Prepositions after Verbs

Click a verb to see what prepositions are usually used after it in English


strip of, to, by, from or off?

  • I was stripped of all my pride and I was terribly ashamed.
  • All three were stripped to the bone.
  • I was violently stripped by them.
  • It was among the marble pieces stripped from the temple in the early 19th century.
  • Ramsey was stripped off his national team captaincy because he has nothing to offer in the game of football to his country.
  • Why Does The Hair Split? When the protective cuticle has been stripped away from the ends of hair fibres.
  • He was drawn, rather, to a raft of other items about the daft antics of Poms including the story (here) of a psychic who persuaded sheilas to strip for him.
  • So the dinner for the evening was due to be - pan fried chicken strips in a three cheese sauce with penne.
  • She wore little bikinis and was stripping on the beach.
  • She designs lots of her individual stage apparel and would most likely strip due to hot pants as well as a bikini top.
  • I plan to put LED strips inside the case.
  • Read on to get my recipe of morning glory pasta strips with drunken shrimps.

stress about, to, on, in or by?

  • Try not to get stressed about the minor things.
  • Yet, I always stress on hardware fundamental.
  • Al had stressed to the class that it was better to almost always send the reverb on a bus.
  • Pay special attention to anything the teacher seemed to stress in class.
  • That's a point stressed by the department.
  • Hussain stressed upon the Ulema that there was no time for mere talking.
  • The worst thing you can do while waiting for a guy to call is to stress over it.
  • Management stressed at the time it was only a three-day event, Sept.
  • He is told the king is stressed with all the gossip.
  • This has shown that the design stresses for some types of joints were.
  • We have spent a total of 8000 keeping it on the road this year alone! I can't coment on other cabs, but I can only stress from 3 years experience of this vehicle.
  • Please don't stress after reading this.
  • CNN-IBN: Wasn't it a bit of stress reliever also when you finally got it? Sachin: We weren't stressed as such.
  • I used to be a bit stressed before games, but now I am totally relaxed because of my team mates and the manager.
  • This is our FIRST Thanksgiving at our house, and my first attempt at a turkey, and I am stressed beyond belief.
  • I found that he pulled a lot, he was very distracted and he seemed stressed during the entire walk.
  • Students will need to use this time wisely or they will stress throughout the year, thinking how to get work done at home, especially those who have after-school activities.

struggle with, for, in, against or at?

  • I struggle with pricing myself.
  • I saw it struggle for 5 seconds.
  • You see us struggling in the car.
  • Cook's men had struggled against pace and spin.
  • He really struggled at C and that affected his overall game.
  • You live, you learn, you struggle through a hike.
  • Independent film producers have struggled on their own.
  • Steve struggled to strap it to the top of their Chevrolet Impala wagon.
  • Bring hope to communities struggling after war, disaster or oppressive governments.
  • And Zoila, the star of the latest series, struggles as a single mother until her children are able to help her set up a clothing business.
  • If you have struggled during the winter months in the past, remember now is not then.
  • Overall, both sides struggled from the field in the second half, each side shooting below 30%.
  • He is seeing more ice time compared to last year, but the Badgers have struggled out of the gate.
  • After struggling over the years with my three children.
  • The other Indians may have struggled under pressure but Saina simply shrugs it off.

"slaughter in" or "slaughter by"?

  • Most of the livestock was slaughtered in autumn and the meat was salted to preserve it.
  • The birds would later be publicly slaughtered by a local farmer and served as a meal.
  • A few words may be said about the way how an animal should be slaughtered according to the teachings of Islam.
  • Thousands and thousands were slaughtered at various points in the churches history.
  • If alcohol is used either for taste or in intoxicating amounts, the food prepared would be Haram; and any gelatin derived from animals not slaughtered with tasmiya is also Haram.
  • The follow supplication should also be recited at the time of the slaughtering of the animal.
  • I was summoned to the main cattle gate, in my hand a ritual cowhide from a cow that had been properly slaughtered during my naming ceremony.
  • Animals which have not been slaughtered within 24 hours of their arrival shall be fed, and shall subsequently be given moderate amounts of food at appropriate intervals.
  • They were slaughtered because of Turkish nationalism and religious hatred but of course to say this openly in modern day Turkey is still dangerous.
  • So what is the solution? Answer: It is obligatory to ascertain in order to do the slaughtering inside Mina.
  • However, had the ANC support base followed their president's call, they could have been slaughtered like cattle then.

shower with, on, upon, at or by?

  • Where he was beaten and showered with chappals.
  • After the wedding, he decided to drive the royal couple home himself to shower on them a kingly courtesy as was prevalent in those days.
  • May God's blessing continue to be showered upon him.
  • Showering at Night and Disliking It My cat wishes she were a lion, but sadly she is not.
  • By the time they arrived it was 6:25, and at that point we still needed to shower before dinner, which meant it was a late night.
  • That aspiration you might have usually had of showering in the waterfall on an exotic placing or fishing for salmon in an Alaskan stream may be satisfied.
  • For me, that means showering after my kids are asleep.

"stuff with", "stuff into" or "stuff in"?

  • Stockings were stuffed with homemade candies.
  • I do not like to make my stuffing in the bird.
  • Foie gras stuffed into a fig, sprinkled with sugar and then caramelized.
  • I think it helps to keep an open mind when it comes to stuff like this.
  • Directors from Denmark who do stuff for shock purpose.
  • Linfield stuffed on first and second down.
  • Stuffing to the maximum will make your cover photo visually overwhelming to the visitor.
  • For an authentic Sri Lankan taste, try vaddai -- a crispy, spicy snack made from dried lentils and spices, or malu pahn -- fish and curry stuffed inside a freshly baked bread bun.
  • If you are stuffing the bird, stuff it loosely, allowing about to cup stuffing per pound of turkey.

"slow to" or "slow in"?

  • Manufacturing slowed to a Crawl.
  • Growth has slowed in the euro zone as a result of the debt crisis.
  • In B, It slows for resale does not make sense.
  • Downloaded IE8 vice IE7, computer slowed by 20% estimated.
  • If foreign aid stopped, GDP growth would probably slow from 6% to 4% -- an unwelcome development, but hardly catastrophic.
  • Source: Google Prior to 2008, growth rates were already slowing as the company grew and matured.
  • The rate of growth in recent years has slowed relative to the late 1990s and early 2000s, but is still expected to grow faster than national income over the foreseeable future.
  • If elimination of these metabolites is slowed because of impaired renal function, visible skin changes occur.
  • But as the traffic thickens and slows into the snarl of a busy city, I'd thinking back to those back roads, where the Cadillac danced sweetly.
  • Overall, further slowing of rates of growth seems likely.
  • Even on the revenue front, while MSFT has sold more every year, growth has been slowing over that entire period - albeit that it's accelerating slightly this year.
  • Growth in final domestic demand has been slowing since the first quarter of 2011.
  • If the rate is slowed through yogic practices and self control to an average of only 5 respirations per minute the life span will be 360 years.

"shop for" or "shop at"?

  • He had been shopping for clothes.
  • Do I shop at malls and Walmart, yes.
  • I would definitely continue to shop in kids department,.
  • Do as I did and shop with Play.
  • I ordered something from Topshop on 06.
  • Tip #8: Do not shop as a form of therapy.
  • But you can't just shop by brand.
  • This medication can be shopped from any of the leading online store or from a chemist.
  • I also enjoyed taking the cutest group of young ladies shopping to my favourite Vintage warehouse.
  • They don't invite us to the pool (have you ever gone swimsuit shopping without your breasts?).

"sort through" or "sort by"?

  • We sorted through a bunch of cool stuff in the attic.
  • They are sorted by Publication Date.
  • This needs to be sorted for you.
  • The journals are sorted in descending order based on the highest record count.
  • Glass at the dump, sorted into bags.
  • All of them were sorted according to their level of involvement in the LTTE's activities.
  • Processing can mean anything from repacking or sorting to the most complicated manufacturing.
  • I will be writing to Watchdog as this problem needs sorting before someone gets seriously hurt - Toni Hunter from Lincolnshire Mike Greaves, Middlesex Peugeot 407 Coupe 3.
  • They slowly appear on people's radars, working their way through junior formulae, and the pretenders are sorted from the potential champions.
  • I really like the difference that there is with the character and being able to sort of enjoy it as an inside joke with the people that I work with.
  • Had a few minor niggles which were sorted under warranty.
  • But if I had my preference, I'd write up an article like this, and it'd seamlessly glide into a clean, simple stream of my writing, organized by topic and sorted with the newest stuff on top.

seethe with, in, about, under or after?

  • The area, where the Sena headquarters is located, seethed with anger.
  • But I also seethe in the knowledge that our society really hasn't changed since her tracks were written.
  • But seething under the surface was an intensity, a swirling were energy that spoke of apure blind rage and a tremendous power only just under control.
  • Then I think back to last August, when I sat on my sofa sulking and seething after the late sale of Mikel Arteta to Arsenal.
  • The FA are still seething on SAF and his additional comments on Scudamore and have punished us simple as.

sin against, by, in, outside or as?

  • To sin against God is to punish yourself.
  • Noah, who had been so diligent and faithful, sinned by getting drunk (Genesis 9:20,21).
  • Fear of Allah (SWT) is what keeps a muslim from sinning in the first place.
  • Its better to sin outside the church, not inside.
  • Apollinarius regarded the ability to sin as the distinctive property of finite nature.
  • The end time testing of God's people has a purpose -- a very great purpose, namely to make a complete end to sin on earth.
  • This portion of Hell contains the angels who sexually sinned with the women of the Earth before Noah's flood.
  • He just says I have sinned before the Lord.
  • Make evry effort not to sin like that and alaah may grant your way to heaven.

subdivide into, by, for or in?

  • The page is subdivided into regions.
  • As I understand it infra-red is rather large radiation spectrum that then had been subdivided for more precise meaning (near infra-red and thermal infra-red being two of them).

"study in", "study for" or "study at"?

  • This feature was studied in detail by Mr.
  • Remember to study at your level.
  • At least now I can study for my exam.
  • We also have a dedicated page on studying with the OU.
  • Students, who are unable to attend classes, have the option of studying by distance learning.
  • After the war, the couple studied on the G.
  • Al-Bukhari studied under famous Imam Malik bin Anas and Yahya bin Ma'in.
  • Every doctor has to study about it generally.
  • Traditionally, music has been studied as a text reproduced in performance - almost as if it were an obscure kind of literature.
  • I never found any difficulty in studying from ebook and I prefer ebooks over hardcopy.

supplant by, in or rather?

  • Except my N900 has mostly been supplanted by my N9.
  • Gradually the past begins to take over, Valentina, the present wife, is supplanted in the story by the past wife Valerie, who is still alive and gradually comes to occupy centre stage.

superimpose on, upon, onto, over or after?

  • Use this to superimpose on any layout plan.
  • This gives rise to a contradictory development, where the most advanced features are superimposed upon extremely backward conditions.
  • The critical vocabularies and frameworks of pre-1945 or pre-1970 can't be superimposed onto the work of women writers and writers of color that have emerged since then.

"stun by" or "stun at"?

  • I was completely stunned by this.
  • My first reaction was to be stunned at the naivity of the message.
  • Having been stunned in the CIMB Singapore Masters semi final two weeks ago by Laura Massaro, David was looking to bounce back in style.
  • The morning dive was stunning with good visibility, colorful soft corals and lots of marine life.
  • Out they flew, attacking the Spaniards at the next table who were stunned into sudden silence.
  • She stunned on the red carpet at the Grammy's in an embellished Alberta Ferretti gown.
  • Absalon looked stunned after the foreman of the jury read the verdict.
  • His tone was light yet to me it seemed like a thunderclap, I was stunned for a while.

"swamp by" or "swamp with"?

  • The Google Play store was swamped by demand for the 4.
  • I'd sure the blogosphere will be swamped with images and videos in the next 24 hours.
  • Many of the features of a new signal can be swamped beyond repair by standard model processes.
  • Often strong in the water, McMaster struggled in the swim, getting swamped on the second lap.

submerge in, under, by, during or for?

  • As for me, I had a nap partially submerged in the river.
  • Land from MVC embankment till Maharaji tola was all submerged under water.
  • The water courses over rock-strewn terrain and at times the flow is submerged by rocky outcrops.
  • The rest are submerged during high tide.
  • Oh, I know motherhood never ends, but the day-to-day support portion, in which I have been submerged for the past 15 years, will start to vanish.
  • Sometimes you think you have a sighting and then it submerges into the rack of other contenders.
  • Simply deep breathing while submerged to your chin is a simple way to challenge and exercise your respiratory musculature, and much greater resistance is possible with snorkels and breathing tubes.
  • The Sardar Sarovar reservoir, when the dam is at its full height, is going to submerge about 13,000 hectares of prime forest land.
  • Food was usually stored in ceramic vessels like amphorae and dolia sealed with stoppers and sometimes partly submerged below floor level.
  • Then he would jump off a bridge into a hole cut in the ice that covered the Detroit River and free himself while submerged beneath the freezing water.
  • Some of the health risks of course will include water borne diseases; reason being that everything was submerged including sewages, safety tanks.
  • This is because being submerged within the water has a great way of cushioning our joints and protecting our bones.

splurge on, for, at, in or with?

  • Splurge on a couples spa treatment.
  • Scarlett Johansson was recently snapped getting intimate with needle and wool, while Uma Thurman has also been spotted splurging at a Los Angeles knitting supply shop.
  • This is not the sort of bloke who went out and splurged in the boom.

"slump in" or "slump to"?

  • He found one and slumped into it.
  • Meanwhile, India's growth rate has slumped to around 7 per cent.
  • Oh, sorry, I lost consciousness for a moment and my head slumped on my laptop.
  • Apple's annual turnover slumped from $11.
  • He found one and slumped into it.
  • The dark side of the data was agricultural-sector output which slumped by 2.
  • The lawmen arrived to find him slumped over the steering wheel.
  • My theatre colleagues would always slump after a show opened.
  • He slams it shut and slumps against it, shaken Isaac Parkin: Shut that gate and keep it shut! Withnail: cheerfully hopping back over the wall I think an evening at The Crow.
  • Two things are evident: individual power production took off between 2000 and 2003; and gross generation slumped around the same time.

sip on, through, from, in or rather?

  • She kept sipping on her drink and looked the other way.
  • The water carries the ions with it, sips through the crack of the rocks.
  • Colin Fisher, 22, from Edinburgh, is waiting with two friends dressed in Top Gun jumpsuits, sipping from cans of M &S; lager.
  • For me, the trick is to keep sipping rather than gulping down glasses at one go! We often neglect the goodness of water and think about how much water we should be having after we are reminded of it.

"scar by" or "scar on"?

  • But with a great dad, they are far less likely to be scarred by it - you have left them in the safest hands.
  • She has thickened and calloused skin on her elbows and scars on her back legs, and even a wart on her face.
  • His heart was scarred from the constant abuse, his life cut short and his young family left without a father.
  • Further, scarring in the lungs remains after a previous TB disease (even if the patient is completely cured) and therefore it is difficult to distinguish past cured TB from current active disease.
  • Skin that has been scarred as a result of LS is likely to develop skin cancer.
  • As a Scot, watching an overpaid diva, who has obviously no idea about football miss an open goal, is just too emotionally scarring for me.
  • I carry a smallpox scar and was fully vaccinated, so were my kids but they don't have a smallpox scar because of the risks that millions and millions of people took when they were vaccinated.
  • I use infrared light to destroy acne which also fades my acne scars over time.
  • It is pitch black by 5pm and winter has not yet even solidified over the barren, beige land, scarred with barbed wire and mountains of trash.

seep into, through, from, in or out?

  • Slowly, the reality seeps into consciousness.
  • The sour acidic taste of bile seeps through the walls all night.
  • He deals in a gentle throb, which ectoplasmically seeps from speakers, rather than thrusts itself at you.
  • Too much reality seeps in whether we like it not.
  • The history at Anfield seeps out of the stadium.
  • The car turning, falling plumping into a river on its side; himself trying to crawl through a window as the water seeped about his body.
  • When I sleep the room creeps up on me, the slimy sensation seeping off the walls and flooding my nose.

"salvage from" or "salvage in"?

  • It is the only thing that was salvaged from the dragline.
  • He stated that if the situation could not be salvaged in the last three years,.
  • It is our opinion that these figures are low and may not represent the actual situation because appreciable numbers of animals are salvaged before diagnoses are made.
  • The property development was a high-risk, high-reward venture from which profit was salvaged despite a massive slump.
  • I hate wasting things and whatever I can salvage for a good use, I try to do that.
  • Helmets galore!! I bet if pieces land on the Philippines they would be salvaged within an hour.

"spot in" or "spot by"?

  • A typhoon was spotted in the Visayas area.
  • The news outlet says the man was spotted by passengers.
  • You were recently spotted at a book reading session of Neeta Shah? s Bollywood Striptease.
  • Ten had been spotted on one day alone.
  • Last week, the actor was spotted with filmmaker Soham Shah and few other friends at a suburban coffee shop.
  • A nice big wind sock is easy to spot from a distance.
  • Some women will experience spotting as well as some cramping.
  • The slipper orchids are blooming as well and can be spotted during the mangrove trips.
  • The director has been spotted around city slums and today around Norwich Union building doing some shoots.
  • But she only spotted about ten of the 150.
  • Wallabies, too, are sometimes spotted among the rocks.
  • Its right next to the Petronas Towers and ridiculously easy to spot due to the very bland architecture that is typical of Australian Government buildings.
  • The presenter of ITV's West Country breakfast bulletin informed astonished viewers that an animal more commonly spotted near the North Pole had turned up in the seaside town of Bude.
  • They are easily spotted next to the two-piece uniforms, distinguished by their prominent front zipper.
  • No student or parent spotting of gymnasts.
  • Plenty of whales were being spotted off Sydney, in and around the heads, and even within the harbour.
  • Pisceans are known for spotting out of the way restaurants.
  • It was last spotted over the north Atlantic on September 15.
  • Other chef-lebrities spotted throughout the day:.
  • Yes the whole range from Blue Spot, Red Spot, White Linen, Kitchen Stripe and Spot to Arctic White and the new Canteen.
  • These mutations are tiny and difficult to spot without knowing what mutations to look for.

"startle by" or "startle at"?

  • We were both startled by this absence of modeling.
  • Startled at the disturbance the bear gave chase.
  • I imagined myself to be quite alone; but I was startled in the midst of the darkness by a deep sigh.
  • Startled out of his sleep, Chaton the Cat rushed out of the room and bolted down the stairs as though a thousand demons were at his heels.

stoop to, in, beside, for or towards?

  • I do not wish to stoop to that.
  • I look down Till his straining rump among the flowerbeds Bends low, comes up twenty years away Stooping in rhythm through potato drills Where he was digging.
  • Francis, also in the room, stooped beside a bed but was seen by the gunmen who shot him several times through a window.

"saturate with" or "saturate in"?

  • My life was saturated with Parsis.
  • I suspect that Gen Y and X is nearly saturated in US, thus.
  • You could add therapy concerning a incredibly hot sitz bath combined with saturate for 20 models.
  • The ground will be saturated from the earlier rains and then a persistent atmosphere river just stays over us.

scout for, by, in, about or around?

  • Our next task was to scout for a site for a new Rural Health Unit tent in Nawazabad.
  • I had been scouted by Oldham Ahtletic, then in the Premier League.
  • Scouting about the atlas this year I came across Puerto Rico, an unusual hybrid of Latin charm and US infrastructure (being as it is de facto territory of the United States).
  • Mostly, I love to scout with a Director or creatives to collaborate on their vision.

sting by, with, in, to or like?

  • Read more in what to do when stung by a bee.
  • That is an enormous cost benefit for international travellers who get stung with roaming charges.
  • Sting in the tail of the Telegraph piece already quoted from: Mr Fearon was claiming legal aid for his court bid.
  • And as adults, there is an expectation that the feeling of being excluded would not sting to the same extent.
  • I am afraid it is often difficult to identify the cause of stings at the beach.
  • I was stung from my self-possession.
  • We do not know what stings of conscience, or consuming passions, torment the prosperous sinner.

"stain with" or "stain on"?

  • His head and paws were stained with blood.
  • You might find blood stains on bed sheets or clothing you wear to bed.
  • I couldn't figure out for a long time how to remove ink stains from white leather.
  • The typical caseating granulomas and acid-fast bacilli (AFB) stained by Ziehl-Neelsen are present in less than 30% of cases.
  • Rebellion in the north Stains in the blue sky.
  • The diagnosis is by demonstration of typical CMV inclusion bodies by routine histologic examination, culture, staining for CMV antigen, or DNA 25.
  • There are also cleaners for acid stains like an ammonia solution.
  • Some of the common problems That are faced regarding Teeth are staining of the teeth, yellowing or browning of the teeth, bad breath and so on.
  • The only down side is that the adhesive that attaches them to your teeth can stain over time (especially if you're a smoker or enjoy dark coloured drinks like coffee, cola or red wine).

stash in, under, behind, with or into?

  • I had mine stashed in my Camelbak Octane 21 pack.
  • Hence, it had been stashed under a bush and not wolfed down by, well, wolves.
  • A weapon, police say, is never more than a few feet away, usually stashed behind a trash can, in the grass or on a porch.
  • Plan to stash on them too!! A superb liquid liner thats worth the money, easy to use and a definite must have for beginners.

"surge to" or "surge in"?

  • The crime rate surged in many cities and regions in the United States.
  • World production surged to about 2.
  • Total debt to GDP has surged from 155% in 1971 to 350% today.
  • Much like the one that surged into Port Alberni quite a ways back or the big one in Alaska.
  • During the same period, visitor arrivals surged by 11.
  • But Facebook (FB) shares surged on heavy volume: 170 million shares had changed hands by mid-afternoon.
  • As donations surged past the $250,000 mark -- five times Strike Debt's stated goal for the evening -- the soire took on the bubbly energy of a victory rally.
  • Surging with adrenaline, I somehow managed to use these skills, and with incredible might and magic bashed the reptilian gentleman's head in.
  • Greek bank stocks surged after the cabinet deal, which is likely to restore political stability for the time being and ensure a successful confidence vote.
  • Due to the silt bottom and surge at the top the viz is pretty bad (down to about 5 m in some places) but a lot of marine life, mostly shoaling fish and diverse coral life.
  • What's certain is that government borrowing has surged because of the bailouts and the recession.
  • Each verses overlaps into the cascading choruses surging beyond the constraints of western arrangements.
  • Panic selling followed and, within weeks of the crash on Wall Street, economic disaster surged like a tsunami over the nation's financial markets.
  • As you will see while the BLS employment reports have surged over the last three months the composite employment index has been on the decline from its peak of 24.
  • Not the first flood The New York metropolitan area has, of course, suffered damaging storm surges throughout its history, although most were not as severe.
  • Suddenly the ring of voices, the sound of running footsteps surged toward them.

"squat on" or "squat in"?

  • There was a dark figure squatting on the floor.
  • Pearce and Carney offered diddly squat in attack.
  • Frankly, the El Reg storage desk thinks this is bonkers; the chemistry boffins obviously know diddly squat about the practicalities of hard disk drive electro-mechanics and RAID rebuilds.
  • There is a noticeable lack of hemorrhoids in countries where residents routinely squat at the toilet.
  • Some empty buildings are squatted by groups of Africans.
  • Many young people today are out of touch with movements like squatting from using chairs their entire life and kept from deadlifting and rotating from the Safety Lifting Police.
  • Squeeze your abs as you lower your knees to the ground and slowly squat to sitting position.
  • If there is a tax consequence either way, the greater benefit comes from squatting until foreclosure, particularly if prices are rising and they end up owing less tax if they wait.

"socialise with" or "socialise in"?

  • They socialise with bankers and rely on their donations.
  • The single fatal blow was struck after a row broke out between two groups of young men who had been out socialising in the nearby Barcode night club.
  • Socialising among crowds of people remains hard.

"smother in" or "smother by"?

  • Chips with mayo Amsterdam, 1997, staring at a plate of chips smothered in mayonnaise.
  • Ignoring warnings not to open it, Mosec looked inside, whereupon all were smothered by a sandstorm.
  • Sources state that Home Office pathologists are also looking for evidence that Mr Williams was smothered to death, a method that can leave no trace and is extremely hard to detect.
  • Maggio blasted over from a promising position and Mbaye Niang tested De Sanctis from distance, then El Shaarawy had his toe-poke smothered on the counter.

sanction by, for, in, with or according?

  • Racism is sanctioned by the government.
  • Which he should of been undoubtedly sanctioned for.
  • Should I smite them? I would like to sell my daughter into slavery, as sanctioned in Exodus 21:7.
  • In the society of Madinah every single person enjoyed freedom of religion, and everyone had the free will to be sanctioned according to their own religious laws and scriptures.
  • Meanwhile, Russia and China, two of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, vetoed resolution to sanction against Syria for the third time in nine months.
  • Jakki Tyson Community News The 11-year-old girls would sneak into their schoolhouse and find warmth and sanction beside the woodstove.
  • It is derived from the Wilayat of the father and the paternal grandfather and is sanctioned subject to specific conditions and limitations.

"smite with" or "smite by"?

  • I'd so totally smitten with him.
  • And he seems to be smitten by me.

"substantiate by" or "substantiate with"?

  • Well, but it's substantiated by reporting like the article I linked.
  • I would like to hear specifics of the concerns you have with immunisation, substantiated with references.
  • Three years on, illusions have substantiated into incarnated ' Old Evil Dwarfs ' not only in the eyes of Papa ' J ' but as something manifested for all Ghanaians to be witnesses thereof.

"split into", "split between" or "split in"?

  • This is split into two targets 1.
  • He's got a banana split in mind.
  • Smartphones are split between Gingerbread (v2.
  • At the time, Le Vell -- who split from his wife during his ordeal -- claimed.
  • Church split with several new groups forming.
  • Those few that commented were split on the issue.
  • Romney won the Iowa caucuses because conservative voters split among several candidates.
  • Now it was split by a bitter civil war.
  • It could also make you feel like you're split down the middle.
  • The 27-member European Union is split over how to act.
  • Support for legalization has hardly been split across party lines.
  • She confirmed she and Pistorius had recently split after a year and a half.
  • One bottle of JD is approx RM350, split amongst 5 friends - that's RM70 per person plus at least 3 glasses of drinks each for the rest of the night.
  • Since the page is at the verge of split, we may have to perform a page split at a future time anyway.
  • The result is that the guy notices that the skin appears to be splitting away from the head, and it can look quite bumpy until it all settles down.
  • If you were divorced or separated from more than one common-law partner during your life, you can apply for a credit split for each period of cohabitation.

skew in, by, towards, to or against?

  • Table 4 is better, but still skewed in favor of (bio) gas.
  • Your basis for comparison to what you imagine could be is skewed by the bad memories of the past.
  • The demographics of the runners were largely skewed towards the youth, as were the volunteers.
  • In Iraq, that ratio skewed to almost 1-1.
  • But we all know that implementation of law here is skewed against the poor.
  • Wobbly out of focus camera work, skewed on an off screen.
  • To be clear -- boobs are welcome on Behance, but the site skews toward commercially viable work.

stomp on, about, into, through or upon?

  • X (2) can theo promise not to stomp on anybody's toes.
  • One squirt of Spray and Wipe and he is stomping about the house opening windows in a huff.
  • By that time, others had made it to the ticket stand and before I could get on, I felt myself being pushed down, stomped upon and felt a wild stampede pass over my body.
  • It's a very surreal mix to have flesh-eating zombies stomping alongside cute flowers and adorable avatars, but it really works.
  • Always stomping around the set in his big giant boots and pushing the little grips around.
  • I stomp down the road looking like an eejit.
  • And a set of spurs that complimented his boot stomping like a nasty bass drum ready to explode.
  • As Barack Obama waited in a -cavernous building in London, he suddenly noticed Gordon Brown stomping towards him down a corridor, with a flurry of aides in his wake.
  • Then he would pick up the worn and sagging medicine bag and come up onto the porch stomping with each step to remove as much snow as possible.

stall in, for, by, on or with?

  • The four murder cases stalled in the absence of accused parties.
  • It does not necessarily say that they are stalled for any reason.
  • Shell's first attempts to drill for oil off northwest Alaska were halted after a day, stalled by encroaching ice floes.
  • Succesive governments have stalled on this issue for over 20 years.
  • Many wounded men were drowned in the rising tide and the first wave, and subsequent waves, were initially stalled at the waterline.
  • Do not try to take off by pulling your break lines right away as the canopy will stall with the little speed you have.
  • And passengers waiting to get their bags were stalled behind him as he spent 10 to 15 seconds on his knees grabbing what he could, Gross said.
  • Ivanovic, a former French Open champion now ranked 14th in the world, even admitted her game had stalled due to the relationship.
  • The efforts of our bullying matatu driver soon became fruitless, as his matatu stalled along Haile Selassie street.
  • Talks have stalled as all three parties maintain their stances, although sources in the UK and Italy have told Goal.
  • Grilled fish at the stall beside the seawall.
  • Smoking rates have stalled over the past few years - they are not declining.
  • The storm nearly stalled to the south of Pensacola later that day and buffeted the central Gulf Coast with 24 hours of heavy rainfall, hurricane force winds, and storm surge.

"smear with" or "smear on"?

  • They saw that he was smeared with blood, and that most of his bowels were protruding.
  • Someone said it was funny that the kids saw their mother smeared on the wall and everyone cracked up.
  • There was blood smeared across the floor, colouring the sawdust which lay there.
  • The difference is that being smeared at RC can probably end a career or at least stunt it, particularly for young people.
  • I look at my nine-month-old child, with his face smeared in organic butternut squash and prunes, and suspect that I have been sucked into a great middle-class con trick.
  • A red liquid was smeared over the lips.
  • Hair oil was smeared to an extent where holding the doll by its hair was a task to be rewarded.
  • Because of that link, I fully expect to be smeared by the brainless, lying teapartiers.
  • Stereo gold label versions are badly rechanneled, with a watery echo that smears from center to left soundstage, and all else slighly right.
  • I took down &; apart the large mirror over the couch which had a little spot on it's backing that smeared like charcoal.
  • Herbs are positioned with tweezers; sauces are smeared onto plates with paintbrushes.
  • I would have thought that after seeing his main fighter suffer from having his name smeared through nothing more than wild accusations from a rival, he would be a little more careful with his words.

"sniff at" or "sniff for"?

  • Braga at home are nothing to be sniffed at.
  • Hyena's sniffing for scraps below the tree.
  • This also is why Senators McCain and Graham are sniffing around this as this is one of their big bugaboos too.
  • I wondered if we would ever reach the top of the mountain, our pace was tree by tree, sniff by sniff, step by step.
  • I would get a love high when I sniffed in her sweet, baby-powder, Snuggle-fabric-softener smell.
  • Those that are snorted (sniffed into the nostril) or ingested take more time to reach the brain -- up to 40 minutes -- but the effects last longer.

seduce by, with, as, from or in?

  • Here I am, seduced by the sugar.
  • Like his character Tommy in Warrior, Forrest is the strong, silent type who seduces with his low, purring voice that could at any minute explode into a growl of sickening violence.
  • As for 007? Well, with 23 films out (counting the upcoming Skyfall) and anywhere from 1 to 4 women Bond seduces in each one, you do the math.
  • It's a tragedy that mothers of younger children have been seduced into the work force.
  • Certainly, this wine seduces like a caress and the promise of sensuality.

"swirl around" or "swirl in"?

  • But those, like so many stories that swirl around Ewood Park, turned out to be untrue.
  • The sound of ice cubes swirling in a glass.
  • This book swirls with animal life telling us how and why these unlikely partnerships are formed.
  • There is no indication anywhere nearby of the financial crisis swirling across the city.
  • There's a simple, three-note hook at the outset that morphs ever so slightly over six minutes, as house-inflected beats drop in and out and chiming synths swirl within the watery, permeable mix.
  • That sound is swirling before the beat drops in and helps to make everything sound totally crazy, like a state of emergency.
  • Soon music filled the air and the young woman was swirling to its cadences.
  • It involved levitation, furniture being moved through the air, and flying objects swirling towards witnesses.

swell to, of, in, with or at?

  • Otherwise, the swelling of the tissues can delay surgery for around five days.
  • By late afternoon, the book has swelled to USD2.
  • The ranks of coyotes has swelled in recent years, with fewer people hunting and trapping the animals.
  • Did my heart swell with new-found patriotism? Not exactly.
  • By week 21, your lower legs and feet may be swollen at the end of the day and you may develop varicose veins.
  • The naturally growing population was swelled by others from the country coming to live in the city.
  • From there the book seems to swell into itself.
  • When he arrived, the number of inhabitants in the area swelled from 400 to almost 3,000 because of the threat of attacks.
  • In males it swells during courtship.
  • This is an advanced stage of the illness whereby body parts such as the limbs and the genitals can become irreversibly swollen due to disturbed drainage of the lymph vessels in the skin.
  • It was discovered that foods having a high glycemic index made the brachial arteries swell for many hours.
  • His head is swollen like the swelling caused by dropsy.
  • Such include bruises, swelling on treatment areas, scar and numbness.
  • The sound rose and swelled above the blare of the orchestra.
  • But as protests against Chick-fil-A swelled across the country, dozens of groups and prominent individuals joined in support of the company.
  • An Iraq war veteran had a fractured skull and brain swelling after being allegedly hit in the head by a police projectile (The Guardian, October 26, 2011).
  • An excellent food for weight loss, the potassium in bananas can also help reduce fluid retention, particularly swelling around the ankles during pregnancy.
  • The symptoms result from the surface of the eye (the cornea) swelling as the pressure inside the eye increases.
  • The tidal wave of great games has swelled over the years, and now I'd up to my neck in big-budget, 30+ hour epics.
  • It was swollen past the end of my nose.

"spawn by", "spawn from" or "spawn in"?

  • Those spawn by crack head street breeders.
  • Pelagic fish that spawn in the open sea produce the most.
  • Contemplation and creativity still spawn from an initial idea.
  • Spawn Camping The spawning system gives you the option of falling back (spawning at a pre-determined point) or spawning next to your buddy.
  • If you're waiting to spawn and someone fires upon your buddy, that resets the timer for you to spawn next to him.
  • With these conditions provided, my goldfish grew, matured, and spawned on a regular basis.
  • Part Elements must be included in all ResourceLink Elements that point to Resources that are spawned with write access.
  • These Resources can be spawned for read-only access, which allows multiple simultaneous spawning of a Resource, or for read/write access, which allows only one spawning of a Resource.
  • An attacking vampire spawns out of each coffin.
  • In other words, a copy of the Resource is spawned together with the spawned JDF Node.

subsidise by, from, to or with?

  • It is not subsidised by the tax payer.
  • Nonetheless, at present, all graduate research programmes and some graduate coursework programmes remain subsidised to a significant extent.
  • NOTE: This course is subsidised with funding from the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) and for statistical purposes, some additional information is required as part of the enrolment process.

supersede by, on, in, until or with?

  • In 1866 the Vestry was superseded by the Parochial Boards.
  • He was superseded on as many as 14 occasions.
  • The Almagest was not superseded until a century after Copernicus presented his heliocentric theory in the De revolutionibus of 1543.

sway by, in, from, to or at?

  • Don't get swayed by short-term volatility.
  • It really swayed in a storm and we feared it might break off and fall on a building.
  • The trees are swaying from side to side, And my heart, it's breaking.
  • Well, Chris I'd pretty swayed to the Nex 7.
  • This shows who sways at the first gale.
  • He swayed on his feet and listened to us and understood what we said.
  • It fairly sways with a single soul.
  • What is strange is that United delayed the contractual negotiations until the younster got swayed away from them.
  • I wasn't swayed into buying this game from Blair's praising review, so.
  • This has not had much of an effect amongst the Brahmana classes, but the lower classes who attend are more vulnerable and are impressed by such things, and are then swayed toward Christianity.
  • She swayed for a moment and sank on to the rug, where she lay curled beside him.
  • They will not sway under persecution.
  • To move other parts of the body, to swing without wiggling or sway without writhing on the dance floor must be the epitome of being uncool.

"slay in" or "slay by"?

  • For you are the monster that slays in the false name of justice.
  • He lived a quiet, content life until he found his father brutally slain by a British raiding party.
  • Cathasach, son of Ailell, King of Ulidia, was slain at Rath Bethech.
  • When the Lamb broke the fifth seal, John saw underneath the altar the souls of those who had been slain because of the word of God, and because of the testimony which they had maintained (6:9).
  • And Christ, being the Lamb, was slain before the foundation of the world.
  • Thus the altar is a beautiful illustration of Christ who was slain from the foundation of the world.
  • These chieftains were slain on the side of Aedh, namely Flann, son of Erthaile, and Snedgus Dearg Ua Brachaidhe.
  • This was extremely painful for the parents of many ill-fated infants that were slain as a result of this cruel decree.
  • He married Margaret Heenan, the widow of a man slain near Miner's Delight.
  • Part of the lamentation reads thus:? The beauty of Israel is slain upon the high places: how are the mighty fallen.

"stab to" or "stab in"?

  • Mukherjee was brutally stabbed to death.
  • In November of that year, he was stabbed in the chest with a pen.
  • At last he let out a cry of anger, snatched back his hands from Trillian and Ford and stabbed at the light switch.
  • Looks like the cause of death was being stabbed with something.
  • She was then threatened with stabbing by a second man.
  • After a few minutes, I began to tire, and a terrible, sharp pain stabbed through my side like a heated knife.
  • The incident comes four days after Tottenham supporter Ashley Mills was stabbed before last week's Europa League fixture against Lazio in Rome.
  • Dr a new dagger stabbed for you to loss of life men droughts.
  • A hypocrite is one who will be very sweet to the face, but will stab from the back.

"skim through" or "skim over"?

  • I only skimmed through it you see and usually.
  • Don't just skim over the next few lines.
  • His cold fingers skimmed across my skin and I froze.
  • The Governor and I arrived as crowds of children and adults were happily skimming along the length of the pool, or in little groups hazardously trying out their skates after many years of disuse.
  • The grammar schools took in more pupils skimmed from the top of the middle-ability range.
  • It is actually a separate skill which involves being able to skim for sense rather than reading and understanding every word.
  • I skim to get the information I.

"smack of" or "smack in"?

  • It would have smacked of collusion.
  • I was looking right smack into the Sun.
  • I was looking right smack into the Sun.
  • I would rather be smacked by the Enormous Black C*ck of Truth, while being called a b*tch, than have some a$$wipe with no clue pat me on the head.
  • If golfers keep losing their golf balls even when they know it landed right smack on the fairway, they are not going to be very impressed with the golf course.
  • I was smacked as a child (not very often, and mainly when I was under 5: a tap to the btm or back of leg) - and I never resented it.
  • All of the comments supporting making smacking for correction a criminal offence apply equally to the case to ban the sale of alcoholic drinks (drinking is bad, hurts people, etc).

sift through, from, thru, about or around?

  • Sifting through every combination by hand would have taken months.
  • It is like gold being panned or sifted from sand and they appreciate this by the smiles on their faces as if they have acquired a lot of jewellery or treasure.
  • Posted by: Walt September 16, 2012, 5:07 pm 5:07 pm Getting kind of hard to sift thru all the wingnut comments but I have to agree.
  • I worked the afternoon/evening shift, so missed most of these but I still managed to have some great chats with people there -- its amazing who I'd find sifting around the corridors at night.
  • I only say this because I receive a lot of newsletters via email and tend to sift for content and immediately block out the sales pitches.
  • By early evening people had started to sift into the ballroom of the Commodore where official tabulators kept the huge Scoreboard supplied with the latest figures to the very end.

"sack by", "sack for" or "sack from"?

  • The monastery was thereafter sacked by English troops.
  • Everyone has been sacked from his/her job.
  • On their first play, Ritchey is sacked for a huge loss to the 10.
  • SAF very successful in Scotland with Aberdeen (and then most wanted him sacked after the first few seasons with us).
  • It's the latest event of sacking in the senior ranks of the company.
  • What's wrong in waiting for the official draft of a report to be submitted before sacking a minister? If ministers are sacked on leaked drafts - we'd better get used to the stagnant economy.
  • Anyone involved in banking fraud, whoever they work for, should be sacked with no bonuses, compensations, golden parachutes etc.
  • Ritchey is sacked at the Linfield 41 with: 46.
  • The marketing executive of the company, Joel Ewanick was told by the GM that he was being sacked because of the fact that he did not properly inspect a lately struck European soccer-sponsorship deal.
  • Brown sourced the Krakouer brothers from Mt Barker, WA, but was sacked before getting the chance to coach them.

"snatch from" or "snatch by"?

  • A pistol was snatched from one of the officers.
  • Along the way, he is left in charge of a string of sausages which are snatched by a crocodile.
  • They would snatch at people's food and you're not supposed to disturb them anyway.
  • The film is snatched away from the realm of my interior and tethered hard to some fictive other world I could not give a damn about.
  • The food was good but everyone was snatching for it.
  • Just like gypsies move in packs Armenians move that snatch like yayo.
  • The Imam's body was trampled by his enemies ' horses, his head was severed, and even the tattered cloth with which he had hoped to preserve his modesty was snatched off him.
  • Augustine's assumption of deep familiarity with the word of God has implications not just for how guilty we feel about our 7-minute three-times-a-week quiet times snatched on the Tube.

"stray from" or "stray into"?

  • Don't stray from the major pairs.
  • The pigs stray into the villagers ' fields and destroy their crops.
  • That will teach me to stray away from Barca websites when we lose: s.
  • It's not like they are bringing strays to your door and asking you to take them in.
  • Get a decent map - and don't stray off them.
  • Victor is becoming giddy now, straying beyond his usual limits of candour.
  • He is going to wait for just ' one sheep ' to stray onto one side.
  • Darkness took me, and I strayed out of thought and time.
  • There was often ' bleed ', where reds in particular would stray outside their supposed left and right boundaries, especially as the tape wore.
  • Don't be weird, Claudia, she instructed herself, treading boldly onwards, and stepping over the occasional root, or straggling creeper that had strayed across the path.
  • For those who see themselves as leaders first, these temptations to stray in leadership are enormous.
  • Shiva alone has to be meditated upon that night without the mind straying towards thoughts of sleep or food.

spark by, in, from, with or about?

  • The rally was sparked by Wells Fargo &; Co.
  • Think about the major change you can spark in another person simply from being kind.
  • It ended here, but a new journey sparked from this end, starting a new faith which changed the World.
  • Wetjen had begun his career writing without electricity in a one-room Salem shack and now his imagination only sparked with the lights off.
  • United have lacked that spark for the past 3 seasons or so, where they just look to be missing something.
  • Once Chicharito gets his scoring boots back on and Kagawa sparks into life we'll be irresistible up front.
  • The incident was sparked after Lowe and the baby's father, Wesley Earls, 26, shouted abuse at Mr Nisar.
  • It's better to participate at a level that is appropriate for the moment - a level that will be in flux - than expect that I can put Sparking at the same level of priority every single day.
  • I am not suggesting that there should be a formal post-publication procedure but that we find means to capture the activity and interest that is sparked following publication.
  • What country are we leaving in??? WW II? Or BN will spark of the WW III They can't see why they are losing battles.
  • In New Mexico's Carson National Forest, the Midnight wildfire sparked on October 23 rd and burned over 360 acres of timber and grass east of Taos.

"stipulate in" or "stipulate by"?

  • This requirement is stipulated in Section 12(2) of the Professional Engineers Act.
  • Conditions, if any, Stipulated by Witness.
  • Let us stipulate to that **40;1322;TOOLONG.
  • Payment and Price The total price payable for the goods will be stipulated at the time when you place your order whether or not the order has been confirmed.

"spearhead by" or "spearhead of"?

  • The Malaysian side, spearheaded by national head coach Datuk K.
  • Since its creation it has been at the spearhead of Zionist colonisation in Palestine.
  • Freeman continues with the rise and decline of two schools of thought spearheaded in the 1930's by Moreno and lead by W.
  • As far as West Indies? fast bowling attack is concerned, tear-away pacer Kemar Roach will be the spearhead ahead of Ravi Rampaul and Tino Best.

subsidize by, in, at, despite or during?

  • I think fans also don't understand just how much money the owners are making, or how much they're subsidized by our tax dollars.
  • There is a reason why education is subsidized in Canada and not in the US.
  • Fossil fuels are subsidized at nearly six times the rate of renewable energy.
  • Currently, the fossil fuel industry is generously subsidized despite the fact that it's already the most profitable business on earth.
  • Unless some costs are subsidized for these groups, as called for by general obligations of human rights instruments, they are likely to be excluded from the services they need.
  • ALL public services are subsidized to one degree or another.

"stamp on", "stamp with" or "stamp in"?

  • The case has Bhejan stamped on it.
  • On the bottom left corner, Japanese characters are stamped in red ink.
  • His cheek is stamped with a skull and cross bones.
  • Every official Spanish authority accepts a photocopy stamped by a competent authority (e.
  • Now i'd yet to attend the visa stamping for H1B, all the above was in my old passport which got expired and i have a new one, and the old passport number is mentioed in the new paaport.
  • The organiser will check the route and provide the brevet cards which you will need to have stamped at controls along the way.
  • Please ensure that there are sufficient blank pages for any visas as well as for entry stamps upon arrival.
  • Copies of the original are stamped as such.
  • Select the desired pen or stamp from Tools.
  • All that awaits them is a boot stamped into their faces over and over and over.

"slap on", "slap in" or "slap with"?

  • Just slap on some HREs and go to town.
  • PaRappa trading slaps with Sackboy? Yeah, that could be fun.
  • Two little slaps in the palm of the hands is not abuse.
  • When eating unpalatable food we get slapped by anger and aversion.
  • Kingston comes back with some slaps to the chest and a dropkick.
  • Greg Chappell, that-all Australian taskmaster, attempted to a similar strategy with Team India, only to be ignominiously slapped out of the country.
  • They knew from the start that it would take more than a giant logo slapped across their shirts to make Pestle &; Mortar a success.
  • For all I know, it may have been the most butter-permeated bird since unshod feet slapped around the shores of Galilee.
  • I think I may have slapped at hands a few times in my kids ' lives (when I have lost it -- it's a failure, not a recommendation ), but smacking really isn't necessary.

"shrug off" or "shrug at"?

  • His physicality also means that his hold up play is decent as he is not easily shrugged off the ball.
  • But I've gotten tired of shrugging about things that I actually think matter.
  • I just hope she shrugged of the beep as an impatient nutter and didn't let it dent her confidence further.
  • Regularly, all of us shrug among warning signs of an unhealthy partnership.

socialize with, in, during, for or on?

  • Socialize with more woman that actually prefer men.
  • We also don't prefer to socialize in small groups.
  • The leopard Leopards live a solitary life and socialize during mating season only.
  • Walking through Old Chinatown Central Plaza we crossed paths with some of the event organizers at Via Caf, and stopped to socialize for a bit before heading home.
  • We are being socialized on these models.
  • They stay home too, for they are in no mood to go out and socialize after their weary trip home from work.
  • Catherine will serve some five thousand men who socialize at the facility and scores of groomsmen, jockeys and other employees at the track.

"stink of" or "stink to"?

  • The whole thing stinks of a pedo ring.
  • This stinks to high heaven whatever way you look at it.
  • We're becoming a nation of hatred, and it stinks like something has died.
  • Fish Stinks From The Head Down Call me crazy but I have always liked this statement when it applies to ' Leadership ', why you may ask? Because I cringe just thinking about how true this is.
  • But if the perennial greats of the American League (or all of baseball) want to not stink in the coming years, the Yankees ' way with Swisher is the way to go.
  • We lost the count but all of them live a three bedroom house and it stinks with garlic and burning chillies smell.
  • If they raise enough stink about it, the hotel will probably either back down or risk a bad reputation which is bad for business.

"slam into" or "slam on"?

  • Bodyslam and Maddox getting his head slammed into the mat.
  • Exactly the reverse: you should slam on the brakes.
  • People in the middle are worried about their families which are getting slammed by high gas prices.
  • Every time, I had the door slammed in my face for the same frustrating reason, that I lacked experience.
  • After he made that comment, the man got slammed with criticisms of being unpatriotic by fellow Americans.
  • We slammed to a halt and descended just a short Easy Bike ride away from home; a relieving quiet and smooth conclusion to our day's adventure.
  • Brock can be slammed for a lot of things, but it Takes credibility away from other comments in a post when people act like he was just searching for paychecks.
  • I physically shuddered when Driss was slammed against the car, but mainly because I have seen this happen in a million films before and it seldom ends with a laugh.
  • One of the most infuriating noises is the mighty smack-crash reverberating throughout the vessel of the tightly sheeted boom slamming over the last few inches that can not be removed.

stroll through, to, along, into or around?

  • It's just an act, right? So, 9:00, you're strolling through the parking lot.
  • This is the kind of song which I would slowly dance to or stroll to in the park.
  • Strolling along the street she quickly reached the street corner.
  • He would every day stroll into Dr.
  • I highly recommend downloading the app and strolling around Cambridge, listening to a mix of voices share their thoughts about what strikes them as they move through.
  • So staying at the SP Inn, it is quite convenient just to stroll down the road to go shopping or for lunch or for dinner.
  • In the major Euro countries, growth is anticipated to stroll in 2012.
  • My landscaping preferences may cause you displeasure as you stroll past my house to get to yours.
  • No matter who strolls onto the pitch wearing the canon on their chest tomorrow, i will definitely be cheering for them all the way from Nigeria.
  • We, however, can not stroll up the back stairs at our leisure.
  • Halfway through the book, she's strolling with Mr.
  • As we stroll across the tunnels, I try my best in order to take in the inner workings of the cut-offs and passages, but to no avail.
  • Like a actual man he allows me generally simply to stroll at the top element factor as he factors and books me to an position where our consultation would take position.
  • The Living Room - formerly Thanet House - is situated in the Alum Chine area, 10 minutes stroll from the beach.
  • But here's a tip: don't go wandering too close to the Geology Department when you are strolling on campus.
  • Ba Jin was very lonely and often strolled round the Pantheon, pausing to look at the statues of the great philosophers, Rousseau and Voltaire, the tombs of the celebrated writers Hugo and Zola.
  • A classic banquet Meanwhile Sallust and Glaucus were slowly strolling towards the house of Diomed.
  • The Palace at One &Only; Royal Mirage conjures the magic of Arabia, a domain where guests may wander amidst the abundant gardens or stroll amongst the meandering water features.
  • Stroll away from trouble if you can.
  • I do not want to be like the priest who nonchalantly strolled by the wounded and bleeding man lying on the road.
  • However, as it goes about, I neither recognize a voice or the intensity of a search party, rather casual strolling upon a bed of fallen leaves.

surpass by, in, after, at or before?

  • Essien is not a natural DM, neither is Mikel but has now been surpassed by him.
  • This is unsurprising, and in fact it's the goal set by the government, a goal the STM has surpassed in its review of PASTEC.
  • This was not surpassed until 1975 when American Don Martinez achieved three and a half somersaults.
  • It is often surpassed with the use of telephone conferencing services.

symbolize by or in?

  • Money is symbolized by Water in feng shui.
  • English symbolizes in Indians minds, better education, better culture and higher intellect.

"supplement by" or "supplement with"?

  • Projects may be supplemented by an online presence at www.
  • Oh, and to supplement with a formula feed at bedtime.
  • Certainly, you are welcome to supplement in our official forum and share with other players.
  • Even if you don't take a multivitamin, take this one supplement during your first trimester (FSA nd).
  • We have a medium sized garden that I get some of our berries from but I buy from the farmers market to supplement for canning.
  • You may want to consider adding a Vitamin D supplement to your diet.
  • Which means not really enough fruit to make Nadia's recipes without some serious supplementing from the farmer's market.
  • Pocked with natural cave shelters and rock overhangs -- supplemented over the centuries by numerous hand-hewn additions and modifications -- the rock may have been inhabited in prehistoric times.

shun by, for, to, away or from?

  • Moreover, they will be shunned by family and friends.
  • I was shunned for many years in a liberal community, because he was not out and it was all inconvenient.
  • You need the millions of Pakistanis who were shunned to distant shores, many because of religious differences.
  • God knows when they will start to shun away from the attention that we so desire to lavish upon them.
  • The study said selfish behavior can lead to an individual being shunned from the group and left -- literally -- on his or her own.
  • Generation by generation, secular mindsets are becoming more and more prevalent and the Church shunned as a unifying catalyst.
  • We were shunned out of a restaurant in Bari for being stupid foreigners.

shrink from, in, by, to or as?

  • Re has not shrunk from the role of curial enforcer.
  • The Cuban economy shrank by 35 percent between 1989 and 1993.
  • However, they are not shrinking in numbers.
  • Today, that number has shrunk to 14.
  • As a result, temporal boundaries have weakened just as the experiential dimension of space has shrunk as a result of modern means of transportation and communication.
  • We must not shrink at anything.
  • Hurts and humiliations shrink into insignificance.
  • By calculating the body mass of each family, they could show how the animals have grown or shrunk over the years.
  • Republicans will be happy that Obama's lead in the presidential race has shrunk with this update.
  • It will be interesting to watch given that with site, the real estate is shrinking for some.
  • GM's share is down, but profits are up vs 4 years ago and they have been hiring, not shrinking since emerging from bankruptcy.
  • Anchor the Control to both sides (in a > given direction) and it will grow and shrink along with the Container.
  • Areas covered by rainforests are rapidly shrinking because of it.
  • The Spanish economy is forecast to shrink between 1.
  • As I said I think that the gap has shrunk due to a combination of more thought out lists, more events and the perhaps the nature of 8th.
  • And at cost models that are shrinking on the same curve as the cost of your favorite TV at your favorite big box store.
  • The woman told me that dry the hood was already smaller than my head but wetting it made is slightly larger and then it shrunk onto my head as it dried, I screamed to myself at this thought.
  • Stars are supported, kept from shrinking under their own gravity, by energy generated by internal fusion of light atoms into heavier ones.

"smash into", "smash through" or "smash by"?

  • Rocks and downed tree branches smashed into her car, which flipped upside down.
  • Shows cells being smashed by a group of rebels chanting ' Allahu Akbar! ': 12.
  • It sent a bolt smashing through the watch bird's wing.
  • It's good to know that the poor little rock won't be smashed to pieces by the big mean earth.
  • So the next time you are about to smash in your computer or television just think of Princess Leia.
  • Coconuts being lit on fire, then smashed against stones.
  • Their nets had been ruined with acid and their look-out tower smashed with axes.
  • So it got smashed on two levels.
  • While two people distracted staff at the museum, another two climbed on the display case, removed a rhino head from a wall and smashed off the horns with hammers.
  • Blacklist races are often very dirty with your opponent happily willing to smash up their ride if it means smashing up yours.

"summarize in" or "summarize by"?

  • Grandon Gill's work summarized in his book.
  • Updating Darwin There were also other essential updates summarized by the Modern Evolutionary Synthesis.
  • Then they can be added to the federal statutes and summarized for the American people.
  • The present Puno house can be summarized as a cozy nesting place for a.
  • The tree is summarized from (Soltis et al.
  • Services provided by PPFA, including cancer screening, are summarized at the link above.
  • It is all logical and obvious, and can be summarized on one simple statement.
  • The basic approach to how to cook steak can be summarized like this: First, quickly sear the outside, next finish cooking the inside, and finally, let it rest.
  • The results should be summarised through a matrix.

substitute for, by, with, in or at?


"summon by" or "summon to"?

  • She was a regularly summoned by my school teachers.
  • A summon to Stonecore appeared on my screen.
  • All Party Conference was summoned for this.
  • Yong Qian, he summoned from the Shenshui maze.
  • And I hit accept and I was summoned into the instance.
  • Nor is the question of the right to the seat raised or the earth summoned as a witness.
  • The South Vietnamese Air Force (VNAF) were summoned in support of their ground forces and dropped napalm that missed the clearly marked target.
  • Everybody had to go to Rajpipla but they were always summoned on different days, one by one.
  • There was a time the CBN governor was summoned over a comment made by him at a university campus.
  • They were summoned with renewed courage and cut a bloody path through the enemy ranks as far as the ravine of ' Ainain Hill '.

shatter by, into, in, on or like?

  • Obama was so shattered by the defeat that he considered giving up politics.
  • And to ensure it, may my body be shattered into a thousand pieces if I should ever break this vow.
  • Nothing crashes or shatters in Heaven.
  • An icicle falls from a tree and shatters on the soft earth with a plink.
  • Have they changed the composition of platters in the last little while? My one and only foray into removing platters for data destruction resulted in the platters shattering like a blank CD.
  • In pushing for the discourse of a seaparate f Somaliland, these proponents of secession perpetrate several myths which are easily shattered under careful scrutiny.
  • Tuanjai Sprengel, 43, was stabbed with a kitchen knife by Muhammad Shafi then had her skull shattered with a pair of metal shears, which caused brain damage.
  • Walcott himself said that he was shattered after his heroics against Reading.
  • You wince when it shatters against the tile floor.
  • My mind was shattered along with my bones, and after all this time I am still working at recovery.
  • Get hit with enough trauma at high enough speed, and a mind might just shatter from the impact.
  • The idea of the helmet is that it shatters instead of the skull, and the energy of impact is mitigated by the helmet not brain tissue.
  • A void created not by a Big Bang, but by a Big Shatter of the singularity (which exists still across the gaps of spaces and insists still through the stories of times).
  • Why? One's self is in fact a collection of reflections that appears in a mirror that is shattered to a countless number of pieces.
  • That's another optic illusion which will be shattered within a few months, a year at the most.

"situate in" or "situate on"?

  • Oppenheim was situated in Cologne.
  • It is situated on the border with Peru.
  • The larynx is situated at the top of the windpipe (trachea).
  • The building is situated within 5 minutes walk of the city centre of Auckland.
  • Stay: Hotel De L'Europe in Amsterdam is perfectly situated along the Amstel River and can offer a charming and sophisticated experience.
  • Ecuador, situated between the world's two biggest cocaine producers, Peru and Colombia, is often used as a.
  • Situated near the center of Cahir, it is hard to miss.
  • It is situated to the southwest.
  • Mullins Heritage Centre is situated beside the Monastic Ruins and Cemetery in Carlow town.
  • Containing 4316 square yards &; well situated for building.
  • It is of 10m height, situated off Hatton in the Balangoda road.
  • Situated outside the park but in the Conservation area, this is a place which is loved by our clients.

scatter in, across, around, throughout or on?

  • The remaining patches are scattered in hill and montane areas around the peninsula.
  • Look for them scattered across the top of the HR diagram.
  • There's an extensive array of excellent accommodation scattered around the city.
  • One-game penalties have been scattered throughout his tenure.
  • You throw all the discs into the air and let them scatter on the ground.
  • His ashes were scattered over San Francisco Bay.
  • Isolated beaches scattered about offer a few watery pleasures.
  • Seven weeks ago that congregation was scattered by government officials.
  • This year's long table will be set amid the pretty flats, which are scattered with haystacks.
  • There are hundreds of sample clues (often very celver ones) scattered through the text.
  • But deep down, my heart has been broken into a million pieces and scattered to the wind.
  • Swarms of insects, schools of fish and flocks of birds regroup into golden spirals after scattering from a disturbance.
  • Rubbish and broken furniture are scattered along a narrow London lane off Fleet Street and a determined traffic warden gives a ticket to a disconcerted German lorry driver.
  • At the time of the destruction of Jerusalem they were scattered among the nations.
  • Currently we use a hodge podge system where stuff is scattered between pickups and I want to consolidate on one 3/4 ton.
  • Excitation Several ideas have been suggested for the excitation mechanism: i) A few massive planetesimals might have been scattered into the Kuiper Belt in the early days by Neptune.
  • Their inmates were driven out at the point of the sword; they were scattered like sheep over the land.
  • Standard Deviation A unit which is used to measure the spread or scatter of measures around the mean of those measures.

"seal in" or "seal with"?

  • Heavy paper that seals in the air it took to breathe.
  • It is sealed with a great stainless steel door, welded in place.
  • However their hearts, eyes and ears have been sealed by Allah.
  • Cauterize Application of heat or electric current to seal off blood vessels to prevent bleeding.
  • They do not have the ability to fight Navy Seals for hours.
  • The windows were installed in flashed and drained rough openings, and sealed on the exterior.
  • The cardinals by law remain sealed from sight.
  • The troops were sealed into their camps on May 26 so that the final briefings could begin.
  • Think of them as doors, in that they will need a lip to seal against with a ' lock ' (usually a piece of wood that turns to hold shut) and make them sturdy enough not to warp.
  • The finding of some Indus type seals at other sites outside the Indian subcontinent, such as Ur, Kish, Tell Asmar, Umma, Lagash, Susa etc.
  • To preserve his wines ' freshness and purity, they are sealed under screwcap, of which Grosset is a pioneer.
  • Yet Chen was able to escape from a home that had been sealed as an iron drum by the hundreds of guards surrounding it; he made his way to Beijing and into the U.
  • The border between Afghanistan and Pakistan is not sealed because of which many extremists crossed the border and also targeted the Pakistani forces and civilians.
  • What is current PEO policy with respect to the sealing of electronic drawings? Can I scan a P.
  • Luck arrived, the deal was sealed over Jamaica rum.
  • I couldn't imagine going to the bathroom with my butt sealed to the toilet seat, wouldn't be very comfortable.
  • When sealed within the lamp the mercury is harmless, however as with any harmful substance care should be taken when the lamp is broken.

supervise by, as, in, at or during?

  • This program, MK-Ultra, supervised by Dr.
  • Keep in mind that resort dives are usually in specific areas and you remain supervised at all times by a Dive Master.

shudder at, with, in, to or under?

  • My liver shudders at the memory.
  • I'd sure people would shudder with horror at the thought of it, but I'd love to do that.
  • They shuddered in pious horror.
  • At length, we passed into a town, shuddering to a halt in a bus terminus.

"span from" or "span across"?

  • The early modern period spans from the mid-16th century to the late 18th century.
  • The theme-based learning programme will span across subjects.
  • As the UK continues to endure a sour recession that has spanned for more than three years, the BoE is determined to assess the current state of such a critical facet of the economic spectrum.
  • The functionality of this module spans through the entire system? making information available anywhere? anytime.
  • Disquiet over the Advance Your Dreams programme led to a protest at a meeting of the school's trustees, which span out of control, leading campus police to pepper-spray a number of students.

subtract from, by or for?

  • Now he had to explain that they had to subtract from that number these.
  • This is done because 80 is the furthest possible point, and subtracting by the length of text will show everything on the screen, while still allowing us to have the text at the right.
  • If we subtract for inflation, they're back to 1998 levels.

stack in, against, with, on or within?

  • Try and start with the odds stacked in your favor.
  • The odds are stacked against him.
  • It's not a huge roster, but HFWF is stacked with talented wrestlers who know how to put on a show.
  • Everything must be stacked on top of the same base.
  • The stackable areas of a given class returned by children of each flow are properly stacked within the appropriate reference-area, as described above.
  • These differ according to how they are typically stacked by the formatter.
  • The cut fronds are normally stacked along the palm avenues across the slope.
  • I was overwhelmed when I reviewed the enormity of the problems confronting the country and saw the huge mountain of files already stacked for action on my desk.

"spray with" or "spray on"?

  • Spray with the hose then pat dry with toilet paper.
  • Water being sprayed on the head 2.
  • Also make sure you are spraying at the right time so that the chemical will be effective in controlling the pest.
  • They have tiny nozzles through which ink is sprayed onto the paper when you print.
  • The dosage that is required should be sprayed into the mouth while you inhale air.
  • If chemicals and/or heavy metals are being sprayed in the atmosphere, it should be easy enough to apply the scientific method, as some have apparently done in the video.
  • Water is being sprayed like mad on the fields behind this house.
  • On these rare occasions, the body area was sprayed except for the head and neck (the ears being protected by plastic bags).
  • The nozzle cap allowed only one spray from a hole open for observation, while it bypassed other sprays from four holes without disturbing injection performance.
  • Defoliants, including Agent Orange, were stored in the central city of Danang, before being aerially sprayed over forests.
  • Steer clear of gas centered cleansers and also sprays such as the ones you employ for furnishings.
  • First, the robotic distributers of poison gases will be sprayed throughout the land.
  • It shows alarm as a white smoke is sprayed towards the crowd.

soar to, in, above, through or over?

  • Today in Asia, EURUSD soared to as high as 1.
  • The piano soars in a burst of energy, as a cello lends its dark, dramatic tint to the sky.
  • Jon's high-pitched and ethereal voice soars above it all and imparts a very uplifting feel to the music.
  • There is no sleigh that soars through the night sky on Christmas Eve.
  • When they've got it, then watch the prices soar into the stratosphere.
  • Superman soars over that which should be painstakingly crossed.
  • What happens? Well, the PBO soars by almost 28.
  • A wide spectrum of beautiful land and space, that will soar from horrid to absolutely heaven in moments.
  • Stock markets soared on the announcement.
  • Paramount's Denzel Washington starrer Flight soared with $24.
  • Other success stories: New York Times app subscriptions absolutely soared after Newsstand launched.
  • FishbowlNY Traffic Soars At WSJ.
  • Material costs in China are soaring along with labour costs.
  • Secondly, food prices are soaring due to the worst drought in 56 years.
  • Elephants are being killed in Africa at an alarming rate as international demand soars for ivory.
  • There were mighty trees all around me, their trunks soaring like columns.
  • People who come to the edge, learn, and soar off it.
  • As his success levels soar out of control, Kieran's studies and morals begin to suffer.
  • We need to reduce public debt, which is soaring past the $15 trillion mark (in a $15 trillion economy as measured by GDP).
  • Opium production has soared since 2001.
  • Sudderth, with his veritable tickle trunk of vocal styles and brilliantly abstract and poetic lyrics, soars throughout the disc and thus stands out quite apparently.
  • Don't you?) Here are his inside tips to keep you soaring toward your goals.
  • My heart soared up to heaven as I walked slowly up and down the trails on the mountains.

"spoil for" or "spoil by"?

  • We are spoilt for talent in strike.
  • It is just spoilt by a few faults.
  • On the coastal side, you are spoilt with pristine white beaches and a warm temperate climate all year round.
  • Still, your fruit won't spoil in the freezer, and you do get a lot of juice from this method with little manual effort.
  • I was afraid thinking that my father's image and name would be spoiled because of me.
  • They victimise innocent people and then waste or spoil like garbage.
  • We got spoiled after these 11 wins in a row, particularly winning by large margins.
  • Weak and spoilt as a child, she becomes infatuated by Heathcliff, seeing him as a romantic hero.
  • They are self indulgent, advantaged and spoilt beyond measure.
  • America has gotten spoiled to these kinds of things.

"sweep under", "sweep through" or "sweep across"?

  • Basically I felt as though i was being swept under the carpet.
  • A deep sense of patriotism swept across me.
  • It swept through the dust and lifted it up to the machine's head.
  • Suddenly the doors swung open, the harsh shriek of wind swept into the bar.
  • A wave of nausea swept over me.
  • In Israel, the body parts of every suicide bomber, after swept from the street, are collected and wrapped in pig skin.
  • Obama swept in millions of young voters by his tolerance.
  • Their traditional way of living will not be swept by a liberal tsunami tomorrow.
  • Deeming down at my unchanged arm I swept to the door to escape any on-lookers.
  • Holiday maker, William Watson, was swept off rocks and drowned while fishing at Sorrento's back beach.
  • The first crew discovered a major fire being swept along the ground between the trees, driven by a strong wind.
  • It will sweep around the entire earth! The elements themselves will be dissolved, the surface of the earth will be purged and consumed with tremendous heat.
  • Not long to go until a complete systemic collapse and the turd that is neo-liberalism is finally swept away from our shores.
  • Far across the broad main will we sweep on our search after novel luxuries and unexperienced pleasures.
  • New York was swept out of the post season because of an inability to do anything offensively, not because of pitching.
  • Guests would sweep up to the grand entrance portico with its dramatic columns.
  • A girl was sweeping with a broom that was too long for her.

spill in, into, on, from or out?

  • Assuming most wasn't spilt in the process.
  • A massive crowd spilled into the Arklow Bay Hotel for this superb event with hotel.
  • They had tea that they could spill on each other before the nation.
  • In 2007, 25,000 barrels of oil spilled from a platform off the coast of Norway.
  • There was an air of confidence amongst our fans and it obviously spilled onto the pitch.
  • While exploring the city, George heard jazz and blues music spilling out of public drinking places.
  • Both groups spilled over each other in their rush to discuss, in detail, their experiences and opinions.
  • Anyway, the names of the servers did spill to the press via a statement from IBM.
  • Look at all the people who deflect, displace, demur and defer to keep the blood spilled by their government(s) off their hands.
  • The morning's opener with Sven and Peter was Val d'Arlas, one of several classic off-piste routes spilling like the inverted arms of a starfish from the ridgetop of Diavolezza.
  • In 2010 alone, more than 21,000 barrels (3,400 cubic metres) were spilled across the network, nearly the equivalent of the most recent oil spill near Little Buffalo.
  • In 1980, 100,000 barrels was spilled after an exploratory well exploded in the Persian Gulf and killed 19 workers.
  • According to Enbridge's own reports, the company had 800 spills between 1999 and 2010, releasing close to 7 million gallons of crude oil.
  • Increasing vessel traffic will only add to the potential risk of oil spills beyond the oil and gas industry.
  • Yesterday's spill near Sundre hardly seems exceptional.
  • I urge the president to focus on the immediate problem of cleaning the oil spill rather than dwelling on a political agenda and fully agree for making BP responsible for the damage.
  • All but two of the substantial oil spills since 2006 occurred north of Edmonton, away from the province's major urban centres.

"suppress by" or "suppress in"?

  • That positive test was allegedly suppressed by the UCI.
  • Castro asked brilliantly obvious questions about Oswald that have been suppressed in our own media for decades.
  • We natural beauties have been suppressed for much too long.
  • During his twelve-year reign, grievances which had been suppressed under Umar's caliphate came to the surface.
  • This isn't the early 00? s any more when peoples irritation about a dumb decision can be suppressed behind the limited channels of mainstream media.
  • It had not spraked a general Irish uprising against Britain, as was hoped by the nationalists, and by 1 May it had been suppressed after some fairly heavy fighting.
  • Upon the completion of his doctorate, he was made editor of the Rheinische Zeitung, which was shortly suppressed because of its advanced liberal views.
  • But in 2001 a State Department study of the 1965-66 events in Indonesia was suppressed from public scrutiny by the Bush Administration.
  • In 1793 the Reign of Terror commenced and the Acadmie des Sciences, along with the other learned societies, was suppressed on 8 August.

"spit on" or "spit in"?

  • They had been required to spit on the cross.
  • Spit in the manager's face 316.
  • If Creampuff spits at Sappa and runs off, she's pregnant.
  • She would be spat upon and even beaten for representing the mother of an unworthy son.
  • Alex is looking forward after very public spat with ex girlfriend Chantelle Houghton.
  • Incidentally, the mini spat between Dar and Dhoni is exactly the sort of thing that DRS can reduce.
  • You might as well spit into the elements for communion.
  • It's not long before a local strikes up a conversation with me, in between spits of his chewing tobacco.
  • What good's the countryside? Share this quote Withnail: spits onto the ground Jesus, look at that.
  • And prog, thanks to the heroic efforts of the culture-gatekeepers, was deader than Elvis locked in King Tut's sarcophagus and spit out of an airlock.
  • The Paan tree, probably most known for the red stuff men chew and spit around Asia, has a pretty special leaf.
  • Outside, the inch thick force-shield around it blistered, crackled and spat under the barrage of a dozen 30-Megahurt Definit-Kil Photrazon Cannon, and looked as if it wouldn't be around for long.

"starve to" or "starve of"?

  • Millions starved to death or were killed.
  • Cells starved of a good blood supply become damaged and may even die.
  • C We starved for too long baby.
  • Half of humanity may starve in the coming glaciation, however, because rice does not grow on ice.
  • My Irish ancestors had all been starved by the Brits, so they were only used to eating dirt &; rotten potatoes as meals.
  • People in Sri Lanka who live in the country areas don't starve because of the jak fruit.
  • Better those people starve on the third world than come here and take our jobs.
  • And it means waiting until people starve before doing anything.
  • I was starving during lunch break, and Niko even offered to give me fifty pesos LOL.
  • While 16,000,000 children starve from the mortgage meltdown crime by all the bankers and the rating company people who got their fees from the mortgage rating fraud.
  • Stay here and starve with the poor whites sounds very smart.
  • Two thirds of the worlds population will starve without phosphorus.

sow in, by, for, into or on?

  • Peacemakers who sow in peace reap a harvest of righteousness.
  • The seed of hatred was sowed by Punjab CM Noon in 1955 when he suggested one unit formula.
  • But the seeds were sown for an unexpected upsurge in Christianity.
  • The time and money I sowed into that business and all i got was a few cheques that added up to less than $100.
  • More frequent irrigation is necessary if seed were sown with out the bedding.
  • The seeds to the great future are sown at the toddler level through an effective early childhood lesson plan.
  • And I sincerely hope that the seeds sown from this trip will take.
  • Sprouted seeds are then sown to a density of 700-1000 g/m2.
  • Thus 1000 seeds should be sown per per m2.

"sink into", "sink to" or "sink in"?

  • It certainly won't sink into the Sun.
  • It has not really sunk in yet, that it's the world No.
  • John took two punches and sank to the ground.
  • Pakistan is sinking by the minute.
  • The Greens quite like the bill but won't introduce it because they know it will sink like a stone.
  • Two of them sunk under the severe toils attending a journey of 3,000 miles.
  • They all struggled -- with the exception of Thisara -- and many hearts sank at the low total.
  • The price of FB sank from an IPO high of $38 to as little as $19; it was trading on Thursday for just under $22.
  • The fact that it sank on its maiden voyage coupled with the romanticized myths and embellished anecdotes has made this iconic vessel the stuff of legend.
  • Ione sank upon the couch, half dead with terror.
  • They should desert the ship before they sink with it.
  • If both of you survive, then the marketplace is faring better than if you just end up sinking without any chance of recovery.
  • Uni's Battleship almost sunk as a result.
  • Blokhin must instil a confidence in a Dynamo side that is in danger of sinking below the surface.
  • Large swaths of the land were littered with trash, and the ground sank beneath you with each step.
  • Coast Guard cutters, and a light vessel, sank due to the storm causing 344 deaths.
  • Even small changes in the total carbon stocks in soils provide a huge source or sink for carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
  • When Sigismund was 4 years old, one of George's ships sank off the coast of Venezuela.
  • Chapter 14 Four inert bodies sank through spinning blackness.
  • The white colored pith will float to the top as well as the seed products will sink towards the bottom.

shear of, between, in, off or at?

  • Shorn of make-up, she's natural, appealing, and very expressive.
  • It is shear between differentially rotating layers that causes the flux tube reconnection.
  • Plates of food sat in refrigerators in houses sheared in half by Israeli bulldozers.
  • In an attempt to alleviate pressures (son Tim had been born earlier in the year ), the Drysdales moved to Albury where Drysdale oversaw shearing at a friend? s property.
  • Their dress was quite different, too: all three were wearing red cloths slung around their shoulders and waists, wore sandals, and had their hair shorn to the scalp.
  • Watch sheep being shorn with the traditional hand shears and see the wool been carded and spun into yarn.

soak in, into, to, with or for?

  • Amelie is a film soaked in romance.
  • Wash your car on the grass so the water soaks into the ground.
  • I was soaked to the core and shivering from wind gusts.
  • Place final layer and soak with syrup.
  • Mix seeds to assure even water contact and soak for 6-12 hours.
  • Everyone got absolutely soaked from this vantage point, but it was well worth it.
  • I let the bread soak about 1 min each side and then cooked it up.
  • An oily rash of sweat had soaked through my pillow and into the mattress.

surrender to, in, at, on or before?

  • He surrendered to an impulse at.
  • Suspect thrown out from the window a pistol, says he will surrender in the afternoon.
  • Frederick Funston was at San Isidro, Nueva Ecija Province on Luzon Island when six tired and famished guerillas surrendered at Pantabangan town to 1Lt.
  • Finally, with no hope of victory, the Canadians surrendered on Christmas Day, 1941.
  • As soon as one surrenders before the disease, he or she becomes vulnerable, she said, while expressing concern that despite of so many efforts, the virus is still there.
  • Some have been surrendered by their owners; some were strays; some came from high-kill shelters in the U.
  • Many have surrendered without a fight.
  • Udham Singh, who had surrendered after killing his rival Pramod Bhadora a year back, was injured in the attack.
  • Clara then tells Gary that he must surrender for him not to be in danger because Clara don't want her father - Gary to be dead.
  • She surrendered through her professional inaction and thus ended up surrendering her job! Justice delivered.
  • If they refuse to surrender until 2020, there will be no turning back.

"shield from", "shield with" or "shield by"?

  • Mr Sinclair has been shielded from such hardship and doesn't live in the real world.
  • Lalkamal Bhowmick dinked up a ball to Sankar Oraon who was well shielded by Dharmaraj Ravanan.
  • It is, therefore, important to ensure that sockets, for example, are shielded with childproof covers.
  • It shields against environmental contaminants which can ruin your epidermis, causing it to age too early.
  • If ADT were unable to use these tax shields for whatever reason, it would be a surprise and have a negative impact on the shares.
  • A further reason is that the Hutu saw the Tutsi as oppressors that were shielding behind the cover of the foreigners and getting all the privileges at their expense.
  • The netting is some trunks provide shielding on the wearer? s sensitive area so injuries can be avoided.
  • It is simply a matter of ensuring adequate safety shielding relative to the type of radiation.
  • They also believe that due to the fact other youngsters are receiving the photographs, their children will likely be shielded via herd defense.

"steer away" or "steer by"?

  • You are right to steer away from it.
  • Instead they were steered by oars.
  • And the 2016 nomination will be steered to another black of Infinite Moral Superiority to follow the black Messiah.
  • Only very sophisticated investors sell and buy or steer with instruments like options or futures.
  • They have made a video of the car being steered in an open ground sans a driver.
  • Reared by an abusive father who beat his sons mercilessly, he was steered into a life of brutality and hate - a life that one day included membership in the KKK.
  • Within the logistics sector there has been a lot of churning and soul searching to undo the mistakes of the past and steer towards a better direction, one of growth and re-alignment to modern times.
  • Look around and pick out some landmarks to steer for.
  • Taumualuas are propelled by paddles and can be steered from either end.
  • Although society has fluctuated in many different directions over time and people have been steered onto their own paths, fire has remained an important part of our lives.
  • Psychics are often sought by individuals who would like to know and steering within the activities that occur in their lives.

swing in, into, by, to or from?

  • The momentum swung in Boys ' Town's favour as they.
  • That same moment a great crocodile on the other bank swung into action.
  • The rod tied to a rope was swung by and office boy.
  • We're swinging to chaos and destruction.
  • I'd still swinging from that poplar tree that he mentioned.
  • Swing on the half price banners 87.
  • As I was falling I swung at Seydou with my knife, I remember doing that.
  • It swings through the strike zone smooth.
  • Like I said earlier, stick him in the him swing for the fences.
  • The basket could be swung over the castle walls.
  • Back when netbooks were starting to heat up, Acer came out swinging with its cheaply-priced Aspire One line.
  • A number of dangerous looking crosses were swung across the box but the attackers could not get on the end of any of them and the goal was never really threatened.
  • He may swing between authoritarian and permissive, even neglectful, parenting.
  • Or she swung around the pole a few times while fliping her hair.
  • Now the debate is tomorrow, the poll on the Society of Biology website is swinging about 3/4 in favour, and I still haven't voted.
  • Then I made a belt guard which swings out of the way when necessary.
  • You can date the moment Jaguar swung away from its sports car path: October 13, 1956, when Jaguar officially stopped racing.
  • The fifth health effect is some mood swings because of depression.
  • There were a lot of crankiness and mood swings throughout the day, especially amongst the girls.
  • The prevailing social mood swings toward stifling the violence at all costs, and those who directly experienced the civil violence maintain the peace for about a human generation -- 20 or 30 years.
  • I swung towards yes for a while, because of what it would mean for the image of conservation if pandas went extinct.
  • To say it shall be all three together is no answer; the verdict must swing upon majority or plurality drawn from one or other group.
  • Support gradually began to swing behind the defending champion.
  • To move other parts of the body, to swing without wiggling or sway without writhing on the dance floor must be the epitome of being uncool.

"stumble upon" or "stumble across"?

  • Then, I stumbled upon this debate.
  • I stumbled across this AUDIOBOOK by chance.
  • I stumbled on this blog/article by mistake.
  • He didn't just stumble into it innocently.
  • Coincidence I stumbled onto your blog? I'd sure not.
  • I had stumbled in quite by accident.
  • Too often I stumble through my day thinking only of what is going wrong.
  • She then consoles herself with soju before stumbling to Teacher Seo's house.
  • I, for one, always stumble at the word ' sustainability '.
  • The bad The outgoing year has been one of the country's worst in terms of football results in recent times, as the country's national teams stumbled from one defeat to the other.
  • Everywhere people stumbled out of bars and along the street.
  • I stumbled over Kikwete's Goethe-quote this morning (above ): ' Willing is not enough.
  • We don't get these preschool years back! For me, the key is (and I stumble with this.

"sneak into" or "sneak in"?

  • You sneak into a rated G movie at 12:01am.
  • Addi here is the true hipster and he even managed to sneak in his camera.
  • Ameeeen Re: Akufo-Addo Sneaks To T.
  • Santosh says he immediately sneaked out of the truck and ran to a nearby shop.
  • She sneaks through the night and assassinates her enemies.
  • Hart should have done a little better to let that sneak past him though.
  • Then, sneak across the bridge and go right, keeping to the edges and behind cover.
  • If you manage to sneak away from the killzone, then you can complete the objectives by planting the bomb.
  • The mountain opened at 7am (although the door remained locked well beyond, so a bunch of us snuck around the gate to start the climb).
  • During slow times at work, I'd sneak on the Internet and look for dogs.
  • I headed for Preston with the ambition to break the time I set in Wrexham earlier this year, (1:43:20) and possibly sneak under 1h 40m for the first time.
  • I snuck up to a 12, and then a 12 started getting tight.
  • Food sneaked from someone after you distract them is also calorie-free.
  • Country is more important than double head sneak like Tiran.
  • Senior Taylor Milbrandt came down with a leaping 24-yard reception to put the Huskers on the doorstep at the 1-yard line, but a quarterback sneak off of a quick snap was stuffed for no gain.
  • Few villagers was washing clothes on one far end and the clouds were slowly sneaking upon us.

"simmer for" or "simmer in"?

  • Allow to simmer for twenty minutes.
  • Let that simmer in the cognitive dissonance sauce in their brains till it boils over.
  • Mix in the beans and simmer on a low heat.
  • Heat, stirring continuously until it melts and begins to simmer at the edges.
  • The film's premise may lack credibility, but Mackie certainly does n't: he's excellent at allowing his character's compassion to simmer beneath his professional composure.
  • Many locals from nearby offices attend Simmers during lunch break.
  • The tomatoes are simmered into a sauce in a saucepan.

"speculate on" or "speculate about"?

  • I did not speculate on its future.
  • I speculate about a possible pooling of resources.
  • I can only speculate as to the reasons for her resignation.
  • The citizens of Spain borrowed big time to speculate in real estate.
  • The exact causality can only be speculated at this point but the correlations are robust.
  • But this is the reasons speculated by the secular in the Watchers group.
  • Well it was fun speculating for the moment.
  • That money is what is used by the financial industry to speculate with, to buy up sovereign assets with, to speculate on food with.

sprinkle with, on, in, throughout or to?

  • Finally, sprinkle with flaked almonds.
  • You can use these for different foods or sprinkled on top of salads.
  • And then sprinkle in the potential problems of the U.
  • Lymphocytes are characteristically sprinkled throughout the tumor.
  • Other people get clever with celery pesto and celery salt (sprinkled onto buttered corn ), which is slowly winning me round.
  • The seeds for these flowers can be found at a home improvement center and sprinkled across large spaces or where it is hard to plant.
  • Through the exertion of his own amazing will power, Werner Herzog has brought us many astonishing film experiences - with some near-masterpieces sprinkled along the way.
  • Cooked yam is sprinkled at the various shrines.
  • In terms of the fish farm, there wasn't a lot to see, to be honest -- though we did witness a feeding frenzy as fish food was sprinkled into the fish pens.
  • This is why it is usually sprinkled outside homes, in temples and other establishments.
  • Sprinkled through this area you'll also find a number of doors which you can unlock with quests.
  • Comments (12) Have developers build apartments, condos, row houses, and small single family houses where 20-30% of them are affordable housing, literally randomly sprinkled within the normal ones.

spread to, across, throughout, in or through?

  • Then it spread to my legs and back.
  • The heraldic colours spread across the pitch.
  • It quickly spread throughout the Middle East.
  • Spread in a single layer onto a cookie sheet.
  • Milking is spread throughout the full 24 hours each day.
  • The good news will spread from one household to the next.
  • If left unchecked it can spread like a virus.
  • Good books spread by word of mouth.
  • Held: re-sale could be spread over a few days to avoid distortion.
  • But these rallies are spreading around the country.
  • Dip it in olive oil rather than spreading on butter.
  • There's white stuff spread about the floor, couches, and side tables.
  • The 30 beds are spread among seven cabins.
  • From here the view is of rolling moorland hills spreading into the distance.
  • A fear that the disease could spread after its proven resistance to the best antibiotics they have.
  • Today, 36 casinos operate in South Africa, spread amongst all nine provinces.
  • It was estimated at the time that the pear was spreading at the rate of one millions acres a year.
  • Hewitt oversees about 200 churches spread between Jamaica and the Cayman Islands and which are served by about 100 pastors.
  • By the time the cancer is diagnosed, the tumor has often spread beyond the ovaries.
  • Early 1980s, the Taiwan local banks average spreads of about 3.
  • This is yet another urban legend, spreading via mails and social networks.
  • They prepared a delicious Jamaican spread with all the favorites included.
  • They are usually done to check for cancer spread within the pelvis or to other parts of the body.

"suspend in", "suspend for" or "suspend from"?

  • The dignity of class was suspended in this display of human feeling.
  • He's been suspended from the party by SF HQ.
  • The stock had been suspended for most of Tuesday at Olam's request.
  • In wartime it might suspend by rumors of British and 1870s as well as technical.
  • Now my account is suspended because of inactivity.
  • Parking meter regulations are also suspended on major legal holidays.
  • The suit is suspended pending an investigation due June 2013.
  • Swimming in the spectacular heated infinity swimming pool is like being suspended between sea and sky.
  • The frog glides down from trees to breed in plants suspended above stagnant bodies of water.
  • A major air and sea search of the routes was suspended after five hours.
  • The peasant's wife cooked on a cauldron suspended over the fire and the family ate from wooden bowls.
  • But of course the conclusion is just what IPCC needs for its forthcoming AR5 so all thinking must be suspended until further notice.
  • I've got my account suspended without warnings or doing anything wrong.
  • Unfortunately during the game players do stupid things, and the Vancouver play was suspended as a result of the cheap hit on the Boston player.
  • Road communications of the district with other parts of the country remained suspended following the strike, causing immense sufferings to the passengers.
  • Right now patients can not receive the full range of routine treatments such as fillings, scale and polish or gum treatment as they've been suspended under the medical-card scheme.

"scream at" or "scream for"?

  • Everyone is screaming at them and NADA.
  • Panicking, I screamed for help.
  • She screams in fear, but doesn't speak.
  • It invites us to yell and scream about the Muslims in 2009.
  • The libertarian in me really comes screaming to the surface in these situations.
  • That is unless you here screaming from him then get over there.
  • Ten years on and the very jungle screams with the tedium of it all.
  • A woman being dragged kicking and screaming into old age.
  • Beat your chest and run around screaming like Tarzan.
  • Alliance is now screaming of 13th amendment.
  • There was a lot of shouting and screaming as all hell was let loose.
  • Laughing and screaming before drinking hot enamel mugs of coffee from the camp chefs who managed to continue preparing supper, despite the rains.
  • This thing actually turned its head to look at me and gave me this hideous smile, if you can believe that, and I ran screaming down the stairs.
  • From new I had a clutch screaming on loaded pull aways.
  • At one point when the chair refused to acknowledge them, they kept screaming over him even though the parliamentarian ruled against them.
  • Then, if all goes well for Felix, he'll scream through the air faster than the speed of sound, open his parachute and land softly.

"sue for", "sue in" or "sue by"?

  • Xi Xia was forced to sue for peace.
  • Pyne is being sued by Sandals for allegedly making US$1.
  • I recall the trustees of the Stanley Cup were sued in the last lockout.
  • C may compel B on a proper indemnity to allow C to sue on the contract in B's name.
  • The software giant are being sued over misleading advertising regarding the amount of storage space in the 32GB Surface tablet.
  • Parmalat eventually filed for bankruptcy and very sued due to manipulation of reports among many other claims.
  • Here, there was nothing to stay because the agreement being sued upon did not contain an arbitration agreement.

swim in, with, to, at or through?

  • Kids started to swim in a panic.
  • Swim with Australian giant cuttlefish.
  • They were able to swim to Goat Island.
  • Both boys regularly went swimming at Devils Hole.
  • My next goal is to swim for an hour without taking a break.
  • He swam through the excited crowd to try the bottom.
  • They decided to stop swimming against the current.
  • A raft of 20 cormorants swims on a shallow river pool.
  • Swimming across the Mississippi on cold mornings is my favorite activity.
  • This dive is carried out entirely in the sand, essentially swimming from buoy line to buoy line.
  • Once they swam around the boat, impeding the rowing.
  • I loved to swim and I always swam as a kid.
  • They called for him to come to shore, extending poles for him to grab, but the man swam away.
  • I wish I can confidently wear bikini and swim by the beach.
  • Currently the net fishery involves Gill nets, which trap and kill anything that swims into it.
  • All with their backpacks and one of them swimming like a rat thrown into the pond.
  • All goes well for a while, and then you see someone swimming toward shore.
  • Behind him, hundreds were already swimming towards him.
  • No need for the use of glasses and contact lens and that I'll be able to swim without the risk of infection with my contact lens on.

"scan for", "scan in" or "scan through"?

  • I also have the ability to not scan for new books.
  • I love to read, but sitting there watching it slowly scan through id's and then my images folders is.
  • It's not that *only* the index tree is scanned, it's that it's scanned in the context of the query execution plan.
  • The maps were scanned at 300 dpi and saved as uncompressed TIFF fi les.
  • The first thing scanned by Welcome Home is your old device's app list.
  • X-rays were digital and any paper was scanned on to computers.
  • These images were scanned from 35mm prints.
  • You can add effects such as zooming into a photo or scanning across a scene similar to what you can do in PowerPoint.
  • Dots per inch (dpi ): Measurement of picture clarity for pictures scanned into computers.
  • I also scan with Counterspy about once a week.
  • Prose does not scan like poetry.
  • Close to 100 patients were scanned during the week as Sue Reid, an Australian senographer, spent time training the Suubi medical team on how to use the ultrasound.
  • In the scanning electron microscope (SEM ), the beam is focussed to a point and scanned over the surface of the sample.

"swallow by" or "swallow for"?

  • Bite-sized pieces of plastic to be swallowed by little sea creatures.
  • That's going to be very hard swallow for Nike.
  • A short walk away is McNair Pond, where you could look for ducks, woodpeckers and swallows in the early morning or evening.
  • It's like trying to swallow with your teeth apart (try it )! Leave it to a dentist to figure that one out.
  • Knowing how to pinch off a piece of steaming ugali, scoop up the sauce/greens/pili pili and pop that in your mouth, chew, swallow without burning your tongue is part of the experience.
  • However, it is difficult to swallow from other writers.
  • Jonathan and Mary Ann took Jack home blind, deaf and unable to swallow on his own.
  • Even swallow Worth whole, if you like.

"sacrifice for" or "sacrifice to"?

  • It requires sacrifice for no reason.
  • Brahmin's killed thousand of animals to sacrifice to gods.
  • All have sacrificed in one way or another.
  • Javed Leghari is a poor sacrificial goat, who is ready to be sacrificed on the altar of war.
  • Ahiravana, another son of Ravana, who was in the Patal Loka took away Rama and Lakshmana through his Maya to be sacrificed at the altar of Devi.
  • At some point in his soliloquy, Eagleton ' argues ' that Jesus was murdered and not sacrificed by God.
  • We represent: Sacrifice as a cost; and Risk, in so far as it is being reduced, as a benefit.
  • A woman's life has been sacrificed due to the unwillingness of Labour, Fine Gael, Fianna Fil and the Greens to legislate in line with the Supreme Court ruling on the X Case in 1992.
  • Gaines broken the video game by working that have 160 take advantage of metres resulting in nil TDs, Becoming aircraft sacrificed from the 49ers, 37-27.
  • I'll be happy if Hoolahan get a half, but won't be surprised if Long is sacrificed instead of Cox.
  • Day after day the cannibal man makes take to the slaughter houses so that they are sacrificed of a cruel way, soon to consume his meat, naturally flavorfully prepared.

seize by, on, upon, in or from?

  • It is fair to say that the r &f; are not seized by that argument.
  • But today's Republicans seized on the chance to put a gun to the head of the US economy.
  • We seize upon every failure we made as parents as the cause.
  • Recently, a cache of arms was seized in Punjab.
  • Ultimately, more than 20,000 kilograms of cocaine were seized from these airplanes.
  • I was immediately seized with enthusiasm.
  • This original fan assembly seized at 37,000 Km.
  • Bring in more than one, and they will all be seized as a trademark violation.
  • The total amount of gold seized during the raids from all the companies is approximately 142.
  • Owner has property seized without being arrested and seizure is lawful.

"snap at" or "snap out"?

  • I snapped at Harrison, something I very rarely do.
  • He needs Paul to snap out of it.
  • And something would snap in his head.
  • This picture was snapped on Resurrection Sunday when they were reunited.
  • Anyway, here is a photo I snapped of it a couple of years ago.
  • The waterfall traces snap into focus; QSOs become readable.
  • Shaking his head, he snapped from the memory, promising himself that nothing would happen like that this time.
  • Snap like a tiger, strikes like a snake -- feel like a poker in someone.
  • There should be a way to make this artifact work! With that, it snaps to me.
  • Their faces are snapped by camera phones, and Man-ok suggests they get some caps to cover their faces.
  • Gilda has been systematically worn down to her breaking point; she snaps for a split-second, but given her speed and reflexes, that's enough to attack Dash.
  • His telephone line was apparently snapped without knowing that a line in the bedroom was still operative.
  • He snapped back to his senses as he heard a branch snap down the path.
  • Relegated to national irrelevance, I think something snapped inside the man.
  • The wind had snapped off the top of a large oak tree and deposited the mattress in the branches.
  • Each bracelet comes with a set of charms that easily snap onto the holes and stay put.
  • The pair got all dressed up in super tight red lycra for an evening out with a few gal pals last night, with Imogen getting snapped outside Nobu in Mayfair.

sail from, in, for, to or through?

  • Ramanujan sailed from India on 17 March 1914.
  • I remember once sailing in Sweden, according to the Decca.
  • Ships set sail for Antarctica from here.
  • So it was with this they sailed to the new world.
  • They were sailing on the surface of this green sea.
  • M in Indian political history who sailed through no-confidence motion.
  • The building was designed to look like a great ocean liner sailing across the airwaves.
  • And best of luck as you sail into private life.
  • Singing paeans to late YSR is seen as his plan to sail with his son Jagan.
  • Most of their silver sailed around the world paying for wars, encouraging trade, changing the fates of empires.
  • He lowered sail at once and returned to shore.
  • M/S as one sails past the camera showing its great length.
  • Various shots of battleships in the fleet sailing along with the crew working onboard.
  • Sail away from the safe harbor.
  • Metro News (UK) reports a 50-year-old woman went overboard from the balcony of her cabin while the ship was sailing between Curaao and Grand Turk islands.
  • Arautauta was sailed by Tarawa -- accompanied by two taniwha (sea creatures) -- and landed at Wai? tahe Beach, between? p? tiki-mai-tawhiti and? hiwa Harbour.
  • No doubt on a fine, clear day, you could sail down that road at 60MPH (apart from the bends!) and be totally safe.
  • Lauderdale, Florida is the main cruise port for cruise ships sailing out of this area, and is also an enormous sea port for various commercial interests.
  • It was the 18 th over of the innings and the first four balls went sailing over the rope.
  • Some terminology for kite buggying can be borrowed from sailing since the dynamics are similar enough.
  • Though he had been unwell for some time, we thought him indestructible as he sailed towards his 10th decade.
  • It was its first sail under its own power since turning 200 in 1997.
  • He then sailed up the river in a small yacht.

"shine in" or "shine on"?

  • Let that intent shine in your tone.
  • Shining on Wednesday were Facebook and Cisco.
  • The script shines with an unmistakable luster.
  • One group shining like the sun.
  • His mother just shines through him at moments like that.
  • We are the soft stars that shine at night.
  • The sky was full of stars, and lighted candles shone from the windows of our red house.
  • In the old days, the sun used to shine for 24 hours.
  • Over my head, the translucent moon shines upon my presence, as my mind calms.
  • Saide, who sings well, is a tough and tender Tom, while Casey shines as a voluptuous earth mother.
  • It is (You Are) fully Here Now and Eternally Free and Clear, Eternally Presence, Shining before the mind.
  • Social media allows a light to be shone into the darkest crevices.
  • Zinedine Zidane also never really had a stand out season for his club where he really shone above his team mates.
  • The Sun shines by burning hydrogen in its core, fusing it into helium.
  • Depending on the season, you'd be grateful for the sun shining onto the diners.
  • Or the sun shining out of Cameron's arse, whichever he was relying on at the time.
  • The sun is shining over the sea here in Cornwall and Lonesome Trail just came from Amazon.
  • Honey adds moisture and shine to the hair and I never DC without it as I've seen the benefits for myself.
  • The string also appears to be tailor made, holding the same coat of gold flares and shines under the sunlight.

spin in, on, out, by or into?

  • Barry Goldwater must be spinning in his grave.
  • If you're not getting spun on LSD you're not eating enough.
  • Some even ' turn around in circles or are spun by others.
  • Even good programs can spin out of control.
  • Halicki was badly injured in the scene where the Mustang spins into a telephone pole.
  • Make them spin at high speeds to destroy them, use the spacebar.
  • He was spinning for a while at the start, but that was expected.
  • Yesterday's big announcement by Apple left us spinning with excitement.
  • So my head is certainly spinning from this new bit of information.
  • A sweet Aston Martin classic can be seen spinning off the truck towards a cop car.
  • The water is rapidly spinning around the center of the vortex due to centripetal force (an inward force directing an object or fluid such as water towards the center of its circular path).
  • In other words, if the engine isn't engaged with the drive shaft the motor spins like crazy to no purpose.
  • This mosaic of NASA/ MODIS satellite images from August 5 shows a massive low-pressure center spinning across the central Arctic Ocean on August 5, 2012.
  • In one triptych, an astronaut spins against the blackness of night, while in the other a parachutist falls through the deep blue of day.
  • Based on his subjective perceptions from within the operating ' classic ' Time Machine, I used to picture him watching helplessly as the earth spun away from him.
  • Nobody could explain the behavior of a Foucault's Pendulum other than by the Earth spinning beneath it.
  • A very important factor is certain though: Greater spins of pokies and online slots that you just make, the better your itrrrs likely that.
  • Parts of the web will need to be unhooked and attached to it, and many adjustments made to individual connections, and new minor connection spun onto it.
  • Galaxies, solar systems and planets do spin relative to local inertial frame of reference though.
  • On the official handicap figures that Frankel's routing racing style has sent spinning throughout his career, none of today's opposition can claim to be anywhere near hollering distance of him.
  • After Speed run through Will, he starts spinning till fall on the ground dazed.
  • It hit the barrier on the right side of the road then spun toward the center divider and hit the barrier so hard the Jersey wall (cement barrier) moved about ten feet.
  • This is actually the primary reason exactly why our venture spun towards Christian Louboutin reproductions of vintage designs.
  • If she didn't spin under braking, she ended up with wicked understeer as a result of not carrying enough speed.

"squeeze in" or "squeeze into"?

  • Tonight: Squeeze in some exercise.
  • They would squeeze into a corner where they couldn't be pried out.
  • Smaller players are being squeezed out of the market.
  • People had to squeeze by him as he took up most of the aisle.
  • Juice squeezed from all kinds of fruit including sugar-cane except rice,.
  • Squeeze through a piece of cloth and add to this juice 0.
  • We are being squeezed between the two.
  • So you try again, squeezing for 10, 20 and finally 40 seconds, then it gives way.
  • I was walking along the dockside and lay down on the railway track and tried to squeeze under the gap in the sleepers.
  • Oh! Did I mention waiting time? And having to squeeze with the hundreds of other students who also happen to be going to school? 7am to 7.
  • This time, Tisu Boy didn't join me as he didn't like pushing and squeezing among the sweaty army guys.
  • Squeezing beyond a certain point actually degrades the performance of the measurement making it less precise.
  • Swann appealed as Dilshan pushed forward to a ball that turned and the ball squeezed off pad, and perhaps a sliver of an inside edge, to James Anderson at slip.
  • Light squeezed on a quantum scale An international team of physicists has pushed the boundaries on ultra-precise measurement by harnessing quantum light waves in a new way.
  • Smiles flatline as I squeeze onto the couch between several regulars, clacking a pair of needles like Edward Scissorhands.
  • These patterns result from brushing against a plant's stems or leaves when outdoors or from lime juice squeezed over the hand or down the forearm.
  • With the calendar squeezed to less than eight weeks before the scheduled outdoor game and no firm date for the next round of talks, the league on Friday pulled the plug on the Classic.

shut off, out, on, for or behind?

  • I immediately shut off internet access.
  • If it loses, it might be shut out.
  • The garagistes who did the cut and shut for Orozco can not have been ignorant of these.
  • Hearing the door clang shut on my fantasy daughter, however, made me doubt.
  • The moment the door shut behind them Chris was untying his swim trunks and on her knees.
  • I posted what Zero Hedge said were the amounts of oil and gas shut in, rigs shut down.
  • Madonna can't keep her trap shut about Lady Gaga.
  • On the other hand, perhaps the bank where Bob goes fishing shuts at 4.
  • A unit at Indian Point plant north of New York City was shut down on Monday due to an external grid issue, the plant operator said.
  • Two doors shut from either side of the wagon, trapping Joe and Kathy.
  • But the door, in my opinion, should not be shut to shortsitedness.
  • The landmark's theatre, recreation centre and swimming pool would all be shut by March and construction will begin during the same month.
  • At least he doesn't use taxpayer funds for everything that opens and shuts like the Maori elite.
  • Schools have been shut along Mindanao's east coast, while sea travel was banned for the time being, Gobenciong added.
  • He slammed the door shut before any reply came.
  • Your dog furthermore sensed Wiggins and Froome shutting upon your ex by the end on the phase.

slide into, in, to, from or under?

  • If he does slide into the third round, however, I wouldn't hesitate.
  • Spill cooking oil all over the floor and then slide in it 251.
  • Mittal (slides from facsimile and Mittal's copy are shown).
  • The yen slid to the lowest in almost seven months today.
  • I slid on my helmet a few feet.
  • Its fortunes slid under General Manager Don Maloney.
  • David slid off of the sofa and started moving across the floor like a snake.
  • During the journey, they made use of carabenas to slide across a river.
  • I felt his hand slide by so I looked at him and gave him a glare and then left.
  • The ice gradually built up and started to slide down the mountain slope.
  • Punk gets caught but slides out of a hold.
  • The puck snuck-in under Frederik Andersen's skate and slid over the line.
  • The probe slid through the opening, heading for the damage in the alien ship? s surface.
  • If you tilt your head you will find that the drool slides onto your bib.
  • The table folded out of the side panelling and slid towards me, and proved stable enough to type on.
  • Houdin was waving the flags of both countries as he slid along the wire.
  • We were gliding sleekly through the water, but Demetrios was slowly sliding away from us.
  • Then, as the sun reluctantly slides behind the distant Adirondack Mountains, a hush shrouds the valley below, only accentuated by the faraway tinkle of a cowbell.
  • The crazy looking crossover is confirmed to slide beneath the family-focussed Dualis with a starting price that Carsguide believes will shimmy below $25,000.

stimulate by, to, in, at or during?

  • As the authors acknowledge, their research was stimulated by P.
  • New entrepreneurs can be produced and existing entrepreneurs can be stimulated to greater efforts in their business through training.
  • The imagination is stimulated in a way that the more logical connections of the Internet can not match; the Internet will make people literal-minded.
  • You will need to find out what part of the heart is being stimulated at different peaks and what muscles are contracting as a result of this stimulation.
  • The members of the group are motivated and stimulate during training.
  • When cells are not stimulated for long periods of time, your brain reorganizes itself; you naturally lose the unused, understimulated cells.

suffice for, in, as, with or according?

  • Just an online dictionary definition will suffice for the moment; 1 a.
  • Either would suffice in the long term.
  • This box alone would have sufficed as a meal on its own.
  • Many, instead of writing? Mu? ammad? in full, suffice with writing? Mohd?
  • Hold your hand slightly above your head (3 inches would suffice but for you I'd go at least 8) so that your palm is parallel to the top of your head and move it to and fro for a few moments.
  • A small complaint would suffice to fuel the urgency for drastic action.

shout at, for, in, to or from?

  • Stay Calm -- Do not smack or shout at the dog.
  • It was not me that shouted for liberation.
  • I don't like when people are shouting in my class.
  • I wanted to shout to them to swim downstream and look for a better exit.
  • I never want to be someone who only shouts from the sidelines.
  • According to a reader who wrote to the citizen journalism website STOMP, a man was seen standing in the middle of a road shouting about losing his girlfriend.
  • We don't need to shout like Bartimaeus.
  • She was also shouting on him when he was questioning her that he should leave her alone that he wants she wants to go to ibadan.
  • With national media filming his every move, the thick man with a thick voice shouted over the plane's four propellers.
  • This sister was boiling and shouting with her soprano voice in hell fire.
  • Linda Robson, from Birds of a Feather who's an old friend and also on the show, could see how upset he was and shouted after his disappearing figure: ' We love you Brian.
  • All this, but the whole world shouts against the attack on Malala.
  • Has everyone already forgotten that fateful BYAH!!! shouted by Howard Dean.
  • I suspect even now, orders are being shouted into telephones and men with guns will soon be on their way.

"screw on" or "screw with"?

  • Really got screwed on this one, such a great game too.
  • Nolan seems to screw with the whole concept of origin stories on purpose.
  • The half-million residents of Washington, for example, largely get screwed by the deal.
  • He also completely screwed over the Anaheim Ducks.
  • For sheet metal, use specific sheet metal screws for best results.
  • Next the walls and the three steps are loosely screwed in place.
  • Finally the control panel and interior light are screwed into position.
  • I have a niece and two nephews who could be screwed out of most of their inheritance if I renounced.
  • These are fitted at the bottom to a batten screwed to the floor.
  • We'd been looking for something like a little round table top to screw onto the top of the rubbish bin.
  • No news from CNN how Obama totally screwed up the middle east foreign policy.

"scroll through" or "scroll to"?

  • It can be terrific fun to do, and to scroll through.
  • Scroll to the bottom for older entries and the preview story from the Saturday paper.
  • Many of them discovered, in 1945, in the form of papyrus scrolls in a jar buried in a cave in Upper Egypt.
  • The resulting page height lends itself to backgrounds that scroll along with the text.
  • Even if I had to scroll past six banner ads to get to the good stuff.
  • Stories from your feed will slowly scroll across the screen, and tapping any of them opens the story in the Currents app.
  • You can scroll between pages by swiping your finger left or right.
  • Along with ShopSavvy 6, users can simply scroll by way of a list of of highly appropriate effects for all your products on the getaway purchasing lists.
  • The website's entire design is filled with fun characters that move and respond as you scroll over them.

slip into, in, to, through or from?

  • Perhaps some Baileys and Kahlua to slip into it.
  • She had slipped in unnoticed with Charles.
  • Gradually I slipped from the chair and lay on the floor.
  • Beliefs keep slipping through the noose of predictability.
  • Haddin, whose batting average has slipped to 35.
  • Actors never slipped out of the lockjaw.
  • Jake slips on a disguise and frequents the adult book store.
  • This debate has slipped away from him.
  • He's slipped past a few, the slippery eel.
  • Her account of Aboriginal singing slips between the two senses of this term.
  • I can't believe this almost slipped by me as it was released earlier.
  • By the sounds of things it may have slipped off this.
  • He slipped under the door as she watched him.
  • Net length for gold slipped for the first in 7 weeks although price has set new record highs.
  • I was a bit embarrassed but really just couldn't believe I had slipped like that.
  • The cruise line says the man was working on the deck when he slipped over the railing.

scramble for, to, out, in or on?

  • Little men grasping for power often scramble for personal advantages.
  • They continue to fall behind early and then scramble to catch-up the entire game.
  • Page scrambled out of sight and pulled the trigger of his gun.
  • But, he kept the first touchdown drive alive with his lone ACL as he scrambled in a pocket that was pretty non-existant all day long.
  • Pushing her way out the shattered back cargo window, the slight but athletic preteen scrambled on top of the SUV, which had righted itself, and yelled to her mother to hoist up the younger children.
  • We scrambled from this ravine, and galloping away through the hollows, soon found another, winding like a snake among the hills, and so deep that it completely concealed us.
  • I scrambled through the escape hatch to man my battle station as a stretcher-bearer in the after-battle dressing station.
  • Quinn was injured in the first quarter against the Raiders when he was hit by linebacker Philip Wheeler on a scramble up the middle.
  • Today when it happened I instantly scrambled into the living room as fast as I could to tell my parents but then as I stood there my mind sort of was telling myself I was crazy.
  • There is a mad scramble by global corporate giants to get into Burma, virtually a plunder seems to be happening.
  • Well, if they cancelled the flight that far in advance, then they wouldn't scramble like that.
  • I scrambled onto the top of the bar and dove, using the top of her head as a stepping stone before grabbing the rafters and vaulting myself out the exit.
  • On deck, people scrambled towards the stern or jumped overboard in hopes of reaching a lifeboat.

"sustain by" or "sustain in"?

  • Almost all of which are sustained by.
  • This type of coverage will cover damage sustained in an accident.
  • I am also hoping that the kind of response we have had so far, it sustains for the 13 episodes.
  • June 4: Lord Edward Fitzgerald dies of wounds sustained during his capture.
  • City bridges may be shutdown if winds are sustained at more than 60 mph.
  • In fact, one school mate died from head injuries sustained from motorbike stunts.
  • If the bonds and associations it has established can be sustained through a long, dark period ahead -- because victory won't come quickly -- it could prove a significant moment in American history.
  • The American health insurance system is sustained to a large degree by the more generous employers, whether big corp 's, union plans, government employee plans etc.
  • Remember to keep safe The ACC processes thousands of clains a year for injuries sustained as a result of DIY accidents.
  • Attempt to save Mat in Corazon Locsin Montelibano Memorial Regional Hospital in Bacolod City failed because of the fatal bullet wound he sustained on his forehead.
  • I recall his blog on the vile mother &; stepfather of poor baby P, who died with over 90 separate injuries sustained over a prolonged period of abuse, neglect &; torture.
  • Jaiprakash Associates has been sustaining above its resistance level of Rs 86 since last one-two months.
  • The loss of John Terry -- first through his four-game ban for racially abusing Anton Ferdinand, then the knee ligament injury sustained against Liverpool -- was the crucial factor.
  • As states gain legitimacy and become stronger, the shadow economies become more difficult to sustain due to the lack of insecurity, as shown by the example of Northern Ireland.
  • Fong, who is two months pregnant, had also posted up pictures of the injuries she had sustained following the incident.
  • This speaks to one of the confusions sustained throughout the poem: whether the world is dead and being anatomized, or whether it is the anatomy which is actually killing it.
  • But the fact others can appreciate and be sustained with what you like to do, and are happy to do, is fantastic.
  • Presence, on a long-term basis, in Afghanistan, can not be sustained without a long term relationship with Pakistan.

smile at, on, for, in or to?

  • William smiled at the memory of it.
  • I the gods smile on me that will be the way.
  • Besides, smiling for every photograph today is simply conventional.
  • It smiled in the dark and I saw fluroscent red teeth.
  • I smiled to myself, clearly impressed.
  • I've given you two lips to smile with.
  • I'l bet he went home smiling from ear to ear.
  • But you're both smiling like fools, and you share a nervous laugh.
  • All things then smiled upon Arbaces - all things frowned upon the Athenian.
  • Or worse, I'd end up being successful, and have to keep smiling about films that I detested.
  • And really, what matters most is that you're smiling after watching this movie.
  • He mumbled and smiled along with the rest anyway.
  • I enjoy the laughter and smiles around the table rather than dwelling on the hours of preparation and clean up.
  • The fact that so many of the grounds crew not only disengage their machines, but smile as the pedestrian goes by, doesn't hurt either.
  • Next out was Kilian, who from what I can imagine happened, calmly looked at the boulder and then proceeded to flash it! Even as the crowd roared to his flash, I could only smile behind the wall.
  • She smiled into her husband's blue eyes and reached across to wipe water from his beard.
  • I would have had a hard time smiling through gritted teeth and not saying anything.
  • Maanvi smiled towards everyone and took her seat, the plates were ready, the food was served.

"suit to" or "suit for"?

  • Not suited to social enterprise.
  • Not everyone gets a job they are best suited for.
  • Subsequently, Nurul Izzah was accused of advocating apostasy among Muslims -- a claim she has vehemently denied and has threatened law suits against both Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian.
  • The blue boiler suits in the article were not for prisoners but for suspects.
  • But, it might be said, Andrews had such opportunity and the rare good fortune also to have his spirit suited with work that proved his powers.
  • For Upton, he can run the count, and he works with hitter's counts, but I think he is best suited as a #2 hitter.
  • The ' standings ' (stalls) were a special feature of the fairs where everything imaginable was sold and many a man bought a good Sunday suit on the ' cant ' (second-hand clothes stall).

stare at, into, in, from or of?

  • Then they stared at each other.
  • Its almost 4pm and she's still here, staring into my face.
  • Bennett stared in a frozen sort of way at the hand.
  • Having a week of semester break staring from the next week.
  • I stared out of the window into the darkness.
  • Radar had been stood staring with an utterly distraught look on his face.

skip to, over, on, across or through?

  • You can skip to the end and leave a comment.
  • I think Rylan is a goner tomorrow, so easy to skip over him.
  • Do they put a focus on design? One of the top grossing eCommerce sites, Amazon, clearly doesn't skip on their design.
  • Once eager children skipped across the tracks as the train rounded a corner.
  • He was clearly in a rush, likely skipping from one journalist to another and didn't have a lot of time for me.
  • Skip through a rain shower on a hot summer day.
  • At the Canadian Junior Championships in Winnipeg in 1989, the Quebec team, skipped by Martin Ferland, was the only one using it.
  • Pujols went for the lead runner instead of the sure out, but his low throw skipped off Gordon as he slid into third and Gordon continued home.
  • People who want to vote, who want to live up to their responsibility as a citizen of a democratic republic, would not skip out of town on election day.
  • There is this Butterfly House in the Zoo of Melbourne, which must not be skipped at any cost.
  • Part of the debate has to be skipped due to answers being too long.
  • His technique was amazing, he could easily skip past 3-4 players.
  • I just re-read the article and it seems as though I skipped about 1/3 of it the first time through.
  • I hid A LOT; struggling to stay in the bunch, watching in agony as a countless number of participants skipped away from me, fragmenting the race to pieces.
  • Processes (layout, model sheets, even storyboards!) are skipped in the name of efficiency.
  • November 10, 2012 11:57 PM JST Today is the first day on the PCP that I have managed to skip with the sun out and feel its warmth!!! Uk winter is truly odd.

satisfy with, by, in, about or after?

  • Men never satisfy with one woman.
  • If Islamabad is satisfied by such a result, it should think again.
  • People were satisfied in the Camp after what they had been through.
  • The process was quick because the buyer was satisfied about what he was acquiring.
  • Some people are satisfied after a few hours of social time, and want to do something else after.
  • I quite often get sets at target on sale, they aren't all right but I find enough to keep my penchant for matching sets satisfied at a good price.
  • Two conditions must be satisfied before the court can make a serious crime prevention order.
  • A new elimination period may need to be satisfied for your facility care benefits to become payable.
  • In our network considerations, the end customer demand is always satisfied from a retail location.
  • They provide high-quality services and assure you that you will be satisfied on the work.
  • My basic needs are basically satisfied to an extent, and I have no further demands on that front.

"secure by" or "secure in"?

  • Driveway gravelled and secured by a gate.
  • You feel secure in your own skin.
  • The only federal appointment said to be secured for Kano was that of Managing Director NPA.
  • Twist into a knot and secure with bobby pins.
  • The inside is bare, but at least it can be secured from the former combatants and the elements.
  • Secure to your head with hairpins and a few spritzes of hairspray.
  • If only one bid can be secured on any project, the price will be unreasonable.
  • These loans are usually secured against the business ' assets (e.
  • Air was secured through a rubber tube connected with a small opening near the top of the barrel.
  • The Yam Improvement for Income and Food Security in West Africa (YIIFSWA) project has secured around US$ 12m.
  • It's great that the London 2012 medals will be kept safe and secure at the Tower of London until then.
  • The back of the jacket is actually a pouch and your child (up to about age 3) fits right into it and is secured into place by colourful straps on the outside of the jacket.
  • We were financially secure prior to having kids, and bought our first house when our first was eight months old.
  • Muscles worked -- upper abs Comments -- One of the best easy ab exercises Rating 6 out of 10 Sit up Lie on the floor with your knees bent and your feet secured under something stable.

"separate from" or "separate by"?

  • This is all separate from spoilers.
  • Down there, separated by the Sea by only 1.
  • Emails can be separated into another.
  • All traffic types are well separated in the Utrecht University Area.
  • You were united upon the Earth and were separated at death.
  • Although we are also happy to review your insurance arrangements regardless of turnover, separate to the IOL scheme with our Lloyds Underwriter.
  • He said he and his wife, Dixie D'Souza, had been separated for two years, and that he met Joseph three months ago.
  • Note, that the characters of s are not separated with spaces.

smoke in, for, at, with or on?

  • One in four people smoke in Ireland.
  • There are signs asking us to refrain from smoking for this gig.
  • At first he replied that he wasn't smoking at that exact moment.
  • And if you do not smoke with good things it of all evils.
  • The damaging results of smoking on health are fairly well known.
  • This is as true for stop smoking as it is for every other factor of your life.
  • The anti-smoking pressure group ASH said that further action was necessary to curb smoking by young people.
  • She continued to smoke during Ben's childhood, even after Ben was diagnosed with asthma at three years old.
  • Smoke from factories and heating plants, winds blowing in from the Gobi Desert and fumes from millions of vehicles can combine to blanket the city in this pungent shroud for days.
  • Smoking like drinking should be banned in public.
  • My mother gave up smoking after 55 years of two packs a day, unfiltered 20 mg heavy hitters.
  • Our observation of a lower prevalence of smoking among parents of slow inactivators is consistent with this reasoning.
  • If the copper is employed in order to smoke around the oven, homework is required to maintain the copper outside thoroughly clear.
  • Don't plan to give up smoking over night.
  • This is really important because rather than perpetuate the myths, you wind up getting the information that you need to help you to quit smoking rather than information that hinders your success.
  • Non Smoking Can be either ensuite or non-ensuite but do not allow smoking within the confines of the building.

stir in, with, by, for or into?

  • Stir in the parmesan and butter.
  • The soul gets stirred by the external view of beauty.
  • Put maida and continue to stir for another few minutes.
  • Stir into the pure, fold in the whipped cream.
  • Stir with whisk until mixture is well blended.
  • This time it will be The Sixth Sense and Stir of Echoes.
  • Add remaining flour, a cup at a time, stirring after each addition.
  • Do not use any utensils to stir at this stage - sugar turns to caramel at 170C so anything will get stuck in it if you use them.
  • They were n't, but he stared at them anyway -- and for too long, he could hear behind his back the audience stir from stultified silence and begin to heckle.
  • Place over medium heat and stir till sugar dissolves.
  • And when they feel the spark of passion stirring within them, the tools of innovation have been so deeply ingrained that they are able to explore those passions to their fullest extent.
  • His spirit was stirred against this monster David was not afraid.
  • Stir on low heat for about three minutes, until thick.
  • He was usually such a deep sleeper, away as soon as his head touched the mat, not stirring until the roosters signalled the rise of the sun and the start of a new day.
  • We witnessed amazing comebacks; stared in wonder at the sheer skill on display; and stirred up a wall of congratulatory noise time and time again.

"specify in" or "specify by"?

  • Deletions occur as specified in 6.
  • This figure is specified by the manufacturer.
  • Additional permissions may be specified for a lower category.
  • Payment is due on the date specified on the invoice.
  • Instead, the width must be specified as a percentage.
  • Any delegated task should be specified with an (agreed) end date.
  • Explanation: The sequence number wrap value for channel ' &3'; is &1,; but the value specified at the remote location is &2.
  • In fact, I think he specified to the men that their wives were cursed in both mind and body.
  • Expansive read of notion of control -- potentially broad scope of review The notion of ' control ' has not been clearly specified under the AML or its relevant guidance.
  • Constraints applicable to regions: There are a number of constraints that apply to all the regions that are specified within a given fo:simple-page-master.

"smell like" or "smell of"?

  • It usually just smells like pee.
  • It smells of colonial arrogance.
  • How can we get ahead with this sort of inept management? fish smells from its head #1 08:19 am Mar 08 2012 as they say the fish starts smelling from its head.
  • When an attack is smelled in advance, even then the required security is not provided.
  • Therefore, if a person is on medication it can influence the way a favorite fragrance smells on the skin.
  • This is a cardinal sin that smells to High Heaven.
  • I even looked foward to driving a car that didn ’ t smell after having the injector seals done and imagined actually that i would be reservedly happy with the car, but I can ’ t now.
  • I was getting all forms of colored discharge and masking smells with baby powder.

score in, on, for, at or with?

  • Next was he can't score IN England.
  • Archer scored on runs of 79 and 74.
  • India are scoring at run-rate of 5.
  • Score for all the others: zero.
  • Coffs scored with a try to Kama.
  • A couple of years later, I scored against Chelsea.
  • Soundtrack The film's score and soundtrack are scored by debutant M.
  • Should have tried to score from outside the 20 yard line.
  • Partners who scored above the median on 9 or more of the 20 competencies delivered $1.
  • Yesterday's game kicked off in an explosive pattern but it was Simba who enjoyed the better part early on when they scored after paltry three minutes.
  • Take a pinch of snuff, Doctor, and acknowledge that I have scored over you in your example.
  • When he started working in that beach front hotel he just wanted a cool job making fun drinks watching long sunsets scored to Aja by Steely Dan.
  • You scored as: atheism You are.
  • The Reign shortened the four minutes by scoring before the first penalty ended.
  • That is scored between zero and 100, the best.
  • True freshman Josh Scott led the team in scoring during his debut in last Friday's 74-59 win over Wofford.
  • But I never saw anybody - nobody - score like Morenz on a furious charge down center.
  • But we gave it to them once, they scored off it a yellow card.
  • That didn't happen and it was from Srna in plenty of space that Shakhtar scored through the impressive Willian.

shake by, with, in, from or like?

  • Zaphod was badly shaken by the crash.
  • The soil samples were shaken with 0.
  • I can sense a lot of SEOs shaking in their boots.
  • My house shook from the explosions.
  • He spoke with a tremor and shook like a leaf.
  • The same result was achieved when the soil suspension was shaken for 20 minutes.
  • Faith in violence has been shaken to its roots but faith in nonviolence has still not sprouted.
  • The earth shook as the battle was engaged.
  • Off to see Alabama Shakes at the Acadamy this Monday.
  • The whole house used to shake during the airstrikes.
  • Maybe the surviving dried grass has popped back up and shaken off the black.
  • They will be shaken out of the camp of God's people, leaving the 144000 alone as standing for God on earth.
  • Early in the morning of January 17, 1995, the earth shook under Kobe.
  • The federal parliamentary Labor Party was shaken on one side by the formation of a ' Lang Labor ' faction led by New South Wales Labor leader Jack Lang.
  • The occupants of the car were left badly shaken according to a relative speaking on RTE's Liveline radio show.
  • Their last EP had dance floors shaking across the globe with an infectious combination of electro, rock and dubstep -- a sound the duo have dubbed Rocktronica.
  • Everything had shaken into place and everyone on the tour, bands and crew alike, had fixed routines to follow, which saved them from having to think too hard.
  • Also sitting here still shaking of today's indulgence as well, intentionally waited until after weigh-in and photo for the indulgence.

"strike by", "strike in" or "strike at"?

  • Then he was struck by a sudden thought.
  • Pardon of sin strikes at the root of all diseases.
  • It struck in 1563, 1604 and 1627.
  • Kevin's Kitchen there without being struck with such resemblances.
  • I'd not struck on that McKenna lot.
  • Workers here are striking against the labour broking, casual labour, sub-contracting system.
  • In this case, the difference in fidelity was striking between the two.
  • Then, Kilkenny struck for goal.
  • Suddenly he was struck from behind.
  • If he did that doctor would have nothing as he would be struck off due to our countries laws.
  • The first thing that's striking about the GH3 is its size.
  • The agency is hard at work 9-5 monday to friday because thankfully tsunamis never strike after hours or on weekends.
  • However, bad luck struck before the match as St Joseph's goalkeeper, Mchel McClean, sprained his ankle during the warm-up.
  • Snap like a tiger, strikes like a snake -- feel like a poker in someone.
  • On the US west coast, the tsunami struck near low tide and in many places it was barely visible to observers on shore.
  • I had the attackers at the seminar take on this particular role, encouraging students to skip the punch-down, following straight through to the palm strikes to the nose and takedown.
  • The protesters said Israel would not conduct air strikes without U.

"stretch from", "stretch across" or "stretch to"?

  • Stretching from the Prieur beach to the Pointe du Moulinet.
  • The female stretched to some 2.
  • They stretch across the continent.
  • It stretches for more than two acres.
  • Taking time to stretch in front of the surf break provides vital knowledge of the conditions.
  • This is more likely to stretch on impact, rather than crack.
  • Stretch before and after exercise.
  • Many stories in Steinbeck's collection have been massaged and stretched by a gifted storyteller.
  • Lantana occupies a comfortable six hectares that stretch into the sea.
  • You need a pair of nylon stockings to drape and stretch over them.
  • The Eastern Highlands stretch along most of the length of the east coast.
  • In addition tree 24 hour express bus services cover the 27 km (18 mile) stretch between the airport and the city.
  • An interdisciplinary education is important for holistic growth because we can Stretch beyond our comfort zone.
  • After Cheng took up study at the OUHK, his finances were stretched with the birth of his two children.
  • You stretch before a surf, you stretch after a surf, you just stretch, stretch, stretch.
  • Now color stretching around knowledge and the nerve, it has ended in wasteful vain effort.
  • Since the primordial burst of creation, space has been stretching as the universe expands.
  • The capacity of the electricity generators to meet the overall national demand is stretched at this time.
  • However, I think they did not do the Manampitiya - Trinco stretch due to security concerns.
  • Stretching during the ride at rest stops is also recommended.
  • Stand up for 30 seconds and stretch like a cat.
  • Queues stretching out the door and back up to hotel reception complete the sense of postmodern irony.
  • One of the reasons you shouldn't stretch pre workout is that it temporarily weakens muscle by activating the Golgi Tendon Organ that I talked about earlier.
  • The day after his speech, a massive UNIA parade stretched through Harlem.
  • He (Jackson) is doing the last stretch under Maha Sancharaya from Manampitiya to Trinco.
  • Personally, what I find extremely therapeutic about hot yoga is the ability of the body to stretch without strain.

"strengthen by" or "strengthen in"?

  • For 2013, the State economy is projected to strengthen by 5.
  • The side will probably need to strengthen in January and in the Summer, but the.
  • They have been strengthened with the signings of Podolski and Giroud.
  • Growth is expected to strengthen to 8.
  • Be strengthened for what is to come.
  • This was a great crisis, but the CUP and the Young Turk cause emerged strengthened from it.
  • The currency steadily strengthened through November to 6.
  • American currency strengthened against the euro again and lost against the pound.
  • The cyclone moved erratically westward and southward for two days while slowly strengthening into a tropical storm.
  • House, yes it does look like we will get the rain from Hurricane Issac -- perhaps more than that if it strengthens over the gulf.
  • Rafa could have won us the League if he was given the money to strengthen after Istanbul.
  • We have to look at the presidency, how it can be strengthened as a responsible executive system.
  • Rain will gather in much of Munster and Connacht overnight into Monday, and southeasterly winds will strengthen at the same time.
  • While the storm did not strengthen during the following night, rapid intensification began on September 20 as it moved through the Straits of Florida.
  • The last storm in these sort of sequences is almost always the wildest so I'd expecting strengthening of the storm on Sunday and it could get quite a bit larger.
  • It drifted slowly westward and northwestward while steadily strengthening on the 16th and 17th.

search for, on, through, by or in?

  • Another way is to search for Dr.
  • You could search on Google for it.
  • You didn't need to search through all 12 pages.
  • You can search by age, gender or type of gift.
  • Magistrate may direct search in his presence 105.
  • Meanwhile Searches of the River Barrow in Monasterevin, Co.
  • Simon searched with Joyce for Mr.

"shift to" or "shift from"?

  • The money gets shifted to them.
  • A shift from the past to the future.
  • He shifted in his chair and said.
  • Hence the emphasis shifted away from tackling crime i.
  • At Sackville, the emphasis has shifted towards the interactive web 2.
  • I work some weekend shifts at a local pub, but that's it.
  • In Storybrooke, something has shifted for Regina.
  • Yunnan Garden Campus In December 2000, NIE shifted into its new.
  • Martin's bill would reflect a modest first step in a much needed paradigm shift on drug enforcement.
  • There is no doubt in our mind that over the last 72 hours we have seen a momentum shift toward Santorum in Michigan.
  • And maybe I need a perspective shift as to what I am waiting on and for.
  • As the album progressed, I shifted between appreciation and slight disappointment.
  • Shifting by more bits than there are in a word gives an implementation dependent result.
  • Crustal shifts often follow magnetic pole shifts due to inner levels becoming liquefied and the pressure from overheating.
  • Bits shifted off either end of the left operand simply disappear.
  • The blame has been shifted onto low-paid public sector workers and those in receipt of welfare.
  • More of us need to join them so we actually have a prosperous and healthy future, if we don't shift out of coal, then we're stuffed.
  • All energies witness growth, although overall shares shift over time.
  • A lot of crap gets thrown around and shifting through it for kernels of truth is necessary.
  • It can't shift with time and the winds.

steal from, by, in, at or for?

  • I can not buy the things you stole from me.
  • Nana Yaa Asantewaa's Stool stolen by the British.
  • I had a motor cycle stolen in CA.
  • My car got (= was) stolen at the weekend.
  • You steal for your people - bigger things?
  • The van had been stolen on Saturday, April 7, at 8.
  • I'd just glad it's a challenge, so I can steal with impunity.
  • The painting, Madeleine Leaning on Her Elbow with Flowers in Her Hair, was stolen during an armed robbery on September 8, 2011.
  • At first some claimed that a humanity stolen of goals and ends, robbed of purpose, would wither up -- experience a physical deterioration commensurate with its metaphysical one.
  • I also saw poor people stealing off of trucks stopped at traffic lights.
  • As I became more quiet, a great peace stole over me, and this was accompanied by a sensation difficult to describe.
  • Also can primarily need through the transactions and privately steal to the infrastructure and distance of the companies, somehow however as these are avoided to the membership.
  • The lands stolen under the colonial rule are now mostly commercial cattle or wheat ranches.
  • When we are broke and can no longer make up for all of the missing money the politicians stole via mass corruption.

solve by, in, with, for or through?

  • We need a true solution solved by us.
  • This can be solved in one second.
  • Most problems can be solved with a day's notice.
  • So one equation only lets us solve for one unknown.
  • Otherwise they are solved through word of mouth, but often the people that need to make these reports do nt use email or Twitter.
  • It is a European problem that has to be solved at a central European level and the way to do that is not to keep chipping away at wages and causing joblessness and poverty.
  • In fact, most personal grievances get solved without them having to be dealt with by lawyers and outside agencies.
  • I understand that problems can't be solved over night.
  • Meanwhile, the mystery could not be solved about the authority which sealed the factory last time.
  • Unfortunately there were a few obstacles to solve along the way.
  • Moreover, the problems of spherical and chromatic aberration were solved before 1830.
  • What has happened here? The problem can be solved on the basis of Eus.
  • Design is evolving wonderfully from Problem solving to Problem finding which is very important.

"switch to" or "switch from"?

  • One was switching to the Greens.
  • Then they are switched from the steady supply of replacements.
  • You can switch between a dark and light background.
  • You might switch at any point in time to the other browsers we make available on this site.
  • The netting could always be switched for blue, and the dress wouldn't lose it's happy, dancy, quality.
  • Conversely, an aggressor can cause decreased delays when switching in the same direction as the victim.
  • I had to actually switch into ' techie ' to navigate.
  • He made all the comments as in previous posts and asked me to switch on my computer.
  • It was easier than I thought to switch over the billing.

settle in, for, on, into or by?

  • She settled in Christchurch in 1950.
  • Don? t settle for anything less.
  • We have finally settled on names.
  • Fighting on Gallipoli soon settled into a stalemate.
  • Most legal disputes are now settled by mediation or arbitration.
  • Catalan? s breakaway move was settled with autonomy.
  • The Jews then settled at Khaibar.
  • Both parties agreed for early conciliation and the case was settled after the company agreed to pay one year's salary to Ms.
  • By Andrew Leci I have decided to let the dust settle before penning my views on the latest saga involving John Terry.
  • Try not to settle out of court.
  • We were lucky to get there just in time before the cloud settled over the mountain.
  • Holden turned around just as the bug settled to the surface less than fifty metres away.
  • I close my eyes, breathing in the tranquil aura that had settled upon my form only moments before.

"suck into" or "suck at"?

  • In a gradual way I became sucked into this.
  • Unfortunately, I suck at hip hop.
  • Has she been sucking on a pacifier? MARGE Uh.
  • It might push up some prices and suck in some imports.
  • Don't suck up to hollyweird in any way plz.
  • I feel bad for the players on the bench sucks for them.
  • He had sucked from her every three or four days thereafter.
  • The liquefied fat is then sucked out of the body.
  • It totally sucks about budget cuts.
  • He now officially sucks as a leader, and rightly so.
  • Blame anything to avoid the reality that this Susan Rice is another GooberMINT idiot employee sucking off the taxpayer's money while delivering nothing but stupidity.
  • Her personality Sucks with a capital S.
  • My life would suck without you 4.

"supply by" or "supply to"?

  • Before, we were being supplied by the north.
  • Industrial supply: are product supplied to industries.
  • TreeParser supplied with ferite.
  • All of GHD Shops supplied in our website are genuine and super-quality.
  • AMQ9541 CCSID supplied for data conversion not supported.
  • It would be nice, if the XLSTAR could be supplied from both, the debug USB and user USB as well.
  • Neither apply here, the cost in this case does not equate to refusal to supply as the government could buy it if it decided to.
  • I do not shop for supplies at places like Walmart or even Micheals.
  • Water that is supplied on a fixed-rate basis must be paid for in advance.
  • Goods were supplied through their dealer M/s.
  • If special diets are required they should be supplied along with any specific feeding instructions.
  • A P750 donation will help save children from malnutrition while P1000 will give children and their families supplies during a calamity.
  • Markets are supposed to act as an invisible hand, bringing demand and supply into balance.
  • Transport trailers distributed pet food and supplies like crates, leashes and litter from a warehouse in Queens set up days before Sandy descended, said the Humane Society's Schneider.
  • The company will supply of a minimum 65.

succeed in, by, at, with or to?

  • Ergo, if they did succeed in seceding.
  • Colonel Williams was succeeded by Mr.
  • It succeeds at doing just that.
  • The call succeeds with completion code MQCCWARNING.
  • Then joy and gladness succeeded to sorrow and grief.
  • They succeeded on the 30th of June.
  • No one ever succeeds without help from someone else.
  • Will Rajapaksa regime succeed against rise of people's power? Media Freedom is virtually non-existent in Sri Lanka.
  • But to succeed as a country we need to do these things in numbers.
  • Whatever succeeds for you is best for you.

survive in, on, by, for or without?

  • Would I ever survive in Europe? Probably not.
  • Can we survive on 3000 per month.
  • They still survive by the jungle.
  • These leeches can survive for months after feeding on blood.
  • No society survives without an army.
  • They knew better than most how to survive with nothing.
  • Man can not survive as man without culture.
  • Being simple, they survive to this age.
  • With the condition of that defence, no team in the EPL could have survived at Everton.
  • Portions of the floor mosaic survive from this period.
  • The language of ancient Egypt was hieroglyphic, which survived through the ages.
  • I don't know whether man survives after death or not.
  • In the pictures, Kim is trying hard to survive against a legendary killer named Bong Min Jung (played by Song).
  • Coral is an animal that only survives because of the algae living within it.
  • I survived due to a combination of sheer luck and perseverance.
  • More people survived inside high trust groups.
  • However, only several volumes of The Comprehensive Book on Medicine have survived into modern times.
  • Yes Wilpons survived like it or not.
  • We have survived off the land for thousands of years without anybody's help.
  • No history before that date should survive outside the biblical myth.
  • It's never survived past 2 weeks for us.
  • I can't play till 2014 and say I am not fit enough to survive till the next World Cup.
  • What that choice may be when humans have to survive under severe environmental stress can not be predicted.
  • That core policy would not have survived until now unless Germany had been behind it all the way.

set in, for, by, to or on?

  • The rules are set in Hollywood.
  • The tone was set for the evening.
  • That is set by buyer and seller.
  • It's just set to a better beat.
  • Set on the platform was a bench.
  • Monday: As one planet sets at 6 p.
  • Nobody was satisfied with the Bynum/Gasol set with PJ.
  • It was set against the backdrop of Goa, of caste and of lust.
  • The athlete has a specific time limit in which to complete the course, and the time limit is set according to its length.
  • He noted that the 2010 census has been set as a national priority.
  • Then he gave them to his disciples to set before the people.
  • It's kind of set during the Samurai ages.
  • The **28;8626;TOOLONG is set from the first component.
  • For pullups you'll need a chinning bar or a bar set into a door frame.
  • One set of tires is still going to get bumped.
  • It moved very slow it set over the west and then came back up 15 degrees to the north ad it came back up.
  • Kesey gave the word and the Pranksters set upon it one afternoon.
  • This is a nature resort/spa set within a 60-acre coffee plantation in the Blue Mountains.

"step into", "step on" or "step out"?

  • Mayer stepped into the role that Mr.
  • Alawites can step on everybody.
  • Rachel stepped out of the building.
  • So far no one has stepped up to the plate.
  • The mediation process, step by step.
  • If we step away from news, then that is not the case.
  • I feel like I have to step in here.
  • We never can step outside of time, although I wish we could.
  • The assistants stepped off the platform.
  • But the second the guy stepped onto stage I was fine.
  • The faster you step through all 16 frequencies, the better.
  • Please, sir, step to the back of the line.
  • Lanfray stepped across her body.
  • We can take this one step at a time.
  • We stepped from a busy road into the hidden and quiet Shibu area.
  • There are several things that might interest you once you stepped inside the building.
  • The natural response has been to step over them as if they aren't there.

"swear by" or "swear to"?

  • Mick swore by his health elixir.
  • I swear to God I was once told that the 7.
  • I don't swear in front of my little ones.
  • She swore at him and ran out of the room.
  • The president is sworn on the Bible.
  • Swearing into the microphones? Ban.
  • And I swear I'd not just casually swearing for no good reason.
  • Kangemi said I was one of those who had sworn off Kenya years ago.
  • Not enough people freak out in these movies, but Private Hudson does us proud and whines and bitches and swears about the problem like a champ.
  • It is a matter for the practice of the individual judge whether the jury is sworn as a group or individually.
  • We swear before our people that additional suicide operations will occur.
  • T o these are to be added oaths sworn through a sort of contempt, such as an oath not to observe the Evangelical counsels of celibacy and poverty.

"sleep in", "sleep on" or "sleep with"?

  • No animal shall sleep in a bed.
  • Oh, right -- she slept with him, too.
  • I said she slept on the verandah.
  • Dinner and sleep at the lodge/camp.
  • My dog sleeps through the night.
  • Slept under the bridges of Paris while at Uni.
  • The immediate dangers are apparent in the increased need to sleep after the iftar.
  • It had been easy to be washed to sleep by the sound of waves on stones.
  • Even if you can't sleep during the day, put your feet up whenever you can.
  • Then, I slept like a little baby.
  • Curse On Us I only met you today but I want to sleep next to you.
  • This drugs caused dependence and later on you can't sleep without taking them.

strive for, towards, to, after or against?

  • Always strive for high-quality.
  • It is a plane striving towards wisdom or light.
  • CREATA strives to practice SERVANT LEADERSHIP.
  • Man did not therefore strive after an evil nature when he touched the forbidden tree; but by deserting what was better, he committed an evil deed.
  • A narrative-for me--describes a series of events in the life of somebody striving against obstacles toward a goal and achieving it or not achieving it.
  • We should strive in the present life so that Allah (SWT) allows us to rest on the Day of Judgement.
  • But a time will come when the Spirit would no longer strive with you.
  • Was this where she went wrong?? So what of the Fork's future? It is not a creature who merely strives through the physical difficulties of life.

"stick to", "stick in" or "stick with"?

  • Stick to two (maybe three) fonts.
  • And Ireland was stuck with him.
  • Yet, you're stuck in the middle.
  • I know that I shouldn't be stuck on the numbers.
  • However my sympathy-meter is stuck at nought.
  • But as I said I got stuck behind another car under blue flags that didn't really respect it.
  • They needed to stick by Suarez.
  • I didn't know we were stuck for so long.
  • The toe is the often sharp bit at the bottom of the stock that sticks into your shoulder.
  • Essentially it is stuck out of battery.

sing in, by, about, for or with?

  • The Opera is sung in the Buyi language.
  • Our meeting opened with a prayer sung by her.
  • Well we do sing about Cantona and Best.
  • God wants us to be high when we sing for him.
  • To sing to the Lord (James 5:13).
  • I sing with passion, and I love what I do.
  • She began singing at the age of five in church.
  • I think I did my best singing on this album.
  • The choir will sing along with the choirs of St.
  • And he sang from his heart and he sang from his soul.
  • Cris didn't really perform nor sing as a young child.
  • Never falters but sings like a bird straight from your heart.
  • There is also scope for singing of prayers, hymns, silent meditation and so on.
  • When the couple is seated we begin to sing after plying some instrumental music.
  • Softly, Naomi sung into Eira's ear, a gentle and low melody.
  • Phil quickly ran through the lines with him for pronunciation and in he went to the recording box, sang through it twice and we got it down the 3rd time.
  • They sing without flunjers, capdabblers and smendlers! (groaning) Oh, tell Simpson I'd ready to deal.

"shoot in" or "shoot at"?

  • She shot in New York in the 60s.
  • You get one shot at being young.
  • We're shooting for a summer launch.
  • After he was shot on July 7 at 6 a.
  • He was shot by a Turk within a few yards.
  • They shoot from the hip and ask questions later.
  • I HATE shooting with green screen.
  • With Monday shot to hell I concentrated on Tuesday.
  • Coupled with the fact I shoot into a field.
  • Prior picks up a four with a nice open-faced shot through backward point.
  • Google in particular had been shooting across the bow of these Super PACs and clients for a while.
  • Just shot after shot and he makes them all.
  • Back to shooting as a form of meat production.
  • Looking like they are shooting off the deck wood The water body has been built with a flamed granite base.
  • You must do this without crashing, being shot out of the sky or running out of fuel.
  • This is shot outside of her and Ajit's home.
  • We shot over 150 rounds of ammunition.
  • Its value contribution to overall mobile phone market also shot up to more than 70 percent.
  • In other cases persons who were arrested, were shot without being allowed the opportunity of proving their innocence.

state in, by, on, at or to?

  • JUSTIN, martyr stated in 116 A.
  • Obama won the swing states by narrow margins.
  • As stated on their website loveislouder.
  • President Barack Obama stated at his Nov.
  • This much has been categorically stated to the Minister.
  • The team with items should be stated as the safe bet.
  • Also we have a separation of church and state for a reason.
  • The only solution I've come up with is to separate religion and state with the state having absolute decision.
  • They are our current servicer who states from qualified written request RBS citizens holds our prommisory note.
  • Wake up and accept this is a failed state like no other.
  • At no point have I stated about how much warming might result from increased CO2.
  • It was stated during the presentation that many of the (consumer) features would not be announced yet for Windows Phone 8.
  • I've observed what it is like, she stated of film creating.
  • In the new nation's northern states such as Unity, heavily mined roads have compounded the problem of closed trade routes.
  • Yet you clearly state under the photo that cannabis can NOT cure cancer.

sign by, up, for, with or in?

  • Benigno Aquino III signed by Fr.
  • Shame to hear about the poor sign ups.
  • Like McDowell, he signed for a 71.
  • Nike recently signed with The F.
  • Sign in or sign up now! Loading.
  • Convention was signed on 15 October 2012.
  • Savage is Currently signed to Sony ATV U.
  • Obama who signed into law on 12.
  • A Memorandum of Understanding was signed at the meeting.
  • In most situations, a contract is signed between the relevant parties for the use of copyrighted works.
  • Tiot signed from FC Twente Enschende in Holland for a sum of 3.
  • I have been signed as the In-House Diamond Expert for QVC.
  • An agreement will be signed before the fostering arrangement begins.
  • Best regards Anthony For the (now) signed off Christopher Calder i.
  • Not signing onto John's political beliefs.
  • This is entirely at the team's discretion, but it applies only to contracts signed under the 2011 CBA.

"submit to" or "submit by"?

  • I submitted to the girthy wall.
  • Submitted by dissappointedwhofan.
  • Taped videocassettes should be submitted for clearance by Customs.
  • This article has been submitted in affiliation.
  • Applications, to be submitted on the school application forms, close at 4.
  • Curtayne? I would submit with great respect? Mr.
  • He reveals he has since written a statement to be submitted as part of the investigation.
  • Countries outside the WPIO agreement must be submitted at the same time.
  • This should be submitted before leaving the reserves.
  • Songs have been submitted from Sweden, the U.
  • Inmost cases all originals have to be submitted via postal mail, as electronic copies sent by e-mail are not acceptable.
  • The application for the student visa must be submitted within minimum 3 months before the start of the approved courses.

save by, for, from, on or in?

  • My life was saved by happiness.
  • I'd saving for my wedding and a dog.
  • Some are looking for souls to save from hell.
  • Mitt Romney saved on his taxes.
  • PDFs are saved in the download folder.
  • As always, your creations save to Evernote for easy access.
  • Saving as to sections 396 and 397 398.
  • There was no place for Buck save at the front.
  • You save with your coupons, and you save gas money in the process.
  • Hence, doing such calculation can actually help you to know the amount of electricity that gets saved after the utilisation.
  • But don't you think Jamhene will be saved against any of the other 4 acts? I also expect an even bigger pimping of him now that Ella is gone.
  • Conservation means saving during a surplus for a possibly scarce future.
  • Screenshot is automatically saved into galery under sceenshots folder.
  • The money you save out of fuel may be used to buy new contact lenses.
  • Given a decent income and some certainty that their savings will not be lost during unemployment and sickness or due to retrospective rule changes, the vast majority would save without coercion.

"select for", "select from" or "select by"?

  • They are not selected for their ethical qualties.
  • Winners were selected by RPM readers until 1975.
  • Then the kids can select from those.
  • In time, Abu Bakr was selected as the first caliph or leader of Islam.
  • Never got selected in school cricket team.
  • That day, I was selected on the Meath Juvenile Team.
  • He is one of the top 10 power forwards in the game and has been selected to 2 all-star games.
  • They are to be selected according to their usefulness in contributing to.
  • Select After and then set the total number of slides.
  • I am so excited to be selected among such an amazingly talented group of photographers.
  • The projects were selected at the district-level CSCs.
  • The subjects were randomly selected into two groups where one group served as controls.
  • Beyond that, the men chosen to be the first astronauts were selected out of a pool of Navy test pilots.
  • The arbitrator selected under the Rules must be a lawyer.
  • I was fortunate to be on a very short list of riders to be selected with Kevin Windham and James Stewart.

suffer from, in, for, by or with?

  • He suffers from a heart attack.
  • Worker are suffering in Madonna.
  • We tax payers will suffer for it.
  • We suffer by the expectations of others.
  • Happy are those who suffer with Him.
  • Millions have suffered as a result.
  • I know she suffered at school because of it.
  • The narrators suffer through the change of times.
  • I feel for all those suffering because of the condems.
  • Further to this it is important to note the casualties suffered during the war.
  • Your intelligence will NOT suffer on any level, I can promise you that.
  • Human spaceflight suffers under Obama.

"serve as" or "serve in"?

  • Gonzales currently serves as the U.
  • I served in Europe never Vietnam.
  • Carl served on ships during World War Two.
  • Toss and serve with the meatballs.
  • Afterwards, the Ranu are served by family members to others.
  • I am able to serve for 30 days.
  • Dinner will be served at the Auberge.
  • River of smallmouth county was served to recording.
  • Served from 1991 to 2008 as a Republican.
  • Those who remained and settled in Burma loyally served under Burmese kings.

suspect of, in, by, for or on?

  • And usually suspected of espionage.
  • A man arrested also is suspected in a blast earlier the same day in downtown Oslo that killed seven.
  • This, however, must in no wise be suspected by the public.
  • That is enough for me and I suspect for a vast majority too.
  • He is suspected on probable grounds of aggravated theft and concealment of stolen property.
  • He told me he hadn't been into computers or technology much over that time, as I suspected after the difficulty of the search.
  • Indeed by its neglect of worship and failure to address the demands of community it may in fact be theologically suspect as well as socially impracticable.
  • We all listened eagerly but I suspect with hindsight, that not all his tales were true.
  • When the partners suspect about one another, how lengthy would that relationship go before it eventually ends up.

sell to, in, for, at or on?

  • The land is accordingly sold to B.
  • It is sold in most pharmacies).
  • The database is sold for: $149.
  • The price the Customer may sell at.
  • Not sold on NC State or Michigan.
  • So selling by auction is not the problem.
  • It was sold as a way to stop drug traffic.
  • Apple is in Cork to use Ireland as a base for selling into Europe.
  • This has resulted in a continual sell off of assets.
  • But the local unit's upside was limited on selling from leveraged funds.
  • Limited sets will be sold like this.
  • Right now we're just selling out of boxes.
  • If you want to sell through the Travel Trust Association (TTA) members,.
  • Power to sell under special conditions Power to buy in and re-sell 38.
  • Joshiraku, even without the puns, would SELL with baka gaijin.
  • Sale by trustee directed to sell within specified time 22.

"sit in" or "sit on"?

  • Took the bumbo for her to sit in.
  • She is sitting on her Kang bed.
  • Homer and Burns sit at a table.
  • I came out and sat with my father.
  • It rarely sits for full sessions.
  • I went there and sat next to him.
  • He sat by his head and told him, Enter Islam.
  • So all that stuff was always sitting around the house.
  • The triangular metal structure sits atop.
  • Six members of his family sat behind him in the courtroom.
  • He walked over and sat beside her.
  • He went to nobody's door, always sat near the Neem tree.
  • Sit outside the bathroom for half an hour tapping your foot.
  • I didn't have to sit through lectures.
  • We sat under the truck trailer and watched the world fly by.
  • The Imam slowly helps the father to sit upon the ground.

stop at, by, in, for or with?

  • Coliseum might stop at the hotel.
  • Or stop by McDonald's on the way home.
  • The episode stops in the middle.
  • He kindly stopped for a moment.
  • So stop with the doom and gloom.
  • I wish I could stop on that just a minute.
  • I just can't stop from missing him.
  • I stopped after getting compliments on how beautiful i am with my dark skin.
  • Curious, the husband decided to stop along the roadside to check on the engine.
  • AMQ9448 Repository manager stopping because of errors.
  • There, at the red lights, the trains stop before going over the bridge.
  • Shannon) starting making threatening moves to get it stopped due to licensing.

"seek for" or "seek after"?

  • As humans, we seek for certainty.
  • However, he remains a talent sought after by.
  • Wetangula had made a ministerial response sought by Hon.
  • But what I seek, is what God Himself seeks in others.
  • Longer-term, the measure seeks to.
  • Advice should be sought from an experienced building professional.
  • Proof of certification can be sought at the website www.
  • Sometimes he wants a bit of attention so he'll play hide and seek with you.
  • Amante wanted to ask the help of the police again for them to seek about Mara's whereabouts.
  • Prison sentences of 6 months to 5 years are being sought against us.
  • Is it honor they seek among them? Nay, - all honor is with Allah.
  • Poor Nydia! I seek as much as possible to repair to her the cruelties of Nature and Fate, in asking permission to place her with thee.
  • And others, tempting him, sought of him a sign from heaven.
  • No payments can be sought on Sundays or public holidays.
  • The God-fearing Muslim woman restrains her tongue and does not seek out people? s faults or slander their honour, and she hates to see such talk spread in the Muslim community.
  • They try to seek through the haystacks for them to sneak into the train.
  • The optimal balance has to be sought within each of us.

stand in, for, on, at or by?

  • Don't stand in the rain or fog.
  • I've no idea what you stand for.
  • Roger is standing on the ground.
  • A year ago, they stood at $503.
  • A chubby man stood by his side.
  • Will any government stand up to.
  • They stood with big government.
  • His soul is standing before him.
  • They should stand against the fanatics solidly.
  • It stands as a protector of property rights.
  • LFC should not stand behind a plea of ignorance.
  • Like I said, I was standing next to Mr.
  • Students stand beside their desk.
  • What chance do you stand between two useless companies.
  • So here I stand outside the Bakery.
  • Standing over me was Remi, from all those years ago.
  • As she stood to one side, she addressed him with a verse.

"stay in" or "stay at"?

  • She refuses to stay in the box.
  • We stayed at the Taj Coral Reef.
  • For that, it will stay with me.
  • Y! You refuse to stay on point.
  • And stay away from Mary Camden.
  • Here the Imam stayed for the night.
  • Templates that stay out of your way.
  • All boats must stay within the course.
  • If we're going to stay ahead of these.

"support by" or "support for"?

  • MathML 9 is supported by many vendors.
  • Of course, support for Android 4.
  • He was supported in his version by RW.
  • Support from Satsuki; has subsidiaries Huns.
  • That is also support to the LTTE.
  • NFC, DLNA and OTA syncing are also supported on the handset.
  • Consume garlic with dinner or on a bagel to support with acne.
  • They provide information and support as well as emergency accommodation through the Crashpad scheme.
  • Support at work related to support from supervisors, coworkers and the workplace culture.
  • My family have only supported through phone calls.

"share with", "share in" or "share by"?

  • They share with their community.
  • So the blame must be shared by all.
  • Army contingents, was shared in Washington.
  • Anything you could share on the new Yahoo design.
  • Stamp duty: Stamp duty is equally shared between the buyer and the seller.
  • Can you share about how you handle the haters, e.
  • And also those saved bookmarks can be shared to public.
  • It only needs to be done once and shared across the teams.
  • City people will also need to share among themselves.
  • If there is a surplus at the end of the year, it is shared amongst the staff as a bonus.
  • Leadership is shared at the point of care.
  • Part two was a story of a love they both shared for rugby.
  • Writing is hard and sharing from one's heart even harder.
  • The succeeded because they encouraged sharing of their content.
  • Digital storytelling therefore helps to boost your efforts in this area by enabling your stories to be shared through social media platforms.
  • Messages can be shared via SMS on phone or.

send to, by, in, for or from?

  • In a press statement sent to P.
  • In July of 1973 letters were sent by Dr.
  • Surdez polished his prose and sent in his work.
  • So he sent for him and he came.
  • I can send from Java - Indonesia.
  • Their bare deal was sent on to Rudd's group of leaders.
  • Suddenly I was sent into a clandestine life.
  • To Europe goods are sent via airmail.
  • If the sender transmits an entire window's worth of data at once, the data will be sent as a burst.
  • My first email was sent at 11:23 a.
  • Luiz on the other should've been sent off.
  • Two versions of the data are sent over different wires.
  • AFP has sent through another frame from the same video.
  • The performa will be sent with your Joining Instructions.

speak to, of, about, with or for?

  • I spoke to them and they agreed.
  • Where is the? probity? we speak of.
  • He spoke about the Irish tribe.
  • I'll speak with you again soon.
  • The facts speak for themselves.
  • Hey Kurt, I saw you speak in Winona.
  • Speaking at the opening of a 1.
  • Speaking on the same token, Hon.
  • I can only speak from a US perspective.
  • We can invite you to speak against vouchers.
  • Brill noted he was speaking as Gov.
  • You can speak by learning alound.
  • We know, however, that it was spoken during the 13th century.
  • He spoke through signs and natural events.

"spend on" or "spend in"?

  • Best bucks spent on cycling for years.
  • Three years were spent in South Korea.
  • And Sunday is time spent with family and friends.
  • Overnight will be spent at Kitumbeine Camp.
  • We would need to increase spending by 6.
  • Noone cares how much is spent for a language teaching.
  • I only spend about 1 hour every other day.
  • The years he had spent as a boy soprano in St.
  • I estimate that I spend between 30 minutes and 2 hours writing my notes every day.
  • When he was spent from that day's effort, he would come and ask me if I wanted a cup of tea.
  • Not a little mind you, but spend like a sailor on speed.
  • Shantam, I spent over 10 years in India.
  • The average spend per head was 60 in 2010 -- with 20 spent in the market itself and 40 outside.
  • This is again in turn the money they can spend to consumption or non-consumption.
  • All this after a couple of seasons spent under financial storm clouds.
  • It needs to be spent without waste.

"suggest to" or "suggest by"?

  • I suggest what i suggest to all reverts.
  • In the 2013 edition -- as suggested by ultra-marathoner, Atty.
  • I've done what you suggested in the OP.
  • A number of reasons can be suggested for this.
  • What would you suggest as an alternatve? http: //soulmeetsworld.
  • He suggested on his blog: The model is brilliant, if you have an audience.
  • What do you suggest about the electronics, etc.
  • Several recommendations were suggested at yesterday's meeting.
  • Thus, because of its in vitro nature, the present model may be useful to test hypothesis on neuronal interactions that at present can only be suggested from in vivo results.
  • The game was maybe tighter though than the scoreline suggests with the sides level with ten minutes to go only for the home side to produce a strong conclusion to clinch the victory.

"show in", "show by" or "show on"?

  • Its essentials are shown in fig.
  • I have watched fairy shows on TV.
  • Ketones are shown by the ending one.
  • The result is shown to the right.
  • A Swiss Army knife is shown for scale.
  • They will be shown at this time.
  • The bond pair is shown as a line.
  • I showed up to the party looking very nice.
  • I am also showing with fanny may.
  • I've just had my first showing about a month ago.
  • But, what she showed against Xie Xingfang and Zhang Ning.
  • Our discounts are shown during the checkout process.
  • A series of casual and formal wear was shown from Puma and Jamaican designers.
  • They are as bad as morning television shows like sunrise.
  • Introductory Hook Television footage should be shown of Nixon's resignation.
  • Podolski's frustration showed through several times on Wednesday.

start with, in, at, from or by?

  • Start with the carbon backbone.
  • The occupation started in 1967.
  • The party, set to start at 6 p.
  • We'll start from the beginning.
  • You can start by checking your P60.
  • But the critic starts on Day 7.
  • He said it started as a green glow.
  • I started to post all my findings.
  • Some work will start before Thanksgiving, but much of.
  • Great player, should start for Spain.

"seem like" or "seem to"?

  • Seems like people are prepared.
  • You seem to see this skeptical.
  • China seems in good financial shape.
  • The statements seem at odds with the defense's portrayal of Omar as clueless.
  • Or at least, so it seemed for two periods.
  • Scripture can seem on their side: Scripture tells us to value unity.
  • Nothing seems out of place or wrong, just a normal day.
  • And in that small moment, it seems worth it.

"say in", "say about" or "say to"?

  • As I have said in the beginning.
  • Osho never said to know the way.
  • What can I say about work? Hmm.
  • Joseph Lieberman said on Tuesday.
  • One of our sources said of Mrs.
  • She said at a very tender age, Mr.
  • God said for us not to do that.
  • Lippert said with a hearty laugh.
  • Also, rem, i said after getting everything right.
  • First there was grace said by Dawn.
  • What really matters is what we say as a company and back it up.
  • He knows it (as I've said before).
  • Jonathan said during the media chat.
  • Watch what you say from here on out.
  • He said unto him, Be, and he was.
  • I can say without a doubt, that nobody was paid to attend.

see in, as, on, from or by?

  • I see in Ella a bit of a Leona.
  • Bush, is seen as the frontrunner.
  • A poster you see on the subway.
  • I could see from his voice he meant it.
  • It should be seen by many people.
  • What you see at FW is what you get.
  • See for yourself here: httpv: //www.
  • We see through the sound bites.
  • Usually seen with the Backburner.
  • That was the last I saw of him.
  • Any official enquiry will see to it that.
  • We will see about the usages of kuzhith.
  • Sethji is a strong comment on the rot we see around us.
  • The outcome of that is what you see before you.
  • He can't see beyond the quarterly report.
  • His first cheek is seen during his audition with Swan.
  • Timed right, this will also see off Baloney and Rylan.
  • As to longevity, we shall see over the coming years.
  • See under heading ' Reasonable ' notice.