik Bangla, which narrows the width of the road.

point to, at, in, towards or on?

  • This points to my earlier reply.
  • The Kilifi study points at 43%.
  • There is always a point in sphere.
  • All of them are pointing towards minimal Democratic gains.
  • In a whole turn the points on a radius out from the centre are 1.
  • It'll take less than 5 minutes and you'll get your card rewards points as well as staying warm this Winter! That's something to smile about.
  • By getting married in shags, one also earns vital welfare points by giving back to the community.
  • I have seen speculated price points from $1100.
  • For example, the ladder is pointing toward heaven.
  • We point with a finger to someone we see.

present to, in, by, with or at?

  • Aguinaldo was presented to Brig.
  • Presented in first-person perspective.
  • The first paper was presented by Dr.
  • I was presented with an old school bag.
  • According to the testimony presented at her trial, Ms.
  • He was just presented as an absolute.
  • Robert Yang presented on fueling junior golfers.
  • I'd off on holiday tomorrow, and no presents for my family- The joys.
  • From the moment they thier eyes first gaze at the food presented before them.
  • Different multicultural projects are presented during this seminar.
  • Every person's life is presented from the open books.
  • All of these are presented within context.

predicate on, upon, of, by or against?

  • But it is predicated on honesty from those agencies.
  • Hell, Civilization is predicated upon Conspiracy.
  • With regard to the communicatio idiomatum, the human actions of Christ should be predicated of the human nature, the divine of the deity, but both could be predicated of the Person.
  • All of the shots were lucky in the sense that their quality was predicated by the time of day and whatever was happening in front of the lens.

popularize by, in, among or to?

  • It's a take on the side-scrolling running game popularized by Canabalt.
  • Punch (the mixture of five beverages) although was popularized in British-India, is actually a Persian concoction.
  • In addition, pest- and fungus-resistant varieties will be popularized among the seed companies.

"promulgate by" or "promulgate in"?

  • It's pretty much time to ditch the red state/blue state dualities promulgated by the Rove-Bush-Cheney team.
  • The Watersheds Protection Act The Watershed Protection Act was promulgated in 1963.
  • It is undoubtedly chiefly owing to this step on the part of Constantine that the council, after being in session for an entire month, promulgated on June 19 the Nicene Creed.
  • I do hope that this has been promulgated as an enactment in Parliament.
  • The ideas were promulgated at 5 start hotel luncheons or on ratty little Xeroxed tracts that got passed around until they were greasy and tattered little transmitters of the common cold.
  • The Commission shall publish once a week for two (2) consecutive weeks in two newspapers of general circulation the rules and regulations promulgated pursuant to the preceding Section.
  • It shall be promulgated within a period not exceeding thirty (30) days from the next meeting of the Board following the submittal of the Investigator's report.

"position in" or "position on"?

  • Positioning in regard to foreign expansion.
  • Positioning on the market is ambivalent.
  • However, the browse cursor is not positioned at a retrievable message.
  • Major banks are now positioning for survival as the economic collapse looms.
  • Eurogamer: Bodycount was initially positioned as a spiritual sequel to Black.
  • Herbs are positioned with tweezers; sauces are smeared onto plates with paintbrushes.
  • The head of the operator must be positioned within the viewer.
  • The Dragon Wall is positioned to the left of the altar in this area.
  • Tab stops positioned along the horizontal ruler.
  • The race had chip timing this year which alleviated the usual fretting about how far up the pack to be positioned before the start.
  • Mt Kinabalu Resort Conveniently positioned inside the park, Mt Kinabalu Resort places are targeted to people who are not tight to a limited budget.
  • A grand piano is positioned near the window and adds a great sense of classy style here.
  • The hotel that Bruce was familiar with was actually positioned opposite the current building on the north side of Kimberley Road i.
  • This text is positioned relative to the alphabetic baseline, shown in blue.
  • CFR also possesses diverse manufacturing capabilities strategically positioned throughout Latin America, allowing the company to tailor production to different markets.
  • Food &; Water Ensure that feeders and drinkers are not positioned under perches to prevent faecal contamination.

"poop in" or "poop on"?

  • Praise your child for passing poop in the diaper.
  • One is doing pretty well but will not poop on the potty.
  • Do not refer to poop as dirty or yucky stuff.
  • I too would catch her pooping behind the couch, it was hilarious (but also a reminder that they know what they're doing).

plant in, on, with, at or by?

  • These flowers can be planted in Dhaka as well.
  • About 800 of these trees were planted on the same morning.
  • Replant with healthy seedlings.
  • It was also planted at various homesteads as a hedge.
  • Hijalas can be planted by the Beels (marshes).
  • Within the United States, and worldwide, more area is planted to Bt maize Zea mays L.
  • Many of the first trees planted around the convent were pine trees.
  • The seeds were planted for polarisation and confrontation.
  • If you will be planting into an existing bed, soil preparation is very easy.
  • The turns had boxwood bushes planted along the outside wall, the sign was behind the bushes.
  • Between 1,000 and 2,000 young seedlings were to be planted during the expected March-April 2007 rains.
  • Most are cultivars, which can not be planted from seeds; only from parts of the mother plant.
  • Cheap Jordan Shoes hen Hags, planted under the skin at the base o ' his skull.
  • By just viewing a Buddha statue, we would be receiving so many blessings and the seeds of Dharma are planted within us.

"peek at" or "peek into"?

  • On the way to the hospital, I peeked at my wound and saw my own skull.
  • We only peeked into the rooms, which looked smart and comfortable.
  • Fred peeked through a small hole on the side of the bag and looked at the dogs.
  • As he peeked in the fridge for something to nibble on, I saw him take a hard look at the the beer inside.
  • However, those who dare to peel the veneer and peek inside the leader unveil a tremendous weight of responsibility.
  • Many dead who were well and alive few hours before that, peeking behind the curtain.
  • Fresh crustaceans peek from behind the seafood counter.
  • Peeking over the car's hood for a second, he fired a spell.
  • Nessie bang on sod all there I have had a look too, but I must admit I didn't peek under all the stones 4.
  • And if you go maybe twelve blocks away and up the hill, you can see the top of the tower peeking out of the buildings.

pounce on, upon, like, with or at?

  • And that is when the infuriated women pounced on him.
  • Mowatt was at the intersection when he was pounced upon by men armed with guns.
  • I'd sure that stalker-Veronica- will pounce like a lion now that I'd out of the picture.
  • When he seemingly got bored of toying with Bonnar, Silva tripped him and pounced with a pinpoint knee to the chest.

punctuate by, with or for?

  • Like Lagaan, Naya daur is punctuated by a number of excellent songs.
  • Narcolepsy is an overwhelming daytime drowsiness punctuated with sudden bouts of sleep.

"predispose to", "predispose towards" or "predispose toward"?

  • A big pot even if you are otherwise skinny predisposes to heart disease.
  • I don't think he's an anti-Semite or a bigot but doesn't sound as though he's predisposed towards the Jewish community.

protrude from, into, through, around or at?

  • Mr seronik used to beba his gun protruding from his coat.
  • The Atlas Mountains cover the northwestern territories embracing Algeria and Morocco and protrude into Spain.
  • Generally, the ticks on our pets will appear grey, swollen bodied and seen to protrude through the pets fur.
  • It was based on highlighting the threats of being obese or overweight, mainly for fat protruding around the belly.
  • No part of the wheelchair may protrude behind the vertical plane of the back edge of the rear tyres.
  • Magazines should photograph the standard lousy case designs like the above in use -- with the CD tray open and cables and adapters protruding in an ugly space consuming rats nest at the back.
  • His tummy was protruding like a child suffering from malnutrition.

perch on, at, in, atop or about?

  • He perches on the countertop, hooking his hiking boots around a lab stool.
  • You can dine at proper tables or perch at high tables or the bar and snack or have a full meal.
  • Perched atop the boxcar of a moving train, Geddes could just make out the Alberta foothills.
  • Margaret was pacing the same area of the floor in front of BJ and Hawkeye whom where perched by the window.
  • There he remained, precariously perched for over an hour without the train slackening its pace.
  • I've seen film footage of others: shivering children, perched like birds on the edges of charpais, while swirling waters enter their tin homes.
  • One drew himself perched off a tall building, almost at the verge of jumping off.
  • He was currently perched upon a rock on top of the cave entrance, his feline eyes peering out from the shadows cast by the afternoon sun.

"penalize for" or "penalize by"?

  • Then the Bulls were penalized for too many men on the ice.
  • Linking to suspended or spammy sites may get you penalized by Google.
  • Many websites were penalized due to certain SEO tactics used, mainly trying to target spam and trash links.
  • If patients don't take care of themselves after discharge and get readmitted to the hospital within 30 days, they get penalized under new healthcare payment models.

"peddle by" or "peddle to"?

  • This is a falsehood, something constantly peddled by the right-wing in political and media circles.
  • In the recent case of mephedrone the price was low but still the drug was peddled to school children and adult population.
  • When you buy someone's debt it is not usually a cash handout, contrary to the tripe peddled in these comment pages.
  • The most important issue is that when the people came in contact with the man Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, they realised the lies the NDC had peddled about his physical structure.
  • He probably just couldn't believe that all the crap he had been peddling for months as fact was all being proven just not true and it must have been a shattering experience to his ego.
  • All of a sudden, I felt the same old issue again--- the sudden feeling of peddling on thin air without any gear engaged for just one second.
  • My failure to actually finish the book might be attributed to my abject failure to read any of the gibberish that is peddled under the head of management books.

"perpetrate by" or "perpetrate on"?

  • It is believed that these were perpetrated by bandits from distant Somalia.
  • Free trade is the biggest of THE BIG LIEs perpetrated on the American people.
  • During these instances there were no limits to the cruelty or violence that was perpetrated against civilians such as the greed and bloodlust that characterised the attacks on Magdebug in 1631.
  • This is underhanded, dirty sleaze perpetrated in an effort for personal gain.
  • An eye popping scam perpetrated under the Minister's watchful eyes was the award of N1.
  • Harris, you know, and we know, this big anomaly is a consequence of a chain of other anomalies who have been tolerated and perpetrated for way too long.

"picture in" or "picture with"?

  • Just the one pictured in this blog.
  • Here he is pictured with his dog, Julian, just a few.
  • The 26-year-old star ' who is rumoured to be dating Johnny Depp ' reportedly didn't want to be pictured at the party.
  • The old man pictured on this coin spoke to me.
  • Their departure from iniquity is pictured by the wilderness.
  • The two products pictured to the right have solved this problem for me.
  • Yet all we are ever going to see on CNN is pictures of heroic cops and National Guardsmen saving the day.
  • Madonna and Geri Halliwell are rarely pictured without a bottle of mineral water to hand, and Claudia Schiffer reportedly even washes her hair in it.
  • Pell Archbishop of Sydney Cardinal George Pell, pictured after mass yesterday, has questioned whether a Commission would serve any purpose.
  • Kosovo and Metohija on the cross! Can we picture before our eyes anything more distressful than this? One can not speak while standing at the cross.
  • He is pictured outside Ajarn Anek's place.

"pee on" or "pee in"?

  • Next time I'll just pee on you.
  • Somebody has peed in somebody's western boot.
  • Not even close! He is such a deep sleeper (doesn't wake when he falls out of bed) that there really is no way he could wake himself to pee at this point.
  • She pooped on the potty and sometimes peed for about three weeks.
  • And that's fine - when you're in the big city, you act clean and proper like you're in the big city; when you're back in the village, then you go back to peeing across two wooden planks.
  • There were some more mad dashes and lots more peeing against every bush.
  • And others were just practical, such as trying to find a place to pee during a duck hunt on a CA waterfowl refuge.

preside over, at, in or by?

  • Presiding over this group, stands teachers Ms.
  • Here the smallest departure would involve interpreting the term trial as excluding the defendant from presiding at his own trial.
  • Except that the lawmakers actively collude, if not directly preside in breaking them.
  • In the afternoon, we met for Mass, presided by Fr.

propel by, into, through, from or on?

  • Propelled by jetplane-like engines, they don't drift -- they fly.
  • Soon the Maid of the Mist was propelled into the Whirlpool.
  • As the boat was propelled through the rapids, it quickly filled with water.
  • She pushed it back, but found that it was being propelled towards the door by an invisible force.
  • In to the car park came the late Mr Hotblack Desiato, propelled along the moving catwalk by his bodyguard.
  • The nature of the game of cricket is that a hard ball is propelled at high speed toward the batsman who swings the bat in the attempt of hitting the ball.

"persecute by" or "persecute for"?

  • Those were persecuted by the Lutheran national churches instead.
  • I may be persecuted for my speech.
  • Since writing about workplace mobbing and bullying, I hear from people all over the globe who have been persecuted in the workplace, community or school.
  • In no other country in the world have we witnessed doctors and nurses persecuted on such a scale as a result of their legitimate humanitarian actions.
  • Yes, in my research for this article I did come across the fact that political asylum from Jamaica is more often sought by people that feel persecuted because of their sexual orientation.
  • Many people want to stay in this country due to fear of being persecuted as a result of their religious faith, political beliefs or affiliation with a particular social group.

"partake in" or "partake of"?

  • Allow them to partake in solution finding.
  • Don't partake of risky behaviors.
  • And in this attribute of Divinity no other mortal partakes with Jesus.

prompt by, for, on, to or with?

  • The action is prompted by members of his court.
  • The user enters '; ' to prompt for another solution (set of bindings).
  • Why do people drive on parkways and park on driveways? Reflective Journal Writing Prompts on Things You Wish For 1.
  • In case you have to use a credit card, do not store credit card information on the site itself if prompted to because it's your very own personal information.
  • You have to wait a specific time determined by the advertiser, once the loading bar is complete, you will be prompted with a custom image capatcha.
  • To redeem the discount enter your NUS card number or use Unidays when prompted at the checkout.
  • The ruling was prompted after a complaint to a Newfoundland radio station.
  • Over tea and coffee with many members of the church staff, we discussed, after prompting from Don, specific differences in the US church versus the church in Tanzania regarding our views of time.
  • She was always prompt in responding and very helpful with every detail, no matter how small.

purify by, from, with, in or of?

  • In practice you purify by slowly cooling a hot, saturated solution of your compound.
  • It is said the Bayt al-Muqqadis is called so because in it the Holy Prophet (Sallahu? Alaihi Wasallam) was purified from wrong actions.
  • The holy angel can also remind us of what still needs to be purified in our hearts.

predominate in, among, as, by or on?

  • Punjabis also predominate in the military and the federal government.
  • Visual orientation seems to predominate among persons in our culture; audile and tactile thinking is less common.
  • The fact that courage usually predominates over despair in itself tells us something important about life.

"peer into", "peer through" or "peer at"?

  • By ten, he was peering into his incubator.
  • Not much of a horizon to peer at, is it? The.
  • He peered through the dim light.
  • Mick peering in the windows 18.
  • It pays to be wary when peering from the trenches.
  • He scrunched down in the grave, then carefully peered over the edge.
  • Heart racing, I peered out of the window of my fourth-floor room, only to see jabbering security staff pointing at the Ministry of Defence building opposite.
  • Dulles peering across the 38th parallel were shortly featured in the Communist press as it hailed him as the strategist of South Korean aggression.
  • Nate peered down the street cupped his hand to the boy's ear, and whispered.
  • And when I peered on Google Street View, the addresses Isaacson lists in Palo Alto -- where everyone from Apple to Google has their HQ -- looked as mundane as Esher or Altrincham.
  • Ford peered with him and gave a thoughtful frown.

pave with, in, by, for or to?

  • The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
  • Paving in proximity to City trees must comply with.
  • Juuso Simpanen (FC Honka) wants to follow the path paved by Rasmus Sch ller and Jaakko Lepola.
  • Parking area is to be paved to the satisfaction of the General Manager, Transportation Services.

plunge into, to, in, from or by?

  • No BRT bus fell or plunged into the Lagoon.
  • The company plunged to a low of Rs 71.
  • And with Democrats plunging in the polls, Obama's election is beginning to look like an exception that proves the rule.
  • The government introduced school fees, and primary enrolment plunged from 95 per cent to 67 per cent in 1999.
  • External trade Total exports of goods plunged by 22.
  • You can plunge off the dock to cool down or play with the little ones on the beach.
  • Revenues, profits and economic growth are all going to plunge as the recession begins to bite.
  • Or, you could look at it as the Pacific plate plunging beneath the North American, Asian or Philippines tectonic plates.
  • But Le Clos, third at the final turn, plunged past Phelps at the finish to win in 1min 52.
  • Plunging through the alder, birch and hazel undergrowth, mushrooms were everywhere.
  • But as Vincent plunged toward the ocean, sea and sky blended into the same color.

pluck from, out, at, by or in?

  • And that's NOT plucking from the LMS.
  • Sounds ike that figure was plucked out of the air.
  • Keep training if so inclined, but design it in a way that those same objects can be plucked at the moment of need by those who have the need.
  • Messing was about as useful as any random person plucked off the street.
  • The soft strings of music crept into the scene from a far distant source, trickling moments of horns and guitar strings plucked to the tune of an unplanned melody.

"pollute by" or "pollute with"?

  • The repub rank and file is polluted by low lifes.
  • My inbox is polluted with crap.
  • New Zealand freshwater ecologist Professor Mike Joy predicts that if we keep polluting at the rate we do now, our native fish will be extinct by 2050.
  • Air is mainly being polluted from smokes.
  • M odernisation and progress have led to air getting more and more polluted over the years.
  • We've been on a binge of overpopulating, over-extracting, and polluting since the beginning of the industrial revolution and the bill is coming due in more ways than one.
  • In order to construct buildings, dams and embankments, lots of plants and trees are cut down and subsequently these are burnt for bricks for which air is polluted to a great extent.

"persevere in" or "persevere with"?

  • They persevere in understated sense.
  • Reasons to Persevere With Digg.
  • However, it's worth persevering through the initial attempts.
  • Even if there is any small improvement in his studies, it is the teacher's responsibility to encourage the child to persevere for better grades.
  • Just like your husband, my hubby struggled and persevered after years of disappointment.
  • I am glad the great men and women of God in the bible persevered amidst the storm and showed us we can too!
  • But Knibb persevered despite his losses, eventually, like Jones, bringing about the end of slavery in the colony.
  • I persevered due to the amount of people who were insistent it got better, but it really doesn't.

"peel off" or "peel for"?

  • Peeling off the skin is a tedious process.
  • Keep your browser peeled for the imminent arrival of Help: A Day In The Life, or you can.
  • If you feel the adhesive paper is peeling away from the cardboard just use the scotch tape or fevicol to stick it firmly.
  • On a flat board, place inverted cabbage leaves, or peel from an orange, grapefruit or lemon.
  • The white walls had tuned a light shade of gray and were peeling in places.
  • It peels to anything, even some lip balms.
  • Do not peel out of the parking lot and drive 110 mph.

"populate by" or "populate with"?

  • A planet fated to be populated by people intermixed.
  • Not because the world became populated with self important pricks like urself.
  • When you share a new photo from your iPhone, it populates in a photo stream on your phone and on your online profile.
  • Once this data discrepancy has been populated across the redundant web services, it's also difficult to repair.
  • The late Albert Delahaye, a former archivist for the city of Nijmegen, developed the idea that The Netherlands could not have been populated between AD 200 and 800.
  • The values currently show up in 3 text boxes, but I'd rather they populate into the same drop-down fields instead.

propagate by, in, from, to or into?

  • Secularism does not mean atheism -- against religion or non -- believer, as propagated by religious groups.
  • It can be easily be planted any time of the year and propagated from stem cuttlings.
  • Every Registration on one device will be propagated to all other devices.
  • He showed mathematically that such fields would propagate through space as a wave motion with a speed of 3 x 10 8 m/s.
  • If all of Jambudvipa (the entire world) were to be thrown into chaos, there could be no doubt that (the Lotus Sutra would) be widely propagated throughout Jambudvipa (the entire world )? WND, 1122).
  • Malware has also been propagated against Linux.
  • It could be transmitted indefinitely; he determined the best temperature for it and found that it did not propagate on dead staphylococcus.

"prosecute for", "prosecute by" or "prosecute in"?

  • A further eight were prosecuted for failing to enrol their children.
  • Muslims like Shias, Ahmedis are prosecuted in Pakistan.
  • The case is being prosecuted by Assistant U.
  • However, they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent, which means the death penalty.
  • The much inferior treatment of an accused when prosecuted under the Bill violates the fundamental right to equality, he points out.
  • Those caught tonight in violation of curfew will be considered in league with our enemy and prosecuted as a terrorist without leniency or exception.
  • The Security Council needs to send a strong signal that these continuous attacks on civilians will no longer be tolerated and Siilaanyo should be prosecuted before the ICC.
  • Prayerfully, an NPP government will have learned its lessons and not go prosecuting from the hip if they get another chance to run the affairs of state.
  • Its not true that Victims of Hate Speech are not protected by US Law and Crimes committed againt them are not prosecuted like in Pakistan.
  • Bunting prosecuted on behalf of Messrs.
  • A person can be prosecuted within three (3) years after failing to make a report.

"poke at" or "poke through"?

  • He can't help teasing her and poking at her at every turn.
  • It was filled with giant shrimp, quite alive and squirming with their tentacles poking through the holes.
  • Stop car, usually with a good chunk of the bonnet poking into the road.
  • And why did bendtner get booked for being poked in the eye? thats a weird one.
  • The flowers are bright sulphur yellow and poke out of the bracts like the beaks of fledglings from a nest.
  • Luckily, Ron was immune to anything of this sort, and poked around it with impunity.
  • This is an area that has been picked and poked by miners for well over 100 years.
  • I waited for my turn where they took my pulse count and was poked on the middle finger for a tiny bit of blood to test if I'd diabetic.
  • As I chose my recently acquired favourites, I was poked across the table, in the abdomen.
  • To show the world how easily the Muslim can be poked for destruction, and put hinders for Islam which is even know the most fastest spreading religion in the world 2.

"penetrate into" or "penetrate to"?

  • Through Armenia he penetrated into Persia and got into Mesopotamia.
  • This looking within penetrates to the heart and center of all things.
  • They lie dead and lifeless in their shroud, until Light Everlasting finally penetrates through their windings to the interior.
  • Not a fan? Find waterproof heeled boots, or pumps that won't be penetrated by rain.
  • When confusion is penetrated with understanding what remains is peace.
  • He makes by himself and without instrument water to penetrate in his digestive tube.
  • Its armies had not even succeeded in penetrating beyond the borders into Iran in the long war in the 1980s.
  • Not only are there potential health dangers, but the fine grains also penetrate like graphite lubricant -- though of course they don't exactly lubricate.
  • It caught my attention and was rather surprise and shock, to know that the corruption in this country has and being penetrated at micro level points with no space to even think or imagine.
  • He penetrated behind the false image of Eastern regionalist and Igbo solidarity behind the NCNC in that election, and brought out that:.
  • Penetrating Beneath the Surface of Things Instead of going inside, human beings tend to go outside.

"piss off" or "piss on"?

  • But I'd really pissed off this morning.
  • Kris wrote: tch tch! do nt piss on norway, sweden etc.
  • He was really pissed at me, and chose this way of insulting me.
  • Okay? willing to accept the challenge? or pissing in pants? 9.
  • I know the babys father is going to be pissed about that idea but he needs to grow up.
  • Amante was very pissed with Gary and tried to punch him but his attorney and Alvira stopped him.
  • I realise the futility of pissing into the tent - but when the party is happening outside the tent, why would I want to come inside? What is professionalism? How well we code? It's a bit of it.

"plot against" or "plot in"?

  • Obama was in the barn plotting against massa.
  • Table 1 contains the numbers plotted in Figure 1.
  • This is an amplitude-based coding scheme (plotted for the peak modulation channel, bottom right).
  • Brian's teenage son Ryan plotted with his sister and mother -- as well as friends -- to kill his father.
  • All of the data are plotted on Leeman's Fig.
  • Plot from the Japanese Meteorological Academy: http: **35;70;TOOLONG.
  • If you want to stop plotting by moving all.
  • The data are plotted according to the colour-coordinated y axes.
  • Nor was the plane plotted at the anti-aircraft control room for the west of Scotland.

"punch in" or "punch above"?

  • Women being beaten (punched in the face).
  • We're in 4th place at present and perhaps punching above our weight but there we have it.
  • He has all the shots in the book, be it punching through cover or hitting it on the rise past mid-on.
  • Normally, the aggressive characters must be punched by Shujinko before they react by assaulting him back.
  • No sooner was the last tent pole punched into the hard, red, earth when the heavens opened and Uganda threw a violent storm at us.
  • Learn how to make fruit punch with the drink recipes below.
  • That is the World Cup, and England has repeatedly failed to test to punch at or above their weight in a big tournament.
  • The realist may note that other big teams have been punching below their weight and that this has given the two teams the unlikely chance to go to the top of the table.
  • These knuckle enhancing stun guns pack an impressive 950,000 volts of electricity in every single punch, enough to paralyze your attacker even if you punch like a little girl.
  • Why do I want to use it? For starters, madness provides an important function by giving other players a problem that they can not punch out of.

persuade by, of, at, in or against?

  • I am not persuaded by this argument either.
  • More recently I have been persuaded of the speed benefits of a deep section rear wheel, so borrowed from a Mr Smernicki, a FFWD 90 rear tubular wheel.
  • We are not persuaded at all that he is being sincere.
  • When Briatore was reportedly persuaded in a late-night meeting with F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone to sign up-and-coming driver Michael Schumacher, the Benetton success story was assured.
  • However, as with the film, Frank survives and turns traitor for the state, but is persuaded against this by the appearance of his brother Vincenzo.
  • Take a minute and ask yourself these questions; What are your dreams? What are you doing towards achieving these dreams? As human beings, we are persuaded towards comfort.
  • I suspect Brown is telling us the stunt was a ' snow-job ', a term defined as ' an effort to deceive, overwhelm, or persuade with insincere talk and flattery '.

"perpetuate by" or "perpetuate in"?

  • Which in turn are invented and perpetuated by ones own sex.
  • I think it may have been perpetuated in terms of just getting caught up in the mix.
  • Greatest hoax ever perpetuated on the American people.
  • We have to say that the genocide that was perpetuated against the original inhabitants of this land came around to Africans.
  • And in a time of political upheaval this call should ask them to look inwards and continue to recognise and dismantle the structures that have been perpetuated for too long.
  • Preserving the perfect share tab while in the applications for your own? nternet websites is commonly a healthy way to be able to need investment capital perpetuate inside your people.
  • This has been perpetuated over the decades and attracted the type of managers who feel in control in such an environment.

prosper in, as, from, by or with?

  • Hong Kong can not continue to prosper in that way, only as a financial center.
  • Barriers have come down, trade flows have increased and countries have prospered as a result.
  • No economy of the world ever prospered from people trading imaginary bits of paper back and forwards between themselves.
  • Truth Prevails Those who prosper by deception or falsehood, never last the course.
  • Gambling during Diwali stems from the Hindu belief that while the Goddess Parvati played dice with her husband, Shiva, she declared anyone who played that night would prosper through the entire year.
  • Others may take their comforts in the domestic sense, and hope only to meet someone with whom to fall in love, and prosper with a loving family.
  • Are the rich, however, prospering at the expense of the middle class? As economists like to say, it's not a zero-sum game.
  • It prospers on river banks and has been known to withstand prolonged flooding, yet it is tolerant of drought as well.
  • Facebook may well prosper over time, but it's not without risks.
  • The city became extremely wealthy and prospered under a series of mayors drawn from the fourteen families.

provoke by, in, at, into or to?

  • Of course also provoked by the likes of Iran.
  • And you don't want to provoke in your customer frustration or anger.
  • He got provoked at slightest instance.
  • Do not be provoked into retaliating.
  • I think the whole idea is stupid and that the bulls should not be provoked like this.

"pronounce in", "pronounce by" or "pronounce like"?

  • These are fairly well developed and pronounced in males, but softer and smaller in females.
  • The Roman Jupiter is the Greek Zeus which is pronounced by the Greek as Zay-oos.
  • A special blessing was pronounced on the nation's leaders, the church member and all the people in that country.
  • This is coming from a man the press has pronounced with godlike wisdom.
  • The difficulties usually become more pronounced as the child gets older and more is expected of him or her for example in school.
  • Mind, the poem can't cover every base, or pronounce upon the value of the life or deeds of every individual.
  • Malaysia's unspoiled tropical forest, magnificent mountains and rich flora and fauna are pronounced among the best in this part of the world.
  • While the river's red coloring was most pronounced near Chongqing it was also reported.
  • It is usually more pronounced after intercourse.
  • He expected some words of hocus pocus pronounced over him, a special ritual done just for him.
  • Everything she pronounced to him was mark on, yet it wasn't her place to contend it.

"plead with" or "plead for"?

  • We need to plead with fellow Christians.
  • Should Arsenal plead for him to stay? No.
  • A long time ago, he should have pleaded to his guilt.
  • Public Prosecutor may plead in all Court in cases under his charge Pleaders privately instructed to be under his direction 493.
  • Yes I am pleading on Osho's behalf, he was such an adorable sweetie pie.

perish in, from, with, on or as?

  • More people have perished in south and central Somalia.
  • The prophet Hosea said, (Hosea 4: 6) My people perish from a lack of knowledge.
  • Like his assistant minister and personal friend, Joshua Orwa Ojode, who perished with him in that accident, he left behind only one wife and one child-a boy.
  • Whole layers of advanced workers, the bedrock of the revolution, had perished on the front lines during the civil war and in the famine conditions.
  • In a remarkable sequence composed of 18 different shots filmed at varying speeds -- both slow and natural -- from some 15 separate angles, Thompson will perish as the bomb is detonated remotely.
  • Certain groups needed to eat meat or perish at crucial points in their history.
  • Then came 1940 and we nearly perished for lack of a large, efficient army, which we could only have had if we had introduced conscription at least three years earlier.
  • Every day in Africa, Latin America and Asia, tens of thousands of people perish because of extreme poverty.
  • God will not chastise him in His justice, he shall not perish by an unprovided death; if he be just, he shall remain in the grace of God and become worthy of eternal life.
  • Over half of the Maasais and their animals perished during this period.
  • During the civil war nine million perished through famine, disease and freezing conditions.
  • Amidst all of this, Henry Davids was left stranded at the other end while he watched each of his partners perish to their own wrong doings.
  • In September 2010 I was relieved that there was no loss of life, In February 2011 I grieved along with the nation as two people I knew perished amongst the 182 fatalities.
  • The burial ground is now a memorial to those who perished under the Khmer Rouge.

"prescribe by" or "prescribe in"?

  • This outflow is as prescribed by Plan 1977-A.
  • Fasting is prescribed in this month.
  • Forms Prescribed for declaring Exports.
  • Its chant is frequently prescribed to patients for relief of their symptoms and to reduce illnesses.
  • The tax under the Income Tax Act is payable for the income in excess of the limit prescribed under the Act.
  • Hard to promote evidence based prescribing as a result.
  • On the other hand, organizational procedures are instructions which are carried on a step by step basis in order to prescribe on how actions are to be executed.
  • However, its effects last longer with each dose than Baclofen, and small doses of ValiumAr may be prescribed at bedtime to relieve spasms that interfere with sleep.
  • It is often prescribed with antacids but that is hardly a viable solution for long-term use.

pledge to, for, on, in or by?

  • Pledge to lower your carbon footprint.
  • Please also pledge for outbound flight if you want a ride home.
  • Once you pledge on any one of the exclusives, you'll gain access to all of the pledger-only updates I'll be posting.
  • They try to give the false impression that this successful person had pledged in a college chapter so.
  • Since it launched in 2009, more than $350 million has been pledged by more than 2.
  • We have been most heartened by the $100 million-plus donations and pledges from philanthropists, alumni, students and staff towards the campus extension.
  • I think that's also one of the big reasons they didn't give away physical things unless people pledged at very high levels.
  • Unsecured and secured loans: As the name specifies the secured loans will be pledged with collateral while the unsecured loans doesn't need any.
  • Their first project aims to raise between 300,000 and 1,400,000 -- each person can pledge between 5 and 50,000 -- to build a 0.
  • The whole reason many people would have pledged through Kickstarter is so that they get the game earlier than everyone else and also get special gear that noone else will ever get.
  • Not only that, there would be a set of speakers in the room that would read out the names of those who pledged towards the Tink In A Box as they happen.

protest against, in, about, at or on?

  • Some do not allow you to protest against the government.
  • MPs protested in the Commons yesterday.
  • Fourthly, a state may protest about a particular practice.
  • The first step is to protest at the.
  • Financial hardship and protest on an unprecedented scale have scored our language deeply (and no doubt many others too).
  • On the 16th of March, they also protested outside the Vice Chancellor's office.
  • I protested to the Code of Conduct, I protested to the National Assembly, nothing came out of it.
  • Also what is wrong with people protesting for their rights, it is quite democratic.
  • Any rebellion or protest by jews of the US and other countries wld be extremely foolish.
  • As young people worldwide Occupy Wall Street, mount the Arab Spring revolution and protest across Europe, he notes that they enjoy unprecedented opportunities today to make a difference.
  • Annoyed, passengers protested as the distance by road between the two cities is nearly 220 km.
  • Petersburg (which Madonna recently protested during her MDNA Tour stop in the city.
  • Protest from the ranks of the newly immobilised is good because that means that it's really working.

"ponder on" or "ponder about"?

  • Let us further ponder on this and let him take the lead.
  • They should not ponder about things.
  • While pondering over the menu, you need to consider people with diabetes, vegetarians and those with food allergies.
  • Before I go on, ponder for a moment the truth-filled words of a saint: Do not fear what may happen tomorrow.
  • It is something to ponder upon.
  • Bullet point #5 and the first part of #6 are interesting to ponder in an ensemble setting where some members are on paper and some are not.
  • I never bought into Ponder as a QB and I think he's being exposed now.
  • Some benefit financially while others go home embarrassed and the public left pondering from lack of justifiable results.
  • Therefore, you should always think and ponder before saying anything or doing anything when dealing with your husband.
  • For a little while he ponders beyond his area of responsibility.
  • The fundamental questions involved have been pondered by some of the greatest economists and other students of society.

prevail in, over, on, upon or against?

  • The party also prevailed in the Kingston and St.
  • Dogma prevails over medical reality.
  • No effort could prevail on this good woman.
  • To thwart them, Edwin Crocker and Mark Hopkins prevailed upon Supervisors Scott and Madden to personally review the books.
  • And I tell you, you are Rock, this Rock I will build my church, and the of hell shall not prevail against it.
  • He told the electorate to be peace loving particularly on voting day emphasizing, unity must prevail among all, especially after the elections.
  • Let Law &; Order prevail at all times.
  • Altering theories to the origin of Malagasy species therefore have prevailed during time.
  • A dozens of websites prevailed for a long time on the internet and ruled over the www web.
  • The fourth game was close but Skachkov prevailed by 16:14.
  • The fear prevailed after this incident and they did not make any further brave attempts to move to SM camp.
  • Could've had him this year but incompetence prevailed along with being cheap and not wanting to pay that much of that dreaded luxury tax.
  • The apprehension of Tamils is not baseless as seen from the firm determination of Sinhala nationalists to ensure that the ' Sinhala majority rule ' prevails throughout the island.
  • Thanks to some sparkling goaltending and solid zone coverage from the D-corps, the boys in yellow prevailed with a 3-0 win in a game that was far closer than the score shows.

"plug into" or "plug in"?

  • The earphones plug into the jack at the top.
  • Updated driver -- cable plugged in.
  • Now to check, open your pen drive from computer then again plug to computer.
  • Replace open front plugs with dead front plugs.
  • Those outside the establishment should still plug at it and offer alternatives.

prohibit from, by, in, without or for?

  • Should she have been prohibited from wearing it? No.
  • Yes, victimisation is prohibited by the legislation.
  • Photography is prohibited in the museum.
  • XX-Notice: Duplication and redistribution prohibited without consent of X the author.
  • Hot drinks are not prohibited for safety reasons.
  • Local content regulations are an example of what is prohibited under TRIMs.
  • Smoking is prohibited on coaches.
  • This includes Public Theater There's not much that's prohibited at Prohibition -- in fact, the bar is nicely set up to accommodate a lot of drinking.
  • Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form is prohibited other than the following.

"punish for" or "punish by"?

  • You won't be punished for your choice.
  • They should be punished by all means.
  • So has he been punished in any way? No, of course not.
  • All people want is for some mistakes to be punished with more than a couple of tenths lost.
  • People breaking the law should be punished according to the law.
  • God punishes on jokey way dear.
  • Traitors will always remain as traitors and they should be punished under civile law or militery law.
  • Bang will be punished as the leader of the strike.
  • Thus, it is as if the voice of the masses has taken the place reserved for the revelation from God in their life and subsequently, many people would be punished without any proof but only.

"proclaim to", "proclaim by" or "proclaim in"?

  • Sopocko who proclaimed to the world for the first time, the message of Divine Mercy.
  • On a positive note, at least five new protected areas were proclaimed in 2002.
  • The Barrowlands Ballroom as proclaimed by the spectacular neon sign remains an important Glasgow icon 45 years on.
  • This place was proclaimed as a site for pilgrimage in 1963 by the Pope 6th Paul.
  • Of course, when Britain set out to abolish slavery it could not proclaim from the roof-tops that it was abolishing it to compete against French industrialists.
  • And essential to this confession of Jesus is that he is proclaimed among the nations.
  • The ruffians style themselves United Irishmen and proclaim for their object, a reform in Parliament.
  • Go, therefore, and proclaim throughout the Land that he who proceeded me is evil, that he has defiled the nation, And that all he has built must be destroyed.
  • A general war has been proclaimed against terrorism.
  • The German states were formed into a united German Empire which was proclaimed at Versailles, and France was forced to sign a humiliating peace treaty which handed Alsace and Lorraine to Germany.

"portray in", "portray by" or "portray as"?

  • Ensuring he is portrayed in a good light.
  • This has been portrayed as a trend which is increasing.
  • Portrayed by Richard Divizio, the same actor who played Kano and Baraka.
  • The emotions were portrayed on the people's faces of happiness and joy.
  • The concept the scriptures portray of the crucifixion is not that God died but that he was separated spiritually and died in the flesh.
  • Despite a semblance of normality that Sri Lanka is trying to portray to the world and to its.
  • The sad part is when the images of broken idols and ransacked temples are portrayed across the world Islam-phobia will only become more entrenched.
  • Many of the wrestlers in WWE portrays for this style including John Cena and Brock Lesner.
  • The impersonal nature of this physical transaction is portrayed with a prosaic efficiency that sums up the marriage in a matter of seconds -- hugely effective direction from Andrei Zvyagintsev.

"practise in" or "practise by"?

  • Letter Q being practised in middle.
  • There is a great variety of rites and ceremonies practised by the Kankanay.
  • Biathle Designed as a ' Sport for All ', Biathle has been practised for over 50 years.
  • The boy began practising with a new zeal, next day onwards.
  • After his retirement he practised as a chartered accountant in Wellington.
  • Dr Mark is currently practising at Ascent Ear Nose Throat Specialist Group at Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, Singapore.
  • We just laughed it off and went to practise on the lower half of the ground.
  • When he had ascertained the treachery practised upon Father Ephraim at St.
  • The bots, however, are purposefully set to an easy difficulty, so you'll have a mix of dumb as muck targets and human players to practise against.
  • He also said that he loved this place and the RCB Home Ground where the Team has been practising since the past week.
  • These systems of law include diverse kinship systems and traditions and connections to land that are current and practised throughout Indigenous Australia.
  • Follow Gordon's tips and practise to perfection before the Cookalong.
  • The majority of midwives practise within the Health Service, in maternity hospitals, maternity units of large and small general hospitals, in private maternity hospitals, etc.
  • It is these you ought to have practised without neglecting the others.

preserve in, for, by, from or as?

  • The primal Mother-Goddess is still preserved in Homer.
  • You shouldn't come to feel ashamed but believe of it as preserving for far better issues.
  • However, history has shown that culture is not a static thing that can be defined, shaped or preserved by any government.
  • My homedir was preserved from 11.
  • It is for the Minister to decide on how the area is developed and preserved as a nationalmonument.
  • If it eats into the line, it doesn't matter, because the line is preserved on that line layer.
  • The footprints of mammoth, camel, muskoxen and horses are perfectly preserved at St.
  • In short, a government has great reason to preserve with care its people and its manufactures.
  • Even the environment is better appreciated and preserved through education.
  • Then shall mercy be preserved to them.
  • The modern world of universities was preserved against the odds.
  • The heritage of Buddhist must be preserved among the lay people well as the monastic community.
  • The legislation does allow for PPR relief to be preserved during periods spent working elsewhere but the conditions that must be met are complex and contain many traps for the unwary.
  • The furniture and objects used by Fang Wenxian and his wife and children are still all preserved inside the tower as he left them.
  • Preserved till now are only a few fragments of the foundation.
  • Will Ireland's role in setting its own taxes be preserved under the agreement? Yes.

paint in, on, with, by or for?

  • Peasants huts were either whitewashed or painted in bright colours.
  • That's the color painted on their floor.
  • That is a pretty broad brush you are painting with.
  • In fact they were painted by him.
  • That's in addition to the things I am painting for that show.
  • This is painting as recantation.
  • She kind of just painted over my brows, waited 10 minutes and wiped it off.
  • I shouldn't be punished because I don't have the ability to paint to an exceptional standard.
  • Regardless of what the truth is it prevents them from being painted into a corner of having to overspend.
  • The picture painted about retirement is always an image of relaxing fun times with many friends, good health and enough money to enable you to be and do anything you want.
  • A roomful of these pieces all painted between 1964 and 1967 still has the power to excite.
  • If I took an art class to learn how to paint, I wouldn't paint like me.
  • Far from the picture painted of the PDP by Mr.
  • On the wall of his living room hangs a chart of the coast with his fishing boat, the Nisga'a Prince, painted onto the open water.

"persist in" or "persist with"?

  • The theme persists in Southeast Asia.
  • You are wrong when you say, Imran persisted with Haroon.
  • The rumors have persisted for a long while now.
  • It can either be persisted into a database or we can persist it on a file system.
  • The error has persisted through three versions of the book, so consider it a test to see if you are an attentive reader.
  • JMS messages are persisted to the file system and must support fail-over and be highly available.
  • Photo: Penny Stephens He said scattered showers would persist throughout the weekend and early next week.
  • Labor costs are now rising in China, and concerns persist about the protection of intellectual property.
  • You can do this repeatedly to see that instance persists across button presses.
  • I know that if these problem persist after the warranty runs out I will be looking at a very costly bill to sort things out myself.
  • While the glitter persists along with essential hedonistic items, subtle changes are happening.
  • The Yb3+ is found to persist as an aquo ion up to 150 C in the chloride aqueous solution.
  • Notwithstanding the economic difficulties that persist at home, turnover for the business has doubled in each of the last three years, reaching 1.
  • Either way, it persists between factory restores and can be mounted in HBOOT.
  • On a positive note, some parts were really interesting and that is why I persisted despite the irritations.
  • She may persist on the road of soft indulgence afforded by the unstable dollar's official reserve currency role.
  • However, this is not expected to persist over the longer haul.
  • Questions also persist regarding the military absentee ballots in Palm Beach County.

pack with, in, into, for or on?

  • It is packed with many new features.
  • Grin ' n Holler 4 pack in Squamish.
  • At night they were packed into big barns.
  • Can I get 1st choice or I should pack for 2nd choice.
  • As frequent travelers, Alice and her husband worry about packing on the pounds.
  • During the rush hours these transportation systems can be packed to overflowing.
  • The event has been packed at all its stops across the globe.
  • The parachute was not packed by Overacker prior to the stunt and he was unaware of this fatal error.
  • Striking doctors specifically requested that these two be sent packing as a prerequisite for their going back to work.

"praise for" or "praise by"?

  • She got praised for Adventureland, as well.
  • The rooms have been highly praised by guest for the size and comfort.
  • Macdonald, was praised as the country's creator.
  • Songs and praises in the churches.
  • He would sing a thousand and one praises to them when they arrived in Valinor.
  • In the end I followed Ted's suggestion of using Google Test (gtest ), which he's often praised from his work on Breakpad.
  • Regardless, his fans send him praise on Weibo.
  • You guys, you make me laugh by creating dummy accounts on Twitter just to retweet or make favorite you're OWN comments / praises about JAOMIK.
  • When a person attains a high status and position in the society or gains wealth, he hates to see someone other than him contest or go ahead of him or be praised over him.
  • Often times when someone intends to do Ghiba of a person, he initially heaps praises upon him.

preach to, in, about, on or against?

  • You need to be preached to all the time.
  • Dollar was preaching in his life.
  • He preached about Jesus Christ.
  • Very seldom do you hear sin preached on.
  • I have been there and heard the hate preached against Mormons.
  • Now let us see what all these tours and preaching by Deng led to.
  • Dollar began flying up from Atlanta to preach at Saturday night services in the theater at Madison Square Garden.
  • The Bible wasn't just something that was preached from every Sunday.
  • It's what we at MOB Media have been preaching for years.
  • His decision to start serving Christ at that time came after he attended a church where the gospel was preached with great passion.
  • They never say that?? I have to go to Japan for preaching like Prabhupada.
  • And preached through Jesus the resurrection from the dead.

"process in" or "process by"?

  • Each will get theirs, but they can't all be processed in one day.
  • These charges were never processed by the Tunisian police.
  • The opercula were processed for AMS dating.
  • Orders will be processed on the first working day of the week.
  • Only one call per application connection can be processed at a time.
  • Your refund is processed into the Trust Account and TaxRefunds.
  • Now here is the same image processed with Lightroom 4.
  • Processed through a trash compacter.
  • I heard the immigration officer say that I was to be processed as a Level One and would remain this way for the duration of my stay.
  • Provisional ballots are nearly identical in form and process to absentee ballots.
  • We intend to start that process within the week.
  • Humidity Air conditioning equipment usually decreases the humidity in the air processed from the system.
  • With Adam and Caity I find giving them the space to process without anxiety is the key to getting to the bottom of things.
  • Sense data are processed according to our brain structure and matched with data in memory, and processed again, and then a conscious feeling arises.
  • I classify all these recordings as field recordings as none of them are staged or processed after the recording.
  • Where we are when it culminates either next year or the year after depends very much on how much negativity we have processed before then.
  • We can not control the processing of the brain but we can control what data enter the brain.
  • The new PC Scheme came into effect on 25 January 2012 and by the mid-year, over 500 applications had been processed under it.

"print on" or "print in"?

  • With Forln printed on the back.
  • Printed in the United States of America.
  • Published and printed by: - OSK RESEARCH SDN.
  • The values are printed with surrounding double quote characters.
  • Online sales of tickets to print at home 5.
  • Reprinted from the October 2003 issue of PC.
  • The Citizen is still printed to this day.
  • It is expected to be free and for text is generally printed for use.
  • Will Natalie be able to overcome the lies being printed about her? About the author: Kai Strand writes fiction for middle grade and young adult readers.
  • Packed in a beautiful white carton with the Karelia logo printed across the front, every aspect of this well-loved brand reflects the style and grace of smoking this fine European product.
  • Now the fed is printing as a way of pretending to repay debt.
  • I print off 6 months at a time to have in the front of the binder to record bills as they arrive.
  • Lots of people clip coupons using their papers and print out them right out of the online.

"pose by" or "pose for"?

  • Safety doesn't need to be imposed by governments.
  • Orton then poses for the crowd.
  • They're supposed to be listening, not sipping.
  • Me posing as a Prince and Mick as a Princess.
  • Inside she playfully poses with just bikini bottoms.
  • The question is posed in a cute animation produced by RiAus.
  • I am concerned about the dangers this will pose on non-muslim communities in the included areas.
  • There are a number of questions that can be posed at this point.
  • We were laughing like mad, dancing between pots, posing like old sculptures.

"pop into", "pop out" or "pop in"?

  • We popped into the stall owned by M.
  • Especiakly considering how you had both lungs pop in the same month.
  • Yet it popped out of Mr Darling's mouth yesterday.
  • Maldonado's last lap in Q2 pops to my mind.
  • He was the first African to have hosted Top of the Pops on BBC Radio.
  • I popped by the original restaurant that started it all.
  • I also was gobsmacked when she whines about being popped for fradulent ad practices.
  • MethodB() also does not handle this exception and popped off the call stack.
  • Every time it pops up to it's 50 day moving average it sells off again.
  • Popping of plaster commonly associated with new Neeru plasters can be taken care of subsequently during painting.
  • If you are viewing this for the first time, pop onto www.
  • Whitehead popped over the conversion as the Kings went to half-time trailing by just three points despite the stats being completely in the Pumas ' favour.
  • He has recorded music that blends pop with reggae; and blends rhythm and blues with hip hop.
  • You are a brilliant designer! Julia Barker Hi Robert, A beautiful new red bow tie has popped through our letter box, in time for a friend's 50th birthday bash tonight.
  • Popped under the grill to make the cheese golden and crispy, this, for me, was the ultimate comfort food.

"pursue by" or "pursue in"?

  • Violations of copyright and trademark right will be pursued by legal actions.
  • Action was also pursued in the civil courts.
  • But fashion is certainly what I wish to pursue for now.
  • The second and third was something I attempted to pursue on a couple of occasions.
  • It should have and could have been pursued with much better planning and execution.
  • The bulk of the bond we are pursuing at the SEC is to develop basic education infrastructure.
  • In my adult years, I was busy in selfish pursue of all things materialistic and did not pay much attention nor spent much time with Ah Ma.
  • At present, tension with Iran is pursued through Tehrans nuclear energy program.
  • This reply smacks of (pseudo-) intellectual arrogance and, if pursued to its (il) logical end, could result in suppressing free speech.
  • Wars are constant and pursued without a congressional declaration.
  • The numerous lawsuits Apple are pursuing against Samsung show their concern about losing the market - and 30 days later, I can say that Apple really do need to worry.
  • The attainment of this target is being pursued as a strategy to maintain, if not improve, the Philippines ' ranking as the second largest geothermal producer in the world.
  • Another of the topics pursued during the forum was networking between compatible service providers along with marketing of the critical mass that businesses achieve by banding together.
  • Further offences, such as cheating, can be pursued under the Penal Code, Foong explains.
  • A more promising approach would be to view government's efforts relating to social welfare as prudential matters that must be pursued within the requirements of justice as individual rights.

permit by, in, without, for or on?

  • Thus, the two formats currently permitted by Directive No.
  • Night game drives are permitted in Lake Manyara.
  • Forwarding not permitted without prior permission.
  • A permit for firearms is required.
  • Readmission is not permitted on Fireworks Saturdays.
  • They decided on who should get land permits under the land laws.
  • Governments sell and issue ETS permits to businesses not peasants.
  • Constraints: An fo:marker is only permitted as the descendant of an fo:flow.
  • This is because divorce has only been permitted at the time of extreme need.
  • Importers of trucks over 3 tonnes unladen weight are required to obtain an import permit from the Trade Board Limited prior to importation.
  • An exception would be made for guide dogs -- these can be permitted into the restaurant car at the Stewards discretion.
  • Please always have your fishing permit with you and available for inspection by IFI staff.
  • All that is being asked is that marriage be permitted between two people, irrespective of gender - all other aspects would remain unchanged.
  • The use of mirrors is not permitted during the race.
  • Income remittances The following transactions are permitted through commercial banks a.

"pour into" or "pour in"?

  • Water is pouring into the vessel from all sides.
  • First gold was poured in mid-August.
  • Blood was pouring from a wound on top her head.
  • The Bobcats poured on the pressure from the get go.
  • I spent a good part of a day pouring over the pages of this book.
  • He could feel it now, it was pouring out of her.
  • The light pouring through the beveled cuts of the diamond would create a whirling rainbow of color.
  • The whole beach area was covered in trash and debris and there were rivers of water pouring off the shore in different places.
  • It's not anywhere but there's blood pouring onto its little feet and it looks so sad.
  • But in Guizhou, big bowl of wheat noodles are often poured with a falf inch layer of hot pig fat.
  • Flip the Roti and pour about 1/2 a beaten Egg on the Roti.
  • Since we have 52 weeks in a year we need such heavy down pour before the monsoon ends.
  • I started with very ripe apricots, chopped and pitted (but not peeled ), mild honey (about one-quarter by weight of the fruit ), and a good pour of dry white wine.
  • When the pleasure that we seek within ourselves is poured upon an object, it looks beautiful.

"predict by" or "predict in"?

  • The breach of the levees was predicted by a 2004.
  • Such thinking was predicted in Revelation and an abomination.
  • But they also say that these are the kinds of events they predict for a warmer world.
  • They could not be predicted with any certainty.
  • A close outcome is predicted on December 7th, 2012 and the stakes in this election could not be any higher.
  • I'd acutely aware that the met office can not accurately predict from one day to the next, or so it often seems.
  • Our demise has been predicted at every federal election in the last 20 years.
  • On Friday, the Mississippi River at Natchez is predicted to crest at 62.
  • What was crime of the poor astrologer? He had predicted about a possible earthquake.
  • If the topic were something highly dynamic and hard to predict as Syria/Turkey/etc.
  • That agreement was predicted prior to debate number three, and the prediction was undeniably accurate.
  • A wonderful break in our drought! The funny thing is that it wasn't predicted until a few hours before it began to rain.
  • So I predict within the next year the opposite trend.

"pretend to" or "pretend like"?

  • Tammy likes this idea, and pretends to Daniel it's down her top.
  • I do hate that they pretend like it didn't happen.
  • That pretending for a while is actually nothing like being.
  • They would not want people to be pretending in groups.
  • I need not pretend as an intelligent person to lead a human life in a small village in Sri Lanka.

"propose by" or "propose to"?

  • The motion was proposed by Cllr.
  • Brady proposes to Madison as Nicole and EJ look on.
  • Truman proposed in 1911, but Bess turned him down.
  • A design pattern has been proposed for this problem.
  • Vegeterianism is proposed as a derivation of guiding the people in the spiritual path as it serves many purposes.
  • Several candidates were proposed at the meeting.
  • This summary reports only on options proposed during public hearings and in the public comment period.
  • A 7km ERL link is proposed from KLIA to KLIA East.
  • Propose on the composition of the branch officials.
  • This amendment has been proposed with retrospective effect from assessment year 2002-03.

"proceed with" or "proceed to"?

  • Proceed with the rest of the steps.
  • But the EU does proceed to implementation.
  • All else proceeds from this premise.
  • Science proceeds in a different manner.
  • Time in that dimension proceeds only and always forward.
  • Proceedings not invalidated by irregularity 134 No proceeding under this Act shall be deemed invalid by reason of any defect in form or any technical irregularity.
  • Unless we have concrete evidence, we can not proceed against offenders.
  • Warming has proceeded at a snail's pace this week---and it continues Friday.
  • Consultation with the Committee would proceed by email.
  • Proceed for an afternoon game drive in the park.
  • After a while of speaking around, we proceeded towards Parliament House.
  • Regardless, he proceeds without hesitation, as I am on his track.
  • From that point onward, everything proceeds according to normal physics.
  • But, the proceeding before this Commission of 16.
  • The priests were to wash both their hands and feet at the laver before proceeding into the Holy Place, the place of fellowship.
  • Proceed through check-out as directed.

"press for" or "press on"?

  • Apple never pay bloggers or press for anything.
  • Rather press on the meat with tongs.
  • Press into lined cake tin and place in fridge until ready to serve.
  • He does not perform well when really pressed by someone who knows his/her stuff.
  • But no charges have been pressed against anyone, although some officials were suspended from duties.
  • It's about time that along with Section 5, we had an overhaul of the laws regarding free speech and press in the UK.
  • Tho, I could do the half mile swim if pressed to it.
  • I perhaps could or should have done better in my reply, but this week is pressing upon me.
  • Speaking to press after the meeting, Mr.
  • It only looks like a single volume in that it's pressed between two covers.
  • Politicians and press from Colombo are not the eyewitnesses.
  • A screen with a stenciled design is daubed with paint and pressed onto a garment.
  • The material will probably be pressed through a die.

purchase from, in, by, for or at?

  • It can be purchased from website Amazon.
  • Their products were purchased in the camp itself.
  • Brown &; Williamson was purchased by R.
  • Breakfast can be purchased for $1.
  • Domains can be purchased at GoDaddy.
  • Tickets purchased on ticketmaster.
  • Coins can also be purchased with Hidden Chronicles cash.
  • Besides, it can also be purchased through the Wii Shop Channel.
  • Authoring Organizations About the PDF: What am I Buying? About Our PDFs This book can be purchased as a computer file.
  • In order that a bond is to be included in the draw, it must be purchased before two months of the draw date.
  • The beef we had purchased over the winter is aged.
  • May possibly purchase prior to even this particular contented.
  • You should declare the liquor you purchased to the customs agent.
  • The rules and policies of the TSX contain restrictions on the number of shares that can be purchased under the Bid, based on the average daily trading volumes of the Common Shares on the TSX.
  • Purchase via Net A Porter for $2750.
  • Right now, with simply a few mouse clicks of the convenience, you'll find the right distressed home foreclosure houses to purchase without taking a step from the office or house.

"perceive as" or "perceive by"?

  • I definitely don't want to be perceived as a damn fool.
  • I am curious how this new approach is perceived by others around me.
  • Women were perceived in the same ways that objects are viewed.
  • Adjusting your body language to a more assertive style may help change the way you are perceived at the office.
  • Rocks don't perceive of, or witness, time.
  • Nor is that Hyle, therefore, to be called an evil which can not be perceived through any appearance, but can scarcely be thought of through any sort of privation of appearance.
  • I perceived or I was made to perceive upon his face signs of disgust.
  • We believe and think whatever we perceive with our 5 senses is real, for it is the only way by which we have known the world.

"prevent from" or "prevent by"?

  • He is therefore prevented from playing.
  • This can be prevented by addition of Tween 80.
  • If he was, it needs to be outed in order for that kind of thing to be prevented in future, if he was n't, then his image has been unfairly tarnished.
  • More than 90 percent of those accidents could have been prevented with proper eyewear.
  • This is because millions of children die from diseases that can be prevented through vaccines.
  • I feel sick myself whenever i read this kind of issues happening to our brothers and sisters, mostly younger one, which can be prevented at this modern times.
  • Which let me enlighten you the pharma industry with great efforts has been preventing over the years.

"promise to", "promise by" or "promise in"?

  • Although both are promised to others.
  • It's been promised in ' 42 to Stalin.
  • They claimed that military support promised by the Ministry of Defence had never arrived in Brak.
  • His manifesto promises for 2012 are as appealing as ever.
  • Do not promise on what you can not deliver.
  • The BJP had promised before the elections that a new plan would be formed after considering people's objections.
  • The Situation Today Today, Taranaki iwi have still not received the land that was promised after the war.
  • No wonder the bread that was promised at Rs3/50 is now Rs35 giving due allowance to inflation, exchange flucturation etc So it was with Petroleum, Gas and Milk Powder prices.
  • But, he almost did not receive the licence he was promised because of a last minute policy shift by the then Minister in charge.
  • The NHL's proposal also includes a deferred salary plan that will make sure players are given all the money promised from existing contracts.
  • There's a host of free entertainment promised including penalty shoot outs, a Brazilian soccer school and celebrity teams.
  • But when the thing promised under oath is possible and right, then wantonly to neglect the doing of it is to disrespect God's name.

"prove to" or "prove by"?

  • He had nothing to prove to anyone.
  • It has been proven by phrenology.
  • Organic answers are proven in the center.
  • The point had been proven beyond all doubt.
  • I proved with my own hands that Americans WILL do the work.
  • Most of what is taken as true in mathematics can be proved as a theorem.
  • Will proved at Oxford 14 July 1587.
  • Haha, t is the point I've been vehemently trying to prove for so long.
  • Vessel already proven on route, fast buck to be made.
  • This has been proved through Dr.
  • Others were only proved after Ramanujan's death.
  • Maple Ridge will have some bright stars though next year as Drew Dickie has emerged as a solid goalie as he proved against Langley stopping 43 of 55 shots on net.
  • You know me well enough to know I would n't, I wouldn't tell something I can't prove from the Bible.
  • The small details of training, generally found so irksome, now proved of value.
  • His thought processes have been proven over time to be second to none.
  • Madonna unequivocally proves without a doubt, talent does equate to intelligence.

"possess by" or "possess of"?

  • For months he had been possessed by the imagination of her.
  • Mary is possessed of extreme physical beauty.
  • It is more like something China doesn't possess now but is gon na possess in a near future.
  • Banton is on trial for conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute five or more kilogrammes of cocaine.
  • I also possess as an MBA degree in Marketing from Amrita School of Business.
  • Herath lacked the threat he possessed at Galle.
  • After which I will begin a new life, using the capacities I possess for the sole purpose of satisfing my personal egoism.
  • You need prospective customers to see just how many supporters you possess on Twitter or Facebook or myspace.
  • But I will venture to say that his power over the people of England is nothing when compared with the power which the Governor General possesses over the people of India.

"protect by" or "protect from"?

  • The Waratah is protected by law.
  • Protected from itself, it would seem.
  • The minipill does not protect against STIs.
  • Are American Mink protected in Ireland? Mink are not protected in Ireland.
  • This right is protected under section 76.
  • It is a Muslim ideology that must be protected for time to come.
  • Or market identified to be worldwide can be protected with a few places.
  • Murder is not protected as a freedom of expression.
  • The life and dignity of every person must be respected and protected at every stage and in every condition.
  • I don't feel protected on the streets.

push for, to, into, through or by?

  • So that's why I'd pushing for 2.
  • It's that last push to the summit.
  • So often people are pushed into learning to.
  • Bush, pushed through Congress in 2001 and 2003.
  • They are being pushed by various actors.
  • I can not say I did not push on the run.
  • I dislike anything that pushes against that.
  • Push in the middle and turn and turn.
  • Financial survival has been pushed out of reach.
  • Totnes is collective, and first the kettle could gently push at common ice.
  • Bold and confident, Nicki fearlessly pushes beyond boundaries to achieve her extraordinary vision.
  • He said Walker was pushed from behind and was also hit with a bottle.
  • He said he pushed off the deejay and a crowd began to descend at that point.
  • War was pushed onto the Germans by talmudic judaic bankers.
  • Such tactics may, however, backfire as peoples ' common sensibilities are at last pushed over the brink.
  • But when it came down to having kids, he just couldn't push past that boundary.
  • Merkel seems to be pushing toward a fiscal union (of sorts) but blocking any move toward a banking union.
  • They don't want to be pushed towards the margin.
  • Its the new world order making its play, Israel is to be pushed under the bus in return for Arab support for the new world order.
  • So instead of pushing with fear we actually start by acknowledging it.

"publish in" or "publish by"?

  • Wrenn, first published in 1949.
  • Published by Grubb Street Press.
  • Costello - Published on Amazon.
  • His work has been published at thealestle.
  • Even Sunday Lankadeepa kindly published about my work.
  • It has just been published as a l etter to the editor.
  • The contents of this website are published for your enjoyment.
  • This news paper published from Bangladesh.
  • No work published to date contains as much detail on U.
  • The source-code is published under the WTFPL.
  • The article is published with their permission.

pull out, in, on, from or into?

  • He's hopeful that we'll pull out of the recession.
  • I get pulled in different directions.
  • And that is no punches pulled on it either.
  • That equals to a gravity pull from 5 storeys high.
  • I pulled into a petrol station in shock.
  • He was armed and pulled at her hand.
  • Such allies also could pull away from the U.
  • Learners are pulled to informal learning.
  • Women at taxi ranks groped and pulled by men.
  • But that curtain is pulled for us.
  • I am using the video camera to pull of audio recordings until my minidiskman gets repaired.
  • So, this driver should have pulled over TBH.
  • He pulled through it, though, and was soon back playing footie.
  • It was like pulling up to a giant dollhouse.
  • They watch people they consider hacks pull ahead of them.
  • I pull onto the ledge, haul the pack, put Evan on belay.
  • Don't simply pull with your biceps.

prepare for, by, in, with or to?

  • Just be prepared for the worse.
  • This brief was prepared by Terry.
  • A merit list is prepared in order of marks scored.
  • You can also ask that eggs be prepared with no salt.
  • Americans must be prepared to:.
  • The Northern Irishman arrived at Kingston Heath early and prepared as well as anyone.
  • Easy Diwali Recipes both sweet and snacks which you can prepare at home.
  • A mother tincture is prepared from the substance.
  • So we have to pray and prepare on an individual level.
  • This report was prepared under ED grant #H133B980045.

"promote to" or "promote by"?

  • V and I was promoted to Flight Commander.
  • The consumer market slows promoted by the.
  • New Zealand has been promoted as a major world food exporter.
  • You might like to try the KML files that I have been promoting in recent posts.
  • Some are guys who you promote from the system.
  • Great goods promote on their own.
  • The conference is being promoted through the DCU Ryan Academy, which exists to promote entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • The focus of public outrage should be translated to help and do something to promote for the victims.
  • The next leg should hopefully see Ravens promoted into 1 st Division.
  • I actually started to promote with my friend.
  • I will be disappointed if it's him- I don't want anyone being promoted after this past season that was on staff.
  • Condoms should be widely accessible, and their use promoted among sexually active people of all ages.
  • When Pujara was promoted at number3 in that match against Australia in a run chase, that should have been Dravid's last match.
  • There should be no **30;5010;TOOLONG based groupings, campaigning for and promoting of such divisions must be outlawed.
  • Promoted under the guise of children going to school ' safely ' e.
  • The Quitline was promoted within the campaign advertising as an inexpensive and easily accessible service for those smokers who did wish to avail themselves of advice.

"put in" or "put on"?

  • He needs to be put into prison.
  • I have nothing to put on my list.
  • He needs to be put into prison.
  • A gun was not put to their head.
  • The living wage has been put at 7.
  • Carts are being put before horses.
  • England's run of failures were soon to be put behind them.
  • Even the wealthiest man can not put off death.
  • If I had a family to support, put through school, etc.
  • Students like me are put under the gun.

pass through, by, on, in or to?

  • I have not passed through fire and.
  • Nobody would pass by the stable.
  • We have to pass on that information.
  • The original act was passed in 1995.
  • The ExitId parameter passed to the exit was &1.
  • Obama barely passes for a very poor joke.
  • All contingency has passed from it.
  • The rights of leadership now passed into the hands of Imam Husayn (A.
  • The Roman road to Jerusalem passed between them.
  • Let them pass over the mirror of our mind.
  • The resolution was passed with 24.
  • The deadline passed without a deal.
  • Just wanted to pass along the good that has come from it.
  • The toad, by no means a looker, can pass as a washerwoman.
  • Straits Mongrel: The amendment was unanimously passed at 4.
  • About an hour passed before Mike appeared.
  • These will not be passed onto third parties.
  • Like other men, they passed out of Buck's life for good.
  • The familiar smell of instant noodles passes under my nose.

perform in, at, by, on or with?

  • Emergency surgery was performed in 38.
  • I also performed at The Cannabis Cup.
  • The ceremony was performed by Rev.
  • With the surgery they performed on Dec.
  • They're all awesome to perform with.
  • They hadn't performed for a month.
  • Tony Romo never performs to that level.
  • He continues to perform as a professional singer and actor around the GTA.
  • He will perform alongside Nic Rouleau, who will be playing the role of Elder Price.
  • Do people fight or feast? Is it performed before or after burial.
  • The daing are songs which are performed during a solemn sacrifice.
  • A comprehensive search for relevant studies was performed from 1975 to the present.
  • If you eat like crap then you're going to perform like crap.
  • You've been performing outside Nigeria a lot.
  • Your 2011 EP ' Way of a Wayfarer ' was entirely performed over producer Gold Panda's tracks.
  • And there's unending pressure to perform through good times and bad.
  • By 1887, Peer had become famous enough to begin performing under his own billing.
  • We eagerly await the day that full-genome sequencing is just another test that is performed within the time.

"place in" or "place on"?

  • Dogs can be placed in dog kennels.
  • Place on dehydrating rack, do not stack.
  • The provisional agenda is placed at Annex 1.
  • Place under grill for a few minutes.
  • The hood was placed into a dish of water.
  • A particular focus is being placed upon the air technology sector.
  • The time-measure should be placed before the negation?
  • There is thus too much imbalance with EARTH supported by METAL placed by you.
  • Say that you are coming right place for Satellite Directs HD VIDEO.
  • A crown, bridge or denture is then placed over the implant.
  • I don't think the T should be placed with LGB in this case.
  • Any bids placed after that time will be void.
  • Men tend to place between 500g and 1.
  • Remove celery, onions, and aromatics placed inside bird earlier.
  • I'd also CEO of The Physio Co: Australia's 8th Best Place to Work.
  • Placed within a awesome ventilated place dry, stay obvious of instant sunlight.

"produce by" or "produce in"?

  • It was produced by Lawan Davis.
  • The amateurish video was produced in the U.
  • He is then produced from Jerusalem.
  • In April, the strand -- which is produced for U.
  • Assume that all cans produced one week are sold that week.
  • A report can be produced at any time.
  • The food is not a probelm if we produce with the biggest consciousness.
  • Yet for every kid we can produce as evidence of them having an impact, there are a couple more still falling through the cracks.
  • A total of eight persons were produced before a magistrate who granted them bail.
  • These digital files are produced during Braille production.
  • In return, the plant uses the nutrients that these critters produce like ever important nitrogen.
  • Natural enzymes produced through solid state fermentation can break down cellulose and other fibers.
  • He also carried farm produce to Newry market.
  • Of course, items produced under private-label will remain the responsibility of the retailer.
  • Link Magazine is produced without the assistance of government funding,.

"pray for" or "pray to"?

  • Just pray for a high raw score.
  • Pray to God for his forgiveness.
  • So think again before you pray in such a way.
  • Jenny? Little Jenny: Pray with me, Forrest.
  • When we pray at home, she sleeps.
  • Should you pray about trivial matters? Yes.
  • Something I will be thinking about and praying on this week.
  • I am with you and I pray before God for every one of you.
  • Pray like this: I remove my name from evil prophecy; it will not happen in my life, in the name of Jesus.
  • We read them, pray over them, discuss them with others, and then only write the reflections.
  • As far as praying without Wudhoo ' is concerned, trust and incentives may work best.

pick on, from, for, in or at?

  • I'd not trying to pick on Paul S.
  • You've got plenty to pick from.
  • Here are my three picks for you: 1.
  • I agonized having to pick in 2008.
  • The medical people gave me iodine and told not to pick at it.
  • McCain was picked by the centrists basically.
  • Seed pods are picked off the cacao trees.
  • Just pick up yourself and go on.
  • The average residential lock can be picked with $5-$10 worth of tools and.
  • Because Schultz was a second round pick, they don't even get a compensatory draft pick as the Coyotes did when Blake Wheeler pulled the same stunt.
  • It is more difficult for me to pick between Stein and Obama.
  • Fine if it was only picking of the lead swingers.
  • The pharma information, in India at least, if often half correct, sentences being picked out of context from journal and books, to be presented to doctors.
  • These were the vultures to pick over the bones of the dead as it were.
  • This decision proved to be a good one as his application picked through some good luck.
  • Jordan slid all the way down to the third pick after the enigmatic Sam Bowie was taken by the Portland Traiblazers.
  • However, last week he was picked against City, as Villas-Boas believes it.
  • I also like the difference in your writing style between articles that will get picked to shreds if written uncarefully (FSM articles, etc) and your ones about cats.
  • The enemies of Imam Abu Hanifah Rahmatullah alayh picked upon this point to argue that he was a Murji'e.

"plan for" or "plan on"?

  • That's what I plan for as well.
  • Plan on lunch as your main meal.
  • The secret is to plan in advance.
  • We plan to camp a lot of the time.
  • His death was mysterious, and seemed planned by observers.
  • This includes planned as well as unplanned service disruptions.
  • Media planning attracts rating, given current trends.
  • Every inch of it lovingly planned with him in mind.
  • Forget pension plans from Insurance companies who will take your money and give you nothing in return.

"prefer to" or "prefer by"?

  • However, I prefer to go for that stars.
  • Coincidentally the station preferred by majority.
  • He preferred for the image of the band in its prime to remain undisturbed.
  • Fees are however preferred in advance.
  • Thus they are preferred over other errors.
  • The new charges preferred against him is bailable by law.
  • Rabbit / Hare Specific breeds of rabbit are preferred with the majority of fur being produced in Belgium.
  • Given the Tory record of practically a disaster per week since the election, it is amazing that they remain preferred at over 40%, still worse that 47.
  • But you know what people prefer above all else? Winning.
  • Now, what about Sabella? s plans of finding a combination? Lucio Gonzalves, who was preferred ahead of Ever Banega, was giving Messi the support up the field.
  • It will all boil down to what kind of lifestyle the buyer prefers along with budget constraints to consider.
  • Whether or not you are at household or at function, it is highly preferred amongst buyers.
  • Personally, I think Adusei and Sumaila will be preferred as the season goes by.
  • Sons were preferred on daughters.

"play in" or "play with"?

  • Lots of nice moments plays in my.
  • We need to play with intensity.
  • Adam Johnson plays for sunderland.
  • Joshua played on the playground.
  • Sometimes we even play at Dhamma.
  • I don't read music -- I play by ear.
  • Don't play against Maccabi-Haifa.
  • You always play to your strength.
  • He can also play as a false No.
  • Try to play along with old game shows 13.
  • Sabres, where he played from 1979 to 1981.
  • MacDonald's comments played into that.
  • Arsenal played like crap in the second half.
  • He plays through the middle as well.
  • He is effective when he slows down and plays under control.
  • We can play without any pressure.

pay for, to, by, in or on?

  • The land has to pay for itself.
  • The homage was paid to Lingamism.
  • But actors are paid by the scene.
  • So you will have to pay in that case.
  • I fortunately paid on my credit card.
  • Now he is willing to pay at his house.
  • Cost Expect to pay from, 600 up.
  • When you buy a bike, you pay into a bike trust fund.
  • Dividends are paid out of the standalone profits of the company.
  • They can control everything very easily: description, images, pay per view.
  • And again, the relatives and friends have to pay through contributions.
  • They must pay with their blood.

"provide by" or "provide for"?

  • This variety is provided by research.
  • They will also be provided for free.
  • The information provided in this article.
  • Information to be provided to employee 45(3.
  • It was provided with a railway in 1901.
  • Use the information provided on the paper.
  • Trail Detour signage will be provided at the site.
  • These links are provided as a convenience to you.
  • My guess these stocks are provided from some vendors.
  • Such drugs are therefore not provided through the public sector.
  • Modest compensation and transportation will be provided under the program.