Prepositions before Nouns

Click a word to see what prepositions are usually used before it in English


of, in, on, with or for system?

  • The range of system control modules is impressive.
  • I no longer get any mdworker errors in system logs.
  • He was a meteorologist and was working on systems that predict the weather.
  • Meanwhile, you should try to use with system, software and market.
  • There are also keynotes from Mark Anzani, VP and CTO for System z at IBM.
  • However, it breaks down as soon as you move to system 2, because the risks have opposite signs.
  • These Processes are likely to be determined at system initialization time.
  • Your comparison between systems and theory seems a bit one-sided.
  • In addition, the Board was aware of the increasing attention to medical errors resulting from system (not individual) failure.
  • Now who's looking vulnerable? Security isn't about systems and policies.

"on site" or "of site"?

  • All this work was done by hand on site.
  • There are toooooons of sites for your kind.
  • No need to reverse van on to site.
  • Would u like to visit a country for site seeing or for shopping? 4.
  • After returning from site seeing, I called for room service.
  • In general this can be seen by sites with a high Page Rank.
  • Newsfeeds can also show up in sites.
  • Along with site, time you article is equally essential to get admirers.
  • Erythema migrans lesions often occur at sites (e.
  • Shortly we were driven to the take off site.

to, In, at, of or from school?

  • The aliens went back to school.
  • I studied psychology in school.
  • I missed that school trip laughs.
  • Pencils also remind me of school.
  • I am distracted from school work.
  • This is NOT ' msn for school '.
  • D id you enjoy going to after school care? Yes.
  • We both need to focus on school.
  • And that work begins with school.
  • Going back into school was difficult for the little boy.

"by side" or "to side"?

  • With side by side comparisons of.
  • Manny will just move side to side and.
  • If it's trying to go along side the new game then.
  • How can I make a post page free from side bars.
  • Check out fotos of Side by Google.
  • So we have to have the public on side.
  • With side by side comparisons of.
  • Were clearly and Very visible in side poses.
  • Repeat this twice (2 two-minute grillings per side).
  • Against sides like, stoke, everton, west brom etc.

of, with, in, to or for story?

  • Of stories I have heard, or known.
  • I can help with story telling and creative thinking.
  • Amihan plays an important role in story of creation.
  • It works in a similar way to Story or Rhyme sacks.
  • She welcomes any and all feedback or suggestions for stories.
  • See more about story telling below.
  • Week by week, story by story, column by column, doorstep by doorstep, Nick Davies prised open the truth.
  • Great job on Story 1, and now to read 2.
  • Out there, they could identify with many of the characters from stories they had heard.
  • Thumb through story after story about the U.

of, in, by, for or to state?

  • Many of them from out of state.
  • It puts the power to kill in state hands.
  • Following are the details by State.
  • He is running in Alaska for state Senator.
  • Duty as to state accounts, 70A.
  • The details varied from state to state.
  • I would put the blame on State for the sorry state of affairs.
  • That is also always the case with state paper money.
  • I worked with Penny at States News Service in the early 1990s.
  • Most of today's wars are fought within rather than between states.

of, for, in, to or from service?

  • We are a nation of service jobs.
  • The SM-T is in for service tomorrow.
  • I have completed 5 years in service.
  • If you prefer not to register you will not be denied access to services.
  • He said no city buses have been pulled from service.
  • In the confusion that followed Heiny had been pressed into service and a chopped coat.
  • The volume of household spending on services increased 0.
  • Slightly dissatisfied with service.
  • In the end, it's about service.
  • With these virtues exemplified through service of family, community and humanity, women can light the way.

of, with, in, for or on sense?

  • RIGHT ON! Makes a lot of sense.
  • Coming like Killer do nt have anybody with sense in.
  • But not massacre in sense of Tiananmen square.
  • It is actually a separate skill which involves being able to skim for sense rather than reading and understanding every word.
  • Anyone?) I landed on Sense and Sensibility, which did nothing for my missing of Devon.
  • Apple didn't get where it is by making a cheaper product, it got where it is by creating as sense of value and *need* in people for the bells and whistles, for the apps.
  • The basic assumption underlying audio-visual aids is that learning clear understanding-stem from sense experience.
  • Politics, as it often does, took precedence over sense, and Rowse was scapegoated for the perceived failings of this attempt to pull off a world-class entertainment festival in only three months.
  • His tribesmen and his father were trying that he might come to senses in any way.

"in situation" or "of situation"?

  • I've never been in situations like this.
  • This process is needed in a lot of situations.
  • This group believes age brings wisdom and experience to situations.
  • I even have disposable mascara and lipgloss wands just for situations like these.
  • It's exactly the same but with Situation and Task combined into Context.
  • We need to be smart about situations like Afghanistan not blunder in like dummies.
  • Even drought like situation was predicted; 4.
  • CHALLENGES: Challenges are many in life, depending on situation.
  • The forms of violence directed at particular groups are different from situation to situation.
  • Alternately alternately, considering how often realism or simple logic creeps into situations in this comic, Gackt may still be dying.

"of society" or "in society"?

  • Law for the goodness of society.
  • We must give everyone a stake in society.
  • Good deeds are beneficial to society.
  • I say one is bad for the nation, for the economy, for society.
  • Please register on society web site.
  • They felt thrown away by society; they were treated like trash.
  • Thus, the aged elderly person is cast from society.
  • She said her mom gave her words of advice that helped her reintegrate into society.
  • So caste is less to do with religion but with society.
  • There are serious fissures within society that have to be addressed.

"of security" or "for security"?

  • Thousands of security personnel are.
  • He couldn't tell me for security reasons.
  • Not a mechanism given to security and stability.
  • Finally a few words on security.
  • They were swiftly bundled out by security guards.
  • The lending of money, yes, but with security.
  • If they are sleeping, put them in Security.
  • This has been an ongoing situation about security.
  • They take your passport and make you go through security again.
  • The error was reported from security exit function savePartnerName.

"of support" or "for support"?

  • We get a lot of support from the government.
  • No recommendations for support schemes.
  • With support from UK Sport ’.
  • Am in support bcos they ar afta money nt future.
  • It's not easy enough to support custom fonts in Android.
  • Every story has two sides and everyone has a right to their sides as well as support their club.
  • That means, we rely on support from our readers.
  • Consumer rights can not be reached without support of three factors.
  • Each hypothesis is presented below followed by support from the literature.
  • The only advantage is quiet, away from support for the scouts and infantry use.

"of space" or "in space"?

  • This saves a lot of space, though.
  • I pity you, in space or on land.
  • It's about human expansion into space.
  • He asked me to respect his need for space and I said that I would.
  • We were all mighty impressed with the guy falling from space.
  • In moving through space, time changes.
  • Note, that the characters of s are not separated with spaces.
  • I understand your message about space.
  • Hfer's photographs usually focus on spaces of cultural and social activity.
  • It's about human expansion into space.

"of success" or "to success"?

  • Cycle of Success with the Lord.
  • Happiness is the key to success.
  • That provides the basis for success on the pitch.
  • To study for with success: took a degree in law.
  • So far stayed in 6 days without success.
  • Sports where children can learn about success and, yes, sometimes failure too.
  • And even then, he couldn't count on success.
  • It can often be the difference between success and failure.
  • Unfortunately, failure does not always result in success.
  • Hardwork and smartness, these two aspect would possibly lead you towards success.

of, for, in, to or from study?

  • Programme of study in PHD The Ph.
  • I need some scholarships for study abroad.
  • The children do not take interest in studies.
  • This varies from study to study but it's a useful figure to keep in your head.
  • There is significant evidence from studies in both the U.
  • Focus on Study Techniques But let me give a word of caution.
  • She filled her spare time with study, doing without any entertainment.
  • You DOUBTED your GP? Shock, horror! Study after study? Where did you find them? I can guess.
  • After the elections, the commission sent us to a number of other countries to under study what is going on.
  • Last variable identified by studies is the age.

of, on, for, to or with son?

  • He is a son of son of late Abdul Gafur Shah of Chirirbandar upazila.
  • Any pointers? Focusing on sons; maybe not being a perfect father is good enough.
  • Edward was the much hoped for son and was showered with presents and care.
  • Putting in words and policy is not going to day to day preachings and practices that are passed down from father to son.
  • Anthony Hopkins is big daddy King Odin married to Renee Russo with sons Thor and Loki.
  • Travis Poulson Hate to say it, but: ' like father, like son.
  • Gifts symbolising Peggy's life, including a bingo card, a photograph of her in her garden and an Aran sweater were presented by sons Paul and Martin.
  • Now if the father dies, what will happen to huf and how will the proceedings of HUF be transferred into son's individual accounts, whether it be bank balance, FD 's, shares or any other investment.
  • Known as the Levirate law, it provided that if a man in a clan died without sons, his brother or next closest male relative would have to marry the widow.

on, to, in, of or by stage?

  • I was on stage till 2003 or so.
  • Hunger develops from stage to stage until death.
  • Now while I'd cooking, I photograph in stages.
  • Any kind of stage, in any kind of place.
  • He creates you stage by stage in your mothers ' wombs in a threefold darkness.
  • We are pleased to announce the final list of participants for STAGE 8.
  • Hunger develops from stage to stage until death.
  • As she dances off stage, he scratches reflexively at his crotch.
  • A separate barroom has a soundproof window with stage views.
  • Content of Transition At Stage 4, choice is personal and subjective.

under, of, in, to or by section?

  • Under section 83 (3) of the St.
  • Note, the generic content of Section 3.
  • This matter is discussed in Section 6.
  • In relation to Section 8(7) (a) i.
  • By Section 29 of the Companies Clauses Act 7 and 8, Vict.
  • Vacancies shall be filled in accordance with section 6.
  • If you want to increase the rent when you renew the lease, you must get approval from Section 8.
  • Notice that the left hand side is divided into sections.
  • This new law says any assertion of the privilege must be explicitly based on section 60.
  • However a borrower can offset all his shares against his loan as per Section 32(5) of the Credit Union Act.

"of statement", "with statement" or "to statement"?

  • There are 19 sets of statements.
  • Updated with statement from Uber below.
  • This arose in relation to cross-examination of witnesses as to statements they made in other proceedings.
  • Judge Nabishah Ibrahim set bail at RM25,000 each and Dec 12 for statement of evidence from witnesses.
  • Testimonial -- is provided in statements of auditee personnel and others.
  • What is classic here is you are declaring this, based on statements made at one of the best old school gatekeeper comedy festivals in the world.
  • We can get a hint about ETs ' expectations for us from statements that they have made to experiencers about their mission in coming here.

of, with, about, for or on stuff?

  • I wrote lots of stuff for free.
  • I have no problems with stuff from China.
  • We did argue about stuff, but not bad arguements.
  • And wow there are a lot of people searching for stuff on Google.
  • MS has built on stuff created by others first.
  • According to your own blog you're a mum who's interested in stuff.
  • I like to look around at stuff.
  • I am sure there is healing there to do from stuff that has happened in your past.
  • Also, as Scagden says underneath, you just keep moving on through stuff.

"of science" or "in science"?

  • He holds a Bachelor of Science (B.
  • That is not the case in science.
  • But he's still not good for science.
  • Same thing can apply to sciences etc.
  • And viability is all about science.
  • My arguments are based on science.
  • Population controll is a lie belived by science.
  • It has nothing to do with science.
  • Moreover, she has demonstrated what the missing link between science and spirituality is: art.
  • Don't deviate too much from science.

"in sector" or "of sector"?

  • Earth is located in Sector 001.
  • I'd guessing you have some ideas already about the types of sector that might be appropriate.
  • Deep racial inequalities persist across sectors, including education, employment and criminal justice.
  • But on a sector by sector basis our drops are quite similar to those of the US.
  • For private companies a special advisory board made up of with individuals with sector / geographic experience may be a helpful strategy.
  • Ensure collaboration between sectors and the integration of their strategic interests during program development.
  • It's usefulness varies from sector to sector, but it offers a free trial.
  • You can filter the results of your job search based on sector, salary, job type, location or keyword.
  • But the disk communicates the system as if it is maintaining data in 512 bytes per sector which creates this anomaly.
  • Infrastructure also plays imp role in these to sectors.

"of source" or "To source"?

  • For me, I have two main types of sources.
  • However, citation as to source is requested.
  • Used car financing rates will vary widely from source to source.
  • Interior Walls Pre-painting Rectify the water seepage problem at source.
  • Margulies, 662) with sources, esp.
  • It has also been endorsed by sources close to Lockheed Martin.
  • This contains contact details for sources of information, advice and help.
  • Run the following command on source system.
  • So submerge yourself in sources.
  • The newfangled sources of wealth, by some strange weird spell, are turned into sources of want.

"of style" or "in style"?

  • A case of style over practicality.
  • Winning in style is what counts.
  • It's usually applied to style hair in a variety of ways.
  • Women with style, IMHO, particularize their clothes more.
  • After you put your espresso in your mug, take advantage of the flavors as you want for style.
  • This obsession with austerity is a serious mistake, both on style and substance.
  • When it comes to the Middle East -- and much of the world -- it is mostly about style.
  • After all, this has a direct impact on factors such as style, price and more.
  • And this bag is so cute! This is from Style Exchange.
  • By the time he returned to running in his late twenties, he was no quicker than your average fun runner; today he describes himself as running ' slowly and without style, just like a dad dancing '.

"on show" or "of show"?

  • There was a fair amount on show.
  • Once I saw the first couple of shows, I was hooked.
  • Towed many a horse to shows all over the UK.
  • The makeup in shows abroad is quite amazing tbh.
  • Air ride is mostly just for show.
  • The drawing below shows how varied they are.
  • Thank god then for Methven, who walks away with show.
  • We went from show to show and ride to ride with washroom breaks in between.
  • As the video above shows, you can cook a hot dog with a battery and some cables.
  • Tickets are $20 per show, available at.

"in size" or "of size"?

  • They are dense and small in size.
  • It's mostly a function of size and volume.
  • Lay flat and keep adjusting to size.
  • Try the British perspective for size.
  • Price depends on size of order 2.
  • By size, Auckland is actually the 181st largest city in the world.
  • One of the shop there specialize in plus size fashions for foreigner.
  • Can I afford a dog? Costs vary and there are always contributing factors such as size, breed, age, etc.
  • If you're at all between sizes, I'd go up to the next size.
  • They're huge with sizes going up to 20 hectares for an 18-hole course.

"of student" or "for student"?

  • Diversity of students in course.
  • Lunch for students costs between $1.
  • I teach Communication Studies to students who.
  • This has nothing to do with Student Tuition.
  • Used books are also co-op style and run by students.
  • Feedback from students has been tremendous.
  • Many of us are drowning in student loan debt.
  • Then, to make this even worse, I funded this on student loans.
  • AVG wants to highlight this growing trend particularly among students.
  • They spend ten minutes a day per student for five days a week.

of, about, for, to or with sex?

  • This is also true of sex manuals.
  • But a lot of the time, it's about sex.
  • As for sex in public, the best you can do to.
  • Or speak of how important kissing is to sex.
  • And that first impression has a lot to do with sex.
  • Even in sexual intercourse Krishna is there.
  • If their relationship was just based on sex then I doubt he'd care about this, think about it.
  • Girls get more pleasure from sex than men.
  • Then they broke the students into teams, segregated by sex.
  • So please do nt be alarmed when christian bros are into sex.

"of software", "for software" or "in software"?

  • I violated thousands of software licences.
  • Add in ISO images for software and operating systems.
  • Tech in software field though my B.
  • Among many revisions there was a proposal to delete the exclusion on software as such.
  • Don't cross over into 2012 with software that you installed in 1990.
  • This does not apply (or applies much less) to software.
  • This can often nowadays be done automatically by software agents.
  • Much of what we know about software development has been known about since the 1960? s.
  • There has been a shift from software to the use of web-based technology.
  • It is through software development that they are able to power up their information technology.

of, with, in, to or for song?

  • Look at the likes of Song and Diaby now.
  • They went with songs to the battle, they were young.
  • And then we heard their voices raised in song.
  • Rosie has re-written the story to song.
  • I kept looking at the ' uncle ' hoping for songs.
  • When we're on song we terrify other teams.
  • I took those experiences and emotions and turned them into songs.
  • All the keys work as they should, and I found them to be very useful when toggling between songs and tabs.
  • In other words, you don't have to click through song by song.
  • And those guys would just pummel through songs.

"of subject", "on subject" or "to subject"?

  • Discussions may be on a variety of subjects.
  • Please keep comments on subject.
  • Once we become aware of it, we pass from Substance to Subject, i.
  • Bit of a shift in subject, but it is a strong answer.
  • Dimension example from subject S6.
  • So what do you do with subject? Everyone has subjects, some big, some small, some as yet unknown.
  • If you want to browse by subject to find an article/chapter.
  • Over-the-top humour can work wonderfully for subjects like these.
  • I could gain knowledge about subject and non subject topic.
  • Measurements made on different subjects vary according to between subject, or intersubject, variability.

"of solution" or "for solution"?

  • A number of solutions will be investigated.
  • People are looking to you for solution.
  • Allow them to partake in solution finding.
  • Educating yourself will provide you with solutions to these problems.
  • By taking responsibility we get to solutions and customer satisfaction.
  • And so I think why it's so critical now is that brands are about solutions.
  • My suggestion would be that your writers and audience began to focus on solutions and actions.
  • Please make your contributions there so that we can move towards solutions of as many problems as possible.
  • But we don't just focus on the problems, we also look at solutions.
  • It is a huge problem, much bigger than many people realise, but it is not a problem without solutions.

"of search" or "in search"?

  • Check this using a variety of search engines.
  • The same is true in Search Marketing.
  • Candidates make a resume for search job.
  • And I no longer rely on search engines to send me traffic anymore.
  • Our sites will be better seo-wise and easier readable by search engines.
  • Dishonest techniques can lead to distrust and penalties from search engines.
  • With search culture, the lean forward culture.
  • I can't talk about search all day every day.
  • Paging Many web applications make use of paging to navigate through search results.
  • If we want to search any thing we can easily search in Google Search.

"of safety", "to safety" or "for safety"?

  • You'll also have a solid knowledge of safety issues.
  • She was being helped to safety.
  • For safety reasons no ground game i.
  • Righteous men walk at liberty, and walk in safety.
  • We spend 60% of our time on safety.
  • My concern is no longer with safety.
  • It is most definitely about safety.
  • This goes for machinery as well as safety equipment.
  • If you can expend your cannon from safety, do so.

of, with, in, for or on strategy?

  • Tom Peters says 90% of strategies don't.
  • But at the same time, you can get caught up your own arse with strategies, I reckon.
  • However, 2011 saw a shift in strategy with both Baidu and Yandex launching services in new markets.
  • But many want it to be more challenging and look for strategies to use.
  • It has been considered the last word on strategy by all Chinese generals and strategists.
  • What's the logic, exactly? In some respects it relates to strategies.
  • Learn about strategies for managing your child's behavior.
  • So part of what we need to imagine collectively is the degree of compensation we want for that new reality, as well as strategies to cope with it.
  • Although this is not my main thrust, I must say this gap between strategy and execution concerns me rather a lot.
  • Wars are won through strategy, casualties are only one part of victory.

from, to, on, of or at start?

  • I m very pessimistic from start.
  • Go to Start > Accessories > Run.
  • To play a game On Start, press Games.
  • In 2007 85% of starts were high-rise.
  • Misery Index at start of Presidency -- Reagan 19.
  • After that, I returned home to get ready for start of school at 8.
  • The Show Small Icons In Start Menu option can help you save screen space.
  • The deposit is non-refundable and a cancellation will also incur the following charges: - More than 56 days before start date - deposit.
  • Also some of us practice our English by start reading out loud the Bibble.

"of status" or "in status"?

  • But not the car of status-conscious Beijingers it turns out.
  • But the shortage of women is no guarantee of a welcome rise in status.
  • Once all the molars came in everything went back to status quo.
  • It had to do with status so as the status of a particularly community changed, caste did change (more rigid among the Brahmins though).
  • They don't care about status or wealth.
  • Partnership not created by status 5.
  • After a few days, I turned on status and fitness minutes in my Friend Feed.
  • A respected health and fitness writer, David has been published in industry publications such as Status Fitness Magazine, Muscle &; Fitness and Bodybuilding.
  • While i was checking the PF site for status it says it is settled.
  • Spin-off products The first spin off consisted of craniofacial implants for patients with congenital disorders or suffering from status post cancer surgery.

"on screen" or "of screen"?

  • This one should look good on screen.
  • This usually takes three or four minutes of screen time.
  • This song is more to score on screen than off screen.
  • On the Sign in screen, type the password in the Password box, then tap Done.
  • Also frequent problems with screen displays.
  • The engineers would also like to make it transparent, so it could be used a wrapper or a cover for screens on electronic devices.
  • Most of the children prefer to read from screens.
  • If an AT screen is something you'd be considering, see what their opinion is as well.
  • Inverse the selection, change the mode to Screen and reduce the opacity to 10%.
  • Ability to filter and target is at the Android Market level -- the package system ignores things like screen support.

of, in, to, for or with speech?

  • They have no Freedom of Speech.
  • A response in speech or writing.
  • We're not going to go to speech therapy for three months.
  • Our brains a ' pre-wired for speech '.
  • Because vocalics is often used in conjunction with speech communication (i.
  • True, because between speeches and photos, we hardly got two bites of dinner and dessert.
  • The gathering was motivated by speeches from the Chairman - Governing Council, Mr.
  • The Grove also has a fantastic location on the Hill -- within five minutes walk of nearly everything from Speech Room to most subject blocks and the sports fields too.
  • It is no bigger a limitation on speech than requiring a permit for a rally at the park.

"of street" or "on street"?

  • It's as if he is lost in maize of streets.
  • Worth checking out on streetview.
  • Atleast people are not blowing themselves in street every week.
  • Therefore, we do not suggest buying food from street vendors.
  • After my incident I decided to look up responses to street harassment.
  • I looked at street view and it does nt look too bad.
  • As for street paving, it started in the 1920s, and concrete sidewalks even earlier.
  • First or business class does not want to hob-nob with with street people.
  • She was also identified in video recorded by street cameras.
  • Off street parking at one's door.

of, on, in, for or with skin?

  • Of the 77 patients with closure of skin.
  • They also work on skin cells and make them tight.
  • Take the rise in skin cancer caused by sunbathing.
  • It is alarming that you look so keenly for skin colour.
  • The snake became a mere skeleton covered with skin.
  • This is because the chemical reaction of colognes may vary from skin to skin.
  • However, she fails to say the same about skin toning.
  • Changes in hormonal levels with ageing alter processes such as skin surface pH, wound healing or propensity to develop autoimmune disease.
  • Where do you get cellulitis? By definition, cellulitis can affect any part of the body covered by skin.
  • Some of you may get stress related problems like skin allergies, headaches or respiratory disorder.

"on set" or "of set"?

  • No one on set knew how to do ballet.
  • The median number of sets per patient was 10 (5).
  • For set up on 11 meters in your automobile, use RG-8X or RG MINI coax.
  • Seems as if he was very involved and the usual threat from set pieces.
  • These Nano King's retail for 6300 per set of three.
  • How To Set Drills For Volleyball?
  • It was great to be in a position to battle with the lead group throughout the race and I think we turned a bit of a corner with set up.
  • Maybe better at set pieces but probably more woes in open play.
  • All exports from Pakistan which are subject to Foreign Exchange regulations are required to be declared on Form ' E ' which is in sets of four copies each.

at, of, to, above or by sea?

  • On Tuesday the ship was at sea.
  • Mumbai must also study the impact of sea rise.
  • From there? I looked out to sea.
  • Minico's elevation: 4,157 feet above sea level.
  • He had his coal imported by sea.
  • He knew that the Persians were weak in sea power.
  • Elevation ranges from sea level to 500 feet above sea level.
  • But the water is denser, so for sea water, density = 1.
  • I especially liked the punchliner brunchs on sea days.
  • She works with sea organisms that emit light.

"of scene" or "in scene"?

  • I cried in a couple of scenes but then again, I am a real softy).
  • In Scene 6, Self-Immolation, journalist J.
  • You have possibly seen a team of movies with scenes connected to this one.
  • However, he doesn't deliver from scene to scene.
  • I loved Mystery Science Theatre 3K and its ilk, I loved the way they tore down bad films scene by scene, but there is a boundary, a line that shouldn't be crossed.
  • However, he doesn't deliver from scene to scene.
  • Emergency services were quickly on scene and there were no apparent injuries to the occupants of the vehicle who were both walking around.
  • Now that you don't have to make excuses for scenes from the show (or so I will assume ), I'd sure I will enjoy this more.

"by step", "of step" or "in step"?

  • Engineer has to go step by step.
  • There are two different aspects of step two.
  • Not in step with the rest of the world.
  • Now it's time to move on to step #3.
  • Browse to the folder where you saved the exported file on step 7.
  • So the cycle resumes with step 1 above.
  • Thankfully within 12 step programs this task isn't at step 1.
  • Be prepared for step 2 to change and evolve.
  • Do this for each life area from step 2.
  • Please follow the below steps for the requirement given above.

"of self", "for self" or "to self"?

  • They do it in a spirit of self interest.
  • Gun use for self defense seems quite common.
  • We have become to self centered and too selfish.
  • She is probably living in self denial.
  • By prefixing playerName with self.
  • Personal significance to Him, did not depend on self.
  • Learn about self sufficiency and situational awareness.
  • Again, there are svayambhu mandirs - complete idols, which surface by self or found when digging or ploughing farm, etc.
  • So now we know Perry's deficiency is defense, from Self's POV.
  • But I realised it was between Self and Mantel.

"of structure" or "to structure"?

  • Does lack of structure excite you? Most.
  • He praised my ability to structure logical arguments.
  • Such a space is uniformly dense in structure.
  • I see the multiverse as having a tree-like structure.
  • This has been a summer with structure.
  • No attempt to parse the data by structure (i.
  • Official sources said while the government wants to ensure housing for the urban poor, there are legal issues as the Slum Redevelopment Act mandates free housing for structures protected up to 1995.
  • I don't think it's good enough to blame this on structures alone.
  • While different stylistically, both have mastered that fine balancing act between structure, melody, and rhythm on the one hand, and openness, improvisation, and inventiveness on the other.
  • In the past, the focus of syllabuses has shifted from structure to situations, functions and notions to topics and tasks.

"of strength" or "to strength"?

  • And Allaah is the Source of strength.
  • The only answer to strength in dollars is strength in numbers.
  • Safety comes from strength and from a unique fracture pattern.
  • The local beer was ok and was 5% in strength.
  • Ask God for forgiveness and pray for strength.
  • Often you will confuse restraint with strength.
  • You have to work in the gym on strength.
  • It is also known as strength training or weight training.
  • Try to think of ways to turn weaknesses into strengths.
  • As a result of the incident, and due to resignations later on, Delta Company was under strength at.

"of sun" or "on sun"?

  • He served as Director of Sun East Group Ltd.
  • Submitted by UU on Sun, 2012-09-30 22:05.
  • Go find a plant that is exposed to sun.
  • He mentioned people like David Akin at Sun Media.
  • The world was fertilized by Sun Father at this spot, and from it the first people emerged.
  • It uses a java plugin from Sun which is more reliable.
  • And we are waiting for sun rise.
  • Lenka Kasparova is based in Prague and joined Oracle with Sun acquisition in 2009-2010.
  • Ed in Sun's Biz Session last year Ed -- who has 1.
  • Today you will have to leave the camp early before sun rise trek to northeast of Kitumbaine mountain on mixture of rocky and dust terrain.

in, of, at, to or from store?

  • Lets see what time has in store.
  • People were going in and out of stores.
  • You can find such gifts at stores.
  • These were given to stores to give away as prizes at BK parties.
  • The employees were living miserably by selling saltpetre from stores and begging in the streets of Chandernagore.
  • We should start to see these pop up on store shelves before the end of the year.
  • You can only hope for store credit though, if they want to.
  • Hot off the press! These beauties will come into store within a week or two.
  • CNET reports that early buyers were greeted with stores under maintenance, including Apple's own store.
  • Certain modern additions such as store discount sales and special promotions have only heightened the excitement.

"for speed", "of speed" or "at speed"?

  • Just wasn't an evening for speed.
  • I prefer Mr Fairbanks assessment of speed.
  • But you need players who can play at speed.
  • The messengers move with speed 20 kilometres per hour.
  • The zealots have me on speed dial.
  • We are woefully behind in speed of play.
  • If you want to talk about speed, that's different, but not these two features.
  • Phuket to Phi Phi Islands by Speedboat.
  • But I was quickly brought up to speed by the other very helpful press gallery journos.
  • But apart from speed, none of that is true any more.

"in spirit" or "of spirit"?

  • He shows ego in spirit of conduct.
  • A wind, not of air, but of spirit.
  • With a range of nearly 4,000 miles, the aircraft was the ideal vehicle to spirit Hitler away from the clutches of his enemies.
  • But in reality, health (and a connection with spirit) is attainable by every single person.
  • This is the medium used by spirits to appear torevivalists.
  • A new production from Spirit of the Fringe Award-deserving company Sugarglass Theatre.
  • You know I've been working on Spiritdancer for some time.
  • Other words might include the Lao word for spirits: Phi, Pi, Pee, etc.
  • It is going by the letter rather than spirit of national and international obligations to the people and the world.

"in stock" or "of stock"?

  • High-low lines are often used in stock charts.
  • Corporations sell equity in the form of stock.
  • Your library is sure to stock the best of cookbooks.
  • Warning: TagSoup will not build on stock Java 5.
  • Wait for stock market and housing market to crash.
  • Added them to the pot and covered with stock.
  • However, if I start talking about stocks, I seldom see a receptive face.
  • As mentioned above, gold is other from stocks and real estate.
  • Apply the same into stock investing.
  • Unfortunately, not everyone knows that one identified source of wealth creation is through stock investing.

"of station" or "on station"?

  • When she was forced to abort the baby in 2010, I was out of station.
  • There will be a Ranger on station from 12:00pm - 6:00pm to run you through a game and answer any questions you may have.
  • It has the right to station troops in any part of the world.
  • A closer view of the Chapel of the Franks at Station 10 is seen below.
  • With an increasing number of children to look after, she went from station to station, as a matter of course.
  • Between Station 2 and Station 3 are other interesting sites.
  • From individual station records, trends have been calculated for the indicators for stations which have a near-complete daily record for the 1961 to 2010 period.
  • Students also got a first-hand look at what it takes to practice like a Raptors player, as coaches put students ' skills to the test in stations focusing on.
  • Metra shares trackage with Amtrak and freight lines, as well as station space with Amtrak.
  • The flimsy material lets a lot of light through, and so as you pass through stations and built-up areas you get lights flashing at you.

"of surface" or "to surface"?

  • Depletion of Surface Water Resources 4.
  • This allows vampires to surface as a race.
  • Further, the copyrightability of maps is not based on surface details like the rendering, but on the information they contain.
  • My kind of geology on the Moon was different from surface geology.
  • She studied chemistry at the University of Wales, College of Cardiff, and holds a PhD in surface science from Cambridge University.
  • Like the Army, the Air Force is projected, supported, and sustained by surface shipping.
  • This drain acts as a breaker for surface runoff as well as conserving moisture.
  • Contact forces are called surface forces, since they exist at surfaces of contact between two bodies.
  • So the wristwatch would be built with surface mount components in a tight package.
  • We have very little understanding of how these things move between surfaces and people.

"for sale" or "on sale"?

  • This one will be for sale soon.
  • Windows 8, which goes on sale Oct.
  • Make that one a condition of sale for the hardware.
  • Ways to decrease cost per sale.
  • It has been withdrawn from sale.
  • All furniture iincluded in sale.
  • Look at the overall effectiveness of your site in converting visits into sales.

"of share" or "per share"?

  • The types of share certificates, etc.
  • Earnings per share stood at $1.
  • Any increase in share capital will attract creation duty at 0.
  • I own way too much not to share.
  • Each of the share offers will be organised so that New Zealanders are at the front of the queue for shares.
  • We will simply have all PEPs converted into shares and held with the parent company shares until you contact us with instructions.
  • This feature is integrated with Share photo stream also.
  • Short selling Muddy Waters is known for short-selling, a trading technique used by investors who think the price of assets, such as shares, will fall.
  • SHARES TO BE PLEDGED This will have a negative impact on share prices.
  • This was calculated by using the sum of the following: (i) the number of voting rights (6,864,437 units) under share certificates, etc.

"of selection" or "for selection"?

  • Right of selection: Only Grameenphone Ltd.
  • What were the guidelines for selection.
  • However, it is open to the parents or the patient to make the final decision regarding to selection of the best regime.
  • Botanic gardens are very active in selection work.
  • Just as it was in the past, Jasmine Lounge serves its legendary tea sets from morning to evening, with selections tailored according to the different times of day.
  • For example, Darwin always put the emphasis on selection acting on individuals whereas Wallace apparently thought selection acted on groups or species.
  • By selection white humans have acquired the best attributes mentioned and black humans lack these the most.
  • Do I need to know about selection and provision of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE )? Yes.
  • However, overall parents are split equally for and against selection.

"of scale" or "in scale"?

  • They have smooth skin instead of scales.
  • Then experimented with all in scale out.
  • As Sir Ken Robinson has discussed, current models will struggle at scale.
  • On scale, the human brain expanded with the speed of light.
  • This certainly helps with scale.
  • This concept is so important that it is almost impossible to talk about scales, chords, harmonic progression, cadence, or dissonance without referring to intervals.
  • A Swiss Army knife is shown for scale.
  • Climbing from octave to octave, bending and swaying from scales to scales.
  • It might be possible to represent that in a non algebraic form that is able to account for both interaction within a single scale but also across scales.
  • Climbing from octave to octave, bending and swaying from scales to scales.

of, with, in, for or on sound?

  • The Hazrat was a scholar of sound knowledge.
  • I started with Sound Max entertainment.
  • Hitler is almost identical in sound to Httler.
  • We're looking for sound science here, based on facts.
  • It is absolutely essential that this research and study be founded on sound Buddhist principles.
  • They trace their victims by sound and breath of the targeted animal.
  • These chakra healing podcasts and chakra healing meditations from Sounds True Weekly Wisdom are free to listen to enjoy and share.
  • Girls respond more to sounds of distress, and girls make more eye contact than boys.
  • Even a short period of time without sound and interruptions can be difficult to arrange.
  • These can be brought out through sound, but can just as well be done through text.

of, for, to, in or with soul?

  • The Eid is a communion of souls.
  • Truly it was a revel for soul and sight.
  • I pray that you will touch her from the crowns of head to souls of her feet.
  • I feel renewed in soul, in body, and in mind.
  • We desire a Singapore with soul.
  • He talked about souls, talking to ghosts, and remembering past lives, and it was all just a gimmick to get more disciples.
  • Personally think its more inspired by soul reaver and zelda.
  • West's style of production often utilizes pitched-up vocal samples, usually from soul songs, with his own drums and instruments.
  • Curtis Mayfield and War blended elements of Hendrix's guitar sound and Sly Stone's rhythms into soul and pop classics.
  • The music that Atlantic Record's Jerry Wexler called Rhythm and Blues (R &; B) in 1949 became known as Soul Music in the sixties.

"of sister" or "with sister"?

  • Stephen Osei Sarpong, representatives of sister branches within the district, and traditional leaders.
  • It has also been engaged with sister organisations in the literature field.
  • My wife sends particular good wishes to Sister Elizabeth who accompanied her on the visit? Dr.
  • After about ten minutes, President Cowley, accompanied by Sister Cowley, came in.
  • During the six-hour flight from Dubai to Rome, I remembered I tried to look for Sister Beneditta on the plane.
  • It took a little motivation from Sister Mag to whip me into shape.
  • They did not look like clones of each other but they looked like sisters.
  • They belong to a strict religious sect full of dubious individuals with the occasional shining light such as Sister Lottie.
  • In May, she was feted at baby shower hosted by her mother, Kris Jenner, and attended by 70 guests, including sisters Kim and Khloe, and their significant others, Kanye West and Lamar Odom.

"of spot" or "in spot"?

  • I? m beefing the highs in a couple of spots to make the words more intelligible.
  • I also added emphasis in spots.
  • Loyal head and there on spot Loyal died.
  • I did not attack the pins and just went for spot where I could get more birdies.
  • Nintendo has been in talks with BTFon with Spot Pass access set to be available in BT Wi-Fi spots.
  • Let's go look at spot number two.
  • Check between the leaves for some left over spots of blue and remove them the same way.
  • The hole is covered having a huge vacuum tube, and fastened into spot.
  • Breast changes can be especially difficult to spot on the mammograms of younger women because their breast tissue is dense.

"of sign" or "for sign"?

  • Truly we live in an age of signs and wonders.
  • We watch for signs of Spring erupting all around us.
  • Oog is a growing town with signs of progress compared to yagoori.
  • You'll need to Sign Up as a member (it's free ), then you're good to go.
  • In the erratum an error in sign, pointed out by A.
  • Salvation by signs and wonders is no salvation at all.
  • Also they become bigger very quickly the signs of doper are there but you can't prosecute on signs you need proof.
  • He spoke through signs and natural events.
  • Then he was obsessed by the desire to spell backward all the words which snatched at him from signs.
  • I interpreted music into sign language for a large church and for special corporate, school and family events such as weddings.

of, to, on, for or with seat?

  • Quite a large place with plenty of seats.
  • Results vary from seat to seat.
  • To increase our match day revenue we have to get more bums on seats.
  • Fares will vary by reservation date, day of travel and demand for seats.
  • All seats on the coaches are provided with seat belts.
  • But here I was, sitting in seat 25D on Northwest flight 1641, waiting for take-off.
  • If this is the case it may be more difficult for them to translate a good poll lead into seats.
  • That's like, what? Ten cents per seat at most games? Perhaps we can collect it at the gate, with little boxes like the March of Dimes.
  • Results vary from seat to seat.

"of sport" or "in sport"?

  • This isn't that kind of sports town.
  • Its the same In sport and in love.
  • There will be need for sport shoes and equipment.
  • Especially with regard to sportspeople.
  • No ever said a thing about sports.
  • I would be surprised if the colleges lose money on sport.
  • You can buy them at Sports Authority for $4.
  • It is also good to have a clubhouse with sport facilities and parking.
  • The joy we gain from sport is that part of ' bliss '.
  • What about things outside the gym, like sports or activities? I love boxing.

"of shop" or "in shop"?

  • They were just a form of shop sign.
  • I still see that publication in shops.
  • There is nothing wrong with shopping at Walmart.
  • Where to Shop Marjanishvili Street This fin-de-siecle strip is the place for antiques.
  • Hotel is far from shop, mini mart, around 1 km.
  • On top of this, London Pass holders get over 20 exclusive special offers at shops and leisure facilities across London.
  • It was lined by shops and by a public building called the basilica.
  • Click on ' Register for Shop ' located in the Login box on the right hand side of your screen above the ' Pay My Account ' button.
  • One may also use the details obtained to evaluate the different type of loans as well as shop around to be able to get the best deal.

of, in, for, on or with supply?

  • It is really a law of supply and demand.
  • Price fluctuates with changes in supply and demand.
  • Joseph Frobisher (1740-1810) had departed for supplies.
  • Nonetheless, prices vary considerably over time, depending on supply and demand.
  • Vega assists the local schools, midwives, and health posts with supplies and equipment.
  • In the south of the world, human life is priced according to supply.
  • By contrast, a gap between supply and demand when the corresponding excess demand is for financial assets is a recipe for economic meltdown.
  • FAQ List How many points will I need? The points are dictated by supply and demand.
  • There is less concern about supply chain issues in the U.
  • The information over supply a means to control growing older and place your best ft.

of, in, on, to or for survey?

  • Certainly the issues of survey selection bias and misreporting are real.
  • According to him, the land in Survey No.
  • This is usually done by experts, based on surveys to help determine user needs and preferences.
  • But you can get extra swagbucks when you participate to surveys, watch Swagbucks TV and much more.
  • The Rao-Scott chisquare-like F-Test for surveys was performed for tests of significance.
  • Staff are to take appropriate steps, to protect the public from accidents which may occur as a result of any activity being undertaken by Survey &; Planning Solutions (2010) Ltd.
  • These combine pan-European data and models with surveys, case studies and other available evidence.
  • I've authored a great deal about surveys throughout the years.

of, on, with, in or to scheme?

  • However, there are some people who still look for these types of schemes.
  • If dairy/beef prices fall back and there is only the SFP to support farm incomes we'll have casualties especially among the smaller farmers who tend to be more dependant on schemes like REPS.
  • On leaving the previous company, I had received a Scheme Certificate from EPFO under pension scheme 1995 with Scheme certificate no.
  • Much of the foundational work on safe, powerful, macros was done in Scheme (see e.
  • She revolved scheme after scheme of escape, and was forced to dismiss all.
  • Through schemes for the eradication of poverty, provision of clean water, support for schools, and help for Aids orphans and families, we play our part in helping community projects.
  • In USA for instance, apart from schemes of pension, insurance and retirement benefits, the health care of the aged is linked with social security system.

"in shape" or "of shape"?

  • Keep yourself in shape and looking sexy.
  • I had been drinking and smoking again and was out of shape.
  • It took a little motivation from Sister Mag to whip me into shape.
  • He was very nice and polite and talked knowledgeably about shape etc.
  • They prescribe elements such as shape, size, layout, colour, typography and use of symbols.
  • Andy Goodpaster, who had previously been stationed at SHAPE, was now a member of the White House staff.
  • Sparseness in form is a prime requirement for shape in form.
  • Shadows And Highlights Strong light can add emphasis to shapes and help cast shadows which work well in graphical style shots.
  • You can annotate your pictures with shapes and arrows by using Awesome screenshot capture.

"by surprise" or "of surprise"?

  • This caught Arthur by surprise.
  • Always full of surprises and wild animals.
  • Her mouth opens just a tiny bit in surprise.
  • Karma Yoga? I asked with surprise.
  • This would not come as surprise to any one as why Pakistan is one of the most backwards country in South Asia even after getting so much aid.
  • The thing about buffets, of course, is that there is very little room for surprise.
  • Often our biggest arguments come from surprises.

of, with, under, from or by stress?

  • Avoid unnecessary causes of stress.
  • I'd living proof of how coping with stress is possible.
  • People under stress behave differently.
  • I cry every day from stress and depression.
  • Everybody is in one way or another affected by stress.
  • Consequently, if you seriously with the issue, such as stress, have you remember three core points.
  • See also, our page on Stress in the Workplace.
  • The technique blends statistical information about normal market behaviour with expert knowledge about stress events.
  • Finding effective methods for stress relief can also aid in your weight loss goals.
  • It is not possible to live without stress.

"of sentence", "in sentence" or "to sentence"?

  • Appeal against inadequacy of sentence 417A.
  • However, typically OTMI is limited to processing text in sentence units.
  • Power of Magistrates to sentence to imprisonment in default of fine 33.
  • I have read your post several times and, although I usually have the ability to break down run on sentences and fill in missing punctuation, I can make neither heads nor tails of it.
  • Strangely for the time, two years was to elapse between sentence and execution.
  • And combining these words into sentences makes it possible to convey an infinite variety of information.
  • Hundreds of people are said to be under sentence of death.
  • The reader is not told who is talking either and the characters talk colloquially, with sentences left unfinished at times, broken off, started anew.
  • There has to be an associated alphabet, as well as spelling, grammar and rules regarding sentence structure.

of, in, from, with or for star?

  • A little touch of Star dust Stickles.
  • The Bajoran Resistance in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
  • You could liken it to the holodeck from Star Trek.
  • They haven't worked with stars much.
  • And it got me excited for Star Wars again.
  • It used to come on Sundays on Star Plus.
  • Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior draws many parallels to Star Wars.
  • About Star Fort This fort was built by the Dutch and it was completed in 1765.
  • Her helmet is encircled by stars and features a crest composed of an eagle's head, feathers, and talons, a reference to the costume of Native Americans.
  • And the buttons in their newness shone like stars.

of, by, for, on or from ship?

  • Lots of ships but two problems.
  • Waste generated by ships is another big issue for ports.
  • Dealing with the problem of piracy has been a simple line item for ship owners.
  • Carl served on ships during World War Two.
  • In the coming year we will announce policy initiatives on roadside pollution, emissions from ships and regional co-operations between Hong Kong and Guangdong.
  • As James grew in age, so too did his interest in ships.
  • The economic and environmental consequences of a navigational accident generally increase in proportion to ship's size.
  • Custom House with ships docked in front.
  • Placing armed security men aboard ships vulnerable to pirate attacks has always been the obvious solution to the problem of piracy.
  • There are also specialist registration regimes for security over certain types of assets such as ships and aircraft.

"in sight" or "of sight"?

  • Not another person was in sight.
  • So why bother? Out of sight, out of mind.
  • Kendra would slay him on sight.
  • The cardinals by law remain sealed from sight.
  • There were no taxi cabs within sight.
  • For i live by faith and not by sight.
  • Blue Moons and Waiting Rooms is well directed for sight lines, pace and movement by professional actor-director Lee J.
  • He used to move at night until he came into sight of the enemy.
  • I think I agree with John, why bother with sight when it's gone? All that's left is the slowly breaking down memories of sight.

of, by, Under, to or as secretary?

  • Nellie applies for the position of secretary in Canada.
  • It was signed on 30 August at the Ministry offices by Secretary MOH Dr.
  • Under Secretary of the Army Joseph W.
  • Then we went to Secretary Weeks ' farm for dinner.
  • Sligo, she had been working as Secretary to Fr.
  • And for Secretary of State there were a total 170,440 votes cast.
  • He has debated publicly with Secretaries of State, editors, celebrities, and business leaders.
  • In the afternoon, in response to another call from Secretary Acheson, President Truman flew back to the capital.
  • Business searches on Secretary of State Web sites turns up a wealth of information.

"of stone" or "in stone"?

  • The walls are all made of stone.
  • Nothing's set in stone from birth.
  • These places feature in Closer to Stone.
  • Convoy pelted with stones in Egypt, Mar 2009.
  • We set sail to find an untouched sandbank an hour away from Stone Town.
  • Instead, it is created simply through perfect equilibrium in an artistic form known as stone balancing.
  • For more about this series and the companion book, we are joined by Stone and Kuznick.
  • The other question is their transformation into stone.
  • Many memorials were built in concrete moulded to look like stone.
  • It had been easy to be washed to sleep by the sound of waves on stones.

of, in, without, by or for struggle?

  • All in all, it was a place of struggle.
  • That is one of the foundations of their ambivalence, of their lack of commitment in struggles.
  • Good friendships came, but not without struggles.
  • The gospel should ease and guide us, faced with struggles of life.

of, with, on, in or for skill?

  • The challenge is more one of skill.
  • People with skills in repairing electrical appliances.
  • They do have ranking based on skill.
  • Australia invested in skills and fast broadband.
  • People are accustomed to paying for skill.
  • The second part of the chapter is devoted to skill.
  • Initially, around 18 teachers and 800 pupils in nine secondary schools across the country have benefited from skills training sessions and improved teaching materials.
  • BOORMAN 'S PHILOSOPHY It's about skills and what people can do, not what bits of paper they have.
  • He had an early opportunity to play out his prophecy, but would need luck as well as skill on his side to do so.
  • In Milne's opinion, the post-16 Code of Practice for the Disability Discrimination Act Part 4: Education, drafted by Skill on behalf of the Disability Rights Commission, is far from comprehensive.

of, on, to, with or for sky?

  • I was staring at the bottle of sky blue liquid and I thought.
  • Mad Men airs on Tuesday nights at 9pm on Sky Atlantic.
  • We also tell about other events of interest to sky watchers.
  • Not having any luck with Sky unfortunately.
  • As a pundit I worked for Sky, ITV and Al Jazeera and saw a lot of matches.
  • It also offers some premium services for free like sky drive which provides online 25GB of free data storage.
  • I'd scared of them, but luckily I didn't run away! Had lunch at Sky 21.
  • Hello Kit ty merchandise and clothing are sold at The Block and also in Sky Ga rden.
  • If I thought changing ISPs would help, I would, but have been assured by Sky that this will not help.

of, in, with, to or after shot?

  • Learn the basics of shot composition.
  • They ranked 24th in shots per game at 27.
  • Miz fights back to his feet with shots to the body.
  • We've conceded a high ratio of goals to shots which does happen from time to time.
  • Just shot after shot and he makes them all.
  • My job was to call the actors for shots or give them their costumes.
  • Picking the best out of multiple versions of the same shot, and adjusting the timing between shots to be right.
  • City averaged 53 passes per shot for just 12 attempts on goal.
  • I can certainly imagine some litigants and their lawyers who might think it was worth at shot at the BBC at the moment in the hope of a settlement.
  • All three bullets which struck Kennedy had entered from behind him at a steep upward angle, causing powder burns from shots fired one to three inches away.

for, of, In, with or to senate?

  • Not because my vote for Senate will count 1/50 as much as an Alaskan.
  • Approved, Approved, This Act which is a consolidtion of Senate Bill No.
  • Alice Johnson in Senate District 37 also returned as a former legislator.
  • Really, that's the deal now with Senate Majority Leader Michael Sanchez.
  • I'll support him, but my $$ are gong elsewhere to senate and congressional candidates.
  • Even more interesting, scroll to the bottom of the Dem totals and look at them by Senate district and comare the percentage change between early voting and day of voting.
  • The conference broke off from the Democratic caucus in 2011, and its members received committee chairmanships from Senate Republicans.
  • New York State Senate Learn about your state representatives and keep up to date on senate activities and operations.

of, with, in, for or on sugar?

  • Rum Rum is a by-product of sugar.
  • My first therapeutic trial was to stop all foods with sugar.
  • Avoid foods that are processed or high in sugar.
  • It wasn't used for sugar anymore, though.
  • They thrive on sugar so it's good to eliminate them.
  • What it will do is what some call ' turning to sugar '.
  • Metabolism We have seen how plants convert sunlight into sugars.
  • Kilojoules that come from sugar and other refined carbohydrates enter the blood stream quickly, cause fast sharp rises in blood glucose which in turn generates a large insulin response.
  • Have less inflammatory products like sugar, grains, dairy.
  • According to local reports, the creature has been sighted here on a number of occasions when it comes down to raid crops such as sugar cane.

"of storage", "For storage" or "in storage"?

  • It will max out at 64Gb of storage.
  • He built large graineries for storage.
  • The US holds the missiles in storage.
  • And remember to encrypt the data prior to storage.
  • Others will just sell everything, or put it all into storage.
  • Storage It looks like both companies are aiming to make a little cash on storage.
  • And I can't wait to live somewhere with storage space for blenders, books and whatever else.
  • These included details such as storage space and heating.
  • Pathogenic toxins may be produced during storage of the food if certain organisms are still viable.
  • The cells were so small they looked like storage cells and it was noted that people had been confined in them for years.

"of surgery" or "after surgery"?

  • She's got out of surgery last night.
  • If she's throwing up after surgery, don't panic.
  • Then I'll take a break and recover for surgery.
  • It was not given its name since it used plastic materials in surgery.
  • Sometimes, this is done prior to surgery if a situation calls for it.
  • She had just gotten done with surgery and was heading back home.
  • Patient's faces are NOT covered up during surgery.
  • When I got through surgery, my friends and family support help me pass my fear.
  • A thymectomy is the removal of the thymus gland by surgery.
  • I ended up begging and pleading my way into surgery the next day luckily.

"of server" or "on server"?

  • There are many new types of servers to consider for purchase.
  • So VNC can be used to run in on servers for example.
  • I recently bought a Nexus 7 to server as a pda + journal.
  • Configuration for server RAINT.
  • Why spend $50 million in servers when we are all going to buy the product regardless.
  • Please describe the scale and scope of your previous experience integrating Web site designs with servers making use of SQL Server 2000 technologies.
  • To achieve the best results, end-to-end performance from server to storage is needed.
  • Furthermore, you won't need to invest in expensive hardware such as servers, or dedicate valuable space to housing it.
  • DNS queries are handled by servers called name servers.

"of sleep" or "to sleep"?

  • He doesn't need a lot of sleep.
  • I go to sleep with a clear mind.
  • Therefore I must have existed in sleep.
  • What can it be? I have irritation during sleep.
  • After many hours in transit it was a night for sleep.
  • Combine that with sleep and you've got a good recipe for getting sick less often.
  • Now this part is one of the most fascinating aspects about sleep.
  • Christopher Waiters from sleep on April 5, 2007.
  • As a result, I slept really well in Iguazu and managed to get caught up on sleep.
  • We get into sleep patterns easily and swiftly.

"by storm" or "of storm"?

  • We must take the gates of Heave by storm.
  • Man is at the mercy of storms, earthquakes, floods and other calamities.
  • These can be found here in Storm Lake, IA.
  • Seriously, Fredster! Water in the bathtub is SOP for storms.
  • However, the main impact from Opal was from storm surge.
  • In the West Bank and East Jerusalem, Israeli soldiers operate like storm troopers.
  • An estimated 80% of the islands are one metre or less above sea level, making them particularly vulnerable to storms and changes in the sea level.
  • Kathy -- It's so good to hear that young people are among those who are volunteering and helping with storm relief.
  • Trees offer a natural protection against storms, floods, and tidal surges.
  • In these 4 teachings, Pastor Jon shares with us about the faithful God to whom we can cling during storms.

of, from, for, in or without sin?

  • People goes there because of sin.
  • Salvation is from sin and death.
  • Repentance This is Godly sorrow for sins.
  • A week is a long time in Sin City.
  • He who is without sin and all that.
  • MASTURBATION (Done with sin) 1.
  • It is bounded on East by Sin (Sindhu-Indus) river.
  • It was she who was led astray and fell into sin.
  • You need to choose a friend that is Sensitive to sins, their own and yours.
  • I bet he wasn't so lonesome on Sin Street.

"of salary" or "in salary"?

  • The job I'd doing doesn't command that kind of salary.
  • Geographics play another big contributor in salary ranges.
  • The Authority then makes a determination on salary.
  • We don't want to have to ask for salary.
  • He intentionally separates them from salary reviews, otherwise they will expect more money if they get a good appraisal.
  • If you think about salary for professionals starting at 2.
  • Get the job, pay what you can in small (compared to salary) amounts.
  • The details for these jobs are openly given, such as salary and other stuff.
  • The State Pension will increase in line with salary increases.

of, for, in, to or from shopping?

  • That alone, gets the fun out of shopping.
  • For shopping freaks like you dailydeals.
  • As for playing in shopping centres.
  • You can walk to shopping and dining.
  • Steel Frames I love lists, I'd a list writer from way back, from shopping lists, to do lists, to pros and cons lists and more.
  • Lessen on shopping and partying, and add on loving and praying.
  • Sometimes they need help with shopping, cooking or cleaning.
  • Volunteers set up at various strategic places, like shopping centres, selling dog toys and key chains.
  • Every road has at least four lanes; Dubai feels like a motorway punctuated by shopping centres.

"of suicide", "to suicide" or "about suicide"?

  • I'd never thought of suicide as a sin.
  • So back to suicide prevention Day.
  • We have too many misconceptions about suicide.
  • Never keep a plan for suicide a secret.
  • And yet they wrongly say that someone who dies by suicide wanted to die.
  • Police to inquire and report on suicide, etc 174.
  • I feel sorry for her relatives killed in suicide bombing.
  • More people die from suicide each year than at any time on the roads.
  • People who are dealing with suicide in anyway, need our sympathy.
  • The Tigers responded with their own crimes, including suicide bombing and kidnapping.

"of shit" or "like shit"?


of, for, IN, through or to scenario?

  • This kind of scenario happens more often than you think.
  • It seems Lean UX saves the designer and prevents heartache -- and this is apparently for scenarios where the UX designer is the keep of the vision.
  • The Limbic System makes your mind essentially lazy in scenarios like these.
  • She looked down at her hands clasped together in her lap tapping her fingers lightly against her own skin, her brain playing through scenarios of things he might say.
  • Anyone who has raised teenagers can easily come up with scenarios where parents and teenagers can have some very fundamental conflicts.
  • There is much more practical advice on scenarios to be found elsewhere ont his site.

"of shame" or "in shame"?

  • I think it is a sense of shame.
  • Ms Nagendra also made India go red in shame.
  • My ardor had begun to cool, unbelievably, &; I was crushed with shame.
  • For shame, New Haven Independent.
  • The woman is totally without shame.
  • Truth be told, using social media drunk is more often than not a high speed train journey calling at Shame and Recrimination.
  • Victory lies with Imam Husain; with King Yazid and the governor there is nothing but shame.
  • And look: they are naked, man and woman, untouched by shame, not knowing it.
  • We may see children, only two or three years old, and even those born blind, blushing from shame; and the naked scalp of a very young infant reddens from passion.
  • Christians are not reflecting God in their lives because they are standing on two opinions and so turning the glory of God into shame in their lives.

"on schedule" or "of schedule"?

  • Haydn Pounder serves dinner on schedule.
  • Negative Variance % indicates % behind of schedule.
  • We're behind schedule (= late).
  • A complete list of convention countries can be found in Schedule 2 of the Family Law (Child Abduction Convention) Regulations 1986.
  • Things don't always go according to schedule here.
  • Having to deal with schedules can be the hardest parts of backpacking.
  • No, it's not about schedules, deadlines and appointments.
  • Omitted by Schedule of the Adaptation of Central Acts and Ordinances Order, 1949.
  • Check any visitor centre for schedules.
  • Badr further said that free and fair elections would be held as per schedule.

"in studio" or "of studio"?

  • In addition, I received a minor in Studio art.
  • This BTO has standard flats in the colours of Studios, 3-, 4- and 5-room units.
  • The hotel has four room categories, from Studio to Penthouse.
  • In addition to studio teaching at the New England Conservatory, Mr.
  • I have had problems with studio now for over 3 years.
  • It was like hiring bartenders at Studio 54.
  • For Studio photography, he insisted on focusing on details and the angles.
  • But in China, foreign film release dates are determined not by studios but by their Chinese hosts.
  • There's a lot of information available on studios from a variety of sources.
  • Did what I wanted, what can i say couldn't of had my daughters birthday without Studio!!!!! I have recently bought a wii fit board for my daughters birthday.

"in spring" or "of spring"?

  • In spring I have an empty hive.
  • The Green Emperor is the spirit of spring.
  • You have cold winters, so plan for spring.
  • During Spring and Summer he hangs around outside a lot so he is free to fly around.
  • But by spring of 1948 all this had gone.
  • Ideas from spring from WellPreserved.
  • Courthouse on Spring Street at Martin Luther King Boulevard.
  • Also, went to Spring Training this past March.
  • Problems with spring flooding continued.
  • I would take another look at Spring WebMVC.

of, in, with, on or by soil?

  • Our robot was able to excavate 3 kgs of soil.
  • If your bulbs are in soil, gently wash the soil from the roots.
  • This process is followed by a third farmer who applies animal manure and covers the furrows and holes with soil.
  • The experiments were carried out on soil samples from Al- Hassa oasis, Saudi Arabia.
  • Repeat this until the sack is filled with a tower of rocks surrounded by soil.
  • The industrial carpet is, nonetheless, resistant to soils and stains.
  • I may not make the case to read it yourself much more appealing by saying the book is about soil.
  • Communities have identified food-for-work interventions such as soil conservation through tree-planting and soil erosion control, and rehabilitation of wells and boreholes.
  • Afterwards, they can be planted into soil or compost, and grown on like any conventional plant.

of, with, to, by or for score?

  • But on the 29th, there was a reversal of scores.
  • Patients scored highest in the items of ' dyspnoea on exertion ', ' limitations in daily life due to AF ' and ' fatigue due to AF ', with scores of 4.
  • Learn more about How to Score Darts.
  • As the years go by scores often evolve with the times.
  • Largely uninhabited except for scores of wildlife, the islands are great for snorkeling.
  • The Muslim rage over the film about the Prophet has resulted in scores of deaths whereas the Christian anger was peaceful.
  • Some of the members of the choir, out of inquisitiveness approached the band to really ascertain whether they were in fact playing from score.

"of sample", "in sample" or "with sample"?

  • TNF? was detected in 100% of samples in the DIEM group.
  • Some contributions on the use of auxiliary information in sample surveys.
  • P's with sample for patients and really push the benefits without really highlight the degree of benefit.
  • For Sample DBS, Standard Chartered and HSBC, the revision period is 3-month, 1-month and 1-month, respectively.
  • From sample category 1-a, actual sample was only 01 as against the intended 04.
  • Addies a go kick up Injection till embarrassment will make them try take it out on Sample, but Sample will give Injection a run for their money.
  • It's a website, as well as a number of books that have great resources, including sample contracts.
  • On late night calls, I console them as they confide in me about their bodies maturing, and not being able to fit into sample sizes anymore.

"with smile" or "of smile"?

  • I jumped down with smiles across my face.
  • We think of smiles we'll never see.
  • Goering, wreathed in smiles and orders and decorations received us gaily, his wife at his side.
  • A woman listens with more of her whole body, and often will indicate that she is listening (paying attention) with facial expressions such as smiles or nods of her head and constant eye contact.
  • Thanks for the heads up smile Glad you got it checked out.

"for survival" or "of survival"?

  • Sharing will be essential for survival.
  • The chance of survival is very thin.
  • Currently I am utterly useless when it comes to survival.
  • I knew I had fewer chances in survival and death was waiting.
  • Their horrific agenda is based on survival in their reptilian minds.
  • Are you? It's not about individual ' greed ' it's about survival.
  • Should be concerning yourself with survival.
  • I then followed the evicted peasants across the Amazon to the gold mines of Roraima, where I saw the devastating impacts of their attempts at survival, on both the forests and the Yanomami people.
  • They don't make the difference between survival or not.
  • If you are into survival timed events this can be pretty fun.

"in scope" or "of scope"?

  • This small book is large in scope.
  • Identify things that are out of scope or not recommended.
  • To be honest, the practice days were only useful to scope out the course.
  • It promises to be a hugely exciting journey for Scope --.
  • A new client requested a quote for a small project but produced no written definition or instructions on scope of work, schedule or goals for the project.
  • No harm because of ferrous material but does it benefits the growth? Guys are saying that option D is within scope.
  • Let me know your views about Scope and future of blogging.
  • This example is a common dilemma for project managers trying to find a balance between scope, budget, and schedule on the project management triangle.

"of stability", "for stability" or "to stability"?

  • Its about time we gained some sort of stability in our lives.
  • Supporting these values has proven more robust than just supporting stability for stability's sake.
  • Greed is a lot important for success &; satisfaction leads to stability.
  • Our focus for the past twelve months has been on stability.
  • It's quite firm on the ground and turns corners with stability.
  • SFO in this three states is total submission to the Controller resulting in stability in physique and harmony in mind.
  • I lived in Africa for most of my life, and let me tell you that Africa needs help on the short term before its population can think about stability on the long term.
  • We can not have stability and growth in Ireland without stability and growth in Europe.

"in shock" or "of shock"?

  • I was in shock for a long time.
  • So I go buy 6 pounds of shock this time.
  • The judgment was received with shock and outrage at.
  • But definately NOT going for shock collar.
  • Her shoulders are strained and she suffered severely from shock.
  • I fell into shock, but kept enough consciousness to communicate.
  • According to AACOFD spokesperson Keith Hamilton, an ambulance transported a man, whose name has not been released, from the 5500 block of Wasena Avenue to Shock Trauma shortly after 9 a.
  • Countless after shocks have followed.
  • The result is a continuous battering of the economic system by shocks that never allow it to come to rest.
  • I mixed the other songs I did on Shock Value at our room here at The Hit Factory in Miami.

of, for, to, in or on settlement?

  • Mode of settlement of accounts between partners 48.
  • The federal government has also cut the support for settlement services in Ontario.
  • Right to settlement of accounts 35.
  • He cited examples of other gold rushes where governments were required to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in settlements.
  • Palestinian envoys have said Abbas will not rush to join the court but could use it if Israel does not change its policies on settlements and other matters.
  • At Settlement the TeamTalk Board will appoint a person nominated by the Vendors as a director of TeamTalk.
  • However, some may not be resolved through settlement because the parties reach an impasse, in which the evaluation of the exposure differs and so trial is inevitable.

"of script", "in script" or "to script"?

  • Declaration of script Every request for a.
  • The main script that is executing will be called A.
  • At a speech at a university, Gillard apparently stuck directly to script.
  • They are: aspell interface to allow spell checking from scripts.
  • You have started an online hunt for script writers.
  • I think it was just a case of her going off script.
  • Cormac and Marianne Wibberley -- who wrote the National Treasure movies, among others -- are on script duties.
  • Therefore, things like script reviews just don't do much for me.
  • Not only do they run when user initiated, they can also be script initiated by script steps.
  • I used to teach those who follow me with scripts, which contain mainly the meaning of the Great Kalimah.

"of standard" or "to standard"?

  • He is the man of standards and speed.
  • Heaven forbid, though, that the municipality should be held to standards of ordinary care.
  • Yet differences in standards are still an issue.
  • Insisting on standards of behavior does not mean we have to make a mountain out of every molehill.
  • For starters, the phone offers only an 8MP camera (which is about standard for today's flagship smartphones).
  • The Opera browser is smaller and faster than the one you know, and it has better support for standards.
  • By standards of developed countries it was not so high.
  • I'd not talking about deviating from standards here.
  • Lawsky reached a settlement with Standard Chartered on Aug.
  • In short, there was an expectation that even under standards mode, IE would keep working the same way.

of, with, on, to or in sand?

  • The substrata itself is made up of sand, silt, and clay.
  • These were filled with sand (approx.
  • Below, the monster grated on sand.
  • Then use coarse sandpaper to sand off any remaining glue or backing.
  • I love sitting in sand and being near the sea.
  • Take a free time for sand boarding and for lunch.
  • A single MP can, by acting as sand in the machine, achieve policy and office that an MP for a larger party would struggle with.
  • Begin at the Hulls Cover Visitor Center and make stops at Sand Beach, Thunder Hole and Otter Cliffs for great views.
  • It is like gold being panned or sifted from sand and they appreciate this by the smiles on their faces as if they have acquired a lot of jewellery or treasure.
  • Why we let life slip through our hands like sand and do not take a moment to realize what the potential holds for each moment as it sifts through our fingers.

In, of, to, about or with sum?

  • So, in sum, I don't think this will fly.
  • We are talking of sums ranging from $250,000 to about $60 million.
  • So to sum this up, many of the wanted features on your wish list are for speed purposes.
  • I guess that about sums up our relationship.

of, in, with, over or to substance?

  • Cursing shows lack of substance.
  • In substance JPEG2000 supports the possibility to have both a scalable resolution and quality.
  • Persisting with substance use despite clear evidence of harmful consequences.
  • Great delivery as always but style over substance.
  • By His giving substance to substances it is known that He has no substance.
  • It didn't work then, and it doesn't work now, because it is an argument without substance.
  • There are some great services out there but they often provide support either for substance misuse or mental health.
  • The website also features detailed information on substances and mental health disorders.
  • This is because we're experimenting with some essential tools for world-creation, such as substance textures.
  • Once we become aware of it, we pass from Substance to Subject, i.

"of salt", "with salt" or "in salt"?

  • I threw in a pinch of salt and pepper.
  • Season with salt and white pepper 4.
  • But that doesn't happen on a beach, or in salt water.
  • He made two quick trips to Salt Lake City under duress.
  • That's all they need, along with shelter from the wind, nectar, flat stones for sunning, and damp sand or gravel for salt.
  • The flavor of steak should not come from salt.
  • Visitors can view animals at salt lick water holes.
  • The finished novel was accepted by Salt, which has made me very proud.
  • Like other filters, the biosand filter can not remove dissolved contaminants or chemicals, such as salt, arsenic or fluoride.
  • Just sprinkle some spices like salt and pepper all over the turkey.

"in silence" or "of silence"?

  • They wandered on again in silence.
  • Fermates are moments of silence during music.
  • Fat chance! Then Osho went into silence.
  • The scene is tense, with silences that are awkward or watchful.
  • The crowd appreciated the fight scenes gripped initially by silence, to cheering of support.
  • Whatever the sort of prayer you prefer, there does need to be some time for silence.
  • They need to learn about silence and what a reading atmosphere is.
  • It concerns the relationship between silence and word: two aspects.
  • Political niceties meant that the cavern's location needed to be kept secret, while Ron's assistants were so frightened by what they had witnessed that they didn't require swearing to silence.

of, for, in, into or about significance?

  • A healthy diet holds a lot of significance.
  • They come ready-haloed by incandescent gas, shimmering with a light that is surprisingly easy to mistake for significance.
  • One can not judge by his accomplishments while in office, because they are so few and lacking in significance.
  • But all of this pales into significance compared to the emotional and physical cost of death or injury to the passengers if they are unrestrained in the event of an accident.

of, to, for, with or by suggestion?

  • I have a sheaf of suggestions and my own private cheering section.
  • I'd open to suggestions if you have them.
  • Thanks for suggestions re comp.
  • LIB readers, make una provide am with suggestions.
  • The best way to deceive the masses is by suggestion which entails auto-suggestion.
  • Tensions have also heightened within the Coalition after suggestions from Health Minister James Reilly that a decision on abortion may not be made until the new year.
  • And because they were built out of real physical stuff, much of the magic was in suggestion and what you think you see (and the audio and soundtrack support that illusion).
  • I know many suggestions have been made including suggestions for how to improve and encourage quality participation on committees.

"of sheet" or "in sheet"?

  • Bottom trays can be made out of sheet metal, and they pull out and slide back in, to make cage cleaning easier.
  • Cellulosic membranes are made up of thin dense porous substances which can come in sheets or hollow fibers.
  • For sheet metal, use specific sheet metal screws for best results.
  • We shall impose on it, as on all printed matter, stamp taxes per sheet and deposits of caution-money, and books of less than 30 sheets will pay double.
  • You can assign descriptive names to sheet tabs.
  • Most beds come with sheets and a heavy blanket and a pillow although in some places they do n't, so you either have to rent them out or use your own.
  • You'll probably feel better sleeping between sheets you brought from home.
  • Radium releases alpha particles, which are stopped by sheets of paper, clothing and the like.
  • Cotton is a great year round sheet choice, especially for the colder winter months, while linen is better suited for warm weather months.

"on stream" or "of stream"?

  • Yaw Akoto who has called for a fast tracked approach to bring the Ghana gas plant on stream.
  • Maypop: this wild plant grows best in disturbed, sunny areas, such as cleared lots and edges of streams.
  • The soldiers threw themselves in streams to wash themselves and their equipment.
  • Except for power tools which need to make use of the screen in a particular way, most of our other apps are going to be rearranged into streams, too.
  • The town is set in a fertile volcanic area, well fed by streams off the mountain, ideal for Arabica Coffee crops, the most rewarding local export.
  • Optimizing utilization of rainwater and fresh water from streams.
  • First, whitebait spawn on a spring tide, by laying eggs in the vegetated areas next to streams.
  • Between the peaks lie ravines and gorges with streams, pools and waterfalls, 40 caves, and two large natural bridges.
  • The fuel subsidy removal is simply to deregulate d down stream petroleum sector dat will bring abt greater participation and even competetion by all stake holders in dat sector.

"of singer" or "with singer"?

  • Akram is the Controller &; Chief Financial Officer of Singer Bangladesh Limited.
  • I also work with singers of French hip-hop, and a lot of American artists.
  • Touted as the melodic rock gem, Soleil Moon is a duo formed by singer Larry King (Michael Thompson Band) and keyboardist John Blasucci.
  • I highly recommend it for singers and speakers.
  • I have always been drawn to singers -- the keepers of song.

"of satisfaction" or "with satisfaction"?

  • There's a lot of satisfaction in that moment.
  • Hamisi looked at the stacks of charcoal sacks with satisfaction.
  • The surviving spouse/civil partner may require that the family home be given to him/her in satisfaction of the legal right share or the share on intestacy.
  • The entertainment industry with their powerful impact on society also needs to step up and convey to the Indian men that women are not just objects for satisfaction of men.
  • According to SATISFACTION TABLE Return to Brand falls in red zone which means that it needs improvement.
  • The second however was below satisfaction levels as the organisers struggled to sell tickets for the Formula1 weekend.
  • Thus, the level of switching costs moderates the link between satisfaction and loyalty.
  • When eating delicious food, we get slapped by satisfaction with the deliciousness.

"on strike" or "of strike"?

  • Mom on Strike: Jessica Stilwell.
  • This led to new cycles of strikes.
  • Zambrano threw only 48 of his 97 pitches for strikes.
  • At the moment, some 40% of that country's gold production capacity is being impacted by strike contagion that began with the now infamous Marikana incident.
  • With strikes and riots breaking out everywhere, this bit of news should only further inflame.
  • We are spoilt for talent in strike.
  • Worker-days lost to strikes and lockouts dropped 50 percent during the decade 1991-2000 from the previous decade.
  • A return of 12 goals including strike against Man City and Arsenal have seen him touted for a place in Roy Hodgson's Euro 2012 England team.
  • I waited, waited and put the reel into strike mode, waited for the line to tighten up and struck, the fish was on.

"of signal", "with signal" or "for signal"?

  • The meaning of signals life gives.
  • Because of this capability, kill() can also be considered as a communication mechanism among processes with signals SIGUSR1 and SIGUSR2.
  • Large lalis (wooden drums) are always carried on board for signals and entertainment.
  • MinDelayTime should not be applied to Signal Messages that affect costing.
  • Communication can be broken into signal input, reaction, and signal output.
  • We look at signals like tips, likes, dislikes, popularity, loyalty, local expertise, and nearly 3 billion check-ins from over 25 million people worldwide.
  • Space House- It is situated in Signal Mountain, Tennessee.

"of stomach" or "to stomach"?

  • Leo Kerouac died of stomach cancer in May 1946.
  • We are finally strong enough to stomach his scream.
  • Women have issues with stomach, breast and hips fat.
  • It provides great support for back and side sleeping, but too big for stomach sleepers.
  • Bleeding from stomach ulcers may cause iron deficiency anemia.
  • Studies in Greece have shown a high consumption of onions, garlic and other allium herbs to be protective against stomach cancer.
  • Dodet got 4th, Don fought himself back into 5th position despite stomach problems, Frodeno just behind in 6th.
  • Instead you've got to both change your diet and engage in exercise designed to burn fat and also tone abdominal muscle through stomach exercises.

of, with, to, on or for speaker?

  • You can see the full line up of speakers here.
  • This practice started with the first congress after Marcos with Speaker Ramon Mitra at the helm.
  • Luckily didn't get through to speakers.
  • Practice putting calls on speaker.
  • There is no need for speaker applications or preparation.
  • Obama and Vice President Biden were set to be joined by Speaker of the House John Boehner and a guest.
  • Speaker after speaker clearly articulated one thing: Maori always have had and retain rights and interests in water.
  • The attorney general, however, had told the bench that a court decision against speaker's ruling could be set aside by parliament.
  • They ripped out the jingle and put in speakers the like of which god himself could hear.
  • He deals in a gentle throb, which ectoplasmically seeps from speakers, rather than thrusts itself at you.

of, in, with, for or on snow?

  • Date change because of snow day.
  • Now the mountain is covered in snow.
  • We got hammered with snow for two days.
  • You need to root for Snow White, and she wasn't likable.
  • Also see my other post in inspiring photography which is on Snow Leopards.
  • One can find quotes of torment by snow, smoke, thirst and rebellious animals.
  • The background looks almost like snow, giving it an outdoor feel.
  • He dreamed about snow all the time, trying to imagine how it really was.
  • Such flows from snow melt should be considered.
  • The precipitation could turn into snow over parts of Ontario and western Quebec, said Environment Canada.

"of spending" or "in spending"?

  • The composition of spending also matters.
  • I see no point in spending so much time to make my meal taste better.
  • To imply that Obama has been honest on spending is laughable.
  • There are no stupid questions when it comes to spending money.
  • It is rather inconvenient for leftists to acknowledge that congress is responsible for spending, since they've controlled the money pit since 2006.
  • In years to come they will still be here by not over spending.
  • And at least back then, even business economists knew that balancing the budget was far less important than stimulating the economy with spending.
  • They deserve to be liquidated, living beyond there means by spending money they didn't have and entering into illegal contracts.
  • So that was Queenstown done, to some extent anyway, as you can't stay in Queenstown without spending money unfortunately.

"to stop", "of stop" or "with stop"?

  • It costs RMB 2 -- 6 according to stops travelled.
  • Try and have at least 50 pips of Stop Loss.
  • You should always come up with stop point that you will never move.
  • Meanwhile, cities across the country have had simple route maps and schedules posted at stops for decades.
  • In the hot June sun, the beating of a dholak and loud Bhojpuri music blaring from a rickshaw made passers by stop.
  • For stop three of my Asian tour I'll be focusing on the region of Manchuria.
  • The big question in this case is -- how long will it take to get pregnant after stop using birth control? Well, let's find out the answer to this big question together.

"of string" or "with string"?

  • Most notably, Converge has no equivalent of string scanning, for two reasons.
  • As with strings, there are also wide character constants.
  • It also produces tab for string instruments and harmonica.
  • Take note that getText()/SetText() operates on String.
  • To get month name in string (Jan, Feb, Mar,.
  • We need to consider several posts from Rubin to string together this train of thought.
  • If all you need are the most popular templates such as strings and vectors then even a 16K microcontroller may be enough.
  • With the finest suckers around her mouth and using her finest tentacles, she gathers the eggs into strings and attaches these to the wall.
  • Can also be eaten like string beans when young and tender.

In, of, On, for or to summary?

  • Here is the problem in summary.
  • Examples of summary functions include Sum, Count, and Average.
  • On summary conviction, he or she is liable to a fine not exceeding 1,905 or a prison term not exceeding 12 months.
  • I filed a motion for summary judgment and won.
  • Basic quality information Link to Summary Quality Report A Summary Quality Report for ASHE can be found on the ONS website by searching for ' quality reports for business statistics '.
  • If an Answer is filed the case is adjudicated by summary judgment or trial.
  • They were performed in their native languages, with summaries in English being provided forLondon audiences.

of, in, on, for or with shirt?

  • All we get is a change of shirt every 4 years.
  • Kilts, suits, or just in shirts.
  • I don't blame anyone who is young and from a developing part of the world who decide to spend their hard earned cash on shirts of another team other than us.
  • Is it the game plans that are dangerous, or the for shirt, or.
  • We were issued with shirts, that had the station logo proudly emblazoned on the front.
  • Woot $1000 for the first day of sales and $2 per shirt sold after that point.
  • If your extremely cheap and have some white under shirts laying around.
  • Skinny Preppy Look The preppy look is very beneficial because you have the button up shirts and the sweaters and vests to bulk up your frame.
  • This seamless bra comes in smooth materials, such as cotton or satin, to avoid lines and bumps under clothing, especially beneath shirts and dresses that have a slim fit.

of, at, in, about or for spectrum?

  • It is nobody's case that the purpose of spectrum auctions is to maximise government revenues.
  • Nonetheless the differences in spectrum which appear in Fig.
  • I am infinitely indebted to you for your time and your insight about spectrum policy.
  • The figure is an estimate based on the last discovered price for spectrum -- the 3G auction of 2010.
  • True to his words, Mittal won spectrum in just one circle -- the ' C ' circle of Assam.
  • Overall, the government had budget Rs 40,000 crore as revenue from spectrum sale this fiscal.
  • Suitable for use with many different colouring mediums, you can create amazing effects and colour with Spectrum Noir.

of, with, by, on or through symbol?

  • There are three kinds of symbols in SL: 1.
  • The baskets were round, waist high, four eyelet's at the top, painted with symbols.
  • Symbols and motifs Narratives can be unified by symbols.
  • On symbols of Dalit/Muslim - I agree with you.
  • These majestic hunters were known as symbols of beauty, strength and endurance.
  • This is a young man who very obviously hides behind symbols of fear, images that he feels threaten others &; protect him.
  • Despite not using symbols, but writing powers of x in words, he had begun to understand what we would write in symbols as.
  • The great majority of court reporters use a stenotype, a machine that translates keystrokes into symbols that correspond to the spoken word.
  • Material attachment to symbols of wealth has always been discounted.

"in sequence", "of sequence" or "to sequence"?

  • Each step is recorded in sequence.
  • I've been enjoying the new set of Sequences.
  • Set your camera to sequence and shoot some poses.
  • Specifically dealing with sequence headers and enders is tricky with FLV streams.
  • From these formulae algebraic formulae for sequences can be deduced.
  • Also we expect to find similar peptide/protein sequences, perhaps from closely related animals, or from sequences for closely related proteins.
  • You can find out more about sequence formats here.
  • Her transitions between sequences are jarring, often shocking the viewer through leaps in space, time, sound, and tone (e.
  • BOLD is a searchable repository for barcode records, storing specimen data and images as well as sequences and trace files.
  • Eric made me wholly had the impression he star Caitlmn asked her to send a party far beyond him into sequence and appens to.

of, with, in, to or for steel?

  • A car is made of steel, glass, and plastic.
  • Die Cutter for use with steel rule or other dies.
  • There were 3000 well trained and well equipped warriors, 700 of whom were in steel armour.
  • The Bessember process for converting pig iron to steel was developed in Sheffield.
  • China's demand for Vanadium for steel use alone is expected to remain strong for the next 10 to 20 years.
  • It was still overwhelmingly reliant on steel making and heavy engineering and under pressure in a world dominated by plastics and the new electronics sector.
  • Production in some industries, such as steel, increased by much more.
  • We are not talking about steel heated to the point of weakness; we are talking about steel being converted into a liquid.
  • Carnegie, a Dunfermline boy made rich from steel in America, astonished the world with his philanthropy.
  • These items are available in a wide variety of materials, including steel, wood, and polypropylene.

"in setting", "of setting" or "to setting"?

  • In Settings open Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  • Previous research on the effects of setting (e.
  • Go to Settings and then Connections.
  • In general, they can be found under Settings.
  • Instructions on setting ' double-sided printing ' as the default mode for printing from the computer have been emailed to all office members.
  • Go into Settings before you enter the game.
  • Games use standard scoring to 15 with setting allowed.
  • It can be deployed alone or as part of a larger display, making it ideal for settings ranging from schools and showrooms to trade shows and exhibitions.
  • The control for adjusting screen brightness is absent and is now found in the XMB menu under Power Save Settings.

"of scandal", "by scandal" or "in scandal"?

  • Children's homes, old people's homes and mental homes have seen their share of scandals.
  • In 2009, we were distracted by scandal: Toronto M.
  • And their advocacy movement has been mired in scandal since its beginning.
  • The Commissioner resigned in October amid scandal.
  • His presidency is laced with scandal and eight opposition parties have moved a motion of no-confidence.
  • We frequently hear about scandals involving money laundering and Ponzi schemes, and about how some people have struck it rich through such unethical means.

"of scientist" or "by scientist"?

  • Of course you will not run out of scientist.
  • Research by scientists have no place in the things of God.
  • We are looking for scientists with a master's degree, PhD, or equivalent.
  • And this central fact has been well known to scientists for a while now.
  • Smith seeking help from scientists, politicians, reporters, academics and others.
  • Need to get my hands on ' Dialogues with Scientists + Sages ' by Renee Weber.
  • There is near unanimous agreement among scientists.
  • Lounges, offices and meeting rooms are positioned around the edge of the atrium to foster collaboration and the exchange of ideas between scientists.
  • Brevoort's topography is somewhat folded such that there are a lot of ridges and ledges to hide behind as you sneak up on scientists.
  • Yet all this happened before scientists had reached any consensus about Alar's dangers.