earmark for, by, as, about or at?

  • Linwood College and Marshland primary are earmarked for relocation.
  • There's also a section earmarked by the NDMC for butterflies! Yes.
  • In a self financing scheme, a separate fund is earmarked as the scheme is not based on budgetary support.
  • Woodlands was earmarked in the Urban Redevelopment Authority's Development Guide Plan in 1997 to be developed into one of the regional centres for northern Singapore.

"earn from", "earn by" or "earn in"?

  • OCBC bank will earn from the best.
  • Export earning in May this year was $ 2.
  • Personal profits earned by partners 16.
  • Yes, the interest income earned on the FD will not be clubbed with your income.

"ease into", "ease by" or "ease in"?

  • Rahane would ease into the openers slot.
  • Price pressures have eased in Latin America's biggest economy recently but 12-month inflation was last recorded at 6.
  • The underlying inflation rate eased to 3.
  • David was given a good test by 17 year old Whitlock whilst world number two Jenny Duncalf eased past Huber.

"eat at", "eat with" or "eat in"?

  • There's nothing to eat at home.
  • They use oven heat instead of actual fire.
  • Eat with a spoon or your hands.
  • Maybe they got eaten by dinosaurs.

"echo in" or "echo by"?

  • Those Hindu songs still echo in my sleep even now.
  • A statement credited to Awolowo and echoed by his.
  • His voice echoed through a telephone link.
  • It echoes with the vision of the HKPS.

edit by, for, in, to or from?

  • It is edited by Ortoslon and Rob.
  • This transcript has been edited for length.
  • You would need to make some CSS edits in order to prop-erly sup-port some-thing like Dis-qus or IntenseDebate.
  • I have my own idea to how to edit to that song.

"educate in" or "educate at"?

  • He will be educated in that way.
  • He was educated at Eton and Cambridge.
  • Time to get educated about cannabis.
  • People need to be educated on how to buy healthcare.

eject from, at, in, into or by?

  • I've been ejected from a club on one night.
  • Note the arching trajectories of the exploding debris with FOUR TON perimiter columns being ejected at 50 miles per hour so they travel over 600 feet.
  • Waterhouse ended the game with 10 players as their captain, Rohan Amos, was ejected in the 75th minute after apparently striking Tivoli's Ranike Anderson.
  • Stroke volume refers to the amount of blood that is ejected by the heart with each beat.

elaborate on, in, upon, by or about?

  • I will elaborate on this further.
  • The procedures are elaborated in 154G.
  • They are first listed, and then elaborated upon one at a time.
  • He elaborated by asking me how are you using this computer sir?

"elect to" or "elect by"?

  • She was first elected to the Dil in 1992.
  • This President was elected by the wrong country.
  • He was re -- elected in 1973, 1977 and 1983.
  • Rattenbury was personally elected as a Green.

elevate to, in, above, by or as?

  • He was elevated to the peerage in June 2003.
  • Risk of violence is much more elevated in individuals with concurrent substance use disorders.
  • The cottages are elevated above the ground and built upon wooden stilts.
  • Water levels at Shell Beach, Louisiana, just east of New Orleans, were already elevated by 1? this morning.

"eliminate from", "eliminate in" or "eliminate by"?

  • BYOD can not be realistically eliminated from the workplace.
  • Hinduism was eliminated by invading religions in course of thousands of years.
  • But they been eliminated in early rounds for the last 2 years.
  • Of these, the majority eliminates at the higher end.

embark on, upon, at, for or in?

  • It has embarked on three things.
  • It was not a quest he embarked upon with a great deal of optimism.
  • Ground forces of the brigade embarked at San Diego in the three attack transports of Captain Sharp? s Task Group 53.
  • In 1707, a small band of Lutherans, from the Palatinate, embarked for America.

embed in, into, within, with or on?

  • They are embedded in our society.
  • Is there such a player available for embed into blog? http: **35;5712;TOOLONG.
  • These ice features were usually embedded within the sea ice.
  • Broadwell was embedded with Petraeus in Afghanistan.

"embellish with" or "embellish by"?

  • Almost every character shown in the act in Kamasutra is embellished with elaborate ornaments.
  • The powers of the OICs are embellished at the expense of the powers of the magistrates.
  • Then using Kaisercraft's Mint Twist 6x6 paper pad I have created a background and embellished inside the frame.
  • I would make up stories in my head, or embellish on real life events, and I often saw life in a serious of frames, scenes I suppose, playing them over in my head after the fact.

"embody in" or "embody by"?

  • A great deal of American history was embodied in it.
  • But I confess the constipation embodied by the US Congress, the constant gridlock, has made me despair.
  • Tracking software is often embodied into freeware installed onto a website without proper testing and due diligence.
  • It is, in fact, a ruse he has used before, writing a television script under the name of Simon Ellis, a character of his own imagining that he embodied throughout the time he was writing.

embrace by, as, with, within or in?

  • And, how lucky were we to be embraced by so many.
  • It is certainly embraced as a learning tool.
  • I just believe that our silent saviors should be embraced with open arms.
  • You may understand that we get embraced within a big technique, moving with the iPhone, Google android, BlackBerry in addition to Palm common applications.

"embroider on" or "embroider with"?

  • I only embroidered on the bigger shield because it needs reinforced power.
  • The top of the elephant's head was covered with a cloth embroidered with a large swastika.
  • People go there and buy a $4 polo shirt that could not even pass for a good t-shirt and then expect to have it embroidered for the same price.

"emerge from" or "emerge as"?

  • Time emerges from timelessness.
  • Paul still managed to emerge as a major superstar.
  • A disater may emerge in North America soon.
  • He emerged with an icy hatred of the school.

"emigrate to" or "emigrate from"?

  • My family emigrated to Canada in 1989.
  • No one emigrates from Ireland any more.
  • It wasn't easy for them to emigrate in the 1980s.
  • Wang came to Canada two years ago, emigrating with her parents from China.

"emit by" or "emit from"?

  • Infrared radiation is emitted by the surface.
  • Listen carefully for any sound emitting from the hose-bib.
  • Some of the radiation is eventually emitted into space, because that's one direction.
  • Some of the radiation is eventually emitted into space, because that's one direction.

"emphasize on" or "emphasize by"?

  • He also emphasized on the role that private.
  • This narrower ground was emphasised by Staughton LJ in Hayes v Dodd.
  • It's something I will be trying to emphasize in the future to the rest of the SEO community.
  • Overly general ideas should not be emphasized to the extreme.

"employ by" or "employ in"?

  • Employed by Aga Khan Foundation.
  • No makeup need to ever be employed in place of it.
  • Ann Coulter should be employed as an aid.
  • After first being employed at Bloomberg L.

"empower by" or "empower in"?

  • The amulets was sentient; empowered by wit.
  • LXXXVI of 1976) 296 The words? specially empowered in this behalf (Act No.
  • You are well empowered with the skills you need to create your own footprints across the world.
  • It may not have been *their* role to open up, but collaborative design has an amazing effect on those who don't feel empowered to impact the direction of the project.

"enable by" or "enable in"?

  • Language was enabled by anatomical changes.
  • This just needs to be enabled in your Settings app.
  • Most successful existing franchises enable for really tiny innovation.
  • Basic video recording was enabled on handsets running Android 1.

"enact by" or "enact in"?

  • The talisman is enacted by me with all the rituals required in the invocation.
  • This is also one kind of Wilayat enacted in the Islamic Shari'ah.
  • If these policies are enacted at the end of 2012, there would be a substantial reduction in the budget deficit over the next few years.
  • The change in zoning is expected to be enacted on Jan.

"encapsulate in" or "encapsulate by"?

  • It is encapsulated in the Igbo Kwenu refrain.
  • Where I say fraud, it's best encapsulated by Stephen Leather.
  • You may not choose to accept that updating is encapsulated from the user, that's your decision.

"enclose in", "enclose with" or "enclose by"?

  • There was a letter enclosed in the pipe.
  • We were enclosed by two sets of barbed wire about 5 feet apart and 8 feet high.
  • Array formulas are enclosed between braces and are entered by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER.
  • Thus we have a holy Jewish site enclosed inside an equally holy Islamic mosque to which Jews have no access.

"encode in" or "encode by"?

  • Several drugs are known to inhibit the protein encoded by this gene.
  • They also feature stereo audio encoded with AAC.
  • You can also supply an AutoDetector that peeks at the incoming byte stream and guesses a character encoding for it.
  • Modulation energy encoding at these sites is quantified by the corresponding nonlinear rate tuning curves (Figure 7A, right column).

encounter in, by, with, on or during?

  • Such a monster is not encountered in private life.
  • Yeast infection is a very common issue encountered by many women.
  • Absolutely no problem encountered with regular servicing i.
  • They must value the facts and evidence they encounter on a daily basis.

encourage by, in, for, through or about?

  • Encouraged by his sister and his improv teacher.
  • Individuality is encouraged in the course.
  • More RAM is always encouraged for a smoother experience while running Windows.
  • Eco-friendly cultivation must be encouraged through the demand for organic food products.

"encroach on" or "encroach upon"?

  • They encroach on the rights of others.
  • And now Garzon encroached upon Henry Kissinger.
  • You should not also implement and you know, ensure the laws of the land encroach into private.
  • Riaboy's thoughts raced, incoherent, as panic encroached from the fringes of his mind.

"end in" or "end with"?

  • I suspect it will end in divorce.
  • The day ends with time for rest.
  • I'll end on the same note though.
  • The ride begins and ends at the park.

endorse by, in, on, to or as?

  • This was endorsed by the court.
  • The Notes are endorsed in blank, which is also problematic.
  • CHILDREN/MARRIED PERSON Children can no longer be endorsed on a parent?? s passport.
  • Im devistated!! I have heard of people being rejected before upon attempting to endorse to California for not having enough clinical hours.

endow with, by, in, for or like?

  • Dusty, dirty, endowed with ear rings and tattoo.
  • Catholics believe that the Church, founded by Christ, is endowed by him with a teaching office which endures through time.
  • Business chambers are best endowed in advocacy but the others, including NGOs, are also able to make their views heard.
  • Bears are endowed for this top billing in our minds by certain features of their physiology and behaviour.

endure for, in, by, through or over?

  • Four years we have endured for this moment.
  • Such were the frustrations we endured in that period.
  • Why we are even debating the legitimacy of self-determination is another grave insult endured by Somalilanders.
  • We have to endure through the hatred of other people for the sake of our faith.

"enforce by" or "enforce in"?

  • We have had anti alcohol rules enforced by floggiing.
  • Tactical discipline and unity should be enforced in all our matches.
  • Such court orders are obtained and enforced on a daily basis.
  • Roads nearby the park entrance will be marked and enforced as a tow-zone and Shelton police will turn away cars at the park entrance.

"engage in" or "engage with"?

  • When we're engaged in an activity.
  • And the brand most engaged with the UK is.
  • When I was engaged by a candidate via my mobile phone, the engagement quickly ended.
  • Crump had a survey party engaged for the Government on the boundaries of the block * Aukati Line.

engender by, in, among, between or to?

  • There is a level of trust here that is engendered by demystifying the design process.
  • It's because of Dan that I'd posting it here, but trust me, the hatred Republicans engender among educated, empathetic, non-racist, non-crazy people who love their country is ALL on them.
  • Companies engaging in content marketing do so to grow their businesses as a consequence of the positive relationships that are engendered between themselves and their audience.
  • The money hitting low against dollar while the RBI doing nothing, engenders to an economic crisis.

"engrave on", "engrave with" or "engrave in"?

  • There are several deep ironies engraved on that stone.
  • As we neared the Memorial, we could see the names of the fallen brave soldiers engraved in red sandstone.
  • The doctors attribute this to her head injury, but no one can explain how a bracelet engraved with her name ended up at.
  • Indeed Rosso himself drew a series of Gods in Niches engraved by Caraglio.

engross in, with, by, for or from?

  • I don't remember how long I was engrossed in this.
  • At Dual carriageway speeds, employers will need to be getting seriously engrossed with Health & Safety noise assessments.
  • Here the Venerable Ajahn counteracts our tendency to be engrossed by external things and orients us in the direction of spiritual truth.
  • Its interactive museum and video clips kept my music-mad brother Steve engrossed for hours.

"engulf in" or "engulf by"?

  • The youth of Zanzibar were engulfed in the mood of the epoch.
  • So we won't be engulfed by the swelling Sun -- not yet.
  • So it launched a world wide fraud that the Hollywood Sign was in danger of demolition and/or being engulfed with development.
  • Entranced, the listener is engulfed into a heart-pounding experience by his unparalleled production prowess.

"enhance by" or "enhance with"?

  • The dining experience was greatly enhanced by her presence.
  • So, page rank additionally enhances with the number of unique individuals.
  • In whatever form it takes, greater creativity and artistic energy is enhanced in all that we do.
  • Other fun side effect? Alex's sense of smell is enhanced to the point where she can smell like dogs do.

enjoy by, in, with, for or about?

  • This was a really nice meal enjoyed by all.
  • What we are enjoying in this office now is electricity from the national grid not generator.
  • Sit back and enjoy with the water nearby.
  • PhotoJoy you can enjoy for free.

enlist in, for, as, into or at?

  • That when he enlisted in said Reg.
  • He could, however, have entertained no illusions about the kind of support he could hope to enlist for himself in any conflict with Yazid.
  • My grandfather was one of those Met Service boys enlisted as a temporary Assistant Post Master.
  • Spartan-IV Career When you first enter Infinity Multiplayer, you automatically be enlisted into the SPARTAN-IV program and begin your Spartan career.

enmesh in, with, into, inside or on?

  • One whose mind is enmeshed in sympathy for friends &; companions, neglects the true goal.
  • For decades, Australia's economic policymakers have recognised that our nation's prosperity relies on being enmeshed with the world.
  • Heaven and Earth are enmeshed into each other, it is the same space, even within our hearts, but New Age, maybe even Sannyas, loves the pink carousel.
  • The spectator is now enmeshed inside the space rather than outside watching it on the screen.

"enquire about" or "enquire into"?

  • Nobody go even to enquire about them.
  • Enquiring into a child's thinking facilitates thinking.
  • I enquired from him about his own experience of interacting with the Saudis.
  • In the afternoon when Jibra'eel (? layhi Salaam) came, Rasulullah (Sallallaaahu? layhi Wasallam) enquired as to the delay.

"enrich with" or "enrich by"?

  • Protect them with a lip balm enriched with SPF 15.
  • Again we have been enriched by the experience.
  • Other stars ' surfaces are enriched in helium and nitrogen.
  • The worship service and choral participation are incredibly enriched through our work with our organist.

enroll in, at, for, into or on?

  • Pattison is now enrolled in a master's/Ph.
  • Applicants must enroll at a community.
  • Currently, the author is the first person to be enrolled for an M.
  • The millions who enrolled into the Red Army had to be fed and clothed.

"ensure by" or "ensure in"?

  • Continuity of care should be ensured by the team caring for children.
  • And this needs to be ensured in real time.
  • Members of Platinum are always ensured of the quality being displayed by the company.
  • Matchs a skin test part water draught, drop water become angry, ensure for original genuine leather.

"entangle in" or "entangle with"?

  • A few find themselves entangled in jargon.
  • The country is entangled with wild vines, and dangerous with precipitous caverns.
  • I was sure it was a Long Crested Eagle and thought the bird had been entangled by a string which had probably gotten caught on the branches of the tree.
  • Turkey is increasingly entangled after intercepting a Syrian airliner carrying what it said were Russian-made munitions for the Syrian army, infuriating Moscow and Damascus.

enter into, in, on, by or upon?

  • Incorrect: She entered into the room.
  • But he could not enter in deeply.
  • The sequence is then entered on new line(s).
  • It can be entered by a staircase from the courtyard.

entertain by, for, at, in or with?

  • I learn from it and am entertained by it.
  • I live by myself but do entertain for guests on frequent occasions.
  • Mirtn de Cgin was booked to entertain at Gaelic Park's Irish Fest Sunday and Monday of Memorial Day Weekend.
  • Gambling, speculation and risk are matters that should not be entertained in the provision of services to vulnerable people.

"enthrall by" or "enthrall with"?

  • I'd always enthralled by the human element stories.
  • And America is enthralled with The View.
  • We were so enthralled at what we were seeing nothing else seemed important - who could blame us.
  • The story enthralls from the start, and the gameplay is still definitively Call of Duty -especially with some sweet future tech like the millimetre Scanner that allows you to see foes through walls.

"enthuse about" or "enthuse by"?

  • I am not particularly enthused about the Nigerian presidency.
  • And I can't wait to get stuck into them because, at 32, I don't think I've ever been more enthused by gaming.
  • About Andy Mort Andy scribbles words, tinkles sounds, teaches drums, produces many things, enthuses at the prospect of storms, and takes care of people.
  • Enthused with the possibilities, he left the Globe and headed west settling in Winnipeg.

entrench in, on, by, within or after?

  • How entrenched in the politics of colonialism.
  • The deployment of these systems has become widely entrenched on land, sea and air.
  • A In the middle of all this he also promised to tackle the scourge of corruption as it had got entrenched by then.
  • By the late 2000s, his once-renegade tech company, the David to Microsoft's Goliath, was entrenched at the uppermost tier of American business.

"entrust to" or "entrust with"?

  • Currim has reviewed the material entrusted to him by Dr.
  • Let's say you are the officer entrusted with this task.
  • If you perform your duties in the present, sincerely and wholeheartedly, considering it as your duty entrusted by God, then the future will become your friend.
  • By God's sovereign will, and through His amazing grace, God's plan of redemption has been entrusted into my hands.

enumerate in, by, under, as or below?

  • What is the Code of Conduct for Members enumerated by the Committee on Ethics adopted by the Rajya Sabha? Ans: Yes.
  • Incentives Current incentives for geothermal service contractors are enumerated under Presidential Decree No.
  • We enumerate below some of the important rights and duties of an Islamic State.
  • Indeed, under the succeeding British regime, Natives were not enumerated on the island until well into the nineteenth century.

"envelop in" or "envelop by"?

  • The end or purpose of action is, to it, enveloped in darkness.
  • These folded ranges run parallel to each other in the north-south direction and the hill slopes are generally enveloped by dense virgin forest.
  • Crunchy and precise drums are tightly woven around a funky bassline enveloped with sultry synth chords.
  • The legislator was then asking Koffi Annan to forward the ' Waki ' envelop to ICC immediately.

"envisage in" or "envisage by"?

  • Indisputably, the procedure envisaged in the abovesaid provisions has not been observed.
  • A similar instance can be observed in the case of the political set up envisaged by Islam.
  • One of the means which is envisaged for the purpose is education.
  • It was never really envisaged with the level of expansion, corruption and inequality we have forced it into today.

"envision by" or "envision for"?

  • Victory will not be achievable within the short time-scale envisioned by regional military planners.
  • Have the deeper changes they envisioned for the U.
  • The New York Times reports the venture, called MetroFocus, was envisioned as a 30-minute television show and a mobile application as well.
  • Engaging in discussions on issues of racial and ethnic difference was not envisioned with respect to this topic; but, as evidenced here, a couple of respondents unexpectedly did touch on it.

"equate to" or "equate with"?

  • A similar number -- equating to 1.
  • Dissidence is equated with treachery.
  • Equating for classes, men and women get equal grades.
  • The author has yet to learn that being female *doesn't* automatically equate into being a learned feminist.

equip with, for, as, in or on?

  • The buses are equipped with bathrooms.
  • You have to be equipped for dust storms and heavy rains.
  • Third, Obama spoke of wanting a civilian security force as well armed and equipped as the military.
  • Our camps are equipped in the East African tradition - they are private and exclusive for you and your party.

erase from, in, by, out or as?

  • His entire family was erased from the face of the earth.
  • Social stigmatization, once set in, is a difficult stain to erase in a deeply conformist and communal society.
  • Nothing has been done since, it is as though the proof submitted was so dangerous that those moments in time have been erased by a mysterious g-dlike power.
  • I have been told during the same time when Nellie occurred that non-Assamese villages in remote areas were erased out of existence.

erect in, by, on, at or for?

  • A memorial to Bill Millin will be erected in 2013.
  • Others that may be enumerated were those at Grlitz, erected by G.
  • He said Scott's viewing platform was erected on top of a shed.
  • Chapels were being erected at St.

erode by, in, into, over or on?

  • In fact, its value has been eroded by the euro-zone crisis itself! But, even a drop in the ocean never did any harm.
  • The sediments were deposited in valleys eroded in the delta when stream base level was lowered with lowered sea stand during the last glacial advance.
  • But this has been considerably eroded over the years.
  • They were eroded on the rapidly rising mountains, or were overrun and destroyed by later glaciers.

"err on" or "err in"?

  • Always prefer to err on the side of science.
  • The Court erred in its decision in the case, in my opinion.
  • May that Spirit of truth be present with me, and so direct my mind and hand, that it may in no respect err from the truth.
  • Lets accept we erred by firing Siang'a and call him back.

erupt in, into, from, at or with?

  • The class instantly erupted in applause.
  • Throw in Mode and it erupts into utter chaos.
  • A scream erupted from Amber's throat and was silenced by E's large hand.
  • It erupts at very high temperatures (around 1100 -- 1200C) as a very fluid magma.

"escalate into" or "escalate to"?

  • Sometimes, it escalated into armed conflicts in the entire region.
  • Don't think it will escalate to that yet.
  • This tax has not been adjusted for inflation since 1993, yet costs of highway projects continue to escalate with the costs of labor and materials.
  • Internal prices escalate by two methods.

"escape from", "escape with" or "escape to"?

  • The ability to escape from enemies.
  • Escape to this Seychelles hotel.
  • He escapes with no trouble at all.
  • About 1000 escape into countryside.

"escort to" or "escort by"?

  • Tao Jing being escorted to the execution grounds.
  • Fothergill is a walking encyclopaedia of natural history; it's like being escorted by, well, David Attenborough.
  • He was asked to pack his belongings and then escorted out of the college.
  • But Chairman Jin is quick to cut her voice of dissent off, and has her escorted from the board room.

"espouse by" or "espouse in"?

  • It is the false monoculturalism espoused by Alois and his ilk which is unhealthy and destructive.
  • This also could justify the theory of rapture as espoused in the ' Holy ' books.
  • You, Rob, are conflating the same statements to make up a position that Hume never espoused to having.
  • No one is forcing you to become a Muslim, they are just seeking to partake of that freedom that you espouse as a great virtue of this country.

"establish in" or "establish by"?

  • Established in 1944, Premier Ltd.
  • The Scholarship was established by Mr.
  • OPIC was established as an agency of the U.
  • Indeed, Novaltia was established for just that purpose alone.

estimate at, by, for, from or in?

  • With costs already estimated at 1.
  • Nomura has lowered GDP estimates for 2012 down to 8.
  • The actual writing are estimated from 1,500 to 1,700 A.
  • This was estimated in 2004 to be at least $1.

"etch in", "etch into" or "etch on"?

  • You are missed and forever etched in our hearts Dion.
  • Names of 400 Jews are etched on it.
  • Chrome spokes are etched into a shield of gloss black.
  • The piece weaves together three photographic images that are then etched onto glass.

"evacuate from", "evacuate to" or "evacuate by"?

  • Many people had to be evacuated from their homes.
  • Most of the people had been evacuated by then with local support.
  • They were being evacuated to their start gate.
  • The British evacuated on June 18, 1778.

"evaluate in", "evaluate on" or "evaluate by"?

  • Everything is evaluated in terms of numbers.
  • A validated programme is one that has been evaluated by FETAC.
  • The nominees were also being evaluated on any charity work they may.
  • LACNIC has a policy that defines to evaluate for 12 months needs.

evict from, in, by, for or on?

  • Nancy had lost her job and they had been evicted from their house.
  • TBS head honcho Ekelege was finally evicted in May after several attempts to have him ousted failed.
  • Question Time is then stopped and on the video evidence, anyone found interjecting on the opposite side of the chamber is immediately evicted for an hour under Standing Order 94a.
  • James and Nuhu solved the riddles at the same time, but James beat Nuhu to retrieving the map, hence, Nuhu got evicted on the spot.

evolve into, from, in, over or to?

  • Now he has evolved into going to a group.
  • And it then evolved from there.
  • They all had to evolve in partnership.
  • My current work evolved over time.

"examine by" or "examine in"?

  • Bill expected Mary to be examined by the doctor c.
  • His role is also being examined in the Jama Masjid attack case.
  • The latter was examined for **25;11769;TOOLONG (i.
  • No witness was examined on behalf of the appellant.

"excel in" or "excel at"?

  • If he can't excel in this type.
  • This is a style that women naturally excel at.
  • Thankfully, Joyce excels as a puppeteer.
  • If you? re looking for one versatile board that will excel on all levels then the NSP 10? 2? SUP is the obvious choice.

excite about, by, for, at or in?

  • But I really was excited about the kiss.
  • I was initially excited by the prospect.
  • I went out and was excited for the boulder.
  • I was so embarrassed, but so excited at the same time.

exclude from, by, in, because or for?

  • Must not be excluded from the Auckland calendar.
  • Jesus, God incarnate came down from heaven to die for us, a poignant fact carefully excluded by the Bishop.
  • I'd a woman but didn't feel excluded in the article.
  • Outliers should normally only be excluded because of measurement error.

"excuse for" or "excuse from"?

  • It's really easy and there is really no reason or excuse for not starting now.
  • He immediately understood, and I was excused from ' duty ' until I no longer felt the need to fetch us more dairy beverage.
  • The jurors won't include a hedge fund manager and the mother-in-law of another who expressed harsh views of the industry and were excused by U.
  • Can this be excused as an act of survival? We have to correct the historical wrongs done to Mattakalpar by the Yalpanathar.

"execute by" or "execute in"?

  • How this was brutally executed by Kh.
  • Muhammad was executed in Virginia in 2009.
  • John Andr was executed for spying.
  • Trailing Stop is executed only when the.

"exemplify by" or "exemplify in"?

  • In the book he also criticized the static theories of war that was exemplified by the Maginot Line.
  • The ethos of the aristocracy as exemplified in the English public school greatly influenced Pierre de Coubertin.
  • This was exemplified at the highest manner by J.
  • With these virtues exemplified through service of family, community and humanity, women can light the way.

exempt from, in, by, as or at?

  • And no nation is exempted from these challenges.
  • Article 10: (Scope of Application) stipulates that the act applies to all enterprises except small family businesses, domestic servants, and those exempted by Presidential decree.
  • At thirty-three, Truman was two years over the age limit for the draft and would also have been exempted as a farmer.
  • Personnel of the security agencies were exempted due to the nature of their business.

"exercise in" or "exercise by"?

  • Exercise in Memory Psychic -- Concentration.
  • Provision for powers of Judges and Magistrates being exercised by their successors in office 559.
  • Repeat this exercise for 3-4 sets.
  • The key is to exercise at a level that feels comfortable.

"exert on" or "exert by"?

  • Pressure can be exerted on the brainstem causing coma and death.
  • Negative Signs in Potential F in the definition of potential energy is the force exerted by the force field, e.
  • A net tidal torque is exerted in a small region close to the tachocline due to the buoyancy frequency originating from the convection zone matching the tidal period.
  • What it fails to assess is rigor of the research design, integrity of the science and influence industry may exert over the outcome.

exhaust by, from, in, after or with?

  • Newlyweds exhausted by guests, details, alcohol, planning, parties and excitement might postpone sex.
  • I was too tired and exhausted from travelling and crossing time zones.
  • She looked tired and exhausted after her first run.
  • I love my husband but I am beyond exhausted with the same vicious cycle.

"exhibit in", "exhibit at" or "exhibit by"?

  • Her work has been exhibited in the UK, Germany and Spain.
  • There are few companies that have shown the tremendous growth exhibited by Apple.
  • Bao Ye Heng had her innovative digital audio systems exhibited at the Expo and been a big hit.
  • Pursuing originality and creativity, the group focuses on creating online art exhibits for anyone to enjoy and experience.

exist in, for, between, on or as?

  • It arises and exists in the mind.
  • They exist for the sake of others.
  • It still exists between Australia and the US.
  • Did the photos exist on a cyberlocker? Yes.

exit from, at, in, through or with?

  • I wish to exit from this project.
  • Take 95 south approximately 15 miles and exit at Lorton/exit number 163.
  • It exits through an orifice located near the cylinder head (see Figure 2.
  • I am really, exited with this updates.

expand on, to, into, in or by?

  • Ole, to expand on your point about redknapp.
  • The German PV market expanded to 1.
  • Expand into a wider perspective.
  • Definitely worth expanding in any sequel to your book.

"expect from", "expect in" or "expect of"?

  • Expect from Allah not from people.
  • Not sure what he's expecting of me.
  • Reinstatement is expected in late November.
  • And nothing is expected for him to do.

expel from, by, at, for or in?

  • In 1483, Jewish inhabitants were expelled from Warsaw.
  • The International Committee of the Red Cross and MSF Belgium were expelled by the government in August and September 2007.
  • Last year, one of the top wrestlers was expelled for illegally laying thousands of pounds in bets with gangsters.
  • All justification for sin is expelled in the light of God's love.

"expend in" or "expend on"?

  • Be non-judgmental A lot of energy gets expended in envy, jealousy and judgment of others.
  • The money you expend on this endeavor will pay off in the end.
  • Nies's Law: The effort expended by the bureaucracy in defending any error is in direct proportion to the size of the error.
  • Beyond ratios, you need to keep metrics on total labor hours expended for various functions.

"experience in" or "experience by"?

  • I have 10 years experience in teaching.
  • After seeing the apathy experienced by J.
  • Source(s): Experience with guy.
  • What I experience as an issue is lunch.

"expire in", "expire at" or "expire on"?

  • And the salad all expired in two days.
  • A cache item expires on a given time or duration.
  • It is due to expire at the end of this year.
  • If the tax cuts expired for everyone across the board.

"explain to" or "explain in"?

  • How? I will explain to you below.
  • Explain in your own words how the rule works.
  • This is best explained by Laplace himself: -.
  • Let me explain about prosecutors.

"explode in", "explode into" or "explode with"?

  • Now it will explode in his face.
  • And the entire room exploded with unanimous agreement.
  • These have later exploded into full blown insurgencies.
  • Levant from Sun Media who raised this as a concept, and it seemed to very quickly explode on the public scene.

"exploit by" or "exploit for"?

  • But this was exploited by opportunistic thugs.
  • There are innate pathways I can exploit for this end too.
  • It was a talent that Jobs exploited in the creation of Apple Computer.
  • This is a strenght that we need to exploit to the maximum.

explore in, by, for, with or on?

  • This is something I intend to explore in 2009.
  • Decides now to explore by boat.
  • Risks from Exploration Even exploring for oil is risky.
  • Sturt stayed for twenty-six years and combined exploring with the building of Australia as a nation.

export to, from, in, by or for?

  • Data can also be exported to the Windows clipboard.
  • Trunks of cash are not exported from the UK back to Lima.
  • In that year, textile material exports increased 39.
  • Export by Country Craft, Motor Launch or Truck.

expose to, by, in, as or for?

  • Go find a plant that is exposed to sun.
  • Embassy in Riyadh, now exposed by the rascals at WikiLeaks.
  • You have been exposed in the past and you know that.
  • There's nothing so exposing as a song recital.

"expound on" or "expound by"?

  • I expound on a few of them on this post.
  • This was expounded by John in Rev.

"express in" or "express by"?

  • It is often expressed in ppm/pF.
  • All our deliveries are sent express by www.
  • It is expressed as an integer percentage value.
  • These are thoughts expressed on a Saturday morning.

extend to, from, beyond, into or by?

  • The licence extends to copying.
  • The chrome wire fork extends from 16.
  • The rivalry extends beyond smartphones.
  • Apparently, that self-assurance extends into the offseason.

extract from, by, for, in or at?

  • Extract from Perazzo Domm, Daniela.
  • The poisonous juice was then extracted by pressing the pieces.
  • The bullet was extracted in the Thames Hospital and he recovered.
  • Shano says: 12:11pm 19/10/09 The dangers lie with the amount of resources that were extracted away from actual daily emergencies that would have been taking place also.

extrapolate from, to, about, across or beyond?

  • Much can be learned and extrapolated from their labor.
  • Our results should not be extrapolated to comprehensive echocardiography.
  • This, an idea copied from Lauren Leto's blog, is a short list of what you might (and should) extrapolate about a person once you hear them.
  • Imagine that extrapolated across a few dozen shops.